Radio 3 Drama, 2017

Drama on 3 – 2017


1 Jan: A Patriot For Me [100m]
By John Osborne. Adapted for radio (for the first time) by Philip Osment, but no credit in Radio Times. Rpt. from June 2015. The play centres on an ambitious rising star, Alfred Redl, in the Austrian army, in the decadent society of turn-of-the-century Austria, whose journey of self-discovery leads to blackmail, betrayal and murder. Redl is compromised by his newly realised sexual freedom and is compelled by the Russian army to spy on the country and countrymen he cares for. 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of John Osborne's play, which is a sweeping epic, an angry plea for tolerance, and a condemnation of hypocrisy. Baron von Epp - Bette Bourne; Mohl - Peter Egan; Albrecht/Ferdy/Paul/Steinbauer - Joshua Elliott; Redl - Richard Goulding; Stanitsin - Martin Hutson; Kupfer/Deputy - Peter Moreton; Oblensky - Michael Pennington; Hilde - Alana Ramsey; Countess - Amanda Root; Kunz/Deputy - Simon Shackleton; Taussig/Tsarina/Deputy - Daniel Weyman; Siczynski/Stefan/Viktor/Young man - Matt Whitchurch; directed by Philip Franks; produced by David Morley.

8 Jan: Manfred [80m]
By Lord Byron. Ghost story dramatized by Pauline Harris. The story centres around Manfred, who lives in isolation high in the mountains, tortured and haunted by a dark crime. Manfred: Joseph Millson, Abbott/Spirit/Arimanes: Jonathan Keeble, Herman/Spirit: Henry Devas, Astarte/Witch of the Alps/Spirit: Emily Pithon, Spirits: Ruth Alexander Rubin, Fionnuala Dorrity. Producer: Pauline Harris.

15 Jan: Rosmersholm [120m]
By Henrik Ibsen, trans Frank McGuinness. The play is set in a manor house on a fiord in western Norway. It concerns a widowed pastor, John Rosmer, whose affection for a new woman leads him down a dangerous path. The theme of the play is social and political change, in which the ruling classes relinquish their right to impose their ideals on the rest of society. John Rosmer: Nicholas Farrell, Rebekka West: Helen Baxendale, Professor Kroll: Ronald Pickup, Ulrik Brendel: Karl Johnson, Peder Mortensgaard: Philip Jackson, Mrs. Helseth: Christine Absalom. Producer: Peter Kavanagh.

22 Jan: Andromache [90m]
By Racine. Written in 1667; set in the aftermath of the Trojan War. Andromache, widow of the Hector, tries to protect her child from Pyrrhus. Andromache: Tanya Moodie, Pyrrhus: Alex Lanipekun, Orestes: Joel MacCormack, Hermione: Susannah Fielding, Pylades: Gunnar Cauthery, Phoenix: RaadRawi, Cephisa: Mia Soteriou, Cleone: Rosie Hilal. Producer: Jeremy Mortimer.

29 Jan: Scribblers [90m]
By Steve Waters. Historical play about Henry Fielding and First Minister Robert Walpole. Roughly the same territory as Nick Dear's "The Art of Success", but concentrating on the relationship between the state and stage, and with a lot less foul language. Lady Mary: Niamh Cusack, Walpole: David Troughton, Fielding: Carl Prekopp, Nicholas Paxton / Henry Giffard: Peter Hamilton Dyer, Molly Skerrett: Jane Whittenshaw, Charlotte Clarke: Laura Elphinstone.Producer: Jeremy Mortimer. Rpt. from 2015.

5 Feb: The Government Inspector [90m]
By Gogol, ad. Adrian Mitchell. 19th-century satire on sleaze. Somewhere in Russia, a clerk is mistaken for a government official by a corrupt town council. Khlestakov, the suspected inspector: Lenny Henry, The Governor: Roger Allam, Anna: Monica Dolan, Marya: Erin Doherty, the judge: Don Warrington, with Peter Wight, Paul Jesson, James Fleet, Adrian Scarborough, Ivanno Jeremiaj, Geoffrey Palmer, Stephen Critchlow and Jessica Gunning. Producer: Catherine Bailey. Indie (Catherine Bailey Productions).

12 Feb: Jenny Lomas [75m]
By David Eldridge. The story looks at a court case brought in a world where false news is everywhere. Jenny Lomas, the solicitor: Amanda Hale, Oliver: Max Bennett, Anna: Monica Dolan, with Peter Sullivan, Pater Polycarpou, Sanchia McCormack, Sam Clemmett, Chetna Pandya and David Sturzaker. Producer: Sally Avens.

19 Feb: The Process [75m]
In spite of the title, this is Kafka's "The Trial", dramatised by Mark Ravenhill. A man is arrested and prosecuted by an anonymous authority without his alleged crime ever being described. Joseph K: Sam Troughton, with Caroline Catz, Joe Armstrong, Lloyd Hutchinson (three parts), Pearce Quigley, Hara Yannas, Tony Gardner, Jo Joyner, Sinead Matthews, Marion Bailey, Gaye Brown and Harle Jordean. Producer: Polly Thomas. Rpt. from 2015.

26 Feb: Oedipus the King [105m]
Sophocles, set for radio by Anthony Burgess (real name John Burgess Wilson); originally performed in 1972 in America. Music by Stanley Silverman, performed by BBC Philharmonic and Kantos Chamber Choir, conducted by Clark Rundell. With Christopher Eccleston, Don Warrington, Adjoa Andoh, Fiona Shaw, John Shrapnel, Vincent Ebrahim, Darrell D'Silva, Katie Kemp-Riley, Tess Robinson, Ryley Nixon, Eleanor Read, Lucy Godson, Billie Robinson. Producers: Polly Thomas, Eloise Whitmore and Mike George. Production Coordinator: Sarah Kenny, Executive Producer: Joby Waldman

5 Mar: The American Grandmother
By David Pownall. Family drama set in his home city of Liverpool spanning a period of 30 years, beginning just before WW1. Indie (Pier Productions). Leone .... Emma Fielding, Chaz .... Joe McGann, Maureen .... Sue Jenkins, Ellie .... Jodie McNee, Richard .... Karl Davies, Fan .... Elizabeth Berrington, Leone's Father .... Sam Dale, Hector .... Carl Prekopp, John and Raymond .... Robbie O'Neill, The Chaplain .... Richard Tate, The Headmistress .... Jenny Funnell, The Boy .... Noah London, Producer:..... Martin Jenkins.

12 Mar: Fanny & Alexander, 1
By Ingar Bergman, ad. Sharon Oakes, from the film. Family story set in Sweden in the early 1900s. Rpt. from 2015. Fanny .... Hollie Burgess, Alexander .... Adam Thomas Wright, Emilie .... Lisa Dillon, Gustav .... Stuart McQuarrie, Oscar .... Justin Salinger, Alma .... Jessica Turner, Maj .... Rhiannon Neads, Isak .... Allan Corduner, Ismael .... Carl Prekopp, Aron .... Joseph Arkley, Bishop .... Mark Bazeley, Henrietta .... Jane Slavin, Justine/Ester .... Hannah Wood, Producer .... Gaynor Macfarlane, Music composed and performed by Carl Prekopp.

19 Mar: Fanny & Alexander, 2
Conclusion. Rpt. from 2015. Fanny .... Hollie Burgess, Alexander .... Adam Thomas Wright, Emilie .... Lisa Dillon, Gustav .... Stuart McQuarrie, Oscar .... Justin Salinge, Alma .... Jessica Turner, Maj .... Rhiannon Neads, Isak .... Allan Corduner, Ismael .... Carl Prekopp, Aron .... Joseph Arkley, Bishop .... Mark Bazeley, Henrietta .... Jane Slavin, Justine/Ester .... Hannah Wood, Producer .... Gaynor Macfarlane. Music: Carl Prekopp.

26 Mar: A Streetcar Named Desire
By Tennessee Williams. Blanche DuBois arrives unexpectedly on the doorstep of her sister Stella and her brother-in-law Stanley. Over the course of the summer, Blanche's fragile façade slowly crumbles, wreaking havoc on Stella and Stanley's marriage. Blanche .... Anne-Marie Duff, Stella .... Pippa Bennett-Warner, Stanley .... Matthew Needham, Mitch .... John Heffernan, Steve .... David Sturzaker, Eunice .... Sarah Ridgeway, Pablo .... John Dougal, Mexican Woman .... Leila Arias, Collector .... Tom Forrister, Nurse .... Georgie Glen, Director .... Sasha Yevtushenko.

2 Apr: Pericles
By William Shakespeare, ad. Neil Bartlett. Indie (Bona Productions). Gower .... Willard White, Pericles .... Paapa Essiedu, Thaisa .... Sarah Malin, Helicanus/Pandar .... Colin Hurley, Cleon/Boult .... Barrie Rutter, Cerimon/Bawd .... Tamzin Griffin, Dionyza/Lychorida .... Adjoa Andoh, Marina .... Laura Rees, Leonine/Simonides .... Martin Turner, Antiochus/Lysimachus .... Mark Straker, Trio 1 .... Tim Chipping, Trio 2 .... Martin Bassindale, Trio 3 .... Oscar Batterham, Director .... Neil Bartlett. Producer .... Turan Ali.

9 Apr: Hide the Moon
Another biographical play about a composer by Martyn Wade. In 1945 the composer Richard Strauss is visited by two American soldiers at his home in Garmisch. They want to interview him. His wife, Pauline, doesn't trust them. Not sure, but think I heard this on R4 in 2016 or 2015. (later note - rpt. from 2015.) Richard Strauss .... David Calder, Mr Brown .... Alun Raglan, Pauline Strauss .... Siân Phillips, Curt Riess .... Mark Edel-Hunt, Musician .... Peter Ringrose, Producer .... Marion Nancarrow.

16 Apr: Richard II
By William Shakespeare. I will not try to summarise this. RT says: "Richard's folly and the delusion of autocracy bring about his own downfall. When he banishes Bolingbroke and then confiscates his land and wealth despite warnings, he triggers a chain of events that lead to his overthrow and the accession of Bolingbroke as King Henry IV." Richard .... Joel MacCormack, Bolingbroke .... Geoffrey Streatfeild, John of Gaunt .... John Rowe, Duke of York .... Philip Jackson, Mowbray .... Steffan Rhodri, Aumerle .... Will Howard, Northumberland .... Christian Rodska, Harry Percy .... Edmund Wiseman, Queen Isabel .... Jaimi Barbakoff, Bushy .... Tom Forrister, Bagot .... David Sturzaker, Greene .... Simon Ludders, Salisbury .... Joe Sims, Duchess of York .... Georgie Glen, Bishop Carlisle .... Keiron Self, Welsh Captain .... Sion Pritchard, Lady .... Alexandria Riley, Producer .... Alison Hindell.

23 Apr: Iphigenia in Crimea
By Tony Harrison. Verse Drama, after Euripedes. A Classics-loving Lieutenant persuades a company of British soldiers to stage an all-male production of Iphigenia in Tauris. Rpt. from 2015. Lieutenant/Iphigenia/Athena .... Blake Ritson, Orestes .... Robert Emms, Pylades .... Richard Glaves, Sergeant/Thoas .... John Dougall, Irish soldier/Cowherd/Chorus .... Eugene O'Hare, Soldier/Messenger/Chorus .... Michael Colgan, Soldier/Chorus of Greek Women .... David Sterne, Soldier/Chorus of Greek Women .... Gavi Singh Chera, Soldier/Chorus of Greek Women .... John Bowler, Soldier/Chorus of Greek Women .... Finlay Robertson, Music performed by Peter Ringrose (trumpet), Detta Danford (flute), Howard McGill (clarinet), Jon Banks (accordion) and Matt Sharp (cello). Music composed and directed by Jon Nicholls. Producer .... Emma Harding.

30 Apr: Macbeth
By William Shakespeare. Rpt. from 2015. Macbeth .... Neil Dudgeon, Lady Macbeth .... Emma Fielding, Banquo .... Shaun Dooley, Macduff .... Paul Hilton, Weird Sister .... Jane Slavin, Weird Sister .... Carl Prekopp, Weird Sister .... Ayesha Antoine, Duncan .... David Hounslow, Ross .... Ian Conningham, Malcolm .... Alex Waldmann, The Porter .... Carl Prekopp, Lady Macduff .... Anastasia Hille, The Son .... Kasper Hilton-Hille, Murderer .... Stephen Critchlow, Murderer .... Mark Edel-Hunt, Lennox .... David Acton, Siward .... Sam Dale, Donalbain .... Sam Valentine, The Third Apparition .... Rose Hilton-Hille, Music composed by Timothy X Atack. Sound design by Colin Guthrie. Producer: Marc Beeby.

      1 May: Recital:
      Henry Hugo Pierson's symphonic poem, Macbeth, Op.54, composed in 1859 and performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Barry Wordsworth.

7 May: Dinner
By Moira Buffini; stage play, ad. for radio by MB. Black comedy. Paige .... Harriet Walter, Wynne .... Penny Downie, Hal .... Paul Bazely, Sian .... Pippa Bennett-Warner, Mike .... Peter McDonald, Waiter .... David Hounslow, Producer .... Jonquil Panting.

14 May: A View from the Bridge
By Arthur Miller. An Italian-American neighbourhood near the Brooklyn Bridge, New York. 1950s. Lawyer Alfieri (the narrator) confides to listeners that there are events where he can only watch as they run their course. Rpt. from 2015. Eddie Carbone ..... Alfred Molina, Alfieri ..... Hector Elizondo , Beatrice Carbone ..... Jane Kaczmarek , Catherine ..... Melissa Benoist, Marco ..... Reid Scott, Rodolpho ..... Matthew Wolf, Louis ..... Andre Sogliuzzo, Tony ..... Andre Sogliuzzo, First Immigration Officer ..... Andre Sogliuzzo, Mike ..... Darren Richardson, Second Immigration Officer ..... Darren Richardson, Director ..... Martin Jarvis, Producer ..... Rosalind Ayres. Sound design: Wesley Dewberry and Mark Holden. Indie: Jarvis & Ayres.

21 May: El Cid
By Pierre Corneille, trans. Ranjit Bolt. The story of a self-indulgent, love-smitten courtier in 11th-century Spain who when duty calls rises to the occasion to become Spain's greatest hero. Rpt. from 2016. Don Rodrigo ..... James Purefoy, Ximena ..... Indira Varma, Elvira ..... Eleanor Bron, Dona Urraca ..... Gina McKee, Don Diego ..... David Calder, Don Gormas ..... Ewan Bailey, Don Fernando ..... Stephen Thorne, Don Sancho ..... Chris Pavlo, Leonora ..... Amelia Lowdell, Don Arias ..... Gerard McDermott, Page ..... Gary Podmore, Adaptor ..... Ranjit Bolt, Producer ..... Peter Kavanagh.

28 May: Finlandia
By Stephen Wyatt; a psychological drama woven around a Finnish epic and the composer's music. It is 1945. Sibelius, national hero, then aged eighty, is about to burn his Eighth Symphony despite the protests of his wife, Aino. He had had nothing new completed or performed for over twenty years, so why would he do this now? Finland had come to regret its devil's bargain with Nazi Germany: it had warded off Russia, but at what cost? And for how long? In 1899 Sibelius had written Finlandia, expressing defiance of Russian hegemony and a belief in an independent future. Rpt. from 2015. Jean Sibelius ... Tim Pigott-Smith, Aino ... Barbara Flynn, Reporter ... Mark Edel-Hunt, Female Voice ... Alex Tregear, Male Voice ..Chris Pavlo. Producer: Tracey Neale.

4 Jun: My Own Life
By Oliver Sacks. In 2015 Oliver Sacks published, My Own Life, announcing that he was terminally ill.In 1776 David Hume discovered he was mortally ill and wrote his autobiography, My Own Life.Oliver looked to David's work as inspiration for how to have a good death. He faced his final months with a promise to himself to live 'in the richest, deepest, most productive way I can' encouraged by David's words. He writes of a clarity of purpose while at the same time detaching himself from the inessentials of life. Oliver Sacks…… Joss Ackland, David Hume……Ken Stott, Adam Smith……Gordon Kennedy, James Boswell…… Robin Laing. Producer: Caroline Raphael. Indie (Dora Production).

11 Jun: A Traveller's Guide to Paterson
By M.S.Roberts. American poet William Carlos Williams's poem 'Paterson' is a portrait of his favourite city in New Jersey where he worked as a doctor. Michael Symmons Roberts presents a portrait of the same city today in reportage and documentary form, alongside a fictional drama which responds to events described in Williams's poem. He travels to New Jersey to meet William's family, friends, academics and community figures to explore Paterson and the stories in the poem. Himself ...M.S. Roberts, William Carlos Williams ... Trevor White, Paterson ... Lou Hirsch, Robert Coles/Fred/Receptionist ... Louis Labovitch, The Passaic River ... Kate Harper, Marie/Mother of Sick Boy .... Pippa Bennett-Warner, Producer ... Deborah McAndrew. Director ... Susan Roberts.

18 Jun: No Drama (Proms, I think)

25 Jun: Long Day's Journey into Night
By Eugene O'Neill. Set in 1921. This is the story of one devastating day in the Tyrone family, the Great American Family at its worst. The play depicts the family members' downward spiral into addiction, disease, and their own haunted pasts. The four main characters are considered to be semi-autobiographical representations of O'Neill himself, his older brother, and their parents. James Tyrone…… Robert Glenister, Mary Tyrone……Anastasia Hille, Jamie Tyrone……Rupert Evans, Edmund Tyrone……Gwilym Lee, Cathleen……Bronagh Waugh. Producer: Celia de Wolff. Indie (Pier Productions).

2 Jul: The Erpingham Camp & The Ruffian on the Stair
Two plays by Joe Orton, and an interview by Matthew Sweet with Orton's friend, actor Kenneth Cranham, recorded live at the BBC's radio theatre to mark the 50th anniversary of Orton's death.

The Erpingham Camp: Erpingham ..... Robert Daws, Riley ..... Jonjo O'Neill, Lou ..... Kerry Gooderson, Ted ..... Samuel James, Kenny ..... Charlie Clements, Eileen ..... Sarah Ridgeway, W.E. Harrison ..... Tom Forrister, Jessie Mason ..... Sanchia McCormack, Padre ..... Simon Ludders, Accordion Player ..... Colin Guthrie,

The Ruffian On The Stair: Mike ..... Gerard Horan, Joyce ..... Sophie Thompson, Wilson ..... Jack Rowan, Producer of both plays ..... Mary Peate.

7 Jul: Victim
Br Sarah Wooley. A drama about the making of 'Victim', the first British film to address homosexuality seriously. The 1961 film, starring Dirk Bogarde in the gamble of his career, is often credited with helping to change public attitudes to homosexuality. The drama gives a glimpse of Britain at a tipping point of social change. Dirk Bogarde…… Ed Stoppard, Tony Forwood……Simon Harrison, Basil Dearden……Jonathan Aris, Janet Green……Fenella Woolgar, Michael Relph……Ben Miles, John Trevelyan……Michael Maloney, Dorothy……Julie Teal, Sylvia Sims …Sarah Ridgeway, Alexander Walker……Charlie Clements, Leo Abse MP/Trailer Announcer……Simon Ludder, Sir Cyril Osborne MP/Earl of Arran/Roy Jenkins MP……Philip Fox, with Emilio Doorgasingh, David Sturzaker and Tom Forrister Producer: Abigail le Fleming.

14 Jul: No Drama

21 Jul: No Drama

28 Jul: No Drama

August: No Drama

10 Sep: Three Sisters
By Tschekhov, ad. Dave Britton. Three sisters living in a garrison town in provincial Russia dream of the day that they will return to their home city of Moscow. Maybe then their lives will really start. But somehow real life keeps getting in the way. Rpt. from 2016. Olga ...Hattie Morahan, Masha ...Scarlett Alice Johnson, Irina ...Flora Spencer-Longhurst, Andrei ...Alex Waldmann, Dr Chebutykin ...Robert Pugh, Colonel Vershinin ...Elliot Cowan, Baron Tuzenbach ...Mark Edel-Hunt, Captain Solyony ...Jonathan Forbes, Natasha ...Leila Crerar, Kulygin ...Sion Pritchard, Anfisa ...Shirley Dixon, Ferapont ...William Thomas, Fedotik ...Gareth Pierce, Roday ...Aled Bidder, Music composed by Roger Goula; Peter Ringrose on additional piano. Other musicians:Natalie Holt, Sam Thompson and Peter Gregson. Sound engineer: Nigel Lewis. Producer: Alison Hindell; BBC Wales.

17 Sep: The Mother
By Florian Zeller. A mother slowly comes to terms with the 'empty nest' effect, soon after the departure of her two children who have found partners and new lives for themselves. Translated by Christopher Hampton, with music by Philip Glass, Christopher's regular collaborator. The Mother .... Gina McKee, The Father .... Tom Goodman-Hill , The Son .... Jonathan Bailey, The Girl .... Keziah Joseph, Producer .... Peter Kavanagh.

24 Sep - The Father
By Florian Zeller, trans. Christopher Hampton. Dementia. The drama tells the story of 80-year-old Andre's declining mental powers and the efforts of his daughter Anne to balance caring for him with the demands of her own life. Theatre Royal Bath/Ustinov Studio/Tricyle Theatre production directed by James Macdonald. Rpt. from 2016. Andre ................... Kenneth Cranham , Anne ................... Claire Skinner , Pierre ................... Nicholas Gleaves , Laura ................... Kirsty Oswald , Man ................... Jim Sturgeon , Woman ................... Rebecca Charles, Sound Designer ................... Christopher Shutt, Director ................... James Macdonald, Producer ................... Mary Peate.

1 Oct - A Clockwork Orange
By Anthony Burgess. Alex and his vicious gang of 'droogs' revel in horrific violence. They run riot and communicate in 'Nadsat' their own hybridisation of Russian and English slang. When a drug fuelled night of fun ends in murder, Alex is arrested. He is given a choice, be brainwashed into a good citizen, or face a lifetime in prison. Original score composed by Anthony Burgess with new orchestration by Iain Farrington. Performed live with the BBC Philharmonic. Musical Arranger/Musical Director Iain Farrington. Alex ................... Samuel Edward-Cook, Dim/Warder/Comedian ................... Edward Leigh , Alexander/Governor ................... Ian Bartholomew , Deltoid/Minister ................... Sevan Stephan , Wife/Branom ................... Sue Jenkins , Chaplain/Joe ................... Jonathan Keeble , Brodsky/Billyboy ................... Paul Barnhill , Pete/Rick ................... Wesley Charles , Georgie/Jojohn ................... Robbie Fallon , Marty/Nurse ................... Ibinabo Jack, Conductor ................... Gergely Madaras, Producer ................... Gary Brown, Executive Producer ................... Susan Roberts

8 Oct - Artist Descending a Staircase
By Tom Stoppard, rpt. Written for radio in 1972. First new production to be heard on the airwaves since then. Donner, an elderly artist, lies dead at the bottom of the staircase. His last moments of life - ambiguous fragments of sounds and words - have been captured by the tape recorder, which his housemate Beauchamp uses to make ''tonal art''. But the meaning of these aural clues depends entirely on the radio listener's interpretation of them. Martello (older) ..... Geoffrey Whitehead, Beauchamp (older) ..... Derek Jacobi, Donner (older) ..... Ian McDiarmid, Sophie ..... Pippa Nixon, Martello ..... Joshua McGuire, Beauchamp ..... Blake Ritson, Donner ..... Hugh Skinner, Sound Design and Original Music: David Chilton. Producer: Gordon House. Indie: Goldhawk Essential. First broadcast January 2016.

15 Oct - Song of Myself
By Walt Whitman. Orson Welles reads Whitman's poem for the BBC Third Programme in 1953. This is a new recording, where Welles' voice is interwoven with readings from a small cast of actors - Michael Sheen, Clarke Peters, Julianna Jennings, Kyle Soller and Eleanor Bron. Introduced by poet Mark Doty. Rpt. from 2016. Producer ................... Emma Harding

22 Oct - All of the Violence in the World
By Jonathan Holloway. The play focuses on the child soldiers used as cannon fodder in ideological wars over the centuries. Three teenagers fall into the clutches of TheTeacher as the story cuts between the People's Crusade of 1096, the days of the Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany and the streets of south-west London in 2007. Hilda/Ilda/Hibat Allah ..... Ayesha Antoine, Mikkel/Michel/Mykal ..... Jerome Holder, Andreas/Andre/Amir ..... Daniel Ezra, The Teacher ..... Nicholas Woodeson, The Proselyte ..... Charlie Clements, Sound design by Caleb Knightley, Directed by Toby Swift.

29 Oct - The Dark Tower
By Louis MacNeice. Verse drama; new production. The play is inspired by the mythical quest in Robert Browning's mysterious poem "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came". At its core is original music by Benjamin Britten, to whom MacNeice dedicated the published script. Performed on 27th October 2017, in front of an audience at Orford Church, Suffolk, with the BBC Concert Orchestra. Roland ..... Harry Lloyd, Gavin ..... Matthew Tennyson, Sergeant-Trumpeter ..... Jude Akuwudike, Mother ..... Lucy Robinson, Tutor/Steward .....Adrian Scarborough, Soak ..... Jonjo O'Neill, Blind Peter ..... Nicholas Murchie, Sylvie ..... Manjinder Virk, Priest/Officer/Stentor ..... Sam Dale, Neaera ..... Hannah Genesius, Barmaid/Clock Voice ..... Georgie Glen, Young Roland ..... William Gidney, BBC Concert Orchestra, conductor Robert Ziegler. Director... Robin Brooks Producer... Fiona McAlpine.

5 Nov - Fathers and Sons
By Brian Friel, after the novel by Turgenev. Fathers: Charles Dance, James Fleet. Sons: Edward Bennett, George Blagden. In Turgenev's story, both young heroes seem, at first, passionate revolutionaries, believing the old Russia should be swept away. But they're unsure what they'd replace it with. Julia McKenzie is a batty princess, Lisa Dillon a self-searching widow, Gabrielle Lloyd a loving mother and Martin Jarvis as odd-ball Uncle Pavel. Nikolai Kirsanov ... James Fleet (father), Arkady ... George Blagden (father), Vassily Bazarov ... Charles Dance (son) , Yevgeny ... Edward Bennett (son), Princess Olga ... Julia McKenzie , Anna Sergeevna ... Lisa Dillon , Pavel ... Martin Jarvis, Arina ... Gabrielle Lloyd, Fenichka ... Lucy Phelps, Dunyasha ... Joanna Cassidy, Katya ... Matilda Wickham, Piotr ... Kieran Hodgeson , Fedka ... Darren Richardson, Prokofyich and Timofeich ... Nigel Anthony, Musicians: Michael Lan, Stavros Dritsas, Louis Baily, , Djordje Gajic, Richard Sisson , Music advisers: Lucy Parham, Richard Sisson, Sound design: Mark Holden, Produced and directed by Martin Jarvis and Rosalind Ayres. Indie (Jarvis and Ayres). drama on 3 - Radio 3 - 2017

12 Nov - Fear and Loathing in Russia Today
By Oleg and Vladimir Presnyakov, Ivan Andreev and Irina Vaskovskaya. Translated by Noah Birksted-Breen. Three specially commisioned short plays (by R3) written by young playwrights working in Russia today.

The first play, A Weekend in the Country, by Oleg and Vladimir Presnyakov, is a dark and violent social satire that follows a couple as they go on a weekend retreat to the Russian countryside. The play reflects the authors' vision of materialism and spiritual depravity in today's society. Vitaly . . . . . Charlie Clements, Mikhail . . . . . Simon Ludders, Lidia . . . . . Helen Clapp, Mark . . . . . Samuel James, Yuri . . . . . Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong.

The second play, Tarantula, by Ivan Andreev, is set in an elite Moscow school in the late 1990s. Andreev's play explores societal change and themes of conformity, democracy and false idols, in a story that centres around the arrival of a mysterious new student at a school for the children of the country's elite. Max . . . . . Alexander Arnold, Lisa . . . . . Jenny Walser, Yan . . . . . Luke MacGregor, Stas . . . . . Adam Fitzgerald, Nina . . . . . Kath Weare, Students . . . . . Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong & Gary Duncan.

The third play, The Sweetie King, by Irina Vaskovskaya, revolves around an encounter between a young woman and an older man, in a flat in the outskirts of a nameless regional town in Russia. Victor . . . . . Paul Ritter, Tanya . . . . . Ria Zmitrowicz.

The plays were developed and translated by Noah Birksted-Breen and Sputnik Theatre. Producer, Sasha Yevtushenko.

19 Nov - The News from Home
By Nick Dear. Written to mark the centenary of the Easter Rising in Dublin. Set during WW1. The play views the events of Easter Week 1916 and its aftermath through the eyes of Kitty and Nora, maidservants of an English country house, tucked away in the New Forest. Kitty and Nora come from Tipperary, and have always thought of themselves as British citizens, but their views change as they learn that there has been an armed insurrection in their homeland. Overnight the girls become thought of as Irish, not British, and potentially in league with the Germans. Kitty ..... Clare Dunne, Nora ..... Charlene McKenna, Ilsa ..... Geraldine Somerville, Blanche ..... Nelly Harker, Scammell ..... Sam Dale, Cook ..... Serena Evans, Archie ..... Sam Troughton, Ken ..... Ferdinand Kingsley. Directed by Celia de Wolff. Indie (Pier Production).

26 Nov - Death of a Salesman
By Arthur Miller. New radio production to mark the centenary of his birth. Rpt. from 2015. Willy Loman is a 63-year-old travelling salesman worn out by a life on the road. His wife Linda has supported him throughout and borne him two sons, Biff and Happy. Biff is working away and has returned home for the first time in years, so the whole family are reunited. But there is a secret between Willy and Biff, which haunts them both. Willy Loman ...... David Suchet , Linda Loman ...... Zoe Wanamaker , Biff Loman ...... Daniel Lapaine , Happy Loman ...... Brendan Patricks , Bernard ...... Adam Best , Charley ...... Tony Turner , Uncle Ben ...... Simon Kunz , The Woman ...... Lucy Black , Howard ...... John Mackay , Letta ...... Laura Rogers , Ms Forsythe ...... Florence Hall, Director ...... Howard Davies, Producer ...... Chris Wallis, Penny whistle, Wilf Dalton, Technical presentation: Eloise Whitmore Indie (Watershed production).

3 Dec - The Devil's Passion
By Justin Butcher. 33 AD. Jesus enters Jerusalem to fulfil his destiny. Satan ascends from Hell to stop him. "Within the next hour, our operatives will isolate, engage and capture or kill the notorious leader of the most extreme, dangerous and contagious ideology to emerge in the modern era, whose terror activities represent the gravest threat to our interests across the region and the wider world. I refer, of course, to the radical preacher and populist demagogue Y'shua Bar-Yessuf - the man known, by way of shorthand to our operatives, as 'Jesus'." Satan ..... David Suchet, Jesus ..... Amir El-Masry, Miriam ..... Lara Sawalha, Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting. Sound Design by Jack C Arnold.

10 Dec - Ninety Minutes with Stanislavski
By Marcy Kahan. Cressida Yorke is a young actress in trouble. She has 90 minutes before her next run-through of The Seagull. Previews are three days away. She takes refuge in an empty rehearsal room at the top of Her Majesty's Theatre, London - where she encounters five remarkable and legendary acting teachers. Can they rescue her in time? Bobby Lewis ..... Colin Stinton, Cressida Yorke ..... Norah Lopez Holden, Stella Adler ..... Maggie Steed, Harold Clurman ..... Matthew Marsh, Lee Strasberg ..... Nicholas Woodeson, Stanislavski ..... Bruce Alexander, Director...Melanie Harris. Sound design:John Scott and Eloise Whitmore. Indie (Sparklab Production)

17 Dec - Nordic Voices
By Anna Bro, Arne Lygre and Jonas Gardell. First broadcast in 2015 as part of Radio 3's Northern Lights season. Three short plays which explore contemporary life in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Rpt.

The first play, An Emergency by Anna Bro, is set at a Danish summerhouse. A mother (Deborah Findlay) and father (Tim McInnerny) have laid out a birthday spread for their daughter and anticipate her imminent arrival from the ferry port. This will be the first time they will have seen their daughter since her breakdown and both parents are worried about the reunion. So when a group of teenagers, armed with a crate of beer and a stereo, choose to loiter on the beach directly in front of their summerhouse, anxiety levels go through the roof. Mum . . . . . . Deborah Findlay, Dad . . . . . Tim McInnerny, Lisbeth . . . . . Susan Jameson, Daughter . . . . . Rebecca Hamilton, Girl . . . . . Katie Redford, Girl . . . . . Evie Killip, Boy . . . . . George Watkins, Boy . . . . . Leo Wan. Adapted by Rebecca Lenkiewicz from a literal translation by Anders Lundorph. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

The second play, Nothing of Me by Arne Lygre, is a play for voices, which follows a woman's grieving process over a year. It explores identity, and how much we are defined by what other people think about us. Her . . . . . Amanda Hale, Him . . . . . Joel MacCormack, His Mother . . . . . Susan Jameson, Her Mother . . . . . Deborah Findlay, Her Son . . . . . Alexander Arnold. Adapted by Rebecca Lenkiewicz from a literal translation by May-Brit Akerholt. Director: Anders Lundorph.

The final play, Wild Is The Wind by Jonas Gardell, tells the story of an interview between a religious young man and the Pastor from his local church. The play explores homosexuality and the church, and challenges the perception of Sweden's liberalism surrounding LGBT rights. Pastor . . . . . Tim McInnerny, David . . . . . Matthew Tennyson, Youth Leader . . . . . Chris Pavlo, Tomas . . . . . Alexander Arnold. Translated by Nichola Smalley from a literal translation by Anders Lundorph. Director: Anders Lundorph. Produced by Anders Lundorph and Sasha Yevtushenko.

Summary - 43 broadcasts, 17 repeats


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