Radio 3 Drama, 1992

BBC RADIO 3 DRAMA for 1992.

1st January 1992:
21.15 :
In the Native State by Tom Stoppard.
Set in India in 1930 and England in the present day.
Excerpt from Up the Country by Emily Eden, read by Auriol Smith.
Director John Tydeman.
Mrs Swan: Peggy Ashcroft
Flora Crewe: Felicity Kendal
Nirad Das: Sam Dastor
Anish Das: Lyndam Gregory
Rajah: Saeed Jaffrey
David Durance: Simon Treves
Mr Pike: William Hootkins
Coomaraswami: Renu Setna
The Resident: Brett Usher
Nazrul: Amerjit Deu
Francis Swan: Mark Straker
Nell: Emma Gregory
First broadcast 21/4/1991
Further Radio 3 broadcast 4/6/1991
Also broadcast on Radio 4 on 31/8/1992
Repeated on the BBC World Service in two parts on 28/2/1993 and 7/3/1993.
Felicity Kendall, who plays Flora Crewe, the daughter of Mrs Swan, lived in India from age 7 to 20]

5th January 1992:
19.30 - 21.45:
Sunday Play: Between the Acts by Virginia Woolf
Set in the idyllic grounds of Pointz Hall where a pageant is taking place. But it is 1939, and war threatens.
Dramatised by Liane Aukin
Songs specially composed by John Bull
Special sound effects by Brian Hodgson of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Director David Spenser
Miss La Trobe: Sarah Badel
Lucy Swithin: Sylvia Coleridge
Bart Oliver: Robert Lang
Giles Oliver: Terrence Hardiman
Isa: Gemma Jones
Mrs Manressa: Moira Redmond
William Dodge: Christopher Good
Mrs Lyn jones: Nan Munro
Mrs Wintrop: Eva Stuart
Mrs Springett: Peggy Paige
Rev Streatfield: Philip Voss
In the Pageant:
Crone / Lady Harpy Harraden: Sheila Grant
Sir Speniel Lityliver: Peter Baldwin
Queen Elizabeth: Margot Boyd
Mrs Hardcastle: Josie Kidd
Mr Budge: John Bott
Eleanor/ Carinthia: Elizabeth Rider
Edgar/ Ferdinand: Philip Sully
Flavinda: Sonia Fraser
Albert: John Bull
ALSO with John Church, Lolly Cockerell, Graham Faulkner, Godfrey Kenton, Gordon Reid, Elaine White
First broadcast: 5/10/1980
Further broadcast: 16/9/1982

7th January 1992:
21.10 :
Drama Now: Figure with Meat by Craig Warner.
When Colin died he was thinking of his favourite painting, Francis Bacon's portrait of a laughing cardinal surrounded by carcasses of meat. But will Colin become one of those carcasses...?
Music Craig Warner, Stuart Gordon.
Will Gregory (piano)
Director Andy Jordan
Older woman: Judy Parfitt
Miss Penfold: Lynsey Baxter
Colin: Clive Merrison
Malcolm: Alan Marriott
Pope/ God: Brett Usher
Ghost: Joanna Myers
Mr Analby/ Solomon: Alan Barker
Plato/ Noah: Ronald Herdman
Cardinal: Paul Cresswell
First broadcast 20th August 1991

12th January 1992:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare.
A clash and harmony of loves, culture, music and dreams.
Singers: Carol Grimes with Ronald Samm, Antonia Coker, Adjoa Andoh and MarkBobb.
Musicians: Denis Rolins (trombone), Avelia Moisey (trumpet), Andy Grappy (tuba), Richard Agileye,
Donald Gamble and Steve
Henfrey (percussion)
Composer/Musical Director Dominique Legendre (synthesiser/guitar)
Producer/director Clive Brill
Helena: Susannah Harker
Hermia: Julia Ford
Lysander: James MacPherson
Demetrius: Stephen Tompkinson
Titania: Adjoa Andoh
Oberon: Hakeem Kae-Kazim
Puck: Emma Fielding
Bottom: Tony Armatrading
Theseus: John Carlisle
Quince: Jeff Rawle
Hippolyta: Katy Behean
Egeus: Roger Hammond
Flute: Richard Pearce
Snout: John Hollis
Snug: Charles Millham
Starveling/Cobweb: Roger Griffiths
Fairy/Mustardseed: Melanie Nicholson
Peaseblossom: Thelma Lawson
First broadcast 23rd June 1991.

14th January 1992:
21.10 :
Drama Now: A Meeting in Valladolid by Anthony Burgess
Commissioned by the EBU and BBC for and transmitted last year across Europe in ten languages.
1606: A "perpetual peace treaty" is being negotiated between the newly united British and Spanish....
Music composed by Philip Pickett and performed by the New London Consort.
Director Walter Acosta
Shakespeare: Robert Glenister
Richard Burbage: Jonathan Oliver
Cervantes: Miguel Penaranda
Don Manuel: Brett Usher
Lope de Vega: Stephen Thorne
Earl of Rutland: William Simons
Jack Rice: Valentine Pelka
Robert Armin: Stephen Garlick
Bishop of Valladolid/Sir Philip Spender: Norman Jones
Anne Shakespeare/Susanna Hall: Petra Markham
Dr Guzman/Dr John Hall: Timothy Carlton
Repeated from 10th April 1991

19th January 1992:
21.55 :
Sunday Play: Successful Strategies by Marivaux, Translated by Timberlake Wertenbaker
Tracing the havoc created by confused passions and complicated revenge.
Director Hilary Norrish
(A BBC World Service Production)
La Comtesse: Penelope Willton
Dorante: Philip Franks
La Marquise: Gillian Barge
Le Chevalier: Philip Voss
Frontin: Niall Buggy
Arlequin: Ian Bartholomew
Lisette: Elizabeth Rider
Blaise: Gordon Gostelow
Broadcast on the BBC World Service on 26th January 1992.
[The author was known by the single name, otherwise Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux (1688-1763). This play is 1733: L'Heureux Stratageme]

26th January 1992:
19.30 :
Sunday Play:
Christopher Columbus by Louis MacNeice.
A verse play and its original score by William Walton.
Act 1: 19.30-20.40
Act 2: 20.45-21.35
BBC Singers and BBC Symphony Orchestra conductor Simon Joly
Music producer John Evans
Director Ian Cotterell
Columbus: Alan Howard
Beatriz: Hannah Gordon
Queen Isabella: Elizabeth Bell
Voice of Doubt: Brian Sanders
Voice of Faith: Jill Balcon
Bartolomao: Mark Straker
Francisco: Eric Allan
Carlos: David Bannerman
Brother Pedro: Richard Pearce
Prior Juan Perez: Robert Eddison
Brother Antonio: Brett Usher
Herald: Michael Kilgarriff
Talavera: Michael Aldridge
Duke of Medina-Sidonia: Timothy Bateson
Duke of Medina-Celi: Fraser Kerr
Mendoza: John Moffatt
Marquesa de Moya: Elizabeth Mansfield
Maria, a waiting woman: Rebecca Jones
Town Crier: Nigel Carrington
Luis: Ronald Herdman
Gutierrez: Gary Todd
Martin Pinzon: Brett Usher
Hidalgo: Godfrey Kenton
Repeated 24th December 1992.
[A new production of a work originally produced for radio in 1942.]

28th January 1992:
21.30 :
Drama Now: The Temptation of Dr William Fosters by Elaine Feinstein.
Dr Fosters is a molecular biologist whose laboratory is running out of funds. But Lucifer Jordan appears and makes a very tempting offer.
Music by John Harle.
Musicians: John Harle, Alastair Gavin,
Mario Castronari, Paul Clarvis
Director Penny Gold
Lucifer Jordan: Paul Jones
Dr Fosters: Edward Petherbridge
Hetty: Joanna David
Scientists: Ronald Herdman
Scientists: Timothy Carlton
Gwen: Petra Markham
Director of Laboratory: James Greene
Chauffeur: Colin McFarlane
Technicians: Joanna Myers.
Technicians: Alan Barker
Bank manager: James Simmons
Sir Joshua: Fraser Kerr
Gordon: Richard Pearce
Repeated from 23rd April 1991.

2nd February 1992:
Sunday Play: Kings by Christopher Logue.
An account of Books One and Two of Homer's Iliad, performed by Alan Howard.
"It was so quiet in Heaven that you could hear
The north wind pluck a chicken in Australia."
In the ninth year of the war, the Greeks are still outside the walls of Troy. Achilles and Agamemnon quarrel over a slave girl and the gods intervene with pitiless caprice.
Music Donald Fraser.
Director Liane Aukin
Repeated from 24th March 1991
[Christopher Logue (1926 - 2011) (pseudonym Count Palmiro Vicarion) worked from 1959 on his contemporary version of Homer's Iliad, unfinished at his death. New material was added and modern references were made eg lipstick and the Uzi gun. The incomplete Iliad series was published as five books of poetry. Kings, although dealing with Books 1 and 2 of the Iliad, was the second of Logue's Iliad poetry collections published, in 1991.]
[ It was the radio producer Donald Carne-Ross's invitation to reimagine The Iliad for BBC radio that set Logue on the journey of creativity that was to be his principal legacy. Logue used existing translations.]

4th February 1992:
21.15 :
Drama Now: Auction by Jean Binnie.
She's a working class cellist, he's a snobbish art dealer. He hates her for messing up his thick white carpets, she hates him for looking down his nose at her. A different kind of love story.
Ruth Smith (cello)
Director Michael Fox
Sandy: Julia Ford
Christopher: Nick Dunning
Repeated from 10th September 1991.

9th February 1992:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: War Music by Christopher Logue.
An account of Books 16 to 19 of Homer's Iliad performed by Alan Howard. It is the ninth summer of the war and the Trojans have the upper hand. Hector raided the Greek beach head crossed the ditch protecting their fleet, and burned one of their ships. It looked as if the Greeks would be destroyed. At this moment. Patroclus came to Achilles and begged for his help. ......
Music by Donald Fraser.
played by Gary Kettel, Anthony Lewis, Barry Guy, Judith Pearce and Donald Fraser
Director Liane Aukin
Repeated from 26th April 1981, other broadcasts 11th June 1981, 14th January 1982.
[Please refer to comments for "Kings" on 2nd February 1992]

11th February 1992:
Drama Now: The Price of Everything by John Clifford (Jo Clifford since 2009.).
A wry comedy for St Valentine. Harry wants something. Jill offers to provide it - at a price. But Cupid upsets their calculations and they both have to pay a price they don't expect.
Director Marilyn Imrie
Jill: Hetty Baynes
Harry: Timothy Spall
Cupid: Harold Innocent

14th Februaru 1992:
Exile or The Boat Will Not Return by Lim Poh Sim.
A drama-documentary in the style of a Japanese Noh play in which the life and art of the founder of the Noh Theatre, Zeami Motokiyo (1363-1443), come together.
Noh chanter: Naohiko Umewaka
Director Piers Plowright
Zeami: Robert Eddison
Chorus: Nicky Henson
Motomasa: Andrew Wincott
Repeated from 1st November 1991.

16th February 1992:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: Macbeth by Shakespeare.
A new radio production
Music composed and performed by Vic Gammon. Director Nigel Bryant
Macbeth: Tim McInnerny
Lady Macbeth: Harriet Walter
Banquo: David Robb
Macduff: Michael Lumsden
King Duncan: Maurice Denham
Malcolm: Kim Wall
Ross: Jonathan Wyatt
Lennox: David Holt
Fleance: Neal Foster
Porter: Andy Hockley
Murderer: Martin Reeve
Lady Macduff: Nicola Redmond
Macduff sson: Edward Long
Doctor: Geoffrey Banks
Gentlewoman: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Seyward: Graham Colclough
Witches: Mary Wimbush,
Witches: Steven Granville, Tamsin Greig
Hecat: Richard Avery

18th February 1992:
21.25 :
Drama Now: A Hard Heart by Howard Barker.
A besieged city depends on the brilliance of one woman for its survival against an implacable enemy. Riddler, an architect and military strategist, believes herself to be a god and uses her influence over the Queen to keep her son Attila out of the army. But her inventions are powerless against the resentment of her weak son and the passion of Seemore, a mad vagrant.
Music composed by Elizabeth Parker.
Director Richard Wortley
Riddler: Anna Massey
Attila: Douglas Hodge
Praxis: Deborah Findlay
Seemore: Kenneth Cranham
Plevna: Brett Usher
Sentry: Peter Gunn
Woman: Joanna Myers
Repeated 21st April 1992.

23rd February 1992:
19.30 :
The Three Sisters by Chekhov, Translated by Elisaveta Fen
Director John Tydeman
Lt-Col Vershinin: Paul Scofield
Masha: Jill Bennett
Irene: Lynn Redgrave
Olga: Rosalie Crutchley
Chebutykin: Wilfrid Lawson
Baron Touzenbach: Ian McKellen
Koolyghin: George Cole
Prozorov: Terry Scully
Natasha (Natalia Ivarovna): Gudrun Ure
Captain Soliony: David Buck
Anfisa: Dorothy Holmes-Gore
Ferapont: George Hagan
Fedolik: Andrew Sachs
Rode: Michael McClain
First broadcast 24th May 1965 on Network 3 (BBC old name for Radio 3).
Repeated 25th August 1966, 26th March 1967, also repeated 27th January 1980

25th February 1992:
21.25 :
Mrs Vershinin by Helen Cooper.
About the off-stage "lovesick major's wife" from Chekhov's The Three Sisters. Julie Legrand recreates her role from the original stage production.
Music Stephen Warbeck
Director Ned Chaillet
Yeliena Vmhinina: Julie Legrand
Alexander Vershinin: Nicky Henson
Boris Kropotkin: Norman Rodway
Svetlana Kropoltkina: Rosalind Knight
Anna Roslavlera: Elizabeth Mansfield
Yeliena (age 12): Joanna Myers
Anna (age 12): Bernadette Windsor
Valia: Susan Sheridan
Sonia: Jill Shilling

1st March 1992:
19.30 :
The Cherry Orchard by Chekhov
The action takes place on the estate of Madame Ranyevskaya between May and October around the turn of the century.
A 1974 production of Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard, broadcast tonight as a tribute to Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies who died recently.
Translated by Richard Cottrell Director John Tydeman
Madame Ranyevskaya: Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies
Varya: Anna Massey
Lopachin: Kenneth Haigh
Gaev: Robert Harris
Charlotta: Patricia Routledge
Anya: Sinead Cusack
Trofimov: Terry Scully
Simeonov-Pishchik: Timothy Bateson
Yepixodov: Andrew Sachs
Doonyasha: Elizabeth Revill
Firs: Rolf Lefebvre
Yasha: Hugh Ross
First broadcast: 29th April 1974.
Repeated: 1st February 1979 and 22nd December 1989.

3rd March 1992:
20.55 :
The Apple Orchard by John Fletcher.
"If there's one truly extraordinary feature about this insignificant little valley, it's this garage." Chekhov's Cherry Orchard is transported to Somerset and turned upside-down.
Director Nigel Bryant
Sam: Tamsin Greig
Harold: Stephen Tomlin
Isabelle: Ann Firbank
Jonathan: Brett Usher
Rev Walker: Geoffrey Banks
Radio contact: Joanna Myers
Repeated on 28th August 1994

8th March 1992:
19.30 :
Sunday Play
The Queen and the Rebels by Ugo Betti ("La Regina e gli Insorti") Translated by Henry Reed.
The conflict of power and personality in the wake of revolution. In a town near a frontier in a time of revolution, the rebel authorities detain a group of travellers. They think the Queen is one of the group, but which one they do not know.
Director R D Smith
Argia: Irene Worth
The Traveller: Leo McKern
The Engineer: Wilfred Babbage
Orazio: Derek Birch
Raim: Hugh Burden
General Biante: Haydn Jones
Maupa: John Bryning
Elisabetta: Dorothy Primrose
Peasants: Donald McKillop
Peasants: Hilda Krisman
This production previously broadcast on the Home Service 22/1/1962, and 29/11/1964
[A 1954 radio production also featured Irene Worth as Argia, but other parts differed]

10th March 1992:
21.10 :
Drama Now: Perucci's Escapement by Guy Meredith
A comedy-drama set in Elizabethan England. A renowned Italian clockmaker becomes a pawn in the religious struggle between people who are driven by greed and bloodlust.
Director Cherry Cookson
Giacomo Perucci: Kenneth Cranham
Count Dasperghi: Frank Finlay
Bamborough: Clive Francis
Sternwell: Brian Glover
Ludd the Boatman: Michael Tudor Barnes
Maria: Shelley Thompson
Harwick: Keith Drinkel
Malgrave/Captain: Sean Arnold
Lord Burleigh: Peter Penry Jones
Maggie: Joanna Wake

15th March 1992:
19.30 : Sunday Play: Oroonoko by Aphra Behn, Dramatised by Olwen Wymark
Based upon experiences in 17th-century Surinam, the story of an African prince betrayed into slavery.
Music by Colin Sell
Perry Montague-Mason (percussion)
Alan Grahame (violin)
Director Alison Hindell
Aphra Behn: Sue Jones-Davies
Oroonoko: Leo Wringer
Imoinda: Pamela Jikiemi
Aboan: Maynard Eziashi
Byam: Ian Lindsay
Trefry: Nicholas Gilbrook
Man: Christopher Good
First woman: Tara Dominick
Second woman: Elizabeth Kelly
King: Louis Mahoney
Onahal: Jeillo Edwards
Servant: Sidney Cole
Repeated from 24th August 1990

17th March 1992:
21.15 :
Drama Now: The Pond by Thomas Strittmatter.
Translated and adapted by Anthony Vivis
Not who killed, but why, was the body of Polish Anna found in the pond with a flitch of bacon? A Magistrate leads the murder hunt as Hitler's armies sweep across Europe.
Music written and performed by Mia Soteriou and Steve Bentley.
Director Jeremy Mortimer
Joachim Rot: Christian Rodska
Erwin Hungerbuhler: Anthony Jackson
Antonia Hungerbuhler: June Barrie
Magistrate: Peter Copley
Doctor: John Webb
Landlord: William Eedle
Shepherd Boy: Michael Ford
Also with Paul Cresswell, Craig Edwards, Andrew Frances.
Repeated 20th February 1994.

22nd March 1992:
19.30 :
No Man's Land by Harold Pinter
A summer's night in a room in north London.
Two men, who've just met, share a drink.
Director Janet Whitaker
Hirst: Michael Hordern
Spooner: Dirk Bogarde
Foster: Keith Allen
Briggs: Bernard Hill
Repeated on 1st January 1993 and 6th June 1999

24th March 1992:
21.20 : Drama Now: Prometheus in Evin by Iraj Jannatie-Ataie
The destruction of a dissident writer in Iran's notorious prison, Evin.
Director Matthew Waiters
The Writer: David Rintoul
His Wife: Vivien Heilbron
First interrogator: Keith Drinkel
Second interrogator: Jonathan Adams
Third interrogator: Jonathan Tafler
Prisoner/Fugitive: Melanie Hudson
TV interviewer/Agent: Brett Usher
Guard/Agent: Nicholas Murchie
Washer of the dead: John Church
Terrorist: Gordon Reid

28th March 1992:
21.00 : The Courtier, the Prince and the Lady by Michelene Wandor.
Evening in a 16th-century Italian palace. The servants have gone to bed and Pietro, his wife Emilia and a friend, Gaspare, settle down to discuss the idea of the perfect courtier.
Music arranged by Philip Thornby ; Musica Antiqua of London.
Director Piers Plownght
Emilia: Fiona Shaw
Pietro: John Rowe
Gaspare: John Shrapnel
Niccolo: Philip Sully
Repeated from 7th December 1990

29th March 1992:
19.30 : Mrs Klein by Nicholas Wright.
In 1934 the son of Melanie Klein , Britain's most controversial child psychoanalyst, was killed in a climbing accident.
There were no witnesses. This play explores the effect of this shattering event on three remarkable women.
Director Nicholas Wright
Mrs Klein: Sara Kestelman
Melitta: Juliet Stevenson
Paula: Deborah Findlay
Repeated 27th June 1993
[There was a different production on Radio 4 in 2008]

31st March 1992:
21.20 : Drama Now: When the Barbarians Came by Don Taylor.
Everyone remembers what they were doing when the barbarians came. Marcus was in bed with Julia that afternoon. They watched the Goths enter the Imperial Gate on the television. A political thriller
Director Jeremy Howe
Marcus: Norman Rodway
Julia: Frances Barber
Adrian: Peter Woodthorpe
Captain Antony: Colin MacFarlane
Augustus: John Normington
Claudia: Irene Sutcliffe
Octavius: Matthew Sim
Lavinia: Adjoa Andoh
Cloten: Andrew Wincott
Tarquin: Peter Gunn
Barbarian: David Goodland
First broadcast on Radio 4, 27th January 1992.

5th April 1992:
19.30 :
Bloody Poetry by Howard Brenton
"Name: Percy Bysshe Shelley. Profession: democrat, philanthropist and atheist. Home address: Hell."
Shelley meets Byron and their attempt to live in a menage a quatre.
Music by Mia Soteriou and Steve Bentley
Adapted by Penny Gold
Director Jeremy Howe
Lord Byron: Richard E Grant
Percy Bysshe Shelley: Meredith Davies
Mary Shelley: Charlotte Attenborough
Claire Qairmont: Sacha Hails
Dr William Polidori: Andy Taylor
Harriet Shelley, ne'e Westbrook: Siriol Jenkins

7th April 1992:
21.15 :
Drama Now: Come Unto These Yellow Sands by Angela Carter.
A reconstruction of the life of the painter and patricide Richard Dadd (1817-1886). Narrated by Frances Jeater and Philip Voss.
Violin played by George French
Director Glyn Dearman
Richard Dadd: Philip Sully
Titania: June Tobin
Oberon: John Westbrook
Puck: Andrew Branch
Sir Thomas Philips: William Eedle
Crazy Jane: Sheila Grant
The Shopkeeper: Harold Kasket
Henry Howard: Godfrey Kenton
Fairy-Feller: Eric Allan
Frith: Peter Baldwin
Landlady: Margot Boyd
Doctor: Noel Howlett
(First broadcast 28th March 1979, repeated 1st July 1979)
[The title is from The Tempest]

10th April 1992:
22.20 :
The Crane by Brenda Townsend.
A Japanese peasant rescues a wounded crane. Later a beautiful girl appears on the same stretch of road.
Music by David Lumsdaine. played by members of Gemini. conducted by Ian Mitchell Director Piers Plowright
The Crane: Victoria Carling
Peasant: Nigel Carrington
His Friend: Nicky Henson
Narrator: John Moffatt

12th April 1992:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: The Ballad of Peckham Rye: words by Muriel Spark, music by Tristram Cary.
William Davis (keyboard) Instrumental ensemble conducted by the composer.
Producer Christopher Holme
An Entertainment for Radio
Dougal Douglas: Frank Duncan
Dixie Morse: Denise Bryer
Humphrey Place: Bill Horsley
Matis Crewe: Grizelda Hervey
Arthur Crewe: Julian Somers
Leslie Crewe: Andrew Irvine
Mr Druce: Leslie Perrins
Merle Coverdale: Betty Hardy
Mr Weedin: Frank Partington
Connie Weedin: Anne Beresford
Elaine Kent: Sheila Grant
Trevor Lomas: Larry Martyn
Beauty Shop Assistant: Peggy Butt
Collte Gould: Anthony Hall
Mr Wilhs: Tom Watson
Joyce Willis: Charlotte Mitchell
Miss Frierne: Janet Burnell
Miss Cheeseman: Vivienne Chatterton
Nelly Mahone: June Tobin-Grant
First broadcast 7th October 1960
Repeated 29/10/1960; 28/12/1960;
Revised and new production with same cast 27/5/1962, repeated 22nd June 1962,
Repeated on the Home Service 22/4/1963.
Winner of the 1962 Italia Prize for literary or dramatic programmes.
[Presumably the 1992 broadcast was of the revised version]

14th April 1992:
21.10 :
Drama Now: Visitors by Terence Hards.
James Grimling is very old and "rather confused". He has lived his life sticking to the rules and feeling that he has no freedom of choice. But you can still make choices - if you have the courage....
Terence Hards died last year, and the play is repeated in his memory.
Director Jane Morgan
James Grimling: Harry Andrews.
Dolly Grimling: Rosalind Ayers
Lorna Waimvright: Janet Dale
Jan Peeble: Pauline Siddle
Mrs Clements: Christine Hargreaves
Mrs Brown: Maggie McCarthy
Capt Tobias: Bruce Purchase
Quack Cargill: Jon Strickland
Patients: Margot Boyd,
Patients: Mark Jones
Patients: Michael Goldie
First broadcast 19/8/1984.
First Repeated 17/4/1985

19th April 1992:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: The Birds by Aristophanes' translated and adapted by Martyn Wade.
A new version of Aristophanes' fantastic comedy.
Two Athenians, fed up with the rat race, opt out and go in search of somewhere better....
Music by Christos Pittas.
Director John Theocharis
Plausible: Norman Rodway
Hopeful: Sam Kelly
Hoopoe: Aubrey Woods
Commissioner / Cinesias John Rye
Chorus Leaders: Martyn Hill
Chorus Leaders: Elizabeth Mansfield
Chorus: Danielle Allen
Chorus: Alice Arnold
Chorus: David Bannerman
Chorus: Nigel Carrington
Chorus: Stephen Garlick
Nightingale: Nicole Tibbels
Iris: Marine Audley
Prometheus: Timothy Bateson
Heracles: Stephen Garlick
Poet/Poseidon: James Greene
Poet/Poseidon: Ronald Herdman
Solicitor: Fraser kerr
Priest/Informer: Michael Kilgarriff
Yob / Triballian: Ben Onwukwe
First broadcast 30th December 1990.

21st April 1992:
21.15 : Drama Now: A Hard Heart by Howard Barker.
A besieged city depends on the brilliance of one woman for its survival against an implacable enemy.
Repeated from 18th February 1992 - see above.

26th April 1992:
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare.
Based on the First Folio, with additions and amendments from the Second Quarto.
Music Patrick Doyle, with John Powell
Directors Kenneth Branagh and Glyn Dearman
A Radio 3/Renaissance Theatre Company co-production
Hamlet: Kenneth Branagh
Claudius: Derek Jacobi
Gertrude: Judi Dench
Polonius: Richard Briers
Horatio: Michael Williams
Ophelia: Sophie Thompson
Laertes: James Wilby
First Gravedigger: Michael Elphick
Player King: Michael Hordern
Player Queen: Emma Thompson
Ghost: John Gielgud
Rosencrantz: Gerard Horan
Guildenstern: Christopher Ravenscroft
Osric: Richard Clifford
Fortinbras: James Simmons
Barnardo: Paul Gregory
Francesco: Alex Lowe
Marcellus: Andrew Jarvis
Second Gravedigger: Mark Hadfield
Voltemand: Shaun Prendergast
Gentlewoman: Abigail Reynolds
Repeated 27th December 1992

27th April 1992:
21.30 :
Hamlet, Part 2 by Perry Pontac.
A play in blank verse answering the question that has plagued readers, scholars and theatre-goers for almost 400 years:
'What happened next?'
Director Richard Wortley
Seltazar: Peter Jeffrey
Fornia: Harriet Walter
The King: John Moffatt
A Fool: Simon Russell Beale
[The "part 2" is part of the title, this is NOT by Shakespeare. It would perhaps be less confusing to call it "The Return of Hamlet" but Pontac preferred the confusion...]
Repeated 28th December 1992

3rd May 1992:
Sunday Play: A View to a Haunt by Peter Redgrove.
Three women share stories which have something oddly in common, drawing them remorselessly to "what waits for us all at the dream centre".
Director Nigel Bryant
Kate: Janet Dale
Sophie: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Anne: Anne Atkins
Laura's Mother: Sheila Kelley
Laura: Susan Mann
Laura's Father: Gordon Reid
Laura's Brother: David Holt
Michael: Struan Rodger
Patty: Kathryn Hunt
Mrs Bright: Mary Wimbush
Fountaineer: David Robb
Damaris: Susan Jeffrey
Rupert: Andrew Wincott
Jemima: Lisa Bowerman
Sally: Tamsin Greig
Peter: Simon Chandler
Yuko: Veronica Needa
Repeated 28th January 1996
[Note: Listed in Genome for 1992 only as "A View to Haunt"]
[Production date 21st February 1992; Recorded in Ambisonic 2-channel UHJ: although officially discontinued by the BBC in 1982, a sound engineer at Pebble Mill continued to use UHJ encoding to 2004; in 1990 the BBC actively forbade the use of the term.]

5th May 1992:
21.30 :
Drama Now: The Cello and the Nightingale by Patricia Cleveland- Peck
Introduced, and with music performed on the cello, by Julian Lloyd Webber.
In 1924 the cellist Beatrice Harrison became famous with a BBC live broadcast from her garden, of a nightingale accompanying the cello. The play tells the story of that extraordinary occasion.
Director Cherry Cookson
Beatrice Harrison: Diana Quick
Captain West: Geoffrey Whitehead
Colonel Harrison: Garard Green
Mrs Harrison: Maxine Audley
Margaret: Kate Binchy
Mr Eckersley: Jonathan Adams
Cyril Scott: Keith Drinkel
Mr Reith: Gordon Reid
Rex Palmer: Peter Penry Jones
Listener-In: Eric Allan
Child: Jill Lidstone
Repeated on Radio 4 on 18th October 1992.

10th May 1992:
19.30 :
Man of the Moment by Alan Ayckbourn.
Douglas Beechey became a hero when he launched himself at an armed thug. Now, seventeen years later, the two meet again.
Adapted by Richard Wigmore
Director Gordon House
(A BBC World Service/Radio 3 co-production)
Vic Parks: Peter Vaughan
Douglas Beechey: Jon Strickland
Jill Rillington: Lia Williams
Trudy Parks: Alice Arnold
Kenny Collins: Adam Godley
Sharon Giffin: Buffy Davis
Ashley Barnes: Neil Roberts
Ruy: Nicholas Murchie
Also broadcast on BBC World Service 18/4/93

12th May 1992:
21.15 :
Drama Now
Easy Traumas by Tina Pepler.
Mourners standing near an open grave suddenly start singing "Yes, we have no bananas". Caster Sugar and Pollux, the not-quite earthly representatives of the Easy Traumas Agency, did it for the late Edith. Now they want to do it for Barney Stone and his wife Wilma. But will Barney and Wilma let them .. ?
Director: Shaun MacLoughlin
Pollux: Steve Hodson
Castor Sugar: Deborah Makepeace
Wilma: Liz Goulding
Barney: Christian Rodska
Minister / Giorgio / So-So /Lemur: Bill Wallis
Andreas / Betty / Chip Shop Man/Mourner: John Baddeley
Bertha/Claudia/Edith: Auriol Smith
Repeated from 30th April 1991

17th May 1992:
19.30 :
The Sunday Play: Alfie Elkins and his Little Life by Bill Naughton.
The original 1962 production - in which the philandering cockney wide-boy [Alfie] made his first appearance.
Producer: Douglas Cleverdon
Alfie: Bill Owen
Ruby: Hilda Fenemore
Annie: Barbara Young
Elsie: Norma Griffin
Fred: Charles Leno
Alfie's Father: Joe Sterne
The Guvnor: Charles Lamb
Narrator: John Bryning
Previous Broadcast dates: Third Programme: 7/1/62, 3/2/62, 11/9/62, 23/1/64

19th May 1992:
21.25 :
Drama Now: The Mystery by Bill Naughton
Edward Grock is a writer married to a rich woman. He is ordered by his wife to take the cat and the dog to the vet to be neutered. He has some sympathy with their predicament.
Pianist: Winifred Davey.
Producer Guy Vaesen
Edward: Norman Rodway
Edith: Irene Sutcuffe
Mrs Atkins: Ann Morrish
Mrs Kite: Peggy Aitchison
Alice: Julie Hallam
Henn: Fraser Kerr
Dingle: Anthony Jay
Peter: Sam Dastor
Poodle Owner: Diana Bishop
Vet: Leonard Fenton
Cat Owner: Doreen Andrew
This play won the 1974 Italia Prize.
Earlier Broadcast dates: 9/10/1973; 3/2/1974; 25/12/1974; 8/6/1980.

24th May 1992:
19.30 :
The Real Don Juan by Jose Zorrilla, translated by Ranjit Bolt.
Every year on All Souls' Night this classic tale is performed somewhere in Spain.
In this tale, there's a unique twist.
Director Clive Brill
Don Juan Tenorio: Gerard Murphy
Don Luis Mejia: Burt Caesar
Don Gonzalo de Ulloa: Joseph O'Conor
Dona Ines de Ulloa: Rachel Joyce
Brigida (nurse): Shelley King
Buttarelli/Sculptor: Jonathan Adams
Ciutti (servant): Tony Armatrading
Centellas: David Solomon
Avellaneda: David Learner
Abbess: Gudrun Ure
Don Diego Tenorio (Father): Terence Edmond
Dona Ana de Pantoja: Clara Onyemere
Pascual: Matthew Morgan
Lucia: Theresa Streatfield
Repeated 7th January 1996
[Translated by Bolt in 1990 for the Oxford Stage Company; Bolt did not speak Spanish and used a Spanish-English dictionary; translated as rhyming verse.]

31st May 1992
19.05 :
Sunday Play: Women and Water by John Guare
1864: State of Virginia -- the Battle of Cold Harbor. Through the chaos of the American Civil War, Lydie Breeze , daughter of a Nantucket whaling captain, is in pursuit of the truth of what happened on the ill-fated last voyage of her father's ship, the Gardenia.
Original music composed by Ilona Sekacz
Musicians: Simon Chamberlain (synthesiser), Rosie Furness (violin), Andrea Hess (cello), John Marson (harp)
Technical presentation by Carol McShane. Wilfredo Acosta. Ian Harker
Director Stuart Owen
Lydia Breeze: Natasha Richardson
Joshua Hickman: Trevor Eve
Dan Grady: Frank Grimes
Amos Mason: Rolf Saxon
Moncure Nelson: Ade Sapara
Cabell Breeze: Garrick Hagon
Captain Breeze/Sgt Bell: William Simons
Colonel McLoud/Mr Chalcott: Anthony Jackson
Zenna Gordon: Alibe Parsons
Mrs Randolph: Liza Ross
Mrs Randolph's son: Richard Pearce
Mr Fleet: Richard Tate
Captain Gonzalo: Peter Craze
Mr Bolt: Phillp Sully
Mr Pusey: Ian Michie
Wilbur Woodhams: Paul Sirr
Killing Nurse: Zelah Clarke
Repeated from 25th October 1988
[This play is part of a greater story about Lydia Breeze, which was also covered in the plays "Lydia Breeze" and "Gardenia" which have not been made by the BBC yet]

2nd June 1992:
21.10 :
Drama Now: Scrumping: A comedy by Hattie Naylor.
"Adam and Lilith never found any peace together, for when he wished to lie with her, she took offence at the recumbent posture he demanded ... And Lilith, in a rage, uttered the magic name of God, rose into the air and left him."
Music by Elizabeth Parker of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Director Janet Whitaker
Man/Gary: Adrian Edmondson
Woman/Susan: Suzanna Hamilton
Lilith: Gabrielle Hecht
Samantha: Anna Abrahams
Sally: Adele Silva
Prof Hilbrick: Gordon Reid
Prof Wright: Joanna Wake

7th June 1992: There was no drama on Radio 3 on this date, the time slot was occupied by a 1991 recording of music followed by "Opera news".

9th June 1992:
21.20 :
Drama Now: Terminal by James Mavor.
Frank is frightened of flying. He is obsessed with Kay. The only place he can meet her is on a plane. The result is a psychological romance.
Spoken over an extensive music track by Adrian Johnston.
Director Alan Drury
Frank: Stephen Boxer
Kay: Joanna Myers
Mother/Flight Announcer: Kate Binchy
Max, etc: Jonathan Tafler
Everybody else: Melanie Hudson
Singer: Melanie Pappenheim

14th June 1992:
19.30 :
Ines de Castro by John Clifford. (later known as Jo Clifford)
Based on the true story of a Spaniard who was the lover of a Portuguese prince.
Music: Jeremy Taylor , with Tom Finucane (guitar)
Director: Marilyn Imrie
Ines: Deborah Findlay
Pedro: Dermot Crowley
King: John Shrapnel
Blanca: Melinda Walker
Pacheco: Linus Roache
Death: Margaret Robertson
Nurse/Stallholder: Kate Binchy
Tailor: Jonathan Tafler
Woman/Stallholder: Theresa Streatfeild
Cobbler/Stallholder: John Webb
Cousin/Cleaner: Joanna Wake
Neighbour/Villager: Eric Allan
Official: David Learner
Young Girl: Alison Reid
(An opera based upon this play was broadcast in 1996, then a different production in 2000)

16th June 1992:
22.30 :
Drama Now: Prairie du Chien by David Mamet
A tale of murder and revenge interwoven with the slow rhythms of a card game which suddenly flares into violence.
Set in 1910 on a railroad parlour car heading west through Wisconsin in the dead of night, a haunting story unfolds of love and the paranormal, an evocation of mystery and terror....
Director Andy Jordan
Storyteller: Lee Montague
The Card Dealer: Michael Feast
The Gin Player: William Hootkins
The Porter: Joseph Mydell
The Listener: John Higgins
The Listener's son: Christopher L Martin
Repeated from 30th September 1989, also repeated 30th December 1989
[The odd title refers to an actual place name in Wisconsin, 2010 population 5,911. The name Chien comes from the name of the Fox tribe chief (Alim) who preceeded the French settlers...]

21st June 1992- another Sunday with no drama on Radio 3, the time slot this time was occupied by music by Bach, three cantatas and a concerto.

23rd June 1992:
21.45 :
Drama Now: Dictator Gal by David Zane Mairowitz.
A deathbed concert by a shoe-collecting dictator's wife is dedicated to bringing him back to life. Musical satire.
Music composed and arranged by Trevor Allan. Director Ned Chaillet
Gal: Josette Simon
Dictator: Joe Melia
Doctor: Gordon Reid
Nurse: Melinda Walker
Woman: Siriol Jenkins
Man: David Learner
Repeated on 31st July 1994.

28th June 1992:
19.30 :
The Sunday Play: The School for Scandal by Richard Sheridan.
An old bachelor marries a young country wife
Director Michael Fox
Sir Peter Teazle: Paul Eddington
Lady Teazle: Geraldine Alexander
Sir Oliver Surface: John Moffatt
Joseph Surface: Malcolm Raeburn
Charles Surface: Neil Roberts
Mrs Candour: Ann Rye
Lady Sneerwed: Jane Cox
Crabtree/Moses: Robin Herford
Sir Benjamin Backbite: Peter Rylands
Rowley: John Church
Maria: Alison Reid
Careless: Richard Heap
Snake: John Lloyd Fillingham
Trip: Jonathan Tafler
Repeated 18th April 1993

29th June 1992:
21.05 :
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
A dramatisation of Blake's prose masterpiece.
Adapted by Claire Randall
Music Roger Limb
Producer Piers Plowright
Blake: Nicky Henson
Devils: Richard Pearce
Devils: Jane Wittenshaw
Devils: Nigel Carrington
Singers: Elizabeth Mansfield
Singers: Emma Gregory
Ezekel: Michael Kilgarriff
Isaiah: James Greene
Angel: Tara Dominick
Repeated from 29th March 1991

30th June 1992:
20.40 :
Drama Now
Flowers of the Dead Red Sea: adapted from his own stage play by Edward Thomas.
In a slaughterhouse in South Wales, Mock and Joe struggle with failing memory as they discuss the art of butchery and a dicky bow that once belonged to Tom Jones. Elsewhere, Dotty's memory resurfaces when she finds the painting of a red sea....
Music: Gareth Whittock
Director Alison Hindell
Joe: Russell Gomer
Mock: Richard Lynch
Dotty: Jan Pearson
[This is by the Welsh playwright Edward Thomas, whose works are published by Seren Books, Swansea, not to be confused with the English poet Edward Thomas who was killed in WW2]

5th July 1992:
Sunday Play: Medea: a new version by Brendan Kennelly.
When Medea is betrayed by Jason, the result is vengeful and bloody.
Music David Byers, with Colin Stark (oboe and cor anglais) and David Byers (keyboard)
Director Eoin O'Callaghan
Medea: Harriet Walter
Chorus: Annette Crosbie
Creon: Nigel Anthony
Jason: Nickolas Grace
Nurse: Maxine Audley
Aegeus: Maurice Denham
Teacher: Garard Green
Messenger: Alan Barker

7th July 1992
21.10 :
Drama Now: Moscow Stations by Venedikt Yerofeyev.
Dramatised for radio by Stephen Mulrine.
This Russian play takes us on a memorable train journey with the alcoholic hero Yerofeyev, accompanied by angels and a sphinx and pursued by the four horsemen of Marxist-Leninist history.
Music: Sergey Kuryokhin
Director Faynia Williams
Venedikt Yerofeyev: Tom Courtenay
Station Announcer/Sphinx: Tina Marian
Angels: Siriol Jenkins
Angels: Tina Marian
Angels: Melinda Walker
Repeated on 23rd July 1995

12th July 1992:
20.50 :
Sunday Play: Burn the Aeneid! by Martyn Wade
Virgil gives instructions for his work to be destroyed when he dies.
Director: Cherry Cookson
Varius: Clive Merrison
Tucca: Norman Rodway
Eros: James Grout
Probus: David Horovitch
Drusilla: Linda Marlowe
Proculus: Jonathan Adams
Mucius: John Webb
Envoy: Peter Gunn
Repeated 4th July 1993

14th July 1992:
Drama Now: Too Much of a Good Thing by Mike Leigh
A driving instructor and his pupil falling in and out of love, recorded on location in London in 1979. The premiere of the only original work for radio by one of Britain's leading playwrights and film-makers.
Producer Liane Aukin
Director: Mike Leigh
Mr Payne: Eric Allan
Pamela: Lesley Manville
Graham: Philip Davis

19th July 1992:
21.15 : Sunday Play: Antrobus and the Lion by David Stafford.
What would have happened if David O Selznick had commissioned a script of Gone With the Wind from George Bernard Shaw ?
Director Jeremy Howe
Selznick: Jonathan Tafler
Sam Goldwyn: Lee Montague
Antrobus: Tina Marian
Webb: John Webb
George Bernard Shaw: Kerry Shale
Charlotte Shaw: Kate Binchy
Myron Selznick: David Holt

26th July 1992:
22.35 - 23.10 : Sunday Play : A Night at the Wasteland by David Stafford.
What would have happened if the Marx Brothers had asked
T S Eliot to write a script for them ... ?
Director Jeremy Howe
Groucho: Michael Roberts
Chico: Frank Lazarus
T S Eliot: Kerry Shale
All other parts played by Melinda Walker

2nd August 1992:
21.30 :
Sunday Play: The Surprise Symphony by Guy Meredith
A satire on the world of classical music follows a European orchestral tour which catapults towards disaster as, one by one, the members of the orchestra die of very unnatural causes....
With Alexander Balanescu (violin)
Dov Goldberg (clarinet)
Roger Montgomery (horn)
Bruce Nockles (trumpet)
Director Cherry Cookson
George: Norman Rodway
Lydia: Imelda Staunton
Alexisia: David Bannerman
all other parts: David Bannerman
Previously broadcast 17th September 1991

9th August 1992:
21.45 :
Sunday Play: Taking Us up to Lunch by Peter Gibbs.
When a sporting hero assaults a venerated broadcaster in the Test
Match commentary box, it cannot be ignored.
Director Jane Morgan
Leslie: Peter Jeffrey
Frank: Bryan Pringle
Jimmy: Mark Wing-Davey
Norman: Terence Edmond

Repeated on 2nd July 1991

16th August 1992:
22.15 :
Sunday Play: Understudies by Richard Crane.
In the dressing-room of a West End theatre, two hopeful understudies wait for the leading ladies to drop dead.
Director Matthew Walters
Phoebe: Dorothy Tutin
Reg: Penelope Keith
The Known Actress: Margaret Courtenay
Charles: John Webb
The Dame: Jill Graham
Hilly: Ann Windsor
PQ: Peter Penry Jones
ASM: Federay Holmes

23rd August 1992:
21.15 :
Sunday Play: The Lyme Regis Food and Fertility Festival by John Fletcher.
Fred and Deidre decide to escape from London to discover raw, life-enhancing Art in the Provinces.
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Fred: Steve Hodson
Deidre: Maureen O'Brien
The Pink Fairy: Christian Rodska
The Cerne Abbas Giant: Andrew Hilton
The New Man: David Learner
Percy: John Telfer
Death: Bill Wallis
1st Actress: Melinda Walker
2nd Actress: Carole Jahme
Repeated 7th August 1994

30th August 1992:
22.10 :
Sunday Play: En Passant by David Benedictus.
All over the country, every weekend, a motley collection of harassed people, mainly men, make their way to a chess congress.
Director Faynia Williams
Groenmann: T P McKenna
Nevinsky: Dave King
Matt: Paul Copley
Phil: David Bannerman
Sherry: Melanie Hudson
Miss Curtis: Pauline Letts
Sherry's Father: Eric Allan
Boris: Roger Griffiths
Charles: John Fleming
Sherry's Mother: Alice Arnold
Young Groenmann: Sam Crane
Groenmann Mother: Kate Binchy
Repeated 5th September 1993
[There was another play in 1985, with the same name, by Peter McKelvey which is quite different]

6th September 1992:
Sunday Play: I Always Take Long Walks by Peter Tinniswood
A one-woman play about the private thoughts of a cricket widow.
Producer John Tydeman
Unknown: Judi Dench.
First broadcast 4th July 1991.
Repeated on BBC World Service 27th and 28th May 1993.

6th September 1992:
21.50 :
Sunday Play: The Ashes by Sue Townsend
The English captain is going to be a father, but Louise is not his wife.
Director Ned Chaillet
Unknown: Brian Johnston
Unknown: Peter Barker.
Louise: Robin Weaver
Bobby: Karen Archer
Dennis: Ronald Herdman
Rutter-King: Stephen Tompkinson
Hunterson: David Sinclair
Yvonne: Joanna Myers
Pug Wilson: Fraser Kerr
First broadcast 3rd July 1991.

13th September 1992:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: King Oedipus by Sophocles translated by W B Yeats
The mighty and admired king of Thebes tries to track down the cause of the plague that is ravaging the city, but his relentless search reveals that he himself is to blame, in ignorance he has killed his father, married his mother and had children by her.
Music by Christos Pittas
Adapted and directed by John Theocharis.
Oedipus: Robert Lindsay
Jocasta: Dorothy Tutin
Oreon: Paul Daneman
Tiresias: Peter Vaughan
Corinthian: David Ryall
Theban: Cyril Shaps
Messenger: Karl Johnson
Priest: Peter Penry Jones
Chorus leader: Jonathan Adams

20th September 1992:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: Napoli Milionaria by Eduardo da Filippo. New version by Peter Tinniswood.
Study of Neapolitan life in the Second World War [written in 1945].
Royal National Theatre production directed by Richard Eyre and for radio by Chris Barton
Producer Jeremy Howe
Getmaro Jovine: Ian McKellen
Amalia jovine: Frances Barber
Maria Rosaria: Angela Clarke
Amedeo: Phil McKee
Adelaide: Antonia Pemberton
Federico: Russell Boulter
Errico: Mark McGann
Peppe: Ian Burf1eld
Riccardo: Richard Brenner
Sergeant Gappa: Kenneth Cranham
Franco: Derek Hutchinson
Assunta: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Doctor: Crispin Redman
Repeated 19th December 1993
[Filmed in Italian in 1950, written by, directed by, produced by, and starring Eduardo da Filippo. The film's English title was "Side Street Story" rather than the direct "Millionaire Naples"]

27th September 1992:
21.45 :
Sunday Play: Walter by C P Taylor.
Concerning the life and times of a successful Jewish entertainer with a sense of failure. In a last effort to rehabilitate his socialist convictions, he gets to play the part of Clydeside revolutionary John MacLean.
Music arranged by Robert Pettigrew and Johnnie Phillips
played by Robert Pettigrew (piano) Johnnie Phillips (rhythm guitar, soprano sax) Stuart R. Smith (bass guitar)
Technical presentation Tom Anderson, Ian Cowie
Director Stewart Conn
Walter: Peter Kelly
Doris: Anne Kristen
Joyce: Tammy Ustinov
Rickie: Joseph Greig
Ian: Peter Lincoln
Eric: Benny Young
(first broadcast on Radio Scotland)
First broadcast on Radio 3 on 2nd July 1981, repeated 29th August 1982.
[The typescript of the radio play is held in the Scottish Theatre Archive. C P Taylor died in 1981]

4th October 1992:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: La Celestina by Ferdinand de Rojas.
In this boisterous comedy classic, a hell-raising bawd's pure understanding of lust and greed makes her indispensable in a 15th-century Spain besotted with the idea of Love.
Translated and adapted for radio by John Clifford
Music by Neil Brand , who also performs with Mike Jingle, Rob Jones and Manuel Sanchez
Director Eoin O'Callaghan
La Celestina: Frances de la Tour
Colisto: Jonathan Cullen
Melibea: Abigail McKern
Elida: Clare Cathcart
Lucrecia: Jane Slavin
Areusa: Federay Holmes
Sempronio: Jonathan Tafler
Parmemo: Matthew Morgan
Pleberio: John Church

10th October 1992:
22.05 :
The Love of Don Perlimplin by Federico Garcia Lorca.
A rare chance to hear one of Lorca's early surrealisitc folk plays.
Elderly Don Perlimplin falls in love with the beautiful young Belisa. When she is unfaithful five times on their wedding night, Don Perlimplin seeks an extraordinary revenge.
Directed and adapted by Nick Ward
An Essential Production
Don Perlimplin: Daniel Massey
Belisa: Imogen Stubbs
The Mother: Eleanor Bron
Marcolfa: Sandra Voe
The Ghosts: Gary King
The Ghosts: Patrick Rosenfield

11th October 1992: No drama on 3 on this Sunday- this was due to an all day program of live EBU concerts from 13 cities.

18th October 1992:
21.45 :
Sunday Play: A Suitable Case for Treatment by David Mercer.
Adapted and directed by Don Taylor
"The first performance* since 1962 of the television play".
Directed By: Don Taylor
Narrator Kenneth Haigh.
The Policeman: Jonathan Adams
The Analyst: Peter Penry Jones
Morgan: Stephen Moore
Leonie: Harriet Walter
Jean: Adjoa Andoh
Mrs Delt: Edna Dore
Charles Napier: Charles Kay
Mrs Henderson: Ann Windsor
Mr Henderson: John Church
Other performances:
a. [TV Play: 21st October 1962 (Sunday Night Play)(Ian Hendry as Morgan).]
b. [ Also released as a film in 1966 by British Lion under the alternate titles Morgan! or Morgan- A Suitable Case for Treatment (David Warner as Morgan)- David Mercer won a BAFTA for the screenplay. Film shown on BBC 2 TV 5/10/1971. Original BBFC rating A, then PG ]
c. [Canadian Broadcasting Company tv version- 2nd December 1963 (Playdate)(John Horton as Morgan).
[* odd for Radio Times to claim "first performance of the play since 1962", David Mercer received credit for the 1963 Canadian version and for the 1966 film which the BBC had broadcast in 1971]
d. [There was also a further tv production, a comedy - perhaps a spoof of this play- by Peter Tinniswood with NO writing credit to David Mercer- 26th May 1985- a comedy (Mog s1 ep1)(Enn Reitel as Mog) ]

25th October 1992:
21.35 :
Sunday Play: Armstrong's Last Goodnight by John Arden , adapted by Bennett Maxwell.
"To seek hot water beneath cauld ice
Surely it is a great follie;
I have socht for grace at a graceless face
Where there is none for my men and me."
Music arranged by Cedric Thorpe Davie played by David James (trumpet)
Kevin Thompson (trombone) Henry Morrison (clarinet)
Director Stewart Conn
Sir David Lindsay: Leonard Maguire
English Commissioners: Malcolm Terris, Hector Ross
Scots Commissioners: John Graham, Michael Deacon
English Clerk: William Fox
Scots Clerk: Arthur Lawrence
Johnstone of Wamphray: Ronald Baddiley
1st Armstrong: Alex McAvoy
2nd Armstrong: James Grant
John Armstrong of Gilnockie: Moultrie Kelsall
Gilbert Eliot of Stobs: Jack Stewart
Young Stobs: Maitland Chandler
McGlass: Leo Maguire
Gibiockie's wife: Gudrun Ure
A Protestant Evangelist: Bryden Murdoch
Meg Eliot, Stobs's daughter: Rona Anderson
A Lady Lindsay's mistress: Madeleine Christie
Her maid: Dorothy Bibby
Lord Johnstone's secretary: Paul KermacK
Lord Maxwell's secretary: John Graham
Cardinal's secretary: Alan Haines
Highland Captain: Paul KermacK
King James V: Michael Deacon
(First broadcast on the Third Programme / Network 3 on 13th June 1965, repeated 8th July 1965, and 6th November 1966)

1st November 1992:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: Little Malcolm and His
Struggle Against the Eunuchs by David Halliwell
Written for the stage in 1965, about a would-be Hitler from Huddersfield who persuades his fellow art students to take arms against eunuchry by forming The Party of Dynamic Erection.
The play is a comedy that shows how a hunger for power and the ability to manipulate followers can lead to personal disaster.
Director Philip Martin
Malcolm: David Streames
Wick: Richard Pearce
Ingham: Mark Kilmurry
Nipple: Adrian Lochhead
Anne: Annette Badland
Repeated 3rd July 1994
[Filmed in 1974 with John Hurt and David Warner. BBFC Certificate X, later Cert 15. Strong language, one strong violent scene]

8th November 1992:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: The Duchess of Malfi by John Webster (written c 1612).
Forbidden love, murder and revenge.
Music Tim Riley
Musicians: Vicky Higginson, Lyn Plowman and James Mainwaring.
Director Alison Hindell
The Duchess: Fiona Shaw
Bosola: Roger Allam
Ferdinand: Adrian Dunbar
The Cardinal: John Shrapnel
Antonio: Patrick Brennan
Delio: Simon Harris
Julia: Helen Griffin
Pescara: John Webb
Cariola: Manon Edwards
Roderigo: Peter Gunn
Silvio: Robert David
Old Lady: Lawmary Champion
Repeated on 2nd April 1995
[Cruelty in a severely dysfunctional family- The main themes of the play are: corruption, misuse of power, revenge, deception, the status of women and the consequences of their assertion of authority, the argument of blood v. merit, the upshot of unequal marriage, cruelty, incest, and class. Much violence and death. Loosely based on Matteo Bandello's Novelle (1554)]
[Alison Hindell was appointed Head of Radio Drama in March 2005]

15th November 1992:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: Vlad the Impaler based upon a play by Marin Sorescu "The Third Stake", adapted by Richard Crane.
Romania is in crisis. The Turkish army has reached the Danube. The enemy within is destroying the fabric of the state. Will Prince Vlad's domestic policy pull the country together? Two impaled victims, a Christian and a Muslim, assess his chances.
Traditional Romanian music played by Gheorghe Zamfir
Director Faynia Williams
Vlad: John Hurt
Romanian: Stephen McGann
Turk: Andrew Sachs
Papuc: Roy Hanlon
Dan the Pretender: Anthony Head
Tenea/ Policeman: Philip Anthony
Painter: Victor Spinetti
Time Traveller: Paul Copley
Dotnnica: Siriol Jenkins
Whore / Beggar: Annette Badland
Turkish Envoys: Bhasker, Dhirendra
Dragavei/ Beggar: Peter Gunn
Beggars: Steve Hodson,
Beggars: Keith Drinkel
[ Bhasker = Bhasker Patel who often used only his personal name.]
[ Dhirendra = Dhirendra Miyanger who often used only his personal name]

22nd November 1992:
21.35 :
Sunday Play: The Pool at Bethesda by Allan Cubitt.
When Dr Daniel Pearce falls ill, he finds himself transported to a riotous eighteenth-century world, where Hogarth persuades him to model for Christ.
Music composed and performed by Bill Crow
Director Susan Hogg
Daniel Pearce: Mick Ford
Hogarth/Simon: Danny Webb
Ruth: Julia Ford
Kate: Kath Rogers
Jane: Maggie O'Neill
Figg: Ian Mercer
Sally: Melanie Hudson
Fancy: Ian Bartholomew
Man with gout: Patrick John Anthony
The Melancholic: Jill Graham
Blind man: Bob Barrett
[The mural painting in question is on the staircase at St Bartholomews Hospital, London]

29th November 1992:
21.20 :
Sunday Play: The Art of Success by Nick Dear.
First presented in 1986 by the Royal Shakespeare Company, this play, won the John Whiting Award.
It traces the life, scabrous times and scatalogical imagination of the newly wed 18th-century artist and engraver William Hogarth as he mingles with playwrights, prostitutes, powerful politicians and a condemned murderess.
Director Richard Wortley
William Hogarth: Michael Kitchen
Jane Hogarth: Robin Weaver
Harry Fielding: Linus Roache
Frank/Gaoler: Brett Usher
Oliver: Simon Russell Beale
Mrs Needham: Irene Sutcliffe
Louisa: Sally Dexter
Sarah SprackUng: Penny Downie
Sir Robert Walpole: Ronald Herdman
Queen Caroline: Ann Windsor
Drummer Girl: Jane Whittenshaw
[John Whiting was a playwright who died in 1965. The John Whiting award was available to radio programs until 2006. No relation to sound projectionist and radio sound engineer John Whiting.]
Repeated from 21st July 1991.

6th December 1992:
21.00 :
Sunday Play: Tom and Viv by Michael Hastings.
The controversial marriage of T.S. Eliot and Vivienne Haig-Wood. Their story moves through love that was inspirational but destructive to obsession and guilt.
Music: Malcolm McKee
Director: Sue Wilson
Tom: John Duttine
Viv: Miranda Richardson
Rose Haig- Wood: Margaret Tyzack
Maurice Haig- Wood: Keith Drinkel
Charles Haig-Wood: Richard Vernon
Louise: Polly James
Janes: Robin Bailey
Dr Charles Marion Todd: John Webb
Barrister/ Photographer: David Holt
Maid: Federay Holmes
Repeated 22nd August 1993.
[New production by Peter Kavanagh on Radio 4 in 2008]

12th December 1992:
21.30 :
The Last Viking by Paul Allen.
In Greenland in the late 15th century, Ingolf tries to give his brother a Christian burial. Now the last Norseman of the settlement founded 500 years before by Eirik the Red , he considers his fate and his options: escape to Iceland; joining the Inuit; or staying put and waiting for death. The saga of Ingolf the Indecisive.
Director Julian May
The Last Viking: Nigel Anthony
Shaman: Steve Hodson
Eyvind: Eric Allan
Eirik the Red: John Church
Young Eirik: James Telfer
Gudrun: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Norse Greenlanders: Sandra James-Young
Norse Greenlanders: David Thorpe
[Completely different play to the Saturday Night Theatre of the same name, written by Donald Campbell]

13th December 1992:
21.35 :
Sunday Play: The Real Thing by Tom Stoppard Love can be the most life-enhancing experience in the world, but only when it's the real thing. Even then, it's a dangerous. unpredictable emotion, liable to strike one down at any time - and leave pain and devastation in its wake.
Director Gordon House
A Radio 3/World Service co-production
Henry: Clive Francis
Annie: Emily Richard
Charlotte: Haydn Gwynne
Max: Nigel Anthony
Billy: Matthew Morgan
Debbie: Emily Woof
Brodie: Ewan McGregor
[Repeat broadcast: BBC World Service play of the week 26th September 1993]
[There was a later production, by Trevor Nunn, in 2006]

20th December 1992:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: Design for Living by Noel Coward.
A subversive comedy of sexual manners in which three people design a relationship that flouts society's rules.
Piano: Jimmy Hardwick
Director Ned Chaillet
Gilda: Cheryl Campbell
Otto: Alex Jennings
Leo: Michael Kitchen
Ernest Friedman: James Laurenson
Grace Torrence: Linda Marlowe
Miss Hodge, Helen: Joanna Myers
Henry Carver: Bradley Lavelle
Mr Birbeck: Alan Barker
Repeated from 22nd December 1991
[There was an earlier production of this play on Radio 4 in December 1976, repeated January 1977, directed by Ian Cotterell.]

24th December 1992:
19.30-20:35 then 20:40-21.35 (two acts) :
Christopher Columbus by Louis MacNeice
An epic verse play with music by William Walton.
Repeated from 26th January 1992- see details above.

27th December 1992:
19.30 :
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by Shakespeare.
A coproduction between Radio 3 and the Renaissance Theatre Company, which uses the full text of the play based on the First Folio.
Directors Kenneth Branagh and Glyn Dearman.
Repeated from 26th April 1992- please see entry above.

28th December 1992:
20.50 :
Hamlet, Part 2 by Perry Pontac.
Repeated from 27th April 1992- please see entry above.


Thanks to Stephen Shaw for compiling the entries, and to Alison for doing the coding.

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