English Apples - Merton Knave

An apple with a fine flavour; one of the first to ripen; usually in second half of August. It crops every year. The tree is slender and healthy. In years with cool evenings during July and August the interior of the apple is sometimes stained pink. When this occurs the flavour is better than in other years.

There are some similarities between this apple and Devonshire Quarrenden; the parentage of Merton Knave is unknown but I would be surprised if the two apples were not closely related. They have similar aroma, flavour, shape, lenticels and texture, and they ripen at about the same time.

Merton Knave and Devonshire Quarrenden....

There is also a close similarity between Merton Knave and Hall's Pink. H.P is larger but the flavour and colour inside and out are more or less the same in these two varieties. (Hall's Pink has slightly thinner skin and in some years it can be peeled without a knife.)

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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