Grafting Tomatoes onto Potatoes

I saw an interesting video on Youtube recently, where a University botany teacher grafted a tomato shoot onto a potato.

He made it look very easy, though he didn't show any pictures of what happened four days later when, presumably, the graft gave up and died.

Atr least, that's what happened to mine.

Here's the picture of the graft. The potato variety was Salad Blue; the tomato was Gardener's Delight. The graft was bound using long thin pieces of polythene from a plastic bag, tied like a bandage. Note that adhesive tape will not stick to a potato or tomato stem.

However, I didn't throw the plant away; I cut off most of the graft but left one bud, so it might recover. The problem was excessive water loss, in spite of the plastic envelope over the top, and I don't have humidity control or a mist propagator.

Meanwhile I will be trying again. It might be worth trying an aubergine shoot, too .... watch this space.

UPDATE, 11 July
A picture 7 days after the original graft: tomato leaves starting to grow. I'll have to be careful to keep those lower leaves under control.

ND, Diversity Website

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