Light Programme, Drama, 1953

Listing compiled by Stephen Shaw, Feb 2023 (....many thanks - ND)

Drama on the BBC Light Programme in 1953
(The Light Programme ran from 1945 to 1967)

4th January 1953
Bomber's Moon by Wing-Commander E.W. Anderson edited by Cynthia Pughe.
April 1943: 24 hours with a Bomber Squadron.
Production: Ayton Whitaker
   Flight-Lieut. Murdoch (Narrator): Hugh Manning
   Sergeant: Douglas Hayes
   Corporal 'Susie' Moon: Virginia Winter
   Wing-Cdr. Martin: William Fox
   Flt-Lt. Johnny Bannerman: Patrick Troughton
   Flying Officer Carter: Derek Hart
   Flight-Sgt. Gray: Norman Mitchell
   Sgt. Murgatroyd: John Cazabon
   'Mike': Brian Hayes
   Mabel (Mrs. Gray): Nancy Nevinson
   Flight-Lieut. Griffiths: Aubrey Richards
Also with Wyndham Milligan, Antony Kearey, Geoffrey Bond, Garard Green, Alan Reid, Rupert Davies, Arthur Lawrence
[A 1946 production of this name was unrelated]

5th January 1953
Monday Matinee: She Stoops To Conquer or The Mistakes of a Night (1773) by Oliver Goldsmith (1726-1774) adapted by Raymond Raikes.
Music composed and conducted by Alfred Reynolds
Period: 1773
Production by Raymond Raikes
   Mrs Hardcastle: Betty Hardy
   Mr Hardcastle: James Dale
   Tony Lumpkin: Charles Leno
   Kate Hardcastle: Marjorie Westbury.
   Constance Neville: Hermione Hannen
   Little Aminadab Tickle: Aubrey Richards
   Jack Slang: Garard Green
   Tom Twist: Arthur Lawrence
   Dick Muggins: Hugh Manning
   Stingo, the landlord: Cyril Shaps
   Young Marlow: John Mills
   George Hastings: Antony Kearey
   Pimple: Sulwen Morgan
   Diggory: John Cazabon
   Sir Charles Marlow: Allan Jeayes
Repeated from 31st December 1952.

6th January 1953-
Horatio Hornblower
9 of 16. Produced By: Archie Campbell
Please refer to the list entry for 4th November 1952 for further information.

7th January 1953
Monday Matinee: The Constant Wife (1926) by W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) Adapted by Peggy Wells
Produced by John Richmond
   Bentley: Norman Mitchell
   Martha: Anne Cullen
   Mrs Culver: Gladys Young
   Barbara Fawcett: Patricia Hilliard
   John Middleton: Anthony Nicholls
   Constance, his wife: Margaret Lockwood
   Marie-Louise Durham: Joy Shelton
   Bernard Kersal: Roderick Lovell
   Mortimer Durham: Campbell Singer
Repeated 12th January 1953
[There was also a production in 1949 by Frank Hauser]
[There was also a production on BBC Home in 1967 by John Powell]

10th January 1953
Dramatic Interlude: The Whole Truth by Stella Margetson (1912-1992)
Produced By: Harold Neden and Norman Wright
Introduced By: Franklin Engelmann
A dramatic monologue given by Marie Ney

11th January 1953
Radio Theatre: No Surrender! by Diarmuid Kelly
Produced by Hugh Stewart
   Malachi Keegan: Cyril Cusack
   Mrs Margaret Malone: Barbara Mullen
   Micky: Harry Hutchinson
   Major Lee: Gordon McLeod
   Mrs Lee: Catherine Nangle
   Dan Corrigan: Tony Quinn
   Mrs Corrigan: May Carey
   Bart Corrigan: John Glyn-Jones
   Father Tim: Charles Maunsell
   Sergeant Dooley: Tommy Duggan
   Post Office Engineer: Robert Mooney
   Guard Toomey: Michael O'Halloran
   Tom Brady: Arthur Lawrence
   Dr Dodd: Bryan Powley
Also with Brian Hayes, Frank Tickle, Virginia Winter, Patrick Troughton, Wyndham Milligan, Garard Green, Alan Reid. Margaret Ward and Cyril Shaps

14th January 1953
Journey To Earth by Bridget Boland
Produced by E. J. King Bull
   The Chaplain: Ernest Jay
   The Prioress: Betty Hardy
   Agatha Fosdyke: Flora Robson
   Angela Swithin: Jill Balcon
   Peter Swithin: Patrick Troughton
   Lay Sister: Nancy Nevinson
   Cyril Plummer: Denys Blakelock
Repeated 19th January 1953

18th January 1953
Radio Theatre: The Innocent Bride by Anne Meredith (Lucy Beatrice Malleson (1899-1973) - aka Anthony Gilbert aka J Kilmeny Keith)
Produced by Mary Hope Allen
   Robert Moreton, a reporter: Norman Claridge
   Mr Scorrier: Alec Finter
   Sophia: Mary Williams
   Stephen Traill: Hugh Manning
   Monica, his sister: Thea Holme
   Martha, a maid: Audrey Mendes
   Cook: Elsa Palmer
   Mr Neate, a lawyer: Aubrey Richards
   Frost, a private investigator: David Laing
   A Police Constable: Norman Mitchell
Also with Basil Dignam, Alan Reid, Douglas Hayes, Jean Driant

21st January 1953
Rope by Patrick Hamilton (1904-1962), adapted by Peter Watts
Produced by Peter Watts
Wyndham Brandon: David Peel
   Charles Granilla: Roger Delgado
   Sabot: Hugh Manning
   Kenneth Raglan: Frank Duncan
   Leila Arden: Elizabeth London
   Sir Johnstone Kentley: Michael Bates
   Mrs Debenham: Harriet Petworth
   Rupert Cadell: Eric Portman
Repeated 26th January 1953
[Also produced by Raymond Raikes in 1966]
[Also produced by John Tydeman in 1992 for R4]

25th January 1953
Radio Theatre: Hear No Evil adapted by Rex Rienits (1909-1971) from The Happy Prisoner (1931) by Lorna Rea
Produced by Hugh Stewart
   Clare Pembridge: Rachel Gurney
   Noel Carstairs: Hector Ross
   Judy Pembridge: Grizelda Hervey
   Lady Pembridge: Margaret Halstan
   Sir Herbert Pembridge: Allan Jeayes
   Mrs Carstairs: Nan Marriott-Watson
   Lord Robert Poyning: Owen Fellowes
   Lady Robert Poyning: Mary Wimbush
   Mr Mackinder: Brian Hayes
   Leyland: Cyril Shaps
   Mrs Leyland: Rosamund Greenwood
   Matron: Nancy Nevinson
   Miss Robinson: Elma Verity
   Nurse: Sulwen Morgan
   Butler: Wyndham Milligan
Repeated 31st August 1953

28th January 1953
The Witch by H. Wiers-Jenssen (1866-1925)
Music by John Buckland, Conducted by Leighton Lucas
Organist:Charles Spinks
Produced by E. J. King Bull
   Absolom, Palace Chaplain: Clive Morton
   Merete Beyer, his mother: Gladys Young
   Anne Pedersdotter his wife: Claire Bloom
   Martin: Robert Eddison
   Bishop Jena Schelderup: Howieson Culff
   Master Klaus, Priest in Manger: Rupert Davies
   Master Laurentiius: Duncan McIntyre
   Master Johannes: Geoffrey Wincatt
   Choirmasiter David: Antony Kearey
   Leader of the Town Guard: Geoffrey Bond
   Herlofs-Marte: Phyllis Morris
   Bente: Gladys Spencer
   Jorund: Monica Grey
Repeated 2nd February 1953
[Original play "Anne Pedersdotter" (1908), based upon an historic person c. 1590]

1st Februaru 1953
Radio Theatre: Letter From Korea by Conrad Voss-Bark(1913-2000)
Produced by Raymond Raikes
   Stuart: Derek Hart
   Roberts: William Fox
   Mac: Arthur Lawrence
   Bill: Brian Hayes
   Sergeant: Cyril Snaps
   Stuart's mother: Audrey Mendes
   Robert's wife: Patricia Hilliard
   Bill's mother: Margaret Ward
   Tank Driver: Garard Green
   Gunner: Rupert Davies

4th February 1953
Curtain Up! : Man And Superman (1903) by Bernard Shaw(1856-1950)
Produced by Frederick Bradnum
   John Tanner: John Clements
   Ann Whitefleld: Kay Hammond
   Ramsden: Barry Letts
   Octavius: Allan Cuthbertson
   Mrs Whitefield: Barbara Everest
   Miss Ramsden: Margaret Scudamore
   Violet Robinson: Peggy Simpson
   Straker: Brian Hayes
   Hector Malone: John Bushelle
   Malone: Joseph Tomelty
   The Maid: Rosamund Greenwood
   Narrator: Derek Hart
Repeated 9th February 1953
[As usual the lengthy third act "Don Juan in Hell" is omitted, it runs at more than 75 minutes - a version of Act 3 was broadcast on the 3rd Program in January 1952]

11th February 1953
The Faithful Heart by Monckton Hoffe, adapted by Mollie Greenhalgh
Produced by Hugh Stewart
Waverley Ango: Ian Hunter
   Blacky: Shelagh Fraser
   Blacky the second: Dorothy Gordon
   Diana: Patricia Hilliard
   Miss Gatiterscombe: Betty Warren
   Major Lestrade: Allan Jeayes
   Gilbert Oughterson: Hugh Falkus
   Rackham: Patrick Troughton
   Ginger: Virginia Winter
   Brabazon: Eric Lugg
   George: Joe Sterne
   Miteham: Vincent Ball
   A butler: Michael O'Halloran
Repeated 16th February 1953
[No connection with the 1991 (rptd 1994) play by Stephanie Miller]

8th February 1953
Radio Theatre: The Flower In The Rock by Joseph Schull (1906-1980), adapted by Cynthia Pughe
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
   Ponter: Frank Tickle
   Capt John Mason: Norman Claridge
   Witihera/ Club Attendant: John Cazabon
   Prudence Mason: Marjorie Westbury
   Richard Mason: Christopher Langley
   Catherine Patemaude: Olive Gregg
   Edward Mason: Donald Bisset
   An old manservant: Tony Quinn
   Mr Ovrum, a detective: Edward Lexy
   Philip Graves (alias Porter): Bernard Braden
   Canadian Police:
   P C Weathers: Alan Keith
   Inspector Manley: Stanley Maxted
   Mabel: Mavis Villiers
   Mrs Jackson: Gwen Day Burrough
   Shop assistant: MacDonald Parke
Repeated 1st and 6th July 1953

15th February 1953
Radio Theatre: The Owl And The Pussy Cat by Giles Cooper (1918-1966)
A Bank Holiday weekend with a boat.
Produced by Norman Wright
   Daisy: Virginia Winter
   Rita: Thelma Hughes
   Warthrop: Norman Mitchell
   James Low: Derek Hart
   Mrs Berts: Audrey Mendes
   Amelia Foss: Sulwen Morgan
   Card: Douglas Hayes
Also with Alan Reid, Aubrey Richards, Geoffrey Bond, and Rupert Davies

22nd February 1953
Radio Theatre: The Wages Of Fear by Georges Arnaud adapted by Jon Manchip White
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
   The Manager: Tommy Duggan
   The Supervisor: Guy Kingsley Poynter,
   Juan, a Spaniard: Cyril Shaps
   Johnny, a Rumanian: Anthony Jacobs
   Luigi an Italian: Hugh Manning
   Gerard a Frenchman: Howard Marion-Crawford
[There was a 1961 production by John Gibson which also had Tommy Duggan as the manager- but John Dearth as the Supervisor]

23rd February 1953
Monday Matinee: Friends And Relations (1941) by St. John Ervine (1883-1971) adapted by Preston Lockwood
Produced by Norman Wright
   Fanny Cairns: Lydia Sherwood
   Kate: Nora Nicholson
   Arthur: David Enders
   Edward Scantlebury: Felix Felton
   Doreen: Joy Hodgkinson
   Adam Bothwell: Godfrey Kenton
   Mrs Corken: Nan Marriott-Watson
   James Finlay: Duncan McIntyre
   Jenny Conn: Joan Hart
First broadcast on BBC Home 9th March 1952
[There was a production in 1956, no cast or producer details]
[Also produced by Ronald Mason in 1963 for BBC Home]

25th February 1953
Curtain Up! : Golden Boy (1937) by Clifford Odets (1906-1963)
Violinist, Granville Jones
The scene is New York. The choice is a boxing ring or play the violin.
Produced by Donald McWhinnie
   A Commissionaire: Stuart Nichol
   Joe Bonaparte: Richard Attenborough
   Tom Moody: Howard Marion-Crawford
   Lorna Moon: Peggy Hassard
   Tokio: Anthony Jacobs
   Mr Bonaparte: Marton Miller
   Siggtie: Peter Jones
   Mr Carp: Harold Ayer
   Anna: Miriam Karlin
   Frank: Arthur Hill
   Roxy Gottlieb: Sidney James
   Eddie Fusell: Noel Willman
   Pepper White: Lou Jacob
   Mickey: Harold Jamiesen
   Drake: Stuant Nichol
   Driscoll: Richard Carver
   Barker: Harold Ayer
Repeated 2nd March 1953
[Also produced in 1951 for BBC Home by Donald McWhinnie with David Kossoff as Mr Carp and Sydney Keith as Siggtie. Violinist: Colin Sauer.]

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1st March 1953
Radio Theatre: The Body (1949) by William Sansom (1912-1976), adapted by C. Gordon Glover
Production by Cleland Finn
   Madge Bishop: Megs Jenkins
   Henry Bishop: Rolf Lefebure
   Charley Diver: Howard Marion-Crawford
   Norma: Janet Morrison
   Mrs Lawler: Winifred Oughton
   Dickie: Billy Thatcher
   Richard: Deryck Guyler
   L H Bradford: Ivan Samson
Also with Geoffrey Bond, John Cazabon, Hamilton Dyce, Derek Hart, Arthur Lawrence, Sulwen Morgan, Virginia Winter, Mary Wimbush
[Also produced by R D Smith in 1966 for BBC Home]

2nd March 1953:
Westward Ho! by Charles Kingsley, Adapted by Ronald Gow.
No further details published for this part.
Details from Part 2:
Produced by Owen Reed
BBC West of England.
   Narrator: Lewis Gedge
   Mrs Leigh: Phyllis Smale
   Frank Leigh: Frank Duncan
   Amyas Leigh: Hedley Goodall
   Eustace Leigh: Andrew Faulds
   Rose Salterne: Aileen Milds
   Will Gary: Richard Grant
   Jack Brimblecombe: Geoffrey Matthews
   Sir Richard Grenville: Baliol Holloway
   Salvation Yeo: Bernard Fishwick
   Old Lucy: Ethel Coleridge
   Parsons: Harry Canter
   Campian: Leonard Bennett
Additional cast in later episodes:
   Ayacarora: Caroline Hooper
   Don Guzman: Raf de la Torre
   Drew: Francis Lunt
   Evans the Smith: Ian Packer
   Grace: Jean Howell
   Inquisitor: Ivor Maddox
   Simon Salterne: George Holloway
   Sir Richard Greenville: Carleton Hobbs
   Will Parracombe: Norman Kendall
Pt2:09/03/53 Pt3:16/3/53 Pt4:23/3/53
Pt5: 30/3/53 Pt6:6/4/53
All episodes repeated after five days.

3rd March 1953
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Blue Bootees by Alan Stranks (1903-1959)
The first of series 11 (the final series)
Produced by Vernon Harris.
   PC49: Brian Reece (1913-1962)
   Joan Carr: Joy Shelton
Remaining cast not listed.
The 1953 episodes were first broadcast on the Light on Thursdays and were repeated four days later, on the following Saturday on BBC Home.
[Alan Stranks wrote the lyrics for Britain's first Eurovision Song Festival entry...and other better known pop songs]

4th March 1953
A Month In The Country(1855) by Ivan Turgenev (1818-1883),
Translated by Constance Garnett, Adapted by Cynthia Pughe
Produced by Mary Hope Allen
Narrator: Brian Hayes
Mihail Alexandrovitch Rakitin: Godfrey Keniton
Natalya Petrovna: Margaret Leighton
Anna Semyonovna Islayev: Elsa Palmer
Lizaveta Bogdanovna: Hester Paton Brown
Kolya: Christopher Langley
Alexey Nikolayevitch Beliayev: Nigel Stock
Matvey, a manservant: Brian Hayes
Dr Ignaty Ilyitch Shpigelsky: Ronald Simpson
Vera, Natala's ward: Peggy Bryan
Arkady Sergeyitch Islayev: Michael Shepley
Katya a maid: Mollie Maureen
Afanasy Ivanovitch- Bolshintsov: John Ruddoc
Repeated 9th March 1953
[First titled The Student, first published under the title "Two women", retitled 1872]

7th March 1953
Dramatic Interlude: Dear Stephen by Stella Margetson (1912-1992)
Produced By: Harold Neden and Archie Campbell
Introduced By: Franklin Engelmann
A dramatic monologue given by Gladys Young

8th March 1953
Radio Theatre: On A Chinese Screen (1922) by Somerset Maugham (1874-1965), adapted by Howard Agg(1908-1968)
Produced by Val Gielgud (1900-1981)
   The Traveller: William Fox
   Mr Webb: Hugh Manning
   Mr Wingrove: Edward Lexy
   Mrs Wingrove: Rosamund Greenwood
   The Consul: Norman Claridge
   Mrs Yu: Mary Wimbush
   The Professor: Cyril Shaps
   The Missionary Lady: Hester Paton Brown
   The Host: Michael O'Halloran
   The Philosopher: Allan Jeayes
   The Mother Superior: Margaret Ward
Also with Virginia Winter

10th March 1953
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Front-Page Story by Alan Stranks
Series 11, story 2.
Production by Vernon Harris
   P C 49: Brian Reece
   Joan his wife: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Sally Honeywell: Peggy Cameron
   Morelli: Sebastian Cabot
   Ginger Bullock: Harry Towb
   Chuck Lucas: Bruce Beeby
   Spinner Drew: Victor Maddern
   Nellie: Elsa Palmer
   Joe: Lance George
   Waiter: John Ingram
Repeated on BBC Home on 14th March 1953.

11th March 1953
The Road To Rome by Robert E. Sherwood adapted by Cynthia Pughe
Produced By: Hugh Stewart
   Amytis: Geraldine McEwan
   Hannibal: Anton Walbrook
   Cart halo: Deryck Guyler
   Mago: Geoffrey Keen
   Maharbal: Hamilton Dyce
   Hasdrubal: Gordon McLeod
   Amytis: Geraldine McEwan
   Fabia: Mary Hinton
   Fabius Maximus: John Schlesinger
   Scipio: David Geary
   Sertorius: Michael Logan
   Varius: Basil Jones
   Meta: Sulwen Morgan
   Sergeant: Geoffrey Bond
   Corporal: Rupert Davies
   Tanus: Max Miradin
   Bala: Alan Reid
   First Guardsman: Wyndham Milligan
   Second Guardsman: Garard Green
Repeated 16th March 1953
[There was a 1950 production for BBC Home by Peter Watts]
[Produced by Archie Campbell in 1966, rptd 1973, for BBC Home]

17th March 1953
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Imperfect Alibi by Alan Stranks
Series 11, story 3.
Production by Vernon Harris
   P C 49: Brian Reece
   Joan his wife: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Joe Kilshaw: Geoffrey Hibbert
   Mrs Kilshaw: Gwen Day-Burroughs
   Monty Cutts: Russell Napier
   Harry Royal: Roger Snowdon
   Max Spiller: Arnold Diamond
   Phyllis Bray: Anna Turner
   Sergeant Battle: Robert Vernon
Repeated on BBC Home on 21st March 1953.

18th March 1953
Curtain Up!: Sweet Aloes (1935) by Jay Mallory (aka Joyce Carey 1898-1993), adapted by Cynthia Pughe
Produced by Hugh Stewart
   Miss Esther Warren: Hester Paton Brown
   Rose: Sulwen Morgan
   Miss Dodd: Rosamund Greenwood
   Linda: Diana Wynyard
   Tubbs Barrow: Richard Hurndall
   Lord Farriragton: Laidman Browne
   Clara: Mavis Villiers
   Jim Baker: Thomas Palmer
   Johnson: Rupert Davies
   Florence Cudahy: Joan Young
   A maid: Margaret Ward
   Rosamond: Ruth Dunning
   Bob Melford: David Oxley
Repeated 23rd March 1953
[Filmed in 1936, the film is also known as "Give me your heart"]

24th March 1953
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Final Curtain by Alan Stranks
Series 11, story 4.
Production by Vernon Harris
   P C 49: Brian Reece
   Joan his wife: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Warren Fernleigh: Lloyd Lamble
   Gilbert Trench: Gordon Davies
   Coroner: Arnold Bell
   Dr Masters: Peter Bathurst
   Ellen Jukes: Tita Dane
   Mr Maddox: Ronald Sidney
   Judge: Leslie Kyle
Repeated on BBC Home on 28th March 1953.

25th March 1953
Curtain Up!: The Lodger (1913) by M. Belloc Lowndes (1868-1947) adapted by Felix Felton.
Produced by David H. Godfrey
   Bunting: Charles Leno
   Ellen, his second wife: Betty Hardy
   Daisy, his daughter: Sarah Leigh
   Joe Chandler: Hugh Manning
   Mr Sleuth the lodger: Robert Farquharson
   The Coroner: Allan Jeayes
Also with Aubrey Richards, Geoffrey Bond, Ernest Sefton, Richard Bebb, David Garth, Margaret Ward, Patricia Hilliard, Denis McCarthy, Kenneth Cleveland, Ian Sadler, Frank Tickle and John Serret
Repeated 30th March 1953, 22nd July 1953 and 27th July 1953
[There was a BBC Radio production by David Blount in 2003, with a major story change].
[First published in a shorter version in 1911. The story was the first known novelization based on Jack the Ripper and has been adapted for radio and film many times, including a 1926 Alfred Hitchcock silent film with a modified story.].

31st March 1953
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Catchy Tune by Alan Stranks
Series 11, story 5.
Production by Vernon Harris
   P C 49: Brian Reece
   Joan his wife: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Shaver Gleeson: Sydney Tafler
   Whitey Meredith: Alfle Bass
   Sheelagh Borden: Elizabeth Kentish
   Mr Blessington: Arthur Lowe
   P C Cole: Peter Tuddenham
   Mrs Clayton: Doreen Francis
   Police Constable: Pat Connor
Repeated on BBC Home on 4th April 1953.

1st April 1953
Curtain Up! : Disputed Barricade (1952) by Henry Gibbs (1909-1975), adapted by Rex Rienits.
Produced by Cleland Finn.
   John Anthrop: James McKechnie
   Tom Hylow: Heron Carvic
   Lex Anthrop: Michael O'Halloran
   A barber: Stanley Groome
   Mary: Gabrielle Blunt
   Eve Periapt: Mary Wimbush
   Simon Peters: Charles Maunsell
   Max Periapt: Hamilton Dyce
   Lily Field: Violet Loxley
   Holding: Charles Richardson
   Theo Mime: Donald Gray
   Percy Wallust: Alan Reid
   Mrs Periapt: Janet Burnell
   Toddy: Dunean McIntyre
   Charter: Derek Hart
   Boy: Barry MacGregor
   Young John: Jeremy Spenser
Also with Rosamund Greenwood, Geoffrey Bond, Virginia Winter
[Henry Gibbs also wrote as Simon Harvester]

6th April 1953
April In Paris
Adapted from the film soundtrack by Gordon Gow
Produced by Thurstan Holland
with Doris Day, Ray Bolger and Claude Dauphin

7th April 1953
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Wrong Murder by Alan Stranks
Series 11, story 6.
Production by Vernon Harris
   P C 49: Brian Reece
   Joan his wife: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Septimus Parrott: William Mervyn
   Milton Charvey: Oliver Burt
   Mark Helston: Martin Case
   Sergeant Frost: Frank Foster
   P.C. Dawson: Donovan Winter
Repeated on BBC Home on 11th April 1953.

8th April 1953
Paul Temple and Steve Again by Francis Durbridge (1912-1998)
Produced by Martyn C. Webster
   Paul Temple: Kim Peacock
   Steve: Marjorie Westbury
   Sir Graham Forbes: Lester Mudditt
   Detective Inspector Marlow: Ivan Samson
   Reagan: Rolf Lefebvre
   Dr Schumann: Anthony Jacobs
   Katherine Davis: Mary Williams
   Inspector Kendal: Norman Claridge
   Dan White: Garard Green
   Papa Bendix: Cyril Shaps
   Miss Wilton: Susan Richmond
   Daisy: Daphne Maddox
   Mavis: Lisa Sibley
   Sergeant Colford: Lee Fox
   Charlie: James Beattie
Also with John Cazabon, Stanley Groome, Douglas Hayes, Arthur Lawrence, Susan Neil, Aubrey Richards, Margaret Ward
Repeated 13th April 1953
[The first Paul Temple radio serial was in 1938. The last new one broadcast in 1965. This was the 15th story for radio.]..

14th April 1953
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Perfect Vacuum by Alan Stranks
Series 11, story 7.
Production by Vernon Harris
   P C 49: Brian Reece
   Joan his wife: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Skip Roper: George Cross
   Splinter Gale: John Blythe
   Boomer Kennedy: Russell Napier
   Lord Lashwood: James Raglan
   Hawkins: Arnold Bell
   Sergeant Steele: Morris Sweden
   Mrs. Billings: Doris Rogers
Repeated on BBC Home on 18th April 1953.

15th April 1953
Curtain Up!: Sir Walter Ralegh (1909) by William Devereux and Thorp Devereux, adapted by W. Thorp Devereux (1898-1979)
Produced by Hugh Stewart
   Sir Walter Ralegh: David Farrar
   Queen Elizabeth I: Phyllis Neilson-Terry
   Don Bernadino de Mendoza: Carleton Hobbs
   Elizabeth Throgmorton: Pamela Alan
   John Ballard: Peter Augustine
   John Savage: William Fox
   Anthony Babington: Anthony Jacobs
   Robert Barnwell: Michael O'Halloran
   Francis Throgmorton: Brian Haines
   Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester: Garard Green
   Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex: Derek Hart
   William Cecil, Lord Burghley: Allan Jeayes
   Sir Francis Walsingham: Norman Claridge
   Jeremiah Lightfoot: Arthur Lawrence
   Jim Longbowe: Michael Collins
   Anne Charnock: Virginia Winter
   Sir Amyas Porter: Michael Logan
   Barnabas Grubb: Frank Foster
   Diego Alvarez: Norman Mitchell
Repeated 20th April 1953
[The National Portrait Gallery records that William Bull aka William Devereaux was married to Agnes Thorp, died in 1945, and had a son Wilfred born 1898. The name Devereux was a Norman name.]

21st April 1953
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Red Hat by Alan Stranks
Series 11, story 8.
Production by Vernon Harris
   P C 49: Brian Reece
   Joan his wife: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Marty Matthews: John Bryning
   Connie: Myrtle Reed
   Micky: Michael Ripper
   Jonah: Harry Towb
   Madame Kathy: Doris Gilmore
   George: Christopher Hodge
   Clerk: Philip Bray
Repeated on BBC Home on 25th April 1953.

22nd April 1953
Curtain Up!:- Will Shakespeare (1921), an Invention by Clemence Dane (Winifred Ashton (1888-1965))
Music composed by Dr. Thomas Wood
Produced by David H. Godfrey
   Will Shakespeare: Val Gielgud
   Anne: Mary Wimbush
   Mrs Hathaway: Eileen Thorndike
   Henslowe: Leon Quartermaine
   Queen Elizabeth: Nancy Price
   Mary Fitton: Joyce Heron
   Kit Marlowe: Alexander Davion
Repeated 27th April 1953
[Earlier radio productions - the year, the producer, and the actor playing Will Shakespeare:
   1931 - Val Gielgud - Harman Grisewood
   1934 - Val Gielgud- Emlyn Williams
   1940 - Barbara Burnham - Robert Donat]

28th April 1953
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Arresting Autograph by Alan Stranks
Series 11, story 9.
Production by Vernon Harris
   P C 49: Brian Reece
   Joan his wife: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Bart Moray: John Sherman
   Janice Lorimer: Mary MacKenzie
   Patsy Gamble: Charles Irwin
   Jigger Loxton: John Harvey
   Miggs: Gwen Day-Burroughs
   George: Jack Howarth
   Chrissie Johnson: Mela White
   P C Morton: Pat Connor
   Milkman: John Ingram
Repeated on BBC Home on 2nd May 1953

29th April 1953
Curtain Up! : Treasure Island (1881) by Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) adapted by John Keir Cross
Produced by Martyn C. Webster
   Jim Hawkins (as a man): Deryck Guyler
   Jim Hawkins (as a boy): Brian Smith
   Blind Pew: Charles Leno
   Billy Bones: Stanley Groome
   Mrs Hawkins: Nan Marriott-Watson
   Dr Livesey: Rolf Lefebvre
   Squire Trelawney: Leon Quatermaine
   Long John Silver: Laidman Browne
   Israel Hands: Emrys Leyshon
   Captain Smollett: William Fox
   Ben Gunn: Bryan Powley
Also with Wyndham Milligan, Aubrey Richards, Garard Green, Michael Wynne, Geoffrey Bond, Ronald Sidney, Michael O'Halloran, Arthur Lawrence
Repeated 4th May 1953
[Derek McCulloch produced the play in 1944 for BBC Home with Malcolm Keen as Long John and again in 1946 with Stephen Jack as Long John]
[Cleland Finn produced the play in 1948, with Laidman Browne as Long John but with Bryan Powley as the squire.]
[There was a R4 production in 1984 with Timothy West as Long John.]

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5th May 1953
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Incomplete Angler by Alan Stranks
Series 11, story 10
Production by Vernon Harris
   P C 49: Brian Reece
   Joan his wife: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Conrad Dunnitt: Michael Logan
   Jacob Holly: Stephen Jack
   Arthur Gaskin: Fred Yule
   John Pater, Q C: Brian Haines
   Harry: Sidney Vivian
   Gummy: Max Briminell
   Kilburn: Denis McCarthy
Repeated on BBC Home on 9th May 1953

6th May 1953
Curtain Up! : The Winslow Boy (1946) by Terence Rattigan (1911-1977)
Produced By: Peter Watts
   Violet: Nora Nicholson
   Ronnie Winslow: Colin Campbell
   Grace Winslow: Elsa Palmer
   Arthur Winslow: Cecil Trouncer
   Catherine Winslow: Angela Baddeley
   Dickie Winslow: David Enders
   John Watherstone: Wyndham Milligan
   Desmond Curry: Clive Morton
   Miss Barnes: Susan Richards
   Sir Robert Morton: Dennis Arundell
Repeated 11th May 1953
[Also produced by Peter Watts in 1947 with Frank Cellier as Arthur.]
[Also produced in 1965, rptd 1969, for BBC Home by Norman Wright with Lockwood West as Arthur]
[Also directed by Ian Cotterell in 1981, rptd 1986, for R4 with Michael Aldridge as Arthur]
[Radio 4 Extra used the 1981 version.]
[Based upon a 1908 court case, the play uses quotations from the court transcripts and Hansard but the characters and chronology are fictional.]

12th May 1953
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Yellow Streak by Alan Stranks
Series 11, story 11
Production by Vernon Harris
   P C 49: Brian Reece
   Joan his wife: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Barry Cross: John Slater
   Laura Shandon,: Freda Falconer
   Jimmy Westbrook: Derek Blomfield
   Weeper Dow: David Kossoff
   Lex Bernard: John Gaibriel
   Doc Tritton: Lockwood West
   Miff Tanner: Victor Maddern,
Repeated on BBC Home on 16th May 1953

13th May 1953
Curtain Up! : A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens dramatised by Terence Rattigan and John Gielgud.
Produced By: Cleland Finn
   Narrator: Keith Pyott
   Jarvis Lorry: Frank Tickle
   Jerry Cruncher: Alastair Duncan
   Doctor Manette: Martin Lewis
   Lucie Manette: Belle Chrystall
   Miss Pross: Grace Allardyce
   Mr Stryver: Wensley Pithey
   Sydney Carton: Eric Portman
   Charles Darnay: John Byron
   John Barsad: John Carol
   Ernest Defarge: Deryck Guyler
   Madame Defarge: Vivienne Chatterton
   Seamstress: Penelope Bartley
Also with Ivan Samson, Harry Hutchinson, John Turnbull, Andrew Churchman, David Kossoff, Bryan Powley, Ella Milne, Betty Baskcomb, Joan Hart, Denise Bryer, Grizelda Hervey, Gabrielle Blunt, Joan Matheson, Susan Richards
Repeated 18th May 1953

19th May 1953
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Uninvited Guest by Alan Stranks
Series 11, story 12
Production by Vernon Harris
   P C 49: Brian Reece
   Joan his wife: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Sir Harman Forrest: Deryck Guyler
   Mary Forrest: Molly Rankin
   Sylvia Forrest: Peggy Batchelor
   Michael Grimshaw: Geoffrey Adams
   Gilbert Cadman: Geoffrey Hibbert
   Eddie Kline: Charles Richardson
   Carletti: Dino Galvani
Repeated on BBC Home on 23rd May 1953

20th May 1953
Curtain Up! : The Way To The Stars based on the film script by Terence Rattigan and Anatole de Grunwald, adapted by Gilbert Thomas
World War Two, Royal Air Force.
Pianist: Arthur Dulay
Production by Ayton Whitaker
   Narrator: Arthur Lawrence
   News Reader: Frank Phillips
   Peter Penrose: Derek Hart
   David Archdale: Patrick Troughton
   Miss Todd: Mary Wimbush
   Johnny Hollis: Arthur Hill
   Iris: Sulwen Morgan
   Joe Frizelli: Jon Farrell
   Miss Winterton: Nan Marriott-Watson
   Tiny Williams: Hamilton Dyce
   Mr Palmer: Eric Anderson
   Nobby Clarke: Cyril Shaps
   S/Ldr Carter: William Fox
   Jones: Emrys Leyshon
   Wally: Stuart Nichol
   The Colonel: Nicholas Stuart
Also with Margot Shortman, John Cazabon, Douglas Hayes, Alan Reid, Stan Thomason, Michael J Cohlina
[There was a production by Hugh Stewart in 1946 for BBC Home]
[The film of this name is based upon a 1942 play by Rattigan titled "Flare Path"- Rattigan served in the RAF. A production of Flare Path was broadcast on BBC Home 10th April 1950 with another production on BBC Radio 3 on 5/6/2011 and 14/10/2012.]

25th May 1953
Call Me Madam adapted from the film sound-track by Gordon Gow
Produced by Thurstan Holland
With Ethel Merman, Donald O'Connor, Vera-Ellen, and George Sanders

26th May 1953
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Swell Guy by Alan Stranks
Series 11, story 13
Production by Vernon Harris
   P C 49: Brian Reece
   Joan his wife: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Brad Wheeler: Sydney Tafler
   Docker Hogan: Harry Towb
   Blister Darby: Sidney Vivian
   Jimmy Vincent: Ysanne Churchman
   Ben Beasley: Arnold Diamond
   Dr Stroud: Lockwood West
   Police-Constable: Frederick Buckland
Repeated on BBC Home on 30th May 1953

31st May 1953
Wild Geese Calling by Elizabeth Dawson (1913-????)
Produced by Archie Campbell
   Ned: Lance Secretan
   Grandad: Bryan Powler
   Charlotte: Sarah Leigh
   Tom: Geoffrey Lewis
   Jack Slater: Geoffrey Bon4
[Also produced by Robin Midgly for BBC Home 27/1/57 rptd 16/4/57 with Kenneth Collins as Ned]

1st June 1953
Monday Matinee: Glad Tidings by R. F. Delderfield (1912-1972), adapted by Helena Wood
Produced by Archie Campbell
   Colonel Forster: Richard Williams
   Miggs: Sulwen Morgan
   Celia: Olive Gregg
   Joe: Jill Bennett
   Derek: Michael Plant
   Kay Stewart: Joyce Barbour
   Flight-Lieutenant Cusack: Ian Lubbock
   Nicholas Brayne: Leslie Phillips
   Mallow: Franklyn Bellamy
Repeated from BBC Home 23rd February 1952

2nd June 1953- Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

3rd June 1953:
Curtain Up!: Happy and Glorious by Laurence Housman (1865-1959)
Production: Hugh Stewart
   Queen Victoria: Audrey Mendes
   Prince Albert: Arthur Lawrence
   Prince Ernest: John Cazabon
   Lord Conyngham: Norman Claridge
   Archbishop of Canterbury: Allan Jeayes
   The Duchess of Kent: Eileen Thorndike
   Lady Jane: Elizabeth London
   The Duchess: Hester Paton Brown
   His Royal Highness: Rupert Davies
   A Princess: Mary Williams
   A Maid: Margaret Ward
   Narrator: Brian Hayes
Repeated 8th June 1953
[Also produced in 1981 for R4 by Glyn Dearman with Joanna David as Victoria]
[There were two plays on BBC Home in 1951-1959 using bits of several Housman plays, sometimes headlined as "Happy and Glorious" as a collective title- adaptations by John Watt, and by Antony Brown and Mollie Greenhalgh]
[Radio 4 extra used the 1981 production with Joanna David= 2019]

8th June 1953
Dead Silence by Simon Rattray adapted by Elleston Trevor (1920-1995) (NB- both the same person).
Falling from a moving train. [much easier in 1953]
Episode 1 of 8 - Death Takes a Train
Production by Cleland Finn
   Police Sergeant: Geoffrey Bond
   Gerry: Noel Hood
   Hugo Bishop: Robert Eddison
   Det Insp Frisnay: Raf de la Torre
   Mrs Scobie: Ann Codrington
   Signalman: Alan Reid
   Sir Bernard Gregg: Ivan Samson
   Mrs Cobb: Dorothy Grimston
   Dr Taplow: Geoffrey Wincott
   Joanna Gregg: Monica Grey
   Jackson: Stanley Beard
Additional actors in later parts:
   Arthur Ridley, Cecil Brock, Charles Leno, Charles Maunsell, Cyril Wentzel, Daphne Maddox, Derek Waring, James E Thompson, Mary Wimbush, Michael O'Halloran, Nancy Nevinson, Richard Waring, Stan Thomason, Terence Soall, William Abney
Ep2:15/6/53 Ep3:22/6/53 Ep4:29/6/53 Ep5:6/7/53 Ep6:13/7/53 Ep7:20/7/53 Ep8:27/7/53
[The book which originated this tale was published after the broadcast, and reissued as "Pawn in Jeopardy" by "Adam Hall". There were six books with the character Hugo Bishop.]
[The author's "real" original name was Trevor Dudley-Smith. As Adam Hall he wrote stories about Quiller published from 1965-1996. He also used several other names including Howard North, Roger Fitzalan, Mansell Black, Trevor Burgess, Warwick Scott, Caesar Smith and Lesley Stone.]

10th June 1953
An Inspector Calls by J B Priestley Adapted by Cynthia Pughe
Who was responsible for the death?
Produced by Donald McWhinnie
   Arthur Birling: Frank Pettingell
   Sybil Birling: Gladys Young
   Sheila Birling: Angela Baddeley
   Eric Birling: David Enders
   Gerald Croft: Alastair Duncan
   Edna: Dorothy Smith
   Inspector Goole: Richard Williams
Repeated 15th June 1953
[Also produced in a 30 minute form by Sunday Wilshin for BBC Home in 1963]
[Also produced in 1979 rptd 1990 for R4 by Alfred Bradley with Ronald Baddiley as Arthur]

17th June 1953
Curtain Up! : Housemaster(1936) by Ian Hay (John Hay Beith 1876-1952) adapted by Peggy Wells
Produced by Martyn C. Webster
   The Rev Edmund Ovington: Malcolm Hayes
   Charles Donkin: Jack Hulbert
   Victor Beamish: Hamilton Dyce
   Frank Hastings: Stanley Groome
   Philip de Pourville: Desmond Carrington
   Bimbo: Jeremy Spenser
   Old Crump: James E Thompson
   Pop: David Spenser
   Travers: Archie Angus
   Flossie Nightingale: Michael Holt
   Barbara Fane: Gladys Spencer
   Rosemary: Marjorie Westbury
   Chris: Ursula Hirst
   Button: Beryl Calder
   Sir Berkeley Nightingale: Martin Lewis
   Matron: Susan Richards
   Ellen: Dorothy Smith
First broadcast on BBC Home 7th April 1951, repeated 7th July 1952
Repeated 22nd June 1953.
[Also produced in 1945 by Hugh Stewart for BBC Home]
[Ian Hay had worked as a schoolmaster and the play may be modelled on life (1902-1906) at Durham School]

19th June 1953
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Ring In The New by Moultrie Kelsall (1904-1980)
Production by Norman Wright
   Vicar's wife: Hester Paton Brown
   Vicar: Neil Tuson
   Mr Rollo: Rolf Lefebvre
   Colonel Ramshorne: Allan Jeayes
   Doctor: Douglas Hayes
   Verger: Eric Anderson
   Silas: Brian Haines
   William: Lawrence Baskcomb
   Barmaid: Virginia Winter
   Albert: Dafydd Havard
   Slocombe: Aubrey Richards

26th June 1953
The Beggar's Opera (1728) by John Gay (1685-1732) with additional dialogue and lyrics by Christopher Fry
Music arranged and composed by Arthur Bliss
Adapted from the film soundtack by Gordon Gow
Produced by Thurstan Holland
   Captain MacHeath: Laurence Olivier
   Polly Peachum: Dorothy Tutin
   Peachum: George Devine
   Mrs Peachum: Mary Clare
   Mrs Trapes: Athene Seyler
   Lockit: Stanley Holloway
   Lucy Lockit: Daphne Anderson
   Jenny Diver: Yvonne Furneaux
   The Beggar: Hugh Griffith
[The film opened in London on 9th June 1953 with general release on 5th October 1953. The film also credited Dennis Cannan as a writer]

29th June 1953
Monday Matinee: Libel (1934) by Edward Wooll (1878-1970), adapted by Mollie Greenhalgh
Produced by Raymond Raikes
Spring 1927: The Defendants: The Daily Gazette
You, the listeners, form the Jury
Note: This trial of an action for Liberty is founded on a combination of facts, though the characters are entirely fictitious
   Sir Arthur Tuttington- Judge: Harcourt Williams
   Sir Mark Loddon, Bart, MP: James McKechnie
   Sir Wilfred Kelling, K C , MP: Norman Shelley
   Thomas Foxley, K C: Donald Wolfit
   William Bale: David Peel
   George Hemsby: Donald Gray
   Lady Loddon (Enid): Catherine Salkeld
   Patrick Buckenham: Jon Farrell
   Dr Emile Flordon: Austin Trevor
   The Associate: Hamilton Dyce
[There were two productions by Raymond Raikes in 1964 with the setting reset to 1930:
   March and April 1964 for BBC Radio Three and BBC TV (simultaneous)- an early Stereo drama- with James McKechnie as Sir Mark, Hamlyn Benson as Sir Wilfrid and Stephen Thorne as William Bale. This production repeated on R4 in 1971.
September 1964 for BBC Home, with Patrick Barr as Sir Mark, Hamlyn Benson as Sir Wilfrid, and Bruce Beeby as William Bale -this production repeated BBC Home in 1966]
[The author Wooll was a Kings Counsel, leader of the Northern Circuit. The play was originally presented using a pseudonym "Ward Dorane".]

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1st July 1953
Curtain Up! : The Flower In The Rock by Joseph Schull, adapted by Cynthia Pughe
Repeated from 8th February 1953- please see above.

8th July 1953
By Popular Request : The Happiest Days Of Your Life, adapted by Giles Cooper
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
   Dick Tassell: Derek Hart
   Rainbow: Nicholas Parsons
   Rupert Billings: William Fox
   Godfrey Pond: Cecil Trouncer
   Evelyn Whitchurch: Winifred Oughton
   Miss Gossage: Rosamund Greenwood
   Hopcroft Mi: Colin Campbell
   Barbara Cahoun: Joy Adamson
   Joyce Harper: Virginia Winter
   The Rev E Peck: Arthur Ridley
   Mrs Peck: Gladys Spencer
   Edgar Sowter: Arthur Seaton
   Mrs Sowter: Susan Richards
Previously broadcast on BBC Home on 5th and 10th July 1952.
Repeated 13th July 1953
[Also produced by Joe Burroughs in 1965 for BBC Home]
[Also produced by Ian Cotterell in 1979, repeated 1991, for R4, with Fred Bryant as Rainbow]

15th July 1953
Curtain Up! :-Morning Departure by Kenneth Woollard
The Submarine Service.
Produced by James Crampsey
Lt Cmdr Stanford, D S O , R N (Captain of S.14): James McKechnie
   Lieut Manson: David Peel
   Lieut Oakley: Harry Hutchinson
   Lieut McFee: Duncan McIntyre
   Petty Officer Barlow: Donald Gray
   Leading Seaman Hillbrook: Kenneth MacKintosh
   Stoker Marks: Ronald Sidney
   Stoker Snipe: Charles Mason
   Able Seaman Higgins: Charles Leno
   Commander Gates, R N: Alan Wheatley
   Commander Whateley: Alec Ross
   Captain Fenton: Eric Anderson
   Captain Marshall: Ivan Samson
   Brackley: Basil Gray
   Day telephone operator: Denise Bryer
   Night telephone operator: Ella Milne
Repeated 20th July 1953
[Also produced in 1949 by James Crampsey for BBC Home, with Derek Walker as Manson and David Enders as Hillbrook, repeated 1949 on BBC Light]
[Also produced in 1959 by Audrey Cameron for BBC Home]

19th July 1953
Welcome To Welkham by Larry Stephens (1923-1959)
An episode in the life of the inhabitants of Welkham Bay
Production by Peter Eton
   Councillor Reece: Brian Reece
   Mr Pemble: Wallas Baton
   Mr Tripfield: Arthur Ridley
   George Madkin (a publican): Sidney Vivian
   Mr Quince: Graham Stark
   Lemon: Anthony Green
   Miss Desiree Bogman: Dorothy Summers
   Helen Locke: Genine Graham
[This short play originated as a vehicle for Tony Hancock (for whom Stephens then wrote) to be called "Vacant Lot". "Vacant Lot" was finally performed in 2017 after the script was found in 2015.]
[In 1953 Hancock led the radio show "Star Bill" with some shows written by Larry Stephens and Eric Sykes- later in the year by Galton and Simpson. Graham Stark appeared regularly in those shows.]

Then followed a Summer break with no drama.

10th August 1953
Monday Matinee: He Who Laughs Last, adapted by H. Oldfield Box from Gerald Kersh (1912-1968) story "Fairy Gold" (1949)
Produced by Hugh Stewart
   Narrator: Hugh Falkus
   Trew: Jonathan Field
   Middleton: Hugh Burden
   Louie: Margaret Barton
   Mr Mawson: Austin Trevor
   Mrs Gibson: Elsa Palmer
   Jack Duck: Frank Atkinson
   Norah Duck: Elma Verity
   Joe Jakes: Allan Jeayes
   Clerk: Patrick Troughton
   Mr Pismire: Tony Quinn
Also with Hugh Manning, Frank Tickle, Michael O'Halloran, Margaret Ward, Mary Williams and Norman Mitchell
Repeated from 12th October 1952
[Also produced by Audrey Cameron in 1962 with Hugh Burden as Middleton, but David March as Trew]

10th August 1953
Artists in Crime by Ngaio Marsh (1895-1982) dramatized by Giles Cooper.
Produced by Martyn C Webster.
Part 1 of 5.
No cast list for part 1.
Total cast for parts 2-5:
   Agatha Troy: Avice Landone
   Bobbie O'Dawne: Mavis Villiers
   Captain Pascoe: Michael O'Halloran
   Cedric Malmsley: Richard Waring
   Dr Curtis: Lee Fox
   Fred: Wyndham Milligan
   Inspector Fox: Charles Leno
   Katti Bostock: Valerie White
   Lady Alleyn: Gladys Spencer
   Narrator/ Sergeant Bailey: Emrys Leyshon
   Nigel Bathgate: Peter Wyngarde
   Phillida Lee: Denise Bryer
   Police Constable Sligo: Raymond Mason
   Ted: Frank Tickle
   The Constable: Garard Green
   The Horn Basil Pilgrim: Guy Verney
   Valmai Seacliff: Mary Wimbush
   Watt Hatchett: John Cazabon
Chief Detective Inspector Roderick Alleyn: Richard Hurndall
Also with Alan Reid, Cyril Shaps, Tony Quinn
Pt2: 17/8/53 pt3:24/8/53 pt4:31/8/53 Pt5:7/9/53
[Also produced in 1963 by John Tydeman for BBC Home]

17th August 1953
Monday Matinee: I Passed By Your Window by Rachel Grieve
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
   Addie Turnbull: Margaret Ward
   Philip May: Hugh Manning
   Lilian Harvey: Nan Marriott-Watson
   Margaret Harvey: Audrey Mendes
   Walter Turnbull: Allan Jeayes
   Police Sergeant: Geoffrey Bond
   Sergeant Evans: Aubrey Richards
   Detective-Inspector Howard: Garard Green
Repeated from 30th November 1952
[The title is from a poem by Helen Taylor, which was set to music by Brahe and well known in the early 50s.]

24th August 1953
Monday Matinee: Out Of The Frying Pan by Arthur Goring
Produced by Wilfrid Grantham
   Susan Demont: Thelma Hughes
   Robin Collingwell: Derek Hart
   Minella Collingwell: Patricia Hilliard
   Lady Collingwell: Nan Marriott-Watson
   Inigo Quin: Antony Kearey
Repeated from 2nd November 1952

31st August 1953
Monday Matinee: Hear No Evil by Rex Rienits, adapted from the novel The Happy Prisoner by Lorna Rea
Repeated from 25th January 1953- please see above.

31st August 1953
The Sword And The Rose by Gordon Gow, adapted from scenes and music from the film.
1 of 5: 'La Volta'
Produced by Thurstan Holland
   Charles Brandon: Richard Todd
   Mary Tudor: Glynis Johns
   Henry VIII: James Robertson Justice
   Sir Edwin Caskoden: Peter Copley
   Lady Margaret Bolingbroke: Jane Barrett
   The Duke of Buckingham: Michael Gough
   Queen Catherine: Rosalie Crutchley
Additional actors in later parts:
   de Longueville, the French Ambassador:Fernand Fabre(2)
   Cardinal Wolsey: D A Clarke-Smith (2)
   Captain Brad'hurst of the Royal Hind: Caven Watson(3)
   Louis XII of France: Jean MacUre(4)
   Francis, the Dauphin: Gerard Oury(4)
   Royal Physician: Robert Le Beal(4)
   Duprat, the French Chancellor: Gaston Richer(5)
Pt2:1/9/53 Pt3:2/9/53 Pt4:3/9/53 Pt5:4/9/53
Series repeated daily commencing 12/10/53
[UK film release date was 3rd September 1953. The film ran for 92 minutes and the script was credited to Lawrence Watkin, and the novel by Charles Major: "When knighthood was in flower".]

7th September 1953
Monday Matinee: The Girl In The Dark by A. A. Kennington
Produced by William Hughes
   Dilys: Rosamund Greenwood
   The Girl: Virginia Winter
   Mrs Westoby: Nan Marriott-Watson
   Larry Tremaine: Patrick Troughton
   Inspector Simonds: Tony Quinn
   Jet: Thelma Hughes
   Colonel Ranger: Allan Jeayes
   Doctor Meredith Ranger: John Cazabon
Repeated from 19th October 1952
[The title has been widely used for other unrelated plays and books]

14th September 1953
Monday Matinee: In The Shadow Of The Cathedral by Guy Rawlence and Denis Constanduros based on the novel "The Passing Day"(1951) by Guy Rawlence
Produced by William Hughes
   Mrs Payne: Nan Marriott-Watson
   Brenda Payne: Ysanne Churchman
   Canon Armitage: Ernest Jay
   Mrs Armitage: Thea Wells
   Mabel Armitage: Mary Williams
   Bert Wheeler: Hamilton Dyce
   Amy Wheeler: Hester Paton Brown
   Harry Thornlon: Geoffrey Bayddon
   Gertrude Gable: Barbara Leake
   Tom Gable: Patrick Troughton
   Florrie Main: Audrey Mendes
   Brigadier Eardley: Richard Williams
   Lt Martin Eardley,: R N Derek Hart
   Mrs Eardley: Georgie Henechel
   Mr Bolden: Frank Tickle
   Dr Webb: Hugh Manning
   The Narrator: Robert Harris
Repeated from 23rd November 1952

27th September 1953
Radio Theatre: The Spectacle by Rayne Kruger (1922-2002) adapted by Rex Rienits
Produced by David H. Godfrey
   Warren Payne: Richard Johnson
   Mr Booker: Frank Tickle
   Grant ??thly: Hamilton Dyce
   Nadia Fenn: Sarah Leigh
   Major Roll: J Hubert Leslie
   Police Inspector: Owen Fellows
   Mr Cheevers: Reginald Hearne
   Mr Stepping: Alan Reid
   Mr Plyerleigh: Peter Garstin
   Sir Webb Stamtool, QC: Bryan Powley
   Usher: Middleton Woods
   Mr Ladlow, QC: Arthur Ridley
   Judge: John Turnbull
   Taxi Driver: Geoffrey Bond
   Mrs Booker: Nan Marriott-Watson
28th September 1953
Sincerity (1912) by Warwick Deeping (1877-1950) adapted by Betty Stafford Robinson.
1 of 5
Newcomers to the village - and pollution.
No program details given for episode one. The details below are taken from the listings for episodes 2-5.
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
   General Brandon: Donald Bisset
   Mrs Threadgold Hester: Paton Brown
   Mrs Brandon: Antoinette Cellier
   Ragg: Rupert Davies
   Aubrey Brandon: Glyn Dearman
   John Wolfe: Roger Delgado
   Sir George Griggs: William Fox
   Jasper Turrell: Richard George
   Jess Mascall: Olive Gregg
   The Rev Robert Flemming: John Nugent Hayward
   Hector Turrell: Arthur Lawrence
   Dr Montague Threadgold: Edward Lexy
   Whitehead: Wyndham Milligan
   Mrs Mascall: Elsa Palmer
   Sam Perkins: Roy Pugh
   Josiah Crabbe: Arthur Ridley
   Adam Grinch: Ian Sadler
   Boxall: Cyril Shaps
   Mrs Loosely: Eileen Thorndike
   Crump: Harry Lockwood West
Also with Sulwen Morgan, Nan Marriott-Watson, Rupert Davies, Audrey Mendes, and Douglas Hayes.
Ep2:5/10/53 Ep3:12/10/53 Ep4:19/10/53 Ep5:26/10/53
Serial repeated commencing 29/7/85

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4th October 1953
Radio Theatre: The Disagreeable Man by C E Webber (1909-1969), based upon a portion of the novel 'Ways and Means' by Henry Cecil (1902-1976)).
Produced by Martyn C. Webster
   Basil Meridew: Malcolm Graeme
   Nicholas Drewe: Derek Hart
   The Rev Maitland Temperley: James Thomason
   Mrs Temperley: Sarah Leigh
   Major-General Sir Bragge Purbrick: Hamilton Dyce
   Isabel Stroud: Isabel Dean
   His Honour Judge Strachan: Allan Jeayes
   Dr Sainsbury: Alan Reid
   The old man: Kenneth Connor
   Mrs Thwaites: Sophie Ellis
   Mr Buckram: Tony Quinn
   Mrs Gaspard: Courtney Hope
   Set Larch: Richard Waring
   Adam Twigg QC: Geoffrey Wincott
Repeated 25th July 1954, 18th March 1956
[Also produced for BBC Home in 1960, rptd 1961, by Archie Campbell with Valentine Dyall as Basil]
[Martyn C Webster also produced the play again in 1967 (Light and Home) with Norman Shelley as Basil, repeated 1972 on R4]

7th October 1953
Curtain Up! : The Witness Of Canon Welcome (1950) by Ernest Raymond (1888-1974), adapted by Charles Hatton
Produced by David H. Godfrey
   Amy Welcome: Nan Marriott-Watson
   Canon Humbert Welcome: Robert Harris
   Doctor Bettersby: Arthur Ridley
   The Rev Timothy Clay: John Forrest
   Maid: Maureen Armstrong
   The Rev Peter Baynes: Sidney Monckton
   Inspector Timmins: Rupert Davies
   Ricky Carman: Ian Sadler
   Mr Haines, Q C: Frank Tickle
   Judge: Arthur Lawrence
   Mr Mitchison, Q C: Preston Lockwood
   Mrs Carman: Patience Collier
   Phil Janey: Myrtle Reed
   Fred Lanark: Douglas Hayes
   Len Farrow: Alan Reid
   Mrs Anscombe: Hester Paton Brown
   Detective-Sergeant Wayne: T. St. John Barry
   Ned Horby: Roger Snowdon
   Police Sergeant: Richard Waring
   P C Ramsay: Arthur Lawrence
   Sergeant Trapnell: Brian Hayes
   Lilian Eadie: Catherine Salkeld
Repeated 12th October 1953

11th October 1953
Radio Theatre: The Burning Secret (1913) by Stefan Zweig (1881-1942) adapted by Alan Jenkins
Austria, 1911. A boy and his mother.
Production by Frederick Bradnum
   Anton, the receptionist: James Thomason
   Otto, Baron von Sternifeldt: Noel Johnson
   A waiter: Douglas Hayes
   Edgar Blumenthal: Ian Hindle
   Liesl Blumenthal, his mother: Monica Grey
   A maid: Mary Williams
   Booking Clerk: David Garth
   Max Blumenthal: Peter Bathurst
   The Pianist: Josephine Lee
   The Violinist: David Wolfsthal
[Original title: Brennendes Geheimnis ]

14th October 1953
Curtain Up!: Front Page Lead by Rex Rienits (1909-1971)
Produced by Wilfrid Grantham
   Celia: Joyce Wren
   Bert: Alan Tilvern
   Robert Frayne: Valentine Dyall
   Warren: T St John Barry
   Alice: Sulwen Morgan
   Johnny Waring: Frank Duncan
   Inspector Nelson: Tony Quinn
   Sergeant Howard: William Fox
   Police Doctor: Howard Fairclough
   Laura Frayne: Monica Grey
   Miss Yorke: Hester Paton Brown
   Porter: Ronald Sidney
   Photographer: Ian Sadler
   Receptionist: Victor Platt
Repeated 19th October 1954
[Australian broadcast 8th May 1954- no production information]

18th October 1953
Radio Theatre: One Green Bottle by Elleston Trevor (1920-1995)
Production by Norman Wright
   Fairbrother: John Wyse
   Brocktey: Ian Sadler
   Joan: Virginia Winter
   Coster: Eric Anderson
   Mrs Strickland: Grizelda Hervey
   Superintendent Browning: Hamilton Dyce
   Crispin: Godfrey Kenton
   Banks: Garard Green
   Miss Gray: Elizabeth Gray
   Tucker: Aubrey Richards
   Smith: Ronald Sidney
[Unrelated to other radio programs using this title]
[The author used many other names- Simon Rattray, Howard North, Roger Fitzalan, Mansell Black, Trevor Dudley-Smith, Trevor Burgess, Warwick Scott, Caesar Smith and Lesley Stone]

21st October 1953
Curtain Up! : Tea With The Willises by Aubrey Dexter (1898-1958)
Pianist: Cecily Hoye
Production by Ayton Whitaker
   Dr Herbert Froise: Eric Anderson
   Chinese boy: Aleksander Browne
   Walter Willis: Hamilton Dyce
   Harriet Willis: Marjorie Westbury
   Richard Cutty: Richard Pearson
Repeated 26th October 1953

25th October 1953
Radio Theatre: The Journey Of Simon McKeever (1949) by Albert Maltz (1908-1985). Dramatised by Rex Rienits
A few days in the life of a 73-year-old arthritic in a rest home.
Produced by Hugh Stewart
   Narrator: Warren Stanhope
   Sarah: Bessie Love
   Simon McKeever: MacDonald Parke
   Mrs Lees: Natalie Lynn
   Tom Finney: George Margo
   Ada Finney: Virginia Winter
   Jop Peake: Sydney Keith
   Stan Pavlovsky: Bernard Rebel
   Percy Fuller: Launce Maraschal
   Chuck: Richard Waring
   The Mexican: Dick Vosburgh
   George: Dermot Palmer
   Harold Malone: Neil McCallum
   Mr Cochran: John Cazabon
   Mrs Cochran: Nancy Nevinson
   Dr Amelia Balzer: Joan Young
Also with: Ian Sadler, Mary Wimbush, Michael O'Halloran, Eileen Thorndike, Tony Quinn, and Cyril Shapps
[Maltz was blacklisted by the US Anti-Communist movement and was fined in 1950, not to be openly involved with a film then until 1970.]

1st November 1953
Radio Theatre: The Most Of Her Chances by William Templeton (1913-1973)
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
   Roger: Brian Hayes
   Diana Baines: Sulwen Morgan
   George Baines: Allan Jeayes
   Harriet Bainea: Gladys Spencer
   Literary Editor: Arthur Lawrence
   Mrs Hunt: Eileen Thorndike
   Mr Tilt: James Thomason
   Julie Sanderson: Gwenda Wilson
   Maisie: Janet Burnell
   Peter Farleigh: Peter Newell
   Charlie Michael: Charles Hodgson
   Amanda: Bettina Dickson
   Voltante: Heron Carvic
   Police Inspector: William Fox
   Shenstone: Malcolm Hayes

28th October 1953:
Curtain Up! :The Steeper Cliff (1947) by David Davidson adapted by C. E. Webber
Produced by Frederick Bradnum
   Captain Jones, U.S. Army: Michael O'Halloran
   Lieutenant Cooper, U.S Army: Anthony Jacobs
   Sergeant Fortuno, U.S Army: Gaylord Cavallero
   Doctor Steeber: David Hurst
   Major Groll, U S Army: John Slater
   Lorenz, Senior: Cyril Shaps
   The boy Lorenz: Virginia Winder
   Brigitte Lorenz: Dilye Hamlett
   Karl Schwimmer: Michael Hitchman
   French Commandant: Paul Whitsun-Jones
   Hans Ulrlch: James Dale
   Military Police Captain: Bruce Beeby
   Military Policeman: Dick Vosburgh
   Adam Lorenz: Hugh David
Repeated 2nd November 1953

4th November 1953
Curtain Up! : Queen In Danger by Simon Rattray, adapted by Elleston Trevor
Production by Norman Wright
   Hugo Bishop: Robert Eddison
   Gorry: Noel Hood
   Maurice Jerrold: Godfrey Kenton
   Thelma: Mary Wimbush
   Marjorie: Monica Grey
   Victor Tasman: Ian Lubbock
   Detective Inspector Frisnay: Wensley Pithey
   Mervyn Speight: Brian Haines
   Rex Willison: Arthur Lawrence
   A woman: Eileen Thorndike
   Mrs Martin: Elizabeth Gray
   A dealer: Brian Hayes
Repeated 9th November 1953 and 27th February 1956

8th November 1953
Radio Theatre: The Sea Shall Not Have Them
No production details are available online.
A 1954 film with this title was credited to a 1953 book by John Harris (1916-1991)

11th November 1953
The Letter by W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) adapted by Raymond Raikes
1920s Singapore and Malaya. The life of a plantation manager.
Produced by Raymond Raikes
   A Quiet Voice: T St John Barry
   Leslie: Googie Withers
   Geoffrey Hammond: John Witty
   Chinese Boy: Enkuo Liu
   Malay Servant: Yunus Maris
   The Head Boy: Noel Iliff
   John Withers: David Peel
   Robert Crosbie, Leslie's husband: James McKechnie
   Howard Joyce, a lawyer: Carleton Hobbs
   Ong Chi Seng, his Cantonese clerk: Malcolm Hayes
   Mrs Parker, a prison matron: Rosamund Greenwood
   Chung Hi: Norman Shelley
   A Chinese woman: Annie Chang
   Mrs Joyce: Ella Milne
Repeated 16th November 1953
[Another Raymond Raikes production with a differing cast in 1964, repeated 1966, with Stephen Murray as Robert and Carletton Hobbs as Howard, Andrew Sachs as Ong Chi Seng.]
[Googie Withers was in both Raikes productions]

15th November 1953
Radio Theatre : Dolores - A Star Goes West by Harry Shepherd
Produced by Charles Lefeaux
   Joe Carter: George Margo
   Joe's partner: Godfrey Kenton
   Dolly Conklin: Dora Bryan
   Sam Wantage: John Bushelle
   Thaddeus Grand: MacDonald Parke
   Ricardo Manti: John Glen
Also with Betty Baskeomb, Jon Farrell, Catherine Fleming, Monica Grey, Clement Hamelin, Malcolm Hayes, Alan. Keith, Arthur Lawrence, Elizabeth London, John Mann,
Trevor Martin, Michael O'Halloran, Bernard Rebel, Alan Reid, Eileen Thorndike, T.D. Tsien, Mavis Villiers, Richard Waring and Mary Wimbush

18th November 1953
The Stars in Their Choices: The Rose Without A Thorn (1933) by Clifford Bax (1886-1962)
Harpsichordist: Winifred Davey
Producer: Archie Campbell
   Narrator: Cyril Luckham
   Katherine Titney, a lady-in-waiting: Catherine Campbell
   Katheryn Howard: Pamela Kellino
   Francis Derham, a courtier: Alexander Davion
   Margery Morton, another lady-in-waiting: Elizabeth Gray
   Anne of Cleves: Audrey Mendes
   Thomas Culpeper, a friend of the King: Kenneth Fortescue
   Manservant: Norman Mitchell
   Henry VIII: James Mason
   Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury: Cyril Luckham
   John La ssells, a butler: Robert Urquhart
   Earl of Hertford: Donald Gray
   Sir Thomas Audley, Lord Chancellor: Rolf Lefebvre
   Mary Laseells, lady-in-waiting to Anne: Olive Gregg
   Repeated 23rd November 1953
[There was a 1950 production by Norman Wright on both Light and Home with Basil Sydney as Henry VIII]

22nd November 1953
Radio Theatre: Triple Crown by Alan Kennington (1906-1986)
The crooked world of horse racing.
Produced by David H. Godfrey
   Gil Ranger: Peter Goss
   Steve Orton: Arthur Lawrence
   Joyce Ranger: Thelma Hughes
   Jenny Ranger: Mollie Maureen
   Andrews: Edward Lexy
   Mr Vincent: Mischa de la Motte
   Lord Faber: Ivan Samson
   Saunders: Reginald Thorne
   Stern: Alan Keith
   Commentators: Neil Tuson and Alan Redd

25th November 1953
The Stars in Their Choices: Anna Christie (1921) by Eugene O'Neill (1888-1953), Adapted by Muriel Pratt
Produced by Norman Wright
   First Longshoreman: Erroll MacKinnon
   Second Longshoreman: Alan Tilvern
   Johnny: Jon Farrell
   Postman: Nigel Sharpe
   Chris Christopherson: Cyril Shaps
   Marthy: Nan Marriott Watson
   Anna Christie: Joan Miller
   Mat Burke: Harry Towb
Repeated 30th November 1953

29th November 1953
Radio Theatre: Passport To Yesterday by Enid Hollins
She has lost her memory.
Produced by Hugh Stewart
   The Girl: Rachel Gurney
   The Man: Raymond Young
   Veronica: Violet Loxley
   Ruth: Catherine Salkeld
   Madame Renaud: Joan Clement Scott
   Hotel Manager: John Cazabon
Also with Catherine Fleming, Sulwen Morgan, Hester Paton Brown, and Alan Reid
Repeated 5th September 1954
[Also produced by Archie Campbell in 1960 for BBC Home with Wendy Craig as the girl]

2nd December 1953
Hanging Judge - play by Raymond Massey (1896-1983) based on a novel by Bruce Hamilton (1900-1974) adapted by John Richmond
A murder mystery.
Produced by the late Cleland Finn (1914-1953)
   Sir Francis Brittain: Boris Karloff
   Sir George Sidney MP: Hugh Manning
   Keith Nottingham: Duncan McIntyre
   Miles Lamprey: Howieson Culff
   Sir Ronald Pond: Robert Webber
   Colonel George Archer: Richard Williams
   Major the Rt Hon Gilbert West: Norman Claridge
   John Teal: T St John Barry
   Mary Reddish: Gabrielle Blunt
   Roberts: Richard Hutton
Also with Geoffrey Bond, John Cazabon, Brian Hayes, Peter Hoar, Arthur Lawrence, Stanley MacKenzie and Tony Quinn
Repeated 7th December 1953
[Also broadcast on R4X 2019, 2021]
[Book: Let him have judgement (1948) ]
[Raymond Massey starred in the 1958 ITV film, also in the stage production and also in a US TV production of the play...]

6th December 1953
Radio Theatre: The Dentist On The Dyke by Julian Orde (1917-1974)
Incidental music composed by James Bernard and played by George Malcolm
Produced by Martyn C. Webster
   Mr Lott: Ernest Jay
   Mrs Dehoot: Betty Hardy
   Mr Tozer: James Thomason
   Mr Alfredo: John Cazabon
   Mr Banks: Trevor Martin
   Mrs Peel: Elizabeth Maude
   Waitress: Sulwen Morgan

9th December 1953
The Stars in Their Choices: Three plays from "Tonight At 8.30" by Noel Coward, adapted by Cynthia Pughe.
Produced by Archie Campbell.
20.30-20.58: Ways and Means
20.58-21.43: The Astonished Heart
21.43-22.00: Red Peppers ("An interlude with music" with a section of the BBC Revue Orchestra, conducted by Harry Rabinowitz)
   Toby Cartwright: Richard Waring
   Stella Cartwright/ Barbara Faber/ Lily Pepper: Diana Churchill
   Gaston: Derek Prouse
   Lord Chapworth/ Tim Verney/ Alf: Ian Lubbock
   Olive Lloyd-Ransome/ Leonora Vail/ Mabel Grace: Brenda Dunrich
   Princess Elena Kraseiloff/ Susan Birch/ Daphne Maddox
   Murdoch/ Sir Reginald French/ Mr Edwards: Arthur Ridley
   Nanny: Eileen Thorndike
   Stevens/Ernest/ Bert Bentley: Frank Atkinson
   Christian Faber: David King-Wood
   George Pepper: George Benson
   Members of the audience: Hester Paton-Brown and Monica Grey
Repeated 14th December 1953 (at 4.30pm)]

13th December 1953
Radio Theatre: Five Days To Friday by Redmond Macdonogh, Based on an idea by Henry Ellul
The adventures in the snow of a Canadian and an Englishman
Produced By: Archie Campbell
   John: Michael Gough
   Max: William Sylvester
   Captain Curran: Alan Tilvern
   Jake: Arthur Hill
   Doctor: Charles Farrell
Repeated 8th May 1955
[Cedric Messina produced this play in 1962. rptd 1963, with Gough and Sylvester but with Jon Farrell as Curran]

16th December 1953
The Heiress (1947) Ruth Goetz (1912-2001) and Augustus Goetz, Based on the novel Washington Square (1880) by Henry James (1843-1916)
Directed by Frederick Bradnum
   Maria, the maid: Monica Grey
   Doctor Sloper: Cecil Trouncer
   Lavinia Penniman: Thea Wells
   Catherine Sloper: Celia Johnson
   Mrs Almond: Idina Scott-Gatty
   Manian Almond: Elizabeth London
   Arthur Townsend: T St John Barry
   Morris Townsend: William Fox
   Mrs Montgomery: Beatrix MacKey
Repeated 21st December 1953, 29th March 1954 and 30th June 1956
[The 1947 Goetz play has a modified ending to the original James book]
[Originally inspired by a related incident in the life of the brother of actress Fanny Kemble]

20th December 1953
Radio Theatre: The Little Prince (1943) by Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900-1944) adapted by Jon Farrell
Incidental music by James Bernard
Production by Martyn C. Webster
Incidental music by James Bernard
Parts played by: Monica Grey, Elizabeth London, Hester Paton Brown, Sulwen Morgan, Marjorie Westbury, Mary Williams, Mary Wimbush, Gabrielle Blunt, John Cazabon, Hamilton Dyce, Deryck Guyler, Hugh Manning, Cyril Shaps, and Richard Waring
[The author was a noted aviator who died in a plane crash]

23rd December 1953
21.10-22.00 and 22.15-23.10
The Stars in Their Choices: The White Carnation (1953) by R. C. Sherriff (1896-1975)
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
   John Greenwood: Ralph Richardson
   Lady Mary: Meg Maxwell
   Police Constable Thompson: Campbell Singer
   Police Sergeant Phillips: John Boxer
   Mr Gurney (The Coroner): Frederick Piper
   Dr MacGregor (Police Surgeon): Harry Lockwood West
   Lydia Truscott: Meriel Forbes
   Mr Pendlebury (The Vicar): Harcourt Williams
   Mrs Carter: Ann Wilton
   Sir Horace Duncan (of the Home Office): Colin Gordon
Also with Michael Nightingale, Frances Clare, Peter Wigzell, Margaret Chisholm, Kenneth Edwards, Edith Savile
Repeated 28th December 1953
[Also broadcast on R7 2004]
[The stage premier of the play was 5th January 1953. After that it was next performed on stage in 2013.]

25th December 1953
The Band Wagon by Gordon Gow based on the screenplay by Betty Comden, Adolph Green and Norman Corwin.
Adapted from the soundtrack of the 1953 film.
Play Produced by Thurstan Holland
Introduced by Jack Buchanan
With Fred Astaire, Cyd Chaiisse, Oscar Levant, Jack Buchanan and Nanette Fabray
[A similar adaption of the film was produced in 1962 by Alfred Dunning]

26th December 1953
Rob Roy: The Highland Rogue by Gordon Gow, based on the screenplay by L E Watkin, which was possibly inspired by the novel by Walter Scott.
Adapted from the soundtrack of the film
Produced by Thurstan Holland
with Richard Todd, Glynis Johns, James Robertson Justice, Michael Gough and Finlay Currie
[The film received a Royal Command Performance on 26th October 1953]
[The filmscript was also rumoured to have been partly inspired by the anonymous novel originally attributed to Daniel Defoe, called "A Highland Rogue"(1723) which was published whilst Rob Roy was still alive- Rob MacGregor lived c1671-1734. There was also a 1706 book "The scotch rogue" - Walter Scott owned copies of both.]

27th December 1953
Radio Theatre: The Little World Of Don Camillo by Giovanni Guareschi (1908-1968)
English version by Nina Burch and Harvey Unna is based upon a French radio version by Armand Lanoux (1913-1983).
Produced by Mary Hope Allen (1898-2001)
   Narrator: Richard Hurndall
   Don Camillo: Carleton Hobbs
   Maria Peppone: Audrey Mendes
   A Voice: Godfrey Kenton
   Peppone: Francis de Wolff
   Old Filloti: Kenneth Connor
   Gina: Sulwen Morgan
   A Gamekeeper: Derek Birch
   Mariolino: Nigel Stock
   Signora Christina: Gladys Spencer
   Spiccio: Brian Hayes
   Scartazzani: Alan Reid
   Giulio: Ronald Sidney
   Ciro Bruciata: Frank Atkinson
[The 1952 film of the title, based upon the Italian short stories, was an Italian/French production; the English book version was 1950 and contained unauthorised cuts, restored 2013 in a new translation.]
[There were also five BBC Radio series made starting 2001]

30th December 1953
The Stars in Their Choices: The Lady Of The Camellias (1848) by Alexandre Dumas Fils (1824-1895). Translation by Norman Ginsbury and John Sand
Pianist, Cicely Hoye
Production by Ayton Whitaker
   Marguerite Gautier: Jean Kent
   Armand Duval: Patrick Troughton
   Prudence Duvernoy: Catherine Salkeld
   Gaston Rieux: T St John Barry
   Nanine: Vivienne Chatterton
   Georges Duval: John Turnbull
   Artur de Varville: Olaf Pooley
   Olympe: Betty Baskcomb
   Saint Gaudens: Bryan Powley
   Comte de Giray: Peter Bathurst
   Nichette: Virginia Winter
   Gustave: Stanley MacKenzie
Also with Audrey Mendes, Nancy Nevinson, Mary Williams, Peter Ducrow, Brian Hayes, Peter Hoar, Douglas Hayes, Cameron Miller and Harold Siddons
Repeated 4th January 1954
[The original book was also adapted into the opera La Traviata]


Compiled by Stephen Shaw 2023


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