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Birmingham-born Lou Ramsden has written several plays for Radio 4.She emerged through the BBC Writer's Room "Sparks" scheme.

Her play "Dos and Don'ts for the Mentally Interesting" won the Mind "Mental health in the Media" Award for Best Radio Drama, 2009. She has written several plays for Radio 4, including Sampler T6, Gunpowder Women, and Tree Splitting.


Pouring Poison....2011
By Lou Ramsden. 15 Apr 2011: Afternoon Drama - Hazel spends her life describing plays for visually impaired people, but when she starts to describe the real world to her new friend Davy, the pictures she seea are not the same as the ones she paints in words. She's also looking for an escape from the pressures of looking after her disabled mother. A romantic drama. Hazel. . . . . Kathryn Hunt, Davy. . . . . Nicholas Boulton, Phil . . . . . Jonathan Keeble, Suzanne . . . . . Alison Pettitt, Lynne . . . . . Marian Kemmer, Rob . . . . . Dan Hagley. Theatre Company: Nyasha Hatendi, Jane Whittenshaw, Stuart McLoughlin, Sean Baker and Alex Tregear. Produced and directed by Peter Leslie Wild.

SAMPLER T6....2004
13 Jan 04, by Louise Ramsden. Among the collection of Victorian samplers in the Victoria and Albert Museum is a piece of needlework: catalogue number Sampler T6-1965. In tiny red stitching on plain linen it tells the amazing life-story of its creator, Elizabeth Parker. The play imagines how it came to be made, and why Elizabeth chose this unusual medium to tell her story. With Amy Shindler, Michael Maloney, Frances Jeater, Gbemisola Ikumelo and Stephen Critchlow; director / producer Peter Leslie Wild.

Jane Anderson (Radio Times) added the following information in Radio Times: The sampler features what appears to be a suicide note, in stream-of-consciousness form, of the young woman who stitched it. But this isn't just a historical drama; Ramsden has a 21st-century schoolgirl with worries of her own reading the sampler in the museum and trying to understand Elizabeth's frame of mind.

This play exists in VRPCC collections.

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