BBC Radio Plays, radio 4, 1987

RADIO 4 DRAMA in 1987

Some half hour comedy series and soaps are omitted. Most "Saturday Feature" presentations are omitted as they seem to be documentaries with actors rather than drama- usually lacking an author and a proper cast list.

Stephen Shaw



1st January 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Bequest to the Nation (1970) by Terence Rattigan (1911-1977) adapted by Bridget Marrow.
"I leave Emma Lady Hamilton a Legacy to my King and Country, that they will give her an ample provision to maintain her rank in life"
Fortepiano played by David Johns
Directed by David Johnston
Emma Hamilton: Sian Phillips
Nelson: Michael Bryant
Lady Nelson: Anna Massey
Captain Hardy: Alan Lake
George Matcham Sr: Michael Spice
Katherine Matcham: Judy Franklin
George Matcham: David McAlister
Lord Barham: Alan Dudley
Lord Minto: Nicholas Courtney
Betsy: Diana Bishop
Captain Blackwood: Geoffrey Beevers
Francesca: Patience Tomlinson
Repeated from 23rd May 1981, repeated 26th December 1981.
Repeated on 21st April 1990
[There was a later production in 2005 (repeat 2006) on Radio 3 with Kenneth Branagh as Nelson]
[Based on Rattigan's 1966 TV Play "Nelson- A Portrait in Miniature", also filmed in 1973 as "Bequest to the Nation"]

1st January 1987
19.30 :
Murder for Christmas: Appleby's End by Michael Innes dramatised by Michael Bakewell
Appleby catches the train to Snarl to investigate a series of bizarre happenings.
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Insp Appleby: John Hurt
Everard Raven: John Le Mesurier
Heyhoe/Insp Mutlow: Christopher Benjamin
Clarissa: Joyce Redman
Judith: Pippa Guard
Luke: Lewis Stringer
Robert: Anthony Newlands
Mark: Richard Derrington
Rainbird: John Sharp
Billy Bidewell/Mr Hoobin: Christopher Douglas
Colonel Pike: Jack May
Sir Mulberry Farmer/Liddell: Hugh Dickson
Lady Farmer/ Mrs Ulstrup/ Hannah Hoobin: Pauline Letts
Gregory Grope: David Gooderson
Mr Smith: Trevor Baxter
Hannah Hoobin's boy: Stephen Garlick
Brettingham Scurl/Scott: John Uvesey
Repeated from 10th April 1982

2nd January 1987
11.00 :
Persuasion (1816) by Jane Austen (1775-1817), dramatised by Michelene Wandor.
3 of 3: Friendly Persuasion
Square piano (William Rolfe & Sons c.1810) played by Kenneth Mobbs
Director: Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Pebble Mill
Little Charles: John Abell
Captain Harville: Paul Alexander
Mrs Smith: Carole Boyd
Captain Wentworth: Tim Brierley
Charles Musgrove: Alister Cameron
Jane Austen: Sorcha Cusack
Admiral Croft: Jeffery Dench
Louisa Musgrove: Jayne Dowell
Henrietta Musgrove: Alison Dowling
Elizabeth Elliot: Claire Faulconbridge
Lady Russell: Patricia Gallimore
Mrs Musgrove: Sheila Grant
Sophia Croft: Tina Gray
Mr Shepherd: Stephen Hancock
Mr Elliot: Peter Harlowe
Sir Walter Elliot: Roger Hume
Mary Musgrove: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Charles Hayter: Clive Marlowe
Mrs Clay: Hedli Niklaus
Anne Elliot: Juliet Stevenson
Captain Benwick: Tony Turner
Series first commenced 31st December 1986
Series repeated commencing 2nd August 1987 and also repeated commencing 21st February 1993 (episodes in Aug 87 and Feb 93 were repeated five days later)
[There was a 90 minute production in 1970, no details published]

2nd January 1987:
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Dear Brutus (1917) by J.M. Barrie (1860-1937)
In a magic wood, on Midsummer's Eve, a second chance is offered to those who believe they have taken the wrong turning in life; some will take the same path, some will have a precious glimpse of what can now never be.
Original Music: Richard Attree, BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Adapted by/Producer: Caroline Raphael
Director: Stuart Owen
J.M. Barrie: Alec McCowen
Lob: Michael Bilton
Dearth: Tom Wilklnson
Alice Dearth: Joanna McCallum
Margaret: Sophie Thompson
Purdie: Paul Shelley
Mabel Purdie: Susie Brann
Joanna Trout: Julia Swift
Coade: Manning Wilson
Mrs Coade: Gwen Cherrell
Lady Caroline Laney: Moir Leslie
Matey: Timothy Bateson
Repeated 4th April 1988
[Earlier BBC radio productions: 1937, 1938, 1951 -rpt 1954, 1969]

3rd January 1987:
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: Fly Away Home by William Humble
Tim's wife sees him as an immature child - a man who has refused to grow up and accept his responsibilities.
Directed by Peter King.
Tim: Hywel Bennett
Anna: Stephanie Turner
Robbie: Trevor Nichols
Andy: Simon Williams
Matthew: Thomas King
Repeated from 24th November 1986

3rd January 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: A Bullet in the Ballet (1937) by Caryl Brahms (Doris Caroline Abrahams 1901-1982) and S. J. Simon dramatised by Pat Hooker
1930s London- Petrushka the ballet opens- and someone shoots Petrushka. All the company had motives.
Piano: John Owen Edwards
Directed by Ian Cotterell.
Stroganoff: Simon Callow
Nevajno: Nickolas Grace
Det Insp Adam Quill: Trevor Nichols
Arenskaya: Sian Phillips
Serge Appelsime: Vladek Sheybal
Puthyk: Peter Woodthorpe
Balleto Medico: Edward de Souza
Petunia Patch: Sheila Grant
Sgt Banner: Shaun Prendergast
Stanley Spencer: Andrew Branch
Pavel Bunia: Boris Isarov
Mme Rubinska: Jennifer Piercey
Rubiriska: Karen Ascoe
The Snarl: John Church
Usher: James Goode
Coroner: Tim Reynolds
Repeated 5th January 1987
[First radio production was 1944, it was also produced for television in 1947]
[The first in a small series of books featuring Inspector Quill- the sequel was "Casino Royal" (NOT Royale)]

3rd January 1987
Tales from the Mausoleum Club, by Ian Brown and James Hendrie.
Season 1, Story 1 of 6: The Inaudible Man
Music: Max Harris
Producer: Paul Spencer
Dr Bates: Terence Stamp
Wyvern: Joss Ackland
The Psychiatrist: Spike Milligan
Green: Royce Mills
Arturo: Andrew Sachs
Mrs Boyle: Sheila Steafel
Felch: Michael Ripper
Policeman: Arthur Smith
Hornby: Adam Wide
Actors in later stories- please see broadcast date.
Repeated on 9th January 1987
Pt2:10/1/87 Pt3:17/1/87 Pt4:24/1/87 Pt5:31/1/87 Pt6:7/2/87
All 1987 episodes repeated after 6 days.
[The series started with a one off in 1984, "The Demon Cakestand Of Beastley Chase "; and was followed by two series. S1, 1987="Tales From The Mausoleum Club" S2, 1988="The Fall of the Mausoleum Club"]
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008

4th January 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: Toytown by Rhys Adrian (1928-1990)
As autumn changes to winter 'the cuts' as well as the weather bite deeper. For the reduced park-keeper staff, life in their hut becomes more convivial.
Directed by John Tydeman.
Edward: Peter Vaughan
Jack: James Grout
Mrs Hendrix: Elizabeth Spriggs
Mr Hendrix: William Fox
The Copper: Michael Graham Cox
Repeated on Radio 3 on 23rd December 1987

4th January 1987
19.00 :
Secret Lives (1932) by E.F. Benson (1867-1940), dramatised and narrated by Aubrey Woods
1 of 3- How Durham Square (London) reacts when Miss Susan Leg moves in.
Music: John Owen Edwards
Piano: Roger Ward, Violins: Perry Montague Mason and Frank Schaefer
Director: Ian Cotterell
Susan Leg: Pauline Collins
Margaret Mantrip: Margot Boyd
Elizabeth Conklin: Rachael Gurney
Jimmie Mason: Ronald Herdman
Mr Cartwright: Peter Howell
Mr Woodstock/Waiter: Manning Wilson
Foreman/ Doctor: Gordon Reid
Figgis/ Mr Puffy/ Mr Gandish: George Parsons
Bosanquet: John Church
Ellen/Landlady/Duchess: Jennifer Piercey
Lady Eva Lowndes: Pauline Letts
Vicar/Resident: Tim Reynolds
Receptionist/ Mr Salt: Jonathan Tafler
Arthur Armstrong: Edward de Souza
Miss Ascham/ Minnie Mimps: Sheila Grant
Dealer/ Augustus: Andrew Branch
Part2: 11/1/87 Part3:18/1/87
1987 episodes repeated five days later.
Series repeated commencing 1st January 1989.
Broadcast on R4X in 2011.

4th January 1987
Some Mother's Son by John Fletcher
Andy is an ecology journalist who finds himself receiving a curious tip-off about a gold raid.
Part 1 of 6. Tip-off.
Directed by Brian Miller
Andy: Nick Chilvers
Sir Jack: Conrad Phillips
Grey: Rex Holdsworth
Kite: Gregory de Polnay
Julian: Clive Francis
Shirley: Diane Fletcher
Mike Monk: Christian Rodska
Lizzie: Sheila Grant
Cast in later parts:
Girl: Aryon Mellor (2)
Nigel: Cornelius Garrett (2)
B D: Pavel Douglas (2)
Anne: Caroune Blakiston (3)
Stanley: Nick Brimble (4)
Rogers: Trevor Nichols (4)
Anderson: Trevor Nichols (6)
Pt2:11/1/87 Pt3:18/1/87 Pt4:25/1/87 Pt5:1/5/87 Pt6:8/2/87
All episodes repeated after three days.
The series was rebroadcast on R4X in January 2021.

5th January 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: In the Venn Country by John Hall
The Venns are faced with the loss of their Somerset farm to the bailiffs.
Directed By: Brian Miller
Mrs Radd: Margot Young
Egbert: David Jackson
Stephen: Elizabeth Lindsay
Edmund: Tom Henderson
Mattie: Andrea Kealy
Etheldreda: Ann Morrish
Jackie: Elva Makins
Dermot: Terence Harvey
Grannie: Constance Chapman
Rev Ron Vole: Richard Warwick
Atkyn: Nicholas Courtney
Mrs Bossom: Patricia Gibson
Narrator Philip Bond
Also with: Ian MacFarlane, Philip Bond and David Jackson.
Repeated 10th January 1987
[The playscript is held at Columbia University]

6th January 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Parish Magazine: First Edition by Joan Bakewell
The Vicar sits edits the Parish Magazine. The events are not the simple rural doings that they seem. There is a new Curate.
Directed by David Johnston
The Rev Arthur Luke Culprit: Michael Aldridge
Mrs Culprit: Miranda Forbes
Amy Trevithick: Katherine Parr
Jocelyn Patrick Naismith: Janet Burnell
Lettice Thrimble: Madi Hedd
Lucy Moffat: Jill Lidstone
Sequels 2nd and 3rd Edition broadcast on 13/1/87 and 20/1/87.
Additional cast in sequels:
David Goodfellow: Stuart Organ(2)
Athene Trennings: Jennifer Piercey(2)
"First Edition" repeated from 15th January 1983, repeated 22nd September 1984.

6th January 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Property by Susan Boyd
Christine is out on the street because her boyfriend has sold the lease on her flat. The answer is a crash course in survival.
Director: Stuart Owen
Alex: Daniel Webb
Christine: Karen Ascoe
Esme: Paula Hamilton
Baron: Rudolph Walker
Gloria: Mona Hammond
Roland: Stuart Organ
Roland's sister: Susie Brann
Store detective/Policeman/Warder: Steven Harrold

7th January 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Mademoiselle Pearl by Guy De Maupassant (1850-1893) translated and adapted by Sue Glover
Gaston is visiting Henri to celebrate 12th Night. He discovers a family secret.
Carol singing by the girls of St Margaret's Girls School. Edinburgh
Directed by Marilyn Imrie
BBC Scotland.
Mademoiselle Pearl: Claire Nielson
Henri Chantal: Frank Middlemass
Gaston: David Rintoul
Gaston's father: Timothy Bateson
Charlotte Chantal: Hilda Schroder
Pauline Chantal: Moir Leslie
Louise Chantal: Jill Lidstone
Repeated from 21st December 1983.

7th January 1987
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Quint by Julia Stoneham
Miss Quint is a girls' school mistress and knows discretion. She reflects on her life.
Directed by Penny Gold .
Miss Quint: Tessa Worsley
Repeated from 30th July 1985.

8th January 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Family Membership by Hilary Burford
Pearl has lived in children's homes all her life. Jess, who has a daughter, considers fostering Pearl.
Director Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill.
Pearl: Beverley Hills
Jess: Patricia Gallimore
Bill Watson: Graham Padden
Beth Watson: Charlotte Martin
Brenda: Hedli Niklaus
Jim: Dave Mitty
Marge: Judith Pearson
Fireman/Gary Tony Lound

10th January 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Lloyd George Knew My Father (1972) by William Douglas Home (1912-1992)
When the Ministry of Transport decides to build a motorway across the ancestral lands of the Boothroyd family, Lady Sheila declares that the work will commence over her dead body....
Directed by Matthew Walters
Sir William Boothroyd: Michael Denison
Lady Sheila Boothroyd: Dulcie Gray
Robertson: Lockwood West
Hubert: Edward de Souza
Maud: Anne Jameson
Sally: Natasha Pyne
Simon: Erlc Stovell
The Rev Simmonds: George Parsons
First broadcast 23rd December 1985
Also broadcast on BBC World Service in 1988

10th January 1987
Tales from the Mausoleum Club
See 3rd January 1987 above.
2 of 6: Heart of Skegness.
Music By: Max Harris
Producer: Paul Spencer.
Johnson: Matt Frewer
Curtis: Jim Broadbent
Captain White: Richard Pearson
Green: Royce Mills
Mrs Jeyes: Sheila Steafel
Boss: Bill Wallis
Bannister: Ron Pember
Welch: Michael Ripper
Pt3:17/1/87 Pt4:24/1/87 Pt5:31/1/87 Pt6:7/2/87

11th January 1987
The Afternoon Play: Josef and Maria by Peter Turrini translated and adapted by David Roger
Christmas Eve: Maria shouts Christmas greetings over the public address system. Josef is her only audience. The start of an evening of memories, music and romance.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer.
Josef: Maurice Denham
Maria: Elizabeth Spriggs
Store announcer: Monica Grey
Personnel manager: James Bryce
Doorman: Michael Jenner
First broadcast on Radio 3 on 22nd December 1983, repeated 9th December 1984.

12th January 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Blokada by Stephen Mulrine (1937-2020)
June 1941, Leningrad: the 900-day blockade of the city is about to begin.
Director: Marilyn Imrie
Vera Petrovna: Edith MacArthur
Nadya Kirillova: Kate Duchene
Zhenya Bezukhova: Tamara Kennedy
Alexei Kirillov: Ron Bain
Konstantin Serov: Paul Young
Juta: Diana Olsson
Aarne: John Shedden
Anna Mikhailovna: Anne Myatt
Madame Altshuller: Rose McBain
Sasha Bezukhov: Finlay Welsh
Komsomol messengers: Ann Lannan and Hilary Lyon
Factory director: Tam Dean Burn

12th January 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: The Chatelaine by Michael Arditti
The stately mansion is open to the public by day - but not at night.
Directed By: Richard Wortley.
Lady Deborah: Fabia Drake
David: Julian Firth
Frank: Michael Graham Cox
Mary: Tessa Worsley
Jason: Rusty Livingstone
Gail: Karen Ascoe
Jack: Steven Harrold
Doris/Emily: Elaine Claxton
Robin: Tim Reynolds
Susan: Penelope Lee
Repeated 17th January 1987

13th January 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Sunshine by Elizabeth Wainwright
Perhaps a holiday in Llandudno at the start of Tom's retirement is something to look forward to...
Directed by Graham Gauld
Tom: Brian Hewlett
Dorothy: Jennifer Piercey
Betty: Audrey Leybourne
MrHammond: Timothy Bateson
Mrs Hammond: Avril Clark
John: Andrew Alston
Carol: Karen Ascoe
Ted: Peter Tuddenham
Matthew: Jean England

14th January 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Crackers by Chris Curry
A feeling that something, somewhere is just waiting to get you could be seasonal and now's the only safe time to think about it.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Frank: Paul Copley
Marje: Noreen Kershaw
Greg: Niall O'Brien
Sarah: Anna Jane Casey
Cooper: Simon Bleackley
Wilson: Jason Littler
Supermarket announcer: Diane Whitley
Checkout girl: Anjl Carroll

15th January 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Three Trees by Ewart Hutton
Helen and Colin move to a cottage in the village where Helen grew up. Then a childhood boyfriend appears.
Director: Gerry Jones
Helen Baker: Caroline John
Colin Baker: Geoffrey Beevers
Philip Hughes: Peter Acre
Dikken Harvey: Richard Durden

17th January 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Village Fete by Peter Tinniswood (1936-2003)
The family move to a rural location and find their new house requires a lot of work. Winston organises things - and asks Nancy to the fete.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
Nancy: Shirley Dixon
Father: Maurice Denham
Rosie: Liz Goulding
William: Christian Rodska
Winston: Bill Wallis
Mrs Godwin: Carole Boyd
Stanley: Ronald Herdman
Janet: Jennifer Piercey
Repeated 19th January 1987 and 25th June 1988
[Winston and the team had their own six part series - "Winston" - commencing 26/4/89 followed by many further series.]
Also on BBC R4X in 2016

17th January 1987
23.00 :
Tales from the Mausoleum Club by Ian Brown and James Hendrie.
See 3rd January 1987 above.
3: A Study in Starlets
Producer: Paul Spencer.
Sergeant Chalker: Fulton MacKay
Melcroft Dupont: Francis Matthews
The music-hall acts: Roy Hudd
Lionel Oboe: Hugh Paddick
Constable Bull: Jon Glover
Clarence Green: Royce Mills
Inspector: Peter Howell
Girl: Karen Ascoe
Pt4:24/1/87 Pt5:31/1/87 Pt6:7/2/87

18th January 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: Conversations from the Engine Room by N Warburton
The school caretaker and Robert are both lonely and have something else in common.
Directed by John Tydeman.
Marriott: Colin Douglas
Fox: Hugh Dickson
Miss Murdoch: Avril Clark
Robert: Roy Merchant
With the music teacher and children of St Gildas' School. North London
Repeated from 6th July 1986.
[This play was joint-winner of the BBC/Radio Times Drama Award in 1985]

19th January 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Exit Miss Potter by Carolyn Sally Jones
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester.
Beatrice Potter: Moir Leslie
Beatrice (as a child): Bonnie Andrews
Mr Potter: Alan Rowe
Laurencina Potter: Romy Baskerville
Maggie Potter: Joanna MacKie
Kate Potter: Linda Gardner
Martha: Ann Rye
Sydney Webb: Brian Hewlett
George Bernard Shaw: Sean Barrett
Joseph Chamberlain: Stuart Organ
Sir Herbert Spencer: Ronald Herdman
Izzy: Valerie Windsor
Repeated 24th January 1987
[Beatrice Webb nee Potter lived 1858-1943]

20th January 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Parish Magazine: Third Edition by JOAN BAKEWELL with As The Rev Arthur Culprit addresses himself to the task of writing the latest edition of the parish magazine, he is all too aware that the storm clouds of feminism are gathering over his seemingly simple parishioners.
Directed by David Johnston
The Rev Arthur Culprit: Michael Aldridge
Mrs Culprit: Miranda Forbes
David Goodfellow: Stuart Organ
Amy Trevithick: Katherine Parr
Lucy Moffatt: Jill Lidstone

20th January 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: On the Yankee Station by William Boyd
American pilots, bombing Vietnam, have a bullying officer.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Lydecker: Peter Whitman
Pfitz: Keith Edwards
Cooper: William Hope
Pasquale: Arturo Venegas
Vietnamese girl: Mia Soteriou
Vietnamese barkeeper: Brian Smith
Repeated from 9th May 1985.

21st January 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Leaving is All by Harriet O'Carroll
An Irish Convent school prepares for final exams and Mary Rose realises that her whole future is at stake.
Piano: Eddie Friel
Directed by Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland
Mary Rose: Mary Ryan
Carmel: Marcella Riordan
Iseult: Aine McCartney
Sr Brigid: Brigid Erin Bates
Mother Cabrini: Margaret D'Arcy
Ann McCormack: Roisin Donaghy
Tom McCormack: John Hewitt
Other parts played by the girls of St Louise'S Comprehensive College. Belfast

22nd January 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Sweet Stuff by Ayshe Raif
Late 1940's vocalist May meets up again with an old fellow entertainer- do they share the same memories of their earlier relationship?
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer.
May: Edna Dore
Jimmy Walker: Tommy Eytle
Valerie: Natasha Pyne
Tom: Steve Hodson

24th January 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Our Sister, Water by Ursula Tighe Hopkins
London - November 1853.
Directed By David Johnston.
Robert Mortimer: Edward De Souza
Constance Lacey: Deborah Makepeace
Charlotte Mortimer: Betty Huntley-Wright
Old Henry Mortimer: Alan Dudley
Young Henry Mortimer: Richard Durden
Thomas Lacey: Eric Stovell
Dr Ogilvy: John Forrest
Mr Oldfield: Binky Baker
Mrs Oldfield: Avril Clark
Mr Rampton: Arnold Diamond
Mrs Rampton: Mary Wimbush
Bert Newman: John Hollis
Mrs Newman: Frances Jeater
Ingram Matthews: James Goode
Chairman of the Vestry: Tim Reynolds
Repeated 26th January 1987
[The play takes place in the middle of a pandemic which ran from 1846-1860. The London "focus of infection" was found and "double blind" tests took place. The 1849-1854 epidemic was centred on Southwark, Vauxhall and Lambeth, London. The bacterium was discovered in 1854.]

24th January 1987
23.00 :
Tales from the Mausoleum Club by Ian Brown and James Hendrie.
4 of 6: The Turn of the Knob
See 3rd January 1987 above.
Music by Max Harris
Producer Paul Spencer
Miss Primrose: Miranda Richardson
Mr Wright: Martin Jarvis
Mrs Stark: Rosemary Leach
Mr Stark: Hugh Lloyd
Sorpressa: Roy Hudd
Ruth: Brenda Blethyn
Laurence: Phil Nice
Green: Royce Mills
Queenie: Rachel Gurney
Pt5:31/1/87 Pt6:7/2/87

25th January 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: Old Alliances by Trevor Royle
Andrew retires to Scotland from an Assam tea plantation. It is 1936: a difficult time to come home.
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland.
Andrew Proctor: Michael Elder
Jenny Wauchope: Siobhan Redmond
Duncan Reid: Benny Young
Oliphant: Paul Young
Planters: Lain Agnew, Robert Ellis
Clubmen: Andrew Dallmeyer, Sandy Neilson
Repeated from 6th February 1986.

26th January 1987
21.05 :
The Monday Play: After the First Death by Richard Stayton
A nuclear war. In the blackness of a shelter, two young children play games to blur reality. As the radiation eats into Jimmy he weakens. Annalee must learn fast.
Directed by Peter King
Jimmy: Caleb Fernandes
Annalee: Mei Lu McGonigle
{No relation to After the First Death by Robert Cormier}
[The stage play won the 1984 Goshen Peace Prize (Goshen, Indiana) ]

27th January 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: A Child of Her Time by Roy Kelly
A teenage girl has a devastating effect on the lives of a married couple.
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Manchester
Gillian: Lynn Farleigh
Ian: Christopher Ravenscroft
Lucy: Helena Breck
Repeated 28th January 1987, 24th July 1988

27th January 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Embroideries by Juliet Ace
Have the Goods become a little smug and what do the neighbours think?
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
Andrew Good: Stephen Thorne
Alison Good: Elizabeth Proud
David Good: Graham Blockey
Jonathan Good: Julian Firth
The Whisperers: June Barrie, Juliet Ace, Trevor Nichols, Paul Nicholson
Repeated from 18th February 1986

28th January 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Sandra and the Seagulls by Rachel Wyatt
Sandra's dad wants her to work in his cafe but her boyfriend wants Sandra to leave with him, and composes a song to convince her that she must get away....
Guitar music played by Pete Sayers
Music composed by Peter Kavanagh
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
Mr Harker: Brian Glover
Sandra Harker: Lesley Sharp
Gavin Mason: Howard Ward
First hiker: David Goodland
Second hiker: Jonathan Tafler
Coroner: Manning Wilson

29th January 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Return to Go by Dawn Lowe Watson
Alan has been made redundant. An apparently trivial incident forces him to make a drastic reappraisal of his life.
Producer Tim Suter
Alan: George Parsons
Jill: Caroline Mortimer
Kate: Melinda Walker
Penny: Alison Rose
David Colley: Andrew Branch
Policeman: Steven Harrold
Receptionist: Sue Broomfield
Police control: Kim Wall
[Recorded 19th and 20th January 1987]

30th January 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Letter From an Unknown Woman (1922)("Brief einer Unbekannten") by Stefan Zweig (1881-1942) adapted by Elizabeth Troop
'R' is a successful novelist. He has wealth, fame and any woman he desires. He has an unknown admirer who regularly sends him white roses on his birthday. Then, one year, the roses don't appear....
Directed by Richard Wortley
'R': John Castle
Sophie as a woman: Janet Maw
Sophie as a girl: Deborah Makepeace
Sophie as a child: Annabelle Lanyon
Kraus: Andrew Branch
Schnitzler: David Learner
Otto: Stephen Rashbrook
John: Manning Wilson
Mother: Jennifer Piercey
Mitzi: Susie Brann
Repeated from 24th April 1986

31st January 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: A Weekend Away by Alan Drury (1949-2019)
Having forced her daughter to endure a singles holiday in Tenerife, Judith's mother arranges for her to spend a reunion weekend in Scarborough. There, Judith meets a would-be old flame, who pursues her...
Directed by Richard Wortley
Judith: Rosemary Martin
her mother: Elizabeth Spriggs
George: And Sean Barrett
Arthur: John Baddeley
Susan: Tessa Worsley
Carol: Melinda Walker
Henry Benson: Alan Thompson
Clerk: Peter Acre
Barman: John Church
First broadcast on 18th and 24th November 1985

31st January 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Envy of the Stranger by Caroline Graham
"I'll be doing the world a favour getting rid of you. Your time's up"
Directed by Matthew Walters
Roz Gilmour: Isla Blair
Fenn: Jonathan Tafler
Leo Gilmour: Bernard Holley
Sharon/Terry: Elaine Claxton
Guy Gilmour: Danny Kodicek
Kathy Gilmour: Bernadette Windsor
Duffy: Steve Hodson
Louise/Mrs Kemp: Avril Clark
Mrs Taylor: Sheila Grant
Sonia: Sue Broomfield
Toby: Edward Desouza
Chief Supt Pharaoh: Manning Wilson
Compere/bouncer: Stephen Hattersley
Actor/Sgt Williams: James Goode
Repeated 2nd February 1987

31st January 1987
Tales from the Mausoleum Club by Ian Brown and James Hendrie
5: Soldiers Three: India Nil
See 3rd January 1987 above.
Music By: Max Harris
Producer: Paul Spencer
Dr Sen: Roshan Seth
Atkins: Michael Robbins
Storm: Oliver Cotton
Lanyard Sapling: Stephen Fry
Green: Royce Mills
Mr Jacob: Michael Ripper
Tribesman: Sam Dastor

1st February 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: Close Up by Carlos Gorostiza (1920-2016) translated and adapted by Hal Brown
Hugo and Lita always enjoy watching the world go by from their balcony. But on this hot summer evening they become the captive audience to a distressing and tragic scene.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
Hugo: Christopher Fairbank
Lita: Elizabeth Rider
Tito: And Peter Baldwin
Rosa: Miranda Forbes
Felipe: Trevor Nichom
Neighbour: Melinda Walker
Woman: Mia Soteriou
Repeated from 11th April 1985.

1st February 1987
19.00-20.00 :
Martin Chuzzlewit (1842-1844) by Charles Dickens (1812-1870) dramatised by Betty Davies.
1 of 10: The New Pupil
Director: Jane Morgan
Mr Pecksniff: Christopher Benjamin
Mercy (aka Merry): Susie Brann
Narrator: Simon Cadell
Mary Graham: Zelah Clarke
Tom Pinch: David Collings
John Westlock: Jonathan Cullen
Chevy Slyme: Richard Durden
Montague Tigg: Douglas Livingstone
Anthony Chuzzlewit: Jack May
Martin Chuzzlewit: Valentine Pelka
Charity (aka Cherry): Angela Pleasence
Mark Tapley: Jonathan Tafler
Old Martin: Patrick Troughton
Mrs Lupin: Tessa Worsley
Also with Avril Clark, Elaine Claxton, Paul Gregory, Stephen Hattersley, Pauline Letts and Manning Wilson
Additional actors in later episodes:
Mrs Todgers: Sheila Grant(2)
Bailey Junior: John McAndrew(2)
Ruth Pinch: Deborah Makepeace(2)
Augustus Moddle: Bill Nighy(2)
Jonas: Struan Rodger(2)
Jinkins: Stephen Thorne(2)
Also with (ep2): Andrew Branch, Alan Dudley, Stuart Organ
Old Chuffey: Norman Jones(3)
David: Gordon Reid(3)
Also with (Ep3) David Goodland, Natasha Pyne
Mrs Gamp (aka Sarah/Sairey): Patricia Hayes(4)
Colonel Diver: Edward de Souza(4)
Jefferson Brick: Kim Wall(4)
Mrs Norris: Thelma Whiteley(4)
Mr Norris: Paul Gregory(4)
General Fladdock: Steven Harrold(4)
Old Chuffey: Norman Jones(4)
Dr Jobling: Bernard Brown(4)
Mr Mould: Tim Reynolds(4)
Also with (Ep4) Jennifer Piercey and Major Wiley
For actors in Ep5 and later please see 1st March 1987 below.
Pt 2:8/2/87 Pt3:15/2/87 Pt4:22/2/87 Pt5:1/3/87 Pt6:8/3/87 Pt7:15/3/87 Pt8:22/3/87 Pt9:29/3/87 Pt10:5/4/87
All episodes repeated five days later.
[The original work was subject to revisions by Dickens, who emphasised that the work was intended as a satire of selfishness].

2nd February 1987:
The Monday Play: The Fishkeeper by Andrew Tyrrell
Stephen owns a tropical fish shop. Delia arrives to trouble the uneasy tranquility. ...
Director: Peter Kavanagh
Stephen: Stuart Organ
Delia: Jenny Funnell
Molly: Pauline Letts
Bruno: Philip Voss
Fran: Natasha Pyne
Girl at party: Avril Clark
Man at party: David Learner
Repeated 7th February 1987

3rd February 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Mr Peabody and the Beast by Ray Jones
Mrs Peabody believes that her husband has a responsible position in an office. Why then does Mr Peabody carry a briefcase to work containing leotard, mask and boots?
Directed by Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill
Directed By: Philip Martin
Mr Peabody: Don Henderson
Mrs Peabody: Joyce Gibbs
TV commentator: Alan Towers
Jackson/MC: Alton Douglas
Repeated 4th February 1987

3rd February 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Flights of Fantasy by Diane Whitley
You can live for so long on your dreams; but it's a terrible shock when you are forced to square up to reality.
Directed by Tim Suter.
Jean: Lesley Nicol
Peter: Richard Durden
Amanda: Susie Brann
Mike: David Lonsdale
Jason: Eva Haddon
Ellen: Elaine Claxton

4th February 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Road to Vichy by Sandy Mccall Smith
Two students stay overnight in a French monastery.
Directed by Gregor Graham
BBC Scotland
Michael: Jimmy Chisholm
Bruce: Gilly Gilchrist
Andrew: Garard Green
Monk: Michael Elder

5th February 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Blue Pacific Island by Andrew Rissik
Susan meets Peter on a train. In a few months they part.
Directed by Caroline Raphael
Susan: Juliet Stevenson
Peter: Anthony Bate
Sarah: Helen Atkinson Wood
Allenby: Bernard Brown
Repeated from 17th January 1985
Repeated on 4th November 1990

7th February 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Persian Lesson by Michael Campbell
A Persian poem contains a clue to a proposed gold bullion robbery.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
Tanner: Steve Hodson
Molly: Jaye Griffiths
Rimmer: Bill Walllis
Lena: Cheryl Malker
Major: John Rye
Smokey: William Eedle
Williams: Edward de Souza
Palmer: George Parsons
Murphey: Shaun Prendergast
Harry: Renu Setna
Lecturer: Peter Howell
Charlie: Peter Tuddenham
Repeated on 9th February 1987

7th February 1987
23.00 :
Tales from the Mausoleum Club by Ian Brown and James Hendrie
6 of 6: Jess of the B'Ournevilles
Please see 3rd January 1987 above.
Music by Composer: Max Harris.
Producer: Paul Spencer
Thomas Sturdy: Timothy Spall
Jess: Rosalind Ayres
Storm: Oliver Cotton
Azrael Beech: Nicholas Clay
The Hon Clarence Green: Royce Mills
Felch: Michael Ripper
Old Jabez: Jonathan Kydd
Hangman: Michael Fenton-Stevens
Shepherd: Nick Revell

8th February 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: Feelings by Edwin Pearce
Pauline wants escape from her children, her friends, her husband.
Director: : Tim Suter
Pauline: Brenda Blethyn
Charlie: Bill Nighy
Mandy: Frances Barber
Bertie: Adrian Egan
Jo: Shaun Prendergast
Sadie: Anne Jameson
PC: George Parsons
Office manager: Garard Green
Health visitor: Christopher Scott
Hotel manager: Bernard Brown
Manageress: Natasha Pyne
Repeated from 17th September 1985

9th February 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: The Diary by Brian Glanville
Alice lives near Florence, Italy. Her mother was a friend of Edward VII. There are skeletons in the cupboard - and in her diary!
Directed by Graham Gauld
Alice: Mary Ellis
Helen: Jane Asher
Vanbrugh: Robert Harris
Clovis: Henry Stamper
The Rev Deeley: Peter Marinker
Holmes: Kerry Shale
Giuseppe: Tim Reynolds
Repeated on 14th February 1987

10th February 1987
11.10 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Ice Bird by Bryan Oliver
Out in the countryside Bob and Susan are having a picnic. But this is certainly no ordinary picnic.
Directed by Gerry Jones
Susan: Karen Archer
Bob: David Goodland
Repeated 11th February 1987

10th February 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Twister by Ronald Frame
The director has cast an unknown actress in the lead of his next movie, on which his reputation depends. But why did he cast her? Where's the twist...?
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland.
Sara Peploe: Pippa Guard
Louis Mendel: Barry Morse
Lauri Bishop: Gwen Cherrell
Kravitz: Trevor Nichols
Merelle: Margaret Robertson
Bromteld: Kerry Shale
Stavros: Peter Woodthorpe
Repeated from 3rd April 1986

11th February 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: In Room Five Hundred and Four by Jimmie Chinn (1940-2011)
1942: Harry is about to go to war. Tonight he and his bride Edie have their honeymoon in a Skegness boarding-house.
Directed by Gerry Jones.
Edie: Rosalind Thomas
Harry: Julien Ball
Older Edie: Sheila Grant
Manager: Stephen Thorne
Repeated (as "In Room 504") on 2nd October 1988)
[The odd title comes from a 1941 "hit" by Vera Lynn, also recorded by
In room five hundred and four,
So sweet a room, so strange and new,
It was romance, a dream come true,
That perfect honeymoon alone with you
In room five hundred and four.]

12th February 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: To Mine Own Self by Pam Tickell
One evening Constance witnesses an event which is to change her whole life.
Directed by Martin Jenkins
Constance: Helena Breck
Edward: Christopher Scott
Ellen: Helen Worth
Mama: Tessa Worsley
James: Simon Hewitt
Emily: Luclnda Smith
Clarence: David Learner
Mary-Jane: Karen Archer
Repeated from 9th July 1985

14th February 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Event of the Season by Perry Pontac
A nuclear war might have a disastrous effect on a garden party...
Directed by Richard Wortley
Lady Wulfruna Pendley: Geraldine McEwan
Miss Blaines: Maureen Lipman
Bransbury: Richard Kane
Dr Gastrell: George Baker
General Sir Filton Sheccles: Stephen Thorne
Repeated 16th February 1987 and 17th August 1992

14th February 1987
23.00 :
Big Jim and the Figaro Club by Ted Walker (1934-2004)
"Tales from when we was going to build the new Jerusalem" The Figaro Club is a group of men in the building trade.
1 of 6: Transport of Delight
Producer Martin Fisher
Big Jim: Norman Rossington
Harold Perkins: Roland Curram
the Storyteller: Bernard Cribbins
Old Ned: Harold Goodwin
Turps: Sylvester McCoy
Nimrod: David John
Chick: David Beckett
Farmer: Douglas Blackwell
Farmer's daughter: Karen Ascoe
Actors in later tales:
Potts: Christopher Godwin (2)
Miss Farquhar: Hilary Mason (2)
French Onion Johnnie: Andre Maranne (2)
PC Speedworth: Norman Mitchell (2)
Harry: Steven Harrold(3)
Miss James: Carol Hawkins(3)
Plonker: Stephen Garlick(3)
Typist: Karen Ascoe(3)
For cast in episodes 4,5,6 please see 7th March 1987 below.
Repeated 20th February 1987
Tale 2:21/2/87 Tale 3:28/2/87 Tale 4:7/3/87 Tale 5:14/3/87 Tale 6:21/3/87
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2007, 2008, 2009.
[An adaption of an earlier tv series from 1979 (pilot) and 1981 (5 eps)- with almost the same main cast- exceptions: on tv the storytelller was Bob Hoskins and Old Ned was played by Gordon Rollings]

15th February 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: The Maid's Room by Shelagh Fraser (1920-2000)
Lara is London "domestic" who is far too naive to cope with the sophisticated London society that threatens to destroy her.
Directed by David Johnston
Lara: With Carole Boyd
Juana: Mia Soteriou
Dr Grant: Gordon Reid
Miss Harvey: Petra Davies
Mrs Johnson: Gwen Cherrell
Mr Charles: Richard Durden
Mr Randell: Peter Howell
Mrs Greville: Sheila Grant
Repeated from 29th April 1986
[No connection with the 2013 film of that name nor the 2017 book]

15th February 1987
Proof (1984) by Dick Francis (1920-2010), dramatised by Ernest Dudley
1 of 8: Sunday morning. A party at a racing stable, then comes death.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Tony Beach: Nigel Havers
Gerard: George Parsons
Flora: Jennifer Piercey
Jack: Alan Dudley
Jimmy: Andrew Branch
Sgt Ridger: Stephen Hattersley
Chief Supt Wilson: Manning Wilson
Col Fulham: Tim Reynolds
Mrs Fulham: Pauline Letts
Additional actors in part two:
Mrs Palissey: Sheila Grant
Zarac: Richard Durden
Paul Young: Stuart Organ
Tavel: Brian Hewlett
For actors in later episodes please refer to 1st March 1987 below.
Repeated 18th February 1987
Ep2:22/2/87 Ep3:1/3/87 Ep4:8/3/87 Ep5:15/3/87 Ep6:22/3/87 Ep7:29/3/87 Ep8:5/4/87
All episodes repeated three days after first broadcast.
[Dick Francis was a champion jockey and his novels centred on horse racing, This novel won the Japan Adventure Fiction Association Prize.]

16th February 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Flutes by Maurice Leitch
An Ulster flute band make a concert tour to Toronto. Personalities and politics clash.
Music: Flutes: Laurie Johnston, Sally Laughlin, Billy Bell, Derek Greer Musical direction: Laurie Johnston
Directed by Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland
Ray: Derek Halligan
Bob Brownlees: Mark Mulholland
Chuckie: Peter Quigley
Hubert: Niall O'brien
Brenda: Clare Cathcart
Neville: Gerard O'hare
Sharon: Aine McCartney
Gerald Maxwell: Hugh Fraser
The Rev Harold Kells: Anthony Finigan
Spencer: Harry Towb
Repeated 21st February 1987

17th February 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Apparently the Trees Are Very Beautiful by Matthew Solon
Susan's widowed father meets a young girl and starts talking about messages from a distant planet. When he is with Lisa, George finds true happiness and peace.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
George: Tim Reynolds
Susan: Sandi Toksvig
Lisa: Karen Ascoe
Donald: Stuart Owen
Len/PC Firth: Shaun Prendergast
Dr Fox: Matthew Solon
Repeated 18th February 1987

17th February 1987:
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Hardy Perennials by James Robson
Although the old folks mystery tour always goes to Whitby, the time has come for the septuagenarian participants to revolt, before it's too late....
Directed by James Runcie
Mabs Monday: Kathleen Helme
Tilly Cooper: Mary Wimbush
Howard Spicer: Geoffrey Banks
Jennifer Rushton: Narissa Knights
Richard Rushton: Brian Smith
Jack Pringle: Colin Starkey

18th February 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Brothers of Calanda or Concerning Certain Regularities in the Development of Political Phenomena by Carlos Cerda translated by Margaret Etall
Street demonstrations, Presidential addresses, curfews and disappearances.
More unusual is the physical change that some of the citizens are going through.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer.
Garces: Richard Durden
Robles: Edward de Souza
Maria: Susie Brann
Nicomedes: James Goode
Filipo: Jonathan Tafler
Repeated 18th September 1988

19th February 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Kiss of Life by Graham Swannell
Married 40 years, Dot seeks to make sure she is not taken for granted.
Directed by John Tydeman
Dot: Brenda Bruce
Arthur: Norman Bird

21st February 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Prince of Thieves by Rod Beacham (1940-2013)
A prison inmate plans an electronically aided escape.
Directed by Peter King.
Jack Prince: Peter Vaughan
Cruncher: Trevor Nichols
Worm: Alan Thompson
Doc. Pargeter: Bryan Pringle
Jeannie: Deirdre Costello
Vi: June Tobin
Rupert: Francis Middleditch
Trelick: Adrian Egan
Redway: Paul Gregory
Thomas: Brian Hewlett
Hammer: Shaun Prendergast
Governor: Manning Wilson
Fisher: Eric Stovell
Tim: Stuart Organ
Nigel: David Goodland
Repeated 23rd February 1987

22nd February 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: Arthur's Angel by Ken Blakeson
Arthur speaks to no-one until another patient arrives and revives his interest in life. They announce their engagement.
Directed by Martin Jenkins
Bill Peacock: Jon Strickland
Geoff Mannaway: Brett Usher
Alison Whitely: Maggie McCarthy
Jim Blackmore: Brian Glover
Nelly Fothergill: Patricia Hayes
Arthur Watson: Brian Haines
Ann Owram: Helena Breck
Raschid: Colin Starkey
Landlady/Elsie : Carole Boyd
Repeated from 13th September 1984

22nd February 1987
The Rose and the City by Jenyth Worsley
An allegory on the life of Christine de Pisan (1365-1431). Widowed at 25, Christine de Pisan took up the defence of her sex against the anti-feminist attacks contained in "The Romance of the Rose".
Producer Ed Thomason
Christine de Pisan: Rachel Gurney
Young man/Lover: David Timson
Reason: Pauline Letts
Rectitude: Julie Berry
Justice: Caroline Swift
Friend/H: Ray Llewellyn
Greed/Pablo da Certaldo/Man: Richard Bates
Sorrow/Boccaccio: Nigel Leach
Repeated 25th February 1987

23rd February 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Prisoners by Paul M. Levitt
Mrs Fry: the Quaker lady dressed in grey who likes the simple things in life. The lady who goes to parties given by the rich and famous. The lady who says she wants her children home with her. The lady some say has packed her children off. ?
Directed by Martin Jenkins
Elizabeth Fry: Maureen O'Brien
Elizabeth Fry (a child): Deborah Makepeace
Joseph: Clive Francis
Katherine: Avril Clark
Rachel: Frances Jeater
Rachel (aged 13): Karen Ascoe
Governor Newman: Jeffry Wickham
Governess: Jennifer Piercey
John Fry: Alkis Constantouris
Sheriff Bridges/Mr Gurney: Gordon Reid
Sheriff Kirby: Stuart Organ
The Rev Cotton: Manning Wilson
Richenda: Katie Jenkins
Elizabeth Mary Byrnes: Helena Breck
William Savary/Home Secretary.: Brian Hewlett
Reggie: Jonathan Tafler
Tom: Shaun Prendergast
Bailiffs assistant: James Goode
Nancy Irwin: Natasha Pyne
Duke of Gloucester: Geoffrey Collins
Repeated 28th February 1987

24th February 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Hyacinth by Brett Usher based on a short story by SAKI (Hector Hugh Munro 1870-1916)
His mother regards Hyacinth as an angel-child; his Aunt knows better. And then his father stands for Parliament at the General Election of December 1910...
Directed by Graham Gauld
Matilda: Rachel Gurney
Augusta: Anna Cropper
Wilfred: Manning Wilson
Hyacinth: Ashley Clark
Jessica: Sheila Grant
Alfred: Gordon Reid
Rogers: Brett Usher
Brownlow: Davld Goudge
Olive: Elaine Claxton
Repeated 25th February 1987

24th February 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Renaissance by Maurice Brown
1980 - Alan is a press officer dealing with a press release about a new model. Trouble is brewing.
Directed by Tony Cliff (1941-2012)
BBC Manchester.
Alan Woods: Malcolm Hebden
Ron James: Geoffrey Hinsliff
Jack Parsons: Robert Keegan
Wilbur Oakes: Keith Lado
Doreen: Julie Corrigan
Jean/Doris: Shirley E Jones
First lad/Gerry Robinson: Simon Bleackley
Second lad/Walter Vincent: Martin Sadofski
Third lad/Mr Jordan: Clive Lucas

25th February 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Some Day I'll Find You by Alanna Knight.
Edward meets Jeannie by chance and falls in love with her. Her memory haunts him, but is she real? Will he ever find her again?
Directed by Marilyn Imrie.
BBC Scotland.
Edward: David Rintoul
Jeannie: Gerda Stevenson
Sandy: Paul Young
Betty: Juliet Cadzow
Jeannie's mother: Sheila Donald
Mrs Dixon: Jan Wilson
Doctor/Older man: Robert Trotter
Taxi driver/Young man: James McPherson
Nurse: Sharon Maharaj
Musician: Robert Pettigrew

26th February 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Mary and the Birthday by Tony Butler
Deciding between a career or a baby has consequences.
Directed by Stuart Owen
Mary Handbury: Pippa Guard
Steven Cox: Sebastian Abineri
Eva Cox: Elizabeth Proud
Edith Handbury: Pauline Letts

28th February 1987
19.00 :
Welsh Drama: Cuckoo by Emlyn Williams (1905-1987)
1935: On the banks of the Thames a Welsh emigre family's life revolves around Cuckoo.
Directed by Enyd Williams
Cuckoo: Judy Cornwell
Madam: Margaret Courtenay
Lydia: Petra Markham
Uncle Powell: Lewis Jones
Jerome: Robert Daws
Benjy: Frank Coda
Mrs Dix: Joan Matheson
[The play was originally known as "Beth" and was then revised and renamed]

1st March 1987
14.30 :
Welsh Drama: Echo of the Dragon by Rob Gittins
Five hundred years ago two Welshmen fulfilled the Arthurian prophecy and reclaimed the throne of England. One became Henry VII, the other sought retirement in a friary. For Lord Rhys, the Battle of Bosworth (1485) has tragic memories.
Directed by Adrian Mourby.
Rhys: Gareth Armstrong
the Irishman: Norman Rodway
Henry Twdor: Robert Blythe
Richard: Nigel Graham
Lord Stanley: James Benson
Boy: Alistair Jenkins
[The researcher who assisted Rob Gittins was Susan Fern. This program was intended as part of the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Bosworth. Rhys was descended from the Arthurian knight Urien Rheged. You can read further in Susan Fern's 2014 book, ISBN-13 978-1445647258].

1st March 1987
19.00 :
Martin Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens , dramatised by Betty Davies
5 of 10: The Valley of Eden: A proposal of marriage to Mercy.
Please see 1st February 1987 above.
Directed By: Jane Morgan
Narrator: Simon Cadell
Mr Pecksniff: Christopher Benjamin
Mercy: Susie Brann
Dr Jobling: Bernard Brown
Mary Graham: Zelah Clarke
Tom Pinch: David Collings
General Choke: Alan Dudley
Lafayette Kettle: Richard Durden
Mrs Hominy: Rachel Gurney
Mrs Gamp: Patricia Hayes
Betsy Prig: Pauline Letts
Captain Kedgwick: Stuart Organ
Martin Chuzzlewit: Valentine Pelka
Charity: Angela Pleasence
Mr Mould: Tim Reynolds
Jonas: Struan Rodger
Elderly man: David Sinclair
Lewsome: Eric Stovell
Mark Tapley: Jonathan Tafler
Old Martin: Patrick Troughton
Scadder: Tom Wilkinson
Also with Sue Broomfield and Paul Gregory
Additional actors in episode 6:
John Westlock: Jonathan Cullen(6)
Tigg Montague: Douglas Livingstone(6)
David Crimple: Gordon Reid(6)
Old Chuffey: Norman Jones(6)
Mr Nadgett: Robin Summers(6)
Bailey Junior: John McAndrew(6)
Poll Sweedlepipe: Michael Graham-Cox(6)
Also with (Ep6): Karen Ascoe; David Goodland; Jennifer Piercey and Stephen Thorne
For actors in apisodes 7 and later please see 15th March 1987 and later broadcast dates below.
Pt6:8/3/87 Pt7:15/3/87 Pt8:22/3/87 Pt9:29/3/87 Pt10:5/4/87
All episodes repeated five days later.

1st March 1987
21.00 :
Proof by Dick Francis , dramatised by Ernest Dudley
3 of 8: Tony has been asked by the police and by Gerard, an investigative consultant, to help with enquiries into a drinks fraud.
Please refer to 15th February 1987 above.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Tony Beach: Nigel Havers
Gerard: George Parsons
Flora: Jennifer Piercey
Charter: Chas Bryer
Sgt Ridger: Stephen Hattersley
PC Horton: James Goode
Actors in later episodes:
Mrs Palissey: Sheila Grant(4)
Chief Supt Wilson: Manning Wilson(4)
Orkney: Edward de Souza(4)
Isabella: Avril Clark(4)
Commentator: Michael Kilgarriff(4)
Paul Young: Stuart Organ(6)
Charter Jun/PC: Kim Wall(6)
Vernon: Tim Reynolds(7)
Clerk/delivery man: David Goodland(7)
Quigley: Brian Hewlett(7)
Ep4:8/3/87 Ep5:15/3/87 Ep6:22/3/87 Ep7:29/3/87 Ep8:5/4/87
All episodes repeated three days after first broadcast.

2nd March 1987
20.15 :
Welsh Drama: On the Black Hill (1982) by Bruce Chatwin (1940-1989) dramatised by Charles Way
The twins had lived all their lives on a farm. The border of England and Wales ran right down the middle of their staircase.
Violin: Barry Haskey
Directed by Adrian Mourby
BBC Wales.
Lewis / Benjamin Jones: Loan Meredith
Young Ben: Simon Price
Young Lewis: Matthew Routley
Mother Mary: Gwen Watford
Amos: And Ian Hogg
Kevin: Robin Davies
Watkins/Col Bickerton: Gerald James
Aggie/Mrs Bickerton/Mrs Redpath: June Barrie
Jim/Reggie: Dorien Thomas
Rebecca/Meg: Sue Broomfield
Young Rebecca: Sian Watkins
Rosie/Eileen: Sue Soames
Young Rosie: Claire Watkins
Old Sam Arkwright: Peter Howell
The Rev Davies/Whittaker: Huw Tudor
Also with Robert Blythe
Repeated 7th March 1987
[The book was made into a film in 1987].

3rd March 1987
11.00 :
Welsh Drama: Butts by William Ingram (1930-2013)
Arthur Prosser is back in the valley of his youth but there's no welcome. The aspidistras are twitching!
Directed by Adrian Mourby
BBC Wales
Arthur Prosser: Glyn Houston
Dilwyn: Sion Probert
Muriel: ????
Drippy Billy: ????
Our Bleddyn: Gareth Snook
Cyril, 'Colliers Arms': William Ingram
Repeated 4th March 1987

3rd March 1987
15.00 :
Welsh Drama: Consequences by Mark Prichard
A man who is haunted by two worlds: one which he tries to create and the other in which he can only destroy.
Directed by Adrian Mourby
BBC Wales.
Fay: Emma Sutton
John: Christopher Reich
Grub: Millie Davies
Macro-mancy: Philip Bond
Dithyrambos: Michael Cunningham
Grundlethorp: Victor Winding
Drone/George Gavin: Nigel Graham
Billy: Stuart Bradley
Also with Miles Anderson

4th March 1987
15.00 :
Welsh Drama: Night People by Michael Davies
Romance has flowered and Billy must persuade her that his world is hers.
Directed by Adrian Mourby
BBC Wales.
Frank: Glyn Owen
Billy: Gareth Snook
Brenda: Dibotcher
Delyth/Mrs Morgan: Susan Mansell
Gwyn: Dorien Thomas
Alfrado: Brendan Charleson
Vagrants: Terry Jackson and Bernard Latham

5th March 1987
15.00 :
Welsh Drama: A Hanging at Hannika by Paula Griffiths
There is to be a public execution.
Directed by Adrian Mourby
Travellers: Lee Montague and David Collings
Leonie: Beth Morris
Bozzard: Howellevans
Old Jane: Nesta Harris
Marika: Jenny Funnell
Tollik: Dillwyn Owen
Cuddy: Ray Handy
Repeated from 29th August 1985

7th March 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Chancer by Allan Prior
Mitch assists a prisoners wife to free her husband and receives a reward he did not expect.
Directed by Gerry Jones
Mitch: Mark Straker
Eva: Theresa Streatfeild
Baron: John Hollis
Jonto: Paulgregory
Wallis: John Rye
Car dealer: Alan Dudley
Mr Morris: Tim Reynolds
Parolee: David Goodland
Repeated 9th March 1987

7th March 1987
Big Jim and the Figaro Club by Ted Walker (1934-2004)
4 of 6: Up the Pole
See 14th February 1987 above.
Ukulele: Ernie Shear
Producer: Martin Fisher
Big Jim: Norman Rossington
Harold Perkins: Roland Curram
the Storyteller: Bernard Cribbins
Old Ned: Harold Goodwin
Turps: Sylvester McCoy
Nimrod: David John
Chick: David Beckett
Miss James: Carol Hawkins
Harry/Barber/Pressman: Steven Harrold
Additional actors in tales 5 and 6:
Miss Farquhar: Hilary Mason(5)
Farmer: Douglas Blackwell(5)
Trev the Rev: Ben Aris(5)
Nimrod: David John(6)
Fortescue: Norman Bird(6)
PC Speedworth: Norman Mitchell(6)
Tale 5:14/3/87 Tale 6:21/3/87

8th March 1987
14.30 :
The Lord of the Rings: by J. R. R. Tolkien, adapted by Brian Sibley
1 of 13. The Shadow of the Past
Music composed and conducted by: Stephen Oliver
Directed by: Jane Morgan
Bilbo: John Le Mesurier
Daddy Twofoot: Leonard Fenton
Deagol: Graham Faulkner
Frodo: Ian Holm
Gandalf: Michael Hordern
Gollum: Peter Woodthorpe
Lord of the Nazgul: Philip Voss
Mouth of Sauron: John Rye
Radagast: Donald Gee
Sandyman: Gordon Reid
Saruman: Peter Howell
Sam: William Nighy
The Narrator: Gerard Murphy
Also with: Diana Bishop, Kathryn Hurlbutt, John Livesey, David McAlister, Martyn Read, Christopher Scott, Michael Spice, John Webb, Haydn Wood
Actors in later episodes- please see the relevant date of broadcast.
Parts 2-13 on each Sunday from 15th March to 31st May 1987.
The serial was first broadcast in 26 episodes commencing 8th March 1981 (each episode repeated 3 days later).
The serial was later broadcast in the 13 episode format commencing 17th July 1982.
The serial was repeated commencing 5th January 2002

9th March 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: SmallTalk by Peter Flannery and Elizabeth Gamlin
One-track minds going round in circles.
Directed by Richard Wortley.
Helen Mortimer: Charlotte Cornwell
Charlie Mortimer: Mick Ford
David Pierce: Stephen Moore
Mike: Jim Broadbent
Maria/First woman: Julie Berry
Pete: Paul Russell
Dr Finni: Mark Heath
Nurse at clinic/Fifth woman: Karen Ascoe
Sue Davis/Fourth woman: Deborah Makepeace
Ann Hobbs: Brenda Kaye
First man: Paul Gregory
Second man: James Goode
Third man: David Goodland
Helen's mother: Pauline Letts
Second woman/Millie: Jill Lidstone
Third woman: Susie Brann
Dr Sylvester: Alan Dudley
Mrs Cartwright: Sheila Grant
Repeated 14th March 1987
[This program was listed with a capital T in the middle of one word]

10th March 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Dear Janie by Moira Burgess
Janie has moved into her first and lonely bedsit. Someone in the house starts to send anonymous love letters.
Directed by Gregor Graham
BBC Scotland
Janie: Grace Glover
Miss Bellamy: Harriet Buchan
Mr Shiels: Finlay McLean
Tom Reid: James MacPherson
GeoffCrosland: Gerard Slevin
Mother: Monica Brady
Father: Michael Elder
Repeated 11th March 1987

10th March 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Looking for Cedric by Jane Poncia
1939: Daphne goes to France to find her brother.
Directed By: Cherry Cookson
Daphne: Jennifer Hilary
Roddy: Dinsdale Landen
Cedric: Michael Cochrane
Mildred: Miranda Forbes
Ian: Brett Usher
Mother: Rachel Gurney
Derek: Tim Reynolds
Also with Stuart Organ and Paul Gregory

11th March 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Hamster's Revenge by Michael Robartes
"I didn't stay curled up with my nose safely under my stomach, like a hamster."
Director: Stuart Owen
Len Purvis: Colin Jeavons
Charles Purvis: Peter Jeffrey

11th March 1987:
Blandings: Summer Lightning by P G Wodehouse adapted by by Richard Usborne
1 of 6: Trouble Brewing at Blandings
Producer: Martin Fisher
Narrator Ronald Fletcher
Lord Emsworth: Richard Vernon
The Hon Galahad Threepwood: Ian Carmichael
Beach: Timothy Bateson
Ronnie Fish: Graham Seed
Hugo Carmody: Royce Mills
Lady Constance: Elizabeth Spriggs
Millicent: Wendy Murray
Sue Brown: Susannah Fellows
Stage doorman: David Sinclair
Actors in later episodes:
Baxter: Christopher Godwin(2)
Pilbeam: Roger Sloman(2)
Restaurant manager: Jonathan Tafler(2)
Sir Gregory Parsloe: Reginald Marsh(3)
Post Office clerk: Natasha Pyne (5)
Ep2:18/3/87 Ep3:25/3/87 Ep4:1/4/87 Ep5:8/4/87 Ep6:15/4/87
All episodes repeated the following day.

12th March 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: One Good Turn by Peter Simpkin
Harry was a reporter who was losing his edge. Now a series of church fires promises to put him back on the front page....
Director: Peter Kavanagh
Harry: Michael McStay
Sally: Frances Jeater
Stephen: Richard Pearce
Editor: Malcolm Rennie
Chief Supt Miles: Paul Gregory
Barry: Stuart Organ
Norman/Greek waiter: David Goodland
Marty/Johnny: James Goode
Ma Sherry: Sheila Grant
Policeman: Steven Harrold
Television announcer: Sue Broomfield
Mum: Pauline Letts
Pub landlord: Alan Dudley
Irishman: Edward de Souza

14th March 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Alphabetical Order (1975) by Michael Frayn adapted by Dickon Reed
A chaotic cuttings department of a provincial newspaper becomes organised.
Director: David Hitchinson
A Radio 4/World Service co-production
Lucy: Penelope Wilton
Leslie: Rosalind Ayres
John: Martin Jarvis
Geoffrey: Deryck Guyler
Arnold: Geoffrey Matthews
Nora: Marcia Warren
Wally: Nigel Lambert
Repeated 19th March 1990

15th March 1987
14.30 :
The Lord of the Rings: by J. R. R. Tolkien, adapted by Brian Sibley
2 of 13. The Black Riders.
Music composed and conducted by: Stephen Oliver
For episode one see 8th March 1987 above.
Directed by: Jane Morgan
Frodo: Ian Holm
Gandalf: Michael Hordem
Aragom: Robert Stephens
Sam: William Nighy
Merry: Richard O'Callaghan
Pippin: John McAndrew
Theoden: Jack May
Saruman: Peter Howell
Butterbur: James Grout
the Narrator: Gerard Murphy
Nob: Haydn Wood
Maggot: John Bott
Gaffer Gamgee: John Church
Grima Wormtongue: Paul Brooke
Lord of the Nazgul: Philip Voss
Rider: Christopher Scott
Gwaihir: Alexander John
Also With Sean Arnold, Graham Faulkner, Gordon Reid and Michael Spice
For actors in following episodes please see relevant date. Episodes every 7 days.
Parts 3-13 on each Sunday from 22nd March to 31st May 1987.

15th March 1987
19.00 :
Martin Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens, dramatised by Betty Davies
7 of 10: Brother and Sister
Please see 1st February 1987 above.
Directed By: Jane Morgan
Narrator: Simon Cadell
Tom Pinch: David Collings
Charity: Angela Pleasence
Mercy: Susie Brann
Martin Chuzzlewit: Valentine Pelka
Mark Tapley: Jonathan Tafler
Hannibal Chollop: Philip Voss
Mrs Todgers: Sheila Grant
Augustus Moddle: Bill Nighy
Mrs Lupin: Tessa Worsley
John Westlock: Jonathan Cullen
Ruth Pinch: Deborah Makepeace
Gentleman: David Sinclair
Mr Bevan: Stephen Thorne
Also with Elaine Claxton, David Goodland, Paul Gregory, Rachel Gurney, Brian Hewlett, Stuart Organ and Gordon Reid
For actors in episodes 8 and later please see 22nd March 1987 and later broadcast dates below.
Pt8:22/3/87 Pt9:29/3/87 Pt10:5/4/87
All episodes repeated five days later.

16th March 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Condemning Violence by Robin Glendinning
Belfast: A potentially explosive party.
Director: Susan Hogg
BBC Manchester.
Harry: Des McAleer
Nora: Maggie Shevlin
Eugene: Tony Doyle
George: Sean Barrett
Anita: Valerie Lilley
Duncan: James Greene
Margaret: Margaret D'Arcy
Repeated 21st March 1987 and 21st January 1989.
[Robert Glendinning (writing as Robin) founded the Alliance Party and campaigned on its behalf.]

17th March 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Dreams of Dublin Bay by Frank Dunne
Directed By: Peter Kavanagh
Willie/Man: Sean Barrett
Babs: Pauune Delany
Angela: Alexandra Pigg
Rob: Paul Gregory
Ben: Neil Caple
Repeated 18th March 1987 and 28th June 1988
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2003, 2005
[1987 Giles Cooper award winner]
[There was an Australian radio production by Bart Meehan broadcast in Australia 17th January 2021]
[Another UK production was broadcast on community radio station Stump Radio in Lincolnshire, now called Endeavour FM]

18th March 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Learning by Anthony Walters
Tony is encouraged to think about the world around him.
BBC Manchester.
Directed By: Tony Cliff (1941-2012)
Tony Freeman: Nigel Anthony
Jack: John Jardine
David Aston: Pearce Quigley
Headmaster: James Tomlinson
Chairman of Governors: Christopher Ravenscroft
Jean Freeman: Jane Collins
Phyllis: Linda Gardner
Geoffrey: Robin Bowerman
Sally Devereux: Vanessa Rosenthal
Miles Devereux: Derek Hardy
Frank: Christopher Larner
Lou: Howard Ward
[This is the only credit on BBC Genome for Anthony Walters]

19th March 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Against the Odds by John Challen
Richard's son has been out for work a long time. Now Richard is to discover the challenges for himself.
Directed by Peter Kavanagh.
Richard Wyatt: Stephen Thorne
Ann Wyatt: Marlene Sidaway
Tony Wyatt: Paul Slack
Mark Patterson: Ken Cumberlidge
David: Tim Reynolds
[Recorded February 1987 in studio B10 at Broadcasting House]

21st March 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: This Problem of Yours by Christopher Denys
Colin attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, but he still has to face his own problem....
Director: Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
Colin: Sean Arnold
Janet: Pam Ferris
Jack: James Tomlinson
George/Charles: Graham Roberts
Steve: Ken Farrington
Moira: Meg Johnson
Valerie: Ann Aris
Adele/Ruth: Elizabeth Lindsay
Henry: Charles Cookson
Cyril: Laurence Kenny
Carter: Fine Time Fontayne
Nigel Palmer: Peter Wheeler
Repeated 23rd March 1987

22nd March 1987
14.30 :
The Lord of the Rings: by J. R. R. Tolkien, adapted by Brian Sibley and Michael Bakewell
3 of 13. The Knife in the Dark
Music composed and conducted by: Stephen Oliver
Singer: Matthew Vine
For episode 1- see 8th March 1987 above.
Directed by: Jane Morgan
Frodo: Ian Holm
Gandalf: Michael Hordern
Aragom: Robert Stephens
Bilbo: John Le Mesurier
Sam: William Nighy
Merry: Richard O'Callaghan
Pippin: John McAndrew
Gimli: Douglas Livingstone
Legolas: David Collings
Boromir: Michael Graham Cox
Butterbur: James Grout
Elrond: Hugh Dickson
the Narrator: Gerard Murphy
Lord ofthe Nazgul: Philip Voss
Glorfindel: John Webb
Nob: Haydn Wood
Nazgul: Sean Arnold, John Church, Graham Faulkner, Christopher Scott, Michael Spice
Parts 4-13 on each Sunday to 31st May 1987.

22nd March 1987
19.00-20.00 :
Martin Chuzzlewit (1842-1844) by Charles Dickens (1812-1870) dramatised by Betty Davies.
For episode 1 please see 1st February 1987 above.
8 of 10: Secret Service
Director: Jane Morgan
Narrator: Simon Cadell
Old Martin: Patrick Troughton
Mr Pecksniff: Christopher Benjamin
Martin Chuzzlewit: Valentine Pelka
Mark Tapley: Jonathan Tafler
Mrs Lupin: Tessa Worsley
Tigg Montague: Douglas Livingstone
Jonas: Struan Rodger
Mr Nadgett: Robin Summers
Dr Jobling: Bernard Brown
Bailey Junior: John McAndrew
Mrs Gamp: Patricia Hayes
Mercy: Susie Brann
Tom Pinch: David Collings
Ruth Pinch: Deborah Makepeace
John Westlock: Jonathan Cullen
Mr Fips: Peter Howell
Also with Alan Dudley, Paul Gregory, Gordon Reid
For actors in Ep9 and later please see 29th March 1987 below.
Pt9:29/3/87 Pt10:5/4/87
All episodes repeated five days later.

23rd March 1987
12.27-13.00 :
Molesworth: by Simon Brett, based on characters created by: Geoffrey Willans and Ronald Searle
1 of 4: Home Life. Nigel Molesworth returns with his guide to modern life - viz. 'How to get by with the Minimum Effort.'
Music: Oonagh Bernon
Producer: Mark Robson
Molesworth: William Rushton
Grimes: Clive Swift
Louise: Penelope Nice
Gillibrand/ Darryl: Robert Harley
Peason/ Grabber: Bob Sinfield
Fotherington-Thomas/ Smythe: Phil Nice
Arabella/ Carole/ Lucinda/ Lady Eiderdown: Chrissy Roberts
Ep2:30/3/87 Ep3:6/4/87 Ep4:13/4/87
All episodes repeated the following day.

23rd March 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Some Kind of Hero by Les Smith
Poetry by Linton Kwesi Johnson
A Private is accused of shooting his Commanding Officer. Will he receive a fair hearing?
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester.
Private James: Tony Armatrading
Sergeant Hayes: Michael Tudor Barnes
Capt Howard: John Rye
Dr Savori: Eileen Pollock
Newscaster: Phil Sayer
Repeated from 20th January 1986

24th March 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Cold Shoulder by Peter Jukes
Two hitch-hikers, the cars speed past and night sets in - but one of them's on the road to nowhere.
Directed by A. J. Quinn
the girl: Katy Behean
Jeff: Shaun Prendergast
Repeated 25th March 1987

24th March 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Icicles by Margaret Gillard
Director: Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
Philippa: Barbara Marten
Zoe: Lisa Bowerman
Miss Hawtrey: Rosalind Knight
First soldier: Adrian Stokes
Second soldier: Pearce Quigley
Josephine: Melanie Sylvester

25th March 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Cards, Cups and Crystal Ball by David Campton (1924-2006)
Flora, Dora and Nora forecast what the future holds for Lady M.
Directed by Peter Windows
BBC Pebble Mill.
Flora: Rosemary Leach
Dora: Margot Boyd
Nora: Pauline Letts
Lady M: Patricia Gallimore
Jessie: Heather Barrett

26th March 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Past Becomes the Present by Sally Warboyes
At 36, Kate begins to suffer from a traumatic event thirty years ago.
Directed by Philip Martin
Kate: Alison Steadman
Kate (as a child): Annabelle Lanyon
Martin: Mark Jones
Susie: Julia Goodman
Tom: David Goodland
Vera: Mary Wimbush
Karen/Jackie: Bernadette Windsor
Man guest/Policeman: Paul Gregory
Man in park: Alan Dudley
Driver: Jonathan Tafler
Passenger: Kim Wall
Stranger: Stephen Thorne
Mother: Jennifer Piercey
[This is the only credit on BBC Genome for Sally Warboyes]

28th March 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: The Happiest Women by M. J. Read
Marjorie lives quietly with a budgerigar.
Directed by David Spenser
Marjorie: Mary Morris
Madeleine: Hannah Gordon
Rosie: Elizabeth Proud
Frank: Martyn Read
Repeated from 31st December 1984

28th March 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Helbeck of Bannisdale (1898) by Mrs Humphry Ward (Mary Augusta Ward - 1851-1920) dramatised by Michelene Wandor
1898 - Alan's sister and her stepdaughter arrive at his Westmoreland house. Differences arise. To balance or to choose - submission/ independence; love/ religious scruples.
Directed by Pat Trueman.
Alan Helbeck: Alan Howard
Laura Fountain: Tessa Peake-Jones
Augustina Fountain: Rachel Gurney
Hubert Mason: Andrew Branch
Polly Mason: Jane Knowles
Fr Bowles/Foreman: Stephen Thorne
Mrs Denton: Jennifer Piercey
Steelworker/Guard: Stephen Harrold
Porter/Williams: David Goodland
Repeated 30th March 1987
[Mrs Ward was founding President of the Women's National Anti-Suffrage League - against votes for women.]
[Bannisdale is really remote, to the North East of Keswick]

29th March 1987
14.30 :
The Lord of the Rings: by J. R. R. Tolkien, adapted by Michael Bakewell
Please see 8th March 1987 above.
4 of 13. The Ring Goes South
Music composed and conducted by: Stephen Oliver
Directed by: Penny Leicester
Frodo: Ian Holm
Gandalf: Michael Hordem
Aragom: Robert Stephens
Bilbo: John Le Mesurier
Sam: William Nighy
Merry: Richard O'Callaghan
Pippin: John McAndrew
Gimli: Douglas Livingstone
Legolas: David Collings
Boromir: Michael Graham Cox
EIrond: Hugh Dickson
the Narrator: Gerard Murphy
Also with Sean Arnold, John Church, Graham Faulkner, Alexander John, Christopher Scott, Michael Spice, John Webb and Haydn Wood
Parts 5-13 on each Sunday to 31st May 1987.
[Note that different episodes did not have the same adaptor or director]

29th March 1987
19.00 :
Martin Chuzzlewit (1842-1844) by Charles Dickens (1812-1870) dramatised by Betty Davies.
9 of 10: The Mark of Cain
Directed by: Jane Morgan
Mrs Gamp: Patricia Hayes
Jonas: Struan Rodger
Tigg Montague: Douglas Livingstone
Charity: Angela Pleasence
Mercy: Susie Brann
Mr Pecksniff: Christopher Benjamin
Tom Pinch: David Collings
Martin Chuzzlewit: Valentine Pelka
Mark Tapley: Jonathan Tafler
Mary Graham: Zelah Clarke
John Westlock: Jonathan Cullen
Ruth Pinch: Deborah Makepeace
Augustus Moddle: Bill Nighy
Old Chuffey: Norman Jones
Lewsome: Eric Stovell
Poll Sweedlepipe: Michael Graham Cox
Betsy Prig: Pauline Letts
Also with Elaine Claxton, Brian Hewlett, Gordon Reid

30th March 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: On Detachment by David Wade
Amidst the turmoils of National Service Private Ferguson deals with a relationship problem.
Directed by Ian Cotterell.
Narrator Crawford Logan
Pte Beynon: Kim Wall
Pte Allen: James Goode
Pte James Ferguson: James MacPherson
Sgt Flynn: Stuart Organ
Pte Green: Jonathan Tafler
Sgt Dick: George Parsons
Mr Ferguson: Paul Gregory
Mrs Ferguson: Jennifer Piercey
Sgt Arthur Ford: Stephen Hattersley
Anton: Andrew Branch
Dorothy: Elaine Caxton
Rosa: Sue Broomfield
Pernersdorfer: Manning Wilson
Cpl Pete Barker: Steven Harrold
Sgt John Anderson: David Goodland
Also with Crawford Logan and James MacPherson.

31st March 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Key to the Door by John Edgar
A shelf-stacker seeks fame and fortune on a television talent show.
Keyboards: Harold Rich
Guitar: John Edgar
Director: Mary Clyne
BBC Pebble Mill
Des Styles: Timothy Spall
Bobby 'Starfinder' Burton: Don MacLean
Tommy Slater: John Dixon
TV receptionist: Gillian Goodman
Brian: Brian Hewlett
Jill: Hedli Niklaus
Lizzie Macdonald/Slender Loris: Natasha Pyne
Floor manager: Gordon Reid
Harry Collier: Edwin Richfield
Repeated 1st April 1987

31st March 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Past Glories by Nick McCarty
Peter went South to make his fortune, his son wishes to go back North, and a family funeral brings a confrontation.
Directed by Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill
the Grandmother: Mary Wimbush
Peter: Terry Molloy
Anne: Gillian Goodman
Paul: Andy Hockley
Grandad/Old Jack: Ronald Herdman
Mrs Alan: Joyce Gibbs
Minister: Eric Stovell

1st April 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Cold Embrace by Ken Whitmore
Jamie dreams that a man called Crimond is attempting to seduce his wife. Then he discovers that the man's name is in the telephone directory.
Director: Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
Mrs Halifax: Daphne Oxenford
Jenny: Julie Higginson
Jamie: Christian Rodska
Mrs Crimond: Ann Rye
Mr Crimond: Peter Wheeler
[Not related to the story of this name by Mary Braddon]

2nd April 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Ivy Who? by John Harvey
Robert's mother used to play in a band before the war.
Musicians Kathy Stobart and Joan Cunningham
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
Stevie: Kate Duchene
Robert: Michael Tudor-Barnes
Edna: Rachel Gurney
Jo: Gillian Bevan
Kate: Julie Berry
Master of Ceremonies: Steven Harrold
[The prolific writer John Harvey used a number of pseudonyms including Thom Ryder, Jon Barton, James Mann and many many more]

4th April 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: Dandy Dick (1887) by Arthur Wing Pinero (1855-1934).
A dean faces a dilemma. A horse is involved.
Directed by John Tydeman
the Dean: Alec McCowen
Georgiana Tidman: Patricia Routledge
Sir Tristram Mardon, Bt: Nigel Stock
Salome: Susan Kyd
Sheba: Melinda Walker
Blore: John Church
Mr Darbey: Richard Clifford
Major Tarver: John Rye
Hatcham: Shaun Prendergast
Hannah Topping: Anne Jameson
Noah Topping: Garard Green
Repeated from 26th May 1986
Later repated 7th May 1989
Also broadcast on BBC7 2004, 2006, 2009

4th April 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Champion by Martin Worth
Grace - the man behind the beard, who had a wife and children and whose life was not as simple as a game of cricket.
Director: Jane Morgan
W.G. Grace: Timothy Spall
Lord Russell: Alan Dudley
Lillywhite/Lord Sheffield: Ian Thompson
Lord Harris: Paul Chapman
Fred Grace: Trevor Nichols
Agnes: Zelah Clarke
Martha Grace: Diana Olsson
Fanny: Julie Berry
Edward: Richard Durden
Lucy Jervis: Sue Broomfield
Alfred Shaw: Struan Rodger
Henry Grace/McArthur: Stephen Thorne
Conway: David Goodland
Babcock: Alan Thompson
Smithers: Tim Reynolds
Bessie Grace: Jill Lidstone
Briggs/Edgar: Andrew Branch
Charlie Grace: Paul Russell
Gilbert/Betts: Jonathan Cullen
Also with Paul Gregory, Stephen Harrold, Brian Hewlett
Repeated 6th April 1987

5th April 1987
14.30 :
The Lord of the Rings: by J. R. R. Tolkien, adapted by Brian Sibley
Episode Adapter: Michael Bakewell
5: The Mirror of Galadriel
Please see 8th March 1987 for episode one.
Composer/Conductor: Stephen Oliver
Singer: David James
Directed by: Penny Leicester
Frodo: Ian Holm
Gandalf: Michael Hordern
Aragorn: Robert Stephens
Gollum: Peter Woodthorpe
Sam: William Nighy
Legolas: David Collings
Gimli: Douglas Livingstone
Merry: Richard O'Callaghan
Pippin: John McAndrew
Michael: Graham Cox
Galadriel: Marian Diamond
Celeborn: Simon Cadell
Narrator: Gerard Murphy
Also with Haydn Wood, Graham Faulkner, David McAlister, Martyn Read, Christopher Scott, Michael Spice, John Webb
Parts 6-13 on each Sunday from 12th April to 31st May 1987.

5th April 1987
19.00-20.00 :
Martin Chuzzlewit (1842-1844) by Charles Dickens (1812-1870) dramatised by Betty Davies.
10 of 10: The New Pupil
For episode one please see 1st February 1987 above.
Technical Presentation: Richard Beadsmoore
Assisted by: Anne Bunting
Director: Jane Morgan
Narrator: Simon Cadell
Old Martin: Patrick Troughton
Mr Pecksniff: Christopher Benjamin
Jonas: Struan Rodger
Mrs Gamp: Patricia Hayes
Tom Pinch: David Collings
Martin Chuzzlewit: Valentine Pelka
Mark Tapley: Jonathan Tafler
Mercy: Susie Brann
Charity: Angela Pleasence
Ruth Pinch: Deborah Makepeace
Old Chuffey: Norman Jones
John Westlock: Jonathon Cullen
Lewsome: Eric Stovell
Old Anthony: Jack May
Mr Nadgett: Robin Summers
Chevy Sylme: Richard Durden
Policeman: Gordon Reid
Mary Graham: Zelah Clarke
Mrs Lupin: Tessa Worsley
Poll Sweedlepipe: Michael Graham Cox
Bailey Junior: John McAndrew
Augustus Moddle: Bill Nighy
Mr Jinkins: Stephen Thorne

6th April 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: The Gospel According to Judas by Ken Blakeson
Jerusalem, AD 70: With the city and its inhabitants facing annihilation, Judas decides to set down his own version of the facts.
Directed by Robert Cooper
Judas Iscariot: Peter Howell
Kizzy: Pam Ferris
Rebecca: Jane Hazlegrove
Asa: Tony Caunter
Ibrahim: Pearce Quigley
Repeated 11th April 1987
[There are several works with this title including a 2nd Century one, discovered in 1983, which was (questionably) translated into English in 2006 and now only exists as hundreds of fragments].

7th April 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: A Good Used Heart by Leo Goldman
For a pair of American crooks, the time seems ripe to move from petty larceny to spare-part surgery - but things can still go wrong.
Directed by Ned Chaillet
Fingers: Lee Montague
Joey: Ed Bishop
Repeated 8th April 1987 and 31st July 1988
[Fingers and Joey also feature in "The Brain Part, the Heart Part" by Leo Goldman, broadcast 20/12/88]

7th April 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Death by Proxy by Bernard Knight
Dr James Lawrence is found shot dead and it looks like a case of murder until an insurance investigator appears on the scene.
Directed by Frances Mabbs
BBC Wales.
Ann Lawrence: Lisabeth Miles
Det Chief Inspector Carson: Peter Haluday
Det Chief Superintendent: John MacAvoy
Det Sgt Mike Jenkins: Gareth Armstrong
Rita Harris: Carole Boyd
Huw Lloyd: Dillwyn Owen
Repeated from 29th October 1985
[Bernard Knight is a forensic pathologist]

8th April 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Prickly Bush by Neil McKay
Julie's family love her but can they persuade her to save herself from 'The Prickly Bush'?
Directed by Susan Hogg
BBC Manchester.
Julie: Elizabeth Rider
Dad: Geoffrey Matthews
Mother: Rosalie Williams
Nicholas: Malcolm Hebden
Amanda: Elizabeth Mansfield
Alan: Jon Strickland
[The title is taken from a traditional song- the subject is in a situation similar to being caught in a "briery bush". The original tale is an international folk-theme and retold in Jacobs fairy tale "The Golden Ball"]

9th April 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Sunlight on the Garden by N.J. Warburton
Fleur asks a neighbour to assist with her history homework- she asks for his personal memories of World War 2.
Director: Matthew Walters
Mr Hammond: Patrick Troughton
Louise: Jan Carey
Fleur: Emma Harbour
Repeated 8th April 1988
[Possibly inspired by the 1937 poem of this title by MacNeace at the time of the Spanish Civil War]

11th April 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Golden Man by Catherine Lucy Czerkawska
The stones used to be sacred, but people forget so easily....
Music written and performed by David Dorward
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland.
Francesca Morris: Louise Beattie
Sam: Simon Donald ?
John: Peter ????
Derek: Tony Roper
Georgie: Donald Samuel ?
Sean: Robin Peoples
Isabel: Naomi Capron
Agnes: Ann-Louise Ross
Elspeth: ????
Minister: Carry Stewart
Florence: Terry Cavers
Librarian: Sheila Latimer
Repeated 13th April 1987

12th April 1987
14.30 :
The Lord of the Rings: by J. R. R. Tolkien, adapted by Brian Sibley
6: The Breaking of the Fellowship
For episode one please see 8th March 1987 above.
Music composed and conducted by: Stephen Oliver
Directed by Jane Morgan and Penny Leicester
Frodo: Ian Holm
Gandalf: Michael Hordern
Aragorn: Robert Stephens
Gollum: Peter Woodthorpe
Sam: With William Nighy
Boromir: Michael Graham Cox
Gimli: Douglas Livingstone
Legolas: David Collings
Merry: Richard O'Callaghan
Pippin: John McAndrew
Treebeard: Stephen Thorne
the Narrator: Gerard Murphy
Eomer: Anthony Hyde
Eothain: John Livesey
Ugluk: Brian Haines
Snaga: Cordon Reid
Grishnakh: Martyn Read
Also with Sean Arnold, John Bott, John Church, Graham Faulkner, Alexander John.
Parts 7-13 on each Sunday from 19th April 1987 to 31st May 1987.

12th April 1987
19.00 :
The Robe by Lloyd C.Douglas adapted by David Buck
1 of 6: The Way to Minoa
Directed By: Martin Jenkins
Narrator Edward De Souza
Marcellus Gallio: Anton Lesser
Senator Gallio: Bernard Hepton
Demetrius: Stuart Organ
Diana: Helena Breck
Tuscus/ Dion/Centurion: Brian Hewlett
Quintus: Christian Rodska
Lucia: Susie Brann
Tertia: Deborah Makepeace
Prinee Gaius: Keith Drinkel
Marcipor: Manning Wilson
Cornelia: Pauline Letts
Captain Manius: Sean Arnold
Sextus: Henry Stamper
Paulus: David Buck
Cast in later episodes:
Melas: Timothy Bateson(2)
Tiberius: Edward de Souza(2)
Pontius Pilate: John Castle(2)
Boy: Elizabeth Lindsay(2)
Paula: Rachel Gurney(2)
Pilate's aide: Steven Harrold(2)
Chamberlain: Alan Dudley(2)
Theodosia: Sue Broomfield(3)
Benjamin: Cyril Shaps(3)
For cast in Episodes 4, 5 and 6 please see 3rd May 1987 below.
Ep2:19/4/87 Ep3:26/4/87 Ep4:3/5/87 Ep5:10/5/87 Ep6:17/5/87
Each episode repeated 5 days later.

13th April 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Incident at the Devil's Gate by Bruce Stewart
For Oscar Romero, there was only his faith: faith at odds with the world.
Music arranged and played by: Paul Buck
Director: Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
Oscar Romero: Alec McCowen
Colonel Carillo: Ronald Lacey
Teresa: Karen Ford
Rutilio Grande: Stephen Thorne
Rodolfo: Bruce Stewart
Pablo: David Goodland
Pinto: Christian Rodska
Ortiz: Cornelius Garrett
Rosita: Deborah Makepeace
Papal Nuncio: Paul Nicholson
Repeated 18th April 1987

14th April 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Proud Horse by Edgar Wallace (1875-1932), adapted by John Scotney
Who stole the stolen goods, and how can Little Ernie realise his dream of seeing a really proud horse - and maybe get well again? Two seemingly unrelated problems. But what they've both got in common is that curiously colourful cockney 'Educated Evans'.
Director: David Johnston
Educated Evans: Nick Brimble
Sergeant Challoner: Vernon Joyner
Little Ernie: Orlando Wells
Nosey Bodin: Andrew Secombe
Bert Yardley: Sean Barrett
Lord Teller: James Goode
Mrs Turner: Jean Reeve
Tommy Daniels: Andrew Branch
Judge: Stephen Thorne
Repeated 15th April 1987
[See also Thirty-Minute Theatre for 21st April 1987, "The Brotherhood" in which Educated Evans also appears]

14th April 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: After the Funeral by Alun Owen(1925-1994)
After their mothers death, two brothers disagree on the care of their grandfather.
Directed By: Martin Jenkins
Morgan Roberts: John Shrapnel
Capt John Roberts: Glyn Houston
Dave Roberts: Tony Haygarth
Vera: Elizabeth Estensen
Blodwen: Elizabeth Morgan
Ailwen: S Owen
Esther: Dorothea Phillips
Ieuan/Minister: Sion Probert
Mourners:Jenny Funnell, Brian Smith, David Garth, Melinda Walker
Repeated 21st March 1985.
[Brothers Dave and Morgan meet again in "Widowers" broadcast 21st April 1987- see below]

15th April 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: One Last Final Fling by Marcia Kahan (Marcy Kahan).
Arthur, 72, insists that his sister should let him see his favourite city one more time. In Paris Arthur has his one last final fling.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
Arthur: Robin Bailey
Nora: Fabia Drake
Patricia: Janet Burnell
Nurse/Frances: Miranda Forbes
Thelma: Sylvia Barter
Christie: Natasha Pyne
Dennis: Bernard Brown
Harvey: Ed Bishop
Madeline: June Tobin
Jonathan: Davidscanlon
Travel agent: Adrian Egan
Repeated from 21st August 1985

15th April 1987
23.30 :
The Rabbit Woman of Godalming by Brian Sibley,
researched by Ursula Powys Lybbe
In October 1726 wild rumours about monstrous births swept London.
Directed by John Theocharis
Mary Toft: Jane Leonard
the Hon Samuel Molyneux: Robert Lang
Mr St Andre: Ronald Herdman
Mr Ahlers: Garard Green
Jonathan Swift: Richard Durden
Parson: Peter Woodthorpe
Manningham: John Church
Balladeer: David Timson
Also with James Macpherson, Alan Thompson and Tessa Worsley
Repeated from 18th March 1986
[Mary Toft c 1701-1763]

16th April 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The One Before the Last by Katherine Parker
Whilst Rupert Brooke (1887-1915) was at Cambridge, he met Ka Cox with whom he had a most complex love affair.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
Rupert Brooke: Colin Firth
Ka Cox: Emma Piper
Mrs Brooke: Janet Henfrey
Francis Comford: Michael Tudor Barnes
Frances Cornford: Susie Brann
Noel: Deborah Makepeace
Young man: Jonathan Tafler
Statesman: Peter Howell
Repeated 30th August 1987 and 26th August 1996

18th April 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Seagull (1895) by Anton Chekhov (1860-1904) rewritten by Thomas Kilroy
Ireland, 1896. Social unrest and a crumbling society. A family trapped in a complex circle.
Directed by David Hitchinson
Radio 4/World Service Production
Isobel Desmon: Anna Massey
Aston: Alan Rickman
Constantine: Dominic Guard
Lily: Fiona Victory
Dr Hickey: T P McKenna
Pauline: Kate Binchy
Peter: Alan MacNaughtan
Mary: Maggie McCarthy
James: Sean Barret-R
Gregory: Tony Doyle
Jack: Breffni McKenna
[Breffni McKenna is the son of T P McKenna]

19th April 1987
14.30 :
The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, adapted by Brian Sibley
Episode adapted by Brian Sibley and Michael Bakewell
7 of 13: The King of the Golden Hall
For episode one please see 8th March 1987 above.
Music composed and conducted by Stephen Oliver
Directed by Jane Morgan and Penny Leicester.
Narrator Gerard Murphy
Frodo: Ian Holm
Gandalf: Michael Hordern
Aragorn: Robert Stephens
Gollum: Peter Woodthorpe
Theoden: Jack May
Sam: William Nighy
Merry: Richard O'Callaghan
Pippin: John McAndrew
Gimli: Douglas Livingstone
Legolas: David Collings
Treebeard: Stephen Thorne
Eomer: Anthony Hyde
Eowyn: Elin Jenkins
Grima Wormtongue: Paul Brooke
Ceorl: Michael McStay
Gamling: Patrick Barr
Hama: Michael Spice
Guard: Christopher Scott
Also with Sean Arnold, John Bott, David Bradshawe, John Church, Graham Faulkner, Stephen Garlick, Alexander John, John Livesey, Martyn Read, John Webb and Haydn Wood with The Ambrosian Singers
Parts 8-13 on each Sunday from 26th April to 31st May 1987.

19th April 1987
20.30 :
At the Gates of the City by Murray Watts.
387 AD: Augustine was baptised by Bishop Ambrose. This play follows his return to North Africa and his ordinations as Priest and Bishop.
Musical adviser Barry Rose
Researcher Beryl Hoda
Producer Chris Rees.
Narrator: David Winter
Augustine: Roy Marsden
Monica: Yvonne Bryceland
Bishop Valerius: Gerald Harper
Alypius: Nigel Forde
Gaius Rufus: Paul Burbridge
Adeodatus: Ashley Clarke
[Sequel to "One August in Milan" broadcast 28th August 1986.]

20th April 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Pygmalion (1913) by George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)
London 1912. A flower seller is tutored in phonetics to 'speak like a lady'. London 1912.
Directed by John Tydeman
Professor Higgins: Simon Cadell
Eliza Doolittle: Imelda Staunton
Alfred Doolittle: James Grout
Mrs Higgins: Rachel Gurney
Colonel Pickering: Edward Hardwicke
Mrs Pearce: Brenda Peters
Mrs Eynsford Hill: Pauline Letts
Clara Eynsford Hill: Elaine Claxton
Freddy Eynsford Hill: Richard Clifford
Mrs Higgins' maid: Anne Pearson
Also with Andrew Branch, Garard Green and David Learner
Repeated 27th December 1988 and 9th April 1994
[The original mythical Pygmalion was by Ovid about a sculptor who fell in love with one of his creations]

20th April 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: The Wide-brimmed Hat by Michael Wall
When the gondola arrived to take Charles Catchpole to the Princess Malvezzi, he had no idea that it would deliver him into a world of romance and political intrigue.
Music composed and played by Mia Soteriou
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer.
Charles Catchpole: Edward Petherbridge
Princess Malvezzi: Eleanor Bron
Jack Cody: Greg Hicks
Helen Skidelski: Roberta Hamond
Effie Ruskin: Lorna Heilbron
John Ruskin: Michael Tudor Barnes
Charlotte Kerr: Jennifer Piercey
Fizeau: Crawford Logan
Giorgio: Paul Gregory
Clinton Dawkins: Paul Gregory
Count Wrbna: Stuart Organ
Count Nugent: David Goodland
William: Kim Wall
Facchetti/ Singer: Vincenzo Nicoli
Capt Goetz: Richard Durden
Domenico: Jonathan Tafler
Repeated 25th April 1987, and 27th June 1988 and 13th October 1991
[Sony Radio Award winner for Edward Petherbridge for his performance as Charles Catchpole]

21st April 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Brotherhood by Edgar Wallace (1875-1932) adapted by John Scotney
inspector Pine is Secretary of the Racehorse Elevation Brotherhood for the Suppression of Gambling. So he's not going to admire Educated Evans, who's no stranger to the racecourse.
Directed by David Johnston
Educated Evans: Nick Brimble
Sergeant Challoner: Vernon Joyner
Inspector Pine: Manning Wilson
Harry Sefferal: David Goodland
Belle Homaster: Sue Broomfield
Mr Homaster: Alan Dudley
George Canfyn: Stuart Organ
Repeated 22nd April 1987
[See also 14th April 1987 for another appearance of Educated Evans]
[Filmed as "The Brotherhood" in 1926, this story was contained in the book "Educated Evans"]
[Wallace died in debt with sums due to bookies- horse racing gambling]

21st April 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Widowers by Alun Owen
Dave and Morgan Roberts are widowers struggling to maintain good relations with their children.
Directed by Martin Jenkins
Dave Roberts: Tony Haygarth
Morgan Roberts: John Shrapnel
Blodwen: Elizabeth Morgan
Repeated from 28th March 1985
[Also see "After the Funeral on 14th April 1987 above]

22nd April 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Christmas Crackers by Vincent Black
Idris wants to hold a Christmas party for his friends. He doesn't actually have any friends, but that's the least of his problems at the party.
Mouth Organ: Andy Schofield
Directed by Jane Dauncey
BBC Wales.
Idris: Hugh Thomas
Rowly: Dorien Thomas
Malcolm: Philip Howe
Gwenny: Stevie Parry
Walter: William Ingram
Trevor Corny: Andy Schofield

23rd April 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Ugly Man by Roger Davenport
With no children left at home, a new life beckons but first without the distractions the relationship must be dealt with.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Clare: Patricia Garwood
Richard: Edward de Souza
Hugh: James Warwick
Sarah: Amanda Garwood
Repeated 1st May 1988

25th April 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: John and the King of the Zulus by Adrian Reid
Natal, mid 19th Century. John uses a chance encounter to become the advisor to the Zulu leader. Then the British authorities step in with a plan.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol.
John Dunn: Christian Rodska
King Cetshwayo: Ben Onwukwe
Matilda: Deborah Makepeace
Barty (narrator): Sheila Grant
Theophilus Shepstone: Neil Stacy
Guy Darnay: David Robb
Joseph: Steve Hodson
Nandi: Anima Misa Amoah
Walmsley/Chemsford: Stephen Thorne
Bishop of Natal: Esmond Rideout
Also with Tom Karol
Repeated 27th April 1987
[Cetshwayo (1826-1884) ruled 1872-1879]

26th April 1987
14.30 :
The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, adapted by Brian Sibley. Episode adapted by Michael Bakewell
8 of 13: The Voice of Saruman
For episode one please see 8/3/87 above.
Music composed and conducted by Stephen Oliver
Directed by Penny Leicester
Narrator Gerard Murphy
Frodo: Starring Ian Holm
Gandalf: Michael Hordern
Aragorn: Robert Stephens
as Gollum and: Peter Woodthorpe
Sam: With William Nighy
Merry: Richard O'Callaghan
Pippin: John McAndrew
Legolas: David Collings
Gimli: Douglas Livingstone
Theoden: Jack May
Treebeard: Stephen Thorne
Saruman: And Peter Howell
Faramir: Andrew Seear
Eomer: Anthony Hyde
Grima Wormtongue: Paul Brooke
Halbarad: Martyn Read
also with Sean Arnold, John Church, John Livesey, Gordon Reid and John Webb

26th April 1987
The Star, the Light, the Flame by Colin Mclaren based upon Foxe's Book of Martyrs.
1 of 3: The Morning Star: Wycliffe.
Radiophonic music by Elizabeth Parker of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Directed by Judith Bumpus and Piers Plowright.
John Foxe: Paul Rogers
Thomas Grigsby: Bernard Hepton
Also voices from the book played by Karen Ascoe, Susie Brann, John Bull, Avril Clark, Richard Durden, David Garth, David Goodland, Paul Gregory and Brian Hewlett
Singers: Susie Brann, John Bull
Ep2:3/5/87 Ep3:10/5/87
Series repeated commencing 20th August 1989
[John Foxe c1516-1587. The Book of Martyrs was also "Actes and Monuments of Matters Happening to the Church"]

27th April 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Slag Madonna by William Ingram (1930-2013)
There's been a vision in the valley - to an alcoholic. Faith is tested.
Directed by Adrian Mourby
BBC Wales.
Dal: Ray Smith
Maldwyn Roberts: Philip Madoc
Cllr Todd: Gerald James
Die Pentre: Freddie Jones
Gwendoline: Stevie Parry
Morris/Sgt: Peter Halliday
Briggs: David Charles
Chairman/PC: Dillwyn Owen
Repeated 2nd May 1987

28th April 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Quietly Going Mad by Chris Hawes
Plans to expand a shop suffer from a new bypass.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
Harry: Chris Hawes
Laura: Diane Whitley
Mr Jackson: Cliff Howells
Repeated 29th April 1987

28th April 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Red Telephone Box
by Ken Whitmore
'You found his head on the doorstep? But you're four miles away and I was talking to him only 30 seconds ago.'
Director: Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester.
Chief Insp Cockfoster: Bob Grant
Det Sgt Frogman: Christian Rodska
Dobell: John Hollis
Mrs Victrola: Patricia England
Dr Lamb: Ronald Herdman
Peter: Finetime Fontayne
Angela: Dorcas Morgan
Belinda Ruby: Sally Edwards
Repeated from 25th February 1986
Also broadcast on R4X in 2020.

29th April 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Venus Smiles by J.G. Ballard dramatised by Michelene Wandor.
An American sculptress is commissioned to create a 'sonic' sculpture for a new building complex in London. When her work is unveiled, the sponsors are in for a loud surprise.
Director: Cherry Cookson
Raymond: Philip Voss
Gerald: Graham Seed
Lorraine: Anna Nygh
Carol: Mia Soteriou
Blackett: Bernard Brown
Mason: Colin Starkey
Repeated from 13th March 1985
[Original 1957 story title was "Mobile", it was rewritten in 1971.]
[Ballard also produced two "radical advertisements" featuring his girlfriend Claire Churchill one of which was entitled "Venus Smiles" which appeared in Ambit #46, 1970/71].
[Mark Burnam produced a short binaural production of this play, adapted by Frank Cottrell Boyce in October 2016 on Radio 3]

30th April 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Inside Stories by Bill Kirton
Maudie allows the local children to believe she has some terrible secret to hide.
Directed by Martin Jenkins
Maudie: Katherine Parr
Sally: Jenny Funnell
Jill: Susie Brann

2nd May 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Six Characters in Search of an Author (1921) by Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936) translated from the Italian by John Unstrum adapted by Barry Campbell
Six mysterious people interrupt the rehearsal of a stage play to announce that they are six characters created by an author who has abandoned them. Will the theatre company listen to their story of anguish?
Directed by Walter Acosta
A BBC World Service production
the Producer: Charles Gray
the Mother: Yvonne Bryceland
the Father: Emrys James
the Step-daughter: Cherie Lunghi
The son: Valentine Pelka
Madame Pace: Katherine Parr
Leading actor: David Sinclair
Leading actress: Carole Boyd
Stage manager: Peter Howell
An actress: Avril Clark
An actor: Peter Wickham
[Original title "Sei personaggi in cerca d'autore"]
[The play being rehearsed by the characters is "The Rules of the Game"- see 23rd May 1987 below]
[There have been a number of versions of this play on television and on radio including a 2020 tv Covid version series "Staged" and even a "Goonshow" radio version.]

3rd May 1987
14.30 :
The Lord of the Rings: by J. R. R. Tolkien, adapted by Brian Sibley. Episode adapted by Michael Bakewell
For episode one please see 8th March 1987 above.
9 of 13: The Two Towers
Music composed and conducted by Stephen Oliver
Singer: Oz Clarke
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Frodo: Starring Ian Holm
Gandalf: Michael Hordern
Aragorn: Robert Stephens
Denethor: Peter Vaughan
Gollum: Peter Woodthorpe
Sam: William Nighy
Merry: Richard O'Callaghan
Pippin: John McAndrew
Gimli: Douglas Livingstone
Legolas: David Collings
Theoden: Jack May
the Narrator: Gerard Murphy
Faramir: Andrew Seear
Eomer: Anthony Hyde
Eowyn: Elin Jenkins
Halbarad: Martyn Read
Also with Sean Arnold, John Church, Alan Dudley, Gordon Reid, Michael Spice and Haydn Wood
Parts 10-13 on each Sunday from 10th May to 31st May 1987.

3rd May 1987
The Robe by Lloyd C.Douglas adapted by David Buck
4 of 6: The Way to Galilee
Please see episode 1 on 12th April 1987 above.
Directed By: Martin Jenkins
Marcellus Gallio: Anton Lesser
Demetrius: Stuart Organ
Diana: Helena Breck
Narrator / Tiberius: Edward de Souza
Justus: John Bennett
Philip: Alk1s Constantouris
Stephanos: David Timson
Ben Yosef: Cyril Luckham
Simon Peter/Captain: Anthony Jackson
Trader/Prisoner: Tim Reynolds
Soldier/Warder: Jonathan Tafler
Miriam: Karen Ascoe
Reuben: Clive Swift
Naomi: Linda Polan
Guard/Sentry: Kim Wall
Paulus: David Buck
Ep5:10/5/87 Ep6:17/5/87
All episodes repeated five days later.

4th May 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Miser by Moliere (1622-1673) translated by Miles Malleson (1888-1969)
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
A BBC World Service/Radio 4 production
Harpagon: Michael Hordern
Frosine: Eleanor Bron
Seigneur Anselm: T P McKenna
Elise: Julia Switt
Valere: Nicholas Farrell
Cleante: Jonathan Tafler
LaFleche: Shaun Prendergast
Jacques: Christopher Godwin
Manane: Elaine Claxton
Justice: Peter Woodthorpe
Monsieur Simon: Ronald Herdman
Repeated from 28th September 1986
Repeated on 6th January 1992
[Original title: L'Avare]
[Many versions of this play, several involving Miles Malleson]

4th May 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: High Flight by Chris Allen
Jonathan has to choose between politics, literature, the arts.... and Jonathan can't wait to be rich and powerful.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Jonathan Leigh: Douglas Hodge
Richard Leigh: Peter Howell
Suzy Everett: Helena Breck
Madeleine: Margaret Courtenay
Marshall/photograph: David Goodland
Annie/Mme Chairman: Paul Eric Stovell
Joanna Robson: Sue Broomfield
Dr Roberts: Leon Herbert
Frank Brandon: J Allen
Vincent/Wallace: Ian Thompson
Michael Ahmed: Edward de Souza
Mark: David Learner
Stephen: Anthony Jackson
DS Curry/Mudie: Adrian Egan
DC Watts: Stephen Hattersley
Mrs Attwood/Delia Godsall: Susie Brann
Repeated 9th May 1987

5th May 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Monty Zulu's Revenge by Raymond Hartshorne
Freddie suggests that ethnic catering is a form of retribution for colonialism. As Freddie finds out, xenophobia has its price.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
Freddie: Geoffrey Hinsliff
Maurice: Roy Kinnear
Repeated 6th May 1987

5th May 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Short Match by A. S. Robertson
A party of young businessmen from Glasgow are to learn The Terrible Truth about the Highlands....
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland.
Adam: Pat Doyle
Robert: Don Gallagher
Margaret: Yvonne Gilan
Betty: Joanna Keddie
Frank: James MacPherson
Tom: Billy McColl
Grace: Gaylie Runciman
Cecil: Douglas Sannachan
Repeated from 25th March 1986

6th May 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Happy Pizza by Sharon Butler
When you're a student away from home for the first time, falling in love with an experienced older woman can be quite an education.
Director: Stuart Owen
Chris: Mark Payton
Sara: Natasha Pyne
Greg: Jonathan Tafler
Debbie: Elaine Claxton
Alice: Deborah Makepeace
Mike: Kim Wall
Lecturer: Paul Gregory
[This is the only credit for Sharon Butler on BBC Genome]

7th May 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: None So Rare by Alan Meadows
Andrew recalls 1959, when cricket pads and Abigail took up his attention.
Directed by Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill.
Narrator Alan Meadows
Tom Lovely: Terry Molloy
Andrew: Neil Coker
Dad/'The Bishop': Graham Padden
Abigail: Moir Leslie
Gordon: Kim Durham
The Ptarque: John Dixon
Bert: David Vann
Mam: Joyce Gibbs
Lou: Hilary Martin
Repeated from 26th September 1985

9th May 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Night they Stole the FA Cup by Edwin Pearce
The FA Cup was stolen from a Birmingham shop window in 1895. In 1957 an old man confessed to his part in the robbery and told of the fate of the missing trophy.
Directed by Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill
Wilf: Neil Coker
Ramsay/Hipkiss: Terry Molloy
Rinder: Tim Brierley
Darnley Shillcock: Edwin Richfield
Joe: Roger Rowland
Doris: Joyce Gibbs
HodgettS: Dave Mitty
Sargeant/ Rowbotham: Geoff Searle
Cummings/Constable: John Dixon
Cath: Charlotte Martin
Nicker: Mustlfa Dinson
Albert: Richard Allenson
Repeated 11th May 1987

10th May 1987
14.30 :
The Lord of the Rings: by J. R. R. Tolkien, adapted by Brian Sibley Episode adapted by Michael Bakewell
10 of 13. The Choices of Master Samwise.
For episode 1 please see 8th March 1987 above.
Music composed and conducted by: Stephen Oliver
Directed by: Jane Morgan
Frodo: Tafleran Holm
Gandalf: Michael Hordern
Aragorn: Robert Stephens
Denethor: Peter Vaughan
Gollum: Peter Woodthorpe
Sam: William Nighy
Pippin: John McAndrew
Gimli: Douglas Livingstone
Legolas: David Collings
Faramir: Andrew Seear
Lord of the Nazgul: Philip Voss
Galadriel: Marian Diamond
Shagrat: Chris Fairbank
Gorbag: David Sinclair
Snaga: Gordon Reid
Ore: Sean Arnold
Shelob: Jenny Lee
The Narrator: Gerard Murphy
Also with: John Church, Alan Dudley, Alexander John, John Livesey, Christopher Scott, Michael Spice and Haydn Wood
Parts 11-13 on each Sunday from 17th May to 31st May 1987.

10th May 1987
19.00 :
The Robe by Lloyd C.Douglas adapted by David Buck
5 of 6: The Way to Capri
For episode 1 please see 12th April 1987 above.
Directed by Martin Jenkins.
Narrator Edward De Souza
Marcellus Gallio: Anton Lesser
Diana: Helena Breck
Tiberius: Edward de Souza
Demetrius: Stuart Organ
the Senator Gallio: Bernard Hepton
the Empress Julia: Annette Crosbie
Atreus: David Goodland
Chamberlain: Alan Dudley
Prince Gaius: Keith Drinkel
Paulus: David Buck
Simon Peter: Anthony Jackson
Tertia: Deborah Makepeace
Marcipor: Manning Wilson
Lucia: Susie Brann
Cornelia: Pauline Letts
Serving girl: Elaine Claxton
First soldier: Jonathan Tafler
Second soldier: Steven Harrold
Each episode repeated 5 days later.

11th May 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: If I Ever Get on My Feet Again by Elaine Feinstein (Elaine Cooklin)(1930-2019)
When Susan puts on a record by her favourite blues singer she gets a surprise: Bessie Smith, large as life materialises in the sitting-room to teach her a few lessons.
Directed by Penny Gold
Bessie: Carmen Munroe
Susan: Frances Barber
Ruth: Susie Brann
Secretary: Deborah Makepeace
Mr Potter: Lan Thompson
Nicholas: Kim Wall
Bill: David Goodland
Psychiatric patient: Diana Olsson
Psychiatrist: Alan Dudley
Jack: Clarke Peters
Clarence Williams: Guy Gregory
Showgirl: Suzanne Packer
Ruby: Alibe Parsons
Mr Van Vechten: Paul Gregory
Grainger: Ewen Cummins
Violet: Ella Wilder
Repeated 16th May 1987
[Elaine Feinstein wrote the 1985 book on Bessie Smith in the Penguin "Lives of Modern Women" series.]

12th May 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Reunion by John Casson
A security van robbery goes wrong for Johnny when the rest of the gang start shooting. Holed up above a pub with suitcases of money, he has a visitor - a friend from 16 years ago.
Directed by Peter King
Johnny: Derek Newark
Nick: Robin Summers
Repeated 13th May 1987 and 7th August 1988

12th May 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: For Personal Reasons by Rod Tinson
"You'll be the first man I know of to give up local government to look after a baby."
Directed by Matthew Walters
Robert: Michael Maloney
Simone: Moir Leslie
Helen Elizabeth: Melinda Walker
Boss: Brian Miller
Dan: Jonathan Tafler
Jenny: Susie Brann
Women on the beach: Barbara Atkinson and Sheila Grant
Repeated from 12th June 1986

13th May 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: According to Plan by Kevin Elyot (1951-2014)
Kathleen finds sightseeing exhausting. A meeting by the Trevi Fountain shows her that life doesn't always go according to plan.
Directed by Pat Trueman
Kathleen: Sheila Reid
Rose: Jean Anderson
Gianni: Tom Wilkinson
Mrs Goodwood: Liza Ross
Mr Goodwood: Brian Hewlett
Caspar Goodwood: Jonathan Tafler
Harold Goodwood: Steven Harrold
Signora Gianni: Diana Olsson
Ice-cream man: Anthony Jackson
Roman drunk/Waiter: Ian Thompson

14th May 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: One of the Beautiful Offspring by Tom Lerwill
Philip is banned from school after injuring a teacher. He shuts himself away from the world in his 'shed' in the garden.
Directed by Pat Trueman.
Philip Roy: James Goode
Sharon Price: Carol Leader
Sally Roy: Elaine Claxton
Chris Roy: Stuart Organ
Barbara: Sue Broomfield
Sandra: Deborah Makepeace
Mr Lewis: Eric Stovell
Headmaster: Peter Howell
Michael: Jonathan Tafler
Boy: Kim Wall

16th May 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Kingston File by Steve Gallagher.
Gary Kingston is just a name on a file until he appears to be involved in a series of murders.
Director: Martin Jenkins
Gary: Shaun Prendergast
Michael: Mick Ford
Wendy: Tessa Worsley
Cabbie/Superintendent: Stephen Thorne
Anna: Helena Breck
Michelle: Sue Broomfield
Tramp: Brian Haines
Trevor/First PC: Andrew Branch
Johnny/Sgt Piper: Steven Harrold
Det Insp Reid: Christian Rodska
Jed/Second PC: Stephen Hattersley
Caroline Tate/First WPC: Susie Brann
Sheila/Second WPC: Julie Berry
Willis: Alan Dudley
Repeated 18th May 1987

17th May 1987
14.30 :
The Lord of the Rings: by J. R. R. Tolkien, adapted by Brian Sibley Episode adapted by Michael Bakewell and Brian Sibley
11 of 13. The Battle of Pelennor Fields
For episode one please see 8th March 1987.
Music composed and conducted by: Stephen Oliver
Singer: Oz Clarke
Directed by: Jane Morgan
Narrator Gerrard Murphy
Frodo: Ian Holm
Gandalf: Michael Hordern
Aragorn: Robert Stephens
Denethor: Peter Vaughan
Theoden: Jack May
Sam: William Nighy
Pippin: John McAndrew
Merry: Richard O'Callaghan
Gimli: Douglas Livingstone
Legolas: David Collings
Faramir: Andrew Seear
Eowyn: Elin Jenkins
Eomer: Anthony Hyde
Ioreth: Pauline Letts
Beregond: Christopher Scott
Lord of the Nazgul: Philip Voss
Also with Sean Arnold, John Bott, John Church, Graham Faulkner, John Livesey, Martyn Read, Gordon Reid, John Webb and Haydn Wood
Parts 12-13 on each Sunday from 24th May to 31st May 1987.

17th May 1987
The Robe by Lloyd C.Douglas, adapted by David Buck
6 of 6: The Way to Rome
For episode one please see 12th April 1987 above.
Directed By: Martin Jenkins
Narrator Edward De Souza
Marcellus Gallio: Anton Lesser
Diana: Helena Breck
Tiberius: Edward de Souza
Demetrius: Stuart Organ
Senator Gallio: Bernard Hepton
the Empress Julia: Annette Crosbie
Caligula: Jonathan Tafler
Chamberlain: Alan Dudley
Overseer/Sentry: Richard Durden
Quintus: Christian Rodska
Antonia: Jennifer Piercey
Marcipor: Manning Wilson
Simon Peter: Anthony Jackson
Woman/Salome: Sheila Grant
Groom: Brian Hewlett
Driver/Slave: David Goodland
Lucia: Susie Brann
Tertia: Deborah Makepeace
Cornelia: Pauline Letts
Sarpedon: David March

18th May 1987
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Solo Across the Atlantic by Don Haworth (1924-2007)
21 May 1927: Charles Lindbergh made the first non-stop flight from New York to Paris
Technical Presentation: Richard Beadsmore
Assisted by: Roger Danes and Michael Etherden
Director: Richard Wortley
Lindbergh: Colin Stinton
Evangeline, Lindbergh's mother: Karen Bowen
Charles, Lindbergh's father: Tommy Duggan
Lindbergh as a boy: Paul Russell
Grandmother Lindbergh: Diana Olsson
Grandfather Land: Alan Dudley
The Rev Olsen: Geoffrey Matthews
Barker: Michael Tudor Barnes
Hank: Ian Thompson
Rider: Jonathan Tafler
Lynch: Anthony Jackson
Landlady: Julie Berry
Commanding Officer: Alan Dudley
Officer Instructor: Blain Fairman
Sergeant: Stephen Hattersley
Cadet Nelson: Kim Wall
Bill Robertson: Keith Edwards
Postmaster Conkling: Anthony Jackson
Kenneth Lane: Peter Whitman
Charles Levine: Paul Maxwell
Donald Hall: Stuart Milligan
Guiseppe Bellanca: Geoffrey Matthews
B.F. Mahoney: Jonathan Tafler
Old Salt/Narrator: Stephen Thorne
Dick Blythe: William Hope
Rooming house pianist: Mary Nash

19th May 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Breakfast at Mother Brown's by John Hall
Oxford, 1948: Nigel suffers the attentions of three undergraduates. In the process they unleash a terrible spirit...
Director: Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
Narrator: Manning Wilson
Pooh: James Goode
Go-Go: Brian Hewlett
Heron: Geoffrey Beevers
Colly: Maryon Ellor
Molly: Sally Baxter
Bruno: Edward de Souza
Grosacre: Ian Thompson
Pmogen: Lin Sagovsky
Middlebanger: Esmond Rideout
Repeated 20th May 1987
[The script is held at Columbia University, New York]

19th May 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Before I Am Old by Antoine O'Flatharta (aka Tony Flaherty).
Connemara 1957.
Directed by Marilyn Imrie (1947-2020)
BBC Scotland.
Neil: Anton Lesser
Mary: Marcella Riordan
Neil's friend: Brenda Somers
Mary's father: Aiden Grennell
Mary's mother: Catherine Gibson
Fr Burke: Kevin Flood
Singer: Tony McAuley
Repeated from 23rd August 1983.
[1983 Radio Times credits differed as regards the year- 1857- and the names of the author and director and the BBC region, giving: Tony Flaherty, Marilyn Ireland, and BBC Northern Ireland. Antoine O'Flatharta was born in Connemara. The 58 page script is held by UCD Dublin.]

20th May 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Wheel of Fortune by Jane Coles
Australia, 1950's, land of sweltering heat and lethal creepy-crawlies. and British immigrants.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Jim: Maurice Roeves
Cora: Bridget Turner
Madeline, an adult: Joanna McCallum
a child as Madeline,: Sophie Cook
Wheel of Fortune man: Brian Hewlett
Receptionist: Julie Berry
Monica: Elaine Claxton
Cabbie: Ian Thompson
Repeated 30th March 1988

21st May 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Care of Mr and Mrs Eldridge by David Marshall
Two teenagers are adrift in London. They are sheltered by a pair of refugees.
Piano: Mary Nash
Directed by Richard Wortley
Kevin: Stephen Garlick
Tina: Catherine Clarke
Mrs Baum: Diana Olsson
Mr Eldridge: Geoffrey Matthews
Mrs Eldridge: Jane Wenham

23rd May 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: The Rules of the Game (II Giuoco delle Parti, 1918) by Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936) translated by Robert Rietty (1923-2015) and Noel Cregeen. Adapted by Brian Miller.
Italy, 1919. To win the game you have to know how to defend yourself.
Directed by Brian Miller.
BBC Bristol
Leone: Robert Rietty
Silia: Sarah Badel
Guido: Francis Matthews
Clara: Wendy Fisher
Marquis Miglioriti: James Goode
First drunk: Anthony Morse
Second drunk: Ken Cumberlidge
Third drunk: Haydn Andrews
Philip: Brian Hewlett
Dr Spiga: Stephen Hattersley
Barelli: Eric Stovell
Also with Carol Howard and Janice Somers
[The Italian title means The Game of ROLES]
[This is the play that is being rehearsed by the characters of "Six Characters in Search of an Author" - see 2nd May 1987 above.].
[There was an earlier production by R D Smith on Radio 3 on 7/7/67 and one by Wilfred Grantham also on R3 on 29/3/53].

23rd May 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: An Enemy of the People ("En folkefiende", 1882) by Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906) translated by Michael Meyer (1921-2000)
When Dr Stockmann discovers that the spa baths, on which the livelihood of his town depends, are contaminated, he is initially praised as a public benefactor.
Directed by Gordon House .
A BBC World Service/ Radio 4 production
Dr Thomas Stockmann: Michael Williams
Peter Stockmann: John Moffat
Hovstad: Ronald Pickup
Mrs Stockmann: Jane Wenham
Petra: Deborah Makepeace
Billing: David Timson
Aslaksen: Ronald Herdman
Morten Kiil: David Garth
Captain Horster: Edward de Souza
Eilif: Susan Sheridan
Morten: Elizabeth Lindsay
Townspeople: Andrew Branch; Avril Clark; Richard Durden; Sheila Grant; Michael Hadley; Garard Green; David Learner; Peter Howell; Shaun Prendergast; George Parsons and Eric Stovell.
Repeated from 5th October 1986
[There was an earlier production by John Tydeman in 1971, repeated 1975.]

24th May 1987
14.30 :
The Lord of the Rings: by J. R. R. Tolkien, adapted by Brian Sibley, Episode adapted by Brian Sibley.
12 of 13. Mount Doom.
For episode one please see 8th March 1987 above.
Music composed and conducted by: Stephen Oliver
Singers David James, Matthew Vine, Oz Clarke, and The Ambrosian Singers
Directed by: Jane Morgan
Narrator Gerard Murphy
Frodo: Ian Holm
Gandalf: Michael Hordern
Aragorn: Robert Stephens
Gollum: Peter Woodthorpe
Sam: William Nighy
Merry: Richard O'Callaghan
Pippin: John McAndrew
Legolas: David Collings
Gimli: Douglas Livingstone
Faramir: Andrew Seear
Eowyn: Elin Jenkins
Eomer: Anthony Hyde
Arwen: Sonia Fraser
Also with Sean Arnold, John Church, Graham Faulkner, Stephen Garlick, David Mcalister, Martyn Read, John Rye, Christopher Scott, Michael Spice and Haydn Wood
Part 13 on 31st May 1987

24th May 1987
19.00 :
Ann Veronica (1909) by H. G. Wells (1866-1946) dramatised by Barry Campbell
1 of 3: 1910: Ann longs to leave Morningside Park and seek an education she has been denied.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
Ann: Angela Pleasance
Teddy: Ian Cross
Aunt Mollie: Susan Dowdall
Mr Stanley: John Gabriel
Ramage: Conrad Phillips
Ogilvy: Patrick Horne
Constance: Theresa Streatfeild
Hetty: Deborah Appleby
Miss Miniver: Bonnie Hurren
Lady Palsworthy: Katherine Parr
Hubert: Gregory De Polnay
Gwen: Elva Makins
Hal: Pavel Douglas
Additional actors in later parts:
Scots student: Michael Drew(2)
Miss Garvice: Hilary Newcombe(2)
Landlady: Jean Waggoner(2)
Capes: Christopher Blake(2)
Also with Derek Graham(2)
Miss Klegg: Patience Tomlinson(3)
Magistrate: Alan Dudley(3)
Wardress: Katherine Parr(3)
Also with: Thea Gregson, John Hartoch, Petra Leah.
Part 2: 31/5/87 Part 3: 7/6/87
All parts repeated five days later.
First broadcast 4/4/82 and repeated further 29/5/87,

25th May 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: All My Sons (1947) by Arthur Miller (1915-2005)
Chris Keller's decision to marry his dead brother's sweetheart opens old family wounds.
Directed by Martin Jenkins.
A BBC World Service/Radio 4 production
Joe Keller: Harry Towb
Kate Keller, his wife: Constance Cummings
Chris Keller, their son: Garrick Hagon
Ann Deever: Beth Porter
Frank Lubey: Brian Hewlett
Dr Jim Bayliss: John Church
Sue Bayliss: Carole Boyd
Lydia Lubey: Maggie McCartry
Bert: Adrian Meyers
George Deever: Tom Hunsinger
Repeated from 14th September 1986.
Repeated on 25th May 1987
[There was an earlier production by R D Smith in 1969.]

25th May 1987:
21.00 :
The Other Side by Monika Jung.
Marianne finds a deflated balloon with an East Berlin address attached. This leads to a meeting with Silvia and a disturbing friendship begins.
Directed by Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill
Silvia: Alison Steadman
Marianne: Jackie Smith-Wood
Michael: Terry Molloy
Mother: Glllian Goodman
Woman: Hedli Niklaus

26th May 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Lifetime by Nigel D. Moffatt
Archie spends his days on a park bench looking back on a long life spent in Jamaica and Britain with his wife Marcy.
Directed by Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill.
Archie: Rudolph Walker
Repeated 26th June 1988
[Giles Cooper Award winner]

26th May 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Hello Out There by Keith Hagenbach
US astronauts contact their Russian counterparts - only to find that their contact is interrupted by other voices....
Directed by Christopher Venning
Presenter: Danny Brainin
Luke: David Baxt
Tom: Kerry Shale
Erica: Beth Porter
General Merryweather: Harry Towb
Vladimir: Jonathan Burn
Lev: Alfredo Michelsen
Aliens: Colin Starkey and Melinda Walker
Repeated from 13th November 1984

27th May 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: And When You Sleep You Remind Me of the Dead by Trevor Walker
Tracy has a recurring nightmare. She dreams about a wounded man and a girl who tries to wake her mother. What happens when the nightmare becomes real?
Directed by Peter Windows
BBC Pebble Mill.
Ross: Graham Padden
Angela: Natasha Pyne
Tracy: Romy Tennant
Dr Craig: Gareth Armstrong
Martin Elliott: Peter Howell
Lucy: Susie Brann
John/Dr Sullivan: Andrew Branch
Alice: Pauline Letts
Young Alice: Emma Grinsell
George: Alan Dudley
Rebroadcast on BBC R4X in 2017

28th May 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Baked Avocado by Noel Robinson
Robert and Myra meet on the plane to Brisbane to claim the property they've been left. Their inheritances are not without complications.
Directed by Tim Suter
Robert: Geoffrey Matthews
Myra: Petra Davies
Steward: Adrian Egan
Flight service director: Richard Durden
Japanese man: Gordon Reid
Captain: Alan Thompson
Australian woman: Tessa Worsley
Stewdardesses: Natasha Pyne and Jane Leonard
Repeated from 28th November 1985

30th May 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: The Pass by Ginnie Hole
The final exams approach tension mounts among the students at an Architectural School. If Paul fails he will be sent back to Chile, from where he has fled to avoid arrest.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Raul: Arturo Venegas
Chris: Kim Wall
Tracey: Elaine Claxton
Michael: Steven Harrold
Geoff: Paul Gregory
Stephen: David Goodland
The Rev James Penfold: Peter Howell
Elizabeth Penfold: Diana Olsson
Sami Hassan: Dhirendra
Carolina/Student: Deborah Makepeace
Luis/Student: Andrew Branch
Student: Jonathan Tafler
Repeated 21st November 1987.

30th May 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Rivers by Brian Thompson
Forty years ago Sammy was top of the bill on the third music-hall circuit. A face from the past appears with a scheme that will rescue them both from penury and obscurity - if it doesn't land them in jail first.
Directed by Robert Cooper
Sammy Langton: James Garbutt
Hilton Tuckwell: Graham Crowden
Bob Smith: Malcolm Hebden
Vicki: Jane Hazlegrove
Postmistress/Landlady: Ann Rye
Barbara Smith: Jane Lowe
Clive Reynolds: Anthony Benson
Squaddie: David Michaels
Nurse: Sally Eldridge
Tommy Buckle: Robert Keegan
Vicar: Randal Herley

31st May 1987
14.30 :
The Lord of the Rings: by J. R. R. Tolkien, adapted by Brian Sibley and Michael Bakewell
13 of 13: The Grey Havens
Music composed and conducted by Stephen Oliver
Singer Matthew Vine
Radiophonic sound by Elizabeth Parker
Technical presentation by David Greenwood and Peter Novis, assisted By Diana Barkham, Richard Beadsmore, Paul Pearson and Tim Sturgeon
Directed by Jane Morgan and Penny Leicester
Producer Jane Morgan
Frodo: Ian Holm
Gandalf: Michael Hordern
Aragorn: Robert Stephens
Bilbo: John Le Mesurier
Sam: William Nighy
Merry: Richard O'Callaghan
Pippin: John McAndrew
Gimli: Douglas Livingstone
Legolas: David Collings
Treebeard: Stephen Thorne
Saruman: Peter Howell
Narrator: Gerard Murphy
Butterbur: James Grout
Nob: Haydn Wood
Elrond: Hugh Dickson
Galadriel: Marian Diamond
Arwen: Sonia Fraser
Grima Wormtongue: Paul Brooke
Sandyman: Gordon Reid
Gaffer Gamgee: John Church
Farmer Cotton: Alan Dudley
Rose: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Also with Patrick Barr, John Bott, David Bradshawe, Stephen Garlick, Alexander John, John Livesey and John Webb

1st June 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: The Railway Station Man (1984) by Jennifer Johnston adapted by Denys Hawthorne
Helen moves to Donegal. A neighbour wants to restore a disused railway station. Their ensuing relationship is unexpected.
Directed by Clive Brill
BBC Northern Ireland
Helen Cuffe: Stella McCusker
Roger Hawthorne: John Rowe
Jack Cuffe: Peter Quigley
Damian Sweeney: Aidan McCann
Manus Dempsey: John Hewitt
Mary Heron: Doreen Hepburn
Fr Quinlan: Tom Jordon
Mrs O'Meara: Catherine Gibson
Repeated 6th June 1987 and 14th October 1990
[The novel was also filmed in 1992]

2nd June 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Hidden Depths by Alexandra Melnick
When Christine's son leaves home she is determined to find a husband, preferably with hidden depths.
Directed by Caroline Raphael
Christine: Maggie McCarthy
Ann: Melinda Walker
Kenneth: Trevor Nichols
Bob: John Church
Steven: Jonathan Tafler
Repeated from 29th July 1986
[This play was the only credit for Melnick on BBC Genome].

2nd June 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Nuremberg Egg by Roger Davenport
A photograph leads reporter Patrick Weaver towards a possible scoop. His investigations threaten the career of an actress.
Directed by Gerry Jones.
Elizabeth Fisher: Googie Withers
Patrick Weaver: Martin Jarvis
Jim: Sean Barrett
Miss Lucky: Pauline Letts
Joseph Schwartz: Cyril Shaps
Henry Fairlie: Garard Green
Stage doorkeeper: Brian Smith
Oswald/Stranger at Fair Steve: Shaun Prendergast
Repeated from 12th December 1985
[A Nuremberg Egg was a tiny clock worn around the neck or attached to a belt- in German "little clock" and "egg" can sound similar.]

3rd June 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Affair of the Deadly Ray (or Pandora Rides Again) by John Owen and James Parkinson
It is known that Donald made a discovery but it is left to a colleague to find out what it was. Someone else is also searching.
Directed by David Johnston
the intrepid James: Stephen Hattersley
the evil Manderville: Manning Wilson
Alice: Caro Gurney
Police Inspector: Alan Dudley
Donald McLennan: Henry Stamper
Coles: Graham Chinn
Smith: Jonathan Tafler
Ellis: Andrew Seear
Barber: Stephen Thorne

3rd June 1987
21.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Ada by Mike Harris
Clocking-on time at the chocolate factory and only one person's late - Ada.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Carol: Sally Baxter
Mabel: Jane Lowe
Harry: John Branwell
Ada: Julie Ann Taylor
Des: Michael Levell
Trevor: Simon Bleackley

4th June 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: John Higgins Galway McGuigan Smith by John P. Rooney
Responding to a request for a penpal, John is not entirely truthful.
Directed by Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland.
John Smith: John Lynch
Dan: Peter Quigley
Ma: Stella McCusker
Deirdre: Tracey Lynch
Betty: Sue Broomfield

6th June 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Death's Head Berlin by Jack Gerson(1928-2012)
Germany 1934. Members of the Party start being murdered.
Director: Peter King
Lohmann: Bob Peck
Heydrich: Paul Gregory
Reiner: Trevor Nichols
Lys: Elizabeth Bell
Anna: Susie Brann
Lucy: Julie Berry
Leni: Anthony Jackson
Muller: Stephen Thorne
Ferdi: Jonathan Tafler
Fritzie: Steven Harrold
Kitty: Jennifer Piercey
Gisevius: Michael Tudor Barnes
Rabbi: Mannlng Wilson
Zoller: John Samson
Hitler: Steve Hodson
Murnau: Alan Dudley
Goebbels: David Goodland
Elsa: Margaret Ward
Paulla: Alex Marshall
Holtz: Tim Reynolds
Konrad: Stephen Hattersley
Sarah: Sheila Grant
Repeated 8th June 1987

7th June 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: A View from the Mountain by Don Haworth (1924-2007)
Each morning, Joseph sets off to roll a boulder from the valley where he lives to the top of a neighbouring mountain.
Music specially composed by Max Early. Performed by Nicholas Kok, Tina Longford and Nigel Shore
Directed by Gordon House
Joseph: Michael Williams
Merope: Judi Dench
Werner: Graham Blockey
Also with Elaine Claxton. Pauline Letts and Stephen Thorne
[First broadcast on BBC World Service]
[There are a lot of unrelated works with this title]

8th June 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Mothers and Shadows by Olwen Wymark(1932-2013) adapted from the novel by Marta Traba (1930-1983)
The disappeared ones. Their story reflects the fear and anger experienced by thousands of mothers.
Directed by Susan Hogg
BBC Manchester
Irene: Yvonne Bryceland
Dolores: And Harriet Walter
Victoria: Christine Kavanagh
Christina: Ann Morrish
Luisa: Julie Berry
Enrique: Alan Parnaby
Eduardo: Robert Whelan
Director: Jon Strickland
Dolores' mother: Joan Campion
Also with Stephen Tompun, Ann Rye and Jonquille Chantrey
Repeated 13th June 1987

9th June 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Sea Trials by Julia Stoneham
Sam, who is renovating an old boat in which he's determined to sail round the world meets a holidaymaker..
Director: Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
Sam: Gregory de Polnay
William: David Bartlett
Alice: June Tobin
Phil: Douglas Leach
Fred: Danny Schiller
Diana: Lin Sagovsky

9th June 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Nobby's Day by Anna Fox
To a small boy small disasters assume huge proportions. By the end of the day Nobby has to face something worse than losing his crab sandwiches.
Directed by Jane Morgan
Nobby: Richard Perry
Brian: Struan Rodger
Mary: Barbara Marten
Grandad: George Malpas
Grandma: Frances Cox
Mr Horne: Steve Hodson
Mr Pollit: John Graham Davies
Trotty: Pauline Jefferson
Mrs Peck: Rita May
Mr Godber: Russ Elias
Jason: Neil Scanlan
Jonathan: Kerry Dougherty
Rachel: Zoe Gill
Rachel's friends: Natalie Orrell and Sarah Johnson
With the Children of Bank End School, Worsbrough Dale, South Yorkshire
[Winner of a Giles Cooper Award]

10th June 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: By a Roman Road by John Kirkmorris
Clive has to deal with a world in which he feels trapped between boardroom feuds and domestic squabbles.
Directed By: Jeremy Mortimer
Clive: Michael Kitchen
Nan: Joanne Pearce
Alan: Peter Howell
Repeated from 26th February 1986.

11th June 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Into Injury Time by David Reid
The Head of the PE Department at Rokesly Grammar School wonders if he can enhance the quality of his football team with star players.
Directed by Graham Gauld
Keith Turner: Gareth Armstrong
Janet Turner: Jane Knowles
Mr Pike: Carard Green
Mr Daniels: Gordon Reid
Mr Gibbard: Manning Wilson
Elaine Burkett: Natasha Pyne
Les Jefferies: Geoffrey Matthews
Mr Meadows: Frank Singuineau
Byron Meadows: Okon Jones
Akashoda: David Learner
Billings: Francis Middleditch
Brierly: Andrew Branch
Cottell: Stephen Rashbrook
Craddock: Jamie Roberts
Repeated from 17th April 1986.

13th June 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Tom and Jerry by Joan Sadler
Some years ago two men committed a robbery. The spoils were unequally divided - as Jerry now discovers.
Directed by Ian Cotterell.
Tom Freestone: Anthony Jackson
Jerry Brogan: Sean Barrett
Pam Freestone: Margaret Ward
Sandra: Susie Brann
Spanish waiter: Michael Tudor Barnes
Guy Hamilton: Aubrey Woods
Freddie: Manning Wilson
Dave Freestone: Kim Wall
Mick Flannery: Steven Harrold
Mary McCrea: Kate Binchy
Lifeboat lady: Jennifer Piercey
Teresa: June Berry
Gloria: Sheila Grant
Det Insp Burgess: Michael McStay
DetSgt Crouch: Ian Thompson
WPC Deane: Deborah Makepeace

14th June 1987
14.35 :
The Afternoon Play: The Gingerbread House by Ken Whitmore
Richard's new wife believes that his young children should face the real world of missiles and starvation and terrorists and is determined to drive them out of Winnie-the-Pooh's 'Four Acre Wood'.
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester.
Richard: Nigel Anthony
Cynthia: Bonnie Hurren
Harry: Judy Bennett
Kate: Bernadette Windsor
Repeated from 18th December 1986.
[Giles Cooper Award winner]

14th June 1987
19.00 :
East Lynne (1861) by Mrs Henry Wood (Ellen Wood nee Price, 1814-1887) dramatised by Michael Bakewell.
1 of 7: The Broken Cross
Lord Mount Severn's country seat, East Lynne is a hollow facade. The noble lord is penniless and therein lie the seeds of the tragedy that is to be the lot of his only child, the Lady Isabel.
Piano: Martin Goldstein
Director: David Johnston
Mrs Henry Wood: Rosemary Leach
The Lady Isabel: Moir Leslie
Mr Carlyle: David Collings
Francis Levison: Anthony Edridge
Miss Cornelia: Maxine Audley
Barbara Hare: Julie Berry
Lord Mount Severn: Alan Dudley
Richard Hare: Kim Wall
Justice Hare/ Peter: Brian Hewlett
Mrs Hare: Joan Matheson
Emma Vane: Margaret Ward
Mrs Levison: Sheila Grant
Charles: Stephen Hattersley
Andrew: Andrew Branch
Dill: Tim Reynolds
Wainwright/Warburton: Paul Gregory
Additional cast in later episodes:
Lord Mount Severn: Stephen Thorne(2)
Joyce: Jo Kendall(2)
Marvel: Susie Brann(2)
Vane's butler: Michael Tudor Barnes(2)
William Vane: Alexander Goodman(2)
Wilson: Betty Huntley Wright(3)
The Rev Little: David Garth(3)
Little Isabel: Bernadette Windsor(3)
Little William: Ben Robb(3)
For cast in episodes after part 3 please see 5/7/87 below.
Part2:21/6/87 Part3:28/6/87 Part4:5/7/87 Part5:12/7/87 Part6:19/7/87 Part7:26/7/87
All episodes were repeated five days later.
[Not in the book but later stage adaptions started the line "Dead! Dead! And never called me mother!"].

15th June 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Dreams, Secrets, Beautiful Lies by Robert Ferguson
A family go to the country to buy a cottage, but things don't always work as planned
Directed by Richard Imison.
Pamela: Diana Quick
Edward: Charles Kay
Emily: Emma Glasner
Mrs Finzi: Ellen McIntosh
Sexton: Alan Thompson
(Winner of a Giles Cooper Award)
First broadcast on Radio 3 on 2/4/86, repeated 19/9/86.
[There was also a tv version in 1988]

16th June 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Barker, Belgrave and Bigweed by Bill Dare
Barker and Bigweed were at school with Belgrave. Over the years, whenever they bump into each other the subject of every conversation is their successful friend. It never occurs to them that the stories they have to relate about the never-seen Belgrave differ.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
Bigweed: Nicky Henson
Barker: Jeremy Clyde
Voice: Paul Gregory
Repeated 17th June 1987, also on 1st January 1989.

16th June 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Coward of the Heart by Sam McBratney (1943-2020)
The English Civil War: the story of Dorothy Osborne, daughter of a Royalist family, and her love for William Temple
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
Dorothy Osborne: Jane Leonard
William Temple: Christopher Scott
Robin Osborne: James MacPherson
Sir Peter Osborne: Peter Woodthorpe
Henry Osborne: David Learner
Jane: Nicola Vickery
Harold/Doctor: Brian Smith
Repeated from 7th November 1985
[Dorothy lived 1627-1695 and was buried in Westminster Abbey]

17th June 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Derek's Destiny by Chris Thompson
Derek is hired to ensure the safety of a cricket professional and has to keep up with him.
Director: Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
Derek: Colin Edwynn
Elsie: Janet Dale
Jimmy: Jason Littler
Samantha: Judy Brooke
Charlie: John Jardine
Mr Metcalfe: Brian Smith
Ryan: Peter Dahlsen
Jenny: Jane Hazelgrove
Billy: Colin Meredith

18th June 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: We Who Serve by Helen Kluger
Four women and American tennis.
Daisy Otter: Christine Kavanagh
Gina Shepherd: Tessa Peake-Jones
Claire Mason: Gllllan Bevan
Sally Knowles: Helen Kluger
Rosemary Knowles: Jennifer Piercey
Alma Turnbright: Diana Olsson
Mike Tulley: Paul Gregory
Louis Pompano: Alan Dudley
Umpire: Dayid Goodland
Also with with Virginia Wade and Bill Threlfall (1926-2007) (Wade was a championship tennis player and Threlfall a BBC tennis commentator)
Repeated 5th July 1990

20th June 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: Myths and Legacies by Valerie Windsor.
To write a book about her cousin, an author makes enquiries of their only other surviving relative.
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester.
Sister Julian: Rosalie Crutchley
William: Daniel Massey
Edward: Patrick Stewart
Edward- a boy: Philip Glancy
William- a boy: Tamlyn Robins
Julia- a girl: Claire Webzell
Father: Peter Laird
Trevor: John Basham
Dora: Jane Leonard
Officer/lawyer/waiter: Christopher Kent
McCleod/MO/Second lawyer: Nigel Caliburn
Repeated from 21st and 26th April 1986.
[A 1986 Giles Cooper award winner]

20th JUne 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: To See Ourselves by Ivor Wilson
Andrew is a respected lecturer- then things go wrong.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Andrew: Nigel Anthony
Amanda: Susan Tracy
David: James Laurenson
Potter: John Bird
Sandra: Marva Alexander
Steve: Pearce Quigley
Joy: Julie Ann Taylor
Wheeler: Simon Carter
Repeated 22nd June 1987

21st June 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: The Last of a Dyin' Race by Christina Reid (1942-2015)
When Lizzie dies her daughter in law wants a cremation without ceremony. What of the tradition of a farewell with a really good wake?
Directed by Susan Hogg
BBC Northern Ireland.
Sarah: Leila Webster
Agnes: Sheila McGibbon
Johnnie: Peter Adair
Madge: Maureen Dow
Dave: Peter Quigley
Florence: Heidi Reid
Female mourner: Catherine Gibson
Male mourner: Michael Duffy
Sergeant: J Hogg
Undertaker: David Coyle
Joe: Derek Halligan
Sharon: Frances Quinn
Young female mourner: Olivia Nash
Repeated from 14th January 1986
[A Giles Cooper award winner]
[The play was commissioned by Ulster TV, who granted permission for this BBC radio adaption. The play appeared first on BBC Radio (on TV on 9 Aug 87). Radio Times gave no credit to Ulster TV. The TV production also had the actor Sheila McGibbon playing Agnes.]

22nd June 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Shades of Blue by Leigh Jackson (1950-2003)
The complex personal life of a would be politician faced with a pending General Election.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
Adrian: Bob Peck
Pauline: Rosemary Martin
Virginia: Juliet Stevenson
Tony: Clive Merrison
Emma: Clare Travers-Deacon
Hopkins: Richard Wilson
Alice: Elizabeth Rider
Hugh: Crawford Logan
Claire: Susie Brann
Mrs Hopkins: Margaret Ward
Brother: Paul Gregory
Foreman/Catering manager: Brian Hewlett
Also with Kim Wall, Peter Howell, Ian Thompson, Steven Harrold and John Samson
Repeated 27th June 1987 and 11th August 1990
[Leigh Jackson studied politics at University. In his final years he wrote "The Project" for BBC tv about New Labour].

23rd June 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Water and the Source by Anna Wheatley
Two recently bereaved brothers, divided by time and temperament, reunite for a day's fishing.
Directed by Penny Gold
the Younger brother: Anton Lesser
the Older brother: Christopher Fairbank
Repeated 24th June 1987

23rd June 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Men! by Howard Wakeling
His wife leaves home with the cat and the instructions for the washing machine...
Director: Caroline Raphael
Oliver: David Haig
Dan: Tom Georgeson
Adrian: Trevor Nichols
Warren: Scott Cherry
Rex: Garard Green
Hector: Gordon Reid
Martin: Jamie Roberts
Repeated from 27th March 1986

24th June 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: A Little Touch of Death by Gillian Tindal
Directed by Susan Hogg
BBC Northern Ireland.
Angie: Anne Jameson
George: John Rowe
Nurse: Melinda Walter
Repeated from 30th January 1985

25th June 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Why Didn't They Warn Williams? by Angela Sewell
World War 1. A trooper spends a long time in a house frequently searched by the enemy.
Directed by Graham Gauld
Private Williams: Alaric Cotter
Madame: Pauline Letts
Angele: Deborah Makepeace
Madame Laurent: Margot van Der Burgh
Louis: Lewis Stringer
Johnny: John Samson
Annie: Susie Brann
Mother: Julie Berry
Father: Fraser Kerr
Bruno: Steve Hodson
Officer: David Goodland
NCO: Tim Reynolds
Lt Drake: Kim Wall
Psychiatrist: Manning Wilson
[The names have been changed in the play. A relevant wardrobe (183cm x 152cm x 61cm) was later on display in Winchester (Imperial War Museum object 30083887). The wardrobe's owner was given an annuity in 1927 by Britain and she was presented to the King at Windsor]

27th June 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The House at Spook Corner by Bob Couttie
A disturbed family and an ambitious producer are irretrievably damaged as a sceptical scientist investigates a poltergeist.
Directed by: Alec Reid
BBC Bristol.
David Morris: Frank Windsor
Ellis Weston: Michael Drew
Justin Fawkes: John Abineri
Donna Griggs: Lisa Geoghan
Gary Griggs: Nicholas Csergo
Mrs Griggs: Jo Anderson
Professor Vecchi: Geoff Serle
Christine Vecchi: Kim Hicks
Dr Rowney: Shireen Shah
Wendy: Barbara MacNamara
Joan: Deirdre Edwards
Studio manager: Lin Sagovsky
Man: Paul Gregory
Repeated 29th JUne 1987
Also broadcast on R4X in 2018
[This play drew on famous poltergeist reports at Enfield (1977-79) and Rosenheim (1960's). Couttie has listened to the Grosse Enfield tapes but was not convinced.]

28th June 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: Better to Break Your Neck by Colin Douglas
Agnes waits for her operation in pain and distress.
Director: Marilyn Imrie
BBC Scotland.
Agnes MacInnes: Edith MacArthur
the BBC Announcer: Bill Jack
Willie: John Shedden
Consultant: Paul Young
Registrar: Jimmy Chisholm
Dr Patel: Bhasker
Student nurse: Sharon Maharaj
Gasman: Iain Agnew
Ward sister/Nurse: Juliet Cadzow
Ward sister: Terry Cavers
Staff nurse/Young Agnes: Eliza Langland
Social worker/Nurse: Alison Peebles
Auxiliary/Patient: Ann Scott Jones
Medical registrar: Alexander Morton
Old Mrs Aithie: Gwyneth Guthrie
Operating theatre nurse: Grace Glover
Repeated from 4th December 1986

29th June 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Fey by Frank Ash
David Lynn, a widower, re-visits the scene of his honeymoon in Scotland. Fantasy and reality become increasingly blurred, particularly when he meets a stranger, on a train.
Directed by Pat Trueman.
David Lynn: Lewis Fiander
Shelagh Fraser: Jennifer Piercey
Fliss: Susie Brann
Porter: John Samson
Mother: Diana Olsson
Ken: Steve Hodson
Sail: Sally Edwards
Peter: Martyn Read
Policeman/MC: Paul Gregory
Schoolboy: Steven Harrold
Elderly teacher: Margaret Ward
Teacher: Andrew Branch
Repeated 4th July 1987
[Fey is an ancient word, originally the positive mood just before death, or "fated to die soon"]

30th June 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Apple by Inez Bensusan (1871-1967)
In 1908 the Actresses Franchise League, supported "Votes for Women". This play was written for the League to perform at public meetings.
Helen needs her share of the family inheritance. Her brother must come first.
Directed by Pat Trueman.
Helen: Julia Hills
Ann: Karen Ascoe
Cyril: Km Wall
Nigel: Paul Gregory
Repeated 1st July 1987

30th June 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Pact by Henry Comor (1930-2002)
He is 88, she is 80 and life is not easy.
Directed by Graham Gauld
Tom: John Church
Jessie: Gwen Cherrell
Waiter: Terry Raven
Repeated from 4th February 1986

1st July 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: A New Way of Living by Martyn Wade
When friends come to stay over, their behaviour causes Amelia and Des to review their own relationship.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
Des: Ray Brooks
Amelia: Alison Steadman
Robert: Colin Starkey
Jane: Jennifer Piercey
Repeated 16th November 1988.

2nd July 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Joe by Derrick Geer
Joe is sent to stay with Uncle David in a Welsh coastal village. For both of them it becomes an unforgettable experience.
Director: Stuart Owen
David: John Alderton
Joe: Alistair White
Narrator/Alan: Colin Stinton
Wendy: Julie Berry
Jack: David Goodland
Edna: Jennifer Piercey
Bethan: Deborah Makepeace
Jim/Frank: Dorien Thomas
Charlie: Aubrey Williams
Repeated 15th May 1988

4th July 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Swing, Swing Together by Peter Lovesey adapted by Geoffrey M. Matthews.
A Thames swimmer sees three men in a boat the day before a drowned man is found.
Director: Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Pebble Mill.
Sergeant Cribb: Barry Foster
Constable Thackeray: John Cater
Harriet Shaw: Moir Leslie
Con Hardy: Brian Hewlett
Insp Jowett: Roger Hume
Fernandez/Lucifer: Tim Brierley
Humberstone/Warden: Stephen Hancock
Bustard/Goldstein: Gordon Reid
Hackett/Lockman: Terry Molloy
Gold/Matthew: Tim Reynolds
Melanie: Avril Clark
Miss Plummer: Margaret Ward
Molly: Jayne Dowell
Jane: Deborah Makepeace
Repeated 6th July 1987.
[Geoffrey Matthews adapted several of the Cribb stories for radio. In 1987 see also 3/10/87 below.].
[The adventures of Cribb continued in a tv series from Granada tv]

5th July 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: Crossing the Frontier by Peter Tinniswood (1936-2003)
Jean goes on a cruise without her husband. She feels as if she is entering a strange land with different customs, different values. As if she is becoming a different person.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
Jean: Shirley Dixon
Roy: David Buck
Richard: Stephen Thorne
Mrs Emptage: Gwen Cherrell
Captain: William Eedle
Cruise director: Christian Rodska
Keep-fit lady: Melinda Walker
Keith Quarmby: Bill Wallis
Repeated from 18th July 1985
Also broadcast on R4X in 2015 and 2020

5th July 1987
East Lynne
4 of 7: Never to be Redeemed
Please see episode one on 14th June 1987 above.
Piano: Martin Goldstein
Director: David Johnston
Additional cast not in the first three episodes:
Young Lord Vane/Pierre: Sean Arnold (4)
and in subsequent episodes:
Afy: Angela Crow (5)
Mrs Latimer: Pauline Letts (5)
Pinner/Dobede: Colin Starkey(6)
Ball: Peter Acre(6)
Bethel: Stephen Harrold(6)
Dr Martin: Tim Munroe(6)
Mr Jiffin: Sebastian Stride(7)
Rubiny: Nicholas Goldwyn(7)
Clerk: David Goodland(7)
Judge: Michael Bilton(7)
Part4:5/7/87 Part5:12/7/87 Part6:19/7/87 Part7:26/7/87
All episodes were repeated five days later.

6th July 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Following Father's Drift by Sam Jacobs (Sam Boardman-Jacobs)
Piano: Keith Nichols
Director Piers Plowright
Max: Alfred Marks
Liza: Maggie Steed
Rose: Lila Kaye
Margie: Paddie O'Neil
Esther: Miriam Karlin
Sonny: Jimmy Jewel
Jack: Michael Tudor Barnes
Also with Julie Berry, Andrew Branch, Steve Hodson and Anthony Jackson
Repeated 11th July 1987.

7th July 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Miss Scott, Mr Pughs and the Dandelion Clock by Marjorie Wilson
An Edinburgh lawyer's office between the wars.
Directed by Marilyn Imrie
BBC Scotland.
Miss Scott: Isobel Gardner
John Pughs: John Shedden
Narrator: Robert Trotter
Mr Collins: Ian Stewart
Miss Gee: Gerda Stevenson
Miss Richard: Sheila Donald
Sprott: Sandy Neilson
Crag: Lain Agnew
Grossat: Iain J Wotherspoon
Repeated from 1st and 4th October 1983

7th July 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Present Continuous by Sonja Lyndon
It's flattering to the ego to be able to change someone else's life and to help them to rebel against an old-established system.
Directed by Jane Morgan
Setsuko: Megumi Shimanuki
Jane: Avril Clark
Mie: Sayo Inaba
Repeated from 1st October 1985

8th July 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Trumpet (1936) by Walter De La Mare (1873-1956) adapted by Alan England
Nearly midnight on October 31st - All Souls. Two small boys enter a church. One dares the other to blow the angels trumpet.
Directed by Gregor Graham
BBC Scotland.
Philip: Timothy Hyam
Dick: Danny Kodicek
Garard Green: Philip Man
Rector: Peter Howell
Rector's wife: Gwen Cherrell
Dick's father: George Parsons
Dick's mother: Elaine Claxton
Mrs Sullivan: Pauline Letts
Repeated from 23rd April 1986

8th July 1987
21.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Stag Night by William Ingram (1930-2013)
Director: Adrian Mourby
BBC Wales
Gerald: Sion Probert
Lucinda: Myfanwy Talog
Ieuan: Gareth Armstrong
Hugey: Geoffrey Morgan
Merv: Gwynn Beech
Rhys: Michael Gardiner
Little Billy: Phllllp Howe
The Exotic Karima Pasha: Sian Owen
Repeated from 10th July 1984

9th July 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Foreigners by Trevor Royle
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland
Archie Ravelstone: Andrew Dallmeyer (1945-2017)
Jock Blinkbonny: Sandy Neilson
Hector Thomson: Martin Black
Catriona Thomson: Eliza Langland
Torquil Macleod: John Merryfeld
Sheriff Abercromby: Ralph Plach
Police inspector/Court official: Ian Briggs

11th July 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Humanity Farm by John Kirkmorris
A small community in Somerset faces difficulties.
Director: Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
Stan Pedler: Stephen Thorne
Ginny: Elizabeth Bell
Jill: Deborah Makepeace
Mick: Christian Rodska
Reen: Angela Phillips
Ralf: Herbert Norville
Esther: Elizabeth Lindsay
Browne: Edward de Souza
Stella: Jenny Funnell
Repeated 13th July 1987

12th July 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: Never Been Kissed in the Same Place Twice by Allan Prior
A music hall love story.
1 of 6: I Was a Good Little Girl
One night the daughter of a theatre owner comes to see the act of a comic from the back streets of Stepney. ....
Music arranged by David Timson
Directed by Martin Jenkins
(Directed by Gerry Jones: Eps 3, 5, 6 )
Harry Viner: David Suchet
Clara Abbott: Karen Archer
Mr Abbott: John Woodvine
Adam: David McAlister
Marta: Rosalind Adams
John Hyatt: Davld Timson
Jane: Kathleen Helme
Mae: Jean Trend
George/Briggs: Alan Dudley
Dan Leno: Danny Schiller
Fishwife: Anne Jameson
Mr MacGiweney: Ronald Herdman
Head waiter/Barman: Steve Hodson
Additional cast in later episodes:
Mrs Harrington: Margot Boyd(2)
Sid Jones: Richard Davies(2)
Mr Morris: John Bennett(2)
Mr Weaver: Geoffrey Matthews(2)
Pawnbroker/Stage doorkeeperStage manager: Michael Kilgarriff(2)
Tenor: John Bull(2)
Bold girl: Theresa Streatfeild(2)
Max Rober: David Healy(3)
Mr Richter: John Rowe(3)
Marie Lloyd: Frances Jeater(3)
Dr Mackenzie/Stage manager: Crawford Logan(3)
Clancey: David Gooderson(3)
Colin: Stuart Organ(3)
For actors in episodes 4-6 please see 2nd August 1987 below.
Ep2:19/7/87 Ep3:26/7/87 Ep4:2/8/87 Ep5:9/8/87 Ep6:16/8/87
The series was first broadcast commencing 2nd May 1982 repeated 4th May 1982..

13th July 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: The Somebody by Bloke Modisane (1923-1986)
The people's leader is released from prison. Have they lost faith in his policy of non-violence?
Director: Jeremy Mortimer
Kei Amatola: Joseph Marcell
Kalamazoo: Kwabena Manso
Punt Marais: Bruce Purchase
Providence: Peggy Phango
Savannah K: Joy Elias-Rilwan
Cambridge: Isabelle Lucas
Prince Tsie: Victor Lindsay
The Rev Lefifi: Kwesi Kay
Duke Macharudede: Christopher Asante
Stu McCabe: Colin Stinton
Dr Fourche: Alan Dudley
Mayor Zonke: Alex Tetteh-Lartey
Pellegrine: Brian Hewlett
Brad Scott: Gordon Reid
Ned Bellamy: Eric Stovell
Also with: Steven Harrold, Stephen Hattersley, Susie Brann
Repeated 18th July 1987

14th July 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: On a Plate by Steve May
A member of a youth training scheme wants to be home for tea - but meets someone who can use him in crime.
Directed by Richard Wortley.
Cook: Anthony Jackson
Trevor: Chris Chescoe
Lecturer: Ian Thompson
Archbishop: Paul Gregory
First MP: Michael Tudor Barnes
Second MP: Stephen Thorne
Repeated 15th July 1987 and 14th August 1988.

14th July 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Sylvia Syms by Veronica Richards based on a story by Albert Camus (1913-1960)
Edmund invited his wife to go with him on a business trip to Algeria. She was not keen on the idea but found her reward.
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Edmund: Alan Thompson
Jackal: Michael McStay
Edmund's mother: Anne Jameson
Hotel manager: Robin Summers
also with Bernard Brown, Gwen Cherrell, Christopher Scott, David Sinclair, Stephen Tiller and Melinda Walker
Repeated from 24th October 1985
[Camus was born in Algeria]
[Based loosely on a short story in the collection "Exile and the Kingdom"]

15th July 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Anniversary Waltz by Michael Judge
An Irish Referendum votes against divorce with consequences for a couple.
Director: Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland
Marcus O'Sullivan: T.P. McKenna
Maeve O'Sullivan: Stella McCusker
Danny: Dermot Crowley
Imelda: Ena May
TV announcer: Roisin Donaghy
Fr. Benedictus/Radio announcer: Kevin Flood
Brother Deasy: Eamon Kelly
Repeated 6th April 1988
[The 1986 referendum to allow divorce was lost, but on a rerun in 1995 it narrowly passed and Ireland was no longer the only European country to ban divorce].

16th July 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Team Run by Melville Jones
Steve has left teaching to write, but without success. He turns to selling to make money, and so joins his first 'team run'...
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol.
Steve: Alan Moore
Jenny: Sarah Martin
Hayes-Dunstan: Stephen Thorne
SidHalliwell: Anthony Jackson
Barney: Stephen Hattersley
Jim: Brian Hewlett
Mr Wickett/Dr Claverton: Jeremy Longhurst
Mrs Groves/Old lady: Margaret Ward
Mrs Claverton: Peggy Ann Wood
Also with Su Porter and Stephen Hattersley

18th July 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Somebody by Bloke Modisane (originally William Modisane)
Released from 30 years imprisonment the hero comes home. Is an attack on a statue an attack on the hero? If so, have the people rejected his policy of non-violence? Another man will stop at nothing to become a Somebody.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
Kei Amatola: Joseph Marcell
Kalamazoo: Kwabena Manso
Punt Marais: Bruce Purchase

18th July 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: A Touch of Daniel by Peter Tinniswood
Young Carter Brandon struggles for love in a world preoccupied. The only person who really understands Carter is his cousin, Daniel.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
Carter Brandon: Christian Rodska
Pat: Stephanie Turner
Mrs Brandon: Liz Smith
Mr Brandon: Graham Roberts
Uncle Mort: George A Cooper
Auntie Lil: Eileen Derbyshire
Mrs Partington: Daphne Oxenford
Uncle Stavely: Geoffrey Banks
Jessie Lewis: Fiona Walker
Linda Preston: Sharon Duce
Daniel: Judy Bennett
Sid Skelhorn: Peter Wheeler

20th July 1987
The Princetown Massacre by Ivan Benbrook
In 1815 conflict with America was declining leaving American prisoners of war - mostly sailors and merchant seamen - at Dartmoor. There was conflict with the local administration.
Narrator Nick Chilvers
Producer Brian Miller.
BBC Bristol
Andrews/Rowley: Dan Gregory
Clement/American: Arril Johnson
Reeves/Shortland/Larpent: Tim Meats
Repeated 17th October 1987
[A peace treaty was signed at the end of 1814 but the over 5000 American prisoners were waiting for ships to arrive from America while America thought the British should ship them back... and then this event took place.]

20th July 1987
The Afternoon Play: The Admirable Crichton (1902) by James Barrie (1860-1937), Adapted by Caroline Raphael.
Master and servant are shipwrecked on a desert island.
Directed by Caroline Raphael.
James Barrie: Alec McCowen
Crichton: Kenneth Cranham
Lord Loam: Richard Pearson
Lady Mary: Sylvestra Le Touzel
Lady Catherine: Jane Leonard
Lady Agatha: Susie Brann
Ernest: Nick Dunning
Treherne: Dominic Jephcott
Brocklehurst: Eric Stovell
Countess of Brocklehurst: Pauline Letts
Tweeny: Elaine Claxton
Repeated from 29th December 1986.
[There were earlier productions: by David Turner in 1969; by Betty Davies in 1973]
[There was a later production by Fiona Keicher in 2009]

20th July 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Wedding Song by James Robson.
Directed by Penny Gold
Polly: Jane Knowles
Keith: Jon Strickland
Vivienne: Morag Hood
Tim: Paul Copley
Stella: Julia Ford
Mick: Spencer Banks
Repeated 25th July 1987

21st July 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Suddenly Unlike Bach by Lee Gallagher
After the unexpected death of Bach, his two closest friends seem lost without him.
Directed by Clive Brill
BBC Northern Ireland.
Lavelle: Stephen Brennan
Heather: Mary Ryan
Bach: Derek Halugan
First woman: Doreen Hepburn
Second woman: Trudy Kelly
Mortician: John Hewitt
Repeated 22nd July 1987

21st July 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Package Bwanas by Guy Slater
Erica and Tom come face to face with the confusing realities of Third World societies.
Directed by Penny Gold
Erica: Brenda Blethyn
Tom: Richard Durden
Banyo: Leo Wringer
Peter Barami: Louis Mahoney
Salim: Kwesi Kay
Adam: Benjamin Giles
Repeated from 19th November 1985.

22nd July 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Gwyn by Elizabeth Wainwright
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Manchester.
Gwyn: June Barry
Alan: Nigel Pivaro
Sandra/Check-out girl: Julia Ford
Karen/Woman in supermarket: Pamela Buckle
Kath: Judith Barker
Doyle: Malcolm Raeburn
Bob: Malcolm Hebden
Bernie: Daniel Coll
Ron: Robert Keegan
Mr Roberts: Randal Herley
Repeated from 15th January 1986

23rd July 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: A Confidential Agent - All That Glisters by Nick McCarty
Secretary turned private eye, Liz Parker once more walks Brum's mean streets - this time asking why a photographic model has mysteriously dropped out of the picture.
Directed by Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill.
Liz Parker: Rosemary Martin
Mr Antrobus: Terry Molloy
Gloria: Claire Faulconbridge
Paul Beaver: Roger Hume
Trevor/Bouncer: Andy Hockley
Tracey: Vikki Chambers
Woman in white/Landlady: ??? Pearson
Shop proprietor: Tex Flint
Roy: Kim Durham
Repeated on BBC7 on 4th July 2008.
[Other plays featuring Liz Parker: 5th June 1986; 3rd January 1990; 4th January 1990; 4 plays in 1991 and 5 in 2005 repeated 2007. In 2005 the series title was "A Confidential Agent (Retired).]
[Not related to the Graham Greene 1928 novel "The Confidential Agent"]

25th July 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Baltimore by David Gannaway
1890: A seaman arriving in Melbourne discovers an old shipmate died on another ship and seeks revenge.
Directed by Brian Miller.
BBC Bristol
Paddy O'Gough: Denys Hawthorne
Bragg: John Abineri
Moira Kelly: Barbara McNamara
Timmy Kelly: Elizabeth Kindsay
Bates: Anthony Jackson
McKay: Steve Hodson
Willis: Paul Gregory
Parker: John Samson
Tiger: Tom Henderson
Repeated 27th July 1987
[This is the only credit for David Gannaway on BBC Genome]

27th July 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: A Patriot for Mrs Blythe by Alan Berrie
A woman experiences nightmares after her father has died and her husband left her. Will Tom be her saviour?
Directed by Susan Hogg
Orla: Frances Tomelty
Norman Blythe: Nigel Anthony
Betty Stone: Kate Binchy
Brian Stone: Tony Doyle
Jane Richardson: Dearbhla Molloy
Brendan Donelly: Sean Barrett
Dr Kenny/ Frankie Nugent: Des McAleer
Tom Nugent: Lorcan Cranitch
Repeated 1st August 1987
[Dearhbla and Lorcan are spelled correctly]

28th July 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Vicar Trick by Colin Haydn Evans
The vicar prays for faith. At the village fete he finds an answer.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
the Vicar: Hugh Dickson
Terry: Graham Blockey
Joan: Sarah Benfield
Repeated 29th July 1987

28th July 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Ski-Lark by Elizabeth Morgan
Two women must discover if they are being wooed by men who want their bodies, their clothes or their nationality.
Directed by Gerry Jones.
Jane: Ellzabeth Morgan
Anne: Marise Hepworth
Susie: Alison Elliott
Alexei: Crawford Logan
Emile: Davld Learner
Mike: John Church
Stefan: George Parsons
Jean: Melinda Walker
Policeman: Brian Smith
John: Adrian Egan
Repeated from 2nd January 1986

29th July 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Getting Stratford by Dave Sheasby (1940-2010)
Historical buildings need a good art print on display. There is one without a print.
Producer Robert Cooper
BBC Manchester.
Bernard: Clive Swift
Repeated 6th July 1988

30th July 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Resurrection Day by Anita Bronson
A father and daughter hear a request for relatives of a seriously ill woman to make contact. She left them 20 years ago.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
Frank: Maurice Denham
Pamela: Kay Adshead
May: Jennifer Piercey
Jeff ????
Christine Curry: Christian Rodska
Mrs Dawlish: Shella Grant
Announcer: Brian Hewlett
Sister: Julie Berry
Policemen: Alan Coveney and Andrew Hilton
Boys: David Barlett and Michael Carding
Repeated 18th June 1989

1st August 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Trent's Last Case (1913) by E.C. Bentley (1875-1956), adapted by Alan Downer
Trent has a murder to resolve.
Director: Gerry Jones
Philip Trent: Martin Jarvis
Mabel Manderson: Helena Breck
Marlowe: Simon Hewitt
Bunner: Brian Hewlett
Cupples: Manning Wilson
Insp Murch: Alan Downer
Martin: Stephen Thorne
Sir James Molloy: Sean Barrett
Mrs Morgan: Joanna Wake
Figgis: Paul Gregory
Eddison: David Goodland
Williams: Stuart Organ
Abbott: Simon Cuff
Dr Stock: Stephen Hattersley
Repeated from 31st December 1986
Repeated 3rd August 1987
[Earlier radio productions of this play- 1934 (Creswell), 1963 (Webster) rptd 1968]
[The book sequel "Trents Own Case" was written in 1936 and a book of short stories followed in 1938. This is the only Trent work for radio.]

2nd August 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: Never Been Kissed in the Same Place Twice by Allan Prior
A music hall love story.
4 of 6: Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland
Clara has been offered and accepted a job, but it's one she knows she cannot mention to Harry.
For episode 1: please see 12th July 1987 above.
Music arranged by David Timson
Song Naughty but Nice composed by Maddy Prior
Directed by Martin Jenkins:Eps 1, 2, 4
Directed by Gerry Jones: Eps 3, 5, 6
Harry Viner: David Suchet
Clara: Karen Archer
W C Fields: Derek Newark
John Hyatt: David Timson
Max Rober: David Healy
Mr Richter: John Rowe
Belle Alvin: Pat Starr
Nevada: Carole Boyd
Jimmy: Nigel Anthony
Mamie: Patience Tomlinson
Patsy: Jill Lidstone
Nurse: Eve Karpf
Uncle Matt: Brian Haines
Paddy/ US stage manager/ Sergeant: David Gooderson
Mr Rossiter: Ronald Herdman
Dr Blake: Hugh Dickson
Additional cast in episodes 5 and 6:
Mr Abbott: John Woodvine(5)
Adam: David McAlister(5)
Marta: Rosalind Adams(5)
Max Rober: David Healy(5)
Walter de Frece/ Mr Sykes/Stage doorkeeper: Alan Dudley(5)
Theo: Crawford Logan(5)
Sid Jones: Richard Davies(6)
Ethel: Niki Jenkins
Col Waterton: Garard Green(6)
Jack Lewis: Spencer Banks(6)
Captain: Hugh Dickson(6)
Corporal: Stuart Organ(6)
Ep5:9/8/87 Ep6:16/8/87

2nd August 1987
19.00 :
Persuasion by Jane Austen, dramatised by Michelene Wandor.
1 of 3: Old Friends and New Meetings
Eight years ago Anne was persuaded to give up her love for a man with no wealth or position. He remembers it well.
Square piano (William Rolfe and Sons c.1810) played by Kenneth Mobbs.
Director: Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Pebble Mill
Anne Elliot: Juliet Stevenson
Capt. Frederick Wentworth: Tim Brierley
Jane Austen: Sorcha Cusack
Mary Musgrove: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Sir Walter Elliot: Roger Hume
Elizabeth Elliot: Claire Faulconbridge
Lady Russell: Patricia Gallimore
Admiral Croft: Jeffery Dench
Henrietta Musgrove: Alison Dowling
Louisa Musgrove: Jayne Dowell
Charles Musgrove: Alister Cameron
Mrs Musgrove: Sheila Grant
Mrs Clay: Hedli Niklaus
Sophia Croft: Tina Gray
Mr Shepherd: Stephen Hancock
Little Charles: John Abell
Charles Hayter: Clive Marlowe
Additional actors in part 2 and 3:
Mr Elliot: Peter Harlowe (2)
Captain Benwick: Tony Turner(2)
Mrs Smith: Carole Boyd(2)
Captain Harville: Paul Alexander(2)
Mrs Smith: Carole Boyd(3)
Part2:9/8/87 Part3:16/8/87
All 1987 episodes repeated five days later.
Series first broadcast commencing 31st December 1986
Series repeated commencing 21/2/1993

3rd August 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: The Glory of the Lord by John Fletcher
In the 1960s Eric's most glorious moments were fighting on Brighton beach. He is now the father of two children.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
Eric: Steve Hodson
Pete: Christian Rodska
Cath: Liz Goulding
Trish: Deborah Makepeace
Jason: Joseph Fletcher
Janey: Mary MacLoughlin
Policeman: Andrew Hilton
Sergeant-Major: Bill Wallis
Man on radio: Brian Gear
Taxi driver: Jonathan Nibbs
Darryl: Sean Radford
Debbie: Wendy Rudwick
Repeated 8th August 1987

4th August 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Shining.... Shining ... by David Ashton
Apparent enjoyment of life- and gin and tonic - may fail to repress hurtful memories.
Piano: Martin Goldstein
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Cissy: Brenda Bruce
Repeated 5th August 1987

4th August 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: A Thorn in Paradise by Robert Birmingham
After emigrating to the West Indies their marriage comes under stress.
Directed by Clive Brill
Ossie: With Trevor Thomas
Patricia: Jane Leonard
Gaboe: And Calvin Simpson
Dr Cooper: Richard Durden
Marcella: Isabelle Lucas
T-Phie: Angela Wynter
Doctor: Tessa Worsley
Mrs Pemberton: Tessa Worsley
Judge: Eric Stovell
Tom: Ronny Cush
Nurse: Gillian Roberts
Mr Pemberton: Peter Howell
Repeated from 28th January 1986

5th August 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: News of the World by David Morgan
The shilling for the Sunday School instead buys a chocolate bar and a copy of a newspaper.
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Manchester.
Max: Steven Rendall
Dad: Rob Whelan
Mum: Pam Ferris
Sally: Jane Hazlegrove
Miss Hope: Joan Campion
Headmistress: Rosalind Knight
Mrs Fox: Daphne Oxenford
Presenter: Randal Herley
With the children of Hurst Head Junior School, Cheadle Hulme
Repeated 29th June 1988
[David Morgan was a name used by Christopher Reason]
[Radio Academy/Sony Radio Award winner- Best Drama Production- 1988 BBC World Service]

6th August 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Shades by Eve Ward Summer
1918: An old man looks after his wounded nephew.
Piano: Kathleen Uren
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester.
Matthew Cranstone: Geoffrey Banks
Kit Hatch: Geoffrey Beevers
Mrs Aspinall: Joan Campion

8th August 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Death and the Dancing Footman (1942) by Ngaio Marsh (1895-1982), dramatised by Alan Downer
Throw a party with guests who dislike each other and watch what happens.
Directed by David Johnston
Chief Det Insp Roderick Alleyn: Nigel Graham
Jonathan Royal: Laurence Payne
Aubrey Mandrake: Steven Pacey
Sandra Compline: Avril Clark
William Compline: Stuart Organ
Nicholas Compline: Stephen Hattersley
Chloris Wynne: Jane Leonard
Dr Francis Hart: Alan Downer
Mme Elise Lisse: Natasha Pyne
Lady Hersey Amblington: Margaret Ward
Troy Alleyn: Elaine Claxton
James Bewling: Peter Tuddenham
The Rev Copeland/Caper: Shaun Prendergast
Det Insp Fox/Thomas: Brian Hewlett
Repeated from 27th December 1986
Repeated 10th August 1987 and 17th December 1990
Also broadcast in three parts on BBC7 in 2003
[This is based on the 11th book featuring Insp Alleyn- there were 32 novels from 1934 to 1982]

10th August 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Seasons of Mist by Dot Rubin
Beth is 17 and misses her brother who was sent away from home by her father.
Piano: Stuart Hutchinson
Directed by Cherry Cookson
Beth: Lesley Dunlop
her mother: Anna Cropper
her father: John Turner
Frank: Christopher Fairbank
Bobby: Andrew Woodall
Repeated 15th August 1987

11th August 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Johnny Mangano and His Astonishing Dogs (1966) by Michel Tremblay
Johnny and Carlotta have a a dog act which Carlotta wishes to move on from. The lead dog, will only obey Carlotta.
Directed by Peter King
Johnny: Derek Newark
Carlotta: Elizabeth Bell
Stage manager: Paul Gregory
Repeated 12th August 1987 and 4th September 1988
[One of a trilogy of plays, the others are "Berthe" and "Gloria Star" - not broadcast on the BBC]

11th August 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: In a Dry Place by John Antrobus
Paul visits Brazil to research a play about the drought-struck peasants. But at the irrigation scheme he finds more than he expected.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
Paul Looney: Oliver Cotton
Colonel Jeffry: Richard Vernon
Lars Olson: David March
Neal: Robln Summers
Suzanne: Avril Clark
Beany: Christopher Scott
Lydia: Jane Leonard
Porter/Waiter: Bruce Taylor
Repeated from 13th February 1986

12th August 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Rhyme or Reason by Elizabeth Baines
In her search for relationship with two boys and their mother, Rebecca shows a rare talent for self-deception.
Musical director Chris Reason
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Manchester.
Rebecca: Harriet Walter
Woman: Sally Eldridge
Children: Steven Rendall and Lee Quarmby
Repeated 25th June 1988
[Elizabeth Baines first radio play- nominated for two Sony Radio awards- Best Production and Best Actress: Harriet won the Actress award.]

13th August 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Man in a Wheatfield by Patrick Harkins
A teenage daughter can be hard to deal with.
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland.
Dave: Michael MacKenzie
Julie: Nikki Steers
Karen: Natalie Lyon
Peter: William Blair
Bill: Martin Heller
Lynn: Vivienne Dixon
Waitress/Shop assistant: Anne Downie

15th August 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Smiler with the Knife (1939) by Nicholas Blake (aka Cecil Day Lewis) (1904-1972), dramatised by Barry Campbell
Nigel and his wife collide with an organisation with some very odd ideas about the future of the country.
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Georgia Strangeways: Jackie Smith-Wood
Nigel Strangeways: Simon Cadeu
Sir John Strangeways: Jack May
Lord Canteloe: John Rye
Alison Grove: Susie Brann
Peter Braithwaite: Christopher Douglas
Madame Alvarez: Avril Clark
Senor Alvarez: Tim Reynolds
Celia Mayfield: Deborah Makepeace
Major Keston: David Sinclalr
Prof Hargreaves Steele: Richard Durden
Mrs Fortescue: Jill Balcon
The Rev Fortescue: Peter Howell
Miss Agg-Thorsby: Pauline Letts
Also with Elaine Claxton, Steven Harrold, Shaun Prendergast, Natasha Pyne, Gordon Reid, Eric Stovell, Jonathan Tafler, Andrew Branch, John Church
Repeated from 29th December 1986
Repeated 17th August 1987 and 25th March 1991
[The fifth of a series of novels with Nigel Strangeways].
[The author was in 1939 politically to the left and for a period a member of the Communist Party up to 1938. In WW2 he worked in the Ministry of Information ]
["The smiler with the knife under the cloak" is in Geoffrey Chaucer, The Knights Tale]

17th August 1987
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Moby Dick (1851) by Herman Melville (1819-1891), adapted by Henry Reed (1914-1986)
Music by Antony Hopkins (1921-2014)
Music played by the BBC Northern Symphony Orchestra with the BBC Northern Singers
Produced and directed by John Tydeman and Ian Cottrell
Captain Ahab: Colin Blakely (1930-1987)
Ishmael: Philip Sully
Fr Mapple: Marius Goring (1912-1998)
Starbuck: Malcolm Hayes
Pip: Adam Godley
StUbb: Sean Barrett
Flask: John Hollis
Capt Peleg: Geoffrey Matthews
Elijah: Lewis Stringer
Manxman: Bill Monks
Queequeg: Mark Heath
Capt Mayhew: Denys Hawthorne
Capt Gardiner: Manning Wilson
Fedallah: Saeed Jaffrey
Tashtego: Danny Schiller
Daggoo: Roger Hammond
Doughboy: Andrew Branch
Archy: Tim Bentinck
Cabaco: John Bull
First broadcast 2nd and 5th February 1979
Repeated on Radio 3 in Quadrophonics on 19th November 1981.

18th August 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Pig and Whippet by Tony Whittaker
Enid decides to join in her husband's interest in whippet racing.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Reg Tickle: Robert Keegan
Gary Tattersall: Colin Meredith
Archie Pugh: John Jardine
Enid Tickle: Shirley E Jones
Grace Tattersall: Paula Tilbrook
Wilf: Laurence Kenny
Frank: Herbert Smith
Repeated from 17th September 1985

18th August 1987
The Afternoon Play: Bhowani Junction (1954) by John Masters (1914-1983), dramatised by Barry Campbell
1 of 5: In 1946 India is anxious for self-rule - but if, and when, it comes what will happen to the Anglo-Indians?
Music composed by Malcolm Clarke of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Directed by Christopher Venning
Col Rodney Savage: Gary Bond
Patrick Taylor: Sean Barrett
Victoria Jones: Shireen Shah
Mr Thomas Jones: Garard Green
Lt Macaulay: Brett Usher
Mr Surabhai: Saeed Jaffrey
Ranjit Singh Kasel: Andrew Johnson
Mr Govindaswami: Geoffrey Matthews
Deputy Supt Lanson: John Golightly
Kartar Singh: Kaleem Janjua
Station master: Tariq Alibai
Rose Mary Jones: Josephine Welcome
Sir Meredith Sullivan: Steve Hodson
also with Charu Bala Chokshi, Ali Refaie, Mamta Kash, Jiggy Bhore and Guy Holden
Additional cast in later parts:
Brig Ffoukes-Jones: Mel Oxley(2)
Major Dickson: Bernard Brown(2)
Mrs Sirdani Amrita Kasel: Zohra Segal(3)
Ghanshyam: Moti Makan(3)
Molly Dickson: Narissa Knights(4)
Station Master: Tapan Ghosh(4)
Old Guru: Renu Setna(4)
Also with Kumar Ranji, Bhasker(2), Christopher Douglas(3), Kumal Grewal, Lyndam Gregory, Raj Patel(4), David Garth, Dev Sagoo, Tariq Alibai, Moti Makan and Joanna Wake(5).
Part2:25/8/87 Part3:1-9-87 Part4:8/9/87 Part5:15/9/87
[Previously broadcast commencing 30/12/84, (the 1984/5 episodes were repeated five days later) as part of an 18 part series from four of the seven related books by John Masters. Bhowani Junction is book 6. Part one of book two (The Deceivers) commenced the radio adaptions and was broadcast commencing 30/9/84.]

19th August 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: No Problem by Mary Rensten
Taking a holiday at a Spanish hotel which features sequence dancing seems a good idea.
Directed by Graham Gauld
Reg: Fine Time Fontayne
Miss Munt: Pat Pleasance
Tommy: Brian Hewlett
Irene: Maggie McCarthy
Daphne: Ann Davies
Rita: Susie Brann
Marian: Jennifer Piercey
Rachel: Anna Conrich
Jim: Adrian Egan
Sean: John Samson
Repeated 9th October 1988
{The only credit on BBC Genome for Mary Rensten apart from one factual report on Woman's Hour].

19th August 1987
21.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Levels of Unconsciousness by Margaret Jones
The family had nannies and governesses. And there was Elizabeth.
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Manchester.
Lucille: Renee Asherson
Repeated from 29th and 30th October 1985.

20th August 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Borderline Business by Grant Eustace
A man on holiday in Germany disappears in mysterious circumstances.
Directed by David Johnston
Richard Coningsby: Peter Wickham
Marita Wolff: Melinda Walker
Southgate: Manning Wilson
Capt Hunter: Paul Gregory
Roger Greenwood: John Samson
Alyson Greenwood: Diana Olsson
Julie Vernon: Natasha Pyne
Lt Gerry Wheeler: Andrew Branch
Mrs Evans: Margaret Ward
Sally Plummer: Susie Brann
[Grant Eustace was with the Royal Navy for 11 years, and spent two years on exchange with the German Naval Air Arm.]

22nd August 1987:
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Good Citizen Kyle by Alan Berrie
A murder witness must balance public duty, family safety, political beliefs and future employment.
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland.
Cormac Kyle: Sean Barrett
Fran: Sorcha Cusack
Grainne: Elizabeth Lindsay
Tish: Susan Sheridan
Inge: Miranda Forbes
Peadar: Norman Rodway
Jackie: Janene Possell
Colin: Alan Barry
Margot: Maggie Shevlin
Matt: Jim Norton
Emily: Kate Binchy
Aiden: Bosco Hogan
Kay: Felicity Hayes-McCoy
Sean: Tony Doyle
Detta: Patricia Leventon
Tom: Mark Lambert
Nuala: Marcella O'Riordan
Mike: Michael Loughnan
Mary: Angela Harding
Liam: Adrian Dunbar
Detective: John Rogan
Det Inspector: P G Stephens
Superintendent: Harry Towb
Cassidy: Denys Hawthorne
Brennan: Walter McMonagle
Insurgents/Radio voices: Derek Halligan, Mark Mulholland, Ian McElhinney, John Hewitt and Desmond MacAleer
First broadcast 16th and 17th April 1983.

22nd August 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Unto The Grave by John Penn, dramatised by Melville Jones.
Superintendent Thorne is called in to investigate a body in the swimming pool.
Directed by Martin Jenkins.
Superintendent Thorne: John Castle
his wife, Miranda: Tessa Worsley
John Kempton: Stephen Thorne
his wife, Rose: Diana Bishop
Tom Latimer: Jonathan Tafler
Polly Raven: Karen Ascoe
Vern Raven: James Goode
Mrs Fowler: Pauline Letts
Mr Fowler: Alan Dudley
Mrs Blair: Sheila Grant
Mr Blair: Tim Reynolds
Paul Kempton: Kim Wall
Helen Dearden: Eve Karpf
Roy Mortlake: John Hollis
Cassandra Gray: Jennifer Piercey
Canon Hurley: Peter Howell
Mrs Hurley: Rachel Gurney
Alice Hurley: Deborah Makepeace
Sergeant Abbott: Andrew Branch
DrBand: Gordon Reid
Margery Swinson: Jo Manning Wilson
Repeated 24th August 1987 and 1st March 1993.
Repeated from 28/12/86
[The first Thorne story on radio. He also appears in radio plays Mortal Term (18/8/90,8/3/93 and Double Negative (15/3/93). Double Negative was not a Thorne book but was adapted for the character. There were six books in the Thorne series. ]

23rd August 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: One Thing More or Caedmon Construed by Christopher Fry (1907-2005)
Written for Chelmsford Cathedral and for radio.
The 7th-century poet Caedmon was suddenly inspired to sing to the praise of God.
Music composed and arranged by Graham Elliott
Sung by Mia Soteriou and the choirs of Chelmsford Cathedral and New Hall Convent
Harp: Imogen Barford
Directed by Michael Bakewell and Jane Morgan.
Caedmon: Terrence Hardiman
the Venerable Bede: Bernard Hepton
the Abbess Hilda: Barbara Leigh-Hunt
Joddy/Prior: Sylvester Morand
Kern/Precentor: George Raistrick
Widow Win: Fanny Carby
Overman: Norman Jones
Novice nun/Girl: Geraldine Alexander
Person in the dream: Stephen Thorne
Young man/Monk: Terence Budd
Also with David Goodland, Paul Gregory, Peter Howell, Shaun Prendergast, Tim Reynolds and Jonathan Tafler
Repeated from 16th November 1986
[The annotated typescript is held at V&A Theatre and Performance Collections, London]

23rd August 1987
The Count of Monte Cristo (1845) by Alexandre Dumas dramatised by Barry Campbell
1 of 7: The Betrayal: 1815. After the death of the Pharaoh's captain the mate brings the ship back home. He is betrothed and has his own command to look forward to.
Directed by Graham Gauld
Edmond Dantes: Andrew Sachs
Danglars: Geoffrey Matthews
de Villefort: Nigel Anthony
Caderousse: Paul Gregory
Mercedes: Melinda Walker
Fernand: Steve Hodson
M Morrel: Leslie Sands
Abbe Faria: Alan Wheatley
Old Dantes: Peter Pratt
Inspector of prisons: Alan Dudley
Prison governor/ Luigi Vampa: Michael Tudor Barnes
Warder: Stephen Hattersley
Cast in later episodes:
Jacopo: Robert Rietty(2)
Seaman: Steven Harrold(2)
Smuggler: Manning Wilson(2)
Countess: Lydia Sherwood(3)
La Carconte: Diana Olsson(3)
Julie Morrel: Susie Brann(3)
Maximillian Morrel: David Goude(3)
Albert de Morcerf: Jonathan Tafler(3)
Franz d'Epinay: Owen Scott(3))
Penelon: Ian Thompson(3)
Peppino: Nigel Lambert(4)
Pastrini: John Samson(4)
For cast in Episodes 4 onwards please see 13/9/87 below
Ep2:30/8/87 Ep3:6/9/87 Ep4:13/9/87 Ep5:20/9/87 Ep6:27/9/87 Ep7:4/10/87
All 1987 episodes repeated five days later.
[In 1999 Radio 4 broadcast a restored version of Cecil B DeMille's 1939 production]

24th August 1987
The Monday Play: An Imaginary Friend by Guy Jenkin
Directed by Gerry Jones
Mary Moon: Daryl Back
James Moon: Kim Wall
Mrs Jennifer Moon: Jennifer Piercey
Mr Terence Moon: John Hollis
Gran: Sheila Grant
Dr Anne Palmer: Shirley Dixon
The Rev Michael Roy: Sean Barrett
The Rev Jonathan Embling: Geoffrey Beevers
Cambodian girl: Zelah Clarke
Repeated 29th August 1987 and 3rd September 1988

25th August 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Without Fire by Wally K. Daly
When Phillip gives up smoking he gets a little bit tense.
Directed by Martin Jenkins
Phillip: Paul Daneman
Sarah: Nonna Ronald
Barry: Richard Durden
Doreen: Jane Leonard
Managing Director: Bernard Brown
Doctor: Graham Blockey
Sandy: Tessa Worsley
Repeated from 7th and 8th January 1986.

26th August 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Frog Princess by Anne Goring
Brenda enters middle age, and discovers within herself a talent that might take her to Fairy Land.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Brenda: Patricia Routledge
Mrs Stansfield: Constance Chapman
the narrator: Nicholas McArdle
Wicked Godmother: Pauline Letts
Cora Cutthroat: Deborah Makepeace
Wayne/Phillipe/Rory/ Count/Charles: Brian Hewlett
Repeated from 19th November 1986

26th August 1987
The Other Thief by Robin Bell
Night time. A burglar quietly ransacks a house. He has a reason for being there...
Producer John Arnott
BBC Scotland
Thief: Bill Paterson
Other thief: Yourself
Repeated 27th August 1987
[This was a stereo/binaural broadcast]

26th August 1987
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Clockwork by Collin Martyr
Wimbledon station at midnight. What is the awful truth about the 8.11 to London Bridge?
Directed by Bert Coules
Roebuck: Martyn Read
MacNaughton: Crawford Logan
Sir Basil Wagstaffe: David Garth
Bannister: John Church
Dredge: Shaun Prendergast
Jack Pinkney: Brian Smith
Woman: Melinda Walker
Miss Salmon: Natasha Pyne
Repeated from 8th and 9th October 1985.

27th August 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: No Uncertain Terms by Colin Finbow
Young Arden asks his teacher for help. But Tom is too busy with registers, marking and meetings. It's a rejection Arden will never forget.
Directed by Peter King
Tom: Bob Peck
Pat: Anna Calder-Marshall
Arden: Demetri Jagger
Sam: Jeremy Coster
Burch: Dickon Tolson
Boy: Jake Wood
Martin: Frank Middlemass
Alan: Ian Thompson
Mrs Arden: Alex Marshall
Teacher: David Goodland
First doctor: Michael Tudor Barnes
Second doctor: Sheila Grant
Newsvoice: Brian Hewlett
Woman: Susie Brann
Young Tom: Thomas King
with the boys of William Ellis School, Camden, London
Repeated 5th June 1988

29th August 1987
19.00-21.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Nine Tailors (1934) by Dorothy L. Sayers (1893-1957), dramatised by Michelene Wandor
Wimsey and his manservant, Bunter, are forced to take shelter at Fenchurch St Paul. Here they learn of the theft of the Wilbraham emeralds.
The Bells of Beverley Minster rung by: The Beverley and District Bell Ringers Association
Directed by: Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Pebble Mill
Lord Peter Wimsey: Gary Bond
Fr Venables: Jeffery Dench
Superintendent Blundell: Terry Molloy
Tailor Paul: Mary Wimbush
Batty Thomas: Hedli Niklaus
Will Thoday/Harry Gotobed: Peter Tuddenham
Mary Thoday: Elizabeth Proud
James Thoday/Jack Godfrey: Andrew Branch
Mrs Venables: Joyce Gibbs
Hilary Thorpe: Moir Leslie
Bunter: William Eedle
Cranton: Edwin Richfield
Dr Baines/Potty Peake: David Learner
Coroner/Edward Thorpe/Monsieur Rozier: Gordon Reid
Suzanne Legros/Mrs Coppins: Patricia Gallimore
Deacon/Ezra Wilderspin: Graham Padden
PC Priest/Arthur Cobbliegh: Manning Wilson
Mrs Gates/Mrs Tebbutt: Shirley Stelfox
Repeated from 25th December 1986
['Nine Tailors' means the nine strokes which at the beginning of the toll for the dead announce to the villagers that a man is dead. A woman's death is announced with 'Six Tailors'.]
[Michelene Wandor created two new characters for her version, and gave them voices- two of the bells... ]
[Earlier radio versions were by Giles Cooper in 1954 and by Alistair Beaton in 1980]

30th August 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: The One Before the Last by Katherine Parker
Repeated from 16th April 1987 - please see above.

31st August 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Prize Winners Mischief by Ben Travers (1886-1980) adapted by Peter King
A middle-aged businessman should not neglect his younger wife.
Music composed and played by Ed Welch (piano) with Ron Aspery
Directed by Peter King.
Reggy: Freddie Jones
Elly: Melinda Walker
Henry: Ian Lavender
Diana: Penelope Wilton
Louise: Anne Jameson
Willy: Richard Vernon
Algy: Brett Usher
Mrs Easy: Elizabeth Bell
Berty: Trevor Nichols
Rector: Peter Howell
Mr Hole: George Parsons
Muriel: Alex Marshall
Miss Frisby: Sheila Grant
Henley Set: Jennifer Piercey, Natasha Pyne, Francis Middleditch
[Winner of the 1987 Sony Radio Award for Best Drama Production]

31st August 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: The Glass Extension by Jennifer Phillips
Astrid is refused a loan but can think of another way to obtain funds.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Astrid: With Nicola Pagett
Paul: Douglas Hodge
Bank manager: John Baddeley
Laura: Deborah Makepeace
Desmond: Paul Gregory
Jacques: Brian Hewlett
WPC Simons: Victoria Carling
PC Hart: Stephen Tompkinson
Repeated 5th September 1987

1st September 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Long Goodnight Kiss by David Kaye
Bedtime. Tonight is going to be different.
Directed by David Johnston.
She: Judy Franklin
He: Basil Moss
Repeated 2nd September 1987

2nd September 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Dead Centre by Neil Shenton
In the face of city redevelopment, the community centre finds a way to remain open.
Directed by Caroline Smith
BBC Manchester.
Len: David Ross
Susan: Julie Higginson
Eddie: Louis Emerick
Mrs Frazer: Ann Rye
Miss Harris: Daphne Oxenford
Tony: David Fleeshman
Mrs Anchor: Paula Tilbrook

3rd September 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Dai's Army by Derrick Geer
A quiet life beckons but some prefer a more adventurous life.
Directed by Adrian Mourby
BBC Wales
David Pullen: John Alderton
Wilf: Ioan Meredith
Gareth: Charles Williams
Bethan: Bethan Jones
Jim/Makepiece: Dorien Thomas
Owain Richardson: Andy Rivers
John/Peter: Josh Richards

5th September 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: A Memory Longer than Death by John Naismith (aka Ronnie Smith).
Director: A.J. Quinn
Bill Cassidy: Tony Osoba
DI Jago: Lee Montague
Doc Quinn: Tony Doyle
Linda Pearce: Hetty Baynes
LeRoy Stone: Brian Bovell
Steen: Anthony Jackson
Sgt Quorn: Kim Wall
Dutchman: Carl Duering
Deegan: Brian Hewlett
Bonzo Baker: Manning Wilson
Don: David Goodland
Kevin: Chris Pitt
[Actors]: Stephen Harrold and Stephen Hattersley
Repeated 7th September 1987

6th September 1987
14.30 :
The Afternoon Play: Hess written by Michael Burrell (1936-2014)
Spandau Prison remained open for one prisoner from 1966-1987. Rudolph Hess (1894-1987) was incarcerated there from 1947-1987.
Directed by John Tydeman
"Monologue" performed by Michael Burrell
Guard: Sion Probert
First broadcast on Radio 3 on 8th July 1981

7th September 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: The Man that Got Away by Philip Norman.
Will Mother approve of his friendliness to the hotel staff when he stays at her hotel?
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
Hedley: James Holland
Stella: Marian Diamond
Guy Hogg: Michael Cochrane
Chef: Peter Woodthorpe
Boo: Susie Brann
Mrs Hogg: Zelah Clarke
Mr Campion: Ian Thompson
Flo: Patsy Byrne
Mick: Brian Hewlett
Em: Victoria Carling
Pinks: Stephen Tompkinson
John/Shipway: Ashley Clark
Nigel/Rayner: Daniel Evans
Housemaster: Manning Wilson
Guard: Anthony Jackson
Repeated 12th September 1987 and 28th July 1990

8th September 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Brady Says by Dave Sheasby (1940-2010)
Detail is important to the client of the private investigator.
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Manchester.
Mr Shane: Malcolm Hebden
Woman 'C': Ellie Haddington
Man'K': David Fleeshman
Husband: Nick Stringer
Repeated 9th September 1987

9th September 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The German by Charles Jennings
Jack seeks success at work by entertaining his boss to a meal at home.
Directed by Gerry Jones.
Heinz: With Crawford Logan
Jack: Gareth Armstrong
Helen: Karen Archer
Ken: Ian Thompson
Kees: Jonathan Tafler
Madame: Jennifer Piercey
Clifford: Stephen Thorne

10th September 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Way Through the Woods by N. J. Warburton (Nick Warburton)..
The quiet life of a hermit in the woods and the need for companionship may not be compatible.
Harmonica player: Harry Pitch
Director: Stuart Owen
Gordon Davidson: Mike Grady
Miranda: Zelah Clarke
Guy Rogers: Paul Gregory
Hugh Gardner/Colley: Ronald Herdman
Kevin/Youth on the tube: Kim Wall
Mr Cranston/The Rev John Tiptree: Tim Reynolds
[Not connected with the story of that name by Rudyard Kipling]

12th September 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Gone to Pot by Brian Crookes
There is more to discover in the quiet fishing village.
Directed by Kathryn Porter
BBC Northern Ireland.
Mattie: Oliver Maguire
Mollie: Aingeal Grehan
Dermot: Trevor Moore
Forster: Paddy Scully
McFee: Kevin Flood
Moon: Mark Mulholland
Alec: Peter Quigley
Joe: David Coyle
Paul: Sean Lejeune
Repeated 14th September 1987

13th September 1987
14.30 :
Globe Theatre: Travelling North (1979) by David Williamson.
Upon retirement a couple seek new lives living together in the tropical North
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer.
A BBC World Service/Radio 4 production
Frank: Stratford Johns
Frances: Madge Ryan
Sophie: Nicolette McKenzie
Helen: Barbara Ewing
Joan: Darlene Johnson
Freddy: Jerold Wells
Dr Saul Morgenstein: Cyril Shaps
Radio announcer: Ian Thompson
[Filmed in 1987 starring Leo McKern, winning an AFI award for Best Adapted Screenplay.]
[Inspired by Williamson's second mother in law]

13th September 1987
The Count of Monte Cristo (1845) by Alexandre Dumas dramatised by Barry Campbell
4 of 7: The House at Auteuil
Directed by Graham Gauld
Please see episode one above on 23rd August 1987.
Actors in part 4:
Edmond Dantes: Andrew Sachs
Baron Danglars: Geoffrey Matthews
Le Comte de Morcerf: Steve Hodson
de Villefort: Nigel Anthony
La Comtesse de Morcerf: Melinda Walker
Maximillian Morrel: David Goudge
Albert de Morcerf: Jonathan Tafler
Chateau-Renaud: Stuart Organ
Lucien Debray: Brian Hewlett
Baroness Danglars: Margaret Wolfit
Eugenie Danglars: Anne Rosenfeld
Mme de Villefort: Sheila Grant
Major Cavalcanti: Tim Reynolds
Andrea Cavalcanti: David Goodland
Bertuccio: Stephen Thorne
Haydee: Andrea Kealy
Baptistin: Kim Wall
Additional actors in parts 5-7:
Caderousse: Paul Gregory(5)
Mme St Meran: Gladys Spencer(5)
Franz d'Epinay: Owen Scott(5)
Valentine de Villefort: Deborah Makepeace(5)
Telegraph man: John Hollis(5)
Doctor: Michael Deacon(5)
President of Court: Alan Dudley(6)
Notary: John Samson(6)
Beauchamp: Roy Spencer(7)
Member of the House of Peers: Michael Tudor Barnes(7)
Peppino: Nigel Lambert(7)
President of the House of Peers: Tim Reynolds(7)
Ep5:20/9/87 Ep6:27/9/87 Ep7:4/10/87

14th September 1987
20.00 :
The Monday Play: No End of Blame (1981) by Howard Barker
The 20th Century in Europe as experienced by an idealistic art student who tries to use satirical cartoons to change the world about him.
Directed by Richard Wortley.
Bela: Hugh Fraser
Grigor: Christopher Godwin
First soldier/Mik/First airman: Steve Hodson
Second soldier/Stringer/Gardener: Anthony Jackson
Officer: John Samson
First Red soldier/Second air man/First nurse/Secondcomrade: Simon Cuff
Second Red soldier/Fourth airman/Third comrade: Kim Wall
Stella: Maggie McCarthy
B?????: Manning Wilson
Teawoman/second airwoman: Susie Brann
First airwoman: Julie Berry
Ilona: Alice Arnold
Fourth comrade: Anna Massey
Deeds/First comrade: Hugi Dickson
Lowry/Fourth nurse/PC Hoogstraten: Michael Tudor Barnes
Dr Glasson: Jan Chappell
Dockerill/Second nurse: David Goodland
Strubenzee/Third nurse/Diver: Geoffrey Matthews

15th September 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: By the Sea by Iain Crichton Smith (Iain Mac a' Ghobhainn - 1928-1998)
The scene is a bench, by the seaside.
A study of loneliness.
Directed by Stewart Conn
(First broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland)
Woman: Madeleine Christie
the Man: Callum Mill

16th September 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Remember This by Carolyn Sally Jones
A mother finds it difficult when her children leave home.
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester.
George: Maurice Denham
Alice: Pauline Letts
Roger: Tim Reynolds
Debbie: Elaine Claxton
Estate agent: David Fleeshman
Mr Henderson: John Basham
Mrs Henderson: Delia Corrie

16th September 1987
21.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Morning Room by Michael Arditti
After the funeral the son (who had left home) and daughter (who cared for her mother) seek a way forward.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Sarah: Anna Massey
Ralph: Hugh Dickson
Aunt Ursula: Pauline Letts
Repeated from 27th August 1985

17th September 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: End of Term by Frances McNeil
The college building and the staff are a problem- will a new head cope?
Directed by Caroline Raphael
Gordon Jones: Alan Dudley
Yvonne Lamont: Avril Clark
Brian Parsons: Geoffrey Beevers
Jessica Thompson: Karen Archer
Principal: Richard Tate
Hugh Gray: Stephen Thorne
Stevie Stone: Susie Brann
Kate: Karen Drury
Mr Wright: Francis Thomson
[Unrelated to the play of the same name by E H Hendry broadcast in 1975]

19th September 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: A Dry White Season (’n Droe wit seisoen) by Andre Brink (1935-2015) dramatised by Barry Campbell
Ben seeks the truth regarding the tragic outcome of a demonstration.
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Ben du Toit: Nigel Hawthorne
Stanley Makhaya: John Matshikiza
Melanie Brewer: Esteue Kohler
Emily Ngubene: Peggy Phango
Gordon Ngubene: Olu Jacobs
Capt Stolz: Steve Hodson
Col Viljoen: Bruce Purchase
Levinson/Andre: Jack Klaff
Advocate de Villiers: Allan Ivan
Advocate Louw/Government Minister: Adrian Egan
Magistrate/father in law: Arne Gordon
Susan du Toit: Miranda Forbes
Suzette: Lois Butlin
Linda: Moira Downie
Cloete: Edward Cast
Dr Hertzog/SABC Newsreader: Brian Carroll
Dr Jansen/Dr Hassiem: Alfred Hoffman
Fr Masuwane: Louis Mahoney
Tsabalala/Johnson Seroke: Wilue Jonah
Grace Nkosi: Elizabeth Adare
Repeated from 28th February 1983, and 17th February 1985.
[Filmed in 1989 with Donald Sutherland as Ben - the novel and the film were banned in South Africa. The novel won the 1980 Martin Luther King Memorial Prize. The usual novel disclaimer was replaced with "Nothing in this novel has been invented."]

19th September 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Fancy Man by Mike Stott
1923: A Pennine village. Knowledge of sex is tiny and the ability to talk about it about nil. Marriage can place strains on a relationship and may produce odd behaviour.
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Manchester.
Amy: Julia Ford
Arthur: Pearce Quigley
Mr Helliwell: Norman Mills
Jackie Diggle: Colin Meredith
Edith: Lesley Nicol
Dr Peach: Malcolm Hebden
Mrs Mellowdew: Ann Rye
Stanley: Chris Hawes
Repeated on 21st September 1987

20th September 1987
14.30 :
Globe Theatre: Payment as Pledged (O pagador de promessas) by Alfredo Dias Gomes (Alfredo de Freitas Dias Gomes- 1922-1999), translated by Oscar Fernandez, adapted by Denys Hawthorne and Walter Acosta
A peasant is determined to fulfill a religious promise but the priest denies him entrance to the church.
Director: Walter Acosta
A BBC World Service/Radio 4 production
Joe Burro: James Aubrey
Rosa: Susanna Dawson
The Priest: John Moffatt
Pretty boy: Jonathan Oliver
Marli: Deborah Makepeace
Auntie: Sheila Grant
Dede: Stuart Organ
Pepe: Manning Wilson
Reporter: Richard Derrington
Policeman: Peter Wickham
Religious woman: Sheila Walker
Master Coca: David Sinclair
Monsignor: Denys Hawthorne
Police agent: Colin Starkey
Carijo: Robert Woolley
Commissioner/sexton: Nigel Graham
Repeated 23rd May 1988.
Also broadcast on BBC World Service on 20 September 1987.

21st September 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: The Kite Flyer by Rose Tremain
The vicar of a country parish commits a crime.
Directed by Penny Gold.
Anthony: Joe Melia
Olivia: Rosemary Leach
the narrator: John Rye
the psychiatrist: Kenneth Cranham
Paul Russell: Anthonya Boy
Anthony's mother: Miranda Forbes
Josie: Sheila Grant
Canon Stapleton: Stephen Thorne
Vicar: Anthony Jackson
Repeated 26th September 1987
[Unrelated to the 2003 book of this title by Khaled Hosseini]

22nd September 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Summit of Desire by John P. Rooney
Garry and Olga meet as translators at a world summit on nuclear deterrence.
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
Garry: Blain Fairman
Olga: Janis Winters
Borkoff: Henry Stamper
Fagan: Ian Thompson
TV reporter: Julie Berry
Russian/American pilots: Stephen Hattersley
Repeated 23rd September 1987

22nd September 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Autumn Love by Stewart Love
John has to "compete for his own job". This is a dispiriting experience, but his strength lies in his love for his family.
Directed by Ronald Mason
BBC Northern Ireland.
John: Denys Hawthorne
Mary: Trudy Kelly
Tom: Tom Cromie
Phillip: Leanne Omalley
Alison: Geraldine Hughes
Optician/woman/girl: Stella McKusker
Father/Cycle man: Joe MacPartland
Doctor/Principal: Anthony Finigan
Orthodontist: Maurice O'Callaghan
Teacher/Man: Dan Gordon
Repeated from 20th March 1986

23rd September 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Lost Tune from Rangoon by Hugh Jenkins (Lord Jenkins of Putney, 1908-2004)
Paul looks back to the struggle for independence in Burma [now Myanmar]
Directed by David Johnston
Paul, the Narrator: Hugh Jenkins
the young Paul: Stuart Organ
Aung San: David Yip
Sylvia: Natasha Pyne
Clement Attlee: Manning Wilson
Tom Driberg,: Simon Cuff
Miles Jeffrey: Paul Gregory
Colonel Smythe: Michael Deacon
Adjutant: Michael Tudor-Barnes
Chi Tun: Tariq Alibai
[Lord Jenkins served in Burma around 1945-47 and supported independance. allowing Aung San airtime on Rangoon Radio. ]

24th September 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Across the Ferry by Ted Moore
Three people have dreams: a job, a trip beyond the harbour entrance and work as a skipper.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Alec: Christian Rodska
Jane: Denise Welch
Sid: Arthur Blake
Robbo: Ronald Herdman
Boatman: Adrian Stokes
Repeated 12th June 1988

26th September 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: My baby mine by Paul Angelis (1943-2009)
Jake had plenty of soft spots, and was as capable of being hurt as the next person.
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Jake Bartlett: James Laurenson
Anne-Marie: Zelah Clarke
Hogg: Anthony Jackson
George michael: Graham Cox
Francis: Tim Reynolds
Paulo/Ramsey: Ian Thompson
Purdon: James Snell
Mac: David Sinclair
Matthew: Paul Gregory
Zondra: Deborah Makepeace
Ed: Jonathan Tafler
Haws/Samir: Michael Tudor Barnes
Flower girl: Victoria Carling
Joanie: Helen Cotterill
Waitress: Susie Brann
Doctor: Julie Berry
Barman: Simon Cuff
Morris: David Goodland
Repeated 28th September 1987

27th September 1987
14.30 :
Globe Theatre: The Glass Menagerie (1944) by Tennessee Williams (1911-1983)
Tom recalls life before he escaped the tenement building that trapped him with his mother and sister.
Directed by Peter King.
A BBC World Service/Radio 4 production
Amanda: Elizabeth Bell
Tom: Colin Stinton
Laura: Nancy Gair
Gentleman Caller: Stuart Milligan
Also broadcast on BBC World Service 27/9/87.
[There was a later BBC adaption on BBC Radio 3 in 2020].
[Semi autobiographic inspired by Williams mother and his sister, Rose, who died in 1996.]

28th September 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Stamping, Shouting and Singing Home by Lisa Evans
Lizzie was born in America's Deep South.
Directed by Peter King
Lizzie: Morel Bernard
young Lizzie: Sonia Saul
Mama: Claudette Williams
Marguerite: Stacey Zuckerman
Sojourner Truth: Carmen Munroe
Joanne: Elizabeth Bell
Louella: Nancy Gair
Great Uncle Chrystal: Al Matthews
Charles: Sylvester Williams
White heckler: Colin Stinton
Repeated 3rd October 1987

29th September 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Pick Up by Dave Simpson
She was waiting for a friend; he was on his own; neither of them made a habit of talking to strangers in pubs. For some reason that night they did and it worked.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
Woman: Alice Arnold
Man: Robin Bowerman
Repeated 30th September 1987

29th September 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: To Tell the Truth by Pauline Spender
Nelly is honest. She would like her father to be honest. Until it comes to the matter of his health ....
Pianist: Mary Nash
Director: Richard Wortley
Nelly: Zelah Clarke
Owen: Edward de Souza
Alice: Diana Olsson
Isabella: Sheila Grant
Bernard: Peter Howell
Ruby: Hilda Kriseman
Trevor/Hal Magrew/Consultant: Kim Wall

30th September 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Fiend by Gerry Jones (1931-2005)
Inwardly Mary is deeply disturbed, convinced someone is following her wherever she goes. Matters come to a head when her ex-boyfriend suddenly reappears.
Directed by Martin Jenkins.
Mary: Maureen O'Brien
the Narrator and John Rowe: Philip Mick Ford
Ann: Carole Boyd
'Sonia': Victoria Carling
Landlord/Director: Brian Hewlett

1st October 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Webster's Two Hundred by Giles Cole
Libya, 1984: A passion for cricket may provide comfort in difficult circumstances.
Directed by Ian Cotterell.
Daniel Webster: Tom Wilkinson
Salim: Colin Stinton
R J H Kenton: Godfrey Kenton
Douglas Pitcairn: Giles Cole
Arab soldier: Manning Wilson
Jill Webster: Elaine Claxton
Repeated 19th June 1988 as "Webster's 200" (numbers instead of words- the play's author used the words.).

3rd October 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Waxwork (1978) by Peter Lovesey adapted by Geoffrey M. Matthews
1888. Miriam awaits the death penalty for murder. Sgt Cribb must investigate when new evidence appears..
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Pebble Mill.
Sgt Cribb: Brian Cox
PC Thackeray: John Cater
Miriam Cromer: Sarah Berger
Insp Jowett: Roger Hume
James Berry: Don Henderson
Howard Cromer: Gordon Reid
Simon Allingham: Kim Durham
Insp Waterlow: Roger Rowland
Lottie Piper/First wardress: Claire Faulconbridge
Mrs Berry/Dorothea Davenant: Gillian Goodman
Tussaud/Judge: Edwin Richfield
Prison Govemor/Hundelby: Anthony Benson
Second wardress: Cynthia Cherry
Repeated 5th October 1987
[There were several Sgt Cribb stories- this novel was the 8th and last]
[Filmed for ITV in 1979]

4th October 1987
14.30 :
Globe Theatre: Clouds by Michael Frayn
Cuba: 1970s: Insist on seeing the jails.
A BBC World Service/Radio 4 production
Director: Matthew Walters
Owen Shorter: Dinsdale Landen
Mara Hill: Morag Hood
Ed Budge: Don Fellows
Angel: Paul Chapman
Hilberto: Arturo Venegas
Repeated 25th March 1989
Also broadcast on BBC World Service 4/10/87
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2008 and BBC Radio 4X in 2018.

4th October 1987
21.00 :
To See the Sun by Kingsley Amis (1922-1995) dramatised by John Scotney.
Dacia-1920s. Vampires and a Scots librarian
Director: Jane Morgan
Stephen Hillier: Christopher Cazenove
Countess Valvazour: Gayle Hunnicutt
Robert McNeil: Graham Crowden
Innkeeper/Pall Mall Gazette: Alan Dudley
Magda: Jennifer Piercey
Connie: Zelah Clarke
Also broadcast on BBC R4X 2014, 2017, 2019.

5th October 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: The Tower of Constance by Ellen Dryden
Born in the French 18th Century womens prison in the Camargue, the outside world is a challenge.
Directed by Ned Chaillet .
Marie Durand: Pauline Letts
Anne Bousset: Meg Davies
Catherine: Victoria Carling
Guide/Marie Claire: Elaine Claxton
Marian: Maggie McCarthy
Harriet: Victoria Carling
Pierre: Stephen Tompkinson
Laurence: Antony Howes
Jacques/Soldier: Stephen Rashbrook
Marie Beraud: Edna Dore
De Combelles: Michael Deacon
Saint-Priest: John Samson
Jeanne Auquier: Helena McCarthy
Paul: Johnathan Cullen
Therese: Deborah Makepeace
Robert Bousset: Simon Cuff
Suzanne Bousset: Karen Archer
Matthieu: Michael Tudor Barnes
Repeated 10th October 1987 and 9th April 1988

6th October 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Captain's Court Case by Anne Fine
Directed by Stewart Conn
BBC Scotland
Bundy: Martin Heller
Patrick: Tony Bowers
Tom: John Merryfield
Cordelia: Naomi Capron
Jamieson: James Cairncross
Sadie: Diana Olsson
Helen: Vivienne Dixon
Repeated 7th October 1987

6th October 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: It's the Truth! by Glyn Dearman
A model is interviewd for a tv program about her husband and chaos ensues.
Directed by John Tydeman.
Charles Dunwoody, a tycoon: Timothy West
his wife, Mandy: Jenny Funnell
Robert: David Lerner
Dermot Flash, a detective: Timothy Bateson
Arthur Henderson, a business associate .: Edward de Souza
Maggie, Mandy's best friend: Frances Jeater
Lawrence Hadingsby, a TV producer: Alan Dudley
Elaine Court, Robert's girlfriend: Elaine Claxton
Photographer: James Goode

7th October 1987
12.25-13.00 : Moral Fibre by Kingsley Amis, dramatised by John Scotney
The librarian and the social worker disagree on the rights of a girl.
Directed by Jane Morgan
John Lewis: Sion Tudor Owen
Jean Lewis: Julie Berry
Mair Webster: Thelma Whiteley
Betty Arnulfsen: Victoria Carling
Bent Arnulfsen: Steve Hodson
Mrs Davies: Jennifer Piercey
Emrys: Simon Cuff
Eira: Susan Sheridan

7th October 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: The Old Ladies at the Zoo by David Ashton
Every Monday they go to the zoo.
Directed by Jane Morgan
Bruno: Peggy Mount
Lily: Liz Smith
Repeated from 9th July 1986
Also on BBC World Service, December 1987
Also on BBC7 March 2004
[Winner of 1985 Radio Times Drama Award]

8th October 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Downstarts by Elaine Morgan (1920-2013)
Bessie left home rather suddenly but it gave young George the opportunity to make his mark.
Directed by Adrian Mourby
BBC Wales.
George Shaw: T P McKenna
his wife Bessie: Helen Ryan
their son: Denys Hawthorne
Young George: Stephen Brennan
Lee: Dermot Crowley
Lucy: Marcella Riordan

10th October 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Where Are You, Juliet? by Jill Hyem based on the novel Juliet by Rosemary Timperley (1920-1988)
Rowena moves into a flat. What happened to the prior occupant?
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester.
Rowena/Juliet: Julie Berry
Bernard Carter: Frank Moorey
Maggie: Linda Gardner
Leo Bartlett/Hari Patel: Sean Barrett
Serinder Patel: Seeta Indrani
Ralph Gordon: Graeme Kirk
Mandy: Hannah Lavender
Twist: Jonathan Tafler
Mrs Smith: Sheila Grant
Richard Malengry: Edward de Souza
Miss Wright/Nurse: Joan Campion
Henry: James Quinn
Repeated 12th October 1987
Also broadcast on R4X in 2017 and 2019.

11th October 1987
14.30 :
Globe Theatre: Opera Wonyosi by Wole Soyinka adapted by Michael Bartlett
When one crook marries the daughter of another crook, her father seeks revenge.
Musical arrangement and direction by Colin Sell
Directed by David Hitchinson
A BBC World Service/Radio 4 production.
the DJ: Rudolph Walker
Captain Macheath: Alton Kumalo
Polly: Joy Elias-Rilwan
Anikura: Victor Lindsey
De Madam: Jeillo Edwards
Insp Brown: Yemi Ajibade
Emperor Boky: Ben Onwukwe
Matar/Ahmed: Christopher Asante
Jake/Alatako: Okon Jones
Baba/Col Moses: Alex Tettehlartey
Lucy/Sukie: Mariane Di Marko
Also broadcast on BBC World Service 11/10/87.

11th October 1987
19.00 :
The Red Badge of Courage (1895) by Stephen Crane (1871-1900) dramatised by H.A.L. Craig (1921-1978)
The American Civil War - a member of the Union Army deserts the battle field but returns to his regiment determined to show his courage.
1 of 2:
Music by John Buckland conducted by Lawrence Leonard
Songs arranged by Freddie Phillips and sung by Andrew Downie and Uriel Porter
Directed by John Gibson
Henry Fielding: Nigel Stock
Braggart soldier: Kenneth J. Warren
Jim Conklin: Barry Keegan
Lieutenant: John Glen
General: Charles Irwin
Tattered soldier: Malcolm Hayes
Cheerful soldier: Tom Duggan
Also with Isla Cameron, Andrew Downie, Jon Farrell, Brian O'Higgins, Michael Peake, Charles Richardson, P. G. Stephens, Bruce Wightman, Jon Rollason, Michael Turner, John Hollis, Hugh Dickson, Hugh Manning, David Spenser, John Rye, Kenneth Dight and Keith Williams
First broadcast on Radio 4 on 5/10/70.
(First broadcast on the Third Programme on 15/3/60, repeated 3/4/1960, 19/8/1960 )
Part 2: 18/10/87

11th October 1987
All the Blood Within Me by Kingsley Amis (1922-1995), dramatised by John Scotney
Funerals may result in hometruths which are better left unsaid - or are they?
Piano: Mary Nash
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Mac: Tom Watson
Bob: David Sinclair
Annette: Mia Soteriou
Franco: Jonathan Tafler
Sonia: Caroline Gruber
Elizabeth: Jill Lidstone
Jim: Alan Dudley
Rector: Brian Hewlitt
Steward: Kim Hughes
Also broadcast on R4X in 2015.

12th October 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Getting Ahead by Clairr O'Connor
A new headmaster is appointed during a teachers' strike. His wife is promoted at another school.
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
Andrew Crichton: Nick Springer
Kate Crichton: Joanna David
Angus Macpherson: Alex Norton
Henry Hoffman: John Ringham
Dave Anderson: Russell Dixon
Joanna Anderson/Grace Wright: Julie Berry
Angela Macpherson: Frances Jeater
Colin Smythe: David Learner
Alison Lightfoot: Deborah Makepeace
Mrs Bowen/Miss Rochester: Margaret Ward
Garfield: Richard Pearce
Schoolgirl: Catherine Clarke
Painter/Newsreader: Alan Dudley
Mary Warnock: Diana Olsson
Policeman: Manning Wilson
Mrs Blackwood: Susie Brann
Repeated 17th October 1987

13th October 1987
The Elephant Plays:
"The second of three play (sic) based on an illustration on page 23" ["One of a season of commissioned Elephant Plays in which three playwrights were sent the same illustration by the Times cartoonist Peter Brookes, and asked to write a play inspired by the drawing. The picture showed a rajah lounging on a couch with a huge shadow of an elephant spreading across the wall behind him."]
(see note below)

13th October 1987
King Priam by Andrew Rissik
Ten years after Paris stole Helen from the King of Sparta
Music: David Chilton and Nick Russell-Pavier
Directed by: Jeremy Mortimer
Priam, King of Troy: Paul Scofield
Hector, his elder son: Ronald Pickup
Andromache, Hector's wife: Susan Fleetwood
Paris, Priam's younger son: Michael Kitchen
Cassandra, Priam's daughter: Deborah Makepeace
Menelaus, King of Sparta: George Baker
Helen, his estranged wife: Janet McTeer
Achilles, the Greek champion: Michael Pennington
[Other parts]: members of the BBC Radio Drama Company
This play was repeated 12/10/89.

Special note re the ELEPHANT PLAYS series:
[The 13th Oct play was stated to be the 2nd of 3 plays but seems to be the first in THIS sequence.
Plays in THIS 1987 series were not properly detailed on BBC Genome. There were three plays, the broadcast dates were:
13th October 1987, 11.00 and 15.00: the 15.00 play only was identified as "King Priam".
14th October 1987: 21.00: "The Transmogrification of Herbert Mellish" by Marcia Kahan (no other detail)
15th October 1987: 15.00- no play name or any other detail given, but advance notice given on 13th as "A Slight Case of Gratitude" by John Graham.
Rissik later wrote three Troy related plays:
28/11/98 R3 1: King Priam and his sons
29/11/98 R3 2: The Death of Achilles
29/11/98 R3 3: Helen at Ephesus. ]

14th October 1987
Dear Illusion by Kingsley Amis, dramatised by John Scotney
A poet considers the value of his art and those who reviewed it.
Directed by Jane Morgan.
E A Potter: Freddie Jones
Sue MacNamara: Carolyn Pickles
Pat Bowes: Shaun Prendergast
Charles Ardwin: Brian Hewitt
Sir Robert: Alan Dudley
Guard: Michael Deacon
Also broadcast on R4X in 2015.

14th October 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Here We Go by John Chambers
A long period without work follows a lifetime of work- result, decline.
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester.
Danny: Paul Gregory
Moira: Sandra Clark
Ian Johnlangford
Janet: Sharon Muircroft
Tom: Robert Picka Vance
Tina: Julie Berry
Train guard/Football supporter: Christopher Lang

16th October 1987
The Dwarves: Chapter 13 of Crome Yellow (1921) by Aldous Huxley (1894-1963), dramatised by Peter Mackie
Sir Hercules and his wife, Filomena, are dwarves, in retreat on their country estate, but the world finally intrudes.
Harpsichordist: Marlene Fleet
Violinist: William Hand
Director: Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill
Narrator: Garard Greene
Hercules: David Learner
Filomena: Claire Faulconbridge
Sir Henry/Count Titimalo: Ronald Herdman
Ferdinando: Eric Stovell
Ferdinando/Hercules as boys: Silas Gregory
Lady Sarah/Servant: Hedli Niklaus
Charles/Geoffrey: Tony Turner
Jenkins: Alan Devereux
Simon: Rob Swinton
Gregory: Alex Jones
Sebastian: John Dixon
[Crome is a place, not the metal Chrome]
[Chapter 13 is 8 pages long]

17th October 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: A Long Memory by Peter Simpkin
Asked to ghostwrite the memoirs of an old gangster- good money, but the result is very ugly.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Roger Stephens: Dennis Waterman
Joy: Kim Thomson
Mary: Diana K????atls
Pool: John Hollis
Dave/Nash: Gordon Reid
James/Spanish cop: Andrew Branch
Peg/Roger's wife: Susie Brann
Jackson/Judge: Manning Wilson
Kaye: Philip York
Daglish: Colin Starkey
Jacobs/Syd: Tim Reynolds
Barry: Anthony Jackson
TV interviewer: Julie Berry
Elsie: Margaret Ward
DI Royal: Andrew MacLachlan
DS Mullins/First QC: Ian Thompson
Forbes/Second QC: Michael Tudor Barnes
Hatton/Dimitri: Brian Hewlett
Alf: Alan Dudley
Donny: Okon Jones
Repeated 19th October 1987

18th October 1987
14.30 :
Globe Theatre: The Visit (1956) by Friedrich Durrenmatt (1921-1990), translated by Maurice Valency(1903-1996). Adapted by Gordon House
The town is bankrupt, and welcomes a former citizen, now wealthy. The funds will be made available- but there is a price.
Music specially composed by Bernard Graham Shaw and performed by Tony Mcvey, Peter W Ashtell, Ben Grove and Bernard Graham Shaw.
Directed By Gordon House
A BBC World Service/Radio 4 production
Claire Zachanassian: Sian Phillips
Anton Schill: Joss Ackland
the Burgomaster: Charles Kay
Teacher: Peter Tuddenham
Pastor: Roger Hammond
Policeman: Brian Haines
Doctor/Hofbauer: William Eedle
Helmesberger/Mike/Pedro: Paul Gregory
Wechsler: Laurence Payne
Vogel: Alan Dudley
Bobby: David Garth
Painter: Richard Derrington
Frau Schill: Diana Olsson
First blind man: Brett Usher
Second blind man: Brian Hewlett
First woman: Emily Richard
Second woman/Frau Burgomaster: Zelah Clarke
Daughter: Caroline Gruber
Son: Kim Wall
Max/Athlete: John Samson
Conductor: Tim Reynolds
Also broadcast on BBC World Service on 18/10/87
[Original title: Der Besuch der alten Dame, English: The Visit of the Old Lady]

18th October 1987
I Spy Strangers by Kingsley Amis dramatised by John Scotney
1945. The war is over- in Europe. The fighters await their fate- return to civilian life or sent to another war? What sort of government can Britain expect?
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Jock Watson: Lain Cuthbertson
Major Raleigh: Steve Hodson
Sgt Hargreaves: Anthony Jackson
Lt Frank Archer: Philip Fox
Sgt Doll: Kim Wall
Capt Wilf Rowney: Michael Deacon
Lt Col Guy Davison/TV expert: Paul Sirr
Baxter/TV presenter: John Samson
Also broadcast on R4X in 2015.

19th October 1987
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Errors of the Past by Diana Bishop
Directed by Richard Wortley
Claudia: Janet Maw
Spinner: Sean Barrett
Jimmy: Mick Ford
Barbara: Valerie Sarruf
Thomas: Simon Cuff
Vera: Diana Bishop
Edward/Grace Darling: Michael Deacon
Grace Abounding: Steven Harrold
Grace W G: Kim Wall
Miss Dean: Eva Stuart
Enrique: Neville Jason
Repeated 24th October 1987

20th October 1987
11.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Speak to Us, Ruth by Rachel Wyatt
Three weeks on a remote island with her husband and his mistress.
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland
Hilda: Vivienne Dixon
Ruth: Anne Kristen
George: David McKail
Boatman: Forbes Masson
Repeated 21st October 1987

20th October 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Fade to Black by J. C. Wilsher
Edwina's organisation provides a service for those who want to see the past relived with the benefit of hindsight. But the price can be very high....
Directed by Graham Gauld.
Edwina: Shirley Cooklln
Nigel: Simon Hewitt
Tony: Fraser Kerr
Melanie: Penny Brown John
Lance: Eric Stovell
Barry: Malcolm James
Erica: Diana Olsson
Trish: Elaine Claxton
Jake: Steven Harrold
Samedi: R S Scampbell
Luke: Stuart Organ

21st October 1987
Affairs of Death by Kingsley Amis dramatised by John Scotney
King Macbeth of Scotland made confession to the Church 900 years ago. Directed by Jane Morgan.
Pope Leo IX: Peter Jeffrey
Macbeth: Kent Stott
Hildebrand: Olivier Pierre
Desiderius: Kim Wall
Also broadcast on R4X in 2015.

21st October 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: You in Your Small Corner by John Naismith (aka Robyn and Ronnie Smith)
Maz wants a musical career but practicing is a problem.
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
Maz Curtis: Rusty Livingstone
Liz Curtis: Maggie McCarthy
Linda Mayhew: Catherine Clarke
Gordon Curtis: Henry Stamper
Joe Haley: Ian Thompson
PC Hoyle/First coster: Stephen Hattersley
Ambulance man/Second coster: Tim Reynolds
[Not connected with a play of the same name in 1968 written by Eileen Corderoy]

22nd October 1987
15.00 :
The Afternoon Play: Murmur of a Summer's Day by John Pilkington
One stretch of water, two worlds.
Directed by Peter Windows
BBC Pebble Mill.
Harry: Terry Molloy
Mark: Neil Coker
He: Graham Seed
She: Claire Faulconbridge
Uncle: Jack May
[The author recommends this play as one of his best].

23rd October 1987
15.00 :
The Shout(1924) by Robert Graves (1895-1985), dramatised by Martyn Wade
A resident of a psychiatric hospital believes he has the power to 'shout' people to death. He tells the story of his magical power and the effect it had on a local couple.
Radiophonic sounds and music by Roger Limb of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Director: Cherry Cookson
Crossley: David Suchet
Rachel: Janet Maw
Richard: Nigel Anthony
David: Geoffrey Beevers
George/Mr Austin: William Eedle
Susan: Deborah Makepeace
Mary: Natasha Payne
Pauline: Elaine Claxton
Mother: Avril Clark
Cricket captain: Stuart Organ
Player: Stephen Hattersley
BBC Radio announcer: Peter Donaldson
Repeated from 11th December 1986

24th October 1987
19.00 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Miracle at Devil's Bluff by William Poulson
Director: Stuart Owen
John Ferguson: Robert Beatty
Samuel Rosenberg: Richard Le Parmentier
Alby Albeston: Bill Bailey
Adam Kelly: Jonathan Tafler
James Baird: Kim Wall
Mary Wallace: Zelah Clarke
Kaiser: Alan Dudley
Alex White: Harry Towb
Ed Rogers: William Hootkins
Fr Gomez: Michael Morris
Hotel clerk: Simon Cuff
Repeated 26th October 1987
[This is the only credit on BBC Genome for William Poulson].

25th October 1987
Mr Beluncle (1951) by V S. Pritchett (1900-1997), dramatised by Frederick Bradnum
1 of 3: Mr Beluncle lives in a world of fantasy.
Music composed by Terence Albright (harmonium)
Directed by Glyn Dearman.
Philip Beluncle: Freddie Jones
Ethel Beluncle: Rosemary Leach
Linda Truslove: Phyllida Nash
Lady Roads: Maxine Audley
Mr Phibbs: Alfred Burke
Mrs Vogg: Lila Kaye
Judy Dykes: Polly James
Henry: Stephen Tompkinson
George: Joseph Wright
Leslie: Richard Pearce
Grandma: Gladys Spencer
Mary Phibbs: Victoria Carling
David Vogg: John Church
Mr O'Malley: Laurence Payne
Granger: Tim Reynolds
Fred: John Baddeley
Sis Phibbs/ Kitty Wix: Zelah Clarke
Mr Martin: Kim Wall
Anderson: Julian Firth
Additional actors in parts 2 and 3:
Mr Chilly: Paul Sirr (2)
Mr Van der Hoek: Blain Fairman(2)
Doctor: John Samson(2)
Miss Vanner: Karen Archer(3)
Fishmonger: Michael Tudor Barnes(3)
Shop assistant: Stephen Rashbrook(3)
Part2:1/11/87 Part3:8/11/87
All episodes repeated after 5 days

25th October 1987
Castles in Spain by Edward Boyd (1916-1989)
1 of 5: 'When I walked into this house I was simple Grahame Mayer , the bookseller. Now it seems I'm Philip Marlowe, private eye. Am I being tested for something?'
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland.
Grahame Mayer: Ray Brooks
Forrest: Garard Green
Hemingway/Man on plane/ Millhouse: William Hope
Cameron: John Hannah
Teresa: Alexandra Mathie
Rainsford: Jonathan Tafler
Coleman: John Westbrook
Additional actors in parts 2-5:
Henderson: Joseph Brady(2)
Cameron: Joseph Greig(2)
Arnold: Ian Thompson(2)
Receptionist: Jennifer Piercey(2)
Insp McNeill: Carey Wilson(2)
Norah McGill: Sybil Wintrope(2)
Miss McLauchlan: Yvonne Gilan(3)
Pat: Richard Jamieson(3)
Paula: Caroline Guthrie(3)
Waiter/Taxi driver: Gordon Reid(3)
Nuke: John McGlynn(4)
Apollyon: Billy McColl(4)
Dr Lovat: Roy Hanlon(5)
This episode repeated 28/10/87.
First broadcast dates of other episodes:
2:1/11/87 3:8/11/87 4:15/11/87 5:22/11/87
All episodes were repeated three days later.
[Although copyright the script is available courtesy of the authors estate at archive.org: https://tinyurl.com/yz264lwp ]
[BBC tape SLN729/86DA1482, Recorded 24th July 1987 in Studio B.11, BH London]

26th October 1987
20.15 :
Play: Naming the Names by Anne Devlin
Finn has memories locked away which surface under the influence of a young man.
Directed by Susan Hogg
BBC Northern Ireland
Finn: Fiona Victory
Henry Kirk: Desmond McAleer
Jack McHenry: Kenneth Cranham
Insp McBride: Gerard McSorley
Miss Macken/Grandmother: Trudy Kelly
Mrs O'Hare: Gwendoune Stewart
Mr McCoy: Kevin Flood
Sharleen: Leanne O'malley
Young girl: Geraldine Hughes
Repeated from 14 and 19/7/86.
[Also made for tv in 1987]

27th October 1987
Play: Catching Bullets by Tony Bagley
Louise has lived with Hugo for nearly 40 years, but he does not know everything about her.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
Louise Price: Jennifer Piercey
Monty: John Forrest
Hugo: Steven Harrold
Girl/Nurse: Janet Rawson
Boy/Burglar: Spencer Banks

28th October 1987
15.00 :
Play: The Price of Gold by John Fletcher
Falling in love can affect your life.
Special effects by Dick Mills of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
Shekhar: Zia Mohyeddin
Gerald: Steve Hodson
Tamsin: Victoria Carling
Mother: Heather Emmanuel
Sita: Shireen Shah
Jenkins: Andrew Hilton
Edwards: Bill Wallis
Dealer: Anthony Jackson

29th October 1987
15.00 :
Play: Stone Island Sound by Angus Graham Campbell
The family regularly holiday on an island.
This year the family balance is altered as the daughter has invited two of her friends.
Directed by Tim Suter.
Chris: Greg Frost
Sean: Kerry Shale
Karl: William Hope
Lexy: Shelley Thompson
Ben: Bla1n Fa1rman
Dede: Ann G Murray
Jen: Cherri Domin
Repeated 30th July 1989

31st October 1987
15.00 :
Play: The Deception of the Thrush by Jane Beeson (1930-2006)
The relationships between a father, a daughter, a business partner and a young girlfriend.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
Claire: Phoebe Nichous
Bernard: Richard Pasco
Louise: Anna Nygh
Richard: Nicholas Farrell
Tessa: Moir Leslie
Waiter: Scott Cherry
First broadcast (as "Deception of the Thrush" - no The) on 11th December 1983.

31st October 1987
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: All Souls' Night by Joseph Tomelty
On All Souls Night a young man decides to leave the poverty of his home.
Music specially composed by Henry Dagg
Producer Kathryn Porter
Kathrine Quinn: Sheila McGibbon
John Quinn: Michael Duffy
Michael: Dan Gordon
Molly Trainor: Susie Kelly
Tom Byers: John Hewitt
Stephen Quinn: Trevor Moore
Mr Thurston: Pat Brannigan
Repeated 2nd November 1987
[There was a 1950 radio production of this play by James Mageean, a 1964 production, and a 1969 production by Ronald Masom]

2nd November 1987
20.15 :
Play: The Flawed Man by James Douglas
Looking to a future where television chat shows become aggressively confrontational and destructive to delight the masses.
Television show theme music composed by Roger Limb of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Directed by Susan Hogg
BBC Manchester.
Bruce Miller: Barry Foster
George Edmonds: Derek Newark
Jerry Faldo: Gary Waldhorn
Percy Greer: Renny Krupinski
Stan Bissett: Christopher Ravenscroft
Sue Fenton: Jenny Fowe
A P Kent: Randal Herley
Also with Linda Gardner and Ann Rye
Repeated 7th November 1987

3rd November 1987
15.00 :
Play: Miss Lamb to the Slaughter by Jennifer Phillips
A single mother returns to the workplace and wonders where her fellow workers meet so many partners.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Jacky: Tessa Worsley
Deborah: Susie Brann
June: Rosalind Thomas
Eddie: Trevor Nichols
Jimmy: Simon Cuff

4th November 1987
Play: Sea Voices by Dot Rubin
Three separate stories about people holidaying by the sea - in Scotland, Spain and Cornwall.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
Alan: Simon Cuff
Jane: Emily Richard
Keeper: James Bryce
Helen: Julia Goodman
Don: Christopher Fairbank
Sam: Elizabeth Lindsay
Brenda: Sherrie Hewson
Dave: Michael Jenner
Waiter: Jonathan Tafler

5th November 1987
15.00 :
Play: Ave Maria by Jane Rawlinson
A body is found in front of a statue of Mary.
Directed by Stewart Conn
BBC Scotland.
Eileen MacManus: Kate Flynn
Fr Flanagan: Aiden Grennell
Michael: Patrick Dawson
Maria MacManus: Colette Proctor
Mrs Laughlin: Eileen Colgan
Brigid: Marion O'Dwyer
Bernadette O'Reilly: Ann Marie Horan
Mrs O'Reilly: Neasa Ni Annrachain
Patrick MacManus: Brendan Cauldwell
Mrs O'Connor: Daphne Carroll
Jim Kelly: Michael Ford

7th November 1987
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Love on the Dole (1933) by Walter Greenwood (1903-1974), play adaption (1934) by Ronald Gow (1897-1993].
Salford: 1930s: Can there be a truly socialist future?
Directed by Pat Trueman
Sally Hardcastle: Mary-Jo Randle
Larry Meath: David Schofield
Mrs Hardcastle: Elizabeth Kelly
Harry Hardcastle: Gary Cady
Mr Hardcastle: John Samson
Mrs Jike: Pat Coombs
Mrs Dorbell: Jennifer Piercey
Mrs Bull: Diana Olsson
Helen Hawkins: Julia Ford
Sam Grundy: Stephen Thorne
O'Leary: Steven Harrold
Charlie/Poiceman: David Goodland
Repeated on 9th November 1987
[Greenwood lived in Salford and witnessed the events described. Gow lived in Stockport and came from a less impoverished background].

7th November 1987
Up the Garden Path by Sue Limb
1 of 6: New Year, Old Problems
Producer Jonathan James-Moore
Izzy: Imelda Staunton
Maria: Marty Cruickshank
Michael: Nicholas Le Prevost
Dick: Mike Grady
Gwyn: Sian Probert
Class 4C: Cheryl Miller, Sarah Doyle, Sam Smart, Mark Monero, members of the Anna Scher Theatre (London)
Part2:14/11/87 Part3:21/11/87 Part4:28/11/87 Part5:5/12/87 Part6:12/12/87
All parts repeated four days later.
This was the first series, followed in later years by several sequel series.

9th November 1987
20.15 :
Play: Tomorrow Never Comes by Michael Bartlett
Deciding what it is you want to do with your life is a very positive thing, even when the decision is whether you continue living or not.
Flute: Michael Hirst
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Marilyn: Selina Cadell
Hugh: Kim Wall
Evelyn: Rowena Cooper
Donald: John Baddeley
Tansy: Pauline Letts
Jane: Zelah Clarke
Elsie: Julie Berry
Sally: Caroline Gruber
Brett: Michael Tudor Barnes
Dr Ross: Alan Dudley
Dr Cadwell: Laurence Payne
Singer: Melanle Harrold
Repeated 14th November 1987

10th November 1987
Play: Coma by Russ Gascoigne
Peter and Karen visits Billy every day, with news and stories. Is he listening?
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
Karen: Nicola Vickery
Billy's parents: Sylvia Kay
Paul: Jonathan Tafler
Nurses: Deborah Makepeace and Zelah Clarke
Billy: Kim Wall

11th November 1987
15.00 :
Play: Billy and the Kid by Barrie Shore
The experience of an orphan in Edinburgh in the 1950's.
Narrator Hannah Gordon
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol.
Billy: Graham Glen
The Kid: Melanie Uster-Kaye
Mrs Morris: Diana Olsson
Marjie: Angela Phillips
Mr Smart: Paul Gregory
Pete: Jamie Russell
Also with Bob Docherty and Elizabeth Lindsay with the children of Graigmount High School, Edinburgh
Repeated 16th October 1988

12th November 1987
15.00 :
Play: Spring by Allen Saddler
The company that bottles spring water has to consider a report on the water quality.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol.
Walter: Richard Howard
Fred: Anthony Donovan
Mike: Steve Hodson
Dick: John Sansom
Cathy: Deborah Makepeace
Susan: Diana Olsson
Roger: Trevor Danby
Brenda: Sheila Grant

14th November 1987
The Confidential Agent (1939) by Graham Greene (1904-1991) dramatised by James Saunders
1938: he was sent to buy coal.... at almost any price. Failure meant defeat for his government, which had a civil war on its hands.
Directed By: Matthew Walters
Droeschke: Charles Kay
Rose: Kim Thomson
Lindz/Forbes: Anthony Jackson
Currie: Steve Hodson
Else: Deborah Makepeace
Bellows/Brigstock: Alan Dudley
Korpe: Brian Hewlett
Manageress: Auriol Smith
Chauffeur/Beggar: Michael Deacon
Benditch: Laurence Payne
First Secretary/Solicitor: John Samson
Mucker /Policeman: Garard Green
Sir Terence/Bates: Michael Tudor Barnes
Also with Kim Wall, Victoria Carling, Stephen Rashbrook and Stephen Tompkinson
Repeated 16th November 1987
Also repeated in three parts in 1991 commencing 17/4/91
[There is also a version of the book in the 1949 US radio series "Escape"]

15th November 1987
Our Man in Havana by Graham Greene dramatised by Gregory Evans
1 of 3: Havana, Cuba: an English vacuum cleaner salesman has problems with money and his daughter.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol.
Wormold: Jack Watling
Hasselbacher: George Pravda
Milly: Julia Hills
Hawthorne: James Kerry
Chief: Geoffrey Matthews
Miss Jenkinson: Elizabeth Havelock
Lopez: Scott Cherry
Additional actors in parts 2 and 3:
Beatrice: Eleanor Bron(2)
Milly: Julia Hills(2)
Segura: Edward de Souza(2)
Teresa: Petra Leah(2)
George: Hubert Rees(2)
MacDougall: Clive Panto(3)
Dr Braun: Nigel Graham(3)
American Consul: Peter Tuddenham(3)
British Ambassador: Nat Brenner(3)
Ep2:22/11/87 Ep3:29/11/87
Each episode was repeated five days later.
This episode was first broadcast 23rd and 28th October 1983.

17th November 1987
Play: For the Love of Two Boys by Tom Hadaway (1923-2005)
Traditional fishing methods face mechanised trawling and create friction between traditionalists and modernisers.
Directed by Dave Sheasby
BBC North East.
George: Robson Greene
Da: Tom Hadaway
Mollie: Anne Orwin
Ma: Val McLane
Preacher: Peter Wheeler

18th November 1987
15.00 :
The Great Jowett(1939) by Graham Greene
Greene's only original work for radio. A study of the Master of Balliol
Directed by Brian Wright.
Benjamin Jowett (1817-93): Alan Bennett
Dean Stanley, the narrator: David Markham
Matthew Knight: Brian Carroll
Algernon Swinburne: Andrew Branch
Dr Peel/Paine: Anthony Hyde
Dr Ross/Matthew Arnold: Brian Haines
Professor Smith/Foster: Godfrey Kenton
Vice-Chancellor/Dr Scott: Michael Goldie
Plumer/Archbishop: Christopher Scott
Mrs Sparks: Lolly Cockerell
Miss Knight: Josie Kidd
First broadcast on Radio 3 on 23rd September 1980, repeated 19th July 1981.
[Play first produced for radio in 1939]

19th November 1987
15.00 :
Play: Short on Waste by David Blair
Two boyhood friends meet and revisit old haunts which have changed, as also they have.
Directed by Stewart Conn
BBC Scotland
Rodger: Billy McColl
Joe: Leonard O'Malley
George: Jackie Farrell
Father: Martin Black
Mother: Ann Scott Jones
Jimmy: Finlay McLean
Bobby: Iain Dunnett
Trainspotter: Vincent Friell

21st November 1987
15.00 :
Play: The Pass by Ginnie Hole
Repeated from 30th May 1987, please see above.

21st November 1987
19.45 :
The Third Man by Graham Greene adapted from the screenplay by Richard Wortley
An author is invited to Vienna to assist his friend with a new enterprise. He is advised that his friend is dead.
Directed by Richard Wortley
German hotel porter: John Samson
Rollo Martins: Ed Bishop
Harry Lime: Ian Hendry
Colonel Calloway: John Bentley
Anna: Ann Lynn
Harry Lime's porter: William Fox
Sgt Paine/Dr Winkel: Henry Stamper
Tombs: Geoffrey Beevers
Carter: Leslie Heritage
KurtZ: Dennis McCarthy
Tyler: Peter Marinker
Hansi/Austrian woman: Olwen Griffiths
First broadcast 13th and 15th November 1971, repeated 7th October 1979.

23rd November 1987
15.00 :
Play: The Montrose Ghost by Martin Jenkins based upon the short story by Harold Balfour, Lord Balfour Of Inchrye (1897-1988)
1915: a ghost has come to haunt the Royal Flying Corps Station in Montrose, Scotland.
Directed by Gerry Jones
Capt Little: John Pullen
Lt Adam: Christopher Neame
Flt Sgt Wood: Douglas Blackwell
Sylvia: Rosalind Shanks
Major Holt: Patrick Barr
Flt Officer Anne Douglas: Jane Knowles
Capt Roberts: David Graham
Wing Commander Buckle: David Neal
Rupert: Christopher Bidmead
Lt Wainwright/Signals officer: Sion Probert
First broadcast 12th and 14th June 1976.
Repeated 12th March 1976
[Lord Balfour flew in WW1 and was Under-Secretary of State for Air in 1944]
[The story recalls the first military aviation fatality in the United Kingdom, the first fatal aircraft accident in Scotland and the first Irishman killed in an aeroplane accident].

23rd November 1987
20.15 :
The Potting Shed (1957) by Graham Greene adapted by Peggy Wells
The family gather for a funeral and the events in the potting shed may become known.
Directed by Gerry Jones.
James Callifer: Richard Pasco
Frederick Baston: Peter Howell
Anne Callifer: Daryl Back
Sara Callifer: Maureen O'Brien
Mrs Mary Callifer: Mary Kerridge
John Callifer: Hugh Ross
Dr Kreuzer: Alan Downer
Miss Connolly: Peggy Marshall
Fr William Callifer: Garard Green
Mrs Potter: Sheila Grant
Corner: Simon Cuff
Repeated 28th November 1987
[There was an earlier radio production, 1967 repeated 1973 by John Powell]
[The UK and US versions of the stage play had a differing third act- the US version was less skeptical.]

24th November 1987
Play: Sauce by Sue Teddern
Inappropriate behaviour in the kitchen and by a food critic.
Directed by Clive Brill
BBC Pebble Mill
Jonathan Fulton: Jack May
Kathy: Avril Clark
Anita: Sue Broomfield
Lucien: Robin Brooks
Repeated 14th November 1989, 2nd July 1991
[The first radio play by Sue Teddern. She broadly retold this tale in an episode of Birds of a Feather (tv) ]

25th November 1987
15.00 :
Cheap in August by Graham Greene, dramatised by Elizabeth Troop
A woman seeks a Caribbean adventure.
Directed by Richard Wortley.
Mary Watson: Valerie Sarruf
Henry Hickslaughter: Robert Beatty
Charlie Watson: Blain Fairman
Sadie: Sheila Grant
Jeannie: Jennifer Piercey
Old woman: Diana Olsson
First Jamaican waiter/First crew-cut boy: Gregory
Second Jamaican waiter/Second crew-cut boy: Paul Steven Harrold
Jamaican maid: Victoria Carling
Repeated 25th June 1988, 2nd June 1991, 11th August 1993
[Written by Greene in Jamaica in August 1963]

26th November 1987
15.00 :
Lady Faustus by Michael Payne
The town is discussing Lady Faustus who is only seen once a year. One man discovers her secrets.
Director: David Johnston
Lady Faustus: Rula Lenska
Lt Franz Zimmerman: James Aubrey
Mano: Mary Wimbush
Lt Gustav Hardenburg: David Goodland
Gerta von Kleber: Zelah Clarke
Cpt Schwartz: Paul Gregory
Hostess at the ball: Carole Boyd
Countess Hilda: Margaret Ward
Army officer: Steven Harrold
Major-domo: Paul Sirr
Repeated 24th April 1988
Also broadcast on R4X in January 2019.

28th November 1987
19.45 :
Play: Night Must Fall by Emlyn Williams (1905-87)
There is a murder, or two. What is really in the hat box?
Directed by John Tydeman
Dan: Hywel Bennett
Mrs Bramson: Brenda Bruce
Olivia: Caroline Mortimer
Mrs Terence: Anne Jameson
Hubert Laurie: John Church
Dora Parkoe: Melina Walker
Insp Belsize: Ronald Herdman
Repeated from 23rd and 25th November 1985
There were earlier and later radio productions of this play and several versions on US Radio including the Suspense series.

29th November 1987
Father Brown: The Absence of Mr Glass by G.K. Chesterton, dramatised by John Scotney
Father Brown attempts to track down the mysterious Mr Glass.
Director: Alec Reid
Father Brown: Andrew Sachs
Orion Hood: Bernard Archard
Flambeau: Olivier Pierre
Maggie: Deborah Makepeace
Todhunter: Kim Wall
Housekeeper: Margaret Ward
Repeated 2nd December 1987.
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2008, 2010, and 2011

30th November 1987
15.00 :
Play: The Wind of Heaven by Emlyn Williams (1905-87) adapted by Barbara Couper
Faith is re-kindled in a small Welsh village at the end of the Crimean War.
Directed by Enyd Williams .
Dilys Parry: Sian Phillips
Ambrose Ellis: Freddie Jones
Pitter: And Nigel Stock
Bet: Lisabeth Miles
Menna: Angharad Rees
Mrs Lake: Margot Boyd
Evan: Stewart Jones
Repeated from 18th November 1985
[Several other radio productions of this play]

30th November 1987
19.45 :
Play: Mary Stuart (1800) by Friedrich Von Schiller (1759-1805) freely translated by Stephen Spender (1909-1995)
1587, Mary Stuart is prisoner in Fotheringay.
Lute: Christopher Wilson
Directed by David Johnston.
Mary Stuart: Hannah Gordon
Queen Elizabeth: Barbara Jefford
Robert Dudley,: Jack Klaff
Hanna Kennedy: Mary Riggans
Lord Burleigh: Alan Dudley
Paulet: David Goodland
Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury: Michael Bilton
Davidson: John Samson
Mortimer: Anthony Edridge
Sir Andrew Melville: Gordon Reid
Drury: John Baddeley
Aubespine: Simon Cuff
Bellievre: Steve Hodson
Kent: Paul Gregory
Maidservant: Emily Richard
[Original German title "Maria Stuart"]
[The original play created characters and incidents that have no historic basis]

1st December 1987
Play: Baths by Jim Cartwright
A variety of people at a public swimming bath.
Directed by Penny Gold
Christopher/lad: William Armstrong
Bus: Kenny Ireland
Attendant: Stephen Tompkinson
Old man: Laurence Payne
Old lady: Sheila Burrell
Lads: Paul Sirr and Richard Pearce
Lasses: Julia Ford and Helena Breck
Repeated on Radio 3 on 10th December 1988

2nd December 1987
15.00 :
Play: Broadsheet Testimonies by Nigel Baldwin
A newspaper editor sends a young reporter on a dangerous muck-raking mission
Directed by Richard Wortley
Editor: Norman Jones
Reporter: Lesley Dunlop
Man interviewed: Geoffrey Matthews

3rd December 1987
15.00 :
The Beast of Long Mindham by Debbie Cook
People don't believe in dragons these days. Neither did John Tillner until he met a witch who offered to turn him into one.
Director: Stuart Owen
John Tillner: Jon Glover
Moira Tillner: Karen Archer
Lucy: Andrea Kealy
Frank: Gordon Reid
Ted Walker: Tim Reynolds
Rosie Carstairs: Jennifer Piercey
Gary Walker: Kim Wall
Newsreader: Brian Hewlett

5th December 1987
15.00 :
Play: Lily and Colin- Light Over the Bay by Elisabeth Bond
When a man runs away with a young girl- is it abduction, perhaps sexual abuse? The truth is more complicated.
Directed by Penny Gold .
Lily: Janette Beverley
Colin: Paul Copley
Tucker: George Parsons
Father: Brian Smith
Shopkeeper: Irene Sutcliffe
Mr Wright: Christopher Scoti
Ms Smart: Elaine Claxton
Vicar Oliver: Ford Davies
Station master: Alan Thompson
Policeman: Jamie Roberts
Previously broadcast as just "Lily and Colin" on 9th December 1985.
[The characters Lily and Colin, played by the same actors, also appear in "Lily and Colin- City Light" broadcast on 7th and 12th December 1987]

5th December 1987
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: An Englishman's Home by Ray Ball.
Competition between caravan club members.
Director: Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
Colin: Christopher Godwin
Kath: Bridget Forsyth
Angela: Natasha Pyne
Brian: Pearce Quigley
Steve: John Griffin
Harry: Peter Wheeler
Roger: Peter Rylands
Barnie: Neville Barber
Veronica: Meg Johnson
Chris: Simon Bleackley
Barman: Laurence Kenny
Repeated 7th December 1987 and 8th April 1991.
[There was a sequel, "Still Waters", broadcast 13th April 1991]

6th December 1987
14.30 :
The True Heart(1929) by Sylvia Townsend Warner (1893-1978), dramatised by Doreen Mahon
1 of 2: 1873: An orphan finds work- and love- working as a maid, but has to undertake a journey to pursue her love.
Directed by Janet Whitaker.
Sukey Bond: Tilly Vosburgh
Eric Seaborn: Mick Ford
Prudence Gulland: Theresa Streatfeild
Mrs Seaborn: Diana Bishop
Mr Warburton: Charles Kay
Mrs Pocock/Mrs Rew: Eva Smart
Ada: Zelah Clarke
Lilly/Grieve: Caroline Gruber
Mr Noman: Norman Bird
Zeph/Curate/ Mr Mullein/Stationmaster: Steve Hodson
Reuben: Peter Tuddenham
Additional actors in Part 2:
Mr Seaborn: Robert Lang
Queen Victoria: Anna Cropper
Vicar's wife/Sphinx: Victoria Carling
Lady Emily Melhuish: Emily Richard
Mrs Oxey/Lady-in-waiting/ Mrs Lucy: Diana Olsson
Vicar of Shoeburyness/Carter: John Samson
Mrs Mullein: Polly James
Lord Constantine Melhuish: Christopher Bowen
Repeated 11th December 1987 and 18th August 1989
Part 2: 13 and 18/12/87

6th December 1987
Raffles: The Ides of March (1898) by E.W.Hornung (1866-1921) dramatised by David Buck (1936-1989)
Raffles visits a jeweller to obtain funds to assist a debt ridden former school friend.
Signature tune composed by Jim Parker
Directed by Gordon House
A Radio 4/ World Service production
Raffles: Jeremy Clyde
Bunny: Michael Cochrane
Young Bunny: James Dykes
Lord Upton: George Parsons
Constable: John Church
Cronies: Graham Blockey and Shaun Prendergast
First broadcast 23rd October 1985.
[This play is from the first story about Raffles published in 1898]
[David Buck dramatised two series of Raffles tales, 6 tales in 1985 of which 4 were repeated in 1987, and another six tales in 1988 repeated after four days. A third series was dramatised by another due to David's death in 1989]
[E W Hornung was the brother in law of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle]

7th December 1987
Ice (1978) by James Follett (1939-2021)
1 of 3: The Ice Moved....
Two scientists in Antartica investigate an icequake.
Directed by Alec Reid
BBC Bristol.
Narrator Sean Barrett
Julia Hammond: Carol Drinkwater
Glyn Sherwood: Anthony Hyde
Oaf Johansen: Eric Allen
Brill: Brian Hewlett
Stevens: Jonathan Tafler
Steward: Peter Howell
PA voice: Stephen Hattersley
Also with David Goodland, Kim Wall and Rachel Gurney
Additional actors in parts 2 and 3:
Admiral Pearson: Don Fellows
Capt Hagan: Ed Bishop
Walter Krantz: Peter Marinker
Lt Klein: David Goodland
Mason: Andrew Branch
US President: Alan Tilvern
Maguire: Bruce Boa
TV reporter: Kim Wall
Part2:14/12/87 Part3:21/12/87
First broadcast as a 90 minute play on 8th and 10th November 1986
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2008, 2009 in the 90 minute format.

7th December 1987
20.15 :
Play: Lily and Colin - City Light by Elisabeth Bond
Their love has kept them warm but now they face life in London.
Director: Penny Gold
Lily: Janette Beverley
Colin: Paul Copley
Wayne: Don Henderson
Bey: Tilly Vosburgh
Salim: Derrick Branche
Mr Trelford: John Baddeley
Paulo: Jonathan Tafler
Furniture buyer: Laurence Payne
Scots punter: Paul Gregory
Irish drunk: David Goodland
Also with Caroline Gruber; Joan Mattheson; Diana Olsson; Tim Reynolds
Repeated 12th December 1987
[A sequel to Lily and Colin first broadcast on 9/12/85 and repeated as Lily and Colin-Light over the Bay on 5/12/87] ]

8th December 1987
15.00 :
Play: The Colour of Summer by Colin MacDonald
Is it the pop star Millie visiting the the Highland town?
BBC Scotland.
Director: Stewart Conn
Narrator: Michael Elder
Kid: Carry Stewart
Jackie: Michael McCallum
Susan: Jo McStay
Receptionist: Anne Lacey
Munro: Wllliam Blair
Mr Dunbar: Lloyd Anderson
Grace Dunbar: Angela Wynter

9th December 1987
12.25-13.00 :
Raffles: Gentlemen and Players (1898) by E.W. Hornung dramatised by David Buck
Raffles and Bunny are engaged for cricketing weeks at country estates and cricket is not their main interest.
The Raffles signature tune was specially composed by Jim Parker
Directed by Gordon House
(Radio 4/ World Service co-production)
Raffles: Jeremy Clyde
Bunny: Michael Cochrane
MacKenzie: Henry Stamper
Crawshay: Ron Pember
Maid: Jane Leonard
Porter/Smithson: Christopher Scott
Lord Amersteth: David Garth
Umpire/Guest: Gordon Reid
Viscount Crowley: Graham Blockey
Batsman/Guest: James MacPherson
Rector's daughter: Melinda Walker
Guest: Jamie Roberts
Repeated from 27th and 30th October 1985
[Please see notes following Raffles entry for 6th Decemnber 1987 above]

9th December 1987
15.00 :
The Peril by Dennis Ashton
There is a legend that King Arthur will return to save England from great danger. This will happen when George, son of George, is made King. The year is 1940 and the Battle of Britain is at its height....
Directed by Ian Cotterell.
Albert Yardley: Manning Wilson
Alice Yardley: Jennifer Piercey
Henry: David Goodland
Stanley: Brian Hewlett
Jessie: Zelah Clarke
Margaret: Susie Brann
Richard: Andrew Branch
Auctioneer: Tim Reynolds
Stranger: Kim Wall
and the BBC Radio Drama Company

10th December 1987
15.00 :
Ivan the Fool and Vasilisa the Wise by Stephen Mulrine
A man-eating witch, a talking doll, a dead princess and a live skeleton. And Ivan is determined to be married.
Technical assistance by John Whitehall and Wilfred Acosta
Directed by Matthew Walters
Narrated by Nicholas McArdle
Ivan: Jonathan Tafler
Tsaritsa/She-Bear: Julie Berry
Baba Yaga/Crow: Pauline Letts
Doll: Caroline Gruber
Priest/Pike: Alan Dudley
Vasilisa: Victoria Carling
Koshchei the Deathless: John Rye
Narrator: Nicholas McArdle
Repeated 16/7/89, 19/8/90
Also broadcast on R4X in 2019

12th December 1987
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Conan Doyle and the Edalji Case by Roy Apps
The story of George Edalji intrigued Conan Doyle, and he turned himself into a real detective....
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Iain Cuthbertson
Major Wood: John Church
George Edalji: Michael Harbour
Mrs Edalji/Mary: Emily Richard
Ma'am: Margot Boyd
Jean Maud: Victoria Carling
The Rev Edalji/Arrowsmith: John Baddeley
Rowlwy/Vachell/Beaumont: Michael Tudor Barnes
Campbell: Anthony Jackson
Parsons/Yelverton/Mitchell: Steven Harrold
Anson: Alan Dudley
Repeated 14th December 1987
Also broadcast on BBC World Service in July 1989

13th December 1987
Raffles- Wilful Murder or The Return Match by E. W. Hornung dramatised by David Buck
Raffles calmly declares he is planning to commit murder....
Signature tune composed by Jim Parker
Directed by Gordon House
A Radio 4 / World Service production
Raffles: Jeremy Clyde
Bunny: Michael Cochrane
MacKenzie: Henry Stamper
Crawshay: Ron Pember
Sergeant/Waiter: John Church
Repeated from 17 and 20/11/85
[Please see notes following Raffles entry for 6th December 1987 above]

14th December 1987
20.15 :
Play: Aristophanes against the World by Martyn Wade
Loosely based on works by Aristophanes. A war has impoverished a farmer whose son gambles.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
Aristophanes: Clive Merrison
Dicaiopolis: Alfred Molina
Philocleon, his father: Robert Lang
Pheidippides, his son: John McAndrew
Rabies: Maggie McCarthy
Distemper: Zelah Clarke
Dung-Beetle: Geoffrey Matthews
Euripides/Megarian: Michael Tudor Barnes
Chairman/Boetian: Norman Bird
Ambassador/Socrates: Michael Deacon
Cleon/Lysistratus: John Samson
Chairephon/Theophrastus: Simon Cuff
Pasias: Richard Tate
Chorus: Karen Archer, Caroline Gruber, Maggie McCarthy, and Zelah Clarke
Additional part not listed on BBC Genome:
Flute girl: Karen Archer
Repeated 19/12/87
[The play is based mainly on Acharnians, Clouds, and Wasps and one other.]

15th December 1987
Play: Listen to my Voice by John Harding
A woman takes a guided tour around an art gallery.
Directed by Shaun Macloughlin
BBC Bristol.
the young man: Steve Hodson
the older woman: June Barrie
the girl: Susie Brann
Older man: Bruce Stewart
Janni: Renu Setna
Freddie: Alan Dudley
Security guard: Jennifer Piercey

16th December 1987
Raffles: The Chest of Silver by E W. Hornung dramatised by David Buck
Raffles is off on a trip to Scotland but Bunny has to guard the silver.
Raffles: With Jeremy Clyde
Bunny: Michael Cochrane
MacKenzie: Henry Stamper
Porter/Man: Adrian Egan
Cabman/Man: Gordon Reid
Flunkey/Cabman: David Learner
Clerk: Brian Smith
Men at Turkish baths: David Garth and Garard Green
First man at bank/Constable: Richard Durden
Second man at bank/Doorman: Robin Summers
Repeated from 24 and 27/11/85
[Please see notes following Raffles entry for 6th Decemnber 1987 above]

16th December 1987
15.00 :
The Good, the Bad and the Slightly Unprepossessing by Sarah Maxwell
Beauty and the Beast updated and set in the USA.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
Harrison Hope: Blain Fairman
Ginger Meadows: Liza Ross
C W Meadows: Derek Newark
Billy Browne: Don Fellows
Belle Meadows: Nicky Croydon
Cowboy: Bob Sherman
Kip Connors: Keith Edwards

17th December 1987
15.00 :
Play: Deadfall by R. D. Wingfield (1928-2007)
A former special agent becomes involved in an assassination plot- the last time he tried it, it didn't work out too well.
Directed by Ian Cotterell.
Harry Davis: Bob Peck
Jenny Brown: Julie Berry
Det Sgt Redway: Stephen Thorne
Reynolds: Tim Reynolds
Joe: Alan Dudley
Tom Crossland: Aubrey Woods
Cot Travers: Peter Howell
Agent: Paul Gregory
Agent: Michael Tudor Barnes
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2007, 2008 and 2009 and on BBC R4X in 2011, 2013, 2017, 2019, 2021.

19th December 1987
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Crisp and Even Brightly by Alick Rowe (1939-2009)
What is the true story behind the story of Good King Wenceslas?
Synthesiser: Andrew Christie
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
Good King Wenceslas: Timothy West
The Page: James Holland
Queen Grandmother: June Barrie
Sigmund: Christian Rodska
Otto: William Eedle
Marta: Maureen O'Brien
Crone: June Tobin
Harry the Spy: Michael Tudor Barnes
Vlad: David March
Tunna: Bill Wallis
Gomon: John Baddeley
Woman inside: Polly James
Man inside: Andrew Hilton
Ragman: Anthony Jackson
Kermit: Michael Deacon
Nice man: Paul Nicholson.
Repeated 21/12/87, 27/6/88, 21/12/92,
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 also on BBC R4X in 2011, 2015.
[1987 Sony Radio Award winner for Best Use of Comedy]

20th December 1987
14.30 :
Venus Observed (1950) by Christopher Fry (1907-2005)
Directed by Jane Morgan.
The Duke is to marry for a third time and his son is to pick the bride.
the Duke of Altair: Denholm Elliott
Jessie Dill: Elizabeth Spriggs
Rosabel Fleming: Moira Redmond
Hilda Taylor-Snell: Stephanie Bidmead
Perpetua: Angela Down
Edgar: Richard Kay
Reedbeck: Clive Swift
Dominic: David Timson
Capt Fox Reddleman: Alan Barry
Bates: Michael Shannon
Repeated from 15th and 21st October 1973, repeated 8/10/78,
[The play is written in blank verse- rhythmic but unrhyming].

20th December 1987
19.00 :
Charley's Aunt (1892) by Brandon Thomas (1848-1914), adapted by David Buck (1936-1989).
1892 Oxford, two students seek time with their girlfriends and need a chaperone.
Directed By: Gordon House
A BBC World Service Drama production
Jack Chesney: Tim Pigott Smith
Charley Wykeham: Jeremy Clyde
Lord Fancourt Babberley: Michael Cochrane
Kitty Verdun: Nina Thomas
Amy Spettigue: Stella Forge
Sir Francis Chesney: Jack May
Mr Spettigue: David Buck
Brassett: Alan Dudley
Donna Lucia d'Alvadorez: Pauline Letts
Ela Delahay: Madeline Smith
Repeated from 9th April 1982
[There was a later version adapted by Jonathan Hall, broadcast 2000 and repeated on BBC7]

21st December 1987
20.15 :
I Could Have Been King by Brian Glanville
A story of cricketer, footballer, athlete, and teacher C.B. Fry (who was offered the throne of Albania).
Directed by Graham Gauld.
C B Fry (1872-1956): Martin Jarvis
Rosenbaum: Sean Barrett
Beatie: Diana Olsson
Ranjitsinghi: Terry Raven
Stephen Fry: Anthony Daniels
Sir Charles Hoare: Laurence Payne
F E Smith: Gordon Dulieu
PO Sharkey: Paul Sirr
Chief officer: William Simons
Boys: Richard Pearce
Repeated 13th February 1988

22nd December 1987
15.00-15.10: They That Have Power by Angus Graham Campbell
15.10-15.30 Another Half-Hour by Angus Graham Campbell
Directed by Richard Wortley
[The two stories are connected]
the priest: Nigel Havers
the man: Trevor Nichols
First woman: Elaine Claxton
Second woman: Avril Clark
Paul: Nicholas Rucker
Andrew: Danny Kodicek
Teacher: Avril Clark
[BBC Genome does not give separate credits for these short plays.]

23rd December 1987
15.00 :
The Carol Singers by Al Hunter (1957-2007)
Three pub goers go carol singing on Christmas Eve for a bet. It is difficult to recapture the spirit of Christmas past.
Directed by Jane Morgan
Bill: Brian Glover
Dave: Ian Sharrock
Lofty: Kevin Lloyd
Fr Hanigan: Richard Tate
Barren: Leo Butler
Barney: William Simons
Jenny: Polly James
Young Bill: Paul Eaton
Also with Norman Bird, Caroline Gruber, Richard Pearce and Joan Matheson.
[The author used the names Alan Hunter, Al Hunter Ashton, Al Ashton and Alun Nipper]

24th December 1987
19.45 :
Crime at Christmas: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie, dramatised by Michael Bakewell
Hercule Poirot retires to the country to grow vegetable marrows.
Director: Enyd Williams
Hercule Poirot: John Moffatt
Sheppard: John Woodvine
Roger Ackroyd: Laurence Payne
Raymond: Peter Gilmore
Caroline: Diana Olsson
Miss Russell: Eva Stuart
Flora: Zelah Clarke
Mrs Cecil Ackroyd: Joan Matheson
Ursula Bourne: Karen Archer
Hector Blunt: David Goodland
Insp Raglan: Richard Tate
Insp Davis: Simon Cuff
Ralph Paton: Paul Sirr
Kent: Peter Craze
Hammond: Alan Dudley
Parker, the butler: Deryck Guyler
Repeated 8/8/88, 17/9/90
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

25th December 1987
15.00-16.00 :
The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens, dramatised by Barry Campbell and Constance Cox (1912-1998),
1 of 8: The Pickwick Club. London-Rochester 1827
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Mr Pickwick: Freddie Jones
Mr Jingle: Paul Chapman
Mrs Bardell: Elizabeth Spriggs
Dickens: Simon Cadell
The eight parts were broadcast daily with the 8th on 1st January 1988.
[This 8 part adaption was broadcast on BBC7 in 2005
[This is an edited edition of the same adaption which was broadcast in 12 parts of 55 minutes in 1977-8]

25th December 1987
19.45 :
Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie, adapted by Glyn Dearman.
Music by John Crook, arranged by Chris Walker
BBC Concert Orchestra conducted by Chris Walker
Director: Glyn Dearman.
Mr Darling/Captain Hook: Robert Lang
Mrs Darling: Joanna David
Peter Pan: Graham McGrath
Wendy Darling: Lucinda Bateson
J M Barrie: Alec McCowen
Nana (a dog): Leonard Fenton
John Darling: James Trevelyan
Michael Darling: Alistair White
Liza/Tiger Lily: Natasha Pyne
Smee: Ronald Herdman
Cecco: John Church
Bill Jukes: Stuart Organ
Cookson: Stephen Hattersley
Starkey: Edward de Souza
Skylights: Manning Wilson
Mullins: Gordon Reid
Noodler: Eric Stovell
Lost boys:
Slightly: Wayne Phelan
Curly: Daniel Steel
Nibs: Craig Coughlin
First twin: Nigel Harman
Second twin: David Dawson
Tootles: Spencer Wilton
Repeated from 26th December 1986
Repeated 25th December 1990

25th December 1987
21.45 :
The Teeth of Abbot Thomas by Stephen Sheridan
Producer: Don Patterson
Abbot: Alfred Marks
Dr Bonteen: Robert Bathurst
Uncle Montague: Jonathan Adams
Mrs Halliday: Denise Coffey
Stump: Bill Wallis
Also with Phil Nice, John Baddeley, Caroline Gruber and Stephen Tompkinson
Repeated 1/1/88
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2010.
[The similarity to "The Treasure of Abbot Thomas" by M R James is deliberate]

26th December 1987
The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith, dramatised by Martin Booth
1 of 7: The Happy Couples
Music and songs: Colin Sell
Producer Jonathan James-Moore
Storyteller Dorothy Tutin
Pongo: Nicky Henson
Missis: Brenda Blethyn
Mr Dearly: Simon Williams
Mrs Dearly: Brenda Longman
Nanny Cook: Joan Sims
Nanny Butler: Margaret Courtenay
Cruella de Vil: Patricia Hodge
Mr de Vil: Norman Bird
Splendid vet/Spaniel: Alan Dudley
Perdita: Emily Richard
Retriever: Glyn Edwards
Great dane: Paul Sirr
Collie: Kim Wall
Staffordshire terrier: Michael Tudor Barnes
English setter: Zelah Clarke
Lucky: Polly James
Roly Poly: Stephen Rashbrook
Colonel: Charles West
Pussy Willow: Sheila Steafel
Persian cat: Heather Emmanuel
Saul Baddun: John Baddeley
Jasper Baddun: Anthony Jackson
Sir Charles: Maurice Denham
Pt2:27/12/87 Pt3:28/12/87 Pt4:29/12/87 Pt5:30/12/87 Pt6:31/12/88 Pt7:1/1/88

26th December 1987
19.45 :
Crime at Christmas: Whose Body? by Dorothy L. Sayers, dramatised by Michelene Wandor
A body is found and a body is lost - Lord Peter Wimsey investigates ...
Director: Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Pebble Mill
Lord Peter Wimsey: Gary Bond
Bunter: John Cater
Mr Parker: Peter Rowland
Sir Julian Freke: Michael Graham Cox
Duchess of Denver: Veda Warwick
Mr Thipps/Dr Grimbold/Waiter: Kim Durham
John P. Milligan/Insp Sugg/ Gerald, Duke of Denver: Terry Molloy
Mr Crimplesham/Foreman/ Sexton: Christopher Benjamin
Sir Reuben Levy/Graves/ Coroner: Geoff Serle
Freddie Arbuthnot/Cummings: Tim Brierley
Glays Horrocks/Lady Levy: Charlotte Martin
Mr Piggott: Alex Jones
Repeated 6/8/88, 6/4/92, 12/6/93,
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2008
[There was also a 5 part version produced by Simon Brett commencing 28/6/90]

26th December 1987
Conjuring with Spikenard by Angus Graham Campbell
In which Jason, aged 13, develops something nasty in the woodwork room.
Music by David Chilton and Nick Russell Pavier
Directed by Richard Wortley.
Jason: Graham McGrath
Teacher: Jonathan Tafler

27th December 1987
Murder at the Red October by Anthony Olcott, dramatised by Matthew Walters
1 of 5: Duvakin, a night-security guard in the Red October Hotel in Moscow, finds a murdered American tourist.
Music composed By: Jim Parker
Directed By: Gerry Jones
Duvakin: Anton Rodgers
Tanya: Rula Lenska
Bezimenov: David March
Mashka: Margot Boyd
Dima: John Webb
Lena: Moir Leslie
KGB man: Mark Jones
Polkovnikow: John Rye
Ludmilla: Madi Hedd
Kazbick: John Hollis
Petka: Michael Spice
Ishakin: Clifford Rose
Leonid: David Peart
Larisa: Hilda Schroder
Muscleman: Scott Cherry
Slava: Anthony Higginson
Misha: Nigel Graham
Series first broadcast commencing 11 and 14/9/83.
Pt2:28/12/87 Pt3:29/12/87 Pt4:30/12/87 pt5:31/12/87

27th December 1987
Space Children by David Ray Markham, adapted by Alec Reid.
(A musical).
Earth, rendered uninhabitable by wars and the destruction of the environment. Appalled by what they have done, the adults send the children out into space to make a better life....
Director: Alec Reid
BBC Bristol.
the Queen of Ecaps: Jill Balcon (1925-2009)
Cheeky: Ben Igo
Miranda: Rachel Willis
Captain of the Spaceship: Don Fellows
Co-pilot: Alan Coveny
Macho: Geoffrey Collins
Space Demons: Paul Gregory and Sheila Grant
Father: Michael Drew
Mother: Ella Hood
Space children and the children from Ecaps played and sung by pupils from
Westbury on Trym Church of England Primary School, conducted by Margaret Hopes
[No connection with the 1958 film of the same name]

27th December 1987
19.45 :
Crime at Christmas: The Governess (1983) by Evelyn Hervey (1926-2011) dramatised by Barry Campbell and Michael Bakewell
It all began with the theft of some sugar mice, which was hardly a crime to interest Sergeant Drewd. But it was followed by something rather more serious - murder.
Director: Jane Morgan
Harriet Unwin: Angela Pleasence
Sgt Drewd: James Bolam
Pelham: James Holland
Mrs Arthur Thackerton: Susan Jameson
William Thackerton: Jack May
Arthur Thackerton: Tony Mathews
Joseph: Steve Hodson
Vilkins: Emily Richard
Grandmother Thackerton: Joan Matheson
Hopkinson: David Sinclair
Hannah: Victoria Carling
Mrs Breakspear: Eva Stuart
Newspaper voice: John Rye
Miss Bond: Marian Diamond
John: Stephen Tompkinson
PC Wilson: Anthony Jackson
Surgeon: Alan Dudley
Mr Brattle: Kim Wall
PC Smithers: Michael Troughton
Superintendent: Stephen Thorne
Repeated 15th August 1988
[Evelyn Hervey was the pseudonym of H. R. F. Keating]

27th December 1987
The Skeleton and the Gypsy
Peggy takes Lilian to a graveyard
Peggy: Annabelle Lanyon
Lilian: Bernadette Windsor

28th December 1987
19.45 :
Crime at Christmas: Smallbone Deceased (1950) by Michael Gilbert (1912-2006), dramatised by Nesta Pain (1905-1995)
A body is found in a deed box held by solicitors...
Director: Glyn Dearman
Inspector Hazlerigg: Hywel Bennett
Henry Bohun: Dominic Guard
John Cove: John Rye
Miss Cornel: Jill Simcox
Anne Mildmay: Jenny Funnell
Bob Horniman: Andrew Branch
Mr Birley: Peter Howell
Miss Bellbas: Susie Brann
Miss Chittering: Elaine Claxton
Sgt Plumptree: Andrew Alston
Miss Tasker/Mrs Mullett: Pauline Letts
Sgt Cockerill: Manning Wilson
Assistant Commissioner: Edward De Souza
Miss Magoli/Manageress: Sheila Grant
Gissel/Hayman: Brian Hewlett
Dr Bland: Kim Wall
Mr Mason/Manifold: Alan Dudley
Hoffman: Richard Durden
Repeated 20th August 1988
[Nesta Pain produced a version in 1971 with Paul Daneman as Hazelrigg]
[Michael Gilbert was a practising solicitor]

28th December 1987
Little Horrors: A Coward's Way Out
Two boys and the chapel tower.
Griffiths: Oliver Dimsdale
Smail: Charles Murray
First boy: Ian Warner
Second boy: Fergus Graham
Third boy: Jonathan Whittington
Schoolmaster: Peter Howell
Headmaster: Rlchard Durden

29th December 1987
19.45 :
Crime at Christmas: Inspector French and the Starvel Tragedy (1927) by Freeman Wills Crofts (1879-1957), adapted by Alan Downer
Starvel House burnt to the ground killing three. An inquest brought in a verdict of accidental death, but Inspector French thinks differently!
Director: David Johnston
Inspector French: Edward De Souza
Detective Constable Tanner: Jonathan Tafler
Pierce Whymper: Gary Cady
Chief Inspector Mitchell: Reginald Marsh
Sgt Kent: Alan Downer
Dr Philpot: Michael Deacon
Ruth Averill: Zelah Clarke
Mrs Oxley: Joan Matheson
Mrs Palmer-Gore: Diana Olsson
Mr Dashwood: John Baddeley
Jeweller: William Simons
Manager at Thomas Cook's: Alan Dudley
Landlord: Michael Tudor Barnes
Repeated 22nd August 1988

29th December 1987
23.45-00.00 :
Little Horrors: The Foxglove Man
Don't be afraid of the lady who lives down the lane....
Emma: Bernadette Windsor
Mrs Evans: Petra Davies
Mrs Driver: Karen Ascoe
Mr Driver: Stephen Hattersley

30th December 1987
19.45 :
Crime at Christmas: Miss Pym Disposes (1946) by Josephine Tey (1896-1952) dramatised by Elizabeth Proud.
Miss Pym is invited to lecture at Ley's Women's College of Physical Education, and finds murder.
Directed by Glyn Dearman.
Lucy Pym: Julia Foster
Henrietta Hodge: Joan Sims
Teresa Desterro: Julia Swift
Staff at Ley's College:
Miss Lux: Polly James
Miss Wragg: Zelah Clarke
Madame Lefevre: Margaret Robertson
Froken Gustavson: Diana Olsson
Miss Meek: Eva Stuart
Miss Nash: Deborah Makepeace
Miss Innes: Moir Leslie
Miss Rouse: Susan Sheridan
Miss O'Donnell: Felicity Hayes-McCoy
Miss Dakers: Denica Fairman
Miss Gage ;: Caroline Gruber
Mr Nash: Michael Deacon
Mrs Nash: Eva Stuart
Rick: Paul Sirr
Repeated 26th December 1988
[Josephine Tey was a pseudonym used by Elizabeth MacKintosh]

30th December 1987
Little Horrors: Dares
Dare to steal a master's lighter?
Sykes: Danny Kodicek
Banks: James Holland

31st December 1987
19.45 :
Crime at Christmas: Murder by Degrees by John Abineri (1928-2000)
A retirement home short of funds- and a poisoner.
Director: Brian Miller
BBC Bristol. Stereo
Hamilton: Peter Copley
Rice: Hedley Goodall
True: Howard Goorney
Col Buzzard: Ronald Russell
Pinkerton: Nat Brenner
Phillips: John Abineri
Hepplewhite: Scott Peters
Doyle: Phillip Manikum
Staff and others:
Miss Fadworthy: Richenda Carey
Lucy: Kathy Meryck
Gibbs: George Parsons
Miss Doyle: Sheila Grant
Insp Parrot: Gordon Reid
Det Sgt Ramsden: Andrew Branch
Repeated 31st October 1988


(....Many thanks for another excellent listing, Stephen - Ed. [27may21])


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