Favourite potatoes - Nadine

This was the first big commercial success enjoyed by Jack Dunnett as an independent potato breeder. It was introduced in 1987 and is a second early. It is grown all over the world - it's the variety sold most frequently by my local Co-Op. The tubers have an attractive appearance; white, fairly smooth-skinned, and uniform in shape and size. They are often sold as baking potatoes but they boil better. The flavour is mild.

J.D. offers the following interesting comments on potato flavour in his book:

.....It is less than politically correct to point out that potatoes are a staple food and that staple foods such as bread, potatoes and pasta require to be cheap, nutritious and bland. They provide the basis for a meal rather than something to be eaten on their own ... people can be very boring on the subject of flavour in potatoes because all too often they forget that they are simply airing their own preferences and prejudices.

The Potato Marketing Board, in their 1990 consumer survey, found that Nadine was as well liked as Wilja and marginally better liked than Maris Piper.

Nadine is much in demand for prepeeling - potatoes which are delivered to hotels, schools, etc, daily. Many prepeelers now stipulate Nadine as the variety they want. Ideally they need small potatoes which will remain whole on boiling or steaming and which continue to look bright and attractive on standing. Canners, punneters, and manufacturers of potato salads, Cornish pasties and baby food also ask for Nadine.

I haven't grown this recently - so no photo of the tubers yet. Blight resistance is 5 - about the same as Pentland Dell.


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