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BBC RADIO PLAYS: (all radio 4)
2019 Mabinogi, R3, 75m
2016-2018 Gudrun; Icelandic saga, five series.
2016 Going Solo (Roald Dahl, adap) classic serial, 2 x 55m.
2016 Boy (Roald Dahl, adap)
2014 Middlewitch
2012 Frankenstein (Mary Shelley, adap) classic serial, 2 x 55m.
2007 The Witches (Roald Dahl, adap.) classic serial, 2 x 55m
2005 The Goldilocks Zone
2003 Seven Minutes to Midnight
2002 Tender Prayer
2001 Goodnight Irene
2001 Mablethorpe
2000 A to Z
1999 Starry Eyes
1998 Just you, me and a glitterball


24 Mar 2019: R3 Mabinogi
An adaptation by Lucy Catherine of the Mabinogi tales of romance, tragedy, comedy and fantasy taken from the Red Book of Hergest, a well-known work (apparently, though I hadn't heard of it) of Welsh mythology. Pryderi, prince of Dyfed, travels to Harlech to win the hand of Princess Branwen of Gwynedd. But first he must impress her giant of a brother, King Bran the Blessed. Pryderi: Darragh Mortell, Brigid: Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Pwyll/Bran: Robert Pugh, Branwen: Rhian Blythe, with John Cording, Stephen Hogan, Richard Eifyn and Rhodri Meilir. Producer: James Robinson for BBC Wales.

    This was reviewed very favourably by Jane Anderson in RT. In her words, .the abundance of glowing standing stones, magic cauldrons and feasts that run all day and all night for a week soon cast their powerful spell.

This is a Viking epic of love, revenge and faith, set in the 11th century. The central character is Gudrun, a young woman growing up in Iceland. The tale begins in her youth, with her childhood friends Kjartan and Bolli - but the love the two boys have for Gudrun causes enmity between them.

Gudrun is a determined woman who longs for the freedom to live life beholden to no-one. In the ruthless and violent world she inhabits, her determination and willingness to manipulate others is what keeps her alive.

The five series are based on the Icelanders' saga known as The Laxdoela Saga. Written in the 13th century, it tells of people in the Breiđafjörđur (Breidafjordur) area of Iceland from the late 9th century to the early 11th century.

Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko (series 1) and Gemma Jenkins (series 2-5). All on R4.

    Series 1, 28 Nov - 2 Dec 2016 (15-minute drama, 5 episodes)
    Cast for ep. 1:
    Gudrun ....... Kate Phillips, Freija ....... Samantha Dakin, Bolli ....... Gavi Singh Chera, Kjartan ....... Luke MacGregor, Thordis ....... Alison Belbin, Osvif ....... John Dougall, Thorvald ....... Nicholas Murchie, Hallbjorn ....... Finlay Robertson.

    Cast for ep. 5:
    Gudrun ....... Kate Phillips, Freija ....... Samantha Dakin, Bolli ....... Gavi Singh Chera, Kjartan ....... Luke MacGregor, Olaf ....... John Bowler, Vigdis ....... Finlay Robertson, Hrefna ....... Natasha Cowley, Sigrid ....... Rosa Yevtushenko.

    Series 2, 2 - 6 Oct 2017 (15-minute drama, 5 episodes)
    The first series ended with the death of Gudrun's lover, Kjartan, killed by his best friend and brother, Bolli. Bolli is married to Gudrun. He suspects his wife was behind the blood feud that led to Kjartan's death. Kjartan married into Norwegian royalty and when his wife returns to Iceland with plans to convert the country to Christianity it becomes clear her motives are far from pious.

    Series 3, 4 - 8 Dec 2017 (15-minute drama, 5 episodes)
    Series 2 ended with Gudrun telling her husband, Bolli, that she was the one responsible for starting the blood feud that led to him killing his best friend and brother, Kjartan. Because of her betrayal, he sets fire to their family home with Gudrun trapped inside and rides off with their daughter.

    Cast for ep. 1:
    Gudrun ....... Kate Phillips, Freija ....... Samantha Dakin, Silvia ....... Sanchia McCormack, Felman ....... Samuel James, Herborg ....... Sarah Ridgeway, Volva ....... Karen Bartke, Producer ....... Gemma Jenkins.

    RT - "Gudrun will return in June 2018 when she travels to the Byzantine Empire".

    Series 4, 28 May - 4 - 8 Jun 2017 (15-minute drama, 10 episodes)
    Iceland is now an occupied country, its people forced to convert to Christianity by the King of Norway, Olaf Trygvasson. The last series saw Gudrun attempt to overthrow the regime by entering into an alliance with Olaf's rival, King Sweyn of Denmark. Their scheming saw Olaf meet a bloody end but instead of supporting Gudrun's campaign to return to Iceland Sweyn double-crossed her. Now, alone and in shackles, Gudrun awaits her fate.

    Cast for ep. 1:
    Gudrun ....... Kate Phillips, Freija ....... Samantha Dakin, Marlas ....... Amir El-Masry, Orm ....... John Lightbody, Grim ....... Joseph Ayre, Sweyn's Guard ....... Sean Murray, Producer ....... Gemma Jenkins.

    Ep. 6:
    Gudrun and Marlas finally arrive in Constantinople. Gudrun hopes that a return to Iceland will become a reality. Marlas shows her round the city. She's impressed by its grandeur but there is unrest.

    Cast for ep. 6:
    Gudrun ... Kate Phillips, Freija ... Samantha Dakin, Marlas ... Amir El-Masry, Demetrious ... Ryan Whittle, Bishop Arascius ... Sean Murray, Alexandra ... Lauren Cornelius, Nonna ... Kerry Gooderson, Produced and directed by Gemma Jenkins.

    Details about Series 5 (10 episodes, broadcast Dec 2018) will be added soon.

3 Jul 2016: Classic Serial slot: Going Solo
By Roald Dahl, dram. Lucy Catherine. Part 1 of 2, RD's autobiography, about his travels around the world in his 20s. Roald: Patrick Malahide, young Roald: John Heffernan, Mother: Joanna van Kampen, Eric Kofi Abrefa, Brian Protheroe, Clare Perkins, Elizabeth Bennett, Nick Underwood, James Lailey, Tom Forrister, Sam Rix, Sean Baker and Jason Barnett. Produced by Helen Perry.

2 Jul 2016: Saturday Play - Boy
By Roald Dahl, dram. Lucy Catherine, to commemorate the centenary of RD's birth. The play is a dramatization of Roald's own childhood tales. There are references to his unhappy years at Repton school. Sophie Dahl, Roald's grand-daughter, recalls that one treat for the boys was the delivery of plain cardboard boxes from Cadbury's, asking the boys to test them and score the bars of chocolate. Narrator: Patrick Malahide, young Dahl: Tarkan Uzun, teenage Dahl: Asaac Rouse, mother: Joanna van Kampen, with Daniel Noel, Devon Ruckley, Adie Allen, Richard Nichols, Elizabeth Bennett, Jason Barnett, Tom Forrister, Sam Rix, Kirsty Oswald, Nick Underwood, James Lailey, Sean Baker. Producer: Helen Perry.

    In early July there were two very vivid plays commemorating the centenary of Roald Dahl's birth. Both were autobiographical; the first was BOY (R4, 1430, 2 Jul 16) broadcast in the Saturday Play slot, a dramatization of his early years at junior school and then at Repton. Sophie Dahl, Roald's grand-daughter, recalls that one treat for Repton boys was the delivery of plain cardboard boxes from Cadbury's, asking the boys to test them and score the bars of chocolate. There were less happy memories too; ask a young man today what is meant by 'fagging' and he'll probably look blank. Dahl knew exactly what it meant: beatings and bullying, and it took some getting used to. Patrick Malahide (as older Dahl) was the narrator and Dahl as a child was played by Tarkan Uzun.

    On the following day in the Classic Serial slot we had the second play GOING SOLO (R4 1500 3 Jul 16) which continued the story: Dahl's travels around the world; then (on 10 Jul) the third episode: his joining the RAF, training as a fighter pilot, and finally being involved in air-to-air combat. But for the bravery of men like Dahl, we might now be under German rule. Young Roald was played by John Heffernan and mother by Joanna van Kampen. Both productions were adapted for radio by Lucy Catherine and produced by Helen Perry.

    (..ND, 'Diversity' review, Sep 2016)

2.2.2014. By Lucy Catherine. One of four "Voices From the Grave" from R4-Extra, inspired by ghost stories from around Britain. In this tale, it's midsummer and an old woman, clinging to the old magics, keeps watch over her cursed Welsh village. Elizabeth Morgan, Christian Patterson, Jenny Livesy. Produced by Gemma Jenkins.

28 Oct: Classic Serial - The Gothic Imagination, Frankenstein: Part 1
M.Shelley, dram. Lucy Catherine. A new production of Mary Shelley's modern myth. While sailing through the Arctic wastes, Captain Walton picks up an unexpected passenger. Close to death the man begins to tell Walton his strange and terrible story. ep. 1 of 2. Frankenstein ... Jamie Parker, The Monster ... Shaun Dooley, Elizabeth ... Susie Riddell, Walton ... Alun Raglan, Father ... Robert Blythe, Clerval ... Sam Alexander, Mother ... Christine Absalom, Waldman ... Patrick Brennan, Justine ... Emma Hook, Sailor ... Joe Sims, Lieutenant ... Don Gilet, Producer... Marc Beeby.

2-episode Classic Serial beginning 23 Dec 07. Dramatised by Lucy Catherine.

Ep.1: Eight-year-old Boy and his Norwegian grandmother discover that the world is infested with cunningly disguised witches. And all witches hate children.

Narrator... Toby Jones
Boy .. Ryan Watson
Grandmother .. Margaret Tyzack
Bruno .. Jordan Clarke
Grand High Witch .. Amanda Lawrence
Father .. Ben Onwukwe
Mr Stringer .. Peter Marinker
Witch 1 .. Rachel Atkins
Witch 2 .. Leanne Rowe
Directed by Claire Grove.

Ep.2: Eight-year-old Boy has been turned into a mouse. He discovers that his friend Bruno is also a mouse; but Bruno is more interested in food than outwitting a room full of witches.

Additional cast (the rest were the same as episode 1):
Waiter .. Ben Onwukwe
Mr Jenkins .. Ben Crowe
Mrs Jenkins .. Rachel Atkins
Directed by Claire Grove.

The Goldilocks Zone..2005*
Friday play, 8 Jul 05. "There are a hundred billion nerve cells in the mind, a hundred billion stars in the galaxy and a hundred other paths I could have taken". A modern day Brief Encounter showing how when we are lost, only a true connection with another human being can bring us back to ourselves.
ND adds ...a sensual, atmospheric play, and Shiv Grewal almost steals the show as the quantum newsagent. Rpt. 22 Jun 07; 55m.

Nicola .. Nicola Walker
Hux .. Stuart McQuarrie
Shannon .. Clemmie Hooton
Jamie .. Johnny Thomas Davies
Mohammed .. Shiv Grewal
Jenny .. Amelda Brown
John .. Carl Prekopp
Alice/Brigita .. Alice Hart
Ross .. Harry Myers
Sandra .. Colleen Prendergast
Woman .. Susan Jameson
Directed by Mary Peate

Seven Minutes to Midnight..2003
Friday play, 11 Apr 03. In 1980 Janet is nine and has been left by her mother in a rural commune which is falling apart at the seams. Twenty years later, after an unexpected meeting with her mother, Janet remembers four tumultuous weeks in her childhood, which began with Ronald Reagan's election and finished with an end of the world party to mark the death of John Lennon. Rpt. 10 Jun 05.

Adult Janet .. Lucy Akhurst
Child Janet .. Louisa Lytton
Melvyn .. Michael Maloney
Sorrel .. Rosie Wiggins
Kev .. Derek Riddell
Val .. Claire Rushbrook
Linda .. Rebecca Callard
Juliet .. Wendy Nottingham
Education Inspector .. Stephen Critchlow
Directed by Lucy Baldwyn.

A Tender Prayer ..2002
22 Aug 02. Afternoon play. Travis and Jen's poker dice game aboard a draughty train full of stateless drunks leads to a dark adventure in unknown territory.

30 Jan 01, afternoon play. Alison, with her life ahead of her, wants to discover the past, while Mrs Gawkrodger, too old even to plant her window box, thinks only of the future. They are drawn together by an old photograph, labelled `Mablethorpe 1952'. With Lia Williams and Anna Wing. Directed by Tracey Neale.

Goodnight Irene..2001*
31 Aug 01; rpt. 30 May 03.
It is the last weekend of August, and Lily and Jack have organised a family reunion at Brean Sands Caravan Park.
Lily .. June Barrie
Irene .. Maggie Tagney
Jack .. Mark Buffery
James .. Paul Mohan
Charlotte .. Rosie Giarratana
Dean .. Mark Nagis-Bullock

A to Z..2000 *
Afternoon play, 5 Nov 01 and 9 Oct 00. 1936: Phyllis Pearsall begins the task of walking 3,000 miles and mapping 23,000 streets, in order to fulfil her dream of producing the first A-Z of London.

Starry Eyes ..1999
Afternoon play, 6 May 99. Leanne washes up in an all-night cafe. Remembering the lessons her father taught her, she finds consolation in the constellations. One day she sees a new star. With Robin Weaver, Barry Foster and Tessa Worsley. Director Jeremy Mortimer.

Just You, Me and a Glitterball..1998
16 Jul 98. Afternoon play. Five-and-a-half hours in Terminal One, and Deborah and Marek find that sharing views on hand luggage and making Molotov cocktails produces some surprising bonds between them. With Sarah-Jane Holm as Deborah and David Thorpe as Marek. Director Jeremy Mortimer.

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Most of the above known to exist in VRPCC / Radio Circle collections

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