Radio Plays, 1995

The 'First Bite' season was an important drama event in the year. It was made up of works by writers new to radio in 1995. Some of the 'first bite' plays went out in the afternoons as 30 minute dramas; some lasted 45 minutes, and one or two were full length, e.g. Drinking the Jake was a Monday Play. A number of the tales were short stories.

A Pig Too Far, by Neil Bromley, 16 Sep 95, 1 hour
Burn Your Phone, by Andrew Wallace, 16 Sep 95, 30m
Quiz Night, by Peter Bowen, 20 Sep 95, 45m
Alaska, by Susan-Jane Harrison, 21 Sep 95, 1 hour
Me and Billie Marker, 21 Sep 95, 30m
The Thrill of the Chaste, by Craig Baxter, 25 Sep 95, 30m
Harry, by Adam Chennery, 25 Sep 95, 30m
Drinking the Jake, by Charlie Howe, 25 Sep 95, 1 hour
The Panacea, 27 Sep 95, 45m
Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree, 28 Sep 95, 30m
The Jinx, 28 Sep 95, 30m
Sex and Subversion, 28 Sep 95, 30m
Super Lily and the City of Strangers, by Mehta Bolstad, 5 Oct 95, 30m
Memories of a Distant Past, by Sade Adihero, 12 Oct 95, 30m
A Sweet Dessert, 19 Oct 95, 30m
A Little Room, by Lance Croft, 26 Oct 95, 30m


Jenny One, Two, Three....1995
By Sean Walsh. With Mark Mulholland, Emma McCourt and Jennifer Courtney. 10 Jan 95 - TMT (thirty minute theatre). Childhood never seems to last very long, but for some parents the moment of letting go can come just a little too soon.

By Ayshe Raif. 4 Mar 95. Saturday Playhouse. Connie, a three million pound Lottery winner employs Rika to stop her making a complete fool of herself. But both women have family problems. Produced by Claire Grove.

Diane BULL.................Connie
Rosemary LEACH.............Rika
David YIP..................Joe Alton
Ray WINSTONE...............Neil Marsden
Paul KEATING...............Sam Marsden
Patricia KERRIGAN..........Bella
Oliver SENTON..............Guy
Ian MASTERS................Donald
Garrick HAGON..............Arnold
George ALLONBY.............Eugene
Natasha PYNE...............Mrs Williams
Annabel MULLION............Lucy
Jonathan KEEBLE............Edwardo

CLOVIS..... 1995
Several episodes of the Saki short stories, dramatized for radio, beginning 8 Mar 95; weekly.
1. title not known
2. Clovis's private view

The Detective is Dead ....1995
by Bill James. Harpur and Iles are losing the battle against crime, so Iles starts to play to his own deadly rules. With Philip Madoc and Malcolm Storry. Produced by Jane Dauncey. 18 Mar 95, R4. SNT. rpt. 21 Oct 95. 75m.

MADOC, Philip...............Iles
STORRY, Malcolm.............Harpur
KENNY, Peter................Vine
HIGGINSON, Julie............Becky
HALLIDAY, Peter.............Lane
GARFIELD, David.............Beyonton
GLEESON, Sean...............Reid
JENKINS, Siriol.............Denise
HUGH, Rhodri................Stanfield
DAUNCEY, Terry..............Couzel QC
WALTERS, Melanie............Amy Harbinger
THOMAS, Ben.................Foster

6 May 95, R4. By J.R. Jones. 90m. Philip Madoc/Alun Horan/Albie Woodrington. Producer Jane Dauncey. Tale rooted in pre-Christian occult forces in Wales. The Cunning Man, the Sin Eater, the Dog Priest. A curious coincidence - Gerry Jones's novel (no relation) was called 'The Sin Eater'.

By Marge Piercy, ad. Michelene Wandor. It is 2059, somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. Science fiction involving a cyborg; an artificially constructed human, much more sophisticated than a robot. Eleanor Bron, Penny Downie, Ciaran Hinds, John Bennett, Nathaniel Parker, Paola Dionisotti and Susan Sheridan.

By Eugene O'Neill. R3, 6 May 95 (Studio 3). Rpt. 21 Jun 98, R3 Sunday Play. 50m. Experimental drama set in the late 20s. When Hughie, the night clerk in a low-grade Times Square rooming house dies, Erie Smith, a small-time gambler and full-time loser, discovers that he has lost his only friend in New York. With an introduction by Christopher Bigsby. O'Neill wrote Hughie after The Iceman Cometh and during the time he was writing Long Day's Journey Into Night. It was intended as part of a series of obit plays but became the lone survivor when O'Neill destroyed the others. Cast: Erie....Jason Robards, Night Clerk.....Jack Dodson. Director Jose Quintero. Produced by Erik Bauersfeld for Bay Area Radio Drama Recorded at Skywalker North Studios in 1993 Sound Design: Randy Thom.

13 May 95. 90m. By Daphne du Maurier.

True story of a long distance runner (super- marathon) who was barred from competitive events because of red tape. This didn't stop him running. 20 May 95.

29 May 95. Comedy by Michael Frayn. A young couple are moving into a new flat and there are important decisions to be made. Do they want to spend the rest of their lives together? Where will they put the bed? Phil....Sam West, Cath....Lucy Tregear, Pat....Margaret Courtney. Producer Matthew Walters.

By Jean Binnie. 5 Jun 95. Loosely based on historical fact, the play explores the venomous atmosphere surrounding the building of Florence cathedral and the rivalry between the architects Ghiberti and Brunelleschi.

By Sean Damer. Thirty Minute Theatre, 13 Jun 95, 14:00. A young Scots soldier in command of a squad on the border between Rhodesiaand the Congo writes to his parents in the usual reassuring way of soldiers down the years. But north of the border, the unrest grows. With Kenneth Glenaan, Finlay Welsh and Crawford Logan. Directed by Hamish Wilson.

The Death of Alexander Scriabin....1995
Written & directed by Ken Russell. 18/06/1995. BBC Radio 3. Cast: Oliver Reed ; James Wilby ; Don Warrington ; Ken Russell ; Hetty Baynes ; Brian Murphy ; Kristin Milward Gavin Muir ; Joshua Towb ; Don McCorkindale ; Announcer : Donald MacLeod Producer : Adrian Bean. Ken Russellís first radio play. It is hard to find out much about this curiosity but according a review in the Independent on Tuesday 20 June 1995, Scriabin and Crowley hold a Black Mass in a cathedral and are nearly eaten by Cambridge educated cannibals. (....notes from Alistair Wyper)

27 Jun 95. By Terry James. A young Indian materializes at a village railway station.... intervenes, then vanishes.

By David Cregan. 10 Jul 95. 60m. Joanna is a painter, Harry a TV reporter. They love each other but can't live together....

A VITAL FLAW....1995
29 Jul 95. Saturday Night Theatre. A truthful account of the relationship between Heinrich Himmler and Dr. Felix Kersten. With Martin Jarvis and John Duttine. 90m.

6 Aug 95 (I think) - several programmes about Hiroshima and the nuclear bomb. At 2.45am on 6 Aug 1945 a Boeing B-29 carrying an untested uranium bomb took off from the US airbase at Tinan. At 8.14am the bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, killing 70,000 people and injuring 80,000. Editor Alastair Wilson.

    News from the East
    Memories from eyewitnesses of the explosion.

    The birth of the bomb
    John Slater explores how for two years Britain led the race to build the Bomb. (A Pier / Black Hill production).

    The pilot's tale
    Colonel Paul Tibbets recalls events 32,000ft above Hiroshima.

    Listening to Incense
    Richard Pascoe plays Japanese professor Arata Osada who compiled eyewitness accounts from children who had survived the Bomb. Kerry Crabbe has written a re-creation of the day. Producer Janet Whitaker.

10 Aug 95. By Gerald Vaughan-Hughes. Afternoon play.55m. Steven, an out-of-work actor, is offered a rather unusual job. The wealthy John Jax wants to employ him as an ornamental garden hermit. Steven....Michael Lumsden, Mr. Pink....Dan Strauss, Dorcas Duffy....Kathryn Hunt, John Jax....Matt Zimmerman, Belinda Jax....Lorelei King, The Poet....Kim Wall. Producer Rosemary Watts.

27 Aug 95, R3 Sunday Play, by David Caute. 120m. A vision of the progress of the animals and humans of "Animal Farm' through revolution and counter-revolution, mirroring the past 50 years of the rise and fall of communism. Sean Barrett, Ian Masters, David Ryall, Marcia Warren, Richard Kane, Susan Sheridan, David Collings, John Hartley, Bob Sherman, Geoffrey Whitehead, David Timson, Jilly Bond, Anton Phillips, Andrew Branch, Natasha Pyne, Roger May, Jonathan Keeble, Ross Livingstone. Music composed by Colin Sell and played by him, Gonzalo Acosta and Andy Astle. Producer David Hitchinson.

27 Aug 95. By Rose Tremain. Drama set at the beginning of the 20th century when British women were struggling for the right to vote. Emily Davison was a suffragette whose bid to please the leader of the movement, Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst, gradually drew her towards a tragic fate. Emily is known as the woman who threw herself in front of the King's horse during the 1913 Epsom Derby in order to strike a blow for the cause of Womens' Suffrage. The play attempts to explain why she behaved as she did. With Janet Maw [Emily Davison], Nigel Anthony [King George V], Miriam Margolyes [Queen Mary], Elizabeth Proud [Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst], Melonie Hudson [Miss Sylvia Pankhurst], Tessa Worsley [Mrs. Margaret Davison], Doreen Hepburn [Lily Maxwell], John Turner [Prime Minister, Herbert Asquith], and Stephen Critchlow [The Speaker]. Other parts played by members of the cast. Directed by Gordon House.

31 Aug 95, comedy, afternoon play by J.Alexander.

*Road to Lisdoonvarna....1995
by Douglas Livingstone . Starring Frances Barber and James Fleet. Producer: Jane Morgan. R4, 2 Sep 95, SNT.

'Most people who go to the match-making fair in County Clare protest that they're just there for a good time. But things happen there...'
Cast: John Hollis , Frances Barber, James Fleet, Dominic Letts , Conleth Hill, James Hayes , John Rogan.

13 Sep 95. By (?)Robert Kee, in the series 'Great Escapes'. Robert, who escaped twice from German prisoner-of-war camps during WW2, presents four dramatic reconstructions of extraordinary escapes in war and peace. This one is about Father John Gerard, who preached the faith and provided support for Catholics until his arrest and imprisonment in the Tower of London in 1594. Nevertheless he escaped. Owen Teale, Lyndham Gregory, David Roper, Joe Dunlop.

A PIG TOO FAR....1995
By Neil Bromley. 16 Sep 95. A comic road movie. A first radio play by this writer. Dr. Julian bred his pig for pork, but it grew to love Presley. Dr. Julian....Forbes Masson, Elvis, the pig .... Toby Jones, Anna ....Helen Baxendale, with David Timson,, Stephen Critchlow, Jane Whittenshaw. Brian Perkins and Liz MacKean play themselves. Producer Roanna Benn. 60m.

By Andrew Wallace. 16 Sep 95. A phone operator's working day becomes a living nightmare. Andy....Alan Cumming, Killer.... Jonathan Keeble, with George Allonby, Stephen Critchlow, Zulema Dene, Becky Hindley, Sandra James-Young, Geoffrey Whitehead. Producer Main Russell. 30m.

by Susan-Jane Harrison. Against the backdrop of Alaska, boy meets girl across a bar. It might be the start of a romance, but this is a parallel universe. R4, 21 Sep 95.

By Joyoti Grech. 21 Sep 95, 2300 hrs. Prt. 9 May 96. Chandra is struck and inspired by the experimental music of Billie Marker, but when she finally meets him, she discovers that his idea of `making music' is very different from her own. With Nisha K Nayar and Monica Patel.

By Craig Baxter. With Jeremy Colton and Elizabeth Morrell. Directed by Brian Lighthill. BBC Pebble Mill. 25 Sep 95, Afternoon Play. ("First Bite Young Playwrights Festival"). repeat 25 April 1996. The story of a contemporary virgin birth.

Elizabeth Morrell..........Ruth
Jeremy Colton..............Richard
Shirin Taylor..............Ruth's Mother
Geoffrey Leesley...........Doctor / Charles
Kim Durham.................Jack
Tamsin Heatley.............Cherry

By Adam Chenery. With Greg Chisolm as Harry. Directed by Brian Lighthill, BBC Pebble Mill. 25 Sep 95, 14:30 (First Bite Young Playwrights Festival). On his 16th birthday, Harry discovers that he has got his family all wrong.

By Vincent McInnerney. 11 Oct 95.

By Richard Edmunds; sound effects recorded on location. Directed by Andy Jordan. Saturday Playhouse, 21 Oct 95 and 1 June 96, 90 min.

Set in a village in Papua New Guinea. In one canoe sits the logging company, in the other a group called Rainforest Rescue. The canoes have been racing abreast, up until now.

Adjoah ANDOH .............. Sarah
Raad RAWI ................. Seth
Earl CAMERON .............. Nakafu
Mary WIMBUSH .............. Boiyor

With Jonathan Keeble, Junix Inocian, Kulvinder Ghir, Don Gilet, Madhav Sharma, Aaron Pemberton, Jessie Andoh, Nina Wadia, Sandra James-Young, Geoffrey Whitehead, Tessa Worsley.

by Scott Cherry. R4, 1430, 28 Oct 95. Possibly the best tale of the supernatural I have heard on the radio [the other contender is The Stones of Muncaster Cathedral, by Robert Westall (q.v)]. It is stunning; frightening, terrific. Journalist Ellie Rogers is sent to Norfolk to investigate rumours of witchcraft. She witnesses some terrifying events.

BILL AND KOO....1995
8 Nov 95; comedy by Janet Paisley and Graham McKenzie.

CLOVIS....1995, continued
More stories by Saki, dramatised. 2330 hrs.
Clovis's Last Night, 11 Nov 95. 30m.

15.11.95. Science student Norman invents a new colour, and is besieged by all and sundry, anxious to get their hands on it. A superb comedy by Stephen Dinsdale and Jerome Vincent.

18 Nov 95; rpt, by J.B.Priestley; starring Alan Bennett. About 90m.

GO FOR THE GRAIL .... 1995
R4 2.02pm. 27.11.95. Hypnotherapy cures Kath of the smoking habit but introduces Griselda, a non-too-fragrant peasant woman from the fourteenth century. With Rachel Atkins, Caroline Strong.

4 Dec 95. Adaptation by Nick McCarty. 75m. The best radio version of a Western you are ever likely to hear. It is stunning, atmospheric, brilliant......... you can even feel the heat and hear the beating of the gunman's heart.

    ...... Fletcher, a ruthless cattleman, is trying to scare away a bunch of farmers who have put up fences around land he wants. He looks like winning, until Shane turns up.

    He'd stopped for a drink at one of the farms. Then Fletcher's men had arrived, looking threatening. He'd intervened, and sent them away.

    The story takes off from there.

    Cast: Stacey Keetch, Howard Keel (narrator), David Jukes, Laurie Means, Marty York, Michael Keenan, Tuc Milligan, Greg Almquist, David Graff, James HarperChristopher Curry, David Lee Smith, Matt Nolan. Programme made at Third Street Sound, Los Angeles. Production assistant Rosemary Garrison. Technical Director Cecilia Pernod. Produced for the Unique Broadcasting Company by Anthony Cornish.

    In the famous film version, Shane was played by Alan Ladd

By Ray Bradbury; new BBC production. 7 Dec 95, 11pm, 30m.. Engineer Barton is marooned on Mars, quite alone. Then he receives a 'phone call..... this is a remarkable tale about what one man might achieve (and become) if left completely alone for fifty years with enough wires, cables and electronic equipment to keep him busy. Kerry Shale as Barton. Producer Hamish Wilson. This was part of a Bradbury series; see his page for more information.

By J. Buckler. 13 Dec 95.

14 Dec 95. R4. By Olwen Wymarck and B. Clegg. A detective story with gardening and Shakespeare connections.

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