Third Programme:
Drama, 1959

Compiled by Alistair Wyper .......many thanks - ND

The BBC Third Programme Plays 1959

01/01/1959 Thomas Dekker  The Shoemaker’s Holiday
(A Pleasant Comedy of the Gentle Craft) (First produced at court on January 1, 1600)  (Edited for radio and produced by Raymond Raikes)  (Music by John Hotchkis)  (The Welbeck Orchestra  (Leader, Vera Kantrovitch, conducted by the composer)  (First broadcast 30/11/1958) rpt 28/06/1959

02/01/1959 Giles Cooper Under the Loofah Tree
(Production: Donald McWhinnie) (See the Genome Blog for more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/genome/entries/d054ba77-304f-40c2-9b56-2ba0e6726c11) (First broadcast 03/08/1958 )

03/01/1959 Yoshida Kenko the Grass of Idleness
(Translated from the Japanese by Geoffrey Bownas)  (Produced by Terence Tiller with authentic medieval and modern Japanese music) (First broadcast 12/12/1958) rpt 09/06/1959 and 20/12/1959

04/01/1959 Henrik Ibsen  Rosmersholm
(Translated by Max Faber)  (Adapted for radio and produced by Mary Hope Allen) rpt 28/01/1959 and 04/11/1959

07/01/1959 Federico Garcia Lorca The Barren One
(The play 'Yerma' transposed to a West Indian setting by Sylvia Wynter) (Adapted by Sylvia Wynter) (Producer: R. D. Smith) rpt 30/08/1959

09/01/1959 Eugen Herrigel and Anon The Bow and the Beads
(A comparison by D. S. Savage of two ways towards mystical enlightenment based on ' The Way of a Pilgrim' (anon.) translated by R. M. French and ' Zen in the Art of Archery by Eugen Herrigel translated by R. F. E. Hull) (Produced by David Thomson)  rpt 27/01/1959

10/01/1959 Adam
(A drama of the twelfth century translated from the Anglo-Norman by Father John W. Doyle. S.J.) (Arranged for broadcasting and introduced by Raymond Raikes)

11/01/1959 Jacques Audiberti  The Landlady
(La Logeuse) (Translated and adapted by Thomas Walton)  (Produced by R. D. Smith) rpt 03/02/1959 and 03/08/1959

13/01/1959 Nesta Pain Parkinson’s Law
(A musical satire based on the book by C. Northcote Parkinson)  (Written for radio by Nesta Pain)  (Lyrics by David Heneker and Monty Norman)  (Music composed and conducted by Antony Hopkins)  (Produced by Nesta Pain) (First broadcast 25/12/1958)

14/01/1959 William Shakespeare The 1958 Shakespeare Memorial Theatre Company - Twelfth Night
(Directed by Peter Hall with music by Raymond Leppard) (Produced for radio by Peter Dews)  (First broadcast 26/12/1958)

15/01/1959 T. S. Eliot  Sweeney Agonistes
(Fragments of an Aristophanic melodrama) (Music by Quincy Porter conducted by Bernard Keeffe) (Production by Christopher Holme) rpt 07/02/1959 and 25/10/1959

17/01/1959 J. A. Saunders Dog Accident
(Produced by Donald McWhinnie) (First broadcast 26/08/1958)

18/01/1959 Edward Scobie The Blackamoor Dandy
(An acount of episodes in the life of Julius Soubise 1754-1798) (Produced by Terence Tiller)  (First broadcast 31/12/1958)

21/01/1959 Diego Fabbri  Inquisition
(Translated by Peggy Craig and H. A. L. Craig) (Production by Michael Bakewell)  (First broadcast 07/12/1958)

24/01/1959 Peter Gurney The Foundling
(Music by Humphrey Searle) (Production! by Raymond Raikes)  (Voices of gravestones, dolphin, unicorn, griffin, winged honse, pelican roof-boss, dog-tooth, gargoyles, churchgoers, boys, and searchers;  John Cazabon William Eedle)  (BBC Chorus Sinfoniia of London conducted by the composer) (First broadcast 02812/1958) rpt 09/04/1959 and 31/12/1961

29/01/1959 Muriel Spark The Party Through the Wall
(Production by Rayner Heppenstall) rpt 16/02/1959

31/01/1959 J. I. M. Stewart ('Michael Innes ')
  Nemesis at Wycombe Abbey (Produced by Rayner Heppenstall) (This is the fourth of six programmes by J. I. M. Stewart on Shakespearean themes)

01/02/1959 Thomas Heywood  A Woman Killed With Kindness Part 1
(Adapted for broadcasting by M. R. Ridley)  (Produced by Felix Felton)  (Elizabethan songs sung by Ena Mitchell (soprano) with Diana Poulton (lute))  (The play was first performed in 1603, probably at 'The Red Bull Theatre’) 

04/02/1959 David Paul Remember Who You Are
(A cautionary comedy illustrating the career and catastrophe of the Heavisides family) (Music composed by: John Beckett) (Producer: David Thomson) (First broadcast 23/07/1958)

08/02/1959 Armand Salacrou The Unknown Woman of Arras
(Translated by Robert Baldick) (Adaptation and production by Frederick Bradnum) rpt 04/03/1959

12/02/1959 The Three-Bob Bit
( ' Trinummus ' ) (A domestic comedy of 186 B.C. by Titus Maccius Plautus newly translated by Patric Dickinson)  (Music by John Hotchkis)  (Radio production by Raymond Raikes) (First broadcast 23/09/1958)

13/02/1959 Terence Tiller The Devil's Bible
(An enquiry into the history and symbolism of playing-cards)  (Produced by Terence Tiller)  rpt 03/03/1959 and 26/08/1959

15/02/1959 Laurence Kitchin  The Trial of Lord Byron
(An experiment in biography) (Produced by Douglas Cleverdon) (First broadcast 27/09/1948)

18/02/1959 Ugo Betti The Fugitive
(Translated by Harry McWilliam and adapted for broadcasting and produced by Wilfrid Grantham) (First broadcast 20/07/1958)

19/02/1959 Bertolt Brecht The Exception and the Rule
(A morality play)  (Translated from the German and adapted by Goronwy Rees with music by Paul Dessau) rpt 11/03/1959 and 07/08/1959

20/02/1959 Andre Roussin Nina
(Translated by Humphrey Hare)  (Adapted for broadcasting by Cynthia Pughe)  (Production by Val Gielgud)

21/02/1959 Patric Dickinson  Flowers at My Feet
(A study of the Influence of John Keats on the life and work of Wilfred Owen (1893-1918) rpt 12/03/1959 and 08/08/1959

22/02/1959 Sophocles Oedipus the King
(Translated by C. A. Trypants) (Production by Val Gielgud)

24/02/1959 Martin Shuttleworth The Homing of Roberts
  (A verse play based upon three allied fables-Spanish, Celtic, and Greek)  (Uileann pipes played by Seamus Ennis)

25/02/1959 Thomas Heywood  A Woman Killed With Kindness Part 2
(Adapted for broadcasting by M. R. Ridley)  (Produced by Felix Felton)  (Elizabethan songs sung by Ena Mitchell (soprano) with Diana Poulton (lute))  (The play was first performed in 1603, probably at ' The Red Bull ' Theatre) 

26/02/1959 J. I. M. Stewart ('Michael Innes ')  A Smack of Hamlet
(Produced by Rayner Heppenstall) (This is the fifth of six programmes by J. I. M. Stewart on Shakespearean themes)

27/02/1959 The Noble Savage
(Diderot's Supplément au ' Voyage' de Bougainville newly translated by Rayner Heppenstall)  (Produced by Rayner Heppenstall) rpt 24/03/1959 and 17/08/1959

28/02/1959 Maurice Cranston Oliver Cromwell
(A Conversation)  (Produced by Douglas Cleverdon) 

01/03/1959 Christopher Marlowe Edward II
(Cambridge University Marlowe Society in “The troublesome reign and lamentable death of Edward II with the tragical fall of Mortimer” (Stage production by Toby Robertson) (Radio production by Peter Watts) rpt 31/03/1959 and 12/08/1959

08/03/1959 E. J . King Bull All Night at Mr Stanyhurst’s
(From the novel by Hugh Edwards with incidental music composed and directed by John Hotchkis) rpt 16/03/1954 and 07/05/1954 and 12/12/1954 (First broadcast 14/03/1954)

10/03/1959 Henry de Montherlant The Land Where the King is a Child
((' La Ville dont le Prince est un Enfant ')  (Translated by Henry Reed)  (Produced by Archie Campbel) rpt 10/04/1959 and 05/04/1960

15/03/1959 Alain-René Lesage  The Rival of His Master
(A translation by W. S. Merwin of ‘Crispin, Rival de son Maître’ (Produced, by Michael Bakewell)

17/03/1959 Sophocles Oedipus at Colonus
(Directed by Colette King) (Production by Val Gielgud) rpt 08/05/1959 and 17/07/1959

18/03/1959 Jeremy Sandford  The Whelks and the Chromium
(Produced by Francis Dillon) rpt 16/05/1958 (First broadcast 04/11/1958)

19/03/1959 Margaret Stanley-Wrench  An Old Woman Remembering
(Produced by Terence Tiller) rpt 20/12/1957 (First broadcast 29/09/1957)

22/03/1959 William Shakespeare Troilus and Cressida
(With the members of the BBC Drama Repertory Company)  (Music composed by Geoffrey Wright) (Produced by Peter Watts)  rpt 13/05/1959 and 28/04/1963

28/03/1959 J. I. M. Stewart ('Michael Innes ')  The Hawk and the Handsaw
(Hamlet encounters a rationalising and psychological interpretation of his predicament such as has been brought to bear on Shakespeare's tragedy in modern times)  (Produced by Rayner Heppenstall) (This is the fifth of six programmes by J. I. M. Stewart on Shakespearean themes) (First broadcast 21/11/1948)

29/03/1959 Alexander Reid The Warld’s Wonder
(A Scots fantasy in verse and prose)  (Adapted for broadcasting by the author) (Produced by Finlay J. Macdonald) rpt 24/04/1959 and 27/12/1959

02/04/1959 Bertolt Brecht  The Trial of Lucullus
(Translated by H. R. Hays) (First broadcast 26/10/1958)

03/04/1959 John Elsom Sir Godfrey in Bed
(Production by Douglas Cleverdon)  (This story of the death of Sir Godfrey Kneller, based upon Spence's Anecdotes, embodies an unusual form of presentation with the speech rhythms set in a musical framework.)

05/04/1959 Bernard Shaw  Heartbreak House
(A fantasia in the Russian manner on English themes) (Production by Val Gielgud) rpt 28/04/1959 and 16/12/1959  

07/04/1959 Peter Everett Night of the March Hare
(A contemporary narrative in verse) (Production by Joe Burroughs) rpt 02/05/1959 and 19/08/1959

12/04/1959 Gil Vicente ' The Sailor's Wife ' and ' The Widower's Comedy ‘
(Translated by Jill Booty) (Other parts played by members of the BBC Drama Repertory Company)  (The guitar played by John Williams) (Production by Michael Bakewell)  rpt 05/05/1959 and 09/11/1959

15/04/1959 James Hanley  A Letter in the Desert
(Pianist, Cicely Hoye) (Produced by John Gibson) (First broadcast 12/10/1958)

17/04/1959 Lady Sarashina The Sarashina Diary
(Written by a court lady of eleventh-century Japan and newly translated and adapted for broadcasting by Geoffrey Bownas) (The music composed and played by Yuize Shinichi (koto))  (Produced by Terence Tiller)  rpt 07/05/1959 and 08/10/1959 and 02/07/1960

19/04/1959 William Shakespeare Hamlet
(Production by John Richmond) (John Gielgud as Hamlet)  (First broadcast 26/12/1948)

22/04/1959 Francis Dillon The Master Cat
(or ' Puss in Boots'  (Based on versions from many countries under many titles including 'Lord Peter'  and ' The Palace on Golden Pillars' and ' Sultan Darai ' but mainly on the versions by Straparola Perrault and Charles Perrault , together with new material recently made available)  (Music composed and conducted by Tristram Cart)  (Produced by Francis Dillon)

23/04/1959 Bill Naughton  The Long carry
(Produced by Douglas Cleverdon)  (It is a warm summer morning in a Lancashire town on the feast of Corpus Christi 1921. The coal strike is on, and six boys set out on a journey to the slag heap to pick coals for the empty grates in their homes and to earn a bit of cash) rpt 12/05/1959 and 18/12/1959

29/04/1959 Heinrich Boll A Day Like Any Other
(Translated by Richard Graves)  (Production by Christopher Sykes) rpt 06/06/1959 and 16/10/1959

30/04/1959 J. I. M. Stewart
('Michael Innes ')  A Smack of Hamlet (Produced by Rayner Heppenstall) (This is the sixth of six programmes by J. I. M. Stewart on Shakespearean themes)

03/05/1959 Moliére The Misanthrope
(Translated by Richard Wilbur  Adapted and produced by Peter Watts)  rpt 29/05/1959

06/05/1959 Henry Reed  Not a Drum Was heard:The War Memoirs of General Gland
(Production by Douglas Cleverdon) (Hilda Tablet 's ' Rangoon March ' realised by Donald Swann)  rpt 26/05/1959 and 11/12/1959

10/05/1959 Tyrone Guthrie Mitchenor’s Dog
(A monologue for broadcasting) (Music composed and conducted by Humphrey Searle played by a section of the Sinfonia of London)  (Produced by John Gibson) rpt 05/06/1959

15/05/1959 Thomas Love Peacock  Maid Marian
(Adapted by Don Terrill) Production by Christopher Holme)  rpt 03/06/1959

17/05/1959 Francis Beaumont
(c. 1584-1616)  The Knight of the Burning Pestle  (1607) (Music arranged and composed by Elizabeth Poston Edited for radio and produced by Raymond Raikes)  rpt 24/07/1959

18/05/1959 Stevie Smith A Turn Outside
(A Conversation with Poems) (Production by Douglas Cleverdon) 

20/05/1959 Gertrude Hutchinson  It’s a Lovely war
(Reminiscences of a Cockney childhood during the war of 1914-18 (Narrated by the author) (Produced by Terence Tiller) rpt 07/06/1959 and 06/11/1959

24/05/1959 Gunter Eich The Hundredth Name of Allah
(Translated by Martina Mayne)  (Production by Christopher Holme)  rpt 19/07/1959

27/05/1959 James Joyce  The Voice of Shem
(Passages from Finnegan's Wake by James Joyce freely adapted by Mary Manning) (Arranged for broadcasting by Eric Ewens) (Produced by Michael Bakewell) rpt 20/07/1959

31/05/1959 Philip O'Connor He Who Refrains
(Music by Alan Rawsthorne)  (Produced by Douglas Cleverdon) rpt 27/06/1959

04/06/1959 Giles Cooper  Before the Monday
(Produced by Michael Bakewell)  (The one-man band played by Ted Brennan and Ronald Lanchbury)  rpt 23/06/1959 and 03/10/1959

10/06/1959 Seamus Ennis and Francis Dillon  Eileen Aroon
(The story of Carroll O'Daly and Eileen Kavanagh)  (Translated from the Gaelic versions of the traditional Irish storytellers and dramatised for radio by Seamus Ennis and Francis Dillon)  (Music composed and conducted by Tristram Cary)  (Uileann pipes played by Seamus Ennis)  (Production by Francis Dillon)  rpt 30/07/1959 and 19/09/1959

12/06/1959 Silvio Giovaninetti  One Flesh
(‘Carne Unica') (Translated and adapted for radio by Henry Reed)  (Produced by Peter Watts) rpt 01/07/1959

17/06/1959 Jules Supervielle  Sheherazade
(Translated by Alan Pryce-Jones)  (Adapted and produced by R. D. Smith)  (Music by Darius Milhaud conducted by Marcus Dods) 

18/06/1959 Samuel Beckett All That Fall
(Production by Donald McWhinnie) (First broadcast 13/01/1957)

21/06/1959 Sylvia Wymter Under the Sun
(Produced By: Robin Midgley) (Music By: Laurindo Almeida) (First broadcast 05/10/1958)

24/06/1959 Samuel Beckett  Embers
(Produced by Donald McWhinnie)  (Pianist. Cicely Hoye)  (Radiotelevisione Italiana Award, 1959)  rpt 16/07/1959 and 28/11/1959

26/06/1959 Gerda L. Cohen  Festival At Cold Umbrage
(or A Taste of Tripe) (Yuffle improvised by Johnny Dankworth and his Group)  (Produced by Sasha Moorsom)  rpt 18/07/1959

03/07/1959 Henrik Ibsen A Doll's House
(Translated by William Archer) (Production by Frederick Bradnum) Some of Grieg's Lyric Pieces played by Richard Farrell (piano) on a gramophone record. Rpt 19/07/1959

04/07/1959 Jeremy Sandford Not Wishing to Return
(A young woman's experiences in Ireland early in this century) (Adapted from his grandmother's diaries and introduced by the author) (Produced by Terence Tiller) rpt 22/07/1959

06/07/1959 William Langland The Vision of William
(Adapted by John Reeves from ‘Piers Plowman' by with music arranged by John Reeves) (Production by Douglas Cleverdon)

07/07/1959 Frederick Bradnum The Cave and the Grail
(Music by Humphrey Searle) (Produced by R. D. Smith) rpt 26/07/1959

08/07/1959 Federico Garcia Lorca Don Bludgeon was a Puppet
('Los Titeres de Cachiporra') (The tragi-comedy of Don Cristobal and Senorita Rosita) (A farce for marionettes) (Translated by W. S. Merwin) (Music by Maurice Ohana) (Radio adaptation and production by Raymond Raikes)

10/07/1959 Sergio Zavoli Seclusion (‘Clausura’)
(‘A programme giving an English reproduction of the Italian documentary by Sergio Zavoli which won the Italia Prize In 1958) (English translation by Thomas Sterling) (Production by Christopher Sykes) rpt 18/11/1959  

12/07/1959  Alun Owen The Rough and Ready Lot
(Guitarist, Freddie Phillips)  Production by Donald McWhinnle)  The action takes place in a Spanish Colony In South America a few years after the end of the Civil War in the United States.

19/07/1959 Sophocles  Antigone
(Translated by C. A. Trypanis)  (Music composed and conducted by, John Hotchkis)  (Chorus directed by Colette King)  (Production by Val Gielgud) rpt 17/12/1959

21/07/1959 Robert Pinget Dead Letter
(Translated from the French and produced by Barbara Bray) Rpt 14/08/1959

23/07/1959 Christopher Sykes  The Omar Khayyam Story
(An examination of the posthumous reputation of the Persian poet)  (Written and produced by Christopher Sykes)  (Narration by James McKechnle)  Rpt 02/08/1959

25/07/1959 East of the Sun and West of the Moon
(A Norwegian folk tale dramatised by Louis MacNeice) (Music and specially devised sounds by Tristram Cary)  (Production by Louis MacNeice) rpt 09/08/1959 and 05/12/1959

29/07/1959 Harold Pinter A Slight Ache
(Starring Maurice Denham) In his first play written for radio Harold Pinter, author of the controversial stage play The Birthday Party, uses words with skill and economy to examine what goes on beneath the surface of an apparently conventional domestic scene. (Production: Donald McWhinnie) Rpt 16/08/1959

31/07/1959 Peter Everett  Day at Izzard’s Wharf
(A Dockside Eclogue) (The music arranged and composed by A. L. Lloyd and Freddie Phillips and played by Freddie Phillips, guitar)  (Produced by Terence Tiller)

01/08/1959 Gerard McLarnon The Good Journey
‘Happy is the man who has made a good journey. Every summer my grandfather made a good journey.....' (Produced by Francis Dillon) (First broadcast 31/12/1956)

04/08/1959 Muriel Spark The Dry River Bed
(A new African tale produced by Rayner Heppenstall) "Nothing is quite so dry as a dry river bed. Because it is a place where water should be.....' Rpt 24/08/1959

05/08/1959 John Fletcher Valentinian
(Edited for radio and produced by Raymond Raikes) (Music by Christopher Whelen) Scene: Rome, A.D. 455 rpt 23/08/1959

11/08/1959 Miguel de Unamuno Nothing Less Than A Man
(Translated by W. S. Merwin) (Arranged for broadcasting and produced by Frederick Bradnum) Rpt 04/09/1959

18/08/1959 J. M. Weston The Princess Royal
(A radio poem of shipwreck) (Produced by Terence Tiller) rpt 10/09/1959

20/08/1959 Eugene Ionesco Rhinoceros
(Translated by Derek Prouse) (Production by Michael Bakewell)  rpt 12/09/1959

21/08/1959 Angela Petter  The Burning-Ground
A play for radio based on an Indian legend. (Production by Christopher Sykes)

22/08/1959 Adam de la Halle The Play of Robin and Marion
(A version by Rene Hague of the 13th-century French romance) (The original songs arranged by Denis Stevens) (Production by Douglas Cleverdon)

28/08/1959 Marguerite Duras  The Square
(Translated by Barbara Bray) (First broadcast 09/02/1958)

31/08/1959 Giinter Eich The Girls from Viterbo
(Translated from the German by Michael Hamburger) rpt 24/09/1959

02/09/1959 William Shakespeare The Winter’s Tale
(With members of the BBC Drama Repertory Company) (Music composed by Geoffrey Wright conducted by Marcus Dods) (Adapted and produced by Peter Watts) Rpt 20/09/1959

06/09/1959 Maurice Cranston A Dialogue on Liberty
(Production by Douglas Cleverdon) Rpt 01/10/1959

09/09/1959 Bertolt Brecht Galileo Galilei
(English version by Charles Laughton) (Edited for radio by H. B. Fortuin and W. A. Glen-Doepel) (Music by Hanns Eisler) Rpt 27/09/1959

01/09/1959 Eric Ewens Slow Rises Worth
(A portrait of young Samuel Johnson (born September 18, 1709) drawn from the recollections of his contemporaries) (Production by Christopher Sykes)

13/09/1959 Jessie Kesson ... And Barley Rigs
(An impression of a way of life, of a man derived from it, and of his particular problem) (Produced by James Crampsey) (Narrator: Lain Cuthbertson)

15/09/1959 Molière Don Juan
(Translated by George Graveley) (Produced by R. D. Smith) rpt 04/10/1959

16/09/1959 Ivy Compton-Burnett A Heritage and Its History
(Adapted for radio by Christopher Sykes in collaboration with the author) (Narration by John Sharp) (Production by Christopher Sykes) rpt 09/10/1959

21/09/1959 H. A. L. Craig The Children of Lir
(An Irish legend) (Sound by Tristram Cary) (Production by Douglas Cleverdon) rpt 14/10/1959

22/09/1959 Henry de Montherlant Don Juan
(English version by Robert Baldick) (Music composed by Manuel Lazareno) (Radio adaptation and production by H. B. Fortuin) rpt 11/10/1959

25/09/1959 Bernard Shaw A Glimpse of the Domesticity of Franklyn Barnabas
(Production by Frederick Bradnum)

29/09/1959 J. I. M. Stewart A Discovery of the Bermudas
(An enquiry into the sources of Shakespeare's play ‘The Tempest') (Produced by Rayner Heppenstall) rpt 22/10/1959

30/09/1959 William Shakespeare The Tempest
(Music composed bv Elizabeth Poston conducted by Douglas Robinson) (Produced by Charles Lefeaux) rpt 18/10/1959

04/10/1959 William Combe (1741-1822) Dr. Syntax In Search of the Picturesque
(Passages arranged for broadcasting and produced by Terence Tiller)

06/10/1959 James Hanley Gobbet
(Production: Donald McWhinnie)

15/10/1959 Laurie Lee I Call Me Adam
(Production by Louis MacNeice) rpt 01/11/1959

20/10/1959 Terence Tiller If the Angel Hadn’t Directed Us
(Produced by Terence Tiller) rpt 14/11/1959

21/10/1959 Harley Granville-Barker Waste
(Adapted for broadcasting by Cynthia Pughe) (Production by Val Gielgud) rpt 08/11/1959

25/10/1959 Sean O'Casey  The Plough and the Stars
(Adapted for broadcasting by Alec Macdonald) (Produced by John Gibson)  First broadcast 27/01/1957

27/10/1959 Henry Reed Musique Discrete
(A request programme of music by Dame Hilda Tablet by courtesy of Henry Reed and Donald Swann) (Production by Douglas Cleverdon with the London String Quartet and Stephen Whittaker (percussion) conducted by Donald Swann) rpt 21/11/1959

30/10/1959 Meander Misanthrope
(‘Dyscolos': the only complete comedy by Menander in existence, a discovery first reported in 1957) (English translation by Philip Vellacott) (Textual adviser, Hugh Lloyd-Jones) (Music composed by Thomas Eastwood) (Radio adaptation and production by Raymond Raikes) rpt 15/11/1959

03/11/1959 Heinrich Boll Anita and the Subsistence Minimum
(Translated by Richard Graves) (Produced by Christopher Holme) (Hans Elbertz , a school teacher, is in debt because of his wife Anita's kind heart. His salary is attached by his creditors and he is allowed a subsistence minimum which might just support them and their six children, but just at the moment they have other mouths to feed ...)

11/11/1959 Friedrich von Schiller Don Carlos
(Translated and adapted for radio by Clemence Dane) (Music composed by Roberto Gerhard) rpt 01/12/1959

20/11/1959 James Saunders Barnstable
(Production by Donald MeWhinnie) rpt 12/12/1959

25/11/1959 Ben Jonson 'EPICOENE' or The Silent Woman
(Edited for radio and produced by Raymond Raikes) (Music composed by John Hotchkis) rpt 13/12/1959

26/11/1959 Philip O'Connor The Letter
(Production by Douglas Cleverdon) (Prompted by a letter requesting his support for a worthy cause. Henry Onegin , a ' progressive ' but middle-aged poet, recalls the so many progressive movements that he has supported during the last twenty-five years) rpt 15/12/1959

02/12/1959 Zvonimir Bajsic Soft is the Springtime Earth
(Translated by Karla Kunc and D. Matko) (Music by Miljenko Prohaska) (Produced by Archie Campbell) (Orchestra conducted by Alan Paul) rpt 21/12/1959

04/12/1959 Fr. Rolfe (Baron Corvo) Hadrian VII
(Adapted by Rayner Heppenstall) (Produced by Douglas Cleverdon) rpt 19/12/1959

06/12/1959 Patric Dickinson The Ungirt Runner
(A study of Charles Sorley 1895-1915) (Narrated by the author) (Extracts from Sorley's verse and prose read by Frank Duncan)

08/12/1959 Louis MacNeice They Met on Good Friday
(A sceptical historical romance) (The battle of Clontarf was fought in A.D. 1014, just north of Dublin, between the Irish and the Vikings. This is a dramatisation of an odd bit of history, with members of the BBC Drama Repertory Company, harp played by Mary Rowland) (Music and specially devised sounds by Tristram Cary) (Production by Louis MacNeice)

10/12/1959 Arthur Adamov En Fiacre
(Translated from the French by Humphrey Hare) (Produced by Barbara Bray)

23/12/1959 Beaumont and Fletcher The Prophetess
((The History of Dioclesian) (With the music of Purcell, edited by Bernard Keeffe)  (Production by R. D. Smith)

24/12/1959 Jules Supervielle The Ox and the Ass
(Translated and adapted by Dorothy Baker with musique concrete composed by Andre Almuro) (Production by Douglas Cleverdon)

25/12/1959 Raymond Queneau Exercises in Style
(English version by Barbara Wright with music by Pierre Philippe conducted by Charles Mackerras) (Production by Douglas Cleverdon)

30/12/1959 Henrik Ibsen Peer Gynt
(English version by Norman Ginsbury) (Music by Harald Saeverud and and The Linden Singers, Desmond Dupre (lute) Sinfonia of London) ( Conductor: John Hollingsworth) (Produced by Donald McWhinnie)

Alistair Wyper, January 2020 (.....Many thanks - Ed)

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