BBC Radio Plays on Radio 4 in 1983

Please note that printing strikes caused the non-publication of Radio Times for three weeks in 1983. Between 2nd April and 15th April 1983 and between 3rd and 9th December 1983 there is no formal BBC record of what was due to be broadcast.

1st January 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Keeping the Customer Satisfied by Philip Mitchell
Not a great idea to sell a tax inspector a faulty car.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
  Bernie: Arthur Blake
  Charlie: Colin Edwynn
  Mrs Jones: Eileen Derbyshire
  Mrs Jenkins: Diana Flacks
Repeated 4th January 1983

1st January 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: La Svengali by Alden Nowlan (1933-1983) and Walter Learning (1938-2020) from the novel "Trilby" (1894) by George Du Maurier (1834-1896)
Paris. Svengali seeks to turn a woman into the world's greatest singer.
Music composed and arranged by Lucio Agostini. The singing voice of Trilby: Kathy Pimenoff
Directed by Glyn Dearman
  Svengali: John Colicos
  Trilby: Elaine Crossley
  Gecko: Saul Rubinek
  Little Billee: Jeremy Hinson
  Mrs Bagot: Nonnis Griffin
  Parson Bagot: Gillie Fenwick
  Taffy: Raymond Clarke
  Laird: Graham Haley
  Glorioli: Ronnie Desousa
[Broadcast on the same date by CBC in Canada and on Chicago NPR]
Also repeated 4th April 1983
[The character of Svengali was created by Du Maurier, while Trilby gave her name to a hat as worn in the first production of the play.]
[The University of Calgary hold relevant materials (CA ACU SPC F0008-S0002-FL0131)]

2nd January 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Twelfth Night, Or What You Will by William Shakespeare
Scene: A city on the coast of Illyria and the sea coast near it.
Music composed and conducted by David Cain Musicians: Christopher Wilson (Lute), Paul Arden-Taylor, Adrian Brett, Anne Collis, Annette Isserlis, Roderick Skeaping and Peter Vell
Directed by Glyn Dearman
  Orsino Duke of Illyria: Alec McCowen
  Curio: Steve Hodson
  Valentine: Crawford Logan
  Viola: Wendy Murray
  Sea captain, friend to Viola: Peter Tuddenham
  Sir Toby Belch Olivia's kinsman,: Norman Rodway
  Maria Olivia's gentlewoman: Dilys Laye
  Sir Andrew Aguecheek: Andrew Sachs
  Feste, Olivia's clown: Ronnie Stevens
  Olivia, a Countess: Harriet Walter
  Malvolio, Olivia's steward: Bernard Hepton
  Fabian, a member of Olivia's household: Ian Lavender
  Antonio, a sea captain: James Aubrey
  Sebastian, twin brother to Viola: Simon Hewitt
  Servant to Olivia: Miranda Forbes
  First officer: Stuart Organ
  Second officer: Alex Jennings
  Priest: Hugh Dickson
Repeated from 2nd October 1982

2nd January 1983:
Second Holmes: by Grant Eustace.
The adventures of the grandsons of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson
1 of 6: The Case of the Grandfather's Client
Written by Grant Eustace
Producer: Paul Mayhew-Archer
  Stamford Holmes: Peter Egan
  Watson: Jeremy Nicholas
  Mrs Garcia: Rosalind Adams
  Baskerville: Anthony Newlands
  Michael: David Gooderson
  Fred: Steve Hodson
  Doctor: Jean Trend
Additional actors in parts 2-6:
Angela Down, Wendy Murray, Jim Reid, Stuart Organ, Miranda Forbes, Simon Hewitt, Lolly Cockerell, John Dunn, Kathryn Hurlbutt, Alex Jennings, Edward Cast, James Kerry, Hugh Dickson, Madi Hedd, Fiona Walker, Ronald Baddiley, Hugh Dickson, Alexandra Mathie
2:9/1/83 3:16/1/83 4:23/1/83 5:30/1/83 6:6/2/83
All parts repeated after 3 days
[Also broadcast on R4X in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2017, 2019, 2021]

2nd January 1983:
The Kellys and the O'Kellys (1848) by Anthony Trollope (1815-1882) adapted by Barry Campbell
7 of 7: Veni, vidi, vici
In which marriages are made and the devil is cast out....
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Birmingham
  Lord Ballindine: Derek Jacobi
  Martin Kelly: Bosco Hogan
  Fanny Wyndham: Sorcha Cusack
  Lord Cashel: Jeffery Dench
  Widow Kelly: Mary Wimbush
  Barry Lynch: Michael N Harbour
  Trollope: John Rye
  Lady Cashel: Pauline Delany
  Lady Selina Grey: Patricia Gallimore
  The Rev Armstrong: David Gooderson
  Mrs O'Kelly: June Spencer
  Dr Colligan: James Kerry
  Jacky: Jim Reid
  Maidservant: Roisin Donaghy
The serial commenced on 21/11/1982 with following parts weekly, all parts were repeated after 5 days.

3rd January 1983:
Lord Peter Wimsey: Busman's Honeymoon (1937) by Dorothy L. Sayers (1893-1957) adapted by Alistair Beaton
1 of 6: The Mysteries of Married Life
Producer Martin Fisher
  Lady Wimsey: Sarah Badel
  Lord Peter: Ian Carmichael
  Frank Crutchley: Kenneth Cranham
  Mrs Ruddle: Pearl Hackney
  Bunter: Peter Jones
  Miss Twitterton: Rosemary Leach
  Mr Puffett: Michael Ripper
  The Rev Goodacre: Gerald Sim
  MacBride: Roger Lloyd Pack
  Narrator: John Westbrook
Additional cast in later episodes:
  Superintendent Kirk: Peter Vaughan(2)
  Constable Sellon: Christopher Beeny(2)
  Sgt Foster: Alexander John (3)
  Salcombe Hardy: Patrick Newell(4)
  Sid: David Peart(4)
  Mr Solomons:Bernard Spear(5)
  Voice from wireless:Michael Bilton(5)
Pt2:10/1/83 Pt3:17/1/83 Pt4:24/1/83 Pt5:31/1/83 Pt6:7/2/83
Serial repeated commencing 19/10/1983
[Also broadcast on R7 2008, 2010 and on R4X: 2012, 2014, 2016, 2020]
[The story is the 11th Wimsey book and follows on from "Gaudy Night".]
[Busman's Holiday = Bus driver going on holiday, driving eg doing usual work]

3rd January 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Thirty-First of June (1961) by J. B. Priestley (1894-1984) dramatised by Brian Sibley
On 31st June, magical things happen.
Directed by Graham Gauld
  Melicent: Debby Cumming
  Sam: John Levitt
  King Meliot: Alan Dudley
  Dimmock: Anthony Newlands
  Malgrim: John Rye
  Marlagram: Peter Woodthorpe
  Capt Plunkett: Henry Stamper
  Lamison: David Gooderson
  Ninette: Maggie Mullarkey
  Peggy: Rosalind Adams
  Jarvie: James Kerry
  Anne: Jill Lidstone
  Philip: Philip Reilly
  Queenie: Jean Trend
  Radiophonics: Peter Howell
Repeated 28th May 1983

3rd January 1983
The Monday Play: The Justified Sinner by Alexander Reid based upon "The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner" (1824) by James Hogg (1770-1835)
The power of evil and the justification of murder.
Technical presentation by Jim Ross, Gregor Graham and Ann Diack
Directed by Stewart Conn
BBC Scotland
  Robert Wringhim: Benny Young
  Gil-Martin: Tom Watson
  the Lecturer: Stephen MacDonald
  Farmer/Scrape: Robert Trotter
  Farmer's wife/Widow: Sheila Donald
  The Rev Mr Wringhim: Ian Gilmour
  Lady Dalcastle: Sheila Latimer
  Blanchard: Ian Stewart
  George Colwan/Linkum: John Shedden
  Whore/Girl: Elizabeth Yuill
  Drummond: Sandy Morton
  Handyside: Drown Derby
Repeated 9th January 1983
[There was an earlier production by Stewart Conn in 1966, on Network 3 with Bryden Murdoch playing Robert.]
[Gil-Martin may be the Gaelic 'Gille-Martainn', fox -seen as a demonic creature.]
[R L Stevenson read the original tale before he wrote Jekyll and Hyde or Ballantrae]

4th January 1983
Afternoon Theatre:- Shared Territory by M. P. Newman
How to start a new job.
Directed by Christopher Venning
  Pauline Austin: Jill Lidstone
  Tom Dawson: Steve Hodson
  Mrs Layton: Brenda Bruce
  Mrs Ellington: Teresa Collard
  Colonel Smythe: Charles Lloyd-Pack
  Miss Chapman: Katherine Parr
  Wilberforce/Mrs Lewis: Olwen Griffiths
  Mr Masefield: Michael Bilton
  Mrs Fairfax: Margot Boyd

5th January 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Ties of Loyalty by Melville Jones
The headmaster suggests a teacher should retire.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
  Henry Warburton: Hugh Burden
  Headmaster: Neil Stacy
  Karamouti: Zia Mohyeddin
  Strudwlck: Bill Wallis
  Katie: Peggy Ann Wood
  Prebendary: Anthony Newlands
  Kamran: David Bisoni
Repeated 2nd January 1985
[Melville Jones was a teacher. This was his first BBC Radio play.]

6th January 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Private Property-Keep Off by Dawn Lowe-Watson
The island has occupiers without the owners consent. He does not respond to the situation well.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
  Alistair: Geoffrey Palmer
  Josie: June Tobin
  Gavin: Steve Hodson
  Liz: Kathryn Hurlbutt
[Recorded in Studio B10 on 9 & 10/12/1982]

8th January 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Blind Spot by Pauline Seymour
Suddenly a young girl steps out in front of his car....
Directed By: Gerry Jones
  Rodney: Gareth Armstrong
  Anya: Kathryn Hurlbutt
  Elaine: Frances Jeater
  Mrs Hopper: Margot Boyd
Repeated 11th January 1953
[This play is the only credit to Pauline Seymour listed in the BBC Programme Database].

8th January 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Honourable Schoolboy (1977) by John Le Carre (1931-2020), dramatised by Frederick Bradnum
Part 1 of 2:
Before long, he finds a pattern and a path.
Theme composed by Stephen Hancock
Directed by Roger Pine
BBC Birmingham
  George Smiley: Peter Vaugban
  Jerry Westerby: Martin Jarvis
  Peter Guillam: John Rowe
  Connie Sachs: Mary Wimbush
  Doc di Salis: Cyril Shaps
  Craw/Drake Ko: Henry Stamper
  Molly Meakin: Heather Barrett
  Frost /Murphy: Terry Molloy
  Mr Pelling/Mr Tiu: Roger Hume
  Sam Collins: Alexander John
  The Rev Hibbert: Colin Douglas
  Doris Hibbert: Shirley Stelfox
  Martello: Paul Maxwell
  Saul Enderby: Ronald Baddiley
  Oliver Lacon: Edward Cast
  Mrs Pelling: Freda Dowie
  Roddy Martindale: Stephen Hancock
  Wilbraham: Christopher Banks
  Miss Green: Patricia Gibson
Additional cast in Part 2:
  Lizzie Worthington: Natasha Pyne(2)
  Tiny Ricardo: Peter Marinker(2)
  American Major: David Vann(2)
Part 2: 15/1/1983
1983 parts were repeated two days later.
[There was a 3 part 2010 production starring S R Beale as George Smiley, repeated on R4X 2011, 2016]

9th January 1983
There Have Always Been Starkadders at Cold Comfort Farm by Elizabeth Proud based on "Conference at Cold Comfort Farm" (1949) by Stella Gibbons (1902-1989)
The BBC's news staff will keep us informed of developments.
Music by Terence Allbright
Directed by Ian Cotterell
  Flora: Patricia Gallimore
  Stella Gibbons: Elizabeth Proud
  Charles: David McAlister
  Mr Mybug: Michael Spice
  Spiv: Sion Probert
  Mary Smiling: Kate Binchy
  Mrs Thump: Sheila Steafel
  Reuben: Trevor Martin
  Sage: Stephen Thorne
  Parker-Poke: Nigel Graham
  Adam: Cyril Shaps
  Meriam: Rosalind Adams
  Urk: Peter Tuddenham
  Smith: Hugh Dickson
  Gonn: Timothy Bateson
  Susan: Jill Lidstone
  Letty: Frances Jeater
  Jane: Rosalind Adams
  Elfine: Jane Knowles
  Peregrine: David Gooderson
  Torquit: Simon Hewitt
  Nancy: Christine Absalom
  Susannah Simons: Herself
  Tom Crowe: Himself
Repeated 14th January 1983
[The sequel "Reuben's Oath" was broadcast on 16th and 21st January 1983- see 16/1/83 below]
[This play is based upon the sequel to the original book "Cold Comfort Farm" (1932) - see R4 17/5/81 and 9/9/88 for the Cotterell production of Cold Comfort Farm .]

10th January 1983
The Monday Play:- Barnsdale Wake by David Buck (1933-1989)
King Richard orders two of his ballad singers to recount the tales and legends of Robin Hood.
Music by Jim Parker. Musicians: Francis Baines, Philip Thorby, Christopher Wilson
Directed by Martin Jenkins
  Robin Hood: Bernard Hill
  King Richard: Julian Glover
  Prentis: David Timson
  Sergeant: John Hollis
  Blundel: Denis Quilley
  Boy: Simon Hunt
  Little John: Nigel Graham
  Will Scarlock: Henry Stamper
  Alan-A-Dale: Nigel Anthony
  Friar: Alan Dudley
  Much: Timothy Bateson
  Characters in the ballads:
  Bishop of Hereford: Timothy Bateson
  Bishop of Pontefract: Steve Hodson
  Scarlock: David Peart
  Much: James Bryce
  Sheriff: Michael Bilton
  Monk/Foster: Peter Tuddenham
  Prioress: Simon Hunt
Repeated 16th January 1983
[Also broadcast on R4X 2015, 2019]

11th January 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Under the Hammer by Stephen Fagan
A painting apparently by Van Gogh comes up for auction.
Directed by Margaret Windham
  Harry: Michael Lonsdale
  Eric: David Peart
  Housekeeper/Secretary: Jean Trend
  Teichmann: Garrick Hagon
  Bovine: Graham Crowden
  George: Henry Stamper
  Joe: Joe Dunlop
  Tony: Christopher Scott
  Jim: James Bryce
  Anderson: Robin Bailey
  Bourke/White: Jonathan Hyde
[The play was repeated on 29th September 1983 but listing Norman Jones as Harry, Stephen Garlick as Tony, Philip Voss as Bourke White, and Miranda Forbes as Secretary - suggesting a new recording. ].

12th January 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Peewit by Georgina Reid
A writer trying to concentrate and an energetic servant share the same house.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
  Thomas Carlyle: Bill Paterson
  Sarah: Rosalind Adams
  Jane Carlyle: Jennifer Piercey
  Mrs Welsh: Eva Stuart
  John Stuart Mill: John Webb
Repeated from 6th May 1981
[This is the sole credit for Georgina Reid in the BBC Programme Database]

13th January 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Man from Nine-to-Five by David Windsor
Directed by Christopher Venning
  Harry Partridge: Malcolm Stoddard
  Gloria: Elspeth Charlton
  Helen Anderson: Frances Jeater
  Luke Rombout: Ronald Baddiley
  Julian Anderson: David Griffin
  Jeremy Clough: Jamie Ripman
  Earl Pennington: Aaron Swartz
  Wolfgang Lieberman: Nicholas Owen
  Karen Horney: Alexandra Mathie
  Bruce Logan: David Peart

15th January 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Parish Magazine by Joan Bakewell
A new curate brings disharmony to the parish and the vicarage.
Directed by David Johnston
  The Rev Arthur Luke Culprit: Michael Aldridge
  Mrs Culprit: Miranda Forbes
  Amy Trevithick: Katherine Parr
  Jocelyn Patrick Naismith: Janet Burnell
  Lettice Thrimble: Madi Hedd
  Lucy Moffat: Jill Lidstone
Repeated 18th January 1983, 22nd September 1984 and 6th January 1987.
[Also see Parish Magazine Second Edition (13 and 14/1/87) and Parish Magazine Third Edition (20 and 21/1/87) ]
[No connection with Parish Magazine by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle]

16th January 1983
Reuben's Oath or Seven Good Men and True at Cold Comfort Farm by Elizabeth Proud based on 'Conference at Cold Comfort Farm' by Stella Gibbons
Can Flora save the Farm?
Directed by Ian Cotterell
  Flora: Patricia Gallimore
  Stella Gibbons: Elizabeth Proud
  Charles: David McAlister
  Letty: Frances Jeater
  Spiv: Sion Prodert
  Nancy: Christine Absalom
  Mr Mybug: Michael Spice
  Smith: Hugh Dickson
  Willian: Rosalind Adams
  Mrs Thump: Shetla Steafel
  Sage: Stephen Thorne
  Urk: Peter Tuddenham
  Reuben: Trevor Martin
  Jane: Rosalind Adams
  Amos: John Hollis
  Aunt Ada: Fadia Drake
  Micah: Ronald Baddiley
  Harkawa: David Gooderson
  Mark Dolour: Timothy Bateson
  Luke: Nigel Graham
  Adam: Cyril Shaps
  Torquil: Simon Hewitt
  Elfine: Jan Knowles
  Charley: Jill Lidstone
  Mary Smiling: Kate Binchy
  Susannah Simons: Herself
  John Timpson: Himself
  John Tusa: Himself
Repeated 21/1/83

17th January 1983
The Monday Play: Trotsky In Finland by Lester Powell (1912-1993)
Loosely based on an incident in the life of Trotsky (in 1905).
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin.
BBC Bristol
  Leon Trotsky (1847-1922): Derek Jacobi
  Aristide Goncharov: Neil Stacy
  Arvid: Geoffrey Matthews
  Stig Salversen: Steve Hodson
  Suzannah Salversen: Karen Ford
  Topelius: Antony Newlands
  Risto: David Gooderson
  Reader: Jonathan Hewat
Repeated 23rd January 1983

18th January 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Pending by Antonio Skarmeta translated by Margaret Etall
The exiles are determined to return to their old country.
Directed by Margaret Etall
  Gabriel: Simon Hewitt
  Grandad: Lockwood West
  Gran: Sheelah Wilcocks
  Mum: Jean Trend
  Dad: Nigel Graham
  Cristina: Jill Lidstone
  Fishmonger: Alex Jennings
Repeated 16th October 1984

19th January 1983
Afternoon Theatre: God in the Water by Bruce Stewart (1925-2005)
Directed by Graham Gauld
  Madam Zenobia: Elizabeth Welch
  Gregory Rhodes: Gabriel Woolf
  Julie: Anne Rosenteld
  Dolly: Paddy Turner
  Constadine: Hugh Dickson
  Otuku: Tommy Eytle
  Ferns: Peter Tuddenham
  Brotherton: Michael Bilton
  Charlie: Stephen Thorn

20th January 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Goodnight Irene by David Bannister
Four friends have their last two weeks in the Territorial Army. (A UK volunteer paid reserve military, now called the Army Reserve, involving in 2022 an annual commitment to 27 days).
Directed by Roger Pine
BBC Birmingham
  Dave: Nigel Lambert
  Steve: Stephen Thorne
  Paul: Paul Coplet
  Frank: John Rowe
  Les: Graham Padden
  Sylvia': Shirley Stelfox
  Ann: Heather Barrett
  Ken: Peter Brookes
  Christine/Maureen: Elizabeth Revill

22nd January 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Something Childish But Very Natural (1914) by Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923) dramatised by Jane Beeson.
Two people meet on a train and fall in love.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
  Henry: Michael Maloney
  Edna: Harriet Walter
  Woman: Madi Hedd
Repeated 25th January 1983

22nd January 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: Widows Might by Chris Allen
What will the four widows do with the rest of their lives?
Directed by Christopher Venning
  Mary Leonard: Isabel Dean
  Phyllis Beaumont: Irene Sutcliffe
  Jane Rowland: Gillian Raine
  Nancy Mackenzie: Jill Balcon
  Ruth Wright: Suzanne Delaney
  Herbert Norris: Henry Stamper
  Mrs Jenkins: Monica Grey
  Miss Price: Katherine Parr
  Major: Nigel Graham
  Kevin: Jill Lidstone
  Peter Sharpe: C J Allen
Repeated 24th January 1983
[ The title is a pun on Widow's Mite -(Mark Ch 12 and Luke Ch 21)- a widow has little, but gives it willingly. ]

23rd January 1983
The Island of Sheep by John Buchan adapted by Antony Kearey
1 of 3. The Tablet of Jade
Director: Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland
  Richard Hannay: Nigel Anthony
  Clanroyden: John Rowe
  Lombard: Robert Lang
  Haraldsen: Geoffrey Matthews
  Monsieur Blanc/d'Ingraville: Patrick Malahide
  Peter Hannay/Claire Varrinder: Jill Lidstone
  Varrinder: Alex Norton
  Mary Hannay: Sandra Clark
  Peter Pienaar/Godstow: James Bryce
  Lydia Ludlow: Maureen O'Brien
Additional actors in parts 2 and 3:
  Anna Haraldsen: Diana Olsson(2)
  Varrinder: Alex Norton(2)
  Hamilton: Joseph Brady(2)
  Harcus: Henry Stamper(2)
  Miss Barlock/Miss Newbigging: Claire Nelson(2)
  Mary Hannay/Miss Margesson: Saitora Clam(2)
  Little/Percy/Troth: Ronald Baddiley(2)
  Albinus/Evansen: Nigel Graham(3)
  Jacob/Carreras: Stephen Thorne(3)
Pt2:30/1/83 Pt3:6/2/83
Every 1983 episode was repeated five days later.
[Earlier productions- with the producer and the actor portraying Hannay:
1954 and 1955 Prod: David Davis, H: Alec Clunes;
1966 Prod: Stewart Conn H: Malcolm Hayes
1975 Prod Norman Wright H: Noel Johnson]

24th January 1983
The Monday Play: Charley is My Darling by Peter Brent
Recalling the days of youth.
Directed by David Spenser
  Charles Darwin: Patrick Troughton
  Young Charles: Keith Drinkel
  Fanny: Liza Goddard
  Sarah: Brenda Bruce
  Dr Robert: John Westbrook
  Erasmus: David Gooderson
  Susan: Theresa Streatfeild
  Caroline: Frances Jeater
  Catherine: Miranda Forbes
  Grant: Henry Stamper
  Henslow: Stephen Thorne
  Herbert: Philip Sully
  Biddulph: Stuart Organ
  Owen: Michael Bilton
  Officer: Spencer Banks
Repeated 30th January 1983
[The title is a popular one for many works, even an arrangement by Beethoven...possibly originating in the 18th C re Charles Stuart]

25th January 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Testing for Rust by David Buckley
Two men, one woman.
Directed by John Cardy
  Vic: Steve Hodson
  Shirley: Jill Meers
  Philip: Crawford Logan
  Frank: Ronald Baddiley
  Mary: Miranda Forbes
Repeated 12th June 1984

26th January 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Jolly Girls by John Bond
The women go on strike.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
  Annie: Marlene Sidaway
  Mary: Valerie Georgeson
  Joyce: Adrienne Frank
  Beryl: Lizzie McKenzie
  Grace: Denise Welch
  Vera: Kathleen Helme
  Winnie-: Liz Kelly
  George: Ralph Watson
  Jackie: Arthur Blake
  Harry: Alan Hockey
  Arthur: Edward Wilson
  Eric: Tim Barker
  Charlie: Christian Rodska

27th January 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Bedrock by Shirley Gee (1932-2016).
Directed by David Spenser
  Ellen Plowright: Daphne Heard
  Phyllis: Holly de Jong
  Derry: Ian Sharrock
  Dr Marchant: Geoffrey Collins
Repeated from 16th August 1979 and 10th June 1982

29th January 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Before Crufts by Ted Walker (1934-2004)
For five years they have gone to the dog show.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
  Meg: Barbara Leigh-Hunt
Repeated 1st February 1983

29th January 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: Background by Bill Lyons
Two men find their jobs and lives have become insufficient and something different beckons.
Directed By: Jane Morgan
  Mo: Diana Bishop
  Det Insp Jimmy Vogel: Douglas Livingstone
  Mrs Ornum: Miranda Forbes
  Mr Ornum: Michael McStay
  Timothy Ornum: Rusty Livingstone.
  Andy: Leroi Samuels
  Dave: Alex Jennings
  Det Chief Supt Fraser: Nigel Hawthorne
  Insp Peter Gardner: Ronald Baddiley
  Rick: Michael Deeks
  Chas: Simon Hewitt
  Stew: Patrick Field
  DC Young: Steve Hodson
  Sharon Fraser: Alexandra Mathie
  Mrs Fraser: Lillias Walker
Repeated 31st January 1983
[Connected radio drama by Bill Lyons, also with the characters Vogel and Fraser:
23/10/76 Body on the Heath; 3/9/77 An Ordinary Bloke; 22/9/79 Sins of the Father]

31st January 1983
The Monday Play: Sand Between Your Toes by Paul Bond
Three people meet at a Rehabilitation Unit.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
  Len Sharman: Geoffrey Hinsliff
  Night nurse: Lorraine Peters
  Toby Thompson: Geoffrey Banks
  Kevin Lumb: Ian Sharrock
  Dawn: Kate Lee
  First porter: Martin Cosgrif
  Karen Corner: Sue Jenkins
  Morse: Kenneth Alan Taylor
  Rosemary Sharma: Linda Gardner
  Benny: Julia S Cohen
  First youth: Martin Oldfield
Repeated 6th February 1983

1st February 1983
Afternoon Theatre: A Fool to Himself by Alan England
What danger is there when a decorator paints his landladies house?
Directed by Peter King
  Bernard: Alex Jennings
  Jean: Alex Marshall
  Verina: Sara Sugarman
  Peter: Ronald Baddiley

2nd February 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Watch This Space by Paul Allen
Early retirement is often not welcome.
Directed by Dave Sheasby
BBC Manchester
  News editor/Union official: D. Geoff Tomlinson
  Michael: Chris Wilkinson
  Eddie Thorpe: James Tomlinson
  Joy Thorpe: Maggie Lane
  Mother: Sandra Voe
  Frank Little: Peter Bell

3rd February 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Fallen Leaves, Dead City by Mike Walker
Tomas- his continuing story.
Directed by Christopher Venning
  Orlando: Richard Pasco
  Tomas: Gary Cady
  Maria: Frances Jeater
  Ana: Beth Porter
  Jefe: Aaron Swartz
  Fr Alvarro: Ronald Herdman
  Jose/TV reporter: Nick Reding
  Javari: Crawford Logan
  Benny: Alex Jennings
  Executive/Reporter: James Bryce
  Bill Krause: Stuart Organ
  Police captain: Henry Stamper
  Grandfather: Michael Spice
  Gisco: John Livesey
Repeated 9th March 1985
[Earlier plays about Tomas: 23/10/81 rptd 23/2/85 Broken Wings, Bright Stars; 15/4/82 rptd 2/3/85 Dull Sun, Polished Moon .]

5th February 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Dreams Remembered by Juliet Ace
A paralysed soldier in hospital has stopped talking, and a visiting teenager is tasked with encouraging him to speak again.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
  Michael: Steve Hodson
  Chrissie: Petra Markham
  Irish voices,: Sean Barrett
  Nurse: Jo Anderson
Repeated 8th February 1983

5th February 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Mermaid's Tale by Valerie Georgeson
Looking back to the past.
Songs performed by Melanie Sylvester; Barry Banks; Accompanied by Michael Hancock
Technical presentation by David Fleming-Williams
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester
  Edna: Kathleen Helme
  Hilary/Tillie: Marlene Sidaway
  Lily: Anne Jameson
  Joe: Nigel Anthony
  Henry/Capt Christiansen: Christian Rodska
  Sylvia/Shopkeeper: Valerie Georgeson
Repeated 7th February 1983

6th February 1983
Charlie by David Wade adapted from the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
1 of 7:
Charlie hopes to win a ticket to visit the chocolate factory.
Music composed by Stephen Boxer
Songs performed by children from Myers Grove School, Sheffield under the direction of Geoff Cassidy
Directed by Caroline Smith
BBC Manchester
  Willy Wonka: Derek Smith
  Mr Teavee/News vendor/Shanks/Yugetoff: Keith Clifford
  Augustus Gloop: Liam Flannery
  Grandma Georgina/Mrs Teavee: Kathleen Helme
  Grandpa Joe: Robert Keegan
  Mrs Bucket/Mrs Beaureearde: Kate Lee
  Charlie: Jason Littler
  Veruca Salt: Jenny Luckraft
  Grandpa George/Mr Gloop/President: David Ross
  Violet Beauregarde: Jane Hazlegrove
  Mr Bucket/Shuckworth/Chief spy/Narrator: Christian Rodska
  Mrs Gloop/Miss Tibbs: Ann Rye
  Mike Teavee: Mark Turner
  Mr Salt/McKinley/Ainsworth/Chief cook: Peter Wheeler
  Grandma Josephine/Mrs Salt.: Rosalie Williams
Additional actors in later episodes:
  Ground control/Interpreter: Cllff Howells(5)
  Admiral: James Tomlinson(5)
  General: Bernard Latham(5)
Ep2:13/2/83 Ep3:20/2/83 Ep4:27/2/83 Ep5:6/3/83 Ep6:13/3/83 Ep7:20/3/83

7th February 1983
The Monday Play: When the Wind Blows by Raymond Briggs
An elderly couple take all the advised precautions against nuclear warfare.
Directed by John Tydeman
  Hilda: Brenda Bruce
  Jim: Peter Sallls
Repeated 13th February 1983.
[The title has been used for several other radio dramas]

8th February 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Scarborough Morning by T. D. Webster
An illicit trip to the seaside - and too close to something else.
Directed by Roger Pine
BBC Birmingham
  Emily: Natasha Pyne
  Robert: Michael N Harbour
  Edward: Geoffrey Matthews
  Marjorie: Pauline Letts
  Celia: Shirley Stelfox
  Arthur: Jonathan Owen
  Joan: Hedli Niklaus
  Mrs Bell: Peggy Ashby
  Jim: Hugh Ross
  Workmen: Ralph Lawton and Alan Devereux
Repeated from 13th March 1981

9th February 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Sirens by Carolyn Sally Jones
A holiday in Greece.
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Birmingham
  Ian: David Robb
  Rose: Sue Wallace
  Linda: Sara Coward
  Alec: Leonard Maguire
  George: Daniel Matthews
  Flich / announcer: Deidre Lee
[The BBC Programme Database gives no title for this play, the title has been taken from Diversity]

10th February 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The War for Chantry Fields by John Kirkmorris
A journalist working on corruption faces danger.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
  Alan: Michael Jayston
  Emma: Jane Knowles
  Reg: Trevor Martin
  Pat: Peter Baldwin
  May: Stephen Thorne
  Vera: Frances Jeater
  Soutar: Henry Stamper
  Sister: Jill Lidstone

12th February 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Ulster Final by Pat McCabe
An outing to the annual Gaelic football match.
Narrator: Derek Halligan
Musical director: Tony McAuley
Technical presentation: Colm Flanagan
Director: Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
  Boy: Jonathan Boyle
  Mother: Trudy Kelly
  Father: Louis Rolston
  Aunts: Gertrude Russell and Sheila McGibben
  Commentator: Adrian Dunbar
  Proprietaire: Desmond MacAleer
  Guard: Ian MacIlhinney
  Benny: Joe McPartland
  Mai: Catherine Gibson
Repeated 15th February 1983

12th February 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: In Silver Mist by Michael Robson
Two composers in one village are not on friendly terms.
Music specially composed and directed by Anthony Smith-Masters (piano); Martyn Hill (tenor)
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristot
  Hugh Dargan: Colin Baker
  Anna Dargan: Angela Phillips
  Edmund Poel: Patrick Malahide
  Ruth Poel: Sarah Benfield
  Mr Akehurst: John Westbrook
  Insp Lovelock: Bill Wallis
  Counsel for the prosecution: Crawford Logan
Repeated 14th February 1983

13th February 1983
Emma by Jane Austen dramatised by John Tydeman
1 of 6.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
  Emma: Angharad Rees
  Mr Knightley: Alan Moore
  Jane Austen: Jean Trend
  Mr Woodhouse: Peter Tuddenham
  Mrs Weston: Ingrid Hafner
  Harriet Smith: Juliet Waley
  Mr Elton: Michael Drew
Additional actors in later parts:
  Isabella: Margo Gunn(2)
  John Knightley: Tim Meats(2)
  Mr Weston: Edward Cast(2)
  Miss Bates: Constance Chapman(2)
  Jane Fairfax: Deborah Paige(3)
  Frank Churchill: Graham Callan(3)
  Mrs Cole: Elizabeth Havelock(3)
  Mrs Elton: Maev Alexander(4)
  Harriet Smith: Juliet Waley(5)
Part2:20/2/83 Part3:27/2/83 Part4:6/3/83 Part5:13/3/83 Part6:20/3/83
All 1983 parts repeated after 5 days.
Repeated commencing 25th December 1986
[Previously dramatised by John Tydeman in 13 half hour parts, in 1970, with Suzanne Neve as Emma)

14th February 1983
The Monday Play: Easy Money by Alexander Ostrovsky (1823-1886) translated and adapted by Peter Tegel
Moscow: The 1860s. She marries him for his money.
Piano: Mary Nash
Directed by Glyn Dearman
  Savva Vassilkov: Clive Merrison
  Lydia Cheboksarova: Jill Lidstone
  Ivan Telyatev: Jeremy Child
  Nadeshda Cheboksarova: Gudrun Ure
  Grigory Kuchumov: Maurice Denham
  Egor Glumov: Kenneth Fortescue
  Vassily: James Bryce
Repeated 20th February 1983

15th February 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Round Table by Delores Baron
Retiring from the Windmill Theatre in London to Spain is quite a change in lifestyle.
Directed by Graham Gauld
  Joan Carter: Marjorle Westbury
  Mary Cummings: Pauline Letts
  Colonel Hunt: Timothy Bateson
  Dr Sutherland: Henry Stamper
  Alfredo: Ronalo Baddiley
  American: Alex Jennings
  Poochy: Percy Edwards

16th February 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Thirty Year Rule by Michael Kittermaster
Directed by Christopher Venning
  Aubrey Wickham: John Carson
  Gordon Mataka: Hugh Quarshie
  Susan Wickham: Patience Tomlinson
Repeated 13th February 1985

17th February 1983
Afternoon Theatre:- The Last Cargo of the Cathay Queen by Philip Latham (1929-2020)
Looking for a missing person in Hong Kong.
Directed by Brian Mlller
BBC Bristol
  Sutton: Keith Alexander
  Samantha: Sally Baxter
  Radio announcer/Triad lieutenant: David Peart
  Paul Lee/Triad boss: Timothy Bateson
  Margaret Chang: Miranda Forbes
  Rogers: Hugh Dickson
  Mrs Wang: Madi Hedd
  Marshall: Stephen Thorne
  Van Duren: Edward Cast
  Captain: Peter Tuddenham
Repeated 2nd August 1984
[Triad is a generic name for criminal gangs, originally Chinese gangs]

17th February 1983
19.30-22.00 (inc 20 minute interval):
The Gondoliers or The King of Darataria (1889). A Comic Opera in Two Acts written by W. S. Gilbert (1836-1911). Music by Arthur Sullivan (1842-1900)
BBC Singers, BBC Concert Orchestra, conducted by Sir Charles MacKerras (1925-2010)
Producers Robert Bowman and Ian Cotterell
  Duke of Plaza-Toro: Eric Shilling
  Luiz: Vernon Midgley
  Don Alhambra: Michael Langdon
  Marco: Neil Jenkins
  Guiseppe: Niall Murray
  Antonio: Lesley Fyson
  Duchess of Plaza-Toro: Anne Collins
  Casilda: Pamela Field
  Gianetta: Marilyn Hill Smith
  Tessa: Della Jones
  Fiametta: Susanna Ross
  Giulia: Anna Bernardin
  Vittoria/Inez: Ameral Gunson
  Francesco: Ian Kennedy
  Giorgio: Philip O'Reilly
[First broadcast on Radio 3 in 1981]
[There was also another production by Robert Bowman on Radio 2 in 1982 with Conductor Ashley Lawrence, rptd 1983]
[There was a later production by Robert Bowman on Radio 2 in 1989 with Conductor Sir Charles MacKerras and with Forbes Robinson as the Don.]

19th February 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Grandma Goes West by Michael McStay
Curious things always seem to be happening to Sid.
Directed by Jane Morgan
  Sid Sadie: Frances Jeater
  Grandma: Liz Smith
  Sophie: Elizabeth Lindsay
  Stanley: Vicky Ireland
  Terry/Doctor: Stuart Organ
  Policeman: Stephen Thorne
Repeated 22nd February 1983
[Also a tv play in 1984]

19th February 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre:- Gliding with Mr Gleeson by Bernard Farrell
Mr Gleeson is 1500 feet over the sea- with no training.
Director: Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
  Sean Gleeson: Alan Barry
  Sheila Gleeson: Doreen Hepburn
  Patrick Gleeson: Philip O'Sullivan
  Tara Gleeson: Catherine Byrne
  Jimmy: Kevin Flood
  Mr Atkinson: Anthony Finican
  Mother-in-law: Catherine Gibson
  Mary: Aingeal Grehan
  John: John Hewitt
  Grandma: Stella McCusker
  Announcer: Susie Kelly
  Joe: George Shane
Repeated 21st February 1983

21st February 1983:
The Monday Play: I Do it Exceptionally Well by Frederick Bradnum (1920-2001)
The swans flying across the sky meant... what?
Music composed and played by Terence Allbright.
Directed by Christopher Venning
  Sarah Holt: Elizabeth Bell
  Beth Lavender: Frances Jeater
  Jenny Smith: Kathryn Hurlbutt
  Rachel Mayhew: Isabelle Amyes
  Gerry Yorke: Nigel Graham
  Stan Holt: Ronald Baddiley
  Piers Laffan: Richard Gibson
  Tom Mayhew: Steve Hodson
  Coroner: Kenneth McClellan
  Keeper/Waiter: Michael Hilton
Repeated 27th February 1983

22nd February 1983
Change of View by Alan Melville
Two wives have different ideas to their husbands of where they should live.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
  Janet: Jill Bennett
  James: Michael Aldridge
  Geraldine: Fenella Fielding
  Gerald: Timothy Bateson
Repeated 24th February 1983

22nd February 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Gear Change by Dave Simpson
Chris wants to be a car mechanic.
Directed bv Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester
  Chris: Diane Whitley
  Chris's mother: Meg Johnson
  Gary: Adam Kotz
  Kathy/Sandra: Janet Rawson
  Uncle Jim/Solicitor: Geoffrey Banks
  Don: Keith Clifford
  Davis: Robert Keegan
  Gus: Bernard Latham
  Robbo: John Branwell
  Tel: Cliff Howells
  Bev/Equal Opportunities woman: Jane Cox
Repeated 20th October 1984

23rd February 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Store Quarter by Tom Gallagher
An Englishman in Scotland.
Directed by Tim Kinninmont
BBC Scotland
  Bill: Patrick Malahide
  Delia: Eileen McCallum
  Tony: Pat Boyle
  Ishbell: Maureen Carr
  Neil: Ron Bain
  ??eanie: Robert Buchanan
  Archie: David Hicks

24th February 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Jogger by Eric Pringle (1935-2017)
Directed by Adrian Mourby
  John Howard: Malcolm Stoddard
  Pearl: Alison Fiske
  Malcolm Howard: Nigel Graham
  Nick Andrews: Mark Draper
  Lorna(?): Frances Jeater

26th February 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Situation Wanted by Chris Curry
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
  Carol/Little girl: Lesley Nicol
  Joan: Judith Barker
  Frank: Jaikes Tomlinson
  Dave: Colin Meredith
  Foreman/old man: Keith Clifford
  Clerk/Woman: Diana Flacks
Repeated 1st March 1983

26th February 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: His Master's Voice by Arnold Yarrow based on the 1930 novel by Ivy Litvinov (1889-1977)
Directed by Christopher Venning
  Arkady Pavlov/Constantin Sokolin: John Rowe
  Andrei Nikulin: Gary Bond
  Det Insp Yanovitsky: Edward Cast
  Tretikov: David Gooderson
  Julius Itkin: Gareth Armstrong
  Elena Burova: Frances Jeater
  Tamara Dolidzey: Rosalind Adams
  Vladim Dubinsky: Daniel Day-Lewis
  Liza Matveyeva: Patience Tomlinson
  Alexander Gorbunov: Sean Barrett
  Lydia Vassilevna: Ida Schroder
  Chernov/Police doctor: David Griffin
  Peter: Judy Bennett
  Squinty Mary: Clare Nash
  Slippery: Paul Russell
  Misha: Elizabeth Lindsay
Repeated 28th February 1983

28th February 1983
The Unrest Cure by Rex Anderson and Nick Higham based upon a story by Saki (Hector Hugh Munro 1870-1916)
The opposite of a rest cure.
Producer: Paul Mayhew-Archer
  Clovis Sangrail: Peter Egan
  James Huddle: Michael Aldridge
  Amelia Huddle: Vivian Pickles
  Sir Flynn O'Toole: Denys Hawthorne
  Hammond: Patrick Barr
  Maid: Jane Knowles
  Miss Doyle: Diana Bishop
  First navvy: Sion Probert
  Second navvy: David McAlister
First broadcast 27/12/81, repeated 30/12/81.

28th February 1983
The Monday Play: A Dry White Season (1979) by Andre Brink (1935-2015) dramatised by Barry Campbell
He tries to help a friend whose son is held following rioting.
Directed by Jane Morgan
  Ben du Toit: Nigel Hawthorne
  Stanley Makhaya: John Matshikiza
  Melanie Brewer: Estelle Kohler
  Emily Ngubene: Peggy Phango
  Gordon Ngubene: Olu Jacobs
  Capt Stolz: Steve Hodson
  Col Viljoen: Bruce Purchase
  Levinson/Andre: Jack Klaff
  Advocate de Villiers: Allan Ivan
  Advocate Louw/Government minister: Adrian Egan
  Magistrat/Father in law: Arne Gordon
  Susan du Toit: Miranda Forbes
  Suzette: Lois Butlin
  Linda: Moira Downie
  Cloete: Edward Cast
  Dr Hertzog/SABC newsreader: Brian Carroll
  Dr Jansen/Dr Hassiem: Alfred Hoffman
  Fr Masuwane: Louis Mahoney
  Tsabalala/Johnson Seroke: Willie Jonah
  Grace Nkosi: Elizabeth Adare
Repeated 6/3/83, 17/2/85 and 19/9/87
[The original novel won the 1980 Martin Luther King Memorial Prize[]

1st March 1983
Normal Service by Alan Melville (1910-1983)
A story about domestic servants.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
  Charlie: Dave King
  Maggie: Sheila Steafel
  Harry Francis: George Baker
  Mildred Francis: Madi Hedd
  Reginald Kaufmann: Timothy Bateson
  Doreen: Jill Simcox
Repeated 3rd March 1983

1st March 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Servants by Donald Campbell
1936. A tale of domestic servants.
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland
  Sylvia Wishart: Monica Gibb
  The older Sylvia: Gwyneth Guthrie
  Henry Wishart: Iain Agnew
  Grace: Mary Riggans
  Nan: Ann-Louise Ross
  Christina: Isabella Jarrett
  Charlie: Finlay Welsh
Repeated 3rd April 1984
  (First broadcast on Radio Scotland)

2nd March 1983
Afternoon Theatre: You Don't Feel a Thing by David Marshall
A son and daughter-in-law take Dad to what could be a five star hotel.
Directed by Richard Wortley
  Mr Pike: John Hollis
  Rob: John Bull
  Sue: Sandra Clark
  Todd: Andrew Branch
  Nurse: Karen Archer
Repeated from 6th December 1978

3rd March 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Errors and Omissions by Lee Gallaher
Harmonica: Tony McAuley
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
  Tess: Dearbhla Molloy
  Greta: Doreen Hepburn
  Cal: Kerry Shale
  Monique: Sylvestra Le Touzel
  Waitress: Fiona Hettam
  German: Kieran Montague
  Barman: Louis Rolston
  Dr Clinten: Anthony Finigan
Repeated 21st September 1985

5th March 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Angels They Grow Lonely by Gerry Jones (1931-2005)
He knew that at any time he wished he could float in space like a bird.
Narrator Jim Norton
Directed by Martin Jenkins
  Geoffrey Johnson: Nigel Anthony
  Dr Conway: Stephen Thorne
  Hannah Johnson: Jean Trend
  Dr Williams: David Gooderson
  Mr Blake: Robert Lang
  Ambulanceman: Roger Walker
  Receptionist: Hilda Schroder
  Third doctor: Edward Cast
Repeated 8th March 1983, 8th September 1984, and 22nd June 1995.
[Also broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 3/9/87]
[Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2003]
[Best radio plays of 1983 : Giles Cooper award winner]

5th March 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: Travelling Hopefully by Ken Whitmore
When faced with a very hazardous operation, how to use the few weeks before...
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
  Fay: Fiona Mathieson
  Brian: Robin Boiwerman
  Vivien: Maggie McCarthy
  Dez: John Arthur
  Susan: Jane Lowe
  Joe: George A Cooper
  Marjorie: Daphne Oxenford
Repeated 7th March 1983

7th March 1983
The Monday Play: Ghosts (1881) by Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906) translated (1962) by Michael Meyer (1921-2000)
The ghosts of times past.
Directed by Gerry Jones
  Mrs Alving: Sian Phillips
  Oswald Alving: Roger Rees
  Pastor Manders: William Squire
  Regina Engstrand: Sharon Morgan
  Engstrand: Glyn Houston
[There have been many different radio productions of this play including:
1951 for BBC Home by Ayton Whitaker;
1968 Radio 3 by Charles Lefeaux rptd 1969;
2000 Radio 3 by Janet Whitaker rptd 2002;
2013 Radio 3 by Richard Eyre, rptd 2015]

8th March 1983
Don't Come into the Garden by Alan Melville
A professional advice columnist for several magazines is not quite qualified for the role.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
  Aubrey Delaware: Norman Rodway
  Angela: Dilys Laye
  Colonel Latimer: Timothy Bateson
  Editor: Stuart Organ
  Mrs Dewsbury: Madi Hedd
  Colonel Latimer: Ronald Baddiley
  Mrs Macphee: Jean Trend
Repeated 10th March 1983

8th March 1983
Afternoon Theatre: A Royal Favour by Maurice C. Packham
Kent, 1400: Raising the roof of the Abbey library.
Song composed by Simon Couzens
Directed by Brian Dean
  John Beecroft: Ronald Baddiley
  the Preacher: Sam Dastor
  the Abbot: Hugh Dickson
  Humphrey Bundock: Peter Tuddenham
  Madge Daykins: Judith Barker
  Thomas: Stephen Garlick
  Richard Daykins: Edward Cast
  Brother Jeremy: Robert Longden
  First man: James Bryce
  Second man: Alex Jennings
  Jem: Michael Bilton
  William: Jill Lidstone
  Sergeant: James Kerry

9th March 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Chipps and Crocket by David Wheeler
Chipps has a short memory.
Directed by Margaret Etall
  Billy Crocket: Stuart Organ
  Adrian Chipps: David Gooderson
  Mrs Addison: Miranda Forbes
  Prentice: Stephen Thorne
  Wayne: Alex Jennings
  Gary: Simon Hewitt
  Cheryl: Jill Lidstone
  Cafe proprietor: James Kerry
  Ice-rink supervisor: Edward Cast

10th March 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Second Sight by R. D. Wingfield (1928-2007)
A robbery at Lord Crombie's mansion.
Directed by Gerry Jones
  Det Insp Ford: Michael Burlington
  Marlow: Lee Harrington
  Police Supt Skinner: John Forbes Robertson
  Police Sgt Jarvis: Malcolm Hayes
  Det Sgt Clark: Sam Pastor
  Lord Crombie: Nicholas Courtney
  Ann Raven: Jenny Lee
  Sammy Ladbury: Sion Probert

12th March 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Corridor by Rib Davis
A prison sentence splits a couple up.
Directed by Margaret Windham
  Roy: Kenneth Cranham
  Maureen: Lorna Heilbron
Repeated 15th March 1983

12th March 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: Lady Audley's Secret (1862) by Mary Elizabeth Braddon (1835-1915) adapted by Jack Gratus
1850's: Sir Michael has married. Then the story becomes complicated.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
  Robert Audley: Nigel Havers
  George Talboys: Nicholas Geeks
  Sir Michael Audley: Nigel Stock
  Lady Audley: Amanda Murray
  Alicia Audley: Jill Lidstone
  Phoebe: Frances Jeater
  Clara: Tammy Ustinov
  Mrs Maloney: Jean Trend
  Mrs Vincent: Margot Boyd
  Miss Tonks: Hilda Schroder
  Mr Dawson: Hugh Dickson
  Captain Maldon: Timothy Bateson
  Harcourt Talboys: Ronald Baddiley
  Luke: Stephen Thorne
  Sir Harry Towers: David Gooderson
Repeated 14th March 1983
[Also produced by Annie Castledine in 1999 in 3 parts]
[Also produced by Julie Beckett and Fiona Kelcher in 2009 in 10 x 15 mins parts, rptd 2013, 2018, 2022 on R4X]

13th March 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Sweet Sixteen by Graham Reid
Fourteen years after joining the Merchant Navy he meets his former girl friend in London.
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
  Joe Moore: John Hewitt
  Eric Walmer: Jack Carr
  Steve Ward: Nigel Anthony
  Anne McGurk: Maggie Shevlin
  Mrs Moore: Trudy Kelly
  First bomber: George Shane
  Landlord: Anthony Finigan
  Mr Moore: Joe McPartland
  Man at the scene of bomb: Louis Rolston
  Nurse: Fiona Mettam
  Youths: Camden McDonald and Gerard O'Hagan
  Hospital sister: Stella McCusker
  Liz Ward: Sheila Grant
  Det Sgt Samuels: Denys Hawthorne
  Receptionist: Margaret D'Arcy
  Second bomber: Derek Halligan
  Tucker: Adrian Dunbar
  Mrs McGurk: Catherine Gibson
  Policeman's aunt: Gertrude Russell
  Anne, as a child: Maura Donnelly
  Joe,as a child: Jonathan Boyle
  Smitty: Martin Quinn
  Boy: Neil Lawton
  Girl: Coretta Patten
Repeated from 6th and 12th December 1982

14th March 1983
The Monday Play: Jack by Steve May
1906, letters from Jack London and his wife.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
  Jack London (1876-1916): Keith Alexander
  Charmian London: Kate Harper
  Martin: Peter Whitman
  Voice of The Press: William Roberts
Repeated 20th March 1983
[Steve May also wrote plays as Joyce Bryant]
[Also in 1983, Steve May wrote and Brian Miller directed "Jack London and Plagiarism" on Radio 3, also with Keith Alexander as Jack.]

16th March 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Reappraisal by Kathleen Potter (1935-2022)
How did the climber come to fall to his death?
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
  Vicar: Geoffrey Banks
  Janie Stanger: Kate Lee
  Ann Merlin: Susan Tracy
  Bunty Stanger: Rosalie Williams
  Harry Stanger: Randal Herley
  James Merlin: Nick Owen
  Dave Hardy: Alan Rothwell
  Maggie: Sue Jenkins
  Keith Bennett: Brian Southwood

17th March 1983
The Red-Headed League (1891) by Sir Arthur Conan (1859-1930) Doyle adapted by Michael Hardwick (1924-1991)
The task is copying out the Encyclopaedia Brtitannica word by word.
Directed By: Graeme Gauld
  Sherlock Holmes: Carleton Hobbs (1898-1978)
  Dr Watson: Norman Shelley (1903-1980)
  Jabez Wilson: Victor Lucas
  Vincent Spauldlng: Peter Marinker
  Duncan Ross: Frank Dunne
  Inspector Jones: Gabriel Woolf
  Merryweather: Eric Anderson
Repeated from 31/12/64, rptd 2/3/1987
First broadcast on BBC Light 25/9/64
Also broadcast on R4X in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2019

17th March 1983
Afternoon Theatre: River Sunday by Gill Linscott
The train from Paddington takes various people to walk along the river on Sunday.
Songs composed by David Timson
Directed by Cherry Cookson
  Clara: Rosemary Martin
  Hetty: Sherrie Hewson
  Jack: Edward de Souza
  Jeremy: David Timson
  Anthony: Graham Seed
  Melinda: Miranda Forbes
  Col Tubbish: Edward Cast
Repeated 8th May 1984

19th March 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Harriet's Weekend by George Hughes
Directed by John Tydeman
  Harriet: Miriam Margolyes
  Frances: Elizabeth Proud
  Alasdair: John Rye
Repeated 22nd March 1983

19th March 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Lion In Winter (1966) by James Goldman (1927-1998)
1183: Christmas, the season of goodwill- or not- for Eleanor, Henry, Richard, Geoffrey and John...
Directed by Ian Cotterell
  Henry II King of England: John Turner
  Queen Eleanor, his wife: Barbara Jefford
  Richard Lionheart: Michael Cochrane
  Geoffrey,the middle son: Clive Francis
  John,the youngest son: Gary Cady
  Philip, King of France: Geoffrey Burridge
  Princess Alais: Phoebe Nicholl
Repeated from 27th December 1981
Repeated 4th July 1992
[The 1968 film of this name was also based upon the theatre play.]

21st March 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Shadow in the Mouth by Giles Cole
Directed by Ian Cotterell
  Andy: Alex Jennings
  Ted: Eric Allan
  Karen: Sylvestra Le Touzel
  Ruth: Miranda Forbes
  Sheila: Jacki Piper

21st March 1983
The Monday Play: Gilgamesh by Alec Reid
Gilgamesh, King of Uruk.
Choric voices with the Ambrosian Singers
Music composed and conducted by Iain Kendell, Additional sounds created by Iain KendelL and Stewart Allin
Research and speech recording Bill Aitken. Sound: Ted De Bono assisted by Graham Puddifoot
Directed by Alec Reid
  Gilgamesh: Christopher Scott
  Enkidu: Sean Barrett
  the Ferryman: Max Wall
  Enlil: Ian Holm
  Ea: Sion Probert
  Anu: Martin Friend
  Young shepherd: Andrew Branch
  His father: Leonard Fenton
  Other shepherds: John Webb and Graham Faulkner
  Harlot: Heather Bell
  Shamash: Gordon Reid
  Ninsun: Margaret Lang
  Humbaba: Sean Arnold
  Ishtar: Freda Dowie
  Mountain guards: Brian Haines and John Church
  Siduri: Diana Bishop
Also with Godfrey Kenton, Anthony Hyde, Rod Beacham, Peter Wickham, Jane Knowles
Repeated 27th March 1983
[Gilgamesh possibly was around sometime between 2900 BC and 2350 BC. He was the hero of the Epic of Gilgamesh dated sometime between 1600 BC and 1155 BC- discovered in 1849.]
[There was a different production by Tim Dee on R3 in 2006 rptd 2007]

22nd March 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Is That Lady Still Sitting There? by David Bartlett
Bessie is a little eccentric.
Directed by Enyd Williams
BBC Wales
  Bessie: Miriam Margolyes
  Libby: Annette Robertson
  Ruth: Elizabeth Bell
  Steve: David Buck
  Madge: Petra Davies
  Dave: Eric Allan
  Professor: Preston Lockwood
  Older constable: Michael Spice
  Young constable: Gary Cady
  Magistrate: Ivor Roberts

23rd March 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Don't Worry About Matilda by Shelagh Delaney (1938-2011)
The relationship between a brother and a sister.
Directed By: Jane Morgan
  Matilda: Gabrielle Lloyd
  Alex: Sam Kelly
Repeated 28th November 1984

24th March 1983
The Retired Colourman (1926) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle adapted by Michael Bardwick.
The wife has gone and so has most of the money...
Directed by Graham Gauld
  Sherlock Holmes: Carleton Hobbs
  Dr Watson: Norman Shelley
  Josiah Amberley: John Ruddock
  Barker: Denis Goacher
  The Rev Elman: Garard Green
  Inspector MacKinnon: Michael Kilgarriff
  Mrs Hudson: Janet Morrison
First broadcast on BBC Light 9/10/64
[Also broadcast on BBC7 2007, 2009, 2010 and R4X 2012, 2019]
[BBC7 also lists a different production, with Clive Merrison as Holmes, in 2008],

24th March 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Tidal Race by Christopher Russell
A tanker has gone aground, spilling oil
Directed by Brian Dean
  Doug Spiring: Edward Kelsey
  Helicopter pilot: John Webb
  Herbie Summers: Haydn Jones
  Joe Morgan: John Bott
  Colin Parkes: David Learner
  Margaret Spiring: Diana Bishop
  Sally Hardy: Rosalind Adams
  Les Garfield: Haydn Wood
  David Hardy: David McAlister
  James Westwood: Nicholas Courtney
  Ray Briggs: Paul Webster
  Terry Mercer: Spencer Banks
  Freddie Leadbetter: Ronald Herdman
Repeated from 11th September 1981
[No relation to the 1975 play by Peter Berry]

26th March 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Great Times Crossword Conspiracy by Ken Whitmore
Senior staff seem to care more for the crossword than business.
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
  Jim: Tony Robinson
  Mother: Meg Johnson
  Contrabine: Bob Grant
  Miss Birdsong: Bonnie Hurren
  Sparkle: Peter Wheeler
  Clerk: Steven Granville
Repeated from 14th and 17th August 1982, 22nd December 1982

26th March 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre:- Matters of Felony by Margery Weiner adapted by Denys Hawthorne
Kilkenny 1779: and kidnap is being planned.
Directed by Marilyn Ireland (Imrie)
BBC Northern Ireland
  James Strange: Barry McCovern
  English captain: Anthony Finigan
  Mr Hayes: Kevin Flood
  Mrs Kennedy: Stella McCusker
  Catherine: Bairbre Ni Chaoimh
  Anne: Felicity Hayes-McCoy
  Mr Neale: Aiden Grennell
  Mr Laffan: Denys Hawthorne
  Maura: Catherine Gibson
  Priest: Mark Mulholland
  Scott: Oliver Maguire
  Garret Byrne: Bosco Hogan
  Jailer: Joe McPartland
Repeated 28th March 1983

27th March 1983
Rodney Stone (1896) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) dramatised by Constance Cox
1 of 4: Two innocents become involved with boxing and gambling. This version of England has the Prince Regent all but King and Lord Nelson all but God.
Directed by David Johnston
  Rodney Stone: Sean Arnold
  Jim Harrison: Stuart Organ
  Champ Harrison: Henry Stamper
  Mrs Harrison: Charlotte Mitchell
  Sir Charles Tregellis: John Rye
  Miss Hinton: Jill Balcon
  Anson Stone: Michael Spice
  Mrs Stone: Jean Trend
  Ambrose: Michael Bilton
  Lord Frederick: James Kerry
  Gypsy Lee: James Bryce
  Ellen: Hilda Schroder
Additional actors in part 4 (no Radio Times for information on parts 2 and 3):
  Lord Avon: Terence Morgan(4)
  Anson Stone: Peter Woodthorpe(4)
  Sir Lothian Hume: Nigel Graham(4)
   Gentleman/Lorimer/Sir James Ovington/1st Officer: Peter Tuddenham(4)
  First officer: David Peart(4)
  Second officer: David Gooderson(4)
Additional actors (from archive.org):
  Sir John Lade: Adrian Egan
  Sir Lothian Hume: Nigel Graham
  Jem Belcher: David Sinclair
  Gentleman Jackson: Steve Hodson
  Charles Fox/Crab Wilson: Roger Baddiley
  John Cummings/Bill Warr: Peter Wickham
  The Prince Regent: Roger Hammond
  Lord Horatio Nelson: Hugh Dickson
  Lady Lade: Frances Jeater
  Lady Nelson: Carole Boyd
  Mendoza: Timothy Bateson
  Ostler: Alex Jennings
Repeated 1st April 1983
Part 2:3/4/83 Part 3:10/4/83 Part 4:17/4/83
All 1983 parts repeated after five days.
[Also broadcast on R4X in 2020, 2022]
[There was an earlier 7 part serial produced in 1954 by Norman Wright.]

28th March 1983
The Monday Play: Her Name Was Milena by Sam Jacobs (1942-2022) based on the book "Kajkas Freundin Milena" (1963) by Margarete Buber-Neumann (1901-1989)
October 1940. Ravensbruck Concentration Camp.
Directed by Piers Plowright
  Franz Kafka: Crawford Logan
  SS Langerfeild: Rosalind Adams
  SS Mendel: Joy Harrison
  SS Binz: Jill Lidstone
  Ramdor: Rob Iieyland
  Machova: Kate Kendall
  Palickova: Janine Turkie
  Maria Wiedmier: Margot van Der Burgh
  Olga Korner: Miranda Forbes
Repeated 3rd April 1983
[Margarete spent five years at Ravensbrook Camp]
[Milena was Milena Jesenska, 1896-1944]

29th March 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Cafe Society by Alun Owen (1925-1994)
A divorced couple meet for an arranged lunch at a restaurant.
Directed by Enyd Williams
BBC Wales
  Waitress: Wendy Richard
  Mario: Frank Coda
Also with Jill Bennett and Peter Gilmore

29th March 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Dear Veronica by Tessa Krailing.
Can you find peace by leaving your family?
Directed by John Cardy
  Miss Pike: Margot Boyd
  Miss Trotton: Hilda Schroder
  Dog: Leonard Fenton
  Painter: Michael Bilton
  Boodle: Terry Diab
30th March 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Who's a Pretty Boy Then? by Neil Shenton
The life of a student staying in a lodging house a little out of town.
Directed by Caroline Smith
BBC Manchester
  Mrs Prosser: Kathleen Helme
  Bertie: Roy Barraclough
  John: Steven Mann
  Martin: Colin Meredith
  Sergeant: James Tomlinson

31st March 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Passing of a Humorist: Reflections upon the life and passing of Jerome K. Jerome by Anthony Lally
This play is not a biography, but -by entering the mind of Jerome K. Jerome as he lies dying - attempts to give an impression of his life
Directed by Glyn Dearman
  Old Jerome: Maurice Denham
  Young Jerome: Peter Settelen
  the Recording Angel: Michael Tudor Barnes
  Ettie: Pauline Letts
  Young Ettie: Jill Simcox
  Rowena: Elizabeth Proud
  Brigadier: Ronald Baddiley
  Bishop: Timothy Bateson
  Brown: Basil Moss
  George: Stuart Organ
  Harris: James Bryce
  Uncle John: Peter Tuddenham
  Hospital doctor: Michael Bilton
  Stage manager: Steve Hodson
  Nurse: Miranda Forbes
Repeated 5th November 1985
[Recorded for headphone listening- binaural recording]


[Please note that printing strikes caused the none publication of Radio Times for three weeks in 1983. Between 2nd April and 15th April 1983 and between 3rd and 9th December 1983.]

2nd April 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Getting it like it Was by Dave Sheasby (1940-2010)
Repeated 5th April 1983

2nd April 1983:
Saturday Night Theatre: The Wild Swans by John Peacock based upon Hans Christian Andersen.
With Music composed, arranged and conducted by Philip Thorby and played by Musica Antiqua Of London
Radiophonic sound by Elizabeth Parker
Technical presentation by David Greenwood, Alma Cadzow, Richard Beadsmoore
Directed by Jane Morgan
  Elise: Angela Pleasence
  the Nurse: Pauline Letts
  King Arne: Stephen Thorne
  Queen Margrethe: Valerie Sarruf
  Arne: Andrew Seear
  Elronde: Toby Hales
  Kurt: John McAndrew
  Erik: James Imber
  Claus: Michael Goodman
  Peter: Toby Landau
  Hans: Paul Bradbury
  Johanne: Francis Wilford
  Karl: Caspar Norman
  Sven: Tristram Fetherstonhaugh
  Kristien: Malcolm Ingram
  Waldmaar: Philip Voss
  Ivar: Anthony Hyde
  Edrich: John Church
  Jakob: John Bott
The Lamias: Diana Bishop, Lolly Cockerell, Jenny Lee, Alexander John, Michael Spice, Gordon Reid
Repeated from 26th December 1980
Repeated 20th February 1993

3rd April 1983 -
Classic Serial Rodney Stone 2 of 4 (see 27/3/83)

4th April 1983
The Monday Play: Engage

5th April 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Lessons by Nan Woodhouse

6th April 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Oyster Catcher (1957) by Michael Gilbert

7th April 1983
Watson and Holmes with Carlton Hobbs and Norman Shelley

7th April 1952
Afternoon Theatre: The Man Who Stood in the Sea by Michael Campbell.
Violin: Peter Tanfield
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
  Margaret: Ingrid Hafner
  Tamsin: Petra Markham
  Tish: Jonathan Waterman
  Edward: Jon Croft
  the Man: Bill Wallis
Repeated 28th August 1984

9th April 1983
Thirty-Minute-Theatre: The Pre-Raphaelite by Monica Mears
Repeated 12th April 1983

9th April 1983
Saturday Night Theatre: Skyhooks by Alan Plater.
An architects office and a takeover.
Produced by Caroline Smith
BBC Manchester
  Ben: Christian Rodska
  Maggie: Janet Embry
  Tom: James Tomlinson
  Pete: Michael Jenner
  Bellamy: Malcolm Hebden
  Kenneth: Alan Cody
  Barton: Bernard Latham
  Carol: Lesley Nichol
Repeated 11th April 1983

10th April 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Engagement at Manresa by Bruce Stewart (1925-2005)

10th April 1983
Classic Serial Rodney Stone 3 of 4 (see 27/3/83)

11th April 1983
The Monday Play: The Good Citizen Kyle by Alan Berrie
It can be hazardous to witness a murder.
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
  Cormac Kyle: Sean Barrett
  Fran: Sorcha Cusack
  Grainne: Elizabeth Lindsay
  Tish: Susan Sheridan
  Inge: Miranda Forbes
  Peadar: Norman Rodway
  Jackie: Janene Possell
  Colin: Alan Barry
  Margot: Maggie Shevlin
  Matt: Jim Norton
  Emily: Kate Binchy
  Aiden: Bosco Hogan
  Kay: Felicity Hayes-McCoy
  Sean: Tony Doyle
  Detta: Patricia Leventon
  Tom: Mark Lambert
  Nuala: Marcella O'Riordan
  Mike: Michael Loughnan
  Mary: Angela Harding
  Liam: Adrian Dunbar
  Detective: John Rogan
  Det Inspector: P G Stephens
  Superintendent: Harry Towb
  Cassidy: Denys Hawthorne
  Brennan: Walter McMonagle
  Terrorists/Radio voices: Derek Halligan, Mark Mulholland, Ian McElhinney, John Hewitt, Desmond MacAleer
Repeated 17th April 1983 and 22nd August 1987

12th April 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Fixed Images by Valerie Windsor

13th April 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Running Time by David Fisher (1929-2018)

14th April 1983
Watson and Holmes: The Six Napoleons by Arthur Conan Doyle
with Carleton Hobbs and Norman Shelley
Repeated on R4X in April 2020.

14th April 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Music Of A Small Life by Ted Allbeury
Director: Christopher Venning
  James Arnold Foster: James Bolam
  The parson: Nigel Graham
Repeated 17th December 1983


16th April 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: A Sort of Farewell by Emily Bridges
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
  J-ne: Suzi-- Grant
  Mrs Flynn-Jones: Daphne Oxenford
  Susannah: Rosalie Crutchley
  Mrs Edgar: Delia Corrie
  Andrew: Geoffrey Banks
Repeated 19th April 1983

16th April 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: Colourblind by Brian Ashbee
One sister cares for the other. One sister craves independence.
Directed by Penny Gold
  Dorothy: Mary Wimbush
  Margery: Rachel Kempson
  Mrs Young: Fiona Walker
  Sona: Sona Vyas
  Mr Patel: Minoo Golvala
  Mrs Wenbury-Jones: Carole Boyd
  Mrs Huddleston-Frumpton: Ysanne Churchman
  Mrs Lumbsby-Smythe/Telephonist: Pauline Siddle
  Captain Roberts/ Mr Hammond: Brett Usher
  Ratcatcher/ Ambulance: Richard Huw
Repeated 18th April 1983

18th April 1983
The Monday Play: A Vow of Silence by Alan Drury (1949-2019)
A student decides to stop speaking. The reason becomes known eight years later.
Directed by Richard Wortley
  Simon: Nigel Anthony
  Judy: Jessica Turner
  Brian: Alex Jennings
  Alan: Steve Hodson
  Jane: Miranda Forbes
  Roy: James Kerry
  Pat: Pauline Siddle
  Anne: Carole Boyd
  Barman: James Bryce
Also with John Webb, James Bryce, Stuart Organ, Hilda Schroder, Miranda Forbes, Madi Hedd.

19th April 1983
Afternoon Theatre: A Fair Exchange by Grant Eustace
What caused the young man's death?
Directed by Christopher Venning
  Scott Mortimer: Martin Jarvis
  Lt-Cdr Tony Waterman: Jonathan Kent
  Lt John Palmer: John Wheatley
  Ronnie McLevy: Alexander John
  Fiona Campbell: Ciaran Madden
  Mrs Duncan: Eva Stuart
  Bruce Taggart: Frank Ellis
  Edward Cawton: Christopher Scoular
  Sir Spencer Beamish: Richard Hurndall
  Beriosov: John Livesey
  Janet: Kathryn Hurlbutt
  Young fisherman/Bateman: Graham Faulkner
  Semeonova: Mary Zuckerman
  Russian conductor: Peter Forest
Repeated from 2nd April 1981

20th April 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Gigantic Boar by Joe O'Donnell
1798. A wild boar is caught and taken to London.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
  Donal MacIvor: Henry Stamper
  Grogan: Sean Barrett
  Dooley: Jim Norton
  Sir Richard Ford: Timothy Bateson
  Mrs Hayden: Jean Trend
  Innkeeper: James Kerry
  Captain: Steve Hodson
  Man in tavern: Eric Allan
  Soldier: Christian Comber
  First Lady: Frances Jeater
  Second Lady: Hilda Schroder
  Girl: Carole Boyd
  King George: James Bryce
  Herbert: Peter Tuddenham

21st April 1983
The Three Garridebs (1924) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle adapted by Michael Hardwick
Directed by Graham Gauld
  Sherlock Holmes: Carleton Robbs
  Dr Watson: Norman Shelley
  Inspector Lestrade: Humphrey Morton
  John Garrideb: Eric Anderson
  Nathan Garrideb: Charles E. Stidwill
  Holloway: Harold Reese
  Mrs Hudson: Janet Morrison
First broadcast on BBC Light 4/9/64 and rptd BBC Home 28/12/64 and 30/3/67.
[Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2007, 2009, Jan 2010 and R4X in 2012, 2019]
[BBC7 listed the 'Merrison as Holmes' 1994 version of the play for 2008 and May 2010]

21st April 1983
Afternoon Theatre : Mistress Mine by Judith Gick (1908-2002)
The life and marriage of Anne Hathaway.
Music arranged by Iain Stewart and played by Iain Stewart (flute) and Suzanne Bramson (guitar)
Directed By: Richard Imison
  Anne Hathaway: Anna Barry
Also with Michael Bilton, Richard Huw, Pauline Siddle
Repeated 24th December 1983.
[Written for Anna Barry and first performed at the Edinburgh Festival in 1981]
[Anna Barry was the daughter of Michael Barry, who married Judith Gick.]

23rd April 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Cutting Loose by Angus Graham-Campbell
To go on holiday with your parents - OR with your friends?
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
  Steve: Robert Glenister
  Pam: Diana Bishop
  Chris: Jo Dunlop
  Mike: Alex Jennings
  Phil: David Napier
  Policeman: Crawford Logan
Repeated 26th April 1983

23rd April 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: Dragon by Don Haworth (1924-2007)
The nature of power and war. From a different perspective.
Technical Team: David Greenwood, Anne Hunt, and Donald McLeod.
Music and effects by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
Directed by Richard Wortley
  George: Robert Stephens
  Thesaurus: Alan Bennett
  the King: Cyril Shaps
  the Queen: Pauline Letts
  Amalric: David Timson
  the narrator Alcuin: Stephen Thorne
  Young Alcuin: Jill Lidstone
  Toron: Elizabeth Lindsay
  Felice: Jayn Rosamund
  Geila: Kathryn Hurlbutt
  Sybil: Christine Absalom
  Priest: Alan Dudley
  Fippa: Sonia Fraser
  Herald: Alexander John
  Kalor: John Rye
  Balin: Michael Spice
  Emich: John Hollis
  Pons: Haydn Wood
  Grendal: Stephen Garlick
other warriors and dragons played by John MacAndrew, Joe Dunlop, Alaric Cotter
First broadcast on Radio 3 on 8th July 1982.

24th April 1983
The Price of Silence by Stephen Barlay (1930-2011)
A serial in nine parts. 1 of 9: The Alert
America's new Early Warning System announces an approaching nuclear missile from outer space.
Music composed and played by Ed Welch (piano) with Ron Aspery (sax)
Directed by Peter King
Serial cast:
  Hostess: Gay Baynes
  Chuck: Bruce Boa
  Operator/Callgirl: Carole Boyd
  Fergus: James Bryce
  Girl: Mary Cornford
  Ellsberg: George Coulouris
  Kowalski: Carl Duering
  Saul: Blain Fairman
  Beryov: Peter Gale
  Disc Jockey/MP/Gloucester/ Announcer/Wennstrom: Nigel Graham
  Nachalnik: Paul Hardwick
  Interviewer/Reporter: Madi Hedd
  Maxon: Ian Hendry
  Tucker: Norman Jones
  Papa Mike: Errol MacKinnon
  Inspector: Peter Marinker
  Petrushka: Richard Marner
  Reporter/MP/ Announcer/Stewardess: Alex Marshall
  Captain: Stuart Milligan
  Winston: Stuart Organ
  Jacqueline: Toby Robins
  Nurse/Nadia: Zhivila Roche
  Doomsdayman/Insp Wells/President: Bob Sherman
  Aram Sarian: Vladek Sheybal
  Locke: Alan Tilvern
  Minister/Sandy: Peter Tuddenham
  Guard: Ian Tyler
  Sleet/Reporter: Brett Usher
  Cabbie: Peter Whitman
Parts 2-9 followed each week from 1/5/83 to 19/6/83.
Each 1983 episode was repeated three days later
[Also broadcast on R4X in 2021]

25th April 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Light of Heart by Emlyn Williams (1905-1987) adapted by Enyd Williams
An actor's daughter seeks to revive his career.
Directed by Enyd Williams
BBC Wales
  Maddoc: William Squire
  Catrin: Sharon Morgan
  Mrs Banner: Peggy Aitchison
  Fan: June Barry
  Mrs Lothian: Claire Nielson
  Barty: Roger Hammond
  Robert: Peter Penry-Jones
  Bevan: Clive Roberts
Repeated 16th November 1985.
[Also produced by Raymond Raikes in 1965 for BBC Home, rptd 1969 on R4.]

25th April 1983
The Monday Play: The Fine Tuning of Ivor Gurney (1890-1937) by Tim Rose Price
A life of the poet Ivor Gurney, who in his final years worried about the threats from radio waves.
Pianist: Harold Rich
Directed by Roger Pine
BBC Birmingham
  Ivor Gurney: Michael N. Harbour
  Ivor Gurney the boy: Jonathan Owen
  Mrs Gurney: Patricia Gibson
  Tutor: Stephen Hancock
  Recruiting sergeant: Sean Arnold
  Officer: Tim Brierley
  Nurse: Patricia Gallimore
  Platoon sergeant: Roger Hume
  Policeman: Edward Cast
  Staff nurse: David Vann
  Clerk: Ray Llewellyn
Repeated 1st May 1983
[Recorded for headphone listening- binaural]
[There was a kinder program about Ivor by Tim Kendall on BBC TV 4 in 2014]

26th April 1983
Afternoon Theatre:- A Time Between Comets by Juliet Ace
Two village boys growing up.
Directed by Enyd Williams
BBC Wales
  Megan/Olwen: Jan Edwards
  Man/Lena: Margaret John
  Young Davy: Rhys Thomas
  Older Davy: Guto Harri
  Young Ieuan: Twan Jones
  Older Ieuan: Simon Williams
  Glyn: Huw Ceredig
  Vicar/Mr Williams: Ray Handy
  Mr Hopkins: John Darren
  Hubert: Robert Blythe
  Ceinwen: Donna Edwards
Repeated 10th December 1983

27th April 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Sailor's Return by Judy Allen
The pub has new management.
Directed by Christopher Venning
  David Garton: Tony McEwan
  Linda Garton: Judy Parkin
  Nigel Brent: Nigel Graham
  Harry Wade: Edward Cast
  John Meacham: Richard Huw
  Mr Mowbray: Henry Stamper
Repeated 29th October 1983
[Not related to the David Garnett play]

28th April 1983
The Greek Interpreter (1893) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle adapted by Michael Hardwick
Directed by Martyn C. Webster
  Sherlock Holmes: Carleton Hobbs
  Dr Watson: Norman Shelley
  Mycroft: Keith Williams
  Melas: Jeffrey Segal
  Latimer: Brian McDermott
  Sophy: June Tobin
  Kemp: James Thomason
  Inspector Gregson: Michael Turner
  Club porter: George Hagan
  Porter: Charles Simon
First broadcast on BBC Light 5th April 1960, then on BBC Home 13/4/1960
[Also broadcast on R4X 2018, 2021]
[R4X broadcast the version with Merrison as Holmes in 2008, 2010, 2011]

29th April 1983
The Moonstone (1868) by Wilkie Collins (1824-1889) dramatised by Brian Gear
Music composed by Sidney Sager
1 of 6: 1848: A diamond stolen from India is now in Yorkshire.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
  Gabriel Betteredge: John Sharp
  Godfrey Ablewhite: Geoffrey Beevers
  Franklin Blake: John Telfer
  Rachel Verinder: Sally Baxter
  Rosanna Spearman: Tammy Ustinov
  Mr Bruff: Nat Brenner
  Lady Verinder: Petra Davies
  Penelope: Josie Kidd
  Felicity: Lisa Penny
  Georgia: Deborah Jane Sharpe
  Candy: Danny Schiller
  Mr Murthwaite: Gordon Dulieu
Additional actors in later episodes:
  Supt Seegrave: Rex Holesworth (2)
  Nancy: Jo Scott Matthews(2)
  Rosanna Spearman: Tammy Ustinov(2)
  Duffy/Gooseberry: Debby Cumming(2)
  Yolland: Tom Rastwood(2)
  Samuel: Matthew Adams(2)
  Lucy: Liza Flanagan(3)
  Miss Clack: June Barrie(3)
  Aunt Ablewhite: Margot Boyd(4)
  Ablewhite: Godfrey Kenton(4)
  Indian: Geoffrey Serle(4)
  Luker: Adrian Egan(4)
  Jennings: Philip Sully(5)
  Sergeant Cuff: John Franklyn-Robbins(6)
  Hokins/ Landlord: Barkley Johnson(6)
  Woods: Emlyn Barris(6)
Series repeated from 14th October 1979
Pt2:6/5/83 Pt3:13/5/83 Pt4:20/5/83 Pt5:27/5/83 Pt6:3/6/83

30th April 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre:- The Video Man by Bill Lyons
Recording weddings on video.
Directed by Jane Morgan
  David: Daniel Webb
  Bon: Paul Angelis
  Jan: Sarah Neville
  Mrs Randall: Miranda Forbes
  Susan: Sarah Martin
  Andy: Steve Bodson
Repeated 3rd May 1983

30th April 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: Captain of Heretics by Anthony Read (1935-2015)
16th Century: The difficulties of producing a Bible in English.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
  William Tyndale: Charles Kay
  Poyntz: Clifford Rose
  Sir Thomas More: Hugh Dickson
  Margaret: Sheila Grant
  William Roy/Procurator: Cyril Shaps
  Ned: Stephen Garlick
  Monmouth: John Church
  Hebblethwalte/Vaughan: Gordon Reid
  Quentell/Philips: Sean Arnold
  Frith: Anthony Hyde
  Miles Coverdale: Sion Probert
  John Frith: Anthony Hyde
  Bishop of London: John Bott
Repeated from 10th and 12th January 1981
Repeated 3rd October 1994

2nd May 1983
Afternoon Theatre: When We Are Married (1934) by J. B. Priestley (1894-1984)
1908. Three couples celebrate their silver weddings. But were they married?
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
  Ruby Birtle: Angela Curran
  Gerald Forbes: Stephen Boxer
  Mrs Northrop: Kathleen Helme
  Nancy Holmes: Kate Lee
  Fred Dyson: Peter John
  Henry Ormonroyd: George A. Cooper
  Alderman Joseph Helliwell: Ronald Baddiley
  Maria Helliwell: Paula Tilbbook
  Councillor Albert Parker: Malcolm Hebden
  Herbert Soppitt: Geoffrey Banks
  Clara Soppitt: Barbara Young
  Annie Parker: Ann Bye
  Lottie Grady: Meg Johnson
  The Rev Clement Mercer: Paul Webster
Repeated from 25th December 1981
[There was an earlier production by Vivian A Daniels in 1955 for BBC Light]
[There was a later production in 1994 by Matthew Walters, with Alan Bennett as Herbert; rptd 1995, also repeated on BBC7 in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2011, 2018]

2nd May 1983
The Monday Play: Dear Countess by Elizabeth Morgan
Hopes, Dreams, Fantasy and Reality. Effie was a decade younger than Ruskin.
Directed by Gerry Jones
  John Ruskin (1881-1900): Derek Jacobi
  Effie Ruskin: Bridget McCann
  Mr Ruskin: Timothy West
  Mrs Ruskin: Elizabeth Morgan
  Mr Gray: Henry Stamper
  Mrs Gray: Eva Stuart
  John Everett Millals: Michael Fenner
  Dr Henry Acland: John Rye
  Lady Elizabeth Eastlake: Madi Hedd
  Lady Lewis: Jean Trend
  Mr Roberts/Lockhard: Nigel Graham
Repeated 8th May 1983
[Also broadcast on R4X in 2013, 2015, 2019]

3rd May 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Time Slip by Wally K. Daly (1940-2020)
When you play with an Electronic Agitator/ Molecule Adjustor anything can happen.
Directed by Martin Jenkins
  Paul: Paul Daneman
  Margaret: Gwen Watford
  Frank: Donald Hewlett
  Faye: Norma Ronald
  Harold: Eric Allan
Repeated 3rd December 1983
[Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and on R4X in 2007, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2021 ]
[Giles Cooper Award Winner].
[No connection to the tv play by Charles Eric Maine]

4th May 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Poor Lonely Man by Pam Valentine
Her husband has just been buried, and she answers the door to someone she has not met before but has been expecting.
Directed by John Cardy
  Annie: Patricia Hayes
  Sheila: Frances Jeater
  Lil: Katherine Parr
  Bert: Edward Cast
  Driver: James Kerry

5th May 1983
The Sussex Vampire by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle adapted by Michael Hardwick
When tea brokers receive an enquiry mentioning vampires, they suggest Sherlock Holmes may be able to assist.
Directed by Graham Gauld
  Sherlock Holmes: Carleton Hobbs
  Dr Watson: Norman Shelley
  Ferguson: Stephen Jack
  Mrs Ferguson: Josephina Ray
  Dolores: Gladys Spencer
  Mrs Mason: Margaret Wolfit
  Jack: Peter Bartlett
First broadcast on BBC Light 18/9/64 and on BBC Home 30/12/64]
[Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2007, 2009, 2010 and on R4X in 2012, 2019]
[In 2008 R7 broadcast the version with Merrison as Holmes]

5th May 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Dear Aunt by Julia Jones
Eve visits her Aunt whom she has not seen for some years.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
  May: Margaret D'Arcy
  Eve: Meg Davies

7th May 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: A Member of the Family by Myles Rudge(1926-2007)
Maggie has invited her former husband and his new wife to lunch.
Directed by Adrian Mourby
  Maggie: Angela Thorne
  Paul: Richard Huw
  Geoff: Eric Allan
  Janis: Lesley Manvllle
Repeated 10th May 1983
[Different to the 1959 play by Leslie Fennell]

7th May 1983
Afternoon Theatre:- The Bohemians by David Nathan (1926-2001)
Music/Pianist:David Timson; Viola:Gustave Clarkson; Flute:Michael Hirst
Director: Ian Cotterell
  Rudolf: Clive Francis
  Schaunard: David Timson
  Durand: John Webb
  Mouton: Clive Panto
  Musette: Tina Marian
  Marcel: Christopher Scoular
  Bernard: Timothy Bateson
  Colline: Christopher Good
  Waiter: Richard Huw
  Phemie: Polly James
  Benoit: Kerry Francis
  Mimi: Miriam Margolyes
  Maurice: Giles Cole
  Mariette: Carole Boyd
  Juliet: Fiona Walker
Repeated 9th May 1983 and 20th September 1986
[Based on Henri Murger's "Scenes de la vie de boheme"]

9th May 1983
The Monday Play: Urbane Riots by Peter Whalley (1946-2017)
He's yelling at somebody or other inside his head .
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
  Alan: Nigel Anthony
  Linda: Susan Tracy
  Ben: James Tomlinson
  Alice: Brigit Forsyth
  Michael: Russell Dixon
  Geoff: Colin Meredith
  Liz: Angela Curran
Repeated 15th May 1983

10th May 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Lolly Willowes by Sylvia Townsend Warner (1893-1978) dramatised by Michelene Wandor.
1921: From London to village witch-craft.
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Birmingham
  Lolly: Gwen Taylor
  Lolly's father/Satan: Roger Milner
  Henry: Stephen Hancock
  Sybil/Mrs Garland: Hedli Niklaus
  Caroline: Patricia Gallimore
  Titus: Graham Seed
  Arthur Arbuthnot: David Vann
  Vicar/shopkeeper/Mr Gurdon: Terry Molloy
  Mrs Leak: Mary Wimbush
  Mr Saunter: Leon Tanner
  Carloe: Kathryn Hurlbutt
  Mrs Trumpet/Miss Larpent: Shirley Stelfox
[There was a later production by Sally Avens in 2001]

11th May 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Loud Sing Cuckoo by Victor Canning (1911-1986)
What can go wrong when bird watching and taking photographs.
Directed by Graham Gauld
  Diana: Rosalind Shanks
  Martin: Sean Barrett
  Billy: Elizabeth Lindsay
  Evie: Paddy Turner
  Aunt Lily: Joan Duan
  Peter: Christopher Scott
Repeated from 12th August 1981

12th May 1983
The Boscombe Valley Mystery by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle adapted by Michael Hardwick
The farmer went to Boscombe Pool but did not return.
Directed by Martyn C. Webster
  Sherlock Holmes: Carleton Hobbs
  Dr Watson: Norman Shelley
  James McCarthy: Nigel Graham
  Lestrade: Humphrey Morton
  Coroner: Geoffrey Wincott
  Alice Turner: Sheila Grant
  John Turner: Bruce Beeby
(First broadcast on BBC Light 12/12/66)
[Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2007, 2010, and on R4X in 2012, 2020
[The later version with Merrison as Holmes was broadcast on R7 in 2008 and on R4X in 2016]

12th May 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Bartlett Foundation by Stan Bradshaw
Money and power do not bring peace.
Directed by Caroline Smith
BBC Manchester
  Joe Bartlett: Christian Rodska
  Ada: Susan Tracy
  Mam/Miss Tyler: Rosalie Williams
  Nun/Fiona/Boy mimic: Janet Amsbury
  Fred Brady: Bernard Latham
  Psychiatrist/Spoon: Brian Southwood
  Male dancer/O'Flagherty/Returning officer: Cliff Howells

14th May 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: An Avalanche of Cows by David Luck
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
  Lester: Robin Bowerman
  Rose Marie: Norma Cohen
  Mr Trollope: Robert Keegan
  Mr Hoag: Peter Wheeler
  Gran: Barbara Young
  Madame: Patricia England
  Monsieur: Christopher Ravenscroft
Repeated 17th May 1983

14th May 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Ghost Writer (1974) by Diana Carter dramatised by Geoffrey M. Matthews
Who wrote the newly discovered novel apparently by an author who died some years ago?
Directed by Martin Jenkins
  Richard Pullen: John Rowe
  Lionel Somerton: Robert Eddison
  John Forbes: Simon Hewitt
  Peter: Jill Lidstone
  Andrea: Frances Jeater
  Queenle: Elizabeth Spriggs
  Strachey: Nigel Stock
  Mr Jupp: John Turner
  Ada: Katherine Parr
Repeated 16th May 1983

16th May 1983
The Monday Play: Road to Rocio by Douglas Livingstone
Four people went from England to Spain.
Directed by Jane Morgan
  Dianne: Sara Kestelman
  Brian: James Bolam
  Richard: Michael Kitchen
  Pauline: Christine Absalom
  Frederico: Carlos Douglas
  Sylvia: Jane Wenham
  Air hostess: Jean Trend
  Carlos: Trader Faulkner
  Jose: Clive Panto
  TV man: John Bull
Repeated 22nd May 1983 and 30th July 1984
[1984 Sony Radio Award for Best Drama Production]
[Trader Faulker (Carlos) went to Rocio in 1992, covered in a R4 rogramme called "The Road to Rocio" produced by Mick Webb]
[Slightly related is Douglas Livingstone's 2015 play (rptd 2017) "Road to St Davids" also directed by Jane Morgan]
[El Rocio is an ancient place of pilgrimage, most popular for the festival in Pentecost]

17th May 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Friends and Neighbours by Neil Shenton
As you get older, live alone, and a care home is on the horizon, there may be other choices.
Directed by Caroline Smith
BBC Manchester
  Maurice: Martyn Read
  Amy: Valerie Lilley
  Miss Baxter/Mrs Megson: Janet Rawson
  Joey: Peter Faulkner
  Angela: Dona Croll
  Ticket clerk/Sergeant: Anthony Wingate

18th May 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Marijuana Kid by John McKenzie
An unemployed man faces getting into a boxing ring with a stranger who is going to beat him up...
Directed by Patrick Rayner
  Harry Burns: Gerard Kelly
  Jean: Jennifer Angus
  Eric: John Grieve
  George: Phil McCall
  Jimmy: Finlay McLean
  Commentator: Tony Roper
  Quinn: Gerard Slevin
  (First broadcast on Radio Scotland)

19th May 1983
The Five Orange Pips by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle adapted by Michael Hardwick
Five orange pips inside an envelope.
Directed by Martyn C. Webster
  Sherlock Holmes: Carleton Hobbs
  Dr Watson: Norman Shelley
  Elias Openshaw: Bruce Beeby
  John Openshaw: William Eedie
  Joseph Openshaw: James Thomason
  Mr. Hudson: -Barbara Mitchell
  Shipping clerk: Jonathan Scott
(First broadcast on BBC Light 28/141/66)
[Also broadcast on R4X in 2020]
[A version with Merrison as Holmes was broadcast on R7 in 2008 and on R4X in 2016 and 2020]
[There were earlier productions: with Carleton-Hobbs as Holmes and Shelley as Watson, in 1952 produced by David Davis. There was another in 1957 produced by Martyn Webster in which Felix Felton played Joseph.]

19th May 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Child in a Dark Wood by Ellen Dryden
Paris. 1859. A mother who lost custody of her children is reunited with them years later.
Directed by Brian Miller
  Caroline Norton: Penelope Wilton
  George Norton: George Baker
  Maid: Carole Boyd
  Fletcher (Penney): Alex Jennings
  a boy Fletcher: Jonathan Taylor
  Miss Vaughan: Madi Redd
  Brin as a boy: Samuel Durrans
  Brin: David Peart
  Sailor: Richard Huw
Repeated 20th November 1984

21st May 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Rocking Chair by Gregory Day (k/a Greg Day)
A tenant of a bed-sit has a new neighbour who will not keep themselves to themselves.
Directed by David Johnston
  Charlie: John Rye
  Gary: Richard Huw
Repeated 24th May 1983
[The original stage play of this title was the first play written by Greg Day]

21st May 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: My Brother's Keeper by R. E. T. Lamb
Reactions to the death of a loved one may seem strange.
Directed by Paul Chamberlain
Producer Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
  Janey: Kate Spiro
  Tom: Cornelius Garrett
  Dereck: Christian Rodska
  Mrs Vartey: Jo Anderson
  George: Paul Nicholson
  May: Susan Dowdall
  Aunty: Vivienne Moore
  Geoff: Jonathan Nibbs
  Jim: John Abineri
  Joan: Constance Chapman
  Em: Pat Held
  Vicar: Tony Rosinson
  First man: Phillip Manikum
Repeated 23rd May 1983

23rd May 1983
The Monday Play: Enemies (1906) by Maxim Gorky (1868-1936), translated by by Kitty Hunter-Blair and Jeremy Brooks, adapted by Liane Aukin
1905- the relationships between owner, manager and worker.
Directed by Michael Heffernan
  Zakhar: Allan McClelland
  Paulina: Jane Wenham
  Yakov: Norman Ronway
  Tatiana: Jennie Stoller
  Nadya: Amanda Kirby
  General Pechenegov: Graham Crowden
  Mikhall: Timothy Bateson
  Kleopatra: Barbara Leigh-Hunt
  Nikolai: Ronald Pickup
  Kon: Michael Bilton
  Grusha: Carole Boyd
  Pologgy: Stuart Organ
  Sintsov: Clive Panto
  Captain Boboyedov: Roger Hammond
  Kvach: James Bryce
  Grekov: Alex Jennings
  Levshin: Peter Woodthorpe
  Worker: Eric Allan
  Ryabtsov: Richard Huw
  Yakimov: Michael Jenner
  Inspector: Brett Usher
Repeated 29th May 1983

24th May 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Dragon in Heaven by Mike Walker
A farmer goes to war and a deserter helps on the farm.
Music directed by Terence Allbright and played by Paul James and Cliff Stapleton
Directed by Christopher Venning
  Kate: Elizabeth Bell
  Jack: Crawford Logan
  Gerard: Michael Spice
  Pers: Jill Lidstone
  Pru: Patience Tomlinson
  soldier: John Wheatley
Repeated from 28th May 1981

25th May 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Time Spent in Reconnaissance by Ted Allbeury (1917-2005)
Time on research pays off.
Directed by Christopher Venning
  Lt Peter Harvey: Michael Cochrane
  Julie Peyton: Isabelle Amyes
  Captain Palmer: Richard Kay
  Jean Paul Provost: Stuart Organ
  Daphne Cooper: Miranda Forbes
Also with Brett Usher, Alex Jennings and Pauline Siddle
Repeated 22nd October 1983
[Ted Allbeury worked for the Special Operations Executive 1940-1947]

26th May 1983
The Final Problem by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle adapted by Michael Hardwick
Sherlock Holmes feels free to relax and take a holiday on the Continent.
Directed by Martyn C. Webster
  Sherlock Holmes: Carleton Hobbs
  Doctor Watson: Norman Shelley
  Professor Moriarty: Rolf Lefebvre
  Peter Steiler: Alan Dudley
  Swiss boy: Gordon Gardner
(First broadcast on BBC Light January 1967)
[Also broadcast on R7 in 2007, 2009, 2010 and R4X in 2012, 2020]
[Hobbs and Shelley were in the 1955 production by David Davis]
[Hobbs and Shelley were in the 1957 production on BBC Home by Martyn C Webster when Moriarty was played by Felix Felton]
[There was a production by Harry Towers in 1954 on BBC Light, rptd 1980 on Radio 3, with Gielgud as Holmes, repeated in 2014 on R4X]

26th May 1983
Afternoon Theatre: A Pillar of the Society by J. C. Wilsher
Building society funds are missing and the Chairman is found dead.
Directed by Brian Dean
  Edward Ingram: Laurence Naismith
  the Inspector: Franck Thornton
  Colin Deeping: James Bryce
  Wendy: Carole Boyd
  Eric Goodwin: Peter Tuddenham
  Iris Ingram: Kathleen Helme
  Dorothy Whitworth: Rosalind Adams
  Maud Ingram: Hilda Schroder
  Alfred Saggs: Clifford Parrish
  Mr Fiddick: Michael Bilton
  Graham Craddock: Eric Allan
  Mr Gifford: David Gooderson
  Mr Smith: Nigel Graham
Repeated 21st November 1985

28th May 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Supersaver by Peter Gibbs
Trying to find one product in a huge hypermarket...
Directed by John Tydeman
  Eric: Richard Briers
  the Girl: Wendy Richard
  Mr Gale: Ronald Herdman
  Mr Horobin: Michael Tudor Barnes
  Jean Trend: John Livesey
  the Announcer: John Marsh
Repeated from 5th and 8th December 1981
[Winner of the Prix Futura 1983 (Berlin Festival) ]

28th May 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Thirty-First of June by J. B. Priestley dramatised by Brian Sibley
Repeated from 3rd January 1983- please see above.

30th May 1983
Afternoon Theatre: A Trail of Blood (1970) by Jeremy Potter (1922-1997) adapted by Allan Scott and Chris Bryant
Brother Thomas is seeking to discover if one or both of the princes in the tower are still alive.
Directed by Jane Morgan
  Gervase: James Kerry
  Abbot: Jack May
  Robert Aske: Stephen Thorne
  Chancellor Rayne: Brett Usher
  Prior: Preston Lockwood
  Brother Thomas: Michael Kitchen
  Friar/Soldier: James Bryce
  Warder Martyn: Arne Gordon
  Leper/Quincy: David Peart
  Agnes: Christine Pollon
  Walter Skelton: Peter Tuddenham
Repeated 2nd January 1984
[Jeremy Potter was chairman of the Richard III society 1971-1989]

30th May 1983
The Monday Play: Not About Heroes- The Friendship of Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen (1982) by Stephen Macdonald (1933-2009)
Directed by Stewart Conn
BBC Scotland
  Siegfried Sassoon: Stephen MacDonald
  Wilfred Owen: James Teller
Repeated 5th June 1983. Subsequent broadcasts as just "Not About Heroes"- 15th March 1993.
[Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2008 and R4X in 2021]

31st May 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Managerial Circles by Gerry McKee
The boss decides to sack an employee.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
  Dennis: Bernard Hill
  Ray: Michael N. Harbour
  Bernie: Rod Beacham
Repeated from 11th and 14th July 1981

31st May 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Topsoil of Imberley by Peter Terson
A student teacher is given the task of surveying the village.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
  Jenny Beston: Petra Markham
  Ruby Filmore: Mary Wimbush
  Annie M?rdon: Peggy Ann Wood
  Jimmie Boroon: John Abineri
  Mr Grice: Peter Copley
  Phil: Cornelius Garrett

1st June 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Ripples by Gurmeet Kasba
A holiday in Cornwall and then his girlfriend is away to University.
Directed by Peter King
  Frances: Tilly Vosburgh
  Peter: Chris Chescoe
  Richard: David Milner
Repeated 27th November 1985

2nd June 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Eternal Moment by E. M. Forster (1879-1970) dramatised by Penny Leicester
She returns to a place that had an important role in her past.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
  Miss Raby: Irene Sutcliffe
  Colonel Leyland: Michael Bilton
  the Concierge: Victor Spinetti
  Elizabeth/American lady: Carmen Rodriguez
  English lady/Nelly: Miranda Forbes
  Signora Cantu: Katherine Parr
  American: Nigel Graham
  Driver/Waiter: Alex Jennings

4th June 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Token Two by A S. Robertson
Two men keep watch for enemy shipping.
Director: Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland
  Ken: John Grieve
  Vic: Paul Young
Repeated 7th June 1983
4th June 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: When Echoes Fade by Ivor Wilson
Many young men and women were keen to join up for the First World War.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
  Emily Hesketh: Natasha Pyne
  Mr Hesketh: Geoffrey Banks
  Mrs Hesketh: Daphne Oxenford
  Tim Wasdale: David Fleeshman
  Lizzy Pepper: Sue Jenkins
  Harry Hesketh: Julian S. Cohen
  Sister/Blidwell: Ann Rye
  William Walker: Christian Rodska
Repeated 6th June 1983

5th June 1983
The King Must Die by Mary Renault adapted by Michael Bakewell.
1 of 11. The story of Theseus
Music by Christos Pittas
Directed by David Spenser
  Theseus: Gary Bond
Remainder of the cast for the whole series:
Adrian Egan, Alex Jennings, Andrew Branch, Carol Boyd, Christopher Guard, Clifford Rose, Clive Panto, Danny Schiller, David Banks, David Gooderson, David March, David Peart, David Timson, Elizabeth Lindsay, Eric Allan, Esmond Knight, Fiona Walker, Frances Jeater, Hilda Schroder, Howard Samuels, Ian Bura, James Bryce, James Kerry, Jane Knowles, Jane Wenham, Jean Trend, Jill Lidstone, John Bull, John Livesey, John Webb, John Westbrook, Kerry Francis, Madi Hedd, Malcolm Stoddard, Margaret Robertson, Maureen O'Brien, Michael Jenner, Michael Tudor Barnes, Michael Spice, Moir Leslie, Nigel Graham, Pauleen Siddle, Peter Baldwin, Peter Maxim, Petra Markham, Philip Sully, Piers Maxim, Pip Mayo, Richard Bates, Richard Huw, Rosalind Adams, Sarah Badel, Sarah Finch, Sean Barrett, Spencer Banks, Stephen Thorne, Steve Hodson, Stewart Wright, Stuart Organ, Susan Sheridan, Trevor Brohier, Trevor Martin, Vanessa Forsyth, William Eedle
(That is a cast of 66 actors).
Pt2:12/6/83 Pt3:19/6/83 Pt4:26/6/83 Pt5:3/7/83 Pt6:10/7/83 Pt7:17/7/83 Pt8:24/7/83 Pt9:31/7/83 Pt10:7/8/83 Pt11:14/8/83
Only the first part was first broadcast Sunday repeated Tuesday as the Friday was an Election special.
Remaining parts broadcast Sunday, repeated Friday following.
[Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2003]
[Previously produced in five episodes for BBC Home by Archie Campbell in 1963]

6th June 1983
To My Dear, Dear Saladin by William Ingram (1930-2013)
Upon death the disposal of the Estate creates difficulties.
Directed By: John Dyas
  Presented by Vincent Price
  Freddie: Edward Woodward
  Emily: Annette Crosbie
  The Solicitor: Lewis Stringer
Repeated 7th June 1983
[Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2009, 2010, and R4X in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2017, 2020, 2022]

6th June 1983
The Monday Play: The Sea Anchor (1974) by E. A. Whitehead
The crossing from Liverpool to Dublin can be stormy.
Directed By: Peter King
  Les: Jonathan Pryce
  Andy: Michael Angelis
  Jean: Elizabeth Estensen
  Sylvia: Kate Fitzgerald
Repeated on BBC Radio 3 on 6th May 1988.

8th June 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Queenie's Channel by David Wheeler
A weekend alone with a broken television set.
Directed by Margaret Etall
  Queenie: Beryl Reid
  Edna: Sheelah Wilcocks
  Frank: Alan Dudley
  Announcer: Stephen Thorne
  Master of Ceremonies: Haydn Wood
  Commentators: Crawford Logan
  Mother: Theresa Streatfeild
  Queenie (aged 18): Christine Absalom
  Teacher: Patience Tomlinson
  TV man: David McAlister
Repeated from 15th July 1981

9th June 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Daughters of the Late Colonel (1920) by Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923) dramatlsed by R. S. Byram
The Colonel leaves behind his two daughters who have little experience of life outside the house.
Directed by Penny Gold
  Josephine: Anna Cropper
  Constantia: Elizabeth Bell
  Nurse: Jane Wenham
  Kate (the maid): Moir Leslie
  The Rev Farolles: Brett Usher
  Colonel: Patrick Barr
  Cyril: Simon Butteriss
[There were earlier productions including BBC Home 1951 by Peter Watts].

11th June 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Two on a Balcony by John Kirkmorris
A couple argue.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
  Mike: Peter Jeffrey
  Sally: Maggie McCarthy
Repeated 14th June 1983

11th June 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Cleverest Man at Oxford by Geoffrey Parkinson
Opera singing by Members Of Ss Peter and Paul Cathedral Choir, Clifton, Choirmaster Christopher Walker
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
  Geoffrey Parkinson: Geoffrey Beevers
  Esther: Julia Hills
  Mother: Daphne Heard
  Mrs Gillies: Jo Anderson
  Mr Gillies/Weekes Johnson: Patrick Mallhide
  First academic/Prison Governor: Peter Copley
  Second academic: David Ponting
  Musa Manda/Mr Massing: Nigel Anthony
  Librarian/Gillian: Victoria Wicks
  Eric Dunne/Frail gent: Christian Rodska
  Examiner: Michael Drew
  Matron: Nina Holloway
  Lewis Chatty: Geoffrey Bateman
  Lizzie: Meg Davies
  Miss Beeches: Peggy Ann Wood
  Father/Chief Officer: Bill Wallis
Repeated 13th June 1983

12th June 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Waltz of the Toreadors (1951) by Jean Anouilh (1910-1987), translated by Lucienne Hill
Music by John Hotchkis
Directed by John Powell
  General Leon de Saint Pe: Stephen Murray (1912-1983)
  Dr Armand Bonfant: Andre Morell
  Amelie: Beatrix Lehmann
  Mlle Ghislaine de Sainte-Euverte: Margaret Rawlings
  Gaston: Trader Faulkner
  Eugenie: Grizelda Hervey
  Sidonie: Kate Coleridge
  Estelle: Patricia Gallimore
  Mme Dupont-Fredaine: Pauline Letts
  Fr Ambrose: John Wyse
  Pamela: Frances Jeater
Repeated from 5th May 1969

13th June 1983
The Price of Fear: The Family Album by William Ingram (1930-2013)
Directed by John Dyas
Presenter: Vincent Price
  Arthur Goodby: Maurice Denham
  Rose Goodby: Liz Fraser
  Harry: James Kerry
  Mr Martin: Aubrey Morris
  the Coroner: Anthony Newlands
Repeated 14th June 1983
[Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2008, 2009, 2010 and R4X in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2017, 2020. 2022]

13th June 1983
The Monday Play: Except the Lord by Joyce Cary (1888-1957). dramatised by David Wheeler
Tom Nimmo was a church minister - his son became a cabinet minister.
Directed by John Cardy
  Lord Nimmo, Narrator: Howard Lang
  Chester, the child: Jill Lidstone
  Chester, the young man: Richard Huw
  Georgina: Jane Knowles
  Tom Nimmo: Trevor Martin
  Mrs Nimmo: Fiona Walker
  Mrs Coyte: Hilda Schroder
  Richard, as a child: Elizabeth Lindsay
  Richard, as a young man: David Ashford
  Fred Coyte: James Kerry
  Minister: Michael Bilton
  Prostitutes: Carole Boyd and Pauline Siddle
  Dr Lanza: Nigel Graham
  Dr Dolling: James Bryce
  Will Wilson: Stuart Organ
  Gomme: Peter Woodthorpe
  Brodribb: Danny Schiller
  Doan: Clive Panto
  Kimber: Eric Allan
  Pring: Timothy Bateson
  Tory orator: John Webb
Repeated 19th June 1983
[The middle book of a trilogy: Book 1:Prisoner of Grace; Book 3: Not Honour More]

14th June 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Journal of Vasilije Bogdanovic by Alan Plater (1935-2010)
An English football team engage a foreign player- he doesn't speak English and is not that good at football...
Directed by Dickon Reed
A BBC World Service drama production
  Vasilije: Sandor Eles
  Announcer/Urwin: Peter Wheeler
  Stewardess: Kate Lee
  Chadwick: Graham Roberts
  Gosling: Henry Livings
  Nicholson: Nick Owen
  Buchan: Leo Maguire
  Sturgess: Jack Carr
Repeated 15th December 1984
(1983 Sony Radio Award)

15th June 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Invisible Writing by Donald Chapman
Directed By: Peter King
  Helen: Sylvestra Le Touzel
  Young Alan: Astra Sheridan
Repeated from 7th July 1982
Winner of a 1982 Giles Cooper Award

16th June 1983
Afternoon Theatre: A Moment in Time (1964) by H. E. Bates (1905-1974), dramatised by Michael Robson
The Summmer in Southern England prior to the Battle of Britain (1940).
Directed by Derek Hoddinott
  Liz: Jenny Quayle
  Splodge: Daniel Day-Lewis
  Mrs Cartwright: Margaret Courtenay
  Uncle Harry: Robert Lang
  Bill: Jeremy Sinden
  Tom: Steve Hodson
  Doll: Patricia Gallimore
  Smithy: John Gillett
  Mac: Peter Wickham
  Fitz: Gary Cady
  Rose: Jean Trend
[H E Bates was an RAF pilot based in Tangmere, West Sussex]

18th June 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Little Boy by John Chambers
Worries about the Nuclear Bomb.
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester
  Richard Bentley: Geoffrey Banks
  Joyce Bentley: Ann Rye
  Carol Bentley: Sunny Ormonde
  William: Jason Littler
  Mr Attenborough: Paul Webster
  Dr Schofield: Alan Rothwell
  Godfrey: Adam Kotz
  Receptionist: Diana Flacks
  Janice/Tv reporter: Kate Lee
  Vicar: Randal Herley
Repeated 21st June 1983

18th June 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Disposal Man by T. D. Webster
Middle age and marital discord.
Directed by Peter Windows
BBC Birmingham
  Max: Edward Woodward
  Elaine: Caroline Mortimer
  Eddie: Brian Croucher
  Liz: Natasha Pyne
  James: Steve Hodson
  Vincent: Graham Padden
  Robert: Geoffrey Matthews
  J W /Inspector: Alan Dudley
Repeated 20th June 1983

20th June 1983
Out of the Mouths by William Ingram (1930-2013)
Experiments in child development on his own son.
Directed By: John Dyas
  Richard: Hywel Bennett
  Rachel: Elizabeth Proud
  David: John Quayle
Repeated 21st June 1983
[Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2009, 2010, and R4X in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2017, 2020, 2022]

20th June 1983
The Monday Play: The Hidden Curriculum by Graham Reid
Belfast bigotry and violence.
A BBC Radio/Lyric Theatre Belfast co-production
Directed by Leon Rubin
Producer Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
  Tony Cairns: Denys Hawthorne
  Bill Boyd: Adrian Dunbar
  Tom Allen: John Elmes
  Ann Wilson: Susie Kelly
  Archie: George Shane
  Brickso: Brian Hogg
  Eric Alexander: Mark Mulholland
  Ruby: Stella McCusker
  Frank: Joe McPartland
  Winnifred: Margaret D'Arcy
  David Dunn: Michael McKnight
  Herbert Montgomery: Oliver Maguire
[Graham Reid spent a few years working as a teacher in Co. Down- the characters in this play were alleged to have been based on people he knew at that school.]

21st June 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Oldenthorpe's Overhang by Brian Hughes
A race to the top of Crunton's Crag.
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Birmingham
  Vic: Graham Roberts
  Fozz: Colin Meredith
  Don: Graham Seed
  Alec: Tim Brierley

23rd June 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Picture Beyond the Canvas by Gerald Kelsey (1919-2006)
He is asked to authenticate some paintings.
Directed by Graham Gauld
  Charles: Anthony Daniels
  Paul: Henry Knowles
  Stefan: Haydn Wood
  Camille: Jill Connick
  Grant: Kerry Shale
  Philippe: Philip Denyer
  Madame: Catherine Willmer
  Ruth: Christine Absalom
  Albert: George Parsons

25th June 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Metamorphosis of Sid Arkwright by John Turner and Ian McMillan
Sid is turning into a giant cockroach. Playing darts could be awkward.
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
  Sid: Bob Grant
  Albert: Harry Beett
  Harry: Robert Keegan
  Fred/El Magico: Charles Cookson
  Dora/Maureen: Jane Lowe
  Eric: Kevin Kennedy
Repeated 28th June 1983
[The first broadcast was listed simply as "Metamorphosid Arkwright"]
[Inspired by The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka]

25th June 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: Jackie by John Hall
A young girl and a vicar.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
  Jackie: Allison Hancock
  Ron Vole: Christopher Scoular
  Atkyn: Paul Hardwick
  Freddie: Philip Bond
  Peters: Emrys James
  Mrs Blossom: Pat Heywood
  Blossom: Bill Wallis
  Banderlegge: Ralph Michael
  Dick: Peter Craze
  Mrs Rudd: Margot Young
  Judy: Miranda Forbes
Repeated 27th June 1983
[Hear these characters also in "The Wedding of Jackie" 19 and 24/3/90]

26th June 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Dark Heritage by Catharine Hughes
A mining disaster in North Wales in 1934 and another in South Wales in 1966 have a link.
Location sound by Cedric Johnson, David Greenwood, Gareth Watson and Peter Cramm
Director Jane Morgan
A BBC digital recording
  Isaiah Jones: Meredith Edwards
  Nansi: Meg Wynn Owen
  young Nansi/Nerys: Marged Esli
  Mair: Rhoda Lewis
  Gwilym: John Ogwen
  Huw: Gari Williams
  Young Huw: Carl Griffiths
  Tom: Andrew Secombe
  Miss Jones/Margiad: Margaret John
  Glyn Rushton: Haydn Wood
  George Rushton: Alan Dudley
With the children of Penygelli Junior School and the people of Coedpoeth and Wrexham
Repeated from 29th March 1982 and 4th April 1982.
Repeated 14th October 1991
[Winner of the 1983 Sony Award for Technical Excellence and Achievement in Broadcasting.]
[Marged Esli's full name is Marged Esli Charles-Williams]
[Catharine Hughes based the play upon two of her poems]
[The first digital stereo recording for Radio 4 on location, the play was recorded mainly in Minera and Coedpoeth.]

27th June 1983
The Monday Play: Scouting for Boys by Martyn Read
Camping with a scout troop.
Directed bv David Spenser
  Tiger Timms: Nigel Stock
  Cooper: Alex Jennings
  the Colonel: Michael Spice
  Georgina: Alison Steadman
  Miles: Jeremy Child
  Spider: Spencer Banks
  Young Miles: Elizabeth Lindsay
  Young Georgina: Jill Lidstone
  Young scouts: Lloyd Charlton, Jason Cooper, Adam Rhodes and Timothy Ward
Repeated 3rd July 1983 and 1st September 1985
[1983 Giles Cooper Award winner]

28th June 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Mother, Daughter, Friend by Peter Gibbs
A multi generational household.
Directed by Graham Gauld
  Fay: Judy Parfitt
  Gran: Betty Baskcomb
  Lisa: Melinda Walker
  David: Kerry Francis
  Rick: Malcolm James
  Dr Davis: James Kerry
  Nurse: Pauline Siddle
  Interviewer: John Webb

29th June 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Mr Wrong (1975) by Elizabeth Jane Howard (1923-2014) dramatised by Catherine Lucy Czerkawska
After moving to London and buying a car: there is something not right with the car.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
  Meg: Petra Markham
  Mother: Pauline Letts
  Father: Michael Bilton
  Man: Geoffrey Matthews
  Val: Marian Diamond
  Samantha: Phyllida Nash
  Mr Whitehorn: John Webb
  Lady with dog: Hilda Schroder
  Car dealer: Clive Panto
Repeated 1st May 1985

30th June 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Summer Visitors by Stephen Fagan
A holiday in Devon- but the locals can be quite aggressive.
Directed by Margaret Windham
  Neshat Hossain: Saaed Jaffrey
  Woolacott: Eric Allan
  Luscombe: Peter Jeffrey
  Hemmett: Geoffrey Bayldon
  Elliott: John Rowe
  Vent (Vicar): Henry Stamper
  Derek Smith: James Bryce
  Mrs Edwards/Woman: Jane Wenham
  Mary/Lindy: Pauline Siddle
  Waycott: Geoffrey Collins
  Hayward: Clive Panto
  Kivell: Stuart Organ
  Dr Kneale: Danny Schiller
  Frances Hossain: Carole Boyd
  Gilly: Moir Leslie
  Harry: Richard Huw
  First holidaymaker: David Peart
  Second holidaymaker: John Webb
Repeated 12th March 1985

2nd July 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: A Marriage of Convenience by Michael Wall (1946-1991)
She has no funds or possessions and her "friends" feel she should have a husband.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
  Krysta: Dorota Zieciowska
  Paul: Michael Kitchen
  his mother: Dilys Laye
  Sue: Selina Cadell
  May: Madi Hedd
Repeated 5th July 1983

2nd July 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Killing by John Ashe
It looks like he is going to pay the price for his shady past.
Directed by Alec Reid
BBC Bristol
  Simon Hicks: David Warner
  Dinah Morrow: Carol Drinkwater
  Harry Vine: John Abineri
  J B Cargill: Conrad Phillips
  Rosie Cargill: Marco Lawrence
  Hymie Russo: Nigel Graham
  Stranger: Timothy Bateson
Repeated 4th July 1983

3rd July 1983
Pay Any Price by Ted Allbeury
1 of 10.
The USA in the 1960s.
Piano: Dennis Gomm
Directed by Christopher Venning
  Jimmy Boyd: Barry Foster
  Otto Schultz: Robert Beatty
  Debbie Shaw: Susannah Fellows
  Tony Symons: Michael J Shannon
  Marine Colonel: Nigel Graham
  Escort Officer: Alex Jennings
  Jimmy Hoffa: Bob Sherman
  Robert Kennedy: Geoffrey Collins
  Ray: Bruce Boa
  John F Kennedy: Peter Marinker
  John McVickar: Stuart Organ
  Mrs McVickar: Jana Shelden
Actors in later parts:
Albert Welling, Alfredo Michelson, Danny Brainin, Carole Boyd, Clive Panto, Crawford Logan, Danny Brainin, David Banks, David Graham, David Nobbs, David Peart, Don Fellows, Frank Ellis, Garard Green, J Shannon, James Bryce, James Kerry, John Webb, Kerry Francis, Leslie Heritage, Lou Birsch, Pauline Siddle, Richard Hurndall, Richard Huw, Teresa Collard
Pt2:10/7/83 Pt3:17/7/83 Pt4:24/7/83 Pt5:31/7/83 Pt6:7/8/83 Pt7:14/8/83 Pt8:21/8/83 Pt9:28/8/83 Pt10:4/9/83
First broadcast on Sunday, repeated following Wednesday (eg repeated after 3 days)

4th July 1983
Is There Anybody There? by William Ingram (1930-2013)
A clairvoyant and her sister are visited by someone wanting to know what is to come.
Directed by John Dyas
Introduced by Vincent Price
  Edie Thorpe: Sylvia Coleridge
  Henry Jollit: Norman Bird
Repeated 5th July 1983
[Also broadcast on BBC7 2009, 2010 and R4X 2011, 2012, 2014, 2017, 2020, 2022]

4th July 1983
The Monday Play: A Modern Relationship by Anita Bronson
They have lived together for a year, how are things going to proceed from here.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
  Carol: Kay Adshead
  Edward: Michael N Harbour
  Mo: Rosalind Adams
  Nick: Nicholas Grace
  Peggy: Bonnie Hurren
  Robert: Bruce Stewart
  Doctor: Neil Stacy
  Receptionist: Pat Field
  Waitress: Susanna Dawson
  Nurse: Kim Hicks
  Jacky: Rosamund Shelley
Repeated 10th July 1983

5th July 1983
Afternoon Theatre : Heartfelt by David Boisseau
Pianists Mary Nash and Eileen Broster
Directed by Christopher Venning
  Caroline Chater: Carole Boyd
  Alan Chater: John Webb
  Jack Field: James Kerry
  Mrs Field: Jane Wenham
  Ann Field: Moir Leslie
  Martin Fletcher: Stuart Organ
  Maggie Fletcher: Fiona Walker
  Dr Foster: Brett Usher
  Shopper: Vanessa Knox-Mawer
  Shop assistant: Richard Huw
  Supervisor: Brenda Kaye
  Jimmy/Girl in pub: Susan Sheridan
  Jenny: Sheila Ferris
[David Boisseau was active in Childrens' Television and produced Muffin the Mule in 1951]

6th July 1983
AfternoonTheatre: A Fair in the Park, "Devised and realised" by Colin Finbow
Roll up! Roll up! All the fun of the fair!
Producer: Peter King
  Sharon: Helen Mason
  Tracey: Isobel Mason
  Adam: Julian Silvester
  Tony: Chris Chescoe
  Judy: Annemarie Fearnley
  Shaun: Craig Darby
  Rose: Alex Marshall
  Eric: Stanley Page

7th July 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Blind Love by Brian Patten
The cafe is to be demolished, then there is his wife. And the admiral.
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Birmingham
  Admiral: Peter Jeffrey
  Bob: Haydn Jones
  Henry: David Gooderson
  Builder: Alex Jones
  Lorry driver/Builder: Graham Padden

9th July 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: On the Welding by Donald MacKenzie
A child in the family and both parents need work...
Directed by Marilyn Ireland (Imrie)
BBC Scotland
  Jess: Mary Riggans
  Alex: Tony Roper
  Tom: John Grieve
  Davie: Ray Burnside
  Tommie: John Docherty
  Man in plane: Martin Muchan
Repeated 12th July 1983

9th July 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: Save the Whale by Chris Curry
Success in his job may cost him his marriage.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
  Bob: Geoffrey Hinsliff
  Andy: Jack Carr
  Peggy: Judith Barker
  Joan: Maggie McCarthy
Repeated 11th July 1983

11th July 1983
The Monday Play: Oblomov (1859) by Ivan Goncharov (1812-1891) dramatised by Matthew Walters from the 1963 translation by Ann Dunnigan
St Petersburg. May 1850. Oblomov ponders: should he get up?
Piano: Dave Watts
Directed by Matthew Walters
  Stolz: Nicky Henson
  Zakhar: John Baddeley
  Olga: Moir Leslie
  the Narrator: Alan Bennett
  Agafya: Auriol Smith
  Tarantyev: Eric Allan
  Ivan: Nigel Graham
  Volkinsky: Brett Usher
also with James Fox
Repeated on Radio 3 on 27th March 1985
[Also a production in 1954 by Wilfrid Grantham]
[Also a 2005 2-part production by Claire Grove]

12th July 1983
Afternoo Theatre: Short Madness by Dawn Lowe-Watson
New neighbours move in next door.
Directed By: Cherry Cookson
  Thomas: John Le Mesurler
  Maggie: Elizabeth Bell
  Freda: Jill Balcon
  Martin: Christopher Godwin
  Libby: Joanna MacKie
  Philip: Nigel Greaves
Repeated from 5th February 1982.

13th July 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Marigold by Margaret Miles
A widower and his mother in law cope with their grief.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
  Jessica: Anna Cropper
  Bill: Michael Tudor Barnes
  Jane: Theresa Streatfeild
  Radio compere: James Bryce
Repeated 30th May 1984

14th July 1983
What Ho! Jeeves: Joy in the Morning (1946) by P. G. Wodehouse (1881-1975) Adapted by Chris Miller
Part 1 of 7. Florence Craye
Producer Simon Brett
  Jeeves: Michael Hordern
  Bertie Wooster: Richard Briers
  Florence Craye: Bronwen Williams
  Stilton Cheesewright: Michael Kilgarriff
  Salesman: Bruce Bennett
Additional cast in later parts:
  Boko Fittleworth: Jonathan Cecil(2)
  Edwin, the Boy Scout: Denise Bryer(2)
  Percy, Lord Worplesdon: Peter Woodthorpe (3)
  Nobby Hopwood: Rosalind Adams (3)
Pt2:21/7/83 Pt3:28/7/83 Pt4:4/8/83 Pt5:11/8/83 Pt6:18/8/83 Pt7:25/8/83
First broadcast 9th January 1978
[Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010 and R4X in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2018 and 2020]

14th July 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Working in the Dark by Paul Thain
Four men return from holiday to find their job now requires just one man.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
  Jacko: Ronald Herdman
  Darren: Christian Rodska
  Jonnie: Paul Copley
  Simon: Colin Douglas
  Mr Andrews: Geoffrey Matthews
  Freddie: Peter Tuddenham
First broadcast 13th February 1978
[Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2005, 2008]

16th July 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: No Joke by Bernard MacLaverty
On his 83rd birthday, celebrated at a day care centre, a schoolmaster meets a former pupil who did not care for school discipline.
Directed by Marilyn Ireland (Imrie)
BBC Scotland
  Mr Stringer: Patrick Magee
  Violet: Eileen McCallum
  Heather: Sheila Donald
  Sister Herd: Jan Wilson
  Mr Scott: James Cairncross
Repeated from 27th April 1982

16th July 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: Amritsar by Colin Haydn Evans
1919: The crowd were blocked into a compound, the soldiers opened fire and over 1500 people were killed or wounded.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
  Brig-Gen R E H Dyer: Frederick Treves
  T P McKenna: Sir Michael O'Dwyer
  the Guru: Saeed Jaffrey
  Roderick Langston: Cornelius Garrett
  Udham Singh: Renu Setna
  Udham Singh, as a boy: David Bisoni
  Gita: Shireen Shah
  Prosecuting Counsel: Michael Drew
  Kitchlew: Zia Mohyeddin
  Mrs Hardinge: June Barrie
  Lord Hunter: Garard Green
  Eleanor Dyer: Peggy Ann Wood
  Commissioner Irving: Gabriel Woolf
  Chand: Sam Dastor
  Matthew Casson: John Rye
  Sir Edwin Montagu: Paul Nicholson
  General Hudson: Jack Watson
Repeated 18th July 1983

17th July 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Curtmantle (1961) by Christopher Fry (1907-2005)
Henry II's nickname of "Curtmantle" derived from the cloak he wore.
Music composed by David Firman and played by Douglas Wootton and Keith Thompson
Directed by Jane Morgan
  Henry II (1133-1189): Brian Cox
  Becket: Bernard Hepton
  Eleanor: Barbara Leigh-Hunt
  William Marshal: Norman Rodway
  Barber: Stephen Thorne
  Wife/Old woman: Katherine Parr
  Juggler: Alex Jennings
  Huckster/Geoffrey: Stuart Organ
  Blae: Frances Jeater
  Richard Anesty: John Livesey
  Gilbert Foliot: Hugh Dickson
  Earl of Leicester: Stephen Thorne
  Young Henry: Roger Allam
  Richard: Andrew Seear
  John: Gary Cady
  Roger: Kevin McNally
  Philip of France: Simon Hewitt
Repeated from 19th December 1982
Repeated 6th January 1991
[Also broadcast on R4X 2015, 2022]

18th July 1983
The Monday Play: Indian Summer by Jennifer Johnston
Ireland 1920.
Pianist: Graham Kennedy
A BBC/ Lyric Theatre Belfast co-production
Directed for stage and radio by Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
  Nanny: Mairun O'Sullivan
  Miranda Martin: Ingrid Craigie
  Mr Martin: James Greens
  Cathal: Ciaran Hinds
  Andrew Martin: Ian McElhinney
  Harry: Mark Lambert
Repeated 24th July 1983

19th July 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Not Cricket by Peter Whalley (1946-2017)
Ungentlemanly conduct threatens to cast a cloud over the proceedings.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
  Dr Brown: Geoffrey Banks
  David: Peter Biddle
  Jill: Kate Lee
  Desmond: Christopher Godwin
  Kevin: Russell Dixon
  Terry: Malcolm Tierney
Repeated from 7th November 1981

19th July 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Lying among Strangers by John Challen
A teenager in 1941 begins to question the world in which he lives.
Directed by James Runcie
  Fr Grant: Denys Hawthorne
  Pat: Stephen Garlick
  Pat's mother: Hilda Schroder
  Lennie: Neil Hutchings
  Mr Ford: Geoffrey Matthews
  Billy: Paul Russell
  Sister Mary: Margot Boyd
  Fr Manning: Timothy Bateson
  Jim: Charles Barnham
  Woman: Madi Hedd
  Reggie: Robert Tappin

20th JUly 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Snapshots by Jo Gill
When you look at yourself as you used to be 25 years ago, you don't feel any different.
Directedby Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
  Monica: Kate Lee
  Ruth: Rosalind Adams
  Cal: Peter Biddle
  Peter: David Gwillim
  Christine: Rosalind Shanks
  Mother: Rosalie Williams
  Mr Glove/Bill: Andy Rashleigh

21st July 1983
Afternoon Theatre : A Good Loser by Alan McDonald
He is old and is confused about how his wife died.
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester
  John: Nigel Stock
  Campell/Coroner: Gordon Reid
  Kathy: Liza Ross
  Annie: Daphne Oxenford
  Dot: Kathleen Helme
  Douglas: Randal Herley
Repeated from 30th April 1981

23rd July 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Big Wheel by Nan Woodhouse
A trip to the seaside- and an ambition.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
  Hester: Kathleen Helme
  Jessie: Paula Tilbrook
  Albert: Geoffrey Banks
  Harper: John Jardine
Repeated 26th July 1983

23rd July 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: Still Waters I Said by Barbara Foxe
In search of personal peace.
Producer Piers Plowright
  Guffy: Martin Jarvis
  Lisa: Carole Boyd
  Brian: James Kerry
  Walt: Michael Spice
  Mrs Sanders: Madi Hedd
  Sid: David Peart
  Kathy: Suzie Cerys
  Mrs Bennett: Hilda Schroder
  Policeman/Walter: Neil McCaul
Repeated 25th July 1983

25th July 1983
The Monday Play: Sailmaker by Alan Spence
The late 1950s to the 60s. His father was a sailmaker.
Directed bv Stewart Conn
BBC Scotland
  Billy: Tony Roper
  Davie: Roy Hanlon
  Alec: Jonathan Watson
  Ian: Robert Buchanan
Repeated 31st July 1983

26th July 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Golden by Mavis Hampson
Her partner's parents have been married almost 50 years, she ponders her own relationship.
Piano played by Stuart Hutchinson
Directed by Cherry Cookson
  Peter: Dinsdale Landen
  Nancy: Jennifer Hilary
  Helen: Carole Boyd
  Andrew: Eric Allan
  Father: Timothy Bateson
  Aunt: Margot Boyd
  Howard: James Kerry
  Rosamund: Jane Wenham

27th July 1983
Afternoon Theatre:- Remedial Exercises by David Marshall
Returning home from school he finds they have a refugee from the war in their home.
Directed by Richard Wortley
  Arthur: Michael Spice
  Jamie: Julian Firth
  Jill: Phoebe Nicholls
  Joan: Jane Wenham
  Anna: Rosalind Adams
Repeated 19th June 1985

28th July 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Alessandro's Handmaid by Paul Bond
Is the assistant a mere stooge or is a professional partnership possible.
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
  Viv: Sarah Neville
  Alex: Jack Carr
  Freddie: Geoffrey Banks
  Benny: Peter Wheeler

28th July 1983
The School for Scandal(1777) by R. B. Sheridan (1751-1816)
Music Christopher Hogwood with The Academy of Ancient Music
Directed by Ian Cotterell
  Lady Teazle: Sarah Badel
  Mrs Candour: Jill Balcon
  Charles Surface: Gary Bond
  Maria: Jane Knowles
  Sir Benjamin Backbite: Philip Locke
  Joseph Surface: Alec McCowen
  Crabtree: Norman Rodway
  Rowley: Jeffrey Segal
  Sir Peter Teazle: Nigel Stock
  Lady Sneerwell: Irene Sutcliffe
  Sir Oliver Surface: Clive Swift
  Snake: Rod Beacham
  Moses: Michael Goldie
  William: Walter Hall
  Trip: Michael N Harbour
  Careless: Paul Meier
  a Maid: Penelope Reynolds
First broadcast 9th May 1977, repeated on R3 9th November 1978 (1977 and 1978 broadcasts marked as binaural- to listen to on headphones)
[There was a 1992 production by Michael Fox on R3, rptd 1993, with Ann Rye as Mrs Candour]
[Radio 3 many times performed (separately to the play), the music Barber: "Overture: School for Scandal"]

30th July 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Wedding Dress by Anne Goring
When the forthcoming bride purchases a wedding dress, her fiance dislikes it.
Directed bv Alec Reid.
BBC Bristol
  Mrs Brent: Margery Withers
  Carol Marshall: Julia Hills
  Tony: Richard Huw
Repeated 2nd August 1983

30th July 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Gortys Triangle by Rod Beacham (1940-2013)
Crete and a death.
Directed by Gerry Jones
  Nick: Patrick Mower
  Captain Stavrakis: David March
  Mikos: Neville Jason
  Becky: Jane Knowles
  Candy,: Marilyn Milgrom
  Katrina: Hilda Schroder
  Felix: Alex Jennings
  Erica: Joanna Wake
  First salior: Clive Panto
  Second sailor: Rod Beacham
Repeated 1st August 1983

1st August 1983
The Monday Play: Somewhere Else by Gilly Fraser
The future has to be faced, not run away from.
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester
  Alma: Kathy Staff
  Jo: Pauline Quirke
  Grace: Karen Archer
  Max: John Drummond
  Poppy: Diane Whitley
  Man: Brian Southwood
  Boy: Francis Middleditch
Repeated 7th August 1983

2nd August 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Passing Muster by Peter Buckman
The English Civil War.
Directed by Adrian Mourby
  Your commentator for the day: Lance Percival
  Johnny Cornish: Harry Fowler
  Marshal Bognor: Timothy Bateson
  Barbara Bognar: Jane Carr
  Col Wright: James Kerry
  Gordon Wright: Alex Jennings
  Richard Twill: Michael Peeks
  Capt George Reid: Martin Wenner
  Frank Whiting: John Webb
  Sylvia Cornish: Frances Jeater

3rd August 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Oh, Henry! by Tom Elliott (1937-2017)
Foster parents have to deal with an emergency case requiring placement to begin- tomorrow.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
  Cath: Brigit Forsyth
  David: Enn Reitel
  Mrs Trinnick: Kate Lee
  Matthew: Jason Littler
  Maureen: Eileen O'Brien
  Mike Stilton: Alan Rothwell
  Mrs Yarnold: Paula Tilbrook

4th August 1983
Afternoon Theatre:- The Catch (1981) by Nick Darke (1948-2005)
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
  Swiddles: Donald McBride
  Leadwell: Nick Brimble
  Thelma: Rowena Roberts
Repeated 18th May 1985
[Nick Darke included lobster fisherman in his resume]

4th August 1983
The Magistrate (1885) by Arthur W. Pinero (1855-1934)
Pianist Mary Nash
Directed by John Tydeman
  Aeneas Posket: Nigel Stock
  Agatha Posket: Jill Bennett
  Mr Bullamy: Anthony Newlands
  Col Lukyn: Charles Gray
  Capt Vale: Jonathan Cecil
  Cis Farringdon: Anthony Daniels
  Achille Blond: Philip Sully
  Isidore: Adrian Egan
  Mr Wormington: Manning Wilson
  Insp Messiter: John Gabriel
  Sgt Lugg: Roger Hammond
  Constable Harris: Bill Monks
  Wyke: Tim Bentinck
  Charlotte: Maria Aitken
  Beatie Tomlinson: Amanda Murray
  Popham: Eva Stuart
First broadcast 25th December 1978
Repeated on R3 10th May 1979

6th August 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Crevasse Jump by Charles Ryder
Directed by David Johnston
  He: Christian Rodska
  She: Jean Trend
  Man: Eric Allan
Repeated 9th August 1983

6th August 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: Madam Main Course by Peter Terson (1932-2021)
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
  Jean Rennie: Sandra Clark
  her Assistant: Tony Robinson
  her Waitress (and Starters): Kay Adshead
  Mrs Dias, her client: Barbara Leigh-Hunt
  Mr Dias: Eric Allan
  Paul their wandering son: Patrick Malahide
Repeated 8th August 1983

8th August 1983
The Monday Play: The Old Man Sleeps Alone by John Arden(1930-2012)
The building of Durham Cathedral
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
  St Cuthbert/Bishop's clerk: Ronald Baddiley
  Nick Squinch: Nigel Anthony
  Charlie Bones: Christian Rodska
  Frenchman: Geoffrey Banks
  Frenchman's daughter: Linda Gardner
  Curate/Jack: Russell Dixon
  Alice: Lesley Nicol
  Prior's clerk: Malcolm Hebden
  Bishop: Frank Middlemass
  Prior: David Calder
  Young prentice: Kevin Kennedy
1982 Giles Cooper Award winner
Repeated from 22nd October 1982
Repeated 15th June 1985, 27th June 1991
[Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2003]

9th August 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Holding the Baby by Martin Staniforth
The birth of the first born and personal adjustments.
Directed by Penny Gold
  Kate: Amanda Murray
  Roy: Brian Carroll
  Kate's father: Bernard Brown
  Maura: Fleur Chandler
  Obstetrician: Patrick Barr
  Dr Greene: David Burke
  Roy's mother: Ysanne Churchman
  Staff nurse: Sonia Fraser
  Nurse Bloxam: Felicity Hays-McCoy
  Nurse Brown: Carmen Munro
  Nursing sister: Judy Franklin
  Photographer: Martyn Read

10th August 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Nipponese Experiment by Roy Kendall (1943-2020)
The introduction of "Japanese methods" into a small company.
Directed by Richard Wortley
  Barnes: Geoffrey Collins
  Simpson: Geoffrey Matthews
  Cooper: David Peart
  Jim: John Webb
  Laura: Jane Knowles
  Pat: Alex Jennings
  Barry: James Bryce
  Brian: Richard Huw
  Valerie: Moir Leslie
  Yuzo Goto: John Baddeley
11th August 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Voice Within by Adam Delaney
Landlords have their ways to obtain better paying tenants.
Directed by Peter King
  Mrs McKern: Patricia Hayes
  Leonard Grey: Don Henderson
  Nick: Paul Dalton
  Tony: Roger McKern
  Nurse: Alex Marshall
  Preacher: Eric Allan

11th August 1983
She Stoops to Conquer or The Mistakes of a Night (1773) by Oliver Goldsmith(1728-1774)
Music: Harpsichord: Michael Steer; Fiddles: John Trusler and Stuart Deeks; Bassoon: Mark Gooding; Guitar: Kevin Peek
Directed by Ian Cotterell
  Mr Hardcastle: Leslie Sands
  Mrs Hardcastle: Elizabeth Spriggs
  Miss Hardcastle: Judi Dench
  Miss Neville: Sarah Badel
  Tony Lumpkin: Wayne Sleep
  Diggory: Henry Knowles
  Pimple: Karen Archer
  Sir Charles Marlow: Anthony Newlands
  Young Marlow: Michael Williams
  Charles Hastings: Peter Wickham
  Jeremy: Andrew Branch
  Landlord Stingo: Fred Bryant
  Several shabby fellows: Eric Allan, Alaric Cotter and Bill Monks
Repeated from 5th June 1978, rptd 20th August 1981.
Recorded in binaural stereo to listen to on headphones.

13th August 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Colonel's Wife by N. J. Warburton
Directed by John Cardy
  Pru: Pauline Siddle
  Pru as a child: Bernadette Windsor
  Geoffrey: Paul Russell
  Mum: Jane Wenham
  Dad: Nigel Graham
  Colonel Kemp-Brown: Manning Wilson
  Mrs Kemp-Brown: Pauline Letts
  Huntsman, the dog: Leonard Fenton
  Estate agent: Geoffrey Collins
Repeated 16th August 1983

13th August 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: A Quiet Place In the Country by Max Williams
A bank raid is planned.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
  Nick: Nicholas Owen
  George: Nicholas Fry
  Billy: Bernard Latham
  Smiler: Andy Rashleigh
  Frank: Dennis Blanch
  Jacko: Jack Carr
  Davenport: Russell Dixon
  Jenny: Kate Lee
  Oldroyd: Malcolm Hebden
  Julian: Brian Southwood
  Vicar: Geoffrey Banks
  Weyland: Roy Barraclough
  Constance: Jenny Lee
  John: David Fleeshman
Repeated 15th August 1983

14th August 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Dog It Was That Died by Tom Stoppard
How is a spy, counter-spy and counter-counter-spy going to keep track of who he is working for and why?
Directed by John Tydeman
  Giles Blair: Charles Gray
  Rupert Purvis: Dinsdale Landen
  Pamela Blair: Penelope Keith
  Hogben,: Kenneth Cranham
  Seddon: John Le Mesurier
  Arlon: Stephen Murray
  Matron: Betty Marsden
  the Chief: Maurice Denham
  the Vicar: Noel Howlett
  Wren: Lockwood West
  Slack: Peter Tuddenham
  Mrs Ryan: Katherine Parr
First broadcast on Radio 3 on 9th December 1982, repeated 15th May 1983
Repeated (R4) 12th August 1990
Also broadcast on R4X in 2012, 2020
[Giles Cooper Award winner 1983 ]
[John Tydeman also produced a play with this title but written by H R F Keating, in 1971 for R4 - no connection apart from the title and director]
[There was another novel (1952) with this title by E C R Lorac / E C Rivett]
[The title is taken from "Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog" by Goldsmith (1728-1774)]

14th August 1983
His Lordship's Bed by Trevor Baxter (1932-2017)
They have worked for His Lordship for fifty years.
Directed By: John Tydeman
  Gladys: Irene Handl
  Her husband: Bill Fraser
Repeated from 30th September 1982

15th August 1983
The Monday Play: The Zimbabwe Tapes by David Caute
The propaganda struggle is no less urgent than the war of bombs and bullets.
The documentary tapes were recorded by David Caute in Zimbabwe and arranged by Margaret Windham.
Directed by Richard Wortley
  Richard Clark: Peter Jeffrey
  Commander Victory: John Matshikiza
  the Narrator: Nigel Graham
  Viola: Elizabeth Adare
  Olaria: Marcia Tucker
  Senior commander: Willie Jonah
  Joe Rainbird: Peter Tuddenham
  Pete van der Merwe: Adrian Egan
  Emma Clark: Sarah Ucnair
  Job Clark: Ian Michie
  Soldier: Andrew Cuthbert
  Garage attendant: Louis Mahoney
Repeated 21st August 1983

16th August 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Dragon Box by Una Flett (1932-2021)
Directed by Stewart Conn
  Marian: Maureen Beattie
  Lucy: Sarah Collier
  Deirdre: Melinda Walker
  Mrs Carlton: Vivienne Dixon
  Mrs Campbell: Harriet Buchan
  Miss Hastie: Sheila Donald
  Headmaster: Iain Cuthbertson
Repeated 4th December 1984
(First broadcast on Radio Scotland)

17th August 1983
Afternoon Theatre: No Really I've Given Up by Sue Rodwell
The difficulties of giving up smoking tobacco cigarettes..
Directed by Margaret Windham
  Peter: Geoffrey Collins
  Viv: Carole Boyd
  Geoff: Michael Jenner
  Terry: Nicel Graham
  Penny: Jane Wenham
  Sir Brian/Dr Forsythe/ TV gardener/Cricket: Ronald Herdman
  Miss Robinson: Hilda Schroder
Repeated 7th August 1985

18th August 1983
Afternoon Theatre: But, Robert, Nobody Dies for Love Anymore by Chris Curry
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
  Robert: Russell Dixon
  Julie: Helen Worth
  Raymond: Alan Rothwell
  Greg: Bernard Latham
Repeated 14th February 1984

18th August 1983
The Importance of Being Earnest (1895) by Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)
The four-act version, edited by Owen Dudley-Edwards
Music composed and played by Terence Allbright
Directed by Ian Cotterell
  John Worthing: Richard Pasco
  Algernon Moncrieff: Jeremy Clyde
  The Hon Gwendolen: Barbara Leigh-Hunt
  Cecily Carde: Prunella Scales
  The Rev Canon Chasuble: Maurice Denham
  Miss Prism: Sylvia Coleridge
  Lady Bracknell: Fabia Drake
  Mr Gribsby: Gerald Cross
  Lane: Richard Burnett
  Merriman: Jonathan Scott
First broadcast on Radio 3 on 25th December 1977, repeated 19th November 1978
Repeated on Radio 3 on 5th May 1989
[The 1977 broadcast was the first performance of the original 4 act version which had been curtailed before the first stage production. 1977 was Mr Gribsby's first public appearance... it was also Wilde's last play.]
[There was also a production by Glyn Dearman, 1995 on R4, repeated R3 1997]

20th August 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Soft Impeachment by Alun Owen (1925-1994)
Two sisters recall their youth.
Directed by Enyd Williams
  Miss Phoebe: Rachel Kempson
  Miss Susan: Pauline Jameson
  Bridie: Peggy Marshall
  Sheba, the budgerigar: Percy Edwards
Repeated 23rd August 1983

20th August 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre:- The Wild Man of Oroville by Tim Grana
August 1911. The "last of the tribe" (the Yahi), all killed by settlers from the East, works as a cleaner at a museum.
Musicians: Iain Kendall, Steuart Allin, Felix Cobbson
Directed by Alec Reid
  Ishi: Geronimo Sthm (???)
  Dr Kroeber: Kerry Shale
  Waterman: Blain Fairman
  Pope: Don Fellows
  Miller: Toria Fuller
  Batwi: Terry O'Brien
  Sheriff/Governor: Alan Gifford
  Bruff: Robert Beatty
  Good: Bruce Boa
  Kelsey: Johnny K
  Mrs Hearst: Lynn Webster
  Flint Woman: Jame Knowles
  First reporter/Loud: James Kerry
  Second reporter: Alan Tilvern
  First patient,: Clive Panto
  Second patient: Scott Cherry
  Nurse: Hilda Schroder
Repeated 22nd August 1983
[This is the only play credited to Tim Grana in the BBC Programme Index]
[In conclusion- in 2000 ALL of Ishi's remains were returned and secretly interred in tribal lands and due ceremony observed.]

21st August 1983
Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell dramatised by Barry Campbell
1 of 9: Calf Love
Music composed by Rachel Portman
Directed by Jane Morgan
  Molly: Kathryn Hurlbutt
  Squire Hamley: Robert Lang
  Clare: Angela Pleasence
  Mr Gibson: Tom Wilkinson
  Mrs Gaskell: Thelma Whiteley
  Mrs Hamley: Lillias Walker
  Lady Cuxhaven: Anna Fox
  Mr Coxe: Alex Jennings
  Bethia: Pauline Siddle
  Maid: Carole Boyd
Additional actors in later parts:
Adam Bareham, Anne Louise Lambert, Brett Usher, David Peartully, Diana Bishop, Eileen Tully, Geoffrey Collins, Hilda Schroder, James Kerry, Kerry Francis, Louise Lambert, Maggie McCarthy, Margot Boyd, Marian Diamond, Michael Bilton, Michael Troughton, Moir Leslie, Monica Grey, Nigel Graham, Pauline Letts, Peter Tuddenham
Pt2:28/8/83 Pt3:4/9/83 Pt4:11/9/83 Pt5:18/9/83 Pt6:25/9/83 Pt7:2/10/83 Pt8:9/10/83 Pt9:16/10/83
First broadcast on a Sunday repeated the following Friday - five days later.
[Also broadcast on R4X in 2011 and 2022]

22nd August 1983
The Monday Play: Revelations by Paul Thain
National internal security are experiencing difficulties with a source of information.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
  Charles Hammond: Charles Gray
  Mary: Ann Morrish
  Tobol: Michael Tudor Barnes
  Robert: Christopher Scoular
  Michael: Michael Turner
  Allan: John Webb
  Arthur: Peter Tuddenham
  Betty: Jennifer Piercey
  David: Clive Panto
  Sally: Moir Leslie
  Professor Jim Davis: Michael Spice
  Professor Mason: Timothy Bateson
  Dr Sanderson: Michael Jenner
  Charlotte Grotowski: Irene Prador
  Professor Doug Winthrop: Geoffrey Collins
Repeated 28th August 1983

23rd August 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Before I Am Old by Tony Flaherty
1857. Connemara.
Directed by Marilyn Ireland (Imrie) (1947-2020)
BBC Northern Ireland
  Neil: Anton Lesser
  Mary: Marcella O'Riordan
  Neil's friend: Brendan Somers
  Mary's father: Aiden Grennell
  Mary's mother: Catherine Gibson
  Fr Burke: Kevin Flood
  Singer: Tony McAuley
[Alternative credit, given for the repeat of 19th May 1987: by Antoine O'Flatharta,
Directed by Marilyn Imrie, BBC Scotland. The names refer to the same people but in a differing form. ]
Repeated 19th May 1987

24th August 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Solo Boy by Hugh Jenkins (Lord Jenkins of Putney)(1908-2004)
London, 1924. A chorister argues for fixed payments to choir soloists.
Choir recorded at Christ Church. Enfield
Conductor, organist and pianist: Barry Rose
Directed by Glyn Dearman
  Paul- sung by: Benjamin Revill
  Paul- spoken voice: Paul Russell
  Mr Price: Geoffrey Collins
  Mr Sandford: Alan Dudley
  Sylvia Watson: Eva Griffith
  Mr Watson: Eric Allan
  Mrs Watson: Madi Hedd
  Mr Lloyd Jones: Alan Green
  Bertie: Charles Barnham
  Joe: Robert Tappin
  Jim: Aaron Sevitt
  Arnold: Marvin Charleton
  Mr Davies: David Peart
  Mrs Davies: Jane Wenham
25th August 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Brief Encounter (1945) by Noel Coward (1899-1973) adapted by Walter Hall from the original film script
Directed by Dickon Reed
A BBC World Service Drama production
  Laura: Cheryl Campbell
  Alec: Ian Holm
  Albert: Walter Hall
  Myrtle: Shirley Dixon
  Beryl: Rosalind Adams
  Dolly: Miranda Forbes
  Fred: Stephen Thorne
With Ray Browne, David Gooderson, Madi Hedd, Crawford Logan and Jean Trend
Repeated 29th December 1983, 21st February 1994
[Based on a shorter work by Coward: "Still Life" 1936]

27th August 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre A Sepia Photograph by Chris Hawes
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
  David/Young Andrew: Jason Littler
  Andrew/His father: John Rowe
Repeated 30th August 1983.

27th August 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Cricket Match (1924) by Hugh De Selincourt (1878-1951) Dramatised by John Retallack
1921 Sussex.
Music composed and played by Robert Pettigrew
Directed by Patrick Rayner
  Peter Cairie: Jill Lidstone
  Gauvinier: Stephen MacDonald
  Sid Smith: Michael N. Harbour
  John McLeod: Geoffrey Matthews
  Francis: Peter Woodthorpe
  Tom Hunter: Nigel Anthony
  Henry Waite: David Rintoul
  Edgar Trine: Sean Arnold
  Fred, the scorer: David March
  Dick Fanshawe: Stephen Thorne
  Sam Bird: Roger Hammond
  Liz Smith: Theresa Streatfeild
  Maria McLeod: Madi Hedd
  Ted Bannister: Alan Dudley
  Mrs Cairie: Jane Wenham
  Bill Bannock: Eric Allan
  Jim Saddler: David Peart
  Eddie White: Michael Jenner
  Jim Slater: Peter Alexander
  Raveley wicket-keeper: Christopher Scott
Repeated 4th September 1983
[There was an earlier production by R D Smoth in 1957]

29th August 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Waters of the Moon (1951) by N. C. Hunter (1908-1971) adapted by Mollie Hardwick (1916-2003)
Winter 1951 and three visitors arrive at a hotel near Dartmoor.
Pianist: Mary Nash
Directed by Graham Gauld
  Helen Lancaster: Marjorie Westbury
  Robert Lancaster: John Pullen
  Tonetta: Pauline Siddle
  Mrs Whyte: Mary Wimbush
  Mrs Daly: Jane Wenham
  Evelyn: Rosalind Shanks
  John: Alex Jennings
  Mrs Ashworth: Patricia Hayes
  Julius Winterhalter: Martin Jarvis
  Colonel Selby: Michael Bilton
Repeated 16th October 1983, 27th January 1990
[Val Giulgud produced a version in 1955 with Sonia
Dresdel as Helen]
[Betty Davies produced a version in 1965, repeated
1971 with Coral Browne as Helen.]

29th August 1983
The Monday Play: Major Barbara (1905) by Bernard
Shaw (1856-1950)
Directed by Ronald Mason (1926-1997)
  Lady Britomart Undershaft: Gwen Watford
  Stephen, her son: Christopher Guard
  Morrison, her butler: Michael McStay
  Barbara, her elder daughter: Anna Massey
  Sarah, her younger daughter: Josie Kidd
  Adolphus Cusins,Barbara's fiance: Jeremy Clyde
  Charles Lomax, Sarah's fiance: Christopher Good
  Andrew Undershaft: John Phillips
  Rummy Mitchens: Peggy Paige
  Snobby Price: Brian Carroll
  Jenny Hill: Judy Harris
  Peter Shirley: Leonard Fenton
  Bill Walker: John Hollis
  Mrs Baines: Joan Matheson
Repeated from 3rd May 1980
Repeated 27th December 1984

30th August 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Zion Street Rag by Richard Drain
A fictional account of a conflict between Jazz and
Brass Bands.
Composed by Anthea Gomez
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
  Narrator/Tom: Nigel Anthony
  Bry: Christian Rodska
  Turner (Dad): Geoffrey Banks
  Gran: Ann Rye
  Hilda (Mum): Jane Lowe
  Louis: Peter Wheeler
  Gloria: Kate Lee

31st August 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Blinded by the Light by Harry Duffin
A minor protest easily escalates.
Directed by Tony (unstated- possible ?Cliff???)
BBC Manchester
  Vicky: Sue Jenkins
  Wayne: Colin Meredith
  Maggie: Kate Lee
  Colin: Brian Southwood
  Phil: David Fleeshman
  Sally: Eileen O'Brien
  Mrs Dobbs: Ann Rye
  Man/PC/Announcer: Harry Duffin
  Inspector Calder: Malcolm Hebden

1st September 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Poor Gentleman (1848) by Ivan Turgenev (1818-1883), translated by Ariadne Nicolaeff, adapted by Brian Miller
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
  Kuzovkin: Frank Finlay
  Olga Petrovna: Morag Hood
  Pavel Nikolaich: Colin Baker
  Flegont Aleksandrych: Neil Stacy
  Ivan Kuzmich: John Hartoch
Repeated from 20th March 1981
[The Turgenev play is also known as "A Poor Gentleman"]

3rd September 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Stuck by David Norris
Two people in a car in a traffic jam.
Directed by Gerry Jones
  Frank: John Webb
  Beryl: Eileen Tully
  Tammy: Julia Carey
  Rory: Richard Huw
Repeated 6th September 1983

3rd September 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Volunteer by Ted Moore
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
  Official: John McGrecor
  Matt: Christian Rodska
  Lizzie: Kathleen Helme
  Jean: Valerie Georgeson
  Wagger: Barrie Rutter
  Gatekeeper: Adrian Stokes
  Ernie: Edward Wilson
  Foreman: Alan Hockey
  Mr Ainsley: Arthur Blake
  Alice: Liz Kelly
Repeated 5th September 1983

5th September 1983
The Monday Play: Traitors (1979) by Stephen Sewell, adapted by David Nettheim.
Russia 1927:
Directed by Frank Zeppel of the Australian Broadcasting Commission
  Anna: Miriam Margolyes
  KrasinUnknown: John Rowe
  Katya: Theresa Streatfeild
  Lebeshev: Ronald Baddiley
  Mather Dybenko: Katherine Parr
  Joseph Rubin: Peter Wickham
  Anita: Jean Trend
  Nadezda: Alexandra Mathie
  Railwayman: Alex Jennings
Repeated 11th September 1983

6th September 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Weasel with the Waistcoat by Mo Greenwood
Directed by Trevor Hill
BBC Manchester
  Uncle Ned: George A Cooper
  Mr Hepworth: Clive Francis
  Will: Jason Littler
  His mam: Kate Lee
  Mrs Ned: Ann Rye
  Jepson Took, agent: Peter Bell
  Lady Patricia: Rosalind Knight
  Mrs Beaulyon: Valerie Skardon
  Meg, the housekeeper: Judith Barker
  working men: Herbert Smith and Keith Clifford
Repeated 14th May 1985
[This play is the sole credit for Mo Greenwood on BBC Programme Database]

7th September 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Little White Crimes by John Ashe
Town police tackle crime in the country.
Directed by Alec Reid
BBC Bristol
  Police Sergeant Rayne: Michael Drew
  Police Sergeant Dora Hicks: Julia Hills
  Lord Joseph Devine: Manning Wilson
  Lady Iris Devine: Christine Pollon
  Fentiman: John Church
  Gaule: James Bryce
  Mrs Batey: Olwyn Griffiths
  Crombie: David Gooderson
  Prison Governor: Pauline Siddle
  Reuben Stripp: Alex Jennings

8th September 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Requiem by Berlie Doherty
Convent school in the 1950s.
Members of the choir of Loreto Grammar School conducted by Mary Pethica
Organist Lucina Swain
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester
  Cecilia: Moir Leslie
  Mother Rose: Kathleen Helme
  Mother Joseph: Ann Rye
  Mother Agnes: Pauline Siddle
  Fr Carolyn: Russell Dixon
  Patricia Keenan: Sue Jenkins
  Noni: Cory Pulman
  Bridget: Janet Rawson
Repeated 28th July 1984
[The 1991 novel is an expanded version of this play]
[Recorded in binaural stereo for listening on headphones]
[Berlie did attend a Convent school, but not Loreto. Loreto Grammar is a Catholic grammar school in Altrincham]

10th September 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Joy Ride by Leigh Jackson(1950-2003)
Two teenagers in the near future.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
  Julie: Wendy Morgan
  Colin: Steven Pinner
  Hitchhiker: Alex Jennings
  Julie as a child: Patsy Palmer
  Colin as a child: P. J. Nicholas
also with James Bryce, David Peart, Carole Boyd
Repeated 13th September 1983

10th September 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: Ordeal by Innocence (1958) by Agatha Christie (1890-1976) dramatised by Neville Teller.
He was sentenced for murder and died in prison. Then someone proves events differed...
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
  Judge/Huish: Bob Docherty
  Jacko/Craig: John Telfer
  Hester: Eileen Tully
  Dr Calgary: Alex Jennings
  Kirsty: Hilda Schroder
  Leo: Michael Bilton
  Gwenda: Maggie McCarthy
  Rachel: Madi Hedd
  Marshall: Ronald Russell
  Mary/Maureen: Moir Leslie
  Philip: Geoffrey Collins
  Pinney: John Abineri
  Micky: Scott Cherry
  Tina: Lola Young
  MacMaster: Rex Holdsworth
Repeated 12th September 1983
[Mary Peate directed a version for R4X in 2014 with Arthur Hughes as Jacko]

11th September 1983
Murder at the Red October by Anthony Olcott dramatised by Matthew Walters
1 of 5: The Red October Hotel in Moscow has a visit from an American.
Music composed by Jim Parker
Directed by Gerry Jones
  Duvakin: Anton Rodgers
  Tanya: Rula Lenska
  Bezimenov: David March
  Mashka: Margot Boyd
  Nima/Sergei: John Webb
  Lena/Shopgirl: Moir Leslie
  KGB man: Mark Jones
Additional cast in later episodes:
  Polkovnikov: John Rye(2)
  Ludmilla: Madi Hedd(2)
  Kazbich: John Hollis(3)
  Petka: Michael Spice(3)
  Ishakin: Clifford Rose(3)
  Leonid: David Peart(3)
  Larissa: Hilda Schroder(4)
  Muscle man: Scott Cherry(4)
  Slava: Anthony Higginson(5)
  Misha: Nigel Graham (5)
Pt2:18/9/83 Pt3:25/9/83 Pt4:2/10/83 P5:9/10/83
1983 episodes repeated after three days.
Series also repeated daily commencing 27th December 1987
[Related books: Book 2: May Day in Magadan. Book 3: Rough Beast]

12th September 1983
The Monday Play: Talking About Freedom by Mike Walker
It sounded like a good idea to make a film of terrorists.
Directed by Christopher Venning
  Brian Carpenter: Joseph Blatchley
  Andrew: Brian Carroll
  Peter: Gordon Dulieu
  Dick: Geoffrey Collins
  Jane Bridges: Maggie McCarthy
  Lawrence Christopher: Crawford Logan
  Hussain: Renu Setna
  Ali: Bhasker
  Inspector Lee: Peter Tuddenham
  S: Benedick Blythe
  Reporter: Michael Jenner
  Y: John Forbes-Robertson
  Pakistani woman: Jamila Massey
Repeated 18th September 1983

13th September 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Mild Bunch by Michael McStay
The lads have a weekend away. Not quite as young as they once were.
Directed by Jane Morgan
  Alf: Terence Rigby
  Bob: Michael Graham Cox
  Herbert: George Raistrick
  Lizzie: Monica Grey
  Chris: Michael Jenner
  Phyllis: Thelma Whiteley
  Terence: Brian Carroll
  Charlie: James Kerry
  Fred: Nigel Graham
  Umpire: Timothy Bateson
  Engelfield: Mark Jones
  Barmaid: Pauline Siddle
  Gloria: Marcia Tucker
  Beryl: Eileen Tully

14th September 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Blithe Thou Never Wert by Alan Melville (1910-1983)
What happens when you discover a cheap alternative to petrol.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
  Arthur: Lockwood West
  PC Tarquin Law: Andrew Branch
  Brenda: Patience Tomlinson
  Win: Katherine Parr
  Florence: Margot Boyd
  Darren: Duncan Paber
  Mr Ottoway: Alan Melville
  Yamani: Peter Arne
  Harriman: John Livesey
  Rose: Frances Jeater

15th September 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Another Time by Owen Holder (1921-2016)
Directed By: Ian Cotterell
  Emily: Joyce Carey
  Martin: Nigel Graham
  Dora: Jane Wenham
  Sir Philip: Godfrey Kenton
  Lucy: Hilda Schroder
  John: Michael Bilton
  Colin: Geoffrey Collins
  Jill: Carole Boyd
  Tom: Michael Spice
Repeated 19th January 1985

17th September 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: A Visit with Rose by Clancy Sigal (1926-2017).
A married man takes his wife to visit a former girlfriend in hospital.
Directed By: Richard Wortley
  Rose: Maxine Audley
  Jack: James Laurenson
  Shirley: Amanda Murray
  Matron: Monica Grey
Repeated 20th September 1983

17th September 1983
Saturday. Night Theatre: Towards the End of the Morning (1967) by Michael Frayn dramatised by Geoffrey M. Matthews
Directed by Dickon Reid
BBC World Service production
  John Dyson: Martin Jarvis
  Jannie Dyson: Rosalind Ayres
  Bob Bell: Sion Probert
  Reg Mounce: Trevor Martin
  Glenda Mounce: Fenella Fielding
  Tessa: Kathryn Hurlbutt
  Eddy: Lockwooo West
  Erskine Morris: Peter Peter
  Editor: John Green
  Brook: Andrew Lodge
  Norman Ward Westerman: Sean Arnold
  Lord Boddy: Ronald Herdman
  Jack Desousa: Stephen Garlick
  Ruth: Miranda Forbes
  Girl: Rosalind Adams
Repeated 19th September 1983
[Also produced in two parts by Martin Jarvis in 2005 with James Wilby as John]

19th September 1983
The Monday Play: After Leaving Mr Mackenzie (1931) by Jean Rhys (1890-1979) dramatised by David Marshall
Directed by Derek Hoddinott
  Julia: Dorothy Tutin
  Norah: Isabel Dean
  Horsfield: James Aubrey
  Wyatt: Jill Meers
  Uncle Griffiths/Albert: John Webb
  Uncle Griffiths/Albert: Peter Tuddenham
  Mother/Mrs Atherton: Madi Hedd
  James/Waiter: James Bryce
Repeated 25th September 1983

20th September 1983
Afternoon Theatre: What Kind of Spoon Have I? by John Chambers
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester
  John Canon: Russell Dixon
  Giles Canon: Simon Shaw
  Mavis Canon: Carole Boyo
  Ron Black: Christian Rodska
  Councillor Goring/Market trader: Keith Clifford
  DC Wilkinson: John Branwell
  Kevin Parkinson: Paul Oldham.
  Alf Tucker: James Tomlinson
  Flo Parkinson: Judith Barier
  Norman Parkinson: Cliff Bowells
[Carole Boyo is listed for only one other radio play- fortunately Carole Boyd was also in it, confirming two different actors]

21st September 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Return of Uncle Arthur by Victor Canning (1911-1986)
Directed by Graham Gauld
  Nancy: Chrys Salt
  John: Gareth Armstrong
  Uncle Arthur: Richard Warner
  Miss Appleton: Edwina Wray
  Tom: Cyril Conway
Repeated 11th April 1984

22nd September 1983
Afternoon Theatre:- Street Taste by Nick Fisher
Don't judge a book by its cover
Directed by Richard Wortley
  John: Christopher Fairbank
  Ka: Rowena Roberts
  Lin: Rosalind Adams
  Steve: Jonathan Caplan
  Sue: Theresa Streatfeild
  Mike: Stuart Organ
  Mum: Eva Stuart
  Ka's mum: Madi Hedd
Other parts played by David Gooderson, Michael Tudor Barnes, Spencer Banks, Hugh Dickson
Repeated from 1st July 1982

24th September 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Fish-Hooks by Paul Webb
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Birmingham
  Steve: Geoffrey Matthews
  Peter: John McAndrew
  Kathy: Anna Lindup
  Jack: Martin Matthews
  Det Sgt Kirk: Graham Padden
Repeated 27th September 1983

24th September 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: Lovekill by Philip Martin
Scottish detective Alastair Knox suspects a dreadful, dark and dirty deed ...
Directed by Caroline Smith
BBC Manchester
  Bryan Falco: John Arthur
  Alastair Knox: James Tomlinson
  Sally Morse: Joanna MacKie
  Naomi Dare: Rosalind Knight
  Malcolm Beck: Peter Faulkner
  Sergeant: David Mallinson
Repeated 26th September 1983

26th September 1983
The Monday Play: The Pied Piper Man by William Ingram (1930-2013)
Piper seems to have come to read the gas meter.
Directed by Enyd Williams
  Ham: Margaret John
  Dad: Aubrey Richards
  Piper: Ioan Meredith
  Megan: Myfanwy Talog
  Frank: Gareth Armstrong
Repeated 2nd October 1983

27th September 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Deep Water Man by Sheila. Hodgson
Villagers do not take kindly to an outsider.
Director Graham Gauld
  Dan Curtis: Geoffrey Collins
  Jennie Pengellion: Deborah Paige
  Matthew Stratton: Geoffrey Matthews
  Mark Stratton: Scott Cherry
  Jose: Eileen Tully
  Billy Helford: Jon Croft
  Nicol Cotes: Arnold Diamond
  George Merrick: Sean Arnold
  Policemen: Richard Huw and James Bryce
Repeated 6th January 1985

28th September 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Suntrap by Ruth Goring
One day, she is left at home in the company of a past business associate of her husband's
Directed by Richard Worthy
  Joe: Geoffrey Matthew
  Audrey: Lynd Farlelgh
  Siggle: John Bennett

29th September 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Under the Hammer by Stephen Fagan
Repeated from 11th January 1983- please see above.

1st October 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Miss Scott, Mr Pughs and the Dandelion Clock by Marjorie Wilson
An Edinburgh lawyers' office between the wars.
Directed by Marilyn Ireland (aka Imrie)
BBC Scotland
  Miss Scott: Isobel Gardner
  John Pughs: John Shedden
  Narrator: Robert Trotter
  Mr Collins: Ian Stewart
  Miss Gee: Gerda Stevenson
  Miss Richards: Sheila Donald
  Sprott: Sandy Neilson
  Crag: Iain Agnew
  Grossat: Iain J. Wotherspoon
Repeated 4th October 1983 and 7th July 1987
1st October 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: Coffin Scarcely Used (1958) by Colin Watson(1920-1983) adapted by Brian Wright
Purbright investigates bizarre events in the little town of Flaxborough.
Directed by Gerry Jones
  Det Insp Purbright: Peter Jeffrey
  Chief Constable Chubb: William Fox
  Det Sgt Love: Sean Barrett
  Det Constable Harper: Michael Jenner
  PC Wilkinson: Mark Straker
  Rodney Gloss: Danny Schiller
  Dr Hillyard: Crawford Logan
  Jonas Bradlaw: Mark Jones
  Mrs Carobleat: Monica Grey
  George Lintz: David Peart
  Det Insp Gibbons: Jon Strickland
  Mrs Poole: Hilda Schroder
  Mr Smith: James Kerry
  Ben/Hotel owner: Kerry Francis
Repeated 3rd October 1983
[This was the first of 12 Flaxborough Chronicles novels. The next one, Bump in the Night, was an R4 play on 9/10/1971].]

3rd October 1983
The Monday Play: Play Within by Michael Kittermaster
He wants to write a radio play about a day forty years ago...
Directed by John Cardy
  Mark: Robin Bailey
  Kay: Joanna MacKie
  Mark as a young man: Gary Cady
  Isobel: Isabel Dean
  Mary: Monica Grey
  Jack: Michael Bilton
With Scott Cherry and Clive Panto
Repeated 9th October 1983

4th October 1983
Afternoon Theatre:- A Kind of Wild Justice by Keith Hagenbach
Ruthless person meets ruthless people.
Directed by Christopher Venning
  Octavio Colomar: Lee Montague
  Juan Vernal: Eric Lander
  Isabella: Frances Jeater
  Commander Torres: Nigel Graham
  Luis Vittorio: Michael Shannon
  DiAngelo: David Graham
  Bank manager: Michael Spice
  Felipe Colomar: David Timson
  Paco: Richard Huw
  Ramon: Mark Straker
  Jose: Russell Keith-Grant
  Raphael: Jon Strickland
Repeated 6th June 1985
[A title used by several authors]

5th October 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Miss Whiting's Visitors by Anton Gill
Old age can bring loneliness.
Directed by Peter King
  Miss Whiting: Margot Boyd
  Mrs Walker: Alex Marshall
  Steve Jones: James Bryce
  Dr Black: Nigel Graham
  Mrs Phillips: Hilda Schroder
  Nurse : Moir Leslie
  Mr Phillips: Timothy Bateson
  Mike Nash: Edward Cast
  George Underdown: Alan Dudley
  Claire Nash: Ellen McIntosh
  Liz Tyson: Monica Grey
  Arthur Tyson: Peter Tuddenham
[A few years before this was aired there was a Radio 2 series with Ellen McIntosh as Claire, Edward Cast as Mike, and Alan Dudley as George;- here reprising their earlier roles (Waggoners' Walk - directed by Anton Gill).]

6th October 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Moorcock (1982) by Henry Livings (1929-1998)
1832: Saddleworth, Lancashire. The pub landlord and his son are murdered.
Music Composed and Directed By Derek Broadbent. Played By Stephen Lord, John Gillam, Christopher Wood, John Hincley and Dave Cass
Directed by Caroline Smith
BBC Manchester
  Molly: Judith Barker
  Shaun: Shane Connaughtom
  Bill: Robert Keegan
  Tom: Keith Clifford
  Reuben: Roy Barraclough
Repeated from 9th October 1981
[The pub was demolished in 1937, the landlord and his son were buried at St Chad's Saddleworth. No-one was charged with murder: the play is fictional.]

8th October 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Three's One by Penelope Mortimer (1918-1999) adapted by Caroline Bennett
A psychiatrist and his patients.
Directed by Jane Morgan
  Margaret Wellington: Morag Hood
  Tony Bisupski: Nigel Anthony
  Dr Leafer: Hugh Dickson
  Mrs Leafer: Carole Boyd
Repeated 11th October 1983

8th October 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: Kelvin by Melville Jones
A documentary maker has a success- and then finds he had the wrong handle on his subject.
Directed by Brian Miller.
BBC Bristol
  Huw: Keith Drinkel
  Susan Davies: Heather Baskerville
  Lady Haford: Margot Boyd
  Mary Walters: Pauline Siddle
  Kate: Rosemary Sigel
  Dave: Elwyn Johnson
  Tom Evans: Godfrey James
  Mrs Hughes: Christine Pollon
Repeated 10th October 1983

9th October 1983
Anchor and Hope (1980) by Jo Anderson
An evocation of life aboard 18th Century prison hulks near London.
Piano: Iain Kendill; Accordion: Henry Krein
Directed by Alec Reid
  Barrington: John Cower
  Warder: John Hollis
  The Times commentator: Godfrey Kenton
  Queen Victoria: Penelope Lee
  Whitechapel convict: David McAlister
  Agent: Hugh Dickson
  Prince Albert: Stuart Organ
  Carpenter: Spencer Banks
  Pip: Zac Nicholson
  Mrs Joe: Madi Hedd
  Charles Dickens: Steve Hodson
  Judge: Ronald Herdman
  Miss West: Jean Trend
  Dunscombe: David Gooderson
  Thomas Reid: John Livesey
  Mate: Crawford Logan
  Capper: John Warner
  Boy: Bradley Hardiman
  Female convicts: Frances Jeater, Theresa Streatfield, Miranda Forbes, Jill Lidstone, Wendy Murray
Repeated from 24th July 1982

10th October 1983
The Monday Play: The Flower Case by James Saunders (1925-2004)
Directed by Richard Wortley
  Purkiss: John Le Mesurier
  Mr Flower: Robert Lang
  Mrs Flower: Gwen Watford
  Wilburt: Derek Fowlds
  Gita: Rosalind Adams
(First broadcast on R3 on 24th October 1982, rptd 17th March 1983)
[Also broadcast on CBC Canada in 2 x 30 minute parts, September 16th and 23rd 2000].

11th October 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Josie by Rachel Wyatt
Directed by Ian Cotterell
  Josie: Angela Pleasence
  Benjy: Andrew Branch
  Fred: John Bull
  Mary: Jennifer Piercey
  Dad: Leslie Sands
  Mr Hammond: Godfrey Kenton
  Man in No 6: Peter Baldwin
  Mrs Briggs: Margot Boyd
  Waitress: Jenny Twigge
  Customer: Adrian Egan
Repeated from 26th October 1979
[see also Josie's Man on 12th October 1983 and Josie: Family and Friends 6th January 1988]

12th October 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Josie's Man by Rachel Wyatt
Directed by Ian Cotterell
  Josie: Angela Pleasence
  Student: Eileen Tully
  Shirley: Monica Grey
  Mary: Jennlfer Piercey
  Betty: Jane Wenham
  Dad: Leslie Sands
  Jacques: Alex Jennings
[see also Josie: Family and Friends 6th January 1988]

13th October 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Bonnie Blue Hen by Catherine Lucy Czerkawska
Directed by Marilyn Ireland (aka Imrie)
BBC Scotland
  Louis: William Armour
  Linda: Elaine Collins
  James: Alec Heggie
  Bunty: Jan Wilson
  Gran: Sheila Donald
  Compere: Finlay Welsh
[won a Scottish Radio Industries Club Award for Best Production]

15th October 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: No Exceptions by Steve Hay
Directed by Alec Reid
  The Teacher: Rod Beacham
Repeated 18th October 1983

15th October 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: Logic and Futility by Christopher Russell
Charles Babbage- inventor of a calculating engine.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
  Charles Babbage: David Buck
  John Herschel: William Simons
  George Airy: Timothy Bateson
  Joseph Clement: Jonathan Scott
  Mother: Margot Boyd
  Georgiana: Moir Leslie
  Ada Countess of Lovelace: Carole Boyd
  Robinson: Peter Tuddenham
  Duke of Wellington: Richard Hurndall
  Sir Robert Peel: Peter Howell
  Earl of Lovelace: Clive Panto
  First society woman: Jane Wenham
  Second society woman: Madi Hedd
Repeated 17th October 1983
[C90 Tape held at Cambridge University Library, not digitised, ref GBR/0180/RGO 86/6/1/3]

16th October 1983
A Story - with Pictures by Colin Shaw
Private things, smuggling, theft.
1 of 6: The proposition.
Directed by Michael Hefferman
  Steven Emmett: Nigel Anthony
  Warner: Michael Bilton
  Helen Summers: Kate Binchy
  Tim Lloyd: James Bryce
  Mr Pryce/Leo Roeters/Herr Kimmel/ Hotel Manager: Geoffrey Collins
  Sam Pryce: Stephen Garlick
  van Helder/ Mr Baxter/ Policeman: Nigel Graham
  George Crossman: David Healy
  Jakob/ Supt Rogers: Alex Jennings
  Sir Marcus Marten: Freddie Jones
  Susie/ Julie: Moir Leslie
  Jane Fleming: Amanda Murray
  Major Mullet: Clive Panto
  Alan Roberts: Peter Woodthorpe
Additional actors in later episodes:
  Man in travel agency: Mark Straker(3)
  Frau Dirksen: Hilda Schroder(3)
  Inspector Koeffels: Steve Ubels(5)
  Edith Baumann: Maxine Howe(5)
  Hotel manager: Peter Tuddenham(5)
Also with Monica Grey
Pt2:23/10/83 Pt3:30/10/83 Pt4:6/11/83 Pt5:13/11/83 Pt6:20/11/83
[1983 episodes, first broadcast Sunday, repeated on following Wednesday, three days later.]

17th October 1983
The Monday Play: Armistice by Louise Page (1955-2020)
A German surname is not helpful at the outbreak of the First World War
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Birmingham
  Evelyn: Marjorie Westbury
  Cedric: Hugh Dickson
  Lizzie: Pauline Letts
  young Evie: Kathryn Hurlbutt
  young Cedric: Simon Chandler
  Nan: Patricia Gallimore
  Charles: Peter Jeffrey
  Clara: Moir Leslie
  Isabel/Margaret/Londoner: Jane Wenham
  Pauline/Betty: Heidi Niklaus
  German visitor/drunk/small boy: Kerry Shale
  Tommie/workman/small boy: Jonathan Owen
  Price/workman/drunk: David Vann
Repeated 23rd October 1983

18th October 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Humpties Passing the Wall by Charles Ryder
Two men enter a running marathon - will they be able to make it?
Directed bv Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
  Wally: Sam Kelly
  Al: Michael Angelis
  Maurice: Robert Keegan
  Liz: Val Lilley
  Sylvie: Sue Jenkins
  Bystander: Brian Southwood

19th October 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Nicky by Peter Myers
A children's book author goes to live with a family in a remote cottage.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
  Joyce Meadows: Maureen O'Brien
  Fiona: Petra Markham
  Roger: Gabriel Woolf
  Beth: Rosemary Whitfield
  Man: Rex Holdsworth
  Sergeant Dye: Brian Haines
  First PC: Bill Wallis
  Second PC: Trevor Cooper
Repeated from 12th March 1980

19th October 1983
Busman's Honeymoon by Dorothy L. Sayers
Repeated from 3rd January 1983, please see above.

20th October 1983
Afternoon Theatre: On Blackpool Tower by Philip Martin (1938-2020)
An impulsive visit to Blackpool leads to meeting up with an old friend.
Directed by Richard Wortley
  Dena: Rosemary Martin
  Frank: Mark Jones
  Ralph: David Peart
  Station announcer/Panner: Scott Cherry
  Organist: James Bryce
Repeated 18th April 1985

22nd October 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: A Coat of Varnish (1978) by C. P. Snow (1905-1980) adapted by Ronald Millar (1919-1998)
The last case of Chief Supt Briers
Directed by David Spenser
  Frank Briers: Peter Barkworth
  Dr Perryman: Paul Daneman
  Humphrey Leigh: David Langton
  Lady Ashbrook: Mary Ellis
  Captain Loseby: Anthony Daniels
  Susan Thirklll: Stacy Dorning
  Sgt Tanner: James Bryce
  Chief Insp Rees: James Kerry
  Insp Shingler: David Peart
  Professor Morgan: Jon Strickland
  Police photographer: Mark Straker
Repeated 24th October 1983, 1st and 3rd June 1985.
[The book was Snow's last work of fiction.]

23rd October 1983
Our Man in Havana by Graham Greene dramatised by Gregory Evans
1 of 3: Havana, Cuba. Before Castro. An English salesman is short of cash.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
  Wormold: Jack Watling
  Hasselbacher: George Pravda
  Milly: Julia Hills
  Hawthorne: James Kerry
  Chief: Geoffrey Matthews
  Miss Jenkinson: Elizabeth Havelock
  Lopez: Scott Cherry
Additional cast in later episodes:
  Beatrice: Eleanor Bron(2)
  Segura: Edward de Souza(2)
  Teresa: Petra Leah(2)
  George: Hubert Rees(2)
  MacDougall: Clive Panto(3)
  Dr Braun: Nigel Graham(3)
  American Consul: Peter Tuddenham(3)
  British Ambassador: Nat Brenner (3)
Pt2: 30/10/83 Pt3: 6/11/83
The episodes were first broadcast on Sunday and repeated five days later on Friday.
The series was repeated commencing 15th and 20th November 1987.

24th October 1983
The Monday Play:- Woodcraft by Maurice Leitch
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
  Magistrate: Timothy Bateson
  Eric: Ian McElhinney
  Des: Jim Norton
  Cleghorn: Liam Neeson
  Darren: Timothy Spin
  Tracey: Sylvestra La Touz
Also with Alex Jennings, Clive Panto, Monica Grey, Eileen Tully
Repeated 30th October 1983

25th October 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Another Time. Another Place by Jessie Kesson (1916-1994)
Italian prisoners of war in Scotland.
Directed by Marilyn Ireland (aka M Imrie)
BBC Scotland
  Meg: Fiona Knowles
  Kirsty: Sheila Donald
  Jess: Gwyneth Guthrie
  Finlay: Billy Riddoch
  Luigi: Freddie Boardley
  Young woman: Paul Logan
  Husband: Paul Young
  Children: Vicki Masson and Dawn Massie
Repeated from 21st April 1981

25th October 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Toys from the Boys by John Petherbridge
Sue left her family to go to live at the Peace Camp.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
  Sue: Carole Boyd
  Martin: Geoffrey Collins
  Janet: Moir Leslie
  Frances: Pauline Siddle
  Judy: Maggie McCarthy
  Vic: Brett Usher
  Barry: Paul Varney
  Bobby: Craig Bingley
  Woman singer: Eileen Tully
  Policeman: Scott Cherry
[In the 1970's John Petherbridge worked for Womens Aid}

26th October 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Danny at Hull Fair by Sheila Bradley
A first visit to a fair.
Directed by Pat Trueman
BBC Manchester
  Shirley: Mary Cunningham
  Ken: Russell Dixon
  Jack: John McArdle
  Madame Accanti/Red Cross lady: Elizabeth Kelly
  Tom Thumb: Clive Duncan
  Old soldier: Malcolm Hebden
  Policeman: Fine-Time Fontayne

27th October 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Industrial Inaction by Allan Prior (1922-2006)
Directed by David Johnston
  Dad Potter: Arthur Mullard
  Ma: Pearl Hackney
  Carla: Diane Langton
  Darren: Graham Chinn
  Simon: Mark Straker
  Simon's dad: Ronald Baddiley
  Comrade Fred: William Eedle
  Senior gateman: James Kerry
  Official: Clive Panto

29th October 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Sailor's Return by Judy Allen
Repeated from 27th April 1983- please see above.

29th October 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: What Every Woman Knows by J. M. Barrie (1860-1937) adapted by Stuart Conn
Directed by Marilyn Ireland (aka M Imrie)
BBC Scotland
  Maggie Wylie: Phyllis Logan
  John Shand: David Hayman
  Teller of the tale: Tom Fleming
  Alick Wylie: Tom Watson
  David: Wylie John Shedden
  James Wylie: Ray Dunsire
  Lady Sybil: Hetty Baynes
  Comtesse de la Briere: Vivienne Dixon
  Venables: Alan Rothwell
Repeated 31st October 1983 and 31st December 1986.
[There was an earlier production by Stuart Conn in 1966 with Hannah Gordon as Maggie. John Shedden played John Shand.]

31st October 1983
The Monday Play: Thursday's Child by Margaret Simpson
A battered child is for adoption - the natural mother wants her child back.
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Birmingham
  Sally Hayward: Rosalind Shanks
  Rose McNulty: Maggie McCarthy
  Eric Framley: Gareth Armstrong
  Billy McNulty: Alan Mason
  Samantha McNulty: Natasha Knight
  John Hayward: John Livesey
  Paul Hayward: Ralph Pine
  Miriam Kershaw: Hedli Niklaus
  Dave Barker: Peter Brookes
  Peter Shaw: Stephen Hancock
  Miss Everett/Helen Pritchard: Shirley Stelfox
  Andrew Templeton/ Terry Molloy: David Mecklin
  Andrea Cartwright/Sylvia Belcher: Jill Meers
  Judge/Mr Boyle: Roger Milner
Repeated 6th November 1983

1st November 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Strange Lovers by Tim Haigh
Directed by Brian Dean
  Tom: David Peart
  Sue: Moir Leslie
  Jerry: Eric Allan
  Cafe man: James Bryce
  Helen: Carole Boyd
  Girl: Maggie McCarthy
[The only play credited to Tim Haigh in the BBC Database]

1st November 1983
Afternoon Theatre:- Letting Go by Delores Baron
All she has to do is to get a job and meet a few people.
Directed by James Runcie
  Sarah Davies: Emily Morgan
  her Mother: Elizabeth Morgan
  Mr Davies: Jon Strickland
  Ruth: Wendy Murray
  Vi: Moir Leslie
  James: Pip Torrens
  Juan: Alfredo Michelsen
  Vicky/ Landlady: Carole Boyd

2nd November 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Way We Live by Ted Allbeury (1917-2005)
What it means to be "positively vetted".
Directed by Christopher Venning
  Andrew Collins: Steve Hodson
  Arthur Villiers: John Forbes-Robertson
  Roger Manson: Paul Gregory
  Home Secretary: Timothy Bateson
  Tony Stephens: Benedick Blythe
  Sergeant: Scott Cherry
  Det Sgt Willis: Jon Strickland
  Guard/Andrews: Mark Jones
  John Arrowsmith: Nigel Lambert
  Mrs Royston: Monica Grey
  Mr Royston: Stuart Richman
  Karen March: Alexandra Mathie
  Gordon Parsons/Barman: John Livesey
[Ted Allbeury served as an intelligence officer]

3rd November 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Unsticking Ainsley by John Edwards
Directed by Gerry Jones
  McDougal: Peter Howell
  Kieron Higglns: David Graham
  Charlie Ainsley: John Hollis
  Julie: Karen Archer
  Dr Peter Hurst: Geoffrey Collins
  Prof Yamura: Nigel Graham
  Mr Tozo: William Eedle
  David: Moir Leslie
  Paul: Pauline Siddle

5th November 1983
Afternoon Theatre: I'd Rather Be a Hammer Than a Nail by Mike Vaughan Edwards
Countersunk Screws and the Meaning of Life
Directed by Richard Wortley
  Norman Goslett: Peter Pacey
  Julia Goslett: Theresa Streatfeild
  Mr Benson: Stuart Organ
  Dorothy: Glynis Brooks
  Mr Huntley: Peter Tuddenham
  Bob Sumner: David Gooderson
  Guest/Male voice: Nicholas Goldwyn
  Wendy: Jean Trend
Repeated from 6th October 1982
[The only other credits for Mike Vaughan Edwards on the BBC program database are two Schools programs in 1985]

5th November 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: Some Tame Gazelle (1950) by Barbara Pym (1913-1980) dramatised by Joan O'Connor
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester
  Belinda Bede: Ruth Goring
  Harriet Bede: Jane Wenham
  Edgar Donne: Gary Lucas
  Archdeacon Henry Hoccleve: Hugh Dickson
  Agatha Hoccleve: Rosalind Knight
  Count Ricardo Bianco: Haydn Jones
  Edith Liversidge: Diana Flacks
  Connie Aspinall: Hilda Schroder
  Dr Parnell: Geoffrey Banks
  Mr Mold: James Kerry
  Bishop Mbawawa: Anthony Benson
  Olivia Berridge/Emily: Valerie Windsor
Repeated 7th November 1983
[Barbara Pym's first novel- the title is taken from a poem by Thomas Haynes Bayly (1797-1839)]
[Also produced in six parts by Sioned William in 1995 rptd 1996]

7th November 1983
The Monday Play: A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
Music specially composed by Terence Allbright
Singers: Trinity Boys' Choir
Directed by David Spenser
  Oberon: Nigel Hawthorne
  Titania: Maureen O'Brien
  Helena: Diana Quick
  Hermia: Phoebe Nicholls
  Lysander: Michael Maloney
  Demetrius: Jonathan Kent
  Bottom: Christopher Benjamin
  Snug: Bernard Bresslaw
  Puck: Peter Straker
  Hippolyta-: Liza Goddard
  Theseus: Adam Bareham
  Peter Quince: Timothy Bateson
  Francis Flute: Donald Gee
  Robin Starveling: Michael Bilton
  Tom Snout: Stephen Thorne
  Egeus: James Kerry
  Philostrate: Scott Cherry
  Fairy: Pauline Siddle
  Titania's attendants: Shayur Mater, Jason Styles, Robert MacLoughlin, Alistair Cameron

8th November 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Abide With Me by Alistair Chisholm
Alone with a harmonium
Harmonium: David Johns
Directed by David Johnston
  Ethel: Betty Marsden
  Herbert: Gerald Flood
  Mary: Carole Boyd

8th November 1983
Afternoon Theatre: August Rose by John Kirkmorris
The business is in difficulty.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
  Rosemary: Rosalind Shanks
  Desmond: John Rogan
  Olive: Eva Stuart
  William: Rusty Livingstone
  Rosemary's mother: Margot Boyd
  Ebner: William Eedle
  Salesman: David Peart
  Secretary: Moir Leslie

9th November 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Obsession by Ted Willis
When someone admits to a murder- are they guilty?
Directed by Glyn Dearman
  Denise Dubois: Annette Crosbie
  Felix Brache: Richard Pasco
  Wardress: Sonia Fraser
  Gendarme: James Bryce
  Prisoner: Maggie McCarthy

10th November 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Mark 2 Wife by William Trevor
Is there another woman in her husband's life?
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
  Anna: Meg Davies
  General Ritchie: William Fox
  Mrs Ritchie: Pauline Letts
  Mrs Graham: Ingrid Hafner
  Mr Graham: Alan Moore
  Mrs Lowhr: Margot Boyd
  Mr Lowhr: Peter Copley
  Toby Oath: Timothy Bentinck
  Dolores Sweeting: June Barrie
  Lady Jill: Sarah Benfield
  Drunk man: Bill Wallis
  Clergyman: John Abineri
  Dr Abbatt: Geoffrey Collins
  Japanese waiter: Tony Robinson

12th November 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Tell Me When the Feeling Stops by Colin Haydn Evans
No sensation can mean no pain.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
  Judy: Jane Knowles
  Dr Balkin: Garriel Woolf
  Chris/Disc jockey: Christian Rodska
  Liz/Ward sister: Diana Bishop
  Mrs Shelley: Margot Boyd
  Cathy: Angela Phillips
  Mr Fellows/Clive Standish: Timothy Bentinck
Repeated from 13th August 1981

12th November 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: A Suspension of Mercy (1965) by Patricia Highsmith (1921-1995) adapted by James Saunders
When his wife goes missing the police suspect him...
Directed by Richard Wortley
  Sydney Bartleby: Stuart Milligan
  Alicia Bartleby: Janet Maw
  Alex: John Rye
  Hattie: Carole Boyd
  Mrs Lillybanks: Margot Boyd
  Insp Brockway: Brett Usher
  Insp Hill: Michael Bilton
  Mrs Hartley Sneezum: Hilda Schroder
  Edward Tilbury: Mark Straker
Repeated 14th November 1983

13th November 1983
John Gabriel Borkman by Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906) translated by William Archer
An estate outside Christania, Norway, Winter 1886
Piano: Mary Nash
Directed By: Charles Lefeaux
  Gunhild Borkman: Sylvia Coleridge
  Malena, the maid: Sandra Clark
  Ella Rentheim: Irene Worth
  Mrs Frances Wilton: Prunella Scales
  Erhart Borkman: Richard Kay
  John Gabriel Borkman: Ralph Richardson(1902-83)
  Frida Foldal: Julie Hallam
  William Foldal: Timothy Bateson
[First broadcast on R3 on 4th August 1974, rptd 1/6/75]
[Produced earlier by Val Gielgud for BBC Home in 1948 rptd R3 1950 with Franklin Dyall as John Gabrial]
[Produced by H B Fortuin for BBC N3 in 1966 with Donald Wolfit as John Gabriel]
[and other productions...]

13th November 1983
Sybil or The Two Nations by Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881) dramatised by Frederick Bradnum (1920-2001)
1 of 6: Marney Town and Marney Abbey
He leaves Eton and Oxford and falls in love- with the daughter of a worker.
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Birmingham
  Sybil: Sorcha Cusack
  Charles Egremont: Richard Derrington
  Walter Gerard: Alan Dobie
  Lord Marney: Michael N Harbour
  Stephen Morley: Terry Molloy
  Benjamin Disraeli: Richard Pasco
  Lady Marney: Patricia Gallimore
  Arabella Marney: Kathryn Hurlbutt
  Sir Vavasour Firebrace: Robert Dorning
  Mother Superior: Penelope Lee
  Taper/Bingley: David Vann
  Tadpole: David Peart
  Mr Pugh: Bill Bellamy
  Lord Milford/Brewer: Kim Durham
  Captain Grouse/Lawyer: Scott Cherry
  Mountchesrey/Constable: Peter Harlowe
  Berneers/Peer: Jonathan Owen
Additional actors in later episodes- there is NO cast listing available for episode 4.:
Alan Devereux, Anna Lindup, Carole Boyd, Clive Marlowe, David Conner, Eileen Barry, Elizabeth Proud, Hedli Niklaus, James Kerry, Joyce Latham, Mary Wimbush, Michael Bilton, Paul Copley, Pauline Siddle, Peter Tuddenham, Roger Hume, Shirley Stelfox, Stephen Hancock, William Eedle
Pt2:20/11/83 Pt3:27/11/83 Pt4:4/12/83 Pt5:11/12/83 Pt6:18/12/83
Episodes repeated after 5 days

14th November 1983
The Monday Play: The Shell House by Andrew Tyrrell
Directed by Cherry Cookson
  Emma: Frances Tomelly
  Monaghan: James Greene
  Cormac: Christopher Fairbank
  Sadie: Maggie McCarthy
  Dwyer: Mark Straker
  Capper: Kerry Francis
Repeated 20th November 1983
[No connection to the play by Ronald Frame]

15th November 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Mother and Daughter by Graham Swannell
Directed By: John Tydeman
  Joan: Avril Elgar
  Harriet, her daughter: Joanna David
Repeated 17th March 1984

15th November 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Tuppeny Banger by Andrew Lind
Directed by Jane Morgan
  Sqn Ldr Ralph Tattersall: Patrick Troughton
  Sir Fergus Brumby: Jack May
  Muriel: Madge Ryan
  Mrs Meadows: Margot Boyd
  Vicar: Preston Lockwood
  Fulton: Mark Jones
  Susan: Eileen Tully
  Speke: Peter Tuddenham
  Ben: Jon Strickland

16th November 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Novice by Colin Haydn Evans
Directed By: Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
  the Abbot: Hugh Burden
  Andrew: Gabriel Woolf
  Pat: Meg Davies
  Brother Hugh: Timothy Bateson

17th November 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Ask a Silly Question by Jacqueline Wilson
Directed by Gerry Jones
  Lyn Hamilton: Shirley Dixon
  Andrew Hamilton: John Pullen
  Mrs Hamilton: Margot Boyd
  Deb Hamilton: Pauline Siddle
  Sue: Joan Blackham
  Soil: Michael Jenner

19th November 1983
Afternoon Theatre: That Bread Should Be So Dear by Olwynne MacRae
A married woman returns to work after several years of domestic life.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
  Mary: Fiona Walker
  David: John Rowe
  Angus: Douglas Storm
  Judith: Jenny Lee
  Duncan/Registrar: Gordon Reid
  Dick: Sion Probert
  Jenny: Amanda Murray
  Mr Charles: Martin Friend
  Tessa/Nurse: Clare Travers-Deacon
  John/Chemist: Jill Lidstone
  Doctor: John Church
[TV NZ made a tv program of this story in 1982]

19th November 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Dispossession by Liane Aukin (1936-2016)
Directed by David Spenser
  Silvia Preston: Diana Quick
  Macmillan: Paul Daneman
  Sophie Protheroe: Diana Bishop
  Eileen Hudson: Jean England
  Sally-Anne Hurrell: Eileen Tully
  Mrs Daniels: Eva Stuart
  Barker: Geoffrey Collins
  Moll: Hilda Schroder
  Marian Buxton: Theresa Streatfeild
  Donald Buxton: Alex Jennings
  Cecile Macmillan: Jane Knowles
Repeated 21st November 1983

21st November 1983
The Monday Play: Ducks and Drakes by James Brabazon
Directed by Jane Morgan
  Brenda Boyce: Susan Fleetwood
  Arnold Griffin : Mark Jones
  Rosamund: Marty Cruickshank
  Joan: Fiona Matheson
  Bob Latimer: Andrew Seear
  Mrs Boyce: Monica Grey
  Mr Edgar Boyce: William Eedle
  Joseph: Nigel Anthony
  Tony: Geoffrey Collins
  Sheila: Eileen Tully
Repeated 27th November 1983

22nd November 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Driftwood by Robin R. Taylor
A peaceful garden. Two people meet.
Directed by David Spenser
  Man: Brian Cox
  Woman: Jennifer Piercey
[No connection with the play by Alison Burnell]

22nd November 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Great Lumination by Roger Wood
A village on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border in 1820.
William Varley, a handloom weaver, tries to make a living in his cottage, but there is more money to be made at the local mill.
Penny Whistle: Simon Couzens
Directed by Brian Dean
  William Varley: Christian Rodska
  Margaret Varley: Marlene Sidaway
  Lizzie Varley: Karen Archer
  Wilson Varley: Susan Sheridan
  George Holt: John Webb
  Dick Roberts: John Rogan
  John Moore: John Bott
  Edmund Moore: Michael Jenner
  John Lathom: Paul Webster
  Sarah Oldshaw: Kathleen Helme

23rd November 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Endangered Species by John Wainwright (1921-1995)
Constable Roberts is being questioned by his superiors.
Directed by Michael Heffernan
  Constable Roberts: Peter Woodthorpe
  Inspector Palmer: George A. Cooper
  Sergeant Adams: Christopher Fairbank
Repeated 28th August 1985
[John Wainwright served for some years as a policeman.]

24th November 1983
Afternoon Theatre:- Jacob Creber and the Felsoe Worm by Gerry McKee
Recorded On Location: Engineers: Julian Walther, Andy Leslie, Rod Dollimore, Technical presentation: Tim Sturgeon
Directed by Cherry Cookson
  Scobey: Gordon Gostelow
  Marjorie: Maggie McCarthy
  Les: Rod Beacham
  Teresa: Elaine Lordan
Repeated 7th September 1985

26th November 1983
Afternoon Theatre: A Smell of Carnations by Lester Powell (1912-1993)
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
  Fred: George Cole
  Teresa: Elizabeth Bell
  Roger: Sian Probert
  Dr Peddy: Patrick Barr
Repeated from 19th March 1981
[During WW2 Powell served in the Army Medical Corps]

26th November 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: Arson in Berlin by Allen Saddler (1923-2011)
27 February 1933: a pane of glass shatters in the Reichstag building.
Directed by Alec Reid
BBC Bristol
  Georgi Dimitrov: Trevor Eve
  Popov: Tony Robinson
  Tanev: Nicholas David
  Bunger: John Moffatt
  Goring: Bill Wallis
  Goebbels: Stephen Sylvester
  Douglas Reed: Michael Drew
  Announcer: Brian Gear
  Van der Lubbe: Hugh Dickson
  Heisig: Christian Rodska
  Frau Rossler: Jane Wenham
  Magda: Pauline Siddle
  Mrs Dimitrov: Magdalena Buznea
  Frau Kruger: Deborah Jane Sharpe
  Frau Schreiber: Madi Hedd
  Commentator: David Peart
  First policeman: Phillip Manikum
  Second policeman: Richard Huw
  Waiter: Howard Hoffmann
Repeated 28th November 1983

27th November 1983
The Magic Carpet by David Beaty
1 of 7: 1930's and the first British Airships.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
  Narrator: Conrad Phillips
  Thomson: Esmond Rideout
  Buck/Booth: Phillip Manikum
  Colmore: Hubert Rees
  Scott: John Hartoch
  Greenstreet/Mcwade: John Linstrum
  Johnston: Pavel Douglas
  Pomfret: Rex Holdsworth
  Lily: Sarah Benfield
  Olive: Ingrid Hafner
  Irwin: Alan Moore
  Kirk: Norman Bowler
  Gloria: Sarah Jane Bickerton
Additional cast in later episodes (There is no cast list available for episode 2):
Bob Docherty, Bruce Lewis, Elwyn Johnson, James Kerry, Richard Curnow
Pt2:4/12/83 Pt3:11/12/83 Pt4:18/12/83 Pt5:25/12/83 Pt6:1/1/84 Pt7:8/1/84
Episodes repeated three days later.

27th November 1983
The Last Voyage of Henry Hudson by Julia Keay
1610- seeking the water route across the North of Canada.
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland
  Henry Hudson: John Shedden
  Abacuck Prickett: Finlay Welsh
  Robert Bylot: Stuart Bishop
Also with Ron Bain, Arthur Boland, John Buick, Martin Clunes and Gerard Slevin
Repeated 9th September 1984

28th November 1983
The Monday Play: Thirteenth Night (1981) by Howard Brenton
We need a new democracy, new forms, a politics to end politics.
Directed by Michael Heffernan
  Jack Beaty: Tom Wilkinson
  Jenny Gaze: Frances Tomelty
  Bernard Feast: William Nighy
  Bill Dunn: Peter Woodthorpe
  Ross: Sean Barrett
  Henry Murgatroyd: Timothy Bateson
  Rose: Maggie McCarthy
  Cygna: Eileen Tully
  Joan: Pauline Siddle
With Alex Jennings, Richard Huw and Michael Jenner

29th November 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Odds Against Corrigan by Sheila Hodgson (1921-2001)
A disused racecourse.
Directed by Graham Gauld
  Nicky: Simon Hewitt
  Jill: Frances Jeater
  Doctor: Roger Snowdon
  Mike: Scott Cherry
  Conrad: John Livesey
  Woman: Margot Boyd

29th November 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Wheel of Time (1892) by Henry James (1843-1916) dramatised by Betty Davies
Directed by Graham Gauld
  Maurice: Barry Foster
  Fanny: Sarah Badel
  Lady Greyswood: Monica Grey
  Gen Knocker: Cyril Shaps
  Mrs Knocker: Joan Hart
  Vera: Amanda Murray
  Arthur: David McAlister
  Mrs Crisford: Judy Franklin
  Maid: Patience Tomlinson
  Guest: Alexander John
Repeated 9th August 1985

30th November 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Prodigal Son by Bernard Knight
The return of...
Directed by Adrian Mourby
BBC Wales
  Professor Bell: Bernard Lloyd
  Sarah Ward: Erica Eirian
  Peter Muller: Gregory de Polnay
  Hector Copeland: Cyril Shaps
  Mavis Copeland: Val Lorraine
  Eric Copeland: Nicholas Le Prevost
  Marriott: Robin Lyons
[Bernard Knight was a forensic pathologist and qualified as a barrister]

1st December 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Rose at Roquebrune by Dawn Lowe-Watson
A holiday overseas.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
  Rose: Mary Peach
  Evelina: Joyce Carey
  Simon: Christopher Scoular
  Lydia: Elizabeth Rider
  Jane: Pauline Siddle
  French voice: Clive Panto
Repeated 22nd December 1984

3rd December 1983:
[Please note that printing strikes caused the none publication of Radio Times between 3rd and 9th December 1983.]

3rd December 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Time Slip by Wally K Daly.
Repeated from 3rd May 1983 - see above.

3rd December 1983
Saturday Night Theatre: Rope (1929) by Patrick Hamilton (1904-1962)
Producer: John Tydeman
  Rupert Cadell: Alan Rickman (1946-2016)
  Wyndham Brandon: Adam Bareham
  Charles Granillo: Andrew Branch
  Sir Johnstone Kentley: Cyril Luckham
  Leila Arden: Moir Leslie
  Kenneth Raglan: Christopher Good
  Sabot: Olivier Pierre
[Repeated on R4X 21/2/2016]

4th December 1983:
Classic Serial: Sybil or the two nations 4.6
Repeated 11th December 1983

5th December 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Rope (1929) by Patrick Hamilton (1904-1962)
Director: John Tydeman
  Rupert Cadell: Alan Rickman
  Wyndham Brandon: Adam Bareham
  Charles Granillo: Andrew Branch
  Sir Johnstone Kentley: Cyril Luckham
  Leila Arden: Moir Leslie
  Kenneth Raglan: Christopher Good
Repeated 15th August 1992
[Several earlier productions including by Peter Watts for BBC Light in 1953 and by Raymond Raikes for BBC Light in 1966]
[Also broadcast on R4X 2016]

5th December 1983
The Monday Play:- Deception of the Thrush by Jane Beeson
Directed by Cherry Cookson
  Bernard: Richard Pasco
  Claire: Phoebe Nicholls
  Louise: Anna Nygh
  Richard: Nicholas Farrell
  Tessa: Moir Leslie
  Waiter: Scott Cherry
Repeated 11th December 1983 and 31st October 1987

6th December 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Right Thing by Anthony Miller
Directed by Cherry Cookson
  Rose: Patricia Hayes
  Stella: Diana Fairfax
  Tracey: Michele Winstanley
Repeated 17th April 1984

6th December 1983
Afternoon Theatre: No America by Michael McKnight.
Imagine that an Irish monk discovered America.
also with Louis Rolston, Kwasi Kay, and Trevor Moore.

7th December 1983
Afternoon Theatre: When Did He Last Buy You Flowers? by Sue McCauley
Also with Eva Haddon, Malcolm Stoddard and Sandra Clark.

8th December 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Play it Straight by Melville Jones.
Also with Peter Wickham, Madi Hedd and Judith Arthy


10th December 1983
Afternoon Theatre:- A Time Between Comets by Juliet Ace
Repeated from 26th April 1983- please see above.

10th December 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: Afternoon Call by Ivor Wilson
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
  Turner: Geoffrey Hinsliff
  Wilkinson: Russell Dixon
  Graham: Bernard Latham
  Sally: Kingsley Jane Collins
  Martin Chapman: Brian Southwood
  Louis Harris: Andy Rashleigh
Repeated 12th December 1983

12th December 1983
The Monday Play: Comrades by Frederick Bradnum
Memories of those who fell at Caen in 1944.
Directed by Graham Gauld
  Adam LJoyd-Little: James Villiers
  Major Blind: Brian Carroll
  RSM Mortal: Anthony Hall
  Priscilla: Phyllida Nash
  Alice: Liza Flanagan
  Padre: Lewis Stringer
  Shanghai Bill: John All
  Old soldiers: Jon Strickland and Brett Usher
Repeated 18th December 1983

13th December 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Cage Bird by Jeremy Tiptaft
Directed by David Johnston
  Benson: Peter Vaughan
  Manners: Peter Woodthorpe
  Mrs Fitzpatrick: Rosamunde Hartley

13th December 1983
Afternoon Theatre: What Brothers Are For by Steve Gooch
Directed by Michael Heffernan
  Terry: Mark Straker
  Dave: Peter-Hugo Daly
  Mrs Miller: June Whitfield
  Brenda: Miriam Margolyes
  Reg: John Hollis
  Sheila: Elizabeth Proud
[A script is held by V&A Theatre and Performance Collections ref GB 71 THM/495/3/29]

14th December 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Inkpen Gibbet by Maureen Donegan
Directed by Gerry Jones
  Dorothy: Caroline John
  Ellen: Dione Inman
  George: Jon Strickland
  Martha: Kathryn Hurlbutt
  Aunt Betsy: Jane Wenham
  Sheriff: Clive Panto
  Jack: Michael Jenner
  Mr Oatee: Mark Jones

15th December 1983
The Small, Intricate Life of Gerald C. Potter: The Cousin by Basil Boothroyd (1910-1988)
Producer Bobby Jaye
  Gerald C Potter: Ian Carmichael
  his Wife: Charlotte Mitchell
Repeated from 26th December 1977
[Also broadcast on BBC7 2010 and R4X 2015, 2018]

15th December 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Hey Presto! by Robin Taylor
Roland discovers a trick called 'Madame Guillotine'.
Directed by David Spenser
  Bunny Bannister: Bernard Cribbins
  Roland Prince: Nigel Anthony
  Mother: Sheila Grant
  Jean: Rosalind Adams
  Andy Frazer: Crawford Logan
  Young Roland: Alasdair Cameron
  Young Andy: Elizabeth Linsay and Robert McLaughlin
  Nat Golding: Edward Kelsey
  Freda Frazer: Monica Grey
  Children: James Telfar and Paul Kember
  Compere: Henry Stamper

17th December 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Years Between (1945) by Daphne Du Maurier (1907-1989) adapted by Graham Gauld
World War 2.
Directed by Graham Gauld
  Diana: Barbara Leigh-Hunt
  Michael: Richard Pasco
  Robin: Timothy Stark
  Richard: Sean Barrett
  Nanny: Carol Marsh
  Sir Ernest: Michael Bilton
  Miss Jameson: Monica Grey
  Venning: Andy Reilly
Repeated 19th December 1983
[Filmed in 1946 with Michael Redgrave and Flora Robson]

19th December 1983
The Monday Play: Class by Nick and Tony Bicat
A story with music.
Musical director: Tony Britten
Technical presentation by David Greenwood and Anthony Pugh
Directed by Michael Heffernan
  Ray: Beamea [???]
  Jane: Frances Tomelty
  Renata: Shan Stevens
  Joe: Steven Mann
  Bernard: Jon Glover
  Bradford: David Gooderson
  Terry: Stuart Organ
  Curtis: Alex Jennings
  Policemen: Peter Straker
  Policemen: Gary Martin
  TV director: Ronald Herdman
also with Susan Beagley, Steve Hodson, Jill Lidstone, Wendy Murray, Jim Reid, Theresa Streatfeild, Patience Tomlinson and Evelyn Tubs
[This is the only occurrence of the word beamea in the BBC Programme Database]

20th December 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Lady and the Double-Bass Case adapted by Arnold Hinchliffe from Anton Chekhov's (1860-1904) short story "Romance with a Double-Bass" (1886)
A hot day, ideal for a bit of bathing. Then your clothes are not where you left them.
Double bass: Adrian Beers
Directed by Glyn Dearman
  Ivan Sergeivich Smichkov: James Bryce
  Princess: Moir Leslie
  Narrator: Geoffrey Collins
  Peasant: William Eedle
  Flautist: Henry Stamper
  Clarinettist: Michael Bilton
Repeated on BBC R3 on 17th November 1986

20th December 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Girl in the Corner by Howard Wakeling
A new career beckons - as a female wrestler.
Directed by Ian Cotterell
  Brenda: Annette Badland
  Ron Bissel: Stuart Organ
  Mavis Bissel: Carole Boyd
  Alison Bissel: Moir Leslie
  Jason: Michael Jenner
  Kevin Chittock: Clive Panto
  Joan: Jane Knowles
  Brett Devlin: Sean Arnold
  Mildred McLucky: Maggie McCarthy
  Delivery man/Referee: Jon Strickland
Repeated 4th July 1985

21st December 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Mademoiselle Pearl by Guy De Maupassant (1850-1893) translated and adapted by Sue Glover
Carols sung by St Margarets Girls' School, Edinburgh
Directed by Marilyn Ireland (Imrie)
BBC Scotland
  Mademoiselle Pearl: Claire Nielson
  Henri Chantal: Frank Middlemass
  Gaston: David Rintoul
  Gaston's father: Timothy Bateson
  Charlotte Chantal: Hilda Schroder
  Pauline Chantal: Moir Leslie
  Louise Chantal: Jill Lidstone
Repeated 7th January 1987

22nd December 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Annunciation by Geoffrey Parkinson
Mystical events in a London suburb.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
  Graham: Michael Gambon
  Myra: Eva Stuart
  Vicar: Peter Howell
  Doctor/ Radio announcer: Peter Baldwin
  Housekeeper: Brenda Kaye
  First librarian: Leonard Fenton
  Second librarian: Josie Kidd
Repeated from 24th January 1980
[Also broadcast on R4X 2015, 2017, 2020]

24th December 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Mistress Mine by Judith Gick
Repeated from 21st April 1983 - please see above.
24th December 1983
The Winged Boy (1975) by Mary Hayley Bell (1911-2005), dramatised by Denys Hawthorne
Their son changed when he was four.
Music by Max Early
Music played by the Nash Ensemble
Technical presentation by Peter Novis, assisted by Roy Fraser and David Chilton
Directed by Richard Imison
  Narrator Hugh Dickson
  Mother: Kate Binchy
  Shaunie/ Diarmid: Jill Lidstone
  Owner: Lockwood West
  Father: Alan Barry
  Doctor: Jim Norton
  Father O'Leary: Harry Webster
  Circus owner: Alan Dudley
  Surgeon: Stephen Thorne
  Children: Jean Trend, Patience Tomlinson
  Neighbours: Theresa Streatfeild, Wendy Murray
  Repeated from 12th April 1982
[A binaural recording to be listened to on headphones]

24th December 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Holly and the Ivy (1950) bv Wynyard Browne (1911-1964) adapted by Peggy Wells and Raymond Raikes
A country vicarage, Christmas Eve 1950
Directed by Martin Jenkins
  David: John Samson
  Jenny: Jane Knowles
  Martin: Stephen Murray
  Mick: Geoffrey Beevers
  Bridget: Shelagh Fraser
  Lydia: Nora Nicholson
  Richard: William Fox
  Margaret: Isobel Black
[Other productions by:
1951: Hugh Stewart, with Rachel Gurney as Jenny
1954: Raymond Raikes, with Jane Baxter as Jenny and Andrew Crawford as David.
1971 rptd 1974 and 1983: Martin Jenkins with Jane Knowles as Jenny.
2005: Polly Thomas, with Kenneth Alan Taylor as Gregory]
[R7/R4X used the Thomas production with Kenneth Alan Taylor]

25th December 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Christmas At Dingley Dell adapted from The Pickwick Papers and Christmas Stories of Charles Dickens (1812-1870) by Constance Cox
On 23 December 1827 they set out upon a journey to Dingley Dell. Characters in the stories are impersonated by certain of our revellers.
Violins: Ruth Ehrlich, Peter Manning; Harp: Skaila Kanga
Directed by David Johnston
  Sam Weller: James Bryce
  Mr Tupman: John Bott
  Mr Snodgrass: Geoffrey Edwards
  Mr Winkle: Nicholas Courtney
  Mr Wardle: Michael Bilton
  Old Mrs Wardle: Sheila Grant
  Miss Rachel: Ellen McIntosh
  Miss Emily: Eileen Tully
  Miss Isabella: Helen Atkinson Wood
  Miss Arabella Allen: Maggie McCarthy
  Mr G Trundle: Mark Rolston
  Joe (the fat boy): Stuart Organ
  Benjamin Allen: Peter Wickham
  Bob Sawyer: Steve Hodson
  Emma: Carole Boyd
The parts played by the characters:
in Somebody's Luggage:
  Christopher...Bob Sawyer
  Mrs Pratchett...Emma
  Miss Martin...Miss Isabella
  Mistress of the George...Miss Rachel
  A Young Man...Benjamin Allen
  A Gentleman...Mr Winkle
in The Bagman's Story:
  Tom Smart: Sam Weller
  The Widow: Mrs Wardle
  The Chair: Mr Wardle
Repeated 22nd December 1984

25th December 1983
A Cuckoo in the Nest (1923) by Ben Travers (1886-1980); Adapted by Peter King
In 1925 the divorce laws took it for granted that any unmarried couple who spent the night together must be guilty of adultery.
Music composed and played by Ed Welch (Piano) With Ron Aspery
Directed by Peter King
  Mrs Bone: Joan Hickson
  Major George Bone: Freddie Jones
  Peter Wykeham: Ian Lavender
  Margaret Hickett: Phoebe Nicholls
  Mrs Spoker: Margaret Tyzack
  Barbara: Yvonne Antrobus
  Hickett: Brett Usher
  The Rev Sloley Jones: Ellis Dale
  George: James Kerry
  Alfred: Henry Stamper
  Noony: Timothy Bateson
  Gladys: Alex Marshall
  The garage: James Bryce
  Newsagent: Maggie McCarthy
  Pansy the dog: Percy Edwards
Repeated 4th March 1984, 22nd November 1986, 26th April 1992
[Also broadcast on R4X in 2020]

26th December 1983
Lorna Doone (1869) by R D Blackmore (1825-1900) dramatised by Brian Gear
1 0f 5: 1673: John's schooldays end abruptly
Directed By: Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
Series cast:
  Alan Brandir/Kitch: Graham Pountney
  Annie Ridd: Petra Leah
  Benita: Elizabeth Bell
  Carver Doone: Brian Jackson
  Charleworth: Esmond Rideout
  Counsellor Doone/Reuben Huckaback: Richard Grant
  Gwenny: Margot Young
  John Fry/De Whichehalse: Brian Haines
  John Ridd: Cornelius Garrett
  Judge Jeffreys: Malcolm Gerard
  King James II: Adrian Cairns
  Kirke/Old Ike/Parson Bowden: Geoffrey Serle
  Lizzie Ridd: Paula Tinker
  Lorna as a Child: Heather Bell
  Lorna Doone: Stacy Dorning
  Marwood de Whichehaise/King/head Clerk: Daniel Hill
  Mother Melldrum: Daphne Heard
  Mrs Ridd: June Barrie
  Narrator: Jack Watson,
  Sgt Bloxham: Hubert Tucker
  Sir Ensor Doone: Leonard Maguire
  Snowe: Douglas Leach
  Tim: Ann Portus
  Tom Faggus/Ramsack: Alan Moore
  Young John Ridd: Sarah Bennett
Pt2:27/12/83 Pt3:28/12/83 Pt4:29/12/83 Pt5:30/12/83
Repeated from 14th and 16th August 1977

26th December 1983
Afternoon Theatre: Trelawny adapted from Arthur Wing Pinero(1855-1934)'s "Trelawny of 'the Wells' "(1898) by Aubrey Woods (1928-2013), George Rowell and Julian Slade
Music and lyrics by Julian Slade
Conductor John Owen Edwards
Orchestration by John Owen Edwards and Phillip Edwards
Music producer: Chris De Souza
Vocal arrangements: Neil Rhoden
Technical presentation by Peter Novis and John Whitehall
An actor is unable to settle to a life off stage.
Directed by Ian Cotterell
  Mr James Telfer: Peter Pratt
  Mr Ferdinand Gadd: Aubrey Woods
  Mr Augustus Colpoys: Ronnie Stevens
  Mr Tom Wrench: Gary Bond
  Mrs Telfer: Dilys Laye
  Miss Rose Trelawny: Ann MacKay
  Miss Avonia Bunn: Jan Waters
  Mr Mossip, stage manager: Peter Tuddenham
  Mrs Mossip, wardrobe mistress: Jane Wenham
  Barker, link man: William Eedle
  Albert, call boy: Alex Jennings
  Mr Denzil, character leading man: Nigel Graham
  Miss Brewster: Hilda Schroder
  Mr Palmer, stage manager: William Eedle
  Sir William Gower KNT: Nigel Stock
  Arthur Gower his grandson: Geoffrey Collins
  Clara de Foenix, his granddaughter: Carole Boyd
  Miss Trafalgar Gower, Sir William's sister: Joyce Carey
  Captain de Foenix, Clara's husband: Clive Panto
  Charles, Sir William's butler: Michael Bilton
  Mr Ablett, a greengrocer: Timothy Bateson
Theatrical Folk: James Bryce, Mark Straker, Jon Strickland, Moir Leslie, Eileen Tully and The BBC Singers
[There was a production of Trelawny of the Wells in 1953 by Archie Campbell]
[There was a production of Trelawny of the Wells in 1961- no details available.]
[There was a production of Trelawny of the Wells in 1967 by John Powell]

26th December 1983
  Maigret Goes Home by Georges Simenon. translated by Robert Raldick and adapted by Frederick Bradnum
Directed by Glyn Dearman
  Jules Maigret: Maurice Denham
  Georges Simenon: Michael Gough
  Lucas: Brian Haines
  Janvier: Sean Barrett
  Maurice Saint Fiacre: Michael Spice
  Dr Bnuchardon: Hector Ross
  Jean Metayer: Clifford Norgate
  Gautier: Cyril Shaps
  Emile Gautier: Anthony Daniels
  Priest: Michael Deacon
Repeated from 21st and 27th August 1976

26th December 1983
The Monday Play: The Warden (1855) by Anthony Trollope (1815-1882) adapted by Ray Jenkins
A campaign to rebalance the aportionment of charitable income.
Cello: Christopher van Kampen
Directed By: Margaret Etall
  Anthony Trollope: Freddie Jones
  The Rev Septimus Harding: Timothy Bateson
  Eleanor: Jenny Seagrove
  Archdeacon Grantly: Alan Bennett
  John Bold: Simon Hewitt
  Mary Bold: Wendy Murray
  Susan Grantly: Rosalind Adams
  Tom Towers: John Rye
  Sir Abraham Haphazard: Anthony Newlands
  Chadwick: Alex Jennings
  Cox: Stuart Organ
  Cummins: Crawford Logan
  Bunce: Peter Tuddenham
  Handy: Nigel Graham
  Moody: James Kerry
  Skulpit: Ronald Herdman
  Spriggs: Jim Reid
  Gazy: Michael Bilton
  Crumple: John Bott
  Bell: Lionel Taylor
[The first part of the Chronicles of Barsetshire sequence, next book was Barchester Towers]
[The 1982 BBC tv serial Barchester Towers includes the story from this book]

27th December 1983
Afternoon Theatre: East of the Sun and West of the Moon dramatised by Louis MacNeice
Enchantment, Shape changing bears and trolls.
Music composed by Anthea Gomez and sung by Sally Jones
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
  Helga: Helen Worth
  Prisoner/Parrot: Charles Cookson
  Bear Prince/East Wind/South Wind: Martin Jarvis
  Mother: Victoria Hardcastle
  Father/West Wind/ North Wind: Christopher Godwin
  Halvor: Tony Robinson
  Stepmother: Rosalie Williams
  Longnose: Vikki Chambers
  First /Second/Third crone: Kathleen Helme
[The original folk tale was collected by Peter Christen Asbjornsen and Jorgen Moe]
[Also produced in 1959 rptd 1960, 1966 by Louis MacNeice on R3 with Beth Boyd as Helga]

27th December 1983
Maigret in Montmartre by Georges Simenon, translated by Daphne Woodward, adapted by Aubrey Woods
Directed by Glyn Dearman
  Jules Maigret: Maurice Denham
  Georges Simenon: Michael Gough
  Lucas: Brian Haines
  Lapointe: John Rye
  Janvier: Sean Barrett
  Inspector Lognon: Garard Green
  Rose: Madi Hedd
  Fred: Haydn Jones
  Arlette: Nicolette McKenzie
  Arlette's aunt: Kathleen Helme
  Philippe: Michael Billington
  Rosalie: Katherine Parr
  Sergeant Simon: Peter Craze
Repeated from 28/8/76 and 3/9/76

27th December 1983
Blithe Spirit (1941) by Noel Coward (1899-1973)
The scene is the living-room of the Condomines' house in Kent.
Directed By: Glyn Dearman
  Charles Condomine: Paul Eddington
  Ruth Condomine: Julia McKenzie
  Elvira: Anna Massey
  Madame Arcati: Peggy Mount
  Dr Bradford: Richard Pearson
  Mrs Bradford: Jane Wenham
  Edith: Jill Lidstone
Repeated 1st January 1984, 4th May 1985, 6th May 1985

28th December 1983
Afternoon Theatre: The Cinderella Connection by Sarah Maxwell.
Brooklyn- the Kaplans give a Ball.
Piano: Richard Holmes; Violin:Pat Halling
Directed By: Glyn Dearman
  Cindy: Miriam Margolyes
  Leroy Prince: Blain Fairman
  Hymie "King" Kaplan: Harry Towb
  Queenie Kaplan: Norma Ronald
  Mama Pearl: Helen Horton
  Marvin Dandoni: Peter Marinker
  Zep: Peter Whitman
  Sadie: Sarah Maxwell
  Edie: Bonnie Hurren
  Eloise: Liza Ross
  Sophie: Carole Boyd
  Humphrey, the vulture: Geoffrey Collins
[No connection with the book by LeAnn Mathis]

28th December 1983
Maigret in Society (1960)i by Georges Simenon (1903-1989), translated by Robert Eglesfield, adapted by Edward Bruce
Directed By: Glyn Dearman
  Jules Maigret: Maurice Denham
  Georges Simenon: Michael Gough
  Lapointe: John Rye
  Janvier: Sean Barrett
  Princess de Veret: Joyce Carey
  Philippe: Michael Tudor Barnes
  Julien de Veret: Steve Hodson
  Jaquette: Marjorie Westbury
  Moers: Patrick Barr
  Mazeron: Leslie Heritage
  Aubonnet: James Thomason
  Abbe: Ralph Truman
  Cromieres: Paul Meier
Repeated from 11th and 17th September 1976
[Original title "Maigret et les Vieillards" aka "Maigret and the Old People"]

28th December 1983
Hay Fever (1924) by Noel Coward (1899-1973)
Directed By: Guy Vaesen
  Judith Bliss: Peggy Ashcroft
  David Bliss: Tony Britton
  Myra Arundel: Millicent Martin
  Jackie Coryton: Julia Foster
  Richard Greatham: Maurice Denham
  Sorel Bliss: Karin Fernald
  Simon Bliss: Geoffrey Beevers
  Clara: Betty Baskcomb
  Sandy Tyrell: David Timson
Repeated from 18th and 20th December 1971

29th December 1983
Maigret Sets A Trap(1955) by Georges Simenon ((1903-1989)), translated by Daphne Woodward, adapted by Aubrey Woods
Directed by Glyn Dearman
  Jules Maigret: Maurice Denham
  Georges Simenon: Michael Gough
  Lucas: Brian Haines
  Lapointe: John Rye
  Janvier: Sean Barrett
  Moncin: Malcolm Reid
  Madame Moncin: Margaret Robertson
  His mother: Gladys Spencer
  Tissot: Patrick Barr
  Rougin: Christopher Bidmead
  Policewoman: Frances Jeater
Repeated from 18th and 24th September 1976
[Original title: "Maigret tend un piege"]

29th December 1983
Private Lives (1930) by Noel Coward (1899-1973), adapted by Cynthia Pughe
Music played and improvised by William Davies
Directed by Ian Cotterell
  Elyot Chase: Paul Scofield (1922-2008)
  Amanda Prynne: Patricia Routledge
  Sybil Chase: Miriam Margolyes
  Victor Prynne: John Rye
  Louise: Carole Boyd
Repeated from 3rd August 1975 (Radio 2), 20th December 1975(R4), rptd 7th January 1979(R4)

30th December 1983
Afternoon Theatre: 900 Murders by Colin Free (1925-1996)
An author has finished the story about his detective's 300th murder case.
Directed by John Tydeman
  Scobie Dearden: David March
  Maggie Best: Margot Boyd
  Denton Carey: Steve Hodson
  Capella: Ronald Herdnan
  Inspector Magee: Alan Barry
  Brewster: Nicholas Courtney

30th December 1983
Maigret and the Young Girl (1954) by Georges Simenon (1903-1989), translated by Daphne Woodward, adapted by Frederick Bradnum.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
  Jules Maigret: Maurice Denham
  Georges Simenon: Michael Gough
  Janvier: Sean Barrett
  Inspector Lognon: Garard Green
  Dr Paul: Michael Tudor Barnes
  Viviane: Nicolette McKenzle
  Irene: Gudrun Ure
  Madame Cremieul: Noel Hood
  Rose: Anne Rosenfeld
Repeated from 1st October 1976
[Original title "Maigret et la jeune morte" aka Maigret and the Dead Girl]

30th December 1983
Design for Living (1932) by Noel Coward (1899-1973), edited by Guy Vaesen (1912-2002).
Directed By: Ian Cottrell
  Gilda: Anna Massey
  Otto: John Rye
  Leo: Martin Jarvis
  Ernest: John Rowe
  Grace: Irene Sutcliffe
  Henry: David Graham
  Helen: Nicolette McKenzie
Repeated from 27th December 1976 and 2nd January 1977

30th December 1983
The First Time by Steve Taylor
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
  Donald/Narrator: Christian Rodska
  Mother/customer: Judith Barker
  Father/ Psychiatrist: Russell Dixon
  Ruth/Assistant: Norma Cohen
  Wendy's mum/Olivia/Kim: Kate Lee
  Janet/Customer: Cory Pulman
  Celia: Sunny Ormonde
  Jim/Cyril: Francis Middleditch
  Steve/Martin: Colin Meredith
Repeated 4th August 1984

31st December 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Winter Plan by Barbara Champion
Plans for a trip abroad.
Directed by Graham Gauld
  Mrs Steadman: Lydia Sherwood
  Mr Corman: Michael Bilton
  Mrs Partington: Catherine Wilmer
  Miss Revell: Ellen McIntosh
  Mrs Tullock: Mary Kenton
  Mr Mercer: David Goudge
  Shop assistant: Eileen Tully
  Roy: Clive Panto
Repeated 3rd January 1984

31st December 1983
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Geneva Run by Michael Davies
Directed by Adrian Mourby
BBC Wales
  Sir Robert Clyne: George Baker
  David Yarm: Ian Saynor
  John Altwen Lassam: William Roberts
  Bowinger Korienkov: Nigel Graham
  Laura: Guinevere John
  Major Cunningham: Ray Handy
  Insp Crabbe: Ivor Roberts
  Sgt Lewis: Roger Nott
  Harry Stein: Mark Rolston
Also with Erica Eirian and James Benson
Repeated 27th February 1984

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