English Apples - Pink Pearmain

American apple; found growing in an old orchard near Whale Gulch, California, USA by Ram and Marissa Fishman of Greenmantle Nursery. Thought to be one of Albert Etter's apples. Etter was a breeder in the 30s and 40s who raised from seed about 50 redfleshed apples, often using the variety 'Surprise' as a parent.

Medium to large size. Red with red stripes when ripe. Flesh color deep pink. "Tart, mildly sweet, aromatic flavor. Ripens late September". (California).

In England - Distinctly sticky when ripe; - ripens at end of October / beginning of November. The fruit if properly ripened is not tart; it is a beautiful sweet apple with good flavour; slightly aromatic. Keeps about three weeks in good condition. One thing to look out for- the fruit do not drop when ripe. It's easy to leave then on the tree too long, by which time they are starting to deteriorate.

Property of Greenmantle Nursery, Garberville, CA.

Also known as Pink Sparkle.

Must be fully ripe for maximum sweetness and colour. Does better if climate not too hot. ....Pictures emailed to me by two unknown apple growers - one in England, the other in America, Aug 08 and Nov 09. Many thanks.

Another grower in England reports that this apple ripens mid October to early November and that it keeps for about three weeks. Sweet, pleasant aromatic flavour, slightly richer and denser texture than Mott's Pink.

Lots of pictures - this is a spectacular apple.

The blossom time is fairly early; this is often one of the first apple trees in the garden to flower. First day of full blossom (90% of flowers out) as follows: 9 May 2008, 25 Apr 2009, 12 May 2010, 16 Apr 2011. For comparison: 2008 3 days earlier than Bramley, 2009 1 day earlier than Bramley; 2010 5 days later than Bramley; 2011 3 days earlier than Bramley.

Pink Pearmain, 31 Aug 08
........ Pink Pearmain, 20 Sep 08....... Pink Pearmain, 20 Sep 08

pink-pearmain blossom....... Pink Pearmain, 30 Oct, England....... Pink Pearmain, 30 Oct, England, photographed in twilight.......

Pink Pearmain, 7 Nov, England, spectacular red-fleshed apple....... Pink Pearmain, 30 Nov, England, spectacular red-fleshed apple.......

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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