Piano Recital:

The Couperins, Bernardo Storace, Ben Burrows, Christopher Hales

Numbers denote track numbers; running time about 1 hour.
1 Louis Couperin, Suite, Dm
2 Bernardo Storace: Passacaglia, Am
3 Nigel Deacon: Quadrille, 1820, arr. piano solo
4 Bernardo Storace: Passacaglia, Cm.
5 Matthew Camidge: Gavotte, Am
6 Bernardo Storace: Passacaglia II, Cm
7 Francois Couperin: Passacaglia, Bm
8-9 Bernardo Storace : Two Correntes
10-11 Christopher Hales: Spring Idyll; Singing Valley
12 Bernardo Storace: Chaconne in C
13-14 Ben Burrows: Lyric Pieces 3 & 4

The Couperin pieces were written for harpsichord; the Storace for organ/hpsd, and the Camidge for organ. The Quadrille (in waltz time) is anonymous, arranged by ND for piano.

Christopher Hales and Ben Burrows were both English composers and teachers in the tradition of Parry and Stanford, active around 1920-1960.

I think Christopher taught at Uppingham school. Ben Burrows worked in Leicester.

Played and recorded by Nigel Deacon, August 2011, and can be heard on Youtube at cd11 .


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