BBC Radio Plays on Radio 4 in 1982


NOTE: Due to the Falklands crisis many plays were cancelled at the last minute during March-June 1982, and the details below are subject to any such cancellations. Where it is known that cancellations took place that is reported in the notes below.

Stephen Shaw

1st January 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Shakespeare on Five Dollars a Day by Douglas Kennedy
An American in Dublin.
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
   Bradshaw: Blain Fairman
   Miss Hennessey: Margaret D'Arcy
   Morrow: John Shedden
   Davies: Alan Stanford
   Quinn-Liven: Denys Hawthorn
   Vicar/Tour guide: Maurice O'Callaghan
   Student/Waiter/Thompson: Colm Meaney
   Fedelma: Felicity Hayes-McCoy
[American Douglas Kennedy studied for a year in Dublin, and later moved to Dublin. This was his first BBC sale.]

2nd January 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Diary of Nigel Mole Aged 13 3/4 by Sue Townsend (1946-2014)
Nigel Mole begins to keep a diary
Music by: Pip Greasley
Directed by: John Tydeman
   Nigel Mole (the diarist): Nicholas Barnes
Repeated 5th January 1982
[Also broadcast on R5 1990 and R4X in 2014]
[This play marks the creation of a character whose name became Adrian Mole- the book publisher insisted on the name change to prevent confusion with Nigel Molesworth]

2nd January 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Little Giant by Charles Thomas
Directed By: Margaret Etall
   John Davidson (1857-1909): George Parsons
   Maggie Davidson: Clare Richards
   Frank Harris: Robert Cawdron
   Lewis Hind: Frank Duncan
   Grant Richards: John Warner
   Alec: Stephen Garlick
   James: Patience Tomlinson
   Ann: Joanna MacKie
Repeated 4th January 1982

3rd January 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Fighting Cock by Jean Anouilh (1910-1987) translated by Lucienne Hill
The General lives in exile.
Directed by David Johnston
   the General: John Clements
   Aglae: Sarah Badel
   Sophie: Wendy Murray
   Tarquin Mendigales: James Aubrey
   Baron Henri Belazor: Michael Aldridge
   Bise: Annie Leon
   Toto: Adrian Ross-Magenty
   Lebelluc: John Warner
   Michepaln: Brian Haines
   Doctor: Steve Hodson
   Fr Gregory: Gary Cady
   Milkman: Andrew Secombe
   Milkman's son: Nicholas Barnes
   Marie-Christine: Bernadette Windsor
Repeated from 28th December 1981
[John Clements was in the first UK Theatre presentation of the play in 1966]
[Original title "L'Hurluberlu ou le Reactionnaire amoureux" (1959)]

3rd January 1982
Tom Jones (1749) by Henry Fielding (1707-1754) adapted by Hallam Tennyson (1920-2005).
Music composed by Ilona Sekacz
Part 1 was broadcast 6th December 1981.
Part 5 of 6:
Directed by Martin Jenkins
   Henry Fielding: Martin Jarvis
   Tom Jones: Anton Lesser
   Sophia Western: Kathryn Hurlbutt
   Mr Blifil: Andrew Secombe
   Squire Western: Peter Jeffrey
   Miss Western: Sarah Badel
   Lady Bellaston: Jill Balcon
   Lord Fellamar: Charles Gray
   Mr Nightingale: David McAlister
   Mrs Miller: Eva Stuart
   Mr Nightingale's Father: Robert Lang
   Mr Edwards: Steve Hodson
   Mr Fitzpatrick: Sean Barrett
   Magistrate: Hugh Dickson
   Nancy Miller: Patience Tomlinson
   Mr Partridge: John Warner
   Mrs Honour: Elizabeth Morgan
Additional cast in part 6:
   Squire Airworthy: Western Clifford
   Mrs Walters: Annette Crosbie
   Master Blifil: Andrew Secombe
   Turnkey/Dowling: Ronald Herdman
   Mr Thwackum: Hugh Dickson
Part 6: 10th January 1982
1981 and 1982 episodes repeated two days later.
Series repeated daily commencing 25th December 1988.
[Also broadcast on BBC7 2007]

4th January 1982
The Monday Play: Sarah Singing by Philip Latham (1929-2020)
Near death in hospital, he has a vision.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
   Sarah: Sarah Benfield
   Bobby Presswood: Stephen J Dean
   Max Meyer: Matthew Ryan
   Presswood (as a man): Michael Spice
   Nurse/Matron: Carol Howard
   Drew Gardner: Mark Buffery
   Headmaster: Alexander John
   Katie: Kathryn Jacques
   Dring: Haydn Wood
   Lawyer: Rex Holdsworth
   Harbourman: Stephen Garlick
Repeated 10th January 1982

6th January 1982
Afternoon Theatre: More Things by Elizabeth North
Her neighbour stared at her.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
   Lynn: Brigit Forsyth
   Sally: Judith Barker
   Pete: Alan Rothwell
   Mike: Peter Biddle
   Will: Susan Sheridan
   Mrs Chubb: Marlene Sidaway

7th January 1982
Afternoon Theatre: A Photograph of Lindsay Mowat by Ellen Dryden (1938-2022)
Directed by Christopher Venning
   Vanessa: Angela Pleasence
   Peter Mailing: Alan Rowe
   Eleanor: Isabel Dean
   Mrs Pritchard: Norma Ronald
   Cat: Olwen Griffiths
Repeated 11th February 1986

8th January 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Trout Variations by Lewis Cowen
Simon Trout is a Glasgow private eye.
Directed by Tom Kinninmont
   Simon Trout: Peter Kelly
   Lady Antonina Fairey: Vari Sylvester
   Michael Laverty/Bawg: Russell Hunter
   Boyle the butler: Finlay Welsh
   Disc jockey: Tom Ferrie
   Ronald Boar/BBC announcer: Michael Elder
   Luigi/Siegmund Forelle: Lewis Cowen
   Mervyn Smellie/Killer Klumpus/Taxi driver: Gregor Fisher
(First broadcast on Radio Scotland)
[Forelle is German for Trout...]

9th January 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Salient Facts by Karl Barry
A civil service promotion board.
Directed by Anton Gill
BBC Birmingham
   Mr Waver: Jack May
   Miss Edgo: Judy Franklin
   Mr Trend: Nichiolas Courtney
   Mr Barge: Basil Moss
   Mr Cheer: Alan Dudley
Repeated 12th January 1982

9th January 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Case of the Late Pig by Margery Allingham dramatised by Gregory Evans
Something odd happens six months after the funeral.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
   Albert Campion: James Snell
   Lugg: Cyril Shaps
   Parson/Pepper: Michael Drew
   Whippet: Haydn Wood
   Kingston: David McAlister
   Janet: Diana Bishop
   Leo: Oarard Green
   Poppy: Judy Franklin
   Effie: Amanda Murray
   Inspector Pussey: Christopher Scott
   Hayhoe: Phillip Manikum
   Farringdon: Paul Nicholson
   PC: Nicholas Orchard
Repeated 11th January 1982 and 27th December 1982.
[Previously produced by Audrey Cameron in 1965 with Richard Hurndall as Campion]

11th January 1982
The Monday Play: Jannie Veldsman and his Struggle Against the Boer by Michael Picardie
Racial fear and hatred.
Musical arrangements by Ron McAllister
Musical adviser Molefe Pheto
Singers Gugu Ndela, Eugene Skeefe, Moso Bolofo
Drums: Molefe Pheto
Directed by Christopher Venning
   Captain van Tonder: Antony Sher
   Jannie Veldsman: Michael Picardie
Repeated 17th January 1982
[Based upon the author's 1978 stage play "Shades of Brown"]

13th January 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Indian Ray by Eric Searle
Northern Ontario, Canada. Winter. Someone is lost.
Directed by Peter King
   Indian Ray: Alan Tilvern
   Dan Indian: Blain Fairman
   Jean: Ann Murray
   Mike: Brian Wright
   Laura: Stella Forge
   Mel: Crawford Logan
   Inspector: Stephen Thorne
   Pilot: George Parsons
   Doctor: Spencer Banks
[This is the only credit for Eric Searle in the BBC Programme Database]

14th January 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Wise Woman of Bayswater by Stephen Wyatt
A friendship between a young man and an elderly lady.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
   Evelyn: Joyce Carey
   Roger: Robert Glenister
   Caroline: Miranda Forbes
   Juggy: Lockwood West
   Philip: Jack May
   Ruth/Nurse: Katherine Parr
   Mrs Bedford: Eva Stuart

15th January 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Leave Me Alone by John Challen
The early days of home tutoring were sometimes challenged and made difficult.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
   Tony: Sean Barrett
   Ann: Frances Jeater
   Wendy: Liza Hayden
   Mary Matthews: Sharon Duce
   Frank: Michael Maynard
   Alice: Jean Trend
   Peg: Patience Tomlinson
   Mr Atkins: Ronald Herdman
   Official: Hugh Dicksoh
   Girls: Joanne Dydb, Carey Rowe, Samantha Sykes, Emma-Louise Fox
["Joanne Dydb" occurs nowhere else]

16th January 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: In Love (1927) by D. H. Lawrence(1885-1930) dramatised by Liane Aukin
Hester is about to be married to Jo.
Eileen Broster (piano)
Directed by David Spenser
   Hester: Maureen O'Brien
   Henrietta: Tammy Ustinov
   Jo: Stephen Thorne
   Donald: Steve Hodson
   Teddy: Andrew Secombe
   Mrs M: Katherine Parr
[This was NOT "Women in Love". "In Love" was printed in "The Woman Who Rode Away and Other Stories."]

16th January 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Hi-Fidelity by Ken Blakeson
There is talk of a takeover, then a partner dies.
Directed by Martin Jenkins
   Jimmy: Brian Glover
   George: John Rowe
   Elliot: David McAlister
   Louise: Frances Jeater
   Michael: Michael Spice
   Jack: Gary Cady
   Eileen: Stephanie Turner
   Winnie: Jean Trend
   Albert: Ronald Herdman
   Phil: Christian Rodska
   Liz: Karen Archer
   Stan: Spencer Banks
   Frederickson: Roger Hammond
   Dawn: Miranda Forbes
Repeated 18th January 1982

17th January 1982
A Pair of Blue Eyes (1872) by Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) dramatised by Jane Beeson
1 of 3: The daughter of a local parson is loved by two men.
Piano: Stuart Hutchinson
Directed by Cherry Cookson
   Elfride Swancourt: Janet Maw
   Stephen Smith: Michael Maloney
   Parson Swancourt: Nigel Stock
   John Smith: Alan Dudley
   Mrs Smith: Katherine Parr
   Martin/Driver: Sean Arnold
   Postman/Guard: Michael Tudor-Barnes
   Polly: Patience Tomlinson
   Kate: Jill Lidstone
Additional actors in parts 2 and 3:
   Henry Knight: Jeremy Irons
   Mrs Swancourt: Vivian Pickles
   Mrs Jethway: Anna Wing
   Lord Luxellian: Christopher Scott
   Unity: Sheila Grant
   Jack: John Livesey
   Blacksmith: George Parsons
Part2:24/1/82 Part3:31/1/82
Repeated 29th January 1982 and 15th August 1997
[Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2008, 2009, 2010 and R4X in 2012, 2014]

18th January 1982
The Monday Play: To Be a Farmer's Boy by C. P. Taylor (1929-1981)
Two brothers farm on Dartmoor.
Violin: Diana Dixon
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
   Peter: Donald McBride
   George: Stephen Thorne
   Dorothy: June Barrie
   Clair: Maureen O'Brien
   Eric: Cornelius Garrett
   Mum: June Marlow
   Young Peter: Rosalind Adams
   Young George: Shaun Ley
Repeated 24th January 1982

20th January 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Game of His Life by David Hopkins
Life is but a game.
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester
   Arthur: Russell Dixon
   Julie: Philippa Urquhart
   Mike: Christopher Godwin
   Billy: Mark Price
   Del: John Talbot
   Jingo: Colin Meredith
   Matthew: Martin Oldfield

21st January 1982
Afternoon Theatre: A Glaring Lack of Ambition by Peter Silcock.
Liverpool 1964.
Directed by Roger Pine
BBC Birmingham
   Mike: Andrew Schofield
   Mike's father: Ray Dunbobbin
   Albie: Nick Maloney
   Carmel: Jane Galloway
   Helen: Anna Lindup
   Helen's father: Roger Hume
   Mr Peacock: Terry Molloy

22nd January 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Daddy Good by Allen Saddler
Memories of a children's summer home.
Boy soprano: Richard Merchant
Piano: Arthur Parkman
With the children Of Ashley Down Junior School, Bristol
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
   Tom: Edward Jewesbury
   Daddy Good: William Squire
   Woman/Lena: Jill Lidstone
   Man/Bailey: David McAlister
   Lucy: Pauline Letts
   Betty: Sarah Bennett
   Fred: Elizabeth Lindsay
   Maggie: Diana Bishop
   Mrs Osborne: Katherine Parr
   Charles: Ronald Herdman
   Nott: John Webb

23rd January 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: A Galway Girl (1979) by Geraldine Aron
The joys and sorrows of a shared life from small town Ireland to a life in London.
Musical adviser Tony McAuley
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
   Maisie: Stella McCusker
   Dermot: Colm Meaney
Repeated 26th January 1982
[Geraldine Aron was born in Galway and moved to live in London]
[A different production by Terry Byrne was broadcast on RTE in 2012]
[The stage play was first produced in South Africa in 1979]

23rd January 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: In the Days of my Father by Paul M. Levitt
Directed by Martin Jenkins
   Meyer Cohen: Martin Friend
   Esther, his wife: Doreen Mantle
   Ben, his son: Anton Lesser
   Simon Litman: John Bennett
   Harry Sobleman: Geoffrey Collins
   Immigration officer: Ronald Herdman
   Mr Kagan: Alan Dudley
   Rabbi/ Indian: David Graham
   Ray: Crawford Logan
   Pete: John Livesey
   Sergei: Geoffrey Collins
   Silone/Rabbi: Adrian Egan
   Jenny Litman: Julia Swift
   Eva Litman: Linda Polan
   Meyer Cohen's mother: Katherine Parr
Repeated 25th January 1982

25th January 1982
The Monday Play:- Variation on the Snow Queen by Valerie Windsor
Longing for order in a world of chaos.
Recorded on location at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, Technical presentation David Fleming-Williams, Mark Seyler and Maggie Richmond
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester
   Nurse Bateman: Sally Gibson
   Staff Nurse Dawkins: Eileen O'Brien
   Jack/Dr Hamble: Andy Rashleigh
   Pat (in therapy): Daphne Oxenford
   Philip/Dr Lomax: Russell Dixon
   Nurse Ivieson/Pat: Sue Jenkins
   Dr Furness: Simon Molloy
   Nurse Jones: Judith Barker
   Katherine s mother: Diana Flacks
   Katherine's father: John Jardine
   Mr Clarke/Dr Knightly: Alan Rothwell
Repeated from 18th July 1980.
[Winner of the Pye Best Original Radio Play Award 1980-81 ]
[Recorded in binaural stereo to be listened to on headphones]

27th January 1982
Afternoon Theatre: London Fox by Victor Canning (1911-1986)
A wounded fox is found.
Directed By: Graham Gauld
   Harry: John Pullen
   Miss Crampton: Margot Boyd
   Belle: Ysanne Churchman
   Det Sgt Hicks: David Goudge
   Mrs Tartin: Katherine Parr
   Receptionist: Patience Tomlinson
Repeated 25th January 1984

28th January 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Pickers and Stealers by Margaret Steward
A second hand shop with two regular customers.
Directed by David Johnston
   Eva Godfrey: Rachel Kempson
   Mr Zimmer: Lockwood West
   Mr Crabbe: John Hollis
   Tom Crabbe: Andrew Secombe
   Mrs Wells: Katherine Parr
   Diana Godfrey: Jean Trend
   First old lady: Pauline Letts
   Second old lady: Olive Crowe
Repeated 9th April 1985

29th January 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Credit Account by A S. Robertson
Redundant at 56. Another job is sure to turn up.
Directed By: Peter King
   Bob: Fulton MacKay
   Rita: Liz Fraser
   Terry: Chrlstopher Fulford
   Pinky: Stanley Page
   Jill: Alex Marshall
   Dave: Bernard Gallagher

30th January 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Abide with Me by Lois Fulker
Directed by John Cardy
   Margaret: Pauline Letts
   James: Frederick Treves
   Curate: George Parsons
   Runciman: Crawford Logan
   Headmaster: Nicholas Courtney
   Moira: Sarah Atkinson
   Eric: Michael Tudor Barnes
Repeated 2nd February 1982

30th January 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Welcome, These Pleasant Days! by Michael Robson.
A vast business empire collapses overnight.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
   Dymoke: Ian Hogg
   Elizabeth Birmingham: Elizabeth Proud
   Forgan: Nigel Anthony
   Wilfred Birmingham: Peter Woodthorpe
   Angela Birmingham: Constance Chapman
   Daphne Birmingham: Jo Anderson
   Denis Ludlam: John Westbrook
   Kate Ludlam: Peggy Ann Wood
   Blazer Povey: Norman Bowler
   Susan: Angela Phillips
   Richard: Cornelius Garrett
Repeated 1st February 1982

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31st January 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Piracy by William Fox inspired by the novel (1922) by Michael Arlen (Dikran Kouyoumdjian) (1895-1956)
Rich young things after the 1914-18 war.
Directed by John Tydeman
   Virginia: Lisa Harrow
   Ivor Marlay: Gary Bond
   George Tarlyon: John Rye
   Lois: Jane Knowles
   Hugo Cypress: Gordon Reid
   Ann Chester: Jenny Lee
   Turner: John Livesey
[John Tydeman earlier produced the play in 1981 with Maria Aitken as Virginia and Gary Bond as Marlay]

1st February 1982
The Monday Play: A Fool for a Cigarette by Alan McDonald
60's students grew up.
Directed by Kay Patrick
   Dev: David Beames
   Sarah: Petra Markham
   Cal: Jimmy Hibbert
   Marty: Stephen Mallatratt
   Ann: Linda Gardner
Repeated 7th February 1982

3rd February 1982
Afternoon Theatre: You're Laughing, Claud by Michael Toft
The odds are stacked against him.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
   Brightside/Verger/Vicar: Geoffrey Banks
   Amy Daft: Ann Rye
   Claud Daft: Colin Edwynn
   Brian Daft: Russell Dixon
   Harold Rudge: Keith Clifford
   Dorothy: Judith Barker
   Jean Rudge: Sue Jenkins
   Bessie Wheeler/ Norma Rudge: Paula Tilbrook

4th February 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Tiger's Eye by Christine Harrison
This is a special stone. It's probably a magic stone.
Directed by Margaret Etall
   Anna: Lucinda Curtis
   Davy: Jill Lidstone
   Jean: Katherine Parr
   Charles: Edward Kelsey
   Max: David McAlister

5th February 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Short Madness by Dawn Lowe-Watson
A retired schoolmaster on the Isle of Wight has new neighbours.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
   Thomas: John le Mesurier.
   Maggie: Elizabeth Bell
   Freda: Jill Balcon
   Martin: Christopher Godwin
   Libby: Joanna MacKie
   Philip: Nigel Greaves
Repeated 12th July 1983
[The play was recorded 23 and 24 Jan 1982]

6th February 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: John Peel and The Old Devil by Peter Crowter
To hunt the fox with hounds or to shoot it...
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristot
   Sam: Timothy Bateson
   Charles: Phillip Manikum
   Tom Denning: Stephen Sylvester
   Di Hacker: Ingrid Hafner
   Tim: Cornelius Garrett
   Humphrey Brooke-Taylor: Esmond Rideout
   Barmaid: June Marlow
   Dan: Mark Buffery
Repeated 9th February 1982

6th February 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: A Touch of Frost by R. D. Wingfield (1928-2007)
Frost is tough, rough and rude.He has a habit of getting results.
Directed by Peter King
   Det Insp Frost: Derek Martin
   Det Con Webster: Haydn Wood
   Det Chief Insp Cull: Stephen Thorne
   Supt Mullett: Alan Dudley
   Sergeant Wells: Ellis Dale
   PC Fletcher: Stanley Page
   WPC Susan Dean: Jill Lidstone
   Det Sgt Ingram: Gordon Reid
   PC Smith: Andrew Byatt
   Paula Grey: Alex Marshall
   Kitty Reynolds: June Brown
   Freddie Bicknall: Richard Gold-Parry
Repeated 8th February 1982
[Also broadcast on R4X 2014]
[The character Frost was created in 1972, his first radio appearance was in 1977 in "Three days of Frost". The UK book series commenced 1989. The 1987 book "A Touch of Frost" was published in the UK in 1990.]
[Later a Yorkshire TV series 1992-2010 starring David Jason]

7th February 1982
Bleak House by Charles Dickens dramatised by Betty Davies
1 of 8: The Wards in Jarndyce
Technical presentation by Peter Novis and David Greenwood, Assisted by Diana Barkham,
Paul Pearson. David Chilton and Vanessa Ellner
Pianist: Mary Nash
Directed by Jane Morgan
   John Jarndyce: Michael Bryant
   Esther Summerson: Brenda Blethyn
   Lady Dedlock: Sara Kestelman
   Mr Tulkinghorn: Robert Lang
   Richard Carstone: Andrew Seear
   Ada Clare: Maggie Wilkinson
   Sir Leicester Dedlock: Jack May
   Miss Flite: Sylvia Coleridge
   Harold Skimpole: David Collings
   Mr Guppy: William Nighy
   Charles Dickens: Simon Cadell
   Lord Chancellor: Lockwood West
   Mr Kenge: Philip Voss
   Mr Tangle: Michael Tudor Barnes
   Mrs Jellyby: Anne Carroll
   Caddy Jellyby: Suzanne Burden
   Mr Krook: John Hollis
   Bailiff: Alan Dudley
   Mrs Rouncewell: Margot Boyd
   Rosa: Nica Burns
   Watt: Andrew Secombe
   Jobling: Steve Hodson
also with Stella Forge, Jill Lidstone, John Livesey, Theresa Streatfeild and Stephen Thorne
Additional actors in parts 2-8:
Adam Bareham, Angela Pleasence, Danny Webb, David Gooderson, David McAlister, Di Langford, Douglas Livingstone, Gladys Spencer, Hugh Dickson, John Warner, Katherine Parr, Leslie Sands, Margaret John, Michael Graham Cox, Michael McStay, Miriam Raymond, Nicholas Courtney, Patience Tomlinson, Patrick Troughton, Pauline Letts, Ronald Herdman, Rosalind Adams, Stephen Garlick, Toby Hales, Wendy Murray
Pt2:13/2/82 Pt3:20/2/82 Pt4:27/2/82 Pt5:6/3/82 Pt6:13/3/82 Pt7:20/3/82 Pt8:27/3/82
All parts repeated after two days.

8th February 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Berlin Resurrection by Anton Gill
The reconstruction of a skeleton of a Brachiosaur.
Director: John Theocharis
   Professor Dr Heinrich von Lowenthal: Robert Lang
   Lotte von Lowenthal: Petra Markham
   Dr Edward Blick: Hugh Dickson
   Dr Otto Kleinschmidt: Stephen Thorne
   Hilde Kleinschmidt: Katherine Parr
   Professor Olsson: David McAlister
   Leutnant Hans Brandau: Michael Maloney
   Peter Gokiberger: Geoffrey Collins
   Emma Hartmann: Karen Archer
Repeated 14th February

10th February 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Home from Home by R. E. T. Lamb
An Indian civil servant retires to Wolverhampton.
Sitar: Alastair Dick
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
   Corrinda: Mary Wimbush
   Jane: Patricia Hayes
   Sophie: Margot Boyd
   Matron: Judith Arthy
   Michael: Tony Robinson
   Doris: June Barrie
   Lilly: Constance Chapman
   Mag: Daphne Heard

11th February 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Bird Table by David Bartlett
Directed by Enyd Williams
BBC Wales
   Edward: Freddie Jones
   Mary: Isabel Dean
   John: Sean Arnold
   Emma: Marilyn Le Conte
   Caz: Petra Markham
   Doctor: Ivor Roberts
   Sister: Ann Worrish
   policeman: Christopher Reich

12th February 1982
Afternoon Theatre: A Fall of Leaves by Colin Haydn Evans
A teacher befriends a teenage girl.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
   John: Colin Baker
   Clare: Sarah Sutton
   Kate: Meg Davies
   Josie: Louise Jameson
   Mr Mayhew: Roger Snowdon
   Mrs Mayhew: Sally Lahee
   Ann Jennings: Heather Moray
   Arthur: Rex Holdsworth
Repeated from 17th July 1980

13th February 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Paula's Tape by Rony Robinson
Directed by Dave Sheasby
BBC Manchester
   Paula: Rita May
   Brian: Peter Bell
Repeated 16th February 1982

13th February 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Centenier by Alan Downer(1930-1995)
In Jersey they have people called Centeniers.
Directed By: David Johnston
   Richard Hamon: Steven Pacey
   Paula Hamon: Rosalind Adams
   Joan Langley: Dilys Laye
   Tom Langley: Nicholas Courtney
   Tony Baxter: John Warner
   Liz Baxter: Miranda Forbes
   Mary Lyn: Shirley Cooklin
   Justin Chichester: George Parsons
   Julia Witney: Patience Tomlinson
   Bruce Welland: Chris Jenkinson
   Sophie Lyons: Glynis Brooks
   Andreas Wolf: Jonathan Elsom
   Det Sgt Le Claire: Geoffrey Matthews
   Inspector Voisin/ Mr Moulin: David Gooderson
   Police doctor: David Brierley
   Constables/Barman: Stephen Garlick
   Mrs Haley: Olive Crowe
   Rosemary Matthews: Stella Forge
Repeated 15th February 1982
["Centenier" is derived from the Anglo-Saxon hundredsman, and is a form of elected honorary policeman...].

15th February 1982
The Monday Play: Where Were You the Night They Shot the President? by Martyn Read
Summer 1963. His teacher is trying to persuade him to go to University
Directed by David Spenser
   Judith: Annette Crosbie
   Major Breeze: Peter Jeffrey
   Richard: Dominic Guard
   Clive Taylor: Spencer Banks
   Angela Harris: Tracy Childs
   Mildred Mason: Pauline Letts
   Brian: John Warner
   Williams: Martyn Read
Repeated 21st Februaru 1982

17th February 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Damn Nearly One of the Greatest Stories Ever Told by Michael Buckland
A vision and a Holy Mission.
Directed by Richard Wortley
   Mendecot: Peter Woodthorpe
   God/Tramp/Devil: Stephen Thorne
   Chief: Michael Tudor Barnes
   Rawlings: Pauline Letts
   Dimsavitch: Crawford Logan
   Ballcock: David Gooderson
   George/Dr Livingstone: Garard Green
   Chancellor: John Livesey
   Father/Security man: Danny Schiller
   Haridas/Security man: Spencer Banks
   Security man: George Parsons
   Black student/Tow man/Security man: Stephen Garlick
   Secretary: Stella Forge
   Babu: Gary Cady
[The only credit in the BBC Programme Database for Michael Buckland]

18th February 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Before the Cock Crows by Marian Campbell
What can life offer to the youngest of four brothers?
Directed by Roger Pine
BBC Birmingham
   Steven: John Hollis
   Peg: Diana Bishop
   Tony: Trevor Harrison
   Mrs McVee: Sandra Clark
   Manager: Anthony Benson
   Mr Fox: Ralph Lawton
   Mrs Grey: Nancy Gower
   Warden: Alan Devereux
   Mrs Mayes: Eileen Barry
   Miss Jay: Hedli Niklaus
   Gordon: Jack Holloway

19th February 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Last Recording by Douglas Slater
1934- the last recording supervised by Elgar.
Directed By: Ian Cotterell
   Sir Edward Elgar: Timothy West
   Lady Elgar: Pauline Letts
   Carice Elgar Blake: Miranda Forbes
   Willy Reed: David Gooderson
   August Jaegar: Nicholas Courtney
   Ernest Newman: John Warner
   Fred Gaisberg: Cyril Shaps
Repeated 23rd February 1984

20th February 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Something in the Box by Gwen Bailey
Mother and son visit Granma.
Directed by Gerry Jones
   Mrs Hewitt: Pauline Letts
   Christine: Karen Archer
   Alfred: Cyril Shaps
Repeated 23rd February 1982

20th February 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Fatal Flaw by Chris Allen
Can he write the best selling novel?
Directed by Christopher Venning
   Matthew Bradford: Martyn Read
   Jennifer Kent: Rosalind Adams
   Ellen: Jill Lidstone
   Marlene Shapiro: Margaret Robertson
   Dennis Foster: John Samson
   Ziggy Martin: Ronald Herdman
   Del Ransome: Steve Hodson
   Frank Hegarty/Leo Lehmann: Alan Dudley
   Karen/Jolly lady: Miranda Forbes
   Barry Kent/Interviewer: Russell Keith Grant
   Julie/Lady shopper: Stella Forge
   Ruth/Traveller: Vanessa Knox-Mawer
   Matt Brand/Doctor: Lewis Rowe
   Nurse/Janet: Caroline Wilkins
   John Desmond/Matthew: Stephen Garlick
Repeated 22nd February 1982

22nd February 1982
The Monday Play: Exiles (1918) by James Joyce (1882-1941)
Dublin, 1912: An Irishman's return from Italy
Directed by Guy Vaesen
   Richard Rowan: John Wood
   Beatrice Justice: Lynn Farleigh
   Robert Hand: Timothy West
   Brigid: Marjorie Wilde
   Archie: J Bennett
   Bertha: Vivien Merchant
(First broadcast 21st May 1972 and 6th August 1972 on Radio 3)
[Joyce's only play, not performed in his lifetime.]

24th February 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Two Plus One by Josephine Hacon
Directed by Gerry Jones
   Julia: Gwen Watford
   Edgar: George Cole
   David: John Rowb
Repeated from 2nd December 1981

25th February 1982
Afternoon Theatre: What a Little Moonlight Can Do by James Watson
A weekend educational break is led by a last minute replacement tutor.
Directed by Pat Trueman
BBC Manchester
   Keith Masterson: Nigel Anthony
   Stan: Russell Dixon
   Alice: Kate Lee
   Brenda: Brenda Elder
   Alan: Brian Southwood
   Ben: Andy Rashleigh
   Enid: Pauline Jefferson
   Nelly: Linda Gardner
   Ted/Policeman: Ian Bleasdale
   Councillor MacIntyre: John Shedden
   Miss Parrish: Rosalind Knight
   Inspector/Arthur: Peter Wheeler

26th February 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Life-Trap by Betty Paul (1921-2011)
Directed by Margaret Stall
   It: Susan Sheridan
   David: Christopher Birch
   Kelly: Theresa Streatfeild
   Anne: Jean Trend
   Emma: Miranda Forbes (1946-2001)
   Geoffrey: John Warner
   Tarquin: Cary Cady
   Jane: Stella Forge

27th February 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Sleeping Dogs by Geoff Nicholson
Lies, it seems, form the oil that lubricates the machinery of domestic life.
Directed by Clare Taylor
   Lucy: Theresa Streatfeild
   James: Anthony Bate
   Colin: Alec Sabin
   Sarah: Miranda Forbes
Repeated 2nd March 1982

27th February 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Threshing Floor, The story of Ruth by James Forsyth (1913-2005)
Music: Flutes: Terence Allbright and Brenda Dykes, Dulcimer: John Leach; Percussion: John Mitchell
Directed by Ian Cotterell
   Naomi, widow of Elimelech: Mary Morris
   Ruth, daughter-in-law of Naomi: Wendy Murray
   Boaz: John Turner
   Joshua: Gary Cady
   Andreas: Ronald Herdman
   Leah: Rosalind Adams
   Mara: Pauline Letts
   Judith: Theresa Streatfeild
   Salome: Frances Jeater
   Sarai: Jill Lidstone
Repeated 1st March 1982
[Original title "Time of Harvest" 1981]
[Inspired by the Bible story of "Ruth"].

28th February 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Wizard Who Worked Wonders translated and freely adapted by David Turner from El Majico Prodigioso by Pedro Calderon De La Barca (1600-81)
Caldero's version of the Faust legend. The attitudes and characters are pure 17th-century Spanish. Cyprian sells his soul to the Devil.
Incidental music composed and conducted by David Cain and played by The Praetorius Consort. Contralto: Doreen Walker
Special effects hy the BBC Radiophonic Workshop directed by Margaret Etall
Director: Christopher Ball
   Cyprian: David Buck
   Justina: Lisa Harrow
   Devil: Patrick Troughton
   Moscon: Walter Hall
   Clarin: David Graham
   Livia: Anne Rosenfeld
   Florus: Robert French
   Lelius: Michael Harbour
   Lysander: Lockwood West
   Aurelius: William Eedle
Also with Michael Tudor Barnes, Mary Wimbush and Michael Goldie
(First broadcast on R3 27th March 1977, repeated 19th February 1978)
Repeated on R4 19th April 1992.
[Original play 1637]

1st March 1982
The Monday Play: The Sentry Box by William Ingram (1930-2013)
Directed by Enyd Williams
BBC Wales
   Rollo: William Squire
   Gwen: Christine Pollon
   Alice: Petra Davies
   Edith: Elizabeth Morgan
   Bradley: Brinley Jenkins
Repeated 7th March 1982, 28th April 1983

3rd March 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Following Suit by Derrick Buttress
A skilled tailor who refuses to lower his standards.
Directed by Margaret Etall
   Michael Leventhal: Cyril Shaps
   Leah: Miriam Margolyes
   David: Gordon Reid
   Charlie Axel: Alan Dudley
   Frank: Christopher Scott
   Deborah: Eve Karpf
Repeated from 27th November 1980

4th March 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Garden by Bob Eaton.
Tending someone else's garden.
Directed by Pat Trueman
BBC Manchester
   Barbara: Kathy Jamieson
   Terry: Ian Hastings
   Susie: Wendy Murray
   Brian: Sean Arnold

5th March 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Salamander by Gaylord Meech
English settlers in Africa in the 1950's.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
   Teresa: Emily Richard
   Eugene: Hugh Dickson
   Diane: Frances Jeater
   Philip: Philip Sully
   Helen: Jumoke Debayo
   Felix: Christopher Asante

6th March 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: A Nice Day Out by Anne Westbrooke
How to deal with retirement.
Directed by Margaret Etall
   Arthur Fanshawe: Peter Sallis
   Connie: Rosalind Adams
   Martha: Janet Davies
   Clara: Gillian Eddison
   Edith: Katherine Parr
   Walt Stringer: Alan Dudley
Repeated 9th March 1982
[This is the only credit for Anne Westbrooke in the BBC Programme database]

6th March 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Sarah and Annie - 1910 by Sandra Freeman
Two sisters dream. What does the future hold for them?
Directed by Cherry Cookson
   Sarah: Elizabeth Rider
   Annie: Patience Tomlinson
   Mrs Bingley: Jean Trend
   Arthur: Keith Drinkel
   Steve: Bernard Gallagher
   Mrs Thompson: Pauline Letts
Repeated 8th March 1982

8th March 1982
The Monday Play: And a Nightingale Sang... (1977) by C. P. Taylor
The Tyneside Home Front in World War 2.
Directed by Caroline Smith
BBC Manchester
   Helen: Catherine Terris
   George: Stephen Hancock
   Andie: James Garbutt
   Joyce: Adrienne Frank
   Mam: Anne Jameson
   Eric: Christian Rodska
   Norman: Russell Dixon
Repeated 14th March 1982

10th March 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Hamish and Max by James Cameron
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
   Hamish: Nigel Anthony
   Max: Frank Middlemass
   Elsa: Alison Peebles
   Dr Simpson/Barman: Peter Wheeler
   Peter Davy: Graham Roberts
   Man in bar/Parson: Kenneth Alan Taylor
   Mrs Dunbar: Ann Rye
   Mrs Macpherson/Nurse: Fiona Mathieson

12th March 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Unexpected Guest (1958) by Agatha Christie (1890-1976)
A foggy night ... a lonely country house ... and a woman with a gun in her hand.
Directed by Gordon House
   Laura Warwick: Jill Meers
   Michael Starkwedder: Alexander John
   Miss Bennett: Diana Bishop
   Jan Warwick: Elizabeth Lindsay
   Mrs Warwick: Margot Boyd
   Henry Angell: Anthony Hyde
   Sgt Cadwallader: Sion Probert
   Insp Thomas: Michael Spice
   Julian Farrar: Sean Arnold

13th March 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Japanese Style by Michael Wall (1946-1991)
Dan teaches English in Tokyo.
Musical effects Anne Collis
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
   Dan: Michael Cochrane
   Akemi: Megumi Shimanuki
   Carol: Stella Forge
Repeated 16th March 1982, 14th September 1982 and 15th October 1991.
[Michael Wall taught English in Japan]

13th March 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Road to Nineveh by John Kirkmorris
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin.
BBC Bristol
   Eddie: Maurice Denham
   Rick: Michael N Harbour
   Kate: Jane Knowles
   Holt: Roger Snowdon
   Will: Ioan Meredith
   Joanne: Rosalind Adams
   Tim: Seamus MacLoughlin
   Warner: Ronald Russell
   Yvonne: Jo Anderson
   Matthew: Bill Wallis
   Wendy: Angela Phillips
   Graham: Cornelius Garrett
   Neville: Andrew Hilton
   Bugden: Norman Bowler
Repeated 15th March 1982

15th March 1982
The Monday Play: Rift Valley Blues by Robin Chapman(1933--2020)
Kenya 1938: The British Colonial community. Masters of all they survey.
Directed by Pat Trueman
BBC Manchester
   Babs MacIntyre: Jill Bennett
   Bertie MacIntyre: Peter Jeffrey
   Bongo Brown: Timothy West
   Topsy Evans: Sue Jenkins
   Ian Tonks: Anthony Hyde
   Lall Tonks: Linda Gardner
   Kanu/Masai warrior: John Matshikiza
   Patel: Renu Setna
   Das Patel: Dev Sagoo
Repeated 21st March 1982

16th March 1982
Detective: 1 of 10: A Dream of Riches by Robert Barr (1909-1999)
Producer Martin Fisher
   Det Sgt Brook: Ray Brooks
   Det Con Maxton: Christopher Blake
   Chief Insp Roach: Stephen Yardley
   Det Con Harrison: Peter Cleall
   Judy: Jacqueline Tong
   Mrs Brown: Betty Alberge
   Carson: Tony Caunter
   Insp Stevens: Nicholas Courtney
Additional actors in later parts:
   David Lodge, David Milner, Deirdre Costello, Derek Francis, Emily Morgan, Garard Green, Gary Cady, Haydn Wood, John Judd, Johnny Wade, Keith Drinkel, Philip Talbot, Roy Holder, Spencer Banks, Stephen Garlick, Steve Hodson, Tony Steedman, William Booker
Pt2:23/3/82 Pt3:30/3/82 P4:6/4/82 Pt5:13/4/82 Pt6:20/4/82 Pt7:27/4/82 Pt8:4/5/82 Pt9:11/5/82 Pt10:18/5/82
All 1982 parts repeated the next day.
[Also broadcast on R4X in 2014, 2017, and 2021]
[Barr wrote three series of "Detective" plus this ten part serial, which is usually treated as series two of four. The first DS Brook story was broadcast in 1980. The final two series were on Radio 2.]
[Barr was also involved with ZCars and Softly Softly]

17th March 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Plan by Stephen Swailes
He plans his life in advance, from age 18, but at 32 something unplannable comes along.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
   Arthur Groombridge: Andrew Sachs
   Mrs Groombridge: Diana Bishop
   Michael Walker: Patrick Barr
   Howard Silver: Brian Baines
   George Johnson: Sion Robert
   Shirley: Felicity Hayes-McCoy
   Sarah Weedon: Jane Knowles
   Denise: Kathryn Hurlbutt
   Felicity Carmichael: Sara Coward
Repeated from 10th September 1980
[This is the only credit for Stephen Swailes in the BBC Programme Database].

18th March 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Final Fling by James Parkinson and John Owen
Deauville, 1932
Directed by David Johnston
   George Harper: Michael Cochrane
   Major Valentine: Lockwood West
   Laura Cameron: Rosalind Adams
   Edward Cameron: Alan Dudley
   Freddie/Waiter at Belle Epoque: Gary Cady
   Madame/Besie: Betty Huntley-Wright
   Leroux/Arnold: John Warner
   Deval/Walter at Chez Antoine: Ronald Herdman
   Waiter at La Grande Bouffe/Louis: David Gooderson
[Other plays with Valentine, also produced by Johnston, were "Valentine's Days", 10th July 1985, "Send for Major Valentine" 24th September 1986, and "Valentine Feels the Heat" 3rd February 1988.]

19th March 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Old Friends by Jo Gill.
Looking for someone to pass the time with she rents her ground floor flat.
Piano: Ken Moule
Directed by John Cardy
   Marigold: Elizabeth Sellars
   Oliver: Paul Daneman
   Chatty: Mary Wimbush
   Gerry: Peter Woodthorpe
   Angela: Patience Tomlinson
   Robert: Crawford Logan
Repeated 4th October 1984

20th March 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: An Arranged Marriage by Helena Osborne
In need of a mate.
Directed by Christopher Venning
   Mike: Nigel Lambert
   Annie: Frances Jeater
   Sir Percival Agnew: Basil Moss
   George Brown: Robin Langford
   Mr Brown: John Livesey
   Mrs Brown: Jean Trend
   Sharon: Patience Tomlinson
   Kevin: Elizabeth Lindsay
   Brian: William Booker
   Mr Simpson: Christopher Scoular
   Rosie: Olwen Griffiths
Repeated 23rd March 1982

20th March 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Zack (1920) by Harold Brighouse (1882-1958)
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
   Mrs Munning: Marlene Sidaway
   Sally Teale: Sue Jenkins
   Paul Munning: Ray Barraclough
   Virginia Cavender: Rosalind Shanks
   Zachariah Munning: Bob Mason
   Martha Wrigley: Angela Curran
   James Abbott: Geoffrey Banks
   Joe Wrigley: James Tomlinson
   Thomas Mowatt: David Fleeshman
   Harry Shoebridge: Jack Carr
Repeated from 17th October 1981.
[Frederick Bradnum produced an earlier version of Zack in 1950 for BBC Home]

22nd March 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Flight of the Arrow by Michael Davies
Fastjet One en route for Peking.
Directed by Gerry Jones
   Frank Morgan: John Bott
   Dr Helman: Shirley Dixon
   Saunderson: Peter Jeffrey
   Phillip Maitland: Clifford Norgate
   Harry Anderson: Jim McManus
   Gordon Harkness: Michael McStay
   Hellen/Mrs Crawford: Tammy Ustinov
   Judith: Eva Stuart
   Nigel: Gareth Armstrong
   Jones: David Graham
   Mrs Williams: Clare Nash
   Pilot: John Church
   Ground control: Philip Voss
   Tower control 1: Gordon Dulieu
   Tower control 2: Gordon Reid
Repeated from 20th and 22nd October 1979
[The sequel, "I, Said the Sparrow", was broadcast on 28th March 1982.]
22nd March 1982
The Monday Play: My Dear Palestrina by Bernard MacLaverty
Directed by Marilyn Ireland (M Imrie)
BBC Scotland
   Miss Schwartz: Gwyneth Guthrie
   Danny: Iain Andrew
   Mother: Jan Wilson
   Father: Peter Adair
   Tarn/Man: Carey Wilson
   Danny (mature): Tony Roper
   Mingo: Ian Henderson
   Smith: Alec Heggie
   Wyroslawski: Arthur Boland
   Letty/Voice: Sheila Donald
   Priest: Finlay Welsh
   Pianist: Robert Pettigrew
Repeated from 3rd and 9th November 1980.
[Winner of the 1981 Scottish Radio Industries Club Award for Best Drama Production ]
[The title is taken from a nickname given to the composer Liszt (1811-1886) by Pope Pius IX (1792-1878) (source: www.catholiceducation.org). This play referred to the papal quotation as referring to the original Palestrina.]

24th March 1982
Afternoon Theatre: A Dizzy Turn by Lydia Ragosin
Directed by Graham Gauld
   George: Leslie Heritage
   Clementine: Pauline Letts
   Nettie: Frances Jeater
   Rex: Anton Phillips
   Adele: Shirley Dixon
   Howard: James Wynn
   Laura: Shirley Cooklin

25th March 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Two Stops on the Piccadilly by Peter Simpkin
A young man is attacked.
Directed by Peter King
   Martin: William Marlowe
   Dave: Gary Love
   Sergeant: George Parsons
   Brian: David Milner
   Ken: Glyn Grimstead
   Kid: Jonathan Caplan
   Sylvie: Alex Marshall
   Judy: Rosalind Adams
   Mrs Jackson: Theresa Streatfeild
   Mr Jackson: Christopher Godwin
   Sgt Jones: Andrew Secombe
   Journalist: John Livesey
   Inspector: Alan Dudley
   Don Milton: Crawford Logan
   Passenger: Jill Lidstone
   Radio DJ: Haydn Wood
Repeated 30th January 1986

26th March 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Pot of Gold by Titus Maccius Plautus (254-184 BC) translated and adapted in a modern version by Martyn Wade
An apparent poor man has a pot of gold.
Mars is in conjunction with Venus.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
   Euclio: Nigel Stock
   Lyconides: Christopher Good
   Eunomia: Margot Boyd
   Megadorus: Philip Voss
   Strobilus: Peter Baldwin
   Phaedria (Euclio's daughter): Eve Karpf
   Staphyla: Sonia Fraser
   Congrio/Man In Queue: John Rye
   Anthrax /cashier: Michael McStay
   Flute girl: Josie Kidd
Repeated from 10th July 1980
Repeated 11th November 1990
[Original title Aularia, the end of the original play is missing although ancient summaries of the play indicate how it ended.]

27th March 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Reversed Charges by Mervyn Watson
Two hundred miles apart and the telephone boxes aren't working properly.
Directed by Pat Trueman
BBC Manchester
   Harry: Andy Rashleigh
   Thelma: Sally Edwards
   Constable: Nick Maloney
   Sergeant: Robert Austin
   Romy: Sally Watts
   Telephone operator: David Kitchen
Repeated 30th March 1982

27th March 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: I, Said the Sparrow by Michael Davies
A submarine is about to leave on routine sea trials.
Directed by Gerry Jones
   Dr Rosemary Helman: Shirley Dixon
   Henry Maslin: Alan Dudley
   John Saunderson: Peter Jeffrey
   Lord Glengower: Cyril Luckham
   Dr Nigel Morgan: Gareth Armstrong
   Harry Anderson: Jim McManus
   Duncan McManus: David Graham
   Graham Bowles: Michael Maloney
   Cathy Bowles: Theresa Streatfei1d
   Mrs Bowles: Katherine Parr
   Philip Maitland: Clifford Norgate
   Gordon Harkness: Michael McStay
   Helen: Tammy Ustinov
   Mrs Helman: Pauline Letts
   First Lieutenant: George Parsons
   Captain of Dorsal: Gregory de Polnay
   Cox'n: Ronald Herdman
   Wren Officer Carn: Frances Jeater
   Officer Swinburn: David McAlister
   Captain of Fearless: Crawford Logan
   Naval policeman: Andrew Secombe
   Signalman: Spencer Banks
   First seaman: Stephen Garlick
   Second seaman: Hugh Dickson
   Laboratory assistant: Michael Tudor Barnes
Repeated 29th March 1982
[No relation to the play of this title by James Bryant]

28th March 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Whistle Down The Wind (1959) by Mary Hayley Bell (1911-2005), Adapted by Kenneth Alan Taylor from the screenplay by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall
Three children on a Pennine farm discover a mysterious stranger taking refuge in their barn.
A radio presentation of the Oldham Coliseum Theatre production of November 1981
Directed for the stage by Kenneth Alan Taylor
Producer Pat Trueman
BBC Manchester
   Bostock: Russell Dixon
   Aunty Dorothy: Lorraine Peters
   Kathy: Jane Hazlegrove
   Nan: Jessica Taylor
   Charles: Iain Jones
   Eddie: Andrew Bay
   Man: Brian Southwood
   The Rev Reeves: Charles Haggith
   Inspector Teesdale: David Kitchen
   PC Thurstow: Michael Atkinson
   Mr Weaver: Ian Bleasdale
   Raymond: Michael Leigh
   Latecomer: Alison Blake
   Disciples: Ursula Bamford, Pip Dewsbury, Natalie Dunn, Sharon Fitton, Megan Gallagher, Michael Gibbons, Michelle Lightbowne, Patricia Nolan and Alistair Walker
   Raymond'S Gang: Diane Berry, Janette Beverley, Jane Keane, Paul Marshall, Sara Rowbotham, John Thompson
Repeated from 20th December 1981
[There was another production in 2003 by Pauline Harris, repeated 2006.]
[The film version starred the author's daughter.]

29th March 1982
The Monday Play: Dark Heritage by Catharine Hughes
Two Welsh mining disasters - 1934 and 1966.
With the children of Penygelli Junior School and the people of Coedpoeth and Wrexham in North Wales
Location sound by Cedric Johnson, David Greenwood, Gareth Watson and Peter Cramm
Directed by Jane Morgan
A BBC digital recording
   Isaiah Jones: Meredith Edwards
   Nansi: Meg Wynn Owen
   young Nansi and Nerys: Marged Esli
   Mair: Rhoda Lewis
   Gwilym: John Ogwen
   Huw: Cari Williams
   Young Huw: Carl Griffiths
   Tom: Andrew Secombe
   Miss Jones/Margiad: Margaret John
   Glyn Rushton: Haydn Wood
   George Rushton: Alan Dudley
Repeated 4th April 1982, 26th June 1983, 14th October 1991,

31st March 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Golden Opportunities by Jeremy Seabrook and Michael O'Neil
Two men are leaving the employment of the business.
Directed by Richard Wortley
   Jim Leet: George A Cooper
   Arthur Leet: John Bott
   Eileen: Kathleen Helme
   Joyce: Pauline Letts
   Carol: Maggie Ollerenshaw
   Martin: Stephen Garlick
   Harry: John Church
   Len/Radio voice: Hugh Dickson
   Radio journalist: Theresa Streatfeild
   Canteen server: Jean Trend

31st March 1982
Charlie Button by David Nobbs (1935-2015)
The story of the inventor of the first inflatable time machine - a machine so powerful it could transport its creator back in time 17 seconds!
Producer: Paul Mayhew-Archer
   Charlie Button: Michael Robbins
   his wife, Edie: Josephine Tewson
   Johnson: John Barron
Also with Haydn Wood and Amanda Murray

1st April 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Other Side of the Coin by J. C. W. Brook
A passing love affair.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
   Jean: Deborah Paige
   Basil: Ian Thompson
   Avis: Alison Draper
   Tony: Gregory de Polnay
   Harold: Geoffrey Serle
   Mrs Morris: Mollie Petrie
   Mandy: Tracey Miller
   Bus conductor/Mr Baldock: Jack Holloway
   Mrs Lowndes: Daphne Neville
   TV commentator: Pavel Douglas
Repeated from 8th June 1979
[Unrelated to the 1985 play by Stephen Fagan]

2nd April 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Sion's Children by John Ashe
A clever child bored with school in the second world war.
With the boys of Dartington Hall School, Dartington and the choir and boys of Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Bristol
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
   Mr Henley: Jack Watson
   Hacker: Rosalind Adams
   Headmaster: John Abineri
   Miss Luckett: Angela Phillips
   Mr Sykes: Norman Bowler
   Chaplain: Bill Wallis
   Millie: Petra Leah
   Grace: Warren Sairt??
   MacLeod: Rupert Graves
   Nesbitt: Seamus MacLoughlin
   Barnett: John Gould
   Bulteel: Richard Terry
   Jackson: Tristan Higgs
   Lucas: Lewis Stewart
   Alan: ??? Farnill
[Dartington Hall School closed in 1987. Dartington is near Totnes, Devon]

3rd April 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Mummy Was Well-Liked by Donovan O'Malley
Directed by David Johnston
   Kate: Betty Marsden
   Jane: Mary Wimbush
Repeated 6th April 1982

3rd April 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: A Right Royal Rip-Off by Wally K. Daly (1940-2020)
Two prisoners coming up for release plan the biggest robbery.
Directed by Martin Jenkins
   Charles: Peter Jones
   George: Lockwood West
   Bullet-head: Bernard Bresslaw
   Fingers: Charles Hawtrey
   Governor Smith: Donald Hewlett
   Nigel: John Warner
   Basil/Guard: Ronald Herdman
   Winston/Mr Jones: Steve Hodson
   Tommy: John Bull
   Chairperson: Miranda Forbes
   Mrs Sopworth/Ma Calloni: Pauline Letts
   Billy: David Timson
   Wilkes/De Vere: John Rowe
   Plunket: John Rye
   Perkins: Adrian Egan
   Doreen/Deirdre: Wendy Murray
   Thug/Raven: Wally K Daly
   Calloni: Gordon Reid
   Colonel: Stephen Thorne
Repeated 5th April 1982
[Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2004, 2006, 2009, 2011 and R4X in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2020]

4th April 1982
The Other Side of Silence by Ted Allbeury (1917-2005)
1 of 8: Moscow Encounter: Kim Philby
Directed by Christopher Venning
   John Powell: James Bolam
   Kim Philby: Nigel Hawthorne
   Mr Fisher/Mr Daines: Hugh Dickson
   Deputy Speaker: Lockwood West
   Harold Macmillan: David March
   Richard Crossman/Anthony Nutting: Nigel Anthony
   Lt-Col Marcus Lipton: Alan Dudley
   Vanessa: Lucinda Curtis
   Lydia: Karin Hensher
   Ralph Gower: David McAlister
   Tom Farrow: John Livesey
Additional actors in later parts:
Abi Gouhad, Adrian Stokes, Alan Penn, Alfredo Michelson, Astley Jones, Barry Philips, Dorothy Wojtulewicz, Fulton McKay, Geoffrey Matthews, James Hossack, Jill Lidstone, Jonathan Burn, Maciej Karas, Mary Zuckerman, Miranda Forbes, Paul Cassar, Peter Forest, Richard Kay, Sean Arnold, Wolf Kahler
Pt2:11/4/82 Pt3:18/4/82 Pt4:25/4/82 Pt5:2/5/82 Pt6:9/5/82 Pt7:16/5/82 Pt8:23/5/82
Each 1982 part was repeated after three days.
[Ted Allbeury served as an intelligence officer 1940-1947]

4th April 1982
Ann Veronica by H. G. Wells dramatised by Barry Campbell
1 of 3: England 1909/1910
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
   Ann: Angela Pleasence
   Teddy: Ian Cross
   Aunt Mollie: Susan Dowdall
   Mr Stanley: John Gabriel
   Ramage: Conrad Phillips
   Ogilvy: Patrick Horne
   Constance/Kitty: Theresa Streatfeild
   Hetty: Deborah Appleby
   Miss Miniver: Bonnie Hurren
   Lady Palsworthy/Wardress: Katherine Parr
   Hubert: Gregory De Polnay
   Gwen: Elva Makins
Additional actors in parts 2 and 3:
   Scots student: Michael Drew (2)
   Miss Garvice: Hilary Newcombe(2)
   Landlady: Jean Waggoner(2)
   Capes: Christopher Blake(2)
   Miss Klegg: Patience Tomlinson(3)
   Magistrate: Alan Dudley(3)
Part 2:11/4/82 Part 3:18/4/82
Each 1982 part was repeated after two days.
The serial was repeated commencing 24th May and 29th May 1987
[There was a production by Campbell Logan in 1952 and another by Norman Wright in 1966]
[There was a production by Pauline Harris on R4 in 2017 and R4X in 2021 with Bill Nighy as Narrator]

5th April 1982
The Monday Play: Look Back in Anger (1956) by John Osborne (1929-1994)
The setting is the Porters' one-roomed attic flat in a large Midland town, 1956.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
   Jimmy Porter: Nicholas Geeks
   Cliff Lewis: Alun Lewis
   Alison Porter: Susan Penhaligon
   Helena Charles: Suzanne Bertish
   Colonel Redfern: Cyril Luckham
Repeated 11/4/82, 22/1/94, 20/7/96
[There was a 2016 production by Richard Wilson]

7th April 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Serang by Vincent Mcinerney
The Serang was the man in charge of the Indian crew.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
   Alex: Donald McBride
   the Second: Henry Stamper
   Tele-Wallah: Sam Dastor
   Chief: Ronald Herdman
   Tony: Gary Cady
   Tavish: Steve Hodson
Repeated 10th November 1982

8th April 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Alice's Friend by Owen Holder (1921-2016)
An elderly woman becomes close to her driver.
Piano: Neil Rhoden
Directed by Ian Cotterell
   Alice: Joyce Carey
   Len: Harold Goodwin
   Enid: Pauline Letts
   Hampton: Owen Holder
   Muriel: Jean Trend
   Donam: Spencer Banks
   Robert: Stephen Garlick
   Phyllis: Theresa Streatfeild
[Also broadcast on R4X in 2014, 2016, 2019, 2021]

9th April 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Charley's Aunt (1892) by Brandon Thomas (1848-1914) adapted by David Buck
Two students at Oxford in 1892, are in love with Kitty and Amy.
Directed by Gordon House
A World Service drama production
   Jack: Tim Pigott-Smilh
   Charley: Jeremy Clyde
   Lord Fancourt Babberley: Michael Cochrane
   Kitty Verdun: Nina Thomas
   Amy Spettigue: Stella Forge
   Sir Francis Chesney: Jack May
   Mr Spettigue: David Buck
   Brassett: Alan Dudley
   Donna Lucia D'Alvadorez: Pauline Letts
   Ela Delahay: Madeline Smith
Repeated 20/12/87
[Also produced by Polly Thomas in 2000]
[BBC7 broadcast the 2000 version]

10th April 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Sunday Outing by Matthew Solon
The star of the show invites everyone for a trip out. .
Directed by Martin Jenkins
   Elizabeth: Penelope Keith
   Michael: Gary Cady
Repeated 13th April 1982

10th April 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Appleby's End by Michael Innes (John Innes Mackintosh Stewart) (1906 1994) dramatised by Michael Bakewell
Appleby of the Yard catches the train for Snarl. He leaves the train somewhere else.
Directed by Jane Morgan
   Insp Appleby: John Hurt
   Everard Raven: John Le Mesurier
   Luke: Lewis Stringer
   Robert: Anthony Newlands
   Mark: Richard Derrington
   Judith: Pippa Guard
   Clarissa: Joyce Redman
   Heyhoe/Insp Mutlow: Christopher Benjamin
   Rainbird: John Sharp
   Billy Bidewell/Mr Hoobin: Christopher Douglas
   Colonel Pike: Jack May
   Sir Mulberry Farmer/ Liddell..: Hugh Dickson
   Lady Farmer/Mrs Ulstrup/Hannah Hoobin: Pauline Letts
   Gregory Grope: David Gooderson
   Mr Smith: Trevor Baxter
   Hannah Hoobin's boy: Stephen Garlick
   Brettingham Scurl/Scott: John Livesey
Repeated 31st May 1982 and 1st January 1987.
[Innes wrote 33 Appleby books and there were 6 collections of Appleby stories].

12th April 1982
The Winged Boy (1975) by Mary Hayley Bell (1911-2005) dramatised by Denys Hawthorne
Music by Max Early
His parents noticed something strange
Narrator Hugh Dickson
Music played by the Nash Ensemble
Technical presentation by Peter Novis, Assisted By Roy Fraser, David Chilton
Directed by Richard Imison
   Mother: Kate Binchy
   Shaunie/ Diarmid: Jill Lidstone
   Owner: Lockwood West
   Father: Alan Barry
   Doctor: Jim Norton
   Fr O'Leary: Harry Webster
   Circus owner: Alan Dudley
   Surgeon: Stephen Thorne
   Children: Jean Trend and Patience Tomlinson
   Neighbours: Theresa Streatfeild and Wendy Murray
Repeated 24th December 1983
[Binaural recording for headphone listening]

12th April 1982
The Monday Play: No Saleable Value by Alexander Schouvaloff (1934-2012)
His generosity must hide an ulterior motive!
Directed by Margaret Etall
   George Henry: Gary Cady
   Bert: Bill Ward
   Reg: Eric Mason
   Mr Clutterbuck: John Warner
   Joy: Miranda Forbes
   Agnes: Pat Field
   Ruby: Frances Jeater
   Lil: Rosemary Ackland
   Else: Jean Trend
   Wilf: Stephen Thorne
   Alice: Rosalind Adams
   Diane: Liz Whiting
   Frank: Steve Hodson
14th April 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Daydream Believer by Harry Duffin
A young girl is romantically inclined and attracted to the Hollywood film type of man.
Directed by Caroline Smith
BBC Manchester
   Sue: Annie Tyson
   Man/Dad/Second man: Kenneth Alan Taylor
   Mary: Judith Barker
   Alice: Ann Rye
   Tony: Alan ParnaBy
   Barman/First man: Tim Iremonger
Repeated from 16th October 1980
Repeated 24th November 1982

15th April 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Dull Sun, Polished Moon by Mike Walker
A film crew discover themselves while in Amazonia.
Directed by Christopher Venning
   Tomas: Gary Cady
   Fr Alvarro: Ronald Herdman
   Bill Krause: Steve Hodson
   Ray: Frank Ellis
   Javart: Crawford Logan
   Gisco: John Livesey
   Edson: Stephen Thorne
   American/Film narrator: Hugh Dickson
Repeated 2nd March 1985

16th April 1982
Afternoon Theatre: To the Pier and Back Again by Peter Ling (1926-2006)
There is a new person in the sisters home.
Directed by David Johnston
   Lewis: Basil Moss
   Kate: Ann Morrish
   Celia: Jean Trend

17th April 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Thanks Very Much by Peter Silcock
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
   Frank: Rodney Bewes
   Leila: Kate Fahy
Repeated 20th April 1982

17th April 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Wing of the Fly by Angela Eaton
Directed by Graham Gauld
   Aimee: Miriam Margolyes
   Kadine Jennet: Jill Balcon
   Kizla Agasi: David March
   Kapi Aga: Steve Hodson
   Josephine: Frances Jeater
   Mother Superior: Theresa Streatfeild
   Duenna: Gladys Spencer
   Kemila: Michael Miller
   Bey of Tunis: Spencer Banks
   Ysin: Ursula Hirst
   Selim: Gary Cady
   Genilla: Miranda Forbes
   Calphas: Katherine Parr
   Osman: Peter Tuddenham
   Asim: Stephen Garlick
   Mahmoud: Elizabeth Lindsay
   Madame: Wendy Murray
Repeated: 19th April 1982
[This is the only credit on BBC Programme Database for Angela Eaton apart from a letter read in Woman's Hour in 1963]

19th April 1982
The Monday Play: Immortal Bite by Malcolm Quantrill
Relatives gather as an old woman dies, their motives perhaps monetary.
Directed by Ian Cotterell
   Mrs Bee: Mary Ellis
   Susan: Angela Down
   Michael: Clive Francis
   Kate: Kate Coleridge
   Louise: Jill Lidstone
   Wilson: Christopher Scott
Repeated 25th April 1982

21st April 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Blithe Thou Never Wert by Alan Melville (1910-1983)
The discovery of a cheap alternative to petrol
Directed by Glyn Dearman
   Arthur: Lockwood West
   PC Tarquin Law: Andrew Branch
   Brenda: Patience Tomlinson
   Win: Katherine Parr
   Florence: Margot Boyd
   Darren: Duncan Faber
   Mr Ottoway: Alan Melville
   Yamani: Peter Arne
   ?arnman: John Livesey
   Rose: Frances Jeater

22nd April 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Fields of the Blessed by Andrew Tyrrell
Her father died while saving her life.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
   Dariusz: Vladek Sheybal
   Lily: Sarah Sutton
   Mary: Jane Wenham
   Hania: Pauline Letts

23rd April 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Moveable Assets by R. D. Wingfield
The most burglar-proof bank in Europe is a challenge.
Directed by Christopher Venning
   Mr Merrick: Martyn Read
   Edith: Jean Trend
   Jack Brown: Bernard Holley
   Mr Wilson: Steve Hodson
   Supt Fryatt: Michael Cochrane
   Sgt Purkiss: Martin Connor
   Mr Grainger: Alan Dudley
   Bank guard: Russell Keith Grant
   John Parker: Ronald Herdman
   Harry Green/ Brimble / Police constable/Second bank guard: Stephen Garlick
   Radio operator: Simon Dutters?

24th April 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: No Joke by Bernard MacLaverty
On his birthday a retired headmaster faces a former pupil.
Directed by Marilyn Ireland (aka Imrie)
BBC Scotland
   Mr Stringer: Patrick Magee
   Violet/Bella: Eileen McCallum
   Heather/ Agnes/Tealady: Sheila Donald
   Sister Herd: Jan Wilson
   Mr Scott/John/Taxi driver: James Cairncross
Repeated 27th April 1982

24th April 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Murder in a Nice. Neighbourhood by Jack Gerson (1928-2012)
Directed by Marilyn Ireland (aka Imrie)
BBC Scotland
   Edith Fennell: Brigit Forsyth
   Alan McKinlay: David Hayman
   Margaret Fennell: Gudrun Ure
   Aiec Lomond: Tom Watson
   First policeman/Wallace: John McGlynn
   Harry Peat: Tony Roper
   Willie Murdoch: Gregor Fisher
   Mrs Chisnell/Mald: Ann Scott Jones
   George Clelland: Martin Black
   Louise Clelland: June Andrews
   Miss Malcolm: Jennifer Angus
   Hugh Chisnell: Carey Wilson
   Edith a child: Jane Reilly
Repeated 5th July 1982 (NOT broadcast on 26th April 1982 as listed)

25th April 1982
Earthsearch II by James Follett
1 of 10: Return.
Many years ago a planet was settled and two computers were left to search alone for "Planet Earth"
Technical presentation by Lloyd Silverthorne
Directed by Glyn Dearman
   Commander Telson: Sean Arnold
   Sharna: Amanda Murray
   Darv: Haydn Wood
   Astra: Kathryn Hurlbutt
   Tidy: David Gooderson
   George: Stephen Garlick
Additional actors in later parts:
   Crawford Logan, David McAlister, George Parsons, Gordon Reid, John Warner, Michael Maloney, Michael Tudor Barnes, Nicholas Courtney, Pauline Letts, Sonia Fraser, Spencer Banks
The serial was repeated commencing 16th October 1982
Pt2:2/5/82 Pt3:9/5/82 Pt4:16/5/82 Pt5:23/5/82 Pt6:30/5/82 Pt7:6/6/82 Pt8:13/6/82 Pt9:20/6/82 Pt10:27/6/82
[Also broadcast on BBC7: 2004, 2005,2007, 2008, 2009]

26th April 1982
The Monday Play: Outside the Jeweller's by Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II) (1920-2005), translated by Boleslaw Taborski
A meditation on marriage.
Directed By: John Theocharis
   Teresa: Maureen O'Brien
   Andrew: David Timson
   Anna: Barbara Jefford
   Stephan: Denys Hawthorne
   Monica: Janet Haw
   Christopher: Michael Maloney
   Adam: Nigel Hawthorne
   Jeweller: Godfrey Kenton
Also with Patrick Barr, Diana Bishop, Brian Carroll, John Church, Lolly Cockerell, Alexander John, Michael McStay and Amanda Murray
[First broadcast on Radio 3 on 28th September 1980, repeated on Radio 3 on 24th September 1981]
[Wojtyla wrote a book in 1960, translated to English in 1981, entitled "Love and Responsibility", relevant to this play.]
27th April 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Operation Elvis (1978) by C. P. Taylor (1929-1981)
Directed by Stewart Conn
BBC Scotland
   Malcolm: Tim Healey
   Malcolms mother: Annie Orwin
   Lynn: Madelaine Newton
   Michael: Brian Hogg
   Jackie: Dick Irwin
   Headmaster: Ian Oliver
Repeated from 17th July 1981
Repeated 11th November 1982

28th April 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Little Acids Biting by John Kershaw (1931-1993)
He has not seen his daughter for 22 years, then she writes to him.
Directed by Peter King
   James: Stanley Page
   Alison: Stephanie Fayerman

29th April 1982
Afternoon Theatre: That Girl In 27 by Graham Blackett
A new couple come to live in No 27 ..
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
   Karen: Carol Leader
   Stephen Andrews: Nick Brimble
   Mr Percival /Police Sergeant: Nick Chilvers
   Helen: Celia Bannerman
   Ronald: Peter Copley
   Emily: June Barrie
   Ted: David Jackson
   Tracy: Ingrid Lacey
   Nigel Arthurs: Gregory de Polnay
Repeated 26th August 1982

30th April 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Can You Hear Me by Trisha Fine
Adjustments after a diagnosis of MS.
With the children of Bruntsfield Primary School, Edinburgh
Directed by Marilyn Ireland (aka Imrie)
   Jenny: Maureen Beattie
   Jeff: Alec Heggie
   Lisa: Jane Reilly
   Sheila: Phyllis Logan
   Mrs Burgess: Mary Riggans
   Dr Massie: Tom Watson
   Headmaster: Robert Trotter
Repeated 10th January 1984
(First broadcast on Radio Scotland)
[Maureen Beattie was joint winner of the 1981 Pye Best Actress Award for her performance in this play]

1st May 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Marsha - Nathelpsy Proto One by Kate Rice
The cold discipline of 1991 austerity has its effects on the children of the time.
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Birmingham
   Christopher: Daniel Matthews
   Marsha: Patricia Gallimore
   Mama: Eileen Barry
   Papa: Stephen Hancock
Repeated 4th May 1982 (listed as just "Marsha")
[This is the only mention of Kate Rice in the BBC Programme Database].
[Google can only find this one instance on the Internet of the word Nathelpsy].

1st May 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: A Taste of Honey by Shelagh Delaney
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
   Helen: Meg Johnson
   Josephine: Annette Robertson
   Peter: Ronald Baddiley
   Boy: Joseph Charles
   Geoffrey: John Halstead
Repeated from 3rd October 1977
[Alfred Bradley also "presented" this play in 1961 on the Third Programme, producer David Scase]
[Catherine Bailey later produced the play in 1995]
[There was a production by Polly Thomas on Radio 3 in 2004, repeated 2005, and also broadcast on R4X in 2008]

2nd May 1982
Never Been Kissed in the Same Place Twice by Allan Prior (1922-2006)
1 of 6: I Was a Good Little Girl. The hopefuls, struggling for recognition in the Music Halls.
"Naughy but nice" composed by Maddy Prior
Music arranged by David Timson
Directed by Martin Jenkins
(Episodes 3, 5, 6 directed By Gerry Jones)
   Harry Viner: David Suchet
   Clara Abbott: Karen Archer
   Mr Abbott: John Woodvine
   Dan Adam: David McAlister
   Marta: Rosalind Adams
   John Hyatt: David Timson
   Jane: Kathleen Helme
   Mae: Jean Trend
   George: Alan Dudley
   Dan Leno: Danny Schiller
   Fishwife: Anne Jameson
   Mr MacGivveney: Ronald Herdman
   Head waiter/Barman: Steve Hodson
Additional cast in later episodes:
Brian Haines, Carole Boyd, Crawford Logan, David Gooderson, David Healy, Derek Newark, Eve Carpf, Frances Jeater, Garard Green, Geoffrey Matthews, Hugh Dickson, Jill Lidstone, John Bennett, John Bull, John Rowe, Margot Boyd, Michael Kilgarriff, Nigel Anthony, Niki Jenkins, Pat Starr, Patience Tomlinson, Richard Davies, Spencer Banks,
Stuart Organ, Theresa Streatfeild, Tim Bateson
Pt2:9/5/82 Pt3:16/5/82 Pt4:23/5/82 Pt5:30/5/82 Pt6:6/682
Each part repeated two days later.
Series also repeated commencing 12th July 1987.

3rd May 1982
Afternoon Theatre: London, Look You by Julia Jones
A happy life was possible in the 1930s depression.
With members of the Cardiff Polyphonic Choir
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
   Mrs Evans: Sian Phillips
   Ifor: Sion Probert
   David: Phillip Joseph
   Woodcrutch: Malcolm Hayes
   Ethel: Louise Jameson
   Betty: Meg Davies
   Aunt Wyn: Ruth Madoc
   Crad Jones: Haydn Jones
   Rachel: Christine Pritchard
   Doctor: Roger Hammond
Repeated from 10th and 12th May 1980.

3rd May 1982
The Monday Play: Simon at Midnight by Bernard Kops
His life hits bottom.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
   Simon: David Swift
   Sarah: Doreen Mantle
   Marion: Susan Engel
   Stella: Petra Davies
   Alan: Crawford Logan
   Martin: Peter Baldwin
   Ben: John Warner
Also with Stuart Organ, Alan Dudley, Stephen Thorne, Ronald Herdman, John Livesey, Jill Lidstone, Rosalind Adams and Stephen Garlick
Repeated 9th May 1982

5th May 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Admission by Melissa Murray
Directed by Cherry Cookson
   Lynn: Christine Edmond
   Lever: Michael Spice
   Bill: Simon Coady
   Jen: Francis Jeater
   Nurse: Theresa Streatfeild
   Mrs Abelman: Katherine Parr
   Patients and party guests played by John Warner, Alan Dudley and Jill Lidstone
Repeated 3rd November 1982

6th May 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Until the Real Thing Comes Along by Neville Smith
A lifetime of working in bras and knickers.
Singer Steve Hodson
Directed by Jane Morgan
   Terry: William Nighy
   Victoria: Susan Littler
   Barstow: Philip Fox
   Medley: Hugh Dickson
   Molly: Lynda Marcual
   Kneale: Steve Hodson
   Dixon: John Livesey
   MacDonald: Stephen Thorne
   Salesman: Ronald Herdman
   Lesley: Pamela Power
   Glynis: Wendy Murray
   Melanle: Patience Tomlinson
   Band: David Woolfson & Mickey Sparrow
Repeated 3rd June 1982, 1st December 1984

7th May 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Art Student by Angela Penrose
An African art college.
Directed by Gerry Jones
   Robert Kanway: Olu Jacobs
   Beth Kanway: Jumoke Debayo
   Lucy Rumbete: Shope Shodeinde
   Peter: Lelu Williejonah
   Miss MacDonald: Eva Stuart
   Fr Donatus: Jeffrey Segal
   President/Luke: Frederick Brobby

8th May 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Saving Grace by Ellen Fox
Two people, a palmists table.
Directed By: Liane Aukin
   Rose: Sheila Steafel
   Grace: Lesley Manville
Repeated 11th May 1982

8th May 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Margaret Clitherow by William Keenan (1889-1955)
She harboured Jesuit priests.
Banquet music by The York Waits
"Dies Irae" sung by Clifton Cathedral Choir
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
   Margaret: Elizabeth Proud
   Henry May: Stephen Thorne
   John Clitherow: Steve Hodson
   Thomas Clitherow: Jack Watson
   Jane: Miranda Forbes
   Earl of Northumberland: Geoffrey Bateman
   Earl of Huntingdon: Bill Wallis
   Sheriff: Geoffrey Matthews
   Fr Mush: Patrick Malahide
   Agnes Teshe: Angela Phillips
   Mrs Yoward: Daphne Heard
   Judge: Peter Copley
   Jailer: James Cairncross
   Fr Wreakes: John Abineri
   Henry Clitherow: Rupert Graves
   Anne Clitherow: Gillie Gratham
   Jan: Petra Leah
   Woman: Jo Anderson
Repeated 10th May 1983, 25th October 1986
[Margaret's confessor Fr Mush wrote her biography shortly after her death in 1586. Her major shrine is in The Shambles, York.]
[William Keenan writes/wrote for the Catholic Herald]

10th May 1982
The Monday Play: The Hidden World by Dorothy Gharbaoui
Two people meet in Belfast.
Directed by Brian Dean
BBC Northern Ireland
   Judith McKenna: Aingeal Grehan
   Aziz Ghennouni: Sam Castor
   Zohra: Kathleen Helms
   Miriam: Doreen Hepburn
   Mrs McKenna: Margaret D'Arcy
   Latlfa: Patience Tomlinson
   Amele: Shireen Shah
   Aunt Mina: Gertrude Russell
   Mr Thompson: Louis Rolston
   Reg: John Hewitt
   Betty: Susie Kelly
   George: Derex Halligan
Repeated 16th May 1982

12th May 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Hanging On by Peter Gibbs
Ageing in the demolition business.
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester
   Wilf Angel: George A Cooper
   Lilian Angel: Ann Rye
   Tracey: Lesley Nightingale
   Sam: Stephen Hancock
   Mrs Duckmanton: Judith Barker
   Eddowes/Mr Davis: Peter Wheeler
   Frank: George Parsons

13th May 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Summer Madness by John P. Rooney
[Although listed, this programme was not broadcast on this date but was postponed until 30th July 1982- see below.]

14th May 1982
A Warrior I Have Been by Mike Walker
Tatanka Iyotanka (1831-1890) of the Hunkpapa Lakota.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
   Tatanka Iyotanka: Timothy West
   Black Eagle: Jack Watson
   Again/Custer: Peter Marinker
   Miles/American soldier: Bob Sherman
   American announcer/ Puritan : Blain Fairman
Repeated 19th May 1982

14th May 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Stranger in My Head by Bill Lyons
The repercussions of ill health.
Directed by Jane Morgan
   Her: Marian Diamond
   Him: Tom Wilkinson
   Madge: Sonia Fraser
   Mrs Morton: Eva Stuart
   Nurse: Theresa Streatfeild
Repeated 1st March 1986

15th May 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Voice Downstairs, Ears Upstairs by David Luck
When mother goes into hospital, father is left to look after their son.
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
   Andrew: Colin Meredith
   Peter: Christopher Godwin
   Jill: Jane Lowe
   Jeff: Andy Rashleigh
   Mrs Verse: Eileen Derbyshire
   Nurse: Sarah Neville
   Dan: Steven Granville
Repeated 18th May 1982

15th May 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Long Time No See by Joan Sadler
A murder mystery.
Directed by Margaret Etail
   Inspector Burgess: Michael McStay
   Harriet Bell: Jean Trend
   Alan Bell: Steve Hodson
   Dora Pollak: Sheila Reid
   Ernest Pollak: Ronald Herdman
   Col Charles Fergusson: Philip Voss
   Commander Henry Morgan: Michael Miller
   Hilda Morgan: Lisa Daniely
   Elaine Stoner: Elaine Mitchell
   Donald Stoner: Hugh Dickson
   Beaty Fuller: Miranda Forbes
   Police Sgt: Alex Jennings
Repeated 17th May 1982

17th May 1982
The Monday Play: When Did You Last See My Mother? (1964) by Christopher Hampton
Two men are friends but there is a tension in their relationship.
Directed by Archie Campbell
   Narrator: Denys McCarthy
   Ian: Victor Henry
   Jimmy: Simon Ward
   Mrs Evans: Gwen Watford
   Linda: Frances Jeater
   Dennis: Kit Williams
   TV voice: Lan Thompson
[First broadcast on R3 on 4th and 23rd May 1967]

19th May 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Mug's Concert by Chris Curry
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
   May: Judith Barker
   Sal: Sue Jenkins
   Trish: Jane Collins
   George: Peter Wheeler
   Ethel: Meg Johnson
   Mary: Eileen Derbyshire
   Jack: Keith Clifford
   Frank: Russell Dixon
   David: Peter Biddle
   Bill: Charles Foster

20th May 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Krishna's Bag by Dinah Starkey
Postponed and broadcast on 30th June 1982
[There was a major debate in the Commons and Lords on this date regarding the Falklands. The Royal Marines landed on the Falklands on 21st May and HMS Ardent was sunk.]

21st May 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Magic by Peter Simpkin
The professional footballer and reality.
Directed by Matthew Walters
   Roy Gregory: Billy Murray
   TV commentator: Sean Arnold
   Tom: Leonard Fenton
   Bob/Peach: Haydn Wood
   Joe/Lewis: Anthony Hyde
   TV director/Steve: Brian Wright
   Bernie/Doug: Michael Spice
   Bill McEwan: Gordon Reid
   Fat Sam: Jonn Church
   Sister Gabriel/Wayne: Susan Sheridan
   Brenda: Amanda Murray
   Mr Gregory/Bank manager: Godfrey Kenton
   Justin/Au pair: Mary Claire Nash
   Mr Scott: Patrick Barr
   Manny Cohen: John Bott
   Ashley: John McAndrew
Repeated from 12th November 1980

22nd May 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: All In the Mind by Pamela Gravett
A visit to see Mum in the Home.
Directed by John Cardy
   the Mother: Joyce Carey
   the Daughter: Jean Trend
Repeated 25th May 1982

22nd May 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: An Unfortunate Occurrence at Hounslow by Colin Haydn Evans with ballads set and sung by John Bull.
1846: A man is flogged.
Directed by Ian Cotterell
   Private Frederick: Gary Cady
   Col Ralston: John Livesey
   Dr Wakely: John Turner
   The Rev Trimmer: John Warner
   The Duke of Wellington: Maurice Denham
   Captain Shirley: Stephen Thorne
   Sgt Darley: John Bull
   Marianne Ralston: Jean Trend
   Dr Taggart: Andrew Crawford
   Dr Hall: Godfrey Kenton
   Sarah Trimmer: Wendy Murray
   William Brent: David Gooderson
   Bette Brent: Theresa Streatfeild
   Private Sparkes: Fraser Downie
   Private Matthewson: Stephen Garlick
   Dr Wilson: Alan Dudley
   George Clark: Hugh Dickson
Repeated 24th May 1982 and 8th January 1984.
[Based on The Strange Death of Private White (1977) by Harry Hopkins]
[The title of this play is taken from Colonel Peel, quoted in Hansard of 7/8/1846 which recorded that Wellington had reduced the maximum number of strokes that could be sentenced in future.]

23rd May 1982
AfternoonTheatre: The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter
Directed by Charles Lefeaux
   Narrator: John Gabriel
   Meg: Sylvia Coleridge
   Petey: Cyril Shaps
   Stanley: John Hollis
   Lulu: Barbara Mitchell
   Goldberl:: Lee Montague
   McCann: Norman Rodway
Repeated from 2nd February 1970 and 15th January 1978.
Repeated 2nd November 2002

24th May 1984
The Monday Play: Mourning Pictures by Honor Moore with music by Tony Haynes
A radio presentation of the stage production by Monstrous Regiment.
Her mother is dying.
Musicians Tony Haynes and Josefina Cupido
Directed for Monstrous Regiment By Penny Cherns
Producer Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester
A Transcription Service recording
   Maggie: Aviva Goldkorn
   Margaret: Gillian Hanna
   Philip: Stephen Ley
   Doctor: David Bradford
   Doctor: Mary McCusker
   Abigail: Chris Bowler
   David: John Slide
Repeated 30th May 1982

25th May 1982
Men of Property by David Wheeler.
1 of 6: A Bit of a Leg-up Socially
Producer Edward Taylor
With Norma Ronald, Jon Glover, James Taylor, Dilys Laye
Pt2:1/6/82 Pt3:8/6/82 Pt4:15/6/82 Pt5:22/6/82 Pt6:29/6/82
All episodes repeated the following day.

26th May 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Overnight Man by Peter Terson
[Listed for this day but not broadcast until 20th October 1982, due to developments in the Falklands].

27th May 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Clearing the Ground by Valerie Barker
Her daughter turns up from boarding school.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
   Tony: Philip Bond
   Martha: Zena Walker
   Elaine: Anna Lindup
   Dominic: Benedick Blythe
   Joe: Gregory De Polnay

28th May 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Accommodations (1973) by Nick Hall adapted by Nigel Lambert
The USA.
Directed by Christopher Venning
(First broadcast on the BBC World Service)
   Tracy: David Baxt
   Lee: Liza Ross
   Pat: Susannah Fellows
   Bob: Garrick Hagon

29th May 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: No More Ting-a-Ling by Paul Angelis (1943-2009)
Work and romance do not mix well.
Directed by Jane Morgan
   Andy: Tom Wilkinson
   Sharon: Barbara Flynn
   Sue: Kate Binchy
   Dr French: John Livesey
   Mr Maguire: Alan Dudley
   Margaret: Wendy Murray
   Passengers: Miranda Forbes and Theresa Streatfeild
   Sergeant: David Gooderson
   Police Constable: Spencer Banks
Repeated 1st June 1982

29th May 1982
Saturday Night Theatre: The Hampdenshire Wonder(1911) by J. D. Beresford (1873-1947) adapted by Jeffrey Segal
He wanted his son to be a genius, but his son's talents were difficult to handle.
Directed by Christopher Venning
   John Davys: Jonathan Newth
   Victor Stott: Vicky Ireland
   Ginger Stott: Steve Hodson
   Ellen Mary Stott: Carole Boyd
   Dr O'Connor: Crawford Logan
   Nurse: Penny Brownjohn
   Mrs Reade: Katherine Parr
   The Rev Percy Crashaw: Hugh Dickson
   Henry Challis: Richard Hurndall
   Dr Walters: David McAlister
   Harrison boy: Robin Langford
   Gregory Lewes: Richard Gibson
   Heathcote: John Forbes Robertson
   Mr Forman: Bruce Alexander
   Sir Deane Elmer: Jeffrey Segal
   Mr Steven: Frank Ellis
Repeated 9th August 1982

30th May 1982
Maximum Credible Accident (1980) by John Howlett (1940-2019).
1 of 6: Twisting the Dragon's Tail
A civil servant is asked to prepare a policy document regarding nuclear power.
Directed by Roger Pine
BBC Birmingham
   Gordon Ayien: Hugh Dickson
   Voice Of MUF: Haydn Jones
   Tate: Patricia Gallimore
   Dr Martin: Michael N. Harbour
   Mary: Patricia Gibson
   Joss: Kerry Shale
   Rojty: Kim Durham
   Pus: Anthony Benson
   Mick: David Vann
   Ashley: Graham Padden
   janjee: Hedli Niklaus
   Enzo: Terry Molloy
   Pimlott: Terry Coates
Additional actors in later parts:
Anna Lindup, Blain Fairman, David McAlister, Garard Green, Heather Barrett, Mark Woolgar, Nigel Lambert, Ronald Herdman, Simon Carter, Terry Coates, Ysanne Churchman
Pt2:6/6/82 Pt3:13/6/82 Pt4:20/6/82 Pt5:27/6/82 Pt6:4/7/82
Each episode was repeated after three days.

31st May 1982
The Monday Play: The Soldier's Fortune (1681) by Thomas Otway (1652-1685) adapted by Peter Barnes
Music by Christopher Whelen
1680: London is full of disbanded army officers.
Directed by Martin Jenkins
   Sir Davy Dunce: Arthur Lowe (1915-1982)
   Beaugard a Captain and gentleman: Denis Quiley
   Courtine,a Captain: John Rowe
   Lady Dunce,a married ' widow ': Dllys Laye
   Sylvia,a virgin: Sarah Liadel
   Sir Jolly Jumble, a pimp: Peter Woodthorpe
   Fourbin: Henry Knowles
   Bloody-Bones: Bernard Bresslaw
   First whore: Sonia Fraser
   Second whore/Sylvia's maid: Eve Karpf
   Third whore: Jenny Lee
   Vermin: Sion Probert
   Constable: Christopher Scott
   Landlord/Watchman: John Bott
[First broadcast on R3 24th May 1981 and 17th December 1981].

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2nd June 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Mother Care by Tim Aspinall
A sixth-former is awaiting the results of a scholarship to Cambridge.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
   Rose: Petra Markham
   Kay: Elizabeth Bell
   James: John Rowe
   Jo: Jenny Twigge
   Pat: Judith Arthy
   David: John Abineri
   Jean: Sarah Benfield
   Librarian: Steve Hodson
   Harry: Rupert Graves
   Terry: Cornelius Garrett
   Bus conductor: Tim Bentinck
Repeated from 12th November 1981

4th June 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Grey Area by J C Wilsher.
Not everything is black or white.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
   Alex: Gerry Sundquist
   Phllip: Peter Jenrey
   Jenny: Sue Wallace
   George Dixon: Leslie Sands

5th June 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Dead Image by John P. Rooney
Two bored teenagers.
Directed by Robert Copper
BBC Northern Ireland
   Sam: Liam Neeson
   Billy: Michael McKnight
   William: Joe McPartland
   Samuel: Allan McClelland
   Man: Derek Halligan
Repeated from 24th March 1981
[Giles Cooper Best Plays of 1981]

5th June 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Roots by Arnold Wesker (1932-2016)
Norfolk in 1957.
Directed by Charles Lefeaux
   Beatie Bryant: Mary Miller
   Mrs Bryant Snr: Marjorie Westbury
   Mr Bryant Snr: Ronald Balls
   Frankie Bryant, Beatie's brother: Alan Howard
   Pearl Bryant, Frankie's wife: Sheila Grant
   Jenny Beales, Beatie's sister: Susan Field
   Jimmy Beales, Jenny's husband: Charles Kay
   Stan Mann, a neighbour: Peter Claughton
   Mr Healey, farm manager: Donald McKillop
Repeated from 14th February 1965 and 24th April 1977.
[With "Chicken Soup with Barley" (Home 31/10/65) and "I'm Talking About Jerusalem" (Home 16/4/62), subsequently became known as The Wesker Trilogy.]
[Mary Miller also played Beatie in the 1966 tv version]
[Also produced for Radio 3 in 2014 rptd 2015 by James Macdonald/Catherine Bailey]

6th June 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Belcher's Luck (1966) by David Mercer (1928-1980)
Directed by Penny Gold
   Belcher: Norman Jones
   Sir Gerald Catesby: Maurice Denham
   Victor: William Nighy
   Helen: Suzanne Bertish
   Lucy: Frances Jeater
Repeated 13th December 1982

7th June 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Keep it Dark by John Ashe
The wife of a junior minister is vulnerable to blackmail.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
   Julie: Susan Penhaligon
   Bowen: Peter Miles
   Mrs Lyne: Pip Hinton
   Cadle: Peter Copley
   Philip: James Cosmo
   Drewe: Nick Chilvers
   Cooper: Stanley Lebor
   Lawrence: Roger Bizley
Repeated 3rd July 1982

7th June 1982
The Monday Play: A Night Out with the Boys by Frederick Harrison
Hull. December 1980.
Directed by Pat Trueman
BBC Manchester
   Chris: Alec Sabin
   Charlie: Christian Rodska
   Ronnie: Joseph Peters
   Ernie: Edward Peel
   Janice: Sally Gibson
   Gary: Ian Mercer
   Doris: Mary Cunningham
   Ticket collector/Barman: Roger Phillips
   Policeman/Security man: Brian Southwood
   Ambulance man: Tim Barker
Repeated 13th June 1982

8th June 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Lancaster Gate End by Alun Owen(1925-1994)
Directed By: Enyd Williams
BBC Wales
    Park keeper: Alan Dudley
with Peggy Aitchison and John Le Mesurier
Repeated 31st August 1982
[Also broadcast on R4X in 2012, 2017]

9th June 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Biggest Sandcastle in the World by Paul Thain
Tyneside, 1981. Building the biggest sandcastle in the world would seem an innocent enough occupation.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
   Archie Booth: Colin Douglas
   Jimmy Redpath: John Hollis
   Tommy Sugden: Geoffrey Matthews
   Betty Booth: Kathleen Helme
   Fred: Brett Margolis
   Mick: James Bate
   Harry: Christopher Fairbank
   Reporter: David Gooderson
   Employment officer: George Parsons
   TV interviewer: David McAlister
   Arthur Ridley: Gordon Faith
   Higgins: Trevor Cooper
   Jackie: Fred Pearson
Repeated from 23rd December 1981
[Giles Cooper Best Plays of 1981 ]

10th June 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Bedrock by Shirley Gee (1932-2016)
Directed by David Spenser
   Ellen Plowright: Daphne Heard
   Phyllis: Holly de Jong
   Derry: Ian Sharrock
   Dr Marchant: Geoffrey Collins
Repeated from 16th August 1979
Repeated 27th January 1983

11th June 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Paper Darts by A. S. Robertson
A man has to learn diplomacy.
Directed by Peter King
   Willie: Norman Jones
   Margaret: June Brown
   John Finch: John Bott
   Trevor: Stanley Page
   Doris: Gabrielle Daye
   Sam: Steve Hodson
   Len: Ronald Herdman

12th June 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Poetic Licence by Philip Marriott
The phone rang.
Directed by David Johnston
   Sandra: Miriam Margolyes
   Alec: Martyn Read
   Julia: Theresa Streatfeild
Repeated 15th June 1982

12th June 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Journal of Simon Owen by Charles Palliser
The death of a 19th century Yorkshire millowner.
Directed by Clare Taylor
   Michael Owen: David Neal
   Simon Owen: Stephen Garlick
   Radd: Clifford Norgate
   Dinah Radd: Jane Knowles
   Broadbent: Steve Hodson
   Pitt: Neville Jason
   Daniel Franks: Ronald Herdman
   Lucy Franks: Elizabeth Proud
   Hannah: Kathleen Helme
   Blackstock: Crawford Logan
   Callaghan: Sean Barrett
   Quirk: Manning Wilson
   Coroner: John Warner
Navvies and millowners played by Stuart Organ, Steve Hodson and Spencer Banks
Repeated 14th June 1982

13th June 1982
The Silver Darlings (1941) by Neil Gunn (1891-1973) adapted by Tom Mcgrath
1 of 5: Early 19th Century Caithness: herring fishing means wealth, but also hardship and death.
Directed by Tom Kinninmont
BBC Scotland
   Special: Russell Hunter
   Catrine: Ann-Louise Ross
   Roddie: Alex Norton
   Tormad: Alec Heggie
   Ronnie: Bill Henderson
   Ian: Finlay McLean
   Torquil: Lawrence Venture
   Press-gang man: Martin Heller
   Skipper/Lachie/Tormad's father: David Mowat
   Donald/Curer/First man: Willie Joss
   Tormad's mother/Catrine's mother: Mary Riggans
   Officer/Old David/Second man: Ian Stewart
   Granny Gordon/Johan: Sheila Latimer
   Kirsty: Gwyneth Guthrie
   George Bremner: James Kennedy
Additional cast in later episodes:
Alastair Cording, Aline Mowat, Bill Riddoch, Brown Derby, Charles Kearney, Clifford Baxter, Fiona Knowles, Gerard Slevin, Irene Sunters, James Bryce, Jonathan Watson, Maggie Jordan, Paul Kermack, Paul Soutar, Peter Lincoln, Robert Trotter, Roddie Simpson, Sandy Neilson, Sandy Welch, Steven Currie, Terry Cavers, Tony Roper, Tracy Spence, William Armour
Pt2:20/6/82 Pt3:27/6/82 Pt4:4/7/82 Pt5:11/7/82
Each episode repeated two days later.

14th June 1982
The Monday Play: A Day in the Death of Joe Egg (1967) by Peter Nichols (1927-2019) adapted by Richard Wortley
Their daughter is ten years old, and requires more help than most children.
Directed by Richard Wortley
   Bri: John McEnery
   Sheila: Maureen O'Brien
   Joe: Annabel Lanyon
   Pam: Miranda Forbes
   Freddie: Davro McAhsten (???)
   Grace: Matyelok Gibbs
Repeated 20th June 1982
[Also produced by Pauline Harris on R3 in 2005, rptd 2006 with Christopher Eccleston as Brian, rptd R4X 2019]
[Nichols drew on his own parenting stresses in writing this play].

16th June 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Overnight Man by Peter Terson adapted from his play The Night John.
A hotel manager considers the past.
Directed by Margaret Etall
   The Overnight Man: Peter Baldwin
[ (Postponed from 26 May) ]
[It is possible this play was not broadcast on this date but postponed further until 20th October]

17th June 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Come Follow by Joan Paget
Directed by Christopher Venning
   Richard Merrick: Martyn Read
   Kate Merrick: Elizabeth Bell
   Louise Claydon: Rosalind Ayres
   Mr Copland: Ronald Herdman
   Mrs Copland: Teresa Collard
   Mr Tallant: Alan Rowe
   Mr Forster: John Warner
   Charles Mitford: Crawford Logan
   Alison Mitford: Patience Tomlinson
   Jenny: Elspeth Charlton
   Matthews: Stuart Organ

18th June 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Once More with Feeling by Andrew Westington
How long can you put your problems aside.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
   Denis Mason: Andrew Hay
   Hotlegs O'Keef: Clive Duncan
   Man: Laurence Kenny
   Billy: Colin Meredith
   Young woman: Janet Rawson
   Grandad: Geoffrey Banks
   Elsie Mason: Judith Barker
   Landlord/Coach driver/Lorry driver: Martin Cosgrif
   Alfred Mason: Keith Clifford
   The Amazing Alfonso: Roy Barraclough
[This is the only credit for Andrew Westington in the BBC Programme Database].

19th June 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Poisoned Apples by Steve May
A step mother and step daughter relationship issue..
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
   Diane: Ingrid Hafner (1936-1994)
   Sandra: Caroline Bliss
Repeated 22nd June 1982

19th June 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre : Spongehenge by David Halliwell (1936-2006)
Searching for birth parents after adoption.
Directed by Peter King
   Gavin: Nigel Anthony
   Karen Mason: Anna Cropper
   Wilfred Clapcott: Anthony Douse
   Mr Bagley: John Bott
   Mrs Bagiey: Alex Marshall
   Albert Appleyard: Colin Douglas
   Landlord: David Halliwell
   Mrs Waddington: Gabrielle Daye
   Mrs Pelling: Katherine Parr
   Madeline: Theresa Streatfeild
   Ada: Jean Trend
   Coach passenger: James Kerry
Repeated 21st June 1982

21st June 1982
The Monday Play: Anna by Mervyn Jones
Amnesty International links people who live in very different circumstances.
Directed by Michael Heffernan
   Anna Williams: Anna Calder-Marshall
   Ana Gonzalez: Patti Love
   Dick Williams: Crawford Logan
   Joseph: Steve Plytas
   Interrogator: Ian Hogg
   Commandant: Allan McClelland
   Jane: Patience Tomlinson
   Mr Bickerdyke: Peter Woodthorpe
   Mrs Bickerdyke/Ana's mother: Katherine Parr
   Jose: Spencer Banks
   Ana's child: Jill Lidstone
   Headmistress: Miranda Forbes
   Guard: Alex Jennings
Repeated 27th June 1982

23rd June 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Non-returnable by Bert Parnaby (1924-1992) and Stuart Chambers
Two young married teens face difficulties.
Directed by Pat Trueman
BBC Manchester
   Wayne: Alan Parnaby
   Carol: Anna Lindup
   Kingsley: James Tomlinson
   Dilys: Catherine Terris
   Mavis: Lorraine Peters
   Ron: Susan Sheridan
   Splodge: Malcolm Raeburn

24th June 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Creative Writing by Martyn Wade
Redundancy offers time for adult education.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
   Leonard: Peter Jeffrey
   Phyllis: Eva Stuart
   Dean: David Timson
   Verity: Vicky Ireland
   Ms Sacofsky: Wendy Murray
   Frank: Alan Dudley
   Timothy: David Gooderson
   Jane: Jill Lidstone
Repeated 13th October 1984 and 29th October 1992

25th June 1982
Afternoon Theatre: A Diamond is Forever - They Say by George Byatt
Directed by Michael Bartlett
   Sandra: Patience Tomlinson
   Marilyn: Hilary Drake
   Sandra's mother: Miriam Margolyes
   Marilyn's mother: Prunella Scales

26th June 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: A Hill In Southern England by Ted Walker (1934-2004)
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
   Cal: Geoffrey Matthews
   Chris: Ingrid Hafner
   Old man: John Abineri
   Cal a boy: Petra Leah
Repeated 29th June 1982

26th June 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Broken Fences by Ivor Wilson
The last straw.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
   Andrew Gregg: Jack Carr
   Jane Tully: Jane Collins
   Tom Harrigan: Robert Keegan
   Jack Wallis: Malcolm Hebden
   Pat Gregg: Barbara Marten
   Trevor Walker: Ian Shakrock
   Randolph Lester: Peter Biddle
   Vivienne Riley: Lesley Nicol
   Frank McCallum: Robert McIntosh
   Dr Cartwright: Geoffrey Banks
   Rowland Lewis: John Jardine
Repeated 28th June 1982

28th June 1982
The Monday Play: Say No to Shantonagh by Alan Berrie
Death and revenge.
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
   Tom Fox: Norman Rodway
   Mick McCreedy: T P McKenna
   Jack Deasy: Alan MacNaughton
   Val Kerrigan: Kevin Flood
   Maureen Kerrigan: Patricia Leventon
   Tom as a child/Aideen: Elizabeth Lindsay
   Tom's Tom's: Harry Webster
   Tom's mother/Sister Marie: Marjorie Hogan
   Deirdre McCreedy: Fiona Victory
   Slattery: Deirdre Donnelly
   P J McCreedy/Waiter: Niall Buggy
   Trish Kerrigan: Nora Connolly
   Noel: Michael McKnight
   Kate McCreedy: Kate Binchy
   Fr Dominic: Michael Golden
   Dean: Allan McClelland
   Carey: Michael Duffy
   Fr Kevin/Priest: Sean Barrett
Repeated 4th July 1982

30th June 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Krishna's Bag by Dinah Starkey
A new teacher arrives at the school.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
   Krishna Partridge: Mark Buffery
   Mr Pike: Garard Green
   Mrs Oliver: Cicely Victoria
   Mrs Butters: Angela Barlow
   Miss Harrier: Angela Phillips
[Postponed from 20th May 1982]
[This is the sole credit for Dinah Starkey in the BBC Programme Index].

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1st July 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Street Taste by Nick Fisher (1959-2022)
Music, prejudice, violence, Punks...
Directed by Richard Wortley
   John: Christopher Fairbank
   Ka: Rowena Roberts
   Lin: Rosalind Adams
   Steve: Jonathan Caplan
   Sue: Theresa Streatfeild
   Mike: Stuart Organ
   Mum: Eva Stuart
   Ka's mum: Madi Hedd
Also with David Gooderson, Michael Tudor Barnes, Spencer Banks, Hugh Dickson
Repeated 22nd September 1983
[Nick Fisher presented an "Agony Column" for Just Seventeen magazine and wrote some books of advice for 16-25 year olds]

2nd July 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Ladies Day by Ruric Powell (c1932-2017)
Investment advice may not end well.
Directed by Graham Gauld
   Gerry: Hugh Burden
   Kath: Mary Wimbush
   Rawsthorne: Peter Pratt

3rd July 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Boundary by Harry Mulisch (1927-2010) adapted by Elmer Andrews.
Directed by Margaret Windham
   Zak Little: John Cater
Also with Alan Dudley, John Grillo, Ronald Herdman, Steve Hodson, Alex Jennings, Jill Lidstone, David Mcalister, Wendy Murray, Jessica Turner and John Warner
Repeated 6th July 1982 and 15th September 1984

5th July 1982
What Ho! Jeeves: Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves (1963) by P. G. Wodehouse (1881-1975) adapted by Richard Usborne
1 of 6: The Menace of Totleigh Towers
Producer David Hatch
   Jeeves: Michael Hordern
   Bertie Wooster: Richard Briers
   Aunt Dahlia: Vivian Pickles
   Emerald Stoker: Ann Davies
   The Rev Harold Pinker: Douglas Blackwell
   Gussie Fink-Nottle: Jonathan Cecil
Additional actors in later episodes:
   Constable Oates/Ransom: Graham Faulkner
   Lord Sidcup: Paul Eddington
   Major Plank: Ronald Fraser
   Sir Watkyn Bassett: John Le Mesurier
   Stiffy Byng: Denise Coffey
   Bartholomew: Percy Edwards
   Lord Sidcup: Paul Eddington
   Madeline Bassett: Aimi MacDonald
Pt2:12/7/82 Pt3:19/7/82 Pt4:26/7/82 Pt5:2/8/82 Pt6:9/8/82
Series repeated from 3rd December 1980
[Also broadcast on R7 in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and on R4X in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2019, 2022/3]
[This was novel 9 of 11 Jeeves and Wooster novels]

5th July 1982
The Monday Play: Narrow Road to the Deep North (1968) by Edward Bond
Ancient Japan- the downfall of Shogo, the dictator
Directed by John Tydeman
   Basho: Michael Aldridge
   Kiro: Roger Gartland
   Tola: David Timson
   Heigoo: Sion Probert
   Breebree: Michael Deacon
   Shogo: John Rowe
   Prime Minister: Peter Woodthorpe
   Commodore: Nigel Hawthorne
   Georgina: Gillian Martell
Also with Paul Gaymon, Clifford Norgate, Eva Stuart and Peter Whitman, Peter Baldwin
(First broadcast on R3 on 10th August 1975, rptd 31st October 1976)
[Unrelated to the 2014 book by Richard Flanagan]

7th July 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Invisible Writing by Donald Chapman
A life in letters.
Directed by Peter King
   Helen: Sylvestra Le Ouzel
   Young Helen: Astra Sheridan
Repeated 15th June 1983
[Giles Cooper award winner 1982]

7th July 1982
England, Their England (1933) by A. G. Macdonell (1895-1941) adapted by Barry Took
1 of 6: From Passchendale to Fordenden
Producer: Bobby Jaye
   the Narrator: Bill Paterson
   Donald Cameron: Alex Norton
   Evan Davies: Haydn Jones
   Landlady: Patricia Hayes
   Ogilvy: Leo Maguire
   Hodge: David Garth
   Harcourt: Steven Pacey
   Southcott: Michael McClain
   Smith: Edward Kelsey
Also with Caroline Jay
Pt2:14/7/82 Pt3:21/7/82 Pt4:28/7/82 Pt5:4/8/82 Pt6:11/8/82
[It is possible that Macdonnell was sent back home in WW1 with shell shock]
[Macdonell also wrote as Neil Gordan and John Cameron]

8th July 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Grecian Gifts By Maureen Donegan
A holiday in Crete
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
   Derek: Christian Rodska
   Pam: Janene Possell
   John: Kevin Flood
   Emma: Roisin Donaghy
   Mark: Joshua Miciiaud(?????)
   Waiter: Alan Devlin
   Singer: Tony McAuley

9th July 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Scrape Off the Black by Tundi Ikoli
Directed by Christopher Venning
   Rose: Mary MacLeod
   Trevor: Hugh Quarshie
   Mary: Irene Sutcliffe
   Andy: Okon Jones
   Bingo caller: David Gooderson
   Lady at bingo hall: Jean Trend
   Man at bingo hall: Alex Jennings

10th July 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Call For George Riley by Rob Gittins
Directed by Caroline Smith
BBC Manchester
   Narrator Bob Mason
   George/Welsh voice/Old Joe/Newsvendor: Ronald Herdman
   Mavis: Kathleen Helme
   Vicar/Scottish voice/Doctor/Second vicar: Russell Dixon
   Irish voice/Papal spokesman/Jake/Editor: Kenneth Alan Taylor
   Gertrude Grimm: Val Elliot
Repeated 13th July 1982

10th July 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Guardsman (1910) by Ferenc Molnar (1878-1952) translated by Frank Marcus
The year is 1910
Piano: Mary Nash
Directed by Glyn Dearman
   Ilona: Judi Dench
   Nandor: John Moffatt
   Bela: Francis Matthews
   Mother: Lally Bowers
   Liza: Tammy Ustinov
   Creditor: David Goodersom
   Usherette: Jean Trend
Repeated 26th December 1982

11th July 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Spring and Port Wine (1965) by Bill Naughton(1910-1992)
Parents look for thanks from their children.
Piano: Brian Layton
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
   Daisy Crompton: Judith Barker
   Florence Crompton: Anna Keaveney
   Betsy Jane: Paula Tilbrook
   Wilfred Crompton: Alun Bond
   Harold Crompton: Bob Mason
   Hilda Crompton: Claire Kinsale
   Rafe Crompton: Geoffrey Banks
   Arthur: Alan Rothwell
[Repeated from 25th and 31st August 1975, also repeated 1st July 1979]
[This play was first broadcast in a differing version as "My Flesh, My Blood", produced by Vivian A Daniels, in 1957 rptd 1958 with Alan Rothwell playing Wilf and Brian Trueman as Arthur.]

11th July 1982
A Small Town in Germany (1968) by John Le Carre (David John Moore Cornwell) (1931-2020) adapted by Rene Basilico
1 of 7: A minor diplomat disappears from the British Embassy in Bonn.
Producer: John Fawcett Wilson
   Alan Turner: Kenneth Haigh
   Rawley Bradfield: Bernard Hepton
   Peter de Lisle: David McAlister
   Lumley: Geoffrey Chater
   Ludwig Siebkron: Peter Von Wiese
   Cork: John Judd
   Gaunt/Padre: Douglas Blackwell
   Jimmy McMullen/Orchestra leader: Peter McGowan
Additional actors in later episodes (No cast list for Part 5):
   Announcer at Bundestag: Corinna Schnabel
   Arthur Meadowes: Norman Bird
   Dieter Langsdorf: John C Heller
   Dr Klaus Karfeld: Michael Mellinger
   Eva Langsdorf: Sabina Michael
   Guard: Johnny Wade
   Jenny Pargitter: Marcia Warren
   Johnny Slingo: John Kane
   Karl-Heinz Saab: Michael Wolf
   Mlckle Crabbe: Robert Lang
   Miss Chote: Miranda Forbes
   Porter: Milo Sperber
   Reception/Waiter/Erich: Michael Batz
   Sam Allerton: John Malcolm
   security officer: Wolf Kahler
   Hazel Bradfield: Ann Firbank
   Prashko: Carl Duering
   First embassy guard/Hans: Crawford Logan
   Second embassy guard: Spencer Banks
   Travel clerk/chambermaid: Sarah Collier
Pt2:21/7/82 Pt3:28/7/82 Pt4:4/8/82 Pt5:11/8/82 Pt6:18/8/82 Pt7:25/8/82
All 1982 episodes repeated three days later.

12th July 1982
The Monday Play: I am Mary Dunne (1968) by Brian Moore (1921-1999) dramatised by Derek Mahon
A Canadian in America marries an Englishman...
Directed by Michael Heffernan
   Mary: Liza Ross
   Janice: Toby Robins
   Rat: Peter Marinker
   Terence: Alex Jennings
   Ernie: Don Fellows
   Mrs Dunne: Margaret Robertson
   Reverend Mother: Madi Hedd
   Receptionist: Jill Lidstone
   Ivy League man: Jim Reid
   Waiter: Stuart Organ
   Sam: Crawford Logan
Repeated 18th July 1982
[Brian Moore emigrated to Canada and then lived in the United States]

14th July 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Abba Dabba Honeymoon by Elizabeth Troop
They have lived together for five years and then marry.
Directed by Richard Wortley
   Suzi: Frances Jeater
   Hugo: Crawford Logan
   Honor/Lil: Madi Hedd
   Theo: David Gooderson
   Youth/Waiter: Andrew Breakwell
   Jack: Spencer Banks
   Gloria: Theresa Streatfeild
   Mo: Jessica Turner
   Fred/Barman: Kenneth Shanley
   Rose: Katherine Parr
Repeated 12th September 1984
{The title is that of a 1914 song, which was sung by Debbie Reynolds in a 1950 musical film "Two weeks with love"]

15th July 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Mansion of the Mighty by John Fletcher
Top secret weapon research / a cricket match.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
   John Philips: Christopher Ettridge
   Dr Noel Saunders: John Rowe
   Dr Dillip Patel: Sean Barrett
   Dr Noam Rosenblum: Gabriel Woolf
   Lord Worcester: Peter Copley
   Lady Worcester: Julia Hills
   Sir Anthony: John Westbrook
   The Rev Jeffries: Sean Barrett
   Mrs Philips: Penelope Lee
   Roberts: Chris Harris
   Corporal Brown: Cornelius Garrett
   John as a boy: Alan Vincent

16th July 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Killing of Billy by Michael Davies
With the children of Dolau School, Llanharan
Directed by Enyd Williams
BBC Wales
   Billy Carver: Chris Chescoe
   Rhiannon Fisher: Marged Esli
   Molly Fisher: Elizabeth Morgan
   Gwen Fisher: Christine Pritchard
   Huw Fisher: Sion Probert
   Sonja Sobieski: Elizabeth Proud
   Steffan Morgan: Hugh Thomas
   Mrs Carver: Katherine Parr
   Jed Carver: Ray Handy
   Harry Morgan: Huw Ceredig

17th July 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Wednesday is Yoga Day by Jacki Holborough
A women's high security prison
Song written and performed by Cat Coull
Technical presentation David Fleming Williams and Maggie Richmond
Directed By: Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester
   Prisoner: Jacki Holborough
Also with Rosalind Knight, Valerie Windsor, Sue Jenkins, Valerie Georgeson and Anne Ryi
Repeated 20th July 1982
[A Binaural recording- to be listened to on earphones.]

17th July 1982
The Lord of the Rings by J. R. B. Tolkien adapted by Brian Sibley and Michael Bakewell
1 of 13: The Shadow of the Past
Music composed and conducted by Stephen Oliver.
Radlophonic sound by Elizabeth Parker
Technical presentation by David Greenwood and Peter Novis, assisted by Buna Barkham, Richard Beadsmoore, Paul Pearson and Tim Sturgeon.
Directed by Jane Morgan and Penny Leicester
   Frodo: Ian Holm
   Gandalf: Michael Hordern
   Bilbo: John Le Mesurier
   Gollum: Peter Woodthorpe
   Sam: William Nighy
   Saruman: Peter Howell
   Narrator: Gerard Murphy
   Lord of the Nazgul: Philip Voss
   Mouth of Sauron: John Rye
   Radagast: Donald Gee
   Deagol: Graham Faulkner
   Gaffer Gamgee: John Church
   Sandyman: Gordon Reid
   Daddy Twofoot: Leonard Fenton
Also with Diana Bishop, Kathryn Hurlbutt, John Livesey, David McAlister, Martyn Read, Christopher Scott, Michael Spice, John Webb and Haydn Wood.
Additional cast in later episodes:
Alan Dudley, Alexander John, Andrew Seear, Anthony Hyde, Brian Haines, Chris Fairbank, David Colling, David Sinclair, Douglas Livingstone, Elim Jenkins, Hugh Dickson, Jack May, James Grout, Jenny Lee, John Bott, John McAndrew, Marian Diamond, Michael Graham Cox, Michael McStay, Patrick Barr, Paul Brooke, Pauline Letts, Peter Vaughan, Richard O'Callaghan, Robert Stephens, Sean Arnold, Simon Cadell, Sonia Fraser, Stephen Thorne
The subsequent 12 episodes were weekly with episode 13 on 9th October 1982.
The series was first broadcast in 26 half hour episodes commencing 8th March 1981, repeated three days later.
The series was repeated in the 13x 1 hour format commencing: 8th March 1987

17th July 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: An Offshore Wind by Michael Davies
Why was he made redundant?
Directed by Gerry Jones
   Tom Powell: John Rowe
   Theo Manolopolos: Nigel Graham
   Mr Jefferson: Allan Cuthbertson
   Philip Hedley: John Pullen
   Dr Willis: Peter Tuddenham
   Arthur Deacon: Gareth Armstrong
   Rig superintendent: Hugh Dickson
   Margaret Powell: Theresa Streatfeild
   Mrs Manolopolos: Rosalind Adams
   Judge: Anthony Newlands
Repeated 19th July 1982

18th July 1982
A Dance to the Music of Time. Based on books by Anthony Powell. Dramatised by Frederick Bradnum.
Return to civilian life after WW2.
1 of 3: Books Do Furnish a Room
Title music composed by Antony Miall
Directed by Graham Gauld
   Nicholas Jenkins: Noel Johnson
   Widmerpool: Brian Hewlett
   Pamela: Jo Manning Wilson
   Bagshaw: David Gooderson
   Sillery: Preston Lockwood
   Ada Leintwardine: Frances Jeater
   Short: Alan Dudley
   Lady Isobel: Elizabeth Proud
   Dicky Umfraville: Brian Carroll
   J G Quiggin: Gordon Dulieu
   Alfred: John Church
   Lady Craggs: Susan Sloman
   Norah: Sonia Fraser
   Blanche: Theresa Streatfeild
   Frederica: Phyllida Nash
   Mona: Tammy Ustinov
Additional cast in parts 2 and 3:
   Trapnel: Steve Hodson-2
   Moreland: Sion Probert-2
   Ted Jeavons: John Bott-2
   Odo Stevens: John Baddeley-2
   Hugo Tolland: John Gray-2
   Roddy Cutts: Geoffrey Collins-2
   Evadne Clapham: Miranda Forbes-2
   Le Bas: Peter Pratt-3
This part repeated 20th July 1982.
   Pt2:25/7/82, repeated 27th July 1982
   Pt3: 1/8/82 repeated 3/8/82.
[This series is based upon the book "Do Furnish a Room", book 9 of Anthony Powell's 12 novels]
[The series title was also used on the radio for the other books, serialised as follows:
   A Question of Upbringing (1951)-2 parts comm 22/7/79
   A Buyer's Market (1952)-2 parts,comm 5/8/79
   The Acceptance World (1955)-2 parts comm 21/8/79
   At Lady Molly's (1957)-3 parts,comm 12/7/80
   Casanova's Chinese Restaurant (1960)-2 parts comm 26/7/80
   The Kindly Ones (1962)-2 parts comm 9/8/80
   The Valley of Bones (1964)- 2 parts comm 14/6/81
   The Soldier's Art (1966)-2 parts comm 28/6/81
   The Military Philosophers (1968)-2 parts comm 12/7/81
   Books Do Furnish a Room (1971)-3 parts comm 18/7/82
   Temporary Kings (1973)-3 parts, comm 8/8/82
   Hearing Secret Harmonies (1975)-2 parts comm 29/8/82
   Most parts were repeated two or three days later.]

19th July 1982
The Monday Play: Building Babel by Chris Barlas
A rich uncle funds a commune, but at what cost?
Directed by Richard Wortley
   Dike: Peter Woodthorpe
   Lou: Jessica Turner
   Mobius: Geoffrey Matthews
   Simon: John Salthouse
   Henry: Henry Knowles
   Miriam: Rosalind Adams
   Rachel: Kate Harper
   Bolton: Nigel Graham
   Maeve and Iris: Theresa Streatfeild
   Hargreaves: James Kerry
Repeated 25th July 1982

21st July 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Watch This Space by Paul Allen
"Early retirement"
Directed by David Sheasby
BBC Manchester
   News editor/Union official: D. Geoff Tomlinson
   Michael: Chris Wilkinson
   Eddie Thorpe: James Tomlinson
   Joy Thorpe: Maggie Lane
   Mother: Sandra Voe
   Frank Little: Peter Bell

22nd July 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Manilla Galleon by David Fisher
The Great Galleon Robbery is planned.
Drums: Tony McVey
Directed by Michael Bartlett
   William Dampier (1651-1715): John Woodvine
   Judith/Grace: Miranda Forbes
   Mr Hobby/Capt Swann: Michael Miller
   Basil Rlngrose: John Rye
   Capt Rogers: Martyn Read
   Esteourt: Peter Tuddenham
   Old sailor: James Kerry
   Cook/Sloane: Paul Whitworth
   Capt Sharp/Dr Dover: Jim Reid
[For over two centuries the Manila Galleon sailing route went across the Pacific from the Spanish East Indies to Mexico]

23rd July 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Clara, Jude and Daniel by Jane Beeson
An eleven year old boy stops speaking.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
   Billington: Anthony Newlands
   Clara: Fiona Walker
   Dr Slater: Neville Jason
   Jude: Kenneth Colley
   Regional officer: Madi Hedd
   Packer: John Webb
   Nurse/Daniel: Rosalind Adams

24th July 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Innocent by W.R.Jones
A girl leaves the Welsh valley for London.
Directed By: Enyd Williams
BBC Wales
   the Man: Timothy West
   the Girl: Donna Edwards
Repeated 27th July 1982

24th July 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Greatest Coup by Derek Kartun (1919-2005)
1878: The story of how the TIMES printed the Treaty of Berlin- before it had been signed.
Directed By: John Theocharis
   Henri ....de Blowitz (1825-1903): Bill Wallis
   Mackenzie Wallace: Tom Watson
   Roger: Steve Hodson
   Ridel: James Aubrey
   Isabelle: Tessa Wojtczak
   Dr Abel: Clive Swift
   Williams/Bismarck: Peter Tuddenham
   MacDonald: Nigel Graham
   MacDonald: Ronald Herdman
   Disraeli/Waddington: Anthony Newlands
   Crown Prince: Stuart Organ
   Crown Princess: Wendy Murray
also with Spencer Banks, Madi Hedd and Jean Trend
Repeated 26th July 1982

24th July 1982
Anchor and Hope (1980) by Jo Anderson
The Woolwich Hulks, prison ships.
Piano: Iain Kendell; Accordion: Henry Krein
Directed by Alec Rod
Presented by: Jo Anderson
   Barrington: John Gower
   Warder: John Hollis
   The Times commentator: Godfrey Kenton
   Queen Victoria: Penelope Lee
   Whitechapel convict: David McAlister
   Agent: Hugh Dickson
   Prince Albert: Stuart Organ
   Carpenter: Spencer Banks
   Pip: Zac Nicholson
   Mrs Joe: Madi Hedd
   Charles Dickens: Steve Hodson
   Judge: Ronald Herdman
   Miss West: Jean Trend
   Dunscombe: David Gooderson
   Thomas Reid: John Livesey
   Mate: Crawford Logan
   Capper: John Warner
   Boy: Bradley Hardiman
   Female convicts: Frances Jeater, Theresa Steatfeild, Miranda Forbes, Jill Lidstone, Wendy Murray
Repeated 9th October 1983

26th July 1982:
The Monday Play: Tristram Shandy by Laurence Sterne (1713-1768) dramatised by Peter Buckman
Irrelevant anecdote and love of humorous serendipity.
Music by James Walker
Musicians: Bassoon: Roger Hellyer; Cello: Julia Vorhalik
Directed bv Penny Gold
   Tristram: Nigel Hawthorne
   Uncle Toby: Robert Lane
   Mr Shandy: Richard Hurndall
   Widow Wadman: Vivian Pickles
   Mrs Shandy: Jean Trend
   Dr Slop: Peter Woodthorpe
   Corporal Trim: William Nighy
   Bridget: Frances Jeater
   Susannah: Theresa Streatfeild
   Obadiah: James Kerry
   Parson Yorick: Jim Reid
   Curate: Simon Hewitt
   Midwife: Katherine Parr
Repeated 1st August 1982 and 20th March 1993.

28th July 1982
Afternoon Theatre: A Respectable Wedding (1919) by Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) translated by Jean Benedetti (1930-2012)
The problems and difficulties of a wedding.
Guitar: Mitch Dalton
Director: Jeremy Mortimer
   the bride: Stacy Dorning
   her father: John Carson
   Heinrich: Alex Jennings
   Bride's sister: Patience Tomlinson
   Peter: William Nighy
   Emmeline: Frances Jeater
   Egbert: David Gooderson
   Hans: Simon Hewitt
[Original title: Die Kleinburgerhochzeit ]

29th July 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Ordinary Levels by Reginald Hill (1936-2012)
The daughter's friend goes missing.
Directed by Margaret Etall
   Andrew Kershaw: Crawford Logan
   Belle Kershaw: Susan Lebel
   Alice Kershaw: Deborah Makepeace
   Stanley Johnson: Stuart Organ
   Mary Johnson: Frances Jeater
   Det Sgt Inch: James Kerry
Repeated 28th June 1984.
[Reginald Hill was a secondary school teacher for a few years. He is better known as a crime novelist who used several pseudonyms, and is best known for his characters Dalziel & Pascoe]
[This is the sole credit for "Susan Lebel" in the BBC Programme Database.]

30th July 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Summer Madness by John P. Rooney
A demonstration in Ireland, a mutiny in India. 1920.
Poem read by Alan Devlin
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
   Colonel Deacon: Ronald Baddiley
   Lt Leader: Steve Hodson
   Fr Baker: Basil Moss
   James Daly: Jim Norton
   Joe Hawes: Sean Barrett
   Sergeant: Michael Duffy
   Pat Gogarty: Barry McGovern
   Singer: Tony McAuley
(Postponed from 13 May)
Repeated from 31st July 1980.

31st July 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Tea on Sunday by Jessica Gibson Jarvie
All Terry wants is a quiet life.
Directed by: John Cardy
   Terry: Spencer Banks
   Mum: Pat Coombs
   Dad: Ronald Herdman
   Carol: Glynis Brooks
   Peter: Simon Hewitt
Repeated 3rd August 1982
[This is the only credit on the BBC Programme Database for Jessica Gibson Jarvie]

31st July 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Hubris File by Rod Beacham (1940-2013)
A senior civil servant has vanished.
Directed by Gerry Jones
   David Pargeter: David Pargeter
   Mariane Pargeter: Jean Trend
   Simon Nash: David McAlister
   Ewan Macleod: Henry Stamper
   Ralph Hardcastle: Peter Tuddenham
   Tony Vetch: Spencer Banks
   Foreign Minister: Michael Godley
   Luther Bray: Nigel Graham
   Rory Rees: Crawford Logan
   Jean Williams: Wendy Murray
Repeated 2nd August 1982

2nd August 1982
The Monday Play: Accounts by Michael Wilcox
A Scottish Borders farm.
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland
   Mary: Madelaine Newton
   Andy: Kevin Whately
   Donald: Cliff Burnett
   James: George Pensotti
   Duff: Tony Roper
Repeated 8th August 1982

4th August 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Clubnight by Ken Blakeson
The pressure mounts from all sides.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
   Ossie Clark: Ray Mort
   Beattie Clark: Judith Barker
   Robby Robson: Paul Webster
   Scam Scamson: James Tomlinson
   Joanne Clark: Lesley Nicol
   Ada: Sally Gibson
   Elsie Robson: Marlene Sidaway
   Stanley/Dr Patel: Colin Meredith
   Jim/Mr Coombes: Russell Dixon

5th August 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Conducted Tour (Objizdka- 1978) by Pavel Landovsky (1936-2014) translated by Ewald Osers (1917-2011)
Imprisoned for subversion, he realises that there is little likelihood of his being set free.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
   Hervle: Andrew Sachs
   Fiidler: Sean Arnold
   Novak: Anthony Jackson
   Malek: Andrew Branch
   Makovsky: John Bott
   Kubelka: Gordon Reid
   Sonya: Miranda Forbes
   Jane: Wendy Murray
   Frank: Sean Barrett
   Vince: Nigel Anthony
[The only radio credit for Landovsky in the BBC Programme database, About the time this play was written he was beaten by secret agents and had his leg broken, causing him to flee to the West.]

6th August 1982
Afternoon Theatre: A Name from the Backstreets by Robin Smyth
For an ex-convict, it is difficult to go straight.
Directed by Graham Gauld
   Jowett: Edward Kelsey
   Eileen: June Spencer
   Det Insp Martins: Henry Knowles
   Pritchard: Spencer Banks
   Governor: Peter Tuddenham
   Shots Spencer: Hugh Dickson
   Monk Harley: David Gooderson
   Leo Reed: Malcolm James
   Carol Hill: Jill Lidstone
   Larry Chadwick: Steve Hodson
   Tommie Hill: Ronald Herdman
   Gladys Hill: Frances Jeater
   Josie Lyle: Jean Trend

7th August 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Flight of the Swan by Jean MacVean(1916-1996)
Is a marriage failed, and if so why.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
   Victoria: Rosalind Shanks
   Robert: Michael Culver
   Bernard: David Neal
Repeated 10th August 1982

7th August 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Operation Lightning Pegasus by Alick Rowe (1938-2009)
What really happened at the Fall of Troy?
Harp: Valerie Aldrich-Smith
Directed by Shaun MacLaughlin
BBC Bristol
   Agamemnon: Timothy West
   Diomedes: Geoffrey Bateman
   Paris: Tim Bentinck
   Odysseus: Hugh Dickson
   Menelaus: Sion Probert
   Helen: Norma Ronald
   Hector: Neil Stacy
   Achilles: Henry Stamper
   Andromache: Joy Harrison
   Melops: Christian Rodska
   Philicus: Ronald Herdman
   Patroclus: Nicholas Courtney
   Priam: Andrew Hilton
   Cassandra: Rosalind Adams
Repeated from 7th and 9th November 1981
Repeated 30th January 1993 and 30th October 1993
[Also broadcast on BBC7 2007, 2008, 2009 and on Radio 4 Extra 2012, 2014]

8th August 1982
A Dance to the Music of Time: Temporary Kings by Frederick Bradnum
(Book 11 of 12)(Part 1 of 3)
Directed by Graham Gauld
   Nicholas Jenkins: Noel Johnson
   Widmerpool: Brian Hewlett
   Russell Gwinnett: Peter Marinker
   Dr Brightman: Margot Boyd
   Pamela: Jo Manning Wilson
   Ada: Frances Jeater
   Trapnel: Steve Hodson
   Mark Members: Ronald Berdman
   Louis Glober: Alan Tilvern
   Tokenhouse: Willoughby Gray
Additional actors in later parts:
   Bagshaw: David Gooderson (2)
   Odo Stevens: John Baddeley(2)
   Rosie: Hilda Schroder(2)
   Sunny Farebrother: Hugh Dickson(2)
   Bagshaw Senior: Cyril Conway(2)
   ??? : Christopher Scott(2)
   Lintot: Walter Hall(2)
   Moreland: Sion Probert(3)
   Short: Alan Dudley(3)
   J G Quiggin: Gordon Dulieu(3)
   Isobel: Elizabeth Proud(3)
   Dr Emily Brightman: Margot Boyd(3)
   Bill Truscott: Jeffry Wickham(3)
   Jimmy Stripling: Charles Hodson(3)
   Norman Chandler: Andrew Branch(3)
   L O Salvidge: John Forbes Robertson(3)
   Mrs Erdleigh: Betty Baskcomb(3)
   Audrey Maclintick: Jenny Lee(3)
   Polly Duport: Patience Tomlinson(3)
Part2:15/8/82 Part3:22/8/82
Each part repeated after two days.
For a complete series list please refer to 18th July 1982 above.

9th August 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Hampdenshire Wonder by Jeffrey Segal adapted by J. D. Beresford
See 29th May 1982 above.

9th August 1982
The Monday Play: The Butcher, the Baker by Jonathan Smith
World War Two Czechoslovakia.
Violinists: Diana Dixon and Peter Tanfield
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin.
BBC Bristol
   Eduard Benes: Barry Foster
   Reinhard Heydrich: David Buck
   Jan Masaryk: John Franklyn Robblns
   Colonel Moravec: Stephen Thorne
   Una Heydrich: Hazel McBride
   Admiral Canaris: John Abineri
   Erika Canaris: Ingrid Hafner
   Kubis: Christian Rodska
   GabCik: David McAlister
Also with Hugh Dickson, Rex Holdsworth, John Livesey, David Ponting.
Repeated 15th August 1982

11th August 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Baby and the Bathwater by Hilary Burford
Matrimonial separation and the lessons that must be learned for independence.
With schoolchildren from the Crown Meadow First School, Alvechurch, Worcestershire
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Birmingham
   Ruth: Jill Meers
   Eddie: Denis Lill
   Jim: Peter Brookes
   Sally: Daphne Neville
   Ken: Ray Llewellyn
   Headmlstress: Eileen Barry
   Tony/Doctor: Terry Molloy
   Gilbert/Lecturer in creative writing: David Vann
   Tony/Sociology lecturer: Terry Pearson
   Supervisor/pE lecturer: John Livesey
   Woman at party/Student: Heather Barrett

12th August 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Marche Militaire by Brian Miller
A toy inventor, his new toys, and his son.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
   George: Christopher Ettridge
   Mavis: Ingrid Hafner
   J B: Norman Bowler
   Jonathan: Jonathan Waterman
   The Toys: Private Simple: Cornelius Garrett
   The Toys: Sergeant Major: Trevor Martin
   The Toys: General: Hedley Goodall
   King: Alan Dudley
   Queen: Susan Dowdall
   Princess: Sarah Benfield
   Allen: Andrew Hilton
   Tankman: David Ponting
   Old Soldier: Peter Tuddenham
Repeated 2nd February 1985

13th August 1982
Afternoon Theatre: How Much? by Gloria Parkinson
Redundancy offers independance - at a price.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
   Bob Cook: Roy Barraclocgh
   June Cook: Ann Rye
   Sue: Lesley Nicol
   Mr Roberts: Keith Clifford
   Traveller: Davjd Fleeshman
   Young mum: Sue Jenkins

14th August 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Great Times Crossword Conspiracy by Ken Whitmore
Senior staff are not applying their minds to the business.
Directed by: Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
   Jim: Tony Robinson
   Mother: Meg Johnson
   Contrabine: Bob Grant
   Miss Birdsong: Bonnie Hurren
   Sparkle: Peter Wheeler
   Clerk: Steven Granville
Repeated 17th August 1982 and 22nd December 1982 and 26th March 1983.

14th August 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Who's Talking About an Arrest? by George Dures
Murder and corruption.
Directed by: Richard Wortley
   Det Sgt Ritchie: Peter Gordon
   Det Sgt O'Connell: Nigel Anthony
   Police Constable: Spencer Banks
   Dot: Jean Trend
   Esmeralda: Dona Croll
   Georgie Dykes: John Rye
   Det Insp Bill: Hugh Dickson
   Pathologist: Gordon Reid
   Charlie Tic-Tac: Steve Hodson
   Irish publican: James Kerry
   Traffic policeman: Stuart Organ
   Disco compere: Simon Hewitt
Repeated 16th August 1982

16th August 1982
The Monday Play: That Which Was Lost (1930) by Francois Mauriac (1885-1970) dramatised by Joan O'Connor
Directed by Jane Morgan
   Herve: Anthony Higgins
   Marcel: Tom Wilkinson
   Irene: Valerie Sarrup
   Tota: Tessa Wojtczak
   Alain: Simon Hewitt
   Mme de Blenauge: Joan Matheson
   Mme de Forcas: Katherine Parr
   Rosalie: Jill Lidstone
   Marie Chaves: Frances Jeater
Repeated 22nd August 1982
[Original title "Ce qui etait perdu"- the BBC give no indication of a translator. A 1931 translation gave the English title as "Suspicion", the above title was given to a 1951 translation]

18th August 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Tigers by Elizabeth Kay
A family holiday in Cornwall.
Guitar: John Bull
Directed by Cherry Cookson
   Jennie: Theresa Streatfeild
   Mike: Michael N Harbour
   Paul: John Bull
   Sarah: Rosalind Adams
   DJ: Crawford Logan
   Lyon: James Kerry

19th August 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Old and Blue by Allen Saddler (Ronald Richards 1923-2011)
A village manor house is to become a movie set...
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
   ????? : Nicholas Courtney
   Billy: Steve Hodson
   David: John Warner
   Josie: Patience Tomlinson
   Albert: Hedley Goodall
   Moira: Carol Howard
   Audrey: Pat Field
   Maisie: Ann Morris
   Millie: Patricia Gibson
Also with Brian Gear and Hubert Tucker

20th August 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Blood Brothers by Sheila Bradley
June 1939. A confusion between the unity of Scouting and the unity of the Fatherland.
With the help of the First Congi?Kton Pennine Scout Troop
Directed by Pat Trueman
BBC Manchester
   Edmund: Spencer Banks
   ??? : Jill Lidstone
   Pathfinder: James Foyser
   Mother: Delia Corrie
   Father: Michael Poole
   Jim: Michael Garner
   Skip: Stuart Richman
   Amy: Kate Lee

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21st August 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: I'll Never Be Seven by Gilbert Leautier (1945-2018) translated by Kitty Black
Directed by Martin Jenkins
   the Little Girl: Prunella Scales
   Mother: Miranda Forbes
   Father: Crawford Logan
   Martine: Theresa Streatfeild
Repeated 24th August 1982
[first produced by Swiss Radio in 1980 as "J'ai failli avoir sept ans"]

21st August 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Carrara Cherub by Richard Maher and Roger Michell
America, the 1920s, a Private Investigator.
Music composed Ed Welch
Piano: Ed Welch; Saxophone: Ron Aspery
Directed by Peter King
   Ray Damon: Gary Waldhorn
   Evelyn Morse: Miranda Forbes
   George Remus: Nigel Graham
   Klug: Hal Galili (1926-1983)
   Forbes Randolph: Alan Tilvern
   Benno Macaliskey: Ronnie Letham
   Frank Ollivetti: Anthony Newlands
   Sylvie Lennox: Madi Hedd
   Scales: Tom Hunsinger
   Landlady: Miriam Margolyes
   Fix Guinan: Gay Baynes
   Albert: Ellis Dale
   Lt Powell: Stuart Milligan
   Carlo: Roger Michell
Repeated 23rd August 1982

23rd August 1982
The Monday Play: The Visiting Hour by William Ingram (1930-2013)
Who are his real friends?
Directed by Enyd Williams
BBC Wales
   Thomas: Gerald James
   Nurse Ronnie: Hugh Thomas
   Sarah: Nesta Harris
   Bella: Margaret John
   Brynmor: Robert Pugh
   Will Sam: Ernest Evans
Repeated 29th August 1982

25th August 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Mrs Potter's Portrait by Carol Richards
Music by Clive Whitburn
When you commission a painting, you need to specify the subject and know the painter.
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Birmingham
   Nicholas Smith: Gareth Armstrong
   Aunt Etty Smith: Eliza Hunt
   Daphne Potter: Patricia Gallimore
   Peter Potter: John Baddeley
   Marjorie Picton: Jill Meers
   Dennis Picton: Gordon Reid
   Amos Strike: Terry Molloy
Repeated from 9th October 1980

26th August 1982
Afternoon Theatre: That Girl in 27 by Graham Blackett
Repeated from 29th April 1982- please see above.

27th August 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Hooligan by Herbert Eisner (1921-2011)
Tanya visits the Doctor.
Directed by Christopher Venning
   Tanya: Nlcolette McKenzie
   Doctor: John Rowe
   Hooligan: Stephen Garlick
   Boy: Neil Hayden
   Secretary: Katherine Parr
   Inmate/Bureau man: Steve Hodson

28th August 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: A Visit from Miss Prothero by Alan Bennett
A quiet contented retirement, then a visit from Miss Prothero.
Directed By: Matthew Walters
   Narrator: Alan Bennett
   Miss Prothero: Patricia Routledge
   Mr Dodsworth: Hugh Lloyd
Repeated from 16th December 1980
[Also broadcast on R4X in 2013]
[Hugh Lloyd and Patricia Routledge also played in the 1978/1979 TV version]

28th August 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Relatively Speaking by Alan Ayckbourn
Mistaken identities and confusions....
Directed by Kay Patrick
   Greg: Nigel Lambert
   Ginny: Joanna Wake
   Philip: Michael Aldridge
   Sheila: Rosemary Leach
Repeated from 25th December 1975
Also broadcast 3rd May 1976 and 31st December 1977
Repeated 25th December 1988
[Formerly titled in 1965 as "Meet My Father"]
[Also broadcast on R4X in 2014, 2017]

29th August 1982
Outbreak of Fear by R. D. Wingfield
1 of 5: The Body on the Beach. A new policeman in a small village.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol.
   Sergeant Fowler: Leslie Sands
   Constable Roy Beaumont: Nick Orchard
   Fred Dickey: Fred Bryant
   Dave Clark: Cornelius Garrett
   Doctor: Paul Nicholson
   Kim: Deborah Paige
   Mitchell: Conrad Phillips
   Rose: Gillie Gratham
   Albert: Douglas Leach
   Mrs Trevor: Patricia Gibson
Additional actors in later episodes:
   Ann Morrish, Brian Gear, Derek Graham, Jim Reid, John Gabriel, Malcolm Young, Nicholas Courtney, Roger Leach, Ronald Russel, Rosemary Sigel
Pt2:5/9/82 Pt3:12/9/82 Pt4:19/9/82 Pt5:26/9/82
Each 1982 part repeated after three days
Repeated commencing 16/3/88
[This production repeated on BBC7 in 2007,2008, 2009, 2010 and on R4X in 2012, 2014, 2017, 2020, 2022]
[A five part program with this title on BBC7 in 2007 was the reading of a different work by Simon Brett- BBC7 had two different programs with the same name just months apart...]

29th August 1982
A Dance to the Music of Time: Hearing Secret Harmonies - Based on books by Anthony Powell. Dramatised by Frederick Bradnum.
Book 12-Part 1 of 2:
Title music composed by Antony Miall
Technical assistance by Carol McShane, Roy Fraser, Anne Hunt and Diana Barkham
Directed by Graham Gauld
   Nicholas Jenkins: Noel Johnson
   Widmerpool: Brian Hewlett
   Scorpio Murtlock: Crawford Logan
   Gibson Delavacquerie: Roy Spencer
   Isobel: Elizabeth Proud
   J G Quiggin: Gordon Dulleu
   Norah: Sonia Fraser
   Ada: Frances Jeater
   Hugo: John Gray
   Mark Members: Ronald Herdman
   Russell Gwinnett: Peter Marinker
   Dr Emily Brightman: Margot Boyd
   Sunny Farebrother: Hugh Dickson
   Norman Chandler: Andrew Branch
   L O Salvidge: John Forbes Robertson
   Mr Gauntlett: Wilfrid Carter
   Barnabas Henderson: Anthony Daniels
   Matilda Donners: Liza Flanagan
   Fiona Cutts: Jill Lidstone
   Mrs Woodley: Madi Hedd
Additional actors in part 2:
   Flavia Wisebite: Patricia Leventon
   Dicky Umfraville: Brian Carroll
   Frederlca: Phyllida Nash
   Mr Gauntlett: Wilfrid Carter
   Bithel: Anthony Hall
   Greening: Stuart Organ
   Susan Cutts: Lolly Cockerell
   Veronica Tolland: Paddy Turner
Repeated 31st August 1982
Please see 18th July 1982 above for a full list of the whole series.

30th August 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Daughter of Time (1951) by Josephine Tey (1896-1952), dramatised by Neville Teller
Stuck in hospital, Grant decides to solve the riddle of the murder of the two princes in the Tower. History is what the winners say it is.
Directed by Graham Gauld
   Alan Grant: Peter Gilmore
   Nurse Ingham: Frances Jeater
   Nurse Darroll: Jill Lidstone
   Marta Hallard: Rosalind Shanks
   Brent Carradine: Simon Hewitt
   Richard: Steve Hodson
   Tyrrel: Nigel Lambert
   Brackenbury: Lewis Stringer
   Lady Paston: Miranda Forbes
   Edward: Graham Faulkner
   Matron: Katherine Parr
   Williams: Stuart Organ
   Morton: Peter Tuddenbam
   Buckingham: Alex Jennings
   Stillington: James Thomason
   Sir John: Alaric Cotter
Repeated 25th December 1982
[There was an earlier production by Nesta Pain in 1952 with John Slater as Grant]

30th August 1982
The Monday Play: The Warden by Anthony Trollope (1815-1882), adapted by Ray Jenkins
The opening novel of the Barchester series. Twelve men are cared for- do they receive what the benefactor wished them to?.
Cello: Christopher Van Kampen
Directed by Margaret Etall
   Anthony Trollope: Freddie Jones
   The Rev Septimus Harding: Timothy Bateson
   Eleanor: Jenny Seagrove
   Archdeacon Grantly: Alan Bennett
   John Bold: Simon Hewitt
   Mary Bold: Wendy Murray
   Susan Grantly: Rosalind Adams
   Tom Towers: John Rye
   Sir Abraham Haphazard: Anthony Newlands
   Chadwick: Alex Jennings
   Cox: Stuart Organ
   Cummins: Crawford Logan
   Bunce: Peter Tuddenham
   Handy: Nigel Graham
   Moody: James Kerry
   Skulpit: Ronald Herdman
   Spriggs: Jim Reid
   Gazy: Michael Bilton
   Crumple: John Bott
   Bell: Lionel Taylor
Repeated 26th December 1983
[There was a version by Martin Wade, produced by Cherry Cookson, in 1995, rptd 1998 with Alec McGowan as Septimus]

31st August 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Lancaster Gate End by Alun Owen
Repeated from 8th June 1982- please see above.

1st September 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Embroidered Cloth by Ralph Meredith
Directed by Brun Dean
BBC Northern Ireland
   Mrs Raven: Elizabeth Begley
   Jack: Stephen Garlick
   Mary: Stella McCusker
   Margaret: Aingeal Grehan
   Martin: John Hewitt

2nd September 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Goodbye My Love by Robert Birmingham
She arrived in Britain for a promised better life- why did no letters from home arrive?
Directed by Margaret Etall
   Mother: Yvonne Brewster
   Elaine: Elizabeth Adare
   Kelly: Joseph Marcell
   Theresa: Cleo Sylvestre
   Landlord: Olu Jacobs
   Mrs Black: Mona Hammond
   Security man: Stuart Organ
   IntervIewer: Jean Trend
Also with Simon Hewitt and Jim Reid

3rd September 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Lalo by Andrew Tyrrell
When his wife dies, her husband becomes dependent on his daughter.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
   Una: Felicity Hayes-McCoy
   Michael: Frank Grimes
   Fr Gilbert: John Rogan
   Old woman: Anna Wing
   Young woman/Second Schoolgirl: Maggie Shevlin
   Priest: John Bott
   First schoolgirl: Clare Travers-Deacon
Repeated from 26th January 1980

4th September 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Old Times, Good Times by David Williams
Decluttering and nostalgia.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
   Christine: Denise Welch
   Mike: Christian Rodska
   Bobby: Edward Wilson
Repeated 7th September 1982

4th September 1982
Saturday Night Theatre: In the Secret State (1980) by Robert McCrum dramatised by Denys Hawthorne
Vast amounts of computer data, Secrecy and temptation.
Directed by Roger Pine
BBC Birmingham
   Frank Strange: Denys Hawthorne
   Quitman: Michael N. Harbour
   Liz: Hedli Niklaus
   Hayter: Geoffrey Matthews
   Davenport: Haydn Jones
   Selzer: Nigel Graham
   Fenton: Henry Stamper
   Ellison: Alan Devereux
   Dangerfield: Frederick Trevis
   Hoskins: Peter Tuddenham
   Mrs Lister: Elizabeth Revill
   Preece: Simon Carter
   Cooper: Terry Coates
   Keat: Stanley Page
   Mayer: Leon Tanner
Repeated 6th September 1982

5th September 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Old Jest (1979) by Jennifer Johnston, dramatised by Denys Hawthorns
1920: 18th birthday. Dublin.
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
   Nancy: Marcella O'Riordan
   Mary: Pauline Delany
   Bridie: Mairin O'Sullivan
   Grandfather: John Welsh
   Harry: Bosco Hogan
   Maeve: Angela Harding
   Man: Norman Rodway
   Georgina: Margot Boyd
   Cella: Kathleen Helms
   Joe: Colm Meaney
   Rankin: Christopher Scott
   Corporal: John Webb
Repeated from 30th March 1981 and 5th April 1981
[Marcella O'Riordan was joint winner of the 1981 Pye Society of Authors' Award for her performance in this production]

6th September 1982
The Monday Play: Farewell, My Friend (1929) by Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) translated by K. R. Kripalani (1907-1992) dramatised by William Ash
Can anyone match a preconceived ideal?
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester
   Amit: Sam Dastor
   Labanya: Shireen Shah
   Tagore: Renu Setna
   Bulu: Lyndam Gregory
   Cissie: Shreela Ghosh
   Katie: Sneh Gupta
   Yogamaya: Zohra Segal
   Jatishankar: Raj Patel
Repeated 12th September 1982

8th September 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Day Return by Peter MacKie
Leaving prison, a father wishes to contact his son.
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Birmingham
   Jill: Patricia Gallimore
   Frank: Denis Lill
   Eddie: John Judd
   Mike: Marco Ferraro
   Det Sgt Flowers: Terry Molloy
   Sue: Theresa Streatfeild
   Maurice: Stanley Page
   Jean: Katherine Parr
   Mary: Diana Cox
   Albert: David Vann

9th September 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Circus by Sean Walsh
The Circus comes to town. A daughter returns home and says she is married.
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
   Dick: T P McKenna
   Nora: Kate Binchy
   Clem: Kevin Flood
   Maureen: Trudy Kelly
   Dale: Desmond McAleer
   Marcella: Ingrid Craigie
   Hughie: John Keyes
10th September 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Sand by Howard Wakeling
He returns to his old home and seeks to find out about the death of his mother.
Directed by Gerry Jones
   Derek: Gareth Armstrong
   Jenny: Theresa Streatfield
   Mrs Joyce: Sylvia Coleridge
   Miss Harrison: Margot Boyd
   Voice: Nadia McKay

11th September 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Speak No Evil by Juliet Ace
Family secrets.
Director Enyd Williams
   Mam: Elizabeth Morgan
   Gareth: John Griffiths
   Geralnt: Rhys Powis
Repeated 16th September 1982

11th September 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Roncevaux by Dennie Ashton
It is 778. The place is Spain. Everyone is at war.
Directed by Ian Cotterell
   Charlemagne: John Turner
   Ganelon: Clive Francis
   Roland his nephew: Geoffrey Burridge
   Tierry: Simon Hewitt
   Marsile, King of Saragossa: James Kerry
   Blancandrin, his adviser: David Gooderson
   Oliver, Roland's friend: Alex Jennings
   Naimes: Anthony Newlands
   Emir: Brian Sanders
Also with Spencer Banks, Nigel Graham, Steve Hodson, and Jim Reid
Repeated 13th September 1982
[This work is the only credit for Dennie Ashton in the BBC Programme Database]

12th September 1982
The Bride of Lammermoor by Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) adapted by Catherine Lucy Czerkawska
1 of 5: A Girl So Gentle
Music composed by John Sampson and played by Robert Handleigh, Aileen Weir, and John Sampson
Directed by Marilyn Ireland (aka Imrie)
BBC Scotland
   Edgar Ravenswood: David Rintoul
   Lucy Ashton: Gerda Stevenson
   Sir Walter Scatt: Tom Fleming
   Sir William Ashton/Second man: Robert Trotter
   Lady Ashton: Mary Riggans
   Craigengelt: Alec Heggie
   Bucklaw: Jimmy Chisholm
   Norman/First man: Tony Roper
   Alice: Gwyneth Guthrie
   Presbyterian Church Official: Gerald Slevin
   Inn woman: Sheila Donald
Additional actors in later parts:
Bruce Reid, Eileen McCallum, Finlay Welsh, Harriet Buchan, Jennifer Angus, John Shedden, Michael Elder, Paul Young, Terry Cavers
Pt2:19/9/82 Pt3:26/9/82 Pt4:2/10/82 Pt5:9/10/82
All 1982 parts repeated after three days
[Previous production in 8 parts by James Crempsey in 1954 with Ronald Fraser as Sir William.]

13th September 1982
The Monday Play: Herman by Stewart Conn
Was Moby Dick a legend?
Directed by Tom Kinninmont
BBC Scotland
   Herman: Edward Woodward
   Lisa: Rosemary Leach
   Second man.: Simon Callow
   First man: Hilton McRae
   Sal: Tammy Ustinov
Repeated 19th September 1982

14th September 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Japanese Style by Michael Wall
Repeated from 13th March 1982- please see above.

15th September 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Arrest Is as Good as a Change by Michael Z. Lewin
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
   Hodges: Christian Rodska
   Cane: Roger Hammond
   Julia: Angharad Rees
   Peck: Norman Bowler
   Teacher: Brian Gear
   Guard: Trevor Martin
   Lifer: John Abineri

16th September 1982
Afternoon Theatre: A Sense of Preservation by T. D. Webster
The curator of a stately home faces change.
Directed by Roger Pink
BBC Birmingham
   John: David Buck
   Julia: Rosalind Shanks
   Lord Bradstone: John Barron
   Mark: Edward Kelsey
   Len: Ralph Lawton
   Stephen: Alexander John
   Rosalind: Patrick Gallimore
   Anthony: Jonathan Elsom

17th September 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Jutland by Lee Gallagher
An orphan visits the Admiral's home with a message but stays to play a game of draughts.
Directed by Brian Dean
BBC Northern Ireland
   Kitty: Michael Clarkson
   Peggy: Brid Brennan
   Mooney: Maurice O'Callaghan
   Boy: Calvin Wilson

18th September 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Dirty Tricks by Alan Stafford
An employer's talent contest.
Directed by Michael Bartlett
   Angela: Polly James
   Neville: Rodney Bewes
   Simon: Crawford Logan
   Jean: Miranda Forbes
   Liz: Mary Cornford

18th September 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Semi-Detached (1962) by David Turner (1927-1990)
Director Roger Pine
BBC Birmingham
   Fred Midway: Roger Hume
   Hilda Midway: Diana Bishop
   Tom Midway: Kim Durham
   Eileen Midway: Jane Galloway
   Robert Freeman: Michael N. Harbour
   Avril Hadfield: Elizabeth Revill
   Nigel Hadfield: Terry Molloy
   Garnet Hadfield: Ysanne Churchman
   Arnold Makeplece: John Howe
Repeated 20th September 1982
[The play was filmed as "All the way up"]
[There was an earlier production in 1964 by Hugh Stewart with Leonard Rossiter as Fred]
[R4X broadcast the 1964 version in 2016]

20th September 1982
The Monday Play: Home (1970) by David Storey
Directed by Christopher Venning
   Jack: Alec McCowen
   Harry: Hugh Burden
   Kathleen: Brenda Bruce
   Marjorie: Elizabeth Spriggs
   Alfred: Steve Hodson
Repeated 26th September 1982
[Also produced by Martin Jenkins in 2006, repeated on both R3 and R4 in 2009, with Michael Maloney as Harry]

22nd September 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Moonlight Sonata by Gaye Houston
Directed by Richard Wortley
   Lottie: Charlotte Mitchell
   Gavin: Brian Hewlett
   Jezebel: Frances Juter
   Voice on tape/Man/Flower seller: Peter Tuddenham
   Housewives: Miranda Forbes
   Museum attendants/ Bus driver: James Kerry
   Ticket collector: Alex Jennings
   Man on tube: Simon Hewitt
[This is the only entry in the BBC Programme Database for Gaye Houston]

23rd September 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Where Are You, Two-Seven? by Jess Curtis
Women don't drive private hire cabs.
Director Pat Trueman
   Jenny: Alison Steadman
   Peter: Sean Arnold
   Carol: Diana Bishop
   Harry: Brian Croucher
   ControlIer: Haydn Wood
   Mel: Michael Spice
   Derek: David McAlister
   Mike: John Webb
   Ron: Sion Probert
   Fiona: Kathryn Hurlbutt
   Nine-Two: John Rye
   Eight-Four: Christopher Scott
Repeated from 5th March 1981

24th September 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Things Are Different Now by Sue Rodwell
Directed by Margaret Windham
   Elizabeth: Yvonne Antrobus
   Ben: James Maxwell
   Harry: Clive Merrison

25th September 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Mother's Day by Rose Tremain
Directed by John Tydeman
   Michaela Troop, Reporter: Frances Jeater
   Mrs Bainbridge, a widow: Sylvia Coleridge
   Mabel, her elder daughter: Sheila Grant
   Jessica, her younger daughter: Jean Trend
   Mr Bainbridge, her late husband: Nigel Graham
   Verna, a neighbour: Katherine Parr
   Lillibet, a neighbour: Zoe Hicks
Repeated 28th September 1982

25th September 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: A Magician Amongst the Spirits by Bert Coules
The Deaths and Lives of Harry Houdini
Directed by David Johnston
   Houdini: Barry Denner
   Bess, Houdini's wife: Pinkie Johnstone
   Houdini's Mother: Hilda Kriseman
   Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: John Bott
   Lady Conan Doyle: Wendy Murray
   Rabbi Weiss: Arnold Diamond
   Theo Weiss: Shane Rimmer
   Richter: James Kerry
   Hyman: Simon Hewitt
   Mrs Adams: Miranda Forbes
   Beck: Hugh Dickson
   Reporter: Alex Jennings
   Mrs Sadler: Petra Davies
   Chairman: Peter Tuddenham
   Mrs Coates: Jean Trend
Repeated 27th September 1982

27th September 1982
Lord Peter Wimsey: The Five Red Herrings (1931) by Dorothy L. Sayers adapted by Chris Miller
1 of 8: The Body in the Burn
Producer Simon Brett
   Lord Peter: Ian Carmichael
   Bunter: Peter Jones
   Sergeant Dalziel: John Graham
   Murdoch: Bruce Bennett
   Waters: Bill Wallis
   Campbell/Dr Cameron: Trevor Martin
   McAdam: Alaric Cotter
   Mrs Strachan: Hazel McBride
   Strachan: Gordon Clyde
Additional cast in later episodes:
   Audrey Muir, Christopher Scoular, David Strong, Don Dunbar, Don McKillop, Frances Jeater, Garard Green, Gordon Faith, Gordon Gardner, Gordon Kane, Heather Bell, Henry Knowles, Iain Blair, John Dunbar, Jonathan Scott, Miriam Margolyes, Nell Brennan, Nicolette McKenzie, Peter Wickham, Sheila Mitchell, Stephen Thorne, Yvonne Gilan,
First broadcast commencing 4th January 1978
Ep2:4/10/82 Ep3:11/10/82 Ep4:18/10/82 Ep5:25/10/82 Ep6:1/11/82 Ep7:8/11/82 Ep8:15/11/82
[Also broadcast on BBC7 2005, 2010, R4X 2011, 2013, 2015, 2021]

27th September 1982:
The Monday Play: Serjeant Musgrave's Dance (1959) by John Arden (1930-2012)
Music arranged by Ilona Sekacz
A serjeant and three soldiers arrive in a strike-ridden town during the winter time.
Directed By: Martin Jenkins
   Private Sparky: Keith Drinkel
   Private Hurst: William Nighy
   Private Attercliffe: Norman Jones
   Bludgeon, a bargee: Bryan Pringle
   Serjeant Musgrave: John Thaw
   Parson: John Rye
   Mrs Hitchcock: Katherine Parr
   Annie: Annette Robertson
   Constable: Nigel Graham
   Mayor: George A Cooper
   Slow collier: Steve Hodson
   Pugnacious collier: Don Henderson
   Walsh, an earnest collier: Crawford Logan
   Trooper: Stuart Organ
   An Officer: Jim Reid
Repeated 27th September 1982.
Repeated on R3 on 18th September 1983
[Also produced by John Gibson for BBC Third in 1962 rptd on R4 in 1976 with P G Stephens as Sparky.]
[Also produced for R3 by Toby Swift in 2003 with Edward Hogg as Sparky]
[Arden commented: "Complete pacifism is a very hard doctrine"]

29th September 1982
Afternoon Theatre: A High-Pitched Squeak by Sheila Hodgson (1921-2001)
The bats fly into his life
Directed by David Johnston
   Alec Corby: Nicholas Parsons
   Christina: Tara Soppet
   Alice: Margot Boyd
   Maggie: Shirley Dixon
   Oscar Ackroyd: Martyn Read
   Herbert Harrison: Arnold Diamond
   Youth: George Bryson
   Professor Reid: Susan Sloman

30th September 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Below the Surface by Grant Eustace
Four naval limpet mines have been stolen.
Directed by Christopher Venning
   Scott Mortimer : Paul Herzberg
   Lt-Cdr Frank Walkerton: Crawford Logan
   Major George Bentham: Nigel Graham
   Laura Bentham: Lucinda Curtis
   Elise Parnell: Miranda Forbes
   Ldg-Wren Sally Carter: Patience Tomlinson
   Lt Patrick Richards: Jim Reid
   Cdr Parnell/Sellars: Steve Hodson
   Bill Cadgeworth: Neil Phillips
   Inspector Rudd: Stuart Organ
   Captain: John Forbes-Robertson

30th September 1982
His Lordship's Bed by Trevor Baxter (1932-2017)
50 years in His Lordship's service
Directed By: John Tydeman
   Gladys: Irene Handl
   Her husband - The Butler: Bill Fraser
Repeated 14th August 1983

1st October 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Adonis in Dark Glasses (1976) by Caroline Graham
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
   Jean: Helen Worth
   Dad: Geoffrey Banks
   Ethel: Sunny Ormonde
   Vi: Sylvia Brayshay
   Hilda: Carole Hayman
   Sid: Kenneth Alan Taylor
   Beatle: Sally Gibson
   Colin: Russell Dixon
   Spectator: Phil Banyard

2nd October 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Danger by Richard Hughes (1900-1976)
On 15 January 1924 "Danger" was broadcast as the first "listening play". It gave birth to a new art form.
Set in a Welsh coal mine.
Directed by Richard Imison (1936-1993)
   Jack: Simon Hewitt
   Mary: Alexandra Mathie
   Mr Bax: Preston Lockwood
   Voices of miners: James Kerry, Jim Reid
Repeated 5th October 1982.
[Binaural stereo- for listening on headphones.]
[The January 1924 broadcast does not name a producer but a broadcast in March 1924 names A Corbett-Smith]
[A 1925 production was by R E Jeffrey]
There were later productions before 1960.
[Also produced in 1973, rptd 1974, for R3 by Raymond Raikes]

2nd October 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Twelfth Night, Or What You Will by William Shakespeare
Twelfth Night was the first full-length studio presentation of a play on radio, and was broadcast on 28 May 1923.
Music composed and conducted by David Cain
Lute: Christopher Wilson, with Paul Arden-Taylor, Adrian Brett, Anne Collis, Annette Isserlis, Roderick Skeaping, Peter Vell
Directed by Glyn Dearman
   Orsino, Duke of Illyria: Alec McCowen
   Curio: Steve Hodson
   Valentine: Crawford Logan
   Viola: Wendy Murray
   Sea Captain: Peter Tuddenham
   Sir Toby Belch: Norman Rodway
   Maria Olivia's gentlewoman: Dilys Laye
   Sir Andrew Aguecheek: Andrew Sachs
   Feste, Olivia's clown: Ronnie Stevens
   Olivia, a Countess: Harriet Walter
   Malvolio, Olivia's steward: Bernard Hepton
   Fabfan: Ian Lavender
   Antonio, a sea captain: James Aubrey
   Sebastian, brother to Viola: Simon Hewitt
   Servant to Olivia: Miranda Forbes
   First Officer: Stuart Organ
   Second Officer: Alex Jennings
   Priest: Hugh Dickson
[Repeated 2nd January 1983]

3rd October 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Swallows on the Water by Alan Plater (1935-2010)
Directed by Caroline Smith
BBC Manchester
   Charlie: David Threlfall
   Harry: Richard Kay
   Liz: Sally Gibson
   Jones: Malcolm Hebden
   Jane: Yvonne Edgell
   Sgt Brown: Peter Wheeler
Repeated from 19th April 1981
[Hull History Centre hold a typescript of the radio play, under ref U DPR/1/12; two typescripts for the stage version are also held under ref U DPR/2/13]
[The original stage play was first performed in 1973]

4th October 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Over the Rainbow by Bernard Kops
What would Joan Crawford do?
   Directed by Cherry Cookson
   Sandra: Maureen Lipman
   Stanley: Peter Woodthorpe
   Malcolm: Derek Fowlds
   Sidney: Neville Jason
   Henry: Leonard Fenton
   Jeanette/Gloria: Sonia Fraser
   Uncle Harold: Brian Haines
   Derek: William Eedle
   Marie: Eva Stuart
   Joe: Manning Wilson
Repeated from 11th and 13th October 1980
[Also broadcast on R4X 2021]

4th October 1982
The Monday Play: Frank by John Wain (1925-1994)
Frank Barber was Dr Johnson's servant for 30 years.
Directed by Jane Morgan
   Frank (1742-1801): Tony Osoba
   Levet: Peter Vaughan
   Miss Williams: Sian Phillips
   Betsy: Jill Lidstone
   Dr Wright: Hugh Dickson
   Sister: Katherine Parr
   a child/Sam Frank: Susan Sheridan
   Dr Johnson/Plantation owner: Graham Cox
   Abigail: Kathryn Hurlbutt
   Col Bathurst: Jack May
   Richard Bathurst: David Banks
   Captain: Roger Allam
Repeated 10th October 1982
[John Wain is the author of a book "Samuel Johnson: A Biography"]

6th October 1982
Afternoon Theatre: I'd Rather Be a Hammer than a Nail - by Mike Vaughan Edwards
Countersunk Screws and the Meaning of life
Directed by Richard Wortley
   Norman Goslett : Peter Pacey
   Julia Goslett : Theresa Streatfelld
   Mr Benson: Stuart Organ
   Dorothy: Glynis Brooks
   Mr Huntley: Peter Tuddenham
   Bob Sumner: David Gooderson
   Guest/Male voice: Nicholas Goldwyn
   Wendy: Jean Trend
Repeated 5th November 1983

7th October 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Another Monday by Colin Finbow
Can a new teacher prevent the school from closure?
Directed by Peter King
   Bob Joy: Nicky Henson
   Jan Joy: Alex Marshall
   Gordon Bell: Stanley Page
   Steve Hackett: Steve Hodson
   Headmaster: Ellis Dale
   Deputy Head: Nigel Graham
   Clive Beardsley: Jim Reid
   Miss Midden: Jean Trend
   Toby: Milo Twomey
   Derek: Craig Darby
   Simon: Chris Chescoe
   Leroy Terry: Sue Part
   Boy: Mark Cameron
[Colin Finbow used to be a school teacher, and formed the "Childrens Film Unit".]

8th October 1982
Afternoon Theatre: A Late Spring by Elaine Feinstein (1930-2019)
A return to Cambridge after ten years.
Directed by Michael Heffernan
   Jenny: Maureen O'Brien
   Maurice: Hugh Dlckson
   Maurice's mother: Mary Wimbush
   Head porter: Arnold Diamond
   Junior porter: Joe Dunlop
   Tom: Peter Marinker
   Hollis: Stuart Organ
   Sybil: Frances Jeater
   College Fellows: Crawford Logan and David McAlister
Repeated 17th July 1984
[Feinsteain had been to Cambridge University]

9th October 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Cafe Society by Alun Owen (1925-1994)
A divorce isn't the end of a relationship.
Directed by Enyd Williams
BBC Wales
   Waitress: Wendy Richard
   Mario: Frank Coda
Also with Jill Bennett and Peter Gilmore
Repeated 29th March 1983

9th October 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: What's Stigmata? by Wally K. Daly
Stigmata and the unbeliever.
Directed by Martin Jenkins
   Retreat Organiser/Vicar: James Thomason
   Marcia: Norma Ronald
   Masseuse: Valerie Murray
   George: Peter Jeffrey
   Mrs Thompson: Anne Jameson
   Mr Thompson: George A Cooper
   Doctor: Moray Watson
   Policeman: Jeffrey Segal
   Priest: Sean Barrett
   Charles: Cllfford Norgate
   Television Announcer: Piers Burton-Page
   A woman: Joanna Wake
First broadcast 5th September 1977, repeated 10th December 1978.
[Also broadcast on R4X in 2015]

11th October 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Abbess of Crewe by Muriel Spark (1918-2016), dramatised by Pauline Spender
A satire on Watergate.
Directed by David Spenser
   Sister Alexandra: Sian Phillips
   Sister Gertrude: Margaret Robertson
   Sr Walburga: Pauline Letts
   Sr Mildred: Theresa Streatfeild
   Sr Felicitty: Rosalind Adams
   Sr Bathildis: Jill Lidstone
   Sr Winifred: Angela Phillips
   Fr Baudouin: Gary Cady
   Fr Maximilllan: Nicholas Courtney
   Police Officer: Spenser Banks
First broadcast 16th and 22nd November 1981
[The story was broadcast on BBC tv in 1981 as "Nasty Habits"]

11th October 1982
The Monday Play: Summer at Apendorf by Don Haworth (1924-2007)
How to deal with a drought.
Directed by Richard Wortley
   Walter Haffner: Keith Drinkel
   Frau Haffner: Jill Balcon
   Werner Bruckner: Clifford Rose
   Lieutenant Lieutenant: Steve Hodson
   Dr Keller: Crawford Logan
   Maria: Joan Matheson
   ????Bothfeld: Angeoffreyd Bankswilli????
   Bothfeld: Alan Dudley
   Scherer: Nigel Graham
   Sergeant Kroger: John Hollis
   Graaf/Casino Manager: John Baddeley
   Lord Wintle: Anthony Newlands
   Dancer: Wendy Murray
   Berche/Croupier: Alex Jennings
Repeated 17th October 1982

12th October 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Hidden Garden by Maurice Patterson
The council want to buy a small plot of land.
Directed by John Cardy
   Mrs Singleton: Lally Bowers
   Mr Kemsley: Cyril Shaps

13th October 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Love Me Tender by Simon Moss
A garden railway.
Directed by Michael Bartlett
   Godfrey: Dinsdale Landen
   Annie: Anna Cropper
   Terry: Simon Hewitt
   Marge: Wendy Murray
   Brigadier: Anthony Newlands
   Reid: Hugh Dickson
   Jock: Henry Stamper
Repeated 1st February 1984

14th October 1982
Afternoon Theatre: A Special Occasion by Bill Naughton (1910-1992)
Circumstances and life change.
Directed By: Martin Jenkins
   Joe: John Bott
   Maudie: Katherine Parr
   Fred: George A Cooper
   Thelma: Gabrielle Daye
   Karen: Annette Robertson
   Ruby: Shirley Dixon
   Clifford: Stephen Thorne
Repeated 18th August 1984

15th October 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Days of Emma by Ray Jenkins
A longing for the past.
Directed by Peter King
   Emma: Rachel Thomas
   Edgar: Donald Houston
   Jenn: Theresa Streatfeild
   Zo: Alex Marshall
   Sammy: Gordon Reid
   Nick: Olu Jacobs
   Dr Kohn: Nigel Graham
   Nurse: Elizabeth Adare
   Hello-woman: Jill Lidstone
   Neighbour: Jean Trend
   a boy Owen: Huw Lloyd Jones
   Ian: Ian Conn
   Jane: Arthur Conn

16th October 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Drowned Village by Berlie Doherty
A reservoir floods a village and the underwater church bells are said to still ring.
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester
   Kate: Kate Lee
   Mark: Christian Rodska
   Young Kate: Jane Hazlegrove (aka Hazelgrove)
   Young Mark: Craig Masterson
   Uncle Mike: David Fleeshman
   Miss Peters: Ann Rye
   Jason: Thomas Littler
Also with Gareth Bills, Abigail and Bricham Hainsworth
Repeated 19th October 1982
[Also broadcast on R4X 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2022]
[The program was made in Manchester. Nearby Ladybower Reservoir contained a drowned church with this myth of underwater bells - the bell was in reality moved to Chaddesden.].

16th October 1982
Earthsearch II by James Follett
Part one ten parts- repeated from 25th April 1982- please refer to 25/4/82 above.

16th October 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Tolpuddle by Alan Plater and Vince Hill
The Six Men of Dorset
Organ/Piano: Alan Bence; Percussion: Peter Howland; Double bass: David Olney; Harp: Selma Owen; Flute/Piccolo: Christopher Taylor
Music arranged and conducted by Ernie Dunstall
With The Mike Sammes Singers and the children of Ashley Down Junior School. BristoL
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
   George Loveless: Vince Hill
   James Hammett: Brian Jackson
   Dr Warren/Governor: Peter Jeffrey
   Mrs Loveless:spoken by: Rosalind Adams
   Mrs Loveless:sung by: Enid Beard
   James Brine/Mason: Robert Brown
   Thomas Standfield: Melvyn Bedford
   John Standfield: Gareth Armstrong
   James Frampton: Haydn Jones
   John Loveless/Edward Legg: Tim Meats
   Constable/Chaplain: Graham Sinclair
   Wootaston: Christopher Scott
   Young/Colonial Secretary: Malcolm Gerard
   Williams: spoken by: Jack Watson
   Williams: sung by: Mike Sammes
   Citrid: Tracy Harper
Repeated 18th October 1982
[Hull History Centre hold extensive records for this play under reference U DPR/1/13. One of the references used was "The victims of Whiggery" by George Loveless (1837). ]

17th October 1982
Germinal (1885) by Emile Zola (1840-1902) translated by Leonard Tancock, dramatised by David Hopkins
1 of 5: March 1867, France. When unemployment is high, working conditions decline.
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester
   Narrator: Pat Connell
   Mouquette: Sunny Ormonde
   Honorine: Rosalie Williams
   Etienne: Peter Pacey
   Maheu: David Calder
   Bonnemort: Harry Beety
   Catherine: Beverly Poster
   Jeanlin: Paul Oldham
   Maheude: Ann Kit
   Gregoire/Dansaert: Geoffrey Banks
   Ceclle: Linda Gardner
   Negrel: Gordon Dulieu
   Souvarine: Christopher Ravenscroft
   Chaval: Brian Southwood
   Levaque/Rasseneur: James Tomlinson
   Ma Brule: Paula Tilbrook
   Alzire: Jane Hazlegrove (aka Hazelgrove)
   Zacharle: Colin Meredith
   Madame Gregoire: Lorraine Peters
   Maigrat: Kenneth Alan Taylor
Additional actors in later parts:
Ann Rye, Ernie Watson, Graham Fellows, Hugh Dickson, John Jardine, Kenneth Alan Taylor, Madi Hedd, Martin Oldfield, Roger Philips, Simon Molloy
Pt2: 24/10/82 Pt3:31/10/82 Pt4:7/11/82 Pt5:14/11/82
Each part repeated two days later.
[Recordings made at the Mining Museum, Chatterley Whitfield. and the slate mines at Llechwedd and Gloddfa Ganol]
[Germinal is the 13th novel in Emile Zola's twenty-volume series Les Rougon-Macquart.]

18th October 1982
The Monday Play: Edwin by John Mortimer (1923-2009)
Their son returns home after a fifteen year absence.
Directed by John Tydeman
   Sir Fennimore Truscott: Emlyn Williams
   Margaret, his wife: Sylvia Coleridge
   Thomas Marjoriebanks: Michael Gough
Repeated 24th October 1982

20th October 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Overnight Man by Peter Terson adapted from his stage play "The Night John".
The musings of a motel manager.
Directed by Margaret Etall
   The Overnight Man: Peter Baldwin
[Listed for 26th May 1982 but not broadcast on that date, also listed for 16th June 1982, possibly not broadcast on that date either]

21st October 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Lover In the Cards by Patrice Chaplin
Tarot Cards should not be treated carelessly.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
   Lucinda: Barbara Leigh-Hunt
   Dolly: Frances Jeater
   Anthony: Hugh Dickson
   Basil: Edward de Souza
   Elliott: Michael Spice
   David/waiter: Andrew Branch
   Phil: Ian Hoare
   Sarah: Wendy Murray
   Managing Director: Gordon Reid
   MD's Wife: Jean Trend
Repeated 30th May 1985

22nd October 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Old Man Sleeps Alone by John Arden (1930-2012)
The legend of the building of Durham Cathedral.
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
   St Cuthbert/Bisop's clerk: Ronald Baddiley
   Nick Squinch: Nigel Anthony
   Charlie Bones: Christian Rodska
   Frenchman: Geoffrey Banks
   Frenchman's daughter: Linda Gardner
   Curate/Jack: Russell Dixon
   Alice: Lesley Nicol
   Prior's clerk: Malcolm Hebden
   Bishop: Frank Middlemass
   Prior: David Calder
   Young prentice: Kevin Kennedy
Repeated 8th August 1983, 15th June 1985, 27th June 1991
[Also broadcast on BBC7 2003]
[Giles Cooper Award winner]
23rd October 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Beagle, Sproat and the Beigists by Dick Divers
They really don't like beige.
Directed by David Johnston
   Reagle: Henry Stamper
   Sproat: Steve Hodson
   ????? : Madi Hedd
   her horrible Peke: Percy Edwards
   Mr Thwaite: Edward Cast
   Postman: James Kerry
   Policeman: Stephen Thorne
   Milkman: Jim Reid
   Girl on telephone: Frances Jeater
Repeated 26th October 1982

23rd October 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Who Shot Ada Tansey? by Peter Whalley (1921-2007)
The leading lady of a soap opera is shot.
Directed by Caroline Smith
BBC Manchester
   David: Derek Smith
   Frank: John Branwell
   Mike: David Fleeshman
   Arnold: Robert Keegan
   Bernard: Keith Clifford
   Larry: Bernard Latham
   Ruth/Edith: Ann Rye
   Mel/Denise: Sue Jenkins
   Sylvia/Jean: Rosalie Williams
   Ethel/Barbara: Kate Lee
   Sam/Lulgl: Russell Dixon
   Dennis: Roger Phillips
Repeated 25th October 1982
[Also broadcast on R4X in 2022]

25th October 1982
The Monday Play: Legacy by Leigh Jackson (1950-2003)
A house is for sale and purchasers arrive...
Recorded on location. Outside broadcast engineers Julian Walther, Brian Prior and Mike Davies.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
   Warren: David Buck
   Ella: Rosalind Ayres
   Ashley: Stuart Milligan
   Miles: Stuart Organ
   Arthur: Haydn Jones
   Dick: Stephen Thorne
   Alice: Frances Jeater
   Policeman: Alex Jennings
Repeated 31st October 1982
[Also broadcast on R4X in 2015}

27th October 1982
15.02: Afternoon Theatre: Goodnight Mr Zero by Michael Wall (1946-1991)
Bernard makes a robot.
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
   Bernard: Andrew Schofield
   Penny: Noreen Kershaw
   Terry: Mark McGann
   Mr Zero: Tony Robinson
   Frank/Yop: Jonathan Barlow
   Molly: Mart?? Cunningham

28th October 1982
Afternoon Theatre: One Bright and Sunny Afternoon by Nick McCarty
A bomb disposal officer.
Directed by Roger Pine
BBC Birmingham
   Major Billy Anderson: Michael N Harbour
   Sgt Major Jackson: John Rowe
   Cpl Vance: Terry Molloy
   Police Inspector: Ralph Lawton
   Mary: Patricia Gallimore
   Billy's father: Terry Coates
   Shop assistant: Heather Barrett
   Corporal of the Guard: Trevor Harrison

29th October 1982
Afternoon Theatre: One In Three Million by Mark Power
Kevin turns down the offer of a job abroad.
Directed by Bill Morrison
Producer Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
   Dave: Arthur Kelly
   Kevin: David Yip
   Tess: Eileen O'Brien
   Grandad: Robert Keegan
   Danny: George Costigan

30th October 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Principles of Rocketry by Bob Couttie (1950-2021)
Clare must build herself a space rocket.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
   Clare: Rosalind Adams
   Del: Ray Burdis
   Mother/Queen: Jean Trend
   Father/King: Hugh Dickson
   Shirl: Kim Clifford
   Doctor: Nigel Graham
Repeated 2nd November 1982, 20th March 1984

30th October 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Undesirable Alien by Allen Saddler (1923-2011)
Homer Lane inspired a new school of progressive educators, but misunderstandings crept in.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
   Homer Lane (1875-1925): Don Fellows
   Mabel Lane: June Barrie
   Sergeant/Humphreys: Stephen Thorne
   Alice Jones: Patricia Gibson
   James/William: Ian Silbiger
   Magistrate: Paul Nicholson
   David: Scott Wilson
   Montague: Conrad Phillips
   Florence: Wendy Cook
   May: Libby Machen
   Eva: Jean Trend
   Chapman: David Avery
   Rawlinson: David Gooderson
   Dr Norris/Bennet: Peter Tuddenham
   Muskstt??: Edward Cast
   Amy: Catherine Owen
   Collins: Nigel Graham
   Children: Richard Bell, John Brewer and Amardeep Kaushal
Also with Caroline Nelson and Amanda-Jane Tomlins
Repeated 1st November 1982
[This is the sole credit on BBC Programme Database for: Libby Machen or MacHen; Ian Silbiger; -the names may be in error.]
[Note that Allen Saddler died in Totnes, the home of Totnes Progressive School]

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1st November 1982
The Monday Play: The Hostess by Carolyn Sally Jones
A Society party has problems.
Directed by Martin Jenkins
   Julia Muspratt: Sarah Badel
   Nanny: Pauline Letts
   Sir Randle Chalfont: Robert Eddison
   Gandor, his manservant: Anthony Newlands
   Lady Davenport: Margot Boyd
   Enrique: Simon Hewitt
   Fiona Bune-Asprey: Frances Jeater
   William Bune-Asprey: Stephen Thorne
   Edward Muspratt: Peter Jeffrey
   Fenton: Jim Heid
   Harriet: Wendy Murray
   Orlando Muspratt: Elizabeth Lindsay
   Nicholas Smythe Harcourt: David McAlister
   Didi von Hutton: Miranda Forbes
   Keith Billington: Steve Hodson
Repeated 7th November 1982

3rd November 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Admission by Melissa Murray
Repeated from 5th May 1982- please see above.

4th November 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Overnight Success by Michael Davies
Digby, office cleaning, and security services
Directed by Enyd Williams
   Digby Watford-Jones: Timothy Bateson
   Hilda Watford-Jones: Madi Hedd
   John Bickford: Anthony Newlands
   Roger Bowling: Stephen Thorne
   Mrs Henderson: Jean Trend
   Julia Hardcastle: Frances Jeater
   Bob Paterson: Steve Hodson
   David Penhaligan: Nigel Graham
Repeated 4th April 1985

5th November 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Bitter Loyalty by Sue Rodwell
London, 1813. Is a servant guilty of a crime?
Directed by Pat Trueman
   Helen Norris: Angharad Rees
   Frederick Norris, QC: Malcolm Stoddard
   Recorder: Gordon Reid
   Emily Pearson: Christine Absalom
   Charlotte Baxter/Lady Scott: Diana Bishop
   Mr Baxter: Martin Friend
   Mr Pearson/Sir William Scott: Brian Haines
   Edward Scott: Nicholas Gecks
   Kent: Sion Probert
   Mason: John Church
   Turnkey: Gordon Reid
   Elizabeth/Mary: Lolly Cockerell
   Jackson/Mr Cotton: Christopher Scott
   Mr Eldon/Harvey: Alexander John
   Old Kate: Peggy Paige
Repeated from 3rd October 1980

6th November 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: A Most Desirable Property by Peter Mackie
The house needs renovation and money spent on it.
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Birmingham
   George: Chris Gittins
   Cath: Heather Barrett
   John: Graham Padden
   Clavering: Michael N. Harbour
   Liz: Patricia Gallimore
Repeated 9th November 1982

6th November 1982
Saturday. Night Theatre: Lucien by Roger Milner (1925-2014)
Napoleon's brother Lucien in Ludlow
Directed by Gerry Jones
   Lucien: Crawford Logan
   Alexandrine: Wendy Murray
   Lord Powis: Hugh Dickson
   Mr Knight: Stephen Thorne
   Charles: Jill Lidstone
   Charlotte: Rosalind Adams
   Mackenzie: Henry Stamper
   The Rev Butler: Anthony Newlands
   Lord Liverpool: Peter Tuddenham
   Ellison: James Kerry
   Tallyrand: Nigel Graham
   Fr Maurice: Jim Reid
   Col Layton: Edward Cast
   Lord Dudley: Stuart Organ
   Fouchee: David Gooderson
Repeated 8th November 1982

8th November 1982
The Monday Play: The Long March by Anne Devlin
Trying to return to 1960's idealism.
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
   Helen Walsh: Maggie Shevlin
   Cliff: Brendan Somers
   Rose Walsh: Gertrude Russell
   Joe Walsh: Michael Duffy
   Michael Canning: John Hewitt
   Cassandra Sloane: Valerie Lilly
   Fergus Sloane: Sean Barrett
   Frank Molloy: Louis Rolston
   Bridie Molloy: Catherine Gibson
   Malcolm: Derek Halligan
   Fr Oliver: Denys Hawthorne
   Mona: Aingeal Grehan
   Mrs McCoy: Doreen Hepburn
   Damien: George Shane
   Jimmy: Des McAleer
   Publican: Adrian Dunbar
Repeated 8th October 1984

12th November 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Future Is Not What It Used to Be by Colin Haydn Evans
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
   Abel Luckstein: Cyril Shaps
   Nat Luckstein: Gabriel Woolf
   Sarah Luckstein: Sonia Fraser
   Sammy Luckstein: Cornelius Garrett
   Pocahontas Bodeece: Patricia Brake
13th November 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Silence Can Be Expensive by Patrice Chaplin
Marital shenanigans and blackmail.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
   Anna: Ruth Goring
   Lewis: Peter Jeffrey
   Margaret: Miranda Forbes
   Rupert: William Fox
   Dance teacher: Olivier Pierre
   Melvyn/Detective: Nigel Graham
   Boy: Steve Hodson
   Chris: Stephen Garlick
   Barbara: Alexandra Mathie
   Sybil: Theresa Streatfeild
Repeated 16th November 1982

13th November 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury dramatised by Gregory Evans.
Before people could read, stories were told. When the books are burned in the near future, the books can still live -as stories can still be told.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
   Montag: Michael Pennington
   Millie: Pamela Salem
   Beatty: Peter Miles
   Narrator: Jonathan Newth
   Clarisse: Patience Tomlinson
   Medic/Announcer: Spencer Banks
   Stoncman: Michael Simkins
   Woman: Susan Dowdall
   Faber: Peter Tuddenham
   Granger: Hugh Dickson
   Simmons: Alan Dudley
Repeated 15th November 1982

14th November 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Achurch Letters by Don Taylor (1936-2003)
Bernard Shaw's attraction to actresses started with Janet Achurch.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
   Bernard Shaw (1856-1950): Norman Rodway
   Janet Achurch (1863-1916): Jan Francis
   Mrs Patterson: Barbara Jefford
   Charrington: Michael Burrell
   Florence Farr: Pamela Salem
Also with Margo Gunn, Michael Batz, John Hartoch
Repeated from 29th December 1980

14th November 1982
The Left-Handed Sleeper by Ted Willis (1914- 1992)
1 of 5: Who Goes Home?
Directed by Christopher Venning
   Narrator Ted Willis
   Mark Ritchie: Christopher Scoular
   Christine Ritchie: Annette Crosbie
   Radio announcer: Astley Jones
   Patrick Cadwall: Richard Pasco
   Det Sgt Irvine: James Kerry
   Mr Coombes: Hugh Dickson
   Det Chief Supt Dell: David Daker
   Telephone operator: Rosalind Adams
   Marian Brown: Thelma Whiteley
   Det Con Green: Simon Hewitt
Additional actors in later parts:
   Alex Jennings, Allan Cuthbertson, Andrew Sachs, Barry Dennen, Eric Lander, Frances Jeater, Jim Reid, Madi Hedd, Nigel Graham, Teresa Collard, Theresa Streatfeild, Wendy Murray
Pt2:21/11/82 Pt3:28/11/82 Pt4:5/12/82 Pt5:12/12/82
Each episode repeated three days later.
[Also broadcast on R4X in 2020, 2022]

15th November 1982
The Monday Play: No Ordinary Light by Hallam Tennyson (1920-2005)
Script consultant Patrick Quinn
Directed by David Spenser
   Major Quinn: Sam Quentin
   Manu Gandhi: Shireen Shah
   Abha Gandhi: Alexandra Mamie
   Young Hindu/Police Officer: Anthony Daniels
   Narrator/District magistrate: Jim Reid
Repeated 21st November 1982
[The title is the same as a documentary made by Hallam Tennyson in 1969 for R3 and draws upon its content]

17th November 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Seven-Thirty for Eight by Justin Greene and Steve Cooke
A dinner party in Kensington.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
   Michael Trencham: Dinsdale Landen
   Susanna Trencham: Suzanne Bertish
   Jackie Rudcliffe: Tammy Ustinov
   Julian Highsmith: Nicky Henson

18th November 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Some Corner of a Dyfed Sky by John George
Her son drowned a year ago.
Directed by Gerry Jones
   Sylvia: Karen Archer
   Paul: David Timson
   Harry: Haydn Jones
   Renata: Frances Jeater
   Mrs Griffiths: Elizabeth Morgan
   DJ: Simon Hewitt

19th November 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Knowing the Score by Alma Cullen (1938-2021)
Two young people meet and learn a little bit more about themselves.
With the Senior Choir Of St Margaret'S Girls' School
Directed by Marilyn Ireland (aka Imrie)
BBC Scotland
   Minister: Finlay Welsh
   Miss Chater: Doreen Cameron
   Lorna: Rose McBain
   Phil: Claire Neilson
   Lois: Julie Ann Fullarton
   Graeme: Iain Andrew
   Tommy: William Armour
   Eunice: Mary Riggans
   Cath: Ida Schuster
   Hallis: Carey Wilson
(First broadcast on R Scotland)

20th November 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Great Man by Frances McNeil
The conductor has a visitor waiting for his return from overseas.
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
   Helen: Ann Rye
   Joan: Susan Tracy
   Maria: Brigit Forsyth
Repeated 23rd November 1982

20th November 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Highest in the Forest by Hector MacMillan (1929-2018)
Scotland 1754: Rob Roy- his son and his wife.
Pipes: Douglas Pincock
Directed by Marilyn Ireland (aka Imrie)
BBC Scotland
   Scott: Ron Bain
   Mairi: Gwyneth Guthrie
   Rob Ruadh (1671-1734): Alec Heggic
   Oranaiche: Kathleen MacDonald
   Minister: Billy Riddoch
   Alasdair: Lloyd Quinan
   Catriona: Maureen Beattie
   Killearn: Robert Trotter
   Athol: Gerard Slevin
   Seonaid: Fiona Knowles
   Seumas: Colin Gourley
   Morttrose: Tony Roper
   Sergeant: Charles Kearney
   Soldier: Finlay McLean
Repeated 22nd November 1982
[This play covers broadly the same story that MacMillan wrote for theatre in 1980 "Clann a Cheo"]
[Mairi = Eilidh Mairi MacGriogair; Rob Ruadh's son was Robin Og.]

21st November 1982
The Kellys and the O'Kellys by Anthony Trollope adapted by Barry Campbell
Ireland in 1844.
1 of 7 The Two Heroes.
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Birmingham
   Lord Ballindine: Derek Jacobi
   Martin Kelly: Bosco Hogan
   Barry Lynch: Michael N Harbour
   Anty Lynch: Marcella O'Riordan
   Anthony Trollope: John Rye
   The Widow Kelly: Mary Wimbush
   Dot Blake: John Rowe
   John Kelly/Rooney: Barry McGovern
   Lawyer Blake: Harry Webster
   Mr Moylan: Allan McClelland
   Jacky: Jim Reid
   Biddy: Mairin O'Sullivan
   Old woman: June Spencer
Additional actors in later episodes:
Angela Harding, David Gooderson, David Kelly, David Vann, Dearbhla Molloy, Felicity Hayes McCoy, James Kerry, Jeffery Dench, Jonathan Owen, Patricia Gallimore, Pauline Delany, Roisin Donaghy, Sean Barrett, Shevaun Briars, Sorcha Cusack, Stephen Hancock, Steve Hodson, Ysanne Churchman
Pt2:28/11/82 Pt3:5/12/82 Pt4:12/12/82 Pt5:19/12/82 Pt6:26/12/82 Pt7:2/1/83
Each part repeated after five days except Part 5 which was repeated after four days.

22nd November 1982
The Monday Play: Hell and McLafferty by Rose Tremain
Two explorers in the Malay Archipelago in the days of Queen Victoria.
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester
   Blake: David Suchet
   McLafferty: Jim Reid
   Queen Victoria: Linda Gardner
   Private Secretary: Christopher Ravenscroft
   Sir William Hooker: Anthony Benson
   Mrs McLafferty: Pauline Delany
Repeated 28th November 1982

23rd November 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Pieces by John Casson
Poor Reg. He just tilted over one morning after a frenetic night of trumpet-blowing....
Trumpet played by Alan Elsdon
Directed by Peter King
   Betty: Alex Marshall
   Doctor/Reg: Stanley Page
   Norman: David Gooderson
   Arthur: Edward Cast
   Vicar: Henry Stamper
   Nurse: Wendy Murray

23rd November 1982
Hordes of the Things by A. P. R. Marshall and J. H.W. Lloyd
1 of 4: The Prophecy is Cast
Producer Geoffrey Perkins
   The chronicler: Patrick Magee
   Agar, son of Athar: Christian Rodska
   King Yulfric the Wise: Paul Eddington
   Crown Prince Veganin: Simon Callow
   Radox the Green: Frank Middlemass
   Caradorn, a yokel: Gordon Gostelow
   Maliadoc/ King Yulfric's first advisor: Hugh Thomas
   King Yulfric's 1st Asst advisor: David Ross
   Dyandetes /a Harpy: Miriam Margolyes
   Another Harpy: Eve Karpf
Additional actors in later parts:
   Queen Elfreda of Albion: Maggie Steed
   Colin Longshanks and the other dwarfs: Jonathan Lynn
   Baddedas the Blue: Ballard Berkeley
   HobLob, the Monsterous Spider: Bob Grant
   Xanspur, the Skylord: Michael Cule
   Lord of Craarn/Brother Scrivener: Aubrey Woods
   Dreak Sphynx of the of Tranfax: Steven Pacey
   Traug, the last Amber Dragon: Derek Francis
Pt2:30/11/82 Pt3:7/12/82 Pt4:14/12/82
Series first broadcast commencing 25th November 1980
[Also broadcast on BBC7 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 and on R4X 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020, 2022]

25th November 1983
Afternoon Theatre: To Carve in Wood by Peter Myers
His grandfather's grave has suffered at the hands of vandals.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
   Brian: George Baker
   Andy: Christian Rodska
   Kevin: Daniel Hill
   Girl: Miranda Forbes
   Jenny: Sasha Mitchell
   Marjorie: Pat Field
   Tom: John Ford
   Maureen: Patricia Gibson
   Angus: Peter Tuddenham
   Barman: Michael Simkin
   Ann: June Barrie
   Youth: Neil Foster

27th November 1983
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Foreigners by Graham Swannell
Directed by John Tydeman
   Aunt Margerie: Gwen Watford
   her nephew Matthew: Andrew Branch
Repeated 30th November 1983

27th November 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Project Genesis by Paul Thain
2007: An alien race decides to intervene in the progress / regress of Earth civilisation.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
   James Gerrard: Nigel Anthony
   Max Rainer: Ed Bishop
   Sophia: Jill Lidstone
   Anneke Alenska: Miriam Margolyes
   General Schwartz: David March
   Controller Hayden: Peter Arne
   Koliv/Chou: Barry Dennen
   Central Computer/John: Stephen Thorne
   Director Hall/Guardian: Anthony Newlands
   Camp commander: Peter Tuddenham
   Ryan: Stuart Organ
   Alex: Crawford Logan
   Boy: Paul Russell
   Sorella: Frances Jeater
   Dekker: Katherine Parr
   Kraygor: Alex Jennings
   Crossier: James Kerry
   Techniclan: Nigel Graham
   Jonesy: Simon Hewitt
   Control: Rosalind Adams
Repeated 29th November 1982

29th November 1982
The Monday Play: The Trial (1915) by Franz Kafka (1883-1924) dramatised by Hanif Kureishi
He finds himself under arrest. What is his crime?
Directed by David Spenser
   Joseph K: Mike Gwilym
   Willem: David Peart
   Franz: Stuart Organ
   Priest: Hugh Dickson
   Frau Grubach: Madi Hedd
   Inspector: Simon Hewitt
   Nelghbour: Eva Stuart
   Block: Michael Bilton
   Woman in courtroom: Rosalind Adams
   The Advocate: Nigel Graham
   Examining magistrate: Edward Cast
   Secretary: Jean Trend
   Girl: Wendy Murray
   Representative of Enquiries Department: Ray Jones
   Bank clerk: Robin Browne
   Uncle: Stephen Thorne
   Leni: Miriam Margolyes
   Titoralli/The Whipper: Jim Reid
Repeated 5th December 1982
[Also broadcast on R3 on 3rd July 1983]
[Also broadcast on R4X in 2014]
[The original book was not completed but received a posthumous edit for publication in 1925]

30th November 1982
Afternoon Theatre: No Fixed Address by Elspeth Sandys
An old friend comes to tea.
Directed by Jane Morgan
   Vivienne: Lisa Harrow
   Beth: Barbara Ewing
   Alex: James Laurenson
   Lucy: Emily Dean
   Robert: James Kerry
   Mary: Wendy Murray
   Frank: Stuart Organ
[Also produced by the New Zealand Broadcasting Company- no production details]

1st December 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Inside Job by Grant Eustace
A diplomat dies.
Directed by Margaret Etall
   Simon Cochrane: Steve Hodson
   Clive Howard: David McAlister
   Royston Fairweather: Francis Drake
   Malensky: Alan Dudley
   Baron ?ae ?aavoie?: David Gooderson
   Von Sandbach: Ronald Herdman
   Gregor: John Warner
   John Tremayne: Brian Jackson
   Alice Tremayne: Jacqueline Tong
   Peter Nicholls: Brian Darnley
   Amelia Wilkinson: Miranda Forbes
Repeated 9th April 1984

2nd December 1982
Afternoon Theatre: William Barton's Dream by Michael Campbell.
William dreams quotations.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
   William: Alec McCowen
   Winifred: Anna Cropper
   Ambrose: David Buck
   Lindy: Kate Fahy
   Gladys: Ingrid Hafner
   Sarah: Angela Phillips
   William's mother: Anna Cropper
   Dream girl: Kate Fahy
   Wally/Teacher/Father: Peter Copley
   a boy William: Jesse Lawrence
   Tim: Michael Strand
   Bookseller: Hedley Goodall
   Dr Harrison: Conrad Phillips
   Toby: Bill Wallis

4th December 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Cask of Amontillado by Nick Fisher (1959-2022)
Pranks in 19th Century Venice.
A retelling of the classic Poe story.
Directed by Richard Wortley
   Young nobleman: Geoffrey Collins
   Montresor, the merchant: David March
   Montresor's wife: Miranda Forbes
   First lady: Victoria Wicks
   Second lady: Alexandra Mathie
   Montresor's butler: Stephen Thorne
Repeated 7th December 1982

4th December 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Floating Republic by Paul Bryers
1797 and Naval mutinies.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
   Richard Parker: Brian Cox
   John Blake: Bernard Hill
   Earl Spencer: Julian Curry
   Lt Platt: Michael Tudor Barnes
   Charles Fox: Stephen Thorne
   Ann Parker: Jennifer Piercey
   Capt Bligh: Henry Stamper
   Will Davies: Crawford Logan
   Tom Hockless: Stuart Organ
   Admiral Buckner: Anthony Newlands
   Master at Arms/Rector: David Peart
   Jeannie: Alexandra Mathie
   Wife: Jean Trend
Repeated 6th December 1982
[The Nore mutiny was also covered in the 1930s by G E Mainwaring and Bonamy Dobree in a book called "The Floating Republic".. 1799:"An attempt was made to give to the ships in mutiny the name of "The Floating Republic."(The Committee of Secrecy)]

6th December 1982
The Monday Play: Sweet Sixteen by Graham Reid
After 14 years he meets a former crush in a pub.
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
   Joe Moore: John Hewitt
   Eric Walmer: Jack Carr
   Steve Ward: Nigel Anthony
   Anne McGurk: Maggie Shevlin
   Mrs Moore: Trudy Kelly
   First bomber: George Shane
   Landlord: Anthony Finigan
   Mr Moore: Joe McPartland
   Man at the scene of bomb: Louis Rolston
   Nurse: Fiona Mettam
   Youths: Camden McDonald and Gerard O'Hagan
   Hospital sister: Stella McCusker
   Liz Ward: Sheila Grant
   Det Sgt Samuels: Denys Hawthorne
   Receptionist: Margaret D'Arcy
   Second bomber: Derek Halligan
   Tucker: Adrian Dunbar
   Mrs McGurk: Catherine Gibson
   Policeman's aunt: Gertrude Russell
   a child Anne,: Maura Donnelly
   a child Joe,: Jonathan Boyle
   Smitty: Martin Quinn
   Boy: Neil Lawton
   Girl: Coretta Patten
Repeated 12th December 1982

7th December 1982
Afternoon Theatre: King-Size Bed by Betty Paul (1921-2011)
A ghost with fleshly appetites.
Directed by Kay Patrick
   Margaret: Julia McKenzie
   Charles: Jack May
   Colin: Peter Purves
   Kenneth: Eric Allan
   Manuella: Janet Dale
   Reporter/Rod: Danny Schiller
   Studio manager: Lolly Cockerell
   Jill/Jessie: Alison Draper
   Reporter: Ray Jones
   Lord Smallpiece: Roger Hammond
Repeated from 30th December 1978

8th December 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Peacock Feathers by David Campton (1924-2006)
The school project calls for each pupil to "adopt" a "senior citizen".
Directed by Ian Cotterell
   Mr Hughes: Richard Pasco
   Fleur: Jill Lidstone
   Miss Barbizon: Jean Trend
   Mr Summers: Stuart Organ

9th December 1982
Afternoon Theatre: It's Disgusting at Your Age by Jacqueline Wilson
The relationship between differing generations is open to misunderstandings.
Directed by Margaret Etall
   Jack: Geoffrey Matthews
   Lil: Eva Stuart
   Penny: Victoria Wicks
   Martin: Stuart Organ
   Old man: Henry Stamper
   Ambulance man: Alex Jennings
   Nurse: Alexandra Mathie
   Girlfriend: Jill Lidstone
   Policemen: Michael Cogan, James Kerry and Crawford Logan

11th December 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Can You Hear Me. Mother? by Jeanne Feasey
When the parents are busy with their own lives, the child attracts attention how he can.
Directed bv Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester
   Joan Preston: Eileen O'Brien
   Derek Preston: Alan Rothwell
   Stephen Preston: Iain Jones
   Mark Thompson: Marcus Oliver
   Mr Wilkinson: Charles Cookson
   Bob Bates: Roger Philips
   Jack Dawes: Brian Southwood
   Ewan Barratt: John Branwell
   WPC Garbutt: Lesley Nightingale
Repeated 14th December 1982

11th December 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Uncertain Angel by Peter Whalley (1946-2017)
Musician meets girl.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
   Policeman: Christian Rodska
   Eddie: Nigel Anthony
   Gilbert: David Jackson
   Jack: Andy Rashleigh
   Angel: Sandra Clark
   Sam: Charles Cookson
   Barman: Laurence Kenny
   Charlie: Matthew Marsh
   Crabtree: Cliff Howells
Repeated 13th December 1982

13th December 1982
The Monday Play: Belcher's Luck by David Mercer
Repeated from 6th June 1982- please see above.

14th December 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Why Don't You Go Back Where You Came From? by Michael Wall (1948-1991)
The Doctor/Patient relationship is difficult to get right.
Directed By: Jeremy Mortimer
   Miss Barr: Jill Lidstone
   Vijaya: . Indira Joshi
   Mother: Jamila Massey
   Tom Cody: Henry Stamper
   Policeman: Steve Hodson
   Mohan Chowdhury: Sam Dastor
   Sylvia: Rosalind Adams
Repeated 3rd JUly 1984

15th December 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Trade Winds by Peter Gibbs
There is no room for a manager who cares about his employees.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
   Nick: Nick Owen
   Paul: Russell Dixon
   Kate: Jane Collins
   Bill: Matthew Marsh
   Judy: Sue Jenkins

16th December 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Get Together by Barbara Clegg
The family Christmas party.
Directed by Michael Bartlett
   Miranda: Elizabeth Ben
   Min: Honor Blackman
   Em: Frances Jeater
   Susy: Victoria Wicks
   Mrs Packer/Laura/Joan: Madi Hedd
   Eleanor: Katherine Parr
   Darby/Jim: Peter Tuddenham
   William: David Peart
   Mitch/Troy: James Kerry
   Dilys: Ros Adams
   J C /Harry: Hugh Dickson
   Cindy: Alexandra Mathie

18th December 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Once Upon a Christmas by David Fitzsimmons
I think we're going to our Joan's.
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
   Alice: Ann Rye
   Norman: Malcolm Hebden
Repeated 21st December 1982

18th December 1982
Saturday-Night Theatre: Anastasia (1952) by Marcelle Maurette (1903-1972) translated by Guy Bolton, adapted by John Scotney
Could the youngest of the Tsar's family have survived the slaughter at Ekaterinburg?
Directed by Graham Gauld
   the Empress Marie: Wendy Hiller
   Anna Broun: Rosalind Shanks
   Prince Bounine: Alan Wheatley
   Petrovsky: Anthony Daniels
   Chernov: Lockwood West
   Prince Paul: Sean Barrett
   Dr Vinitz: Ronald Baddiley
   Dr Syrensky: Stuart Organ
   Baroness Livenbaum: Madi Hedd
   Charwoman: Jean Trend
   Sleiigh-drlver: Hugh Dickson
   Sergei: Stephen Thorne
Repeated 20th December 1982
[There was a 1960 production by Hugh Stewart with Leslie Perrins as Prince Bounine]

19th December 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Curtmantle by Christopher Fry (1907-2005)
Curtmantle- a garment and a nickname for Henry II.
Music composed by David Firman, played by Douglas Wootton and Keith Thompson
Directed by Jane Morgan
   Henry II: Brian Cox
   Becket: Bernard Hepton
   Eleanor: Barbara Leigh-Hunt
   William Marshal: Norman Rodway
   Barber -Earl of Leicester: Stephen Thorne
   Wife/Old woman: Katherine Parr
   Juggler: Alex Jennings
   Huckster/Geoffrey: Stuart Organ
   Blae: Frances Jeater
   Richard Anesty: John Livesey
   Gilbert Foliot: Hugh Dickson
   Young Henry: Roger Allam
   Richard: Andrew Seear
   John: Gary Cady
   Roger: Kevin McNally
   Philip of France: Simon Hewitt
Repeated 17th July 1983 and 6th January 1991
[Also broadcast on R4X in 2015, 2022]

20th December 1982
The Monday Play: Puss In Boots by Angela Carter (1940-1992)
Directed by Glyn Dearman
   Puss: Andrew Sachs
   a Young Hero: Mick Ford
   a young Heroine: Jill Lidstone
   The Hag, which speaks for itself: Doris Hare
   Pantaleone, a miser: Alan Melville
   Tabs: Frances Jeater
   Undertaker: Stephen Thorne
   Gambler: Peter Arne
   Citizen's wife: Madi Hedd
Repeated 16th November 1992

21st December 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Gothic Romances by Simon Brett
Directed by Ian Cotterell
   George: Ronald Baddiley
   Mark: Christopher Good
   Bill: Christopher Scott
   Greg: Alex Jennings
   Madeleine: Sarah Badel
   Radleigh: Godfrey Kenton
   Babs: Miriam Margolyes
Repeated 3rd May 1984

22nd December 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Old Railway Station by Tony Cassidy
Returning to their home country after a long absence they revisit the places they remember.
Directed by Graham Gauld
BBC Manchester
   Helen: Jane Knowles
   Charles: Geoffrey Beevers
   Postman: Clifford Norgate
   Clerk: Jonathan Scott
   Fr James: Alan Barry

24th December 1982
The Browning Version (1948) by Terence Rattigan (1911-1977)
A pupil presents a master with a translation of the Agamemnon.
Directed by Ian Cotterell
   John Taplow: Stephen Garlick
   Frank Hunter: David McAlister
   Millie Crocker Harris: Barbara Jefford
   Andrew Crocker Harris: Nigel Stock
   Dr Frobisher: Michael Spice
   Peter Gilbert: David Timson
   Mrs Gilbert: Christine Absalom
Repeated 18th May 1986 and 16th December 1990
[There was a production by Arche Campbell on BBC Light in 1956, with Robert Harris]
[There was a production by Norman Wright in 1957, rptd 1958, 1964, 1970, 1972 and 1978 with John Gielgud]
[There was a 2011 production by Rosalind Ayres with Ian Ogilvy, rptd 2013]
[R4X broadcast the 1970 version with John Gielgud in 2017, 2020]

25th December 1982
Saturday Night Theatre: Lady Windermere's Fan (1892) by Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)
The astounding stupidity of optimism.
Directed by Ronald Mason
   Lady Windermere: Rosalind Shanks
   Lord Windermere: Peter Baldwin
   Lord Darlington: Timothy West
   The Duchess of Berwick: Fabia Drake
   Lady Agatha: Maureen Beck
   Lady Plymdale: Grizelda Hervey
   Mrs Erlynne: Maxine Audley
   Lord Augustus: Godfrey Kenton
   Mr Dumby: John Pullen
   Mr Cecil Graham: John Forrest
   Mr Hopper: Ian Thompson
   Parker: John Wyse
Repeated from 28th and 30th December 1968, also repeated 2nd January 1972, 27th May 1974, 2nd June 1974, 23rd and 29th January 1978,
[One of the earliest plays broacast- on 5WA in 1926- producer Gordon McConnel.]
[Radio 3 broadcast a production by Martin Jarvis in 2018, rptd 2020 with Mira Sorvino]
[There was a production by David Johnston with Joely Richardson on 19th June 1989, rptd on R7 in 2010]

26th December 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Guardsman (1910) by Ferenc Molnar (1878-1952) translated by Frank Marcus
Identity and role play, Budapest: 1910
Piano: Mary Nash
Directed by Glyn Dearman
   Ilona: Judi Dench
   Nandor: John Moffatt
   Bela: Francis Matthews
   Mother: Lally Bowers
   Liza: Tammy Ustinov
   Creditor: David Gooderson
   Usherette: Jean Trend

27th December 1982
Paddington Bear: Please look After this Bear by Michael Bond (1926-2017)
Producer: Colin Smith
   Cast for the week:
   Narrator Michael Hordern
   Paddington: Andrew Branch
   Mr Brown: Edward Kelsey
   Mrs Brown: Jill Shilling
   Judy: Jane Knowles
   Jonathan: Elizabeth Lindsay
   Mrs Bird: Jo Manning Wilson
With Michael Deacon and Peter McGowan
Other related programs this week:
28/12/82 A Bear in Hot Water
29/12/82 A Disappearing Trick
30/12/82 Paddington and the Christmas Pantomime
31/12/82 Paddington's Christmas

27th December 1982
Afternoon Theatre: The Case of the Late Pig by Margery Allingham dramatised by Gregory Evans
Repeated from 9th January 1982- please see above.

27th December 1982
The Monday Play: Over the Hills and Far Away by Martyn Wade
The life of composer Percy Grainger (1882-1961)
Piano / Harmonium: Stuart Hutchinson
Technical presentation Marsail Maccuish, Richard Beadsmoore and Paul Pearson
Directed by Cherry Cookson
   Percy Grainger: David Collings
   Rose Grainger: Vivian Pickles
   Ella Grainger: Sarah Badet
   Delius : Jack May
   Burnett Cross : David Healy
   Cyril Scott: David Timson
   Balfour Gardiner: Christopher Scott
   John Grainger: Peter Baldwin
   Herman Sandby: Geoffrey Matthews
   Greig: Philip Voss
   Young Percy: Jill Lidstone
Other parts played by. Neville Jason, Garrick Hagon, Miranda Forbes, Rosalind Adams, Stuart Organ, Madi Hedd, Crawford Logan, Peter Tuddenham and Alex Jennings
Repeated on R3 on 5th May 1983 and 2nd July 1995.
[Sony Radio Gold Award winner 1983-Best drama production]

28th December 1982
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Chosen by Gerry Knight
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
   Dr Zacarius: Peter Woodthorpe
   the Minister: David Waller
   Matthews: Stephen Garlick
Computer/Strassman: Alan Dudley
Carla/Girl In shop: Theresa Streatfeild
Neil/Delegate: David McAlister
Repeated from 19th and 22nd December 1981
[This is the only credit for Gerry Knight in the BBC Program Database].

28th December 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Long Ago and Far Away by Ted Allbeury (1917-2005)
A voice on a radio program brings back memories.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
   Johnny: David McAlister
   Anne-Marie: Kate Binchy
   Patrice: Michael N Harbour
   himself: Roy Plomley
   George Carter: Nicholas Courtney
   Otto Lutz: Sion Probert
   Rene: John Rye
   Jean-Paul: George Parsons
Repeated from 2nd October 1981
[Ted Allbeury served with Special Operations 1940-1947. He also used the pen names Patrick Kelly and Richard Butler].

29th December 1982
A-levels and the Private Eye by Terence O'Brien
An eager young man
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
   Ambrose Bonnyweather: Paul Webster
   Beatrice Thompson: Penelope Lee
   Errol Billington: Russell Dixon
   Roy Jenkins: Cliff Howells
   Mrs Hanson: Meg Johnson
   Mr Hanson: Charles Foster

29th December 1982
Afternoon Theatre: One Green Bottle by Sheila Hodgson (1921-2001)
Everything always goes wrong for Alec.
Directed by David Johnston
   Alec Corby: Nicholas Parsons
   Alice Wedderburn: Margot Boyd
   Deborah St John Stokes: Miranda Forbes
   Maggie Stewart: Shirley Dixon
   George Netherbow: Jack May
   Mayors of Seacliff and Vaux-en-Bergerac: Alan Dudley
   Gendarme/Waiter: Alex Jennings
   Gendarme: Spencer Banks

30th December 1982
Afternoon Theatre: Obsession In August by Michael Robson
Dorset. 1892. A strange discovery too important to confide in writing.
Directed by David Spenser
   Professor Dulac: Robert Morris
   Lord Sackville: John Westbrook
   Lady Helen: Wendy Murray
   M Griffith: Hugh Dickson
   Sir Edmund Gautrey/ Canon Enright: Nigel Graham
   Rob Myers: Alex Jennings
   Sally Chayles: Hilda Schroder
   Bess Gautrey: Rosalind Adams
   Dickon Myers/Insp Dunlapp: Stephen Thorne
   Mother Superior: Jean Trend


Compiled 2023 by Stephen Shaw

...Many thanks, Stephen, for compiling this for us - ND.

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