Nigel Moffatt

Nigel began his writing career with poetry and songs which he performed in clubs in the West Midlands, where he lives. He recorded PEACE LOVE & HARMONY with Paul Weller on his Respond Record label. He has been writer-in-residence at the National Theatre Studio where RHAPSODY 'N BLACK 'N WHITE & TONY were performed; then a similar position at the Haymarket Theatre, Leicester, where Prime Time was written and performed.

Nigel spent two years as writer-in-residence at Shrewsbury Prison, winning the Butler Trust Prison Service Award 1997 for outstanding contribution to quality of prison care.

In 2005 he initiated the Black Writers in Walsall project: bringing the best black writers in the country to Walsall to stimulate their work. He received a Bursary from the Arts Council for a quarterly magazine, and further grants in 2007 for a recording project and for developing writing at the Drum. Works produced include:

1985 RHAPSODY 'N BLACK 'N WHITE National Theatre Studio
1985 TONY: National Theatre Studio: Oval House by Sass Theatre Co.
1987 Mamma Decemba: Co-production Temba theatre Co and Birmingham Rep winner of Sam Beckett Award; revived 1990: Temba Theatre Co.; a reading by Banana Boat Productions, New York, 2001 and 2004.
1989 PRIME TIME: Haymarket Theatre, Leicester
1991 STOP THE CARNIVAL: Cannon Hill Puppet Theatre
2001 Musical Youth: Birmingham Rep. Theatre
2004 Gun Crime: Arts Council Bursary

1988 Lifetime (Giles Cooper Award)
1989 Lame Ducks
1989 Sellinng Out
1990 Wishful Thinking
1995 Mamma Decemba
1997 Wasteland
1999 Fish Ain't Bitin'

1990 When Love Dies, Channel 4
1990 Beau Monde: commission BFI
1993 Opportunity: commission BBC TV
1994 Strange fruit: BBC TV

1987 Mamma Decemba: Faber
1988 Lifetime: Methuen

Has had many poems and stories published.

Nigel runs "Moffimedia", an innovative website for writers, actors and others which offers a recording studio, a book publishing facility and video recording and film making opportunities. Click on Moffimedia for details.

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