Radio Plays & features:
30.08.71 Prisoners of the War
03.10.71 The Fishing Party R3, rpt 5.1.72 R4 and 27.10.79 R4.
11.02.72 All Honour Mr. Todd AFT
23.09.72 The 1861 Whitby Lifeboat Disaster, r. 25.5.73 AFT
26.05.75 But Fred Freud Is Dead
??.??.76 The Mighty Reservoy R3, rpt 5.11.81 R3.
19.11.78 Play Soft Then Attack (Just Before Midnight)
28.01.79 Sweet & Sour Strawberries (Just Before Midnight)
07.03.79 Forest Lodge
18.08.79 The Anatomy Class (Just Before Midnight)
18.10.80 The First Flame SNT
04.04.81 The Rundle Gibbet SNT
03.06.81 Rattling the Railings
29.10.81 A Night to Make the Angels Weep R3
26.05.82 The Overnight Man
19.03.83 The Romany Trip
31.05.83 The Topsoil of Imberley AFT
24.07.84 Poole Harbour AFT
30.07.85 Letters to the Otter
01.09.86 Good Lads at Heart
18.08.88 Blind Down the Thames
12.06.89 Stones, Tops & Tarns
27.05.90 Tales My Father Taught Me
??.02.90 Getting to know Mr. Schmeigelow
06.08.83 Madam Main Course SNT
07.10.95 Mr Clean SNT
05.12.98 Archive Hour - Alfred Bradley & Peter Terson

SNT=Saturday Night Theatre; AFT=Afternoon Theatre

Some of the above plays known to exist in VRPCC collections.


All Honour Mr. Todd....1972
With John Sharp, Ralph Lawton, Katherine Parr, Stephanie Turner.

The 1861 Whitby Lifeboat Disaster....1972 With Stephen Murray, Barbara Lott, Ronald Herdman

The watcher at the reservoir has an unexpected guest. 45m. No casting details.

Forest Lodge....1979
With Carole Hayman, John Abineri.

The Fishing Party....1979
With Wilfred Pickles, Harry Markham, Geoffrey Banks.

18 Aug 79; Just Before Midnight. What a pity this only lasts 15m: it's a medical lecture; a cadaver is being dissected. We hear the voice of the prof. and the thoughts of the students - about him and about each other. The play was specially written for the National Youth Theatre; their first performance on radio. Cast: Jarvis............John Elmes, Jane............Sally Dexter, Sally.........Sally Sheridan, Martin.........Paul Blackman, Frances........Rosie Clayton, Terry.........Peter O'Creevy, Lecturer........Peter Lennon. Producer Glyn Dearman.

The First Flame....1980
With Christopher Guinee and Rosalind Knight.

The Rundle Gibbet....1981, r.1991
A self-opinionated individual starts up his own scandal sheet in an effort to make his voice heard and to cleanse the town where he lives. He stirs up more than he bargained for....with Haydn Jones, June Barrie, Christian Rodska, Brian Hayden, John Apineri, Rex Holdsworth, Rosalind Adams, Julia Hills, Geoffrey Matthews, Bruce Stewart (Barratt and Cooper), Willian Fox, Andrew Hilton, Daphne Herd, Jack Watson. Directed by Shaun McLoughlan.

Rattling the Railings....1981
3 Jun 81.By Peter Terson. Afternoom Theatre. Comedy-drama; Alec and Brenda are dropping dotty old 'Dad' off at Alec's sisterís new house because they're heading off to Spain. "Whatever you do don't give him a hammer and nails!" Cast: Elizabeth Proud [Pauline], Timothy Bateson [Dad], Anna Keaveney [Brenda], Michael Tudor Barnes [Alec] and Nigel Anthony [Robert]. Directed in Bristol by Shaun MacLaughlin.

The Overnight Man....1982
45m, with Margaret Etall and Peter Baldwin. Really a Peter Baldwin monologue. Adapted from Peter Terson's stage play 'The Night John', which premiered in Chichester in 1980. Afternoon Theatre, 26 May 82, repeat 16 Jun82 and 20 Oct 82. The new overnight man at the Mirage Hotel recalls glorious days gone by as he inspects the premises. 'I am not an overnight man, I am a night porter...' Produced by Margaret Etall. Also broadcast by ABC, 1990s, 60m; probably a BBC World Service version but could be Australian production. No other details of this broadcast.

The Topsoil of Imberley....1983
With Mary Wimbush, Peter Markham.

Madam Main Course....1983
With Sandra Clark, Tony Robinson, Kay Adshead, Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Patrick Malahide, Eric Allan.

Poole Harbour
With Maggie McCarthy, Timothy Bateson, Thomas Henderson.

Getting to Know Mr. Schmeigelow....1990
Play about Cecil Beaton...In 1925 the future designer came down from Cambridge. His ambition was to be accepted by the aristocratic and artistic. With Julian Firth as Beaton, William Eedle as Papa, and Christian Rodska as Mr. Schmeigelow. Also stars June Barrie, Joanna Mackie, Jenny Funnel, Susan Sheridan, Brian Miller, Paul Downing. Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin in Bristol.

Mr. Clean....1995
By Peter Terson & Pat Ryott. With Simon Carter and Neil Coker.

Archive Hour: Alfred Bradley....1998
For twenty years, from the sixties to the eighties, Alfred Bradley produced some of the most innovative drama to appear on BBC Radio. Alan Plater looks back at his career, recalling classic plays including Peter Terson's "The Fishing Party".

Nigel Deacon, Diversity Website, compiled from information provided by Roger Bickerton, Greg Linden, and from own collection.

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