Third Programme:
Drama, 1958

Compiled by Alistair Wyper .......many thanks - ND

The BBC Third Programme Plays 1958

01/01/1958 Edward Hyams  The Last Cornfield (Produced by Rayner Heppenstall) rpt 02/01/1958

03/01/1958 Ingeborg Bachmann The Cicadas (Translated from the German by Christopher Holme)  (Incidental music composed by Hans-Werner Henze)  (Production by Douglas Cleverdon)  (Music recorded by the Orchestra of Norddeutscher Rundfunk, Conductor, Harry Hermann Spitz)

05/01/1958 Gogol The Government Inspector

07/01/1958 Alfred Savoir Lui (Translated by Patric Dickinson)  (Produced by Michael Bakewel) rpt 10/01/1958

12/01/1958 Henry Green  Nothing (Adapted and produced by Frederick Bradnum) rpt 14/01/1958

16/01/1958 Anon or Scheherazade! The Tale of Judar (Translated from the Arabic by N. J. Dawood)  (Adapted for broadcasting and produced by Terence Tiller) rpt 17/01/1958 and 30/05/1958

17/01/1958 Edmund Spenser  The Shephearde’s Calender (February  The First Eclogue)  (Introduced by Rayner Heppenstall)

19/01/1958 Ugo Betti Corruption in the Palace of Justice (Translated and adapted by Henry Reed)  (Production by Donald McWhinnle) rpt 24/01/1958 and 17/08/1958

26/01/1958 William Shakespeare King John (The Shakespeare Memorial Theatre Company 1957) rpt 31/01/1958 and 29/06/1958

30/01/1958  Denis Diderot  Rameau’s Nephew (Being the report of a notable conversation which took place in 1761 between M. Diderot and M. Jean-Francois Rameau , nephew to the celebrated composer)  (Translated and adapted for broadcasting by Richard N. Coe)  (Produced by Terence Tiller) (First broadcast 12/08/1957)

01/02/1958 Paul Claudel  Cantique du Peuple Divisé (from ' Cantate àTrois Voix') (Read In French by Edwige Feuillere and in English by Lydia Sherwood)  (Translated by Geoffrey Brereton) (This is the fifth of a group of eight programmes compiled by Rayner Heppen stall from the personal choices of four leading French actors and actresses)

02/02/1958 Bernard Shaw Love Among the Artists (Adapted for radio by Edward Marsh)  (Production by Christopher Sykes)  rpt 04/02/19

06/02/1958 Wolfgang Weyrauch  The Ballad of the Northern Wastes (Translated from the German by Charlotte and A. L. Lloyd) (Music composed by John Beckett and conducted by Bernard Keeffe)  (Produced by John Gibson) rpt 07/02/19

09/02/1958 Marguerite Duras  The Square (Translated by Barbara Bray) rpt 15/02/19 and 09/07/1958

11/02/1958 H.A.L. Craig The Mouth of God (The tragedy of Girolamo Savonarola, Monk of Florence 1452-1498) (Produced by Douglas Cleverdon)

13/02/1958 Henry Reed  A Very Great Man Indeed (Produced by Douglas Cleverdon) (First broadcast 7th September 1953)

14/02/1958 Jules Huret The Huret Interviews (Translated and adapted from  Jules Huret's ' Enquete sur l'Evolution Litteraire ' by Robert Baldick , D Phil)

14/02/1958 Edmund Spenser  The Shephearde’s Calender (February  The Second Eclogue)  (Introduced by Rayner Heppenstall) rpt 15/02/1958

16/02/1958 Romain Rolland Danton (Translated by John Holmstrom) (Adapted and produced by R. D. Smith) rpt 19/02/19

18/02/1958  William Godwin  Caleb Willliams (or Things As They Are') (A version by Walter Allen and Rayner Heppenstall of the novel)  (Produced by Rayner Heppenstall) rpt 21/02/19 and 22/07/1958

20/02/1958 Henry Reed  The Private Life of Hilda Tablet (Produced by Douglas Cleverdon) (Music composed by Donald Swann)  (First broadcast 24th May 1954)

24/02/1958 James Hanley A Winter Journey (Produced by John Gibson) rpt 28/02/19 and 27/07/1958

25/02/1958 Henry Reed Emily Butter (An Occasion Recalled) (The first performance of Hilda Tablet 's opera at Covent Garden) (The music realised by DONALD SWANN, orchestrations realised, by MAX SAUNDERS) (Production by Douglas Cleverdon) (First broadcast 14th November 1954)

26/02/1958 Hanns Hammelmann and Michael Rose  The Birth of an Opera (An illustrated study in the origins of Mozart's opera The Abduction from the Seraglio) (Musical illustrations from gramophone records of ‘ Die Entfiihrung aus dem Serail ' conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham)  (Production by Christopher Sykes)

02/03/1958 Heinrich von Kleist The Prince of Homburg (Translated by James Kirkup) (Production: Michael Bakewell) rpt 16/07/1958

04/03/1958 Henry Reed A Hedge Backwards (Production by Douglas Cleverdon)  ((First broadcast 29th February 1956)

05/03/1958 Michael Innes The Danish Tragedy (Produced by Rayner Heppenstall) rpt 08/03/1958

07/03/1958 Heinrich von Kleist  The Prince of Homburg (Translated by James Kirkup)  (Production by Michael Bakewell) 

09/03/1958 William Shakespeare Pericles, Prince of Tyre (Adapted and produced by R. D. Smith)  (Music composed by Marcus Dods)  )  rpt 12/03/1958 and 10/08/1958

11/03/1958 Henry Reed  The Primal Scene as it were ... '  (Nine studies in disloyalty) (Produced by Douglas Cleverdon)  rpt 11/03/1958 and 18/09/1958

14/03/1958 Edmund Spenser  The Shephearde’s Calender (February  The Third Eclogue)  (Introduced by Rayner Heppenstall)

16/03/1958 Walter Jens  Table-Talk (A radio play on the theme of the Odyssey) (Translated from the German by Michael Bullock)  (Production by Christopher Sykes)  rpt 20/03/1958

18/03/1958 Aristophanes The Birds (An English version by Dudley Fitts) (Radio adaptation and production by Raymond Raikes) rpt 21/03/1958 and 06/08/1958

19/03/1958 George Barker  Oriel O’Hanlon or ‘In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree (Produced by Douglas Cleverdon) (First broadcast 7th July 1957) rpt 23/07/1958

23/03/1958 William Golding  Pincher Martin (Adapted as a play for radio by Archie Campbell)  (Music composed and conducted by Christopher Whelen)  (Produced by Archie Campbell) rpt 27/03/1958

26/03/1958 Audiberti Alarica (Translated by Henry Reed from 'Le Mal Court') (Production by Val Gielgud)

01/04/1958 William Shakespeare The Two Gentlemen of Verona (Music by Anthony Bernard) (Arranged for broadcasting and produced by Raymond Raikes) rpt 06/04/1958 and 26/11/1958

04/04/1958 The Anathemata (Fragments of an attempted writing by David Jones)  (Adapted for broadcasting and produced by Douglas Cleverdon) (First broadcast 26 November 1954)

07/04/1958 Edmund Spenser  The Shephearde’s Calender (February  The Fourth Eclogue)  (Introduced by Rayner Heppenstall)

08/04/1958 Romain Rolland  The Game of Love and Death (Translated by John Holmstrom) (Adapted by Mollie Greenhalgh)  (Produced by R. D. Smith) 

09/04/1958 Gerard McLarnon The Back Window (Produced by Sam Hanna Bell and Francis Dillon in the BBC's Belfast studios)

10/04/1958 The Death of Pilate (With the episode of Veronica's Handkerchief) (Translated from the fourteenth-century original and adapted for broadcasting by Terence Tiller) (Music composed by Elizabeth Poston conducted by Douglas Robinson) rpt 11/04/1958

13/04/1958 Jean Cocteau The Typewriter ((' La machine à écrire ') (Translated and adapted for radio by E. J. King Bull)  (Produced by H. B. Fortuin) rpt 18/04/1958

15/04/1958 Loss and Gain (The Story of a Conversion)  (Arranged by Rayner Heppenstall from the novel by John Henry , Cardinal Newman, 1848) (Produced by Rayner Heppenstall) rpt 16/04/1958 and 11/12/1958

20/04/1958 Eric Ewens Gilfillan’s Heyday (Production by Douglas Cleverdon)  ) rpt 23/04/1958

22/04/1958 Michel de Ghelderode Pantagleize (Translated by George Hauger)  (Adapted for broadcasting by Helena Wood) (Music composed by John Beckett conducted by Bernard Keeffe)  (Produced by John Gibson)  rpt 25/04/1958

01/04/1958 Euripides The Hippolytus rpt 02/05/1958

29/04/1958 Laurence Kitchin  The Trial of Machiavelli (Production by Douglas Cleverdon)

30/04/1958 Heinrich Boll Untraceable (Translated by Richard Graves)  (Production by Christopher Sykes) rpt 03/05/1958

04/05/1958 Edmund Spenser  The Shephearde’s Calender (May  The Fifth Eclogue)  (Introduced by Rayner Heppenstall)

04/05/1958 Fernand Crommelynck  Chaud et Froid or ' The Idea of Monsieur Dom'  (An English translation by Geoffrey Brereton, adapted by Cynthia Pughe) (Produced by Peter Watts) rpt 07/05/1958

06/05/1958  W. S. Merwin  Favor Island (Production by Douglas Cleverdon)  (Songs arranged from contemporary sources by Archie Harradine) rpt 08/05/1958 and 08/09/1958

11/05/1958 Marcel Ayme A Flight of Fancy (Translated by Edward Hyams) (Production by Michael Bakewell) rpt 15/05/1958

13/05/1958 Maxim Gorky Yegor Bulichov (Translated by Gibson Cowan) (Adapted for broadcasting by Anthony Jacobs) (Produced by John Gibson)

14/05/1958 John Wain The Burden of Judgment (An Imaginary  Critical Discussion) (Produced by Rayner Heppenstall)  (Representatives of various schools of contemporary literary criticism are met together to thrash out the purposes of their craft) rpt 16/05/1958

18/05/1958 Giuseppe Dessi  The Guilty and the Innocent (Translated and adapted for radio by David Paul)  (Produced by Wilfrid Grantham)  rpt 20/05/1958 and 21/11/1958

21/05/1958 Muriel Spark The Interview (Produced by Rayner Heppenstall) rpt 23/05/1958 and 14/11/1958

22/05/1958 Peter Gurney The Masque of Falsehood (A modern morality based on an old Hungarian fable) (With music composed and conducted by Humphrey Searle) (Production by Donald McWhinnie)

25/05/1958  Val Secretan The Marriage of Molière (Produced by Terence Tiller)  rpt 29/05/1958

27/05/1958 Errol John Small Island Moon (A radio script by Errol John based on his stage play ' Moon on a Rainbow Shawl') (Production by Donald McWhinnie and Robin Midgley)  rpt 28/05/1958

03/06/1958 Günter Eich The Rolling Sea At Setubal (Translated by Michael Hamburger)  (Production by Christopher Holme) rpt 06/06/1958 and 01/10/1958

04/06/1958 H. A. L. Craig The Mouth of God (Produced by Douglas Cleverdon) 

05/06/1958 James Hanley  I Talk To Myself (Produced by John Gibson)

07/06/1958 Edmund Spenser  The Shephearde’s Calender (June  The Sixth Eclogue)  (Introduced by Rayner Heppenstall)

08/06/1958  Geoffrey Chaucer The Parlement of Foules (A modernised version for broadcasting arranged and produced by Terence Tiller) 

10/06/1958 Jules Romaines  The Primrose Path or Monsieur Le Trouhadec saisi par la débauche (Translated by Geoffrey Brereton and adapted for broadcasting by Helena Wood)  (PRODUCED BY MICHAEL BAKEWELL) rpt 02/10/1958

11/06/1958  Dorothy Baker  The Concert (Production by Christopher Sykes)

13/06/1958 Elisabeth Ayrton Numancia (A dramatic poem) (Produced by D. G. Bridson) rpt 12/09/1958

15/06/1958 Patric Dickinson Feminine Endings (Production by Joe Burroughs) rpt 20/06/1958 and 09/10/1958

17/06/1958 Dostoevsky The Trial of Mitya Karamazov (An adaptation from Dostoevsky's novel by David Tutaev)  (First broadcast 17/11/1957)

18/06/1958 Samuel Beckett  Malone Dies (A sequence from the novel by Samuel Beckett chosen by the author spoken by Patrick Magee with music composed by John Beckett conducted by Bernard Keeffe)  (Production by Donald McWhinnie) rpt 19/06/1958 and 15/10/1958

24/06/1958 Jean Anouilh  Romeo and Jeannette (Translated by Miriam John)  (Radio adaptation and production by Raymond Raikes) rpt 27/06/1958

25/06/1958 Rayner Heppenstall Morel (An act of justice) (Produced by Rayner Heppenstall

30/06/1958 Federico Garcia Lorca Bluthochzeit (Blood Wedding ) (German text by Enrique Beck)

02/07/1958 Sheila Cregeen Mac A Faille (Produced by John Gibson) rpt 03/07/1958

07/07/1958 Edmund Spenser  The Shephearde’s Calender (July  The Seventh Eclogue)  (Introduced by Rayner Heppenstall)

08/07/1958 Aeschylus  The Persians (A new translation by C. A. Trypanls)  (Music composed and conducted by John Hotchkis)  (Production by Val Gielgud) rpt 11/07/1958

13/07/1958 Jacques Perret and Jean Forest A Come-Back (('Une Rentree dans le Monde') (A satire-comedy for radio translated by Helena Wood) (Music composed and conducted by: Max Saunders) (Storyteller: Alec Mango) (Producer: H. B. Fortuin) rpt 15/07/1958

18/07/1958 R. C. Scriven A Single Taper (Producer: Rex Tucker) (First broadcast 10/05/1956)

20/07/1958 Ugo Betti The Fugitive (Translated by Harry McWilliam and adapted for broadcasting and produced by Wilfrid Grantham) rpt 25/07/1958

23/07/1958 George Barker Oriel O’Hanlon or In the shade of the old apple tree (Produced by Douglas Cleverdon)  (First broadcast 07/07/1957)

23/07/1958 David Paul Remember Who You Are (A cautionary comedy illustrating the career and catastrophe of the Heavisides family) (Music composed by: John Beckett) (Producer: David Thomson) rpt 24/07/1958

28/07/1958 Bernard Shaw A Glimpse of the Domesticity of Franklyn Barnabas (Production: Frederick Bradnum) rpt 30/07/1958

29/07/1958 Bill Naughton June Evening (Production: Douglas Cleverdon) rpt 01/08/1958 and 19/09/1958

31/07/1958 Vernon Watkins The Ballad of The Mari Lwyd (Production by Douglas Cleverdon ) rpt 01/12/1958

03/08/1958 Giles Cooper Under the Loofah Tree (Production: Donald McWhinnie) rpt 08/08/1958 (See the Genome Blog for more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/genome/entries/d054ba77-304f-40c2-9b56-2ba0e6726c11)

05/08/1958 Edmund Spenser  The Shephearde’s Calender (August The Eighth Eclogue)  (Introduced by Rayner Heppenstall)

11/08/1958 Jessie Kesson The Mourners (Production by: David Thomson) rpt 14/08/1958

12/08/1958  Gordon Bottomley Towie Castle (Producer: Frederick Bradnum)

13/08/1958 Homer The Odyssey The Sixth Canto Part 1 (A variation in three episodes on the theme of the Odyssey by Ernst Schnabel) (Translated by Wolfgang von Einsiedel and Dorothy Baker) Production By: Christopher Sykes rpt 15/08/1958 First broadcast September 1957)

18/08/1958 Anon Adam (A drama of the twelfth century. Translated from the Anglo-Norman by Father John W. Doyle, S.J.) (Arranged for broadcasting and introduced by Raymond Raikes) (Music of the responsories transcribed and edited by Jeremy Noble from a contemporary antiphonary in the library of Worcester Cathedral) rpt 21/08/1958

20/08/1958 Homer The Odyssey The Sixth Canto Part 2 (A variation in three episodes on the theme of the Odyssey by Ernst Schnabel) (Translated by Wolfgang von Einsiedel and Dorothy Baker) (Production By: Christopher Sykes) First broadcast September 1957)

24/08/1958 & 01/08/1958 Laurence Kitchin The Trial of Lord Byron (Produced by Douglas Cleverdon) rpt 21/08/1958 5

26/08/1958  J. A. Saunders Dog Accident (Produced by Donald McWhinnie) rpt 29/08/1958

28/08/1958 Homer The Odyssey The Sixth Canto Part 3 (A variation in three episodes on the theme of the Odyssey by Ernst Schnabel) (Translated by Wolfgang von Einsiedel and Dorothy Baker) (Production By: Christopher Sykes) (First broadcast September 1957)9 31/08/1958 Arthur Adamov Paolo Paoli (Translated by Geoffrey Brereton) (Production: Michael Bakewell) rpt 08/10/1958

01/09/1958 Maurice Cranston Oliver Cromwell - A Conversation (Produced by Douglas Cleverdon) rpt 02/09/1958

04/09/1958 Edmund Spenser  The Shephearde’s Calender (September The Ninth Eclogue)  (Introduced by Rayner Heppenstall)

07/09/1958 Georges Theotokas The Bridge of Arta (Translated by Ian Scott-Kilvert and adapted for radio and produced by R. D. Smith) rpt 10/09/1958

14/09/1958 Georges Schehadé Vasco (Translated from the French by Robert Baldick) (Adapted for radio and produced by H. B. Fortuin) (The action takes place about 1850 during a war) rpt 17/09/1958

15/09/1958 Adam de la Halle The Play of Robin and Marion (A version by Rene Hague of the thirteenth-century French romance) (The original songs arranged by: Denis Stevens) (Production: Douglas Cleverdon) rpt 16/09/1958 and 23/12/1958

21/09/1958 Plautus  The Three-Bob-Tit (Newly translated by Patric Dickinson)  (Music by John Hotchkis) (Radio production by Raymond Raikes) rpt 23/09/1958

24/09/1958 Eric Ewens The Little Nightingale (A portrait of Alexander Pope in prose and verse drawn from the recollections of his friends and enemies) (Production: Christopher Sykes) rpt 26/09/1958

28/09/1958  William Langland  The Vision of William (Adapted by John Reeves from  ' Piers Plowman' with music arranged by John Reeves) (Production by Douglas Cleverdon) rpt 12/11/1958

30/09/1958 Alun Owen The Rough and Ready Lot (The action of the play takes place in a Spanish Colony in South America a few years after the end of the Civil War in the United States) (Guitarist, Freddie Phillips)  (Production by Donald McWhinnie)-  rpt 25/10/1958

05/10/1958 Sylvia Wymter Under the Sun (Produced By: Robin Midgley) (Music By: Laurindo Almeida) rpt 28/10/1958

12/10/1958 James Hanley  A Letter in the Desert (Pianist, Cicely Hoye) (Produced by John Gibson)  rpt 07/11/1958

14/10/1958  Ernst Schnabel The Footsteps of Anne Frank (Production: Christopher Holme) rpt 05/11/1958

17/10/1958 Edmund Spenser  The Shephearde’s Calender (October The Tenth Eclogue)  (Introduced by Rayner Heppenstall)

24/10/1958 Aeschylus The Agamemnon

26/10/1958 Bertolt Brecht  The Trial of Lucullus (Translated by H. R. Hays) (rpt 20/11/1958)

04/11/1958 Jeremy Sandford  The Whelks and the Chromium (Produced by Francis Dillon) rpt 27/11/1958

11/11/1958  Patric Dickinson  The Song of the Shirt (A new production of the programme originally broadcast on October 8, 1957) (Production By: Joe Burroughs)

13/11/1958 Angela Petter The Burning-Ground (Production by Christopher Sykes) rpt 05/12/1958

14/11/1958 Edmund Spenser  The Shephearde’s Calender (November The Eleventh Eclogue)  (Introduced by Rayner Heppenstall)

17/11/1958 Sydney Carter The Professional Life of Mr. Dibdin (Written and compiled by Sydney Carter based on the songs, operas, and autobiographical writings of Charles Dibdin (1745-1814)  (Orchestra conducted by Patrick Savill) (Produced by Terence Tiller)

19/11/1958 Michael Innes To Mr. W. H., All Happiness… (Produced by Rayner Heppenstall) (A new production of the programme originally broadcast in 1952 under the title ' Fools of Time Second of six programmes by J I M Stewart on Shakespearean themes) 

23/11/1958 Giles Cooper Unman, Wittering and Zigo (Production by Donald McWhinnie) rpt 16/12/1958

25/11/1958 Fred von Hoerschelmano The Locked Door (Translated from the German by Richard Graves) (Production by Christopher Holme) rpt 18/12/1958

28/11/1958 Francis Webb  Electric (Production by Frederick Bradnum)

30/11/1958 The Shoemaker’s Holiday A Pleasant Comedy of the Gentle Craft by Thomas  Dekker  (First produced at court on January 1, 1600)  (Edited for radio and produced by Raymond Raikes)  (Music by John Hotchkis)  (The Welbeck Orchestra  (Leader, Vera Kantrovitch, conducted by the composer) 

07/12/1958 Diego Fabbri  Inquisition (Translated by Peggy Craig and H. A. L. Craig) (Production by Michael Bakewell) 

07/12/1958 Edmund Spenser  The Shephearde’s Calender (December The Twelfth Eclogue)  (Introduced by Rayner Heppenstall)

09/12/1958 Marguerite Duras Moderato Cantabile (Translated and adapted tor radio by Barbara Bray)

12/12/1958 Yoshida Kenko the Grass of Idleness (Translated from the Japanese by Geoffrey Bownas)  (Produced by Terence Tiller with authentic medieval and modern Japanese music)

14/12/1958 Sylvia Wynter The Barren One (The play ' Yerma ' by Federico Garcia Lorca transposed to a West Indian setting by Sylvia Wynter) (Produced by R. D. Smith) 

17/12/1958 Muriel Spark The Comforters (Adapted from her novel by the author)  (Produced by Rayner Heppenstal)

24/12/1958 by J. I.  M. Stewart  (' Michael Innes ') A Visitor to Dorset Garden Produced by Rayner Heppenstall (This is the third of six programmes by J. I. M. Stewart on Shakespearean themes. The remaining programmes, to be broadcast in the first three months of next year, are Nemesis at Wycombe Abbey, concerned with a late-night discussion between Dr. Johnson and Maurice Morgann, author of the famous essay on Falstaff; A Smack of Hamlet, in which Coleridge discovers in himself the idea of the irresolute Hamlet; and The Hawk and the Handsaw, in which Hamlet encounters a rationalising and pyschological interpretation of his predicament)

25/12/1958 Nesta Pain Parkinson’s Law (A musical satire based on the book by C. Northcote Parkinson)  (Written for radio by Nesta Pain)  (Lyrics by David Heneker and Monty Norman)  (Music composed and conducted by Antony Hopkins)  (Produced by Nesta Pain)

26/12/1958 William Shakespeare The 1958 Shakespeare Memorial Theatre Company - Twelfth Night (Directed by Peter Hall with music by Raymond Leppard) (Produced for radio by Peter Dews) 

31/12/1958 Edward Scobie The Blackamoor Dandy (An acount of episodes in the life of Julius Soubise 1754-1798) (Produced by Terence Tiller) 

Alistair Wyper, January 2019 (.....Many thanks - Ed)

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