Radio Plays, 1952

By Lance Sieveking, based on a story by Robert Louis Stevenson. 3 episodes of about an hour, beginning 7 Dec 1952. With Guy Kingsley Poynter, John Glen, Stuart Nichol, Roger Delgardo, Hamilton Dyce, Jack Shaw, Trader Faulkner, Tony Quinn, Rolf Lefevbre. Produced in London by Clement Finn. Mystery thriller; a wrecked ship thousands of miles away is auctioned, and fetches a much higher price than anyone anticipated. Why?

ONE EYE WILD....1952
By Louis MacNeice; social story; good play. The action lasts one day. Roger, a sports writer and commentator, is not getting on well with his wife. She wants a move to the country; he's only interested in a dream woman about whom he fantasises when alone. He gets drunk and is knocked down by a car. All that follows are conversations between him in delirium and The Joker, another self, until his wife (who has left him) returns to the flat and finds him unconscious on the floor; he has discharged himself from hospital...

Thirty Minute Theatre, Light Programme, 14 Aug 1952. A homicial maniac is loose on the streets of London. By Thomas Burke; 9.30 pm. Peter Coke, Charles Leno, Geoffrey Bond, Sarah Leigh.

THE BLUE LAMP.....1952
"The Blue Lamp" revolves around the confrontation of two worlds, two models of society: the stable and steady community of ordinary people, the stuff of the nation, and the hysterical and anti-social outsiders, who threaten to destroy the community, and whose threat must therefore be contained. The year is 1952 as "The Blue Lamp" follows the daily activities of two London bobbies, veteran George Dixon and rookie Andy Mitchell. Meanwhile, young hoods Tom and 'Spud' plan a series of robberies with Tom's girl Diana, a discontented beauty, as inside worker. But in their second crime, someone is shot, setting off a citywide manhunt. The killer is clever, but will he outsmart himself?

Adapted for radio by Jan Read, 'The Blue Lamp' by Ted Willis and Jan Read was based on their original treatment for the Ealing Studios film of the same name, released in 1950. 'The Blue Lamp' introduced the character of Constable Dixon, a character who was resurrected in 1953 for 'Dixon of Dock Green' on television. The series became a British institution and ran for 22 years and 430 episodes.

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