Radio 3 Drama & Readings, 2011

General notes: repeats are noted where listings specify them; whoever was compiling this information at the BBC was sometimes using capitals for cast/crew info (altering this was a task too arduous to contemplate) and was also including large chunks of info on cast/crew not really relevant to a list/overview such as this - hopefully it will stay in perpetuity on the BBC's website for those interested.

The plays broadcast in the afternoons are now done.



Sunday evenings, times and durations as noted, plus some Summer repeats on Saturday nights during The Wire's usual repeat season.

Sun 2 Jan 2011 - Amadeus
Peter Hall's 1983 version of Peter Shaffer's play. (R) It combines fiction and history to detail the final years of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Antonio Salieri, an older composer, propelled by jealousy, plots the tragic downfall of his brilliant rival. Sir Peter Hall's production, first broadcast in 1983 and recorded with the original National Theatre cast, is being repeated as part of Radio 3's 'Genius of Mozart' season. Note that this is a play - it is not an historically accurate account. Antonio Salieri ..... Paul Scofield, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ..... Simon Callow , Constanze Mozart ..... Felicity Kendall, Joseph II ..... John Normington, Gottfried Baron Van Sweiten ..... Nicholas Selby, Count Franz Orsini Rosenberg ..... Willoughby Goddard, Johann Killian Von Strack ..... Basil Henson, Venticelli ..... Donald Gee, Dermot Crawley, Citizens of Vienna ..... Nigel Bellairs, Susan Gilmore, Peggy Marshall, Robin Meredith, Anne Sedgwick, William Sleigh, Glenn Williams. Directed by Peter Hall. Producer David Spenser.

Sun 9 Jan 2011 No drama (Opera instead)

Sun 16 Jan 2011 - Charles & Mary
Carlo Gebler's new play written for Radio 3 dramatizes the relationship between brother and sister, Charles and Mary Lamb, the writers of 'The Tales Of Shakespeare' (1807), the children's introduction to Shakespeare; still in print. What is less well known are the tragic circumstances, domestic and personal, behind the partnership of Charles and Mary. The Lamb family were London born and bred, bohemian and penniless. A combination of poverty and stress drove Mary insane and she committed a shocking crime. Charles saved her from prison and promised he would always take care of her. Mary was never 'sane' again but during the writing of 'The Tales' alongside her brother she was at her sanest. Literary production gave order and structure to her life. The main essence of this play explores the connection between literary creativity and mental equilibrium. Charles Lamb ..... Paul Rhys, Mary Lamb ..... Lia Williams, Elizabeth Lamb ..... Anna Carteret, John Lamb Senior ..... Duddley Sutton, John Lamb Junior ..... Mark Bazeley, Amelia James / Miss Love and Mrs Walden ..... Marcella Riordan. Mary Jane Godwin ..... Christine Kavanagh, Mr Quigg / Dr Pitcairn ..... Sam Dale. Other parts played by members of the cast. Producer Roland Jacquarello.

Sun 23 Jan 2011 - Living with Princes
By Stephen Wakelam. Play in which essayist Michel de Montaigne is sent on a diplomatic mission around the troubled kingdon of France in 1588. The Essayist (and landowner) was on a mission to reconcile the Valois King Henri the Third, a Catholic, with his likely successor, the Bourbon King of Navarre, a Protestant. The stakes were high stakes, with intensified Civil War the probable consequence of failure. Michel de Montaigne ..... Roger Allam, Peslier ..... James Norton, Catherine de Medici ..... Jane Lapotaire, Henri Navarre ..... Elliot Levey , Henri Valois ..... Sam Dale , Francoise de Montaigne ..... Sally Orrock , Marie de Gournay ..... Leah Brotherhead , Sergeant Soumillon ..... Adeel Akhtar , Captain Guyon ..... Lloyd Thomas , Courtier ..... Henry Devas. Directed by Jeremy Mortimer.

Sun 30 Jan 2011 - Dunsinane
David Greig's sequel to Macbeth. It is about a man trying to restore peace in a war-torn country. Macbeth is dead. Under cover of night, an English army has swept through the landscape, killed the tyrant and taken the seat of power. Attempting to restore peace and put in place a new ruler, the commanding officer is beset by a brutal guerrilla uprising and simmering discontent amongst his own inexperienced troops. Struggling to grasp the alien customs and politics of this harsh country, he finds himself drawn towards the tyrant's powerful widow in search of someone to share his burden of responsibility. Increasingly isolated from his own men and Scottish allies alike, his efforts to restore order appear futile as the situation spins out of control. Siward ..... Jonny Phillips, Gruach ..... Siobhan Redmond, The Boy Soldier ..... Jack Farthing, Malcolm ..... Brian Ferguson , MacDuff ..... Ewan Stewart, Egham ..... Alex Mann, Edward ..... Daniel Rose, Eric ..... Joshua Jenkins, Lulach ..... Sandy Grierson, Hen Girl ..... Lisa Hogg. Other parts were played by members of the company. Original songs and music composed by Nick Powelland performed by Alex Lee, Sarah Wilson and Lisa Hogg. Director: Roxana Silbert. Producer: David Ian Neville.

Sun 6 Feb 2011 - Massistonia
By Colin Teevan. It is loosely based on his own ill-fated trip to Macedonia to direct a theatre production. Jason has high hopes for his international version of 'Alcmaeon in Corinth'. He embarks on the project with little idea of the forces about to be unleashed against him. Jason ..... Darren Boyd, Aleksandar ..... Nikola Kodjabashia, Castor/Mayor ..... Ewan Bailey, Dragan/Aco ..... Sasha C. Damjanovski , Kaliopi ..... Dolya Gavanski, Todor/Consul ..... Ivan Marevich, Dionysos .... Iain Batchelor, Afrodita .... Leah Brotherhead. Original music by Nikola Kodjabashia Director: Toby Swift.

Sun 13 Feb 2011 Danton's Death
By Georg Buchner. A play about the fallout from the French Revolution, ad. Simon Scardifield. It's 1794, and a new France is being born from the reign of terror that characterised the worst of the Revolution. Charismatic hedonist Danton, still tormented by his role in the killing of 1400 aristocrats in a single night, is losing his grip on power, and he is tired. His political rival, the sober and focused Robespierre, is in the ascendant, and with his efficient sidekick St Just, now has power over Danton's fate. But does Danton care enough to fight the terror that he himself set in motion? Cast: Georges DANTON ..... Joseph Millson, Maximilien ROBESPIERRE ..... Khalid Abdalla, CAMILLE Desmoulins ..... Patrick Kennedy, MARION ..... Claire Harry, HERAULT-SECHELLES ..... Laurence Mitchell, HERRMAN ..... Adeel Akhtar, Thomas PAYNE ..... Sean Baker, LACROIX ..... David Seddon, LEGENDRE ..... Lloyd Thomas , JULIE ..... Leah Brotherhead, ST JUST ..... Iain Batchelor. Producer: Jessica Dromgoole.

Sun 20 Feb 2011 Woyzeck (Wozzeck)
By Georg Buchner. Buchner was a political radical and an academic in natural sciences; he set out to write a political play in that he placed the common man as the central character. The script evolved in tandem with his research on the nervous system and cerebral lesions, together with his annotations of Spinoza, which he pursued to the day of his early death. The play is based on a real life murder case. Franz Woyzeck, a lowly soldier stationed in a provincial German town, is the father of an illegitimate child by his mistress Marie. He earns extra money for his family by performing menial jobs for his captain and agreeing to take part in medical experiments conducted by the regimental doctor. But then an act of betrayal shatters his brittle life. It was written in 1837, and it argues that our lives are determined by social circumstance. Woyzeck ..... Lee Ingleby, Marie ..... Deborah McAndrew, Drum Major ..... Derek Riddell, Andres ..... Gerard Fletcher, Margret ..... Becky Hindley, Captain ..... Rob Pickavance, Doctor ..... Jonathan Keeble, Child ..... Perveen Hamilton. Original Music by Tom Lingard. Produced by Gary Brown.

Sun 27 Feb 2011 - Helen
Don Taylor's translation of the tragicomedy by Euripides about a war in the Middle East fought for the flimsiest of reasons. The Trojan War is over and the Greek forces are making their way home. Meanwhile, in Egypt, Helen of Troy is protesting to anyone who will listen that she is innocent, that she never went to Troy, and the whole war was fought under false pretences. When her husband Menelaus is shipwrecked on the shore where Helen has been taking sanctuary, she not only has a lot of explaining to do, but also an escape to plan. This story of a war in the Middle East fought over dubious claims now has contemporary resonance. Helen ..... Frances Barber, Menelaus ..... James Purefoy, Theoclymenus ..... Paul Ritter, Theonoe/Chorus ..... Anna Francolini, Concierge/Chorus ..... Catherine Russell, Slave/Chorus ..... Laura Rees, Teucer ..... Gus Brown, Sailor/Messenger ..... Richard Galazka, Heavenly Twins ..... Max Digby. Music composed and performed by Derek Bourgeois. Adapted and Directed by Ellen Dryden. An indie production by First Writes Radio.

Sun 6 Mar 2011 Spring Storm
By Tennessee Williams. Adaptation of Tennessee WIlliams's play, starring Liz White and Michael Malarkey to mark the centenary of the playwright's birth. Heavenly Critchfield has almost everything a young woman could desire, but when she's forced to decide between respectable suitor Arthur and handsome, wild lover Dick, her actions cause a chain of consequences that tears their lives apart. Cast: Heavenly Critchfield ..... Liz White, Arthur Shannon ..... Michael Malarkey , Dick Miles ..... Michael Thomson, Hertha Neilson ..... Anna Tolputt, Esmeralda Critchfield ..... Jacqueline King, Aunt Lila ..... Joanna Bacon, Mrs Lamphrey/Birdie Schlagmann ..... Janice McKenzie, Henry Adams ..... Gavin Harrison, Oliver Critchfield ..... James Jordan, Ralph ..... Steven France, Mabel ..... Ailish Symons; music composed by Jon Nicholls. Directed by Laurie Sansom. Produced by Jeremy Mortimer.

Sun 13 Mar 2011 The Chalk Garden
By Enig Bagnold. Drama set in a country house, when the arrival of a judge reveals shocking secrets. Mrs St Maugham ..... Margaret Tyzack, Miss Madrigal ..... Penelope Wilton, Laurel ..... Felicity Jones, The Judge ..... Clifford Rose, Maitland ..... Jamie Glover, Olivia ..... Suzanne Burden, Second Applicant ..... Steph Bramwell, Nurse & Third Applicant ..... Una Stubbs. Director: Michael Grandage. Composer and sound design: Adam Cork. Radio production: Penny Leicester and Wilfredo Acosta. Producer: Nicolas Soames. Indie (Ukemi Productions Ltd).

Sun 20 Mar 2011 The Secret Grief
By David Eldridge. In this commission for Radio 3 he explores the idea of a fascism of the mind. Nigel is bored. But then he meets the glamorous Liv and Tony and becomespart of their beautiful world; a beauty that hides a disturbing secret. Nigel ..... Paul Chequer, Liv ..... Frances Barber, Tony ..... David Schofield, Roger ..... Struan Rodger, Kelly ..... Alex Tregear, Igor ..... Stuart McLoughlin, Stowaway ..... Nyasha Hatendi. I don't know who produced this, or whether it was an Indie production ...ND.

Sun 27 Mar 2011 Wuthering Heights
A new adaptation by Jonathan Holloway of Emily Bronte's novel of violent obsession. Heathcliff and Catherine have entered the world's imagination as great lovers. Yet they kiss once only. There is extraordinary cruelty and madness in the story and yet its extremes grip us and each generation since the book was first published in 1847 has made what it will of the lovers and their disasters. The play contains strong language and some racist terms. With Carl Prekopp as Heathcliff, Natalie Press as Catherine (and Cathy), Janine Duvitski as Ellen, Samuel Barnett as Edgar, David Birrell as Mr Lockwood, Hayley Doherty as Isabella and Russell Boulter as Hindley.

Sun 3 Apr 2011 The Carhullan Army
By Sarah Hall (novel), adapted for radio by Sarah Hall and Dominic Power.(R) In an unspecified near-future, life in Britain has become unrecognisable: the floodwaters have risen, food and fuel are scarce, and the country is run by the sinister Authority. All women are forced to wear contraceptive devices. Sister, as the book's narrator calls herself, escapes this repressive world and heads for a mysterious, quasi-mythical commune of women high in the Cumbrian fells, led by the legendary Jackie Nixon. The journey is a challenge but arrival is only the beginning of Sister's struggle. Sister ..... Anne-Marie Duff, Jackie ..... Geraldine James, Nicola ..... Jane Whittenshaw, Lorrie ..... Sorcha Cusack, Shruti ..... Zawe Ashton, Corky ..... Sally Bretton, Megan ..... Eliza Caitlin Parkes, Chloe ..... Jo Hartley, Fowler/Martin ..... Neil Dudgeon, Jones ..... Andrew Dunn, Calum/Terry ..... Edward MacLiam. Directed by Lawrence Jackson. Produced by Frank Stirling. Indie. (Unique Productions).

Sun 10 Apr 2011 - A Thousand Kisses
By Frederic Raphael, based on the life and work of the Roman poet Catullus. Catullus was one of the the greatest Roman lyric poets - who lived fast and died young. In this new play, Catullus's mysterious world is brought to life, drawing on a series of his love poems, based on evidence that the woman in them ('Lesbia') was Claudia Metelli, the sister of senator Publius Clodius Pulcher, one of the most notorious and attractive women in Rome. CAST: Dan Stevens ..... Gaius Catullus, Raqual Cassidy ..... Clodia Metelli, Geoffrey Palmer ..... Narrator, Ian Kelly ..... Caelius, Malcolm Sinclair ..... Caesar, Tom Goodman-Hill ..... Clodius, Stephen Critchlow ..... Valerius, Rupert Degas ..... Lucius/Calvus, Frederic Raphael ..... Cicero, Chloe Lewis ..... Melissa, Noah St Bean ..... Young Gaius. Music by Clive Bell. Producer, Jo Wheeler. Director: Pete Atkin. Indie (Freewheel Productions).

Sun 17 Apr 2011 - Five New Mystery Plays
Old Testament stories revisited: Creation; The Flood; Exodus; Samson; David and Goliath.

    CREATION by Sean Buckley.

      THE FLOOD by Lin Coghlan
      GIBBONS ..... Sally Orrock, KEVIN ..... Stuart McLoughlin, LORD ..... Sean Baker, LAURA ..... Lizzy Watts, MUM ..... Joanna Monro, BOB ..... Sam Dale, BOOTSEY ..... Nyasha Hatendi, SUZANNE ..... Alex Tregear.

        EXODUS by J Parkes
        MO ..... Sally Orrock, MIRIAM ..... Sue Porrett, FAY ..... Joanna Monro, HELEN ..... Jane Whittenshaw, ELISA ..... Sandra Voe.

          SAMSON AND DELILAH by Katie Hims
          SAMSON ..... James Alexandrou, DELILAH ..... Katie Angelou, TRACEY ..... Claire Rushbrook, PHIL ..... Stuart Mcloughlin, ANGEL ..... Sean Baker, MARIE ..... Joanna Monro, TEACHER ..... Jane Whittenshaw, GARY ..... Nyasha Hatendi.

            DAVID AND GOLIATH by Roy Williams
            DAVID ..... Jerome Holder, MOE ..... Anthony Welsh, JASE ..... Nyasha Hatendi, ASHER ..... Osy Ikhile.

Production details for all of the above: Sound ... Pete Ringrose, Director ... Jessica Dromgoole.

Sun 24 Apr 2011 - Kafka the Musical
By Murray Gold. This new play starts from the Kafkaesque premise that Franz Kafka finds he has to play himself in a musical about his own life. The play - or is it the musical? - introduces Kafka and the audience to some of the key characters in his life, Milena Jesenska, Dora Diamant and Felice Bauer. Franz Kafka ..... David Tennant, Father ..... David Fleeshman, Mother ..... Joanna Monro, Milena ..... Naomi Frederick, Felice ..... Jessica Raine, Dora ..... Emerald O'Hanrahan, Barman / Singer / Doctor ..... Trevor Allan Davies, Newspaper Seller / Man ..... Brian Bowles. Music by Murray Gold. Directed by Jeremy Mortimer.

Sun 1 May 2011 - I'm Still the Same Paul
By Annie Caulfield. A drama about the life of singer and political activist Paul Robeson. (R) As an outspoken apologist for Stalin and agitator for civil rights, Paul Robeson had many enemies, including the CIA. His passport was taken away, his career curtailed and his health threatened. An FBI agent re-examines his story. Paul Robeson ..... Lenny Henry, Essie Robeson ..... Adjoa Andoh, Michael Vincent ..... Corey Johnson, Helen Rosen ..... Joanna Monro, Marian ..... Alibe Parsons, Phillips ..... David Seddon, Secretary of State ..... Rufus Wright, Frank ..... Alex Lanipekun. Director Claire Grove.

Sun 8 May 2011 - La princesse de Cleves
By Madame de Lafayette, freely dramatised by Jo Clifford. Set in the 16th Century, the play follows the life of a beautiful young lady newly presented to Court. It's the reign of Henri II and Mary Queen of Scots is safely ensconced in France. It's a time of dangerous liaisons when one step out of line could ruin a woman and her family. Quickly married off, the naïve Princess finds herself admired and taunted by those around her. And, whilst they gossip about her, she becomes helplessly and dangerously caught up in matters of love. La Princesse ..... Melody Grove, Her Mother ..... Candida Benson, Clèves ..... Liam Brennan, Nemours ..... Robin Laing, Guise ..... Laurie Brown, Marie Stuart ..... Meg Fraser, Chorus 1 ..... Irene MacDougall, Chorus 2 ..... Ralph Riach, Chrous 3 ..... Crawford Logan. Director: Kirsty Williams.

Sun 15 May 2011 - Sarah and Ken
By Rebecca Lenkiewicz. Drama about a love affair between two former foster siblings. (R) Sarah and Ken met as foster siblings, and fell in love. While he has married a good wife and fathered beautiful children, she has spent her whole life in institutions, and they have maintained a passion for each other that has no place in either of their surroundings. And now it's 1968; time to change. Cast: Sarah ..... Annette Crosbie, Ken ..... David Bradley, Lorna ..... Jessica Raine, Nurse ..... Christine Kavanagh, Doctor ..... David Seddon, Spank ..... Vineeta Rishi, Driver ..... Jude Akuwudike. Produced by Jessica Dromgoole.

Sun 22 May 2011 Giovanni's Room
By James Baldwin, dram. Neil Bartlett from the novel. Set in Paris, 1954. When handsome blond American David meets the stunning Giovanni in a "bohemian" Parisian bar, he is swept into a passionate love affair. But David's fiancé, Hella, returns to Paris and, unable to admit the truth, David pretends the liaison never happened, with calamitous results for all three, especially for Giovanni, whose life descends into murderous tragedy. CAST David ..... Damian Lewis, Father ..... John Lithgow, Hella ..... Greta Scacchi, Guillaume ..... Derek Jacobi, Jacques ..... Michael Feast, Giovanni ..... Antonio Magro. Produced by Neil Bartlett.

Sun 29 May 2011 Dreams and Censorship
David Pownall's play about Shakespeare's reaction to the King James Bible. (R) It is 1610, and the translation of James I's new bible is at last complete. However, assured by Shakespeare, that to allow the inclusion of The Dream of St John will lead to bloody revolution, James travels to Oxford, determined to excise it from the sacred text. Originally broadcast in 1993. Shakespeare ..... Edward Petherbridge, Prince Charlie ..... Gary King , Stage Manager ..... David Learner , Saville ..... Eric Allan , St John The Divine ..... Robert Stephens , Montague ..... John Church , James I ..... Hugh Ross , Robin ..... Melanie Hudson , Marbellus ..... Robert Mcintosh , Thompson ..... Michael Tudor Barnes, Stanley ..... Peter Penry-Jones, Abbot ..... Hugh Dickson, Hutten ..... Garard Green , Ravis ..... John Webb , Queen Anne ..... Siriol Jenkins. Produced by Eoin O'Callaghan.

Sun 5 Jun 2011 Flare Path
Terence Rattigan's 1941 love-triangle drama between a pilot, his wife and a film star. The title of the play refers to the flares that were used to light runways to allow planes to take off and land but the flare paths were also used by the Germans to target the RAF planes. Rattigan was a tail gunner in the RAF Coastal Command in WW2. Peter Kyle ..... Rupert Penry Jones, Patricia Graham ..... Ruth Wilson, Teddy Graham ..... Rory Kinnear, Doris Skriczevinsky ..... Monica Dolan, Mrs Oakes ..... Una Stubbs, Count Skriczevinsky ..... Tom Goodman-Hill , Dusty Miller ..... Justin Salinger , Swanson ..... Julian Wadham, Percy ..... David Hartley, Maudie Miller ..... Kelly Shirley. Exec Producer: Catherine Bailey. Directed by Jeremy Herrin for for Catherine Bailey Ltd. (Indie)

Sun 12 Jun 2011 Serious Money
Caryl Churchill's dramatic satire of financial excess and corporate greed in 1980s London. The City has changed since the Big Bang of 1986 and the sudden deregulation of the financial markets. The Square Mile has been invaded by white knights and corporate raiders. And ambitious young traders, like sister and brother Scilla and Jake Todd, are living the high life. Dealer Billy Corman is plotting to take over the unsuspecting company Albion, aided and abetted by this new breed of yuppie traders. But his plans go awry when trader Jake Todd is found dead and the Department of Trade and Industry is brought in to investigate. Scilla Todd ..... Hattie Morahan, Jake Todd ..... Bertie Carvel, Zak Zackerman ..... Tobias Menzies, Corman ..... David Horovitch, Greville Todd ..... Brian Bowles, Jacinta Condor ..... Melanie Bond, Marylou Baines ..... Jane Whittenshaw, Grimes/ Frosby ..... Daniel Rabin, TK/ Nigel Ajibala ..... Nyasha Hatendi, Producer: Emma Harding. Other parts played by members of the company. Musical accompaniment by Colin Sell.

Sun 19 Jun 2011: Money
Samuel West directs Edward Bulwer-Lytton's 19th century satirical comedy Money. The play was recorded on location at Knebworth House, Hertfordshire, the stately home of Edward Bulwer-Lytton, which he inherited in 1843 shortly after writing 'Money'. The music, specially recorded for the play, was performed by the Endellion String Quartet. Kate Clanchy's adaptation re-fashions the action around one grand house, modernises the heroine, Clara, and sets the action just before the 1832 Reform Act to accentuate the political plot. 'Money' was first performed at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket, in 1840. Alfred Evelyn ..... Blake Ritson, Clara Douglas ..... Laura Rees, Sir John Vesey ..... Ian McDiarmid, Lady Franklin ..... Celia Imrie, Henry Graves ..... Roger Allam, Georgina Vesey ..... Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Sir Frederick Blount ..... Bertie Carvel, Benjamin Stout ..... Richard Cordery, Captain Dudley Smooth ..... Tom Goodman-Hill, Flash ..... Nicholas Boulton. Sound Design: David Chilton. Director: Samuel West. Producer: Amber Barnfather. Goldhawk Essential (Indie).

Sun 26 Jun 2011: No drama (Proms)

Sun 3 Jul 2011: Widowers' Houses
By Shaw. A play about slum landlords. What happens if an Englishman, decent enough in private, shuts his eyes and conscience to the monstrous abuses of the poor by slum landlords, especially if the remedy might affect his own financial security? The theme has resonated down the years. Written in 1892 it became an immediate success and remains astonishingly relevant today. Cast: Mr Sartorius ..... Ian McKellen, William Cokane ..... Charles Dance, Lickcheese ..... Tim Pigott-Smith, Harry Trench ..... Dan Stevens, Blanche Sartorius ..... Honeysuckle Weeks, Jessie ..... Siobhan Hughes, The Waiter ..... Jon Glover, Music specially composed by Mark Holden and Michael Lopez. Director: Martin Jarvis. Producer: Rosalind Ayres. A Jarvis & Ayres Production (Indie).

Sun 10 Jul 2011: No drama (Proms)

Sun 24 Jul 2011: Between Two Worlds
By Adrian Bean and David Hendy. Play about a grieving Edwardian scientist. (R) Sir Oliver Lodge is a strange and forgotten figure from the Edwardian era: an Establishment scientist, the unacknowledged inventor of The Wireless before Marconi, a dabbler in psychic phenomena, the friend of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Albert Einstein. He was also a tragic figure: destined to spend his life searching desperately for a way to communicate, using seances, with his son, Raymond, killed on the Western Front in 1915. Sir Oliver believed he had cracked the thin veil that separates two worlds. Many of those seances were transcribed and form the heart of this drama. Sir Oliver Lodge ..... Owen Teale, Mary Lodge ..... Amanda Root, Raymond Lodge ..... Sandy Grierson, Honor Lodge ..... Madeleine Worrall, Alec Lodge ..... Jim Webster-Stewart, Mrs Kennedy, Lawrence, Piper ..... Caroline Strong , Mrs Leonard and 'FEDA' ..... Madeleine Brolly , Myers, Padre and other parts ..... Crawford Logan. Producer: Matt Thompson.

Sun 31 Jul 2011: No Drama on 3 (Proms)

Sun 7 Aug 2011:No Drama on 3 (Proms)

Sun 14 Aug 2011:No Drama on 3 (Proms)

Sun 21 Aug 2011:No Drama on 3 (Proms)

Sun 28 Aug 2011:No Drama on 3 (Proms)

Sun 4 Sep 2011: The Light of Darkness
By Louis Nowra. When Leslie Davis suddenly takes up a diplomatic posting in Harput, a remote province of Turkey, he is determined to find commercial opportunities for America. Instead, soon after his arrival, Turkey enters World War One on Germany's side. Davis finds himself playing poker to save the lives of his young secretary, his interpreter and many other Armenians. Later he wrote up the account of his Harput experience in a book called Slaughterhouse Province. Louis Nowra has researched Davis's life and work and the history of Harput. He is based in Australia and was drawn to this story by way of his admiration for the music of the Armenian composer Komitas, which features in the play. Consul Leslie Davis ..... John Guerrasio, Garabed Bergosian ..... Wiliam El Gardi, Sushan Krikorian ..... Betsabeh Emran, The Governor, Sabit Bey ..... Jack Klaff, The Chief of Police, Rachid Bey ..... Basher Savage, Dr Atkinson ..... Scott Handy, Mrs Balakian ..... Tamara Hinchco. Other parts were played by members of the cast as well as Rita, Elise and Maral Ovanessoff, Gokman Gubener, Abdullah Tercanli, and Haydar Koyel. Technical Production by Peregrine Andrews. Producer: Judith Kampfner. Indie (Waters Company production).

Sun 11 Sep 2011 A Midsummer Night's Dream
BBC Radio 3. First broadcast Sunday 11.09.2011; re- broadcast Sunday 13.05.2012. (see http://www.suttonelms.org.uk/radio-3-index-page.html) This production was recorded « on location » in a Sussex woodland. Director: Celia de Wolff. Cast : Titania ..... Lesley Sharp, Oberon ..... Toby Stephens, Peter Quince ..... Robert Pugh, Nick Bottom ..... Roger Allam, Puck ..... Freddie Fox, Theseus ..... Nicholas Farrell, Hippolyta ..... Emma Fielding, Lysander ..... Joseph Timms, Demetrius ..... Ferdinand Kingsley, Hermia ..... Emerald O'Hanrahan, Helena ..... Anna Madeley, Egeus / Starveling ..... David Collings, Philostrate / Snug ..... Nicholas Boulton, Fairy ..... Sara Markland, Francis Flute ..... Sam Alexander , Tom Snout ..... Sam Dale, Peaseblossom ..... Jessica Sian, Cobweb ..... Jay Carter , Moth ..... Tressa Brooks, Mustardseed ..... Stuart Walker. Music by Stephanie Nunn. (....notes by Alistair Wyper)

Sun 18 Sep 2011:Glass Chair Chair Glass
By Annie Caulfield. A play which imagines a day when Tommy Cooper met absurdist playwright Eugene Ionesco. It could have happened.It's a sunny morning in Paris, 1975, and in the throes of a paranoia laced drunken spree, Tommy Cooper may not be in the best place to enter Eugene Ionesco's world, where events have the logic of a dream, where people don't tell the truth or even know what it is and where mysterious and brutal threats are always close. Ionesco was a survivor of Nazis and Stalinists, in permanent exile from his native Romania. He was esco was always drawn to anarchic comedy as the only way to express the world. His plays generate emotion rather than obvious meaning because he felt life was too unstable to mean very much. Tommy Cooper ..... Russ Abbott, Gwen Cooper/Concierge ..... Harriet Walter, Eugene Ionesco .... Allan Corduner, The Actress ..... Emily Bruni, Miff Ferrie ..... Hugh Ross. Directed by Marilyn Imrie. Produced by Gordon Kennedy for Absolutely Productions (Indie).

Sun 25 Sep 2011:The Comic Illusion
By Ranjit Bolt. His reworking of Pierre Corneille's classic comedy. An old man seeks his estranged son with the help of a wizard. The magician shows the grieving father the boy's recent life in the form of an action-packed comedy adventure. Matamore ..... John Sessions ,Alcandre ..... Richard Johnson ,Clindor ..... Michael Maloney ,Isabelle ..... Hattie Morahan ,G?ronte ..... Benjamin Whitrow ,Adraste ..... Pip Torrens ,Lyse ..... Rosie Fellner ,Pridamant ..... Paul Moriarty ,Dorante ..... Simon Bubb ,Jailer ..... James Lailey ,Page ..... Jonathan Forbes ,Empress, Queen ..... Victoria Inez-Hardy. Original music composed and performed by Russell Taylor and Steve Cooke. Producer: Peter Kavanagh.

Sun 2 Oct 2011: The Unfortunates
By B.S.Johnson, adapted by Graham White.Adaptation of the novel in which a sports journalist travels to a strange city to cover a football match, only to discover it was the city where he first met his friend Tony who has died young of cancer. The play was originally published in 27 unbound pamphlets in a box, and was intended to be read in random order. The lack of a fixed order is suggestive of the way memories occur, and the book becomes a meditation not just on friendship and loss, but also on the nature of memory and writing as the hero struggles to recall everything in order to 'get it all down' as he promised his dying friend. Cast: Bryan ..... Martin Freeman, Tony ..... Patrick Kennedy, Wendy ..... Claire Rushbrook , June ..... Jacqueline Defferary, Tony's Father ..... Sean Baker, First Aid Woman/Tony's Mother ..... Christine Kavanagh, Sation Announcer/Reporter ..... Tony Bell, Landlady/Clerk ..... Sally Orrock, Guest House owner/Reporter ..... Jude Akuwudike, Clerk/Newspaper Voice ..... Lloyd Thomas, Grocer/Clerk ..... Sam Dale, Passing Child ..... Joseph Dudgeon, Tony's son ..... Greta Dudgeon, Producer: Mary Peate.

Sun 9 Oct 2011: Saint Joan
By Bernard Shaw. Shaw's St. Joan is the embodiment of absolute conviction. She believe she has a divine mission to lead the French to victory and nationhood; she is also divinely forbidden to shed a single drop of blood. Her only weapon is her belief, and the courage it puts into those around her. In Joan, Shaw presents us with a character of remarkable talent and unshakeable faith - but no grace - and reveals her fate at the hands of normal men and women who, as Shaw notes, do what they find they must do, in spite of their best intentions. Joan's convictions are contagious. They make her an unstoppable force. They also lead her to destruction. 'There were only two opinions about her', Shaw observes in his preface to the play, 'One that she was miraculous: the other that she was unbearable. Joan of Arc was canonised in 1920, a fact which prompted Shaw to complete the play. Joan ('The Maid') ..... Lyndsey Marshal, Robert de Baudricourt/The Chaplain (John de Stogumber) ..... Paul Ritter, The Archbishop of Rheims ..... Anton Lesser, The Duke of Tremouille/The Inquisitor ..... Sean Baker, Charles, the Dauphin (later Charles VII) ..... Blake Ritson, Bluebeard (Gilles de Rais)/Brother Martin Ladvenu ..... Nyasha Hatendi, Captain La Hire/Canon John d'Estivet ..... Daniel Rabin, Count of Dunois, Bastard of Orleans/Bertrand de Poulengey ..... Trystan Gravelle, The Earl of Warwick ..... Jonathan Coy, Pierre Cauchon, Bishop of Beauvais ..... Paul Hilton, Thomas de Courcelles ..... Stuart McLoughlin, de Baudricourt's Steward/The Executioner ..... Brian Bowles, Dunois' Page ..... Ryan Watson. Adapted, produced and directed by Jonquil Panting. Music taken from 'The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace', by Karl Jenkins.

Sun 16 Oct 2011:Brand
As part of Radio 3's "Conviction series", Henrik Ibsen's study of a religious zealot who refuses to compromise, leading him to risk catastrophe for himself and his family. Faced with possible tragedy for his loved ones, will he persist with his absolutism? Brand ..... Gerard Murphy, Agnes ..... Morven Christie, Mayor ..... Jeremy Swift, Mother/Voice ..... Ann Mitchell, Ejnar ..... Carl Prekopp, Gerd, Son, Woman ..... Alex Tregear, Doctor ..... Alan Cox, Provost ..... Mark Tandy, Guide, Man ..... James Lailey, Crazed Woman ..... Susie Riddell, Gipsy, Woman ..... Elaine Claxton, Sexton, Man ..... Reg Stewart, Schoolmaster, Man ..... Gerard McDermott, Man ..... Simon Bubb. Music composed and performed by Nicolai Abrahamsen. Producer: Peter Kavanagh.

Sun 23 Oct 2011: Mogadishu
By Vivienne Franzmann. The play explores the consequences of an assault on a white female teacher by a troubled black student and her well-meaning but misguided attempt to protect him. As the school investigates an allegation of physical and racial abuse, the teacher becomes entangled in a mesh of legal requirements and formal processes threatening her family stability and her career. Franzmann is a former teacher, so knows what she is writing about. She adapted the play for radio; it shows how formal procedure and protocol can override common sense and professional judgement. Amanda ..... Candida Benson, Jason ..... Malachi Kirby, Chris ..... Jonathan Guy Lewis, Becky ..... Shannon Tarbett, Saif ..... Farshid Rokey, Chuggs ..... Tendayi Jambere, Dee ..... Chereen Buckley, Firat ..... Michael Karim, Peter ..... Ashley Campbell, Ben ..... Darren Saul. Sound by Ross Adams. Directed by Willi Richards. Produced by Roger James Elsgood. This was an Art and Adventure production (Indie).

Sun 30 Oct 2011: The Strange Case of the Man in the Velvet Jacket
By Robert Forrest, based on the writer Robert Louis Stevenson's early life in Edinburgh.It is set in 1873; the play focuses on Stevenson as a young man. It was the things he knew he had to reject - belief in God, a career in law or engineering - which were creating turmoil in his own mind and heartache in his relationship with his parents. Meanwhile, he had discovered women ... Robert Forrest writes, "....Stevenson created no convincing or complex women in his fiction until late in his life, with (to a degree) Catriona and (wonderfully) the two Kirsties in Weir of Hermiston. But the Stevenson who is revealed in his letters and essays is altogether different; his understanding of women, his liking, respect and admiration for them, are very striking ....." Louis ..... TOM FREEMAN, Thomas Stevenson ..... ALEXANDER MORTON, Margaret Stevenson ..... CAROL ANN CRAWFORD, Kate/Frances ..... MEG FRASER, John Todd ..... PAUL YOUNG, Mary Henderson/Henrietta/Ellen ..... ROSALIND SYDNEY, Bob ..... KEITH FLEMING, Original music by IAIN JOHNSTONE, Singer ..... DOMINIC BARBERI. Producer: David Ian Neville.

Sun 6 Nov 2011: A Summer Night
By Jack Thorne. From the Free Thinking Festival 2011, live from the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead. The play is set during the recent riots and tells tells three separate personal stories from the night when the capital changed shape. The paths of three poeple collide: a policeman on duty, a carer trying to get to her patient and a teenager on a night out. Mark ..... Toby Jones, Ant ..... Daniel Kaluuya, Diane ..... Victoria Elliott, Composer/ Musician: Patrick Dineen, Producer: Kate Rowland.

Sun 13 Nov 2011: Mincemeat
By Adrian Jackson and Farhana Sheikh, from their hit play for Cardboard Citizens, and adapted by them for radio. Cardboard Citizens has worked with homeless people and the marginalised for 20 years. Their drama challenges public perceptions of social exclusion. Mincemeat is based on the true story of a second-world-war deception, through which the Allies made the Germans believe that they would open a second front in Europe in 1943 through Sardinia. The deception involved a corpse whose identity was a state secret, known only to the originator of the operation, who took the secret to his grave. It was only in 1997 that the true identity of the corpse came to light. The play reveals the story of the mission and its final revelation, through the eyes of that corpse, and discovers a secret war which never made the history books. Major Martin/Glyndwr Michael ..... Ifan Meredith, Charlie ..... Robert Gillespie, Head Angel ..... Ester Escolano, Pam ..... Jo Galbraith, Lieutenant Commander Montagu ..... Nick Khan, Squadron Leader Cholmondeley ..... Jake Goode, Churchill ..... Neil Boorman, Fred Shrieve ..... Patrick Onione, The Body ..... Dave Rogers, The Foreman ..... Ben Smithies, Maureen ..... Sylvia Larry, with the voice of Ivor Leverton. Original music by David Baird;sound design by Pete Ringrose. Produced by Jonquil Panting. Directed by Adrian Jackson. This performance dedicated to the memory of Linda Dobell, a member of the original cast.

Sun 20 Nov 2011: Cock
By Mike Bartlett. On a break from his boyfriend, John accidentally falls for a woman, causing pain all round and exploding John's conceptions of his relationship, his sexuality and his identity. First presented by the English Stage Company at the Royal Court Theatre in 2009, directed by James Macdonald. John ..... Ben Whishaw, M ..... Andrew Scott, W ..... Katherine Parkinson, F ..... Paul Jesson. Produced by Mary Peate.

Sun 27 Nov 2011: The Piano Lesson
By August Wilson.Pittsburgh, 1936.An ancient upright piano carved with African faces dominates the parlour of Doaker Charles. Boy Willie and his partner Lymon have come up from the south to sell watermelons. Boy Willie has just got out of prison and he wants to buy the land his ancestors once worked as slaves but his sister refuses to sell the piano.The play is the fourth of ten plays by August Wilson about the African American experience in the twentieth century. Boy Willie...John Earl Jelks, Berniece...Roslyn Ruff, Doaker...Stephen McKinley Henderson, Lymon...Chris Chalk, Wining Boy...Anthony Chisholm, Grace...Marsha Stephanie Blake , Avery...Leland Gantt, Maretha...Zadshire Dupuis. Creative consultant Ricardo Khan, pianist Ernie Scott, director Claire Grove.

Sun 4 Dec 2011: The Plough and the Stars
By Sean O'Casey.Play set in the midst of the Easter Rising of 1916. The impact of events is viewed through the eyes of ordinary people inhabiting a Dublin tenement. O'Casey paints a vivid portrait of a city and a nation in turmoil. This is the second in a three-part series of classic plays chosen for Drama on 3 by the playwright Kwame Kwei-Armah. Kwame introduces this new production. NORA ..... Elaine Cassidy, JACK ..... Padraic Delaney, BESSIE ..... Gabrielle Reidy, FLUTHER ..... Finbar Lynch, PETER ..... Stephen Hogan, THE COVEY ..... Jonathan Forbes, MRS GOGAN ..... Fiona Clarke, MOLLSER ..... Rebecca Gleeson, ROSIE ..... Jane McGrath, CAPT BRENNAN ..... Matthew McNulty, LIEUT. LANGAN ..... Sam Smith, Musical Director ..... Conrad Nelson. Produced by Nadia Molinari.

Sun 11 Dec 2011: Skyvers
By Barry Reckord. 1960s London. A group of lads spends the last few days at their sink London comprehensive. What will become of the would-be footballer, the ambitious chancer or the boy on probation? Director Pam Brighton, to whom the play belongs, according to Reckord, says: ' When I first came across Skyvers in 1970, it struck me as a powerful, relevant and hugely articulate work...How had Barry, a Jamaican teacher in a London comprehensive, described so accurately the alienation and rage of South London boys? The entrapment of both boys and girls bounded by sex, violence and either dull dead-end jobs or crime was described so perfectly.......' Cast: Cragge ..... Danny Worters, Brook ..... Jason Maza , Colman ..... Abdul Salis, Adams ..... Rikki Lawton, Jordan ..... Theo Barklem-Biggs, Helen ..... Joan Iyiola, Sylvia ..... Shannon Tarbet, Freeman ..... Carl Prekopp, Webster ..... Gerard McDermott, Headmaster ..... Paul Moriarty. Produced by Mary Peate.

Sun 18 Dec 2011: The Recruiting Officer
George Farquhar's popular Restoration Comedy, broadcast in combination with Our Country's Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker (this weekend's Radio 4 Saturday Play). During a lull in the War of the Spanish Succession, Captain Plume comes to Shrewsbury, to seduce soldiers into the army and, if possible, recruit Silvia into marriage. Captain Plume ..... Paul Higgins, Silvia ..... Lisa Dillon, Sergeant Kite ..... Ralph Ineson, Mr Worthy ..... Adam James, Melinda ..... Kate Fleetwood, Captain Brazen ..... Elliot Levey, Rose ..... Alex Tregear, Bullock ..... Simon Bubb, Justice Balance ..... Jonathan Forbes, Lucy ..... Adjoa Andoh, Appletree ..... James Lailey, Pearman ..... Adam Billington, Bridewell ..... Rikki Lawton, Justice Scale ..... Paul Moriarty, Justice Scruple ..... Gerard McDermott. Producer: Jessica Dromgoole. The play was the first piece of theatre to be produced in Australia, with a cast of convicts and officers, an event described by Thomas Keneally in his book The Playmaker, and then dramatised by Timberlake Wertenbaker in her play, Our Country's Good.

Sun 25 Dec 2011: The Royal Game
The Viennese writer Stefan Zweig, most famous for Beware of Pity, wrote the original Schachnovelle or Chess Novel in 1942. The translator is Anthea Bell and the story is adapted for radio by Yolanda Pupo-Thompson. It is the story of Dr. Berg, a well-to-do German banker interrogated by the Gestapo; they want to find out where influential members of the Clergy and aristocrats have hidden their money. They hold him in a deserted hotel in solitary confinement in order to break him down. But he steals a book of chess puzzles from a guard... Dr. Berg ..... Paul Rhys, The Interrogator ..... Rupert Young , The Writer ..... Kevin Trainor , Katz ..... Allan Corduner , McConnor ..... Hamish Clark , Centovic/Bennett ..... Sandy Grierson , Servant /Nurse ..... Madeleine Brolly. Recorded on location in a deserted mansion in Belgrave Square by the sound designer Joe Acheson. Music from Carl Orff's Schulwerk; producer Matt Thompson.



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