Robin Brooks

Note that this is not the same Robin Brooks who writes about George Lewis in "The man who knew everything".

Robin has had two radio plays broadcast, and the details are below. Also in the mid-80s, he wrote and co-produced a series of special occasion programmes with Jon Strickland and Jon Florance, a broadcaster at Radio Leicester. These were made at Langton House (now the Langton Hotel) opposite Broadcasting House, and there were about 20 in all. They had titles such as "Great Grandfather's Christmas", "Sand in the Sandwiches", (a celebration of the great British seaside holiday), "Running Shorts" (to coincide with the Olympic Games), and so on.

Robin has written nine local history books, and works in the features department of a local newspaper group in Gloucestershire. He lives in Cheltenham.

22.05.84 The Colliers' Cathedral*
03.06.86 The Cotswold Order


Afternoon play, 60m. 22 May 84; with Jon Strickland/Hilda Schroeder. An unusual Yorkshire comedy; a cross between "Hobson's Choice" and Monty Python's "Four Yorkshiremen" sketch. That's not an exaggeration. Produced by David Johnson; script editor Jeremy Mortimer. Jon Strickland took the lead, and was a member of the BBC rep. company at the time. He knows Robin; in fact they were at school together.

    D.P. supplied the following comment: ....A radio play in which the scenes were linked by the tune "On Ilkley Moor Ba' Tat", but whistled. I don't usually like listening to whistling, but this was beautiful......
Cast: Jon Strickland, Hilda Schroder, Helen Atkinson Wood, Michael Jenner, Clive Panto, Geoffrey Collins, Moir Leslie, Arnold Diamond, Ellen Mackintosh, Colin Starkey, Michael Bilton, Mike Rolleston, Peter Tuddenham, Jane Wenham, Margot Boyd, William Eedle, William Hope, Louis Mahoney, Anthony Hall, Gary Beadle. The whistler was Lorne Gibson.

Note by ND.... this is one of the best (and most unusual) radio plays ever .... I've listened to it many times; it never fails to amuse.

Afternoon play, 60m. This play took as its central figure a character from the first. It stars Peter Tuddenham as Joss Whatton. Produced by David Johnson; script editor Jeremy Mortimer.

A third play in the series was under way when David Johnson died, and it remains unfinished.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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