Light Programme, Drama, 1956

Listing compiled by Stephen Shaw, March 2024 (....many thanks - ND)

Drama on the BBC Light Programme in 1956
(The Light Programme ran from 1945 to 1967)

2nd January 1956
A Question of Fact by Wynyard Browne
Produced by Peter Watts
   Nannie: Ella Milne
   Nina Trafford: Molly Rankin
   Rachel Gardiner: Joan Hart
   Paul Gardiner: Patrick Barr
   Charles Trafford: Edgar Norfolk
   Arthur Lamb: Richard Williams
   Grace Smith: Angela Baddeley
Repeated from BBC Home 1954 (2nd October, 11th November]
[Also produced by Martin Jenkins for R4 in 1970 with Margot Boyd as Nannie]

4th January 1956
Seagulls over Sorrento (1949) by Hugh Hastings (1917-2004)
Produced by Charles Lefeaux
   Able Seaman Sims (Sprog): Shaun O'Riordan
   Able Seaman Badger: Peter Cushing
   Able Seaman Mclntosh (Haggis): Gordon Jackson
   Able Seaman Turner (Lofty): Deryck Guyler
   Petty Officer Herbert: Russell Napier
   Lieut-Commander Redmond,R.N: Denis Goacher ,
   Able Seaman Hudson (Radar): Simon Lack
   A Telegraphist (Sparks): Malcolm Hayes
   Sub-Lieut Granger, R N: Charles Hodgson
[Hugh Hastings served in the RN during WW2]

9th January 1956
A Shilling for Candles (1936) by Josephine Tey (1896-1952)
Adapted by Rex Rienits
Produced By: Charles Lefeaux
   Sergeant Lillis: Ian Sadler
   Constable: Derek Birch
   Bill Potticary/ Mr Erskine: Cyril Shaps
   Robin Tisdall: Owen Holder
   Mrs Pitts: Elsa Palmer
   Jay Harmer: Guy Kingsley Poynter
   Sir George Burgoyne: James Dale
   Det-Inspector Grant: Gordon Davies
   Sergeant Williams: Patrick Troughton
   Erica Burgoyne: Patricia McCarron
   Morgan: Hamilton Dyce
   Marta Hallard: Frances Rowe
   Lydia Keats: Mary Wimbush
   Clement Clements: Brian Hayes
   Captain George Mostyn/ Brother Stephen: Arthur Lawrence
   Judy Sellers: Eleanor Summerfield
   Lord Edward Champneis: Godfrey Kenton
   Prior: Derek Birch
   Police Inspector: T St John Barry
   Mr Toselli: Ian Sadler
   Owen Hughes: Alan Reid
[Repeated from BBC Home 9th and 14th January 1954]
[Other productions: Year/ Producer/ Network / Actor playing Lillis:
1963 Audrey Cameron, Home, John Baddeley.
1969 rpts 1972, Betty Davies R4, Nigel Anthony
1998 Tabitha Potts, R4, none.]
[Inspector Grant also appeared in "The Daughter of Time", R4 25/12/1982]

16th January 1956
Monday Matinee 'A Knight On Wheels'(1914) by Ian Hay (John Hay Beith, 1876-1952), adapted by Stafford Byrne
Production by Martyn C. Webster
   Colonel Joseph Meldrum: John Gabriel
   Philip Meldrum: Geoffrey Matthews
   James Nimmo: Duncan McIntyre
   Peggy Falconer: Marjorie Westbury
   Lady Broadhurst: Catherine Salkeld
   Montague Falconer: Richard Williams
   Mrs Falconer: Joan Hart
   Julius Mablethorpe: Ivan Samson
   Sylvia Mablethorpe: Annabel Maule
   Miss Jennings: Barbara Lott
   Alfred: Kenneth Cope
   Bob Brand: Hugh David
   Timothy Rendle: Denis Goacher
   Rose: Jill Nyasa
   Jean Leslie: Janet Burnell
   Mrs Grice: Courtney Hope
Repeated from BBC Home 18th December 1954 and 3rd February 1955.

17th January 1956
'The Man who Murdered his Wife' by Alan Burgess
Producer: Alan Burgess
   George Dunnock: Kieron Moore
   Betty Dunnock: Barbara White
   Detective: Preston Lockwood
   Conscience: Denis McCarthy
   Mrs Moody: Bettina Dickson
   Mother: Dorothy Holmes-Gore
   Corporal: Edward Judd
   Constable: Kenneth Cope

18th January 1956
Curtain Up! :- Life with Father by anon
with Ralph Truman (1900-1977)
No other information on BBC Genome.
The 1957 BBC Year Book lists this broadcast as the 1939 play by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse - the play was based upon the 1935 compilation of tales by Clarence Day.
23rd January 1956
Monday Matinee: A Street in Soho by Simon Kent (aka Max Catto aka Mark Finkell 1907-1992), adapted by C E Webber.
Producer: Audrey Cameron* (see note below).
   Mrs Myers, the storyteller: Elsa Palmer
   Doc Saunders: Deryck Guyler
   Mary: Ella Milne
   Ed Griffiths: Roddy Hughes
   Alex: Cyril Shaps
   Johnnie Paterson: Roger Snowdon
   Ma Paterson: Eileen Thorndike
   Danny Paterson: Bunny May
   Puccini: Ian Sadler
   Mickey Ryan: George Hagan
   Sammy: Peter Claughton
   Janey Baxter: Elizabeth Digby-Smith
   Anna: Sulwen Morgan
   Lew Lambert: Alan Reid
   Det-Insp Evans: Malcolm Graeme
[* The BBC Programme Database indicates the play was also produced by David H Godfrey in 1954 with exactly the same cast. This may be in error.]
[Story from Simon Kent's book "For the love of Doc" (1951)].

25th January 1956
Curtain Up! :- The Proposal by Anton Chekhov (1860-1904) .
with Barbara Couper (1903-1992).
No further details in BBC Programme Index
[Also produced in 1986, rptd 1990, by Clive Brill for R3 with Marcella Riordan]
[Also rewritten as "For better not worse" and produced by John Tydeman in 1970 for R3]
[Original title: Predlozheniye]
25th January 1956
Curtain Up! :- The Sulky Fire by Jean-Jacques Bernard (1888-1972)
with Barbara Couper.
No further details in BBC Programme Index
[Also produced by Terence Tiller in 1965 for BBC Home, with Mary Wimbush]

30th January 1956
Monday Matinee: Bella Donna (1909), by Robert Hichens (1864-1950) (book), adapted by James Bernard Fagan (1873-1933) (play - 1911), adapted by Howieson Culff (1899-1983)(radio)
Produced by Archie Campbell
   Dr Meyer Isaacson: Howieson Culff
   Mrs Isaacson, his mother: Eileen Thorndike
   Henry: Geoffrey Bond
   Ruby Chepstow: Sonia Dresdel
   Nigel Armine: Richard Hurndall
   Marie Ruby's maid: Pamela Stirling
   Ibrahim Nigel's servant: Cyril Shaps
   Mahmoud Baroudi: Anthony Jacobs
   Starnforth: James Raglan
   Hamzah, Baroudi's servant: Aleksander Browne
   Mr Baring Hartley: Roger Delgado
Repeated from BBC Home 8th and 13th August 1953.

1st February 1956.
Curtain Up! :- Heroes Don't Care.
with Felix Aylmer (1889-1979).
No other details in the BBC Programme database.
[Felix Aylmer appeared on stage in a play with this name in 1936, written by Margot Neville]
[A play with this title, written by Margot Neville, was produced for BBC Home in 1954 by Martyn C Webster- Felix Aylmer was NOT in it.]

6th February 1956
Potash And Perlmutter by Montague Glass (1877-1934) adapted by Charles Klein, further adapted by Mollie Greenhalgh.
Broadway, New York.
Produced by R. D. Smith
   Expressman: Harry Landis
   Miss Cohen: Marion Mathie
   Boris Andrieff: Phil Brown
   Abe Potash: David Kossoff
   Mawruss Perlmutter: John Slater
   Henry D Feldman: John Gabriel
   Ruth Snyder: Mavis Villiers
   Mark Pasinsky: Alan Tilvern
   Miss O'Brien: Eveline Garratt
   Irma Potash: Stella Richman
   Deputy Marshal Ferguson: Rupert Davies
   Deputy Marshal Farrell: Harold Ayer
   Mrs Potash: Helen Misener
   Book Agent: Jeffrey Segal
   Henry Steurman: Cyril Shaps
   Senator: Malcolm Hayes
Repeated from BBC Home 11th June 1955
Repeated 30th April 1956
[Charles Klein is credited as working with Montague Glass on a 1913 stage adaption of the stories]
[Montague Glass was UK-Manchester born and his family worked in the cotton trade. The family moved to New York.]
[The lead characters of the play appeared in three collections of short stories.]
[The first BBC Radio adaption was in 1928]

8th February 1956
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
[That is all that the BBC Programme Database contains, it is assumed from the length that it was a drama production of the story by Robert Louis Stevenson. No repeats can be found. Possibly a first broadcast of the "1960" production.]
[Several BBC radio productions: year/producer/actor playing Jekyll:
1930/Peter Creswell/-
1944/Hugh Stewart/- (in 5 parts)
1954/Harry Towers/- (only a 30 minute play first broadcast by NBC)
1960/Raymond Raikes/Cyril Shaps (rptd 1966)(Running time 80 mins)
1978/Stanley Williamson/-
1985/Glyn Dearman/Michael Aldridge (rptd R4X 2012-2022)
1993/Patrick Rayner/Alexander Morton (rptd 1994)]

13th February 1956
Monday Matinee: Late Love (1953) by Rosemary Casey (1904-1976) adapted by Cynthia Pughe.
She was just painting his portrait.
Producer: Wilfrid Grantham.
   Billy Gordon: Maurice Denham
   Matthew Anderson: Peter Claughton
   Sarah: Dorothy Holmes-Gore
   Graham Colby: Mark Dignam
   Janet Colby: Beth Boyd
   Mrs Colby: Gladys Young
   Constance Warburton: Betty Baskcomb
Repeated from 1st January 1955

19th February 1956
Death by Drowning by Agatha Christie, adapted by Anthony Aspinall
Produced by H. B. Fortuin
   Sir Henry Clithering: Milton Rosmer
   Col Robert Bantry: Anthony Woodruff
   Maid: Elizabeth Havelock
   Miss Marple: Betty Hardy
   Det Insp Drewitt: Brewster Mason
   Tom Emmott: Geoffrey Matthews
   Raymond Sandford: Charles Hodgson
   Mrs Bartlett: Molly Rankin
   Joe Ellis: Brian Haines
   Jimmy Brown: John Bull
Repeated 10th April 1957

20th February 1956
Monday Matinee: Colonel Chabert (1832) by Honore de Balzac (1799-1850) adapted by C. E. Webber
Paris 1817. A soldier presumed dead returns after some years.
Produced by David H. Godfrey
   Jules Ferraud: Ysanne Churchman
   Madeleine Ferraud: Sulwen Morgan
   Rose Ferraud: Lydia Sherwood
   Monsieur Delbecq: Lewis Stringer
   Godeschal: Alan Reid
   Simonnin: Jimmy Rossell-Evans
   Colonel Chabert: Martin Lewis
   Madame Vergniaud: Esme Lewis
   Vergniaud: Sidney Monckton
   Georges Vergniaud: Jill Nyasa
   Henri Vergniaud: Wilfrid Downing
   Maitre Derville: Hugh Falkus
   Magistrate: John Turnbull
   Clerk of the Court: Reginald Thorne
Repeated from BBC Home 7th and 12th November 1953.
[David H Godfrey also produced the play in 1952 for BBC Home, with Grizelda Hervey as Rose, Franklyn Bellamy As Vergniaud]

22nd February 1956
The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1921) by Agatha Christie (1890-1976), dramatised by Lance Sieveking.
Producer: David H Godfrey
   John Cavendish: Norman Claridge
   Arthur Hastings: Gordon Davies
   Evelyn Howard: Beatrice Gilbert
   Mary Cavendish: Marjorie Mars
   Dorcas: Elsa Palmer
   Mrs Inglethorp: Courtney Hope
   Alfred Inglethorp: Carl Bernard
   Cynthia Murdoch: Annette Kelly
   Hercule Poirot: Austin Trevor
   Lawrence Cavendish: John Glen
   Dr Wilkins: George Merritt
   Manning: Stephen Jack
   Mr Wells: Charles Spencer
   Mace: Charles Hodgson
   Det-Insp Japp: Manning Wilson
   Supt Summerhaye: Owen Berry
   Mr Philips: Brian Haines
   Sir Ernest Heavywether: Jeffrey Segal
[Also produced in 5 parts by Enyd Williams in 2005 for R4, rptd R4X 2014-2022]
[The first mystery with Poirot- Christie received a flat 25 pounds from the publisher.]

26th February 1956
The Adventure of the Clapham Cook (1923) by Agatha Christie (1890-1976), adapted by Anthony Aspinall.
Produced by Archie Campbell.
   Arthur Hastings: Peter Neil
   Hercule Poirot: Kenneth Kent
   Mrs Todd: Beatrice Varley
   Annie: Olive Kirby
   Mr Todd: James Thomason
   Mr Simpson: Hugh Dickson
   Eliza Dunn: Molly Lumley
   Inspector: Hamilton Dyce
[The only radio dramatisation of this tale].
[First UK publication of the story in a book was in 1974]
[Animated in Japanese in 2004 as two episodes of 25 minutes - youtube ref CtrtrEgOgDI - in the series "Agasa Kurisuti no Meitantei Powaro to Mapuru" with a pet duck, Oliver...]

27th February 1956
Monday Matinee: Queen in Danger (1952) by Simon Rattray, adapted by Elleston Trevor (Trevor Dudley-Smith 1920-1995).
Produced by Norman Wright.
   Hugo Bishop: Robert Eddison
   Gorry: Noel Hood
   Maurice Jerrold: Godfrey Kenton
   Thelma: Mary Wimbush
   Marjorie: Monica Grey
   Victor Tasman: Ian Lubbock
   Det Insp Frisney: Wensley Pithey
   Mervyn Speight: Brian Haines
   Rex Willison: Arthur Lawrence
   A woman: Eileen Thorndike
   Mrs Martin: Elizabeth Gray
   A dealer: Brian Hayes
Repeated from 9th November 1953
[Simon Rattray is the same person as Elleston Trevor- he used at least nine different names. This title was also published in book form as written by Adam Hall. Same person, same book.]
[The character Hugo Bishop appears in other radio plays:
1952- "Knight Sinister"
1953- "Dead Silence" in 8 parts
1955- "Dead Circuit" in 8 parts
1955- "Man Trap" ]

29th February 1956
The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie (1890-1976) dramatised by John Keir Cross.
Produced by Martyn C Webster
   Poirot: John Gabriel
   Captain Hastings: Richard Williams
   Inspector Crome: Allan McClelland
   Inspector Glen: Arthur Ridley
   Mary Drower: Denise Bryer
   Megan Barnard: Sulwen Morgan
   Donald Fraser: Simon Lack
   Franklin Clarke: Ivan Samson
   Thora Grey: Annette Kelly
   Alexander Bonaparte Cust: Jeffrey Segal
   A holiday maker: James Thomason
   Police doctor: Geoffrey Hodson
[Also produced by Enyd Williams for R4 with John Moffatt as Poirot, in 2000, repeated BBC7 and R4X 2006-2021]

4th March 1956
The Case of the Kidnapped Dog by Agatha Christie (1890-1976) adapted by Anthony Llewellyn.
Producer: Norman Wright.
with Cyril Shaps and Barbara Everest.
No other details on BBC Programme Database.
No other radio broadcast of this play title found.
[No story by Christie is known with this title. This play could be based upon "The Nemean Lion" (1939) which was printed in the USA as "The Case of the Kidnapped Pekinese"]

5th March 1956
Monday Matinee: The Feast (1949) by Margaret Kennedy (1896-1967) adapted by Giles Cooper.
Producer: E J King Bull
   Rev Gerald Seddon: Allan Jeayes
   Rev Samuel Bott: Michael Gwynn
   Mrs Siddal: Lucille Lisle
   Gerry Siddal: Brian Wilde
   Duff Siddal: David Enders
   Nancibel: Eleanor Summerfield
   Dick Siddal: Michael Hordern
   Mr Paley: John Cazabon
   Mrs Paley: Joan Hart
   Miss Ellis: Ella Milne
   Evangeline Wraxton: Jeanette Tregarthen
   Canon Wraxton: Laidman Browne
   Lady Gifford: Patricia Hilliard
   Sir Henry Gifford: Cecil Winter
   Dining-car attendan: Frank Tickle
   Luke Gifford: Gabrielle Blunt
   Hebe Gifford: Dorothy Gordon
   Caroline Gifford: Viola Merrett
   Blanche Cove: Rosamund Greenwood
   Mrs Cove: Betty Hardy
   Beatrix Cove: Ysanne Churchman
   Anna Lechene: Grizelda Hervey
   Bruce: David Pee
Repeated from BBC Home 17th and 22nd January 1953.

7th March 1956
Murder in Mesopotamia (1936) by Agatha Christie (1890-1976). dramatized by Leslie Harcourt.
Producer: Anon
   Amy Lentheran: Mollie Rankin
   Dr Reilly: Tony Quinn
   Dr Leidner: Manning Wilson
   Sheila Reilly: ???? Wilson
   Louise Leidner: Pamela Alan
   Anne Johnson: Ella Milne
   Father Lavigny: Neville Hartley
   Richard Carey: Michael Turner
   David Emmot: Ronald Wilson
   Bill Coleman: Charles Hodgson
   Captain Maitland: Eric Anderson
   Hercule Poirot: Jacques Brunius
[Also produced in 5 parts in 1994 on R4, producer Enyd Williams, with John Moffatt and Dorothgy Tutin, repeated many times on R7/R4X.]

11th March 1956
Butter in a Lordly Dish (1948) by Agatha Christie (1890-1976)
Produced by Martyn C Webster
   Florrie: Beryl Calder
   Mrs Petter: Elisabeth Maude
   Julia Keene: Cecile Chevreau
   Hayward: Janet Morrison
   Susan Warren: Barbara Lott
   Sir Luke Enderby, K C: Richard Williams
   Lady Enderby (Marion): Molly Rankin
   A railway porter: Michael Turner
[Martyn Webster produced an earlier version in 1948 for BBC Light and Home, with Lydia Sherwood as Lady Enderby]
[This is not an adaption it was written for radio]
[Your scribe has strong memories of listening to this play in 1956.]

12th March 1956
Monday Matinee: The Laughing Widow by Eden Phillpotts (1862-1960)
1920's Dartmoor.
Producer: Hugh Stewart?? (possibly not)
   Matthew Greenwood: Hedley Goodall
   Ivy Greenwood: Betty Hardy
   Jane Garland: Angela Baddeley
   Job Merryweather: Geoffrey Matthews
   John Westcott: Wilfred Babbage
[In the 1956 Radio Times listing, it was indicated this was a recording from 6th and 11th March 1954- however the listing for those dates indicates differing actors in the last two roles: Job Merryweather:
Charles Wreford (who died in 1956) and John Westcott: Geoffrey Matthews. The 1956 listing did not list a producer.]

14th March 1956:
Curtain Up!: The Picture of Dorian Gray (1891) by Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), dramatised by Constance Cox.
Pianist: Stewart Nash
Producer: Martyn C Webster
   Lord Henry Wotton: Anthony Jacobs
   Basil Hallward: Denis Goacher
   Lady Gwendolin Wotton: Mary Wimbush
   Dorian Gray: David Peel
   Lady Narhorough: Barbara Couper
   Alan Campbell: Rolf Lefebvre
   Adrian Singleton: Noel Davis
   Mr Isaacs: Jeffrey Segal
   James Vane: Michael Turner
   Mrs Vane: Elizabeth Maude
   Sibyl Vane: Beryl Calder
   Helen Hallward: Beth Boyd

18th March 1956
The Disagreeable Man, adapted by C E Webber (1909-1969), from "Ways and Means (1952)" by Henry Cecil (1902-1976).
Producer: Martyn C Webster.
[No cast details given for 1956: cast from 1953 listing:]
   Basil Meridew: Malcolm Graeme
   Nicholas Drewe: Derek Hart
   The Rev Maitland Temperley: James Thomason
   Mrs Temperley: Sarah Leigh
   Major-General Sir Bragge Purbrick: Hamilton Dyce
   Isabel Stroud: Isabel Dean
   His Honour Judge Strachan: Allan Jeayes
   Dr Sainsbury: Alan Reid
   The old man: Kenneth Connor
   Mrs Thwaites: Sophie Ellis
   Mr Buckram: Tony Quinn
   Mrs Gaspard: Courtney Hope
   Set Larch: Richard Waring
   Adam Twigg QC: Geoffrey Wincott
Repeated from 4th October 1953, repeated 25/7/54
[Also produced by Archie Campbell in 1960 rptd 1961, for Home with Valentine Dyall as Basil.]
[There was another production by Martyn C Webster in 1967, rptd 1972, on Light and Home, with Norman Shelley as Basil and David Spenser as Nicholas.]
[There was also a televised version 28/10/1953]

19th March 1956
The Fallen Idol by Graham Greene. Adapted by Charles Hatton from the film screenplay.
Produced by Archie Campbell
   Embassy Secretary: Peter Carr Forster
   Baines, the butler: Mervyn Johns
   Felipe, the Ambassador's son: Richard Brooke
   Ambassador: Hugo Schuster
   Mrs. Baines: Sonia Dresdel
   Mrs. Barrow: Eileen Thorndike
   Mrs. Patterson: Nancy Nevinson
   Harry, the porter: Edward Lexy
   Julie: Cecile Chevreau
   First Policeman: Wyndham Milligan
   Second Policeman: Douglas Hayes
   Sergeant: Frank Tickle
   Rose: Audrey Mendes
   Dr. Feniton: Noel Hift
   Detective-Inspector Ames: Alan Reid
   Inspector Hart: John Cazabon
   Chief Inspector Crowe: Russell Napier
   Davis, a police photographer: Terence Soall
Repeated from 11th April 1953.
[Also produced in 1968, rptd 1975 by Ronald Mason with Richard Pasco as Baines.]

21st March 1956
Curtain Up! :- Viceroy Sarah (1935) by Norman Ginsbury (1902-1991)
England, 1704.
Producer: Anon
   Abigail Hill: Peggy Thorpe-Bates
   Mrs Danvers: Dorothy Holmes-Gore
   Queen Anne: Barbara Everest
   Prince George of Denmark: Olaf Pooley
   Footman: George Hagan
   Duchess of Marlborough: Coral Browne
   Lord Godolphin: Arthur Ridley
   Robert Harley: Manning Wilson
   Colonel Parke: T St John Barry
   Lady Monthermer: Beth Boyd
   Lady Rialton: Dorit Welles
   Duke of Marlborough: Godfrey Kenton
   Captain Vanbrugh: Richard Hurndall
[Barbara Everest played Queen Anne in the original 1935 stage presentation]

8th April 1956
The Small Miracle (1951) by Paul Gallico (1897-1976) dramatised by R J B Sellar.
Producer: Hugh Stewart.
   Father Damico: James Hayter
   Pepino: Michael Walker
   Dr Bartoli: Wyndham Milligan
   Giani: Douglas Hankin
   Friar Bernard: Michael Logan
   The Bishop: Martin Lewis
   A Monk: Arthur Ridley
   The Lay Supervisor: Malcolm Hayes
   A lorry driver: Rolf Lefebvre
   A flower seller: Elma Verity
   A Swiss Guard: Christopher Rhodes
   Monsignor: William Fox
[Also produced by Hugh Stewart in 1953 rptd 1954, for BBC Home with Wilfred Hyde White as Damico]
[Also produced by Archie Campbell in 1961 for BBC Home, rptd 1964, with Willoughby Goddard as Damico]
[One film version was called Never take no for an answer]

9th April 1956
Monday Matinee: A Day by the Sea by N C Hunter, adapted by Mollie Greenhalgh
Producer: Val Gielgid
   Julian Anson: Robert Eddison
   Laura Anson: Gladys Young
   Frances Farrar: Gwen Cherrell
   Miss Mathieson: Belle Chrystall
   David Anson: Martin Lewis
   Doctor Farley: Brewster Mason
   William Gregson: Ronald Sidney
   Humphrey Caldwell: Patrick Waddington
   Elinor Eddison: Penny Morell
   Toby Eddison: Gabrielle Blunt
Repeated from BBC Home 2rd and 8th December 1955.
[Also produced in 1991 (rptd R4X 2023) for R4 by Graham Gauld with Richard Pasco as Julian.]

11th April 1956
Paul Temple And The Lawrence Affair by Francis Durbridge (1912-1998)
1 of 8 "The Little Things"
Production By: Martyn C. Webster
   Paul Temple: Peter Coke
   Steve: Marjorie Westbury
   Mary Gardner: Dorothy Holmes-Gore
   Freeman: Allan McClelland
   Bob Gardner: Leonard Trolley
   Detective-Inspector Ivor: Manning Wilson
   Charlie: James Beattie
   Sir Graham Forbes: Lester Mudditt
   Brian Dexter: Simon Lack
   Johnny Teako: Brian Haines
   Linda Teako: Belle Chrystal
Additional actors in parts 2-8:
Annette Kelly, Arthur Ridley, Brewster Mason, Denis Goacher, Geoffrey Hodson, George Merritt, John Gabriel, Marjorie Mars, Molly Rankin, Richard Williams
Pt2:18/4/56 Pt3:25/4/56 Pt4:2/5/56 Pt5:9/5/56 Pt6:16/5/56 Pt7:23/5/56 Pt8:30/5/56
Series repeated commencing 29th April 1956
[Also repeated BBC7/R4X 2009-2021]

15th April 1956
Elephants to Ride Upon by Mabel (1880-1957) and Denis (1910-1978) Constanduros
Production by Audrey Cameron
   Dad, proprietor of Bobbo's Circus: Norman Shelley
   Mum: Doris Hare
   Pet, their younger daughter: Marjorie Westbury
   Ivy, their elder daughter: Betty Linton
   Sid Mum's brother: Ronald Sidney
   Chloe Fox, his ex-wife: Belle Chrystall
   Jimmy Forester: Charles Hodgson
   Mr Forester, his father: Deryck Guyler
   Piccolino, a rival circus proprietor: John Paul
[Denis was the nephew of Mabel- authors]

16th April 1956
Monday Matinee: Someone Waiting (1953) by Emlyn Williams (1905-1987), adapted by Peggy Wells.
Producer: David H Godfrey
   John Nedlow: Richard Williams
   Vera, his wife: Catherine Salkeld
   Martin, their adopted son: Martin Starkie
   Hilda: Miriam Karlin
   Fenn: James Thomason
   Miss Lennie: Pamela Gordon
   Mrs Danecourt: Vivienne Chatterton
   A neighbour: Peter Howell
   His wife: Beth Boyd
Repeated from BBC Home 9th April 1956
[The film version was called Time Without Pity]

22nd April 1956
To Live in Peace by G Forzano (1884-1970), translated by V Rietti, adapted by Mollie Greenhalgh
Producer: Frederick Bradnum
   Maso: Robert Rietty (1923-2015)
   Maria: Marjorie Mars
   Agnese: Peggy Marshall
   The Doctor: Preston Lockwood
   Don Geronimo: Victor Rietti (1888-1963)
   Mattea: Annette Kelly
   Spinoso: Eric Francis
   Cecco: Peter Neil
   Charles, the Corporal: Hugh David
   General Miollis: Noel Johnson
   Friar Silvestro: Keith Pyott
   The Lawyer: Willoughby Gray
   Cavaliere Dossi: David Garth
   The Captain: Trevor Martin
[Victor Rietti was the father of Robert Rietty]
[Original play title "Don Buonaparte" (1931)]

23rd April 1956
Monday Matinee: Litte Boy Lost (1949) by Marghanita Laski (1915-1988)
Searching for his son.
Producer: Mary Hope Allen
   Hilary Wainwright: Stephen Murray
   Mrs Wainwright, his mother: Dorothy Holmes-Gore
   Pierre Verdler: Olaf Pooley
   Madame Quilleboeuf: Vivienne Chatterton
   Madame le Blanc: Betty Hardy
   Sister Therese: Gladys Spencer
   Mother Superior: Gladys Young
   Monsieur Mercatel: Jeffrey Segal
   Jean: Sulwen Morgan
   Madame Mercatel: Marjorie Mars
   Nelly: Olive Gregg
Repeated from BBC Home 19th and 24th November 1955.
Repeated on BBC Home 6th July 1957

29th April 1956:
Mate in Three by L. du Garde Peach (1890-1974)
Produced By: Charles Lefeaux
   Leonora Dorn: Frances Day
   Mary Maitland: Barbara Loft
   Elizabeth: Ann Walford
   Sir John Baslow: William Mervyn
   Noel Lytton: Colin Gordon
   James Fothergill: Noel Howlett
Repeated 9th November 1956

6th May 1956
Lucy Arnold by Compton Mackenzie (1883-1972)
A variation on Cinderella.
Produced by Martyn C. Webster
   The Storyteller: Denis Goacher
   Lucy Arnold: Dora Bryan
   Miss Chibbett: Betty Hardy
   Mrs Chibbett: Betty Linton
   Mrs Arnold: Vivienne Chatterton
   Samuel Arnold: James Thomason
   Terence Manning: Simon Lack
   Lady Emily Manning: Avice Landone
   Mr Manning: William Fox
   Mabel, a maid: Annette Kelly
   Mr Lightheart: Frank Atkinson
   Mrs Lightheart: Dorothy Holmes-Gore
Repeated 26th October 1956.
[Also produced by Martyn C Webster in 1966 rptd 1968 with Barbara Mitchell as Lucy]
[Adapted by the author from the novel "Figure of Eight", which was a story subsequent to the play "Carnival" which was broadcast 1929, 1933, 1936, 1960]

7th May 1956
Monday Matinee: Edward My Son (1947) by Robert Morley (1908-1992) and Noel Langley (1911-1980)
Between WW1 and WW2..
Produced by Peter Watts
   Arnold Holt: Howard Marion-Crawford
   Evelyn Holt: Angela Baddeley
   Dr Larry Parker: David Oxley
   Harry Soames: Cyril Shaps
   Mr Waxman: T St John Barry
   Cunningham: Michael O'Halloran
   Ellerby: Wyndham Milligan
   Hanray: Dennis Arundell
   Eileen Perry: Alvys Maben (1922-1963)
   Mr Prothero: Ronald Sidney
   Phyllis Maxwell: Prunella Scales
   Betty Fowler: Virginia Winter
Repeated from BBC Home, 16th and 21st May 1953

13th May 1956
The Girl and the Soldiers by Gino Pugnetti, Translated by E. Lewis Bailey
Produced by R. D. Smith
   Ernesto: Nigel Stock
   Mario: Derek Farr
   Lidia: Claire Bloom
Repeated 12th October 1956

14th May 1956
Landfall by Nevil Shute, adapted by Stephen Grenfell.
Produced by Michael Bakewell.
   Narrator: Simon Lack
   Jerry: Geoffrey Matthews
   Mona: Janette Richer
   Wing Commander Dickens: Olaf Pooley
   Squadron Leader Peterson: Manning Wilson
   Captain Burnaby: Leslie Perrins
   Flight Lieutenant Hooper: Michael Hall
   Corporal Lambert: Geoffrey Hodson
   Wireless Operator: Rolf Lefebvre
   Commander Rutherford: Donald Bisset
   Trawler Commander: Martin Lewis
   Miriam: Laurel Solash
   Porky /Thomas: Charles Hodgson
   Commanding Officer: Brewster Mason
   James: Richard Mayes
   Professor Legge: Hamilton Dyce
   Wing Commander Hewitt: Edward Jewesbury
   Mrs Burnaby: Henrietta Russell
   Dad: James Thomason
   Wren Officer Hancock: Annette Kelly
   Commander Sutton: Richard Williams
   Admiral: Eric Anderson
   Nurse Loring: Janet Burnell
   Nurse MacKenzie: Molly Rankin
   Jorgen: Michael Turner
Repeated from BBC Home 21st and 26th January 1956.
Repeated on BBC Home 4th May 1957
[Also produced by Betty Davies for BBC Home in 1964, rptd 1965 and 1968, with Penelope Lee as Mona]

20th May 1956
The Lady Next Door (1924) by Dorothy Parker (1893-1967) and Elmer Rice (1892-1967), Adapted by Henry Kowal
Guitar played by Freddie Phillips
Pianist. Cicely Hoye
Production by Hugh Stewart
   Harriet: Helen Horton
   Sister: Jill Nyasa
   Aunt Ada: Joan Young
   Mrs Sheridan: Madi Hedd
   Ed: Philip Friend
   Bert: George Margo
   Doctor: Eric Anderson
[The play's original title was "Close Harmony" ]

25th May 1956
Ukridge by P G Wodehouse, Adapted By Helmar Fernback
1 of 6
Produced by H. B. Fortuin
Actors in part one not listed on BBC Programme Database.
Actors in later parts:
    Ukridge: Michael Shepley
Also with Annette Kelly, Belle Chrystall, Beth Boyd, Brewster Mason, Brian Haines, Bryan Powley, Charles Hodgson, Dorothy Holmes-Gore, Geoffrey Hodson, George Merritt, Hamilton Dyce, Hubert Gregg, Jeffrey Segal, Kit Terrington, Leonard Trolley, Mairhi Russell, Manning Wilson, Margot Lister, Martin Lewis, Michael Shepley, Molly Rankin, Olaf Pooley, Rolf Lefebvre
Pt2:1/6/56 Pt3:8/6/56 Pt4:15/6/56 Pt5:22/6/56 Pt6: 29/6/56
[Also produced in 6 parts in 1992/1993 for R4 by Sarah Smith with Griff Rhys Jones as Ukridge.]
[Ukridge also appeared in a standalone story in 1959 "Battling Billson's Last Fight" produced by H B Fortuin with Naunton Wayne as Ukridge.]

27th May 1956
Cut for Partmers (1939) by Lionel Brown (1888-1964)
Produced by David H Godfrey
   Sybil Grant: Helen Horton
   Whelan: Allan McClelland
   Hugo Arnold: Griffith Jones
   Pauline: Annette Kelly
   Mrs Marshall: Dorothy Green
   Jill Marshall: Barbara Lott
   Wallace Carson: Geoffrey Matthews
   Ned Marshall: Manning Wilson
   Cook: Molly Rankin
Repeated 2nd November 1956

28th May 1956
Monday Matinee: Plain Murder(1930) by C S Forester (1800-1966), adapted by Preston Lockwood (1912-1996)
Producer: Norman Wright
   Oldroyd: Hubert Gregg
   Morris: Lewis Stringer
   John Reddy: Derek Hart
   Harrison: Preston Lockwood
   Clarence: Peter Assinder
   Maud: Virginia Winter
   Wilkinson: John Cazabon
   Mrs Morris: Elizabeth Gray
   Mr Campbell: Neil Tuson
   Inspector Kennedy: Frank Tickle
   Shepherd: Brian Roper
   Mr Reddy: Oliver Burt
   Miss Campbell: Elizabeth London
Repeated from BBC Home 19th December 1953 and 10th November 1955
[Also produced in 1999 by Clive Brill, on R4 with Geoffrey Whitehead as Oldroyd]
[Also produced 2014 by David Neville on R4, with David Seddon as Oldroyd, rptd R4X]

3rd June 1956
Right-Ho Jeeves (1934) by P G Wodehouse (1881-1975), adapted by Dan Ferguson.
Producer: H B Fortuin.
   Bertie Wooster: Naunton Wayne
   Jeeves: Deryck Guyler
   Aunt Dahlia: Jean Stanley
   Cynthia: Janette Richer
   Augustus Fink-Whittle (Gussie): Rolf Lefebvre
   Hildebrand Glossop (Tuppy): Richard Wattls
   Madeline: Anne Richmond
   Headmaster: James Thomason
   P K Purvis: Anthony Wilson
   Seppings: James Thomason
[Also produced in 17 parts as "What Ho Jeeves" by David Hatch for R4 in 1973.]
[Also produced by Peter King in 1988, rptd 1989 and 1991 for R4 with Simon Cadell as Bertie]
[This production listing in the BBC Database does not use the character name of "Gussie Fink-Nottle". Instead: Whittle?? Once in the printed book one character refers to Gussie as "Fink-Wattle"]

4th June 1956
Monday Matinee: The Leader of the House by Nigel Balchin (1908-1970).
Produced by Charles Lefeaux
   James Rice, the Prime Minister: Wilfrid Hyde White
   Janet Parkes, his personal secretary: Cecile Chevreau
   Roderick Simmons, an Information Officer: Denis Goacher
   Carol Lindsay an actress: Avice Landone
   Freda Rice, the PM's sister: Marjorie Fielding
   William Boumphrey, Foreign Affairs: Willoughby Goddard
   Lewis Appleby, the Chancellor: Gordon Davies
   Sir Charles Proot, Admiralty: Godfrey Kenton
   The Minister of Ag and Fish: Edgar Norfolk
   The Minister of Mines: Bryan Powley
   Mr. Downes-Champney, the Lord President: Howieson Culff
   Mr Amesbury, Head of the Party Office: Ballard Berkeley
   Mr Jones-Fullerton, the Party Chairman: Peter Howell
   Count Rudolph de Walem, Vulgarian Ambassador.: John Gabriel
   Marshall, butler at No 10: Leonard Trolley
   Lord Pyne: George Merritt
Repeated from BBC Home of 20/8/55.
Repeated on BBC Home 3rd and 25th August 1959
[Also produced by John Tydeman in 1970 for R4 with Michael Hordern as PM.]
[Also produced for tv by Douglas Allen, aired Nov and Dec 1955, with Willoughby Goddard as Boumphrey]

10th June 1956
White Ladies (1935) by Francis Brett Young (1884-1954), Adapted by Anthony McDonald
Produced By: Norman Wright
   Gibbs: Middleton Woods
   Bella: Marjorie Westbury
   Jasper: Anthony Toller
   Mrs Fladburn: Dorothy Holmes-Gore
   Henry: Denis Goacher
   Mr Fladburn: Emerton Court
   Marjorie Asphill: Kathleen Helme
   Ernest Wilburn: Manning Wilson
   Aunt Hattie: Ella Milne
   Boy: Brian Roper
   Wilkinson: Eric Lugg
   Miss Penney: Gladys Spencer
   Pomfret: Norman Claridge
Repeated 5th October 1956

11th June 1956
Monday Matinee: My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier, dramatised by Jonquil Antony
Production by Audrey Cameron
   Philip Ashley: John Westbrook
   Ambrose Ashley: Austin Trevor
   Seecombe: Martin Lewis
   Louise: Annette Kelly
   Nick Kendall: Richard Williams
   Giuseppe: Robert Rietty
   Rainaldi: Roger Delgado
   Rachel: Mary Wimbush
   Mary Pascoe: Molly Rankin
   Tamlyn: Wilfred Babbage
   Mr Couch: Leonard Trolley
Repeated from BBC Home of 7th and 12th January 1956
Repeated on BBC Home 6th November 1958.

13th June 1956
King Solomon's Mines by H Rider Haggard adapted by Alec Macdonald.
1 of 8 -No details for part one.
Produced By: Archie Campbell
Cast for part 2:
   Allan Quatermain: Deryck Guyler
   Sir Henry Curtis: Ralph Truman
   Captain Good: Richard Williams
   Umbopa: Frank Singuineau
   Infadoos: Errol John
   Scragga: Roger Snowdon
   Gagool: Patience Collier
   Twala: Orlando Martins
   Dom Jose: Roger Delgado
Additional Cast in later episodes:
Hamilton Dyce, Harry Quashie, Lionel Ngakane, Nadia Cattouse, Pauline Henriques, Peter Neil
Pt2:20/6/56 Pt3:27/6/56 Pt4:4/7/56 Pt5:11/7/56 Pt6: 18/7/56 Pt7:25/7/56 Pt8:1/8/56
Other productions: Year, Network, Director, Parts
1946/Light/Ayton Whitaker/8
1966/Home/Brian Miller/8 rptd 1967
1990/R4/Nigel Bryant/1 (90m) rptd 1991
2017/R4/Liz Webb/2 rptd R4X

17th June 1956
"Wait for me, Georgina" by R S Clark
with Brenda Bruce and James McKechnie.
No other information held on BBC Programme database.
There was a play with this title on BBC Home on 3rd March 1956, "with Ursula Howells and Richard Hurndall" - possibly the same production but the different actor names suggest not.
There is a photocopy of a radio script with this title held at the University of New South Wales, the author is listed as Russell S Clark. AusLit advises that Russell S Clark is aka Gilbert Anstruther (1909-1989)

18th June 1956
The Gay Dog (1952) by Joseph Colton, adapted by James R Gregson.
Jim has a greyhound.
Producer: Vivian A Daniels
   Jim Gay: Wilfred Pickles
   Maggie, his wife: Megs Jenkins
   Sally Gay, their daughter: Shirley King
   Peter: Brian Trueman
   Mrs James: Nan Marriott-Watson
   Spud Ryan: Randal Herley
   Minnie Gay: Florence Gregson
   Bert Gay: Tom Harrison
   The Rev Henry Gowland: Noel Iliff
   Leslie Gowland: Geoffrey Wheeler
   Peggy Gowland: Vera McKechnie
Repeated from BBC Home, 2nd and 7th January 1954
[A revised version of "A Dog for Delmont" (1951)]
[Note: The Gay in the title derives from a characters surname. There has been a change of word meaning since 1952: "gay" meant Carefree, Bright, Happy - and derives from 'gaiety' as in Gaiety Theatre]

24th June 1956
The Trouper by Jeffrey Segal (1920-2015)
Produced by Audrey Cameron.
   Bus driver: Jeffrey Segal
   Gus Gleason: George Merritt
   Miss Burke: Betty Linton
   Sam Kitchin: James Thomason
   Charlie, the stage-door keeper: Leonard Trolley
   Jean Ainslie, the stage-director: Molly Rankin
   Bill Malcolm, the producer: Brewster Mason
   Harry, the pianist: Alan Paul
   The Good Robber: Trevor Martin
   The Bad Robber: Richard Waring
   Principal Boy: Betty Huntley-Wright
   Principal Girl: Annette Kelly
   Theatre Manager: Norman Wynne
   J J Davies, the critic: Godfrey Kenton
   Policeman: Hamilton Dyce
   Courtney Hill: Wilfred Pickles
Repeated 19th October 1956
[Also produced by Audrey Cameron in 1954 for BBC Home, with Aline Waites as Miss Burke, and Michael Turner as Sam.] ]

1st July 1956
The Birds of Sadness by Rachel Grieve
The North Wales mountains.
Produced By: David H. Godfrey
   Philippa Carver: Elizabeth London
   Naomi Redfern: Grizelda Hervey
   Mr Hughes: E Eynon Evans
   Robin Carver: Denis Goacher
   Mr Stanley: Jeffrey Segal
   Camilla May: Marjorie Westbury
   Peter May: Allan McClelland
   Alfie Redfern: Brewster Mason
   Henry Owen: Norman Wynne
   Suzanne Owen: Betty Hardy
   Iago: Hugh David
   Mr Garside: Ian Sadler
[Also produced by David H. Godfrey in 1952 for BBC Home with Joan Sanderson as Naomi and Kenneth Williams as Mr Stanley.]

2nd July 1956- historic note- from now until 23rd December 1956 the BBC replaced the temporarily silenced "Big Ben" (note "E") with "Great Tom" (note "A flat") from St Paul's. Tom received due credit in the listings.

8th July 1956
The Gorgon's Head (1932) by Ladbroke Black (1877-1940), adapted by Stephen Black
Unintended petrifications.
Produced by Martyn C Webster
   Charles Tempest, a solicitor: Emrys Jones
   Darcy Pringle, a sculptor: Simon Lack
   Prof Addington Crane: Hamilton Dyce
   Chloe Heathcote, his niece: Sara Gregory
   P C MacMunn, a London policeman: Lewis Stringer
   Mrs MacMunn: Elizabeth Maude
   Peter, an art critic: Charles Hodgson
[Also produced by Martyn C Webster in 1954 with Richard Hurndall as Charles]
[Stephen Black was the son of Ladbroke Black]
[Ladbroke Black also wrote as Lionel Day, Lewis Jackson, John Andrews, and Paul Urquhart]

15th July 1956
"It's Magic"
A partly narrated short version of the soundtrack of the 1948 film.
Original story by Sixto Pondal Rios (1907-1968) and Carlos A. Olivari (1902-1955)
Screenplay by Julius J. and Philip G. Epstein
Film director: Michael Curtiz
BBC Editor/Director: Anon
Narrator: Gerry Wilmot
Film cast:
   Georgia Garrett: Doris Day
   Peter Virgil: Jack Carson
   Elvira Kent: Janis Paige
   Oscar Farrar: Oscar Levant
   Uncle Lazlo: S Z Sakall
[Possibly a repeat of the Home broadcast of 24th May 1949, adapted from the film by Gordon Crier - or of the Home program of 3rd April 1950, edited by John Angier and Produced by Thurstan Holland. Sadly none of the three broadcasts have full radio credits and may all be different- or the same.]
[The 99 minute film was made as "Romance on the High Seas" but retitled in the UK]
[BBC Database incorrectly refers to Janice Paige]

15th July 1956
Wrong Number by Norman Edwards
Piano: Cicely Hoye
Producer: Hugh Stewart
   Aloysius: Richard Waring
   Doctor Pole: Robert Harris
   Max: John Carol
   Mildred Jones: Virginia Winter
   An announcer: Robert Sansom
   Bill Saunders: Malcolm Graeme
   Jack Bates: Hamilton Dyce
   Miss Crystal: Hazel Hughes
   Fat Cyril: Allan Jeayes
   A Police Sergeant: Allan McClelland
   Inspector Blake: Campbell Singer
[A 1959 60 minute film was based upon the play]

22nd July 1956
Hunter's Moon
with Paul Rogers
No other details given on BBC Database
Something of a mystery drama(?)- we know nothing about it.
[The Hunter's Moon is the full moon in October]

An apparent holiday break followed - there may have been drama during this fallow period, with only a title in the Programme Listing (no details).
There were some edited film sound tracks (usually musicals) adapted by Gordon Gow or Trafford Whitelock.

26th September 1956
Journey's End by R C Sherriff.
Spring 1918.
Produced by Peter Watts
   Captain Hardy: Frank Partington
   Lieutenant Osborne: Brewster Mason
   Private Mason: Ronald Sidney
   Second Lieutenant Raleigh: David Enders
   The Company Sergeant-Major: Richard Gray
   Captain Stanhope: John Westbrook
   Lieutenant Trotter: James Thomason
   Second Lieutenant Hibbert: Alan Edwards
   The Colonel: Eric Anderson
   A German Soldier: Peter Neil
Repeated 1st October 1956

3rd October 1956
Badger's Green by R C Sherriff adapted by Owen Reed.
Producer: Patrick Dromgoole
   Dr Wetherby: Edward Chapman
   Major Forrester: Aubrey Dexter
   Mr Twigg: Richard Goolden
   Mr Butler: Dudley Rolph
   Mr Rogers: Lewis Gedge
   Dickie Wetherby: Geoffrey Matthews
   Miss Rawlinson: Sheila Allen
   Mary: Joscelyn Page
   Chauffeur: Denis Raymond
   Morgan: Anthony Collin
   George: J Barrie
Repeated 8th October 1956

[From this point there were many dramas from earlier in the year repeated. See first broadcast date in 1956 above for details.]

4th October 1956
The Little Walls
(No other information given for 4th October- data below is from 11th October:
by Winston Graham. Dramatised by Denzil Roberts
1 of 6.
Cast in Episode 2:
Produced By: Norman Wright
   Philip Turner: Godfrey Kenton
   Inspector Tholen: Olaf Pooley
   Commander Coxon: Jack May
   Informer: Geoffrey Matthews
   Count Louis Joachim: Laidman Browne
   Police Assistant: John Brvning (??)
   Arnold Turner: Norman Wynne
   Hotel Manager: Garard Green
   Charlotte Weber: Grizelda Hervey
   Leonie Winter: Anne Cullen
also with Gladys Spencer
Additional cast in parts 3 to 6:
   Captain Sanbeigh: Brian Haines
   Nicolo da Cossa: Raymond Young
   The Master of Kyle: Duncan McIntyre
also with Trevor Martin, Morris Sweden,
Pt2:11/10/56 Pt3:18/10/56 Pt4:25/10/56 Pt5:1/11/56 Pt6:8/11/56
[Also produced by Ned Chaillet in 1991 for R4, rptd R4X 2016-2022]

10th October 1956
Miss Mabel by R. C. Sherriff adapted by Peter Watts.
Produced by Wilfrid Grantham
   Miss Mabel's maid: Annette Kelly
   Peter Barlow: Peter Halliday
   Mary Rowland: Juliet Pollard
   Watkins: George Hagan
   Mr Smirthwaite: Denys Blakelock
   Miss Mabel: Gladys Young
   Mr Wilson, the Vicar: James Thomason
   Mrs Wilson, his wife: Joan Ireland
   Dr Harrison: Brewster Mason
   Maid at the Vicarage: Rowena Cooper
   Police Inspector: Peter Neil
Repeated 15th October 1956
[Also produced by Peter Watts in 1952 for BBC Home with Joan Harben as Miss Mabel]
[Also produced by Hugh Stewart in 1961 for BBC Home with Joyce Barbour as Miss Mabel.]

14th October 1956
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Memory For Murder by Merrick Winn
Production: Audrey Cameron
with Hugh Burden
[This is the sole mention of Merrick Winn in the BBC Programme Database]
[Merrick Winn appears to have been a journalist, who in 1952 wrote in The Post "There may be men on the moon in 25 years time". In January 1956 he interviewed Raymond Chandler for the Daily Express.]

15th October 1956
The Long Way Round by Stephen Grenfell.
Polio at age 22.
Producer: Alan Burgess
   Sheila: Jean Harvey
   Father: Robert Sansom
   Mother: Thea Wells
   Alice: Dorothy Black
   Richard: Derek Hart
   John: James Thomason
   Doctor: Wyndham Milligan
   Mrs Hooper: Ella Milne
   Sister: Dorothy Holmes-Gore
   Durrance: Anthony Woodruff
   Doctor: Philip Cunningham
   Janet: Pamela Binns

17th October 1956
Home at Seven (1950) by R C Sherriff (1896-1975)
He arrives home at the usual time- but 24 hours late.
Producer: Martyn C. Webster
   David Preston: Hamilton Dyce
   Janet Preston: Ursula Howells
   Dr Sparling: John Wyse
   Major Watson: Eric Anderson
   Inspector Hemingway: Peter Neil
   Mr Petherbridge: James Thomason
   Peggy Dobson: Brenda Peters
Repeated 22nd October 1956
[Also produced 1951 for BBC Home by Ayton Whitaker with Ralph Richardson as David.]
[Also produced by Martyn C. Webster in 1966 rptd 1970 for R4 with Patrick Barr as David.]
[Also a 1952 film and a 1956 BBC TV play]

21st October 1956
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Look In The Mirror By Aileen Burke and Leone Stewart
Produced by Norman Wright
   Mrs Barnes: Gladys Spencer
   Edward Musgrave: Hubert Gregg
   Miss Johnson: Janette Richer
   Basil Fellows: Geoffrey Lewis
   Nurse: Peggy Thorpe-Bates
   Dr Rawlings: Brewster Mason
   Tom Atkins: Martin Lewis
[The two authors sometimes used the pseudonym Stewart Burke]

22nd October 1956
Arctic Manhunt by Bob Kesten
Producer: Alan Burgess
   Eames: Jon Farrell
   McDowell: George Margo
   King: Guy Kingsley Poynter
   Gardlund: Gerik Schjelderup
   Lang: Peter Mannering
   Verville: Stuart Nichol
   Riddell: Bill Nagy
   Hersey: Alan Keith
   Millen: Marvin Kane
24th October 1956
The Long Sunset by R C Sherriff (1896-1975)
AD 410.
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
   Narrator: John Gabriel
   Marcus: Philip Cunningham
   Lugar: James Thomason
   Serena Julian's wife: Avice Landone
   Paula Julian's daughter: Monica Grey
   Julian: Brewster Mason
   Otho, Julian's son: Aubrey Woods
   Portius: George Merritt
   Lucian: Harcourt Williams
   Arthur: Joseph O'Conor
   Gawaine: Richard Bebb
Repeated from BBC Home of 23rd April and 8th August 1955.
Repeated 29th October 1956
[Also produced by Martin Jenkins in 1971 rptd 1976 and 1984 for R4 with John Rye as Marcus]

28th October 1956
Thirty-Minute Theatre 'Mustard Yellow' by Jon Manchip White (1924-2013)
Produced by Archie Campbell
   The narrator: Tom Sheffield
   A racing motorist: Denis Goacher
   Marco Torelli, a team manager: Dino Galvani
   Pietro Cavalotti, another driver: Giulio Finzi
   Herr Lange, a steward: Rudolph Offenbach
   An observer: Gyuri Wagner

29th October 1956
Epidemic by Margaret Hotine (1925-1992)
Glasgow 1956 Smallpox.
Producer: Alan Burgess
   Dr Scott: John Rae
   Health Inspector: Charles Houston
   Dr Mackay: Andrew Crawford
   Headmaster: Richard Statman
   Medical Officer of Health: Malcolm Graeme
   Consultant: Alastair Hunter
   Manageress: Margaret Butt
   Dr Stewart: Isla Cameron
   Official: Leslie Glaser
   Woman: Dorothy Black
   Scotsman: Ben Williams
   Wife: Madeleine Christie
   Cameron: James Bullock
   Student: Keith Faulkner
   Sister Thompson: Gay Balfour
   Nurse: Linda King
   Small boy: Patricia Hayes

31st October 1956
The Telescope by R C Sherriff (1896-1975)
The struggles of a young vicar.
Production by Val Gielgud (1900-1981)
   Mr Pinnock: Bryan Powley
   John Mayfield: Sebastian Shaw
   Mary Mayfield: Belle Chrystall
   Miss Brown: Betty Linton
   Mrs Palmer: Vivienne Chatterton
   Joe: Bunny May
   Ben Brooks: George Merritt
   Sergeant Wallis: Hamilton Dyce
Repeated 5th November 1956
Also repeated on BBC Home on 8th June 1957
[Originally written for radio. Also produced -in 73 min excerpt form- for BBC tv (5th Nov 1957) by Ayton Whitaker with Patsy Byrne, Frank Finlay, Melvyn Hayes, Edward Woodward]

4th November 1956
On Loan by Giovanni Papini (1881-1956) adapted by Jon Manchip White (1924-2013)
Production By: Michael Bakewell
   Sandrino: Robert Rietty
   Novella: Christine Finn
   Bruno: Richard Bebb
   Princess Bernhardt: Mary Wimbush
   Krammerheim: Morris Sweden
   Count Laszlo: Cyril Shaps
   Hortense: Kathleen Helme
   Prince Rupert: Trevor Martin
   Prince Frederick: Patrick Godfrey
   Baroness von Chezy: Edith Savile
   Gerd: Frank Partington
Repeated 16th November 1956
[There is no indication which work by Papini this is based upon]

7th November 1956
Curtain Up! : You Never Can Tell (1897) by Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)
Produced by Frederick Bradnum
   Dolly Clandon: Rowena Cooper
   Valentine, a dentist: Robert Bernal
   A parlour maid: Dera Cooper
   Philip Clandon: Charles Hodgson
   Mrs Clandon: Margaret Gordon
   Gloria Clandon: Jill Bennett
   Fergus Crampton: Allan Jeayes
   Finch McComas: Eric Anderson
   The waiter: Preston Lockwood
   Walter Bohun, Q C: Barry Letts
Repeated 12th November 1956
[Other productions: year/network/producer/actor playing waiter:
1952/N3/Esme Percy/Harcourt Williams
1952/Home/Frederick Bradnum/Richard Hurndall
1961/Home/Hugh Stewart/Bobby Howes
1971 rptd 1973,1977,1979/4/Betty Davies/Michael Kilgarriff]

11th November 1956
The Browning Version by Terence Rattigan, Adapted by Cynthia Pughe
Produced By: Archie Campbell
   John Taplow: Brian Smith
   Schoolboy: Anthony Adams
   Frank Hunter: Peter Neil
   Millie Crocker-Harris: Belle Chrystall
   Andrew Crocker-Harris: Robert Harris
   Dr Frobisher: Richard Williams
   Peter Gilbert: Peter Assinder
   Mrs Gilbert: Angela Munnion
Repeated 23rd November 1956
[Other productions:
Year/Network/Producer/Actor playing Taplow
1949 rptd 1950/Home/Mary Hope Allen/Peter Scott
1957/rptd 1958,1964,1970,1971,1978/Home/Norman Wright/Anthony Adams
1982 rptd 1986,1990/R4/Ian Cotterell/Stephen Garlick
2011 rptd 2013/R4/Rosaling Ayres/???]

12th November 1956
The Phone Rings at Night by Stephen Grenfell
Produced by Alan Burgess
   Dr Arthur Bane: Charles E Stidwill
   Dr Adams: Mary Morell
   Bolton: Peter Burton
   Rose: Brenda Dean
   Desmond: Malcolm Graeme
   policeman: Ben Williams
   Monica: Jane Barratt
   Operator: Trevor Martin
   Monty: Eric Anderson
   Baker: Haydn Jones
   Arnott: Bruce Stewart
   Peter: Derek Hart

14th November 1956
Monday Matinee: The Final Test (1953) by Terence Rattigan (1911-1977), adapted by Cynthia Pughe.
Produced by Royston Morley
A cricketer's last match for England.
   Sam Palmer: Patrick Barr
   Bill Jarvis: Gordon Davies
   Reggie Palmer: Ray Jackson
   Ethel his aunt: Helena Pickard
   John Higgs: George Merritt
   Sid Thompson: Campbell Singer
   Frank Weller: Allan McClelland
   Cora: Brenda Bruce
   The Beer Drinker: Stanley Rose
   The Stout Drinker: Gordon Whiting
   Mrs Price: Violet Gould
   Potboy: Charles Hodgson
   A stranger: Jeffrey Segal
   Alexander Whitehead: George Benson
   Miss Fanshawe: Agnes Lauchlan
As themselves: Frank Tyson, Brian Close, Colin Cowdrey, Brian Johnston, Rex Alston, John Arlott, Jill Balcon, C. Day Lewis, Frank Phillips, Michael Brooke, Christopher Pemberton
Repeated 19th November 1956
[Also produced by Robert Harris in 1963 with David Valla as Reggie.]
[Written for BBC TV -broadcast July 1951, and made into a cinema film, released 1953. The film included Ray Jackson as Reggie and Brenda Bruce as Cora.]

18th November 1956
Mr. Faint-Heart by Ian Hay (John Hay Beith, 1876-1952) adapted by Cynthia Pughe.
Producer: Charles Lefeaux
   Daphne: Joy Hodgkinson
   Steward: Eric Francis
   Aubrey: Derek Hart
   Mary: Cicely Paget-Bowman
   Tony: Peter Howell
   Myra: Mary Watson
   Joe: Peter Copley
   Mr Pumphrey: James Thomason
   Mrs Pumphrey: Joanna Glass
   Lemuel K: William Mervyn
Repeated 30th November 1956
[Also produced by Charles Lefeaux for BBC Home in 1955, with George Merritt as Steward and Geoffrey Matthews as Aubrey.]

19th November 1956
The Strange Case of the Woman in Brown by Anthony Jacobs
Producer: Alan Burgess
1949: Ghosts in a London office.
   Angela Benson: Adrienne Corri
   Mr Osborn: Anthony Jacobs
   Mrs Johnson: Hester Paton-Brown
   Miss Dixon: Olive Kirby
   Miss Watson: Nan Marriott-Watson
   Ruth: Ann Godley
   Girl: Janette Richer
   Official: Mervyn Blake
   Mr Thompson: Edgar Norfolk

21st November 1956
Curtain Up! : The Shining Hour by Keith Winter
Adapted by Hugh Stewart
A Yorkshire farmhouse.
Produced by Norman Wright
   Hannah Linden: Betty Hardy
   Judy Linden: Mairhi Russell
   Henry Linden: Norman Claridge
   Micky Linden: Derek Hart
   Mariella Linden: Mary Wimbush
   David Linden: John Glen
Repeated 26th November 1956
[Adapted from a 1951 BBC TV play]

25th November 1956
Sunday Theatre: Time Out Of Mind by Geoffrey Trease
Produced by Colin Shaw
BBC North of England
   Jane Waverley: Jill Fenson
   The Rev Arthur Rawley: Geoffrey Banks
   Woodburn: Jeffrey Denton
   Lord Nowell: Norman Partriege
   Mr Larkdale: Leslie Moorhouse
   Mr Babbington: Harry Moseley
Also with Mildred Dyson, Renee Stanton, Tom Harrison, Jeffery Dench, Reginald Waithman and Eric Howard
Repeated from BBC Home of 18th April 1956
Repeated 7th December 1956

26th November 1956
The Children of Aunty by Stephen Grenfell
Producer: Alan Burgess
   Aunty: Betty Hardy
   Donnie: Jill Raymond
   Jenny: Sandra Alfred
   Johnny / MIkey: Patricia Hayes
   Mrs Sopwith: Linda King
   Official: Margaret Hotine
   Housemother: Madeleine Christie
   Jack: Geoffrey Lewis

28th November 1956
Curtain Up! : Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
Adapted by Gilbert Thomas
Production by Martyn C. Webster
   George Milton: Alan Tilvern
   Lennie Small: Robert Beatty
   Old Candy: MacDonald Parke
   Slim: Michael Turner
   Carlson: Stuart Nichol
   Whit: Philip Keatley
   Curley: Brian Haines
   The Boss: John Gabriel
   Curley's wife: Mavis Villiers
   Crooks: Earl Cameron
Repeated 3rd December 1956
[Other productions:
Year/Network/Director/Actor playing Lennie/George
1967 rptd 1973/Home/Joe Burroughs/Robert Beatty/Harry Towb
1992 rptd 1993/r4/Richard Wortley/Kerry Shale/Peter Whitman
2010/r4 rptd R4X/Kirsty Williams/---/---]

2nd December 1956
H.M.S. Marlborough Will Enter Harbour (1947) by Nicholas Monsarrat (1910-1979) adapted by Captain Kenneth Langmaid
Produced by Charles Lefeaux
   Lieut Commander Pennington (Number One): Patrick Troughton
   Commander Wainwright: Michael Hordern
   Commander Selby: Donald Gray
   Leading Seaman Bridger: Basil Lord
   Lieut Guthrie (Chief): Bryden Murdoch
   Lieut Emery (Guns): Colin Gordon
   Lieut Haines (Pilot): Douglas Wilmer
   Midshipman Wade (Snottie): Nigel Stock
   Quartermaster: Derek Birch
   Petty Officer Adams (Chief Bosun's Mate): Deryck Guyler
   Signalman: Alan Reid
   Surgeon Lieut Donovan: Arthur Lawrence
   Sick Berth Attendant Payton: Richard Waring
   Chief Engine Room Artificer Harrington: Michael O'Halloran
   Stoker Petty Officer Blake: Geoffrey Bond
Repeated from BBC Home of 30th January 1954 and 4th February 1954
Repeated 14th December 1956

3rd December 1956
The Trial of Dr. Petiot by Bob Kesten (1919-1969)
Producer: Alan Burgess
   Dr Petiot (1897-1946): Ralph Truman
   Public Prosecutor: David Peel
   Judge: Geoffrey Wincott
   Floriot: Hamilton Dyce
   Vernon: Frank Partington
   Guschinow: Haydn Jones
   Mme Guschinow: Irene Prador
   Michel Cadoret: Eric Francis
   Psychiatrist: Brian Haines

5th December 1956
Curtain Up! : The Seagull by Anton Chekhov
The BBC Programme Database has no details of this production. Below are the productions identified on other transmission dates.
Other productions: year/network/producer/actor playing Nina
1953/Home/Gielgud and Godfrey/Ursula Howells
1960/Home/Cedric Messina/Vanessa Redgrave
1963/Home/Val Gielgud/Virginia Maskell
1968 rptd 1969/r3/Charles Lefeaux/Zena Walker-(rptd r4 1969, 1971 & 1973)
1981/r4/Gerry Jones/Petra Markham rpt r3 1983
1986 rpt 1987/r4/David Hitchinson/-rewritten-
1993/r4/Cherry Cookson/Helena Bonham Carter (rptd r3 1997) (also rptd r4x)
2010 rpt 2014/r3/Dominic Hill/Ashley Smith
2023/r3/Toby Swift/Erin Doherty
[Also produced by Gordon House in 2006 for BBC WS]

9th December 1956:
Sunday Theatre: The Atom Bowler by Jay Black and Stephen Black (1912-2006)
Cricket meets science.
Produced by R. D. Smith
   P C Harding: Ben Williams
   Tom Dingley, landlord: Malcolm Hayes
   Sid: Nicky Edmett
   BBC Announcer: John Snagge
   Mrs Dingley: Sheila Raynor
   Bert Barleycorn: Glyn Dearman
   The Vicar of Pelling: Peter Neil
   Charlie Cobb: Eric Anderson
   First Oxford Young Man: Charles Hodgson
   Second Oxford Young Man: Patrick Godfrey
   BBC Commentator: Derek Hart
   Stedman, Australian Captain: Bruce Stewart
   Dominions Secretary: Geoffrey Lewis
   Professor: Haydn Jones
Also with Peter Carver, Leigh Crutchley, John Dearth, Vanda Godsell, Harold Lang, Molly Lawson, Diana Lincoln, Wyndham Milligan, Anthony Sagar, June Wenner.
Repeated 21st December 1956
[Also produced by Ayton Whitaker in 1946 for Home with Cyril Gardiner as Robinson, again in 1947 with Allan Cuthbertson as Robinson, again in 1948 with John Stacy as Robinson ]

10th December 1956
No Bail for the Judge (1952) by Henry Cecil (Henry Cecil Leon, 1902-1976) adapted by C E Webber
Produced by H B Fortuin
   Bert Evans: Gordon Davies
   Elizabeth Prout: Monica Grey
   Ambrose Low: Hugh Burden
   Sir Edwin Prout: Martin Lewis
   Colonel Brain: D A Clarke-Smith
   Attorney General: Richard Williams
   Sydney Trumper: Leslie Perrins
   Beryl: Annette Kelly
   Sir Malcolm Morley: Olaf Pooley
   Professor Pintree: Rolf Lefebvre
   Lord Chief Justice: Arthur Ridley
   Det Supt Sharkey: Hamilton Dyce
   Sam Sprigg: Jeffrey Segal
   Mr Black: Brewster Mason
   Gordon MacNaghten: Gordon Davies
   Henry Hunt: Leonard Trolley
Repeated from BBC Home 10th March 1956
[Henry Cecil Leon was a barrister and a county court judge. ]

12th December 1956
Trio for Two by Marius Goring (1912-1998).
Adapted from Monsieur Lamberthier (1927) by Louis Verneuil (1893-1952).
Producer: Peter Watts.
   The New Tenant: Olaf Pooley
   Germaine: Grizelda Hervey
   Maurice: James McKechnie
Repeated 17th December 1956
[The book was filmed as Jealousy(1928), Deception (1946)]
[Other BBC Radio productions:
4/7/1949 as "The Third Man" BBC Home, producer anon- with Marius Goring as Maurice.
22/1/1951 as "Monsieur Lamberthier"- producer Frank Hauser. BBC Home- with Marius Goring as Maurice.
17/4/1961 as "Trio for Two" BBC Home, producer Norman Wright.]

19th December 1956:
Curtain Up! : On The Spot (1930) by Edgar Wallace (1875-1932) adapted by Howard Rose.
America: Chicago
Producer: R D Smith
   Patrolman Ryan: Rupert Davies
   Commissioner John Kelly: Ian Sadler
   Doctor: Wyndham Milligan
   Priest: Leonard Trolley
   Tony Perrelli: Anthony Jacobs
   Minn Lee: Diana Wong
   Angelo: Malcolm Hayes
   Maria Pouliski: Faith Brook
   Con O'Hara: Alan Tilvern
   Jimmy McGarth: Philip Keatley
   Mike Feeney: Roger Snowdon
Repeated 31st December 1956
[Also produced by Jean Bower in 1976 for R4 in a version adapted by Raymond Raikes]
[The first BBC production was by Howard Rose in 1935]

23rd December 1956
Snowball by Jeffrey Segal (1920-2015)
Produced by Audrey Cameron
   Major Rodney: Peter Neil
   Quartermaster-Sergeant Barker: Allan McClelland
   Corporal Dusty Miller: Haydn Jones
   Corporal Jack Middleton: Nigel Stock
   Snowball: Bryan Powley
   Pasqualino: N Nevinson
   Driver Potts: Patrick Godfrey
   Francesco: Jeffrey Segal
   Dolly Middleton: Cecile Chevreau
Repeated on BBC Home 24th December 1957

25th December 1956
Puss in Boots by Johnny Speight (1920-1998) and Dick Barry
Music: The George Mitchell Choir, Blanche Moore accompanied by William Ternent and his Orchestra
Produced By: Dennis Main Wilson
   The Hero: Francis Howerd (Frankie Howerd)
   The Heroine: Carole Carr
   Rock and Roll, the Broker's Men: Monty Stevens and Lee Young
   The Bad Baron: Dennis Price
   The Good Fairy: Sabrina
   Tom the Cat: Mr William Ternent
   Idle Jack: Dickie Valentine
26th December 1956
Cinderella by Roy Plomley
Music by Eric Coates and Ernest Tomlinson and lyrics by Henrik Ege.
BBC Chorus (Chorus-Master, Leslie Woodgate )
BBC Concert Orchestra (Leader. John Sharpe )
Conductor, Charles MacKerras
Produced by Michael North
   Fairy Crystal: Beth Boyd
   Prince Charming: Donald Scott
   Dandini: Peter Hoar
   Cinderella: Lizbeth Webb
   Lottie: Doris Nichols
   Minnie: Marjorie Mars
   Buttons: Marten Tiffen
   Baron Hardup: Brewster Mason
   Humphrey Livernoll: Charles Mason
   Town Crier (and other parts): Stanley MacKenzie
Repeated from 20th December 1955

28th December 1956
Lost Horizon by James Hilton, adapted by James Hilton and Barbara Burnham
Producer: Hugh Stewart
   Mallinson: Hugh Burden
   Conway: Guy Rolfe
   Barnard: Errol MacKinnon
   Miss Brinklow: Elma Verity
   Chang: Heron Carvic
   Henderson: Lionel Gamlin
   Rutherford: Ralph Truman
   The High Lama: Robert Farquharson
   Lo-Tsen: Janette Richer
[First produced on BBC Radio by Barbara Burnham in 1934 with Charles Mason as Mallinson]
[Also produced for BBC Home in three parts by Graham Gauld in 1966 rptd 1969 with Gordon Gardner as Mallinson]
[Also produced for R4 in three parts by Graham Gauld in 1981 with Andrew Branch as Mallinson- rptd R7 and R4X 2010-2023]

31st December 1956
It'll Need a Miracle by Margaret Hotine.
Producer: Alan Burgess.
   Jim: Sydney Tafler
   Vera: Joy Shelton
   Sister Johnson: Thea Wells
   Almoner: Olwen Brookes
   Major Smith: Russell Napier
   Police Officer: John Baker
   Man: Ben Williams


Compiled by Stephen Shaw 2024
(....thanks again, Stephen ...-ND)

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