Radio 3 Drama, 1982

Compiled by Stephen Shaw


1st January 1982:
21.15-21.45 :
The Belman of London (1608), adapted by David Nathan from the writings of the Jacobean playwright Thomas Dekker (c. 1572 - 1632) .
Directed By: Jenyth Worsley
the Belman: Michael Pennington
Street musician: Doug Wootton
Street musician: Lucie Skeaping
Beggar: Margaret Robertson
Beggar: Sion Probert
Repeated 2nd April 1982 and 7th September 1982

3rd January 1982
20.00 :
eye an autobiography of E E Cummings (1894-1962) by David Ossman.
When God decided to invent everything he took one breath bigger than a circus tent and everything began. Specially improvised music by Stewart Allin
Directed By: Alec Reid
eec: Don Fellows
him: Kerry Shale
her: Yvonne Adalian
Also with Iain Kendell and John Lewis.
[Yvonne Adalian's only BBC credit, she is Canadian and recorded many radio plays for CBC]
[David Ossman's only BBC credit- he is American and produced radio programs for NPR.]
[Some books gave the authors name as e e cummings, but an assertion in a book that he referred to himself in lower case was disputed. Cummings free form poetry frequently used lower case. The Radio Times entry was all in lower case and with no punctuation- corrected above. E. Cummings (name) can be safely capitalized; it was one of his publishers, not he himself, who lowercased his name.

7th January 1982
19.30-21.15 :
The Atheist. by Thomas Otway, adapted for radio by Peter Barnes.
1680: London Society has been turned topsy-turvy by hundreds of disbanded Army Officers looking for sex and money. Some have married; some have avoided the trap. The play follows the attempts of several ladies to ensnare Captain Beaugard and to bring Captain Courtine to his senses.
Music by Christopher Whelen
Directed By: Martin Jenkins
Beaugard, an unattached Captain and Gentleman: Denis Quilley
Courtine, an unhappily married Captain: John Rowe
Sylvia, a rejected wife: Sarah Badel
Porcia, a bawdy widow: Anna Massey
Lucrecia, a bawdy spinster: Diana Bishop
Daredevil, an atheist: Peter Jones
Beaugard's father, a bankrupt: Geoffrey Matthews
Fourbin: Henry Knowles
Mrs Furnish/Phyllis: Sonia Fraser
Theodoret: Geoffrey Collins
Gratian: Bryan Marshall
Dwarf: Danny Schiller
Chloris: Eve Karpf
First ruffian: John Webb
Second ruffian: Stephen Garlick
Rosano: John Livesey
Boy: David Bradshawe
Repeated from 31st May 1981

10th January 1982:
19.45 :
Florent and the Tuxedo Millions by Peter Redgrove.
Florent , looking for a career for herself after Cambridge, becomes a private detective, with highly unforeseen results.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
Angharad Rees: Florence Florent
Dan Florence: Timothy Bateson
Dee: Benny Lee
Battersea: Conrad Phillips
Tall Boy and the New Dan: Guy Gregory
Tuxedo: Jack Holloway
Harry Aitch: Nicholas McArdle
Godstop: Sion Probert
Prosper Butler: Michael Tudor Barnes
Also with Julia Hills, David Ponting, Brian Gear, Derek Graham, Paul Nicholson
Repeated on 29th July 1982

12th January 1982
21.40 :
Majorana. Disappearance of a Physicist
The enquiry by Leonardo Sciascia. translated and adapted by Gabriel Josipovici and Sacha Rabinovitch.
The dead get found; it is the living who can disappear.
In 1938 the Sicillian Ettore Majorana left suicide notes, caught the steamer from Naples for Palermo and disappeared. Aged 32, he was one of the very few physicists left in Italy or Germany capable of solving the problems of nuclear fission.
Did he really commit suicide, or did he choose to disappear?
Musique concrete by Elizabeth Parker of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
Producer Richard Keek
Sciascia: Peter Jeffrey
Ettore Majorana: Tim Woodward
Also with: Cyril Shaps, John Rye, Malcolm Hayes, George Parsons, John Livesey, Margaret Robertson, Pauline Letts, Giancar Ciccone, Enrico Verdecchi and Anna Maria Grecas
Repeated from 16th September 1981

19th January 1982:
21.55 :
The Row over 'La Ronde'- Edited version of the trial transcript by Rainer Lewandowski, translated and adapted by Frank Marcus.
On 22 February 1921, a riot took place at the Little Theatre [Kleines Schauspielbaus] in Berlin, over the alleged obscenity in Arthur Schnitzler's Play, 'La Ronde'. The theatre management and the actors were prosecuted. But the trial bad a more sinister purpose than the indictment of a supposedly erotic performance. Schnitzler himself banned performances of the play until 50 years after his death.
Commentary by Hugh Rank
Directed by Alec Reid
Judge Brennhausen: John Moffatt
Defence Counsel Wolfgang Heine: Alan Dobie
Public Prosecutor Von Bradtke: Hugh Dickson
Expert Witnesses:
Professor Karl Brunner: Peter Vaughan
Doctor Alfred Kerr: Valentine Dyall
Gertrud Eysoldt: Jill Balcon
Maximilian V Sladek: Crawford Logan
Robert Forster-Larrinaga: Geoffrey Collins
Theodora Reineck: Annie Leon
Dr Johannes Steinweg: Lockwood West
Klara Muller: Jean Trend
Joachim Hochradel: Andrew Branch
Ernst Friedlander: Terry O'Brien
Soldier.: Geoffrey Collins
Housemaid: Wendy Murray
Husband: Derek Chandler
Young Woman: Miranda Forbes
Poet: Spencer Banks
Girl: Patience Tomlinson
Repeated 7th April 1982.
[Arthur schnitzler died 21/10/1931. This play is about a stage play written in Austrian German as 'Reigen' in 1897. There were some difficulties when the 1897 play was staged in 1921. The 1897 play was made into a French film in 1950 and the French film title (Ronde) has replaced the original German title. There were three other films based on the 1897 play (1920,1964,1973) and many more reworkings. The 1921 trial transcript of over 400 pages lists more than a dozen accused.]

21st January 1982
19.30-22.30 :
The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare.
[In a fit of groundless jealousy, Leontes wrecks his marriage, defies the gods, destroys his family and ruins himself. A new generation flee their own country and take refuge in Sicilia. Unknowingly they bring with them the key to the past, present and future.]
Music composed by David Timson and sung by Alan Dudley, Theresa Streatfeild, David Timson and Patience Tomlinson
Directed By: Martin Jenkins
Leontes, King of: Ronald Pickup
Hermione, his wife: Hannah Gordon
Polixenes, King of: Gary Bond
Paulina: Barbara Jefford
Antigonus: Michael Gough
Camillo: Michael Spice
Autolycus a rogue: Derek Smith
the old shepherd: Cyril Luckham
the clown, his son: David Timson
Perdita, his daughter: Angela Pleasence
Florizel: Christopher Guard
Time: John Gielgud
Mamillius/Dorcus: Patience Tomlinson
Dion/Court officer: John Livesey
Archidamus/Cleomenes: Michael Tudor Barnes
Doctor/Servant: Spencer Banks
Pauline's steward: Alan Dudley
Emilia: Pauline Letts
Mopsa: Theresa Streatfeild
Lady: Jill Lidstone
First Lord/Mariner: Stephen Thorne
Gaoler/Rogeto: George Parsons
Lord/Shepherd's servant: Steve Hodson
Gentleman: Hugh Dickson
Shepherdess: Stella Forge
Repeated 20th February 1983.

28th January 1982:
19.00-21.55 with 10 min interval.:
A Patriot for Me by John Osborne adapted for radio by Anton Gill
This play, which is based on fact, is set in Austria-Hungary and Poland in the years 1890-1913.
Directed by John Tydeman and Anton Gill
Alfred Redl: Gary Bond
Lady Godiva/Siczynski/Stanitsin: Haydn Wood
Steinbauer/von Taussig: Sean Arnold
A young man/ Marie Antoinette: John McAndrew
Ludwig Von Mohl: Norman Rodway
Albrecht/Paul: Martyn Read
Hilde: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Colonel Oblensky: Robert Lang
General von Hotzendorf: Patrick Barr
Countess Delyanoff: Jill Bennett
Jaroslav Kunz: John Church
Baron von Epp: John Moffatt
Ferdy: Philip Fox
Tsarina /Mischa/Viktor: Richard Gibson
Stefan Kovacs/Dr Schoepfer: Gordon Reid
Max Von Kupfer: Anthony Hyde
Narrator: Alexander John
Repeated from 15th March 1981
Repeated on 16th January 1994
[Philip Franks directed another (shorter) radio version in 2015 with Peter Egan and Richard Goulding]
[Refusal of a public licence for this play in 1965 helped end theatrical censorship in 1968]

31st January 1982:
19.15 :
Translations by Brian Friel
Set in the small village of Ballybeg, Co Donegal, at a time when, like so many villages in Ireland, the local people had established a 'hedge school' to replace the other forms of education suppressed by the British Government, the play begins with the arrival of the British Army Ordnance Survey in 1833 - to map the country and translate Irish place names into English equivalents.
Directed for stage and Adapted for radio by Donald McWhinnie
Producer Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
Manus: Gabriel Byrne
Sarah: Marie Ni Ghrainne
Jimmy Jack: Sebastian Shaw
Maire: Bernadette Shortt
Donalty: Ron Flanagan
Bridget: Anna Keaveney
Hugh: Ian Bannen
Owen: Tony Doyle
Captain Lancey: Peter Barnes
Lieutenant Yolland: Shaun Scott
Repeated 10th February 1983 and 25th April 1989

4th February 1982:
19.30 :
Stem Ezra by Bernard Kops
In Northern Italy, towards the end of the Second World War, an American army unit took into captivity a gaunt, babbling fugitive. The man was Ezra Pound, considered to be one of the greatest poets in the world. Pound was not only a propagandist for the Fascist way of life, but held strongly anti-Semitic views. He was placed in a cage [for three weeks], under appalling conditions, pending trial for treason [he was deemed unfit for trial]. It was an experience from which he never fully recovered, alone with his conscience, his ideals, his conflicts. Ezra Pound - visionary genius or madman?
Technical presentation by Peter Novis, assisted by Marsail MacCuish and David Chilton.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
Ezra Pound: Ian Holm
Dorothy Pound: Barbara Jefford
Benito Mussolini: John Turner
Antonio Vivaldi: John Carson
Claretta Petacci: Sarah Babel
with Cyril Shaps, Christopher Scott, John Livesey, John Webb, Diana Bishop, Alan Dudley, David Timson, Spencer Banks and Margaret Robertson
Repeated from 7th May 1981
Repeated 8th October 1991
[Ezra Pound 1885-1972]
[Marsail MacCuish 1939-2009. She was a Stage Manager who produced sound effects for BBC Radio Drama]

10th February 1982
19.00 :
Shems Progress: James Joyce and the Making of Finnegans Wake by John Quinn Music played by the Sugawn Folk.
Directed by Piers Plowright
Jim Norton: Jim Norton
Anna Livia Plurabelle: Dearbhla Molloy
Stanislaus Joyce: Michael Loughnan
Harriet Shaw Weaver: Patricia Leventon
Ezra Pound: Richard Leech
James Stephens: John Quinn
Repeated 23rd April 1982

11th February 1982
19.45 :
The Blue Dress by William Trevor
Terris is a middle-aged journalist with an obsession for the truth. He can never accept the surface appearance of things and when he meets the youthful Dorothea and falls in love, there is something about her and her perfect-seeming ohso-English county family which nags at him.
Directed by: John Tydeman
Terris: David Burke
Dr Lysarth: Malcolm Hayes
Mrs Lysarth: Pauline Letts
Dorothea: Elizabeth Proud
Jonathan: Stephen Garlick
Adam: David Timson
Agnes Kemp: Susan Sheridan
Repeated from 27th September 1981
Also repeated on Radio 4 on 16th March 1985

14th February 1982
19.55 :
Hunger [1890] by Knut Hamsun (1859-1952), translated and dramatised for radio by Robert Ferguson
A young man living in Christiania [Kristiania, now Oslo] makes a pact with destiny: to succeed as a writer or starve.
'My poverty had its positive advantages: the poor, intelligent man was a far more subtle observer of life than the rich.'
Directed By: Anthony Vivis
Narrator: Stephen Rea
Old man: Cyril Shaps
Scissors: Christopher Scott
Editor: Alan Dudley
Boy: David Bradshawe
Cakelady: ,judy Franklin
Marie ': Amanda Murray
Constable: John Livesey
Sergeant: Patrick Barr
Pawnbroker: Alexander John
Repeated from 31st July 1981
[The play title in the original Norwegian is Sult]

18th February 1982
19.25 :
Letter to the Old Man on a Cassette Recorder by Nigel Baldwin
A pop singer gets unthinkingly caught up with Irish revolutionaries. From prison he is allowed to visit his dying father. Meanwhile, he has sent ' the old man 'a cassette recording to explain other aspects of his troubled life.
Twelve string and acoustic guitar played by Max Britain.
Special music composed and conducted by Ilona Sekacz.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Michael: William Nighy
Michael as a boy/Irish-woman: Susan Sheridan
the old man: Geoffrey Matthews
Letty: Maggie Shevlin
David as a boy: Elizabeth Lindsay
Jean, Michael's mother: Heather Bell
Teacher and nurse: Patience Tomlinson
David as a man: David McAlister
Headmaster: Michael Spice
Tudor: Spencer Banks
Hospital sister: Diana Bishop
Irishman: Sion Probert
School Corps Captain and prison warder.: Alan Dudley
Repeated 16th January 1983

21st February 1982:
Death in Trieste by Frederic Raphael
A classics schoolmaster takes his annual holiday in Italy, which brings back memories, hopes, disappointments
Producer: Anthony Moncrieff
Narrator: John Bennett
Gilbert Sage: Norman Rodway
Janny Mortimer: Kara Wilson
James Mortimer: Stephen Raphael
Mungo Mortimer: John Rye
MacGlashan: Stephen Garlick
Roger Hopkinson: Toby Robertson
Hugo Transom: Daniel Brown
Cobbold: William Tollemache
Frances: Anna Carteret
Mario: Alfredo Michelson
Harry Dribbs: Alexander John
Repeated from 22nd October 1981

28th February 1982:
19.55 :
The Ironclads (Classe de Ferro) by Aldo Nicolaj (1920-2004) translated and adapted for radio by Carlo Ardito
"The idea of The Ironclads came to me from reading Simone de Beauvoir's La Vieillesse. This book brought me face-to-face with the problem of old age.... I therefore prepared myself for the onset of old age by working on this naive and cruel piece, in which the principal characters are weak and vulnerable senior citizens. It also seemed to me to be fair to devote a play to old people because our society hardly, if ever, gives them a thought". The play Is set in the suburban park of a large Italian town.
Directed By: Glyn Dearman
Libero: Trevor Howard
Luigi: Roland Culver
Ambra: Linda Polan
Repeated 26th August 1982

3 March 1982:
Two interlinked monologues by Susan Hill. In The Girl, performed by Judi Dench, a resilient Irish girl ponders her life as a waitress and cleaner at a seaside hotel. In The Woman, performed by Peggy Ashcroft, an older guest recalls better days and higher standards of service at the same establishment. Director: Richard Wortley. (Repeat from 20 June 1981. Also on 4 Extra on 19 April 2017) ...entry added by Ian Johns.

4th March 1982
22.20 :
Of The Levitation at St Michael's By Carey Harrison
' We were an unlikely pair, I suppose. But livestock brings one together across all sorts of social barriers. Matty was a goat breeder: a pro. I was an amateur. Encouraged by my husband. Though not out of love. When Jack first stood for Parliament, the local television people came and filmed me milking a goat-at Jack's request; the common touch to impress the locals. After he'd won the seat people kept asking him about the goats. I had to have some.'
Directed by Shaun MaCloughlin
BBC Bristol
Matty: Mary Wimbush
Elizabeth: June Barrie
Repeated from 30th November 1980

5th March 1982
13.05-13.20 :
The Choice (1700) by John Pomfret (1667-1702)
Arranged for broadcasting by John Robert King
With a quizzical commentary by ' a working-class Liverpudlian '.
Producer Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
John Pomfret: Hugh Burden
Liverpudlian: Bill Monks
[The Choice is a poem which may have led to Pomfret's early death in London of smallpox.]

7th March 1982
19.45 :
On Top by Liane Aukin
Disillusioned with her life, Cissie has decided to seek refuge and solitude in a room at the top of an empty house. Mickey, once her lover has discovered her whereabouts. His arrival shatters Cissie's hope of peace, as Mickey has been followed by a stranger who has also been looking for her.
Directed by David Spenser
Cissie: Annette Crosbie
Mickey: Dawn Grainger
Baker: Terrence Hardiman
the Boy: Ian Hoare
Other voices: Graham Faulkner, Stephen Garlick, Kathryn Hurlbutt, Amanda Murray

11th March 1982
20.00 :
Woodbrook by David Thomson (1914-1988) adapted by Philip Donnellan
'I was 18 when I first saw Woodbrook. The children pulled me towards the window of the car and I saw its slate roof from the turn of the road at the top of Hughestown Hill. More than 30 years later it is still there - but the scene is different ...
Set in Roscommon, the play recalls a poignant love affair with the Irish countryside, the people, and. in particular, the young tutor's pupil, Phoebe, daughter of the Big House.
Producer: Maurice Leitch
David: Maurice Denham
Young David: Joseph Blatchley
Ivy: Sian Phillips
Phoebe: Janina Faye
Charlie: Kevin Flood
With Garard Green, Michael Golden, Allan McClelland, Joan Matheson, Manning Wilson and Kenneth Shanley. And the voices of some of the country people of Roscommon.
Repeated 13th November 1983 and 21st January 1990

14th March 1982
20.00 :
Passing Through by Rhys Adrian
Pat sits behind his newspaper at the same table in the same corner of the same pub every evening. He is a railwayman and functions like a clock. He talks to no one and no one talks to him. Then, one evening, a stranger enters into conversation with him and the pattern is broken.
Directed By: John Tydeman
Richard: Hugh Burden
Patrick: Harry Towb
Beth: Diana Bishop
Repeated from 8th February 1981

19th March 1982
Journey to a Revolution, Devised and compiled by George Watson
In the summer of 1790, William Wordsworth and Robert Jones, two Cambridge undergraduates of 20, more in love with the picturesque than with politics, walked across revolutionary France and into Switzerland and Italy. This is an account of that three-month walk.
Director: Anton Gill
BBC Birmingham
William Wordsworth: Gary Bond
Dorothy Wordsworth: Sara Clee
Robert Jones: Sion Probert

21st March 1982
18.30-21.00 :
Faust by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Adapted by Anthony Vivis from the translation by Louis MacNeice and E. L. Stahl
Part 1 :
The medieval folk-legend of a magus who makes a pact with the devil forms the basis of Goethe's famous work.
Disenchanted with the limitations of his academic knowledge. Dr Faust decides to study the arts of magic and to master the supernatural. Mephistopheles appears and offers Faust renewed youth and the power to experience the reality and the mystery of life and all the human suffering it will involve.
Faust signs an agreement with the devil. but his soul will only be forfeited If ever his restless spirit is satisfied and content.
Music composed by Christos Pittas
Directed by David Spenser.
(Part 2 followed Sun 28th)
Faust: Simon Callow
Mephistopheles: Ronald Pickup
Gretchen: Angharad Rees
Martha: Pauline Letts
Wagner: John Livesey
The Lord: Nicholas Courtney
Raphael: Michael Tudor Barnes
Gabriel: Crawford Logan
Michael: George Parsons
Earth spirit: Stephen Thorne
Valentine: Spencer Banks
Witch in the kitchen: Diana Bishop
Evil spirit: Christopher Scott
Will o' the wisp: Danny Schiller
Monkey: David Gooderson
Coster witch: Jean Trend
Lieschen: Patience Tomlinson
Young witch: Frances Jeater
Posh girl: Wendy Murray
Student: Andrew Secombe
Repeated 14th October 1982, 23rd October 1994

28th March 1982:
18.45-22.30 (incl 15 minute interval) :
Faust by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Adapted for radio by Anthony Vivis from the abridged translation by Louis MacNeice and E. L. Stahl
Part 2
Music by Christos Pittas
Directed by David Spenser
Faust: Simon Callow
Mephistopheles: Ronald Pickup
Helen: Maureen O'Brien
Homunculus: Jane Knowles
Emperor: David March
Gretchen: Angharad Rees
Wagner: John Livesey
Ariel/Euphorion: Andrew Branch
Nereus: Richard Hurndall
Proteus/Commander-in-Chief: John Westbrook
Chancellor: Lockwood West
Thales/Hoarder/Treasurer: Hugh Dickson
Lynceus/Steward: David McAlisteb
Anaxagoras/Philemon: Ronald Herdman
Famulus/Fool: John Bull
Dread/Galatea: Frances Jeater
Manto/Chorus-leader: Jean Trend
Erichtho/Want: Pauline Letts
Thumper/Page: Spencer Banks
Snatcher/Herald: Michael Tudor Barnes
Baucis: Katherine Parr
Wanderer: Crawford Logan
Need : Wendy Murray
Debt: Theresa Streatfeild
Quickloot: Sarah Finch
Trojan lady: Heather Emmanuel
Repeated 21st October 1982 and 30th October 1994

1st April 1982.
19.45 -21.00:
Terror by Ken Gass
Terror can mean many things to many people, from a child's fear of the dark to the horrifying forms of suffering and blackmail produced by today's terrorists.
[The following program written by Canadian Ken Gass is described as an "experimental work" and has no list of characters. Gass was "alternative, experimental, underground". The program is listed here as the director considered it to be a play].
An exploration of the meaning of terror in seven separate movements.
Technical presentation: Lloyd Silverthorne, Cedric Johnson, Julian Walther
Directed by Richard Wortley
Taking part:
Sean Arnold, Peter Barker, Patrick Barr, Diana Bishop, Nicholas Courtney, Alan Dudley, Judy Franklin, Malcolm Hayes, Kathryn Hurlbutt, Alexander John, Sophie Kind, Jane Knowles, Jenny Lee, Patricia Leventon, Elizabeth Lindsay, Karl Lines, John Livesey, John McAndrew, Stuart Milligan, Amanda Murray, Olivier Pierre, Sion Probert, Martin Read, Jayn Rosamund, John Rye, Valerie Sarruf, Christopher Scott, Cyril Shaps, Jenny Silverthorne, Michael Spice, David Timson, John Webb, Haydn Wood
Repeated from 19th August 1981

2nd April 1982:
19.00 :
The Belman of London adapted by David Nathan from the writings of Jacobean dramatist Thomas Dekker.
Repeated from 1st January 1982 - please see above.
Repeated 7th September 1982

4th April 1982
The Passion of Young Werther by J. W. Von Goethe Translated and abridged by Susanne Flatauer.. Adapted for radio and directed by Martin Esslin
Goethe's novel, first published in 1774, was a great literary sensation. It brought the author international acclaim and influenced the sensibility of a generation. Its emotional force and deft construction nfalce it a key work in Goethe's oeuvre. The story of a love which proves destructive transcends its 18th-century context.
Directed by Martin Esslin
Werther: Gabriel Woolf
Charlotte: Rosalind Shanks
the Narrator: John Westbrook
with the voices of Nicolette Mckenzie, Peter Williams and Roy Spencer
First broadcast 22nd January 1978

7th April 1982:
19.00 :
The Row over La Ronde
Repeated from 19th January 1982 - please see above.

8th April 1982
20.00 :
Solidarity by Gareth and Victoria Jones
A young dissident academic, persecuted for his beliefs in the Soviet Union, arrives in North Wales to find that here too oppression of the minority is not unheard of.
Technical presentation Mostyn Jones
Directed by Enyd Williams
BBC Wales
Petras Juska: Ioan Meredith
Megan James: Myfanwy Talog
Geralnt Grifliths/Julijus Kaukenas: Meredith Edwards
Dr Idris Price/Rimas Povilonis: Howell Evans
Dr Sera Howells: Elizabeth Morgan
Dilys Juska/Terese Sauklys: Liz Gebhardt
Jane Edison: Celia Hewitt
Dr Derek Bannerman: Peter Baldwin
The Rev Ralph Bourke/Jonas Markevicius: Stewart Bevan
Paul Thomas: Warwick Evans
Repeated from 14th May 1981

10th July 1982:
19.30 :
Little Boxes by Derek Robinson
The CIA still blush at the name of Virgilio Scattolini. He worked for them in Rome during World War II, and sold the Vatican's diplomatic secrets to both Hitler and Roosevelt...Then he made one crucial mistake ... the tale of a wartime spy.
Producer Richard Ellis
Presenter: Derek Robinson
Scattolini: Frank Finlay
CIA Contact: Richard Pasco
[This programme is considered authoritative, and was based upon research by Fr Robert A Graham SJ, an archivist at the Vatican]
Repeated on 10th July 1982 and 7th June 1983

11th April 1982
20.00 :
The Grand Inquisitor from The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, translated by David MacArshack
In 16th-century Seville, the day after the burning of 100 heretics, a man appears inconspicuously and is immediately recognised by the crowds. He blesses them. and the sick are healed even as they touch his garments. He is arrested, and the old Grand Inquisitor comes to interrogate him in the prison cell.
"We have corrected your great work, and have based it on miracle, mystery and authority.
I shall burn you because you have come to meddle with us. For if anyone has ever deserved our fire, it is you. "
Adapted and directed by John Theocharis
Grand Inquisitor: Leo McKern
Ivan: John Rye
Repeated from 1st February 1981

15th April 1982
19.00-22.00 with 18 minute interval.:
Ironhand by John Arden after Goethe's "Goetz von Berlichingen"
Music by David Timson
Through the glass of this medieval story. Goethe saw modern free man in chains; the princes absolute, stupid, surrounded by unscrupulous counsellors; the church stagnant: the law unjust and corrupt. Goetz Ironhand is a man who raises his iron fist against a decadent civilisation.
Adapted for radio and directed by Martin Jenkins
Goetz Ironhand: David Suchet
Weislingen: John Woodvine
Adelheid: Anna Massey
Elisabeth: Anna Cropper
Maria: Maureen O'Brien
Selbitz: Patrick Troughton
Sickingen: John Turner
Lerse: David Buck
the Bishop: Harold Innocent
Karl: Jill Lidstone
Georg: Gary Cady
Frans: Spencer Banks
Liebetraut/Office: David Timson
Margaret: Wendy Murray
Dr Olearius/Second merchant.: John Warner
Emperor/Chief Judge: Hugh Dickson
Metzler : John Hollis
Sievers: David Gooderson
First merchant/Bride's father: Alan Dudley
Peter: Stephen Garlick
Goetz' officer: Crawford Logan
Baron von Sirau: David McAlister
Martin Luther/Serjeant: Christopher Scott
Landlord/Wild: Lee Harrington
Repeated 24th February 1983
[Based upon a drama by Goethe written in 1773, which in turn was based upon prior memoirs by the real Goetz von Berlichingen (1480-1562). The original play was very long and had an immense cast, it has been repeatedly cut down.]

18th April 1982:
18.30-21.00 with 10 minute interval.
Torquato Tasso by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. A new translation by Alan and Sandy Brownjohn.
"Here other men must suffer grief in silence,
A god gave me the power to speak my pain.
The poet Tasso lives in the palace of the enlightened Duke Alfonso in 16th-century Ferrara. He has finished his masterpiece, 'Jerusalem Liberated' and is symbolically crowned by his admiring patrons. Goethe presents a highly-cultured Court, dedicated to the pursuit or artistic excellence. The play is centrally concerned with the discrepancy between the artist and the rest of the world.
Music by Michael Steer.
Directed by John Theocharis
Tasso: Michael Pennington
Prince Alfonso: David Buck
Leonora: Rosalind Shanks
Antonio: David Suchet
Princess: Eileen Atkins
Repeated 17th February 1983

23rd April 1982
19.00 :
Shems Progress: James Joyce and the Making of Finnegans Wake by John Quinn Repeated from 10th February 1982
Please see entry for 10/2/82.

25th April 1982:
19.00-21.00 :
Kate of Heilbronn by Heinrich von Kleist (1777-1811) translated by Peter Tegel.
"Das Käthchen von Heilbronn" [Little Kate of Heilbronn], written in 1807, is Kleist's excursion into the land of fairy tale, but it is also a play that shows how we deceive ourselves when seemingly most awake.
Music composed and conducted by David Cain
Lute: Christopher Wilson' Recorder: Richard Harvey; Organ: Denis Wilson; Trumpet: Bill Houghton; Sackbut: Roger Brenner; Sackbut: Ron Bryans; Percussion: Ann Collis; Percussion: Robert Howes
Technical presentation: David Greenwood
Director: Ian Cotterell
Kate: Janet Maw
Theobald Friedborn: Nigel Stock
Kunigunde von Thurneck: Margaret Robertson
The Nurse: Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies
The Emperor: Robert Eddison
Friedrich Wetter: David Buck
Count Otto von der Fluhe: Godfrey Kenton
Wenzel von Nachtheim: Denys Hawthorne
Flammberg: Michael McStay
Maximilian, Baron Von Freiburg: Michael Spice
Georg von Waldstatten: Haydn Wood
Charcoal burner: Brian Haines
His Son: Nigel Greaves
Rosalie: Diana Bishop
Countess Helena: Katherine Parr
Count vom Stein: Alexander John
Eginhardt von der Wart: Gordon Reid
Gottschalk: John Bott
Lord of Thurneck: Sion Probert
Kunigunde's aunt: Peggy Paige
Eleonore: Amanda Murray
Repeated from 9th July 1981
[The play was also made into an opera by Reinthaler]

29th April 1982
19.00 :
The Tragedy of Coriolanus by William Shakespeare
Music composed and conducted by Mike Steer
Technical presentation by Janet Mitchell and David Hitchinson.
Directed by Ian Cotterell
Coriolanus/Caius Martius : Richard Pasco
Volumnia: Fabia Drake
Virgilia: Rosalind Shanks
Menenius Agrippa: Cyril Luckham
Cominius: Jack May
Titus Lartius: Brian Haines
Valeria: Petra Davies
First Roman Senator: Brian Sanders
Second Roman Senator: Philip Voss
Junius Brutus: Michael Spice
Sictnius Vetutus: Derek Godfrey
Tullus Aufidius: Tim Pigott-Smith
Senators: John Gabrieil; Harold Kasket
Citizens of Rome: Eric Allan; Fred Bryant; John Bull; Roger Hammond; Hilda, Kriseman; Michael McStay; Tammy Ustinov
Citizens of Antium: Andrew Branch; Gordon Dulieu; Joe Dunlop; Adrian Egan; Leonard Fenton; Danny Schiller; Philip Sully
Repeated from 20th September 1979
[There was a later production by Ned Chaillet in 2002]

6th May 1982:
Petals of Blood: The novel by Ngugi Wa Thiong'O dramatised by Mary Benson
The intertwined history of four young people living in a Kenyan village shortly after independence. Their uneasy relationships. hidden lives and loves unfold against background of change in their own village and In Kenya itself.
Directed by Christopher Venning
Munira: Joe Marcell
Wanja: Millie Kiairie
Nyakinyua: Jumoke Debayo
Inspector Godfrey: Rudolf Walker
Abdulla: Alton Kumalo
Joseph: Anni Domingo
Njogu: Lionel Ngkane
Njunguna: Victor Lindsay
Muturi: Frank Singuineau
Lawyer: Tony Osoba
Also with: Elizabeth Adare; Christopher Asante; Trevor Cooper; Mark Heath; Olu Jacobs; Willie Jonah; Kwesi Kay; Millie Kiairie; Alton Kumalo; Jill Lidstone; Amadoo Maddy; Louis Mahoney; Joe Marcell; John Matshikiza; Willie Payne; Clarke Peters; Hugh Quarshie; Danny Schiller; Shope Shodeinde; Bernadette Windsor
Repeated from 22nd February 1981

9th May 1982:
20.00 :
Down Among the Umalogas or Raymond's Dream by Steve May
An hallucinatory comedy set in a timeless Africa.
Directed By: Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
Raymond: David Gooderson
Narrator: William Squire
Rastus: Nigel Anthony
Jethro: Guy Gregory
Old Woman: Katherine Parr
Witchdoctor: Alaric Cotter
First Justice/English Judge: Garard Green
Second Justice: John Livesey
Echoing voice: Peter Whitman
Gala: Angela Phillips
Old man: Geoffrey Matthews
Colonel: Nicholas Courtney
Corporal: John Telfer
Other parts played by Rosalind Adams, Mark Buffery, Daniel Hill, Pauline Letts, Tim Meats
Repeated 21st November 1982

13th May 1982:
20.30 :
Beef by David Pownall with The Paines Plough Company
Inspired by one of the legends of ancient Ireland, "The Cattle Raid of Cooley", which was recorded in the 12th century by a monk at the monastery of Clonmacnoise.
The legend's characters Queen Maeve, her husband Ailill, her lover Fergus, and the Mad Cuckoo (who is an interpretation of the hero Cuchulaln), invade Dublin during the Pope's visit to Ireland in 1979.
Directed for radio by Ian Cotterell
Cusack: Richard Leech
Con: Garrett Keogh
Cuckoo: Gerard Mannix Flynn
Ali: Sean Caffrey
Fergus: James Donnelly
Maeve: Fiona Victory
Janet: Anne Haydn
Repeated from 9th April 1981.

16th May 1982:
19.20 :
Native Honours by James Rankin
'I see myself as an enlightened humanist.... The Polynesian loves gaiety. Why should he not go fishing? I teach him mathematics as well. I'm no idealist with my head tn the clouds. Would it not be worse if I stayed in my ivory tower and played the great man? You want to go back to Scotland. To Edinburgh. To tea.'
Robert Fethgrew (flageolet)
Directed by Stewart Conn
BBC Scotland
Robert Melville: John Shedden
Beth: Diana Olsson
Carl Carlsson: Tom Criddle
Tod: Beth's Brother
Beamish: James Cairncross
Dr Andrew Grant: Ian Stewart
Meachan: Henry Stamper
Drummond: Michael Elder
Repeated from 8th March 1981

17th May 1982:
22.25-22.30 :
The Honeywood File by H. B Creswell dramatised in three parts by Judi Price
The trials and tribulations of a young architect in the 20s.
1: The Commission
Directed by Peter King
Sir Leslie Brash: Alan Dudley
James Spinlove: Spencer Banks
Frederick Dalbet: Hugh Dickson
Phyllis: Alex Marshall
Beaker & Smith /Grigblay: Crawford Logan
Potch: John Warner

18th May 1982:
21.05-21.15 :
The Honeywood File by H. B Creswell dramatised in three parts by Judi Price 2: The Catastrophe of the Trial Holes

19th May 1982:
21.25-21.30 :
The Honeywood File by H. B Creswell dramatised in three parts by Judi Price 3: The District ..?..
[The three episodes were repeated as a single 20 minute program on 19th March 1983]
[There was a 40 minute version produced by Robert Gunnell broadcast in October 1961]

20th May 1982:
20.00 :
Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift dramatised in four parts by Michael Bakewell
1: A Voyage to Lilliput
Lemuel Gulliver, ship's surgeon, is shipwrecked in 1699 in the South Seas and finds himself in a land peopled by human creatures not aoove six inches high. Music composed and conducted by Humphrey Searle
Technical presentation by Janet Mitchell, Carol Mcshane, Diana Barkham
Directed By Ronald Mason
Gulliver: Frank Finlay
Marsi: Andrew Sachs
Clefrin: Anthony Daniels
Reldresal: Peter Woodthorpe
the Emperor of Lilliput: Stephen Thorne
A Considerable Person: William Fox
The Hurgo: Michael Spice
The Empress: Pauline Letts
Bolgolam: Patrick Barr
Emperor of Blefuscu: Godfrey Kenton
Flimnap: Gordon Reid
Capt Biddel: Sean Arnold
Lilliputians: Leonard Fenton
Lilliputians: John McAndrew
Jonathan Swift: Denys Hawthorne
Repeated from 4th October 1981

27th May 1982
20.00 :
Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift dramatised in four parts by Michael Bakewell
2: A Voyage to Brobdingnag
Gulliver is marooned in Brobdingnag, where the people are as tall as church steeples. He battles physically and philosophicallytosurvive.
Music composed and conducted by Humphrey Searle
Technical presentation by Jock Farrell, Janet Mitchell, Diana Barkham
Directed by David Hitchinson
Gulliver: Frank Finlay
the King of Brobdingnag: William Rushton
Glumdalclitch: Miriam Margolyes
the Cat,the Rat and the Monkey: Percy Edwards
the Queen: Margot Boyd
Farmer: Michael Spice
His Son: John McAndrew
His Wife: Pauline Letts
Nurse: Kathhyn Hurlbutt
Town crier: Leonard Fenton
Usher: Sean Arnold
Scholar: Godfrey Kenton
Dwarf: Gordon Reid
Maid: Amanda Murray
Capt Wilcocks: Patrick Barr
Jonathan Swift: Denys Hawthorne
Repeated from 11th October 1981

30th May 1981:
19.45 :
Clara's Play by John Olive
The play is set in a small, isolated farmhouse, next to a lake in Southern Minnesota. It is August 1915, in the middle of a heatwave, when Sverre, a drunken Norwegian handyman, brings company and entertainment into the life of the farmhouse owner, a lonely cracked old spinster, Clara O'Keefe.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Clara: Faith Brook
Sverre: Geoffrey Matthews
Three boys: William Scott Bramer,
Gregory Pettengill, Christopher Altman
Sheriff Olson: Garrick Hagon
Fr Dorneski: Stuart Milligan
Repeated from 1st October 1981

3rd June 1982:
20.00 :
Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift dramatised in four parts by Michael Bakewell
3: A Voyage to Laputa, Balnibarbi, Glubbdubdrib, Luggnagg and Japan
The flying island of Laputa is peopled by a ruling-class of theorists, who are gradually destroying the order of life in the lands below with their quite extraordinary ideas.
Music composed and conducted by Humphrey Searle.
Technical presentation by David Greenwood, Carol McShane, Diana Barkham.
Directed by David Hitchinson
Jonathan Swift: Denys Hawthorne
Gulliver: Frank Finlay
the Warden of the Academy: Spike Milligan
Munodi: Nigel Stock
the Chief Astronomer: Norman Rodway
Tutor: John Rye
Courtier: Anthony Daniels
Physician: Douglas Storm
Professor: Martin Friend
Dutch plrate: Sean Arnold
Emperor of Japan: Gordon Reid
King of Luggnagg: Godfrey Kenton
Governor of Glubbdubdrib: Patrick Barr
Homer: Leonard Fenton
Projector: Michael Spice
Woman: Pauline Letts
Pupil: John McAndrew
Repeated from 18th October 1981

6th June 1982:
20.00 :
Entertaining Unawares written for radio by Robert Forrest
I sipped my drink and for a few seconds he seemed utterly motionless, standing with his hands lightly clasped in front of him, unsmiling after the faintest smile and nod when he came in. His hair was cropped close to his skull but he was lightly bearded and in his left ear was a tiny earring. He seemed to be offering himself for my inspection, with something too confidently passive to be defiance.
Not even his eyes evaded mine.'
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland
(First broadcast on Radio Scotland)
Kate: Sandra Clark
Alan: Bill Paterson
John: David Hayman
Hazel: Vivienne Dixon
[Script held by University of Glasgow]
[Radio Industries Club of Scotland 1981 Best Drama Production, Entertaining Unawares (Radio Scotland)]

10th June 1982:
20.00 :
Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift dramatised in four parts by Michael Bakewell
4: A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms
Gulliver's crew mutiny, seize the ship and put him ashore in a strange land where he finds the most disagreeable human creatures, Yahoos, for whom he can only feel contempt and aversion. The land he discovers is ruled by highly intelligent and articulate horses. Houyhnhnms. who make the humans their slaves.
Music composed and conducted by Humphrey Searle.
Technical presentation by Jock Farrell,
David Greenwood, Diana Barkham.
Directed by Ronald Mason
Jonathan Swift: Denys Hawthorne
Gulliver: Frank Finlay
The Master: Robert Stephens
the Sorrel Nag: Bryan Pringle
The Mare: Jill Balcon
Welch: John McAndrew
Old Steed: Godfrey Kenton
Captain Don Pedro: Michael Spice
Yahoos: Sean Arnold
Yahoos: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Houyhnhnms: Amanda Murray
Houyhnhnms: Patrick Barr
Houyhnhnms: Leonard Fenton
Houyhnhnms: Gordon Reid
Repeated from 25th October 1981

13th June 1982
19.30 :
Dancing Ledge by Paul Hyland
Geoff Burdon is a country boy with no roots. A tractor accident has put the family out of their tenant farm and his father into a wheelchair. Geoff rejects the attractions of . emigrating' to town. and invests his passion in quarrying and working Purbeck stone. He is seduced by the venerable tradition of rural anarchism and determined to stay, at all costs.
Directed on location by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
Mary Burdon: Mary Wimbush
Jackie Burdon: Donald McBride
Geoft Burden: Steve Hodson
Maggs: Bridget Lynch-Biosse
The Rev Stark: Andrew Hilton
Lady Gregson: Penelope Lee
Geologist: Bill Horrocks
Repeated from 23rd April 1981
[This play has nothing to do with Derek Jarman's autobiography which had the same title]

17th June 1982
20.40 :
A Dream Play by August Strindberg (1849-1912) in version by Ingmar Bergman , translated by Michael Meyer
In this dream play the author has attempted to imitate the inconsequent yet transparently logical shape of a dream. The characters split, double, multiply, evaporate, condense, disperse, assemble. But one consciousness rules over them all.
Music by Ilona Sekacz
Adapted for radio and directed by Martin Jenkins
Agnes: Lynsey Baxter
the Officer: Denis Quilley
the Advocate: Frank Finlay
the Schoolmaster: Clifford Rose
Strindberg, the poet: Ian Richardson
Glazier: Alan Dudley
Father/He: David McAlister
Mother/Wife: Frances Jeater
Una/Edith: Jill Lidstone
Stage-door keeper: Katherine Parr
Bill poster: Ronald Herdman
She: Miranda Forbes
Coal carrier: Brian Coburn
Dean of Law/Coal carrier: Michael Tudor Barnes
Prompter/Dean of Philosophy: Nicholas Courtney
Blind man: Hugh Dickson
Quarantine master: John Hollis
Naval officer/Nils: Spencer Banks
Kristin: Theresa Streatfeild
Repeated 13th January 1983

19th June 1982:
21.30 :
Sol Plaatje by Mary Benson (1919-2000)
The story of a remarkable self-taught young African Journalist who kept vivid Boer War diaries and later became a famous politician.
Directed by Christopher Venning
Narrator Michael Johnson
Sol Plaatje: John Matshikiza
Vere Stent: Brian Carroll
Sir Alfred Milner: Patrick Barr
Colonel Baden-Powell: John Bott
English Journalist: Cordon Dulieu
Canadian negro: Hugh Quarshie
Repeated from 11th January 1980

20th June 1982
22.00-22.35 :
Tanka by Severo Sarduy (1937-1993) translated by Barbara Thompson
Man 's greed is illustrated by the stealing of Tibetan treasure and an attempt to steal a mystical experience through the ancient mushroom ceremony in Mexico.
Both experiences lead to delusion.
Directed By: David Spenser
First man: John Rowe
Second man: John Bull
First woman: Sheila Grant
Second woman: Tammy Ustinov
Repeated 30th November 1982

24th June 1982
19.30 :
Aurora Leigh by Elizabeth Barrett Browning dramatised for radio by Michelene Wandor
This verse novel. written in 1857 is the romantic story of a woman of great wit and charm who has to resolve the conflict between her love for her cousin and her passion for her work. yet reveals the author's lifelong preoccupations with social and political issues.
Music specially composed bv Jenny Sprince played by Anne Hooley and Alison Townley
Directed by Liane Aukin
Aurora: Sara Kestelman
Romney Leigh: John Shrapnel
Aunt: Joan Matheson
Lady Waldemar: Elizabeth Bell
Marian Erie: Elizabeth Proud
Repeated from 22nd March 1981
[Another production directed by Sally Avens was on Radio 4 in 2003 as a 5 part series]

27th June 1982:
20.00 :
From the Balcony by Patrice Chaplin jointly commissioned by the National Theatre and the BBC
In 17th-century Portugal a young nun had a passionate love affair with a French nobleman. When he deserted her and returned to France, she wrote him five letters which became famous, even in her lifetime, as examples of feminine passion. This play is based on her letters and on Mikhail Lermontov's A Hero of Our Time(1839).
Music specially composed by John Tams
Music arranged and played by Matthew Scott. Stage production by David Penn
Radio production directed by Cherry Cookson
Mariana Alcoforado: Morag Hood
Amand: Leigh Lawson
Dona Brites: Miranda Forbes
Repeated 28th November 1982
[Patrice Chaplin is a pseudonym of Patrice Betaudier born 1940- Mariana was born 1640]
[The other half of the love affair was a soldier named Noel Bouton, aged 29, when Mariana was 25. The letters -originals now lost- were published in French just four years afterwards. ]
[An English version of the letters is online at the Internet Archive as " The letters of a Portuguese nun"]

1st July 1982
20.00 :
Wedding Belles and Green Grasses by Marcella Evaristi
It's not my wedding day - no pressure on me. Listen, it's going to be a great day. With Peter and Rita and you - and Garry and me.'
Directed by Tim Fywell and Marilyn Ireland
BBC Scotland
Steph: Sarah Collier
Jo: Valerie Fyfer
Rita: Janice Laurie
Peter: With Tony Roper
Repeated 13th February 1983

4th July 1982
20.00 :
The Hoorigan by James Robson
The play is apparently set in an amusement arcade with the full quota of one-armed bandits, Pinball machines and ramshackle ghost train. Slowly it becomes clear that this is unique amusement - an amusement arcade with a big difference.
Directed by Caroline Smith
BBC Manchester
Archre: George A Cooper
Bungatow: Roy Barraclough
Halifax: Meg Johnson
Youth/Third child/Jack Russell: James Laurenson
Donkeyman/Mr Cancer: Michael Tudor Barnes
Green/Mr Syphilis: Roger Philips
First child/Christine: Kay Adshead
Second child/Teacher: Nigel Anthony
Repeated from 21st June 1981

8th July 1982
19.00 :
Dragon by Don Haworth
An allegorical story which turns the legend of St George and the Dragon on its head.
Director Richard Wortley
George,: Robert Stephens
Thesaurus: Alan Bennett
the King: Cyril Shaps
the Queen: Pauline Letts
Amalric: David Timson
the narrator Alcuin: Stephen Thorne
Toron: Elizabeth Lindsay
Young Alcuin: Jill Lidstone
Felice: Jayn Rosamond
Geila: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Sybil: Christine Absalom
Priest: Alan Dudley
Parrot: John McAndrew
Fippa: Sonia Fraser
Kegln: Alaric Cotter
Herald: Alexander John
Balak: Joe Dunlop
Kalor: John Rye
Ernich: Alan Dudley
Balin: Michael Spice
Emlch: John Hollis
PonS: Haydn Wood
Grendal: Stephen Garlic
Repeated on Radio 4 on 23rd April 1983

10th July 1982:
19.30 :
Little Boxes by Derek Robinson
Repeated from 10th April 1982
Please see above

11th July 1982:
20.10 :
La lampe donne sur ses yeux (The Light is Shining in her Eyes) by Yves Lebeau-Fabrice
The Radio France entry for the 1981 Italia Prize. Broadcast in the original French production.
The spelling lessons a father gives his daughter focus emotional conflicts with his estranged wife as the chtld uses her wiles to reunite them.
Directed for France Culture by Jeanne Rollin Weisz
Mother: Daniele Lebrun
Father,: Michel Lonsdale
Child: Brigitte Morin

15th July 1982:
19.30 :
Intensive Care or An Endless Vegetable-Like Existence by Christoph Gahl translated by Anthony Vivis
Lorenz, a long-term cancer patient, struggles to die with dignity in the face of ambitious doctors and selfish relatives.
Directed by: Horst Vollmer
Lorenz: Hugh Dickson
Hypnos: John Rowe
Othilde: Rosalind Adams
Fleurette: Patience Tomlinson
Severin: Stephen Thorne
Pavel: Crawford Logan
Judge: Alan Dudley
Father: Ronald Herdman
Chaplain: John Warner
In its ARD production in German for Hessischer Rundfunk this play won the 1981 Italia Prize for radio drama.
Repeated 5th December 1982

17 July 1982
By David Pownall. In this monologue, the spirit of Sonia returns in a séance in 1937 Soviet Russia to talk to her family 16 years after she walked out of their lives. Sonia: Elizabeth Bell. Director: Alfred Bradley (BBC Manchester). (Repeated from 26 June 1981. Also on 1 April 1983)....entry added by Ian Johns.

18th July 1982
18.10 :
Seeing Mr Waddilow by Lesley Bruce
Mr Waddilow from Financing Department receives a series of visits from Miss Quennell in Duplicating when he lies paralysed, though sensible, in hospital after a stroke. The visits are
meant to be helpful, but they gradually prove otherwise.
Directed by Ian Cotterell
Miss Quennell: Elizabeth Spriggs
Mr Waddilow: Alan Dudley
Repeated from 16th July 1981

25th July 1982
21.05 :
Nothing to Declare by James Saunders
A successful writer compiling material for a radio programme records his thoughts and conversations on a tape recorder disguised as a pen. The new toy bears witness to a disturbing encounter with Tim, the son of the writer's common law wife, who stages a dramatic attempt to move the world's conscience against nuclear war.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Peter Piper: Alfred Burke
Sophie: Zena Walker
Birkett: Edward de Souza
Tim: Nigel Anthony
Hilliard: David Gooderson
Secretary: Rosalind Adams
Repeated 30th December 1982

29th July 1982
21.35 :
Florent and the Tuxedo Millions by Peter Redgrove.
Repeated from 10th January 1982 - please see above.

1st August 1982:
21.20-22.40 :
Falstaff by Robert Nye, dramatised by David Buck.
Filling out the fat Knight's tale with details not previously known.
Directed by John Tydeman
Falstaff: David Buck
Repeated from 13th September 1981
[Falstaff = Sir John Falstaff, aka Sir John Oldcastle. In 1969 John Tydeman directed a Radio 4 play "The True Sir John" by Ian Rodger, on the same subject, and also with David Buck, which was repeated 1971]

5th August 1982
21.30 :
The Singer by Frank Wedekind adapted by Peter Barnes
Written in 1897 by one of the fathers of modern theatre, this comedy is a ruthless attack on the sentimental humbug surrounding art.
An adored Wagnerian tenor (a pop star with class) is battered by rapacious art-lovers and would be artists as he tries with increasing desperation to make them see he is as much a wage slave as any factory worker and that even in the glamorous world of opera. monetary values prevail over human and artistic ones.
Terence Allbricht (piano)
Directed by Ian Cotterell
Gerardo: Alec McCowen
Isabel: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Professor Duhring: Peter Woodthorpe
Helen: Dilys Laye
Valet: John Rye
Hotel manager: Alan Dudley
Page boys: Stephen Garlick,
Page boys: David Bradshawe
Repeated from 15th November 1981

8th August 1982
18.20 :
Who Are You Anyway? by Tom McGrath
A humorous exploration of personal identity recorded before an audience in the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
Directed by Tom Kinninmont and Chris Parr
BBC Scotland
One: Gregor Fisher
Two: Ron Bain
Three: Shelley Lee
Repeated from 18th June 1981
[Part one of a trilogy- Linked plays by Tom McGrath "Very Important Person" (no radio play) and "Moondog" (R3 - 19/12/82 and 22/9/83)]

12th August 1982:
21.40 :
The God of Destiny by Hans Magnus Enzensberger. translated by Jane Brenton
Crossing the desert on his way to the court of the King of XI. a philosopher finds a skull in the sand. He asks the God of Destiny to bring the dead man back to life. The god grants his request, but what happens after that is not what the philosopher had bargained for.
Directed by Anton Gill
the Philosopher: Raymond Francis
the God: Robert Flemyng
the Dead Man: Bryan Pringle
the Constable: John Bolt [or Bott]
Spirit voices: Sonia Fraser, Jenny Lee. Eve Karpf
Repeated from 21st September 1980

15th August 1982
18.35 :
The Seven by Gabriel Josipovici and Jonathan Harvey, from the translation by Helen Bacon and Anthony Hecht of Aeschylus's Seven Against Thebes
Chorus leader Mary Morris chorus: Petra Davies, Kathryn Hurlbutt, Amanda Murray, Rosalind Shanks. Singers: Rosemary Hardy. Linda Hirst (Realised at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop with the assistance of Brian Hodgson )
Directed By: John Theocharis.
Eteocles: James Aubrey
the Messenger: Norman Rodway
Repeated 14th December 1982

22 August 1982:
The Game’s a Bogey
By John McGrath with 7:84 Theatre Company (Scotland). A riotous account of the life and politics of Glasgow radical socialist John MacLean (1979-1923) and the relevance of the “Red Clydesider” to contemporary Glasgow. (Original 7:84 Theatre Company production by John McGrath.) McWilliam/Guitarist: Alex Norton, John Maclean/ McChuckemup/McBungle: Bill Paterson, Ina: Terry Cavers, Geordie/Drummer: Billy Riddoch, Lavina/Doctor: John Bott, Lachle: Alan Ford. Music: Alex Norton, Dave Anderson and Terry Neason. Performed by Dave Anderson (keyboard), Terry Neason (singer), Neil Gammock (bass) and John Cunningham (fiddle). Technical presentation: Ken Stewart, Jock Farrell and Gordon Leishman. Director: Stewart Conn. (Repeat from 14 June 1981) ...entry added by Ian Johns.

26th August 1982:
21.30 :
The Ironclads (Classe de Ferro) by Aldo Nicolaj translated and adapted for radio by Carlo Ardito
Repeated from 28th February 1982 - please see above.

28th August 1982
22.55 - 23.00 :
39 and Counting
1 of 6: Re-cycling by Colin McLaren
Producer Louise Purslow
Charles: Dinsdale Landen
Ann: Hannah Gordon
Repeated from 11th October 1981
[Colin McLaren was the Archivist and Keeper of Manuscripts to the Special Collections department at Aberdeen University

29th August 1982
19.25 :
Walter by C. P. Taylor[1929-1981]
I didn't even know you were back in Scotland. Then seeing your picture in the paper - about you taking this big house on Loch Lomond. It's a mansion, Walter, isn't it? All them grounds ... Like a park. All to yourself. And the Loch around you. Just what you always wanted, isn't it, Walter? A dream come true. The life and times of a successful entertainer with a sense of failure.
Music arranged by Robert Pettigrew and Johnnie Phillips and played by Robert Pettigrew (piano) Johnnie Phillips (rhythm guitar/soprano sax) Stuart R. Smith (bass guitar) David Swanson (drums)
Technical presentation by Tom Anderson and Ian Cowie
Directed by Stewart Conn
Walter: Peter Kelly
Doris: Anne Kristen
Joyce: Tammy Ustinov
Rickie: Joseph Greig
Ian: Peter Lincoln
Eric: Benny Young
(first broadcast on Radio Scotland)
Repeated from Radio 3 2nd July 1981
Repeated on Radio 3 on 27th September 1992
[The 84 page radio script is held at the University of Glasgow]

29th August 1982
21.45-21.50 :
39 and Counting
2 of 6: On the Road to Damascus by Colin McLaren
Producer Louise Purslow
Charles: Dinsdale Landen
Ann: Hannah Gordon
Commentator: Michael Hordern
Repeated from 14th October 1981

2nd September 1982
21.40 :
The Joking Habit by David Cregan (1931-2015)
This is the story of a love affair that never had a chance. And the reason for that. at any rate, was simple.
Directed by John Tydeman
Clee Philips, a social worker: Sheila Allen
George Philips, her husband: Moray Watson
Francis Hedley, her lover: Barry Foster
Monty, her son: Anthony Hyde
Andy, her son: Nigel Greaves
Miss Harp, an investigator: Elizabeth Spriggs
A BBC Correspondent: Geoffrey Beevers
Mrs Armstrong: Sonia Fraser
Mr Armstrong: Leonard Fenton
Sylvia, their daughter: Diana Bishop
Another daughter: Josie Kidd
With Patrick Barr, John Church, Judy Franklin, Alexander John
Repeated from 14th September 1980, 12th February 1981
Repeated on Radio 4 on 13th April 1985

4th September 1982
22.30-22.35 :
39 and Counting:
3 of 6: A Little Latin by Colin McLaren
Producer Louise Purslow
Charles: Dinsdale Landen
Ann: Hannah Gordon
The commentator: Michael Hordern
Repeated from 18th October 1981

5th September 1982
22.35-22.40 :
39 and Counting:
4 of 6: Food of love by Colin McLaren
Producer Louise Purslow
Charles: Dinsdale Landen
Ann: Hannah Gordon
The commentator: Michael Hordern
Repeated from 21st October 1981

7th September 1982:
19.00 :
The Belman of London
Repeated from 1st January 1982- please see above.

9th September 1982
21.45 :
Having a Ball by Alan Bleasdale
David Ross as Lenny The play is set in a private clinic specialising In cosmetic and social surgery. Four men are awaiting vasectomies. But It takes in far more than just the men's reactions to the prospect of surgery.
Directed By: Caroline Smith
BBC Manchester
Lenny: David Ross
Nurse: Jeffrey Longmore
Surgeon: Judith Barker
Anaesthetist: Ian Mercer
Malcolm: Cliff Howells
Doreen: Lesley E. Bennett
Ritchie: Andrew Hay
Old man: Ted Morris
Jean: Lesley Nicol
Repeated from 21st May 1981
[Having a Ball was first performed at the Oldham Coliseum, with the same company and directed by K. A. Taylor, as part of the BBC/Arts Council scheme to commission new work for radio and the theatre.]

11th September 1982
39 and Counting:
5 of 6: 39 and Counting by Colin McLaren
Producer Louise Purslow
Charles: Dinsdale Landen
Ann: Hannah Gordon
The commentator: Michael Hordern
Repeated from 25th October 1981

12th September 1982
39 and Counting:
6 of 6: Picture at an Exhibition by Colin McLaren
Producer Louise Purslow
Charles: Dinsdale Landen
Ann: Hannah Gordon
The commentator: Michael Hordern
Repeated from 25th October 1981

16th September 1982
19.00 :
Between the Acts by Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) dramatised for radio by Liane Aukin (1936-2016)
Miss La Trobe, an eccentric local artist, conceives the ambitious idea of portraying, with the help of people in the village, a history of English literature and of making the audience see themselves as they really are. But the year is 1939, and over everything hangs the threatening shadow of a European war.
Songs specially composed by John Bull
Special sound effects by Brian Hodgson of the BBC Radinphonic Workshop
Directed by David Spenser
Miss La Trobe: Sarah Badel
Lucy Swithin: Sylvia Coleridge
Bart Oliver: Robert Lang
Giles Oliver: Terrence Hardiman
Isa: Gemma Jones
Mrs Manressa: Moira Redmond
William Dodge: Christopher Good
Mrs Lyn Jones: Nan Munro
Mrs Wintrop: Eva Stuart
Mrs Springett: Peggy Paige
The Rev Streatfield: Philip Voss
In the pageant:
Old crone/Lady Harpy Harraden: Sheila Grant
Sir Speniel Lilyliver: Peter Baldwin
Queen Elizabeth: Margot Boyd
Mrs Hardcastle: Josie Kidd
Mr Budge: John Bott
Eleanor/Carinthia: Elizabeth Rider
Edgar/Ferdinand: Philip Sully
Flavinda: Sonia Fraser
Albert: John Bull
Other parts played by John Church, Lolly Cockerell, Graham Faulkner, Godfrey Kenton, Gordon Reid, Elaine White
Repeated from 5th October 1980
Repeated 5th January 1992

19th September 1982:
18.30 :
Schweyk in the Second World War by Bertolt Brecht translated by William Rowlinson
The good soldier Schweyk, after surviving the First World War, is still alive. Our story shows his successful efforts to survive the Second as well.
Music by Hannah Eisier
Richard Rodney Bennett and Susan Bradshaw (piano duet) with the BBC Scottish Symphony, leader Geoffrey Trabicboff conducted by Lionel Friend
Music coach Chris Walker
Adapted for radio and directed by Clive Bennett and Ian Cotterell
Storyteller John Hollis
Schweyk, a dog dealer in Prague: Michael Williams
Mrs Kopecka, landlady of the Chalice tavern: Dilys Laye
Baloun, a fat photographer: Roger Hammond
Prochazka, son of a butcher, Mrs Kopecka's admirer: John McAndrew
SS man: Jim Reid
SS man: Haydn Wood
Brettschneider, a Gestapo agent: Hugh Dickson
Bullinger, Lieutenant in the SS: Michael Spice
Customer at the Chalice: James Kerry
Customer at the Chalice: Jean Trend
Anna, a servant girl: Wendy Murray
Kati her friend: Rosalind Adams
Man from Department of Voluntary Work: Brian Sanders
Czech prisoners: Simon Hewitt, Steve Hodson, Alex Jennings, Stuart Organ, Peter Tuddenham
Chaplain: Anthony Newlands
Russian peasant: Madi Bedd
Adolf Hitler: Nigel Graham
Repeated 29th December 1983

20th September 1982:
22.40-22.45 :
In a Nutshell
1 of 6: An Instant Opinion written by Barry Pilton
Nowadays, the key question in any political or philosophical movement is ' Can we get It on a badge? '
Producer Louise Purslow
Performed by Leonard Rossiter
Repeated from 7th February 1981

23rd September 1982
19.30 :
A Night to Make the Angels Weep by Peter Terson
When Bernard Saxon, the owner of a medieval manor house situated In a remote Worcestershire village, decides to invite Dig and Sin, 'two mighty hunters' to both develop and protect his estate. he finds himself unwittingly caught up In a humorously macabre situation which will ultimately end in disaster.
Directed by Martin Jenkins
Dezzel: John Rowe
Herbo: Danny Schiller
Bernard Saxon: Peter Jeffrey
Vanessa his daughter: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Clare, his sister: Diana Bishop
Dig: Anthony Jackson
Sin: Spencer Banks
Repeated from 29th October 1981

26 September 1982:
The Mighty Reservoy
By Peter Terson. In this 1964 play, Dron, who looks after a recently built reservoir near a Worcestershire village, believes an impending disaster will only be prevented if the reservoir is provided with a sacrificial offering. He shares his fears and secrets with Church, a relative newcomer to the village. Dron: Nigel Stock, Church: Gordon Reid. Director: Martin Jenkins. (Repeat from 5 November 1981)....entry added by Ian Johns.

30th September 1982
20.05 :
Sacking by Ian Weir
Imagine a meeting between Attila the Hun and Alaric the Visigoth. Attila - en route to sack Italy - has journeyed some considerable distance out of his way with a larger travelling retinue than is strictly necessary to visit his old friend Alaric. Alaric has difficulty in finding out why, precisely, his old friend should wish to see him.
Christopher Page (lyre)
Directed By: Glyn Dearman
Alaric: Michael Bryant
Attila: Glyn Owen
Villagers Christine Absalom, Spencer Banks, Nicholas Courtney, Jane Knowles, Crawford Logan, Christopher Scott, Michael Spice, Theresa Streatfeild, David Timson, Patience Tomlinson
Repeated from 8th November 1981

3rd October 1982:
20.00 :
Pericles, Prince of Tyre by William Shakespeare
To sing a song that old was sung from ashes ancient Gower is come ...
Shakespeare uses the poet Gower to relate the adventures, sufferings and wanderings of the young Prince.
Pericles is haunted by Fate, but there are reconciling forces that lie beyond the apparent waywardness of Fortune.
Music specially composed by Nick Bicat . Directed By: David Spenser
Pericles: Tim Pigott-Smith
Marina: Angharad Rees
Simonides: Michael Aldridge
Gower: David March
Dionyza: Carole Boyd
Thaisa: Sheila Grant
Lysimachus: Robert Morris
Anthiochus: Nicholas Courtney
Helicanus: Richard Hurndall
Cleon: Manning Wilson
Bawd: Eva Stuart
Boult: Stephen Thorne
Pandar: Jonathan Scott
Thaliard: Christopher Scott
Goddess Diana: Jane Knowles
Lychorida: Polly March
Fishermen.: Peter Baldwinz, John Livesey, Haydn Wood
Leonine: John Webb
Servant: John McAndrew
Philemon: Spencer Banks
Pirate: Mark Eldridge
Repeated from 8th October 1981
[One source for this play was "Confessio Amantis", book 8, by 14th C poet John Gower]
[obscure- A Pandar is a male Bawd...]
[Original ms of this play not yet found- a newer reconstruction was issued by Oxford in 1986.]

7th October 1982
19.25 :
A Small Apocalypse by Tadeusz Konwicki (1926-2015) adapted for radio and translated by Janina David
Unable to put pen to paper, a Polish writer living in Warsaw has tried unsuccessfully to end his life. Suddenly a far more drastic solution presents itself.
Directed By: Martin Jenkins
Writer: Alfred Burke
Hubert: Maurice Denham
Edward: Jim Norton
Richard: Keith Drinkel
Tadzio: Nigel Anthony
Nadiehzda Karen Archer
Interrogator: Anthony Jackson
First militiaman/TV commentator/Voice on screen: Nigel Graham
Caban/Robber: Stuart Organ
Kolka: Leonard Fenton
Halina: Theresa Streatfeild
Usher/Mark: Alex Jennings
Cinema manager/Doctor: James Kerry
Kobialka/John: Manning Wilson
Bulat: Hugh Dickson
Hans-Jurgen Gonsiorek: Crawford Logan
Mrs Gosla/Second woman: Madi Hedd
Sacher/Doctor: Godfrey Kenton
Walter/Postman: Jim Reid
Chef /American: Roger Hammond
First woman: Jean Trend
Third woman: Gillian Rhind
Repeated 13th March 1983
[The novel (1979) was called A Minor Apocalypse and referred to the 1968 death of Ryszard Siwiec.]

10th October 1982
21.10-23.15 :
Flos play for radio by David Pownall
To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the BBC.
In 1216 King John Is dying, his kingdom fraught with war and Intrigue. In Carlisle the confrontation between a Master Mason and a wily prior epitomises power struggles within church and state.
Music composed and directed by Stephen Boxer
Michael Chance, Ashley Stafford (altos), Philip Salmon ,John Potter (tenors), Richard Wistreich, Simon Grant (basses)
Boy soloists Piers McLeish and Steven Harrold
Alastair McLachlan (medieval fiddle)
David Corkhill (percussion and bells) Jeremy Barlow (recorder, whistle, portative organ)
Bob White (bagpipes, shawm)
Fiona Hibbert (Celtic harp)
Technical presentation by David Hitchinson and Diana Barkham
Directed by Ronald Mason
Prior Alec: Michael Williams
St Thomas: Robert Eddison
Turstin: Mike Gwilym
King John: Peter Vaughan
Carlisle Lil: Anne Jameson
Alice: Frances Jeater
Abbot: Crawford Logan
Robin Hood: James Kerry
King Alexander of Scotland: Henry Stamper
Felix, the fallen priest: Stephen Boxer
Sea captain: Jim Reid
Alnoth: Anthony Newland
Perse: Nigel Graham
First boy: Elizabeth Lindsay
Hammerhead child: Jill Lidstone
Repeated 20th January 1983

12th October 1982:
19.00-19.30 :
Via Dieppe-Newhaven by Henry Miller, adapted by Anthony Schooling
In 1935 the American novelist Henry Miller left his home in Paris for a brief trip to England so that he could hear English spoken again. But following an interview with immigration officials at Newhaven, the trip turned out to be rather shorter than he had hoped.
Directed By: Jeremy Mortimer
Henry Miller: Lou Hirsch
First official: David Gooderson
Second official/French Official: Crawford Logan
Constable: Stuart Organ

14th October 1982
Faust by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe adapted by Anthony Vivis from the abridged translation by Lovis
MacNeice and E. L. Stahl
(Part 1)
Repeated from 21st March 1982 18.30-21.00 - please see above.

17th October 1982
Watching the Plays Together by Rhys Adrian
Every evening Rosemary and Gerald sit down In front of their television set and watch the plays together. Sometimes she leaves the room to make tea or phone her mother, sometimes he reads the paper. Every evening they talk to each other as successive teleplays unfold upon the screen. Occasionally they recognise similarities between the screen fiction and people they know. There comes a point when fact and fiction become confused.
Directed By: John Tydeman
Rosemary: Rosemary Leach
Gerald: James Grout
The actors in the plays within the play are played by Frances Jeater and Ronald Herdman
Repeated 18th August 1983, also on Radio 4 on 22nd September 1984.
[ A Giles Cooper Award Winner 1983 ]

19th October 1982
19.20-20.00 :
Kisch-Kisch by Alun Owen
Two brothers meet again after the funeral of David's wife. It becomes an evening of confession and expiation.
Directed by John Tydeman
David: Geoffrey Palmer
John: Charles Kay
Repeated 31st July 1983

21st October 1982:
19.00-22.45 (including a 15 minute interval):
Faust by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, adapted by Anthony Vivis from the translation by Louis
MacNeice and E. L. Stahl
Part 2
Repeated from 28th March 1982. Please see above.

24th October 1982
19.15 :
The Flower Case by James Saunders
Purkiss is a seedy Inquiry Agent, and taking on the case of Mr Flower adds to his natural state of suspicious confusion.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Purkiss: John Le Mesurler
Mr Flower: Robert Lang
Mrs Flower: Gwen Watford
Wllburt: Derek Fowlds
Gita: Rosalind Adams
Repeated 17th March 1983, also on Radio 4 on 10th October 1983 and 22nd June 1985

26th October 1982:
19.00 :
Goddy Haemel's Adventure Holiday [Goddy Haemels Abenteuerreise] by Adolf Muschg, Translated By: Peter Tegel
Seven German tourists go on holiday to New Guinea. It Is the monsoon, one of them is suffering from malaria and because of the rains no plane can land to rescue them....
Directed by Hans Hausmann
Radio DRS - Studio Basel
Newsreader: Spencer Banks
Olaf: Stephen Thorne
Axel: Steve Hodson
Gerda: Fauline Letts
Kaspar: John Livesey
Oskar: John Wabner
Peter: David McAlister
Elfie: Rosalind Adams
Erich: Hugh Dickson
Jack: Alan Dudley
Reporter: Crawford Logan

28th October 1982
19.00 :
Best Friends by Olwen Wymark (1932-2013)
Baba has a difficult teenage daughter, a quixotic husband, a dotty old father (or is he?) and a best friend in whom she confides her attempts to write. As Nelly reads her latest play, their lives are also conjured up by the fictional characters in Baba's play.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Baba/Annie: Ruth Goring
Joe/Eli: Christopher Hancock
Nelly: Ann Windsor
Raymond: Dominic Letts
Stanley: Noel Howlett
Ginger: Madeline Church
Repeated from 30th April 1981.

31st October 1982
19.00-20.10 :
Ill Seen, Ill Said by Samuel Beckett
A monologue for radio
By recalling the last months of the life of an old lady encased in a frail body, we come to have a perception of the end of life and the meaning of what has come and gone to bring us to this point. There emerges a fear that all our perception is ill-seen and ill-expressed.
Directed By: Ronald Mason
with Patrick Magee
Repeated 20th March 1983

2nd November 1982:
19.00 :
Autumn Sunshine by William Trevor
The death of Canon Moran wife is obviously a terrible loss to him, although the old man's sadness is alleviated a little by the unexpected return of his favourite daughter. Deirdre. Unfortunately Deirdre's friend Harold, with his morbid fascination for violence, is less of a blessing.
Philip Hammond (piano)
Technical presentation by Colm Flanagan
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Northern Ireland
Canon Moran: John Welsh
Deirdre: Deirdre Donnelly
Harold: Tony McEwan
Una: Susie Kelly
Carley: Kevin Flood
Emma: Roisin Donaghy
Thomas: Mark Mulholland
Linda: Stella McCusker
John: John Hewitt
Slattery: Ian McElhinney
Publican: Catherine Gibson
Mrs Roche: Margaret D'Arcy
Newscaster: Paddy Scully
Repeated 26th May 1983, also on Radio 4 on 25th January 1986

7th November 1982:
18.55 :
A Dream of Beltane by Robert Forrest
A story of 16th-century Scotland
Alison is a tinker lass who enjoys telling stories and making love; but when she practises both arts on the king she is accused of witchcraft.
Director Tom Kinninmont
BBC Scotland
Alison Aird: Maureen Carr
Tam Fisher: Ron Bain
James Stewart, King of Scotland: Benny Young
Sir James Hamilton of Kincavel: Alec Heggie
Brother Matthew: Michael Elder
Rab Cowan: Jimmy Yuill
Davy Nicol: Charles Kearney
Ellie Duncan: Monica Brady
Alec Sutton: Gerard Slevin
Repeated from 20th December 1981

9th November 1982
19.00 :
Portions Mechanically Reproduced by Carol Adorjan
Roberta and Ernest are obsessed with tape recorders and video equipment. So much so that the outside world has lost its reality. Their lives are filled with games and illusions.
Directed by Peter King
Roberta: Margaret Tyzack
Ernest: Gary Waldhorn
Repeated 8th September 1983

11th November 1982
19.30 :
Diana's Uncle and Other Relatives by David Cregan (1931-2015)
From the middle 1950s up to the present day, Diana has been trying to 'find herself' by finding a purpose and mission in life. It has not been easy, and she has adopted many disparate causes in one way and another.
Director: John Tydeman
Diana: Anna Massey
Uncle Saul: Bernard Hepton
Annie, her friend: Sheila Grant
Miss Twentyman, her teacher: Sylvia Coleridge
Her father: Michael Spice
Her mother: Mary Wimbush
Martin, her sometime husband: Bruce Alexander
A Kampuchean leader: Burt Kwouk
Other parts played by: Rosalind Adams, Nigel Graham, Alex Jennings, James Kerry, Stuart Organ, Jim Reid, Patience Tomlinson
Repeated 8th May 1983

14th November 1982:
19.10 :
Return from Paradise: Fudaraku-no-Kishibe by Kiyokazu Yamamoto translated from the Japanese by John Bester
This play, set in 16th century Japan, deals with a clash of Christian and Buddhist ideas about the voyage to Fudaraku (paradise) - in western eyes a type of ritual suicide.
The play won the RAI prize at the 1981 Prix Italia in its Japanese production by NHK. This English production uses the original music and sound effects tapes.
With Nigel Graham and members of the Gekidan Subaru
Music by Seiichiro Uno
Directed by Ian Cotterell
Fr Joao Alimeida: Hugh Dickson
Tozen, the Holy Voyager: Steve Hodson
Haru, a bikuni: Jill Lidstone
Chief supervisor: John Bott
Official Senshiro Harada: Anthony Newlands
Old women.: Margot Boyd
Old women : Peggy Paige
Old women.: Katherine Parr
Old women.: Gladys Spencer
Repeated on Radio 4 on 20th April 1985.
[A bikuni or bhikkuni is a female bhikkhu- think fully ordained female buddhist monastic].
[Gekidan means Theatre Company. Subaru is a persons name, with a possible meaning of "group" or "united"]

18th November 1982:
19.30-21.20 :
The Dutch Curtezan by John Marston (1576-1634), adapted for radio by Peter Barnes
The difference betwixt the love of a Curtezan. and a wife, is the full scope of the Play, which intermixed with the deceits of a wittie Citie Jester, fils up the Comedie.
Music by Stephen Deutsch
Melissa Phelps (cello); Thomas Martin(double-bass); Maxim Rolands (piano); John Leach (cimbalom); Ann Cherry (flute); Malcolm Messiter (oboe, cor anglais); David Campbell (clarinet, bass clarinet)
Conducted by Stephen Deutsch
Directed by Ian Cotterell
Young Freevill , Sir Lionell's son: Martin Jarvis
Sir Hubert Subboys. an old knight: John Livesey
Francischina, a Dutch curtezan: Dilys Laye
Malheureux, young Freevill's unhappie friend: Clive Francis
Beatrice, Sir Hubert's daughter .: Tina Marian
Crispinella, Sir Hubert's daughter..: Elizabeth Proud
Cocledemoy, a knavishly witty city companion: Alan Rickman
Maister Mulligrub a vintner: Roy Kinnear
Caqueteur, a pratling gull: John Warner
Tysefew, a blunt gallant: Michael Spice
Mary Faugh, an old woman ..: Kathleen Helme
Holifernes Rains-Cure, a barber's boy: Spencer Banks
Mistresse Mulligrub, Mulligrub's wife: Ann Beach
Putifer, the nurse: Peggy Paige
Lionell, his man: Stuart Organ
Maister Burnish, a gold-smith and Sir Lionell Freevill, an old knight : Ronald Herdman
Repeated 19th June 1983
[This play received a staging in York in 2013, when it ran for almost 2 and a half hours]

21st November 1982:
21.25 :
Down Among the Umalogas or Raymond's Dream by Steve May
Repeated from 9th May 1982- please see above.

23rd November 1982:
Murdo by Iain Crichton Smith
A failed bank clerk sifts in his imagination through the small tragedy of his life.
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland
Murdo: Tom Watson
Other parts played by Eileen Mccallum. Sheila Latimer , Ian Stewart and John Shedden

25th November 1982
19.00-21.30 (incl 10 minute interval) :
Dominion Over Palm and Pine by John Spurling
Part 1 of an epic play The British Empire
The British Empire has no single hero, but a succession of semi-heroes, semi-villains, whose intentions and actions echo and contrast with one another through half-a-century and 59 scenes. Courage and treachery, efficiency and ineptitude, philanthropy and inhumanity are its themes. These people lived and these things happened between 1820 and 1885; they are part of a symphonic drama and not a documentary.
Technical team David Greenwood , David Chilton and Vanessa Ellner

Directed by Richard Wortley
Dr Brydon: Geoffrey Beevers
Letty Landon: Marly Cruickshank
Burton: John Turner
George: John Hollis
Nana Sahib: Zia Mohyeddin
Captain Maclean: Bill Paterson
Dr Brydon: Augustus Robinson
Isabel Burton: Thelma Whiteley
Forty-Five other historical characters played by Spencer Banks, Sean Barrett, David Brierly, Alan Dudley, Joe Dunlop, Miranda Forbes, Minoo Golvala, David Gooderson, Ronald Herdman, Steve Hodson, Alex Jennings, James Kerry, Crawford Logan, Louis Mahoney, Albert Moses, Anthony Newlands, Lionel Ngakne, George Parsons, Gordon Reid, Renu Setna, Maihdav Sharma, Michael Spice, Patience Tomlinson, Peter Tuddenham, Phillip Voss, Manning Wilson
(Part 2 on 2 December)
Repeated 27th March 1983

28th November 1982:
From the Balcony by Patrice Chaplin
Repeated from 27th June 1982- please see above:

30th November 1982:
19.00 :
Tanka by Severo Sarduy translated by Barbara Thompson
Repeated from 20th June 1982 - please see above.

2nd December 1982:
The British Empire by John Spurling
Part 2 of 3: The Christian Hero
Technical team: Carol McShane, David Chilton and Bert Coules
Directed by Richard Wortley
Burton: John Turner
General Wolseley: David Buck
Isabel Burton: Thelma Whitely
General Gordon: John Rowe
Jordan: Norman Beaton
Gladstone: David March
Also with Ronald Herdman, Anthony Newlands, Peter Baldwin, Stephen Thorne, Jim Reid, James Kerry, Charles Hodgson, Garrick Hagan,
Steve Hodson, Simon Hewitt Peter Tuddenham, Stuart Organ, Theresa Streatfeild, Geoffrey Kissoon, Anton Phillips, Frank Singuineau, Norman Beaton, Hugh Dickson, Joe Dunlop and Miranda Forbes
Repeated on 31st March 1983

3rd December 1982
19.05-19.35 :
The Stone Guest (1830) by Alexander Pushkin in a new translation by Antony Wood
Producer: Piers Plowright
Don Juan: Gawn Grainger
Leporello: Peter Baldwin
Donna Anna: Frances Jeater
Laura: Janet Maw
Priest: Nigel Graham
Don Carlos: Crawford Logan
Guests: Madi Hedd
Guests: James Kerry
Guests: Simon Hewitt
Comendado: Peter Tuddenham
Singer: Glenda Simpson
Guitarist: Barry Mason
Repeated 28th May 1984
[This work is based on an older Spanish legend, much adopted- Don Juan, the earliest known version of Don Juan is 1630, the first English translation 1676. Pushkin wrote his version after seeing the Mozart opera and in turn Pushkin's work was later made into an opera...and much later an operetta...]

5th December 1982:
18.50 :
Intensive Care or An Endless Vegetable-Like Existence by Christoph Gahl translated by Anthony Vivis
Repeated from 15th July 1982- please see above.

7th December 1982:
19.00 :
Fishfall on 47th Street by Ruth Brandon
Charles Fort couldn't get the Book of the Damned published because it contained no love interest.
Theodore Dreiser 's novel The Genius was banned because of lewdness. Taking their long correspondence as her starting point, Ruth Brandon has written a fictional account of how the two writers planned authorial revenge on the New York Societyfor the Suppression of Vice and sceptics everywhere.
Directed by Clare Taylor
Charles Fort: Lou Hirsch
Theodore Dreiser: Ed Bishop
Anna Fort: Frances Jeater
Jones: Nigel Graham
Mrs Konopke: Miranda Forbes
Ellen: Theresa Streatfeild
Mona: Wendy Murray
Reporter: Crawford Logan
Repeated on 14th August 1983

9th December 1982
20.00 :
The Dog it was That Died by Tom Stoppard
Rupert Purvis is a spy. He is also a counter-spy and even a counter-counter-spy. When, confused as to who his real masters are and why, he cracks and writes a suicide note making wild allegations about his colleagues and superiors, there has to be an investigation.
Directed by John Tydeman
Giles Blair: Charles Gray
Rupert Purvis: Dinsdale Landen
Pamela Blair: Penelope Keith
Hogben: Kenneth Cranham
Seddon: John Le Mesurier
Arlon: Stephen Murray
Matron: Betty Marsden
the Chief: Maurice Denham
the Vicar: Noel Howlett
Wren: Lockwood West
Slack: Peter Tuddenham
Mrs Ryan: Katherine Parr
Repeated 15th May 1983, also on Radio 4 on 14th August 1983, and 12th August 1990.
Also broadcast on the BBC World Service September 1993. Also on BBC7 June 2003.
[Giles Cooper Award winner 1983]
[Not to be confused with the play by H R F Keating, set in Dublin, which was also produced by John Tydeman, broadcast in 1971. Both were inspired by a poem by Oliver Goldsmith.]

12th December 1982
19.00 :
Travellers by William Trevor
Mrs Daveridge cannot sleep. troubled by memories and by doubts. Perhaps she should have cancelled the Venice holiday, after her husband's death. Now she travels with her son.
Slowly, uncertainly. one thought leads to another. and a horrifying image takes shape in Mrs Daveridge 's mind.
Directed by Michael Heffernan
Mrs Daveridge: Avril Elgar
Gerard: Daniel Day-Lewis
Signora Lotti: Gigi Gatti
Police Insp: Stephen Thorne
Ex-gondolier: Robert Rietty
Mrs Eames: Madi Hedd
a boy Gerard: Milo Twomey
Guide: Alexandra Mathie
Yo-yo seller: Jim Reid
Army chaplain: James Kelly
Doctor: Alex Jennings
Tourist: Frances Jeater
Repeated 19th May 1983

16th December 1982
20.00 :
Out in the Cold A play by Susan Hill
When an elderly French woman who is dying leaves hospital in the dead of winter and summons her daughter Cecile whom she has not seen for 11 years, is Cecile's compulsion to return to her mother inspired by guilt - or is there some other motive.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Edith: Pauline Letts
Cecile: Fiona Walker
Alec: Peter Howell
First ambulance man: Steve Hodson
Second ambulance man: Stephen Thorne
a child Cecile: Jill Lidstone,
Old woman: Katherine Parr
Repeated on 16th October 1983

19th December 1982:
18.30 :
Moondog by Tom McGrath (1940-2009)
The third of McGrath's brilliant trilogy 1-2-3 written for Radio/Theatre 81. Moondog is a tragi-comic account of one man's attempt to opt out of his society and his society's attempt to ensure that he cannot do so.
Directed by Tom Kinninmont
BBC Scotland
Jack: Ron Bain
Joe: Gregor Fisher
Peggy: Shelley Lee
Repeated 22nd September 1983
[The three parts of the trilogy were: Who are you anyway (R3, 8/8/1982 and 18/6/1981), Very Important Person (no radio play), and Moondog]

23rd December 1982
19.45 :
Summer by Edward Bond
Marthe lives in a cliff-top house on the Yugoslavian coast. Once the house was Xenias and Marthe was her servant. Xenia visits her and the two of them are forced to reconsider the life they once shared....
Directed By: Edward Bond
Executive producer: Anthony Vivis
A National Theatre production
Marthe: Yvonne Bryceland
Ann: Eleanor David
David: David Yelland
German: David Ryall
Drunk: Robert Oats
Other parts played by Jill Lidstone, Crawford Logan, Wendy Murray, Patience Tomlinson
Repeated 10th July 1983

26th December 1982:
20.00 :
Journey to Jura by James Robson
Throughout their unhappy childhood, Michael and Janey clung to the belief that the Island of Jura somehow contained the mystical solution to their problems. Now 20 years later, they are on the island....
Directed by Caroline Smith
BBC Manchester
Michael: Jonathan Newth
Janey: Sue Jenkins
Teacher/Jean: Maggie McCarthy
a boy Michael: Susan Sheridan
Tarbet: Jack Carr
Henry/Vet: Russell Dixon
Repeated 28th April 1983

30th December 1982
19.45 :
Nothing to Declare by James Saunders
Repeated from 25th July 1982 - please see above.


Many thanks to Stephen Shaw for compiling the entries.

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