Radio Plays, 1963

A Nice Clean Sheet of Paper....1963
By Rhys Adrian. A young man applies for a job he doesn't want by submitting a blank sheet of paper. It gets him an interview. Producer: Michael Bakewell. Third Programme, 24 Oct 63.

"Mr. Pottermack's Oversight","R. Austin Freeman, adapted from the novel by Molly Hardwick.","Home","14.9.1963/2030","Anthony Nicholls/Peter Coke". Legal story. With Will Leighton, Harold Reece, Joan Matheson, Mark Wolfit, Roger Snowden, William Fox, Philip Garde, James Thomason, John Boxer, Denis Hawthorne. Pianist Violet Tonnard (sp?); play produced by Betty Davis. Recording from the Jeremy Stevenson collection - many thanks.

By Philip Broadley. 25 May 63. Well-written police procedural; two men have committed a robbery; one is middle aged and shrewd; his partner is rather 'green'. Will they get away with it? Cast: Owen Stephens - Peter McKennery, Inspector Morton -Richard Pearson, Charles- Charles Hodgson, Sgt. Gregory - Dennis Hawthorne, Beth Graham - Gretchen Franklin, Gloria - Sheila Grant, Mr. Parks - James Thomason, Vivian Matthews - Doris Wells, girl typist - Jo Manning Wilson, Sgt. Williams -Andrew Sachs. Other parts - Hilda Chrysman and Lewis Stringer. Producer - Archie Campbell. 53m.

"Hobson's Choice","Harold Brighouse","Home","18.5.1963/2030","Wilfred Pickles/Bernard Cribbins/Barbara Young". Excellent version of the Northern tale of working class boy makes good (in spite of all those frightening northern women). It was repeated years later as a tribute to Wilfrid Pickles when he died in the seventies.

"The Sign Of The Four","Arthur Conan Doyle","Home","2.3.1963/2030","Carleton Hobbs/Norman Shelley". Cracking tale, expertly done. Producer Graham Gauld.

"At The Villa Rose","A.E.W. Mason","Home","2.2.1963/2030","James McKechnie/Austin Trevor". Reputedly a good tale, but it didn't hold my attention.

By Louis MacNeice. Concerns an artist who can't make a living, he turns to drink.... contains some interesting scenes about potholing. But the final scene is not a happy one, and the overall effect is a bit depressing. Nevertheless it held my attention; it's a good play.

By Gerry Jones; Gerry told me it was his first radio play. Set in a Welsh village; about a strike which takes place in one ofthe mines. A murder has been committed; the body is in the house, and our miner friend will dispose of it before his wife gets home. But a strike is declared at the mine, and he can't leave work until much later than expected .....will he get home before his wife? Recording from the Jeremy Stevenson collection - many thanks.

Another play by the Welsh playwright and novelist Gerry Jones. It's the 1960s, and a young man and a woman meet on the sea front in the rain. They make their way to a disused cinema. But the man has an over-developed imagination; there is something wrong with him... Elizabeth Morgan as Susan and David Valor as Jimmy. Produced by Norman Wright.

By Derek Wellman. Two brothers, one of whom becomes a well-known cricketer, and some jealousy. No casting details. 45m.

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