Piano Music:

Techelmann, Turini, Gottlieb Muffat, Johann Mattheson, Pinto, Pleyel, Monn, T.A.Johnson

Numbers denote track numbers

F.M.Techelmann: 1-5 Suite, A, ms “Kerll 2”
F.Turini: 6 Presto, Gm
Gottlieb Muffat: 7-13 Suite 1
Johann Mattheson: 14-18 Suite, Dm
G.F.Pinto: Slow movement from sonata, Ebmin
Ignaz Pleyel: 20-22 Sonata, Bb
F.M.Techelmann: 23-27 Suite, Em, ms. “Kerll 2”
G.M.Monn: 28 Sonata, Bb
Thomas Arnold Johnson: 29 Concert waltz

The pieces from ms “Kerll 2” are believed to be by F.M.Techelmann and are the earliest music in this collection.

The final piece is an unpublished concert waltz by Thomas Arnold Johnson whom I knew many years ago. He died in 1989 after a long and distinguished musical career.

This music can be heard on Youtube at cd8 .

Played and recorded by Nigel Deacon, August 2008
Sutton Elms Publications, Midlands, UK. Copyright.

CDs from: diversity (at) suttonelms.org.uk

Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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