Potatoes - Moulin Rouge

Another interesting cross between Pink Fir Apple and Desiree (the other being ANYA). This one produces tubers which are similar to Anya in shape and texture but which have the Desiree colour. They are susceptible to blight, (around 3 on the blight scale) like Pink Fir Apple, are a second early, and my plants, grown in the ground rather than containers, had no flowers. No remarks yet on flavour or cooking quality; these should be added later in the season.

Update: Cooking quality is superb; this is a firm waxy potato with some of the characteristics of Pink Fir Apple. Flavour and texture excellent. Colour of skins is retained on cooking. I'll be growing this again, but probably in pots rather than in the ground, where blight will be easier to control.

Pictures (click on small images for detail):



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