Light Programme, Drama, 1950

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Sunday Cinema- I have not listed programs with short excerpts from a number of films but 45 minute radio adaptions are listed.

Repeats: Best endeavours regarding these- some apparently identical broadcasts may be a new performance with the same cast: a date shown for a repeat below could be a new performance.

There are two gaps in the record, identified below, due to post-war paper shortages.


2nd January 1950
Robbery Under Arms (1888) by Rolf Boldrewood (aka Thomas Browne - 1826-1915) adapted by Rex Rienits (1909-1971)
Pioneer life in Australia in the 1850s
1 of 10:—Terrible Hollow.
Incidental music composed by Kenneth Pakeman played by the Augmented BBC Variety Orchestra. Leader. George Deason. Conductor: Rae Jenkins
Piano: Cicely Hoye
Produced by Archie Campbell
Dick Marston: John Bushelle
Dick Marston (as a boy): Peter Stafford
Jim his younger brother: Don Sharp
Ben Marston: Edward Howell
Mrs Marston: Gwyndolyn Stewart
Aileen her daughter: Beryl McMillan
A prison warder: William Collins
Mr Falkland: Ernest Sefton
Mrs Storefield: Natalie Raine
George Storefield: Tom Lake
First stockman: Arthur Mathers
Second stockman: William Collins
Additional cast in later episodes:
Captain Starlight: Ralph Truman(2)
Warrigal: Charles Stanley(2)
Shearer: Richard Beynon(2)
Billy the Boy: John Wood(3)
Auctioneer: Russell Napier(3)
Mrs Morrison: Dorothy Smith(3)
Jeannie Morrison: Madeleine Howell(3)
Kathie Morrison: Elaine Montgomerie(3)
For cast in episodes 4 onwards please see 23rd January 1950 below.
ep2:9/1/50 ep3:16/1/50 ep4:23/1/50 ep5:30/01/1950 ep6:6/2/50 ep7:13/2/50 ep8:20/2/50 ep9:27/2/1950 ep10:6/3/50

3rd January 1950
Curtain Up!:- His House In Order (1906) by Arthur Wing Pinero (1855-1934) Adapted by Donald B. Edwards
Pianist: Cicely Hoye
Produced by Cleland Finn
Harding: Richard Hurndall
Filmer: Ernest Jay
Geraldine: Lucille Lisle
Hilary Jesson: Ralph Truman
Nina: Margaret Lockwood
Lady Ridgeley: Gladys Young
Mademoiselle Thome: Barbara Shaw
Major Maurewarde: Norman Shelley
Sir Daniel Ridgeley: Laidman Browne
Pryce: Ivan Samson
Dr Dilnott: Charles Leno
Derek: Denise Bryer
Butler: Charles Mortimer
[New production on BBC Home on 24/12/51 with a differing cast produced by Archie Campbell, repeated 23/5/60 and 9/7/62]

4th January 1950
The Riddle Of The Sands by Erskine Childers Adapted by Valentine Dyall
5 of 7: Blindfold to Memmert
Edited by E. J. King Bull
Produced by Frank Hauser
Ep6:11/1/50 Ep7:18/1/50
All 1949/1950 episodes repeated two days later.
[Later R4 production by Jane Morgan, 8th January 1994]

6th January 1950:
Radio Playhouse: The Fall by Stacy Aumonier, Adapted by Felix Felton
Produced by Charles Lefeaux
Storyteller: Howieson Culff
Tourist: Charles Leno
Jules: James McKechnie
Inspector Tolozan: Julian Somers
La Tonnere: Richard Williams
Uncle Sem: Bryan Powley
Clerk: Alastair Duncan
Mossel: Andrew Churchman
Dutchman: Victor Fairlie
Voice: Richard Hurndall
Lancret: Malcolm Hayes
[A new production by Lefeaux with a differing cast on 21/10/58 repeated 25/10/58]
[A later production on R4 by Derek Hoddinott 29/9/76]

9th January 1950
Monday Matinee: The Late Edwina Black by William Dinner (1906-1997) and William Morum (1910-1980)
Winter in the 1890s
Produced by Raymond Raikes
Elizabeth Graham: Catherine Lacey
Ellen, a housekeeper: Beatrice Varley
Henry Martin: Raymond Huntley
Gregory Black: Stephen Murray
Repeated from BBC Home of 7th January 1950.
Repeated on BBC Home on 11th and 13th April 1964, repeated 2nd March 1969..
[The same actresses played Ellen and Elizabeth in the December 1949 tv presentation of this play and in the different tv presentation in December 1950. Henry was listed as the same actor only in the 1949 tv broadcast.]

10th January 1950
Curtain Up!: The Lady With A Lamp (1929) by Reginald Berkeley (1890-1935) Adapted by Peter Watts
Produced by Donald McWhinnie
Mr Nightingale: Cyril Gardiner
Sidney Herbert: Basil Dignam
Lord Palmerston: Carleton Hobbs
Mrs Nightingale: Ella Milne
Elizabeth Herbert: Betty Hardy
Florence Nightingale: Gladys Young
Selina Bracebridge: Jacqueline Thompson
Henry Tremayne: Hugh Manning
Dr Ames: John Arnatt
Corporal: Alastair Duncan
Bamford: Lockwood West
Dr Cumming: Arthur Bush
Dr Sutherland: Ewan Roberts
Nurse: Gladys Spencer
Narrator: Alec Mango
There were broadcasts on 29th June and 1st July 1946, produced by Peter Watts (no cast details)..
In 1970 David Davis produced a version for R4.
There were numerous programs of excerpts from different productions of this play.

13th January 1950
Radio Playhouse: The Dancing Partner (1893) by Jerome K. Jerome (1859-1927). Adapted by Rex Tucker
Produced by Martyn C. Webster
Geibal a toymaker: Raf de la Torre
Olga, his daughter: Marjorie Westbury
Annette: Denise Bryer
Mitzi: Pat Jamblin
Gretchen: Beryl Calder
Wenzel: Lester Mudditt
Fritz: James Thompson
The young men: David Enders, Leslie Heritage and Paul Martin
Repeated 27th January 1950.
[Rex Tucker produced an earlier version on Home in 1944.]
[A differing adaption was produced by Charles Lefeaux for Home in 1963- repeated on R4X in 2017, 2019, 2021.]
[A 15 minute production starring Michael Roberts was broadcast on R7 in 2010 and R4X in 2014]

16th January 1950
Monday Matinee: Musical Chairs by Ronald Mackenzie Adapted by Marianne Helweg
Pianist: Arthur Dulay
Produced by Frank Hauser
Wilhelm Schindler: Stephen Murray
Joseph Schindler: Anthony Jacobs
Irene Baumer: Rita Vale
Mary Preston: Joan Hart
Anna: Irene Prador
Grace Schindler: Gladys Young
Geoffrey Preston: Frank Duncan
Samuel Plagett: Tommy Duggan
Previously broadcast on Home on 14th January 1950.

17th January 1950
Curtain Up! :- Children In Uniform ("Gestern und heute" - 1930) by Christa Winsloe (aka Baroness Christa von Hatvany-Deutsch)(1888-1944) English version by Barbara Burnham, Adapted by Cynthia Pughe
A girls' school after the first world war
Pianist: Gwenn Knight
Produced by Mary Hope Allen
Fraulein von Kesten: Susan Richmond
Johanna: Lucille Lisle
Her Excellency von Ehrenhardt: Olwen Brookes
Manuela: Mai Zetterling
Marga: Molly Maureen
Use: Ursula Hanray
Mia: Ursula Hirst
Edelgard: Ruth Trouncer
Paula: Jill Nyasa
Martha: Beatrice Varley
Fraulein von Bernberg: Lydia Sherwood
Miss Gibson: Bryony Chapman
Mile Alarett: Gladys Spencer
Oda: Beryl Calder
Headmistress: Gladys Young
Jose: Jenny Simpson
Slater Hanni: Molly Rankin
Grand Duchess: Grizelda Hervey
[Earlier production by Mary Hope Allen with a different cast: broadcast 21st (Home) and 23rd (Light) December 1946 - with Patricia Hayes as Marga]
[A later production by John Gibson on Home in 1967, repeated 1971]
[Famously made as a film in 1931:"Madchen in Uniform" which softened the theme, which was reinstated in the 1933 novel "Das Madchen Manuela "]

20th January 1950
Radio Playhouse 'The Case' by John Slater and Roy Plomley(1914-1985)
Production by Cleland Finn
Storyteller: Hamilton Dyce
Charles Martin: John Slater
Mrs Jay: Dorothy Kendal Grimston
George: Norman Pitt
Sydney: Roy Plomley
Lucy: Marjorie Westbury
Henderson: John Turnbull
Also with Alastair Duncan, Charles Leno, Malcolm Hayes and Roy Dean
[Internet sources suggest this program was broadcast on 27/11/45 as episode 5 of Series 6 of "Appointment with Fear". The BBC Programme Index shows that on 27/11/45 the usual time slot was occupied by "From the London Theatre" and this play was omitted.]

23rd January 1950
Monday Matinee: 'The Moonraker' by Arthur Watkyn (aka Arthur Watkins)(1907-1965) , Adapted by Mollie Greenhalgh
Southern England, in the winter of 1651
Produced by Donald McWhinnie
Henry Strangways, landlord of the inn: Stephen Jack
Judith Strangways his wife: Patience Collier
Anne Beaumont: Denise Bryer
Meg Hatton, her maid: Meg Simmons
The Reverend Edmund Tyler: Heron Carvic
Humphrey Parfttt, a Cavalier squire: Martin Lewis
Sergeant Wilcox: Hugh Manning
Trooper Murdoch: Stanley Groome
Trooper Fearon: Bryan Powley
Trooper Brace: Ronald Sidney
Anthony, Lord Dawlish, The Moon Raker: Griffith Jones
Colonel John Beaumont, a Roundhead Staff officer: Richard Williams
First broadcast on BBC Home 21/1/1950.
[There was a production on BBC Light on 2/9/1956, 17.45-19.00, no production details known]

23rd January 1950
'Robbery Under Arms' by Rolf Boldrewood, Adapted by Rex Rienits
4 of 10—'The Prison-Break '
For part one please see 2nd January 1950 above.
Music composed by Kenneth Pakeman and played by the Augmented BBC Variety Orchestra, Conductor, Rae Jenkins
Produced by Archie Campbell
Judge: Joss Ambler
Dick Marston: John Bushelle
Prosecutor: Carleton Hobbs
Gracie Storefield: Joan Hodson
Ben Marston: Edward Howell
Aileen: Beryl McMillan
Auctioneer: Russell Napier
Jim Marston: Don Sharp
Mrs Marston: Gwyndolyn Stewart
Captain Starlight: Ralph Truman
Also with Richard Beynon, William Collins, Victor Maddern, and John Stacey
Actors in later episodes:
Warrigal: Charles Stanley(5)
Bella Barnes: Dorothy Alison(5)
Coach-driver: Richard Beynon(5)
Girl: Mary Daniels(5)
Maddie Barnes: Gwenda Wilson(5)
Bank Manager: Jack Shaw(6)
Trooper: Frank Coburn(6)
Arizona Jim: Donald S Sharpe(6)
Kathie Morrison: Elaine Montgomerie(7)
Billy the Boy: John Wood(7)
For actors in episodes 8-10 please see 20th February 1950 below.
Ep5:30/01/1950 ep6:6/2/50 ep7:13/2/50 ep8:20/2/50 ep9:27/2/1950 ep10:6/3/50

25th January 1950
Curtain Up! :- 'The Barretts Of Wimpole Street' (1930) by Rudolf Besier (1878-1942)
Based on the romance between Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning
Producer: Charles Lefeaux
Narrator: Martin Lewis
Dr. Chambers: John Turnbull
Elizabeth Barrett Moulton-Barrett: Barbara Lott
Wilson: Gladys Spencer
Henrietta Moulton-Barrett: Denise Bryer
Arabel Moulton-Barrett: Margaret Vines
Octavius Moulton-Barrett: Malcolm Hayes
Septimus Moulton-Barrett: Arthur Howard
Charles Moulton-Barrett: David Peel
George Moulton-Barrett: Ronald Sidney
Henry Moulton-Barrett: Roy Findlay
Edward Moulton-Barrett: Andrew Cruickshank
Bella Hedley: Belle Chrystall
Henry Bevan: Richard Hurndall
Robert Browning: Robert Harris
Captain Surtees-Cook: Anthony Jacobs
[A later production by Martyn C Webster in 1952]
[A later production by Archie Campbell on R4 in 1972, repeated 1975, 1991]

30th January 1950
Monday Matinee: Inquest (1931) by Michael Barringer (1884-1954)
A barrister acts to defend a widow.
Produced by Wilfrid Grantham
Richard Hanning: Patrick Waddington
Mrs Wyatt: Joan Clement Scott
Margaret Hamilton: Grizelda Hervey
Norman O'Neale: D A Clarke-Smith
Coroner: J Hubert Leslie
Detective-Inspector Mullin: Eric Lugg
Sir Denton Hulme: Richard Hurndall
Dr MacFarlane: Frederick Allen
William Trelease: Philip Wade
Isaac Owen: Pat Aza
Also with Frank Cochrane, Roger Delgado, Preston Lockwood, Andrew Churchman, Ella Milne, and Catherine Campbell
[This was the first play performed at The Windmill in London, in 1931]

31st January 1950
Mr. Hartington Died Tomorrow by Lewis Middleton Harvey (=Francis Durbridge), Edited by Martyn C. Webster (1902-1983)
1 of 8.
Produced by David H. Godfrey
Gail Howard: Catherine Campbell
Peter London: Peter Coke
Divisional Inspector O'Hara: Tommy Duggan
Louis Cheyne: Hamilton Dyce
Charlie: Jon Farrell
Margaret Freeman: Grizelda Hervey
Waiter: Charles Leno
Sergeant Moore: John McClaren
Dallas Shale: Douglass Montgomery
Julius Markham: Leo de Pokorny
Doctor/ Ald.Love: Bryan Powley
Sam Livinsky: Ian Sadler
Doris Charleston: Rita Vale
Campbell Mansfield: Richard Williams
Additional actors in later parts:
Mary Brampton: Elizabeth Maude (2)
Maisie: Janet Morrison(3)
Joe Francinio: Roger Snowdon(3)
Jock Reid: Duncan McIntyre(3)
Tom Love: Richard Hurndall(3)
Leo Bartlett: Ivan Samson(4)
Mr Regan: MacDonald Parke(4)
Spencer: Eddy Reed(5)
Sylvester: Alastair Duncan(5)
Sergeant Dane: John Drexler(6)
Henry K Hammerston: Frank Coburn(6)
Dr Latimer: John Richmond(6)
First radio announcer: Warren Stanhope(6)
Second radio announcer: Preston Lockwood(6)
For actors in parts 7 and 8 please see 14th March 1950 below.
Pt2:7/2/50 Pt3:14/2/50 Pt4:21/2/50 Pt5:28/2/50 Pt6:7/3/50 Pt7:14/3/50 Pt8:21/3/50
All 1950 episodes repeated after 3 days.
[There was a 1942 production on BBC Home by Val Gielgud as 8x 30 mins and also a very short abridged version of 60 mins]

1st February 1950
Curtain Up! : The Great Adventure (1913) by Arnold Bennett (1843-1931). Adapted by Martyn C. Webster
London before WW1.
Produced by Martyn C. Webster
Ilam Carve, an illustrious painter: Edward Chapman
Albert Shawn his valet: Charles Leno
Janet Cannot, a widow: Dorothy Smith
Dr Pascoe: Laidman Browne
Cyrus Carve Ilam's cousin: Patrick Waddington
Father Love: Allan McClelland
Honoria Love: Marjorie Mars
Ebag a picture dealer: Edgar Norfolk
Lord Leonard Alcar an art patron: Ellis Chesney
Texel an American millionaire: MacDonald Parke
Also with Richard Gatehouse, Archie Angus, Nan Marriott Watson, Allan Cuthbertson, Peter Jackson
[There was a later production by Hugh Stewart in 1960 on BBC Home; Stewart also produced a separate version for BBC Home in 1944]
[Based on the 1908 novel "Buried Alive"]

6th February 1950
Monday Matinee: To Have And To Hold by Lionel Brown (1888-1964)
Produced by David H. Godfrey
Brian Harding: Anthony Hawtrey
June Harding: Diana King
Max Harding: Tommy Duggan
Sir Robert de Winter: Ivan Brandt
Roberta de Winter: Olwen Brookes
Peggy Harding: Diana Maddox
Cyril: Charles Leno
Martha: Elsa Palmer
Jenkins: Andrew Churchman
Repeated from 20th (Light) and 23rd (Home) July 1949; also broadcast on BBC Home 4th February 1950.

8th February 1950
Curtain Up! :-"The Seer" by Harold Stewart; and
"Marigold" by L. Allen Harker and F. R. Pryor
Plays produced in the BBC's Scottish studios by James Crampsey
[No separate details for the two titles.]
[Music was later added to the play Marigold turning it into a musical].

13th February 1950
Monday Matinee 'Poison Pen' by Richard Llewellyn (aka Richard Herbert Vivian Lloyd) (1906-1983) Adapted by Gethyn Stoodley Thomas
Produced by Dafydd Gruffydd.
BBC Wales.
Rev John Rainrider: Carleton Hobbs
Phryne Rainrider,his sister: Gladys Young
Rose Rainrider,his daughter: Barbara Cole
Malcolm McCleod, Rose's fiance: Noel Johnson
Mrs Jenkins, house-keeper: Rachel Thomas
Richards, the sexton: Prysor Williams
Colonel Cashelton: Arthur Phillips
Mrs Cashelton: Vera Meazey
Inspector Davies: Ivor Maddox
Mr Fullergrave: Bernard O'Brien
Sam Harris: David Close-Thomas
Len Griffin: Jack James
Connie Jones: Evelyn Williams
Mrs Reynolds: Dilys Davies
Mrs Evans: Madge Jones
[Previously broadcast on BBC Home on 2nd July 1949 and 11th February 1950]
[There was a later production by Herbert Davies on BBC Home in 1965]

15th February 1950
Curtain Up!: 'Eleven Men And True' by Janet Green
Afternoon soccer.
Produced by Cleland Finn
Syd (Right half): Frederick Bennett
Charlie (Right full back): Geoffrey Bond
Reg (Left full back): Michael Harding
Bart (Inside right): Geoffrey Lewis
Jim (Left wing): Donald Gray
Fleecy (Centre half): Leslie Heritage
Boy (Inside left): Dafydd Havard
Arnold (Goalkeeper): Rolf Lefebvre
Leslie (Centre forward): John Slater
Tom (Left half): Eric Lugg
Paddy (Right wing): Stanley Beard
Ginger (Reserve): Donald Barclay
Dr Margaret: Joan Hart
Alice (Paddys' wife): Margaret Vines
Mac (a Scots reporter): Duncan McIntyre
Mum (Boy's mother): Susan Richards
Old Man White (Fleecy's father): Laidman Browne
Ben (Landlord): Charles Lamb
June (his daughter): June Spencer
Old Fred: Bryan Powley
Commentator: Raymond Glendenning
Phyllis: Denise Bryer
also with Harry Hutchinson and Martin Lewis

20th February 1950
Monday Matinee: 'George and Margaret' (1937) by Gerald Savory (1909-1996), Adapted by Walter Murray
Produced by Martyn C. Webster
Gladys: Meg Simmons
Malcolm Garth-Bander: Ivan Samson
Alice Garth-Bander: Joyce Barbour
Dudley: Allan McClelland
Frankie: Denise Bryer
Claude: Andrew Faulds
Roger: Leslie Heritage
Beer: Joan Clement Scott
Previously broadcast on BBC Home 18th February 1950

20th February 1950
Robbery Under Arms (1888) by Rolf Boldrewood (aka Thomas Browne - 1826-1915) adapted by Rex Rienits (1909-1971)
For episode one please see 2nd January 1950 above.
8 of 10: The Big Hold-Up
Produced By: Archie Campbell
Dick Marston: John Bushelle
Jim Marston: Don Sharp
Ben Marston: Edward Howell
Captain Starlight: Ralph Truman
Warrigal: Charles Stanley
Billy the Boy: John Wood
Bella Barnes: Dorothy Alison
Maddie Barnes: Gwenda Wilson
Dan Moran/Counsel: Russell Napier
Pat Burke: James Page
Aileen Marston: Beryl McMillan
Mrs Whitman: Gwen Day-Burroughs
Miss Falkland: Wendy Gibb
Also with Bryan Matheson, Arthur Mathers, Richard Beynon, and Joss Ambler
Additional actors in parts 9 and 10:
Gracie Storefield: Joan Hodson(9)
Kathie Morrison: Elaine Montgomerie(10)
Sir Ferdinand Morringer: Charles Maunsell(10)
Aileen Marston: Beryl McMillan(10)
Judge: Jack Shaw(10)
Warder: William Collins(10)
George Storefleld: Tom Lake(10)
Also with Ray Sherry(10)
ep9:27/2/1950 ep10:6/3/50

22nd February 1950
Curtain Up! :- 'The Dover Road' (1921) by A. A. Milne (1882-1956). Adapted by Cynthia Pughe
Romance may dull when people in love start spending prolonged time together.
Produced by Martyn C. Webster
Mr Latimer: Jack Hulbert
Leonard: David Enders
Anne: Belle Chrystall
Eustasia: Marjorie Westbury
Nicholas: John Byron
Dominic: Arthur Ridley
[There was an earlier production by Martyn C Webster on BBC Home in 1944]
[There was a later production by Charles Lefeaux in 1955. then another production by Norman Wright in 1962]

27th February 1950
Monday Matinee: 'Corinth House' by Pamela Hansford Johnson (1912-1981)
Production by E. J. King Bull
Miss Malleson: Gladys Young
Nora: Ella Milne
Mrs Beauclerc: Vivienne Chatterton
Miss Figgis: Violet Gould
Mrs Heysham: Adza Vincent
Major Shales: D A Mehan
Madge Donnythorpe: Patricia Laffan
Repeated from BBC Home, 28/3/49, 25/2/50

1st March 1950:
Curtain Up!: 'Choir Practice' by Cliff Gordon
Music by George Frederic Handel
Organ: Maurice Vinden
BBC Chorus Conducted by Leslie Woodgate
Augmented BBC Revue Orchestra Conducted by Frank Cantell
South Wales
Produced by Gordon Crier (1912-1984)
Gwen Jones: Curigwen Lewis (1905-1992)
Gwynneth Gwyther: Maudie Edwards
Mary Gwyther: Madoline Thomas
Llewellyn, the choir: Ivor Novello
David Morris: Trefor Jones
Wynford Davies: Edward Palmer
Marged Davies: Betty Bucknelle
Olwen Davies: Glynis Johns
James Lloyd: Elwyn Brook-Jones
Mair Lloyd: Rachael Thomas
Cliff Lloyd: Emrys Jones
Rev Idris Griffith: Mervyn Johns
A gentle miner: Cliff Gordon
A fierce miner: John Glyn Jones
A negative miner: Harry Parry
Seth: Edward Rees
Iestyn Morgan: Tom Williams
Miners, villagers, etc: St. David'S Singers
Repeated from BBC Home 7/3/46; Broadcast on BBC Light 10/3/46; Repeated on BBC Home 27/12/55;
Repeated on BBC Radio 3 3/5/76- 45 minute version
[Also filmed in 1952 as "Valley of Song" which included Mervyn Jones, Madoline Thomas, John Glyn Jones, -and Kenneth Williams]

6th March 1950
Monday Matinee: Shooting Star by Basil Thomas
When football traded its players as goods- before players received any benefit from transfers.
Produced by William Hughes
BBC Midland
Mary Rowlings: Mary Wimbush
Lulu Smith: Vanda Godsell
Beryl Armstrong: Margaret Godwin
Wells: Colin Laurence
Mavis Pink: Mary Colburn
Ned Rutter: Desmond Tester
Ralph Blake: Wilfred Babbage
Joseph Lawson: Arthur Young
Jack Bannerman: Geoffrey Lewis
Skid Evans: Leslie Yeo
Ben Woodhall: Harry Oakes
Sir Julius: Tony Steedman
Repeated from BBC Home 4th March 1950

8th March 1950
Curtain Up! The Truth Game (1929) by Ivor Novello (writing as "H.E.S Davidson")(1893-1951), Adapted by Mollie Greenhalgh
Production by Hugh Stewart
Max Clement: Ivor Novello
Rosine Browne: Vanessa Lee
Sir George Kelvin: Howieson Culff
Harris: Susan Richards
Evelyn Brandon: Ivy St Helier
James Hubbard: Charles Leno
The Lady Joan Culver: Fabia Drake
Sir Joshua Grimshaw: Edgar K Bruce
Vera Crombie: Maidie Andrews
Repeated on BBC Home 25 and 27/3/1961
[No connection with the 1972 play by Derek Hoddinott]

13th March 1950
Monday Matinee: Holdfast by A. G. Street, Adapted by Denis Constanduros
Produced by Owen Reed
Phil Ferris: George Holloway
Ralph Carpenter: John Witty
Phoebe Carpenter: Jane Barrett
Mary Ferris: Gwen Howell
Eliza Brice: Ethel Coleridge
Major Patrick Friend: Alastair Duncan
Bob Allard: Douglas Horner
Kathleen Judd: Patricia Frowd
Repeated from BBC Home 11th March 1950

14th March 1950
Mr. Hartington Died Tomorrow by Lewis Middleton Harvey, Edited by Martyn C. Webster
Part 7 of 8.
Please see 31st January 1950 (above) for episode one.
Produced by David H. Godfrey
Dallas Shale: Douglass Montgomery
Campbell Mansfield: Richard Williams
Julius Markham: Leo de Pokorny
Margaret Freeman: Grizelda Hervey
Doris Charleston: Rita Vale
Gail Howard: Catherine Campbell
Peter London: Peter Coke
Charlie: Jon Farrell
Otto Stultz: Eric Lugg
H W Harringford: Duncan McIntyre
Also with Hamilton Dyce, Janet Morrison, Warren Stanhope, Preston Lockwood, Alastair Duncan and Peter Claughton
Additional cast in episode 8:
Louis Cheyne: Hamilton Dyce
Detective Inspector O'Hara: Tommy Duggan
Dr Team: Gordon Tanner
Episode 8: 21/3/1950.
All 1950 episodes repeated after 3 days

22nd March 1950
Curtain Up! : The Night Of The Twenty-Seventh by Edward J. Mason (1912-1971)
A dinner party attended by Dick Barton, Dr. and Mrs. Dale, The Man in Black, Philip Odell, P.C. 49 and Paul and Steve Temple.
Produced by Martyn C. Webster (1902-1983)
(No cast list published)
First broadcast 27th December 1949.

27th March 1950
Monday Matinee: A Writ For Libel by Hesketh Pearson (1887-1964) and Colin Hurry, Adapted by Peggy Wells
Produced by Charles Lefeaux
Donald Harting: David Peel
Doris Harting: Joan Matheson
John Brownneld: Richard Hurndall
Annie: Betty Baskcomb
Mr Wemyss: Duncan McLntvre
Mrs Rydal: Barbara Couper
Mr Climping: John Turnbull
Sir Kenneth Oakley: Laidman Browne
Previously broadcast on BBC Home 25th March 1950.
[This play is the sole credit in the BBC Programme Index for Colin Hurry]

28th March 1950
We, The Condemned by Alan Burgess
Germany in 1949 and the refugees in the camps.
Produced By: Alan Burgess
Ellen: Rosamund John
Hiram: MacDonald Parke
Mrs Trindledale: Natalie Lynn
Angus: Peter Claughton
Angela: Tucker McGuire
The Major: Donald Bissett
Jeanette: Betty Linton
Ed Trindledale: Jack Lester
Interpreter: Bernard Rebel
Escort Officer: Gerik Schjelderup
Polish woman: Eva Borotska
Repeated from BBC Home of 30th December 1949.
[No connection with the later books with this title]

29th March 1950
Curtain Up! : To What Red Hell (1928) by Percy Robinson (1881-1951), adapted by Mollie Greenhalgh
Produced by Paul O'Loughlin
Mrs Ellis: Gladys Spencer
Inspector Jackson: Howieson Culff
Constable Hicks: Ronald Sidney
Mrs Nolan: May Carey
Tim Nolan: Robert Dawson
Michael Allan: Frank Coburn
Harold Fairfield: Frederick Peisley
Thomas Fairfield: Stanley Groome
George Hope: Richard Hurndall
Nichols: John Turnbull
Mrs Driscoll: Ella Milne
Father Collins: Harry Hutchinson
Dr Barton: Hamilton Dyce
Madge: Denise Bryer
[There was an earlier production by Hugh Stewart 21st and 23rd June 1947.]
[The author was better known as a cricketer]

3rd April 1950
Monday Matinee: Daughters Of The Parsonage by Denis Constanduros (1910-1978)
Produced by Owen Reed
BBC West of England
The Rev Herbert Lovell: George Holloway
Sibyl Bamfleld, elder daughter: Curigwen Lewis
Esther Lovell, younger daughter: Isabel Dean
Sidney Lovell his son: Peter Coke
Alec Sumner: Harold Reesa
George Hardwick: Michael Hordern
Mrs Trundle: Ella Milne
Detective-Sergeant Rogers: Bob Arnold
First broadcast on BBC Home 1st April 1950

4th April 1950
Love From Leighton Buzzard by Lester Powell (1912-1993)
1 of 8:—'Mother is Worried!
A Philip Odell serial
Produced By: Archie Campbell
Philip Odell: Robert Beatty
Heather McMara: Joyce Heron
Syd Buxter: Roy Plomley
Carlo Pinzini: Robert Rietty
Mrs Melvin: Nora Nicholson
Ella: Olive Kirby
Receptionist: Marjorle Westbury
An actor: Jack Williams
Additional actors in later episodes:
Dickie Penn: Peter Lindsay(2)
Grogan: James Page(2)
Doorkeeper: Stanley Groome(2)
Cab Sled Driver: Charles Leno(2)
Anna: Miriam Karlin(2)
Mack Curran: Jack Stewart(3)
Martin Caradoc: Robert Urquhart(3)
Police Inspector: Howieson Culff(3)
Sergeant Carter: Leslie Heritage(3)
Police Surgeon: Duncan McIntyre(3)
Margot Caradoc: Rita Vale (4)
A waiter: Roger Delgado(5)
Funfair barker: David Kossoff(6)
Cab driver: Ronald Sidney(6)
Girl in cafe: Betty Baskcomb(6)
For actors in parts 7 and 8 please see 16/5/50 below.
Part2:11/4/50 Part3:18/4/50 Part4:25/4/50 Part5:2/5/50 Part6:9/5/50 Part7:16/5/50 Part8:23/5/50
All 1950 parts (EXCEPT Pt1) were repeated three days later
[There were 7 separate Odell serials commencing 1947, 1948, 1950, 1952, 1958(x2),1961 ]

5th April 1950
Curtain Up! : The Concert by Joseph Schull
Singer and guitarist: Mervyn Peterson
A blind girl is attracted by his voice. Will his appearance disappoint when revealed to her?
Produced by Paul O'Loughlin
Mrs Kevin: Aletha Orr
Jennings: Bernard Braden
Daniel Kevin: Robert Alban
Stand'ish: Arthur Hill
Anne: Barbara Kelly
A nurse: Catherine Campbell
Mother: Gwen Day Burroughs
Father: MacDonald Parke
Jennie: Janet Morrison
Taxi driver: Jon Farrell
Radio voice: John Byron
French voice: Roger Delgado
Repeated 26th June 1950
Also broadcast on BBC Home 29th May 1950

12th April 1950
Curtain Up! :- 'The Immortality Club' by Monckton Hoffe (1880-1951)
Produced by Martyn C. Webster
The New Member: Douglass Montgomery
Queen Victoria: Anna Neagle
Storyteller: Monckton Hoffe
[The title was applied to several different stories- at least 5 between 1942 and 1950- written by Hoffe and produced by various producers]
[Not related to book with same title by D Emerick]

17th April 1950:
Monday Matinee 'Smith' by W. Somerset Maugham, Adapted by Peggy Wells
Produced by Cleland Finn
Thomas Freeman: Jack Hulbert
Rose Dallas-Baker: Margaret Inglis
Emily Chapman: Grizelda Hervey
Cynthia Rosenburg: Violet Loxley
Algernon Peppercorn: Anthony Adam
Smith: Dorothy Smith
Herbert Dallas-Baker K C: Peter Creswell
Fletcher: John Slater
Repeated from BBC Home 15th April 1950
[Jack Hulbert also played Thomas in the 1949 TV version]

19th April 1950
Curtain Up! :- Grand Hotel (1929) by Vicki Baum (Hedwig Baum)(1888-1960); Adapted by Peggy Wells from the stage version (1931) by Edward Knoblock (1874-1945)
Produced by Cleland Finn
Dr Otternschlag: Hamilton Dyce
Hall porter: John Turnbull
Witte, Grusinskaja's musical director: Arthur Ridley
Baron von Gaigern: Robert Harris
Boy: David Page
Otto Kringelein: Eliot Makeham
Madame Grusinskaja: Sonia Dresdel
Suzanne, Grusinskaja's maid and dresser: Ella Milne
Flaemmchen: Isabel Dean
Director Preysing: Frank Pettingell
Councillor Zinuowitz: Charles Lefeaux
Chambermaid: Dorothy Smith
Gerstenkorn: Bryan Powley
Girl: Joan Matheson
[Original title "Menschen im Hotel"]
[The 1932 film was based on an American stage version by W A Drake]

24th April 1950
Monday Matinee: Mary Read (1934) by James Bridie (1888-1951) and Claud Gurney (1897-1946), adapted by Peggy Wells
Bath, 1712:
Producer: Mary Hope Allen
Captain Woodes-Rogers: John Arnatt
Second pirate: Martin Benson
Chaplain: Frank Cochrane
Landlord: Basil Dignam
First pirate: Peter Garstin
Edward Earle: Seymour Green
Trooper Snyde: Michael Godfrey
Ann Bonny: June Holden
A slut: Lucille Lisle
Captain Rackham: Gordon McLeod
A sailor: Patrick MacNee
Captain Tappit: John Richmond
Mary Read: Flora Robson
Captain Spanner: Harold Scott
Anabaptist: Ronald Sidney
Recruiting Sergeant/Third pirate: George Skillan
Dick Corner: Roger Snowden
Troop-Sergeant Casey/Trumpet: Charles E Stidwill
Mrs Amber: Dorothy Summers
Mrs Read: Adza Vincent
Cicely/A barmaid:: Margaret Vines
Old Mrs Read: Gladys Young
Repeated from BBC Home 22/4/1950

1st May 1950
Monday Matinee: Silence In Heaven by Lance Sieveking (1896-1972)
Produced by Cleland Finn
Stanley Binstock: Norman Shelley
Fanny Binstock: Gladys Young
George Binstock: Alan Reid
Daphne Binstock: Joan Hart
Charles Ransome: Campbell Singer
Francis Hatton: Rolf Lefebvre
Henry Hatton: Alastair Duncan
Tarquineo: George Bradford
Mr Goss: Bryan Powley
Mossgrove: Terence Soall
Repeated from BBC Home 29th April 1950.
[There was an earlier production by the same producer, with a different cast on BBC Home 14th March 1949- Francis Hatton was played by Charles Leno]

3rd May 1950
Curtain Up ! :- The Price Of Wisdom by Lionel Brown
Producer: David H. Godfrey
Mary Temple: Avice Landone
Jane Temple: Catherine Campbell
Colonel Eyton: Anthony Hawtrey
Alfred Byng: Philip Stainton
Peter Frank: Richard Hurndall
Bonny: Ella Milne
Cook: Margaret Vines
[ David Godfrey made a second production for BBC Home, aired 19/4/52- with Howard Marion Crawford as Col Eyton, and Margaret Ward as Mary Temple ]

7th May 1950
Sunday Cinema: The Happiest Days of Your Life (1947) by John Dighton (1909-1989), adapted for film (1950) by John Dighton and Frank Launder, adapted for radio from the film sound-track by Desmond Carrington (1926-2017)
The amalgamation of a boys school and a girls school.
Produced by Thurstan Holland
Wetherby Pond: Alastair Sim
Muriel Whitchurch: Margaret Rutherford
Victor Hyde-Brown: Guy Middleton
Miss Gossage: Joyce Grenfell
Miss Jezzard: Muriel Aked
Miss Harper: Bernadette O'Farrell
Richard Tassell: John Bentley
Arnold Billings: Richard Wattis
Conrad Matthews: John Turnbull
Angela Parry: Pat Owens
Rainbow, the storyteller: Edward Rigby
Repeated on BBC Home on 30th January 1951.
[Other radio versions:
by Ayton Whitaker, 1952 (BBC Home) rptd 1953 (BBC Light) with Nicholas Parsons as Rainbow.
By Joe Burroughs in 1965 for BBC Home with Peter Claughton as Rainbow;
by Ian Cotterell in 1979, for BBC R4, rpt 1991, with Fred Bryant as Rainbow]

8th May 1950
Monday Matinee: Out Of This Wood by John Mark, Adapted by Mollie Greenhalgh
At a secondary school.
Production by Dion Antony
Jane Norman, staff: Margaret Dewhurst
Dick Hathaway, a farmer: Antony Kearey
Miss Carrie Adams, staff: Violet Gould
Mr Scott Director of Education: Deryck Guyler
John Charles Harding, headmaster: Richard Hurndall
Mr Potts, staff: John Turnbull
Ann Mason, school secretary: Violet Loxley
Mrs Stokes, Harding's housekeeper: Beatrice Varley
Repeated from BBC Home 6th May 1950.
[Not related to the play by Robert Gittings]

10th May 1950
Curtain Up!:- The Wings Of The Wind by Lester Powell (1912-1993)
Produced by Martyn C. Webster
Christopher Morland: Douglass Montgomery
Susan Morland: Rita Vale
Mary Morland: Marjorie Westbury
Stephen Tallis: Anthony Jacobs
J Tennyson Palfrey: John Turnbull
Also with Dorothy Smith, Elizabeth Maude, Donald Gray, Arthur Ridley, Charles Leno, Spencer Hale, Duncan Mclntyre, Ernest Sefton and Roger Delgado

15th May 1950
Monday Matinee: Come To The Stolen Waters by B. A. Young (1912-2001)
Produced by Peter Watts
Jane Sanborn: Patricia Field
Mrs Sanborn her mother: Elsa Palmer
Mr Sanborn, her father: Valentine Dyall
Karl Brauer: David Peel
Colin Tyrrell: David Enders
Dr Follett: Duncan McIntyre
Repeated from BBC Home of 13th May 1950.
[There was a different production on BBC Home on 7th November 1949- identical credits except Mr Sanborn was played by Gordon McLeod]
[The title is from a poem by A E Houseman - No 22 from 'More Poems' (1936)]

16th May 1950
Love From Leighton Buzzard by Lester Powell
7 of 8: 'No Time to Stand and Stare'
For episode one please see 4th April 1950 above.
Produced by Archie Campbell
Philip Odell: Robert Beatty
Heather McMara: Joyce Heron
Syd Buxter: Roy Plomley
Carlo Pinzini: Robert Rietty
Mrs Melvin: Nora Nicholson
Martin Caradoc: Robert Urquhart
Margot Caradoc: Rita Vale
Grace Weston: Anne Cullen
Police Inspector: Howieson Culff
Additional actors in part 8:
Sergeant Carter: Leslie Heritage
A constable: Roger Delgado
All 1950 parts (EXCEPT Pt1) were repeated three days later

17th May 1950
Curtain Up! :- It Always Rains On Sunday by Arthur La Bern (1909-1990), Adapted by Lester Powell (1912-1993)
An escaped convict tries to hide out.
Mouth organ: Sydney Shaw
Produced by Archie Campbell
(BBC recording)
Rose Sandigate: Googie Withers
Tommy Swann: Alastair Duncan
Vi Sandigate: Betty Baskcomb
Doris Sandigate: Patricia Field
George Sandigate: Edgar K Bruce
Alfie Sandigate: John Cavanah
'Slopey' Collins: Malcolm Hayes
Morrie Hyams: David Kossoff
Sadie Hyams: Miriam Karlin,
Bill Hawkins: Frank Coburn
Detective-Sergeant Fothergill: Stanley Groome
Editor/Landlord: Hamilton Dyce
A customer: Doris Gilmore
Edie: Christine Adrian
Stallholder: Gladys Spencer
Street traders, etc., Victor Maddern, Frank Coburn
[The incidentaL music by Georges Auric, from the 1947 film, was frequently played on Radio 3.]

22nd May 1950
Monday Matinee: A Play For Ronnie by Warren Chetham Strode (1896-1974) Adapted by Gordon McConnel
Produced by Peter Watts
Ralph Dickie: Michael Hordern
Sam: Bryan Powley
Helen Dugdale, Ralph's sister: Noel Hood
Agnes Thornton, alias Frances Dodd: Elsa Palmer
Mike Thornton her son: David Enders
Dr David Thornton her husband: Valentine Dyall
Angela Thornton her daughter: Beryl Calder
Bertha: Evelyn Moore
Sir Ronald Ronson: Dennis Arundell
Repeated from BBC Home of 20th May 1950

24th May 1950
Curtain Up!:- 'Pink String And Sealing Wax' by Roland Pertwee (1885-1963)
[BBC Programme Index gives no other information, no director or cast details available.]
[This could be the version broadcast 13 and 15/6/59 on BBC Home, adapted by Denis Lea, or possibly the version broadcast on BBC Home on 19/2/44, adapted by Muriel Pratt]
[There was also a version adapted by Peggy Wells on BBC Home on 14 and 15/5/1966]

30th May 1950
The War Of The Worlds by H. G. Wells, adapted by Jon Manchip White
1 of 6: ' The Red Planet'
Producer: David H. Godfrey
Nicholson: Anthony Hawtrey
Ogilvy: Peter Coke
Stent: Deryck Guyler
Holroyd: Stanley Groome
Dora Nicholson: Dorothy Green
First boy: Ursula Hirst
Second boy: Brian Weske
Additional actors in later episodes:
Lieutenant: Manning Wilson(2)
Also with: David Kossoff, Alan Reid, Basil Jones (2)
Colonet: Laidman Browne(3)
Corporal: Lewis Stringer(3)
Old gentleman: J Hubert Leslie(3)
Parson: Raf de la Torre(4)
First spokesman: Hamilton Dyce(5)
Second spokesman: Howieson Culft(5)
Man: Ronald Sidney(6)
Girl: Joan Hart(6)
Broadcast dates:
1st and 2nd broadcast: weekly from 30/5/50 with second broadcast 3 days after the 1st.
3rd broadcast: weekly from 22/9/50 on BBC Home

31st May 1950
Curtain Up: Twelve O'Clock High by Sy Bartlett and Beirne Lay, Jnr., Adapted by John Watt
To win the war the group must be built into a team.
Produced by Archie Campbell and Paul O'Loughlin
General Savage: Gregory Peck
Major Stovall: Ben Lyon
Colonel Davenport: Robert Beatty
Lieut-Col Ben Gately: Christopher Kane
General Pritchard: Charles Parrell
Sgt McIllhenny: Alexander Gray
Captain (Doc) Kaiser: Guy Kingsley Poynter
Major Cobb: Reed de Rouen
Lieut Bishop: Lyndon Brook
Nurse: Helen Backlin
Lieut Wilson: Austin Willis
Lieut Zimmerman: Ronan O'Casey
Lieut Birdwell: Philip Vickers
Repeated on BBC Home 1st December 1951.

4th June 1950:
Sunday Cinema: Champagne for Caesar by Hans Jacoby and Frederick Brady, Adapted from the film sound track by Desmond Carrington.
Win the quiz show - bankrupt the sponsor...
Produced by Thurstan Holland
with Ronald Colman, Celeste Holm, Barbara Britton, Vincent Price, Barbara Britton and Art Linkletter

5th June 1950
The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1925) by Frederick Lonsdale (1881-1954), Adapted by Peggy Wells
Pianist: Cicely Hoye
Produced by Archie Campbell
A singer: Phyllis Harding
Charles, a butler: William Kendall
George, a footman: Sam Kydd
Lady Joan Houghton: Catherine Campbell
Lady Mary Sindlay: Peggy Thorpe-Bates
Hon Willie Wynton: Geoffrey Sumner
Lady Frinton (Maria): Grizelda Hervey
Lord Dilling (Arthur): Richard Hurndall
Lord Pilco: Richard Williams
Mrs Cheyney: Googie Withers
Mrs Bailey, cousin to Lord Dilling: Louise Hampton
Roberts, her butler: Frank Atkinson

7th June 1950
Curtain Up! :- 'Miranda' by Peter Blackmore (1909-1984), Adapted by John Billing
Miranda was a young lady with something extra.
Produced by Martyn C. Webster
Miranda Trewella: Genine Graham
Betty: Denise Bryer
Isobel: Daphne Maddox
Lady Marten: Isabel Dean
Sir Paul Marten: Peter Coke
Charles: Stanley Beard
Nurse Carey: Vivienne Chatterton
Nigel: Richard Hurndall
[Made into a 1948 film with Glynis Johns and Googie Withers. There was also a 1949 live BBC TV broadcast with Peggy Simpson.]

12th June 1950
Monday Matinee: 'The Bridge Of Estaban' by Arthur Swinson (1915-1970)
A small Spanish village during the Peninsular War (1807-1814)
Produced by Wilfrid Grantham
Dona Fernanda: May Agate
Currita: Olive Gregg
Father Jose: John Ruddock
Senora Maria, daughter of Dona Fernanda: Miriam Lehmann
Pedro: Roger Delgado
Captain Renee Legrand: Godfrey Kenton
Corporal: Duncan McIntyre
Lt Col Boosbeck: Eric Anderson
Lt General Picton: Howard Marion-Crawford
Don Julian: Charles Lefeaux
Repeated from BBC Home 10th June 1950

14th June 1950
Curtain Up! :- Claudia by Rose Franken (1895-1988), Adapted by Peter Franklin
Produced by Martyn C. Webster
Mrs Brown: Gladys Young
David Naughton: Michael Denison
Claudia Naughton: Dulcie Gray
Bertha: Joan Clement Scott
Fritz: Edward Forsyth
Jerry Seymour: Denis Webb
Madam Daruscha: Vivienne Chatterton
Julia Naughton: Catherine Campbell
Repeated from 2nd March 1949
[There were eight Claudia books, two films, a U.S. tv series, two U.S. radio series, and a Broadway play]

19th June 1950
Monday Matinee:- The Unguarded Hour (1935) by Bernard Merivale (1882-1939) adapted by Peggy Wells
Production by Martyn C. Webster
Pewson: Arthur Ridley
Col William Mason: Ivan Samson
Lady Dearden: Marjorie Mars
Sir Francis Dearden, K C: James McKechnie
Metcalfe: Charles Leno
Lady Henningway: Joan Hart
Lord Henningway: Howard Rose
Sir Thomas Grainger: John Byron
Inspector Wallace: Geoffrey Lewis
Diana Lewis: Catherine Campbell
Sergeant Atkins: Spencer Hale
Repeated from BBC Home of 27th May 1950.
[Martyn Webster also produced an earlier version in 1948 with a differing cast apart from three characters.]
[There was also a 1945 production by Fred O'Donovan broadcast on the Light and Home services.]
[There was a later production by Charles Lefeaux in 1954]

21st June 1950
Curtain Up! :-Old Acquaintance (1940) by John van Druten (1901-1957) adapted by Lionel Ross
The lives of two women intersect at various times in their lives.
Produced by Martyn C. Webster
(B.B.C recording)
Katharine Markham: Joan Cross
Rudd Kendall: Hector Ross
Mildred Watson Drake: Barbara Couper
Deirdre Drake: Beryl Calder
Preston Drake: Edgar Norfolk
Susan: Janet Morrison
Teresa: Elizabeth London
[Martyn C Webster produced three different versions of this play. This one, one earlier in 1949 and one later in 1959. All broadcast on both Home and Light.They can be identified by cast members:
1949: Susan: Thea Wells; Preston: Cyril Gardiner; Deirdre: Denise Bryer
This version- see above
1959: Susan: Janet Morrison; Preston: David March; Deidre: Jane Jordan Rogers.]
[There was yet another later production on BBC R4 by Martin Jenkins in 1968 with a differing cast.]

28th June 1950
Curtain Up!: By Candlelight by Siegfried Geyer (1882-1944), stage adaption by Harry Graham and radio adaption by Cynthia Pughe
Man and woman are attracted - to each other or an illusion of each other?
Produced by Cleland Finn (1914-1953)
Baron Egon Von Felsen: Richard Hurndall
Bastien, valet to the Baron: Max Adrian
Linder, chauffeur to the Baron: Geoffrey Lewis
Elizabeth: Belle Chrystall
Count Von Baltin: Percy Walsh
Countess Von Baltin: Grizelda Hervey
Joseph, a waiter: Neville Phillips
[The story has complex origins, related to "Bei Kerzenlicht" and with story contributions by Karl Karkas (1893-1971)]

5th July 1950
Curtain Up! : The Lady Asks For Help (1948) by James Parish
Infidelity. A death and an arrest.
Produced by Archie Campbell
Carla Grahame: Barbara Couper
Hillary Grahame: Richard Williams
Harry, their son: Peter Assinder
Pauline Kirby: Jill Raymond
Richard Monroe: John Brooking
Eileen Monroe: Noel Hood
Philip Marslan: Richard Hurndall
Bowden: Stanley Groome
Police Officer: Hamilton Dyce

11th July 1950
Tuesday Matinee: The Empress Maud by Andrew Leigh
12th Century.
Produced by William Hughes
BBC Midland
Adelicia of Louvain: Louise Lister
William d'Alibini: Roy Malcolm
Hugo: William Avenell
Maud: Eileen Beldon
Robert (Gloucester): Leigh Crutchley
Henry of Blois (Winchester): Malcolm Graeme
Emma: Pamela Mant
Stephen of Blois: John Chandos
Roger Fitz-Milo: Malcolm Farquhar
Matilda- Stephen's wife: Mary Wimbush
Narrator: Andrew Faulds
Repeated from BBC Home of 8th July 1950

11th July 1950
Radio Playhouse The Black Cabinet (1947) by Aubrey Feist (1903-1976)
Produced By: Paul O'Loughlin
Mrs Grindle: Patience Collier
Rita Raval: Dorothy Smith
Tony Raval: David Peel
Mr Adams: David Kossoff
Mrs Adams: Beryl Andrews
Narrator: Richard Williams
Repeated 14th July 1950

12th July 1950
Curtain Up! :- The Rose Without A Thorn (1933) by Clifford Bax (1886-1962)
Henry VIII and Katheryn Howard.
Music: Virginals: Winifred Davey
Produced by Norman Wright
Narrator: Anthony Jacobs
Henry VIII: Basil Sydney
Katheryn Howard: Kathleen Michael
Anne of Cleves: Gladys Spencer
Sir Thomas Audley: Oliver Burt
Margery Morton: Betty Baskcomb
Francis Derham: Alastair Duncan
Mary Lassells: Meg Simmons
Thomas Culpeper: Leslie Heritage
Thomas Cranmer: Hamilton Dyce
John Lassells: Donald Gray
Earl of Hertford: Richard Hurndall
Katherine Tilney: Catherine Campbell
Manservant: Richard Williams
[There were other productions including a 1947 BBC TV production]

16th July 1950
Sunday Cinema: Annie Get Your Gun! by Sidney Sheldon (1917-2007)
Adapted by Desmond Carrington (1926-2017) for radio from the sound-track of the M.G.M. picture
The story of Annie Oakley.
Produced by Thurstan Holland
Annie Oakley: Betty Hutton
Frank Butler: Howard Keel
Buffalo Bill Cody: Louis Calhern
Chief Sitting Bull: J. Carrol Naish
Pawnee Bill: Edward Arnold
Charlie Davenport: Keenan Wynn
[Very brief excerpts were broadcast on BBC Home on 13/7/50 in a 35 minute program "Film Time" with other items]

18th July 1950
Gathering Storm by Reyner Barton (1893-1966), Dramatised by Gordon Glennon, Adapted by Mollie Greenhalgh
(Original book was "Envy my Simplicity")
Produced by Hugh Stewart
Mrs Hardlestone: Nancy Price
Ned: Emrys Jones
Frankie: Derek Blomfield
Myrtle Grey: Brenda Bruce
Dr James: Norman Claridge
Mrs James: Enid Hewit
Mrs Rumble: Mai Bacon
Repeated from BBC Home 15/7/1950.

18th July 1950
Radio Playhouse: 'You Have Been Listening To'
by Aileen Burke (1914-1992) and Leone Stewart (sisters)
Produced by Cleland Finn
John Simmons/Alec Caine: John Byron
Ann Marshall: Margaret Lang
Raymond Marshall: Wensley Pithey
Mollie Tybridge: Joan Newell
Waitress: Miriam Davies
Hall porter: Bill Staughton
Clive Graham: Charles Maunsell
Policeman: Stanley Beard
Connie: Dorothy Grimston
Stranger: Rolf Lefebvre
A second production on 21st July 1950 with the same credits EXCEPT Raf de la Torre (1905-1975) playing Raymond Marshall instead of Wensley Pithey (1914-1993)i.

19th July 1950
Curtain Up! 'Take It Easy!' by E. Eynon Evans (1904-1989)
Produced by Dafydd Gruffydd
Betsan: Rachel Thomas
Her three sons:
Jack a farmer: Philip Phillips
Hugh, a minister: John Darran
David, a business man: David Close-Thomas
Their wives:
Mary: Harriet Lewis
Gwyneth: Nona Richards
Ethel: Sarah Leigh
Abner Price, grocer: Norman Wynne
Mr Bevan: Lionel Jones
Mrs Bevan: Ennis Tinnusche
Mrs Ellis Smythe: Kitty Short
Mr Roberts,the undertaker: Dillwyn Owen
Henry, a farmhand: Moses Jones
A little girl: Olive Michael
Repeated on BBC Home 21/7/50

24th July 1950
Monday Matinee: 'The Education Of Mr. Surrage' (1913) by Allan Monkhouse (1858-1936), adapted by Donald McWhinnie
His children think that he needs to be educated in modern ways.
Produced By: Donald McWhinnie
Perceval Surrage, a widower: Frank Pettingell
Archie, his son: Frank Duncan
His daughters: Rose: Betty Baskcomb
His daughters: Violet: Denise Bryer
Mrs Staines: Catherine Salkeld
Arthur Suckling: David Peel
Geoffrey Vallance: Anthony Jacobs
Bindloss, a butler: John Sharpe
Repeated from BBC Home of 22/7/50

24th July 1950:
'Noose For A Lady' by Gerald Verner(1897-1980)(Real name J R S Pringle, also used Donald Stuart)
1 of 8: —'Seven Days to Live '
Production by David H. Godfrey
Simon Gale: Ivan Samson
Jill Hallam: Joan Matheson
Martin Gale: Richard Hurndall
Margaret Hallam: Grizelda Hervey
Mrs Barrett: Elsa Palmer
The Chaplain: Hamilton Dyce
The Wardress: Joan Geary
Superintendent Shelford, CID: Neil Tuson
Also with Anne Firth, Hugh Manning, Bryan Powley, John Turnbull, Anthony Jacobs, and Donald Gray
Additional actors in later parts:
Vanessa Lane: Margaret Diamond(2)
Mrs Langdon-Humphreys: Courtney Hope(2)
Robert Lipcott: Howieson Culff(2)
Miss Ginch: Winifred Oughton(2)
Landlord: Stanley Groome(2)
Jonas Rigg: John Sharpe(2)
Major Fergusson: Felix Felton(2)
Inspector Frost: Richard George(3)
Doctor Evershed: Geoffrey Lewis(3)
Agnes Potter: Molly Lawson(6)
Pt2:31/7/50 Pt3:7/8/50 Pt4:14/8/50 Pt5:21/8/50 Pt6: 28/8/50 Pt7:4/9/50 (Pt8-11/9/50-??)
[The BBC Programme Index has no content for 10th to 14th September 1950]
This was the first in a series of three books about Simon Gale]

26th July 1950
'Bligh Of The Bounty' by Rex Rienits (1909-1971)
1 of 8-' Bound for Tahiti'
Produced by Cleland Finn(1914-1953)
Lieutenant William Bligh, R N: Wensley Pithey
Elizabeth Bligh: Frances Rowe
Sir Joseph Banks: Geoffrey Wincott
Lord Howe: William Trent
Fletcher Christian: David Peel
John Hallett: Trader Faulkner
Thomas Huggan: Victor Platt
Sarah: Denise Bryer
Carpenter: Stanley Groome
Narrator: Rolf Lefebvre
Additional actors in later episodes:
Thomas Ledward: Norman Webb(2)
Mr Fryer: Raf de la Torre(2)
Quintal: Andrew Churchman(2)
Birkett: Geoffrey Lewis(2)
Smith: Tom Webster(2)
Churchill: Lewis Gedge(2)
Mr Nelson: Victor Lucas(2)
Purcell: John Bushelle(3)
Mr Elphinston: Frank Tickle(3)
Mr Cole: Arthur Ridley(3)
Harriet Bligh: Jill Nyasa(4)
Mary Bligh: Denise Bryer(4)
Richard Parker: Harry Hutchinson(4)
John Putland: Leslie Heritage(5)
Minister: Roger Delgado(5)
Admiral Hunter: Hamilton Dyce(5)
Lord Camden: Peter Creswell(5)
Governor King: Howieson Culff(5)
For actors in parts 6 and 7 please see 6/9/50 below.
Part2:2/8/50 Part3:9/8/50 Part4:16/8/50 Part5:23/8/50 Part6:30/8/50 Part7:6/9/50 (Part8:13/9/50??-The BBC Programme Index has no content for 10th to 14th September 1950)
Each episode was repeated two days laer.

27th July 1950
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Black Diamonds by Alan Stranks (1903-1959)
Production by Vernon Harris (1905-1999)
Before George Dixon of Dock Green, London was protected by PC49 (radio: 112 episodes, 1947-1953 and with two films (1949, 1951). He also appeared in the comic "The Eagle" until 1957). This is one of his adventures.
P C 49: Brian Reece (1913-1962)
Joan Carr: Joy Shelton (1922-2000)
Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
Detective-Sgt Wright: Eric Phillips
Janet: Mary MacKenzie
Angus: John Laurie
Tom Black: Gordon Jackson
Jerry: John Blythe
Tansy Jackson: Antony Kearey
Ticket checker: Frederick Buckland
Station-master: Robert Vernon
Repeated on BBC Home 2/8/50 and 12/4/51.
(This episode still exists)
[Originally PC49 was on BBC Light only, from 1949 episodes were often also broadcast on BBC Home]

30th July 1950
Sunday Cinema: Ninotchka by Charles Brackett, Billy Wilder, and Walter Reisch, based on the original story by Melchior Lengyel (1880-1974).
An adaptation by Desmond Carrington from the sound-track of the M.G.M. film production
Narrator, Sebastian Cabot (1918-1977)
Produced by Thurstan Holland
Ninotchka: Greta Garbo (1905-1990)
Count Leon d'Algout: Melvyn Douglas
Duchess Swana: Ina Claire
Commissar Razinin: Bela Lugosi

1st August 1950
Tuesday Matinee: They Knew What They Wanted (1924) by Sydney Howard (1891-1939), Adapted by Lester Powell
A proposal by mail has the photograph of someone else sent with it.
Singer: Gwent Lewis
Incidental music arranged by Augustus Franzel
Production by Cleland Finn
Tony: Henry Gilbert
Amy: Barbara Kelly
Joe: Sidney James
Father McKee: Harry Hutchinson
Doctor: Arthur Hill
Postman: MacDonald Parka
Repeat of BBC Home 29/7/50
[Val Gielgud produced the play for BBC Home in 1942]
[The play was awarded the 1925 Pulitzer Prize for Drama]

3rd August 1950:
The Younger Generation: Blackadder (1950) by John Keir Cross (1914-1967)
The days of Nelson.
1 of 7— Moonshine
Produced by Lionel Gamlin
Tom Cathro: Bryan Forbes
Harry de Rohan: Brian Roper
The Chevalier de Rohan: Peter Creswell
Philadelphia Wentworth: Denise Bryer
Mr Abershaw/Blackadder: Reginald Beckwith
Additional actors in later parts:
Habbakuk McGuffie: Jack Lambert(2)
Louis Kabal: Alex Mango(2)
Lieutenant Butterfield, R N: Wilfred Babbage(2)
Blue Nose: Wyndham Milligan(2)
Louis Kabal: Alexander Archdale(3)
Mignonne de Barbaroux: Dorothy Gordon(3)
Admiral Lord Nelson: Olaf Pooley(6)
Admiral Lord Nelson: Godfrey Kenton(7)
Further episodes weekly on Thursdays.
Repeated weekly on Fridays from 29/9/1950.- Due to lack of Radio Times, full details not available. The different actor in Part 7 for Nelson may suggest two slightly differing productions.

3rd August 1950
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Silver Slipper by Alan Stranks
Production by Vernon Harris
P C 49: Brian Reece
Joan Carr: Joy Shelton
Chief-Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
Detective-Sgt Wright: Eric Phillips
Delphine Saunders: June Bardsley
Lawson: John Bushelle
Marylyn: Peggy Cameron
Rigby: Sidney Vivian
Alexis Prince: Denis McCarthy
Police-Surgeon: Donald Bissett
Repeated on BBC Home 9/8/50.

6th August 1950
Sunday Cinema: State Secret, film screenplay by Sidney Gilliat (1908-1994), adapted from the sound-track of the film by Desmond Carrington
The dictator of a small police state dies during surgery
Produced by Thurstan Holland
Narrator: Desmond Carrington
Dr. John Marlowe: Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Lisa Robinson: Glynis Johns ...
Colonel Galcon: Jack Hawkins ...
Karl Theodor: Herbert Lom ...
Dr. Revo: Karel Stepanek
General Niva: Walter Rilla ...
Repeated on BBC Home 16th January 1951.
Based upon "Appointment with Fear" by Roy Huggins (1914-2002]

10th August 1950
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Indian Rope Trick by Alan Stranks
Production by Vernon Harris
P C 49: Brian Reece
Joan Carr: Joy Shelton
Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
Detective-Sgt Wright: Eric Phillips
Lieutenamt-Colonel Brooke-Straker: Eric Berry
Cleaver: Roger Snowdon
Mandeville: Norman Claridge
Sergeant Frost: Frank Foster
Ali: Frederick Buckland
Repeated on BBC Home 16/8/50

14th August 1950
Monday Matinee: Interference (1927) by Roland Pertwee (1885-1963) and Harold Dearden (1882-1962), Adapted by Mollie Greenhalgh
Produced by Cleland Finn
Douglas Helder: Douglas Storm
First Press man: Stanley McKenzie
Second Press man: Peter Hoar
Childers the butler: Harold Dill
Sir John Martay M D: Anthony Hawtrey
Barbara Sir John's niece: Gabrielle Blunt
Lady Marlay (Faith): Angela Baddeley
Philip Voaze: Frank Pettingell
Deborah Kane: Vivienne Chatterton
Fred, a hall porter: Michael Harding
Inspector Haines: Charles Lefeaux
P C Cleaver: Stanley Groome
Doctor Puttock: Martin Lewis
Florence Rooke: Noel Hood
Repeated from BBC Home of 12/8/50.
[There was a production by Hugh Stewart broadcast on BBC Home in 1944]

17th August 1950
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Fatal Finger by Alan Stranks
Production by Vernon Harris
P C 49: Brian Reece
Joan Carr: Joy Shelton
Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
Detective-Sgt Wright: Eric Phillips
Tim Starkey: Geoffrey Lewis
Taffy Jordan: Philip Ray
Ripper Tracey: Alfle Bass
Taxi-driver: Geoffrey Bond
Repeated on BBC Home 23/8/1950

20th August 1950
Sunday Cinema: Sunset Boulevard by Charles Brackett, Billy Wilder, and D.M. Marshman Jr. Adapted from the film soundtrack by Desmond Carrington
A screenwriter develops a dangerous relationship with a former film star.
Produced by Thurstan Holland
Joe Gillis: William Holden
Norma Desmond: Gloria Swanson
Max Von Mayerling: Erich von Stroheim
Betty Schaefer: Nancy Olson

21st August 1950
Monday Matinee: North Star (1949) by Graham Sutton dramatised by Patrick Campbell
Produced By: Patrick Campbell
Charles Clute: Milton Rosmer
Faith: Patricia Field
Jennifer Fleming: Barbara Greenhalgh
Dirck Fleming: Graham Sutton
John Philip Kemble: Baliol Holloway
Stage-doorkeeper/Seth Banks: J Neil Milne
Mr Mandible: Charles Leno
Alba Mandible: Denise Bryer
Ewan Fleming: Basil Jones
Hartley Coleridge: Leslie Parker
Macready: Guybon Andrew
Footman: Tom Harrison
Lady (Bella) Harraby: Valerie Skardon
Lord Harraby: Richard Hurndall
Mr Hazlitt: Peter Varley
Mr Rae: Ernest Hawtin
Edmund Kean: Alastair Duncan
Clair Harraby: Judith Bradshaw
Repeated from BBC Home of 19th August 1950

24th August 1950
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Blushing Bride by Alan Stranks
Production by Vernon Harris
P C 49: Brian Reece
Joan Carr: Joy Shelton
Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
Detective-Sgt Wright: Eric Phillips
Charmian Fanshawe: Mary MacKenzie
Charles Bridgewater: John Arnatt
Mrs Hoggis: Patience Collier
Mrs Dingle: Miriam Karlin
Vicar: Lockwood West
Luigi: Sebastian Cabot
Repeated on BBC Home 30th August 1950

27th August 1950
Sunday Cinema: The Third Man by by Graham Greene (1904-1991), adapted from the film soundtrack by Desmond Carrington (1926-2017)
Produced by Thurstan Holland
Holly Martins: Joseph Cotten
Anna Schmidt: Allida Valli
Harry Lime: Orson Welles
Major Calloway: Trevor Howard
Sergeant Paine: Bernard Lee
Baron Kurtz: Ernst Deutsch
Popescu: Siegfried Breuer
Dr Winkel: Erich Ponto
Harry's porter: Paul Hoerbiger
Mr Crabbin: Wilfrid Hyde-White
Narrator: Wilfred Thomas
Repeated on BBC Home 26th December 1950
[Another production of this adaption was made by Denys Jones for BBC Home in 1954 followed by another version of the adaption produced by Alfred Dunning in 1959 for BBC Home]

28th August 1950
Monday Matinee 'The Ware Case'(1913) by George Pleydell Bancroft (1868-1956), adapted by Denis Lea
A lawyer should not get too close to his client or his family.
Produced by Martyn C. Webster
Marston Gurney: David Peel
Eustace Ede: Anthony James
Lady Ware (Magda): Frances Rowe
Celia Wilson: Denise Bryer
Rate a butler: Allan Reid
Sir Henry Egerton: Martin Lewis
Sir Hubert Ware: Richard Hurndall
Tommy Bold: Harry Hutchinson
Michael Adye: John Bentley
Judge: Arthur Ridley
A doctor: Bryan Powley
Attorney-General: Philip Cunningham
Court usher: Ronald Sidney
Repeated from BBC Home 26th August 1950.
[Martyn C Webster produced this play several times with different actors- the actor playing Adye is given for each: 1948-Light-J Hawk; 1959 -Home-H Dyce; 1963-Home-P Coke; 1966-Home-M Spice.]
[Ian Fleming played Adye in the 1928 silent film version]
[Bancroft was a lawyer]

31st August 1950
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Red Hot Cert by Alan Stranks
Production by Vernon Harris
P C 49: Brian Reece
Joan Carr: Joy Shelton
Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
Detective-Sgt Wright: Eric Phillips
Lucky Lambert: John Sharp
Blister: Sydney Taller
Tich Carpenter: Billy Thatcher
Corky Brown: Eric Anderson
Whelan: Philip Ray
P C Roberts: Wilfrid Carter
Commentator: Frederick Tupper
Repeated on BBC Home 6th September 1950

4th September 1950
Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. Film screenplay by Lawrence Edward Watkin, adapted and edited from the soundtrack by Desmond Carrington
1 of 6—' The Old Buccaneer '
Produced by Thurstan Holland
Jim Hawkins (as a boy): Bobby Driscoll
Jim Hawkins (as a man): Brian Haines
Long John Silver: Robert Newton
Captain Smollett: Basil Sydney
Squire Trelawney: Walter Fitzgerald
Dr Livesey: Denis O'Dea
Captain Billy Bones: Finlay Currie
Blind Pew: John Laurie
Black Dog: Francis de Wolff
Redruth: John Gregson
Additional actors in later parts:
George Merry: Ralph Truman(2)
Ben Gunn: Geoffrey Wilkinson(4)
George Merry: Ralph Keen(5)
Israel Hands: Geoffrey Keen(5)
Job Anderson: Stephen Jack(5)
Morgan: William Devlin(5)
Pt2: 5/9/50 Pt3: 6/9/50 Pt4:7/9/50 Pt5:8/9/50 Pt6: 9/9/50
Series repeated commencing 10/11/50, broadcast weekly.
[This 3 hour radio program was edited from the film which ran for 96 minutes...]

4th September 1950
Monday Matinee: Night Was Our Friend by Michael Pertwee adapted by Peggy Wells
Production by Cleland Finn
Dr Glanville: Martin Lewis
Announcer: Donald Gray
Emily Raynor: Evelyn Hall.
Kate: Dorothy Grimston.
Cooper, a reporter: John Arnatt.
Sally Raynor: Grizelda Hervey.
Dr John Harper: Richard Williams.
Martin Raynor: Malcolm Hayes.
Repeated 2nd September 1950 on BBC Home.
[Martyn C Webster produced another version in 1955 for BBC Light]

6th September 1950
Bligh Of The Bounty by Rex Rienits
7 of 8— Rum Rebellion
Please see 26/7/50 for part one.
Produced by Cleland Finn
Captain William Bligh, R N: Wensley Pithey
Mary Putland: Denise Bryer
John Putland: Leslie Heritage
John Macarthur: Ivan Samson
Edmund Griffln: Charles Lloyd-Pack
William Gore: Richard Williams
Richard Atkins: Frank Tickle
Major George Johnston.: Sidney Monckton
Dr Jamieson: Keith Pyott
Captain Anthony Fenn-Kemp: Andrew Churchman
Lieut Minchin: Richard Hurndall
Sergeant: Harry Hutchinson
Narrator: Rolf Lefebvre
Repeated 8th September 1950
Part 8: 13/9/50 (No cast list available)

7th September 1950
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Perfect Fiddle by Alan Stranks
Production by Vernon Harris
P C 49: Brian Reece
Joan Carr: Joy Shelton
Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
Detective-Sgt Wright: Eric Phillips
Max Carousel: Derrick Penley
Penrose: Lockwood West
Birdy Snipe: Sidney Vivian
P C Tom Roberts: Wilfrid Carter
P C Bill Martin: Frederick Buckland
Porter: Jack Shaw

[There is no data for the period 10th-14th September 1950. In Radio Times No 1403 programmes ran from 3/9/50 to 9/9/50. There was no Radio Times for programmes from 10/9/50. Radio Times No 1404 covered programmes from 15/9/50 to 23/9/50.]

During this period PC49:The Case of the Coppers Coffin was aired.

18th September 1950
Monday Matinee: Hattie Stowe (1947) by Ian Hay (1876-1952), Adapted by Cynthia Pughe
John Rankin: Richard Hurndall
Harriet Beecher: Mary Ellis
Catherine Beecher: Dorothy Smith
Sam Foote: Cameron Hall
Lyman Beecher: Philip Cunningham
Mrs Harriet Porter Beecher: Susan Richards
Professor Calvin Stowe: James McKechnie
Elizabeth Stowe: Betty Baskcomb
Topsy: Mollie Weir
Henry Ward Beecher: Hubert Gregg
Little Hattie Stowe: Joan Duan
Little Eliza Stowe: Meg Simmons
Josiah Henson: Robert Adams
Mr Jewett: Martin Lewis
Duchess of Sutherland: Joan Matheson
Lord Palmerston: Kynaston Reeves
John Hay: David Peel
The President of the U S A: Stephen Jack
Also with Margaret Vines, Bryan Powley, Stanley Groome, John Turntoull, Hamilton Dyce, Donald Gray, Hugh Manning, and Anthony Jacobs
Repeated from BBC Home of 12/3/1950 and 16/9/50

18th September 1950
The Singing Spider (1938) by Angus MacVicar (1908-2001)
1 of 6— 'The Pit of Baal'. Archie is offered an unusual job.
Accordionist: Syd Beecham
Produced by James Crampsey
BBC Scottish studios
Sir Robert Vanbrugh: Laurence Hardy
Archie Campbell: Alex Ross
Donald Kent/Heinrich Mann: Douglas Campbell
Peter Train: James Gilbert
Professor Henry J Knickerbocker: MacDonald Parke
Mrs McMurchy: Jean Taylor Smith
Frances MacLean: Rona Anderson
Additional actors in later episodes:
Jock Ferguson (The Clincher): Roddy MacMillan(2)
Rev James MacLean: James Gibson(2)
Joe Drummond: Ian Sadler(2)
Mary Allen: Effie Morrison(2)
Patrick O'Donnel: Paul Curran(2)
Bob Allen: Alex MacKenzie(4)
Pt2:25/9/50 Pt3:2/10/50 Pt4:9/10/50 Pt5:16/10/50 Pt6:23/10/50
Each 1950 episode repeated four days later.
[There was a new production by James Crampsey with differing actors, weekly from 18/9/1960. Jock was played by Frank Wylie. The main character Archie Campbell became Gordon Campbell]

20th September 1950
Curtain Up!:- Before The Party (1922) by Rodney Ackland (1908-1991). Based on a story (1922) by W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965)
Produced by Archie Campbell
Narrator: David Jacobs
Laura Whittingham: Googie Withers
David Marshall: Anthony Dawson
Kathleen Skinner: Brenda Dunrich
Susan Skinner: Patricia Field
Blanche Skinner: Dorice Fordred
Aubrey Skinner: Richard Williams
Nanny: Nell Ballantyne
Repeated 25th September 1950.
[This Ackland version moved the story to after WW2 and renamed some characters and locations]
[There was a version on BBC Home with a differing cast and different (the original) character names- adapted by Peggy Wells- on 22/2/50].
[This Ackland adaption was later produced by Norman Wright for R4 in 1972 with Joan Matheson as Blanche.]
[Janet Whitaker produced a version dramatized by Neville Teller for R4 in 1996, rptd 1997 and 2001. There were also pre-1950 productions.]

21st September 1950
The Adventures Of P.C. 49 :- The Case of the Morning After by Alan Stranks
Production by Vernon Harris
[No further details available]

22nd September 1950
The King's General(1946) by Daphne du Maurier (1907-1989), Adapted by Rex Rienits
1 of 8: The Grenviles
Produced by David H. Godfrey
Honor Harris: Rita Vale
Honor,a child: Olive Kirby
Matty: Molly Rankin
Mrs Harris: Ella Milne
Robin Harris: Godfrey Kenton
Kit Harris: Anthony Jacobs
Gartred Grenvile: Joyce Heron
Sir Richard Grenvile: Malcolim Hayes
Duke of Buckingham: Peter Creswell
Mary Harris: Isabel Dean
Jo Harris: Roderick Lovell
Additional actors in later episodes:
Bevil Grenvile: Roger Delgado(2)
Sir Peter Courtney: John Richmond(2)
Jonathan Rashleigh: Peter Bathurst(2)
John Rashleigh: Allan Cuthbertson(2)
Joan Rashleigh: Betty Baskcomb(2)
Alice Courtney: Freda Falconer(2)
Narrator: John Bentley(2)
Dick Grenvile: Hugh Munro(4)
Herbert Ashley: Heron Carvic(4)
Joe Grenvile: David Peel(4)
Lord Robartes: Howieson Culff(4)
[No cast lists available for parts 5 or 6]
Ambrose Manaton: Emrys Leyshon(7)
Official: Robert Welles(7)
Colonel Bennett: Bryan Powley(8)
Parliamentary Officer: Donald Gray(8)
Part2:29/9/50 Pt3:6/10/50 Pt4:13/10/50 Pt5:20/10/50 Pt6:27/10/50 pt7:3/11/50
Pt8: 10/11/50
All parts repeated the following day.
[This adaption also produced by Brian Miller for BBC Home in 1966]
[Also dramatised by Michelene Wandor, produced by Cherry Cookson for R4 in 1992, rpt 1993, rptd BBC7 2009, rptd R4X 2016]

27th September 1950
Curtain Up!:- Madeleine by Peter Traill, Adapted by Helena Wood
Produced by Martyn C. Webster
Tony Walters: Jack Hulbert
Madeleine Phillips: Betty Baskcomb
Ashley Mountain: David Peel
Mrs Mountain: Nuna Davey
Mr Mountain: Maurice Denham
Shirley Mountain: Denise Bryer
Jim Lord: James E Thompson
Hubert Phillips: John Byron
There was a new production on 2nd October 1950 with Jim Lord played by Roger Delgado, all other details identical.

28th September 1950
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Black Daffodil by Alan Stranks
(series 7, episode 10)
Production by Vernon Harris
P C 49: Brian Reece
Joan Carr: Joy Shelton
Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
Detective-Sgt Wright: Eric Phillips
Dr Adam Ballantine: Arnold Bell
Jenny Ballantine: Ysanne Churchman
Phillip Van Lessen: Leonard Sachs
William Van Lessen: John Bryning

30th September 1950
The Operatic Cat by Trevor Hill
All cats, of course, have beautiful voices. But if they are wise they will not let human beings hear them sing in tune. They know only too well what happened to Timothy when he sang in tune, and was exploited by an Italian showman.
Soloist: Doris Gambell (Soprano) (1903-1980)
Incidental music composed by Ray Martin
Produced by Trevor Hill
An old cat (known as Pop): Herbert Smith
Tinker, a tough tabby: Bill Price
Tibby, a young kitten: Geoffrey Banks
Signor Panjoman: Fred Fairclough
Newsreader: Stuart Hibberd
A little girl: Christine Puttergill
Storyteller: John Warrington
[Trevor Hill was active in children's radio and tv, and produced the early tv Sooty show...]

4th October 1950
Curtain Up!:-The Strange Case Of Blondie White (1937) by Bernard Merivale (1882-1939) and Jeffrey Dell (1899-1985)
A crime novelist turns amateur detective.
Produced by Cleland Finn(1914-1953)
Frank Warren: Leslie French
Miss Plumby: Mary Duff
Rita Warren: Avice Landone
Parton: Denise Bryer
Major Mason: Richard Williams
Harper: Ernest Sefton
Smith: Henry Webb
Edgar Davis: Rolf Lefebvre
Doris Whitman: Molly Lawson
Mrs Pauli: Gladys Spencer
Jackson: Michael Harding
Surgeon: Duncan McIntyre
Repeated 9th October 1950.
Earlier productions by John Richmond in 1946 (BBC Home) and by Ayton Whitaker in 1947 (BBC Light).
[Inspired by/adapted from "Katzenzungen", 1934 by Ladislas Fodor (1898–1978) writing as W. George Selous]
[Also produced for BBC tv in 1947]
[Katzenzungen was filmed in 1941 as "Footsteps in the Dark"]

5th October 1950
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Record Catch by Alan Stranks
Production by Vernon Harris
P C 49: Brian Reece
Joan Carr: Joy Shelton
Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
Detective-Sgt Wright: Eric Phillips
Mrs Wright: Gwen Lewis
Mr Badger: Tommy Duggan
Tom Usher: Francis Lunt
Charlie Pugh: Douglas Leach

11th October 1950
Curtain Up! :- The Lady Of The Camellias (French, 1848) by Alexandre Dumas , Fils (1824-1895), translated and adapted by Norman Ginsibury (1902-1991) and John Sand
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
Armand Duval: Michael Goodliffe
Marguerite Gautier: Judy Campbell
Prudence Duvernoy: Betty Hardy
Gaston Rieux: Alastair Duncan
Artur de Varville: Valentine Dyall
Nanine: Gladys Spencer
Nichette: Violet Loxley
Gustave: Richard Hurndall
Georges Duval: John Turnibull
Anais: Betty Baskcomb
Olympe: Bettie Dickson
Saint Gauden: Bryan Powley
Doctor: Hamilton Dyce
Count de Giray: Peter Bathurst
Auctioneer: Roger Delgado
Also with Donald Gray, Harry Hutchinson, Ronald Sidney, Susan Richards, Brenda Dunrich, Peter Hoar. and Barbara St. Ledger
[Also a later production by Ayton Whitaker, 1953 rpt 1954, with Patrick Troughton as Armand]
[French title "La Dame aux Camelias"]
[The work was also revisited in the opera La Traviata]

12th October 1950
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: The Case of the Deadly Weed by Alan Stranks
Production by Vernon Harris
P C 49: Brian Reece
Joan Carr: Joy Shelton
Chief Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
Detective-Sergeant Wright: Eric Phillips
Water-boy: Tommy Duggan
Lascoola: Sebastian Cabot
Stoker: Cyril Chamberlain
Detective-Sergeant Moreton: Kenneth Cleveland
Police Surgeon: Peter Bathurst

15th October 1950:
[There was a long gap with no Radio Times and hence no data here. Radio Times No 1407 covered programs from 8th to 14th October, then Radio Times 1408 covered programs from 3rd to 11th November 1950 (paper shortage)]


3rd November 1950
Paul Temple and the Vandyke Affair by Francis Durbridge (1912-1998)
[Series started Mon 30/10/50- no Radio Times, no cast list. Rpt of Pt 1=Fri 3/11].
1 of 8: The Temples hunt for a missing baby.
Production By: Martyn C. Webster
Cast listed for Ep2
Paul Temple: Kim Peacock
Steve: Marjorie Westbury
Charlie: Michael Harding
Sir Graham Forbes: Lester Mudditt
Mary Desmond: Joan Hart
Terry Palmer: Peter Coke
Sergeant Digby/ Railway porter: James E Thompson
Bill McCall: Tommy Duggan
Inspector Eden: Donald Gray
Roger Shelly: Richard Hurndall
Additional actors in later episodes-
Philip Droste: Roger Delgado(3)
Vanessa Droste: Grizelda Hervey(3)
Charles Marett: Raf de la Torre(3)
Louis: Olaf Olseh(4)
Duke: Charles Richardson(4)
Dr Foy: Robert Alban(5)
Mary Desmond: Joan Hart(5)
Telephone operator: Betty Baskcomb(5)
Louis Franz: Olaf Olsen(6)
Marian Faber: Susan Buret(6)
Charlie: Michael Harding(6)
Also with David Peel(4), Gladys Spencer(4), Janet Morrison(7) and Lewis Ward(7)
First broadcast of: Pt 2 6/11/50 Pt3:13/11/50 Pt4:20/11/50 Pt5:27/11/50 Pt6:4/12/50 Pt7:11/12/50 Pt8:18/12/50
All 1950 episodes repeated after four days
[There was a new 1959 production on BBC Light and Home, rptd many times 2003-2009 on R7 and 2021 on R4X with Peter Coke as Paul Temple, and Peter Wilde as Terry Palmer. Both versions still exist.]
[Also a German production (NWDR Koln) in 1953 "Paul Temple und der Fall Vandyke"]
[There were 20 Paul Temple radio serials, plus remade productions, on BBC Radio from 1938-2006, this was the 13th.]

5th November 1950
The Long Shadow by Lester Powell (1912-1993)
1 of 8: 'Big News'
Production by Martyn C. Webster
John Dover: Douglass Montgomery
Prudence Stroude: Isabel Dean
Mrs Stroude: Nancy Nevinson
Nick: Felix Deebank
Additional actors in later episodes:
Paul Davison: George Margo(2)
Judson Kleek: Jon Farrell(2)
American Embassy official: Aidan Turner(2)
Newsreader: Desmond Carrington(2)
Taxi driver: Alan Reid(2)
Nick: Raf de la Torre(3)
Max Haber: Max Adrian(3)
Police Sergeant: Geoffrey Lewis(3)
Jenkins: Ronald Sidney(3)
Inspector Kennedy: Ivan Samson(3)
James Mason: James E Thompson(3)
Producer: Hamilton Duce(3)
Girl: Daphne Maddox(3)
Superintendent Elder: Bryan Powley(7)
Mrs Barnett: Ella Milne(7)
George Pomfrey: Arthur Hill(8)
Estralita: Gabrielle Blunt(8)
Compere: David Peel(8)
Also with Ernest Sefton, Lewis Ward, Alun Owen, Spencer Hale, Dorothy Smith and Ann Totten(4)
Also with Malcolm Hayes, Harry Hutchinson, Eve Russell (5)
Also with David Kossoff, Warren Stanhope, and Susan Richards(6)
Ep2:12/11/50 Ep3:19/11/50 Ep4:26/11/50 Ep5:3/12/50 Ep6:10/12/50 Ep7:17/12/50 Ep8:24/12/50

6th November 1950
Monday Matinee: The Wrong Number(1921) by Harvey O'Higgins (1876-1929) and Harriett Ford (1863-1949)
[No other details given]

8th November 1950
Curtain Up! :- Ma's Bit 0' Brass by Ronald Gow (1897-1993) Adapted by Lynn Foster
Father's life changes when he wins a fortune on a football pools lottery
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
Mrs Lovejoy: Thora Hird
George Lovejoy: Jack Howarth
Betty Lovejoy: Belle Chrystall
Joe Lovejoy: Tom Webster
Lady Maydew: Ella Milne
Gerald: Hugh Latimer
Robinson: Eric Anderson
Sergeant Bennet: Christopher Hodge
Aunt Norah: Barbara Trevor
Uncle Elijah: Peter Claughton
Newspaper reporter: Emrys Leyshon
Grocer's girl: Betty Alberge
Repeated 13th November 1950
[Previously a BBC tv program 1948, produced by Eric Fawcett.]
[There was a later production by Alfred Bradley for R4 in 1970]
[Based on the 1937 film Lancashire Luck (Story by Gow) which was broadcast on BBC tv in 1950]

15th November 1950
Curtain Up! :- The Moon And Sixpence (1919) by Somerset Maugham (1874-1965), Adapted by Mabel Constanduros (1880-1957) and Howard Agg
A stockbroker becomes an artist.
Production by Cleland Finn
Storyteller: Richard Hurndall
Charles Strickland: D A Clarke-Smith
Amy Strickland: Betty Hardy
Dirk Stroeve: Charles Leno
Blanche Stroeve: Joan Matheson
Colonel MacAndrew: Bryan Powley
Mrs MacAndrew: Noel Hood
Rose Waterford: Catherine Campbell
Tiare Johnson: Vivienne Chatterton
M Cohen: Roger Delgado
Madame Cohen: Gladys Spencer
Captain Brunot: Bernard Rebel
Doctor Coutras: Raf de la Torre
Ata: Hilda Schroder
Porter: Derrick Penley
Repeated 20th November 1950
[There was an earlier production by Val Gielgud in 1946]
[There was a later production by Wilfrid Grantham in 1954]
[There was also a production by John Cardy on R4 in 4 parts in 1984]

17th November 1950
Sorrell and Son (1925) by Warwick Deeping (1877-1950), dramatised by John Watt
There is a strong bond between father and son.
Part 1 of 9
Music by Henry Reed, played by a section of the BBC Variety Orchestra, Conducted by Rae Jenkins
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
Thomas Roland: James McKechnie
Stephen Sorrell: Howard Marion-Crawford
Kit Stephen's son: John Charlesworth
Railway porter: Stanley Groome
Landlady: Thea Wells
Young girl: Betty Baskcomb
Miss Margreaves: Janet Morrison
Flo Palfrey: Peggy Thorpe-Bates
Mr Palfrey: Arthur Ridley
Additional actors in later episodes:
Mrs Garland: Susan Richards (2)
Buck: Harry Fine (2)
Mrs Marks: Dorothy Smith(2)
Mr Porteous: Abraham Sofaer(3)
Miss Porteous: Barbara St Ledger(3)
Hulks: Jack Howarth(3)
Dora: Bettina Dickson(3)
Fanny: Marjorie Westbury(3)
Duncan Scott: Richard Longman(3)
Ethel: Peggy Cameron(3)
Lorry driver: Ronald Sidney(3)
Doctor: Eric Anderson(3)
Reporter: David Peel(3)
For actors in later episodes please see 8/12/50 below.
Pt2:24/11/50 Pt3:1/12/50 Pt4:8/12/50 Pt5:15/12/50 Pt6:22/12/50 Pt7:29/12/50 Pt8:5/1/51 Pt9:12/1/51
Repeated commencing 3/8/1952

22nd November 1950
Curtain Up! :-Mr. Butters Writes A Notice by Gale Pedrick (1906-1970)
Production by Martyn C Webster
Wragg: Arthur Ridley
Folly: Richard Williams
Mr Russell: John Turnhull
Sergeant: Felix Deebank
Mr Butters: Ivor Barnard
Constable: Tom Webster
Gainsborough: Barry Morse
Lilla: Joan Hart
Northsea: Warren Stanhope
Chancellor: Ronald Sidney
Repeated 27th November 1950
[Also a BBC tv production in 1956]
[Gale Pedrick is responsible for creating in 1959 "Pick of the Week", which he produced until his death, it is still a current program on Radio 4 in 2022.]

22nd November 1950
Ugly Duckling by Gale Pedrick
Production by Norman Wright
Val: Ivan Brandt
Sally: Denise Bryer
Jim: Charles Leno
Hector: Maurice Denham
Stage doorkeeper: Ronald Sidney
Mary: Betty Baskcomb
Repeated 27th November 1950

29th November 1950
Curtain Up!-: I Killed The Count (1937) by Alec Coppel (1907-1972), Adapted by Martyn C. Webster
Four people confess to the same murder.
Polly: Betty Baskcomb
Divisional Inspector Davidson: Jack Hulbert
Detective Raines: Emrys Leyshan
Martin: Anthony Jacobs
P C Clifton: Alan Reid
Louise Rogers: Gabriel Blunt
Renee La Lune: Mavis Villiers
Samuel Diamond: David Kossoff
Johnson: Max Brent
Mullet: Ronald Sidney
Bernard K Froy: George Margo
Viscount Sorrington: Arthur Ridley
Count Mattoni: Roger Delgado
Repeated 4th December 1950.
[A different production by Martyn Webster for Home and Light in 1945, with Ferdi Mayne as Mattoni, and Kathleen Harrison as Polly]
[Another production by Martyn Webster in 1962 with Peggy Butt as Polly and Phlip Leaver as Mattoni]
[Also produced on BBC tv 1948]
[Even adapted for a 25 minute tv episode of Alfred Hitchcok Presents in 1958]

6th December 1950
Curtain Up! :-With A Blunt Instrument by Max Murray (1901-1956) adapted by Beatrice Gilbert from the novel 'The Voice of the Corpse (1948)'
Produced by Paul O'Loughlin
Angela Pewsey: Ella Milne
Celia Sim: Catherine Campbell
Mrs Sim: Therese Desmond
Firth Prentice: John Wood
Graham Ward: Hugh Manning
Dr Daw: Duncan McIntyre
Vicar: John Turnbull
Inspector Fowler: Joss Ambler
Counsel for the Defence: Donald Bissett
Thomas Tiptree: Hamilton Dyce
Sergeant Piggott: Richard Williams
Mrs Tilling: Eleanor Street
Evans: Sam Kydd
Alfie Spiers: Sibell Gill
Jackie Day: Joan Hodson
Repeated 11th December 1950

8th December 1950
Sorrell and Son (1925) by Warwick Deeping (1877-1950), dramatised by John Watt
Part 4 of 9
For part one please see 17th November 1950 above.
Music by Henry Reed, played by a section of the BBC Variety Orchestra, Conducted by Rae Jenkins
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
Thomas Roland: James McKechnie
Stephen Sorrell: Howard Marion-Crawford
Kit (as a boy): John Charlesworth
Kit (as a man): Alastair Duncan
Duncan Scott: Richard Longman
Sir Magnus Ord: Hamilton Dyce
Newspaper reporter/Undergraduate: David Peel
Ethel: Peggy Cameron
Porteous: Abraham Sofaer
Fanny: Marjorie Westbury
Hulks: Jack Howarth
Additional actors in later episodes:
Dora: Bettina Dickson(5)
Coach: Donald Gray(5)
Second undergraduate: Malcolm Hayes(5)
Landlady: Susan Richards(5)
Lola Merrindin: Denise Bryer(5)
Fluffy Tarrant: Betty Baskcomb(5)
Maid: Barbara St Ledger(5)
Maurice Pentreath: Roger Snowdon(6)
Molly Pentreath: Muriel Russell(6)
Landlady: Gladys Spencer(6)
Gates, hospital night porter: Harry Hutchinson (6)
Mary Jewett: Patricia Kennedy(6)
Gwen: Joan Hart(6)
Head waiter: Eric Anderson(6)
Waiter: Anthony Jacobs (6)
For actors in later episodes please see 29/12/50
Pt5:15/12/50 Pt6:22/12/50 Pt7:29/12/50 Pt8:5/1/51 Pt9:12/1/51
Repeated commencing 3/8/1952

13th December 1950
Curtain Up! :- The First Year (1920) by Frank Craven (1875-1945), Adapted by Mollie Greenhalgh
Production by David H. Godfrey
Fred Livingston: George Margo
Mrs Livingston: Natalie Lynn
Grace Livingston: Mavis Villiers
Dr Myron-Anderson: MacDonald Parke
Dick Lordng: Warren Stanhope
Tommy Tucker: Arthur Hill
Hattie: Janet Morrison
Peter Barstow: Tommy Duggan
Mrs Barstow: Virginia Bedard
Repeated 18th December 1950
[There was a later production by David Godfrey for BBC Home in 1953 with Tony Quinn as Fred and Helen Horton as Grace]

20th December 1950
Curtain Up! :- The Light Of Heart (1940) by Emlyn Williams (1905-1987) adapted by Raymond Raikes
London WC2. Maddoc was once an actor.
Production By: Raymond Raikes
Mrs Banner: Gladys Henson
Barty: Eric Anderson
Fan: Beatrice Bevan
Bevan, a policaman: Alastair Duncan
Maddoc Thomas: Laidman Browne
Cattrin, his daughter: Angela Baddeley
Robert: Richard Williams
Mrs Lothian: Jean Cadell
[There was an earlier production by Raikes for Home in 1948 with Megs Jenkins as Fan - also with Angela Baddeley as Cattrin]
[Herbert Davies presented a new production for BBC Home in 1965 rpt 1969. with Patrick Barr as Barty and Eva Haddon as Fan.]
[Enyd Williams produced the play for R4 in 1983 rpt 1985 with Roger Hammond as Barty and June Barry as Fan.]

26th December 1950
Walt Disney's Cinderella, Based on the original story by Charles Perrault, adapted from the film sound track by Desmond Carrington
With songs and music from the film sound-track.
Produced by Thurstan Holland
Cinderella: Carol Marsh
Jaq Mouse: Desmond Carrington
Gus Mouse: James E Thompson
Luke Mouse: Michael Mellinger
Anastasia: Ella Milne
Drizella: Rosemary Davis
Stepmother: Gladys Young
Prince Charming: David Jacobs
The Grand Duke: David Peel
The King: MacDonald Parke
The Fairy Godmother: Susan Richards
Lucifer, the cat: Gladys Spencer
Blue Bird: Denise Bryer
Narrator: Andrew Faulds

27th December 1950
Curtain Up! :- A Hundred Years Old ("El Centenario" (1909)) by Serafin (1871-1938) and Joaquin Alvarez (1873-1944) Quintero, English version (1927) by Helen Granville-Barker ( -1950) and Harley Granville-Barker (1877-1946), Adapted by John Richmond
Music composed by Geoffrey Wright
Flute: Winifred Gaskell; Guitar: Bert Weedon; Trumpet: Roland Dyson with a children's choir Conductor. Matyas Seiber
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
Manuel: Preston Lockwood
Carmen Campos: Susan Richards
Dona Marciala: Winifred Oughton
Don Evaristo: Peter Bathurst
Don Juan Del Campo: Robert Farquharson
Dona Filomena: Beatrice Kane
Eulalia: Pauline Wynn
Trino: Geoffrey Keen
Currita: Bettina Dickson
Antonon: Derek Prentice
Alonso: Hamilton Dyce
[Earlier production by John Richmond in 1946 with Hilda Davies as Carmen. There were also even earlier productions.]
[There was a later production by Victor Menzies in 1957 with Joan Sanderson as Carmen.]
[Also produced by David Johnston on R4 in 1986 with Shirley Dixon as Carmen]

29th December 1950

The Swiss Family Robinson by John Keir Cross
Part 1 of 4
Concertina player, Alf Edwards
Story presented by Wallace Geoffrey (Parts 1 and 3 only)
Story presented by Valentine Dyal(Parts 2 and 4)
Production by Ayton Whitaker
Father Robinson: Eric Portman
Mother Robinson: Dorothy Smith
Fritz: Peter Scott
Ernest: Theo Bryan
Jack: Paul Medland
Francis: William Strange
Ship's captain: Duncan McIntyre
Helmsman: Eric Anderson
Pt2:5/1/51 Pt3:12/1/51 Pt4:19/1/51
(Not credited but based upon the 1812 book by Johann David Wyss]

29th December 1950
Sorrell and Son (1925) by Warwick Deeping (1877-1950), dramatised by John Watt
Part 7 of 9
For part one please see 17th November 1950 above.
Music by Henry Reed, played by a section of the BBC Variety Orchestra, Conducted by Rae Jenkins
Produced by Ayton Whitaker
Thomas Roland: James McKechnie
Stephen Sorrell: Howard Marion-Crawford
Kit Sorrell: Alastair Duncan
Mary Jewett: Patricia Kennedy
Porter (Hodges): Stanley Groome
Holmes: Eric Anderson
Cherry Roland: Marjorie Westbury
Simon Orange: Colin Gordon
Maid: Denise Bryer
Maurice Pentreath: Roger Snowdon
Perdita Pentreath: Margaret Vines
Chauffeur: Ronald Sidney
Sir Ormsby Gaunt: Martin Lewis
Actors in later episodes:
Molly Pentreath: Muriel Russell(8)
Oscar Wolffe: Roger Delgado(8)
Housekeeper: Susan Richards(9)
Porter: Harry Hutchinson(9)
Doctor: Bryan Powiey(9)
Pt8:5/1/51 Pt9:12/1/51
Repeated commencing 3/8/1952

31st December 1950:
The Adventures Of P.C. 49: 'The Case of the Heavenly Murder' by Alan Stranks (1903-1959)
(Series 8 episode 1)
Production by Vernon Harris (1905-1999)
P C 49: Brian Reece
Joan Carr: Joy Shelton
Chief-Inspector Wilson: Leslie Perrins
Detective-Sgt Wright: Eric Phillips
Burgess: Michael Gover
Walpole: Brian Haines
Lancing: Alec Ross
Professor Stock: Leslie Kyle
Police Surgeon: Lockwod West
Milkman: Sidney Vivian
[Repeated on BBC Home on 4th January 1951]
[Alan Stranks wrote the lyrics for the UK's 2nd Eurovision Song Festival entry, which came 7th in 1957]

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Compiled by Stephen Shaw, 2022


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