Potatoes - books:

These are some of the books on potatoes I've found useful, interesting, or both:. I recommend them strongly.

Dunnett, Jack. A Scottish Potato Breeder's Harvest.
North of Scotland Newspapers, 2000. Lectures, autobiography and papers from the UK's most successful potato breeder.

UPDATE- there is now a sequel to this, which is downloadable from the CAITHNESS POTATOES website. It doesn't exist as printed copies, so far as I'm aware.

Large, E.C: The Advance of the Fungi.
Jonathan Cape, 1940; republished recently. The amazing story of the detective work carried out by botanists in their efforts to understand the nature of potato blight in the mid to late 1800s. E.C.Large was a distinguished scientist and writer with specialist knowledge of fungi.

Romans, Alan: The Potato Book.
Frances Lincoln, 2005. Includes lots of photographs of popular and less well-known varieties.

Wilson, Alan: The story of the Potato.
Alan Wilson, 1993. A good introduction to potatoes; some history, with 74 paintings of potato varieties by Faith Harris of Long Sutton, Hampshire.

Zuckerman, Larry: The Potato.
Macmillan, 1998. The story of how a vegetable changed history. No illustrations, but a fascinating read, and painstakingly thorough in its research.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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