Radio 3 Drama, 1983

Compiled by Stephen Shaw
1983 Radio drama on Radio 3.

[Due to industrial action no Radio Times was published covering the broadcast dates 2nd to 15th April 1983 nor on 3rd to 9th December 1983. ]

2nd January 1983:
Plenty by David Hare
The experiences of an Englishwoman helping the French Resistance during the war and her life in the following 20 years Changing values and the collapse of ideals embodied in a single life.
Directed By: Richard Wortley
Susan Traherne: Jane Lapotaire
Raymond Brock: John Rowe
Alice Park: Zoe Wanamaker
Codename Lazar: Michael Spice
Frenchman: Jean Driant
Leonard Darwin: Geoffrey Palmer
Mick: Nigel Greaves
Louise: Rowena Roberts
M Aung: Frank Singuineau
Mme Aung: Zohra Segal
Dorcas Frey: Lolly Cockerell
John Begley: Graham Faulkner
Sir Andrew Charleson: John Bott
Another Frenchman: John Church
Repeated from 29th March 1981

6th January 1983:
19.30 :
Caritas by Arnold Wesker
Norfolk 1377 The Medieval Church's stern doctrine of self-denial and subservience inspires devotion and revolt. For Christine Carpenter, ordinary faith is not enough: she forsakes friends and family to become an anchoress. For Wat Tyler and his followers, the Church is part of the feudal tyranny which must be overthrown.
Directed By: Margaret Windham
Christine Carpenter: Patti Love
Agnes Carpenter: Anna Cropper
William: Peter Tuddenham
Robert Lonle: Greg Hicks
Matilde: Mary Miller
Bishop: Robert Stephens
Matthew: Patrick Drury
Priest: Paul Bentall
Richard Lonle: Terry O'Brien
Tax collector: James Taylor
Villagers.: David Gooderson
Villagers.: Alan Dudley
Villagers.: Steve Hodson
Villagers.: Miranda Forbes
Villagers.: MadI Hedd
Villagers.: Wendy Murray
with the children of St Ursula's School, Bristol
Repeated 12th May 1983
[Patti Love created the role of Christine at the National Theatre 1981]
[There was also an operatic version of this play]

9th January 1983:
19.30 :
The Death of the Pythia or What Really Might Have Happened to Oedipus by Friedrich Durrenmatt, adapted for radio by Hans Hausmann and Martin Esslin.
Are our lives governed by pre-ordained fate, determined by the Inexorable laws of nature, or do we live by pure coincidence, chance, and accident? The Swiss Playwright, Friedrich Durrenmatt, poses this question in re-telling and rethinking the age-old story of Oedipus in the form of a philosophical fable, halfway between drama and Platonic dialogue.
Directed by Martin Esslin
Oedipus: John Rowe
Jocasta: Barbara Jefford
Tireseas: Robert Eddison
The Pythia: Freda Dowie
The Sphinx: Margaret Wolfit
The Narrator: David March
Playwright: Peter Tuddenham
Merops: Anthony Newlands
Lalos: Henry Stamper
Repeated 9th June 1983.

13th January 1983:
19.35 :
A Dream Play by August Strindberg in a version by Ingmar Bergman , translated by Michael Meyer
Music By: Ilona Sekacz
The inconsequent yet transparently logical shape of a dream. The characters split, double, multiply, evaporate, condense, disperse, assemble. But one consciousness rules over them all.
Adapted for radio and directed by Martin Jenkins
Agnes: Lynsey Baxter
the Officer: Denis Quilley
as the Advocate: Frank Finlay
as the Schoolmaster: Clifford Rose
and as Strindberg, the Poet: Ian Richardson
Glazier: Alan Dudley
Father/He: David McAlister
Mother/Wife: Frances Jeater
Lina/Edith: Jill Lidstone
Stage-door keeper: Katherine Parr
Bill poster: Ronald Herdman
She: Miranda Forbes
Coal carrier: Brian Coburn
Dean of Law/Coal carrier: Michael Tudor Barnes
Prompter/Dean of Philosophy: Nicholas Courtney
Blind man...: Hugh Dickson
Quarantine master: John Hollis
Naval officer/Nils: Spencer Banks
Kristin: Theresa Streatfeild
Repeated from 17th June 1982

16th January 1983:
19.15 :
Letter to the Old Man on a Cassette Recorder by Nigel Baldwin
A pop singer gets unthinkingly caught up with Irish revolutionaries. From prison he is allowed to visit his dying father. Meanwhile, he has sent the old man a cassette recording to explain other aspects of his troubled life.
Twelve string and acoustic guitar played by Max Britain.. Special music composed and conducted by Ilona Sekacz
Directed By: Richard Wortley
Michael: William Nighy
the old man: Geoffrey Matthews
Letty: Maggie Shevlin
a boy/Irish-Michael woman: Susan Sheridan
a boy David: Elizabeth Lindsay
Jean, Michael's mother: Heather Bell
Teacher/nurse: Patience Tomlinson
a man David: David McAlister
Headmaster: Michael Spice
Tudor: Spencer Banks
Hospital sister: Riana Bishop
Irishman: Sion Probert
School Corps Captain/ Prison warder: Alan Dudley
Repeated from 18th February 1982

23rd January 1983:
18.30 :
Amadeus by Peter Shaffer
Producer: David Spenser
Directed by Peter Hall
Antonio Salieri: Paul Scofield
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Simon Callow
Constanze Mozart: Felicity Kendall
Joseph II: John Normington
Gottfried,: Baron Van
Swelten..: Nicholas Selby
Count Franz Orsini Rosenberg: Willoughby Goddard
Johann Kilian von Strack: Basil Henson
Venticeill: Donald Gee, Dermot Crowley
Citizens of Vienna: Nigel Bellairs, Susan Gilmore, Peggy Marshall, Robin Meredith,
Anne Sedgwick, William Sleigh, Glenn Williams
Repeated 10th November 1983, 1st December 1991

30th January 1983:
19.55 :
Rivers to Cross by David Zane Mairowitz
Polanowski is used to people not being able to Pronounce his name. even after 20 years of living in this country. But one night he's made to realise that he's an alien with no rights at all.
Directed By: Jane Morgan
Polanowski: Robin Ellis
Marjorie: Diana Bisbop
Bryant: David Daker
Man from the Home Office/Solicitor: Paul Chapman
Kracauer: Czeslaw Grocholski
Jones: Alan Igbon
With Alan Dudley, Philip Fox, Ronald Herdman, John Livesey, Moti Makan,
George Parsons, Michael Spice, Haydn Wood and Theresa Streatfeild
Repeated from 13th December 1981
[David Zane Mairowitz was one of the founding editors of International Times- it, an "underground" paper founded 1966.]

3rd February 1983
19.30 :
Drinks Before Dinner (1978) by E. L. Doctorow (1931-2015).
An intrepid trek through the darkest rhetoric of a New York dinner party. When one of the guests pulls a gun, his hostess thinks it 'the end of the world '.
Directed by Yuri Rasovsky of the National Radio Theatre of Chicago
Edgar: Paul Daneman
Claudette: Toby Robins
Alan: Barry Morse
Joan Jane: Jordan Rogers
Joel: Bob Sherman
Andrea: Valerie Colcan
Michael: Blain Fairman
Grace: Kadi Hedd
Children: Frances Jeater,
Children: Jill Lidstone

6th February 1983:
20.05 :
Talk of Love and War by Don Haworth
In a Second World War setting, two young men banter in a mood of gentle irony about their work as fighter pilots, but we are not allowed to forget the penalties of war, both general and personal.
Directed by: Richard Wortley
Tom: William Nighy
James: Hugh Ross
Repeated from 29th November 1981
Also repeated on BBC 7: 2003,2005,2006
[Winner of the 1981 Giles Cooper Award.]

10th February 1983:
19.30 :
Translations by Brian Friel
Set in the small village of Ballybeg, Co Donegal, at a time when, like so many villages in Ireland, the local people had established a 'hedge school' to replace the other forms of education suppressed by the British Government,
Brian Friel's play begins with the arrival of the British Army Ordnance Survey in 1833 - to map the country and translate Irish place names into English equivalents.
Directed for stage and adapted for radio by Donald McWhinnie
Producer: Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
Manus: Gabriel Byrne
Sarah: Marie Ni Ghrainne
Jimmy Jack: Sebastian Shaw
Maire: Bernadette Shortt
Donalty: Ron Flanagan
Bridget: Anna Keaveney
Hugh: Ian Bannen
Owen: Tony Doyle
Captain Lancey: Peter Barnes
Lieutenant Yolland: Shaun Scott
Repeated from 31st January 1982.
Repeated 25th April 1989.

13th February 1983:
19.30 :
Wedding Belles and Green Grasses by Marcella Evaristi
It's not my wedding day - no pressure on me. Listen, it's going to be a great day. With Peter and Rita and you - and Garry and me.
Directed By: Tim Fywell and Marilyn Ireland
BBC Scotland
Steph: Sarah Collier
Jo: Valerie Fyfer
Rita: Janice Laurie
Peter: Tony Roper
Directed By: Tim Fywell
Repeated from 1st July 1982

17th February 1983:
19.00-21.30 with a ten minute interval.:
Torquato Tasso by J. W. von Goethe, a new translation by Alan and Sandy Brownjohn
Where other men must suffer grief in silence. God gave me the power to speak my pain.
The poet Tasso lives in the palace of the enlightened Duke Alfonso in 16th-century Ferrara. He has finished his masterpiece, Jerusalem Liberated, and is symbolically crowned by his admiring patrons. Goethe presents a highly-cultured court, dedicated to the pursuit of artistic excellence. The play is centrally concerned with the discrepancy between the artist and the rest of the world.
Music by Michael Steer
Directed by John Theocharis
Tasso: Michael Pennington
Prince Alfonso: David Buck
Antonio: David Suchet
the Princess: Eileen Atkins
Leonora: Rosalind Shanks
[In 1995/1996 Radio 3 aired a play by Roberta Berke on the life and work of Torquato Tasso, called "Over the Precipice"]

20th February 1983
18.00-21.00 :
The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare
Music composed by David Timson
sung by Alan Dudley, Theresa Streatfeild, David Timson, Patience Tomlinson
Directed By: Martin Jenkins
Leontes, King of Sicilia: Ronald Pickup
Hermione, his wife: Hannah Gordon
Polixenes,King of Bohemia: Gary Bond
Paulina: Barbara Jefford
Antigonus: Michael Gough
Camillo: Michael Spice
Autolycus a rogue: Derek Smith
the old shepherd: Cyril Luckham
the clown, his son: David Timson
Perdita, his daughter: Angela Pleasence
Florizel: Christopher Guard
Time: John Gielgud
Mamillius/Dorcus: Patience Tomlinson
Dion/Court officer: John Livesey
Archidamus/Cleomenes: Michael Tudor Barnes
Doctor/Servant: Spencer Banks
Pauline's steward: Alan Dudley
Emilia: Pauline Letts
Mopsa: Theresa Streatfeild
Lady: Jill Lidstone
First Lord/Mariner: Stephen Thorne
Gaoler/Rogeto: George Parsons
Lord/Shepherd's servant: Steve Hodson
Gentleman: Hugh Dickson
Shepherdess: Stella Forge
Repeated from 21st January 1982

24th February 1983:
19.00-22.00 with a 10 minute interval. :
Ironhand by John Arden after Goethe's Goetz von Berlichineen
Through the glass of this medieval story. Goethe saw modern free man in chains; the princes absolute, stupid, surrounded by unscrupulous counsellors; the church stagnant: the law unjust and corrupt. Goetz Ironhand is a man who raises his iron fist against a decadent civilisation.
Music by David Timson
Adapted for radio and directed by Martin Jenkins
Goetz Ironhand: David Suchet
Weislingen: John Woodvine
Adelheid: Anna Massey
Marco: Anna Cropper
Maria: Maureen O'Brien
Selbitz: Patrick Troughton
Sickingen: John Turner
Lerse: David Buck
the Bishop: Harold Innocent
Karl: Jill Lidstone
Georg: Gary Cady
Franz: Spencer Banks
Liebetraut/Officer: David Timson
Margaret: Wendy Murray
Dr Olearlus/Second merchant: John Warner
Emperor/Chief Judge: Hugh Dickson
Metzler: John Hollis
Slevers: David Gooderson
First merchant/Bride'sfather: Alan Dudley
Peter: Stephen Garlick
Goetz's officer: Crawford Logan
Baron von Sirau: David McAlister
Martin Luther/Serjeant: Christopher Scott
Landlord/Wild: Lee Harrington
Repeated from 15th April 1982

27th February 1983:
19.30 :
Pan (1894) by Knut Hamsun (1859-1952), translated and dramatised for radio by Robert Ferguson
Set in North Norway, this is the story of a summer idyll with a tragic outcome. On a hunting holiday Lieutenant Glahn discovers that the mystery of nature is less perplexing than the enigma of human passion.
Directed by Anthony Vivis
Lieutenant Glahn: Robin Ellis
Edvarda: Lynsey Baxter
Doctor: John Normington
Mack: Nigel Stock
Eva: Jill Lidstone
Baron: Hugh Oickson
Pedersen: Alex Jennings
Maggie: Rosalind Adams
Emma: Frances Jeater
Karen: Jean Trend
Jakob: David Gooderson
Shop assistant: Crawford Logan

3rd March 1983:
19.30 :
The Mist People by David Pownall
Three down-and-outs who lean on one another for support are shaken when the youngest begins to hear voices telling him to start a new life.
Directed By: Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester
Paddy: Gerard Mannix Flynn
Cyril: Ronald Baddiley
Bob: Freddie Jones
Waitress: Paula Tilbrook
Ice-cream man: John Jardine
Repeated from 6th December 1981

6th March 1983:
20.05 :
A. N. Other by Ted Moore
Three quick years in London as an unqualified osteopath and you come back with a reject from the knacker's yard.
Footballer? Him? It's like Jason coming home with a clip mat instead of the Golden Fleece....'
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
Willy: Alan Hockey
Miriam: Adrienne Frank
Eric: Arthur Blake
Sam: Edward Wilson
Nelly: Lizzie McKenzie
Little Nettie: Christian Rodska
Hannah: Kathleen Helme
Girl: Denise Welch
Repeated 30th October 1983
[Leading characters Sam and Eric also appeared in "Courting Miriam" (1979), and "The Holy Road to Salford" (1983), Radio 3]

10th March 1983:
19.00-21.45 :
The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui by Bertolt Brecht
A 1938 warning to the world against the criminality of Hitler, by portraying him as, literally, a cheap hoodlum from Brooklyn who exploits the cauliflower trade's depression by letting up protection rackets which ultimately gain him total power in Chicago and Cicero. But lest one think the play dated, Brecht later appended these final words to his Epilogue:
<i>This was the thing that nearly had us mastered;
Don't yet rejoice in his defeat, you men!
Although the world stood up and stopped the bastard,
The bitch that bore him is on heat again. </i>
Adapted for radio and directed by Brian Miller BBC Bristol
Arturo Ui: Bill Wallis
Newsboy: Sonia Ritter
Pastor.: Tom Watson
Flake/Bowl/Inna: Mark Buffery
Woman/Batty Dullfeet: Miranda Forbes
Counsel: Leslie Heritage
Roma: Malcolm Gerard
Clerk/Judge: Ian Price
Butch/Prosecutor: Brian Haines
Sheet/Gaffles: Alan Dudley
Dogsborough: John Gabriel
Young Dogsborough/ Crocket: Peter Whitman
Girl: Peter Woodthorpe
Givola: Barry Dennen
Dockdaisy: Heather Baskerville
Repeated 1st January 1984

13th March 1983:
19.25 :
A Small Apocalypse by Tadeus Konwicki adapted for radio and translated by Janina David
Unable to put pen to paper, a Polish writer living in Warsaw has tried unsuccessfully to end his life. Suddenly a far more drastic solution presents itself.
Directed by Martin Jenkins
the Writer: Alfred Burke
Hubert: Maurice Denham
Edward: Jim Norton
Richard: Keith Drinkel
Nadiehzda: Karen Archer
Interrogator: Anthony Jackson
Tadzio: Nigel Anthony
First militiaman/TV commentator/Voice on screen: Nigel Graham
Caban/Robber: Stuart Organ
Kolka: Leonard Fenton
Halina: Theresa Streatfeild
Usher/Mark: Alex Jennings
Cinema manager/Doctor: James Kerry
Kobialka/ John: Manning Wilson
Bulat: Hugh Dickson
Hans Jurgen Gonsiorek: Crawford Logan
Mrs Gosla/Second woman: Madi Hedd
Sacher/Doctor: Godfrey Kenton
Walter/Postman: Jim Reid
Chef/American: Roger Hammond
First woman: Jean Trend
Third woman: Gillian Rhind
Repeated from 7th October 1982

17th March 1983:
19.30 :
The Flower Case by James Saunders
Purkiss is a seedy Enquiry Agent and taking on the case of Mr Flower adds to his natural state of suspicious confusion.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Purkiss: John Le Mesurier
Mr Flower: Robert Lang
Mrs Flower: Gwen Watford
Wilburt: Derek Fowlds
Gita: Rosalind Adams
Repeated from 24th October 1982
Also repeated on Radio 4 on 10th October 1983 and 22nd June 1985.

19th March 1983
19.10-19.30 :
The Honeywood File by H. B. Creswell, Dramatised By Judi Price
The trials and tribulations of a young architect in the 1920s.
Directed by Peter King
Sir Leslie Brash: Alan Dudley
James Spin love: Spencer B Anks
Frederick Dalbet: Hugh Dickson
Phyllis: Alex Marshall
Potch: John Warner
[Previously Broadcast as 3 x 5 minute episodes, 17/5/82, 18/5/82, 19/5/1982]
[There was an earlier version in 1961/2 produced by Robert Gunnell]

20th March 1983:
Out of the Cell
An exploration of the writer as prisoner by Ronald Hayman
Directed By: Piers Plowright
The Prisoner: Dinsdale Landen
Prisoner's Wife: Frances Jeater
Also with: Deborah Norton, Godfrey Kenton, Robin Browne, Simon Hewitt, Kate Beswick, Irene Hanlon

27th March 1983:
18.30-21.00 with a ten minute interval.:
The British Empire by John Spurling
Part 1 of 3: Dominion Over Palm and Pine.
The British Empire has no single hero. but a succession of semi-heroes, semi-villains, whose intentions and actions echo and contrast with one another through half-a-century and 59 scenes. Courage and treachery, efficiency and ineptitude, philanthropy and inhumanity are its themes. These people lived and these things happened between 1820 and 1885; they are part of a symphonic drama and not a documentary.
Technical team: David Greenwood, David Chilton, and Vanessa Ellner
Directed by Richard Wortley
Burton: John Turner
Isabel Burton: Thelma Whiteley
Letty Landon: Marly Cruickshank
Captain Maclean: Bill Paterson
Nana Sahib: Zia Mohyeddin
George: John Hollis
Dr Brydon: Geoffrey Beevers
Also with: Gordon Reid, Phillip Voss, David Brierley, Patience Tomlinson, Crawford Logan, Anthony Newlands, Peter Tuddenham, Joe Dunlop, Mahdav Sharma, Manning Wilson , Sean Barrett, Renu Setna, George Parsons, David Gooderson, Ronald Herdman, James Kerry, Michael Spice, Alan Dudley, Steve Hodson, Miranda Forbes, Spencer Banks, Alex Jennings, Louis Mahoney , Lionel Ngakne, Minoo Golvala and Albert Moses
Repeated from 25th November 1982
[Part 2- see 31/3/83; Part 3 was in 1985]

31st March 1983:
The British Empire by John Spurling
Part 2 of 3: The Christian Hero
Technical team: Carol McShane, David Chilton and Bert Coules
Directed by Richard Wortley
Burton: John Turner
General Wolseley: David Buck
Isabel Burton: Thelma Whitely
General Gordon: John Rowe
Jordan: Norman Beaton
Gladstone: David March
Also with Ronald Herdman, Anthony Newlands, Peter Baldwin, Stephen Thorne, Jim Reid, James Kerry, Charles Hodgson, Garrick Hagan,
Steve Hodson , Simon Hewitt Peter Tuddenham, Stuart Organ, Theresa Streatfeild, Geoffrey Kissoon, Anton Phillips, Frank Singuineau, Norman Beaton, Hugh Dickson, Joe Dunlop and Miranda Forbes
Repeated from 2nd December 1982
[Part 3 was in 1985- note that the BBC have no record of programs transmitted 2-15/4/83]

Due to industrial action no Radio Times was published covering the broadcast dates 2nd to 15th April 1983.

21st April 1983:
19.00 :
I, William Shakespeare by John Wilders and John Powell
Imagined scenes from a documentary life
Music directed by Philip Astle and Paul Williamson
Music played and sung by Philip Astle and Paul Williamson with their NOYSE OF MUSITIANS and Evelyn Tubb (soprano) John Potter (tenor), Graham Jeffery (treble)
Special sound by Malcolm Clarke of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Technical production by Robin Cherry
Directed by John Powell
William Shakespeare: Martin Jarvis
James Burbage: Douglas Blackwell
Richard Burbage,: Michael Williams
Richard Tarleton: John Hollis
John Shakespeare: David March
Gilbert, his younger: David Brierley
Anne, his wife: Frances Jeater
Susanna, his daughter: Rosalind Adams
William, the boy: J Lidstone
John Bretchgirdle, the minister: Leonard Fenton
Thomas Jenkins, the school master: Timothy Bateson
Henry Wriothesley, the Earl of Southampton: John Rye
Queen Elizabeth: Mary Wimbush
Also with Hugh Dickson, Steve Hodson and Crawford Logan.
Repeated from Radio 4, 22nd April 1982, repeated 2nd May 1982

28th April 1983
20.00 :
Journey to Jura by James Robson
Throughout their unhappy childhood, Michael and Janey clung to the belief that the island of Jura somehow contained the mystical solution to their problems. Now, 20 years later, they revisit the island....
Directed by Caroline Smith
BBC Manchester
Michael: Jonathan Newth
Janey: Sue Jenkins
teacher/Jean: Maggie McCarthy
a boy Michael: Susan Sheridan
Tarbet: Jack Carr
Henry/Vet: Russell Dixon
Repeated from 26th December 1982

29th April 1983:
Yes and No
A theatrical fragment by Graham Greene
Producer: John Tydeman
Actor: Alex Jennings
Director: Clive Francis
Repeated 20th March 1984

1st May 1983:
19.45 :
Five Hours with Mario by Miguel Delibes, translated from the Spanish by Nick Caistor
In a small Spanish town, Carmen mourns the sudden death of her husband,Mario. Memories of their life together flood through her mind.
Directed By: Cherry Cookson
Carmen: Barbara Leigh-Hunt
Mario: Simon Hewitt
Valen: Madi Hedd
Also with Josefina Molina, Santiago Paredes, Jose Samano
Repeated 27th October 1983

5th May 1983:
20.00 - 22.00 :
Over the Hills and Far Away by Martyn Wade
The Australian-born composer Percy Grainger was a unique personality. Strikingly handsome, a brilliant pianist, he was much loved by all who knew him, and devoted to his mother. This play celebrates the life of a most unusual and talented musician.
Stuart Hutchinson (piano and harmonium)
Technical presentation by Marsail MacCuish with Richard Beadsmoore and Paul Peartson.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
Musician, Delius: Jack May
Young Percy: Jill Lidstone
Percy Grainger: David Collings
Rose Grainger: Vivian Pickles
Ella Grainger: Sarah Badel
Burnett Cross: David Healy
Cyril Scott: David Timson
Balfour Gardiner: Christopher Scott
John Grainger: Peter Baldwin
Herman Sandby: Geoffrey Matthews
Grieg: Philip Voss
Also with: Neville Jason, Garrick Hagon, Miranda Forbes, Rosalind Adams, Stuart Organ, Madi Hedd, Crawford Logan, Peter Tuddenham and Alex Jennings
First broadcast on Radio 4 on 27th December 1982
Repeated on Radio 3: 2nd July 1995

8th May 1983
19.45 :
Diana's Uncle and Other Relatives by David Cregan
The middle 1950s up to the present day
Diana has been trying to ' find herself ' by finding a purpose and mission in life. It has not been easy. and she has adopted many disparate causes in one way and another.
Directed By: John Tydeman
Diana: Anna Massey
Uncle Saul: Bernard Hepton
Annie her friend: Sheila Grant
Miss Twentyman her teacher: Sylvia Coleridge
her father: Michael Spice
her mother: Mary Wimbush
Martin her sometime husband: Bruce Alexander
Kampuchean leader: Burt Kwouk
Other parts played by Rosalind Adams, Nigel Graham, Alex Jennings, James Kerry, Stuart Organ, Jim Reid and Patience Tomlinson
Repeated from 11th November 1982

12th May 1983:
20.00 :
Caritas by Arnold Wesker
Repeated from 6th January 1983 - please see above.

15th May 1983:
19.55 :
The Dog it was That Died by Tom Stoppard
Rupert Purvis is a spy. He is also a counter-spy and even a counter-counter-spy. When, confused as to who his real masters are and why, he cracks and writes a suicide note making wild allegations about his colleagues and superiors, there has to be an investigation. The truths revealed are stranger than any fictions.
Directed By: John Tydeman
Giles Blair: Charles Gray
Rupert Purvis: Dinsdale Landen
Pamela Blair: Penelope Keith
Hogben: Kenneth Cranham
Seddon: John Le Mesurler
Arlon: Stephen Murray
Matron: Betty Marsden
The Chief: Maurice Denham
the Vicar: Noel Howlett
Wren: Lockwood West
Slack: Peter Tuddenham
Mrs Ryan: Katherine Parr
Repeated from 9th December 1982.
Repeated on Radio 4 on 14th August 1983 and 12th August 1990
Repeated on BBC World Service September 1993.
Repeated on BBC7 June 2003
[There was also a play with this name on Radio 4 by H R F Keating, in November 1971]

18th May 1983:
Visions Before Midnight by Francis Watson.
An anatomie of Sir Thomas Browne drawn from his own writings and those of his friends and critics.
by Francis Watson with David Buck as Sir Thomas Browne Anthony Newlands as Dr Samuel Johnson Hugh Dickson as The Rev John Whitefoot and Crawford Logan as Sir Kenelm Digby
Producer: Piers Plowright
Sir Thomas Browne: David Buck
Dr Samuel Johnson: Anthony Newlands
John Whitefoot: Hugh Dickson
Sir Kenelm Digby: Crawford Logan
Repeated from 19th October 1982

19th May 1983:
20.00 :
Travellers by William Trevor.
Mrs Daveridge cannot sleep, troubled by memories and by doubts. Perhaps she should have cancelled the Venice holiday, after her husband's death. Now she travels with her son. Slowly. uncertainly, one thought leads to another. and a horrifying image takes shape in Mrs Daveridge's mind.
Directed By: Michael Heffernan
Mrs Daveridge with: Avril Elgar
Gerard: Daniel Day-Lewis
Signora Lotti: Gigi Gatti
Police Insp: Stephen Thorne
Ex-gondolier: Robert Rietty
Mrs Eames: Madi Hedd
a boy Gerard: Milo Twomey
Guide: Alexandra Mathie
Yo-yo seller: Jim Reid
Army chaplain: James Kelly
Doctor: Alex Jennings
Tourist: Frances Jeater
Repeated from 12th December 1982

22nd May 1983:
20.05 :
A Strangled Cry (Vor dem Ersticken ein Schrei) by Christoph Buggert, English version by Alan Miles.
A disturbing view of contemporary life is unfolded in a kaleidoscope of bizarre and macabre events.
["A woman is supposed to describe her husband, who probably died in an accident, she can not think of anything." ]
["Of all the interpretations of the situation in which we live, the most plausible to me is that we are moving into a state of total disorientation. My radio play is a description of the increasing tiredness in us, the exhaustion, the inability to continue to separate what should actually be and what should not be so." - Buggert]
Technical presentation by David Greenwood, David Chilton and Bert Coules
Directed By: Richard Wortley
With Frances Jeater, Alex Jennings, Pauline Letts, Jill Lidstone, Crawford Logan, Amanda Murray, Henry Stamper, Peter Tuddenham
Repeated on 1st December 1983
[Part 1 of a 3 part trilogy- other titles -not BBC plays- were Nullmord (1987), and Roter Hahn (1989)]

26th May 1983:
20.15 :
Autumn Sunshine by William Trevor (1928-2016)
The death of Canon Moran's wife is obviously a terrible loss to him. although the old man's sadness is alleviated a little by the unexpected return of his favourite daughter, Deirdre.
Unfortunately Deirdre's friend, Harold, with his morbid fascination for violence, is less than a blessing.
Piano: Philip Hammond
Technical presentation by Colm Flanacan
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
Canon Moran: John Welsh
Deirdre: Deirdre Donnelly
Harold: Tony McEwan
Una: Susie Kelly
Carley: Kevin Flood
Emma: Roisin Donaghy
Thomas: Mark Mulholland
Linda: Stella McCusker
John: John Hewitt
Slattery: Ian McElhinney
Publican: Catherine Gibson
Mrs Roche: Margaret D'Arcy
Newscaster: Paddy Scully
Repeated from 2nd Noveber 1982
Repeated on BBC Radio 4 on 2nd April 1986
Repeated on BBC7 2003
[This play won a Giles Cooper Award, 1982]

29th May 1983
20.00 :
The Holy Road to Salford by Ted Moore
'Come with me, Sam! We'll gaze upon white towers and sleek cupolas, exchange dialectics on corporation buses. There'll be deep spiritual exchanges in Hankey Park, moments of carefree transcendental joy as we paddle idly in the Irwell and talk of illumination.'
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
Erie: Arthur Blake
Sam: Edward Wilson
Willy: Alan Hockey
Nelly: Lizzie McKenzie
Miriam: Adrienne Frank
Dorothy: Denise Welch
Hannah: Kathleen Helme
Little Nettie: Christian Rodska

2nd June 1983:
20.00 :
Oedipus by Seneca, the Ted Hughes version.
Music by Ilona Sekacz
Seneca's reworking of the Greek legend.
Having solved the riddle of the Sphinx. Oedipus Is proclaimed King of Thebes and marries the Queen Jocasta, but he is faced with a new riddle when the city is struck by a deadly plague. Who is responsible?
Directed by Martin Jenkins
Oedipus: Martin Jarvis
Jocasta: Slim Phillips
Creon: John Rowe
Tiresias: Hugh Dickson
Manto his daughter: Frances Jeater
Corinthian Messenger: Nigel Graham
Phorbas: Timothy Bateson
Theban Slave: David Cooderson
Chorus Leader: Stephen Thorne
Chorus.: James Bryce, Jill Lidstonie, David Peart, Jean Trend
Repeated 23rd February 1984

5th June 1983
19.30 :
Thyestes by Seneca, Translated By: Jane Elder
Atreus and Thyestes have fought a long and bitter civil war. Exiled, Thyestes is persuaded to return home, ostensibly to share the throne but, in reality, Atreus Is plotting a horrifying act of revenge.
Music By: Christos Pittas
Singer: Martyn Hill (tenor)
Director: Martin Jenkins
Thyestes: Denis Quilley
Atreus: Richard Pasco
The Messenger: Anton Lesser
Fury: Hugh Dickson
Ghost of Tantalus: David March
Courtier: Anthony Newlands
Tantalus, Thyestes' son: Crawford Logan
His brothers: Stuart Organ, Simon Hewitt
Chorus: Hugh Dickson, David Gooderson, Simon Hewitt, Anton Lesser, Crawford Logan, Stuart Organ, Richard Pasco, Denis Quilley, Peter Tuddenham
Repeated 16th Februaru 1984

9th June 1983:
19.30 :
The Death of the Pythia or What Really Might Have Happened to Oedipus by Friedrich Durrenmatt, adapted for radio by Hans Hausmann and Martin Esslin.
Repeated from 9th January 1983- please see above.

12th June 1983
20.00 :
Return from Paradise (Fudaraku-no-Kishlbe) by Kiyokazu Yamamoto translated from the Japanese by John Bester
Music by Seiichiro Uno
This play, set in 16th-century Japan, deals with a clash of Christian and Buddhist Ideas about the voyage to Fudaraku (paradise) - in western eyes a type of ritual suicide.
This play won the RAI prize at the 1981 Prix Italia in its Japanese production by NHK. This English production uses the original music and sound effects tapes.
With members of the Gekidan Subaru
Directed By: Ian Cotterell
Father Joao Almeida: Hugh Dickson
Tozen, the Holy Voyager: Steve Hodson
Haru, a blkuni: Jill Lidstone
Chief Supervisor: John Bott
Official Senshiro Harada: Anthony Newlands
Old Women: Margot Boyd, Peggy Paige, Katherine Parr, Gladys Spencer
Repeated from 14th Noveber 1982
Repeated on Radio 4 on 20th April 1985

16th June 1983:
19.30 -21.50 :
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
with Music composed by Ilona Sekacz
Technical presentation by Tim Sturgeon, Richard Beadsmore,
Sarah Rosewarne and on location by Cedric Johnson and Andy Leslie.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Romeo: Ian Saynor
Juliet: Harriet Walter
the Nurse: Elizabeth Spriggs
Friar Laurence: Stephen Thorne
Mercutio: William Nighy
Benvollo: Alex Jennings
Chorus/Prince of Verona: Hugh Dickson
Tybalt: Stuart Organ
Paris: David Gooderson
Capulet: Timothy Bateson
Lady Capulet: Frances Jeater
Montague: Ronald Baddiley
Lady Montague: Hilda Schroder
Peter: David Peart
Balthazar: Steve Hodson
Apothecary: James Bryce
Friar John: Danny Schiller
Page: Jeremy Booker
Other parts ptayed by James Bryce, Steve Hodson, David Peart and Danny Schiller
Repeated 26th January 1984

19th June 1983:
19.05 :
The Dutch Curtezan (1605) by John Marston (1576-1634) adapted for radio by Peter Barnes
Two friends, one repressed and Puritan the other quite the opposite and about to be married, both with a relationship with a courtesan.
Fabulae Argumentum. The difference betwixt the love of a Curtezan and a wife, is the full scope of the Play, which intermixed with the deceits of a wittie Citie Jester, fils up the Comedie.
Music composed and conducted by Stephen Deutsch
Melissa Phelps (cello); Thomas Martin (double-bass); Maxim Rolands (piano) John Leach (cimbalom); Ann Cherry (flute); Malcolm Messiter (oboe, cor anglais); David Campbell (clarinet, bass clarinet); conducted by Stephen Deutsch
Directed By: Ian Cotterell
Young Freevill: Martin Jarvis
Francischina: Dilys Laye
Malheureux: Clive Francis
Beatrice: Tina Marian
Crispinella: Elizabeth Proud
Cocledemoy: Alan Rickman
Maister Mulligrub: Roy Kinnear
Caqueteur: John Warner
Tysefew: Michael Spice
Mary Faugh: Kathleen Helme
Holifernes Rains-Cure: Spencer Banks
Mistresse Mulligrub: Ann Beach
Putifer: Peggy Paige
Maister Burnish: Ronald Herdman
Lionell: Stuart Organ
Sir Lionell Freevill: Ronald Herdman
Sir Hubert Subboys: John Livesey
Repeated from 18th November 1982
[Background- London had a brothel called "Holland's Leguer". Mary Faugh and the Mulligrubs are identified as "Familists" (Family of Love) a Christian sect, possible forerunners of the Quakers.]

23rd June 1983
19.30 :
True West by Sam Shepard
Southern California. Cool nights and days of blazing heat and blinding light. Austin has come to his mother's home to work on a screenplay. Then a visitor arrives from the desert. Hall wild, half domesticated, like the coyotes that nightly scavenge the trash cans.
Directed By: Peter King
Lee: Lee Montague
Austin: Jonathan Pryce
Saul Kimmer: Alan Tilvern
Mom: Mildred Shay
Repeated 9th February 1984

3rd July 1983:
19.30 :
The Trial by Franz Kafka dramatised for radio by Hanif Kureishi
Joseph K is an unexceptional man. He lives a quiet life and works in a bank. But one ordinary morning he is woken by two men, and finds himself under arrest. What Is his crime? From that moment on Joseph K enters a strange, bewildering world of nightmare.
Directed By: David Spenser
Joseph K: Mike Gwilym
Willem: David Peart
Franz: Stuart Organ
Frau Grubach: Madi Hedd
Inspector: Simon Hewitt
Neighbour: Eva Stuart
Block: Michael Bilton
Woman in the Courtroom: Rosalind Adams
Advocate: Nigel Graham
Examining Magistrate: Edward Cast
Secretary: Jean Trend
Girl: Wendy Murray
Representative of Enquiries Department: Ray Jones
Bank Clerk: Robi Browne
Uncle: Stephen Thorne
Leni: Miriam Margolyes
Titoralli/Whipper: Jim Reid
Priest: Hugh Dickson
First broadcast on Radio 4 on 29th November 1982 and 5th December 1982

4th July 1983:
22.00 :
Fear, Again and Again written By: Michael Foss
A reconstruction of the final years of Franz Kafka. On Tuesday 3 June 1924, Dr Franz Kafka, a writer in German who used to live in Prague, died in Kierling Sanatorium, near Vienna. Here in Prague very few people knew him, for he was a hermit, a man of insight who was frightened by life. He was shy, timid, gentle and kind, but his books were cruel and painful.'
Directed By: Maurice Leitch
Kafka: Kenneth Cranham
with Timothy Bateson, Charlotte Cornwell, Hilda Schroder, James Bryce, James Kerry, Michael Bilton and Brett Usher

7th July 1983:
19.30 :
All for Love (or The World Well Lost) John Dryden
To conform to the dramatic rules of his day. Dryden reconcelved and rewrote Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra. The result is a powerful example of post- Restoration tragedy.
Directed By: Martin Jenkins
Anthony: John Turner
Octavia: Maureen O'Brien
Cleopatra: Barbara Jefford
Ventidius: Nigel Stock
Alexas: David March
Dollabella: John Rowe
Serapion, a Priest: Hugh Dickson
Myris: Stephen Thorne
Iras: Jill Lidstone
Charmion: Frances Jeater
Repeated 22nd March 1984

10th July 1983:
19.15 :
Summer by Edward Bond
Marthe lives In a cliff- top house on the Yugoslavian coast. Once the house was Xenia's and Marthe was her servant. Xenia visits her and the two of them are forced to reconsider the life they once shared ...
A National Theatre production
Executive producer Anthony Vivis
Directed by Edward Bond
Marthe: Yvonne Bryceland
Xenla: Anna Massey
Ann: Eleanor David
David: David Yelland
German: David Ryall
Drunk: Robert Oats
Other parts played by Jill Lidstone, Crawford Logan, Wendy Murray, Patience Tomlinson
Repeated from 23rd December 1982

14th July 1983:
19.30 :
The Seagull by Anton Chekhov translated by Elisaveta Fen
' ... An idea suddenly came into my head. A subject for a short story: a young girl, like you, has lived beside a lake from childhood. She loves the lake as a seagull does, and she's happy and free as a seagull. But a man chances to come along, sees her, and having nothing better to do, destroys her just like this seagull here.'
Directed By: Gerry Jones
Arkadina: Gwen Watford
Nina: Petra Markham
Trigorin: James Laurenson
Konstantln: Michael Maloney
Masha: Patience Tomiinson
Dr Dorn: Richard Pearson
Sorin: Cyril Shaps
Polena: Jennifer Piercey
Medviedenko: Sion Probert
Shamrayev: Nicholas Courtney
Yakov: Haydn Wood
Repeated from 27th April 1981

17th July 1983
19.30 :
The Spectre by David Cregan (1931-2015)
A middle-ranking Foreign Office diplomat has committed suicide. Such was his nature in life, and such the circumstances of his death, that there is inevitably an investigation into the reasons for it. Perhaps it was really a question of loyalties, personal ones rather than patriotic ones.
Directed By: John Tydeman
Roberts: Edward Hardwicke
Investigator: Clive Swift
Smith: Charles Kay
Emily: Helen Horton
Spencer: William Roberts
Mario: Steve Hodson
Repeated 18th November 1984

20th July 1983
Kin by Gabriel Josipovici
A man sitting alone in the middle of an empty room is visited by another man. They engage in an intensely personal dialogue, part interrogation, part confession. Are the two men friends? Brothers? Is one, or indeed either of them, in that empty room at all?
Directed By: John Theocharis
Parts played by Kenneth Haigh and Bernard Gallagher
Repeated 5th April 1984

21st July 1983
19.30 :
A Mad World, My Masters (1605) by Thomas Middleton (1580-1627) adapted for radio by Peter Barnes (1931-2004)
Directed By: Penny Gold
Dick Follywit: Roy Marsden
Sir Bounteous Progress: James Villiers
Francesca: Theresa Streatfeild
Penitent Brothel: Ian McDiarmid
Hoboy: Steve Hodson
Mawworm: Simon Hewitt
Francesca's mother: Brenda Bruce
Shortrod Harebrain: Stephen Thorne
Mistress Harebrain: Miranda Forbes
Posset ¶: James Kerry
Inesse: Jim Reid
Sir Colewort/Jasper: Hugh Dickson
Gunwater (Gumwater)/Rafe (Ralph): Ronald Baddiley
Constable/Watchman: Chas Bryer
Footman: David Gooderson
[¶ The original play has no character named Posset, this may refer to a character called Possibility, who holds land <i>in posse</i> -anticipated possession- as opposed to <i>in esse</i> in possession. In the play Inesse and Possibility are brothers, the names should be linked! Two other names differ from the original text, the original character names are in brackets() above. The Courtesan was unnamed in the original. Gumwater was a solution of gum arabic. A maw-worm was a nemotode parasite. ]
[Peter Barnes adapted two other Middleton plays for radio 3]
Repeated 7th October 1984.

28th July 1983:
21.50 :
You've Never Slept in Mine by Jessie Kesson (1916-1994)
A day In the life of 15-year-old Debbie, newly-arrived in a girls' assessment centre where no one keeps secrets for long, and the law of the jungle is rigid and vicious.
Music composed and played by Robert Sandall
Directed By: Marilyn Ireland
Debbie: Elaine Collins
Ginny: Maureen Carr
Carol: Phyllis Logan
Wilma: Caroline Guthrie
Susan: Tracey Spence
Miss McCabe: Terry Cavers
Debbie's mother: Eileen McCallum
Debbie's father: Finlay McLean
(First broadcast on Radio Scotland)
[32 page script held by University of Glasgow]

31st July 1983:
22.00 :
Kisch-Kisch by Alun Owen
Two brothers meet again after the funeral of David's wife. It becomes an evening of confession and expiation.
Directed By: John Tydeman
David: Geoffrey Palmer
John: Charles Kay
Repeated from 19th October 1983

August brings the Proms with short readings or monologues in between the music, plus poetry, discussions, conversations, presentations, histories- not a lot of drama.

14th August 1983:
18.50 - 19.30:
Fishfall on 47th Street by Ruth Brandon.
Charles Fort couldn't get the Book of the Damned published because it contained no love interest. Theodore Dreiser's novel The Genius was banned because of lewdness. Taking their long correspondence as her starting point, Ruth Brandon has written a fictional account of how the two writers planned authorial revenge.
Directed By: Clare Taylor
Charles Fort: Lou Hirsch
Theodore Dreiser: Ed Bishop
Anna Fort: Frances Jeater
Jones: Nigel Graham
Mrs Konopke: Miranda Forbes
Ellen: Theresa Streatfeild
Mona: Wendy Murray
Reporter: Crawford Logan
Repeated from 7th December 1982

18th August 1983:
21.45 :
Watching the Plays Together by Rhys Adrian.
Every evening Rosemary and Gerald sit down in front of their television set and watch the plays together. Sometimes she leaves the room to make tea or phone her mother, sometimes he reads the paper. Every evening they talk to each other as successive teleplays unfold upon the screen. Occasionally they recognise similarities between the screen fiction and people they know. There comes a point when fact and fiction become confused.
Directed By: John Tydeman
Rosemary: Rosemary Leach
Gerald: James Grout
The actors in the plays within the play are played by Frances Jeater and Ronald Herdman.
[A Giles Cooper Award Winner 1983]
Repeated from 17th October 1982
Also repeated on Radio 4 on 22nd September 1984.

21st August 1983:
17.45-20.00 :
A Month in the Country by Ivan Turgenev (1818-83) translated by Isaiah Berlin.
Engaged by Natalaya Petrovna as a temporary tutor for her son, the student Beryaev's fresh young presence disturbs the fragile balance of everything in the quiet provincial world of her house in the country.
Music composed by Max Early
Directed by David Spenser
Natalaya Petrovna: Maureen O'Brien
Mikhail Aleksandrovich Rakitin: Mike Gwilym
Vera Aleksandrovna: Sylvestra Le Touzel
Ignaty Ilyich Shpigelsky: Benjamin Whitrow
Aleksey Nikolayevich: Gerard Murphy
Arkady Sergeyevich Islayev: Gabriel Woolf
Anna Semyenovna Islayeva: Jill Balcon
Afanassi Ivanovich: Roger Hammond
Kolia: Jill Lidstone
Lizavyeta Bogdanovna: Maggie McCarthy
Adam Ivanovich Schaaf: Danny Schiller
Matvei: Clive Panto
Katya: Pauline Siddle
Repeated 13th February 1985
[There have been a number of radio productions of this play in various translations, from 1941 onwards...]

25th August 1983:
21.35 :
The Barometer by Alexandr Kliment (1929-2017) translated by James Naughton
Two elderly people meet on a train. They get into conversation and gradually they discover that they needn't settle for rife as it is ...
Directed By: Christopher Venning
Clara Stepankova: Pauline Letts
Emmanuel Navratil: Michael Spice
Other parts played by Jean Trend, David Peart

28th August 1983:
19.30 :
Liberty Comes to Krahwinkel (Freiheit in Krahwinkel) by Johann Nestroy(1801-1862) translated and freely adapted for radio by Sybil and Colin Welch.
This satirical comedy, first produced in Vienna in 1848, lightheartedly reflects the excitement of the student revolution of that year and the downfall of Metternich, Chancellor of Austria.
Music composed by Elizabeth Poston.
The Richard Hickox singers and the City of London Sinfonia Instrumental Ensemble. Music direction by John Rutter
Directed By: Glyn Dearman
Ultra: George Layton
Burgomaster: John Hollis
Klaus: Timothy Bateson
Frau von Frankenfrei: Frances Jeater
Nightwatchman: Eric Allan
Pemperl: Alan Dudley
Schabenfellner: Geoffrey Collins
Cacilie: Jill Lidstone
Wachs: John Webb
Pfilfspitz: Peter Tuddenham
Reaczerl: John Rye
Emerenzia: Hilda Schroder
Actor-manager: Michael Bilton
Sperling: Clive Panto
Rummelpuff: James Bryce
Frau Pemperl: Margot Boyd
Frau Schabenfellner: Jane Wenham
Frau Kloppel: Jill Simcox
Frau von Schnabelbeiss: Kadi Hedd
Adele: Pauline Siddle
Walpurga: Kathhyn Hurlbutt
Other parts played by Christian Comber, Michael Jenner and Alex Jennings

4th September 1983:
18.15 :
They Are Dying Out (Die Unvernunftigen sterben aus - 1973) by Peter Handke translated by Michael Roloff
Are the great capitalist entrepreneurs the dinosaurs of our society? If so, Hermann Quitt, a leading industrialist alienated from both himself and the world, is determined to go out with a bang.
Music by James Walker
Music played by James Walker and Tony McVey
Directed by Penny Gold
Hermann Quitt: Tom Wilkinson
Count von Wullnow: Robert Stephens
Hans: Ronald Herdman
Franz Kilb: Bill Nighy
Berthold Koerber-Kent: Kerry Francis
Karl-Heinz Lutz: Ian Frost
Paula Tax: Monica Grey
Quilt's wife: Maggie McCarthy

8th September 1983
21.45 :
Portions Mechanically Reproduced by Carol Adorjan
Roberta and Ernest are obsessed with tape recorders and video equipment. So much so that the outside world has lost its reality. Their lives are filled with games and illusions.
Directed By: Peter King
Roberta: Margaret Tyzack
Ernest: Gary Waldhorn
Repeated from 9th November 1982

15th September 1983
21.30 :
Rotunda Blue by Neil Donnelly
Two couples meet in a Dublin flat for a swinging party but by the end of the evening perhaps no one's hopes will be realised.
Directed by Marilyn Ireland
BBC Northern Ireland
Siobhain: Deirdre Donnelly
Ollie: Michael Lally
Doreen: Marcella O'Riordan
Fergus: Maoliosa Stafford
Repeated 8th July 1984
[A radio script is held by the University of Glasgow]

18th September 1983
19.00-21.00 :
Serjeant Musgrave's Dance by John Arden
A serjeant and three soldiers arrive in a strike-ridden northern town during the winter time, 100 years ago.
Ostensibly they are there to find recruits, but, in fact, they are deserters, and the serjeant is obsessed with a passionate belief that he must wake his countrymen to the futility and brutality of war.
Music arranged by: Ilona Sekacz
Director: Martin Jenkins
Private Sparky: Keith Drinkel
Private Hurst: William Nighy
Private Attercliffe: Norman Jones
Bludgeon, a bargee: Bryan Pringle
Serjeant Musgrave: John Thaw
Parson: John Rye
Mrs Hitchcock: Katherine Parr
Annie: Annette Robertson
Constable: Nigel Graham
Mayor: George A Cooper
Slow collier: Steve Hodson
Pugnacious collier: Don Henderson
Walsh, an earnest collier: Crawford Logan
Trooper: Stuart Organ
An Officer: Jim Reid
First broadcast on Radio 4 on 27th September 1982
Other versions were produced by John Gibson (1962, rpt 1976) and Toby Swift (2003)

22nd September 1983:
19.30 :
Moondog by Tom McGrath (1940-2009)
A tragi-comic account of one man's attempt to opt out of his society and his society's attempt to ensure that he cannot do so.
Directed By: Tom Kinninmont
BBC Scotland
Jack: Ron Bain
Joe: Gregor Fisher
Peggy: Shelley Lee
Repeated from 19th December 1982
[The third story of a trilogy, 1: Who are you anyway (R3 18/6/81, 8/8/82) 2: Very important business (not on radio) ] [A copy of the radio script is held by University of Glasgow]

23rd September 1983:
21.55 :
Winter is Coming by Aidan Higgins
An elegy for Andalucia. As winter gathers over Southern Spain, four expatriates watch themselves, each other and the world.
Location recordings by Antonio Jesus Fernandez
Directed By: Piers Plowright
Dan: Norman Rodway
Olivia: Frances Jeater
The Warholes: James Kerry
The Warholes: Sylvia Coleridge
Repeated 30th September 1984

25th September 1983:
20.10 :
Brontosaurus (1977) by Lanford Wilson (1937-2011)
I'm uneasy with strangers. Relative strangers. Strangers who are relatives - we are the nervous dumb brontosaurs who knew only that at the very least their lives would have a form: a shape, a beginning and a middle and for those who cared for it a progeny, and finally and blissfully, or regrettably an end ...'
Directed By: Ian Cotterell (1930-1995)
Antique dealer: Margaret Robertson
Her assistant: Denyse Alexander
Her nephew: Rolf Saxon
Repeated 22nd July 1984

29th September 1983:
19.30 :
Actors or Playing for Real freely adapted by Peter Barnes from Evelyn Rishburn's translation of Lo Fingido Verdadero (c 1608) by Lope de Vega (1562-1635)
Music composed and conducted by Stephen Boxer
Lope de Vega is said to have written 1,500 plays of which about 400 have survived. This black comedy chronicles the rise of the Emperor Diocletian and the unlikely conversion and martyrdom of the Roman actor Genesius - now the patron saint of all actors.
Directed by: Ian Cotterell (1930-1995)
Curius: James Kerry
Maximian: Seak Arnold
Diocletian: Timothy West
Camilla: Ann Beach
Aurelius: Ronald Baddiley
Numerian: David Peart
Aper: Patrick Baril
Carinus: Alan Rickman
Cello: Alex Jennings
Rosarda: Frances Jeater
Genesius: Denis Quilley
Lelius: Edward Cast
Lentiulus: Harold Innocent
Pinabelus: Peter Woodthorpe
Patricius: Michael Bilton
Marcella: Tina Marian
Fabricius: Timothy Bateson
Octavius: Stephen Boxer
Soldier: Stuart Organ
Also with Madi Hedd, Hilda Schroder, Jean Trend
[The Spanish title translates as "Real fakery" or "False truth", also translated to "The Great Pretenders" and "Acting is Believing"]

2nd October 1983
19.30 :
Marching Song by John Whiting,
Following his country's defeat, General Forster has been imprisoned for seven years. Now he has been released. Why did he lose the war? Should he be subjected to a public trial, or should he agree to kill himself?
Directed By: Martin Jenkins
Harry Lancaster: Nigel Stock
Dido Morgen: Frances Jeater
Matthew Sangosse: Alan Dudley
Fr Anselm: Manning Wilson
Catherine de Troyes: Billie Whitelaw
Rupert Forster: Michael Bryant
John Cadmus,: Alan Webb
Bruno Hurst: David Timson
First broadcast on Radio 4 on 29th July 1974, repeated 4th August 1974, and 29th July 1979
[An operatic version followed on Radio 3 on 3rd October 1983]

6th October 1983:
19.30 :
The Jigsaw Must Fit
A play with music written and composed by Christopher Whelen (1927-1993)
Technical presentation by Peter Harwood and Richard Beadsmore
Directed By: Ronald Mason
Professor Durham: Robert Eddison
Marcia Durham: Sian Phillips
Robin Baumgarten: William Nighy
Joanna Templeton: Elizabeth Proud
Seal: Haydn Jones
Julie Durham: Jill Lidstone
Journalists: James Kerry
Journalists: Stuart Organ

9th October 1983:
19.15 :
The Assassin (Les Mains Salles) by Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980) translated by Frank Hauser
'I loved Hoederer ... I loved him more than I've ever loved anyone in the world. I loved looking at him and listening to him ... when I was with him I felt at peace. It's not my crime which is killing me, it's his death.'
Directed By: Martin Jenkins
Olga: Miriam Margolyes
Hugo: Christian Rodska
Charles: Christopher Scott
Franz: John McAndrew
Louis: Martyn Read
Ivan: David Bradshawe
Jessica: Jane Knowles
Georges: Anthony Jackson
Slick: Tony Robinson
Hoederer: Robert Lang
Karsky: Brian Haines
Prince Paul: Geoffrey Matthews
First broadcast on Radio 4 on 8th December 1980

13th October 1983
20.15 :
Caught on the Crossing by Manny Draycott Michael's mother Eleanor feels caught between two very different cultural backgrounds. Although English, she spent a happy, European-style childhood in Corsica and has never really settled in England since her return. Her impending marriage into the upper middle-classes brings her to a real crisis of identity as she observes their very different attitudes towards elitism and violence in Directed By: Cherry Cookson
Bernard's voice: Michael Jenner
Michael: Tim Pigott-Smith
Eleanor: Susan Wooldridge
Anthony: Alan Rlckman
Michael's mother: Maxlne Audley

Repeated 10th June 1984

16th October 1983:
19.40 :
Out in the Cold by Susan Hill
When an elderly French woman who is dying leaves hospital in the dead of winter and summons her daughter Cecile whom she has not seen for 11 years, is Cecile's compulsion to return to her mother inspired by guilt - or is there some other motive?
Directed By: Richard Wortley
Edith: Pauline Letts
Cecile: Fiona Walker
Alec: Peter Howell
First ambulance man: Steve Hodson
Second ambulance man: Stephen Thorne
Cecile as a child: Jill Lidstone
Old woman: Katharine Parr
Repeated from 16th December 1982

20th October 1983:
19.30 :
Folkeraadet (People's Council) by Gunnar Heiberg translated from the Norwegian by Ian Rodger
Music specially composed (1897) by Frederick Delius (1862-1934)
The people are threatened by Invasion from a neighbouring country and. exasperated by their vacillating, self-seeking leaders, send them to lead the troops into battle.
The music echoes the satire and Delius' use of the Norwegian National Anthem provoked riots in the Christiana Theatre at its first production in 1897 - leading to a pistol shot being fired.
BBC Concert Orchestra conducted by Ashley Lawrence
Directed by David Johnston
Ella: Maureen O'Brien
the Poet: Nigel Anthony
Sparrow: Michael Deeks
Speaker of the Council: Charles Simon
Brash: Ronald Baddiley
Pomp: Hugh Dickson
Gregorius: Nigel Graham
Stoll: John Rye
Vestby: James Kerry
Tailor: David Peart
Shoemaker: Henry Stamper
Farmer/Second stranger: Timothy Bateson
Constable: Stephen Thorne
Tourist: Alex Jennings
Curator: Michael Bilton
First woman: Madi Hedd
Second woman: Jean Trend
Boy: Jill Lidstone
Stranger/Second boy: Stuart Organ
Repeated 16th December 1984

23rd October 1983:
19.20-21.00 :
Never In My Lifetime by Shirley Gee
The love between a British soldier and a young girl from Belfast inevitably entangled in the rage of conflicting
ideals. The repercussions of a violent incident are felt by six people who are and, in their different ways, closely involved.
Drums played by Nigel Shipway
Directed by David Spencer
Tom: Robert Glenister
Charlie: Bill Nighy
Tessie: Angael Grehan
Moira: Maggie Shevlin
Wife: Harriet Walter
Mother: Kate Binchy
Old man: Anthony Newlands
Young man: Jim Reid
Voices: Wendy Murray
Repeated on Radio 4 on 27th February 1984 and 23rd July 1984.

27th October 1983
20.00 :
Five Hours with Mario by Miguel Delibes (1920-2010)
Repeated from 1st May 1983- please see above.

30th October 1983:
20.05 :
A. N. Other by Ted Moore
Repeated from 6th March 1983 - please see above.

3rd November 1983
20.10 :
Ar Lan y Mor by Nigel Baldwin
A young, English working-class couple, Sarn and Phil, have just got married. Their marriage could hardly be described as Ideal neither of them has much money and Phil has to go straight back home after the short honeymoon and sign on '. Through the sad but poetic Welsh proprietress of the guest house where they are staying, they discover that there are worse things than not having enough money ...
Directed by Richard Wortley
Einwen: Meg Wynn Owen
Sarn: Pauline Siddle
Phil: Russell Dixon
Selwyn: Richard Derrington
Man: John Webb
[The title Ar lan y môr, translates as "beside the sea" or "by the seaside" and is a Welsh love song]
Repeated 2nd September 1984

6th November 1983
18.15 -21.00 (with a ten minute interval):
Luther by John Osborne
To coincide with the 500th anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther on 10 November 1483, this is the first radio production of John Osborne's epic play originally staged in the theatre in 1961.
Luther, outspoken critic of the High Church, attacks the abuse of indulgences.
Directed by John Tydeman
Martin Luther: Clive Merrison
Prior: James Kerry
Hans, Martin's father: Geoffrey Matthews
Lucas: John Hollis
Brother Weinand: Eric Allan
John Tetzel: Peter Bull
Johann von Staupitz: Cyril Luckham
Cajetan: Timothy Bateson
Pope Leo X: Scott Cherry
Karl von Miltitz: John Rye
Johann von Eck: James Bryce
Knight: Kerry Francis
Katherine von Bora: Eileen Tully
Repeated 27th January 1985, 9th January 1994
[ Clive Merrison: 1984 Sony Radio Award for the best performance by an actor -for this production]

8th November 1983:
20.05 :
Heyday's by Chris Miller
1 of 6 visits to the celebrated London wine bar.
1: Called To The Bar
Will Heyday's, renowned for both its wine and its wit, be chosen as Wine Bar of Year? Not if one man has any say in the matter. And he does.
Producer Louise Purslow
Mr Leo Heyday: Cyril Cusack
Su: Fiona Walker
Kaye: Alison Skilbeck
Loader: Clive Merrison
Boodle: Richard Pasco
Repeated 12th March 1985

9th November 1983:
19.10-19.45 :
Passing Time by Rhys Adrian.
Two nonagenarians discusss time present and time past from the comfort of their leather armchairs. The place they sit in seems rather like a Gentleman's Club - but it isn't quite that.
Directed by John Tydeman
Edward: John Gielgud
Roger: Raymond Huntley
The Waiter: John Rye
Repeated on Radio 4 on 19th April 1984.

10th November 1983
19.30 :
Amadeus by Peter Shaffer
Repeated from 23rd January 1983 - please see above.

13th November 1983
by David Thomson (1914-1988) Adapted By: Philip Donnella
' I was 18 when I first saw Woodbrook. The children pulled me towards the window of the car and I saw its slate roof from the turn of the road at the top of Hughestown Hill. More than 30 years later it is still there - but the scene is different ...' .
Set in Roscommon. David Thomson's account recalls a poignant love affair with the Irish countryside, the people. and, in particular, the young tutor's pupil, Phoebe, daughter of the Big House.
Producer: Maurice Leitch
David: Maurice Denham
Ivy: Sian Phillips
Phoebe: Janina Faye
Charlie: Kevin Flood
the young David: Joseph Blatchley
With Garard Green, Michael Golden, Allan McClelland, Joan Matheson, Manning Wilson, and Kenneth Shanley, and the voices of some of the country people of Roscommon.
Repeated from 11th March 1982
Repeated 21st January 1990

15th November 1983
20.45-21.05 :
Heyday's by Chris Miller
2 of 6 visits to the celebrated London wine bar.
2: One Man's Meat: ' Why do we eat? ' may seem an odd question. Mr Heyday's customers come up with some odd answers.
Producer Louise Purslow
Mr Leo Heyday: Cyril Cusack
Peggy/Janey: Alison Skilbeck
Franny: Fiona Walker
Anders: Clive Merrison
Boodle: Richard Pasco
Motley: Hugh Walters
Repeated 15th March 1985

22nd November 1983:
21.00 :
3 of 6 visits to Heyday's by Chris Miller: Idle Hands : Lunchtime. A union leader, a businessman, a feminist and two information technologists look at the future of work.
Producer Louise Purslow
Mr Leo Heyday: Cyril Cusack
Kaye: Alison Skilbeck
Franny: Fiona Walker
Motley: Hugh Walters
Crunt: Richard Pasco
Quidsin: Clive Merrison
Repeated 19th March 1985

24th November 1983
19.30 :
Garland for a Hoar Head by John Arden (1930-2012)
How John Skelton, the 16th-century poet, parson. scholar and political satirist of unparalleled virulence, outwitted the great Cardinal Wolsey.
Directed By: Alfred Bradley
John Skelton : Freddie Jones
Chronicler/Abbot of: Ronald Baddiley
Narrator: Heather Sears
Countess of Surrey: Fiona Walker
First lady: Sue Jenkins
Second lady: Valerie Georgeson
Third lady,: Judith Barker
Mr Statham/Parrot: Charles Foster
inne: Meg Johnson
Mary: Lesley Nicol
Bishop of Norwich/Printer: Graham Roberts
Cardinal Wolsey: David Calder
Dean of York.: Russell Dixon
First broadcast 25th February 1982
[Meg Johnson is listed as playing 'inne' for both broadcasts. The play's text does not seem to be available]

27th November 1983
20.00 :
On Trial for Life compiled from the Inquisitional Archives and presented by Ferdinand Woodward
A re-enactment of the trial of Fray Luis de Leon,
Director Piers Plowright
Producer Judith Bumpus
Fray Luis: Jeremy Irons
the Inquisitor: Peter Vaughan
Andres de Alava/Alonso de Fonseca: Anthony Newlands
Bartolome de Medina Inquisitor General, GasparLeon de Castro: Godfrey Kenton
Gaspar de Uceda: James Kerry
Inquisitor General/Gaspar de Quiroga: Ronald Baddiley

29th November 1983
20.45-21.05 :
Heyday's by Chris Miller
4 of 6: Duty Free Speech
Post-election blues. Are the Tories now to be considered the natural party of misgovernment? The customers decide.
Producer Louise Purslow
Mr Leo Heyday: Cyril Cusack
Anders: Clive Merrison
Boodle: Richard Pasco
Su: Fiona Walker
Baclogh: Hugh Walters
Peggy: Alison Skilbeck
Repeated 22nd March 1985

Due to industrial action no Radio Times was published covering programmes broadcast on 3rd to 9th December 1983.

6th December 1983
time nk
Heyday's by Chris Miller
5 of 6: God's Lot
Producer Louise Purslow
Mr Leo Heyday: Cyril Cusack
Su: Fiona Walker
Boodle: Richard Pasco
Anders: Clive Merrison
Janey: Alison Skilbeck
Thrush: Hugh Walters
Repeated 26th March 1985

11th December 1983
20.30 :
Hoopoe Day by Harry Barton
An ancient bird-watcher dreams of seeing the rarest of vagrants in his back garden, yet fears he may have wandered in to the third and final stage of ornithology.
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
Nicholas: Christopher Casson
Maria: Doreen Hepburn
Will: Aiden Grennell
George/Mad Ornithologist: Maurice O'Callaghan
First broadcast 5th October 1982
[(Giles Cooper Award Winner 1983)]

13th December 1983
20.30 :
Heyday's by Chris Miller
6 of 6: Ladies Last
The bar is invaded by feminists.
Producer: Louise Purslow
Mr Leo Heyday: Cyril Cusack
Kaye/Peggy: Allson Skilbeck
Loader: Clive Merrison
Mutley: Huch Walters
Fanny: Fiona Walker
Repeated 29th March 1985

18th December 1983:
19.50 :
Men's Group by Peter Tegel
'...we're all men trying to re-establish contact in a fundamental way that is not anti-women. We're men trying to take a deep look at ourselves...'
Director: Richard Wortley
Ben: William Nighy
Kate: Maggie McCarthy
Mike: Spencer Banks
Annie: Margot Boyd
Jim: Stephen Pinner
George: Alex Jennings
Jock: Bill Leadbitter
Chris: Alaric Cotter
Dan: George Pensotti
Davy: Jeremy Flynn
Doctor: Michael Bilton
Barbara/Carol: Carole Boyd
Jenny: Madi Hedd
Don/Ambulance driver: David Peart
Joan: Pauline Biddle
Repeated on Radio 4 on 10th November 1986

22nd December 1983:
Josef and Maria by Peter Turrini
Translated and adapted for radio by David Roger
It is Christmas Eve and the silence in the department store is shattered when Muria shouts Christmas greetings over the public address system Josef is her only audience. For the part-time cleaner and the nightwatchman it is the start of an evening of memories, music and romance.
Directed By: Jeremy Mortimer
Josef: Maurice Denham
Maria: Elizabeth Spriggs
Store announcer: Monica Grey
Personnel Manager: James Bryce
Doorman: Michael Jenner
Repeated 9th December 1984
Repeated on Radio 4 on 11th January 1987

25th December 1983:
19.00-21.00 :
Sir Thomas More - Presumed to be by William Shakespeare and others
Radio version by Penny Gold
Music composed by: Philip Lane
Director: Martin Jenkins
Sir Thomas More: Ian McKellen
Betts/Witt: Stuart Organ
Lincoln/Butler: Eric Allan
Doll Williamson: Carole Boyd
De Barde/Erasmus: Michael Shannon
Williamson: Brett Usher
Caveler/William Roper: Alex Jennings
Sherwin: Michael Bilton
Lord Mayor: John Hollis
Suresby: Bernard Brown
Smart/First Player: Clive Panto
Lifter: Haydn Jones
Shrewsbury: Cyril Lucham
Surrey: David Gooderson
Palmer: Geoffrey Collins
Catesby: John Webb
Clown/Horsekeeper: James Bryce
John Munday/Brewer: Timothy Bateson
Downes: David Peart
Sheriff/Warder: Peter Tuddenham
Boy player: Richard Huw
Lady More: Jean Trend
Lady Mayoress: Madi Hedd
Bishop of Rochester: Godfrey Kenton
Mistress Roper: Fiona Walker
Lieutenant of the Tower: Michael Spice
Repeated 27th February 1985
[In a Nottingham stage production in 1964 with Ian McKellen playing More, director Martin Jenkins played the parts of Lifter and Gough]

The next apparent Radio 3 drama was 1st January 1984.

Many thanks to Stephen Shaw for compiling the entries.

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