Potatoes - Markie

This is a chipping potato which is (2010) becoming important in the UK fish and chip industry. The haulms are quite substantial and tall, and there are white flowers. The potatoes fry well and look good (pale golden, as is the fashion at the moment) and have a slightly blander flavour than the usual favourite, Maris Piper. Mine were susceptible to Alternaria (early blight).

Breeder: Mansholt. Agrico. The Netherlands
Parentage: Agria x Fianna
Maintainer: Agrico
Introduction: 2000
Market outlet: Chip Shop Processing

Pictures (click on small images for detail):

markie, chipping potato, blossom


markie, chipping potato, england

Agronomic Characteristics: Characteristic Values 1-9
Skin Colour Yellow
Flesh Colour Yellow
Tuber Shape Oval
Dry Matter Content 7
Dry Matter 21.5% by mass

Disease Resistance: Characteristic Values
Altenaria 4
Foliage Blight 7
Tuber Blight 7
Blackleg 5
Powdery Scab 4
Common Scab 5
Spraing 7
Slugs 3

These values were taken from the site www.markies.info, a site containing information about Markies for the commercial grower. A short extract from the site revealed the following:

Markies have late foliage maturity, similar to Cara. Tuber numbers are similar to Estima. They are slow to mature, have a strong rooting system, and are tolerant to drought stress. Dormancy is longer than Maris Piper. They store well.

Seed tubers of this variety can be obtained from JBA Seed Potatoes by clicking the link below:

ND/ Diversity website

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