Redfleshed Apples: Mott's Pink

American.One of the best-flavoured redfleshed apples. Almost luminous orange-pink in sunshine; smooth translucent skin; slightly sticky when fully ripe. Slight similarity in flavour and texture to Laxton's fortune, but more delicate; tart, firm, crisp, very juicy. The apple is pleasantly scented. Prone to scab. Very prone to mites; attracts them like a magnet. Cortex wood green. Does not look like a typical redfleshed tree, apart from the deep coloured blossom.

The pigmentation in Mott's Pink is variable; sometimes it is very pale; sometimes it is crimson.

The blossom time is very early; this is among the first apple trees in the garden to flower in most years. First day of full blossom (90% of flowers out) as follows: 3 May 2008, 22 Apr 2009, 4 May 2010, 14 Apr 2011. For comparison: 2008 same day as Bramley, 2009 4 days before Bramley; 2010 2 days before Bramley; 2011 5 days before Bramley.

Ripens first fortnight of September. Keeps about a week in good condition.

Mott's Pink, blossom.... Mott's Pink, nearly ripe.... Mott's Pink, ripe....

Mott's Pink, ripe.... Mott's Pink, ripe.... Mott's Pink, ripe....

Mott's Pink, ripe, showing the luminous colouring.... Mott's Pink, blossom....

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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