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Apologies for the title "Others" - but this is the page for plays where I don't know anything about the writer. The plays will be put in reverse chronological order and eventually moved to individual year / writer pages where possible.

Some of these plays I have not dated because of time constraints (or occasionally because I lack the information). Life is too short to get worried by dates.

*PICK-UP....date nk
By Ken Blakeson. A pickup truck is stolen by a stranger, who promptly crashes it and dies, unrecognisable in the ensuing fire. The truck's owner, who no longer loves his wife, now has an opportunity to disappear and make a fresh start somewhere else. The story is told with Ken Blakeson's customary realism, and it's an absorbing listen. Lasts about an hour.

Amusing comedy-drama series by Tony Bagley. A confirmed bachelor wakes up one day in a parallel universe, sleeping next to some he learns is his wife. He also has two children. This doesn't suit his bachelor ways.

Three series, the last one of which was in 2001. There have also been repeats on BBC7.

I've included this because it's really light drama with an implausible plot rather than comedy, and very well-written. Stars Hugh Bonneville, Josie Lawrence, Steve Frost, Melanie Hudson, Barbara Murray; comedian Arthur Smith takes part in series 2 and 3.

by Scott Cherry. Possibly the best tale of the supernatural I have heard on the radio [the other contender is The Stones of Muncaster Cathedral, by Robert Westall (q.v)]. It is stunning; frightening, terrific. Journalist Ellie Rogers is sent to Norfolk to investigate rumours of witchcraft. She witnesses some terrifying events. R4, 1430, 28 Oct 95.

A hilarious play about life, love and trainspotting. By Stephen Dinsdale. 28 Jun 94.

by Robert Paterson. A sobering tale with its roots in the Nazi regime. R4, 8 Nov 93.

THE HOUSE....c1990
........excerpt from BBC7 newsletter, Aug 04.....The concluding episodes of Christopher Lee's 8 part political drama series, The House, can be heard this Monday to Friday at 1.30pm & 8.30pm. The House is not strictly a crime or thriller, but is a political drama. However, its spin-off series, Colvil and Soames, is described by the author Christopher Lee as "a whodunnit with spies bolted on" Christopher Benjamin plays Colvil, the green bowler-hatted MI6 man in London, and the rather Sloaney Soames is his assistant. Only two series of Colvil and Soames were made, and you can hear both series on BBC 7, starting on Monday 23rd August.

By Albert Welling. An elderly preist has lived for years in a run-down seaside hotel. Then suddenly, two other visitors arrive; one English and one Japanese. It's not clear why they have come, but it seems they may have a score to settle.. Producer Jane Morgan. 55m.

*SWEET TOOTH....1987
Unusual play by Mel Calman, cartoonist from (I think) the Guardian. The characters in this play are all cakes. He followed this up with *PAWNSHOP BLUES (1993), where the characters are items waiting to be reclaimed in a pawnshop. Finally he did *HEARTACHE (1996) -unfortunately I can't remember the plot.

.....excerpt from BBC7 newsletter, Aug 04......illustrator and writer Mel Calman tragically died in February this year. Mel wrote several short plays for radio producer Ned Chaillet, who drew my attention to them. As a tribute to Mel, we will be broadcasting 3 of his 30 minute plays, beginning with Sweet Tooth on Sunday at 9.15am, 10.15pm & 4.45am. Set in a cafe, Sweet Tooth is a play about adultery and pastries which follows the daily meetings of Alice (Morag Hood) and George (Denis Lawson). Running commentaries on the lovers' rendezvous are provided by a Rum Baba (Richard Griffiths), a French eclair, an Austrian Strudel, a Scottish macaroon and a Danish Pastry. Delicious! SM Carol McShane. Not sure of producer. Glyn Dearman?

By Dominic O'Malley. Two elderly sisters argue and bicker after the death of their centenarian mother. Stars Betty Marsden.

*HARD ROAD....c1984?
By Colin Finbow. Two thirteen-year olds drive off in a 1950 Ferrari. The boy is from a rich family which shows little affection; the girl from a much poorer background. They are away for days .. and the police search begins. Very well-written, interesting play.

By Vaclav Havel. R3. Strange play about the introduction of a new language at a big factory. Only those who speak it can have positions of authority. Heavy-handed satire.

THE LIE....c1981
Social story by John Antrobus. A stranger calls in to see a married couple.

A very funny fairy story, with a difference, for adults...

*SYRUP OF FIGS....1980s
by Joe Eaton. Almost a companion play to "Unman, Wittering and Zigo". This play is set in a girls' school; just hope that your daughter is never educated in a place like this.

*KING CANUTE....1980s
by Barry Collins. An odd story about a member of a brass band. With Bernard Hill, Judith Barker, Rosalie Williams, Sally Edwards, Paul Webster, Peter Wheeler. SMs David Fleming-Williams, Maggie Richmond and Diana Lane. Directed by Alfred Bradley.

by Terence Frisby. Narrated by the author. A very effective wartime evacuee story, with Ray Smith, Petra Davies, Charles Clarke, Boris Huneker, Polly James, Caroline Gruber, John Baddiley, Barbara Atkinson, Zela Clarke, Danny Schiller, Richard pearce. Directed by Matthew Walters.

Interesting play about adoption; a half-sister turns up; no-one knew she existed. By Alan Drury.

*Other Paths to Glory....1976
By Anthony Price: May 15 1976 (90m) - stars Tony Britton.

Paul Mitchell spends his days researching World War One. His quiet life in the library could hardly be in greater contrast to the carnage he studies. Until, that is, the present catches up with him in the shape of Doctor Audley of the Ministry of Defence. Why does Audley want to know what really happened during the battle for Hameau Ridge on the Somme in 1916? The answer is complex and dangerous.

Price's 1973 novel received the 1974 Gold Dagger Award from The Crime Writers Association of Great Britain. Adapted for radio by Alison Plowden from Price's 1973 novel

With Martin Jarvis [Paul Mitchell], Tony Britton [Dr. David Audley], Ronald Bradley [Colonel Butler], Sylvia Datas [Nikki McMann], Andre Moran [Edward Olivier], Lorna Rosalind [Mrs. Mitchell], David Graham [Constable Bell / Marcel Jaras], Douglas Blackwell [Mr. Hutchinson / Captain Fabisham], Jeffrey Segal [General Lee Wodehouse], Steve Hodson [Sorrell / The Gate Keeper].

Directed by Harry Kaplan

Re-broadcast on 27th January 1979, 8:30 p.m. on BBC Radio 4: Saturday Night Theatre

British soldiers lost in the jungle; their radio is losing range as the battery dies. They are surrounded by the Japanese army.By Willis Hall. 45m.

Package from Berlin....1975
Radio 4: Saturday Night Theatre
By Simon Masters.22 Nov 75, 8.30pm.

Graham Collier calls at a boarding house at 28 Nadine Gardens asking for a 'Mr. Shapiro.' But the lady of the house says that he must have the wrong number - all his lodgers are regulars but there was no one by that name. Collier has a package for him. As he leaves the lady asks him that if she ever comes across Mr. Shapiro, where can he be reached. He say to reach him at the Euphradis Hotel up until the following day. After that he's back up north so Mr. Shapiro can stuff it.

It just so happens that 28 Nadine Gardens is a British safehouse though 'Mr. Shapiro' is a password, up until two months ago, for their Berlin safehouse.

Carter of British Intelligence tries to find out what Collier is doing going to a safehouse using an old password from another distict. He calls Toby Lizmore back from holidays to call on this 'mark' and ask him all the questions he's so good at asking. He finds out that Collier got this package in a German bar from a gentlemen who's name he didn't ask for.

The package contains film of highly sensitive political documents from East Germany though the final picture is double exposed with a man's face.

Carter asks Toby to help him to find out who is in that 'mug' shot and why.

With Douglas Blackwell [Carter], John Forrest [Toby Lizmore], Denis McCarthy [Alec Fowler], Alan Dudley [Graham Collier], Nigel Lambert [Vena Zinkler], Clifford Norgate [Berryman], Rosalind Adams [Krisia, the waitress], Mary Head [Landlady], Antony Smee [Railway announcer / The Clock], and Michael Cochrane [Information Officer / Newsreader / A Man]. Re-broadcast on BBC Radio 4: Afternoon Theatre on 29th August 1977. 1 hour 20 min.

*THE PUMP....1973
Interesting semi-autobiographical play by James Cameron, who underwent heart surgery in the days when it wasn't a routine procedure. The first stage was to have his teeth extracted, if my memory serves correctly, to reduce the likelihood of bacterial infection..... - ND

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