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Martin is a writer for radio, television and theatre, and in his work for radio alsohas wide experience as a producer. He started in theatre as actor, musician and director. He has done a lot of radio work since 1994; both original plays and adaptations. They cover a wide variety of content: quirky comedies, thrillers, politics and gritty plays about current world problems. He also had a hand in doing some of the adaptations for the outstanding Zola marathon starring Glenda Jackson as the scheming centenarian which began in (I think) 2015.

I've listed a few of his plays below (as director and as writer; I've not tried to separate them) in reverse chronological order.


16 Aug 21: Angst! 1- Actors
By Martin Jameson. 5x30m dramas this week. Today, the media are talking incessantly about environmental catastrophe, covid, conspiracy theories, populism, algorithms, racism and social exclusion. In this first story, a failing actor auditions for the part of a lifetime. Tony Bland ….. Hugh Dennis, Gina ….. Kathryn Drysdale, Cherry ….. Clare Corbett, Harri ….. Will Howard, Timor Greer….. Cyril Nri. Other voices played by the cast. Sound design ….. Steve Bond and Adam Woodhams. Production manager ….. Anna de Wolff Evans. Executive producer ….. Sara Davies. Series creator ….. Martin Jameson. Produced by Nicolas Jackson. Indie (Afonica).

    17 Aug: Angst! 2 - The Teachings of Smart Town
    By Marietta Kirkbride. 30m. The inhabitants of Britain’s most advanced “smart town” confront misbehaviour in the technology running their lives.Washing machines in every home spin at once, phones and stereos belt out the same song at the same time.

    18 Aug: Angst! 3 - Plastic
    By Martin Jameson. 30m. Microplastics can be found everywhere. Then a plastic-eating self-replicating enzyme is created.

    19 Aug: Angst! 4 - Poster Girl
    By Alex Straker. 30m. A third-generation Londoner of Caribbean heritage is forced to take part in a virtual reality game in order to win British citizenship.

    20 Aug: Angst! 5 - Gaia
    By Martin Jameson. 30m. What if the planet is, in reality, a single sentient organism, intent on ridding itself of the poisonous human parasites living on its surface?

6 Dec 20: Classic Serial slot: iPromise
By Martin Jameson. A play about a quantum cryptocurrency robbery, and a thriller exploring the illusory nature of money itself. Rebecca is in trouble. She’s hacked into US mainframes and brought the eastern seaboard to a standstill. She’s driven by principle and she’s the very best at what she does. Then she's offered 494 million’s worth of missing iPromises - a brand-new cryptocurrency. Rebecca ("Bit" & "Infinity Bit" ….. Tamara Lawrance, Kevin Straw ….. Jonathan Forbes, Tinaya ….. Skye Lourie, Leon ….. Gunnar Cauthery, Emir & Clive ….. Nabil Elouahabi, Frank & Grimmur Ekkert ….. Danny Sapani. Other characters voiced by the cast. Sound design ….. Adam Woodhams. Mix ….. Steve Bond. Executive producer ….. Sara Davies. Directed & produced by Nicolas Jackson. Indie (Afonica). (This play is reviewed by Harry Turnbull in 'Articles'....-ND).

7 Jan 19: Stone, 1
New series, using characters devised by Danny Brocklehurst. This episode written by Martin Jameson. Crime drama; a body is found at a hotel and DCI Stone is forced to navigate the world of catering. Stone: Hugo Speer, DS Sue Kelly: Deborah McAndrew, DI Mike Tanner: Craig Cheetham, with Lizzie Stavrou, Jason Done, Millie Gibson, Angela Lonsdale, George Bukhari, Peter Singh, William Ash, Sacha Parkinson, Emma Cunliffe, William Fox, Nadia Emam, Simon Trinder. Producers: Nadia Molinari and Gary Brown. Director: NM.

Martin Jameson's five-part dystopian drama FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS (R4, 1415, 11-15 Jun 18) looked at a future Britain where civil war is about to break out, focusing on an ordinary couple whose daughter is about to get married. The Queen is no longer on the throne; it is not Britain as we know it. The week's broadcasts involved a very large cast: 22 actors, including Jeremy Swift, Ryan Whittle, Elizabeth Counsell, Sam Barnard and Lauren Cornelius (see our 2018 drama listing page for the complete cast). The drama used research from BBC correspondents, analysts, contingency planners and those with direct experience of the Balkan conflicts of the 1990s. Martin said that the series was commissioned off the back of the Scottish Independence Referendum and the UK’s vote to leave the European Union. He said that his research had revealed the fragility of the UK's infrastructure; its very sophistication making it vulnerable. For example, he had asked a number of senior financial people what their plan was, if the electronic financial system was suddenly not there. He received no realistic answers. It does not seem particularly unlikely to me that a day may come when a massive computer problem hits the whole country and no-one can access any of their money.

The series begins with the planning of a wedding. But as the country's problems escalate, they impinge on the family and it soon becomes clear that their plans are not going to work out as intended. How can they buy stuff? Electronic money becomes worthless. Smartphones stop working as their networks gradually collapse. There are shortages in the shops; people get desperate; eventually no-one pays for anything; there is looting and violence. The fact the UK is on the brink of breaking apart almost becomes an irrelevance; civilised behaviour retreats and everything becomes a struggle for survival. I was greatly relieved when it got to the end. The producer of this memorable epic was Jonquil Panting.
(....ND, Diversity Website Review, Sep 2018)

    15 Jun 18: First World Problems, 5: Home
    By Martin Jameson, rpt. Conclusion. A leak from a nuclear plant leads to a resettlement plan for the refugees. The Fletchers head for an unknown destination. Dave Fletcher: Jeremy Swift, Ruth, his wife: Maureen Beattie. Rest of the cast for the 5 episodes: Elizabeth Counsell, Sam Barnard, Elinor Coleman, Lauren Cornelius, Ryan Whittle, John Lightbody, Paul Cunningham, Ryan Early, Emma Handy, Kerry Gooderson, Sean Murray, Joseph Ayre, Stephen Hogan, Kai Owen, Cara Chase, Ifan Meredith, Lisa Palfrey, Gruffudd Glyn, Antonio Aakeel and Vineeta Rishi. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

    14 Jun 18: First World Problems, 4: The Price
    By Martin Jameson, rpt. The Fletcher family tries to stay together among the large number of refugees being forced to walk out of Wales. Dave Fletcher: Jeremy Swift, Ruth, his wife: Maureen Beattie. Rest of the cast for the 5 episodes (22 actors in total): Elizabeth Counsell, Sam Barnard, Elinor Coleman, Lauren Cornelius, Ryan Whittle, John Lightbody, Paul Cunningham, Ryan Early, Emma Handy, Kerry Gooderson, Sean Murray, Joseph Ayre, Stephen Hogan, Kai Owen, Cara Chase, Ifan Meredith, Lisa Palfrey, Gruffudd Glyn, Antonio Aakeel and Vineeta Rishi. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

    13 Jun 18: First World Problems, 3 - What Country, Friends, is This?
    By Martin Jameson, rpt. What would happen if the UK broke apart? Production details, as listed above: Dave Fletcher: Jeremy Swift, Ruth, his wife: Maureen Beattie. Rest of the cast for the 5 episodes (22 actors in total): Elizabeth Counsell, Sam Barnard, Elinor Coleman, Lauren Cornelius, Ryan Whittle, John Lightbody, Paul Cunningham, Ryan Early, Emma Handy, Kerry Gooderson, Sean Murray, Joseph Ayre, Stephen Hogan, Kai Owen, Cara Chase, Ifan Meredith, Lisa Palfrey, Gruffudd Glyn, Antonio Aakeel and Vineeta Rishi. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

    12 Jun 18: First World Problems, 2: Things Fall Apart
    By Martin Jameson, rpt. The Fletchers find themselves in danger. Production details: Dave Fletcher: Jeremy Swift, Ruth, his wife: Maureen Beattie. Rest of the cast for the 5 episodes (22 actors in total): Elizabeth Counsell, Sam Barnard, Elinor Coleman, Lauren Cornelius, Ryan Whittle, John Lightbody, Paul Cunningham, Ryan Early, Emma Handy, Kerry Gooderson, Sean Murray, Joseph Ayre, Stephen Hogan, Kai Owen, Cara Chase, Ifan Meredith, Lisa Palfrey, Gruffudd Glyn, Antonio Aakeel and Vineeta Rishi. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

    11 Jun 18: First World Problems, 1 - Making Other Plans
    Rpt: By Martin Jameson. As the UK heads for civil war, David and Ruth Fletcher are minding their own business and concentrating on family matters, but as their daughter's wedding approaches, organizing it becomes almost impossible. Large cast of 22 actors for the week: Jeremy Swift, Maureen Beattie, Elizabeth Counsell, Sam Barnard, Elinor Coleman, Lauren Cornelius, Ryan Whittle, John Lightbody, Paul Cunningham, Ryan Early, Emma Handy, Kerry Gooderson, Sean Murray, Joseph Ayre, Stephen Hogan, Kai Owen, Cara Chase, Ifan Meredith, Lisa Palfrey, Gruffudd Glyn, Antonio Aakeel and Vineeta Rishi. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

8 Jan 18: Stone, 1
By Martin Jameson. Ep. 1 of 10. More detective work using the characters devised by Danny Brocklehurst.A body is discovered after a fire at a hostel for the homeless. Stone: Hugo Speer, Sue Kelly: Deborah Andrew, Mike Tanner: Craig Cheetham, Jackie Stanton-Hope: Jill Halfpenny, Sarah: Christine Bottomley, Devon de Costa: Everal A Walsh, Grace Peverall: Susan Twist, Sully: Michael Peavoy, McAffrey: Conrad Nelson, with Sydney Wade, Kieran O'Brien, Graeme Hawley, Emily Pithon, Reuben Johnson, Olivia Sweeney, Krissi Bohn, Claire Benedict, David Schofield and Angela Lonsdale. Producers: Gary Brown and Nadia Molinari. Continued tomorrow.

5 Dec 2016: Stone, 3
By Martin Jameson. Ep. title: Casualties. A young Asian man becomes a murder suspect. Stone's team is tested to the limit. Stone: Hugo Speer, Tanner: Graig Cheetham, Kelly: Deborah McAndrew, with Sushil Chudasama, Conrad Nelson, Krissi Bohn and Kimberly Hart-Simpson. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

9 Oct 21: Saturday Play slot - Blood, Sex and Money, 1
By Emile Zola. Series 3 - Money. Rpt. from 2016.
Episode title: Crash. 55m.Les Rougon-Macquart by Zola, about the lives of three branches of a family living during the Second French Empire. Dram. Dan Rebellato. There's little point in trying to summarise each episode. Look in Wikipedia. Glenda Jackson as Dide, with Sam West, Frances Grey, Fenella Woolgar, Guy Rhys, David Carr, Bettrys Jones, Khalid Abdalla, Robert Jack, Richard Fleeshman, Derel Walmsley, Tracy Whitwell, Road Rawi, David Nellist, Sally Messham, Philip Correia, John Bett, Colette O'Neill, Gavi Singh Chera, Sean Graham, Luke MacGregor. Producer: Polly Thomas.

    10 Oct: Classic Serial slot - Money, 2
    By Zola. Rpt of series 3, ep.2. from 2016. Ep. title: Massacre. 55m.
    Dram. Martin Jameson. Eugene and Aristide become involved in a miners' strike. Their grandmother plots her escape from the asylum at Tulettes. Cast - as 9 Oct. Producer: Gary Brown.

    11 Oct: Money, 3
    By Zola. Rpt. of series 3, ep.3. from 2016. Ep. title: Trapped. 45m. Dram. Martin Jameson. Etienne heads back to work determined to find love where revolution has failed. If only it was that simple. Cast - as 9 Oct. Producer: Gary Brown.

    12 Oct: Money, 4
    By Zola. Rpt. of series 3, ep.4. from 2016. Ep. title: Swindle. 45m. Dram. & reimagined by Lavinia Murray. Sidonie takes in her orphaned niece, Pauline, and manages to siphon off her fortune. Dide ..... Glenda Jackson, Sidonie ...... Pippa Heywood, Lazare ...... Mathew Horne, Pauline (younger)..... Sydney Wade, Pauline (older)/Ines ....... Gracie Kelly, Louise ...... Talia Barnett, Chanteau ..... Malcolm Raeburn. Produced and directed by Pauline Harris

Devil in the Fog ....2010
By Leon Garfield, dram. Martin Jameson. 23 Dec 10. Highwaymen, duels, swirling fogs, escaped convicts - part one of a thrilling two-part dramatisation of an 18th-century. mystery adventure. Mr Treet ..... Tim McMullan, George ..... Joe Dempsie, Lady Dexter ..... Juliet Aubrey, Sir John ..... Sam Dale, Joseph ..... Sean Baker, Dr Newby ..... Iain Batchelor, Mrs Montague ..... Joanna Monro, Captain Richard ..... Ben Crowe, Hotspur ..... Raymond Karimi, Taheri Jane ..... Lauren Mote, Edward ..... Hugo Docking, Rose ..... Fern Deacon. producer: Marc Beeby.

Afternoon Play, Fri 14 May 2010. A week after the General Election a psychistrist is called to a top secret government research facility to make an assessment of two individuals who look absolutely identical. They both possess disturbing abilities, but one of them is placid and rational; the other is perpetually angry and seems crazy. Amita Dhiri, Jude Akuwudike, Tony Bell, David Seddon, Christine Kavanagh. Producer - Jeremy Mortimer.

02 Oct 2010; rpt from 10 Oct 09. 'The Wire', R3. Set in a call centre. Toby has a bad day at work on the phones....when an angry customer pushes him too far, Toby lets rip. Next morning he wakes up as another person.... stars Jonathan Keeble, James Anthony, Armand Beasley, Sue Jenkins. 45m. Producer Gary Brown.

15 Jul 09. Based on an extract from Quintin Hogg's diaries. In 1964 a gang of students at Aberdeen University had attempted to kidnap the Prime Minister, Sir Alec Douglas-Home, who had temporarily taken over the leadership of the Conservative party after the ill-health of Harold MacMillian. This is a dramatic reconstruction by Martin Jameson of what might have happened. The cast: Tim McInnerney as Sir Alec, Chris Starkie, Benjamin Askew, Michelle Duncan, Grainne Dromgoole, Annabelle Dowler, David Hargreaves. Producer Jeremy Mortimer.

14 Feb 07. BBC blurb....Two couples go on holiday to a small guesthouse in the beautiful Balearic village of Deia in Northern Majorca and a puzzle begins to unfold. martin's description: "A psychological ghost story setin Majorca in the 1960s and 1990s."Nick ...... Neil Pearson, Rachel ...... Katy Cavanagh, Nettie ...... Poppy Lee, Friar Celia ...... Haydn Gwynne, Hal ...... Sam Dale, Jordi ...... Nickolas Grace, Joaquima ...... Montserrat Gili, Mel ...... Tracy Wiles, producer Tracey Neale.

A ghost story rooted in Victorian Manchester. Martin's description...: "Is the past haunting the present, or is it the other way round? Producer Janet Hampson." Odd - I can't find a R4 listing for it. Must be R5 or BBC 7.
(Later edit .... I've found it in the BBC listings...."Laura and Miles are trapped between the centuries in a spiral of ghostly terror." - but Martin isn't credited with it in RT. 3 Jan 2009, 1830hrs. )

By Martin Jameson. Sequel to 'The Railway Children', revealing what probably happened to them. It's now 1919, and WW1 is over. 4 Jan 05, R4, afternoon play. Fiona Clarke /Lloyd Peters/ James Alper/ Lisa Moore/ Emma Hughes-Jones/ Ashley Margolis/James Quinn. Producer: Gary Brown.

RADIO DAZE....2004*
17 Jul 04, Sat play, rpt 4 Mar 05 as Fri play. Psychological thriller set in Broadcasting House in 1956. At an event in support of the British Hungarian Society, actor Bob Rodwell is handed a radio script bv a mysterious stranger. Producer: Jeremy Mortimer. 60m. Malcolm Sinclair/ Avril Clark/Larissa Kouznetsova/ Jon Glover/ Gerard Murphy/Phillip Fox/ Jonathan Hyde/Alice Hart/ Andrew Woodall/ John Rowe/ Bertie Carvel/John Rowe.

By Martin Jameson. 14 Feb 03; rpt 28 Jul 04 . Psychological thriller. Friday Play. A lonely man goes out for a drink one night and is befriended by a couple who ask him back to their Manchester flat. They then empty his wallet...why doesn't he run away? Tim Dantay/ Jo Mcinnes/ David Crelin/ Graeme Hawley/ Daniel Poyser/ Vincent Davies/Jo-Anne Knowles/Siobhan Finneran. nd tape 5469. Producer Sue Roberts. Drama North.

By Julie Wilkinson; producer Martin Jameson. 23 Mar 99. Comedy about the healing power of hedonism in Manchester. When Lynda is told that the world is going to end, she decides to save friends and family from eternal torment - using any means she can. Kelly Greenwood. Robert Pollard , Anne Rye , Malcolm Raeburn , John Lloyd Fillingham , Debra Penny , Diane Whitley , Andrew Pope. Leyland O'Brian and Roberta Wilkinson Director Martin Jameson.

By Al Hunter. Friday Play; gritty drama. The Shail family are rehoused, but soon wish they hadn't been. Susan Twist , Angela Bruce , Sarah Jane Potts, Maxine Burth , Gordon Case , Leyland O'Brien , Al Hunter Ashton. Darryl Clark, Melissa Sinden , Vincent Davies. Richard Cole. Eugene Sallah and Jamie McAdden Forrest. Producers Martin Jameson and Diane Whitley.

By Julie Wilkinson, starting 12 Feb 98. Five-part love story amid the upheavals affecting the mining communities of the Notts Coalfield over the past 14 years. 1: Friend or Foe. 1984: In the small pit village ofTeversby, Graham and Bogey's friendship is put under pressure when the miners' strike begins. Stephen Critchlow , Lesley Nicol , Paul Slack , Gillian Vickers , Melissa Sinden. Claude Close. Philip King. Emilie Oidknow. Perry Fitzpatrick , Andrew Pope and Justin Brady. Produced by Martin Jameson.

R4, 3 x 30min. 18 Jan 97. From Children's Radio 4. A new version of the story of the Snow Queen. Two children are swept across the Galaxy to do battle with Novod Scaa , the evil Ice Queen. Gerard McDermott. Miles Anderson , Vincent Davies, Bradley Lavelle, Christopher Wright, Iwan Thomas and Andrew Whyment. Produced by Sally Avens.

R4, 30min episodes. A series of satirical dramas.
1: Bingo! (4/5/98) postponed until 1/6/98. nd tape 4131. It's 2003, and a person wins the new National Bingo, established to fund the Health Service. But is he suitable to receive the prize? 45m.
2: Chicken (11/5/98); by Peter Kerry and MJ. nd tape 4125. Gavin scoffs an endless diet of genetically engineered chicken. Russell Dixon , Terence Mann , Melissa Sinden , Kirk Smith and Jimmy Hibbert Music composed by Paul Cargill. Producer: Martin Jameson.
3: The Report (18/5/98). At British Bolt Conglomerates, the management is about to be hit by the latest tool in the downsizing war. Malcolm Raeburn , Rod Arthur , Fergus O'Donnell and Ben Frain. Music composed by Paul Cargill. Producer: Martin Jameson.
4: The Baby Alarm (25/5/98). The baby-monitor is designed to reassure today's parents. But what if you hear a baby in distress who is not your own? Melissa Sinden, Seamus O'Neill , Terence Mann , Sara Poyzer and Andrew Pope. Music composed by Paul Cargill. Producer: Martin Jameson.

KING MATT....1997
22 Dec 97. Janus Korczak's children's novel, dramatised by MJ, about a child king who distributes free chocolate to children....

Wormholes, a 3-part 'Biteback' radio production by Martin Jameson and Peter Kerry (R4 Sundays, from 6 July). Science Fiction. ("Children's Radio 4"). A Science teacher has invented a machine which can travel through wormholes to parallel universes...........he disappears............then his son starts playing around with it. A pity that Radio 5 doesn't broadcast programmes like this any more..... (ND, radio drama review, VRPCC newsletter)
Broadcast of children's radio 4 ...a science fiction drama. Spin's Dad disappeared seven years ago. Everyone thought he was a mad scientist, and his odd behaviour made Spin the school bully's favourite target. But Spin is determined to find out what his father was really working on...with Ben Stapleton, David Derbyshire; directed by Martin Jameson. Do not be put off by the label "children's radio" - this production is excellent entertainment for all.

Stolen Kisses....1995
22 Jul 95; by Bill Taylor. Saturday Night Theatre. Sexual thriller set in the claustrophobic world of a large Manchester hotel. Rather atmospheric and frightening. Producer: Martin Jameson. Karen: Louise Lombard, Ged: Paul McGann, Robert: Neil Pearson, Franklin: Russell Dixon, Thelma: Debra Penny, Fisher: John Lloyd Fillingham, Judith: Leslie Nichol, Mrs Dukes: Ann Rye.

Children's Radio 4: Likely Stories - Rumpleduck....1995
By Bill Taylor. 1 Jan 95. A new series of quirky and gritty modern retellings of fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. Producer Martin Jameson, rpt. Rumpleduck: Mike McShane, Bemie: Giuseppe Anthony Cicharillo, Tracy: Lisa Lewis, Stallholder: Robert Whelan, Moira: Judith Barker.

8 Nov 94, by Martin Jameson & Joe Turner. Written and recorded immediately prior to broadcast. This is an up-to-the-minute drama based on a local news story - a snapshot of Manchester one autumn Tuesday in November. Producer: Kate Rowland.

Children's Radio 4: My Mum's a Single Parent Psychic....1994
The last of Joe Turner 's comedies: Emma lives in total awe of her mum's New Age mystic supernatural powers. Producer: Martin Jameson, Mum: Maureen Beattie, Emma: Fiona Richards, Neil: Ian Taylor, Mr Jameson: Peter Kerry, Mrs Monclief: Daphne Oxenford, Amy: Rosalie Williams, Prof Jenkins: Martin Reeve.

Children's Radio 4: My Sister's a World Class Kleptomaniac....1994
14 Aug 94. By Joe Turner. Comedy. Adele is painfully jealous of her kid sister Kelly. Kelly is Dad's favourite. So Adele finds solace in a life of obsessional shoplifting. Jane Dawson as Adele and Michelle Fairclough as Kelly. With Deborah McAndrew and John Graham Davies; Producer Martin Jameson.

Children's Radio 4: My Dad's a Boring Nerd....1994
The second of Joe Turner 's comedies. 7 Aug 94. Mark is sick with embarrassment about his nerdish Dad and is sure that he is going to inherit his father's boringness genes. Chris Emmett stars as Dad, with Jonathan Perkins as Mark and featuring Alistair MacGowan as Graham Taylor. Producer Martin Jameson.

Children's Radio 4: My Supply Teacher is an Alien
By Joe Turner. 31 Jul 94. Quirky comedy about the paranoid traumas of growing up. Eddie's mum and dad are fighting over her. The Head wants her in detention forever - and her geography teacher is from another planet. (Sure I have this somewhere, but can't seem to find it.. - ND) Producer Martin Jameson, Eddie (Edwina Weaver): Jane Hazelgrove, Audrey: Sarah Martin, Jane: Andrea Pickering, Wayne: Stephen McIntosh, Preston: Kristian Batt, Dad/Psychobgist: Malcolm Raeburn, Mrs Jameson: Ann Rye, Mum/Teacher: Sandra Hunt, Mr Hargreaves: Jack Klaff.

Children's Radio 4: Crimewaves....1994
A six-part thriller by Diane Whitley and Dave Simpson. 1: The Trial. 15 May 94. Keith Brandon is charged with murdering a policeman. Gemma and Liam think it would be a laugh to bunk off school and go to the trial. Producer: Martin Jameson, Gemma: Jane Dawson, Liam: Colin Parry, Andy: Jonathan Perkins, Dad: Jimmy Hibbert, Keith Brandon: Vincent Davies, Mrs Brandon: Sue Jenkins, Jennifer Walsh: Maureen Beattie.

The Ghost of Thomas Kempe....1994
4 Apr 94. By Penelope Lively; ghost story, read in five parts by Willie Rushton. 1: Messages. James is happy to move to the country. But then graffiti start to appear, and vases smash for no reason. Abridged by Brendan Murray. Producer: Martin Jameson.

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