English Apples - Park Farm Apple

A most unusual apple; one of the latest in our collection, found growing wild near Wellingborough, Northants. Some years it stays on the tree until March in reasonable condition. It is best picked just after New Year and then stored; it can last for months. It's ready to eat from about January onwards, depending on the year.

Like most very late apples, it is low on juice, but very sweet, with a pleasant, complex flavour, well-balanced with medium acidity. It has a similar flavour to Burford Yellow (q.v.) but slightly stronger; completely unlike a supermarket apple.

The shape is rather knobbly; there is a pronounced 'crown' as can be seen in the picture. The flesh is white and it does not turn brown after cutting. The 2015 pictures were taken on 26 Mar.

This is a very useful addition to our collection of late Unique Seedlings.

Pictures (click on small images for detail):

Shown on the central picture below. The three varieties shown are (L to R): Langton's Nonesuch, Park Farm and Wickson.

apple blossoms, leicestershire heritage apple project


park farm apple, late february.....2014

park farm apple, late february..... park farm apple, late february.....2015

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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