English Apples - Metton Roy

An old Norfolk apple; suitable for small gardens. Reliable cropper; does not go biennial. Fruit keeps all through the winter. Suitable as cooker; ok as eater later on in the season. In storage, when individual apples decompose, the rot is dry and doesn't spread. The name comes from the village (Metton, Norfolk) where it originated. About three trees survive.

I am indebted B.D. of the Norfolk Smallholders Training Association (thanks Brian) for scion wood; I now have two trees. The pollination group seems to be quite late; blossom times about the same as for King Edward VII, but needs confirming with observations from another year.

UPDATE, May 2013....the pollination group overlaps with Edward VII, but the flowers are out for about three weeks; the blossom doesn't come all at once but a bit at a time. This might explain the good fruit set in most years.

Pictures (click on small images for detail):


metton roy, norfolk heritage apple


metton roy, norfolk heritage apple.... metton roy, norfolk heritage apple

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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