Nell Leyshon Radio Plays

Nell Leyshon has written several radio plays; she also writes novels and stage plays. Her BBC work is listed below:

2002 The Farm, 60 m
2003 The Home Field, drama documentary, Radio 3, 75 mins
2003 *Glass Eels, rpt. BBC7 2004
2004 Michael - scenes written for Wordsworth's poem
2004 *The House in the Trees, 45m
2005 Black Dirt, R3
2005 Soldier Boy

All plays directed by Susan Roberts.


31 Aug 05; Gillian Kearney/James Nickerson/Jack Ryder/Carter Dowland

BLACK DIRT....2005
8 Jan, R3. The actiion takes place in a dying man's room. Frank is attached to a drip, on morphine. The landscape outside (Somerset Levels) is flooded, and the sound of oars signifies flashbacks to Frank's life in the same house when he was 12. He remembers his father telling him of the bloody well near Glastonbury Tor; the rain is relentless. But everyone seems so cold - even his son and daughter both avoid dealing with the fact that he is dying. But in Frank himself, the morphine releases his inhibitions and he starts to recall a terrible tragedy.

Bible stories and the legends of King Arthur intertwine with the story of young Frank and his sister Iris. With Peter Hamilton Dyer, Rosalind March, Jack Thompson Rylance, Carly Bawden. Directed by Susan Roberts.

R4, 22 Dec 04. Mary lives alone with her father in a house with an eccentric garden he has made, which is open to the public. Teased at school for being "the garden girl", Mary decides it's time to find out more about her absent mother. With Carly Bawden as Mary and Peter Hamilton Dyer as her father. Written by Nell Leyshon; directed by Susan Roberts.

MICHAEL by William Wordsworth....2004
Additional scenes by Nell Leyshon. Tom Courtenay reads Wordsworth's narrative poem Michael - the first in which he poeticised the language of ordinary men, telling the story of the Cumbrian sheep farmer Michael and his son Luke who has to leave the farm .
Young Luke ........ Dean Petre
Old Luke ....... Billy Walker
Michael ....... Tom Coulthard
Isabel ....... Jackie Fielding
Music composed by Gary Yershon; directed by Susan Roberts.

GLASS EELS....2003
R4, 16 July 03.Lily, 16, lives on the Somerset levels. Lonely, and harbouring a grudge against her father, she tries to come to terms with the death of her mother. Escaping at night to sit by the river, she meets Kenneth - an eel fisherman, and begins to explore her feelings.
Lily ...... Carly Bawden
Kath ...... Patricia England
Mervyn ...... Nick Brimble
Kenneth ...... William Bateman
Nothing in RT about the director, but I assume it was Susan Roberts.

THE FARM....2002
In a farmhouse kitchen, Rose is trying to hold things together in a changing uncertain world. Her father-in-law Edmond is in the early stages of Alzheimer's, her husband Vic is grimly carrying on despite the slaughter of his cattle and a box of unpaid bills and Gavin, their son has just got himself a job at the local supermarket which fuels his father's fury and resentment. The Farm is dedicated to the lost farms of Somerset. Rpt. 12 Nov 2004, Friday play. A bit grim - but the recent story of English farming is a sad tale.

Rose ...... Rosalind March
Vic ...... Nick Brimble
Edmond ...... Robert Vahey
Gavin ...... William Bateman
Sue ...... Julie Hobbs
Directed by Susan Roberts.

Afternoon Play, 7 Mar 02: in the series "Double Acts" - plays with two writers collaborating. By Nell Leyshon and Stephen McAnena. Two parents have been forced to leave their dairy farm, and in unfamiliar surroundings, they face an even more demanding challenge. Dir (?)Susan Roberts.

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