Update on Nadine

I was contacted recently by a researcher and grower in the potato industry. He supplies an update on growing "Nadine", and some interesting pictures:

....."I am also a potato enthusiast. I am self-employed but work mainly for a company supplying potatoes to Asda. I find your comments on Nadine interesting because that is a variety I work with.

In 2002 we (the growers I work with)) grew over 1000 acres of Nadine. This will diminish to (probably) no more than 100 acres in 2006 for two main reasons; one - the variety's susceptibility to Internal rust spot (IRS) especially on sandy soils; and two - the greater levels of ring spot (Virus Yntn) showing up on the tubers.

Nadine is without question our highest yielder with sample digs showing in excess of 40 tonnes/acre (see picture below). The Caithness variety that is taking over from Nadine is Harmony, particularly on the mineralised peat soils in Cambridgeshire (see picture below). All varieties will taste differently relative to the soil types they are grown in, and Nadine grown in peat soils would have much better eating quality than those grown on sand.

Harmony is a daughter of Nadine. Lower tuber numbers than Nadine, slightly higher seed rates and higher baker content. "

Record yield Nadine
Record yield Nadine.......................................

Ringspot Virus
Ringspot Virus on Nadine tubers......................
Internal rust spot on Nadine
Internal Rust Spot on Nadine tubers

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