Radio 3 Drama, 1990


5th January 1990
19.30 :
The Friday Play: The Daughter-in-Law by D. H. Lawrence.
'My son's my son till he takes a wife ...'
Lawrence's passionate study of marital conflict and motherly love is set against a background of a miners' strike in a Nottinghamshire village in 1912.
Directed by Michael Fox
BBC Manchester
Minnie: Samantha Bond
Luther: Bill Nighy
Mrs Gascoigne: Ann Rye
Joe Gascoigne: Colin Kerrigan
Mrs Purdy: Avril Elgar
Repeated 25th August 1991.
(There was an earlier radio production, in 1967, repeated 1968 (R3 and R4), repeated 1971 (R4), produced by Alfred Bradley)

9th January 1990:
20.20 :
Drama Now: Indigo Days by James Douglas.
Directed by Eoin O'Callaghan
BBC Northern Ireland
Jessica Ivory (mother): Joan Matheson
Father: Kevin Flood
Young mother: Linda Wray
Kathy: Eleanor Methven
Mervyn Stoddart: George Shane
Roy/Austin Humber: Trevor Moore
May Oblong: Roma Tomelty
Young Kathy: Barbary Cook
Preacher: Michael Gormley
Young Roy: Benjamin McIldoon

12th January 1990:
21.25 :
The Friday Play: Three Little Girls in Blue by Ludmilla Petrushevskaya. English version by Lianne Aukin from a translation by Boris Isarov.
The three girls are not so little and, unlike the three sisters, they are longing to get away from Moscow.
Directed By: Jane Morgan
Ira: Frances Barber
Svetlana: Maureen O'Brien
Tatiana: Caroline Gruber
Federovna: Elizabeth Spriggs
Maria: Ann Mitchell
Nikolai: Anthony Jackson
Pavlik: Lawrence Cooper
Valera: Kim Wall
Anton: Leo Docherty
Maxim: Richard Pearce
Young man: Stephen Rashbrook
Official: Peter Craze
Woman: Joan Walker
Leokardia: Eva Stuart
Repeated from 5th April 1988

16th January 1990:
21.45 :
Drama Now: The Early Hours of a Reviled Man by Howard Barker.
Sleen, an eminent novelist of reactionary and anti-semitic views, takes a regular nighttime walk through the city in which he has loved, triumphed and suffered. He finds himself hijacked by old friends and new enemies, all in pursuit of a final justice he is determined never to satisfy.
Directed By: Richard Wortley
Sleen: Ian McDiarmid
Jane: Anna Massey
Roon: Jonathan Cullen
Apprentice surgeon: Suzanne Burden
Vagrant: Geoffrey Matthews
Old woman: Jo Kendall
Policeman: Joe Dunlop
First delinquent: Ken Cumberlidge
Second delinquent: Charles Simpson
Proprietor: David King
Religious enthusiasts: Simon Treves
Religious enthusiasts: David Goodge
First magistrate: Christopher Good
Second magistrate: Geoffrey Whitehead
Caretaker: Brian Miller
Homeless woman: Alice Arnold
Repeated on 20th February 1990

19th January 1990
19.30 - 21.10 :
The Friday Play: Principia Scriptoriae by Richard Nelson.
It is 1970. Two young writers, Bill and Ernesto, are languishing in a South American prison, where they reassess their artistic and moral values.
Directed by Gordon House
Bill: Anton Lesser
Ernesto: Sean Baker
Julio Montero: Arturo Venegas
Albert Fava: Nigel Anthony
Norton Quinn: Shane Rimmer
Hans Einhorn: Frederick Jaeger
Unidentified soldier: Carlos Douglas
First broadcast on the World Service, in two parts, 22nd and 29th October 1989 in two one hour slots. The BBC did not indicate if the Radio 3 transmission was of an edited version.
(A BBC World Service Drama production)
(Recording date 22nd May 1989)

21st January 1990:
18.15-19.30 :
Woodbrook by David Thomson (1914-88) adapted by Philip Donnellan.
Set in Roscommon, this play recalls a poignant love affair with the Irish countryside, the people and, in particular, the young tutor's pupil, Phoebe, daughter of the Big House.
Producer: Maurice Leitch
David: Maurice Denham
Ivy: Sian Phillips
Phoebe: Janina Faye
Charlie: Kevin Flood
the young David: Joseph Blatchley
Also with Garard Green, Michael Golden, Allan McClelland, Joan Matheson, Manning Wilson and Kenneth Shanley. Plus some of the country voices from Roscommon.
First broadcast 11th March 1982, repeated 13th November 1983.

23rd January 1990:
20.45 :
Drama Now: Paradise by Barrie Keeffe
Robespierre's last months. The Revolution of 1789 has become the Terror.
Directed By: Ned Chaillet
Robespierre: Karl Johnson
Saint Just: James Aubrey
Danton: Oliver Cotton
Simon: Nicholas Gilbrook
Executioner: Danny Schiller
Barare: Christopher Good
D'Herbois: Jack Chissick
Varenne: Michael Kilgarriff
Eleanore: Jane Slavin
David: Timothy Morand
Augustin: Stephen Tiller
Charlotte: Elizabeth Mansfield
Couthon: Struan Rodger
Mother Theot: Jo Kendall
First soldier: Stephen Garlick
Second soldier: Paul Downing
Vadier: John Church
Fouche: David Goudge
Cecile: Sue Broomfield
Repeated from 19th December 1989

26th January 1990:
19.30 :
The Friday Play: Madame Aubray's Principles by Alexandre Dumas fils, translated by Joanna Richardson.
Madame Aubray is an espouser of good causes. But what will she do when family interests conflict with her high-minded principles?
Directed By: Peter Kavanagh
Madame Aubray: Susan Fleetwood
Barantin: Geoffrey Palmer
Jeannine: Jane Snowden
Camille: Stephen Tompkinson
Valmoreau: Steve Hodson
Tellier: Paul Gregory
Lucienne: Deborah Makepeace
Gaston: Caroline Gruber
Repeated from 9th February 1988
(Studio recording date 15th Oct 1987)
[Les idees de Madame Aubray, 1867.]

30th January 1990:
21.55 :
Drama Now: A Pig's Whisper by Dave Dick.
In Coronation year, when she was a young girl,
Anne rowed her mother through flooded streets towing the carcass of a drowned pig. So many years have passed but what has been achieved?
Directed By: Jeremy Mortimer
Anne: Ann Mitchell
a child Anne: Abigail Docherty
Anne's mother: Janet Key
Her grandmother: Polly James
Her father: Michael Graham Cox
Her son: Stephen Garlick
Mrs La-Di-Da: Marcia King
Repeated 16th April 1991

2nd February 1990:
21.20 :
Bailegangaire by Thomas Murphy (aka Tom Murphy).
The story of Bailegangaire and how it came by its name. Mommo is compelled to tell her 'nice story' night after night. But Mary senses she is frightened of finishing it.
Directed By: Kathryn Porter (aka Kathryn Baird)
BBC Northern Ireland
Mommo: Marie Mullen
Mary: Catherine Byrne
First broadcast 20th November 1987

6th February 1990
21.50 :
Drama Now: The Singular Case of Sherlock H. and Sigmund F. by Cecil Jenkins.
In the autumn of 1897 a series of attacks are made upon Sherlock Holmes that suggest those previously made by Professor Moriarty. Could it be that
Moriarty did not die at the Reichenbach Falls or is there a more disturbing explanation? Is Sigmund Freud , currently in London, in any Violin: Katherine Adams
Directed by John Tydeman
Sherlock Holmes: Ronald Pickup
Dr Watson: Norman Rodway
Sigmund Freud: Andrew Sachs
Mrs Watson: Sheila Mitchell
Inspector Lestrade: Michael Deacon
Repeated from 27th December 1988

9th February 1990:
21.00 :
The Friday Play: Joking Apart by Alan Ayckbourn.
When you're as successful, relaxed and happy as Richard and Anthea, you naturally want to share your good fortune with others. The effect on some of life's losers is the subject of Ayckbourn's hilarious dark comedy from 1978.
Directed By: Michael Fox
BBC Manchester
Anthea: Pam Ferris
Richard: Malcolm Raeburn
Sven: Nigel Anthony
Olive: Pam Buckle
Hugh: Peter Lindford
Louise: Karen Drury
Brian: John Branwell
Melody/Mandy/Mo/Debbie: Robin Brunskill
Children: Elizabeth Lindsay
Repeated on 13th December 1993

13th February 1990:
21.45 :
Drama Now: Where the Boys Are by Maurice Leitch.
The boys are together again for an evening of humour and nostalgia. But tribal rituals can be dangerous.
Mary Nash(piano)
Directed by Penny Gold
Moss: T. P. McKenna
Terry: Sean Barrett
Kate: Susan Fleetwood
Wilbur: Des McAleer
Mrs Trumper: Anna Cropper
Mr Poison-Browne: John Gabriel
Mrs Poison-Browne: Margaret Courtenay
Repeated 10th December 1991

16th February 1990:
21.30 :
The Friday Play: The False Servant (1724) by Marivaux translated by Michael Sadler.
Eighteenth-century France: dressed as a man, a rich Parisienne has accompanied her fiance to a country chateau.
Directed By: Peter Kavanagh
Chevalier: Janet McTeer
Lelio: Tim McLnnerny
the Countess: Imogen Stubbs
Trivelin: Christopher Godwin
Harlequin: Tom Watt
Frontin/Valet: Ken Cumberudge
Repeated from 16th June 1989
[The playwright is usually referred to as just Marivaux, as his full name is quite fluid- Pierre Carlet de Marivaux or Pierre Marivaux or Pierre de Marivaux or Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux]
[The original play was La Fausse Suivante ou Le Fourbe puni ]

17th February 1990:
21.45-23.00 :
The Tree of Strife
Dramatised by David Wade from the saga of 10th- century Iceland "The Burning of Njal" translated by Magnus Magnusson and Herman Palsson, .
Narration by Norman Rodway and Barbara Jefford.
Part 1: Gunnar Slow to Anger: Njal's gift of prophecy enables him to foresee his own death. But he is powerless to stunt the growth of the tree of strife that flourishes after Gunnar's betrothal to Halgairdt with the thief s eyes.
(Parts 2 and 3 tomorrow at
6.30pm and 9.05pm)
Music By: David Chiltern and Nick Russel Pavier
Directed By: Jeremy Mortimer
Cast for all three parts:
Thorgardh: Alice Arnold
Ausgreem: Alan Barker
Greem Njalsson: Andrew Branch
Helgi Njalsson/Otkjel: Vincent Brimble
Hosskuld Dala-Kolsson/Brynjolv: John Bull
Hildigman: Victoria Carling
Thrauin Sigfusson: John Church
Unn: Anna Cropper
Kawl/Melkov: Ken Cumberlidge
Hocni Gunnarsson/Thord Freemansson: Paul Downing
Halvardh: Joe Dunlop
Skjold/Law Speaker: Donald Gee
Skarp Hjedhin Njalsson: Robert Glenister
Kawlskegk Gunnarsson: David Goudge
Njal: Bernard Hepton
Hroot/Kjeteel: David King
Flawssi Thordarsson: Crawford Logan
Bergthowra, Njal's wife: Maggie McArthy
Sigmundt/Skamkjel: Brian Miller
Valgardt the Grey: John Moffatt
Halgairdt Long-Legs: Maureen O'Brien
Mordh Valgardsson: Shaun Prendergast
Gunnar Gunnarsson: Struan Rodger
Hosskuld Thrauinsson: Jonathan Tafler
Ahdli/Thorgayr Otkjelsson: Ian Targett
Kauri Solmundarsson: Jimmy Yuill
(Parts 2 and 3 tomorrow at 6.30pm and 9.05pm)
Repeated on Radio 4 "Classic Serial", 12th, 19th and 26th June 1994 and 17th, 24th June and 1st July 1994.
[Many of the Icelandic names may be misspelled as they caused BBC Genome real difficulty]

18th February 1990:
18.30-19.30 :
The Tree of Strife - see 17th February 1990.
Part 2: The Fire beneath the Rock.
Repeated on Radio 4 in 1994.

18th February 1990:
21.05-22.45 :
The Tree of Strife - see 17th February 1990.
Part 3: The Burning In the year 1000
Repeated on Radio 4 in 1994.

20th February 1990:
21.50 :
Drama Now: The Early Hours of a Reviled Man by Howard Barker.
Repeated from 16th January 1990- see above.

21st February 1990:
22.40 :
The Wise Woman translated and adapted by Maureen Thomas.
An Old Norse poem about the creation of the world.
Percussionist Ann Collis
Wise Woman: Diana Quick
Women: Alice Arnold
Women: Eva Stuart
Women: Cara Kelly
Viking voices: Philip Sully
Viking voices: Agust Gudmundsson
Repeated from 2nd April 1989.

22nd February 1990:
21.20 :
Your Sister in Exile.
Compiled by Pauline Spender from the letters and journals of Camille, Paul Claudel, Auguste Rodin.
The story of Camille, destined to spend her last years 'exiled' in an asylum.
Directed by John Theocharis
Camille: Harriet Walter
Paul Claudel: John Moffatt
Rodin: Denis Lill
Jessie Lipscomb: Eva Stuart
the Mayor: Donald Gee
Repeated from 23rd April 1989.

23rd February 1990:
21.30 :
The Friday Play: Christianity at Glacier by Halldor Laxness. Translated by Magnus Magnusson , dramatised by Robert Ferguson.
In the village of Glacier, the sagas, paganism, cosmobiology, Jules Verne 's Journey to the Centre of the Earth and earth mothers all seem to have more relevance than churchbound Christianity.
Music by Malcolm Clarke
Directed by Janet Whitaker
the Bishop's Emissary: Mike Grady
Pastor Jon: Denys Hawthorne
the Woman: Elizabeth Bell
Mundi Mundasson: Gordon Sterne
Jodinus Elfrock: Joe Dunlop
Helgi: Michael Graham Cox
Miss Pestle-Thora: Joan Matheson
Saknussem the Second: Peter Craze
Repeated on 2nd April 1991.

27th February 1990:
20.25 :
Drama Now: Lenny Bruce in Bondi by Anthony George.
How far will a comedian go to gain notoriety? How far will a journalist go to get a story?
Directed by Nigel Bryant
Sammy Lee: John Bluthal
Gerry Webster: Terry Molloy
Ann Perkins: Jane Slavin
Arnold: Graham Padden
Alan: David Vann
Gil Perkins: David Vann
Malcolm: Andrew Wincott
Repeated 21st May 1991.

2nd March 1990:
21.05-22.20 :
All That Fall by Samuel Beckett: 1906-89
Director: Donald McWhinnie
Mrs Rooney: Mary O'Farrell
Mr Rooney: J G Devlin
Christy: Alan McClelland
Mr Tyler: Brian O'Higgins
Mr Slocum: Pat Magee
Tommy: Jack MacGowram
Mr Barrell: Harry Hutchinson
Miss Fitt: Sheila Ward
Female voice: Peggy Marshall
Jerry: Terrance Farrell
First broadcast 13th January 1957, repeated 19/1/1957, 23/2/1957, 19/3/1957, 18/6/1959, 26/2/1961, 6/3/1966, 1/1/1970, 13/4/1986,.29/9/1996
Other versions of this play:
Radio 3, 4th June 1972, director also Donald McWhinnie, also with J G Devlin but with James Green as Christy, Marie Kean as Mrs Rooney: repeated: 3/12/1972, 12/2/1980,
Radio 3, 8/4/2001, director Bill Bryden: repeated 9/9/2001

6th March 1990:
21.50 :
Drama Now: One Summer Night in Sweden by Erland Josephson translated by Robin Fulton. Actors on a film set wait with mounting frustration through the night, longing to be able to communicate with their brilliant but maddening director. Based on the author's experience of working with Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky.
Music Mia Soteriou
Directed by Jane Morgan
Erland: Ian Hogg
the Russian: Jeffry Wickham
Lotti: Penelope Wilton
Viktor: David King
Interpreter: Anna Mazzotti
Production manager: Jo Kendall
Repeated 2nd October 1990

9th March 1990:
21.55 :
The Friday Play: The Well of the Saints by J. M. Synge.
With and Martin and Mary Doul have their sight restored at the Holy Well, but this transformation brings new problems to their lives.
Directed by Eoin O'Callaghan
BBC Northern Ireland
Martin: J G Devlin
Mary: Catherine Gibson
Saint: Maurice O'Callaghan
Timmy: Oliver Maguire
Molly: Aingeal Grehan
Matt Simon: Joe McPartland
Bride: Sian Maguire
[There was an earlier production one by John Scotney broadcast on Radio 4 13/9/1971, repeated on Radio 3 on 15/9/74, ]

13th March 1990:
22.00 :
Drama Now: Fair Kirsten by Kaj Nissen translated by Julian Garner.
Young Kirsten, the King's sister, heavy with child, is destined to dance through the night with 12 men - none of them can weary her, but the 13th, the King himself, will bring the dance to an end for ever.
The music is arranged, directed and played by Philip Pickett with Tom Finucane (lute), Pavlo Beznosiuk (violin) .
The dancer is Jane Gingell.
Director Marilyn Imrie
Kirsten: Gerda Stevenson
also with Norman Taylor
Repeated 1st January 1991.
[Jane Gingell is a dancer specialising in baroque period dance - this is her only BBC credit on Genome.]

16th March 1990:
21.40 :
The Friday Play: Buffet by Rhys Adrian (1928-1990)
The businessmen need a drink. They are going to be late home.
Director John Tydeman
Freddie: Richard Briers
Jean: Irene Sutcliffe
Bertie: John Humphrey
Ann: Shirley Dixon
Arnold: James Thomason
Arthur: Paul Meier
Richard: William Fox
Frank: Michael Tudor Barnes
Jack: Geoffrey Matthews
Harold: Gerald Cross
Steward: Hugh Walters
Stewardess: Valerie Murray
Porter: Walter Hall
Ticket collector: Garard Green
Barmaid: Cecile Chevreau
John: Frederick Treves
First broadcast 26/9/1976
Repeated 25/8/1977, 18/3/1980, and on Radio 4 on 8/6/1985

20th March 1990
21.55 :
Drama Now: A Matter of the Soul by Ingmar Bergman. translator Eivor Martinus.
Wealthy, dilettante Viktoria wrestles with her miserable marriage and ghosts from her youth. Director Richard Wortley
Viktoria: Anna Massey
Repeated 7th August 1990, 27th November 1990,

23rd March 1990
20.50 :
The Friday Play: The Fool by Edward Bond.
This story of the 'peasant poet' examines a society in which a man's creative imagination is as readily exploited as his physical labour.
Musician Tim Laycock
Director Penny Gold
Dr Skrimshire ...John Bull
John Clare: Gerard Murphy
Patty: Amelda Brown
Mary: Miranda Foster
Darkie Turner: David Learner
Miles: Scott Cherry
Lawrence: Paul Downing
Betty: Theresa Streatfeild
Lord Milton: David Ryall
Parson: John Woodvine
Mrs Emmerson: Ann Firbank
Admiral: John Gabriel
Charles Lamb: Nicholas Gilbrook
Mary Lamb: Amanda Murray
Black boxer: Calvin Simpson
Irish boxer: Kilian McKenna
With Michael Graham Cox, Donald Gee, Garard Green, James Greene, Tim Laycock, Danny Schiller, Alan Thompson
Repeated 3rd March 1991

27th March 1990:
Drama Now
Sweet Fat by Jack Kenny and Peter King. Three people remember a great man of jazz from the 50s.
Music Graham Collier
Musicians Art Themen (saxophones) with Ed Speight (guitar), Geoff Castle (piano), Mick Hutton and Ashley Brown
Director Peter King
Helen: Elizabeth Bell
Sidney: Thomas Baptiste
Robert: Norman Bird
Sam: Robin Summers
Repeated from 16th September 1988

29th March 1990:
Boomtown by Aidan Higgins.
A drama documentary in which Professor Higgins, arrives in Austin, Texas, to teach creative writing and be given a vision of America.
Producer Piers Plowright
Professor Higgins: Norman Rodway
Also with: Vincent Brimble, Sue Broomfield.
Margaret Courtenay. Nicolas Gilbrook.
David Goudge, Kerry Shale, Jane Slavin, and Shelley Thompson.
Repeated 29th July 1990.

30th March 1990:
19.30-23.00 :
The Friday Play: Emperor and Galilean by Henrik Ibsen. adapted by Casper Wrede and Amund Honningstad and translated by Michael Meyer.
A two-part drama in one evening.
Music by Christos Pittas.
Julian seeks to embody in himself a kingdom combining Christian ethics with a joy of living.
1: Caesar's Apostasy
2: Emperor Julian
Choral direction Blaise Compton
Adapted and directed by Martin Jenkins
Jovian: Nigel Anthony
Persian officer: John Bennett
Oribases: Norman Bird
Publia: Margot Boyd
Makrina: Helena Breck
Eusebia, his wife: Sue Broomfield
Libanius/Decentius: Hugh Dickson
Spirit voice: Tara Dominick
Basilios: Paul Downing
Emperor Constantius: Keith Drinkel
Ammian: Joe Dunlop
Laipso/Fokion: Stephen Garlick
Anatolus: Nicholas Gilbrook
Julian: Robert Glenister
Eutherius: Garard Green
Kytron: James Greene
Gallus, Julian half brother: Peter Gunn
Helena, his sister: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Eunapius/Seveus/Nevita: David King
Myrrha: Marcia King
Christian woman: Elizabeth Mansfield
Bishop Maris/Priskos: John Moffatt
Memnon/Varro: Ben Onwukwe
Sintula/Fruit seller: Dale Rapley
Numa: Danny Schiller
Agathon: Charles Simpson
Gregor: David Timson
Sallust: Stephen Tompkinson
Hekebolius/Florentius: Brett Usher
Maximus, the mystic: Timothy West
Dancing girl: Jane Whittenshaw
Repeated 19th May 1991.
[Several radio productions of this play, the first was in 1924 on 5SC, reduced to 75 minutes]

31st March 1990:
21.30 :
Studio 3: Seize the Fire by Tom Paulin.
The nature of power and its abuse in a play based on Aeschylus's Prometheus Bound.
Music David Byers
Niall Keatley (treble)
Director Eoin O'Callaghan
BBC Northern Ireland
Prometheus: Gerard Murphy
Oceanos: Liam O'Callaghan
Hermes: Des Cave
Hephaestus: Louis Rolston
Violence: Lalor Roddy
Power: Mark Mulholland
Chorus: Eileen Pollock
Chorus: Brigid Erin Bates
Io: Zara Turner
Repeated 26th March 1991

3rd April 1990:
22.00 :
Drama Now: Related Variations by Douglas Slater.
A former virtuoso pianist waits nervously in the wings. Since his hands were damaged he gives highly acclaimed masterclasses. But what if this man's performance is such that there is nothing he can usefully say .. ? Director Peter Kavanagh
The Speaker: Ian McKellen
Piano: Graham Scott
Repeated 29th January 1991

6th April 1990:
19.30 :
The Friday Play: The Mystery of the Charity of Joan of Arc by Charles Peguy (1873-1914), adapted by Jean-Paul Lucet. English translation by Jeffrey Wainwright.
It is 1425. High summer. Joan is in torment at the brutality of the war which daily ravages her country.
Preface read by Peter Craze
Music Trevor Allan
Director A J Quinn
Joan: Harriet Walter
Madame Gervaise: Patricia Routledge
Hauviette: Tilly Vosburgh
Repeated from 9th December 1988

7th April 1990:
22.10-23.20 :
The Sea Voyage by Carey Harrison.
Juan Hurtado journeys to the Isles of Spice to find the bones of Christ.
Part 1 of three: Voyamaluco!
Music by Stephen Warbeck played by Ian Davies , Michael Gregory and Keith Thompson. Technical presentation: David Greenwood. Rosamund Mason, Michael Etherden
Director Jane Morgan
Juan Hurtado de la Vega: Philip Voss
Simon Perez: John McAndrew
Manilius: Norman Rodway
Bernaldez: Trevor Peacock
Santiago de Morga: Norman Jones
Melchior Aleman: Struan Rodger
Fray Alejandro de la Cueva: David Sinclair
Alonso Nino: Joe Dunlop
Tomas de Galvez: Donald Gee
Peralonso Mendez: Christopher Good
Irish Steve: Ken Cumberlidge
Pepper Pod/Don Felipe/Suleiman: Sam Dale
Charles V: Francis Middleditch
Recruiting officer: William Simons
Whores/Ladies of the court: Alice Arnold
Whores/Ladies of the court: Jo Kendall
Whores/Ladies of the court: Marcia King
Whores/Ladies of the court: Joan Walker
Schoolboys/Orphan boys: Oliver Basiley
Schoolboys/Orphan boys: Nicholas Biskins
Schoolboys/Orphan boys: Stephen Evans
Schoolboys/Orphan boys: Alan Forster
Schoolboys/Orphan boys: Simon Mead
Schoolboys/Orphan boys: Alexis Roxborough
Schoolboys/Orphan boys/ Sand clock boy: Clive Samways
Schoolboys/Orphan boys: James Thomas
also pupils of Dulwich College
Part 2 on 10th April, Part 3 on 13th April.
Part 1 repeated from 9th May 1989

10th April 1990:
The Sea Voyage by Carey Harrison
2: The Knights of Seth
Please see 7/4/1990 above.
Part one broadcast 7/4/1990, part 3 of 3 follows on 13th April 1990.
Additional actors in Part 2:
St Jerome: Michael Graham-Cox
Sultan: Richard Tate
Repeated from May 1989.

13th April 1990:
The Sea Voyage by Carey Harrison
3: Candigar
Part 1 broadcast 7/4/1990 - please refer to that date above. Part 2 was on 10th April 1990.
Repeated from May 1989.

14th April 1990:
22.45 :
Studio 3: The Border by Graham Swannell.
A casual remark on an idyllic summer evening reveals a minefield of duplicity in a seemingly happy marriage.
Director Matthew Walters
Travers: Dinsdale Landen
Beatrice: Morag Hood

17th April 1990:
21.45 :
Drama Now: The Sun Shines on All Alike by Theodor Weissenbom translated by Anthony Vivis and Tinch Minter.
A mother fights to have her son released from a West German psychiatric hospital.
Director Richard Buckham
Mother: Patricia Lawrence
Doctor's wife: Nicola Pagett
First quoter: Donald Gee
Second quoter: Simon Treves
Patient: Dale Rapley
Health worker: Paul Downing
Male nurse: Ben Onwukwe
Ward sister: Susan Sheridan
Aunt: Margaret Courtenay
Father: John Gabriel
Questioner: Joe Dunlop

20th April 1990:
21.15 :
The Friday Play: 1953 by Craig Raine. A version of Racine's Andromaque.
It is 1953: Britain and America have lost the war. Annette, the widow of Hector, Prince of Wales, has been handed to Mussolini's son Vittorio as a spoil of war; while his marriage to the German Princess Ira has been arranged to bind the Axis closer together. But Vittorio is in love with Annette: and Ira's former lover, Klaus von Orestes, is now in Rome with an ultimatum from the Fuhrer.
Director Tim Suter
Orestes: Bob Peck
Annette Le Skye: Sarah Badel
Vittorio: Jonathan Hyde
Ira: Jane Bertish
Oldenberg: George Parsons
Fenice: Donald Gee
Eberhard: Jonathan Kydd
Kate: Jo Kendall

21st April 1990:
22.50-23.35 :
Studio 3: Hancock's Last Half-Hour by Heathcote Williams.
Tony Hancock died on 25 June 1968. His last half-hour is a solitary affair...
Director: Ned Chaillet
Tony Hancock: Richard Briers
Also with Steve Hodson and Zelah Clarke
Repeated from 21st June 1988

24th April 1990:
21.30 :
Drama Now: A Beggar on Horseback by Robert Carver.
It is summer 1990. In the Crimea, a retired KGB colonel's tranquil gardening is disturbed by a perestroika generation investigator sent from Moscow. Secrets from the colonel's Stalinist past threaten a scandal which must be avoided, whatever the cost.
Director Jane Morgan
the Investigator: Jonathan Hyde
the Colonel: Stratford Johns
Madame: Pauline Letts

27th April 1990:
21.05 :
The Friday Play: Andromache by Jean Racine, translated by Douglas Dunn. Racine's tragedy of passion, set immediately after the Trojan War.
Music Malcolm Clarke BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
Director Stewart Conn
BBC Scotland
Andromache: Suzanne Bertish
Hermione: Sarah Collier
Orestes: Alec Heggie
Pyrrhus: David Rintoul
Pylades: Paul Young
Cleone: Beth Robens
Cephisa: Diana Olsson
Phoenix: James Cairncross
Repeated from 24th November 1989

28th April 1990:
22.40 :
Studio 3: A Kind of Arden by Martin Crimp.
Mrs Tighe suns herself beside the pool on an island paradise and a young honeymoon couple splash in the water. But is everything as perfect as it seems? What, for instance, is wrong with Mrs Tighe's husband exactly?
Director Matthew Walters
Mrs Tighe: Patricia Routledge
Max: Rob Edwards
Poppy: Amanda Royle
Repeated from 7th January 1989

1st May 1990:
21.20 :
Drama Now: Trouble Sleeping by Nick Ward.
Rosemary and her grown-up son have lived in prolonged self-absorbed rural isolation. The return of Rosemary's widowed sister is treated as a threat.
Director Nick Ward
Producer Penny Gold
(In association with the Royal National Theatre Studio)
Terence Daley: Jim Broadbent
Ursula: Constance Chapman
Rosemary Daley: Patricia Routledge
Angela: Miranda Foster
Repeated on 22nd May 1990.

4th May 1990:
19.30 :
The Friday Play: Rosmersholm by Henrik Ibsen translated by David Rudkin.
Director John Tydeman
Rebekka West: Lindsay Duncan
Johannes Rosmer: Edward Petherbridge
Rektor Kroll: Charles Kay
Ulrik Brendel: Michael Gough
Peder Mortensgard: Nigel Anthony
Madam Helseth: Mary Wimbush

8th May 1990:
21.25 :
Drama Now: Shadowing the Conqueror by Peter Jukes.
A young photographer, Ellis, follows Alexander the Great on his last campaign.
Music by David Chilton and Nick Russell-Pavier Director A J Quinn
Ellis: Penny Downie
Alexander: Ian Hogg
Camera: Bruce Myers
Repeated from 8th August 1989

11th May 1990:
19.30 :
The Friday Play: Benefactors by Michael Frayn.
'I gather David's landed one of these great slum-clearance jobs. Changing the face of London. So he's on his way to the Rolls Royce and the knighthood.'
Director Matthew Walters
David: Michael Kitchen
Jane: Barbara Flynn
Sheila: Harriet Walter
Colin: Clive Francis
Repeated on 16th December 1990

12th May 1990:
22.45 :
Studio 3
A Vanity Case by Steve May.
Aunt Clara is dying. Her affairs need looking after. Peter is eager to arrange things without rancour. But will brother Charles co-operate?
Director Richard Wortley
Peter: Bill Wallis
Trumpeter: Steve May

15th May 1990:
21.25 :
Drama Now: Citizen Sade by Cecil Jenkins.
The Marquis de Sade was the great survivor of the French Revolution. But his freedom under the new regime was short-lived.
Martin Goldstein (harpsichord)
Director Richard Buckham
Marquis de Sade: Norman Rodway
Rousseau: Christopher Good
Marquis de Launey: Arnold Diamond
Lossinot: David Goudge
Marquis de Mourgues: Simon Treves
Mme de Montreuil: Sheila Mitchell
Lt du Puget/False Sade: David King
Ms de Coulmier/Captain: Michael Kilgarriff
Citizen Amar: Michael Graham Cox
Citizeness Lalande: Marcia King
Dr Beynie/Sergeant: Dale Rapley
Delegate/Warder: Ben Onwukwe

18th May 1990:
19.30 :
The Friday Play: In the Jungle of Cities [(Im Dickicht der Stiidte)] by Bertolt Brecht translator Gerhard Nellhaus.
Director Caroline Raphael
George Garga: Gerard Murphy
Shlink: Harry Towb
Narrator: Elaine Claxton
Skinny: Matt Zimmerman
C Maynes: Garard Green
Worm: Tom Georgeson
Baboon: Karl Johnson
Jane Larry: Avril Clark
Mary Garga: Shelley Thompson
Preacher: Gordon Reid
John Garga: John Bluthal
Pat Manky: Daniel Webb
Mae Garga: Gwen Cherrell
Repeated from 12th February 1986.

19th May 1990:
22.30 :
Studio 3: Sweet Tooth by Mel Calman.
George and Alice long to be adulterous lovers, but their frustrating meetings in a tea-room are life-threatening to the Rum Baba.
Director Ned Chaillet
Rum Baba: Richard Griffiths
George: Denis Lawson
Alice: Morag Hood
Waitress: Julie Berry
Eclair: Melinda Walker
Danish: Steven Harrold
Strudle: Steve Hodson
Almond slice: Tim Reynolds
First broadcast 27th August 1987
Also Repeated 4th November 1989
Repeated on Radio 4 on 22nd December 1992.

22nd May 1990:
21.20 :
Drama Now: Trouble Sleeping by Nick Ward.
Repeated from 1st May 1990 (see above)

25th May 1990:
19.30 :
The Friday Play: Mother Courage and Her Children by Bertolt Brecht. Translated and adapted for radio by John Willett.
A chronicle of the 30 Years War. Mother Courage follows the armies with her travelling canteen, selling provisions and liquor to the troops.
Music Paul Dessau.
Musical Director Stephen Warbeck
Director Jeremy Mortimer
Mother Courage: Sheila Hancock
Eilif: Alan Barker
Swiss Cheese: Dale Rapley
Dumb Kattrin: Elizabeth Mansfield
Army Chaplain: Christopher Good
General's cook: John Bull
Yvette, the camp whore: Sue Broomfield
General: David King
Scene setter: Danny Schiller
Also with Margaret Courtenay, Paul Downing, Michael Graham Cox, John Gabriel, David Goudge, Fraser Kerr, Brian Miller, Ben Onwukwe, Gordon Reid, Charles Simpson.

26th May 1990:
23.00 :
Studio 3: Rabbit Man by Mel Calman.
As if driving a taxi in London traffic wasn't enough, when Ron wakes up having grown rabbit ears he learns more than he wants to know about his neighbours' prejudices.
Director Ned Chaillet
Ron: Jim Broadbent
Gentleman in taxi: John Moffatt
Myrtle: Maggie McCarthy
Doctor: David Goudge
Jennie: Carolyn Backhouse
Harry: Ken Campbell
Angela: Melinda Walker
Audrey: Susan Sheridan
Repeated from 4th November 1989

29th May 1990:
22.00 :
Drama Now: The Way South by Jacqueline Holborough.
Jo has been in prison for 14 years and is now on hunger strike. The only person she sees is Prison Officer Casey, the only escape from this isolation are her memories of life before prison.
Director Marilyn Imrie
Prisoners: John Bull, Paul Downing, Ben Onwukwe, Dale Rapley.
Jo: Lynn Farleigh
Casey: Marlene Sidaway
Liam: Colum Convey
Adams: David Goudge
Repeated on Radio 4 on 24th March 1991 and 4th August 1993.

1st June 1990:
22.20 :
The Friday Play: Potestad by Eduardo Pavlovsky. Translated and adapted for radio by David Graham - Young.
An exploration, set in Buenos Aires, of a man's state of mind after his daughter has apparently been abducted by agents of an oppressive regime.
Producer Stewart Conn
BBC Scotland
Performed by Tom Watson.
Repeat from 16th December 1989

2nd June 1990:
22.45 :
Studio 3: Glossomaniacs by David Pownall.
Four Glossomaniacs attend a party organised by their psychiatrist. The outcome is startling.
Director: Martin Jenkins
Played by Martin Jarvis, Anna Massey,
Robert Glenister, David King.

5th June 1990:
22.10 :
Drama Now: The Odd Business at Narvik
by Frederick Bradnum.
An autobiographical play, Bradnum served in the Norwegian Campaign in 1940 and found himself fighting in the trenches as his father had done in the First World War.
Dream and reality mix and what begins as a comedy of errors finishes with a ghost on the battlements.
Director Ian Cotterell
Frank: Laurence Payne
Anne: Emily Richard
Lieutenant: Steve Hodson
Frank (in his teens): Stephen Rashbrook
Angus: Ian Michie
Sergeant: Michael Tudor Barnes
Subaltern: Philip Sully
Wood: Richard Pearce
Butcher: John Baddeley
Corporal: Lan Targett
English soldier: Ken Cumberlidge
Repeated from 22nd July 1988

8th June 1990:
19.30 :
The Friday Play: Epsom Downs by and adapted by Howard Brenton.
A teeming, Breughel-like composition set on Derby Day in Silver Jubilee year, June 1977.
Songs by Nick Bicat and Tony Bicat sung by Paul Jones and Maggie Bell
Musicians Nick Bicat, Andrew Dickson, Bill Worrel, Charlie Grima, Cathy Giles and Paul Bart.
Music production Michael Heffernan
Director Richard Wortley
Lord Rack: Peter Woodthorpe
Sandy: Nigel Anthony
Margaret: Heather Bell
Charles Pearce: Peter Baldwin
Superintendent Blue: Michael Spice
Bud/Lunatic/Bookmaker: Chas Bryer
Primrose: Mary Clare Nash
Jocks: Cliff Burnett
Miss Montrom: Eva Stuart
Mr Tillotson: John Levitt
Horse/Derby course: David Tate
First broadcast 7th June 1979.
Repeated 19th July 1979.

9th June 1990:
22.00 :
Studio 3: Herr Doktor Murke's Collected Silences by Heinrich Boll.
Dramatised by Alison Leonard.
1950s Germany. Murke, a bright young radio producer, sets out to humiliate the most pompous of broadcasters. Director Paul Schlesinger
Murke: Simon Dormandy
Schmitz: Sylvester McCoy
Direktor: Dinsdale Landen
Bur-Malottke: David King
Krocky/ Announcer: Simon Treves
Wulla: Jane Whittenshaw
Repeated 5th July 1991
[There was a different version on Radio 4 on 4/9/2000 directed by David Hunter].

12th June 1990:
21.30 :
Drama Now: Show Me the Way Ugly. by Nigel Baldwin.
Angels Jack , who has a crisis at work and at home, is also writing the polytechnic pantomime. Perhaps the 'Ugly Angels' in it will show him the way.
Director Richard Wortley
Jack: Struan Rodger
Frances: Penny Downie
Sonia: Beverly Hills
Pinky: Shaun Prendergast
Perky: David King
Hypnotherapist: Brenda Kaye
Repeated 28th May 1991.

15th June 1990:
21.40 :
The Friday Play: Music to Murder By
by David Pownall
Intertwining the lives of two composers from different periods, Carlo Gesualdo and Philip Heseltine.
Gesualdo was an Italian prince and contemporary of Shakespeare while Heseltine, alias Peter Warlock , committed suicide in 1930. Using his supernatural powers Heseltine materialises in Gesualdo's ruined palace and summons the prince. Then, there's music to murder by....
The production includes music by Gesualdo, Peter Warlock and Stephen Boxer.
Additional singing Diana Kyle
Director Guy Vaesen
Helen Euterpe: Mary Ellen Ray
Federigo/Carafa: Edward Adams
Heseltine: Stephen Boxer
Gesualdo: Eric Richard
Maria D'Avalos: Fiona Victory
First broadcast 7/11/76, repeated 14/8/77- the 1977 broadcast was preceded by a ten minute introduction by David Pownall.

16th June 1990:
22.15 :
Studio 3: Stirabout by Tom Macintyre
Strange dreams trouble the otherwise contented king. Trouble deepens when a gentleman the size of his little finger arrives in a jam pot, plumbs depths when another arrives in the porridge, and turns to tragedy when they persuade the king to believe in his dreams.
Music and special effects Henry Dagg
Producer Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland
King: Sean Barrett
Queen: Barbara Brennan
Minister of Home Affairs: Tom Hickey
Thing of the Lake: Richenda Carey
Esirt: Joan Sheehy
Esirt's king: James Murphy
Lady Minerva: Aingeal Grehan
Radio 3 voice: Michael Baguley
[Henry Dagg was a BBC Sound Engineer, musical saw player and also composed "Music Concrete" using doorbells, horns, liquidisers, a cat organ (Katclavier)...]
First broadcast 12th November 1988

19th June 1990:
21.45 :
The Bass Saxophone by Josef Skvorecky.
Dramatised by Nigel Baldwin.
Set in wartime Czechoslovakia, uncannily revealing about last year's revolution.
Original music Graham Collier
Musicians Mike Page, Mike Mower, Howard Turner, Ian Wood, Graham Clark, K M Burton,
Trevor Tompkins and Gary Howe.
Saxophonist: Art Themen
Producer Ned Chaillet
Old Joseph: John Woodvine
Young Joe: Jonathan Cullen
Previous broadcasts: 29/9/89; 31/12/89.
[1990 Sony Gold Award Winner: "Best Drama Production"]

22nd June 1990:
19.30 :
The Friday Play: King John by William Shakespeare.
Relocated in an age of technological warfare, King John emerges as a brooding play of schemes where innocence cannot see the light of day.
Music Eninstiirzende Neubauten Adaptor/Director Clive Brill
King John: Jack Shepherd
Bastard: John Warnaby
King Philip: Jonathan Hyde
Hubert: Brian Glover
Constance: Maggie McCarthy
Cardinal Pandulph: Michael N Harbour
Louis the Dauphin: Scott Cherry
Salisbury: Christopher Godwin
Arthur/Prince Henry: Elizabeth Lindsay
Pembroke: Mark Lambert
Austria: Michael Deacon
Lady Faulconbridge: Penny Downie
Queen Eleanor: Margaret Robertson
Also with Jane Slavin, Christopher Good, Charles Simpson, John Gabriel and James Greene.

26th June 1990:
21.50 :
Drama Now: The Dancing Time by Stephen James
Frederick is seeking a cure for his impotence. As he reviews his marriage and his love affairs, his therapist appears unsympathetic.
Director Michael Fox
Frederick: Sean Baker
Anna: Ellie Haddington
Gillian: Victoria Carling
Amanda: Robin Brunskill

1st July 1990:
19.30 :
The Lady from the Sea by Henrik Ibsen Translator Robert Ferguson.
A classic drama of Ellida, who after a torrid affair with a sailor has settled for marriage to a kind, elderly doctor. But the sailor returns....
Director Peter Kavanagh
Ellida: Cheryl Campbell
Wangel: Michael Gough
Bolette: Saskia Reeves
Arnholm: Niall Buggy
Lyngstrand: Simon Treves
Hilde: Jane Slavin
Stranger: Vincent Brimble
Ballested: James Greene
[Amongs several other versions, there was an earlier production produced by Cedric Messina (1974) and a later production produced by Catherine Bailey 2009]

3rd July 1990:
21.30 :
Drama Now: Against the Grain by Peter Tegel from the novel A Rebours (Against Nature 1884) by Joris Karl Huysmans.
The wealthy aesthete, Jean Floressas Due des Esseintes indulges in strange diversions and perverse pleasures at his country retreat, in an attempt to escape 'this vile century of progress'.
Director Richard Wortley
Jean One: John Rye
Jean Two: Brett Usher
Fernand: Alan Dudley
Yvette: Katherine Parr
Julie/Nina: Jenny Howe
Mother/Orchid: Elizabeth Kelly
Ringmaster/Novelist: Vincent Brimble
Priest/Painter: Simon Treves
Theo/Poet: Nigel Carrington
Urania: Fern Arfin
Porter/Doctor: Michael Kilgarriff
Assistant: Brian Miller

[that's four consecutive dramas broadcast just once]

6th July 1990:
19.30 :
The Friday Play: The Ascent of F6 by W H Auden and Christopher Isherwood.
A tragedy set in 1936 in verse and prose.
Music by Benjamin Britten.
Music: Catherine Edwards, Andrew Ball (pianos), Gregory Knowles, Judd Proctor (ukulele), conductor Simon Joly
Adapted and directed by Glyn Dearman with John Evans
Michael Ransom: Mick Ford
Mrs Ransom: Patricia Routledge
Sir James Ransom: Jeremy Child
Mr A: Bernard Hepton
Mrs A: Polly James
Lord Stagmantle: Peter Jeffrey
Abbot: Robert Eddison
Lady Isabel Welwyn: Emily Richard
David Gunn: Stephen Rashbrook
Choruses spoken by Victoria Carling, Andrew Downer, Richard Pearce, Eva Stuart, Joan Walker and members of the cast.
Choruses sung by BBC Singers.
First broadcast 17th June 1988.
Repeated 27th March 1994.

10th July 1990:
22.00 :
Drama Now: A Little Personal Pocket Requiem By: Gabriel Josipovici
'I suppose the crucial point is this: I must acknowledge the truth of their accusations, and yet go on. Not deny it by going on, but recognise it and go on.'
Director John Theocharis
Alan: Robin Bailey
Helen: Paola Dionisotti
Michael: Danny Schiller
Mother: Pauline Letts
Ralph: Simon Treves
Barbara: Auriol Smith
May: Mary Allen
Alan: John Moffatt

13th July 1990:
21.00 :
The Friday Play: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard.
A radio version by the author, based on his original stage play.
Music by Marc Wilkinson
Director John Tydeman
Rosencrantz: Edward Hardwicke
Guildenstern: Edward Petherbridge
Player: Freddie Jones
Hamlet: Martin Jarvis
Gertrude: Maxine Audley
Claudius: Robert Lang
Polonius: William Squire
Ophelia: Angela Pleasence
Horatio: John Rye
First ambassador: Michael Deacon
Alfred: Anthony Daniels
First transmitted 24th December 1978, repeated 17th May 1979

17th July 1990:
21.20 :
Drama Now: By Where the Old Shed Used to Be by Craig Warner
Goaded and tortured by her stepsisters, kept prisoner and starved by her stepmother, Sarah's dream is to escape and build a new life of joy with William by where the Old Shed used to be. But in this, the real
Cinderella story, revenge comes first....
Music by Simon Jeffes performed by members of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Technical presentation by Mike Burgess, Martyn Harries, Chris Domaille.
BBC Bristol.
Director Andy Jordan
Claire: Judy Parfitt
Adelaide: Miranda Richardson
Louise: Tilly Vosburgh
William: Anton Lesser
Frank: Peter-Hugo Daly
Sarah: Siobhan Redmond
Creator: Mary Wimbush
Deborah: June Barrie
Police Chief: Christopher Ettridge
Minister: David King
Police Sgt: Eric Allen
Constable: David Goudge
Also with Hubert Tucker, Anthony Donovan, Wendy Brierley, Simon Treves
[1989 Giles Cooper Award-winning play]
Repeated from 12th December 1989

20th July 1990:
21.05 - 23.00 :
The Friday Play: Night and Day by Tom Stoppard.
British journalism is the focus of this hard-edged comedy, set in a fictitious African country. How free is a free press? For idealistic Jacob Milne, the Press is freedom's last line of defence.
Nicholas Kok (piano)
Director Gordon House
Ruth Carson: Penelope Wilton
Dick Wagner: Stratford Johns
Guthrie: Jon Strickland
Carson: Edward de Souza
President Mageeba/Francis: John Adewole
Milne: Adam Godley
Alastair: William House
(BBC World Service Play of the Week, 18 and 25/8/1991 as 2 x 1 hour programs)
[Program was recorded 12/6/1990]

24th July 1990:
21.50 :
Drama Now: The Stalin Sonata by David Zane Mairowitz winner of a Giles Cooper Award.
'Secretary Stalin' gives the Moscow radio station 24 hours to make a recording of his favourite pianist playing Mozart. But she is in prison with her fingers smashed.
Mary Nash (piano)
Director Richard Wortley
Maria Lvovna Dzerinsky: Barbara Jefford
Semyon Pavlovitch: Clive Merrison
Mikhail Karlovitch: Philip Voss
Pavel llytch: Ian Targett
Doctor: Jane Leonard
Jailer: Brian Miller
State Prosecutor: Donald Gee
[winner of a Giles Cooper Award.]
Repeated from 1st August 1989
Also broadcast on BBC World Service 25/11/90

27th July 1990:
21.30 :
The Friday Play: The Thought of Lydia by Frederic Raphael
A tale of friendship, love and murder, set in a country in ancient Asia Minor.
Music by Ilona Sekacz played by John Marson (Harp); Greg Knowles (perc); Simon Chamberlain (synth); Mike Taylor (flute); Andrew Findon (flute).
Producer Walter Acosta
Lydia: Suzanne Bertish
Candaules: Robert Glenister
Gyges: Michael Kitchen
Narrators: Norman Rodway
Narrators: Ronald Pickup
Narrators: Dorothy Tutin
Guard Captain: Norman Bird
Repeated from Radio 4: 27th November 1988.

31st July 1990:
21.35 :
Drama Now: A Butler Did It by David Cregan.
Beneath his immaculate exterior Honeyman, the butler, is plotting the downfall of his master's house ...
Director John Tydeman
Honeyman, the Butler: Bernard Hepton
Sir Desmond, a magnate: Hugh Manning
Alfred, his son: Ian Collier
Samantha, his daughter: Anna Massey
Alistair, her husband: Neville Jason
Paula, their daughter: Melanie Nicholson
Daniel, her lover: Simon Treves
Sean, her mother's lover: Geoffrey Beevers
Harry, the butler's brother: Roger Hammond
Cleric: David King
BBC announcer: Simon Milner
Repeated on 12th March 1991

3rd August 1990:
21.40 :
The Friday Play: The Rocking Chair by Jean Claude Brisville. Translated and adapted by Vernon Dobtcheff.
Language and progress, power and success are explored in this drama, when an older man calls uninvited on a younger man, who is expecting the visit of an even younger man.
Director Graham Gauld
Jerome: Alec McCowen
Oswald: Martin Jarvis
Sean: Peter Acre
First broadcast 9th September 1988.

7th August 1990:
21.40 : Drama Now: A Matter of the Soul repeated from 20th March 1990- see above.
Repeated again 27th November 1990.

10th August 1990:
21.30 :
The Friday Play: The Basset Table by Susanna Centlivre (1667?-1723).
Adapted by Fidelis Morgan
Director Penny Gold (R)
Lady Reveller: Eleanor Bron
Lord Worthy: Michael Cochrane
Sir James Courtly: Jonathan Cullen
Lady Lucy: Amanda Murray
Sir Richard: John Rye
Ensign Lovely: Simon Treves
Valeria: Danielle Allan
Captain Hearty: Sean Barrett
Alpiew: Jenny Howe
Buckle: Nicholas Gilbrook
Mrs Sago: Tessa Worsley
Mr Sago: Danny Schiller
Banker/Servant: Christopher Good
Repeated 13th January 1991 and 28th May 1995
[Lady Reveller runs a table where her friends play the card game basset - a card gambling game for the upper classes originating in Italy with the odds very much in favour of the dealer who amasses a fortune. The game was quickly banned in England.]

16th August 1990:
22.30 :
Such Rotten Luck by Ronald Hayman.
Six episodes about the ups and downs of a second-class writer. 1: The Little Grey Man.
Music Elizabeth Parker of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Director Piers Plowright
Woodhouse: Tim Pigott-Smith
Gila: Zoe Wanamaker
Seamus: Stephen Rea
Wilhelmina: Susie Brann
Henrietta Masterson: Miriam Karlin
Hamish McVomitoryl Prof Trinklekopf/Blind man: Bill Wallis
Gila's parents: Benjamin Whitrow
Gila's parents: Joan Matheson
Repeated from 16/9/1989

14th August 1990:
21.30 :
Drama Now: Snow White's Apple by Derek Lister.
Oscar White is a radio news reporter whose pocket recorder starts talking back to him..
Director Jane Morgan
Oscar White: Martin Jarvis
Harriet: Julia Hills
Bridges: Brian Miller
Tessa White: Lisa Coleman
Zosia: Ania Marson
Otis: Ben Onwukwe
Tramp: Christopher Scott
Mark: David Bannerman
Repeated on 6th August 1991

17th August 1990:
21.05 :
The Friday Play: The Proposal by Anton Chekhov
Ivan Lomov wishes to marry Natasha Chubukov. He wants her. She wants him. They have her father's blessing. But the course of true love ...
Director Clive Brill
BBC Northern Ireland
Natasha: Marcella Riordan
Ivan Lomov: Stephen Brennan
Stephen Chubukov : Michael Duffy
Repeated from 6th November 1986.

19th August 1990:
The Storm by Alexander Ostrovsky Translated and adapted by David Sulkin.
The 19th-century Russian classic that inspired Janacek's opera Katya Kabanova.
On the banks of the Volga, Katya struggles against oppression.
Songs by Colin Sell
Director Alison Hindell
Katya: Sonia Ritter
Marfa: Maggie Steed
Sons: Julian Wadham
Tikhon: Christopher Good
Dikoy: Sion Probert
Varvara: Tara Dominick
Kudryash: Nicholas Gilbrook
Kuligin: James Greene
Feklusha: Diana Payan
Glasha/Old Woman: Mary Allen
[Colin Sell achieved fame by being "at the piano" for Whose Line is it Anyway?]

20th August 1990:
22.30 :
Such Rotten Luck, by Ronald Hayman.
Part 2 of 6. Keats, Baby, You Done It Wrong.
Director Piers Plowright
Woodhouse: Tim Pigott-Smith
Gila: Zoe Wanamaker
Seamus: Stephen Rea
Wilhelmina: Susie Bran
Henrietta Masterson: Miriam Karlin
Repeated from 17/9/89

21st August 1990:
21.45 :
Drama Now: Lame Ducks by Nigel Moffatt
Sam, looking out on the life of the streets below his flat, feels he is a knowing observer; his wife Genieve suspects he may be only a frightened prisoner. But when his haven is invaded by rumours of Genieve's infidelity, Sam can no longer remain detached.
Producer Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill
Sam: Norman Beaton
Genieve: Mona Hammond
Arthur: Brian Bovell
Repeated from 22nd August 1989.

24th August 1990:
21.45 :
The Friday Play: The Female Wits, Dramatised by Olwen Wymark from Oroonoko Aphra Behn's novella.
Based on the author's experiences in 17th-century Surinam, tells the story of an African prince betrayed into slavery.
Music Colin Sell
Director Alison Hindell
Aphra Behn: Sue Jones-Davies
Oroonoko: Leo Wringer
Imoinda: Pamela Jikiemi
Aboan: Maynard Eziashi
Byam: Ian Lindsay
Trefry: Nicholas Gilbrook

27th August 1990:
22.30-23.00 :
Such Rotten Luck by Ronald Hayman. Part 3 of 6. In an Unreal City. Repeated from 18th September 1989.

28th August 1990:
22.10 :
Drama Now: The Adoption Papers by Jackie Kay.
A young black Scottish woman traces her mother.
Original music composed and directed by Dominique LeGendre.
Trevor Francis (percussion), Angele Veltmeijer (saxophone/flute)
Director Frances-Anne Solomon
Adoptive mother: Jenny Lee
Birth mother: Sandra Clarke
Daughter: Kath Howden

31st August 1990:
21.35 :
The Friday Play: A Man with Connections by Alexander Gelman. Translator Stephen Mulrine.
While Andrei is near the peak of his career, his wife Natasha is searching for the truth behind their marriage.
Director Marilyn Imrie
Andrei: Bill Paterson
Natasha: Phyllis Logan
Olga: Alison Peebles
Alyosha: Simon Donald
First broadcast 28/11/86.
Repeated on Radio 4 on 19/11/1988.

4th September 1990:
21.30-22.45 :
Drama Now:
[No other details on BBC Genome]

7th September 1990:
21.35 :
The Friday Play: Madame de Treymes by Edith Wharton (1907). Adapted by John Peacock.
A tale of how a man's fight for the woman he loves leads to a confrontation with a powerful and devious French family. Narrator Valerie Sarruf.
Director Jane Morgan
Narrator Valerie Sarruf.
Christiane de Treymes: Anna Massey
John Durham: Philip Voss
Fanny de Malrive: Gwen Humble
Bessie Boykin: Elizabeth Kelly
Elmer Boykin: James Greene
Mrs Durham: Auriol Smith
Nanny: Jane Whittenshaw
Katie: Tara Dominick

11th September 1990:
21.20 :
Drama Now: From a Second Home in Picardy by David Cregan.
Alone in his cottage in France, Mat, instead of completing his novel, writes letters about his all-consuming problems with his car and about his relationship with his foreign neighbours.
Director John Tydeman
Mat: Daniel Massey
Harriet, his wife: Lynn Farleigh
Rob, his son: Richard Pearce
Jenni: Susan Sheridan
Alice: Jane Slavin
Carol, his mistress: Holly de Jong
Repeated from 24th October 1989

14th September 1990:
21.00 :
The Friday Play: The Wild Duck by Henrik Ibsen. Translator Michael Meyer.
The need to maintain illusions in life.
Director John Tydeman
Hjalmar Ekdal: Gary Bond
Gregers Werle: Clive Merrison
Gina: Tessa Worsley
Hedvig: Annabelle Lanyon
Haakon Werle: John Phillips
Old Ekdal: Sebastian Shaw
Relling: John Church
Mrs Soerby: Anne Jameson
Molvik: Brian Smith
Repeated from Radio 4, 6th May 1985.

18th September 1990:
21.35 :
Drama Now: Death and the Tango by John Fletcher.
Byron and Jeff are two young men with obsessions: the tango and Renaissance philosophy. Though modern-day Birmingham has little to offer them, they soon find themselves on a journey to end all journeys.
Music Vic Gammon
Director Nigel Bryant
Jeff: Steve Hodson
Byron: Christian Rodska
Old Loretta: Mary Wimbush
Instructors: Roger Hume
Instructors: Christopher Scott
Celia/Grace: Maureen O'Brien
Tango contestant: Judy Bridgland
Repeated 30th July 1991.
Giles Cooper Award winner and Sony Award Nomination for Best Drama Production in 1990

21st September 1990:
21.40 : The Friday Play: Guernica by Elisabeth Bond and Peter Warde.
Pablo Picasso has unenthusiastically agreed to paint a picture in aid of the Spanish Republican cause. Unable to decide on a subject, he becomes increasingly haunted by voices that are linked to the devastation of the small Spanish town of Guernica.
Director Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill
Pablo Picasso: Terry Molloy
Pierre: Roger Rowland
Marcel: Andy Hockley
Dora: Patricia Gallimore
Marie-Therese: Claire Faulconbridge
Maya: Melissa Katsoulis
Official: Roger Hume
Workman: Alton Douglas
Franko: Stephen Tomlin
Woman: Susan Sheridan
Voices: Joanna MacKie
Voices: Christopher Good
Voices: Edwin Richfield
Repeated from 12th September 1989

25th September 1990:
21.05 :
Drama Now: The Last of Baron Corvo by Peter Luke
Partially based on Frederick Rolfe's novel The Desire and Pursuit of the Whole.
Rolfe (also known as Baron Corvo) wrote this fictionalised account of his last days in Venice at the beginning of the century.
Religious adviser Cormac Rigby
Director Glyn Dearman
Rolfe/Nicholas Crabbe: Alec McCowen
Zilda/Zildo: Richard Pearce
Mrs Pirie-Gordon/Mrs Peary-Buthlaw: June Tobin
Mgr Robert Hugh Benson: John Moffatt
Harry Pirie-Gordon/Harricus Peary-Buthlaw: Christopher Good
The Rev Warden: Geoffrey Whitehead
Mrs Warden: Anna Cropper
Barbieri: Danny Schiller
American lady: Bonnie Hurran C
Shipyard owner: Vincenzo Nicoli
Man from Cooks: David Goudge
Memi: Peter-James Holloway
Beltramio: Simon Harbrow
Arturo: Michael Chance
Singer: Elizabeth Mansfield
Repeated from 5th December 1989

28th September 1990:
21.00 :
The Friday Play: Pravda by Howard Brenton and David Hare
A South African media tycoon has manipulative powers that extend even to Fleet Street.
Adapted and directed by Richard Wortley
Lambert Le Roux: Anthony Hopkins
Eaton Sylvester: Bill Nighy
Andrew May: Robert Glenister
Rebecca Foley: Suzanne Burden
Eliot Fruit Norton: Frederick Treves
Sir Stamford Foley: Garard Green
Bill Smiley: Stephen Tompkinson
Hany Morrison: David King
Michael Quince, MP: Christopher Good
Dennis Payne: Vincent Brimble
Bishop of Putney: James Greene
Leander Scroop: Simon Treves
Doug Fanton: Danny Schiller
Larry Punt: Nicholas Gilbrook
Repeated on 12th May 1991

30th September 1990:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare.
Director Richard Imison
Marcus Brutus: Michael Maloney
Caius Cassius: Clive Merrison
Mark Antony: Gerard Murphy
Julius Caesar: Paul Daneman
Casca: Gary Waldhorn
Portia: Emily Richard
Calpurnia: Jo Kendall
Flavius/Stato: John Gabriel
Marullus/ Lucilius: David Goudge
Soothsayer: Godfrey Kenton
Lucius: Paul Downing
Trebonius: Joe Dunlop
Decius Brutus/Messala: Peter Howell
Octavius Caesar: Charles Simpson
Young Cato: Stephen Garlick
Titinius: John Bull
Cicero/Clitus: Michael Graham Cox
Pindarus: Ben Onwukwe
Repeated on 14th April 1991

2nd October 1990:
21.00 :
Drama Now: One Summer Night in Sweden by Erland Josephson. Translator Robin Fulton.
Repeated from 6th March 1990, which refer to above.

7th October 1990:
20.05-20.20 Sketches by Harold Pinter.
One of a 1964 series of short revue sketches for the BBC Third Programme: Last to Go. Produced by Michael Bakewell. With Geoffrey Bayldon.
First broadcast on the Third Programme 28th April 1964, repeated on Radio 4 13th October 2000, 15th November 2002.

7th October 1990:
20.20-22.00 Family Voices by Harold Pinter
Mother: Peggy Ashcroft
Son: Michael Kitchen
Father: Mark Dignam
Producer John Tydeman (Directed by Peter Hall in association with the NT).
First broadcast 22/1/81, repeated 19/2/82,22/12/87. Further repeat 2/7/91.

7th October 1990:
22.00-22.45 A Kind of Alaska by Harold Pinter.
A fictional representation of a mysterious 'sleeping sickness' epidemic that swept through Europe and the US in 1916. Director Walter Acosta.
First broadcast on the BBC World Service 7th October 1990.

9th October 1990:
21.30 :
Drama Now: Betrayal by Harold Pinter.
Pinter's celebrated study of triangular infidelity.
Director Ned Chaillet
Robert: Harold Pinter
Emma: Patricia Hodge
Jerry: Michael Gambon
also with Elizabeth Mansfield and Christopher Good
Repeated 27/1/1991 and 5/10/2005

14th October 1990:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: Blending In by Michel Vinaver, Translated and adapted by Ron Butlin
Set in the after-sales department of a food-mixer company.
Director Patrick Rayner
Irene: Blythe Duff
Gilly: Finlay McLean
Jackson: Alexander Morton
Nancy: Donalda Samuel
Ann: Ann Scott-Jones

16th October 1990:
21.30 :
Drama Now: The Machine by Tony Bagley
At the beginning of the 17th century, Ned Prynne invents a machine to record the human voice and fears the church will accuse him of stealing souls. He earns his living by capturing "masterless men" and selling them, and does not know which story to tell to history ...
Director Alec Reid
Ned Prynne: James Bolam
Richard Cornford: Simon Treves
Tyler: Paul Nicholson
Thomas Blacktin: Stephen Sylvester
Heppenstall: Anthony Donovan
Petty Constable: David Bannerman
Boy: Kim Wall
Girl: Josephine Sinclair
Repeated 23rd July 1991

21st October 1990:
19.30-21.35 :
The Sunday Play: The Crucible by Arthur Miller.
The 1964 radio production, rebroadcast in celebration of Miller's 75th birthday.
Of The Crucible the author has said that he wanted to write a play that ' would lift out of the morass of subjectivism the squirming, single-defined process which would show that the sin of public terror is that it divests man of conscience, of himself.' It is not irrelevant that The Crucible was first performed on Broadway in 1953 - in the McCarthy era.
Director John Tydeman
Deputy Governor Danforth: Donald Wolfit
John Proctor: Donald Houston
Elizabeth Proctor: Jane Wenham
Rev John Hale: William Eedle
Abigail Williams: Pinkie Johnstone
Rev Parris: James Thomason
Susanna Walcott: Patricia Leventon,
Mercy Lewis: Penelope Lee,
Mary Warren: Jo Manning Wilson,
Betty Parris: Elizabeth Proud,
Tituba: Vivienne Chatterton,
Mrs Ann Putnam: Eva Stuart,
Thomas Putnam: Roger Swaine,
Giles Corey: Norman Wynne,
Rebecca Nurse: Mary O'Farrell
Ezekiel Cheever: Stephen Thorne
First broadcast 10th April 1964.
Repeated: 3/5/64, 17/8/65.
Also broadcast on Radio 4 on 16th March 1970.
[The 1964 broadcasts had a ten minute interval after the first 60 minutes]

23rd October 1990:
21.30 :
Drama Now: Are There Still Wolves in Pennsylvania? by Duncan Bush.
Wesley's Vietnam memories are impossible to escape, either for himself or for his wife Linda. Increasing isolation leads each to contemplate their own escape.
Director Alison Hindell
Wesley: William Hope
Linda: Linda Shelley Thompson
Repeated 9th July 1991

28th October 1990:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: The Royal Mischief. Written by Mary Delarivier Manley. Adapted by Fidelis Morgan.
Director Liane Aukin
Homais: Sian Thomas
Osman: James Laurenson
Lord Protector: James Grout
Acmat: Anne Jameson
Ismael: Peter Eyre
Bassima: Celia Imrie
Selima: Fidelis Morgan
Prince Levan: Angus Wright
Also with Simon Treves and Paul Downing

30th October 1990:
21.30 :
Drama Now: Lost Souls, by Manny Draycott-Lai.
Patrick is sent to man a data-buoy moored off the English coast. His isolation ends when he rescues a lone yachtsman.
Director Cherry Cookson
Patrick: John Castle
Bill: Michael Cochrane
Miriam: Frances Jeater
Kelly: Patience Tomlinson
Doug: Vincent Brimble
Mother: Auriol Smith
Officer: James Greene

4th November 1990:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching towards the Somme by Frank McGuinness. A study of the nature of patriotism. Eight young volunteers find that their sacrifice and the myths of their heritage come to nothing on the battlefield.
Director Eoin O'Callaghan
Pyper the Elder: Denys Hawthorne
Pyper the Younger: Hugh Ross
David Craig: Adrian Dunbar
John Moore: Mark Lambert
Johnny Millen: B J Hogg
Christopher Roulston: John Hewitt
Martin Crawford: Robert Taylor
Nat McllWaine: Ian McElhinney
George Anderson: John Keegan

6th November 1990:
21.40 :
Drama Now: Knock, Knock, Who's There? by
William Ingram.
A monologue performed by the author. Ronnie is alone, but in his mind his home is full of people. Today he relives some memorable times - and tomorrow he will do the same.
Producer Enyd Williams

[That's four consecutive dramas broadcast just once]

11th November 1990:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: Sweeney Astray by Seamus Heaney.
A story of the Warrior King, who, in his flight from the new Christian morality, transmogrifies into a bird and goes astray in the wilderness.
Music by David Byers
Director Eoin O'Callaghan
Narrator: Seamus Heaney
Sweeney: Stephen Rea
Ronan Finn: Gerard McSorley
Eorann: Stella McCusker
Moling/Alan: Denys Hawthorne
Repeated 15/9/91.

13th November 1990:
21.40 :
Drama Now: Rise up Lovely Sweeney
Written and adapted by [Tom MacIntyre]
(author not listed on BBC Genome)
Unable to come to terms with women, religion or morality, Sweeney, the archetypal Celt, heads for the woods to find a more tolerable reality by becoming one with the birds of the air.
Music for uillean pipes, written and performed by Robbie Hannon.
Director Eoin O'Callaghan
Interrogator: T P McKenna
Sweeney: Tom Hickey
Sweeney's wife: Kate Binchey
Hag: Catherine Gibson
Matron: Roma Tomelty
Madman: Ian McElhinney
Nurse: Michelle Forbes
Inmate: Joe McPartland
[Program recorded 11th May 1990]
[Inspired by a 12th century text Buile Suibhne]

18th November 1990:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: The Hairy Ape by Eugene O'Neill
Yank, a ship's stoker, emerges from the stokehold to take revenge on a world that sees him as a 'hairy ape'.
Producer Erik Bauersfeld
A Bay Area production [funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.]
Director: Jose Quintero.
Yank: George Dzundza
Paddy: Eric Christmas
Long: Christopher Grove
Mildred: Deborah May
Her aunt: Mercedes Shirley
Second engineer: Steve Barr
Secretary: Bill Washington
Ensemble: Kevin Symonds, Erik Holland,
Antonie Becker, Jacqueline Cassel, Elaine Welton Hill, Clive Rosengren, Russ Marin, Hal Bokar, Terry Bozeman.
[Erik Bauersfeld was Drama & Literature Director at KPFA from 1961 to 1991- see http://www.suttonelms.org.uk/erik-bauersfeld.html]

20th November 1990:
21.45 :
Drama Now: First Night Nerves by David Ashton.
New Year's Day turns into a time of recrimination rather than resolution.
Director Jane Morgan
Ivan: James Ellis
Maureen: Julie Covington

25th November 1990:
19.30 - 21.00 :
Sunday Play: The Tragical History of Dr Faustus by Christopher Marlowe.
Music composed and conducted by Humphrey Searle, played by the Sinfonia of London. Director John Tydeman
Dr Faustus: Alec McCowen
Mephistophilis.: Peter Woodthorpe
Valdes: Sean Barrett
Good Angel: Patricia Gallimore
Cornelius: Richard Griffiths
Belzebub: Anthony Hall
Saxony: Leslie Heritage
Martino: Fraser Kerr
Emperor: Rolf Lefebvre
Lucifer: Clifford Norgate
First scholar: Hugh Walters
Second scholar: Jonathan Scott
Third scholar: Neville Phillips
Lucifer: Elizabeth Proud
Wagner: John Rye
Ben volio: Douglas Storm
An old man: James Thomason
Chorus: John Westbrook
Frederick: Gerald Cross
One of the 7 deadly sins: Sara Coward
This production first broadcast 13th December 1970, repeated 24th January 1971.
[There was a later 2 hour production in 1993, repeated 1995, produced by Sue Wilson]
[Further production produced by Nadia Molinari in 2007, 100 mins]
[BBC World Service broadcast a 1 hour production in 1993, no details]

27th November 1990:
Drama Now: A Matter of the Soul by Ingmar Bergman.
Repeated from 20th March 1990 and 7th August 1990- see above.

2nd December 1990:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: Jenkin's Ear by Dusty Hughes.
A contemporary political thriller set in Central America: the violent 'disappearance' of an Englishwoman presents newspaperman Bill Jenkin with the most difficult decision of his career.
Director Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland
Jenkin: Joss Ackland
Rigoberto: Nigel Anthony
Foster: Peter Blythe
Ruiz: John Bull
Zwimmer: Phyllida Law
Fleur: Lizzie McInnerny
Grace: Kate Harper
Buchanan: John Gabriel
Nora: Gloria Romo
First broadcast 10th November 1989

4th December 1990:
21.30 :
Drama Now: Turtle Neck by Steve May.
Keith seems a jolly, jokey man but Dawn suspects there is something odd about him - and there is certainly a very strange smell coming from the basement.
Director Penny Gold
Keith: Christopher Fairbank
Dawn: Doreen Mantle
Girl: Susan Sheridan
Other parts played by Danielle Allan, Timothy Bateson, Nigel Carrington, Stephen Garlick, James Greene, Elizabeth Kelly, James Simmons and Andrew Wincott.

7th December 1990:
21.40 :
The Courtier, the Prince and the Lady by Michelene Wandor.
Evening in a 16th-century Italian palace. The servants have gone to bed and Pietro, his wife Emilia and a friend, Gaspare, settle down to discuss the ideal of the perfect courtier.
The play explores power, sex and politics in Renaissance Italy.
Music arranged by Philip Thorby and played by Musica Antiqua of London.
Director Piers Plowright
Emilia: Fiona Shaw
Pietro: John Rowe
Gaspare: John Shrapnel
Niccolo: Philip Sully
Repeated on 28th March 1992.

9th December 1990:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: The Holy Terror by Simon Gray.
Mark Melon: His Life and Times (as presented to the Women's Institute of Cheltenham).
Director Jane Morgan
Mark Melon: James Laurenson
Gladstone: Robin Bailey
Samantha: Susie Brann
Michael: Sylvester Morand
Jacob: Brian Miller
Rupert: Struan Rodger
Graeme: Joe Dunlop
Josh: Samuel West
Gladys Powers: Joan Walker
Kate: Marcia King
Shrink: Geoffrey Whitehead
Repeated from 6th October 1989
[('The Holy Terror' was instigated by Stuart Sutherland's work 'Breakdown')]

11th December 1990:
21.05 :
Drama Now: Thinking of You by Julian Garner.
Set in a sanatorium in Kent in 1923. Stephen has tuberculosis and is parted from Florence, his bride of three months - letters are their only form of communication.
Director Marilyn Imrie
Florence: Gillian Bevan
Stephen: Kilian McKenna
Nicholas: Pip Torrens
Alice: Maggie McCarthy
Nurse Moore: Auriol Smith
Doctor: James Greene
Waitress: Tara Dominick
Little Stephanie: Yolande Clark

16th December 1990:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: Benefactors by Michael Frayn
Repeated from 11th May 1990. See above.

18th December 1990:
21.10 :
Drama Now: Dada & Co [aka Dada and Co] by Derek Lister.
To outsiders it seemed a crazy world and it certainly wasn't comfortable, but at least the journey was fun as well as being frightening.
Music Stephen Warbeck
Technical presentation by David Greenwood, Roger Danes and Mike Etherden
Director Jane Morgan
Hugo Ball: Gerard Murphy
Arp: Struan Rodger
Emmy Hennings: Julie Covington
Richard Huelsenbeck: Mick Ford
Tristan Tzara: Sam Dale
Marcel Yanco: Ken Cumberlidge
Ephraim: William Simons
Workman: Anthony Jackson
Repeated from 11th October 1988

23rd December 1990:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov.
A new version for radio by Brian Friel.
Belinda Cooper (violin) Sam Morland (guitar) Stephanie Hughes (piano) arranged by David Byers
Fiddle music arranged and played by Jim McKillop
Director Pam Brighton
Olga: Julia Dearden
Irina: Catherine Brennan
Masha: Michelle Forbes
Baron Tusenback: John Hewitt
Chebutykin: Birdy Sweeney
Solyony: Conleth Hill
Vershinin: Tony Doyle
Kulygin: Ian McElhinney
Andrey: Adrian Dunbar
Natasha: Sarah Jones
Ferapotlt: Michael Gormley
Anfisa: Catherine Gibson
Roddey: Robert Patterson
Fedotik: Nicholas Grennell

30th December 1990:
19.30 :
Sunday Play: The Birds by Aristophanes, first performed in 414 BC. Translated and adapted by Martyn Wade.
Two Athenians, fed up with the rat race, opt out and go in search of somewhere better....
Music Christos Pittas
Director John Theocharis
Plausible: Norman Rodway
Hopeful: Sam Kelly
Hoopoe: Aubrey Woods
Chorus leaders: Martyn Hill
Chorus leaders: Elizabeth Mansfield
Chorus: Danielle Allen
Chorus: Alice Arnold
Chorus: David Bannerman
Chorus: Nigel Carrington
Chorus: Stephen Garlick
Nightingale: Nicole Tibbels
Iris: Maxine Audley
Prometheus: Timothy Bateson
Heracles: Stephen Garlick
Poet/Poseidon: James Greene
Soothsayer/Messenger: Ronald Herdman
Solicitor: Fraser Kerr
Priest/Informer: Michael Kilgarriff
Yob/Triballian: Ben 0nwukwe
Commissioner/Cinesias: John Rye
Repeated 19th April 1992.

Thanks to Stephen Shaw for compiling the entries, and to Alison for doing the coding.

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