Third Programme, Drama, 1946

The Third Programme began broadcasting on 29 September 1946.

01/10/1946 George Bernard Shaw - Man and Superman
Repeated 02/10/1946 and 01/11/1946

08/10/1946 Laurie Lee - The Voyage of Magellan.
(A dramatic chronicle in verse)

08/10/1946 Jean Paul Sartre - Huis Clos

13/10/1946 Robert Frost - A Masque of Reason.
(A new dramatic poem)

16/10/1946 Elmer Rice -The Adding Machine

20/10/1946 John Bunyan -The Pilgrim’s Progress
Arranged for broadcasting by Edward Sackville-West

23/10/1946 rpt 10/11/1946 Louis MacNiece - The Careerist

29/10/1946 19:15 Aeschylus - The Agamemnon.
Translated by Louis MacNeice and produced by Val Gielgud. rpt 30 Oct 18:30 and Sun 17 Nov

03/11/946 William Shakespeare -Romeo and Juliet

04/11/1946 Louis MacNeice - The Dark Tower

06/111946 Max Beerbohm - Savonarola Brown

14/11/1946 Max Beerbohm - The Happy Hypocrite

15/11/1946 August Strindberg -The Father

16/11/1946 Stephen Potter and Joyce Grenfell - How To Listen

19/11/1946 David Jones - In Parenthesis
rpt 20/11/1946 & 13/11/1946 & 26/12/1946

20/11/1946 Henrik Ibsen - John Gabriel Borkman.
Adapted for broadcasting by Cynthia Pughe from the translation by William Archer

21/11/1946 Homer -The Wall of Troy.
An episode being a transcription of The Iliad, Book 3 by Patric Dickinson with music specially composed by Lennox Berkeley. Produced by Val Gielgud

23/11/1946 James Bridie - Tobias and the Angel.
A dramatic transcription of the tale told In the Book of Tobit in the Apocrypha. Adapted for broadcasting and produced by Moultrie R. Kelsall

24/11/1946 Louis MacNeice - Enter Caesar

25/11/1946 L. A. G. Strong - The Spear of Gold.
A play in verse, with music specially composed by Elizabeth Poston and conducted by Maurice Miles. Produced by Patric Dickinson.

26/11/1946 rpt 27/11/1946 William Shakespeare -Troilus and Cressida

29/11/1946 Denis Freeman and Mary Hope Allen - The Eiffel Tower.
Adapted from ' Les Maries de la Tour Eiffel' by Jean Cocteau. Produced by Mary Hope Allen

01/12/1946 Thornton Wilder - Our Town.
Adapted for broadcasting by Cynthia Pughe. Produced by Val Gielgud

05/12/1946 Henry James - The Turn of the Screw.
A version for broadcasting, by E. J. King Bull, music composed by Gerrard Williams with the London Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Anthony Bernard. Produced by E. J. King Bull. rpt 06/12/1946 and 17/01/1947 and 31/01/1947 and 14/09/1947 and 09/09/1954.

08/12/1946 Richard Brinsley Sheridan - A School for Scandal.
Produced by Noel Iliff

10/12/1946 H. G. Wells - The Man Who Could Work Miracles.
Adapted for radio by Laurence Gilliam , with special music by Robert Chignell Music specially recorded by the BBC Revue Orchestra: conductor. Frank Cantell. Produced by Felix Felton

10/12/1946 Molière - Le Malade Imaginaire.
Produced by Felix Felton

15/12/1946 Harley Granville-Barker (1877-1946) - Waste.
Adapted for broadcasting by Cynthia Pughe. Produced by Val Gielgud

17/12/1946 Douglas Cleverdon - No Such Constant Lover
(a portrait of Sir John Suckling, Poet and Cavalier ).
Produced by Douglas Cleverdon with songs transcribed by him from contemporary song-books, arranged by Elizabeth Poston and sung by Rene Soames (tenor), with John Wills (harpsichord) and the Zorian String Quartet. rpt 19/12/1946.

18/12/1946 Denis Constanduros - Episodes in the Life of My Grandfather.
Produced by Mary Hope Allen. Rpt. 20/12/1946.

25/12/1946 Christopher Hassall - Christ's Comet.
Produced by Felix Felton. Music composed and conducted by Leighton Lucas , with the Con Moto Choir. (Incorporating two songs written by the author for the original production at Canterbury) . Rpt. 27/12/1946.

27/12/1946 Michael Barsley- Colonel Bogus and the Three Bears.
A topical pantomime written and produced by Michael Barsley , with music by Roy Douglas and the BBC Revue Orchestra and BBC Revue Chorus, conducted by Frank Cantell. Maurice Denham, Marjorie Westbury, Norman Shelley and Arthur Ridley are in the cast. rpt 28/12/1946.

29/12/1946 Anton Chekhov - Ivanov.
Adapted for broadcasting by Cynthia Pughe from the translation by Constance Garnett. Produced by Hugh Stewart.

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Compiled by Alistair Wyper


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