Potatoes - Avoiding Common Cooking Mistakes

1. Jersey Royals (and some other waxy potatoes) won't cook well if steamed. Boil them.

2. Some potatoes go slightly 'woody' at the end of the season and don't cook well. Either discard - or bake with a high oven temp (gas mark 6) to get rid of them.

3. Only fry mashed potatoes if they've been refrigerated overnight.

4. Finish off microwaved potatoes in a normal oven - otherwise the skins won't crisp up.

5. If you're roasting potatoes, use the right variety. King Edward, British Queen, Maris Piper, Wilja, or an all-purpose potato.

6. Don't boil floury potatoes unless you're prepared to stand over the saucepan and monitor the hardness whilst they cook.

7. When boiling potatoes, drain off the water as soon as they're done.

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