Light Programme, Drama, 1952

Drama on the BBC Light Programme in 1952
(The Light Programme ran from 1945 to 1967)

This listing has been supplied by Stephen Shaw: many thanks!

2nd January 1952:
Curtain Up! 'Epitaph For A Spy'(1938) by Eric Ambler (1909-1998) Dramatised by Jon Manchip White
A refugee in France is mistaken for a German agent.
Produced by: Frederick Bradnum
   Josef Vadassy a young Hungarian: David Peel
   Michael Begrin: John Slater
   Commissaire of Police for St Gatien: George Pastell
   A chemist: Robert Raikes
   A police agent: Jeffrey Segal
   Robert Duclos an elderly Frenchman: Eric Anderson
   Andre Roux, a French Italian: Malcolm Hayes
   Odette Martin, a Parisian: Catherine Willmer
   Warren Skelton, an American: Philip Vickers
   Mary Skelton, his wife: Barbara Todd
   Walter Vogel, a German: Rudolph Offenbach
   Hulde Vogel, his wife: Ilona Ference
   Major Clandon-Hartley: Richard Williams
   Emil Schimler, a German: Michael Hitchman
   Albert Koche: David Hurst
Repeated 7th January 1952
[There was a later production in two parts, for R4 in 2019]

7th January 1952
A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, freely dramatised by John Keir Cross
1 of 8: 'Recalled to Life'
Produced by Norman Wright
   The Presenter: Leon Quartermaine
   Coachman: Joe Sterne
   Mail-coach guard: Frank Foster
   Mr Lorry: John Ruddock
   Jerry Cruncher: Stanley Groome
   Ostler: John Warner
   Miss Press: Jane Henderson
   Lucie Manette: Elizabeth London
   Gaspard: Aubrey Richards
   Madame Defarge: Nan Marriott-Watson
   Ernest Defarge: Malcolm Hayes
   Jacques: Hamilton Dyce
   Dr Manette: Martin Lewis
Additional actors in later parts:
   Malcolm Knight, Alan Wheatley, Ann Leon, Ben Williams, David Kossoff, Desmond Carrington, Donald Price, Donald Wolfit, Eric Anderson, Eric Lugg, Felix Felton, John Carol, John Wyse, Lawrence Baskcomb, Marjorie Westbury, Ronald Sidney
Pt2:14/1/52 Pt3:21/1/52 Pt4:28/1/52 Pt5:4/2/52 Pt6:11/2/52 Pt6:18/2/52 Pt7:25/2/52 Pt8:3/3/52 (Part 6 was listed for 11th and the 18th February with parts 7 and 8 then following)
9th January 1952
Curtain Up! 'It Won't Be A Stylish Marriage' by A. P. Dearsley Adapted by Peggy Wells
Produced by David H. Godfrey
   The Reverend Arthur Blake: Howieson Culff
   Pamela Weston: Denise Bryer
   Alf Donklin: J Hubert Leslie
   Cedric: Sidney Monckton
   Will: Ivor Barnard
   Mrs Mathews: Elsa Palmer
   Tim Barton: Roger Snowdon
   Bob Mackett: Eric Anderson
Repeated 14th January 1952
16th January 1952
Curtain Up! No Highway (1948) by Nevil Shute (1899-1960) adapted by Gilbert Travers Thomas.
Is an aircraft safe to fly?
No producer given.
With Gwen Cherrell, Tucker McGuire, Richard Hurndall and Sebastian Shaw.
No other details given.
Repeated on 21st January 1952.
[A different production was by Raymond Raikes for BBC Home in 1954 which also had Sebastian Shaw.]
[Also produced by Betty Davies for BBC Home, 1963 rptd 1967]
[Also a three part serial by Brian Miller on R4 in 1986]
[Another version was made in 2 parts by Toby Swift for R4 in 2010, repeated on R4X in 2013]

23rd January 1952
Curtain Up! The Woman In Question by John Cresswell adapted by Charles Hatton
Different people have different views of one woman.
Production by Ayton Whitaker
   Milkman: Ronald Sidney
   Alfie: Colin Campbell
   Mrs Finch: Susan Richards
   Mrs Parker: Gladys Spencer
   Mrs Taylor: Dorothy Smith
   Constable: Harry Hutchinson
   Detective-Inspector Lodge: Duncan McIntyre
   Police Sergeant Wilson: Campbell Singer
   Astra: Jean Kent
   Catherine: Marjorie Westbury
   Mr Pollard: Harold Young
   Bob Baker: John Bentley
   Murray: Allan McClelland
   Lana: Myrtle Reed
   Shirley: Betty Alberge
   Colquhoun: Bryan Powley
Repeated 28th January 1952

30th January 1952
Curtain Up! Spaceways by Charles Eric Maine (David McIlwain) (1921-1981)
Experimental Rocket Development Site. Nevada. U.S.A., in the year 1955
Production by Archie Campbell
   George Hills: Charles Richardson
   Dr. Klein: Howard Marion-Crawford
   Signals: Honorine Catto
   Smith: Barry Lowe
   McCabe: Jack Lester
   Mrs Klein: Vivienne Chatterton
   Major Keenan: Jon Farrell
   Marion Hills: Betsey Lewis
   Raymond Colby: Harold Ayer
   Radio announcer: Alan Keith
   Attorney: Charles Farrell
   Television announcer: Cyril Saxon
   Newsreel commentator: Mark Baker
   Judge: Reed de Rouen
   Attorney for the Defence: Alan Keith
Repeated 4th February 1952

6th February 1952
Curtain Up! 'Deep Are The Roots' (1945) by Arnaud d'Usseau (1916-1990) and James Gow (1907-1952), adapted by Peggy Wells
A soldier falls in love with a former Senator's daughter. One difficulty...
Produced by Hugh Stewart
   Senator Langdon: Jack Lester
   Alice Langdon: Rita Vale
   Genevra Langdon: Peggy Hassard
   Howard Merrick: John McLaren
   Brett: Earl Cameron
   Bella: Vivienne Chatterton
   Honey: Denise Bryer
   Roy Maxwell: Leslie Bradley
   Sheriff Serkin: Richard George
   Chuck Warren: David Kossoff
   Bob Izay: Frank Atkinson
Repeated from 27th (BBC Home) and 29th August (BBC Light) 1949
Repeated 11th February 1952, 25th June 1952, 30th June 1952
[There was an earlier production by Neil Tuson in 1947 on BBC Light and BBC Home, with Faith Brook as Alice.]
[Earl Cameron also played Brett on stage when the play toured the UK.]
[The subject matter is notable for the year in which the play was written.]
[This day George 6th died and this programme may not have been broadcast- note it is listed for 11th February 1952 and 25th June 1952]

9th February 1952
The Lady On The Screen by Lester Powell (1912-1993)
1 of 8: Perez
Produced by Archie Campbell
   Philip Odell: Robert Beatty (1909-1992)
   Heather McMara: Joyce Heron
   Con Byrne: Harry Hutchinson
   James Millard: Lewis Stringer
   George Termin: Hamilton Dyce
   Mark Halbert: Guy Kingsley-Poynter
   Marchesa: Patricia Laffan
   Harvey Jones: Elwyn Brook-Jones
   Sid: Geoffrey Underwood
   Telephone girl: Denise Bryer
Additional actors in later episodes:
Alan Reid, Betty Baskcomb, Conrad Phillips, Fanny Carby, Gladys Spencer, Richard Hurndall, Wensley Pithey
Pt2:16/2/52 Pt3:1/3/52 Pt4:8/3/52 Pt5:15/3/52 Pt6:22/3/52 Pt7:29/3/52 Pt8:5/4/52
(An episode was listed in Radio Times for 23/2/52 with cast list but no episode number; subsequent weeks were listed as parts 3 to 8. It is assumed the broadcast due on 23/2/52 was not made.)
[There were seven stories on the radio in the series- Lady in the Fog 1947 remade 1958; The Odd Story of Simon Ode 1948, Spot the Lady 1949, Love from Leyton Buzzard 1950, Lady on the Screen 1952, Test Room Eight 1958, Tea on the Island 1961. There were other Odell novels.]

13th February 1952
Curtain Up!: Jack Straw (1908) by W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) adapted by Felix Felton (1911-1972)
A servant is encouraged to act as an aristocrat.
Produced by Archie Campbell
   Narrator: Laidman Browne
   Lady Wanley: Marie Lohr
   Ambrose Holland: Michael Anthony
   Jack Straw: Jack Hulbert
   Rosie Abbott: Rosamund Greenwood
   Horton Withers: Charles Maunsell
   Mrs Withers: Janet Burnell
   Rev Lewis Abbott: Aubrey Richards
   Count Adrian von Bremer: John Turnbull
   Mrs Parker-Jennings: Ruth Maitland
   Mr Parker-Jennings: George Merritt
   Ethel: Patricia Field
   Vincent: Brian Oulton
   Lord Serlo: Richard Hurndall
Repeated 21st May 1952 and 26th May 1952

18th February 1952
Windows (1922) by John Galsworthy (1867-1933) adapted by Cynthia Pughe
The effect war has on a generation, and the place of idealism.
Production by Ayton Whitaker
   Joan March: Joan Carol
   Johnny March: Derek Hart
   Mary March: Joan Hart
   Geoffrey March: Cecil Trouncer
   Cook: Susan Richards
   Mr BIy: Charles Leno
   Faith Bly: Natalie Jordan
   Blunter: Malcolm Hayes
   Mr Barnabas: Jack Livesey
Repeated from BBC Home of 2nd February 1952

20th February 1952
Curtain Up! :- Give Us This Day by Walter Greenwood (1903-1974) from his novel 'His Worship the Mayor'(1934) adapted by Mollie Greenhalgh
The different classes of people in Salford.
Produced by Wilfrid Grantham
   Joe Shuttleworth: Edward Chapman
   Mrs Shuttleworth: Beatrice Varley
   Edgar Hargraves: Laidman Browne
   Mrs Hargraves: Marjorie Gresley
   Mrs Nattie: Vivienne Chatterton
   Mrs Gibbins: Marjorie Drake
   Mrs Evans: Olga Dickie
   Meg Teagle: Belle Chrystall
   Jack Shuttleworth: Brian Wilde
   Harry Evans: Richard Hurndall
   Bert Wilson: Felix Deebank
   Hardman: Ernest Sefton
   Sir William Chetterby: Stanley van Beers
   Councillor Hopewell: Jack Shaw
   Mr Fogley: John Turnbull
also with Frank Atkinson and Roger Delgado
Repeated 25th February 1952
[There was a 1948 production on BBC Home by Hugh Stewart- also with Chapman and Varley]

27th February 1952
Dick Turpin A Highwayman
- no further details are given -
Included here as it is in the time slot for the usual Thursday drama.

3rd March 1952
Monday Matinee: Gentleman Unknown (1938) by A. A. Milne (1882-1956) adapted by Mollie Greenhalgh
Produced by Norman Wright
   Sheila Trent: Joan Hart
   Mrs Andrew: Nora Nicholson
   General Ross Andrew: Andrew Churchman
   Janet Andrew: Isabel Dean
   Laurence Trent: Stanley Groome
   Mary: Dorothy Smith
   Geoffrey Fontanelle: Griffith Jones
   Martin Bland: Anthony Jacobs
   Wilks: Harry Hutchinson
   Nella Saxby: Sheila Burrell
   Sir Howard Saxby: John Turnbull
   Miss Marr: Ella Milne
Repeated from BBC Home of 21st July 1951

5th March 1952
Curtain Up! 'Safe Harbour' by Barbara S. Harper (1912-1974)
Two sailors get into a fight.
Pianist. Arthur Dulay
Produced by David H. Godfrey
   Daphne Stirling: Sarah Leigh
   Rosalie Watchett: Ella Milne
   Nella Stirling, Daphne's sister-in-law: Jacqueline Thompson
   Mitchell Gillis: Robert Beatty
   Dinty Missouri: Harold Aver
   River police officer: Derek Hart
   Sergeant Rutherford: Owen Fellowes
Repeated 10th March 1952
[Filmed in 1956 as "Port of Escape"]

11th March 1952
My Six Convicts by Donald Powell Wilson (1900-1985) adapted by Andrew Allan
A psychologist working in an American prison.
Produced by Andrew Allan
With Bernard Braden, Guy Kingsley Poynter and Howard Marion-Crawford
Repeated from BBC Home 16th October 1951, repeated on BBC Home on 17th September 1952.
[D P Wilson, a psychologist, worked for three years at a US prison]

12th March 1983
Curtain Up! :- Marriage Settlement (1950) by Ronald Adam (1896-1979), adapted by Mollie Greenhalgh
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
   Frances Strannack: Catherine Campbell
   Alec Strannack: David Markham
   Dr Masterman: Richard Williams
   Mr Carew: Eric Anderson
   Detective-Inspector Forshaw: Philip Lennard
   Zanucek: John G Heller
Repeated 17th March 1952
[There was a 1966 production by Betty Davies for BBC Home]

19th March 1952
Curtain Up!:- For He's A Jolly Good Fellow by James Forsyth
Produced by Mary Hope Allen
   Mr Donner, Works Manager: Richard Hurndall
   Old Kennie: Bryan Powley
   Old Mick Mack: Herbert Lomas
   Molly, his daughter-in-law: Sarah Leigh
   Barney Wee, his grandson: Wilfrid Downing
   Barney, his son: Charles Leno
   Ted the landlord of The Anchor: Stanley Groome
Repeated 24th March 1952

26th March 1952:
John Loves Mary(1947) by Norman Krasna (1909-1984), adapted by C. E. Webber
Produced by Archie Campbell
   Mrs Phyllis McKinley: Barbara Trevor
   Senator James McKinley: Howard Marion Crawford
   Mary, their daughter: Barbara Kelly
   Oscar, lift operator: Harry Hutchinson
   Fred Taylor: Brook Hazard
   John Lawrence: Bernard Braden
   Lieut Victor O'Leary: Neil McCallum
   George Beechwood: Harold Ayer
   Lily: Denise Bryer
   General Biddle: MacDonald Parke
Repeated 31st March 1952

2nd April 1952
Curtain Up! Bright Shadow (1950) by J. B. Priestley (1894-1984), adapted by Peggy Wells
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
   Pamela Fotheringham: Patricia Brent
   Major Buttershaw: Eric Anderson
   Mrs Probus: Joan Clement Scott
   Lesley Dereham: Annabel Maule
   Colonel Risborough: Martin Lewis
   Peter Warton: Gordon Davies
   Ivor Kemp: Richard Hurndall
   Douglas Barrow: Michael Shepley
Repeated 7th April 1952
[Also produced in 1965 by R D Smith for BBC Home, rptd 1969.]

9th April 1952
Curtain Up! :- Travellers' Joy by Arthur Macrae (William Arthur Schropfer) (1908-1962)
Produced by Martyn C. Webster
   Tom Wright: Simon Lack
   Eva: Nancy Manningham
   Mrs Beatrice Pelham (Bumble): Yvonne Arnaud
   Nicholas Rafferty: Derek Aylward
   Reggie Pelham: Charles Victor
   Miss Tildsen: Billie Hill
   Lil Fowler: Helen Christie
   Sydney Fowler: Alexander Gauge
   Lord Tilbrook: Leon Quartermaine
   Mr Olsen: Ernst Ulman
Repeated from BBC Home of 13th January 1951
Repeated on Light 19/5/52
[Previously serialised on BBC Home in 8 parts in 1947 by Vernon Harris]
[A later production in 1969 on R4 by John Powell with Richard Murdoch as Reggie]

14th April 1952
Singing In The Rain
An adaptation by Thurstan Holland from the sound-track of the film
Produced by Thurstan Holland
With Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor
[Film released in London 10th April 1952]

16th April 1952
Evening Sugery by C. Gordon Glover (1908-1975)
Pianist, Elena Kudian
Produced by Frederick Bradnum
   Doctor Graythorne: John Sharp
   Mrs Graythorne: Irene Relph
   Miss Archer: Janet Davies
   Mrs Archer: Rosamund Greenwood
   Doctor Sibright: Donald Gray
   Miss Vernon: Joan Drummond
   Doctor Bond: Reginald Hearne
   Doctor Bristow: Jack Shaw
   Doctor Sellar /Skeffington: Nicholas Parsons
   The Matron: Gladys Spencer
   Pat Graythorne: Joan Hart
   Chairman: Donovan Winter
   A patient: Eric Anderson
   A mild old lady: Mary Morrell
   An angry woman: Janet Bruce
   A Socialist: Richard Hurndall
Repeated 21st April 1952
(Mr Winter had to miss his performance on 16th at the New Theatre London to make the recording. Possibly live on first broadcast.)

23rd April 1952
Curtain Up! :- Britannia Of Billingsgate (1931) by Christine Jope-Slade (1891-1942) and Sewell Stokes (1902-1979) adapted by Cynthia Pughe
A film company at the fish market.
Produced by Hugh Stewart
   Mrs Bolton: Kathleen Harrison
   Mr Bolton: Eric Lugg
   Fred Bolton: Billy Thatcher
   Dolly Bolton: Patricia Hayes
   Mrs Wigglesworth, a neighbour: Mabel Constanduros
   Mr Brittz, of the Gigantic Film Company: Felix Deebank
   Mr Elder, of Hollywood Films Inc: George Margo
   Elf Russell, film star: Harriette Johns
   Gladys: Rosemary Davis
   Mr Jones: Garard Green
   A reporter: Antony Kearey
Repeated 28th April 1952
[Hugh Stewart also produced an earlier version in 1945 for Light and Home, with many of the same cast, but also with Charles Leno and Brenda Bruce and without Kathleen Harrison.]
[Audrey Cameron produced a version in 1960 for BBC Home with Gladys Henson as Maria Bolton]
[Billingsgate Market is a Fish Market- relocated in 1982, in 1952 it was by Darkhouse Lane].

28th April 1952
The Adventures Of Robin Hood by Desmond Carrington (1926-2017)
With scenes and music from the 1952 film 'The Story of Robin Hood'
1 of 5. Robin o' the Wood
Produced by Thurstan Holland
   Robin Hood: Richard Todd
   King Richard the Lionheart: Patrick Barr
   De Lacy Sheriff of Nottingham: Peter Finch
   Prince John: Hubert Gregg
   Gilbert of the White Hand: Garard Green
   Arthur a' Bland: Brian Haines
   Tyb, Maid Marian's nurse: Louise Hampton
   Alan-a-Dale, the minstrel: Elton Hayes
   Maid Marian: Joan Rice
   Queen Eleanor: Susan Richards
   Hugh Fitzooth, his father: Reginald Tate
   Archbishop of Canterbury: John Turnbull
   Troughton, his henchman: John Sharp
Additional cast in later episodes:
   Will Scarlet: Andrew Faulds(2)
   Stutely: Jack Shaw(2)
   Scathelock:James E Thompson(2)
   David of Doncaster: Ian Catford(3)
   Little John: Donald Gray(3)
   Friar Tuck: James Hayter (4)
   Giles, a page: David Spenser(4)
   Much the Miller: Hal Osmond(4)
Pt2:29/4/52 Pt3:30/4/52 Pt4:1/5/52 Pt5:2/5/52
[The film ran for 84 minutes, the radio production was 5x30 minutes. In the film Eleanor was played by Martita Hunt and Little John by James Robertson Justice.]
[London Film Premiere 13th March 1952]

5th May 1952
Monday Matinee: The Last Lap by Jon Manchip White (1924-2013)
Pianist: Arthur Dulay
Produced by David H. Godfrey
   Arno Kleist: Denis McCarthy
   Luigi Dallapiccola: Wensley Pithey
   Pat Wellington: Thelma Hughes
   Peter Wellington: Anthony Jacobs
   Johnny Jackson: Eric Anderson
   Guido Bellario: Stanley Groome
   Nurse: Margot Heath
   Radio commentator: Preston Lockwood

5th May 1952
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Clean Sweep by Alan Stranks (1903-1959)
(Series 10, episode 1)
Produced by Vernon Harris (1905-1999)
   P C 49: Brian Reece (1913-1962)
   Joan: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective-Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Albert Smirch: Sydney Tafler
   Flappsy: Geoffrey Lewis
   Flitter Finnegan: Harry Hutchinson
   Charlie Snow: Sidney Vivian
   Lily Snow: Diana King
Repeated on BBC Home 5th August 1952.
[PC 49 came before Dixon of Dock Green, and ran on radio from 1947-1953 (112 episodes), in two films, and a comic strip (1950-1957).}

12th May 1952
Monday Matinee: A Chorus Ending(1951) by Ernest Raymond (1888-1974) adapted by W. P. Rilla (Wolf Peter Rilla 1920-2005)
A library employee gets into trouble.
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
   Miss Piers: Grizelda Hervey
   Mr Filmer: Arthur Ridley
   Clerk of the Court: Joss Ackland
   Counsel for the Prosecution: Duncan McIntyre
   Ada DuCray: Winifred Oughton
   Jane Armidy: Vivienne Chatterton
   Everett John Armidy: Harold Young
   Birks: David Peel
   The Judge: John Turnbull
   A booking clerk: Garard Green
   A librarian: Dorothy Smith
   Counsel for the Defence: Marne Maitland
   Mrs Lampson, a landlady: Nancy Nevinson
   A gardener: Ernest Sefton
   Detective-Inspector Puttman: David Garth
   Mrs Trevannion: Gladys Spencer
   Warder: Aubrey Richards

12th May 1952
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Black Notes by Alan Stranks (1903-1959)
(Series 10, episode 2)
Produced by Vernon Harris (1905-1999)
   P C 49: Brian Reece (1913-1962)
   Joan: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective-Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Hermione Slater: Cecile Chevreau
   Michael Steele: Alec Ross
   Bunny Best: Peggy Cameron
   Chester Burgess: Charles Richardson
   Doctor: Peter Bathurst
Repeated on BBC Home on 12th August 1952
18th May 1952
Sunday Cinema: Five Fingers, based on Operation Cicero by L. C. Moyzisch
An adaptation by Thurstan Holland of the sound-track of the 1952 film
Produced by Thurstan Holland
With James Mason, Danielle Darrieux, Michael Rennie
[There was another 45 minute adaption, by Gordon Gow, produced by Tony Luke in 1965]
[In real life, Moyzisch was the 'handler' of the German spy known as Cicero (Elyesa Bazna- who wrote his own book in 1962). ]

19th May 1952
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Giddy Goat by Alan Stranks (1903-1959)
(Series 10, episode 3)
Produced by Vernon Harris (1905-1999)
   P C 49: Brian Reece (1913-1962)
   Joan: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective-Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Croaker: George Cross
   Busker: John Harvey
   Darby: Tommy Duggan
   Charlie: Charles Lamb
   Sergeant Sharp: Christopher Hodge
   Sergeant Frost: Frank Foster
   Mrs Lamb: Gwen Day Burroughs
Repeated on BBC Home on 19th August 1952.

19th May 1952
The Luck Of The Vails (1901) by E. F Benson (1867-1940)
1 of 6.
No cast published for episodes one or three.
Episode 2 cast:
Produced, by Norman Wright
   Geoffrey Langham: Richard Hurndall
   Uncle Francis: John Wyse
   Lord Vail: Laurence Payne
   Lady Oxted: Fabia Drake
   Caroline Ayiwin: Jeanette Tregarthen
   Templeton: John Hussey
Additional cast in parts 4,5,6:
   Police Inspector: David Garth(4)
   Mrs Aylwin: Rosamund Greenwood(4)
   Dr Godfrey: Oliver Burt (5)
   Receptionist: Freda Falconer (5)
Pt2:26/5/52 Pt3:2/6/52 Pt4:9/6/52 Pt5:16/6/52 Pt6:23/6/52

25th May 1952
Sunday Cinema: Strangers on a Train from the novel by Patricia Highsmith.
Adapted by Leonard Chase from the Alfred Hitchcock 1951 film sound-track.
Produced by Leonard Chase
with Farley Granger, Ruth Roman, and Robert Walker
[Also adapted by Craig Warner and directed by Andy Jordan in 1996. rptd 1997, for R4]

26th May 1952
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Whistling Woman by Alan Stranks (1903-1959)
(Series 10, episode 4)
Produced by Vernon Harris (1905-1999)
   P C 49: Brian Reece (1913-1962)
   Joan: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective-Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Felix Blane: Basil Jones
   Nita Blane: June Bardsley
   Trevor Blane: James Raglan
   Mrs Potter: Elsa Palmer
   Doctor: Peter Bathurst
Repeated on BBC Home on 26th August 1952.

28th May 1952
Curtain Up! :- Tono-Bungay (1908) by H G Wells (1866-1946).
No details given for May 1952 broadcast. It is likely the broadcast of 10/11/52 was a repeat- credits for that date:
Adapted By: Lance Sieveking.
The problems of running a business.
Produced by Val Gielgud and Frederick Bradnum
   Old Mrs Ponderevo: Janet Bruce
   George Ponderevo: Derek Hart
   Edward Ponderevo: Norman Shelley
   Susan Ponderevo: Belle Chrystall
   Ewart: Richard Wordsworth
   Mr Ruck: Howieson Culff
   Mr Marbel: Tony Quinn
   Beatrice: Sarah Lawson
   Gordon Nasmith: Eric Maturin
   Lord Boom: Henry Longhurst
Also with Edward Lexy, Antony Kearey, Aubrey Richards, Humphrey Morton, Alban Blakelock, Preston Lockwood, Nancy Nevinson, Arthur Ridley, Patricia Hilliard, Ronald Sidney, Virginia Winter, Dorothy Smith, Susan Richards and Arthur Keane
[Repeated 10/11/52- probably same production]
[Also produced by David Davis in 1966 for BBC Home with Howieson Culff playing Mr Marbel and Norman Shelley as Edward.]
[Also produced in three parts by Claire Grove in 1993 for R4]

29th May 1952
The Case Of The Night-Watchman's Friend by Mary Fitt (1897-1959)
Guitar played by Ernest Haigh; Pianist, Mary Kendall
No program details given for this episode (part one of 6).
Episode Two details:
Produced by Dafydd Gruffydd
   Narrator: John Darran
   Mr Vaughan, a retired solicitor: Ivor Maddox
   Mrs Williams, his housekeeper: Dilys Davies
   Robert Lomax: Leonard Mayo
   Pollicot, a night-watchman: Moses Jones
   Henry Rowles/ Harry Clairvaux: Noel Johnson
   Morgan / Man: Owen Llewelyn
   Police-Sgt Collins: Donald Wells
   Dr Morris/ Mr Dotherington: Dillwyn Owen
   Police Superintendent Fadden: Barry Faber
   Mrs Lomax: Vera Meazey
Additional actors in Parts 3-6:
   Harry Clairvaux: Alun Parry-Jones(3)
   Bertie Clairvaux: Anthony Mason(3)
   Lady Asache: Mollie Bladon(3)
   Lord Assche, Harry's father: Cyril Philips(3)
   Mr Vaughan: Ivor Maddox(4)
   Amelia Clairvaux: Gwenyth Petty(4)
   Her nurse: Clarice O'Shea(4)
   Harry's tutor: Sidney Evans(4)
   Sebastian Rowles: John Powell(4)
   Bloggs/Chools: Bernard O'Brien(4)
   Dr. Breadlebane: Peter Gyngell(5)
   Nurse: Margaret Dolman(5)
   Bertie Clairvaux, Lord Assche: Arthur Phillips(5)
   Richardson, his secretary: John Darran(5)
   Mr Danton, solicitor: Lionel Jones(5)
   A policeman: Norman Wynne(5)
   Mrs Cann, clairvoyant: Alice Burrows(6)
Pt2:5/6/52 Pt3:12/6/52 Pt4:19/6/52 Pt5:26/6/52 Pt6:3/7/52
[Previously broadcast on the BBC Welsh Home Service from 12 and 16/11/1951]

1st June 1952
Sunday Cinema: Derby Day, adapted by Gordon Gow from the sound-track of the film.
Produced by Denys Jones
With Anna Neagle, Michael Wilding, Googie Withers, John McCallum
[Film released in London 9th June 1952]

2nd June 1952
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Biters Bit by Alan Stranks (1903-1959)
(Series 10, episode 5)
Produced by Vernon Harris (1905-1999)
   P C 49: Brian Reece (1913-1962)
   Joan: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective-Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Herman Krantz: Sebastian Cabot
   Wanda Furnival: Noel Hood
   Phil Mundy: John Blythe
   Sid Gamble: Victor Maddern
   Willy Tooks: Brian Hayes
   Inspector Goddard: Basil Dawson
Repeated on BBC Home on 2nd September 1952.

4th June 1952
Curtain Up! :- Dark Intrusion by Michael Clayton Hutton (1920-1953), adapted by Peggy Wells
Produced by David H. Godfrey
   Miles Curzon: Allan Cuthbertson
   Diana Lewis: Catherine Campbell
   Ruth Curzon: Margaret Ward
   Charles Raynor: Malcolm Graeme
Repeated 9th June 1952

8th June 1952
Sunday Cinema: The Quiet Man
Adapted from the sound-track of the film by Thurstan Holland
Produced by Thurstan Holland
Narrator, Roy Bradford
with John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Barry Fitzgerald, Ward Bond and Victor McLaglen
[London Film Premiere 6th June 1952]

9th June 1952
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Cockney's Conscience by Alan Stranks (1903-1959)
(Series 10, episode 6)
Produced by Vernon Harris (1905-1999)
   P C 49: Brian Reece (1913-1962)
   Joan: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective-Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Harry Smart: Michael Ripper
   Birch: Russell Napier
   Floater: Geoffrey Hibbert
   Chubby: Sidney Vivian
   Coffee Dan: Philip Ray
Repeated on BBC Home on 9th September 1952.

11th June 1952
The Silver Cord(1926) by Sidney Howard (1891-1939), Adapted by Frederick Bradnum
Produced by Frederick Bradnum
A mother is jealous of her sons girlfriends.
   Mrs Phelps: Gladys Young
   David Phelps: Victor Platt
   Robert Phelps: Derek Hart
   Christina: Audrey Mendes
   Hester: Yvonne Hills
Repeated 16th June 1952
[Previously produced by Harold Clayton in 1949, also there were earlier productions.]

15th June 1952
Sunday Cinema: Who Goes There? Adapted by Gordon Gow from the film sound-track.
Produced by Denys Jones
with Nigel Patrick, Valerie Hobson and Peggy Cummins
[Film released in London 15th June 1952]

16th June 1952
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Summer Storm by Alan Stranks (1903-1959)
(Series 10, episode 7)
Produced by Vernon Harris (1905-1999)
   P C 49: Brian Reece (1913-1962)
   Joan: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective-Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Tatty Ogle: Charles Lamb
   Jakey Castle: Alfle Bass
   Socker Ford: Sydney Tafler
   Mr Rundle: Humphrey Morton
   Bill Mason: Eric Francis
   Dolly Mason: Daphne Madox
Repeated on BBC Home on 16th September 1952.

18th June 1952
Curtain Up!:- September Tide (1948) by Daphne du Maurier (1907-1989) adapted by Mollie Greenhalgh
Mother meets her son in law for the first time.
Produced by Hugh Stewart
   Stella Martyn: Evelvn Laye
   Evan Davies: Frank Lawton
   Robert Hanson: Patrick Waddington
   Cherry: Dorothy Gordon
   Jimmy: David Woodman
   Mrs Tucket: Nan Marriott-Watson
Repeated 23rd June 1952
[Also produced by Tracey Neale in 2005 for R4, rptd 2008]

22nd June 1952
Sunday Cinema: The Star Said No adapted by Gordon Gow from the film sound track.
Produced by Thurstan Holland
with Fred MacMurray, Dorothy McGuire and Howard Keel

23rd June 1952
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Star Witness by Alan Stranks (1903-1959)
(Series 10, episode 8)
Produced by Vernon Harris (1905-1999)
   P C 49: Brian Reece (1913-1962)
   Joan: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective-Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Ignacio Lalanda: Martin Benson
   Killick Tanner: John Harvey
   Marty: John Bryning
   Cardigan Gale: Oliver Burt
   Duncan: Patrick Cargill
   Guard: Sam Lysons
   Police constable: Frederick Buckland
Repeated on BBC Home on 23rd September 1952.

30th June 1952
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Double Trouble by Alan Stranks (1903-1959)
(Series 10, episode 9)
Produced by Vernon Harris (1905-1999)
   P C 49: Brian Reece (1913-1962)
   Joan: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective-Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Gus: Geoffrey Lewis
   Chummy: Victor Maddern
   Millie: Doreen Duke
   Buckridge: George Cross
   Chief Inspector Curry: Cyril Conway
   Sergeant Moreton: Peter Bathurst
   Charley: Tommy Duggan
   Constable: Kenneth Cleveland
Repeated on BBC Home on 30th September 1952.

3rd July 1952
The Lives Of Harry Lime
No further programme details given for this date. The Light Programme gave little information on its 1951 / 1952 listings for this programme.
The program was an independent production by Towers of London / Harry Towers and was introduced by Orson Welles.
Other 1952 broadcasts were: 10/7/52 ("It's a Knock Out"), 17/7/52 ("Too Many Crooks"), 24/7/52 ("Every Frame has a Silver Lining") , 31/7/52 ("Work of Art"), 7/8/52 ("The Golden Fleece"), 14/8/52 ("An Old Moorish Custom"), 21/8/52 ("Mexican Hat Trick"),
[In 1951/1952 the BBC broadcast 16 episodes from 52 made, later broadcasting a total of 25 episodes on R4X 2015-2019]

7th July 1952
Monday Matinee: Housemaster (1936) by Ian Hay (1876-1952) adapted by Peggy Wells
Produced by Martyn C. Webster
   The Reverend Edmund Ovington: Malcolm Hayes
   Charles Donkin: Jack Hulbert
   Victor Beamish: Hamilton Dyce
   Frank Hastings: Stanley Groome
   Philip de Pourville: Desmond Carrington
   Bimbo: Jeremy Spenser
   Old Crump: James E Thompson
   Pop: David Spenser
   Travers: Archie Angus
   Flossie Nightingale: Michael Holt
   Barbara Fane: Gladys Spencer
   Rosemary: Marjorie Westbury
   Chris: Ursula Hirst
   Button: Beryl Calder
   Sir Berkeley Nightingale: Martin Lewis
   Matron: Susan Richards
   Ellen: Dorothy Smith
Repeated from BBC Home of 7th April 1951
Repeated 17th and 22nd June 1953
[Also produced in 1945 for Home by Hugh Stewart]
[Ian Hay was a schoolmaster]

7th July 1952
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Heart of Gold by Alan Stranks (1903-1959)
(Series 10, episode 10
Produced by Vernon Harris (1905-1999)
   P C 49: Brian Reece (1913-1962)
   Joan: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective-Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Phineas Gold: Carleton Hobbs
   Mungo Fletcher: Deryck Guyler
   John Callender: James Raglan
   Sergeant Frost: Frank Foster
   Constable: Kenneth Cleveland
Repeated on BBC Home on 7th October 1952.

10th July 1952
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Dr. Abernethy by Alicia Ramsey (1864-1933) and Rudolph de Cordova (1859-1941), adapted by Dulcima Glasby
The man whose name is recalled in the Abernethy biscuit (the one with the caraway seeds).
Produced by Cleland Finn
   Dr Linton: Anthony James
   Dr Abernethy (1764-1831): D A Clarke-Smith
   Mrs Calthrop: Joan Clement Scott
   Colonel Hamilton: Geoffrey Dunn
   Mrs Danvers: Susan Richards
   Julia Danvers: Virginia Hewett
   Rev Nicodemus Brown: John Vere
   Countess Arbuthnot: Sarah Leigh
   Mick O'Brien: Harry Hutchinson
   The Prince Regent: Norman Mitchell
Repeated 3rd May 1955
[Several earlier productions from 1931 including a Welsh version in 1934]

14th July 1952
Monday Matinee: Jeannie by Aimee Stuart (1886-1981), adapted by Martyn C. Webster
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
The 1930's.
   Father: Ian Sadler
   Jeannie: Dorothy Smith
   Mrs Whitelaw: Betty Hardy
   Bessie: Joy Adamson
   Maggie: Margot MacAlaster
   Stanley Smith: Frank Partington
   The Count: Olaf Olsen
   The Blonde: Irene Prador
   The Mistress: Nell Ballantyne
   Porter: Ronald Sidney
   Attendant: Howieson Culff
   Reception clerk: Malcolm Hayes
   Hotel waiter: Basil Jones
   Page: Jill Nyassa
   Waiter: Erik Chitty
Repeated from BBC Home of 1st April 1951.
[Martyn C Webster produced a version in 1948 with several of the same cast but David Kossoff as Waiter]
[A further production by Martyn C Webster on BBC Home in 1965 with Mollie Weir as Maggie.]
[The first appearance of the play on radio, in 1938, was as "Aunt Jeannie" with Margaret Moffatt as Jeannie]

14th July 1952
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Naked Truth by Alan Stranks (1903-1959)
(Series 10, episode 11)
Produced by Vernon Harris (1905-1999)
   P C 49: Brian Reece (1913-1962)
   Joan: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective-Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Wag Tippett: Sidney Vivian
   Bunker Black: Sydney Tafler
   Soapy Flood: Roger Snowdon
   Lulu Delaney: Gwenda Wilson
   Mossy Stone: William Mervyn
   Masseur: Philip Ray
   Cloak-room attendant: Patrick Westwood
   Errand boy: Max Brent
Repeated on BBC Home on 14th October 1952.

17th July 1952
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Flight To World's End
No programme details given.
Diversity list "Gerald Kersh" as the writer.

21st July 1952
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Wrong Romeo by Alan Stranks (1903-1959)
(Series 10, episode 12)
Produced by Vernon Harris (1905-1999)
   P C 49: Brian Reece (1913-1962)
   Joan: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective-Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   Con Spargo: John Bushelle
   Lacey Maskell: Charles Richardson
   Julie Thrush: Myrtle Reed
   Kate Thrush: Ella Milne
   Dickie Dobson: Michael Ripper
   Reception clerk: Denis McCarthy
Repeated on BBC Home on 21st October 1952.

24th July 1952
Thirty-Minute Theatre: His Brother's Keeper by W. W. Jacobs (1863-1943) dramatised by Lionel Brown
There is something buried in the garden.
Produced by Cleland Finn
   Father Gavin: Cyril Luckham
   Prison warder: Arthur Ridley
   Anthony Keller: John Wyse
   Dobson: James Beattie
   Mrs Howe: Winifred Oughton
   Dickson: David Stevens
   Mason: Francis de Wolff
   P C Evans: Stanley Groome
Also with Kim Grant, Aubrey Richards, and Antony Kearey
[Also produced by David H Godfrey in 1959 with Maurice Denham as Anthony.]

28th July 1952
Monday Matinee: Brass Farthing (1950) by Rupert Croft-Cooke (1903-1979), adapted by Giles Cooper (1918-1966)
Produced by Donald McWhinnie
   Mr Riddle: Bryan Powley
   Katherine Riddle: Joan Matheson
   Eleanor Wylt-Frazer: Brenda Dunrich
   Maud Milton: Dorothy Smith
   Herbert Wylt-Frazer: Preston Lockwood
   Gordon Milton: Donald Bissett
   Bill Rapier: John Bushelle
   Eric Farmer: Richard Hurndall
   Percival Maud's son: Brian Dickinson
   Jill, Eleanor's daughter: Rosemary Davis
   Mr Spaull: Peter Garstin
   An auctioneer: David Peel
Also with Ian Catford and Bryan Powley
Repeated from BBC Home of 15th April 1951 and 23rd June 1951.
[Also produced by Archie Campbell for BBC Home in 1966, rptd 1971 with Arthur Ridley as Mr Riddle]

28th July 1952
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Sticky Wicket by Alan Stranks (1903-1959)
(Series 10, episode 13)
Produced by Vernon Harris (1905-1999)
   P C 49: Brian Reece (1913-1962)
   Joan: Joy Shelton
   Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
   Detective-Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
   P C Bert Snell: John Bentley
   Rusty Raymond: Jessica Dunning
   Banger Morton: John Slater
   Tug Andrews: Russell Napier
   Paul Lang: Leslie Kyle
Repeated on BBC Home on 28th October 1952.

31st July 1952
Thirty-Minute Theatre:- Summer Rain by S. and J. Quintero, translated and adapted by Cedric Richards
Produced by Hugh Stewart
   Dona Laura: Nancy Price
   Don Gonzalo: Robert Farquharson
   A Priest: Roger Delgado
   Petra: Margaret Ward
   Juanito: Garard Green
[Also produced by Archie Campbell in 1966]

3rd August 1952
Sorrell And Son (1925) by Warwick Deeping (1877-1950), dramatised by John Watt
Part 1 of 9.
Music composed by Henry Reed and played by a section of the BBC Variety Orchestra, conducted by Rae Jenkins
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
   Thomas Roland: James McKechnie
   Stephen Sorrell: Howard Marion-Crawford
   Kit, Stephen's son: John Charlesworth
   Railway porter: Stanley Groome
   Landlady: Thea Wells
   Young girl: Betty Baskcomb
   Miss Margreaves: Janet Morrison
   Flo Palfrey: Peggy Thorpe-Bates
   Mr. Palfrey: Arthur Ridley
Additional cast in later episodes:
Abraham Sofaer, Alastair Duncan, Anthony Jacobs, Barbara St Ledger, Bettina Dickson, Bryan Powley, Colin Gordon, David Peel, Denise Bryer, Donald Gray, Dorothy Smith, Eric Anderson, Gladys Spencer, Hamilton Dyce, Harry Fine, Harry Hutchinson, Jack Howarth, Joan Hart, Malcolm Hayes, Margaret Vines, Marjorie Westbury, Martin Lewis, Muriel Russell, Patricia Kennedy, Peggy Cameron, Richard Longman, Roger Delgado, Roger Snowdon, Ronald Sidney, Susan Richards
Pt2:10/8/52 Pt3:17/8/52 Pt4:24/8/52 Pt5:31/8/52 Pt6:7/9/52 Pt7:14/9/52 Pt8:21/9/52 Pt9:28/9/52
First broadcast commencing 17th November 1950.

4th August 1952
The Windjammers by Robert Buckland and Hugh Falkus
Additional material by Cyril Campion
1860's tea clippers (sailing ships).
Episode 1 of 13.
Shantyman: Clement Hardman
Accordionist: Gerald Crossman
Nautical advice by Captain A. G. Course
NO named producer.
   Captain Markham: Jack Hawkins
   Margaret Roberts: Anne Crawford
   Captain Eynon: Hugh Morton
   Mr. Palmer: Jon Farrell
   Annie: Patience Collier
   Mr. Duncan: Jack Stewart
   Tom: Roger Snowdon
   Yorky: Sidney Vivian
   Paddy: Tommy Duggan
   Olaf: Paul Martin
Also with Jack Shaw, Robert Rietty, Arthur Ridley, Gabrielle Blunt, Russell Hunter and Betty Baskcomb
(Whole cast for the 13 episodes)
Ep2:11/8/52 Ep3:18/8/52 and weekly every Monday until Ep13: 27/10/52.
Episodes 1 to 8 were broadcast at 20.00, episodes 9 to 13 were broadcast at 19.30
[A windjammer is a multiple masted sailing ship]

7th August 1952
Thirty-Minute Theatre:- Long Distance by Harry Junkin (1916-1978)
She has proof her husband is innocent.
Produced by David H. Godfrey
   Bertha Jacks: Jean McDonald
   Prison official: Philip Vickers
   Mrs McLean: Gwen Day Burroughs
   Henderson: Malcolm Hayes
   Judge McLean: Martin Lewis
Also with Sarah Leigh, Virginia Bedard, Denise Bryer, John McClaren, Barbara Todd, Gladys Spencer, Susan Richards, Stanley Groome, and Eddy Reed
Repeated 10th May 1955
[David Godfrey also produced an earlier version for Home in 1947 with Nicholas Stuart as the Judge]
[David Godfrey produced a later version in 1960 with Joan Miller as Bertha]

11th August 1952
Monday Matinee:- Sweethearts and Wives by Gilbert Hackforth-Jones (1900-1982) and Margaret Hackforth-Jones
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
   Ponsford Beckett: Richard Williams
   Tony Harding: Derek Blomfield
   Harriett: Ella Milne
   Maria: Joan Clement Scott
   Martha: Gabrielle Blunt
   Owen Rivers: Malcolm Hayes
   Bill: Hamilton Dyce
   Penelope: Bettina Dickson
   Lady Agincourt: Winifred Oughton
Also with Ronald Sidney, Frank Atkinson, Peter Claughton, Howieson Culff, Ernest Sefton, Donald Gray, John Benson, Peter Ducrow, Olwen Brookes, and Mary Duff
[Adapted from a TV program of 20/3/51 by the authors]

14th August 1952
Thirty-Minute Theatre:- The Hands of Mr. Ottermole (1931) by Thomas Burke (1886-1945), dramatised by Jon Manchip White
Produced by Martyn C. Webster
   The Journalist: Peter Coke
   The Sergeant: Charles Leno
   Mr Whybrow: Geoffrey Bond
   Mrs Whybrow: Sarah Leigh
Also with Jill Nyasa, James Beattie, Nicholas Parsons, Frank Tickle, Hamilton Dyce, Ronald Sidney, and Arthur Lawrence
[The story was used in "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" on tv in 1957]

21st August 1952
Thirty-Minute Theatre: There's An Alligator On The Landing by Ross Cockrill
Drummer: James Blades
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
   Horatio Speddigue: John Turnbull
   Mrs Greenfields: Gladys Spencer
   Thomas Shiner: John Cazabon
   Marcus Grocott: Robert Farquharson
   Ebony: Peter Elliott
   Miss Maria Avarola: Nancy Nevinson
   Doctor Bottsford: Eric Anderson
[Also produced in 1950 for BBC Home by Frank Hauser with Willoughby Goddard as Dr Bottsford]

25th August 1952
Monday Matinee: The Ivory Door (1928) by A. A. Milne (1882-1956) adapted by Peter Watts
What is beyond the ivory door?
Produced By: Peter Watts
   King Hilary: John Brooking
   Prince Perivale: G Blunt
   King Perivale: Valentine Dyall
   Brand (his body-servant): Peter Coke
   Anna (his old nurse): Elsa Palmer
   Thora (a maid): Denise Bryer
   The Chancellor: Richard Williams
   Old Simeon: Hamilton Dyce
   Count Rollo: Roger Delgado
   The Mummer: Baliol Holloway
   Titus: Peter Hawkins
   Carlo: Malcolm Hayes
   Captain of the Guard Bruno: Brewster Mason
   Princess Lilia: Angela Baddeley
Also with Eric Anderson, Stanley Groome, Jack Gwillim, Joan Hart, Eric Lugg, Dorothy Smith, Margaret Vines, and Marjorie Westbury
Repeated from 17th December 1950

27th August 1952
Curtain Up!:- Love And Mr. Lewisham by H. G. Wells dramatised by Josephine Jemmett.
Produced by Hugh Stewart
   Mr. Lewisham.: Richard Attenborough
   Ethel: Sheila Sim
   Chaffery: Eric Anderson
   Dunkerly: David Peel
   Miss Heydinger: Joan Newell
   Bonover: Michael Logan
   Blendershin: Deering Wells
   Mrs Munday: May Carey
   Mrs Immering: Nan Marriott-Watson
   Mrs Gadow: Nancy Nevinson
Also with Audrey Mendes, Derek Hart, Arthur Lawrence, and Joseph Shaw
Repeated 1st September 1952
[Hugh Stewart also produced a version in 1969 for R4 with Jimmy Thompson as Mr Lewisham]
[The play was on BBC TV on 4th May 1952 with Emrys Jones as Mr Lewisham]

28th August 1952
Thirty Minute Theatre:- Who's Your Lady Friend? by Peter Fraser
Produced by Norman Wright
   Det Inspector Cook, C I D: Donald Gray
   Det Sergeant Broadwood: Sam Costa
   Dr Turner: George Cooper
   Det Constable Morgan: Kenneth Evans
   Grantham: David Garth
   Secretary: Beryl Riggs
   Miss Fergusson: Georgina Waite
   Ernest Northam: Martin Lewis
[The story was later published in MacKill's Mystery Magazine (UK) March 1953]

3rd September 1952
Curtain Up:- A House Of Correction by Michael Morton and Peter Traill, adapted by Peter Traill (Guy Mainwaring Morton (18961968))
   Kenneth Pawle: Reginald Tate
   Irene, his wife: Marjorie Mars
   Nicholas Berkeley: John Cazabon
   Lesley Deane: Olive Gregg
   Hugh Lawrie: Garard Green
   Edith: Helen Sessions
Repeated 8th September 1952
[No connection with the 1999 play by Howard Barker]

4th September 1952
Thirty-Minute Theatre:- Autumn Holiday by Frederick Aicken based on a story by Anton Chekhov (1860-1904)
Production by Hugh Stewart
   Charlie: Wilfred Pickles
   Ann: Victoria Hopper
   Mary: Nan Marriott-Watson
   Harry: Colin Campbell
   Janice: Margaret McCourt
   George: Eric Anderson
   An announcer: Garard Green
   A waiter: Aubrey Richards

10th September 1952
Curtain Up! :- The Silent Inn by William Templeton (1913-1973)
Music composed and played by Norman Kay (1929-2001)
Produced by Frederick Bradnum
   Lydia Markham: Cita Crichton
   Nigel Rest: Hamilton Dyce
   John Markham: Willoughby Gray
   Jed Throw: Jack London
   Tommy Briggs: Douglas Hayes
   Robert Arnold: Eric Anderson
   Celia Arnold: Andrea Lea
   David Arnold: David Enders
   Eric van Kane: Jon Farrell
Repeated 15th September 1952

11th September 1952
Thirty-Minute Theatre:- Death Of Uncle George by B. A. Young (1912-2001)
Production by Cleland Finn
   Helen: Frances Rowe
   Tony: Richard Pearson
   Uncle George: Hamlyn Benson
   Coroner: Arthur Ridley
   Dr Anderson: Roy Hannah
   Policeman: Hugh Willis
[Cleland Finn had earlier produced the TV version of 5/11/51 which also used the actors Pearson, Benson and Hannah]

17th September 1952
Curtain Up! :- An English Summer (1948) by Ronald Adam (1896-1979), Adapted by Ronald Adam and Peter Watts.
Produced by Peter Watts
   S/Ldr Henry Armstrong: Sebastian Shaw
   F/Lt 'Dutch' Pieters, D F C (Firefly Red Leader): William Patrick
   F/O George Mayhew (Firefly Red 2): David Enders
   F/Lt Smithers: Ronald Adam
   S/Ldr David Kemble: William Fox
   S/Ldr Cook (Firefly Leader): Brian Hayes
   F/O Willie Wishart (Firefly Yellow 3): Nicholas Parsons
   L A C Brightside: Ronald Sidney
   Flt./Sgt. John Nabb, D.F.M. (Firefly Blue Leader): Frank Atkinson
   Sgt 'Ace' Corner: John Carol
   G/Capt Garry, O B I: Hugh Falkus
Also with Eric Anderson, John Cazabon, Hamilton Dyce, Garard Green, Rosamund Greenwood, Douglas Hayes, Wyndham Milligan, Patrick Troughton
Repeated 22nd September 1952
[There was a different production by Peter Watts on BBC Home in 1949 which also had Adam as Smithers and Enders as Mayhew, but Armstrong was Andre Morrell and Pieters was John Martin]
[Ronald Adam served in the RFC in WW1 and RAF in WW2]

24th September 1952
Iron Curtain by Val Gielgud, adapted by Cynthia Pughe
Produced By: Val Gielgud
   Brigadier General Lambert: Richard Williams
   Capt Stanley Graves: Richard Beynon
   A Secretary: Sarah Leigh
   Wing Commander Sidney Satterthwaite: Alban Blakelock
   Major Gerald Craven: James McKechnie
   Dr Justmus van Galen: Anthony Hawtrey
   Jean Ravaillac: Seymour Green
   Corporal Albert Pym: Brian Whittle
   Betty Sanders: Joan Sanderson
   Virginia Lawrence: Helen Horton
   Political Commissar Sergei Mamontoff: George Hayes
   Col Ivan Roudenko: Gregory Scott
   Adela Rubinstein: Lilly Kann
   Jadwiga Konska: Carmen Hill
   Issachar Ben-Menahem: Harold Kasket
   David Gottlieb: Frederick Schiller
Repeated 29th September 1952
[There was a program on BBC Home on 4th February 1952 with this title, no details, it may have been this or a different production]
[In 1960 Giulgud wrote and produced for BBC Home "Siding 273" with the same characters and setting as this play but different actors.]

25th September 1952
Money With Menaces by Patrick Hamilton (1904-1962)
Incidental music by John Buckland directed by John Hollingsworth
Produced by E. J. King Bull
   Andrew Carruthers: Howard Marion-Crawford
   Mr Poland: Hugh Burden
   McPherson: Duncan McIntyre
   Miss Rough/The Maid: Joan Hart
   Telephone Operator: Dorothy Smith
   Liftman/Shopkeeper: John Turnbull
   Boy/ Mrs Carruthers: Virginia Winter
   Commissionaire/Bank Clerk: Howieson Culff
   Porter at the Club: Harry Hutchinson
   Hilliard: Eric Anderson
   Girl at the Darts Stall: Virginia Winter
   Tout: Eric Anderson
   Mrs Sanderson: Dorothy Smith
   Woman on the telephone: Rosamund Greenwood
[Produced by Martyn C Webster in 1956 for BBC Home]
[Produced by Shaun MacLoughlin in 1976 for R4]
[Produced by Richard Wortley in 2004, rptd 2006 for R4]
[Several earlier productions of this first radio play by Hamilton: "Specially written for broadcasting and first produced by Lance Sieveking on January 4 and 5, 1937.".]

28th September 1952
The Regent(1913) by Arnold Bennett (1867-1931) adapted by Evelyn Russell
1 of 6: A Change of Air
Produced by William Hughes
   Narrator: Ivan Samson
   Denry Machin: Wilfred Pickles
   Nellie Machin: June Spencer
   Robert Machin: J Edmonds
   Mrs Machin: Nora Morrey
   Maud: Ann Chatterley
   Dakins: Ronald Baddiley
   Brindley: Edgar Lane
   Dr Stirling: Antony Kearey
   Bryany: Tommy Duggan
   Garvin: Ralph Dean
Also with Aubrey Richins
Additional actors in later parts:
   Arnold Peters, Bernadotte Hodgson, Donald Pleasence, Geoffrey Lewis, George Margo, Jean Harvey, Joan Geary, Mary Wimbush, Monica Grey, Nancy Nevinson, Neville Hartley, Pat Woodings, Peter Wilde, Warren Hearnden
Pt2:5/10/52 Pt3:12/10/52 Pt4:19/10/52 Pt5:26/10/52 Pt6:2/11/52
[The character Denry Machin also appeared in "The Card" (1911)- broadcast in 8 parts in 1949(Home) and another production in 8 parts 1964 (Home) rptd 1966(Light) and also in 2 parts on R4 in 2007]

1st October 1952
Curtain Up!:- Passport To Pimlico (1949) by T. E. B. Clarke (1907-1989) adapted by Charles Hatton
Pianist: Cicely Hoye
Produced by Norman Wright
   Arthur Pemberton: Charles Leno
   Connie: Giadys Henson
   Shirley: Virginia Hewett
   Frank Huggins: Michael Harding
   Molly: Violet Loxley
   Mr Wix: Ronald Sidney
   Ted Spiller: Eric Lugg
   Benny: Kenneth Williams
   Fred Cowan: Danny Green
   Edie Randall: Elsa Palmer
   Professor Hatton-Jones: Winifred Oughton
   Monty Cowan: Malcolm Knight
   Sid Pardoe: Lewis Stringer
   Charlie: Tom Webster
   Straker: Eric Anderson
   Gregg: Donald Price
   Sebastien, Duke of Burgundy: Christopher Lee
Also with Joe Sterne, Patrick Westwood, Ben Williams, John Hussey, Allan Jeayes, Cyril Conway, Mary Williams and Derek Prentice
Repeated 6th October 1952
[Later produced 1996 R4 rptd 1997, by Celia de Wolff with George Cole as Arthur]
[Filmed in 1949, the film music by Auric was frequently played on R3]

8th October 1952
Curtain Up!:- The Years Between (1944) by Daphne du Maurier (1907-1989), adapted by Peggy Wells
Production by William Hughes
   Richard Llewellyn: Deryck Guyler
   Robin: Anthony Green
   Nanny: Susan Richards
   Diana Wentworth: Isabel Dean
   Sir Ernest Foster: Hugh Manning
   Venning: Michael O'Halloran
   Michael Wentworth: Clive Morton
   Miss Jameson: Sarah Leigh
Repeated 13th October 1952
[The play had its London opening just four months before VE day]
[Later productions:
1983 by Graham Gauld for R4 with Barbara Leigh Hunt as Diana
1995 rpt 1996 by Cherry Cookson for R4 with Diana Quick as Diana.]
[R7 broadcast the Gauld version in 2007 and on R7/R4X the Cookson version 2010-2021]

9th October 1952
Poor Relations (1919) by Compton Mackenzie (1883-1972) adapted by Eric Maschwitz.
1 of 8.
Produced by Val Gielgud and Norman Wright
Note: No cast list for Part 1. Here is the list for Part 2:
   John Touchwood: Ronald Ward
   Harold: Wilfrid Downing
   Hilda Curtis: Helena Pickard
   Laurence Armitage: John Wyse
   Emily: Margaret Courtenay
   Edith Armitage: Grizelda Hervey
   Mrs Worfolk: Vivienne Chatterton
   Doris Hamilton: Belle Chrystall
   Clerk: Aubrey Richards
   Hugh Touchwood: Richard Johnson
   Eleanor Touchwood: Thelma Hughes
   Bertram: Barry McGregor
   Viola: Janette Scott
Additional actors in later parts:
Allan Jeayes, Antony Kearey, Arthur Lawrence, Denise Bryer, Derek Hart, Duncan McIntyre, Elsa Palmer, Frank Tickle, Geoffrey Bond, Hamilton Dyce, Jon Farrell, Laidman Browne, Margaret Ward, Nancy Nevinson, Norman Mitchell, Patricia Fryer, Patrick Troughton, Rosamund Greenwood, Susan Richards, Virginia Winter, Margaret Courtenay, Wyndham Milligan, Douglas Hayes, Wyndham Milligan
Pt2: 16/10/52 Pt3:23/10/52 Pt4:30/10/52 Pt5:6/11/52 Pt6:13/11/52 Pt7:20/11/52 Pt8:27/11/52
[Also produced in 1966 in 8 parts by Norman Wright for BBC Home]

12th October 1952
Radio Theatre:- 'He Who Laughs Last' by H. Oldfield Box, Adapted from Gerald Kersh (1912-1968)'s story 'Fairy Gold' (1949)
Produced by Hugh Stewart
   Narrator: Hugh Falkus
   Trew: Jonathan Field
   Middleton: Hugh Burden
   Louie: Margaret Barton
   Mr Mawson: Austin Trevor
   Mrs Gibson: Elsa Palmer
   Jack Duck: Frank Atkinson
   Norah Duck: Elma Verity
   Joe Jakes: Allan Jeayes
   Clerk: Patrick Troughton
   Mr Pismire: Tony Quinn
Also with Hugh Manning, Frank Tickle, Michael O'Halloran, Margaret Ward, Mary Williams, and Norman Mitchell
Repeated 10th August 1953
[Also produced by Audrey Cameron in 1962]

19th October 1952
Radio Theatre: The Girl In The Dark by A. A. Kennington
Produced by William Hughes
   Dilys: Rosamund Greenwood
   The Girl: Virginia Winter
   Mrs Westoby: Nan Marriott-Watson
   Larry Tremaine: Patrick Troughton
   Inspector Simonds: Tony Quinn
   Jet: Thelma Hughes
   Colonel Ranger: Allan Jeayes
   Doctor Meredith Ranger: John Cazabon
Repeated 7th September 1953
[The only reference to A A Kennington in the BBC Programme Database, there seems to be no reference anywhere else to this programme]

20th October 1952
Monday Matinee: The Lodger (1911) by M. Belloc Lowndes (1868-1947), adapted by Felix Felton
Produced by David H. Godfrey
   Bunting, a retired manservant: Charles Leno
   Ellen, his second wife: Betty Hardy
   Daisy: Sarah Leigh
   Joe Chandler: Hugh Manning
   Mr Sleuth: Robert Farquharson
   The Coroner: Allan Jeayes
Also with Aubrey Richards, Geoffrey Bond, Ernest Sefton, Richard Bebb, David Garth, Margaret Ward, Patricia Hilliard, Denis McCarthy, Kenneth Cleveland, Ian Sadler, Frank Tickle and John Serret
Repeated 30th March 1953, 22nd and 27th July 1953
[Also produced by David Blount in 2003, rptd 2005 for R4 with David Ryall as Bunting- rptd R4X]
[There was also an Opera broadcast on 3 in 1964, 1965, 1986]

22nd October 1952
Curtain Up! :- The Troubled Air(1951) by Irwin Shaw (1913-1984), adapted by Raymond Byrnes and Monica Mugan
American hunt for communists (McCarthyism)
Produced by Cleland Finn
   Clement Archer: Guy Kingsley Poynter
   Vic Herries: Raymond Byrnes
   Manfred Pokorney: Geoffrey Wincott
   Frances Motherwell: Tucker McGuire
   Emett O'Neill: Gordon Tanner
   Dominic Barbante: Warren Stanhope
   Alice Weller: Mavis Villiers
   Stanley Atlas: Sidney James
   Nancy Herries: Barbara Todd
   Kitty Archer: Helen Horton
   Mr Morris: John Glen
   Mr Sandler: Stuart Nichol
Also with Mary Wimbush and Tony Quinn
Repeated 27th October 1952 and on BBC Home on 5th January 1953
[Having been placed on the Hollywood Blacklist, Irwin Shaw moved to Europe in 1951 and remained 25 years]

26th October 1952
Radio Theatre:-The Rampart by Arnold Diamond (1915-1992)
Why shouldn't we build a wall?
Produced By: Mary Hope Allen
   Lil: Denise Bryer
   Rudlow: Malcolm Hayes
   Arthur Holloway: Anthony Green
   Joan Holloway: Joan Ireland
   Mrs Holloway: Susan Richards
   Mr Holloway: Stanley Groome
   Spiv/Commentator: Geoffrey Wincott
   Julyan: Seymour Green
   Colonel Richardson/Mayor: Cyril Luckham
   Mrs Richardson: Hester Paton Brown
Also wih Norman Mitchell, Sidney Monckton, Sybil Arundale, Gabrielle Blunt, Thea Wells, Christina Foote, Douglas Hayes, Gladys Spencer, Richard Carver, Eric Lugg

29th October 1952
Curtain Up!: Knight Sinister by Simon Rattray, adapted by Elleston Trevor
Produced by Donald McWhinnie
   Miss Gorringe: Joan Sanderson
   Hugo Bishop: Robert Eddison
   Nicole Pedley: Yvonne Mitchell
   Roy Trafford: Patrick Troughton
   Robert Thorpe: Martin Lewis
   Harrison Pedley: Alan Wheatley
   Freddie Frisnay: Raf de la Torre
   Helen Ledine: Thelma Hughes
Also with Margaret Ward, Douglas Hayes and Norman Mitchell
Repeated 3rd November 1952

2nd November 1952
Out Of The Frying Pan by Arthur Goring
Produced by Wilfrid Grantham
The title of the play, however, is something of a warning.
   Susan Demont: Thelma Hughes
   Robin Collingwell: Derek Hart
   Minella Collingwell: Patricia Hilliard
   Lady Collingwell: Nan Marriott-Watson
   Inigo Quin: Antony Kearey
Repeated 24th August 1953

4th November 1952
Horatio Hornblower by C. S. Forester, adapted by Philo Higley(see note at end of this item)
Music composed and conducted by Sidney Torch
Episode 1 of 16 (see note at end of this item).
Produced by Harry Alan Towers and edited by Archie Campbell(see note at end of this item)
   Commodore Sir Horatio Hornblower: Michael Redgrave
   Lady Barbara: Elizabeth Kentish
   Brown: Jack Fraser
   First Lord: R S Lindsell
   Captain Bush: Donald Bissett
   Lieutenant Adams: Alex McCrindle
   Lieutenant Mound: Rex Garner
   Butler: Sebastian Cabot
Additional cast in later episodes:
Alexander Gauge, Alexis Chesnakov, Arthur Bush, Arthur Ridley, Barry Letts, Bernard Rebel, Bryan Powley, Catherine Campbell, Cecile Chevreau, Charles Rolfe, Cyril Shaps, Daphne Maddox, David Enders, David Jacobs, David Kossoff, David Spenser, Denis Cowles, Denis McCarthy, Duncan Carse, Eric Pohlmann, Frank Duncan, Frederick Schiller, Geoffrey Lewis, Geoffrey Wincott, Gerald Case, Ilona Ference, John Harvey, Keith Pyott, Kenneth Fortescue, Ian Lubbock, Leonard Sachs, Leslie Heritage, Lyndon Brook, Martin Lewis, Michael Harding, Olga Dickie, Patrick Westwood, Paul Martin, Peter Bathurst, Philip Cunningham, Philip Ray, Raf de la Torre, Robert Rietty, Ronald Sidney, Russell Napier, Seymour Green, Stanley Groome, Stanley van Beers, Terence Soall
(I make that a cast of 57!)
Pt2:11/11/52 *Pt3:18/11/52 *Pt3:25/11/52 Pt4:2/12/52 Pt5:9/12/52 Pt6:16/12/52 Pt7:23/12/52 Pt8:30/12/52 Pt9:6/1/53 Pt10:13/1/53 Pt11:20/1/53 Pt12:27/1/53 Pt13: 3/2/53 Pt14:10/2/53 Pt15:17/2/53 Pt16:24/2/53
(*Part 3 is shown in the BBC Programme Database on two dates with same cast)
[Parts 1 and 2 credited production to independant London producer Harry Towers, Radio Times credited production for all other episodes only to Archie Campbell. It is most probable ALL episodes were produced by Towers, and then edited by Campbell. Towers of London are listed as producing a total of 52 episodes, broadcast in full by CBS. All 52 x 20 minute episodes are available online. Towers died in 2009.]
[BBC Episodes adapted by Sheldon Stark and Philo Higley:7,10,12,13]
[BBC Episodes adapted by Arlen Riley and Philo Higley:2 and 8]

10th November 1952
Monday Matinee: Tono-Bungay by H. G. Wells, adapted by Lance Sieveking
Probably a repeat of 28th May 1952 but the May broadcast had no details. See above where the November details are quoted.

12th November 1952
Curtain Up! : Barretts Of Wimpole Street (1930) by Rudolf Besier (1878-1942) adapted by Martyn C. Webster.
Produced By: Martyn C. Webster
   Elizabeth Barrett Moulton-Barrett: Fay Compton
   Wilson: Gladys Spencer
   Henrietta Moulton-Barrett: Denise Bryer
   Arabel Moulton-Barrett: Sarah Leigh
   Octavius Moulton-Barrett: David Peel
   Septimus Moulton-Barrett: Marc Sheldon
   Charles Moulton-Barrett: Reginald Thorne
   George Moulton-Barrett: Garard Green
   Alfred Moulton-Barrett: James Beattie
   Edward Moulton-Barrett: Anthony Jacobs
   Bella Hedley: Belle Chrystall
   Henry Bevan: Michael Holt
   Robert Browning: James McKechnie
   Captain Surtees-Cook: Derek Hart
Repeated 17th November 1952
[Martyn C Webster also produced the play in 1943 for BBC Home with Courtney Hope as Wilson]
[Also produced in 1950 by Charles Lefeaux with Gladys Spencer as Wilson and Barbara Lott as Elizabeth]
[Also produced in 1972, rptd 1975 and 1991, for R4 by Archie Campbell with Sheila Grant as Wilson]

16th November 1952
Divorce From Reality by Emery Bonett (Felicity Winifred Carter) (1906-1995)
An ageing film star, an understanding wife, and another.
Produced by Hugh Stewart
   Paula Marshall: Patricia Hilliard
   Allan Marshall: William Fox
   Maria: Virginia Winter
   Hubert Fraser: Michael O'Halloran
   Maurice English: Cyril Shaps
   A film fan: Margaret Ward
   Walter: Aubrey Richards
   First photographer: Geoffrey Bond
   Second photographer: Douglas Hayes
   Airport announcer: Brian Hayes
   First woman reporter: Thelma Hughes
   Second woman reporter: Rosamund Greenwood
[The typescript is held by University of Sheffield Library. Ref: MS 318]

19th November 1952
Curtain Up! :- The Wandering Jew (1921) by E. Temple Thurston (1879-1933) adapted by Cynthia Pughe
Producer: Wilfrid Grantham
Narrator: Erik Chitty
   Judith: Margaret Ward
   Rachel, Matathias' sister: Grizelda Hervey
   Matathias/Matteo Bottadio/ Matteos Bottadios/ The Unknown Knight: Donald Wolfit
   Boemond, Prince of Tarentum: Allan Jeayes
   Godfrey, Duke of Normandy: Derek Hart
   Raymond of Toulouse: William Fox
   Issachar: Frank Cochrane
   Joanne de Beaudricourt: Patricia Hilliard
   Andrea Michelotti: Martin Benson
   Gianella Bottadio, his wife: Rosalind Iden
   Pietro Morelli, a Padre: Raf de la Torre
   Lazzaro Zapportas: David Kossoff
   Olalla Quintana, a harlot: Kathleen Michael
   Alonza Castro, the Confessor: Wyndham Milligan
   Gonzalez Ferera, the Fiscal: Neville Hartley
   Juan de Texeda, Inquisitor-General: Howieson Culff
   Other parts played by: Members of the BBC Repertory Company
Repeated 24th November 1952

23rd November 1952
Radio Theatre: "In the Shadow of the Cathedral" by Guy Rawlence (1888-1971) and Denis Constanduros adapted from the book "The Passing Day" (1951) by Guy Rawlence
Produced by William Hughes
The great clock chimes in another day.
   Mrs Payne: Nan Marriott-Watson
   Brenda Payne: Ysanne Churchman
   Canon Armitage: Ernest Jay
   Mrs Armitage: Thea Wells
   Mabel Armitage: Mary Williams
   Bert Wheeler: Hamilton Dyce
   Amy Wheeler: Hester Paton Brown
   Harry Thornton: Geoffrey Bayldon
   Gertrude Gable: Barbara Leake
   Tom Gable: Patrick Troughton
   Florrie Main: Audrey Mendes
   Brigadier Eardley: Richard Williams
   Lt Martin Eardley R N: Derek Hart
   Mrs Eardley: Georgie Henschel
   Mr Bolden: Frank Tickle
   Dr Webb: Hugh Manning
   The Narrator: Robert Harris
Repeated 14th September 1953
[No relation to the play "The Passing Day" by George Shiels]

26th November 1952
Curtain Up! :-Hedda Gabler (1891) by Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906), translation by Edmund Gosse and William Archer, adapted by Lance Sieveking.
Produced By: Val Gielgud (1900-1981)
   George Tesman: Hugh Burden
   Hedda Tesman: Constance Cummings
   Juliana Tesman: Hester Paton Brown
   Mrs Elvsted: Elizabeth London
   Judge Brack: Leslie Perrins
   Eilert Lovborg: Norman Claridge
   Berta: Susan Richards
Repeated 1st December 1952
[Other productions - excluding the Operatic versions-
1950 BBC Home by Frank Hauser
1957 rptd 1958, 1965, 1972 R4 by Donald McWhinnie.
1966 rptd 1967 N3 and 1968 R4 by Charles Lefeaux.
1981 R4 rptd 1983 R3 by John Tydeman.
1998 rptd 2000 R3 by Eoin O'Callaghan.
2013 R4 by Psyche Stott].

30th November 1952
I Passed By Your Window by Rachel Grieve
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
   Addie Turnbull: Margaret Ward
   Philip May: Hugh Manning
   Lillian Harvey: Nan Marriott-Watson
   Margaret Harvey: Audrey Mendes
   Walter Turnbull: Allan Jeayes
   Police Sergeant: Geoffrey Bond
   Sergeant Evans: Aubrey Richards
   Detective Inspector Howard: Garard Green
Repeated 17th August 1953

3rd December 1952
The Devil'S Disciple (1901) by Bernard Shaw (1856-1950), Adapted by Peter Watts.
Produced by Mary Hope Allen
   Narrator: John Richmond
   Mrs Dudgeon: Gladys Young
   Essie: Dorothy Gordon
   Christopher Dudgeon: Denis Goacher
   Antony Anderson: Mark Dignam
   Judith Anderson: Joy Parker
   Uncle William: John Garside
   Uncle Titus: Cyril Luckham
   Richard Dudgeon: Alec Clunes
   Lawyer Hawkins: Malcolm Hayes
   A Sergeant: Stanley Groome
   General Burgoyne: William Devlin
   Major Swindon: Seymour Green
   A Chaplain: Reginald Thorne
Repeated 8th December 1952
[Other productions naming the year, network, producer, the actor playing Judith]:
1951 BBC Home, Peter Walls???, Joan Hart.
1966 rpt 1969, R4, Stewart Conn, Rona Anderson.
1976 rpt 1979, R4, Brian Miller, Lucy Fleming.
2000 rpt 2002, R3, Rosalind Ayres, Cindy Katz]

7th December 1952
The Woman On The Beach by Rex Rienits (1909-1971)
Produced by Raymond Raikes
   A Judge: Cyril Shaps
   Angela Brand: Mary Wimbush
   Mrs Brand: Hester Paton Brown
   Madam Suzette: Patricia Hilliard
   Betsy: Elizabeth London
   Dr John Richborough: Hugh Manning
   Rose Richborough: Mary Williams
   Mr MacSweeney: Tony Quinn
   Mr Todd: Brian Hayes
   Davey Huggins: Ivan Trewin
   Lottie: Virginia Winter

10th December 1952
Mrs. Dane's Defence (1900) by Henry Arthur Jones (1851-1929).
also with Jean Kent (aka Joan Summerfield aka Jean Carr).
No other details found.
[Productions on other dates- without Jean Kent:
Home 1945 Howard Rose;
Home 1951 Hugh Stewart;
Home 1967 David H Godfrey]

11th December 1952
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The New Catacomb by R. J. B. Sellar based on the story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930)
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
   Kennedy: John Slater
   Benchley: John Cazabon
   Mary: Elizabeth London
Repeated 17th May 1955
[Other productions of the Sellar play:
1958 on Light and Home, by R D Smith]

14th December 1952
Hand In Glove by M. R. Barrington
Pianist, Josephine Lee
Produced by Frederick Bradnum
A pianist who can only use one hand.
   Clive Farnley: Michael O'Halloran
   Susan, his wife: Nan Marriott-Watson
   Jane: Elizabeth London
   John: Derek Hart
   Caroline: Virginia Winter
   Isabella: Hester Paton Brown
   Wladimir Wolkow: John Cazabon
   Rebecca Jones: Patricia Hilliard
[This is the only entry in the BBC Program Database for M R Barrington]

15th December 1952
Monday Matinee: The First Mrs. Fraser (1929) by St. John Ervine (1883-1971), adapted by Cynthia Pughe
Production by Martyn C. Webster
   James Fraser: Duncan McIntyre
   Janet Fraser, his first wife: Gladys Young
   Elsie Fraser, his second wife: Belle Chrystall
   Murdo: Tom Fleming
   Ninian: Simon Lack
   Alice: Thea Wells
   Philip Logan: Martin Lewis
   Mabel: Dorothy Smith
Repeated from BBC Home of 5th May 1951.
[Martyn C Webster produced this play several times- the actress playing Elsie is named:
1945, Light and Home, Marjorie Westbury
1948, Light, Catherine Campbell
1967, Home, rpt 1970, R4, Hilda Schroder]

17th December 1952
The Squeaker by Edgar Wallace adapted by Rex Rienits.
Produced By: Norman Wright
   Field: Hamilton Dyce
   First Sub-Editor: Douglas Hayes
   Second Sub-Editor: Aubrey Richards
   Angus Collie: Andrew Faulds
   Millie Trent: Betty Baskcomb
   Tillman: Malcolm Hayes
   Captain John Leslie: Jack Hulbert
   Frank Sutton: Robert Shaw
   Beryl Stedman: Audrey Mendes
   Lewis Friedman: Arthur Ridley
   Police Sergeant: Frank Tickle
   Bill Annerley: Frank Atkinson
   Alphonse: Rupert Davis
   Jim Annerley: Lewis Stringer
   A Reporter: Geoffrey Bond
Repeated 22nd December 1952
[Martyn Webster also produced this play, 7th February 1951, with Gabrielle Blunt as Beryl.]

21st December 1952
Mist Over The Mistletoe by Dan Sutherland, adapted by Giles Cooper (1918-1966)
Produced by Mary Hope Allen (1898-2001)
   Dennis Bramson: Colin Campbell
   Millie Bramson, his mother: Mary William
   Aunt Agatha: Patience Collier
   Barbara Bramson, Millie's daughter: Sulwen Morgan (1928-1981)
   Henry, Millie's brother: Raf de la Torre
   Beryl, Henry's wife: Elizabeth London
   Uncle Tom: Frank Pettingell
   Clifford: Denis Goacher (1925-1998)

22nd December 1952
The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens, based on the screenplay by Noel Langley
With scenes and music from the film soundtrack.
Part 1 of 5: The Pickwickians- the first day's adventures and their consequences
Produced by Thurstan Holland
   Mr Samuel Pickwick: James Hayter
   Mr Alfred Jingle: Nigel Patrick
   Mr Nathaniel Winkle: James Donald
   Mr Augustus Snodgrass: Lionel Murton
   Mr Tracy Tupman: Alexander Gauge
   Mr Wardle: Walter Fitzgerald
   Mrs Leo Hunter: Joyce Grenfell
   Mrs Bardell: Hermione Baddeley
   The Irate Cabman: William Hartnell
   Dr Slammer: Felix Felton
   Dr Slammer's Aide: Max Adrian
   Narrator: Howard Marion-Crawford
Additional actors credited for later parts:
   Dr Slammer: Felix Felton(2)
   Dr Payne: Raymond Lovell(2)
   Walter: Christopher Hodge(2)
   The red-headed man: Brian Haines(2)
   Red-headed man's wife: Olga Dickie(2)
   Mr Wardle: Walter Fitzgerald(2)
   Miss Rachel Wardle: Kathleen Harrison(2)
   Emily Wardle: Diane Hart(2)
   Isabel Wardle: Joan Heal(2)
   Grandma Wardle: Mary Merrall(2)
   The Fat Boy: Gerald Campion(2)
   Mr Perker: Noel Willman(3)
   Sam Weller: Harry Fowler(3)
   Job Trotter: Sam Costa(3)
   Miss Witherfield: Athene Seyler(3)
(No cast list for part 4)
   Tony Weller: George Robey(5)
   Miss Arabella Allen: June Thorburn(5)
   Mr Perker: Noel Willman(5)
   Roker: Howieson Culff(5)
   Jackson: Raf de la Torre(5)
   Mr Dodson: D A Clarke-Smith(5)
   Mr Fogg: Alan Wheatley(5)
Pt2:23/12/52 Pt3:24/12/52 Pt4:25/12/52 Pt5:26/12/52
[This radio series= 5 x30m. The 1952 film with this cast ran for 109 minutes. There was also a 7x30m BBC tv series in 1952 with a different cast.]
[The cinema film released in London 15th November 1952]

24th December 1952
Curtain Up!:- 'The Star In The Snow' by Charles Parker (1919-80)
Music composed and conducted by John Hotchkis
Produced by Raymond Raikes
   Professor Walters: Norman Wooland
   Mrs Adams: Betty Hardy
   Charlie: Danny Rambler
   Ginger: Wilfrid Downing
   Mrs Walters: Patricia Hilliard
   Police Sergeant: Hugh Manning
   Dr Winkel: Norman Shelley
   Dr Spendril: Carleton Hobbs
   First Ace Reporter: Derek Hart
   Big Jim/ Second Ace Reporter: Cyril Shaps
   Newsreel cameraman: Garard Green
Repeated 25th December 1955
[The Charles Parker Trust only list the 1955 broadcast and indicate the play was produced by Charles Parker. In 1952 he had been working for the BBC for just three years.]

24th December 1952
Cabin B.13 by John Dickson Carr
Produced by Peter Watts
   The Man in Black: Valentine Dyall
   Richard: John Glen
   Anne: Elizabeth London
   Dr Heinrich: Anthony Jacobs
   Stewardess: Elsa Palmer
   Marshall: Michael O'Halloran
   Captain Wainwright: Allan Jeayes
Also with Ella Milne, Mary Wimbush, Hugh Manning, Patrick Troughton
[Martyn C Webster also produced the play in 1945 as part of the "Appointment with Fear" series. Cyril Gardiner played Richard.]

25th December 1952
The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan written by Sidney Gilliat and Leslie Baily, adapted from the film soundtrack.
Produced by Thurston Holland.
   W S Gilbert: Robert Morley
   Mrs Gilbert: Isabel Dean
   Arthur Sullivan: Maurice Evans
   Richard D'Oyly Carte: Peter Finch
   Helen D'Oyly Carte: Eileen Herlie
   Mr Marston: Wilfred Hyde White
   Grace Marston: Dinah Sheridan
Singers: Webster Booth, Martin Green, Elsie Morison, Margery Thomas, John Cameron, Gordon Clinton, Owen Brannigan, Harold Williams, Tom Round, Muriel Brunskill, Jennifer Vyvyan, Joan Gillingham. With the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Sir Malcolm Sargent
[A program of this name was produced by Denys Jones, broadcast on BBC Home on 25th May 1953 with an identical cast. "Radio adaptation by Gordon Gow".]
[The film was released in the UK on 7th September 1953]

26th December 1952
Hans Christian Andersen adapted by Gordon Gow from the film sound-track. Writers credited on film: screenplay: Moss Hart; based on a story by: Myles Connolly plus not credited: Ben Hecht
Radio play Produced by Denys Jones
   Hans Christian Andersen(1805-1875): Danny Kaye
   Niels: Farley Granger
   Doro: Jean Maire
   Otto: Philip Tonge
   Schoolmaster: John Brown
   Burgomaster: John Qualen
   Peter, the narrator: Joey Walsh
[This film opened in London on 19th December 1952]

28th December 1952
Cross My Palm by Lester Powell (1912-1993)
Produced by Archie Campbell
   Vivienne St Ledger: Frances Day
   Coleman Stoke: Hamilton Dyce
   Ramon del Fuente: Robert Rietty
   Alastair Croup-Davies: Kenneth Hyde
   Percy: John Turnbull
   Henry, Coleman's chauffeur: Philip Ray
   Maureen: Mary O'Farrell
   Elsa, Vivienne's maid: Irene Prador
   Sergeant Timms: Ian Lubbock
   Newsreader: Michael O'Halloran
[Archie Campbell produced the play again in 1962 with June Tobin as Vivienne; Robert Rietty again played Ramon]

29th December 1952
Monday Matinee: Whiteoaks(1929) by Mazo de la Roche (1879-1961)
Ontario, Canada.
Pianist. Cicely Hoye
Produced by Hugh Stewart
   Finch: Hugh Burden
   Piers: Peter Dyneley
   Aunt Augusta: Gladys Spencer
   Uncle Ernest: Richard Hurndall
   Renny: James McKechnie
   Uncle Nicholas: Gordon McLeod
   Wakefield: Barry McGregor
   Pheasant (Piers wife): Jenny Lovelace
   Adeline Whiteoak: Nancy Price
   Meg: Elizabeth Maude
   Mr Patton: Martin Lewis
   Storyteller: Roger Delgado
Repeated from BBC Home of 16th December 1951.
[Cleland Finn produced a version for BBC Home in 1948]
[Nancy Price appeared on-stage for 2000 performances, from 1936, of Whiteoaks, with a parrot called Boney...]
[The book series "The Whiteoak Chronicles" may be better known as the "Jalna" series of 16 novels.]

31st December 1952
Curtain Up! :- She Stoops To Conquer or The Mistakes of a Night (1771) by Oliver Goldsmith (1728-1774) adapted by Raymond Raikes(1910-1998)
Music composed and conducted by Alfred Reynolds
Produced by Raymond Raikes
Period: 1773
   Mrs Hardcastle: Betty Hardy
   Mr Hardcastle: James Dale
   Tony Lumpkin: Charles Leno
   Kate Hardcastle: Marjorie Westbury
   Constance Neville: Hermione Hannen
   Little Aminadab Tickle: Aubrey Richards
   Jack Slang, the horse doctor: Garard Green
   Tom Twist: Arthur Lawrence
   Dick Muggins, the excise man: Hugh Manning
   Stingo, the landlord: Cyril Shaps
   Young Marlow, son of Sir Charles: John Mills
   George Hastings: Antony Kearey
   Pimple: Sulwen Morgan
   Diggory: John Cazabon
   Sir Charles Marlow: Allan Jeayes
Repeated 5th January 1953


Compiled by Stephen Shaw
October 2022

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