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02.04.03 Dear Brother (Van Gogh)
21.07.04 Old Man Goya (biog. play)


...,by Penny Gold (R4 2 Apr 03 1415)was a well-cast dramatisation of the last years of Vincent van Gogh, broadcast to coincide with the 150th anniversary of his birth. It was based on letters and memoirs of the time, including those to his brother Theo, who was also his friend, his mentor and his picture dealer. After settling in the sunny climes of Arles, Van Gogh hoped to establish a community for struggling artists with his friend and fellow painter Paul Gauguin, but Gauguin was not impressed, and soon returned to Paris.

Theo continued to help and encourage his brother, but Vincent was now mentally ill, and the remaining letters mirror his decline. Robert Glenister was van Gogh, with Jonathan Firth as Theo, Kika Markham as Joanna, and Kenneth Cranham as the irritable Gauguin. The director was Richard Wortley. .....ND, VRPCC newsletter.

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