Red Fleshed Apples -

Apple 'Pixirosso', Malus domestica

The unusual feature of this apple is the pink flesh; when fully ripe, it's a spectacular bright pink-red colour, with dramatic white flashes running through it. Unlike many red-fleshed apples that have been bred in the past this is a good flavoured apple which is sweet and crisp. Thompson and Morgan describe it as a vigorous grower; it has the red blossom of most redfleshed apples, and red-bronze foliage. The fruit is ripe in October.

It is not self fertile so needs another apple of similar flowering period for pollination. T&M's trees are sold on M9 stock. It is best grown in full sun.

Flowering period:
T&M say "April, May" but all apples blossom in this period, so this doesn't tell us much. I'd guess it's early, like most redfleshed apples; probably a similar period to Allen's Everlasting, Mott's Pink, etc.

I have sought permission to use their photograph of the apple but received no response. The blossom picture is the property of Leicestershire Heritage Apples Project. Meanwhile a reduced resolution apple picture from their site is below. It would be interesting to know something of the genealogy.

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compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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