Radio Plays 1972

CITY OF THE HORIZON....1972, repeated 1976.
By David Spenser. Total running time about 150 minutes.

Part 1 : The Dream; 29.1.1972, Gary Bond/Mary Morris/Kate Binchy.
Part 2 : The Reality; 5.2.1972 Gary Bond/Mary Morris/Kate Binchy.

Fascinating historical drama of the life of Achnaton, the "heretic Pharoah". Sometime after ascending the throne, around 1500 BC, Amenhotep IV changed his name to Achnaton - a consequence of his religious reform away from the old god Amon-Ra. This has been the subject of a great number of books and essays. James Breasted called Achnaton the "most remarkable of all the pharoahs and the first individual in human history". Arthur Weighall, also an Egyptologist, describes him as "the world's first idealist".

In the fifth year of his reign Achnaten (Akhnaten, Akhnaton - alternative spellings) moved from Thebes with his wife Nefertite (Nefretete) and built a new capital city, Akhet-Aton, "the place where Aton rises", or "City of the Horizon", halfway between Thebes and Memphis. His mother Queen Tiy stayed as regent in Thebes.

Achnaton did not wage wars and was rather indifferent to the raids made by warring parties into his Asiatic domain. He built palaces, homes for his favourites, and sepulchural chambers for himself and them, for the life hereafter was of intense concern to worshippers of both Aton and Amon. His city was intended to last for as long as the sun above the earth.

This pair of linked plays (which can be played without a break) tells the story of the city - the dream, and the reality.

Immanuel Velikovsky points out, in his "Oedipus and Achnaten" (1960) some intriguing parallels between the Oedipus story and Achnaten's life. He goes so far as to say that Achnaten was the figure upon which the Oedipus legend was based - but that's outside the scope of the play. Whatever the truth, it's a joy to read.....N.D.

    The legend of Oedipus cycle, in which Velikovsky finds a parallel to the House of Akhnaton, involves the family of Oedipus, King of Thebes - his blinding and exile, his curse on his sons who subsequently slew each other at the gates of Thebes, and the courage of his daughter, Antigone, who entombed her fallen brother despite contrary official decree and was herself immured in a pit-tomb as punishment. The tale, filled with unsurpassed suspense, becomes even more compelling as it is related to historical fact.

    ...(short extract from www.knowledge.co.uk/velikovsky/oedipus.htm)
I am grateful to G.S. for supplying the information below:

Thunder In The Air

By Robins Millar
John Cairney as Ronnie Vexted
It's 1927 and strange things are happening at the home of Major Vexted. His son died in the 1914-18 war, or did he?

Anna Juliet Cadzow, The Reverend Arthur Stanes Bryden Murdoch, Dorothy Stanes Doris McLatchie, Miss Newton Marjorie Dalziel, Gibbs E.J.P.Mace, James Hardin Victor Carin, Major Vexted Callum Mills, Mrs Vexted Lennox Milne, Pamela Bentley June Andrews A Boy Rose McBain; Adapted for Radio and Produced by Eddie Fraser.

12/01/72 Can You Prove That

By Phillip Barker

Clive Swift as Det. Sgt. Feeley and Michael Harbour as Eric Gavin

"Raincoat Scarlet,
hood... One Jacket... One shirt... One shoe... They were found down on the rocks at Gleason Point, just below the cliff here."
Suzanne Todd Deborah Anthony, Hendrick William Eedle Hotel Receptionist Eva Stuart, Det. Sgt. Browne Robin Browne, Producer Bridget Marrow.

Amphitryon 2

A Roman Comedy by Plautus (c. 255 - 184 BC). Translated by Patric Dickinson. Music by Thomas Eastwood.

Norman Shelley and Howard Marion Crawford as the Two Amphitryons;
Jupiter Norman Shelley Mercury Allan McClelland Sessia, Amphitryon's servant Geoffrey Matthews, Alcmena, Amphitryon's wife Valerie Hanson, Amphitryon Howard Marion Crawford, Bromnia, Alcmena's maid Penelope Lee. A section of the New Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Harry Newstone,
Producer Raymond Raikes. (A Shortened version of a 1961 broadcast)

By F. Hugh Herbert. A young man, an older man, and a girl. Amusing love story. 90m.

You Are Not Alone In The House....1972
A Play for radio by Frederick Bradnum. With Gwen Francon Davies as Charlotte, Simon Lack as Nolan, Felix Felton as Bolan and Rolf Lefebvre, Elizabeth Proud, Patricia Gallimore, Edward Kelsey, Ronald Herdman, Patrick Tull, Jane Knowles and Sheila Grant.

'Poor Charlotte, by yourself alone in the house, nobody to love you, nobody to care... They are trying to get in...they will force an entry and nobody will stop them because nobody cares to stop them, because nobody understands.'Producer-John Tydeman.

The Captain From Nottingham By Stanley Middleton

William Lucas as Jeremiah Brandreth. A factual document of a rebellion from its planning in Nottingham in June 1817 to its conclusion in Derby in November.

Oliver - Peter Stephens, Birkin - Alan Devereux, Crabtree - Reginald Bungay, William Turner - Graham Rigby, Holmes Arthur Pentelow, Elijah Hall Snr - Sam Woodward, Mrs. Hall - Eileen Barry, Elijah Hall Jnr - Keith Varnier, Isaac Ludlan George Woolley, George Weightman John Baddeley, Mary Hepworth Patricia Greene, Emma Ruth Dicken, William Douglas Ditta, Judge Phillip Garston Jones, Atorney General Peter Stephens, Mr. Gurney Simon Carter, Mr. Cross Arthur Pentelow, Strutt Douglas Ditta, Ann Brandreth Linda Polan, Simpson Leslie Dunn, Rev Pickering- Roger Milner Producer Anthony Cornish.

Operation Cerberus
By Michael Kittermaster, 30 Jan 72. 'I can assure you that there are some very intensive operations taking place within this complex. If that were not so, it would hardly be necessary to maintain a security post on the premises...' Cast in order of speaking.... Pincombe-David March, Glover -Colin Gordon, Spicer -Nigel Anthony, Endicott-Gerald Cross, The Doctor-John Rye. Producer -Richard Imison.

The Tenth Anniversary....1972
By R D Wingfield, 9 Feb 72. Every year on the anniversary of the famous Monkstead Murders, Detective Inspector Ridley revisits the scene of the crime. On The Tenth anniversary he disappears. Porter - Edward Kelsey, Det. Insp. Ridley - John Graham, Det Insp.Henley - Michael Kilgarrif, Det Sgt.Green - John Rye, Det.Insp.Sadler - Peter Pratt, PC Hart - Ronald Herdman, John Manning - John Graham, Valerie West - Sian Davies, Producer Glyn Dearman.

Framed For Hanging
By Guy Cullingford, adapted by Barbara Sleigh.

The natives make a sort of flour from the tuber of the mandioca. In its natural State the stuff is full of poison - prussic acid. (NOTE- Guy Cullingford was also a composer - ND)
Richard Groom David Enders, Sarah Donkin Mary Wimbush, Ruth Donkin Ella Milne, Essie Donkin Vivienne Chatterton, Murch Eva Haddon, Hester Morby Valerie Kirkbright, Dr. Morby Hector Ross, Inspector Yeald Stephen Jack, Charles Hearst John Glen, Adolphus Thorne Dennis Edwards, Producer David Davis.

The Tragic Muse
By Henry James, adapted by Mary Hope Allan.

Oh to be here at last! In the most famous green room in Europe! Look see that dress hanging on the clothes tree! It's enough to see all of this. . . All the great artists of this great theatre. Their portraits surround me and I hear voices.

Nicholas Dormer Geofrey Beevers, Lady Agnes Dormer Lydia Sherwood, Grace Dormer Clare Horne, Biddy Dormer Kate Binchy, Gabriel Nash Dinsdale Landen, Waiter John Rowe, Peter Sherringham Alexander John, Julia Dallow Elizabeth Proud, Madame Carre Gladys Spencer, Mrs. Roothe Betty Hardy, Miriam Rooth Elizabeth Morgan, Mr. Carteret Carleton Hobbs, Basil Dashwood Michael Kilgarriff, Mlle Voisin Katherine Parr, Florry Tresilian Jane Knowles, Producer David H Godfrey .

Lizard In The Grass....1972
By Susan Hill. 1 Mar 72. With Helen Worth As Jane; Martin Jarvis as John.

"Though ye suppose all jeopardies are passed
Ware yet, I rede you, of Fortune's double cast,
For one false point she is wont to keep in store,
And under the fell oft festered is the sore:
That when ye think all danger for to pass
Ware of the lizard lieth lurking in the grass."
-John Skelton, Poet Born 1460, died 1529

Sister Superior -Fay Compton, Sister Patrick -Fabia Drake, Sister Imelda -Aimee Delamain, Aunt Berenice -Colette O'Neil, Her Friend-Doreen Andrew, Jane's father -Denys Hawthorne, Clare -Linette McMurrough, Megan -Jean Roger, Schoolgirls-Olwen Griffiths, Jane Knowles, Elizabeth Proud, Jo Manning Wilson. The music, played by John Marson and sung by Jonathan Cooke, was specially composed by Geoffrey Burgon. The poems are taken from the work of John Skelton, except three lines from the poem, 'Dunwich' by Anthony Thwaite. Producer-Guy Vaesen.


By Fred Benson

There's a plot, or hadn't you noticed? To turn us all into brainwashed zombies. Working in these large organisations demands a special sort of individual, that they haven't invented yet. But they're working on it.

Winstone Peck Brian Peck, Rodney Hicks Derrick Hibbert, Gerald Giddings Anthony Boden, Pamela Catterall Vivienne Dixon, Ernest Ball Geoffrey Banks, Producer Tony Cliff.

Number 13

By David Ellis. With Deryck Guyler.
Henry Farthing was an enthusiastic amateur detective - and a Great nuisance to the local police. But you can cry 'Wolf' once too often.
Henry Farthing Deryck Guyler, Alice Glossop Katharine Parr, PC Young Brian Hewlett, Sergeant Crosby William Eedle, Walter Bradshaw Edward Kelsey, Stanley Newton Roger Snowdon, Eric Manning Wilson, Joyce Maddi Hedd.
Producer Betty Davies

By John Hollis. 15 Mar 72. With Patricia Hayes. When the kids have left home you've got to find some way of filling the day. Competitions and bingo are fun, and of course you could win a lot of money. Ariadne Dutton - Patricia Hayes, Frank Dutton - Edward Kelsey, Julie Mitchell - Emily Richard, Sydney Mitchell - David Valla, Mrs Hammer - Sheila Grant, Bernie Forbes - Nigel Anthony, Norman Tewkes - Ronald Herdman, Organiser - Douglas Blackwell, Poacher - William Eedle. Producer - Jane Graham.

DIAL 999
By Archie Hill. 22 Mar 72.

Edward Kelsey as Sgt Moore
Sean Arnold as Sgt Ward
Nigel Anthony as Billy

Ward: You Were Hard On Them, Joe; too hard
Moore: Not hard enough
Ward: You listen to me - no don't try to pull rank. I'm a three striper as well as you......these two lads are good uns, They've got their jobs at heart. They faced a gunman tonight.
PC Thomas - Laurence Harrington, PC Rogers - John Samson, Mr. Young - Lewis Stringer, Jackie Wheatley- Judy Bennett, Mrs. Wheatley - Katharine Parr, producer - Richard Wortley.

27 Mar 72. By Alan Plater

Based on stories by Sid Chaplin, with songs by Alex Glasgow. The miner.. He walks about like a god. If he feels like working, he works. Nobody can hold the big whip over him. It doesn't exist.
Will Jobling - Alan Hockey, Thomas Milburn - Colin Douglas, Expert - John Franklyn Robbins, Vicar - Alex Glasgow, Mary Ann Milburn- Brenda Peters, Geordie- Bryan Pringle, Jackie - John Woodvine, John Milburn - Malcolm Terris, Frank Milburn - Ralph Watson, Ruth - Valerie Georgeson Pitwoman - Jean Becke Drummer - Jerry Rochfort Musical Director- Bill Southgate. With members of the Grimethorpe Colliery Band. Producer - Tony Cliff.

31/03/1972; by Bernard Shaw. With Margaret Wolfit, Lewis Fiander & Nigel Anthony. The author relates, in Elizabethan blank verse, the passionate love story of a handsome , young prizefighter and a beautiful heiress. Lydia Carew - Margaret Wolfit, Cashel Byron - Lewis Fiander, Bob Mellish his trainer- Malcolm Hayes, Lucian Webber - Kenneth Fortescue, Cetewayo, A Zulu Chief - Peter Pratt, Lord Worthington - Lockwood West, Bashville, footman - Nigel Anthony, William Paradise - Haydn Jones, Policeman - Frederick Treves, Adelaide Gisborne - Fabia Drake, Narrator - Godfrey Kenton, Producer - Archie Campbell.

THE BUTTERCUP 01/04/1972)
A modern fantasy for radio by Henry Cecil. 1 Apr 72.

Norman Strang Peter Williams
Mr. Justice Salisbury Gerald Cross
Judges Clerk John Ruddock
Leonard Tiptree John Challis
Editor John Samson
Det Supt Miles & Solicitor Malcolm Hayes
Lord Chancellor William Fox
Sir Duncan Ribblesdale MP Phillip Leaver
Minister Of Transport Geoffrey Beevers
Prime Minister &
President's Agent Lewis Stringer
Debtor Peter Bartlett
Company Chairman &
American Governor Peter Marinker
Belina Strang Katharine Parr
Mrs. Hopkins Sheila Grant
Mlle Voisin Katherine Parr
Other parts played by member's of the cast

Producer Archie Campbell

01/04/1972 - A thriller for radio by Michael Gilbert

With Colin Gordon and Edward Kelsey

Michael Templeton William Eedle
Laura Templeton Katharine Parr
Sgt Major O'Farrell Leonard Fenton
Professor Reynolds John Ruddock
Bruce Fairfax Brian Hewlett
Major Crawshaw David March
The Count Gerald Cross
Brigadier Partridge Colin Gordon
Commander George Oldroyd Edward Kelsey
Sir James Flint Leslie Heritage
Chief Supt Nicholson David Gooderson
The Home Secretary Simon Lack
Leopold Black, MP Douglas Blackwell
Geordie Nigel Anthony
Toni Sandra Payne
Col Sholitov Ronald Herdman
Professor Gauss Michael Kilgarrif
Mr. Justice Bullimore Martin Friend
Other parts played by Geoffrey Beevers, Robin Browne
and John Rowe

Producer Charles Lefaux

DON JUAN ....1972
02-04-1972. A new translation by Christopher Hampton. With Kenneth Haigh And Bill Fraser. This play was first performed in France on 15 February 1665. Cast in order of speaking: Don Juan.... Kenneth Haigh, Sganarelle, Don Juan's valet.... Bill Fraser, Elvira, Don Juan's wife ... Sheila Grant, Guzman, Elvira's squire... Patrick Tull, Elvira's Brothers: Don Carlos... Davis Bailie, Don Alonso... John Rye, Don Louis, Don Juan's father... Rolf Lefebvre, Peasants: Charlotte... Kate Binchy, Mathurine... Penelope Lee, Pierrot ... Brian Hewlett, The Statue Of The Commander... Geoffrey Wincott, La Violette, Don Juan's servant... David Timson, M Dimanche, a tradesman ... James Thomason, La Ramee, a swordsman... Patrick Tull, Beggar ... Leslie Heritage, Ghost ... Penelope Lee, Producer... John Tydeman.

30-04-1972. Translated and introduced by John Edmunds. With Barbara Jefford, Prunella Scales, Martin Jarvis and John Moffatt. Bajazet is based on a true story. It is set in the Harem of the Turkish sultan Murad about 1635. Achmet, Grand Vizir... John Moffatt, Osmin, confidant to Achmet... Rodney Diak, Roxana, sultaness, favouriteof Murad... Barbara Jefford, Atalida, daughter of the blood royal of The Ottomans... Prunella Scales, Zaira, slave and confidante to Atalida.... Eva Stuart, Bajazet, brother of the Sultan Murad.... Martin Jarvis, Zatima, slave and confidante to Roxana.... Katharine Parr, Producer.... Christopher Venning.

Ballad With Women And Snail Children....1972
By Titel Constantinescu. Translated from the Romanian by R D Smith. With Nan Marriott-Watson, Marjorie Westbury, Peter Howell, Lynn Carson and Deborah Anthony. This was a Romanian entry for the Italia prize. Cast: Old Woman... Nan Mariott-Watson, Young Woman... Deborah Anthony, Skinny ... Lynn Carson, Mother 1... Hilda Kriseman, Mother 2... Katharine Parr, Mother 3.... Diana Olsson, Mother 4... Diana Robson, Speaker ... Marjorie Westbury, Boy ... Philip Da Costa, Flirt ... Billie Hammerberg, Girl ... Sara Sarol, Snail ... Nigel Anthony, Caged Girl ... Pauline Wynn, Travellin Man ... Peter Howell, Folk and Fairy tale characters, trees and squirrels: Geoffrey Beevers, Kaatherine Fahy, Olwen Griffiths, Edward Kelsey, Godfrey Kenton, David Valla Special music and effects courtesy of the Romanian Broadcasting service. Technical Production by F V Johnson, Janey Mitchell, Carol McShane, Mary Kirby. Producer: R D Smith.

08/04/1972; by Ivor Wilson.

Somebody just tried to kill me - and before you roll your soft brown eyes and tell me I'm mad, that makes the third go in the seven weeks since I came out of prison.
Peter Ellwood - Brian Peck, Mrs Bristow - Barbara Mullaney, Rose Howard - Pam Craig, Prosecuting Counsel -David Mahlowe, Mia Anderson - June Barry, Phillip Daniels - John Franklyn Robbins, Sir Gresham Grey - Geoffrey Banks, Chris Ogden - John Nightingale. Producer Alfred Bradley.

08/04/1972; by J.B.Priestley. "The first thing I see in the cards, Elsie, is a great sur- prize. It's coming very soon and I don't think you'll like it. I think its something to do with a medium -coloured man. I think it must be your father."
Mrs. Baxley - Dianah Olsson, Mr. Baxley- Geoffrey Mathews, Elsie - Jane Knowles, Mr. Radfern- Bernard Archard, Harrold - Michael Harbour, Fletten - Douglas Blackwell, Mrs Radfern - Kathleen Michael, Insp. Stack - Michael Byrne,
Sgt Morris - Manning Wilson. Adapted and produced by Christopher Venning.

30-04-1972. Translated and introduced by John Edmunds. With Barbara Jefford, Prunella Scales, Martin Jarvis and John Moffatt. Bajazet is based on a true story. It is set in the Harem of the Turkish sultan Murad about 1635. Achmet, Grand Vizir... John Moffatt, Osmin, confidant to Achmet... Rodney Diak, Roxana, sultaness, favouriteof Murad... Barbara Jefford, Atalida, daughter of the blood royal of The Ottomans... Prunella Scales, Zaira, slave and confidante to Atalida.... Eva Stuart, Bajazet, brother of the Sultan Murad.... Martin Jarvis, Zatima, slave and confidante to Roxana.... Katharine Parr, Producer.... Christopher Venning.

Ballad With Women And Snail Children....1972
By Titel Constantinescu. Translated from the Romanian by R D Smith. With Nan Marriott-Watson, Marjorie Westbury, Peter Howell, Lynn Carson and Deborah Anthony. This was a Romanian entry for the Italia prize. Cast: Old Woman... Nan Mariott-Watson, Young Woman... Deborah Anthony, Skinny ... Lynn Carson, Mother 1... Hilda Kriseman, Mother 2... Katharine Parr, Mother 3.... Diana Olsson, Mother 4... Diana Robson, Speaker ... Marjorie Westbury, Boy ... Philip Da Costa, Flirt ... Billie Hammerberg, Girl ... Sara Sarol, Snail ... Nigel Anthony, Caged Girl ... Pauline Wynn, Travellin Man ... Peter Howell, Folk and Fairy tale characters, trees and squirrels: Geoffrey Beevers, Kaatherine Fahy, Olwen Griffiths, Edward Kelsey, Godfrey Kenton, David Valla Special music and effects courtesy of the Romanian Broadcasting service. Technical Production by F V Johnson, Janey Mitchell, Carol McShane, Mary Kirby. Producer: R D Smith.

22/04/1972; by Robert Furnival. John Force is told by his doctor that he hasn't long to live, However Force has also been singled out as the victim of a murder plot. Will he die from natural causes, or will he die a violent death? Miss Rose - Eva Stuart, John Force - George A Cooper, Reed - John Pullen, Stiles - Manning Wilson, Kathy - Jacqueline Morgan, Dr. Bartholomew - William Fox, Inspector - John Corvin, Newscaster - Geoffrey Beevers. Producer Martin Jenkins.

23/04/1972 - by Vernon Harris. With Noel Johnson.
"I think somebody's out to ruin Clive . . . . . . They're trying to undermine his faith in his self -and in his friends." Joanna Armstrong - Elizabeth London, Hilary Ward - Rosalind Shanks, Johnny James - Jerry Stovin, Supt. Frobisher - Norman Claridge, Laura Bradshaw -Betty Hardy, Clive Armstrong - Noel Johnson, 'Tinker' Bell' - Nigel Anthony, Julian Westlake - Brian Haines, Robert Nelson - Henry Stamper, Sgt Hobbs - Alexander John, Other Parts: - Wilfred Carter & David Brierley. Producer - Betty Davies.

28/04/1972, by R D Wingfield. With Leslie Sands as Inspector Chew.'Twelve years ago the force was my life - but things change. Twelve years ago while I was looking for a kidnapped child my son died and my wife walked out on me. I want to solve that case before I retire - I want to wipe the slate clean.

Insp.Green Brian Haines
Sgt. Rushton Sean Barrett
Det. Insp Collins Fraser Kerr
Det.Insp. Smith Malcolm Gerrard
Chief Supt.Lawton Charles Simon
Sam Fletcher Malcolm Hayes
Peggy Fletcher Sheila Raynor
Bill Alan Haines
Ann Marlow Jill Simcox
Pamela Fulton Nicolette Bernard
Sarah Fulton Patricia Gallimore
Hampton Nigel Lambert
Mr.Cresswell Frederick Treves

Producer Glyn Dearman

29/04/1972. By William Abney

'You are invited to a Fancy Dress Party at Measham House. Do come if you can. Masks will be worn until Midnight.

Steven Miller Michael McClain
Mrs Parsons Betty Baskomb
Rene Carole Boyd
Jimmy McNeil David Gooderson
Mrs. Forsdyke Sheila Grant
Robert S Clifford Norgate
Andrew William Fox
Rose Alexa Romanes
Ben Loker Peter Tuddenham
Mary Loker Pauline Wynn
With Geoffrey Beevers and Leslie Heritage
Producer Bridget Marrow

30/04/1972; the novel by Ernest Hemingway adapted as a play for radio by Eric Ewens. With Denys Hawthorne and Eva Haddon.

The action takes place in Norther Italy and in Switzerland during the first world war.

.....ND comment - A Farewell to Arms, the semi-autobiographical novel written by Ernest Hemingway in 1929. An excellent story, told through the point of view of an American Lieutenant serving as an ambulance driver in the Italian army during the first World War.

Principal Characters:
Lieut Frederick Henry Denys Hawthorne
Catherine Barkley Eva Haddon
Gino Douglas Hankin
Rinaldi Haydn Jones
The Priest David March
The Major Rolf Lefebvre
Fergy Margaret Robertson
Nurse Gage Jill Cary
Aymo Michael McClain
Piani Basil Jones
Bonello Christopher Bidmead
Bar Proprietor Victor Lucas
A Doctor Denis McCarthy
A Nurse Carol Marsh

Producer Joe Burroughs

06/05/1972; a play for radio by Michael Kittermaster. With Hector Ross and Brian Wilde.

Commentator Ronald Herdman
Wykes Brian Wilde
Hospital Reception Clerk Olwen Griffiths
Dr. Travers Nigel Havers
Headmaster William Eedle
Mrs.Moxon Barbara Bolton
Henry Moxon Hector Ross
Scott-Prentice Michael Harbour
Young Moxon Alaric Cotter
Young Wykes Brian Hewlett
Pomfret David Gooderson
Dawson Edward Kelsey
Miss Granger Betty Baskcomb
Todhunter Douglas Blackwell
Bartlett David Valla

Producer David H Godfrey

06/05/1972; by Roger Woddis. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the world's most famous writer of detective stories, suddenly found himself face-to-face with a real-life mystery. More bizarre than anything even he had penned.
With Carleton Hobbs as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Graham Armitage as Alfred Wood.

......ND comment..... 90-minute play about a famous miscarriage of justice, in the days when racial prejudice was more common than it is now."The Edalji Case".

George Edalji Brian Hewlett
The Rev Shapuri Edalji Edward Kelsey
Charlotte Edalji &
Mrs. Greatorex Penelope Shaw
Maud Edalji &
Alice Susan Tracy
Capt. Anson
Sir Reginald Hardy &
Ernley Blackwell Paul Chapman
Insp. Campbell John Malcolm
Mr. Disturnal &
Mr. Gladstone Peter Yapp
Mr. Gurrin,
Mr Aldis &
The Governor George Woolley
Mr. Vachell &
Mr. Johnson Basil Jones
Dr. Butter,
Sgt.Robinon &
Mr.Scott Arthur Pentelow
Mr. Hand &
Clerk of the Court Gerald Turner

With Daniel Brian, James Duckett & Ralph Lawton.

Producer: Anthony Cornish

10/05/1972; with Jon Rollason as Tim. 'Let's have a look what sort of day . . . . . oh yes, same as usual; the sun peeping, sheepishly through the smog; the trees across the way still withering, and the two men still digging up my front lawn. Oh yes, a normal ......... digging up my front lawn!

Bill Ronald Herdman
Sid Peter Pacey
Jon Douglas Blackwell
Computer Leslie Heritage
The Voice Joy Harrison

Producer Richard Wortley

15/05/1972; starring Peggy Ashcroft, Paul Scofield, Esme Percey, Paul Rogers & Tony Britton. Cast, in order of appearance:

Delio friend to Antonio Godfrey Kenton
Antonio, steward of the household to the duchess
Tony Britton
Bosola, gentleman of the horse to the Duchess
Paul Rogers
The Cardinal, brother to Ferdinand and the Duchess
Esme Percy
Ferdinand, Brother to
the Duchess Paul Scofield
Silvio, a courtier Alec Gunn
Grisolan, a courtier Leonard Trolley
The Duchess Peggy Ashcroft
C??riola, her woman Rosalie Crutchley
An Old Lady Nan Mariott Watson
Castruccio, a courtier Cyril Shaps
Roderigo Manning Wilson
Julia, Castruccio's wife
and the Cardinal's Mistress Mary Wimbush
A Doctor James Dale
Marquis of Pescara Geoffrey Mathews

With Rupert Davies, George Hagan & Alan Reid.
Music Composed by James Bernard played by the
Boyd Neel Orchestra, leader Granville Jones
Conducted by John Hollingsworth.
Play adapted by Donald McWhinnie;
Producer R D Smith.

19/05/1972 By Geoffrey Matthews.

With Martin Friend As Inspector Roberts.
The Police investigate an abortion racket.

Shirley Roberts Barbara Bolton
Sergeant Viner Geoffrey Beevers
Colin Sutton Sean Arnold
Annie Hazel Coppen
Kimber Peter Marinker
Diana Coburn Wendy Lovelock
Heather Alison Skilbeck
Sarah, Girl On The Phone Tamara Ustinov
Producer Martin Jenkins

24/05/1972 By Sandra Clark.
With Alan Rothwell, George A Cooper and June Barry. 'They'll see me, when me name's in all the papers. The Birdman, climbing into the cool clear air among the clouds. Folks'll look like beads scattered along the ribbon roads, while I soar above em all, making patterns out of their endless scurrying..."

Bertha June Barry
Herbert Alan Rothwell
Fred George A Cooper
Reg Geoffrey Banks
Arnold Roy Barraclough
Jack Harry Markham
Commentator John McGregor
Jackie Patricia Leventon
Ada Susan Littler
Producer Tony Cliff

27/05/1972 By Michael Davies.
'When Mr Anderson fell down the escalator at Montreal Airport and broke his neck young Bruce had been given the job before old Anderson had hit the bottom step. It's the old laissez-faire admin bit and it will be with us for a long time to come. Not any more! Times change - and so do methods of promotion.

Turner-Watson Nigel Lambert
Loraine Jane Knowles
Crookshaw Geoffrey Bayldon
Sutcliffe Alan Rowe
Archie Robin Browne
Mrs. Morton Sheila Grant
Miss Jones Caroline John
With John Rowe.
Producer Christopher Venning

31/05/1972 A play for radio by Peter Yeldham. The action of the play starts in Broome, Western Australia, and continues at sea in a pearling boar bound for waters east of Christmas Island.

Coggins Martin Friend
Cliff Bennett Nigel Graham
Tom Norton Kerry Francis
Clarry Ford Bruce Beeby
Jimmy Hana David Valla
Kito Yogushi Ronald Herdman
Producer David H Godfrey

28/05/1972 By Robert Cushman. With Maurice Denham, John Franklyn Robbins, Robert Cushman. A true account of the diabolical happenings at Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692. Narrator - Robert Cushman, Judge Halthorne - Maurice Denham, Parris/Cotton Mather- John Franklyn Robbins, Herrick/Phipps - William Eedle, John Hale/Deodat Lawson - Nigel Anthony, John Proctor/William Good - Peter Marinker, Allen/Jacobs - David Timson, Robert Calef -Anthony Higginson, Elizabeth Proctor/Mary Walcott -Jane Knowles, Dorcas Good/Little Ann Putnam- Judy Bennett, Abigail/Mary Warren - Stephanie Turner, Tituba/Bridget Bishop - Hilda Kriseman, Rebecca Nurse/Martha Corey- Dorothy Lane, Ann Putnam/Sarah Osburn - Lorna Rosslyn, Producer- Martin Jenkins.

Written By Keith Hindell. With Molly Rankin, Margot Boyd, Katharine Parr, and Anthony Jacobs as The Narrator The story of the abortion reformists 1936-38

Janet Chance Molly Rankin
Stella Brown Margot Boyd
Alice Jenkins Katharine Parr
Mr. Justice McCardie Geoffrey Lewis
Robert Boothby Henry Stamper
Mr. Norman Birkett, KC Henry Stamper
Dr. Joan Malleson Gudrun Ure
Dr. Alec Bourne Trevor Martin
Other parts read by Nigel Anthony, Lynn Carson, Judith Fellows, Gareth Johnson, Alan Lawrance, Leo Maguire, Phyllis Montefiore, Clifford Norgate & Lewis Stringer
Producer R D Smith.

By Douglas Clark. 90m An absorbing military story set in a regiment during WW2 where none of the men are regulars. Then a full-time officer joins them. He uncovers a hornet's nest.

03/07/1972 With Sheila Allen, Freda Dowie, Marius Goring, Alec McCowen. This, one of the greatest works of the French classical theatre, tells the story of Hector's widow Andromache who was brought as a slave to his capital city by Pyrrhus, son of Achilles, who fell in love with her.

Orestes, Prince of Argos Alec McCowen
Pylades, his friend John Westbrook
Pyrrhus, King of Epirus Marius Goring
Phoenix, Achilles' old tutor, Pyrrhus' adviser - Ralph Truman
Andromache Sheila Allen
Hermione, Princess of Sparta, betrothed to Pyrrhus - Freda Dowie
Cleone, Hermione's friend Pauline Wynn
Cephisa, Andromache's friend Betty Hardy
Producer- Martin Esslin.
The action takes place at Buthrotum capital of Epirus, some time after the Trojan War.

05/07/72 Something For Nothing

By Ian Norris and Chrys Salt
With George A Cooper, Katharine Parr and Shelagh Fraser.
Nowadays bank managers seem to spend their time popping
in and out of cupboards - beaming and smiling at all and
sundry - but are they really like this?

Robert Hardheart George A Cooper
Enid, his wife Katharine Parr
Hubert Potter Rolf Lefebvre
Iris Manley Shelagh Fraser
Joe Clarke Robin Browne
Sandra Bird Helen Worth
Mr Dicer Ronald Herdman
Betting Shop Manager Brian Haines

Producer Martin Jenkins

30/07/72 An Account Of Freedom

Cast includes Alton Kumala, Alan Rowe & Kerry Francis
(Full Cast List Not available in print)

Producer Christopher Venning

12/08/1972 Adapted for radio in three parts by Gabriel Woolf. With Robert Powell and David Collings

1: Ambitions
Jasper: I mean to succeed you know. I feel I am one of the men who do succeed.

Jasper Milvain Robert Powell
Maud Kate Binchy
Mrs Milvain Betty Baskcomb
Dora Joanna David
Alfred Yule John Bryans
Marian Valerie Sarru
Edwin Reardon David Collings
Amy Caroline John
Carter Brian Haines
Biffen Hugh Dickson
Mrs Alfred Yule Katharine Parr

With Ronald Herdman, John Rowe and John Samson. Producer Jane Graham.

13/08/72 The Adventures Of Richard Hannay

Episode 1 The Man Who Died

by John Buchan
Adapted for radio in six parts by Winifred Carey from 'The 39
Steps' & 'Mr. Standfast'
With Fraser Kerr as Richard Hannay
Spy and espionage adventure which takes our hero Richard
Hannay up and down the country and accross the world in the
year of grace 1914.

Olsen Michael Spice
Colonel David March **
Mellor Harrold Kasket
Scudder Brian Haines **
Malcolm Sean Barrett
Sir Harry Duncan Lewis Stringer
With Eva Stuart, Ronald Herdman, John Samson &
William Sleigh

Producer Norman Wright

16/08/72 The Freezer
By Hugh C Rae
With Eva Haddon and Henry Stamper
It's very quiet. A woman lives alone, her husband somewhere else. Then A man delivers a freezer and all hell is let loose.

Jock Henry Stamper
Diana Eva Haddon
Jenkins Douglas Blackwell
Producer - Gerry Jones.
20/08/72 The Adventures Of Richard Hannay

Episode 2 - The Hawk Swoops
Sir Walter Bullivant William Fox
Jopley Peter Tuddenham
Karl William Eedle
Olaf Brian Haines
With Martin Friend
Other cast members as per episode 1

Producer Norman Wright

20 Aug 72, By George Gissing, part 2. Adapted for radio in three parts by Gabriel Woolf. With Robert Powell & David Collings. Failure And Success... Reardon: The differences between the man with money and the man without is simply this: the one thinks:"How shall I use my life?", and the other, "How shall I keep myself alive?" Cast: Jasper Milvain... Robert Powell, Amy ... Caroline John, Edwin Reardon ... David Collings, Biffen ... Hugh Dickson, Carter ... Brian Haines, Mrs.Edmund Yule ... Sheila Grant, Jack Yule...Michael Kilgarriff, Whelpdale...Michael Graham Cox, Dora... Joanna David, Marian...Valerie Sarruf, Alfred Yule...John Bryans, Mrs. Alfred Yule...Katharine Parr, Maud ...Kate Binchy. Producer ...Jane Graham.

23/08/72 The Last Tramp

A new play for radio by Denzil Barr.
With Nigel Anthony as Johann Schmidt, Reger Delgado as President Gonzalez, Eva Haddon as Rosa Dubois and Clifford ` Norgate as secretary Van Hoffen. "We can't have people like Johan Schmidt wandering round the world. His name spells anarchy. Theres no place for anarchy in our society., in the year 13 WG". Buclon - John Rowe, Commentator - Paul Maxwell, Elsa - Pat Keen, Peterson - David Gooderson, First Policeman - Ronald Herdman. Producer - John Theocharis.

24/08/72 Death Be Not Proud
By Elizabeth Nicholas. The quest for the story of seven women who had been wartime agents of SOE.

Dramatised for radio in six episodes by Robert Barr
With Mary Wimbush as Elizabeth Nicholas
In May 1944 a train left occupied Paris for Germany. In two reserved compartments, handcuffed and under guard, were eight women agents of SOE being transferred from Fresnes to a prison at Karlsruhe. Only one of these women came back, Odette Sansom, GC. What happened to the other seven?

Also taking part Garrard Green, Geoffrey Wincott, Noel Hood, John Baddeley, Wilfred Babbage. Producer Charles Maxwell.
27/08/72 The Adventures of Richard Hannay

Episode 3 - The 39 Steps
Mary Lammington - Patricia Gallimore,
Blenkiron - Kerry Francis,
Launcelot Wake - David Valla,
Admiral Boyer - Geoffrey Mathews,
Stevens - Peter Tuddenham,
Admiral Winstanley - Peter Pratt.
With Olwen Griffiths.
Other cast members as per episodes 1 & 2.

Producer - Norman Wright.

28 Aug 72. By Georges Feydeau, translated and adapted for radio by Peter Meyer. With: Jill Bennett, Derek Godfrey, Patricia Routledge, John Moffatt , Basil Moss, Eleanor Bron, Aubrey Woods, Adrienne Posta, Wilfred Carter, and Christopher Good. The action takes place - rapidly - in Vatelin's sitting room, the Hotel Ultimus and Redillon's study. All in Paris: 1896. Cast details: Lucienne, Vatelin's Wife - Jill Bennett, Pontagnac - John Moffatt, Vatelin - Derek Godfrey, Jean, Vatelin's Manservant - Lewis Stringer, Redillon - Basil Moss, Mme De Pontignac - Patricia Routledge, Heidi, Soldignac's wife - Eleanor Bron, Soldignac - Wilfred Carter, Armandine, a coqette - Adrienne Posta, Victor, a page at the hotel Ultimus - Christopher Good, Hotel Manager - William Sleigh, Clara, chambermaid at the hotel Ultimus - Olwen Griffiths, Pinchard, a retired army doctor - Aubrey Woods; Mme Pinchard - Betty Baskcombe, Police Inspector - Brian Haines, Gerome Redillon's manservant, Rolf Lefebvre. Producer - Glyn Dearman.

CARRINGTON, V.C. ....1972
28 Aug 72. By Dorothy and Campbell Christie. Adapted for radio by Peggy Wells Major Carrington is accused of taking money from the Battery safe; of being absent without leave; and of entertaining a WRAC in his quarters; is he guilty or not? Major Carrington VC...Tony Britton, Valerie Carrington...Alethea Charlton, Captain Allison Graham...Ann Bell, Major Forbes...Manning Wilson, Judge Advocate...Rolf Lefebvre, The Prosecutor...Ronald Hines, Bombardier Owen...James McManus, The President...William Fox, Lt-Col Henniker...John Pullen, Major Broke-Smith... Ronald Herdman, Lt. Col Huxford...Garard Green, Major Panton...Lewis Stringer, Sergeant Crane...Fraser Kerr, Captain Foljambe...David Gooderson, Evans...John Rowe, Cooke...David Valla, Lt.Col Reeve....Douglas Blackwell, Producer...Martin Jenkins.

31 Aug 72 (ep.2). By Elizabeth Nicholas. The quest for the story of seven women who had been wartime agents of SOE: Dramatised in six episodes by Robert Barr. With Mary Wimbush as Elizabeth Nicholas, Cecile Chevreau, Olwen Brookes, Ronald Baddiley, Roy Spencer. Producer Charles Maxwell.

31 Aug 72. In the autumn of 1892 Dvorak, already a world-famous composer, accepted an invitation to become head of the National Conservatory of music in New York. It was while he was in America that he wrote his symphony No.9 in E minor, Z Noveho Sveta - From the New World - perhaps rather more like 'Impressions and Greetings from the New World'. Ronald Herdman as Dvorak; David Valla as narrator. With Michael Harbour, Nigel Graham, Eva Stuart. The programme was compiled and written by David Wheeler. Producer John Powell.

03/09/72 The Adventures Of Richard Hannay

Episode 4 - Hannay Gets Down To Work
Andrew Amos Henry Stamper
Abel Gresson Paul Maxwell
Captain Douglas Blackwell
Jock John Samson
Old Woman Eva Stuart
With Michael Harbour
Other cast as per episodes 1-3

Producer Norman Wright

6 Sep 72. By H R F Keating. With Kevork Malikayan as Ghote and Saeed Jaffray as DSP Samant. "...........What is it inspector? You are police officer, you have Seen plenty of miscreants in your time. Am I going to hear You say there is no such thing as an all-bad man?" Record Shop Manager- Ronnie Herdman, Beggar Woman- Rani Dube, Daddyji - Henry Stamper, Mr. Sodawaterwalla - Renu Setna, Producer - John Scotney.

7 Sep 72. Ep. 3. By Elizabeth Nicholas. Details above. Also taking part: Garard Green, Bruce Beeby, Margaret Wolfit, Freda Bamford, Tim Seely, Carole Boyd. Producer Charles Maxwell.

7 Sep 72. A portrait in words and music of Monsieur Erik Satie, cabaret pianist, impeccable dresser, Firer of cannons, founder of a church and creator of music magnificently vulgar and exquisitely beautiful. Written and narrated by Ian Horsborough. With Derek Guyler and Ronald Harvey. Producer Stanley Williamson.

10/09/72 The Adventures Of Richard Hannay

Episode 5 - Mr. Ivery Is Revealed
Sir Archie Roylance John Rye
Hamilton Michael Deacon
Linklater John Samson
Portuguese Jew Patrict Tull
Canadian Officer Blain Fairman
With Robin Browne & Garrard Green
Other cast as episodes 1-4

Producer Norman Wright

10 Sep 72. "I belong to a country that I have abandoned". A portrait based on her writings by Dorothy Baker. With Mary Wimbush as Colette. Colette was born in Burgundy in 1873 and died at the age of 81 in Paris. Throughout her life she never stopped writing, although she had many other activities to occupy her: three husbands, a daughter, innumerable animals, a beauty salon and a music- hall career. Much of Colette's fiction and non fiction is rooted in auto biography, especially the two periods of her life to which she constantly returned: childhood and adolescence. Narrator Gary Watson, producer Maurice Leitch.

Mind The Gap....1972
By Frederick Treves. 13 Sep 72. With William Fox, Mary Kerridge & Bill Owen. Lillian: You see, Harold, Arthur and I have tended to drift apart. My friends and interests are so very different from his. There is a little gap, so to speak.

Harold Newborne Smith... William Fox
Miss Meryweather... Betty Baskcomb
Miss Tite... Eva Stuart
Hector McNeil... Fraser Kerr
Toby Midge... Andrew Sachs
Lillian Laye... Mary Kerridge
Artie Laye... Bill Owen
Other parts played by Robin Browne, Cordelia Mansall, Katharine Parr & William Sleigh.
Producer ... Colin Tucker

14 Sep 72. As above. Mary Wimbush, Andrew Sachs, Eva Stuart, Barry Letts, Ruth Porcher. Producer Charles Maxwell.

17/09/72 The Adventures Of Richard Hannay

Episode 6 - Mr. Standfast
Peter Piennar Michael Harbour
Laidlaw Manning Wilson
Other cast as per episodes 1-5

Producer Norman Wright

23 Sep 72. By H R F Keating. With Michael Harbour, Frances Jeater and Geoffrey Wincott The year 1860, a story of East-end lowlife. An artfully planned robbery and its startling consequences. Val - Michael Harbour, Janey - Frances Jeater, Sproggs - Geoffrey Wincott, Mrs. Christopher - Katharine Parr, The Master - John Rowe, The Mistress - Betty Baskcombe, Frederick - Jo Manning Wilson, Eileen - Jan Edwards, Old Henry and Policeman - Leonard Fenton, The Manchester Man - John Samson, Cook - Sheila Mitchell, Charlie - William Eedle, Mr.Burch - James Thomason, Rosa - Sheila Grant, Maggie - Olwen Griffiths, Producer - Norman Wright.

23/09/72 The 1861 Whitby Lifeboat Disaster

By Peter Terson.
With Stephen Murray as Francis Haydn Williams
and Barbara Lott as Mrs. Tattersfield.
Written for the Victoria Theatre, Stoke-On-Trent the play
investigates the real life disaster of 1861 and the myth and
stories surrounding it.

Henry Freeman David March
Mr. Buchanan Brian Haines
Mrs. Agar Kathleen Helme
Canon Austen John Rowe
Mrs. Williams Sheila Grant
Mr. Marwood David Gooderson
Dr. Hingston Brian Haines
John Leadley David March
Effie Dobson Jill Lidstone
Mrs. Dobson Kathleen Helme
Mr. Horne John Samson
Capt.Martin Douglas Blackwell
William Dixon David Gooderson
Edward Tyreman John Rowe
Lop Naylor John Samson
Harbourmaster Tose Ronald Herdman
Mrs. Storr Kathleen Helme
Sir Charles Strickland Rolf Lefebvre

Singer Rey Fisher
Harmonium Mary Nash
Concertina Jimmy Robertson

Adapted and Produced by Charles Lefaux

25 Sep 72. Part 1. By H G Wells: abridged in ten parts by Howard Jones. Read by David Davis. Everything little Mr. Polly undertakes seems to fail. How in the end he discovers himself and attains happiness is related by H G Wells with great sympathy and humour. 1: Beginnings and the Bazaar. Producer Graham Gauld.

Death Be Not Proud Ep.6....1972
By Elizabeth Nicholas. 28 Sep 72. The quest for the story of seven women who had been wartime agents of SOE. Dramatised for radio in six episodes by Robert Barr. With Mary Wimbush as Elizabeth Nicholas. Also taking part: Denise Bryer, Garard Green, Derek Birch. Producer Charles Maxwell.

Five programmes on major political trials of the twentieth century. 30 Sep 72. Ep. 5: Nelson Mandela and the Rivonia Trial. Written by Mary Benson. 'Many people seem surprised that South Africa should so continuously be the centre of world attention. Other nations have sabotage and treason trials without the Security Council being alerted and foreign legislators taking part in marches and vigils . . Our policies are an affront to two-thirds of mankind and an embarrassment to the other third.' (Johannesburg Sunday Express) Narrator - Alan Rowe, Nelson Mandela - Alton Kumalo, Walter Sisulu - Lionel Ngakane, Joel Joffe - Kerry Francis, Bram Fischer - Roy Spencer, Judge de Wet - Andrew Sachs, Dr Percy Yutar - Henry Stamper, Bruno Mtolo - Lionel Ngakane, Vernon Berrange - Sean Barrett, Mrs Motsoaledi - Martha Mdenge, with: Powell Jones, Ian Kellgren and Harry Burgess-Wall. Producer - Christopher Venning.

The History Of Mr Polly....1972
By H G Wells: abridged in ten parts by Howard Jones Read by David Davis. 2 Oct 72. 4: Romance. Having been dismissed from the Gents Outfitters, Mr Polly has been urged to buy his ownshop with the money he has inherited from his father. Producer Graham Gauld

The Lags Brigade....1972
By David Ellis. 4 Oct 72. With Jon Rollason. Bernard Holland has one basic rule for his office cleaning firm: only employ old lags - convicted men trying to go straight. But then a client is burgled.

Ron Baker Jon Rollason
Bernard Holland Geoffrey Matthews
Det-Sgt Draycott Douglas Blackwell
Det-Con Ashton Terry Scully
Connolly Nigel Graham
Finch Wilfred Carter
Rogers Robin Browne
Vera Baker Sheila Grant
Sampson Geoffrey Matthews
Producer Colin Tucker.

The Last Goon Show Of All....1972
A programme especially written and performed for the BBC's 50th anniversary. 5 Oct 72.
Peter Sellers:Grytype-Thynne, Bluebottle, Major Denis Bloodnok, Henry Crun
Harry Secombe: Neddy Seagoon in floral cretonne
Spike Milligan: Eccles, Minnie Bannister, Moriarty
Ray Ellington and his quartet: Ellinga
Max Geldray: Conks
Announcer Andrew Timothy
The original Wally Stott Ortchestra conducted by Peter Knight
Written by Spike Milligan
Producer John Browell

The goon show was recorded in the Camden Theatre, London, in the presence of a distinguished audience: this broadcast is unusual in including part of the welcome to the audience before the show. The entire performance is available on a BBC record. It never quite gets off the ground, but is certainly worth a listen.

Flint And Fire....1972
A portrait of Christina Rosetti, by Dorothy Baker. 6 Oct 72.
With Anna Cropper as Christina Rosetti
Narrator Gabriel Woolf
William Rosetti Godfrey Kenton
& the voices of: William Eedle, Peter Marinker, Katharine Parr, John Ruddock, Manning Wilson, Helen Worth. Producer Hallam Tennyson.

By Don Haworth. 11 Oct 72.
'We've everything to live for. The rain has stopped and the birds are returning and all our past lies before us.'

Mr Fruin Graham Roberts
Mrs Thatcher Eileen Derbyshire
Matron Penelope Lee.
Producer Tony Cliff.

12 Oct 72. When Mephistopheles disguised himself as a priest. A study for radio of the divided personality of the composer and pianist Franz Liszt.

On 25 April 1865 Liszt received the tonsure of St. Peter's. In fact he received only four of the seven degrees of priesthood. He could neither celebrate Mass nor hear confession; he could leave the priesthood whenever he wished and kept his options open even to marry if he so desired. He took apartments in the Vatican, and dined and smoked cigars with the princes of the church.

Max Adrian as Franz Liszt
Penelope Lee as The Countess Marie D'Agout
With Kate Binchy, Nigel Graham, Manning Wilson. Narrator Anthony Jackson.
Liszt piano transcriptions played by Anthony Peebles.
Written and compiled by Anthony Wilkinson. Producer John Powell.

The Enlightenment Of The Strawberry Gardener....1972
By Don Haworth. 13 Oct 72.
With Bill Fraser as Bullfrog
Roy Kinnear as Pike.
'My predecessor wasn't the Ombudsman, he was the public's chopping block. I don't stand for it. I hit them. That's why I have this big room, so that I can lay into them. I smash their specs.'

The Liar....1972
By Henry James: adapted for radio by Mary Hope Allen. 16 Oct 72.
Not all liars are ignoble creatures, and certainly first-class women love them. But they may complicate life for others.

Oliver Lyon John Bentley
Mrs Ashmore Gabrielle Blunt
Ashmore Peter Williams
Mrs Vernon Sonia Fraser
Mr Vant Earle Grey
Colonel Capadose William Fox
Everina Capadose Gudrun Ure
Sir David Ashmore Godfrey Kenton
Mrs Herring Lynn Carson
Miss Geraldine Joyce Latham
Producer R D Smith .

The History Of Mr.Polly....1972
By H G Wells: abridged in ten parts by Howard Jones.
Read by David Davis
6: The Little Shop At Fishbourne
Against all his deepest instincts Mr Polly has married Miriam. With his legacy he has set up shop as a gent's outfitter.
Producer Graham Gauld.

18-10-1972 A short story by H E Bates adapted for radio by Anthony Kearey. With Freda Dowie as Lisa and Dennis Waterman as Charlie.
'When I married him they said he wouldn't live a year... But it's the healthy that drop down dead. The sick just go on for ever... I can't wait like that any more....

Broderick Malcolm Hayes
Cafe Woman Hazel Coppen
Mechanic William Sleigh
Producer John Theocharis.

Mr. Campion's Falcon....1972
21-10-1972; A mystery by Margery Allingham dramatised for radio by Eddie Joy. With William Fox and Felix Felton. Albert Campion, that unflappable sleuth, while investigating a case of industrial espionage, plunges into an intricate Chinese Box puzzle involving murder, impersonation, kidnapping and a hoard of diamonds. Cast: Albert Campion.... William Fox, Claude Porteous.... Felix Felton, Anthea Peregrine .... Caroline John, Miss Devenish.... Katharine Parr, Francis Makepeaace .... Edward Kelsey, Lewis Corkran.... Rolf Lefebvre, Morris Jay.... William Eedle, Lampeter .... David Neal, Max Newgate.... Brian Haines, Scott, } Collins }.... Martin Friend, Appleyard.... Peter Tuddenham, Producer .... John Theocharis.

21-10-1972. By Lester Powell. With Nigel Anthony and Mary Wimbush. 'The more one submits to injustice Mrs Maryon, the more injustice flourishes.' George .... Nigel Anthony, Mrs Maryon.... Mary Wimbush, Inspector Dell.... Inigo Jackson, Karen .... Kate Binchy, Mr Jellis } Mr Hooper }.... John Ruddock, Producer.... John Scotney.

22-10-1972. The novel by W Somerset Maugham: adapted in five parts by Howard Agg. 1: An English Vicarage - The last decade of the 19th century. Emma .... Hilda Kriseman, Rev William Carey.... Noel Iliff, Philip Carey His nephew .... Nigel Anthony, As a boy .... Craig Marriott, Mary Ann.... Jill Cary, Louisa Carey, Philip's Aunt.... Rosalind Iden, Mr Perkins, Headmaster.... Peter Baldwin, Venning, a boy .... Simon Turner, Mr Gordon, a form-master.... John Wyyse, Hayward, a student .... Nicholas Edmett, Miss Wilkinson .... Cecille Chevreau, Mr Goodworthy.... Duncan McIntyre, producer .... Archie Campbell.

23-10-1972. By Christopher Salkeld. With Elizabeth Sellars and Hector Ross. The play is set in a Roman province in the middle east during the time of Tiberius Caesar. The governor is faced with the same sort of problems which would have occurred in any colonial system of more recent years. Cast: Paulinus, the commander of the garrison.... Michael Kilgarriff, Proculus, a civil servant.... Edward Kelsey, The Governor .... Hector Ross, Claudia, his wife.... Elizabeth Sellars, Persephone, a greek slave.... Jo Manning Wilson, Representatives of the people : Joseph.... Lewis Stringer, Zambri.... Brian Haines, Longinus, a centurion.... William Eedle, The Historian.... John Ruddock; adapted and produced by David H Godfrey.

Schreber's Nervous Illness....1972
By Caryl Churchill. 24 Oct 72.

Based on the memoirs of My Nervous Illness by Daniel Paul Schreber. Translated by Ida MacAlpine and Richard A Hunter. With Kenneth Haigh as Schreber. Time: 1893-1902. Place: asylums in Leipzig and Dresden.

Narrator-Lewis Stringer, Weber, a psychiatrist-William Fox, The Judge-John Ruddock, Voices-Sheila Grant,Brian Haines,Michael Kilgarriff,John Samson. Special sound by Malcolm Clarke of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Producer John Tydeman.

    Excerpts from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

    Daniel Paul Schreber (25 July 1842 – 14 April 1911) was a German judge who suffered from what was then diagnosed as dementia praecox. He described his second mental illness (1893–1902), making also a brief reference to the first illness (1884–1885) in his book Memoirs of My Nervous Illness (original German title Denkwürdigkeiten eines Nervenkranken). The Memoirs became an influential book in the history of psychiatry and psychoanalysis thanks to its interpretation by Sigmund Freud.[2] There is no personal account of his third illness (1907–1911). Schreber died in 1911, in an asylum.

    Schreber was a successful and highly respected judge until middle age when the onset of his psychosis occurred. He woke up one morning with the thought that it would be pleasant to "succumb" to sexual intercourse as a woman. He was alarmed and felt that this thought had come from somewhere else, not from himself. He even hypothesized that the thought had come from a doctor who had experimented with hypnosis on him. As his psychosis progressed, he believed that God was turning him into a woman, sending rays down to enact 'miracles' upon him, including little men to torture him.

    Although Freud never interviewed Schreber himself, he read his Memoirs and drew his own conclusions from it. Freud thought that Schreber's disturbances resulted from repressed homosexual desires, which in infancy were oriented at his father and brother. Repressed inner drives were projected onto outside world and led to intense hallucinations which were first centred around his physician Dr. Flechsig (projection of his feelings towards brother), and then around God (who represented Schreber's father, Daniel Gottlob Moritz Schreber).

29-10-1972. 2: Paris - The Latin Quarter. Philip, having matriculated at Heidelberg and spent a year learning chartered accountancy, decides on other plans for his future. He wants, he thinks, to be an artist. Louisa Carey.... Rosalind Iden, Philip Carey.... Nigel Anthony, Mrs Otter .... Hilda Kriseman, Fanny Price.... Carol Mason, Clutton .... Peter Bartlett, Lawson .... Nicholas Edmett, Flanagan .... Ronald Wilson, Cronshaw .... Victor Lucas, M Foinet .... Austin Trevor, Concierge .... Gladys Spencer, Rev William Carey .... Noel Iliff, Mary Ann.... Jill Cary, Dunsford .... Kenneth Fortescue, Mildred Rodgers .... Jennifer Tafler, Producer .... Archie Campbell.

13-11-1972. By Don Haworth. On Saturday 19th April Stanley Warburton embarks upon an outrage that will be irreversible and unforgiveable. He has come to the end of his peg.

Policeman - Sam Kelly
Magistrate - Geoffrey Banks
Stanley Warburton - Colin Edwynn
Mother - Marjorie Rhodes
Potter - Bob Grant
Vera - Heather Stoney
Mrs Cartwright - Eileen Derbyshire
Mr Cubbins - Geoffrey Banks
Alderman Walter Wingle - David Jackson
Onlooker - Harry Markham
Inspector - Brian Miller
Producer - Alan Ayckbourn.

By W. Somerset Maugham. 19-11-1972.

Episode 5: - A Country Partnership
Smarting from Mildred's brutal treatment of him and anxious to forget the past Philip, now a qualified doctor, accepts a post as locum in a country practice. Unknown to him, this step is to have important consequences.
Philip Carey - Nigel Anthony
Dr South - Peter Pratt
Mrs Forster - Freda Dowie
Mary Ann - Jill Cary
The Rev William Carey - Noel Iliff
Dr Wigram - Geoffrey Wincott
Thorpe Athelney - Carleton Hobbs
Mildred Rogers - Jennifer Tafler
Sally Athelney - Rosalind Shanks
Mrs Athelney - Megs Jenkins
Ramsden - Peter Williams
Producer - Archie Campbell.

Above recordings known to exist in vrpcc collections.

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