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Information about this writer's radio work is now becoming available. It appears that whilst quite young she wrote scripts for BBC Schools broadcasts. She then progressed to full length historical dramas. Recordings are now starting to appear from various sources. That they are nearly all Monday plays implies a slightly different style to the average "Saturday Night Theatre". Nevertheless I have heard several; they are excellent listening.

I don't know enough about history to tell how whether they are docu-dramas or just very effective plays based loosely on the truth. An odd one out appears to be "A Dizzy Turn" (1982) which was a domestic story; there may be others.

'Bertie' is an interesting play about Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales ('Bertie'), who eventually became King Edward VII.

MONDAY PLAYS (plus a few SNT marked as such):
27.06.1977 Crown of Dreams*
12.01.1976 The Lonely Conscience*
15.06.1974 Bertie* (SNT)
06.12.1971 The Darling of Disaster (First play billed as 'The Monday Play')
05.04.1971 John, By The Grace of God*
31.03.1969 The Little Fathers play 2 : Boris Godunov*
24.03.1969 The Little Fathers play 1 : Like Unto All Men*
25.11.1968 Dark Majesty*
31.03.1968 Golden Yoke of Sovereignty, play 4: A Crown for the Strong* (SNT)
24.03.1968 Golden Yoke of Sovereignty, play 3: A Cry of Treason* (SNT)
17.03.1968 Golden Yoke of Sovereignty, play 2: The Sun in Splendour* , as below (SNT)
10.03.1968 Golden Yoke of Sovereignty, play 1, A Cry of Treason*; as below. (SNT)
20.02.1967 Ye Daughters of Jerusalem
10.01.1966 The Sun in Splendour *
01.11.1965 Time-Honoured Lancaster
20.07.1964 Golden Yoke of Sovereignty, play 1 : A Cry of Treason
25.07.1964 Golden Yoke of Sovereignty, play 2: The Sun in Splendour* (SNT)
06.06.1964 The Captive Lyre (SNT)
25.11.1963 A Break In Tradition
20.05.1963 A Crown for the Strong
06.03.1961 David's Shirt of Mail
31.10.1960 A Wind Blew
28.11.1959 With The Best Intentions (SNT)
22.09.1958 Day of Wrath, new production
17.02.1958 A Kind of Immortality
08.04.1957 The Gods Are Jealous
09.03.1957 Beyond (SNT)
15.10.1956 Tiger In The Blood
16.01.1956 Day of Wrath
01.11.1954 The English Captain
12.04.1954 Order of Chivalry

24.03.1982 A Dizzy Turn
09.04.1971 A Good Service*
29.12.1970 The Felonious Marriage*
17.03.1968 Crown of Solitude*
15.01.1964 Give a dog a bad name
13.01.1962 The Children of Saturn
29.08.1958 The Man in my Shoes
1951-1954 Schools broadcasts: historical re-tellings, 25m

compiled by Roger Bickerton / Diversity website


Afternoon Theatre 24.03.1982 A Dizzy Turn
Middle-aged George works in an office, looks after his old mother and does woodcarving as a hobby. It is a humdrum life. Will he ever escape? George .......... Leslie Heritage, Clementine .......... Pauline Letts, Nettie .......... Frances Jeater, Rex .......... Anton Phillips, Adele .......... Shirley Dixon, Howard .......... James Wynn, Laura .......... Shirley Cooklin. Producer: Graham Gauld.

The Monday Play 27.06.1977 Crown of Dreams
A sequel to The Lonely Conscience. The play follows the fortunes of James II's son, the ' Old Pretender', through his life of exile and his attempts to recover the English throne. Dreams of success alternate with the bitter reality of repeated failure until all his hopes rest in his son, Bonnie Prince Charlie. James Stuart .......... Stephen Thorne, Duke of Mar .......... Robert Trotter, Col Hay .......... Gavin Campbell, Mrs Hay .......... Nicolette McKenzie, Duke Rinaldo of Modena .......... John Westbrook, Princess Benedicta .......... Penelope Reynolds, Princess Clementina Sobieska .......... Eve Karpf, Prince Charles Edward .......... Geoffrey Beevers, Henry, Duke of York .......... Michael Harbour, Earl Marischal/Drummond of Balhaldy .......... Paul Meier, Marquis du Libardine/Wogan .......... Peter Craze, Lord Drummond/George III .......... Malcolm Gerard, Queen Anne/Mrs Sheldon .......... Elizabeth Bell, Duke of Berwick/George II .......... James Warwick, The Pope .......... Noel Iliff, Lord Stair/ Louis XV .......... Michael Kilgarriff, Duke of Argyll/Due de Bouillon .......... Douglas Blackwell, Captain Park .......... Bruce Beeby. Producer: Margaret Etall.

The Monday Play 12.01.1976 -The Lonely Conscience.
When Charles II was restored to the throne of England, his brother's conversion to Catholicism and his own lack of a legitimate heir prompted his ambitious bastard son, Monmouth, and his Protestant supporters to rebel against the succession. James's inability to compromise over his new faith, and Charles's to believe in his son's treachery, provide the background to this sympathetic portrait of the last of the Stuart kings. James Duke of York .......... John Moffat, Charles II .......... Tony Brltton, Duke of Monmouth .......... John Rye, Earl of Shaftesbury .......... Brian Haines, Maria Beatrice .......... Jane Knowles, Duchess of Modena .......... Norma Ronald, Princess Mary .......... Deborah Paige, William of Orange .......... Michael Deacon, William Russell .......... Steve Hodson, Archbishop of Canterbury .......... Peter Williams, Titus Oates .......... Michael Shannon, Lord Dartmouth .......... Leslie Heritage, Earl Halifax .......... Jeffrey Segal, Colonel Rumsey .......... James Warwick, Sir Edward Hales .......... Norman Claridge, Comte de Lauzun .......... Michael Burlington, Ship's Master .......... Michael Shannon, Louis XIV .......... Nigel Graham, Producer .......... Margaret Etall.

The relationship between the Prince of Wales, who eventually became Edward VII, and his mother, Queen Victoria. (90m.) SNT 15.06.1974. Albert Edward , Prince of Wales, was once a name synonymous with gambling, racing and good living. But his talent for diplomacy and grasp of foreign affairs, if he had become king earlier, might have changed the course of European history. Bertie .......... Freddie Jones, Princess Alexandra (Alix) .......... Diana Olsson, Prince Albert .......... Stephen Thorne, Queen Victoria .......... Hilda Schroder, Princess Helena .......... Liane Aukin, Lord Beresford .......... Vernon Joyner, Sir Francis Knollys .......... David Timson, Charlotte Knollys .......... Dorit Welles, John Brown .......... Javid Timson, Lillie Langtry .......... Caroline Hunt, Leon Gambetta .......... Brian Haines, Lord Salisbury .......... Denis McCarthy, Princess Victoria (Vicky) .......... Liane Aukin, Prince Wilhelm of Prussia (Willie) .......... Nigel Anthony, Lady Brooke (Daisy) .......... Rosalind Shanks, Doctor .......... William Sleigh, Producer .......... Margaret Etall.

Afternoon Theatre, 26 Dec 70, 1400; docu-drama.

Two related plays: 24 Mar 69 & 31 Mar 69, Home Service.

1 - Like Unto All Men.
Russia: 1547 to 1581. "For even if I wear the purple, none the less I know this, that, like unto all men I am altogether clothed with frailty by nature." [Ivan The Terrible]

Tsar Ivan IV ...... Stephen Murray, Boris Godunov ..... Hector Ross, Tsarevich Ivan .... John Pullen, Yuri, the Tsar's brother .. David Valla, Prince Andrei Shuisky .. Peter Williams, Prince Kurbsky .... Haydn Jones, Tsaritsa Anastasia ... Jan Edwards, Father Sylvester .... Lockwood West, Alexei Basmanov ..... Malcolm Hayes, Tsaritsa Maria .... Sheila Grant, Tsarevich Ivan as a boy .. Judy Bennett, Tsarevich Feodor .... Jo Manning Wilson, Boyars ....... Brian Haines, Leonard Fenton, John Bryning, Francis de Wolff.

2 - Boris Godunov Russia: 1584 to 1606. "I don't want the Tsardom .. I want my innocence back - I want to be as I was before I knew Ivan The Terrible." [Godunov]

Boris Godunov ..... Hector Ross, Tsar Ivan IV ...... Stephen Murray Tsar Feodor ...... John Hollis, Tsaritsa Irina .... June Watts, Prince Mstislavsky ... James Thomason, Prince Ivan Shuisky .... Brian Haines, Prince Belsky ..... Leonard Fenton, Maria Nagaya ...... Grizelda Hervey, Prince Vasily Shuisky .. John Gabriel, Necromancer ...... James Thomason, Andrei Kleshnin ..... Lockwood West, Prince Romanov .... John Pullen, Osip Volokhov ..... David Wilding, Daniel Bitiagovsky ... Chris Jenkins, Alina, a Sorceress ... Hilda Kriseman, Tsarevitch Dmitri .... Paul Dorfman, Boyars ....... Peter Tuppenham, Malcolm Hayes, Peter Williams, Mihail Nagay ...... Malcolm Hayes, Afanasy Nagay ..... James Thomason.

Play about Elizabeth, Empress of Austria. No other details.

Play no. 2 in the series "The Golden Yoke of Sovereignty". 17 Mar 68; no other details.

10 Jan 66. "No one is going to care for my father's crown better than I shall. No one is going to rub it on his sleeve except me!" The action takes place in England and France between 1461 and 1471. Edward. Earl of March, afterwards Edward IV .. Robert Hardy, Sir William Hastings .. Brian Smith, Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick .. William Squire, Monseigneur de Lannoy, the French Ambassador .. Geoffrey Matthews, Anthony Woodville, Lord Scales .. Julian Glover, Elizabeth Woodville, Lady Grey .. Mary Wimbush, George, Duke of Clarence .. Gordon Gardner, Richard. Duke of Gloucester (Dickon), afterwards Richard III .. Douglas Hankin, Louis XI, King of France .. Maurice Denham, Jasper Tudor, Earl of Pembroke .. Wilfrid Carter, John de Vere, Earl of Oxford .. Hector Ross, Henry Tudor, afterwards Henry VII .. Anthony Hall, John Neville, Marquess of Montagu.. Geoffrey Matthews. Produced by Charles Lefeaux.

1 Nov 65.'Do you remember. Kate? The great destiny my future would rivet upon me like a suit of armour; the man who wears armour like that would reach for a crown.' King Richard II .. John Moffatt, Edmund Langley Duke of York .. Patrick Barr, John of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster .. Stephen Murray, Edward, Prince of Wales (The Black Prince) .. Philip Brack, Constanza, daughter of King Pedro of Castile .. June Tobin, Katherine Swynford .. Mary Wimbush, Thomas of Woodstock, after wards Duke of Gloucester .. Garard Green, Robert de Vere, Earl of Oxford .. Tim Seely, Thomas Mowbray, Earl of Nottingham, afterwards Duke of Norfolk .. Michael McClain, Henry Bolingbroke, Duke of Hereford .. Hector Ross. Producer: Charles Lefeaux.

A Crown for the Strong..1964
25 Jul 64.The second part of THE GOLDEN YOKE OF SOVEREIGNTY. SNT. A radio play in two parts by Lydia Ragosin with Haydn Jones Mary Miller , Grizelda Hervey. Other parts played by members of the BBC Drama Repertory Company. The action takes place between 1485 and 1499. Originally broadcast on May 20. 1963 Henry VII .. Haydn Jones, Jasper Tudor, Earl of Pembroke (Henry's uncle) .. Ralph Truman, John de Vere, Earl of Oxford .. Donald McKillop, Lord Stanley .. Malcolm Hayes, Sir William Stanley (Lord Stanley's younger brother) .. Denys Hawthorne, Elizabeth Woodville, the Queen Dowager (widow of Edward IV) .. Grizelda Hervey, John Morton, Bishop of Ely (later Archbishop of Canterbury) .. John Ruddock, Princess Elizabeth of York (daughter of Edward IV) .. Mary Miller, Lambert Simnel .. Carlo Cura, Earl of Warwick .. David Valla. Produced by Charles Lefeaux.

20 Jul 64. A radio play in two parts. For those who don't know, a yoke is a carved wooden farm implement which fits over the shoulders; much in use in previous centuries to help a person to carry two heavy buckets at once. The term is often used as a metephor for a heavy load. The action takes place between 1482 and 1485. Edward IV .. David March, Lord Hastings (Willie) .. Bruce Beeby, Richard, Duke of Gloucester (Dickon) afterwards Richard III .. Stephen Murray, Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham (Harry). .. William Fox, Anne, Richard's wife .. Patricia Levento, Sir Francis Lovell .. Eric Anderson, Sir Richard Ratcliffe .. Frederick Treves, Sir Ralph Assheton .. Wilfrid Carter, Sir James Tyrell .. Garard Green, John Kendall (Richard's secretary) .. Gabriel Woolf, Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers .. Andrew Sachs, Edward V .. Carlo Cura, Bishop Stillington .. Peter O'Shaughnesst, John Morton, Bishop of Ely .. John Roddock, Lord Stanley .. Malcolm Hayes, Thomas Rotherham, Arch bishop of York .. Norman Claridge, Duchess of York (Richard's mother) .. Barbara Couper, Duke of Norfolk .. Kevin Flood, Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond (afterwards Henry VII) .. Haydn Jones, Jasper Tudor, Earl of Pem broke (his uncle) .. Ralph Truman. Produced by .. Charles Lefeaux.

The Captive Lyre..1964
The tragic story of Alexander Pushkin and his wife Natalya : their social intrigues in the courts of Russia and his fateful duel with Baron Georges d'Anthes. SNT. 6 Jun 64. Alexander Pushkin: Gabriel Woolf, Natalya: Jane Wenham, Alexandra: Nicolette Bernard, Ekaterina: Anne Cullen, Vassili Zhukovsky: Anthony Viccars, Prince Viazemsky: Wilfrid Carter, Colonel Danzas: Garard Green, Baron Georges d'Anthes: Andrew Sachs, Baron Van Heeckeren: Gerik Schjelderup, Prince Dolgoroukov: Glyn Dearman, D'Archiac: Bruce Beeby, Count Benkendorf: Philip Morant, Count Nesselrode: Peter O'Shaughnessy, Nikita Kozlov: Kenneth Hyde, Old man: George Merritt, A boy: Jo Manning Wilson. Produced by Norman Wright.

Give A Dog A Bad Name..1964
15 Jan 64. AFT. A new play by Lydia Ragosin. Fred Ambet lives alone with his dog. Joey, but the magistrate orders him to have Joey put down . Cast in order of speaking: Joey, the dog: Andrew Sachs, Peter Banks: Christopher Witty, Roy Banks: Roger May, Fred Ambel: William Fox, Mrs Banks: Moira Mannion, Mrs Mace: Olga Lindo, Corney: John Baddeley, Mr Mace: Hamlyn Benson, The Magistrate: John Ruddock, P C Low: Stephen Thorne, Station Sergeant: Garard Green, Giles: Andrew Sachs, Spicer: Frederick Treves, Derek Ambel: Alan Haines, Glenda: Jo Manning Wilson. Produced by Audrey Cameron.

25 Nov 63. The action takes place in Kwang-Yen, a busy port in the imaginary state of Nemshan. Main characters in order of speaking: Guy Penn-Callard, British Consul at Kwang-Yen: Peter Coke, Captain Wally Lomas, Guy's cousin: William Fox, Philippa, Guy's wife: Sheila Burrell, Su Han, a maidservant: Elizabeth Morgan, Leonie Chavanne: Barbara Couper, Henri Chavanne, French Consul: Norman Claridge, Mr Suangphon: Andrew Sachs. Produced by Charles Lefeaux.

20 May 63. A new play for radio by Lydia Ragosin with Haydn Jones, Mary Miller and Grizelda Hervey. Other parts played by members of the BBC Drama Repertory Company. The action takes place between 1485 and 1499. Henry VII: Haydn Jones, Jasper Tudor, Earl of Pembroke, Henry's uncle: Ralph Truman, John de Vere, Earl of Oxford: Donald McKillop, Lord Stanley: Malcolm Hayes, Sir William Stanley, Lord Stanley's younger brother: Denys Hawthorne, Elizabeth Woodville, the Queen Dowager, widow of Edward IV: Grizelda Hervey, John Morton, Bishop of Ely, later Archbishop of Canterbury: John Ruddock, Princess Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV: Mary Miller, Lambert Simnel: Carlo Cura, Earl of Warwick: David Valla. Produced by Charles Lefeaux.

The Children of Saturn. 13 Jan 62.
SNT.Starring Laurence Payne and John Moffatt. Producer: Charles Lefeaux.

R4,6 Mar 61.No details of the plot. Cottar Lowrie, an ex-war correspondent .......... John Laurie, Mr Nejumy, Public Relations Officer .......... Jagdish Chawla, Abeyd .......... Sonny Pillay, Lt -Colonel David Tanner Mc c .......... Peter Claughton, Captain Hussein Es-Jaan, his A D C .......... Tom Watson, Mary Amphlett .......... Janet Burnell, Aliyah Al Aziz .......... Barbara Assoon, Ahmed Ibn Fahad, King of Khalistan. .......... Marne Maitland, Shaikh Mohammed Ibn Hamed .......... Thomas Bowman, Major Abdel-Hady .......... Basdieo Panday, Produced By .......... Robin Midgley.

A WIND BLEW....1960
31 Oct 60. The scene is India in the year 1857 and a hot wind blows in the land calling to Moslem and Hindu alike saying ' Rise and destroy! The Raj is finished.' Captain Max Lynch .......... John Westbrook, Dinah Serrall .......... Sheila Grant, Olivia Serrall .......... June Tobin, Maj Harry Serrall .......... Ronald Baddiley, Bhwani Din .......... Keith Williams, Subadar-Major Badul Khan .......... Malcolm Hayes, Colonel Glascock .......... James Thomason, Lieutenant Jones .......... Nigel Anthony, Captain Pendleton .......... John Hollis, Lieutenant King .......... Gareth Morgan, Captain Simon Frazer .......... Haydn Jones, Dorothea Nairn .......... Mary Wimbush, Mr Nairn .......... Rolflefebvre, Eveline Fraier .......... Hilda Kriseman, Ganesh .......... John Bennett, Ayah .......... Eva Stuart, Debi Singh .......... Douglas Storm, Jhonti .......... Tom Watson. Produced By .......... Cedric Messina.

25 Jul 60. Edward Gurney is the engineer in charge of building a vast dam somewhere in South America. Despite floods, sabotage, and disaster he means to get the dam completed on schedule, regardless of the cost in human life and suffering. Material progress is the only thing Gurney believes in, and he is prepared to sacrifice himself and anyone else to it. Keith Brown: Michael Turner, Bill Albright: John Rye, Edward Gurney: Howard Marion-Crawford, Roy McCorry: Simon Lack, Doctor Cabrera: William Fox, Lieutenant Suarez: Tom Watson, Rose McCorry: Elizabeth MacLennan, Latham: John Bryning. Produced by Charles Lefeaux.

SNT. 28 Nov 59. By Lydia Ragosin Produced by Cedric Messina. Alan Dyer .... Nigel Stock, Celia .... Vivienne Drummond, Jack Seely .... John Bennett, Lise Renter .... Hilda Schroder, Bruce .... June Tobin, Sheila .... Sheila Grant, Pauline .... Monica Grey, Leon Denziger .... Rolf Lefebvre, Tibor .... Jon Rollason, Announcer .... John Rye. Produced by Cedric Messina.

DAY OF WRATH....1958
22 Sep 58. A play for broadcasting by Lydia Ragosin. New production by John Gibson, with Colchester Repertory Company. Dr Rhodes .... James McLnnes, Tom Quincey .... Donald Burton, Harriet Garland .... Heather Canning, Kachenovsky .... Arthur Cox, Sir Alan Forbes .... Frank Woodfield.

29 Aug 58 The Thursday Play -THE MAN IN MY SHOES
By Lydia Ragosin. Arthur Shore: Hugh Cross, Eric Lippett, a boy: George Bond, Joan Shore, Arthur's wife: Joan Hart, William Shore, his father: Leigh Crutchley, ' Plummy ' Taylor: Jeffrey Segal, Vannora: June Tobin, Mrs Ellis: Molly Rankin, Clive, her son: Nicky Edmett, Amy, a maid: Judy Bailey, A policeman: James Thomason, Mrs Lippett: Betty Baskcomb. Produced by Peter Watts.

17 Feb 58.by Lydia Ragosin. John Forrest: Harry Andrews, Specialist-: Robert Sansom, Old lady: Una Venning, A man: Ronald Baddiley, Young woman: Hilda Schroder, EMzabeth Forrest: Margaret Ward, Guests: Patricia Mort, Guests: Ella Milne, Guests: Hugh Manning, Guests: David March, Philip Huniter: Alec McCowen, Professor Griffin: , Maurice Denham, Dagmar Griffin: Kathleen Helme, Serafin: Nicholas Shiafkalis. Produced By: Robin Midgley.

8 Apr 57.The scene is Rome, 60 B.C. A play for radio by Lydia Ragosin with members of the BBC Drama Repertory Company. Cossus, a famous gladiator .... Trevor Martin, Gaius Fabius Paulus a patrician .... Eric Anderson, Lucius Barrus, a millionaire .... Brewster Mason, Clodia, his wife .... Joan Hart, Sextus his brother .... Basil Hoskins, Menopilus, an old gladiator .... James Thomason, Xantus, a young giadiator .... David Peel, Forticus, a gladiator .... Lawrence Davidson, Aemilia, a young slave .... Annette Kelly, Marcus, a plebeian .... Andrew Leigh, Aurelia, his wife .... Ella Milne, Eros .... Malcolm Graeme, Phobus .... Paul Vieyra. Produced by Peter Watts.

9 Mar 57. SNT. Magellan .. James McKechnie, Sollister .. Edward Jewesbury, Cambard .. Anthony Jacobs, Mrs Magellan .. Dorothy Holmes-Gore, Clare .. Elizabeth London, Sylvia .. Joan Sanderson, Michael .. Glyn Dearman, Professor Cambard .. Lockwood West, Doctor .. Eric Anderson, Dr Janson .. Peggy Thorpe-Bates, Philomena .. Beryl Calder, A voice .. John Bryning. Produced by Wilfrid Grantham.

15 Nov 56."We each wanted to undertake this flight because we felt that only in some place beyond and far beyond the sphere of our mortal problems could we ever hope to achieve that perfect detachment which is the only true freedom. To have died before having the chance to attempt it would only have made us feel that death was cheating us of that chance." The Foreign Minister: Hamilton Dyce, His Secretary: Alan Edwards, Hugh Gravenstede, i/c of British Legation: Sebastian Shaw, Geoffrey Kerrison, First Secretary: Shaun O'Riordan, Colonel Baharam, educated in England: Eric Anderson, Beryl Gravenstede: Catherine Salkeld, Sayad Dagasira: Anthony Jacobs, Produced by Peter Watts.

16 Jan 56. BBC Drama Repertory Company. Dr Jevan Rhodes .. Stephen Murray, Tom Quincey .. Phil Brown, Harriet Garland .. Annette Kelly, Gregori Kachenovsky .. Howard Marion-Crawford, Sir Alan Forbes .. John Rae, Production by Donald McWhinnie.

2 Dec 54. Captain Samuel Pridie .. Stephen Murray, Lieut Stuart Lindsay .. Roger Delgado, Ensign Miles Parker .. Derek Hart, Ignacio Concha, the Alcalde .. Tony Quinn, Juanilla, his niece .. Doreen Keogh, Rosa Henriquez .. Maureen Pryor, Sergeant Bray .. Manning Wilson, Todd, the Captain's servant .. Edward Kelsey, Father Miguel .. Edward Byrne, El Zanquilargo .. Robert Mooney, Produced by Wilfrid Grantham.

12 Apr 1954. A new play for broadcasting, by Lydia Ragosin. The scene is laid in an imaginary country, a small democratic republic in the northern latitudes of Europe. Colonel Paul North, Commandant of the Military Academy .... Mark Dignam, Simeon, a politician .... Godfrey Kenton, Margaretta, Colonel North's daughter .... Joan Hart, Theo, her husband .... David King-Wood, Winter .... Derek Birch, Joseph Flood, a newspaper editor .... Anthony Jacobs, Peter, Colonel North's younger son .... Derek Hart, Eva .... Grizelda Hervey, Young cadets:Harold .... Richard Waring, Young cadets:Walter .... Geoffrey Matthews, An announcer .... Rupert Davies, A commentator .... Norman Claridge, Produced by Mary Hope Allen,

15 Jan 1953 For The Schools
2.25 HISTORY II. I Fought The French'- a sergeant in the Guards tells of the war against Napoleon, and what came after it. Script by Lydia Ragosin. 25m.

17 Jan 1952 For The Schools
NATURE STUDY. 'In Castle Wood': Scott Kennedy and Tom examine different trees and discuss how to recognise them in winter.
2.15 The music Box, by Gordon Reynolds.
2.25 HISTORY II. 'I dreamed that Greece might still be free' - a story of Greek independence. A British soldier helps the Greeks to turn out their Turkish overlords (1827-1830). Script by Lydia Ragosin. 25m.

22 Nov 1951. For The Schools.
2.25pm HISTORY II. 'Samuel Crompton (1753-1827).' A poor man's invention. Script by Lydia Ragosin. 25m.

15 Feb 1951. For The Schools
2.15pm HISTORY II. 'Samuel Bamford, 1788-1872': a story of discontent in the towns. Script by Lydia Ragosin.25m.

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