Radio 3 Drama, 2020

Drama on 3 – 2020


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ND / 1 Jan 2021

Drama on 3 - Radio 3 - 2020
2020-01-05, 19-30, The Wild Duck
2020-01-12, 19-30, Magnitsky the Musical
2020-01-26, 19-30, The Escape Artist (1/2)
2020-02-02, 19-30, The Escape Artist (2/2)
2020-02-09, 19-30, Lady Windermere's Fan
2020-02-16, 19-30, The Likes of Us
2020-02-23, 19-30, The Glass Menagerie, rpt. from 2018
2020-03-01, 19-30, A Streetcar Named Desire, rpt. from 2017
2020-03-08, 19-30, Only Mountains
2020-03-15, 19-30, The Shadow of a Doubt, rpt. from 2018
2020-03-22, 19-30, Schreber
2020-03-29, 19-30, The Moors of England, rpt. from 2018
2020-04-12, 19-30, Elizabeth and Essex
2020-04-19, 19-30, Othello
2020-04-23, 22-00, Radio 3, Free Thinking, Shakespeare for the People
2020-04-26, 19-30, Henry IV Part 1
2020-05-03, 19-30, In the Native State by Tom Stoppard
2020-05-10, 19-30, Unicorns Almost
2020-05-17, 19-30, The Dark Tower, rpt. from 2017
2020-05-24, 19-30, Copenhagen, rpt. from 2013
2020-05-31, 19-30, Lungs, rpt. from 2013
2020-06-07, 19-30, Adventures with the Painted People
2020-06-13, 20-00, Lockdown Theatre Festival, Rockets and Blue Lights
2020-06-14, 21-00, Lockdown Theatre Festival, Love Love Love
2020-06-21, 19-30, I Am the Wind
2020-06-28, 19-30, Long Day's Journey Into Night by Eugene O'Neill, rpt. from 2017
2020-07-05, 19-50, Three Letters
2020-07-12, 19-30, Byzantium, rpt. from 2018
2020-09-13, 19-30, Andromache, rpt. from 2017
2020-09-20, 19-30, Beethoven Can Hear You
2020-09-27, 19-30, Christabel
2020-10-04, 19-30, The Son
2020-10-18, 19-30, Measure for Measure, rpt. from 2018
2020-10-25, 19-30, The Merchant of Venice, rpt. from 2016
2020-11-01, 19-30, Love Is Not New in This Country, rpt. from 2018
2020-11-08, 19-30, From Summerhall Sam's Secret Orchestra
2020-11-15, 19-30, An Evening with Angela Carter, rpt. from 2018
2020-11-22, 19-30, Life is a Radio in the Dark
2020-11-29, 19-30, Sea Longing, rpt. from 2018
2020-12-06, 19-30, Thousand Cranes
2020-12-13, 19-30, The Sorrows of Young Werther
2020-12-27, 19-30, Rodgers and Hart and Hammerstein

42 items, 15 repeats


2020-01-05, 19-30

Drama on 3 - The Wild Duck

By Ibsen. A family creates an imaginary forest in their loft room for a wounded wild duck. Translated and adapted by Christopher Hampton, Hjalmar ..... David Threlfall, Gregers ..... Samuel West, Werle ..... James Fox, Gina ..... Lise-Ann McLaughlin, Hedvig ..... Lauren Cornelius, Ekdal ..... Clive Hayward, Relling ..... Michael Bertenshaw, Mrs Sørby ..... Georgie Glen, Solo flute played by Martin Feinstein, Producer: Peter Kavanagh.


2020-01-12, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Magnitsky the Musical

Book and lyrics by Robert Hudson; music and lyrics by Johnny Flynn A musical based on the story of an American venture capitalist, a Russian tax advisor, a crazy robbery, the Trump Tower meeting and the rule of law. The story explores the Magnitsky Act; global legislation which allows governments to sanction those who they see as offenders of human rights. In the play there's a tax adviser; it's about his struggle to uncover a huge tax fraud, his imprisonment by the authorities he is investigating, and his crusade for justice. Bill . . . . . Paul Chahidi, Sergei . . . . . Johnny Flynn, Jamie . . . . . Fenella Woolgar, Natalia . . . . . Ellie Kendrick, Kuznetsov . . . . . Gus Brown, Guard . . . . . Clive Hayward, Silchenko . . . . . Ian Conningham, Jared . . . . . Will Kirk, Fisherman . . . . . Neil McCaul, Judge . . . . . Jessica Turner. Additional singing by Sinead MacInnes, Laura Christy, Scarlett Courtney and Lucy Reynolds. The cellist is Joe Zeitlin. Sound is by Peter Ringrose. Produced by Sasha Yevtushenko.


2020-01-26, 19-30

Drama on 3 - The Escape Artist (1/2)

Ross Sutherland takes us to the birth of modern art as he traces the life of Arthur Cravan, whose art heralded Dada, surrealism, situationism, punk rock and alternative comedy. He was the nephew of Oscar Wilde, a boxing champion, an art critic, a performer, husband of poet Mina Loy, and was pursued by the CIA. Writer and Presenter: Ross Sutherland, Producer: by Melvin Rickarby, Music by Jeremy Warmsley. Excerpt from Cravan's Weird Seance courtesy of Daniel Oliver.


2020-02-02, 19-30

Drama on 3 - The Escape Artist (2/2)

Conclusion, as described above.


2020-02-09, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Lady Windermere's Fan

By Oscar Wilde; a new production by Jarvis & Ayres (Indie). Mrs Erlynne ..... Mira Sorvino, Lady Windermere ..... Susannah Fielding, Lord Windermere ..... James Callis , Lord Darlington ..... Jonathan Cake , Duchess of Berwick ..... Rosalind Ayres, Lord Lorton ..... Ian Ogilvy , Mr Dumby ..... Peter Woodward, Cecil Graham ...... Matthew Wolf , Mr Hopper ..... Darren Keefe , Parker ..... Darren Richardson, Agatha/Lady Stutfield ..... Elizabeth Knowelden , Lady Plymdale/Rosalie ..... Edita Brychta, Lady Jedburgh ..... Jean Gilpin, Sound Design: Mark Holden, Specially composed music: A-Mnemonic. Producer: Martin Jarvis.


2020-02-16, 19-30

Drama on 3 - The Likes of Us

By Roy Williams. Gloria Wilkins arrives in London from Jamaica in 1957, settling with her husband in Notting Dale, a poor area in the rich London borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Starting with the fire at Grenfell Tower, the play moves back and forth in time through the lives of Gloria, her children and her grandchild over the course of sixty years.Based on Roy Williams' experiences of growing up in Notting Dale. Gloria ..... Doreene Blackstock, Sharon ..... Clare Perkins, Stephen ..... Lee Ross, Larry ..... Don Gilet, Clarence Senior ..... Steve Toussaint, Clarence Junior ..... Gary Beadle, Tina/Abigail ..... Seroca Davis, Hassan ..... Makir Ahmed, Patrick ..... Ikky Elyas, Trevor ..... Adam Courting, Tommy ..... Ian Conningham, Teacher ..... Jessica Turner, Woman in Market/ Registrar ..... Heather Craney, Directed by Mary Peate.


2020-02-23, 19-30

Drama on 3 - The Glass Menagerie

By Tennessee Williams. Closely based on the playwright's own life and family in St Louis in the 1930s. The narrator Tom recalls the cramped tenement home he shares with his mother Amanda, and his sister, Laura.Tom works in a warehouse but dreams of being a poet and no longer being the family breadwinner. Laura hides at home. Amanda sells stuff over the telephone. The programme is introduced by John Lahr, TW's biographer. Amanda ................... Anastasia Hille, Tom ................... George MacKay, Laura ................... Patsy Ferran, Jim ................... Sope Dirisu, Music arranged and played by Bogdan Vacarescu Producer.... Sasha Yevtushenko.


2020-03-01, 19-30

Drama on 3 - A Streetcar Named Desire

By Tennessee Williams. The story of a confrontation between fantasy and reality, embodied in the characters of Blanche DuBois and Stanley Kowalski. Blanche arrives unexpectedly on the doorstep of her sister Stella and her brother-in-law Stanley. Over the summer, Blanche's fragile facade slowly crumbles, damaging Stella and Stanley's already rocky relationship. Broadcast by arrangement with the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee. Blanche ....... Anne-Marie Duff, Stella ....... Pippa Bennett-Warner, Stanley ...... Matthew Needham, Mitch .... John Heffernan, Steve .....David Sturzaker, Eunice ...... Sarah Ridgeway, Pablo ....... John Dougal, Mexican Woman ...... Leila Arias Collector ...... Tom Forrister, Nurse ..... Georgie Glen. Producer...... Sasha Yevtushenko.


2020-03-08, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Only Mountains

By Maxine Peake. The drama follows a young British woman, Pearl, and her journey into becoming a member of the YPJ, an all-female Kurdish militia fighting in Syria to overthrow the Islamic State group and create a democratic society. The drama explores what triggers Pearl to make the decision to join the YPJ, the risks she is prepared to take for her political convictions and the disruption her decision causes. It is fictional but based on detailed research with those who have done it or know about it. Pearl.....Lyndsey Marshal, Berglin/Layla.....Shaniaz Hama Ali, Ruth.....Dawn Sievewright, Nesrin/Herwaz/Medya/Havin.....Arazou Baker, Jess.....Carla Henry, Tahlia.....Mercedes Assad, Salar.....Murat Erkek, Produced by Nadia Molinari.


2020-03-15, 19-30

Drama on 3 - - The Shadow of a Doubt

First performance of a newly discovered play by Edith Wharton from 1901. Introduced by Laura Rattray, Reader in American Studies, University of Glasgow and adapted for radio by Melissa Murray. Long before she achieved fame with her novel, 'The Age of Innocence', Edith Wharton wrote plays. They were all believed lost until two academics, Laura Rattray and Mary Chinery, discovered the complete manuscript of this one in 2017. It's about assisted suicide. Kate, a former nurse, has recently married above her class to John Derwent, whose first wife Kate had nursed following an horrific accident. Kate Derwent.....Phoebe Fox, John Derwent.....Paul Ready, Sylvia Derwent.....Rosie Boore, Lord Osterleigh.....David Horovitch, Lady Uske.....Francesca Annis, Dr Carruthers.....Don Gilet, Clodagh Nevil.....Alexandra Constantinidi, Bobby Mazaret.....Cameron Percival, Footman.....Lewis Bray, Mrs Fullerton.....Emma Handy, Produced by Emma Harding.


2020-03-22, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Schreber

A world premiere of Anthony Burgess's screenplay (never produced) of "Memoir of My Nervous Illness" by Daniel Schreber, adapted for radio by Jeff Young. In 19th century Germany, Daniel Schreber was a successful, respected High Court judge. Out of nowhere, seemingly, he suffered a series of nervous breakdowns, requiring hospitalisation. He recovered enough to come back home for short while, but was soon back in hospital, where he remained for the rest of his life. During his time back home, he gathered together notes he had made during his first hospitalisation and wrote them up, publishing the text in 1903. Anthony Burgess was fascinated by it. The screenplay dramatises key sections of the book. The end result is a moving portrait of the patient experience, focusing on Schreber's belief that he had to become a woman, in order to be impregnated by the sun and repopulate the earth (sic). Schreber ..... Christopher Eccleston, Sabina ..... Nadia Albina, Father ..... David Annen, Mother ..... Chetna Pandya, Dr Weber ..... Don Gilet, Muller ..... Guy Rhys, Hanslick ..... Ashley Zhangazha, Co-producers: Polly Thomas and Eloise Whitmore. Executive Producer: Jeremy Mortimer. Thanks to Andrew Biswell and the International Anthony Burgess Foundation. Indie. (Naked Productions).


2020-03-29, 19-30

Drama on 3 - The Moors of England

By Rex Obano. England is divided as never before. The country has turned its back on Europe. Not Britain today but the 16th century. The story of Sir Robert Cecil and his black Muslim servant Fortunatus. Fortunatus ..... Ray Fearon, Sir Robert Cecil ..... John Heffernan, Beaupere ..... Sope Dirisu, Casper Van Senden ..... Tristan Sturrock, Duque de Sessa ..... Youseff Kerkour, Queen Elizabeth ..... Elizabeth Counsell, Sir Edward Coke ..... Philip Bretherton, Sir Thomas Sherley ..... Sean Murray, Mae Mice ..... Lucy Doyle, Frances Cecil ..... Ella Glendinning, Lady Frances ..... Emma Handy, Watchman ..... Cameron Percival, Producer: David Hunte.


2020-04-12, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Elizabeth and Essex

By Robin Brooks, based on the writings of Lytton Strachey, about Elizabeth I and her young favourite, the Earl of Essex, recorded live at the Alexandra Palace Theatre, with music by Korngold, originally written for the movie "The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex" with Bette Davis and Errol Flynn. The music is played by the BBC Concert Orchestra, conductor Robert Ziegler. Lytton Strachey and Elizabeth I: ..... Simon Russell Beale, Essex / Roger ..... Harry Lloyd, Bacon / Ottoline ..... Nancy Carroll, Cecil / Maynard ..... Julian Harries, Directed and Produced by Fiona McAlpine and Robin Brooks. Indie (Allegra).


2020-04-19, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Othello

Shakespeare's tragedy, staged in an imagined near future, in which a power-hungry Turkish president attempts an attack on Cyprus. The western forces rush to Cyprus' defence, under the command of the fearless General Othello. But can an Arab-born, Christian convert ever be truly accepted by the people he serves? Adapted and directed for radio by Emma Harding. Introduction by Dr Islam Issa of Birmingham City University. Othello.....Khalid Abdalla, Iago.....Matthew Needham, Desdemona.....Cassie Layton, Cassio.....Max Bennett, Brabantio.....Neil McCaul, Roderigo.....Clive Hayward, Duke of Venice.....Jessica Turner, Montano.....Peter Polycarpou, Emilia.....Bettrys Jones, Lodovico.....Ian Conningham, Bianca.....Heather Craney. All other parts played by Sargon Yelda and Hasan Dixon.


2020-04-23, 22-00

Free Thinking - Shakespeare for the People

Actor Adrian Lester and Prof Ewan Fernie talk to Islam Issa about Birmingham's first folio and the man who brought it to the city. The Birmingham Shakespeare Memorial Library was founded with the help of George Dawson, a nonconformist preacher and lecturer who had a powerful vision of Birmingham as a progressive social and cultural centre in the mid-19th century. The library houses Britain's most important Shakespeare collection. Producer: Torquil MacLeod.


2020-04-26, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Henry IV, Part 1

By William Shakespeare. Rebellion is brewing in Britain. King Henry must reunite his country but how when even his own family is divided? King Henry ..... Iain Glen, Falstaff ..... Toby Jones, Hal ..... Luke Thompson, Hotspur ..... Tom Glynn-Carney, Worcester .....Mark Bonnar, Lady Percy .....Natalie Simpson, Glendower ..... Steffan Rhodri, Lady Mortimer ..... Bettrys Jones, Westmoreland ..... Roger Ringrose, Northumberland/Douglas ..... John Dougall, Bardolph/ Sir Walter Blunt ..... John Lightbody, Peto/Sherriff/Vernon ..... Sargon Yelda, John/Mortimer ..... Chris Lew Kum Hoi, Poins/Messenger ..... Hasan Dixon, Mistress Quickly ..... Elizabeth Counsell, Music composed by Jon Nicholls. Adapted and directed by Sally Avens.


2020-05-03, 19-30

Drama on 3 - In the Native State, by Tom Stoppard

The original recording of Stoppard's 1991 drama, commissioned by Radio 3. It is set in two places and periods: India in 1930 and England in the 1990s. A young poet with a scandalous reputation sits for a portrait whilst in India for her health. 60 years later, the portrait sparks difficult conversations about Indian history and the story behind the painting itself. The broadcast marks the death last month of John Tydeman, a former head of BBC Radio Drama. Tydeman collaborated with Joe Orton, Tom Stoppard and Caryl Churchill early in their careers. Mrs Swan '.. Peggy Ashcroft, Flora Crewe '.. Felicity Kendal, Nirad Das '.. Sam Dastor, Anish Das '.. Lyndam Gregory, Rajah '.. Saeed Jaffrey, David Durance '.. Simon Treves, Mr Pike '.. William Hootkins, Coomaraswami ..... Renu Setna, The Resident '.. Brett Usher, Nazrul '.. Amerjit Deu, Francis Swan '.. Mark Straker, Nell '.. Emma Gregory, Englishwoman/Reader '.. Auriol Smith. Directed by John Tydeman. Originally broadcast R3, 21 Apr 91.


2020-05-10, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Unicorns, Almost

By Owen Sheers; adapted from his stage play. It portrays the short life of WW2 poet Keith Douglas, from his childhood through four engagements to his fighting in the Western Desert, his accelerated education as a poet and his early death three days after the Normandy D-Day landings at the age of 24. Owen, the writer, introduces this adaptation. Keith Douglas ..... Dan Krikler, Written by Owen Sheers, Original music by Jon Nicholls, Directed by John Retallack, Produced by Emma Balch and Jon Nicholls for The Story of Books.


2020-05-17, 19-30

Drama on 3 - The Dark Tower

Louis MacNeice's verse drama The play is inspired by the mythical quest in Robert Browning's mysterious poem "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came". With original music by Benjamin Britten, to whom MacNeice dedicated the published script. Performed on 27th October 2017, in front of an audience at Orford Church, Suffolk, with the BBC Concert Orchestra. Roland .......Harry Lloyd, Gavin ..... Matthew Tennyson, Sergeant-Trumpeter ....... Jude Akuwudike, Mother ........ Lucy Robinson, Tutor/Steward ....... Adrian Scarborough, Soak ....... Jonjo O'Neill, Blind Peter ......... Nicholas Murchie, Sylvie ........ Manjinder Virk, Priest/Officer/Stentor ......... Sam Dale, Neaera ....... Hannah Genesius, Barmaid/Clock Voice ........ Georgie Glen, Young Roland ........ William Gidney, Director ........ Robin Brooks. Producer ........ Fiona McAlpine.


2020-05-24, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Copenhagen

By Michael Frayn. Play about the 1941 meeting between physicists Bohr and Heisenberg. Copenhagen, Autumn 1941. The two quantum physics experts meet for the first time since the breakout of war. Bohr and his wife, Margrethe, live in Nazi-occupied Denmark; their visitor, Heisenberg, is German. Two old friends, now on opposing sides, who between them have the ability to change the course of history. Margrethe Bohr .... Greta Scacchi, Niels Bohr ..... Simon Russell Beale Werner Heisenberg ..... Benedict Cumberbatch, adapted for radio and directed by Emma Harding.


2020-05-31, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Lungs

By Duncan Macmillan. A couple wonder whether they should bring a baby into a world full of uncertainties and anxieties. Performed by Kate O'Flynn and Alistair Cope and directed by Richard Wilson. Produced for radio by Toby Swift. Reviewed favourably by Lyn Gardner in The Guardian.


2020-06-07, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Adventures with the Painted People

By David Greig. Part of the Culture in Quarantine project., produced remotely during lockdown. Lucius is a Roman soldier with poetic leanings, captured by the Picts and about to be sacrificed. Eithne is a wise Pictish woman, who wants to record her people's history in writing, a skill they do not yet have. She makes a deal - she will rescue Lucius, in exchange for him teaching her to write. So they have to flee - not by road, the Romans haven't built those yet, but down the river.. Eithne ..... Kirsty Stuart, Lucius ..... Olivier Huband. Other parts played by members of Pitlochry Festival Theatre ensemble. Director, Elizabeth Newman. Assistant Director, Amy Liptrott. Composer and sound designer, Benjamin Occhipinti. Sound designer, Eloise Whitmore. Executive Producer, Polly Thomas. A Pitlochry Festival Theatre and Naked Productions co-production for BBC Radio 3


2020-06-13, 20-00

Drama on 3 - Lockdown Theatre Festival: Rockets and Blue Lights

By Winsome Pinnock. The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester's production of Rockets and Blue Lights had not yet had its press night when the theatres closed in March 2020. Lockdown Theatre Festival has adapted it for radio and recorded it remotely; all actors at home. Set in Victorian times; Thomas, a black sailor prepares to take one last voyage.Turner, the artist, seeks inspiration in a half-remembered story. In 21st-century London, an actress finds herself bound by history - two centuries after abolitionists won her ancestors their freedom from being slaves. Billie ..... Anthony Aje, Turner/ Roy/Peter Piper ..... Paul Bradley, Thomas/Trevor ..... Karl Collins, Lou/Olu ..... Kiza Deen, Caesar/Reuben ..... Natey Jones, Essie/Lucy ..... Rochelle Rose, Ruskin/Johnson/ Decker ..... Matthew Seadon-Young, Jess/Jeanie ..... Kudzai Sitima, Danby/Mary/Meg/Shona ..... Cathy Tyson, Clarke/Pearson/Benjamin ..... Everal A Walsh, Music by Femi Temowo, Sound Designer Elena Pena, Directed by Miranda Cromwell, Associate direction by Mumba Dodwell, Dramaturgy by Suzanne Bell, Produced by Jeremy Mortimer and Steve Bond, Additional production by Jack Howson, Sound Editing by Adam Woodhams, Production Coordinator Gabriel Francis, Production Manager Sarah Kenny, Executive Producers Bertie Carvel and Joby Waldman, Indie (Reduced Listening Production). The Lockdown Theatre Festival was set up by Bertie Carvel. The China virus has forced theatres all over the world to close, with no knowing when or if they will reopen.


2020-06-14, 21-00

Drama on 3 - Lockdown Theatre Festival: Love, Love, Love

By Mike Bartlett. Love, Love, Love had just opened at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre when the theatres closed in March 2020. This is Lockdown Theatre Festival's prodiction. Mike Bartlett's play charts one couple's journey, 40 years after Kenneth and Sandra built their life and family together in a time of increasing national prosperity. Now they're retired and their children grown, but a lot of it hasn't gone to plan. Kennet ..... Nicholas Burns, Rose ..... Isabella Laughland, Henry ..... Patrick Knowles, Jamie ..... Mike Noble, Sandra ..... Rachael Stirling, Directed by Rachel O'Riordan, Theatre Sound Design by Simon Slater, Produced by Jeremy Mortimer and Steve Bond Additional production by Jack Howson, Sound Editing by Adam Woodhams, Production coordinator Gabriel Francis, Production manager Sarah Kenny, Executive Producers Bertie Carvel and Joby Waldman, Indie (Reduced Listening Production).


2020-06-21, 19-30

Drama on 3 - I Am the Wind

By Jon Fosse. Two men on a boat with only themselves and the sea for company. Adapted from the stage play shown first in Bergen. The English-language version was written by Simon Stephens, who introduces the production. The One '.. Lee Ingleby, The Other '.. Shaun Dooley, Produced by Toby Swift.


2020-06-28, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Long Day's Journey Into Night.

By Eugene O'Neill, ad. John Peacock. The play is about a day in the Tyrone family Set in August 1912 in the Summer House of the Tyrones by the sea in Connecticut. The four main characters are considered to be semi-autobiographical representations of O'Neill himself, his older brother, and their parents. James Tyrone is an actor whose meanness has been the ruin of his family. His wife, Mary, has been a morphine addict since the birth of their youngest son, Edmund. Their eldest son, Jamie, is an alcoholic. Edmund, a sailor, has returned home sick. Indie (Pier production). James Tyrone ................... Robert Glenister, Mary Tyrone ................... Anastasia Hille, Jamie Tyrone ................... Rupert Evans, Edmund Tyrone ................... Gwilym Lee, Cathleen ................... Bronagh Waugh, Producer........ Celia de Wolff.


2020-07-05, 19-50

Drama on 3 - Three Letters

Written and performed by Nell Leyshon. 'I am trying to remember the young woman that I was before I had children. I am trying to see who I am now. I am a writer and I have a splinter of ice in my heart and in my eye.' Her own true story of how her reinvention of herself after children is halted by illness. Produced in Edinburgh by Susan Roberts.


2020-07-12, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Byzantium

By Robin Brooks. Story of the Empress Zoe. Soft-hearted and politically naive, she nevertheless had the strongest claim to the throne of Constantinople and lived for several eventful decades at the centre of vicious power struggles for control of the Byzantine Empire. It is a true story, based on contemporary histories of the 11th century. Empress Zoe ..... Catherine Shepherd, Psellus ..... Adrian Scarborough, Constans/Nicholas ..... Julian Wadham, Romanus ..... Raad Rawi, John, the Orphan Master ..... Jasper Britton, Michael ..... Alex Waldmann, Justin ..... Noof McEwan, Abbess/Witch ..... Gilian Cally, Alexios, the Patriarch ..... Sagar Arya, Theodora/Wife ..... Rose Reade, Other parts played by members of the company. Producer/Director, Fiona McAlpine. Sound Design, Lucinda Mason Brown. Indie (Allegra).


2020-09-13, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Andromache

By Racine's play (1667). Set a year after the Fall of Troy, where Pyrrhus, son of Achilles, is betrothed to Helen's daughter, Hermione. However he is more interested in Hector's widow, Andromache. This adaptation, by Edward Kemp, is set against a present-day soundscape. Translated by Edward Kemp Indie (Cast Iron Radio productions). Andromache ....... Tanya Moodie, Pyrrhus ........ Alex Lanipekun, Orestes ...... Joel MacCormack, Hermione ......... Susannah Fielding, Pylades ...... Gunnar Cauthery, Phoenix ........ Raad Rawi, Cephisa ...... Mia Soteriou, Cleone ....... Rosie Hilal, Composer ......... Chris Drohan, Producer ...... Jeremy Mortime.


2020-09-20, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Beethoven Can Hear You

By Timothy X Atack. To mark 250 years since the composer's birth. Beethoven is visited by a deaf traveller from another time. The Visitor is shocked to discover that Beethoven can hear; in this reality the composer never lost his hearing. Beethoven is haunted by the idea his ears could fail him. But the Visitor must make him understand his importance as history's first deaf composer.Original musical score from deaf composer Lloyd Coleman. Beethoven .... Peter Capaldi, The Visitor .... Sophie Stone, Script Consultant .... Sophie Stone, Sound Design .... Catherine Robinson, Directed by James Robinson, BBC Wales.


2020-09-27, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Christabel

By Coleridge. Part of Contains Strong Language, the BBC's poetry and spoken word festival taking place in Cumbria and online this weekend. In Coleridge's original poem a young girl meets a mysterious woman and invites her in to her castle. Siblings Sam and Bella, in lockdown in the Lake District in spring 2020 decide to make a podcast of the text. Both Sam and Bella are interested in a third, character, Taylor, a woman Sam found beside a lake and brought home for lockdown. Sam ..... Luke Wright, Bella ..... Phia Saban, Taylor ..... Krissi Bohn, With specially composed music by Katie Chatburn, performed by Juice and Bellatrix. Directed by Susan Roberts. .BBC Drama North.


2020-10-04, 19-30

Drama on 3 - The Son

By Florian Zeller, trans Christopher Hampton. It's about mental illness. Pierre is about to realise a career dream and has a new baby with his second wife Sofia. Into this picture of family happiness walks his son, Nicolas, by his first wife. Nicolas has fallen out with his mum and thinks coming to live with his dad will help him get back on track. Nicolas '.. Laurie Kynaston, Pierre '.. Joseph Millson, Anne '.. Nicola Walker, Sofia '.. Cecilia Appiah, Doctor '.. Carl Prekopp, Nurse '.. Ian Dunnett Jnr, Produced by Gemma Jenkins. Introduced by Christopher Hampton.


2020-10-18, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Measure for Measure

by William Shakespeare. His last comedy. The Duke ..... Paul Higgins, Isabella ..... Nicola Ferguson, Angelo ..... Robert Jack, Escalus ..... Maureen Beattie, Lucio and Froth ..... Finn den Hertog, The Provost ..... Michael Nardone, Mariana ..... Maggie Serivce, Claudio / Friar Peter ..... Owen Whitelaw, Pompey ..... Sandy Grierson, Mistress Overdone and Francisca ..... Georgie Glen, Juliet ..... Olivia Morgan, Elbow / Abhorson / Friar Thomas ..... Kevin Mains, Introduced by Professor Julie Sanders. Sound design and music by Gary C Newman. Produced by Gaynor Macfarlane.


2020-10-25, 19-30

Drama on 3 - The Merchant of Venice

Another Shakespeare play. Over-confident traders, a debt-ridden country dependent on credit, and a society suspicious of religious difference, transposed to the City of London and the 2008 financial crisis. Introduced by the BBC's Business Editor, Simon Jack. Adapted and directed by Emma Harding, who also supplied some of the music. Antonio.....Ray Fearon, Bassanio.....Colin Morgan, Portia.....Hayley Atwell, Shylock.....Andrew Scott, Salarino.....Ryan Whittle, Salanio.....Neerja Naik, Gratiano.....Ryan Early, Lorenzo.....Chris Lew Kum Hoi, Jessica.....Lauren Cornelius, Launcelot Gobbo.....Luke Bailey, Nerissa.....Kerry Gooderson, Morocco.....Stefan Adegbola, Arragon.....Javier Marzan, The Duke.....Neil McCaul, Tubal.....Clive Hayward, Balthasar.....Rupert Holliday-Evans, Musical setting of 'Where is fancy bred?' composed by Emma Harding and performed by Kerry Gooderson and Peter Ringrose.


2020-11-01, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Love Is Not New in This Country

By Samantha Ellis. Introduced by Qais Akbar Omar. In Kabul in 2005, after the defeat of the Taliban, German-Syrian actress and director Corinne Jaber worked hard to bring together a company of Afghan actors to stage a Dari production of Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost. Unusual things happen during rehearsals - male and female actors appear on the same stage, make eye contact, become friends. Unfortunately the Taliban, more suited to an earlier era than the present day, make death threats against the actresses. Based on the book 'A Night in the Emperor's Garden' by Stephen Landrigan and Qais Akbar Omar. Corinne ..... Amita Dhiri, Qais ..... Nima Taleghani, Nabi ..... Philip Arditti, Parwin ..... Nathalie Armin, Breshna ..... Gehane Strehler, Marina ..... Sarah Agha, Kabir ..... Paul Chahidi, Shahla ..... Jumaan Short, Tawab ..... Mustafa Aryan, Music by Milad Yousofi, Sound design by Alisdair McGregor. Directed by Jeremy Mortimer. Executive Producer Joby Waldman. Indie (Reduced Listening production). Produced remotely, during lockdown!


2020-11-08, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Sam's Secret Orchestra

By Jeremy Raison. The sonic landscape of Sam, born blind, and hugely talented musically, as she struggles to find her voice in a world full of closed doors. Sam ..... Scarlett Brookes, Baz ..... Stephen Critchlow, Lena ..... Zalie Burrow, Mr Kent ..... Crawford Logan, Deborah ..... Helen McAlpine, CJ ..... Lucy Farrett, Composer: Adrian Leung. Sound Design: Matt Thompson. Desk Studio Manager: David Steele. Producer: Cherry Cookson. Indie (Rockethouse Productions). Recorded live in front of an audience at Summerhall Arts Venue at the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. First broadcast BBC Radio 3 30/09/2018.


2020-11-15, 19-30

Drama on 3 - An Evening with Angela Carter

New interpretations of two radio scripts by Angela Carter, originally written and broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in the 1970s. Introduced by Fiona Shaw as Angela Carter.

Angela's first radio play. A young Englishman, travelling by bicycle through Transylvania, finds himself at the mercy of a 'lovely lady vampire' and her governess. [The earlier production, produced by Glyn Dearman, went out in July 1976.] The Countess ... Jessica Raine, The Count ... Anton Lesser, Hero ... Oliver Chris, Mrs Beane ... Doon Mackichan, Sawney/Gatekeeper/Priest ... Kevin McMonagle, Boy... William Gidney, Young Countess ... Tilly Meeson, Villagers/Peasants ... Pip Williams, Rose Reade, Lucy Mangan, Tre Gordon. Producer - Fiona McAlpine. Sound Design - Wilfredo Acosta.

Angela's documentary drama about the murderous Victorian painter, Richard Dadd, who murdered his father and was confined to Broadmoor, where he created the Fairy paintings for which he is known. It is unfashionable these days to call a man 'mad', but it seems in this instance to be an apt description. Look him up. Angela Carter:... Fiona Shaw, Richard Dadd ... James Anthony Rose, Sir Thomas Phillips ... Pip Torrens, Frith ... Keith Hill, Oberon ... Robert Pugh, Titania ... Monica Dolan, Puck/Robert Dadd ... Tom Forrister, Shopkeeper/Fairy Feller ... Noof McEwan, Crazy Jane ... Jasmine Jones, Landlady ... Tilly Vosburgh, Doctor/Howard ... Nicholas Murchie, Violinist - Madeleine Brooks, Director - Robin Brooks, Producer - Fiona McAlpine, Sound Design - Wilfredo Acosta.


2020-11-22, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Life is a Radio in the Dark

by Will Eno. When Davey Maskelyne embarks upon sonic therapy to restore his memory so he can help solve a crime the treatment leads to a reckoning with a past he never believed he could recover. Davey Maskelyne ..... Toby Jones, Dr. Baines ..... Colin Stinton, Sgt. Castor ..... Fenella Woolgar, Maud ..... Cecilia Appiah, Gallery Director ..... Kenneth Collard, Jennifer ..... Clare Corbett, Jesse ..... Luke Nunn, Courtney ..... Charlotte East, Audio Guide ..... Roger Ringrose, Park Woman ..... Emma Handy, Jim ..... Carl Prekopp, Granddaughter ..... Alejandra Howard, Producer .... Sally Avens.


2020-11-29, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Sea Longing

By Elizabeth Kuti, with music by Philip Selway. As a person knowledgeable about folklore, Robert Whyman has spent his life getting secrets out of other people. Now he gives an interview of his own, exploring the world of selkie and seal stories. Stephen Dillane as Robert Whyman, with Anastasia Hille, Jo McInnes, Lee Ross, Kiki May, Mairi Hawthorn, Eva Traynor, Nicholas Boulton, Anya Ashton and Paolo Ashton. Directed by Jo McInnes. Sound design by David Thomas. Producer Karen Rose, co-director of STP. Indie(Sweet Talk Productions). Winner of a BBC Audio Award for 'Best Single Play' 2020 & Best Actor 2020: Stephen Dillane.


2020-12-06, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Thousand Cranes

By Yasunari Kawabata (Nobel Prize for Lit. 1968) ad. Jude Cook from a translation by Edward G. Seidensticker.Following the death of his parents, bachelor Kikuji finds himself attracted to his father's last mistress, Mrs Ota. Meanwhile his father's first mistress - Miss Kurimoto - urges him to pursue someone else. The story takes place against the backdrop of a country in the process of changing. In Japan, women were traditionally second-class citizens. To some extent this is still true; men and women have separate linguistic forms and husband and wife stick to different well-defined roles, but change is starting to happen. Yasunari Kawabata...Eiji Mihara, Kikuji Mitani....Nino Furuhata, Mrs Ota....Naoko Mori, Miss Kurimoto....Kazuko Hohki Fumiko Ota....Yuriri Naka Yukiko Inamura....Miyuki Watanabe, Cab Driver....Junichi Kajioka, Original music by Sylvia Hallett, Sound by Alisdair McGregor, Directed by Jeremy Mortimer, Production Coordinator Sarah Kenny, Assistant Producer Gabriel Francis, Executive Producer Joby Waldman. Indie (Reduced Listening production).


2020-12-13, 19-30

Drama on 3 - The Sorrows of Young Werther

By Goethe. Story of a young artist at odds with society and with aturbulent love affair. Dramatised by Hattie Naylor. Introduced by Dr Charlotte Lee, University of Cambridge. Werther.....Joel MacCormack, Lotte.....Daisy Edgar-Jones, Albert.....Jack Farthing, Wilhelm.....Finn den Hertog, Hans.....Stefan Adegbola, Johanna.....Celia Appiah, Peter.....Joseph Ayre, Suzette.....Emma Handy, The Ambassador.....Roger Ringrose, Frau Muller.....Jane Whittenshaw, Louis.....Ian Dunnett Jnr, Servant Girl.....Charlotte East, Sound design by Caleb Knightley, Directed by Emma Harding, Produced by Marc Beeby.


2020-12-27, 19-30

Drama on 3 - Rodgers and Hart and Hammerstein

By Sarah Wooley. Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein had one of the most famous musical partnerships of the 20th century - creating The Sound of Music and Oklahoma! Before Rodgers and Hammerstein, there was Rodgers and Hart, kings of Broadway. The play looks at the unravelling of one partnership and the birth of another. Dick Rodgers .... Jamie Parker, Larry Hart .... Paul Chahidi Oscar Hammerstein .... Nathan Osgood, Dorothy Rodgers .... Emma Handy, George Abbott .... Roger Ringrose, 'Doc' Bender .... Stefan Adegbola, Terry Helburn .... Jane Whittenshaw, Frederick Loewe .... Ian Dunnett Jnr, Alice .... Jo Patmore, Waiter .... Hasan Dixon, Pianist: Peter Ringrose, Technical Producers: Anne Bunting, Jenni Burnett, Cal Knightley, Producer: Abigail le Fleming.



Various dramatic twenty-minute pieces that are used as mid-concert interval pieces during Performance On 3 and Opera On 3; Writer/reader credits have been noted where available; Documentaries/talks have been omitted.



Saturday nights, 30mins unless otherwise noted; Writer credits, and in some cases entry titles, aren't always given.



Dramatised pieces and readings that don't fit within the usual slots:


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