1985 Radio Plays

Season's Greetings
Alan Ayckbourn,28.12.1985/2030,Peter Vaughan/Ronald Herdman/Maggie McCarthy

By Jonathan Neale. R4, 18 Dec 85. In the primitive conditions of the 1940s Major Acaster leads a a group of climbers to conquer the terrible and menacing Chong Mal. A challenge fraught with danger, torture, terror and death.

With Peter Wickham, Graham Chinn, Bernard Brown, Graham Blockey, Eric Stovell, Garard Green and Tessa Worsley; directed by David Johnston.

9.12.85, by Elizabeth Bond. Monday play. The unlikely friendship of a thirteen year old girl and a 39 year old vagrant, played by Paul Copley. They run off to the Lake District. The story was also told on film. A sequel, "City Lights", had Lily and the half-witted Colin continuing their association in London. Producer - Penny Gold. recording sent by Mike Wontner-Riches; many thanks.

Ploughboy Monday
David Pownall,9.11.1985/2030,Jason Littler/Judith Barker

A Bumper Year For Dahlias
Alan Downer,2.11.1985/2030,Steven Pacey/Rosalind Adams

Odysseus On An Iceberg
Alick Rowe,19.10.1985/2030,Hugh Dickson/June Barrie. Very daft comedy sequel to "Operation Lightning Pegasus". See Alick's page.

Thanks For Looking After Jeannie
Rod Beacham,21.9.1985/2030,Peter Vaughan/Bryan Pringle/Deidre Costello/Robin Summers

Dithering Heights
Ken Whitmore,7.9.1985/2030,Aubrey Woods/Nigel Anthony

A Case Of Spirits
Peter Lovesey,31.8.1985/2030,Barry Foster/John Cater

Rookery Nook
Ben Travers,24.8.1985/2030,Ian Lavender/Brett Usher/Anne Jameson

A Box Of Tricks
J.C. Wilsher,17.8.1985/2030,Robin Summers/Mia Soteriou. Big business and double dealing...the "box of tricks" is the "personal computer". This is 1985, remember - the computer takeover was only just beginning.

The Bigger They Are
Wally K. Daly,3.8.1985/2030,Peter Jones/Donald Hewlett/Charles Hawtrey/Lockwood West See Wally K Daly's page. Excellent humorous send-up of the Mafiosa, with some members of the "Carry On" team.

Last Bus To Woodstock
Colin Dexter,15.6.1985/2030,Andrew Burt/Christopher Douglas. An Inspector Morse tale.

The Deep Blue Sea
Terence Rattigan,8.6.1985/2030,Isabel Dean/Michael Byrne.

By Len Deighton. R4, 7pm, 2 Jun 85, weekly, 8 episodes. Charlie Stein was involved in a shady plot during the war, which involved stealing some Nazi loot and documents. It made him a wealthy man. Now, forty years later, that plot comes back to haunt him. XPD, we are told, is Secret-Service-speak for 'expedient demise'. Cast: Trevor Nichols / David Garth / Bruce Boa / Bernard Hepton / Clifford Rose.

Blithe Spirit
Noel Coward,4.5.1985/2030,Paul Eddington/Julia McKenzie/Anna Massey/Peggy Mount

The Inter-City Contract....1985
By Rod Beacham,27.4.1985/2030,Brian Smith/Graham Blockey. An excellent thriller set on a train. A murder is committed; then another. Saturday Night Theatre with Steve Hodson. Not to be confused with another first class play "Intercity Incident", by Sheila Hodgson - also set on a train.

Chimera,Stephen Gallagher....1985
20.4.1985/2030,Sarah Badel/Christian Rodska/Brian Glover/John Webb

17 Apr 85. By David Luck. Derek is at a school for surveillance. Under the guidance of the lovely Laura, he plants bugs and listens in to the neighbours. But who - exactly - is observing whom? Afternoon play, 45m. Derek - Christian Rodska, Laura - Barbara Martin, Carol - Helen Worth, with Meg Johnson as Mum, Eileen Derbyshire as Bernice and Maddi Head as Sandra. Produced by Alfred Bradley in Manchester.

By Harry Barton. Monday Play 8 Apr 85. ........It's July 1940, and following the fall of France the French Admiral in Alexandria is confronted with the most difficult decision of his life - to fight his way past the British fleet or to surrender, scuttle or demobilise his ships. Lt John Sandwich is seconded as interpreter to the British Admiral during the tense negotiations. But the situation is complicated by his love for a young Frenchwoman. John Sandwich ............. Steven Boxer, William Tromp ............. Michael Loney, Pay ............................... Geoffrey Banks, Commander .................. Arnold Diamond, Chief writer .................. Alan Thompson, Master at Arms ............. John Forbes-Robertson, Carmichael ................... Christopher Douglas, Mariannina ................... Nicola Vickery, Eugénie ........................ Cécile Paoli, Philippe ........................ Graham Blockey, Mr Jennings ................. Brian Smith, British Admiral ............ Charles Gray, Rear-Admiral Duncan ..William Eedle, Marine officer .............. John Webb, French Admiral ............ David Garth, Poirier .......................... Peter Acre. Directed by Robert Cooper. BBC Manchester. .........Note: Though not named directly in this play, the senior commanders of the British and French naval forces involved were, respectively, Admiral Sir Andrew Browne Cunningham R.N. and Admiral René-Emile Godfroy M.N.

The Passion Flower Hotel
Rosalind Erskine,6.4.1985/2030,Moir Leslie/Spencer Banks/Mary Wimbush - very funny "sex comedy" set in a girl's school.

5 Apr 85; R3; The True Tale of Margery Kempe; how she saw Christ, spoke all manner of truth, was taken for a mad woman and went to Jerusalem, as told in the year of our Lord 1436. Dramatised by Eva Figes. Margery...Vivian Pickles, Jesus ...... Christopher Scoular; Priests, Hermits, and People played by Peter Acre, John Baker, Peter Davidson, Christopher Douglas, David Garth, Guy Holden, Anne Jameson, Mia Soteriou, Alan Thompson and Tessa Worsley. Producer Piers Plowright.

Private Correspondence....1985
By Nicholas Stark, 23.2.1985. With Robert Blythe/Glyn Houston. A maniac is killing young women - the partners of prison inmates. Ordinary police procedures have failed, so far, to find the killer.

I'd Give My Right Arm To Be Ambidextrous
Michael Bartlett,9.2.1985/2030,Patrick Troughton/Mark Straker

The Killing Of Martin Hoffnung
Michael Davies,2.2.1985/2030,George Baker/Ian Saynor. Outstanding cold war double-crossing thriller.

Cover Up
R.D. Wingfield,5.1.1985/2030,David Sinclair/Andrew Burt/David Garth/William Eedle

The Joke Shop....1985
By Kevin Yorrick. 45m. Can't remember much about this - except that the "joke shop" is the labour exchange, but I do recall that it's a lively, entertaining play.

The Humanisation of George Mayhew....1985
By Jill Hyem. George is a bachelor who likes routine. His life is planned, and there are no surprises. Then Ellie erupts into his life - which is when the humanisation of George Mayhew begins. 45m. With Moir Leslie as Ellie, John Rowe as George. Also stars John Hollis, Danny Schiller, William Hope. Directed by Kay Patrick.

By Jack Gratus. William Whiteley, fictional founder of London's first bid department store just over a hundred years ago. He's portrayed by the media of the day as avuncular, kindly, and highly moral. But when he was young he had a much darker side. Andy Bowman, a young reporter, finds out the truth. Stars Chris Harris, Hedley Goodhall, John Telfer, Carolyn Moody, Norman Henry, David Sinclair. Recording sent by Bill Eatock; many thanks.



Wicked Charlie, Innocent Bill....1985
Programme 5 in the Murder by Gaslight series (Piccadilly Radio). Dramatised true story, set in Victorian England. Written by Leo Knowles, narrated by Leo McKern. Cast: Graham Roberts, Delia Corrie, Victoria Hardcastle, Will Tacey, Charles Haggarth(?), Brian Southwood, James Tomlinson, Paul Clayton, Andy Abrahams, Charles Foster, Kate Leigh(?). Engineered by Pete Baker; edited by Mark Radcliffe; produced for Piccadilly Radio by Tony Hawkins. Year given as 1985. (information from Madeleine Midgeley, Bournemouth University; many thanks. This play is not in VRPCC collections. )

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