Nan Woodhouse Radio Plays

Now or Never....2001
8 Jun 01. A gentle comedy to uplift the older generation. With Ann Beach, Kathleen Helme, Thelma Barlow and Katherine Parr. Directed by Enyd Williams. Afternoon play.

29 Apr 99. `Let's work together, you said. Strictly professional, you promised. A shot in the arm for our careers... Why did I listen?' With Julia McKenzie and Timothy West. Directed by Tracey Neale. rpt. 11 may 01. Afternoon play.

The Late Story: Nightingale ....1999
17 Apr 99. Read by Elizabeth Conboy. Julia Margaret Cameron was a renowned 19th-century photographer. In this story, a young maidservant, Sarah, poses for her and is taken under her wing. But for how long can Sarah enjoy this enchanted part of her life?

23 Apr 96. The story of William Shakespeare's youngest daughter.

A Season of Clear Shining....1993
Afternoon play, 18 Oct 93.

Happy Returns....1992
21 Apr 92. With Benjamin Whitrow/Ioan Walker.

Clean Up....1990
23 Jan 90. Thirty minute theatre. With Geoffrey Banks/Rosalie Williams/Paula Tilbrook/John Jardine.

For Unto Us....1988
Saturday Night Theatre, 3 Dec 88. With Pam Ferris/Christian Rodska.

Mind How You Go....1985
Saturday Night Theatre,29 Jun 85. With Jane Hollowood/Alan Rothwell.

The Big Wheel....1983
23 Jul 83. With Paula Tilbrook/Geoffrey Banks/Kathleen Helme/John Jardine. .

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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