Lost radio plays, 1988-1970

Recordings of plays are being found all the time. They show up in the most random places, like when someone is doing an office cleaning , or a house move, or an attic clean-out. Each radio play found is like reclaiming a little piece of history, so it is very exciting when *FOUND* can be added to one of the plays on this list. You never know where one might turn up, so always keep your eye out when you're cleaning an old building or storage unit.

Although I do my best, please email me if you believe you have found a discrepancy.

So- to the list: radio plays, lost unless otherwise stated:

*FOUND*Conan Doyle & The Edalji Case
By Roy Apps 12.12.1987/1945
Iain Cuthbertson/Michael Harbour

*FOUND*An Englishman's Home
By Ray Ball 5.12.1987/1945
Christopher Godwin/Brigit Forsyth/Pearce Quigley

*FOUND*Night Must Fall
By Emlyn Williams 28.11.1987/1945
Hywel Bennett/Brenda Bruce/Caroline Mortimer

Love On The Dole
By Ronald Gow 7.11.1987/1945
Mary-Jo Randle/David Schofield

All Souls' Night
By Joseph Tomelty 31.10.1987/1945
Sheila McGibbon/Michael Duffy/Dan Gordon

Miracle At Devil's Bluff
By William Poulson 24.10.1987/1900
Robert Beatty/Richard le Parmentier/Bill Bailey

*FOUND*A Long Memory
By Peter Simpkin 17.10.1987//1900
Dennis Waterman/Gordon Reid

*FOUND*MybaBy mine
By Paul Angelis 26.9.1987/1900
James Laurenson/Zelah Clarke/Anthony Jackson

The Fancy Man
By Mike Stott 19.9.1987/1900
Julia Ford/Pearce Quigley

Gone To Pot
By Brian Crookes 12.9.1987/1900
Oliver Maguire/Trevor Moore

*FOUND*A Memory Longer Than Death
By John Naismith 5.9.1987/1900
Tony Osoba/Lee Montague/Tony Doyle/Hetty Baynes

*FOUND*Death & The Dancing Footman
By Ngaio Marsh 8.8.1987/1900
Nigel Graham/Laurence Payne

By David Gannaway 25.7.1987/1900
Denys Hawthorne/John Abineri

*FOUND*Humanity Farm
By John Kirkmorris 11.7.1987/1900
Stephen Thorne/Elizabeth Bell

*FOUND*The House At Spook Corner
By Bob Couttie 27.6.1987/1900
Frank Windsor/Michael Drew/John Abineri*FOUND*

To See Ourselves
By Ivor Wilson 20.6.1987/1900
Nigel Anthony/Susan Tracy

Tom & Jerry
By Joan Sadler 13.6.1987/1900
Anthony Jackson/Sean Barrett

*FOUND*Death's Head Berlin
By Jack Gerson 6.6.1987/1900
Bob Peck/Paul Gregory *FOUND*

By Brian Thompson 30.5.1987/1900
James Garbutt/Graham Crowden

An Enemy Of The People
By Henrik Ibsen 23.5.1987/1900
Michael Williams/John Moffatt/Ronald Pickup

*FOUND*The Kingston File
By Steve Gallagher 16.5.1987/1900
By Shaun Prendergast/Mick Ford*FOUND*

The Night They Stole The F.A. Cup
By Edwin Pearce 9.5.1987/1900
Neil Coker/Terry Molloy

*FOUND*Six Characters In Search Of An Author
By Luigi Pirandello 2.5.1987/1900
Charles Gray/Yvonne Bryceland/Emrys James/Cherie Lunghi

John & The King Of The Zulus
By Adrian Reid 25.4.1987/1900
By Christian Rodska/Ben Onwukwe/Deborah Makepeace

*FOUND*The Seagull
By Anton Chekhov 18.4.1987/1900
Anna Massey/Alan Rickman/Dominic Guard/Fiona Victory

The Golden Man
By Catherine Czerkawska 11.4.1987/1900
Louise Beattie/Simon Donald

*FOUND*The Champion
By Martin Worth 4.4.1987/1900
Timothy Spall/Ian Thompson*FOUND*

*FOUND*Helbeck Of Bannisdale
By Mrs. Humphry Ward (ad. M.Wandor)28.3.1987/1900
Alan Howard/Tessa Peake-Jones*FOUND*

This Problem Of Yours
By Christopher Denys 21.3.1987/1900
Sean Arnold/Pam Perris

*FOUND*Alphabetical Order
By Michael Frayn 14.3.1987/1900
Penelope Wilton/Rosalind Ayres/Martin Jarvis

*FOUND*The Chancer
By Allan Prior 7.3.1987/1900
Mark Straker/Theresa Streatfield/John Hollis*FOUND*

*FOUND*Prince Of Thieves
By Rod Beacham 21.2.1987/1900
Peter Vaughan/Bryan Pringle*FOUND*

*FOUND*The Event Of The Season
By Perry Pontac *FOUND*14.2.1987/1900
Geraldine McEwan/Maureen Lipman/George Baker

The Persian Lesson
By Michael Campbell *FOUND*7.2.1987/1900
Steve Hodson/Peter Tuddenham*FOUND*

The Envy Of The Stranger
By Caroline Graham 31.1.1987/1900
Isla Blair/Jonathan Tafler

Our Sister, Water
By Ursula Tighe Hopkins 24.1.1987/1900
Edward de Souza/Deborah Makepeace

The Village Fete
By Peter Tinniswood 17.1.1987/1900
Shirley Dixon/Maurice Denham/Bill Wallis*FOUND*

Lloyd George Knew My Father
By William Douglas Home 10.1.1987/1900
Michael Denison/Dulcie Gray*FOUND*

A Bullet In The Ballet
By Caryl Brahms & S.J. Simon 3.1.1987/1900
Simon Callow/Trevor Nichols*FOUND*

The Latin Lover
By Christopher Denys 20.12.1986/1900
Lisa Bowerman/Howard Ward

Billy Bunter's Christmas Party
By Frank Richards 13.12.1986/1900
Hugh Thomas/Erica Eirian*FOUND*

Buried Alive
By Jeremy Thomas 6.12.1986/1900
Nicola Paget/George Parsons

On Approval
By Frederick Lonsdale 22.11.1986/1900
Michael Denison/Dulcie Gray/Francis Matthews/Jill Bennett*FOUND*

Blue Moves
By Mark Brennan 15.11.1986/1900
Christopher Ravenscroft/Elizabeth Rider

By James Follett 8.11.1986/1900
Carol Drinkwater/Anthony Hyde*FOUND*

Hey, Are You Anybody?
By Don Fellows 1.11.1986/1900
Trevor Nichols/Margaret Robertson

*FOUND*Margaret Clitherow
By William Keenan 25.10.1986/1900
Elizabeth Proud/Steve Hodson

Between The Gates
By Hugh Stoddart 18.10.1986/1900
Nicholas Farrell/Edward de Souza

*FOUND*Never Come Back
By John Mair 11.10.1986/1900
Gareth Armstrong/Natasha Pyne

*FOUND*Regency Buck
By Georgette Heyer 4.10.1986/1900
By Elizabeth Proud/Simon Shepherd

By David Parker 27.9.1986/1900
Sally Eldridge/Denis Lill*FOUND*

The Bohemians
By David Nathan 20.9.1986/1900
Clive Francis/David Timson/John Webb

The Hamburg Connection
By Barry Hill 13.9.1986/1900
By John Rye/David Learner

*FOUND*Paradise & No Adam
Keith Goodall 6.9.1986/1900
By Clare Kelly/Sonia Ritter

By John Antrobus 30.8.1986/1900
Robert Stephens/Sheila Grant

Leave It To Psmith
By P.G. Wodehouse 23.8.1986/1900
John Gielgud/Michael Hordern/Joan Greenwood/Simon Ward*FOUND*

Do It Yourself
By David Halliwell 16.8.1986/1900
Terry Molloy/Lois Daine

The Dark River
By Rodney Ackland 9.8.1986/1900
Jane Asher/Dermot Crowley/Isabel Dean

*FOUND*Missing Persons
By David Hopkins 2.8.1986/1900
Shaun Prendergast/Gordon Reid

A Darkening Of The Moon
By James Follett 26.7.1986/1900
Graham Blockley/Blain Fairman/Bonnie Hurren/Jenny Funnell*FOUND*

*FOUND*Shadows In The Sun
By J.R. Devlin 19.7.1986/1900
Michael Hadley/Ronald Herdman

Remaining Strangers
By Barbara Ann Villiers 12.7.1986/1900
Maureen O'Brien/Marian Diamond

Charlie Muffin
By Brian Freemantle 5.7.1986/1900
Philip Jackson/Sandor Eles*FOUND*

By Mervyn Jones 28.6.1986/1900
Anthony Hall/Douglas Blackwell/Elizabeth Morgan

Charity At Home
By Dave Simpson 21.6.1986/1900
Robert Keegan/Geoffrey Banks/Ann Rye

The Last Renaissance Man
By T.D. Webster 14.6.1986/1900
Michael Pennington/Caroline Mortimer/Geoffrey Matthews*FOUND*

*FOUND*The Town That Helped Itself
By Ken Whitmore 7.6.1986/1900
Finetime Fontayne/Sally Edwards

The Missing Day
By Derek Kartun 31.5.1986/1900
Ronald Pickup/Ian Ogilvy

The Valley Of Fear
By Arthur Conan Doyle 24.5.1986/1900
Tim Pigott-Smith/Andrew Hilton*FOUND*

Where Are You, Wally?
By Barry Wasserman 17.5.1986/1900
Bill Paterson/Alfred Molina/Shaun Prendergast

The Death Of Robert de Cerilley
By Frederick Bradnum 10.5.1986/1900
Jenny Funnell/Shaun Prendergast

Dear Octopus
By Dodie Smith 3.5.1986/1900
Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies/Robert Harris*FOUND*

Asking Charlie
By Christopher Denys 26.4.1986/1900
Geoffrey Banks/Meg Johnson

By David Hopkins 12.4.1986/1900
Peter Acre/Manning Wilson

The Weirdstone Of Brisingamen
By Alan Garner 5.4.1986/1900
Robin Bailey/Andrea Murphy/Mark Kingston*FOUND*

*FOUND*A Hundred Years Old
By Serafin & Joaquin Alvarez Quintero 29.3.1986 Lockwood West/Jane Leonard

*FOUND*Maigret's Special Murder
By Georges Simenon 22.3.1986 Bernard Hepton/Edward de Souza

*FOUND*The Back Of The Tiger
By Jack Gerson 15.3.1986 Martin Cochran/Bob Sherman/Gaye Baynes

The Hanoverian Handicap
By John Wyke 8.3.1986 David March/Avril Clark/Roger Hammond

Mrs. Morgenstern's Bad Bargains
By David Bean 22.2.1986 Sandra Clark/Christian Rodska *FOUND*

The Sleepers Of Fallow 's Cross
By Rod Beacham 15.2.1986 Michael Deacon/Jane Knowles *FOUND*

Pure Angel
By Eric Docherty 8.2.1986 Anna Cropper/Benjamin Whitrow

By Ivor Wilson 1.2.1986 Robert Rawson/Barbara Marten/John Davies

*FOUND*Campari For The Fishes
By Teresa Collard 25.1.1986 Elizabeth Bell/John Golightly

*FOUND*Fall Guy
By Peter McKelvey 18.1.1986 Trevor Nichols/Melinda Walker

Man Of The People
By Allen Saddler 11.1.1986 Patrick Mower

Poor Bessie
By Jack Gratus 4.1.1986 Penelope Nice/Jon Croft

Season's Greetings
By Alan Ayckbourn 28.12.1985 Peter Vaughan/Ronald Herdman/Maggie McCarthy*FOUND*

*FOUND*Agents & Patients
By Anthony Powell 21.12.1985 Andrew Branch/Anthony Daniels/Steve Hodson

Philadelphia Moonshine
By Roger Davenport 14.12.1985 Edward Judd/Cyril Shaps

By Jonathan Neale 7.12.1985 Peter Wickham/Graham Chinn

*FOUND*The Corn Is Green
By Emlyn Williams 30.11.1985 Anna Massey/George Winter

*FOUND*Night Must Fall
By Emlyn Williams 23.11.1985 Hywel Bennett/Brenda Bruce/Caroline Mortimer

The Light Of Heart
By Emlyn Williams 16.11.1985 William Squire/Sharon Morgan

Ploughboy Monday
By David Pownall 9.11.1985 Jason Littler/Judith Barker*FOUND*

A Bumper Year For Dahlias
By Alan Downer 2.11.1985 Steven Pacey/Rosalind Adams*FOUND*

Adam Rising
By Howard Wakeling 26.10.1985 Ronnie Hurren/Michael Packer

Odysseus On An Iceberg
By Alick Rowe 19.10.1985 Hugh Dickson/June Barrie*FOUND*

The Boilerhunters
By Arthur McKenzie 12.10.1985 Tim Healy/Barbara Marten

A Place Of Safety
By Michael E. Lewin 5.10.1985 Maureen O'Brien/Steve Hodson/Petra Markham

The Pugilists
By Ken Blakeson 28.9.1985 Geoffrey Hinsliff/Roy Barraclough

Thanks For Looking After Jeannie
By Rod Beacham 21.9.1985 Peter Vaughan/Bryan Pringle/Deidre Costello/Robin Summers*FOUND*

A Pig For Victory
By Christopher Denys 14.9.1985 John Branwell/Valerie Windsor*FOUND*

Dithering Heights
By Ken Whitmore 7.9.1985 Aubrey Woods/Nigel Anthony*FOUND*

A Case Of Spirits
By Peter Lovesey 31.8.1985 Barry Foster/John Cater*FOUND*

Rookery Nook
By Ben Travers 24.8.1985 Ian Lavender/Brett Usher/Anne Jameson*FOUND*

A Box Of Tricks
By J.C. Wilsher 17.8.1985 Robin Summers/Mia Soteriou*FOUND*

Good Morning, Bill
By P.G. Wodehouse 10.8.1985 Martin Jarvis/Alexandra Bastedo

The Bigger They Are
By Wally K. Daly 3.8.1985 Peter Jones/Donald Hewlett/Charles Hawtrey/Lockwood West*FOUND*

Game Of Chance
By Frederick Bradnum 27.7.1985 Gordon Dulieu/Janet Maw/Stephen Thorne*FOUND*

Lucky 13
By Peter Simpkin 20.7.1985 Mark Jones/Okon Jones

Virgin Territory
By Edwin Pearce 13.7.1985 Stuart Organ/John Church

A Study In Hatred
By Richard Huggett 6.7.1985 Henry Stamper/Colin Fisher/George Cooper

Mind How You Go
By Nan Woodhouse 29.6.1985 Jane Hollowood/Alan Rothwell

The Miller Of God
By Stephanie Miller 22.6.1985 Scott Cherry/Penelope Lee

Last Bus To Woodstock
By Colin Dexter 15.6.1985 Andrew Burt/Christopher Douglas*FOUND*

The Deep Blue Sea
By Terence Rattigan 8.6.1985 Isabel Dean/Michael Byrne

A Coat Of Varnish
By Ronald Millar 1.6.1985 Peter Barkworth/Paul Daneman/David Langton/Mary Ellis

*FOUND*The Maltese Falcon
By Dashiell Hammett 25.5.1985/2000
By Tom Wilkinson/Jane Lapotaire/Peter Vaughan/Nickolas Grace

Love's Old Sweet Song
By Owen Holder 18.5.1985 Mary Wimbush/Jenny Funnell/Godfrey Kenton

Who Wrote Horseback Hall?
By Michael Robson 11.5.1985 John Rye/John Westbrook/Jill Balcon/Patrick Troughton*FOUND*

Blithe Spirit
By Noel Coward 4.5.1985 Paul Eddington/Julia McKenzie/Anna Massey/Peggy Mount

The Inter-City Contract
By Rod Beacham 27.4.1985 Brian Smith/Graham Blockey*FOUND*

By Stephen Gallagher 20.4.1985 Sarah Badel/Christian Rodska/Brian Glover/John Webb*FOUND*

By Douglas Young 13.4.1985 Iain Agnew/Sandy Neilson

The Passion Flower Hotel
By Rosalind Erskine (ad. Bert Coules)6.4.1985 Moir Leslie/Spencer Banks/Mary Wimbush*FOUND*

By Allan Prior 30.3.1985 John Bott/Sean Barrett*FOUND*

Willy's Wild Oats
By Jack Gratus 23.3.1985 Chris Harris/Hedley Goodall*FOUND*

Small-Town Girl
By Graeme Kent 16.3.1985 Nany Gair/David Gillian

*FOUND*Neighbourhood Watch
By Peter Whalley 9.3.1985 Malcolm Hebden/David Calder/Lesley Nicol

The Cross-Examiner
By James Pickles 2.3.1985 Anthony O'Donnell/Narissa Knights

Private Correspondence
By Nicholas Stark 23.2.1985 Robert Blythe/Glyn Houston

The Serpent's Smile
By Neville Teller 16.2.1985 Steve Hodson/Susan Denaker/John Gabriel*FOUND*

I'd Give My Right Arm To Be Ambidextrous
By Michael Bartlett 9.2.1985 Patrick Troughton/Mark Straker*FOUND*

The Killing Of Martin Hoffnung
By Michael Davies 2.2.1985 George Baker/Ian Saynor*FOUND*

Ceremonies Of War
By Philip Purser 26.1.1985 Guy Holden/Denise Welch

Navyman God
By Christopher Russell 19.1.1985 Barry Foster/John Forbes-Robertson/William Gamble*FOUND*

En Passant
By Peter McKelvey 12.1.1985 Robin Summers/Tessa Worsley

Cover Up
By R.D. Wingfield 5.1.1985 David Sinclair/Andrew Burt/David Garth/William Eedle*FOUND*

The Maltese Falcon
By Dashiell Hammett 29.12.1984/2000
By Tom Wilkinson/Jane Lapotaire/Peter Vaughan/Nickolas Grace

Christmas At Dingley Dell
By Constance Cox 22.12.1984 David March/Nigel Graham/James Bryce/Geoffrey Edwards/John Bott

Ride A Red Pony
By Angela Sewell 15.12.1984 Anne Rosenfeld/John Church/Jill Balcon/Jack May

Intimations Of A Raid
By John Kirkmorris 8.12.1984 Bill Morris/Angela Phillips

*FOUND*The Yang Chi Jade
By Michael Campbell 1.12.1984 Geoffrey Bateman/Karen Ford/Neil Stacy

Customs Of The Country
By Philip Latham 24.11.1984 John Forbes-Robertson/Angela Phillips

Riding To Jerusalem
By Elspeth Sandys 17.11.1984 Bruce Purchase/Pippa Guard/Norman Jones/Tessa Worsley

Almost Time For School
By Gordon McKerrow 10.11.1984 Andrew Sachs/Robert Eddison/Jane Knowles/Margot Boyd*FOUND*

The Hand Of The Hunter
By Gaylord Meech 3.11.1984 Gary Waldhorn/Kate Harper/John Turner

The Maroon Cortina
By Peter Whalley 27.10.1984 Don Henderson/Lynda Rooke/jOE sEARBY *FOUND*

Lord Byron's Last Command
By Rowland Morgan 20.10.1984 John Rye/Elizabeth Morgan

Jane Clegg
By St. John G. Ervine 13.10.1984/2015
By Fiona Mettam/Patrick Romer

When The Wind Blows
By Raymond Briggs 6.10.1984 Brenda Bruce/Peter Sallis*FOUND*

To Each His Just Deserts
By Leonardo Sciascia 29.9.1984 Christopher Good/Brian Smith/Ronald Herdman

I Have Been Here Before
By J.B. Priestley 22.9.1984 Lesley Nicol/George Cooper/Ronald Baddiley/Susan Tracy

Time & The Conways
By J.B. Priestley 15.9.1984 Zena Conway/Sue Jenkins/Jane Hollowood/Joe Dunlop*FOUND*

Dangerous Corner
By J.B. Priestley 8.9.1984 Martin Jarvis/Stephanie Turner/Heather Stoney*FOUND*

The Legion Of The Lost
By Paul Bryers 1.9.1984 Tenniel Evans/David Healy/Zelah Clarke*FOUND*

The Old Ladies
By Rodney Ackland 25.8.1984 Joyce Carey/Fabia Drake/Margot Boyd

*FOUND*Eddie & Mrs. Simpson
By Roger Davenport 18.8.1984 Anton Rodgers/Carole Boyd

La Bolshie Vita
By Ken Whitmore 11.8.1984 Christian Rodska/Nigel Anthony*FOUND*

Musk & Amber
By William Frankland 4.8.1984 Patrick Malahide/Garard Green/Peter Howell

Forgive Me, Father
By David Hopkins 28.7.1984 Martin Murphy/Alex Marshall/David Sinclair

The Godwulf Manuscript
By Robert B. Parker 21.7.1984 Gary Waldhorn*FOUND*

The Armenian Purchase
By Arnold Yarrow 14.7.1984 Edward de Souza/Narissa Knights/George Baker/David March

*FOUND*Casa Clara
By Dawn Lowe-Watson 7.7.1984 Meg Wynn Owen/Jill Balcon/Gary Waldhorn

Angela's Wedding
By Barry Thomas 30.6.1984 Garard Green/Ellen McIntosh/Melinda Walker

Looking After Ourselves
By Margaret Crane 23.6.1984 Rosalie Crutchley/Rosalind Shanks

By William Ash 16.6.1984 Kim Durham/Susan Jameson

*FOUND*Dead Men's Shoes
By Simon Masters 9.6.1984 Geoffrey Hinsliff/Colin Meredith/Colin Douglas

The Trade Of Man
By T.D. Webster 2.6.1984 Nigel Davenport/Isabel Dean

One False Step
By John Ashe 26.5.1984 David Sinclair/James Snell/David March

Marie & Marguerite
By Derek Kartun 19.5.1984 Emily Richard/Simon Shepherd/Frances Jeater/Brett Usher

By Allan Prior 12.5.1984 Leslie Sands/Sean Barrett/Don Henderson

Maigret & The Millionaires
By Georges Simenon 5.5.1984 Maurice Denham/Brian Haines/John Rye/Andrew Sachs

Under Wraps
By Chris Allen 28.4.1984 Clive Francis/John Moffatt

Welcome Sister Death
By Wally K. Daly 21.4.1984/2000
By William Nighy/Peter Jeffrey/Donald Hewlett

Taking Over
By Mervyn Jones 14.4.1984 Vivian Pickles/Freddie Jones/Jon Strickland *FOUND*

Tragedy At Law
By Cyril Hare 7.4.1984 Benjamin Whitrow/William Eedle/Timothy Bateson

Snapping Out
By Martin Worth 31.3.1984 Jane Wenham/Lesley Dunlop/Jack Watling *FOUND*

By Guy Meredith 24.3.1984 Norman Rodway/Geoffrey Collins/James Grout/Carole Boyd/Neville jASON*FOUND*

*FOUND*Inspector Ghote Hunts The Peacock
By H.R.F. Keating 17.3.1984 Sam Dastor/Garard Green/Ursula Datta/Geoffrey Matthews

With A Whimper To The Grave
By Wally K. Daly 10.3.1984 John Shrapnel/Maureen O'Brien/Donald Hewlett/Patrick Troughton/Angela Thorne/Timothy West*FOUND*

Fit Up
By Peter Simpkin 3.3.1984 Ray Brooks/Billy Murray

The Tiger In The Smoke
By Margery Allingham 25.2.1984/2000
By Basil Moss/Julia Hills/Patrick Malahide/Tim Meats*FOUND*

The Snake
By James Douglas 18.2.1984 Sheila Burrell/Valerie Lilley/Anthony Finigan

*FOUND*Sea Changes
By Olwen Wymark 11.2.1984 Anne Bell/Maureen O' Brien

The House Of The Arrow
By A.E.W. Mason 4.2.1984 Richard Pasco/Benedick Blythe/Moir Leslie

The Day Of The Screech-Owl
By Carlo Ardito/Leonardo Sciascia 28.1.1984 John Duttine/Geoffrey Matthews/Jonathan Scott

That Corpse You Planted In Your Garden
By Bruce Stewart 21.1.1984 John Castle/Peter Copley/Tessa Wojctzak

The Poisoned Chocolates Case
By Anthony Berkeley 14.1.1984 Neil Stacy/Victor Winding/Hilda Schroeder*FOUND*

AnderBy Wold
By Winifred HoltBy 7.1.1984 Joanna Mackie/Derek Smith

The Geneva Run
By Michael Davies 31.12.1983 George Baker/Ian Saynor*FOUND*

The Holly & The Ivy
By Wynyard Browne 24.12.1983/2025
By Stephen Murray/Nora Nicholson/Jane Knowles/Isobel Black*FOUND*

The Years Between
By Daphne du Maurier 17.12.1983 Barabara Leigh-Hunt/Richard Pasco*FOUND*

Afternoon Call
By Ivor Wilson 10.12.1983 Geoffrey Hinsliff/Russell Dixon*FOUND*

By Patrick Hamilton 3.12.1983 Information not available*FOUND*

Arson In Berlin
By Allen Saddler 26.11.1983 Trevor Eve/Bill Wallis/Stephen Sylvester

The Dispossession
By Liane Aukin 19.11.1983 Diana Quick/Paul Daneman/

A Suspension Of Mercy
By Patricia Highsmith 12.11.1983 Stuart Milligan/Janet Maw/John Rye

Some Tame Gazelle
By Barbara Pym 5.11.1983 Ruth Goring/Jane Wenham

What Every Woman Knows
By J.M. Barrie 29.10.1983 Phyllis Logan/Maggie Wylie/David Hayman

A Coat Of Varnish
By Ronald Millar/C.P.Snow 22.10.1983 Peter Barkworth/Paul Daneman/David Langton/Mary Ellis

Logic & Futility
By Christopher Russell 15.10.1983 David Buck/Richard Hurndall*FOUND*

By Melville Jones 8.10.1983 Keith Drinkel/Heather Baskerville *FOUND*

Coffin, Scarcely Used
By Colin Watson 1.10.1983 Peter Jeffrey/William Fox/Sean Barrett*FOUND*

By Philip Martin 24.9.1983 John Arthur/James Tomlinson

Ordeal By Innocence
By Agatha Christie 10.9.1983 John Telfer/Bob Docherty

The Volunteer
By Ted Moore 3.9.1983 Christian Hodska/Kathleen Helme

The Cricket Match
By Hugh de Selincourt 27.8.1983 Stephen Macdonald/Stephen Thorne/Roger Hammond/Eric Allan*FOUND*

The Wild Man Of Oroville
By Tim Grana 20.8.1983 Geronimo Sehmi/Kerry Shale

A Quiet Place In The Country
By Max Williams 13.8.1983 Jack Carr/Andy Rashleigh/Dennis Blanch*FOUND*

Madam Main Course
By Peter Terson 6.8.1983 Sandra Clark/Tony Robinson/Kay Adshead/Barbara Leigh-Hunt/Patrick Malahide/Eric Allan

The Gortys Triangle
By Rod Beacham 30.7.1983 Patrick Mower/David March/Neville Jason*FOUND*

Still Waters I Said
By Barbara Foxe 23.7.1983 Martin Jarvis/Carole Boyd/James Kerry

By Colin Haydn Evans 16.7.1983 Frederick Treves/T.P. McKenna/Saeed Jaffrey

Save The Whale
By Chris Curry 9.7.1983 Geoffrey Hinsliff/Jack Carr

The Killing
By John Ashe 2.7.1983 David Warner/Carol Drinkwater/John Abineri

By John Hall 25.6.1983 Allison Hancock/Christopher Scoular

The Disposal Man
By T.D. Webster 18.6.1983 Edward Woodward/Caroline Mortimer

The Cleverest Man At Oxford
By Geoffrey Parkinson 11.6.1983 Geoffrey Beevers/Peter Copley/Nigel Anthony*FOUND*

When Echoes Fade
By Ivor Wilson 4.6.1983 Natasha Pyne/Geoffrey Banks/Daphne Oxenford

*FOUND*The Thirty-First Of June
By J.B. Priestley 28.5.1983 DebBy Cumming/John Levitt/Alan Dudley/John Rye

My Brother's Keeper
By R.E.T. Lamb 21.5.1983 Kate Spiro/Cornelius Garrett/Christian Rodska

*FOUND*The Ghost Writer
By Diana Carter 14.5.1983 Elizabeth Spriggs/Nigel Stock/Robert Eddison/Frances Jeater

The Bohemians
By David Nathan 7.5.1983 Clive Francis/David Timson/John Webb/Clive Panto

*FOUND*Captain Of Heretics
By Anthony Read 30.4.1983 Charles Kay/Clifford Rose/Hugh Dickson/Sheila Grant

By Don Haworth 23.4.1983/2010
Robert Stephens/Alan Bennett/Cyril Shaps/Pauline Letts*FOUND*

By Brian Ashbee 16.4.1983 Mary Wimbush/Rachel Kempson

By Alan Plater 9.4.1983 *FOUND*

*FOUND*The Wild Swan
By John Peacock 2.4.1983 Information not available

Matters Of Felony
By Margery Weiner/Denys Hawthorne 26.3.1983 Rosco Hagan/Barry McGovern

The Lion In Winter
By James Goldman 19.3.1983 John Turner/Barbara Jefford/Richard Cochrane*FOUND*

Lady Audley's Secret
By Mary E. Braddon 12.3.1983 Nigel Havers/Nicholas Gecks/Nigel Stock*FOUND*

Travelling Hopefully
By Ken Whitmore 5.3.1983 Fiona Mathieson/Robin Bowerman

His Master's Voice
By Arnold Yerrow 26.2.1983 John Rowe/Gary Bond/Edward Cast

Gliding With Mr. Gleeson
By Bernard Farrell 19.2.1983 Alan Barry/Doreen Hepburn*FOUND*

In Silver Mist
By Michael Robson 12.2.1983 Colin Baker/Angela Phillips/Patrick Malahide

The Mermaid's Tale
By Valerie Georgeson 5.2.1983 Kathleen Helme/Marlene SidawayChristian Rodska

By Bill Lyons 29.1.1983 Nigel Hawthorne/Douglas Livingstone

Widows Might
By Chris Allen 22.1.1983 Isabel Dean/Irene Sutcliffe/Gillian Raine/Jill Balcon

The Honourable Schoolboy (part 2)
By John Le Carre 15.1.1983 Martin Jarvis/Peter Vaughan*FOUND*

The Honourable Schoolboy (part 1)
By John Le Carre 8.1.1983 Martin Jarvis/Peter Vaughan/Natasha Pyne*FOUND*

*FOUND*La Svengali
By Alden Nowlan & Walter Learning 1.1.1983 John Colicos/Elaine Crossley/Saul Rubinek

Lady Windermere's Fan
By Oscar Wilde 25.12.1982 Timothy West/Rosalind Shanks*FOUND*

By Marcelle Maurette 18.12.1982 Wendy Hiller/Rosalind Shanks/Alan Wheatley

Uncertain Angel
By Peter Whalley 11.12.1982 Nigel Anthony/Sandra Clark

The Floating Republic
By Paul Bryers 4.12.1982 Brian Cox/Bernard Hill/Julian Curry/Stephen Thorne

Project Genesis
By Paul Thain 27.11.1982 Nigel Anthony/Ed Bishop/Jill Lidstone/Miriam Margolyes*FOUND*

Highest In The Forest
By Hector MacMillan 20.11.1982 Ron Bain/Gwyneth Guthrie/Alec Heggie

Fahrenheit 451
By Ray Bradbury 13.11.1982 Michael Pennington/Pamela Salem/Peter Miles*FOUND*

By Roger Milner 6.11.1982 Crawford Logan/Wendy Murray

Undesirable Alien
By Allen Saddler 30.10.1982 Don Fellows/June Barrie

Who Shot Ada Tansey?
By Peter Whalley 23.10.1982 Derek Smith/John Branwell/David Fleeshman*FOUND*

By Alan Plater & Vince Hill 16.10.1982 Vince Hill/Brian Jackson/Peter Jeffrey*FOUND*

What's Stigmata?
By Wally K. Daly 9.10.1982 Peter Jeffrey/Norma Ronald/George A. Cooper*FOUND*

Twelfth Night
By Shakespeare 2.10.1982/1930
By Alec McCowen/Wendy Murray/Norman Rodway

A Magician Amongst The Spirits
By Bert Coules 25.9.1982 Barry Denner/Pinkie Johnstone/Hilda Kriseman*FOUND*

By David Turner 18.9.1982 Roger Hume/Diana Bishop/Kim Durham/Jane Galloway*FOUND*

By Dennie Ashton 11.9.1982 John Ashton/Clive Franks/Geoffrey Burridge/Simon Hewitt*FOUND*

In The Secret State
By Robert McCrum 4.9.1982 Denys Hawthorne/Michael Harbour

Relatively Speaking
By Alan Ayckbourn 28.8.1982 Michael Aldridge/Rosemary Leach*FOUND*

The Carrara Cherub
By Richard Maher & Roger Michell 21.8.1982 Gary Waldhorn/Miranda Forbes

Who's Talking About An Arrest?
By George Dures 14.8.1982 Peter Gordon/Nigel Anthony

Operation Lightning Pegasus
By Alick Rowe 7.8.1982 Timothy West/Geoffrey Bateman/Hugh Dickson/Norma Ronald*FOUND*

The Hubris File
By Rod Beacham 31.7.1982 Geoffrey Collins/Jean Trend*FOUND*

The Greatest Coup
By Derek Kartun 24.7.1982 Bill Wallis/Peter Tuddenham/Anthony Neelands

An Offshore Wind
By Michael Davies 17.7.1982 Nigel Graham/Allan Cuthbertson/Rosalind Adams

The Guardsman
By Ferenc Molnar 10.7.1982 Judi Dench/John Moffatt/Francis Matthews/Lally Bowers

Keep It Dark
By John Ashe 3.7.1982 Susan Penhaglion/Peter Miles

Broken Fences
By Ivor Wilson 26.6.1982 Jack Carr/Jane Collins/Barbara Marten/Robert Keegan*FOUND*

By David Halliwell 19.6.1982 Nigel Anthony/Anna Cropper*FOUND*

The Journal Of Simon Owen
By Charles Palliser 12.6.1982 David Neal/Stephen Garlick

*FOUND*By Arnold Wesker 5.6.1982 Mary Miller/Marjorie Westbury

The Hampdenshire Wonder
By J.D. Beresford/Jeffrey Segal 29.5.1982 Jonathan Newth/Vicky Ireland*FOUND*

An Unfortunate Occurrence At Hounslow
By Colin Haydn Evans 22.5.1982 Gary Cady/John Livesey/John Turner/Maurice Denham*FOUND*

Long Time No See
By Joan Sadler 15.5.1982 Michael McStay/Jean Trend

*FOUND*Margaret Clitherow
By William Keenan 8.5.1982 Elizabeth Proud/Steve Hodson/Jack Watson/Geoffrey Bateman

A Taste Of Honey
By Shelagh Delaney 1.5.1982 Meg Johnson/Annette Robertson*FOUND*

Murder In A Nice Neighbourhood
By Jack Gerson 24.4.1982 Brigit Forsyth/David Hayman/Gudrun Ure/Tom Watson

The Wing Of The Fly
By Angela Eaton 17.4.1982 Miriam Margolyes/Jill Balcon/David March/Steve Hodson

AppleBy 's End
By Michael Innes 10.4.1982/2000
By John Le Mesurier/Christopher Benjamin/Joyce Redman/Pippa Guard*FOUND*

A Right Royal Rip-Off
By Wally K. Daly 3.4.1982 Peter Jones/Lockwood West/Bernard Bresslaw/Charles Hawtrey/Donald Hewlett*FOUND*

I, Said The Sparrow
By Michael Davies 27.3.1982 Peter Jeffrey/Cyril Luckham/Shirley Dixon/Alan Dudley*FOUND*

By Harold Brighouse 20.3.1982 Bob Mason/Marlene Sidaway/Sue Jenkins

The Road To Nineveh
By John Kirkmorris 13.3.1982/2000
By Maurice Denham/Michael N. Harbour/Jane Knowles

Sarah & Annie - 1910
By Sandra Freeman 6.3.1982 Elizabeth Rider/Patience Tomlinson

The Threshing Floor
By James Forsyth 27.2.1982 Mary Morris/Wendy Murray/John Turner

The Fatal Flaw
By Chris Allen 20.2.1982 Martyn Read/Margaret Robertson *FOUND*

The Centenier
By Alan Downer 13.2.1982 Steven Pacey/Rosalind Adams/Geoffrey Matthews*FOUND*

A Touch Of Frost
By R.D. Wingfield 6.2.1982 Derek Martin/Haydn Wood/Stephen Thorne/Alan Dudley*FOUND*

Welcome, These Pleasant Days!
By Michael Robson 30.1.1982 Elizabeth Proud/Nigel Anthony

In The Days Of My Father
By Paul M. Levitt 23.1.1982 Martin Friend/Doreen Mantle/Anton Lesser

By Ken Blakeson 16.1.1982 Brian Glover/John Rowe/Stephanie Turner

The Case Of The Late Pig
By Margery Allingham 9.1.1982 James Snell/Cyril Shaps*FOUND*

The Little Giant
By Charles Thomas 2.1.1982 George Parsons/Clare Richards

The Sword In The Stone
By T.H. White / Neville Teller 26.12.1981/2000
Michael Hordern/ToBy Robertson*FOUND*

Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula
By Glyn Dearman 19.12.1981 John Moffatt/Timothy West/David March*FOUND*

A Man Of Too Much Honour
By Elizabeth Holford 12.12.1981 Alan Moore/Howard Goorney

The Autonomous Murder Complex
By Frederick Bradnum 5.12.1981 Robin Ellis/Frances Jeater*FOUND*

The Irony Of Fate
By Emil Braginsky & Eldar Ryanzov 28.11.1981 Ian Lavender/Penelope Wilson/Edward de Souza

We Will Know Them
By Gordon McKerrow 21.11.1981 Francesca Annis/Richard Derrington *FOUND*

A Voice In My Hand
By Charlotte Hastings 14.11.1981 Flora Robson/Marius Goring*FOUND*

Operation Lightning Pegasus
By Alick Rowe 7.11.1981 Timothy West/Joy Harrison/Neil Stacy*FOUND*

The Hessian
By Howard Fast 31.10.1981 Derek Jacobi/Patricia Gallimore/Ian Hogg*FOUND*

By Royce Ryton 24.10.1981 Peter Barkworth/Sarah Badel/David Buck

By Harold Brighouse 17.10.1981 Bob Mason/Marlene Sidaway

From James To Alice
By Patrice Chaplin 10.10.1981 Morag Hood/Theresa Streatfeild/John Rowe/Margot Boyd

Leave It To Psmith
By P.G. Wodehouse 3.10.1981 John Gielgud/Michael Hordern/Joan Greenwood/Simon Ward

Weekend With Willie
By Richard Huggett 26.9.1981 David March/Prunella Scales/Richard Huggett/Barry Dennen

The Best Of Friends
By J.C.W. Brook 19.9.1981 Michael Cochrane/Christopher Scoular/Angela Down*FOUND*

Frame Of Deference
By Rod Beacham 12.9.1981 Stuart Milligan/Stephen Garlick/Patience Tomlinson*FOUND*

The Technicolour Time Machime
By Harry Harrison/Chris Boucher 5.9.1981 Lee Montague/Richard Pearson/John Bay/David March/Michael Kilgarriff*FOUND*

The Englishman Abroad
By Christopher Douglas 29.8.1981 Michael Cochrane/Robert Lang/Michael Kitchen/David Threlfall*FOUND*

GoodBy e To An Old Friend
By Brian Freemantle 22.8.1981 George Parsons/Garard Green/Gordon Whiting

The Factory
By J.G. O'Malley 15.8.1981 Liam O'Callaghan/Niall Buggy

Private View
By Peter Ling 8.8.1981 Alexendra Bastedo/Sebastian Stride

A Case To Be Answered
By Jill Hyem 1.8.1981/2030. *FOUND*

A Full Account
By John Kirkmorris 25.7.1981 Jeffry Wickham/Sheila Grant/John Hollis*FOUND*

I'll Walk Beside You
By Robert Holles 18.7.1981 Sarah Badel/Brenda Bruce/John Rowe

The Passing Day
By George Shiels/Allan McClelland 11.7.1981 Allan McLelland/Marie Kean/Patrick Magee

The Gallows In My Garden
By Bruce Stewart 4.7.1981 Freddie Jones/Norman Rodway/John Franklyn-Robbins/Ronald Lacey/Maureen O'Brien*FOUND*

Country House Mystery
By Guy Meredith 27.6.1981 James Laurenson/Caroline Blakiston/Peter Jeffrey*FOUND*

Wilfred & Eileen
By Jonathan Smith 20.6.1981 James Windsor/Isabelle Amyes

*FOUND*A Winter In The Hills
By John Wain 13.6.1981 David Collings

The Custard Boys
By John Rae/Colin Finbow 6.6.1981 Bernard Gallagher/Theresa Streatfield/James Robinson

A Fall Of Moondust
By Arthur C. Clarke/Andrew Lynch 30.5.1981 David Buck/Barry Foster/Roland Curram/Bill Simpson*FOUND*

Bequest To The Nation
By Terence Rattigan 23.5.1981 Sian Phillips/Michael Bryant/Anna Massey/Alan Lake*FOUND*

The Giving People
By David Hopkins 16.5.1981 Alan Rothwell/Christian Rodska/John Talbot

The Treadgold Conspiracy
By Malcolm Stewart 9.5.1981 Nicholas Courtney/Margaretta Scott*FOUND*

Cause Celebre
By Terence Rattigan 2.5.1981/2000
By Diana Dors/Haydn Jones/Peter Whitman/Noel Johnson/Peter Pratt*FOUND*

The Chrysalids
By John Wyndham 25.4.1981 Stephen Garlick/Amanda Murray/Judy Bennett*FOUND*

The Deep Blue Sea
By Terence Rattigan 18.4.1981 Isabel Dean/Michael Byrne*FOUND*

By Peter Whalley 11.4.1981 David Beames/Joanna Wake

The Rundle Gibbet
By Peter Terson 4.4.1981 Haydn Jones/June Barrie*FOUND*

The Dancing Faun
By Paul Bryers 28.3.1981 Alison Steadman/Peter Howell/Ann Firbank/Jane Knowles

The Winslow Boy
By Terence Rattigan 21.3.1981 Michael Aldridge/Sarah Badel/Aubrey Woods/Michael Spice*FOUND*

Stranger In The Dark
By Robert Garrett 14.3.1981 Tony Osoba/Cyril Shaps*FOUND*

The Return From Mars
By Charles Chilton 7.3.1981 John Pullen/Anthony Hall/Ed Bishop/Nigel Graham*FOUND*

The Essential Act
By Stephen Fagan 28.2.1981 Tim Woodward/Patrick Barr/John Webb/Cyril Shaps

A Long Way Home
By Mike Walker 21.2.1981 Jane Knowles/Martyn Read *FOUND*

The Last Viking
By Donald Campbell 14.2.1981 Derek Anders/Eileen McCallum

There'll Almost Be An England
By Bruce Stewart 7.2.1981 Elizabeth Bell/Robert Morris*FOUND*

By Timothy Kidd 31.1.1981 Christopher Guard/John Moffatt/Freda Dowie/Tim Woodward

Stoker Leishman's Diaries
By Peter Tinniswood 24.1.1981 Robin Bailey*FOUND*

The First Men In The Moon
By H.G. Wells 17.1.1981 Hywel Bennett/William Rushton*FOUND*

Captain Of Heretics
By Anthony Read 10.1.1981 Charles Kay/Clifford Rose/Hugh Dickson/Sheila Grant*FOUND*

By Max Williams 3.1.1981 Charles Foster/Paul Copley*FOUND*

The Shaughraun
By Dion Boucicault 27.12.1980 Kate Binchy/Nigel Anthony/Denys Hawthorne/Tony Doyle*FOUND*

Fifteen Strings Of Cash
By James Forsyth 20.12.1980 Roger Hammond/Godfrey Kenton

Smoke Screen
By John Lawson 13.12.1980 Victor Carin/Gwynneth Guthrie

Plots Have I Laid
By Jon Rollason 6.12.1980 Alan Lake/Oscar James/Derek Newark/Roger Hammond

A Morbid Taste For Bones
By Ellis Peters 29.11.1980 Ray Smith/Steven Pacey/Lolly Cockerell

The Wind Of Heaven
By Emlyn Williams 22.11.1980 Sian Phillips/Freddie Jones/Nigel Stock

The Knightsbridge Memorial
By Josephine Achillini 15.11.1980 Angharad Rees/Graham Faulkner

A Sense Of Touch
By E.L. Summers 8.11.1980 Rupert Frazer/Lolly Cockerell

Gunpowder, Treason & Plot
By A.J. Walton 1.11.1980 Michael Spice/Christopher Scott/John Moffatt*FOUND*

The Last Invasion Of London
By John Robert King 25.10.1980 Geoffrey Matthews/Donald McBride/Peter Pacey

The First Flame
By Peter Terson 18.10.1980 Christopher Guinee/Rosalind Knight

Over The Rainbow
By Bernard Kops 11.10.1980 Maureen Lipman/Peter Woodthorpe/Derek Fowlds

So What Do We Do About Henry?
By Charlotte Hastings 4.10.1980 Graham Faulkner/Jane Knowles/Timothy Bateson*FOUND*

The Cruel Sea
By Nicholas Monsarrat 27.9.1980/2000
By Richard Pasco/Michael N. Harbour*FOUND*

The Idiot Lady
By Lope de Vega 20.9.1980 Madeline Smith/James Warwick/Petra Markham

Under Pressure
By David Baume 13.9.1980 Neville Smith/Sean Arnold/John Rowe/Michael Deacon*FOUND*

The Englishman Abroad
By Christopher Douglas 6.9.1980 Michael Cochrane/Robert Lang/Michael Kitchen/David Threlfall*FOUND*

A Victim Of The Aurora
By Thomas Kenneally 30.8.1980 Sean Barrett/Peter Jeffrey/Godfrey Kenton*FOUND*

The Events At Black Tor (21/2 hours)
By Roy Clarke 23.8.1980/1930
By Sue Jenkins/David Goodland/James Laurenson*FOUND*

And A Little Love Besides
By Alan Plater 16.8.1980 Michael Jayson/Annette Robertson*FOUND*

The Silver Sky
By Tanith Lee 9.8.1980 Paul Darrow/Elizabeth Bell*FOUND*

South Sea Bubble
By Noel Coward 2.8.1980 Moira Lister/Michael Denison/Hugh Burden*FOUND*

Paper Tigers
By Edwin Pearce 26.7.1980 Peter Copley/Martin Friend

Love On The Dole
By Walter Greenwood 19.7.1980 Johanna KirBy /Carmel McSharry/Alan ParnaBy /John Bardon

By Peter Silcock 12.7.1980 Russell Dixon/Judith Arthy

The 40 Shilling Trick
By David Parker 5.7.1980 Carole Hayman/Russell Dixon

Over The Moon/Sick As A Parrot
By Neville Smith 28.6.1980 Tony Osoba/Neville Smith

The Takers
By Allan Prior 21.6.1980 John Bott/Henry Knowles*FOUND*

Girl At Risk
By Allan Prior 14.6.1980 John Bott/Henry Knowles

By Guy Meredith 7.6.1980 Michael By rne/Carole Hayman/George Baker/William Nighy

The Blithedale Romance
By Nathaniel Hawthorne 31.5.1980 Jonathan Newth/Sarah Badel/James Laurenson

By Eric Saward 17.5.1980 John Hollis/Roger Hume

London, Look You
By Julia Jones 10.5.1980 Sian Phillips/Sion Probert/Phillip Joseph

A Resistance To Pressure
By Steve Gallagher 26.4.1980 Gareth Armstrong/John Rowe/Brian Haines*FOUND*

In Praise Of Love
By Terence Rattigan 19.4.1980 Anthony Quayle/Muriel Pavlow/Robert Beatty

The Circus Of State
By Valerie Georgeson 12.4.1980 Elizabeth Bell/Ruth Goring

By Valerie Barker 5.4.1980 Deborah Paige/Colin Baker/Gabriel Woolf

The Long, Lonely Voyage Of U-395
By James Follett 29.3.1980 David Buck/Rod Beacham*FOUND*

Go Down In Darkness
By Rod Beacham 22.3.1980 Steve Hodson/Frances Jeater/Glynis Brooks

The Spoils Of Poynton
By Henry James 15.3.1980 Maxine Audley/Maureen O'Brien/Gordon Dulieu

Vivien The Blockbuster
By Olwen Wymark 8.3.1980 Barbara Leigh-Hunt/Anthony Bate/Harold Innocent/Peter Whitman/William Fox

Other Days Around Me
By Frederick Bradnum 1.3.1980 Cheryl Campbell/William Fox/Pauline Letts

The Mark Of The Warrior
By Paul Scott 23.2.1980 Patrick Barr/Michael Cochrane

The Liverpool Match
By Peter Whalley 16.2.1980 David Calder/Tony Robinson/Paul Webster/Kate Lee

The Sleeper & The Swallow
By John Ashe 9.2.1980 Sandor Eles/Elizabeth Bell/Karen Ford

A Decent British Murder
By Ken Whitmore 2.2.1980 Graham Roberts/Kathleen Helme/John Hollis*FOUND*

*FOUND*The Girl Who Didn't Want To Be............
By Frederick Bradnum 26.1.1980 Simon Cadell/Joanna David/Christopher Benjamin/Angela Pleasence

The Sitting Tenant
By John Peacock 19.1.1980 Patricia Hayes/Alfred Burke*FOUND*

The File On Leo Kaplan
By Paul Bryers 12.1.1980 Trevor Cooper/Jenny Twigge

By Bill Morrison 5.1.1980 John Hewitt/Stella McCusker/Sean Barrett

Wilaya 7
By John Kirkmorris 29.12.1979 Michael Jayston/Caroline Blakiston/Patrick Troughton

By Michael Robson 22.12.1979 Edward de Souza/Maureen O'Brien/Edward Hardwicke/Sarah Badel

Burglar's Bargains
By Wally K. Daly 15.12.1979 Peter Jones/Lockwood West/Bernard Bresslaw/Charles Hawtrey*FOUND*

No More A-Roving
By John Whiting 8.12.1979 Alan Howard/Terrence Hardiman/Ann Bell

Alibi For A Judge
By Henry Cecil 1.12.1979 Andrew Cruickshank/Amanda Grinling/Aubrey Woods*FOUND*

The Sleeper & The Swallow
By John Ashe 24.11.1979 Sandor Eles/Elizabeth Bell/Karen Ford*FOUND*

The Evangelist
By Sam Thompson 17.11.1979 Ray McAnally/J.G.Devlin/Harold Goldblatt

Stars In My Hair
By Bruce Stewart 10.11.1979 Elizabeth Bell/John Pullen

Conspiracy At Laxey
By Helen J. Wilson 3.11.1979 David Beames/David Fleeshman/Ted Kelsey/Nick Darke

His Honour
By James Fairfax 27.10.1979 Ronald Baddiley/Tim Bentinck/Russell Dixon

*FOUND*Flight Of The Arrow
By Michael Davies 20.10.1979 John Bott/Peter Jeffrey/Shirley Dixon

Say It Again, Sam
By Aubrey Woods 13.10.1979 Norma Ronald/Robert Lang/James Aubrey/Patrick Barr

The Gene Factor
By Eric Saward 6.10.1979 Terry Molloy/Rosalind Adams

After School
By Guy Meredith 29.9.1979 Christopher Blake/Keith Drinkel/Edward de Souza/Sherrie Hewson

Sins Of The Father
By Bill Lyons 22.9.1979 Douglas Livingstone/Nigel Hawthorne/Diana Bishop

Death On A Fourth Wednesday
By Joan Sadler 15.9.1979 Gordon Dulieu/Lolly Cockerill/Michael McStay

By Michael Toft 8.9.1979 Paul Copley/Elizabeth McKenzie/George A. Cooper

The Running Of The Deer
By Michael Robson 1.9.1979 Faith Brook/Robin Bailey/Anna Calder-Marshall/Philip Sully/Robert Harris

The Happiest Days Of Your Life
By John Dighton 25.8.1979 Roger Hammond/Adam Godley/Philip Voss/Gordon Dulieu*FOUND*

An Affair Of The Heart
By Peter Russell 18.8.1979 Maureen O'Brien/Peter Jeffrey/Eva Stuart

By Stephen Barlay 11.8.1979 Brian Cox/Malcolm Hayes/Haydn Jones/Peter Woodthorpe

The Power & The Glory Man
By Sheila Hodgson 4.8.1979 Nigel Graham/Maureen O'Brien/John Rye/Peter Woodthorpe

People In Glass Houses
By Ian Cullen 28.7.1979 John Bott/Shirley Dixon/Indira Joshi

The Greenhill Pals
By Brian Thompson 21.7.1979 Leslie Sands/Graham Roberts/Cyril Shaps/Ronald Baddiley

My Name Is Linda.............
By Betty Paul 14.7.1979 Sherrie Hewson/John Rowe/Margery Mason

Cold Bath Fields
By Christopher Russell 7.7.1979 Michael Harbour/Peter Pacey*FOUND*

Present Laughter
By Noel Coward 30.6.1979 Paul Scofield/Fenella Fielding/Patricia Routledge*FOUND*

The Weather In The Streets - Part 2
By Rosamond Lehmann 23.6.1979 Angela Pleasence/Simon Cadell

The Weather In The Streets - Part 1
By Rosamond Lehmann 16.6.1979/2303
By Angela Pleasence/Simon Cadell

The Priest's Hat
By Joan O'Connor 9.6.1979 Philip Voss/Nigel Stock

Bournemouth Nights
By Bernard Kops 2.6.1979 Warren Mitchell/Maria Charles/Joe Melia

Richard Of Bordeaux
By Gordon Daviot 26.5.1979 Martin Jarvis/Maurice Denham/David Buck/Maureen O'Brien/John Rowe

Revolution At The Palace
By Allen Saddler 19.5.1979 Harry Littlewood/Christine Pollon/John Sharp

The Defector
By Eric Saward 12.5.1979 John Rowe/William Eedle/Terry Molloy/Stephen Hancock

By Frederick Bradnum 5.5.1979 Ian Holm/Jack May*FOUND*

The Last Witch
By Christopher Russell 28.4.1979 Sylvia Coleridge/Jennifer Piercy/Gerald Cross*FOUND*

Peace Games
By Mike Walker 21.4.1979 Sian Phillips/Christopher Blake/Paul Gregory/Richard Hurndall

Attard In Retirement
By John Peacock 7.4.1979 George Cole/Rosalie Crutchley/Patricia Hayes*FOUND*

The Diary Of A Scoundrel
By Alexander Ostrovsky 31.3.1979 James Aubrey/Fenella Fielding/Maurice Denham

A Coat Of Many Colours
By Jim Grace 24.3.1979 John Rowe/Saeed Jaffrey/Trevor Martin

The Humane Solution
By Steve Gallagher 17.3.1979 Patrick Mower/Peter Pacey/Malcolm Hayes/Anthony Hall*FOUND*

Policy Of Murder
By Len Rush 10.3.1979 Nigel Anthony/Val ILilley/Kate Binchy

A Dream Of Murder
By J.C.W. Brook 3.3.1979 Nigel Anthony/Sean Barrett/Sheila Grant*FOUND*

*FOUND*Spin A Loving Thread
By Alick Rowe 24.2.1979 Steven Pacey/Betty Hardy

The Silent Scream
By Wally K. Daly 17.2.1979 James Laurenson/Hannah Gordon/Colin Douglas/Donald Hewlett*FOUND*

The Wolves Of Grapenose Point
By David Hopkins 10.2.1979 Peter Wickham/Heather Bell

The Lackey's Daughter
By Ken Whitmore 3.2.1979 Elizabeth Bell/Derrick Gilbert/Christine Welch*FOUND*

Other Paths To Glory
By Anthony Price 27.1.1979 Martin Jarvis/Tony Britton*FOUND*

Vendetta For A Judge
By James Follett 20.1.1979 Bernard Horsfall/Mary Law/Roger Hammond/Freda Dowie*FOUND*

By Bill Lyons 13.1.1979 James Ellis/Michael McStay/Michael Graham Cox

The Investigation Of A Murder
By Eric Saward 6.1.1979 Roger Hume/Terry Molloy/Geoffrey Matthews

Mr. Perrin & Mr. Traill
By Hugh Walpole 30.12.1978 Marius Goring/Hugh Burden/Jeremy Clyde/Joan Matheson *FOUND*

Dear Octopus
By Dodie Smith 23.12.1978 Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies/Robert Harris

When The Snow Lay Round About
By James Forsyth 16.12.1978 David Buck/Mary Wimbush/Philip Sully

Laura & The Angel
By Bruce Stewart 9.12.1978 Miriam Margolyes/George Cole

The Sound Of Murder
By Eric Corner 2.12.1978 Conrad Phillips/Rosalind Adams

Against All Natural Instincts
By Joan Lock 25.11.1978 Prunella Scales/Anna Massey

The Blacker Meridian
By John Ashe 18.11.1978 Joseph O'Conor/Christine Pollen/Norman Bowler

A Pretty Little Gift Horse
By T.D. Webster 11.11.1978 John Hollis/Michael Kilgarriff/Stephen Thorne*FOUND*

Alice Of Kilkenny
By Ian Rodger 4.11.1978 Patricia Leventon/Bryan Murray/Jonathan Scott*FOUND*

God The Father
By Valerie Windsor 28.10.1978 Amanda Murray/Anthony Newlands

The Gabriel Hounds
By Mary Stewart 21.10.1978 David March/Emily Richard/Ian Liston*FOUND*

All In A Flap
By Brian Miller 14.10.1978 Helen Fraser/Martin Jarvis

The Soft September Air
By Charlotte Hastings 7.10.1978 Andrew Branch/Flora Robson*FOUND*

The Incendiarist
By Jan Needle 30.9.1978 John Carson/Michael Deacon

By John Kirkmorris 23.9.1978 Michael Jayston/Elizabeth Bell/Cyril Shaps/Simon Cadell

The Girl Who Didn't Want To Be...............
By Frederick Bradnum 16.9.1978 Simon Cadell/Joanna David/Christopher Benjamin/Angela Pleasence*FOUND*

A Pawn In The Game
By David Martin 9.9.1978 Michael Cochrane/Noel Johnson/Anthony Newlands/Barbara Stea

Dr. Johnson Investigates
By Richard Brayshaw 2.9.1978 Leo McKern/Edward de Souza/Laurence Payne/Linda Janiec

The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse
By Barre Lyndon 26.8.1978 Michael Aldridge/Peggy Paige/Richard Burnett*FOUND*

Watch The Forest Grow
By Ken Whitmore 19.8.1978 Geoffrey Banks/Kathleen /Ronald BaddileyHelme

A Flight Of Steps
By Robert Nicolson 12.8.1978 Effie Morrison/John Shedden/Ian Dewar

The Dartmoor Court-Martial
By Peter King 5.8.1978 Frederick Jaeger/Alan MacNaughtan

The Vienna Connection
By William Keenan 29.7.1978 Anna Cropper/John Bennett/Ronald Herdman*FOUND*

Nearly Dead
By Peter Whalley 22.7.1978 Paul Webster/Derrick Gilbert/Nigel Anthony*FOUND*

The Night Of Caesar's Knives
By William Keenan 15.7.1978 Anna Cropper/John Bennett/Ronald Herdman*FOUND*

The Trains Don't Stop Here Any More
By Victor Pemberton 8.7.1978 Nerys Hughes/Nigel Anthony/Wendy Richard/Sheila Grant*FOUND*

Before The Screaming Begins
By Wally K. Daly 1.7.1978 James Laurenson/Jennifer Piercy/Patrick Troughton/Donald Hewlett*FOUND*

Invitation To The Waltz
By Rosamund Lehmann 24.6.1978 Angela Pleasence/Rusty Livingstone

The Right True Waltz
By Stan Barstow 17.6.1978 Brian Peck/June Barry

The Watchers On The Shore
By Stan Barstow 10.6.1978 Brian Peck/June Barry/Fiona Walker

A Kind Of Loving
By Stan Barstow 3.6.1978 Brian Peck/Harry Markham/Alison Bayley

I Want It Now
By Kingsley Amis 27.5.1978 Nigel Anthony/Anna Calder-Marshall

Remember Me
By Jill Hyem 20.5.1978 Jill Balcon/Julian Glover/Sarah Badel*FOUND*

By Jack Gerson 13.5.1978 James Cairncross/Patrick Hannaway/Patrick Malahide*FOUND*

Rough Justice
By Ian Cullen 6.5.1978 Michael Harbour/John Hollis*FOUND*

Hindle Wakes
By Stanley Houghton 29.4.1978 Wilfred Pickles/Billie Whitelaw*FOUND*

The 3.30 Human Race
By Bill Lyons 22.4.1978 James Ellis/Gareth Thomas/Rosemary McHale/Heather Bell

The Boss's Son
By Dave Simpson 15.4.1978 Christian Rodska/Sandra Clark/Kathleen Helme/Ronald Baddiley

The Tale Of The Knight, The Witch & The Dragon
By J.C.W. Brook 8.4.1978 Patrick Stewart/Peggy Paige*FOUND*

Stars In My Hair
By Bruce Stewart 1.4.1978 Elizabeth Bell/John Pullen

The Ivy Tree
By Mary Stewart 25.3.1978 Alexandra Bastedo/Sean Barrett

The Destruction Factor - part 2 World Without Fire
By James Follett 18.3.1978 T.P. McKenna/Rosalind Adams/Paul Copley*FOUND*

The Destruction Factor - part 1 The Seeds Of Creation
By James Follett 11.3.1978 T.P. McKenna/Rosalind Adams/Paul Copley*FOUND*

Fit To Plead
By James Fairfax 4.3.1978 Judy Bennett/Paul Chapman*FOUND*

A Late & Last Bequest
By T.D. Webster 25.2.1978 Rosalind Shanks/Tom Adams/Ann Firbank

Stag At Bay
By Chales MacArthur & Nunnaly Johnson 18.2.1978 Edward Judd/Norman Rodway

The Sun Stood Still
By Angela Penrose 11.2.1978 Henry Knowles/Sarah Atkinson

Saul Among The Prophets
By Richard Brayshaw 4.2.1978 Jack Watling//Michael Robbins*FOUND*

The American
By Henry James 28.1.1978 Alec McCowen/Mary Morris/Anna Massey/Derek Jacobi/Martin Jarvis

A Study In Scarlet
By Conan Doyle 21.1.1978 Robert Powell/Dinsdale Landen

The Best BaBy
By William Andrew 14.1.1978 Gwyneth Guthrie/Diana Olsson/Finlay Welsh

The U-Boat That Lost Its Nerve
By James Follett 7.1.1978 Nigel Lambert/David Ryall/Michael Deacon*FOUND*

Relatively Speaking
By Alan Ayckbourn 31.12.1977 Michael Aldridge/Rosemary Leach

The Box Of Delights
By John Masefield 24.12.1977 David Davis/Jean English/Cyril Shaps*FOUND*

Antique Farce
By Bruce Stewart 17.12.1977 George Cole/Kate O'Mara/Glyn Owen/Leonard Fenton*FOUND*

By Malcolm Stewart 10.12.1977 Gabriel Woolf/Jane Wenham

Number Discontinued
By Margaret Simpson 3.12.1977 Julian Curry/Neville Jason/Valerie Murray*FOUND*

Dog Tooth
By Eric Saward 26.11.1977 John Hollis/Geoffrey Matthews*FOUND*

The Double Take-Over
By David Hopkins 19.11.1977 Rod Beacham/Stella Tanner/Christopher Scoular

The Carfitt Crisis
By J.B. Priestley 12.11.1977 Michael Spice/Margaret Robertson/Ronald Baddiley

Our Roman Cousins
By Bruce Stewart 5.11.1977 Duncan Lamont/Timothy West/Aubrey Woods

Sunset Song
By Lewis Grassic Gibson 29.10.1977 Eileen McCallum/Paul Young

The King's Colours
By Roy Bolitho 22.10.1977 Norman Bowler/Neil Stacy/Mary Larkin*FOUND*

By Ken Whitmore 15.10.1977 Heather Stoney/Carole Hayman/Ronald Baddiley

Lord Of The Dance
By Michael Davies 8.10.1977 Jeremy Clyde/Denise Bryer*FOUND*

A Taste Of Honey
By Shelagh Delaney 1.10.1977 John Halstead/Annette Robertson/Meg Johnson/Ronald Baddiley*FOUND*

The Instruments Of Darkness
By Michael Robson 24.9.1977 Nigel Stock/Anthony Hall/Richard Hurndall*FOUND*

*FOUND*The Shetland Wildcat
By Antony Kearey 17.9.1977 Alan Moore/Laurence Payne/Hilary Patterson

The Chief
By Allan Prior 10.9.1977 Malcolm Hayes/Elizabeth Bell/Hector Ross*FOUND*

An Ordinary Bloke
By Bill Lyons 3.9.1977 Douglas Livingstone/Nigel Hawthorne/Diana Bishop/Philip Stone

I Want It Now
By Kingsley Amis 27.8.1977 Nigel Anthony/Anna Calder-Marshall*FOUND*

A Quest For Witches
By A.R. Rawlinson 20.8.1977 Dinsdale Landen/Nicolette McKenzie*FOUND*

The Valley
By Alick Rowe 13.8.1977 Nicolette McKenzie/Sean Arnold*FOUND*

By Jill Hyem 6.8.1977 Ruth Goring/David Markham/Grizelda Hervey*FOUND*

Rightful Possession
By Valerie Georgeson 30.7.1977 Elizabeth Bell/Alan Rothwell*FOUND*

The Linden Tree
By J.B. Priestley 23.7.1977 Geoffrey Banks/Kathleen Helme*FOUND*

The Catchmere Fugitive
By John Ashe 16.7.1977 Richard Morant/Kim Hartman

Sister Ninian's Nightingale
By Charlotte Hastings 9.7.1977 Flora Robson/Irene Sutcliffe/Joan Matheson*FOUND*

The Resurrectionist
By David Buck 2.7.1977 John Abineri/Madeline Smith/David Buck

*FOUND*Hector's Fixed Idea
By Bruce Stewart 25.6.1977 Dinsdale Landen/Elizabeth Bell/Peter Woodthorpe/Clive Swift

A Night Of The Wolf
By Victor Pemberton 18.6.1977 Vincent Price/Coral Browne*FOUND*

By Tudor Gates 11.6.1977 Philip Lowrie/David Jackson/Liza Ross

The Spanish Package
By James Follett 4.6.1977 Irene Sutcliffe/Michael Harbour *FOUND*

The Dark Corridors
By Alistair Buck & Richard Hewins 28.5.1977 Ronald Herdman/Hugh Ross/Sean Barrett

November Reef
By Robin Maugham 21.5.1977 Alan Moore/Bruce BeeBy /Roger Snowdon

The Detective Wore Silk Drawers
By Peter Lovesey 14.5.1977 John Rye/John Hollis/Steve Hodson*FOUND*

The Dark Backward
By Michael Robson 7.5.1977 Daniel Massey/Patricia Gallimore/Gabriel Woolf/Anthony Newlands

*FOUND*Everything Is Thunder
By Michael Robson 30.4.1977 Daniel Massey/Patricia Gallimore/Gabriel Woolf/Anthony Newlands

No Defence Against Demons
By Brian Lee 23.4.1977 Michael Byrne/Haydn Jones/Rosalind Ayres/Christopher Guard*FOUND*

Eventually Everything Falls Down & Gets Broken
By Jack Gerson 16.4.1977 John Breslin/Edith MacArthur/John Franklyn-Robbins

*FOUND*The Murder Of Walter Raleigh
By Ian Cullen 9.4.1977 Bernard Archard/John Rowe/Robert Trotter

By Frederick Bradnum 2.4.1977 Ian Holm/Jack May*FOUND*

The Watching Eye
By Robert Furnival 26.3.1977 John Franklyn-Robbins/John Halstead/David Marlowe

Ladies In Retirement
By Edward Percy & Reginald Denham 19.3.1977 Isabel Dean/Betty Hardy

How Are Things In Portnacrenan?
By Bruce Stewart 12.3.1977 Kerry Francis/Elizabeth Bell

Absurd Person Singular
By Alan Ayckbourn 5.3.1977 Judy Parfitt/Stephen Murray/Christopher Godwin

Airs Above The Ground
By Mary Stewart 26.2.1977 Judy Franklin/Gavin Campbell

The Painted Face
By Jean Stubbs 19.2.1977 Christopher Cazenove/Peter Sallis/Carole Boyd

Three Days Of Frost
By R.D. Wingfield 12.2.1977 Leslie Sands/Steve Hodson/Jack May*FOUND*

The Governing Dark
By William Fox 5.2.1977 Hugh Burden/Rosalind Shanks/Stephen Thorne

The Grand Babylon Hotel
By Arnold Bennett 29.1.1977 Peter Vaughan/Angela Pleasence/Simon Cadell/Philip Bond*FOUND*

The Brighton Trade
By T.D. Webster 22.1.1977 Manning Wilson/Ysanne Churchman/Stephen Yardley/Terry Molloy

Murder As Art
By Graham England 15.1.1977 Noel Hood/John Rye

Aaros In Winter
By Allan Prior 8.1.1977 William Eedle/Mary Wimbush/Karin Fernald

The Doppelganger
By J.C.W. Brook 1.1.1977 Nigel Anthony/Emily Richard/Elizabeth Lindsay*FOUND*

By Daphne du Maurier 25.12.1976 Flora Robson/Richard Pasco/Jane Asher

Colder Than Of Late
By Ken Whitmore 18.12.1976 Judith Barker/Russell Dixon/John Franklyn-Robbins*FOUND*

For Old Times' Sake
By Max Williams 11.12.1976 Janet Dale/Paul Webster

By William Smethurst 4.12.1976 Elizabeth Cassidy/Edward Fox

By Graham England 27.11.1976 John Carson/Jane Wenham

By Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall 20.11.1976 Ronald Baddiley/Lorraine Peters

Some Distant Star
By David H. Godfrey 13.11.1976 Manning Wilson/Joan Matheson/Sandra Clark/Nigel Lambert

The Man In The Dark
By John Ferguson 6.11.1976 Robert Trotter/Karin Fernald/Christopher Scoular/Kenneth McLellar

Crown Matrimonial
By Royce Ryton 30.10.1976 Gwen Ffrancgon-Davies/Peter Barkworth/Martin Jarvis/Jane Wenham*FOUND*

Body On The Heath
By Bill Lyons 23.10.1976 Douglas Livingstone/Nigel Hawthorne/Colette O'Neil

The Holy Experiment
By William Fox 16.10.1976 Richard Pasco/Peter Howell/William Fox*FOUND*

Arsenic & Old Lace
By Joseph Kesselring 9.10.1976 Sybil Thorndike/Athene Seyler/Prunella Scales/Dinsdale Landen/Desmond Walter-Ellis*FOUND*

Deep Waters
By Malcolm Stewart 2.10.1976 David Mahlowe/Sandra Clark

The Shoplifter
By A.R. Rawlinson 25.9.1976 Elizabeth Proud/Christopher Good/Sean Barrett/James Cossins

Black Tom Tyrant
By Brian Hayles 18.9.1976 Denys Hawthorne/Noel Johnson/William Fox/Michael Harbour*FOUND*

By Antonia Fraser 11.9.1976 Maria Aitken/Nigel Davenport/Frederick Jaeger

At Your Service
By Alan Melville 4.9.1976 Michael Spice/Mary Wimbush

The Rabid Summer
By James Follett 28.8.1976 Patrick Barr/Clifford Norgate/John Ringham/Garard Green/Pauline Letts*FOUND*

Weekend At Montacute
By Michael Robson 21.8.1976 Paul Rogers/Mary Wimbush/Alan Rowe*FOUND*

The Kildruim Hoard
By John Lawson 14.8.1976 Eileen McCallum/Ron Bain/Paul Kermack

It's A Battlefield
By Graham Greene 7.8.1976 Gerald Cross/Clive Swift/John Rowe/Carol Boyd

*FOUND*Storm In A Teacup
By James Bridie 31.7.1976 Maev Alexander/Tom Watson/Paul Young

By J.C.W. Brook 24.7.1976 Julian Holloway/Anna Cropper/John Rye/Prunella Scales*FOUND*

Point Of No Return
By Stephen Barlay 17.7.1976 Gabriel Woolf/Sheila Grant/John Graham*FOUND*

By Gregory Lyons 10.7.1976 Gerald Cross/Peter Marinker/Sandra Clark/Nigel Graham

No Fear Or Favour
By Henry Cecil 3.7.1976 Paul Daneman/Sarah Badel/Peter Sallis*FOUND*

The Riverside Villas Murder
By Kingsley Amis 26.6.1976 Peter Jeffrey/Ian Sharrock*FOUND*

The White Lady
By R.E.T. Lamb 19.6.1976 Nigel Anthony/Alaric Cotter/Glynis Brooks*FOUND*

The Montrose Ghost
By Martin Jenkins 12.6.1976 John Pullen/Christopher Neame/Rosalind Shanks*FOUND*

The Enemies Within
By Michael Z. Lewin 5.6.1976 Ed Bishop/Liza Ross*FOUND*

By Evelyn Waugh 29.5.1976 John Rowe/Rosalind Knight/Ronald Herdman

Footnote To The Conspiracy
By Bruce Stewart 22.5.1976 Ronald Lewis/Patrick Troughton/Peter Sallis/Cyril Luckham*FOUND*

Other Paths To Glory
By Anthony Price 15.5.1976 Martin Jarvis/Tony Britton*FOUND*

Relative Values
By Noel Coward 8.5.1976 Joyce Redman/Bill Fraser/Gwen Cherrell/John Rye*FOUND*

The House On The Strand
By Daphne du Maurier 1.5.1976 Ian Richardson/Richard Hurndall/Bonnie Hurren*FOUND*

Death Kiss Kate
By Max Marquis 24.4.1976 Martin Jarvis/Kate Coleridge*FOUND*

Frenchman's Creek
By Daphne du Maurier 17.4.1976 Sheila Ruskin/David Buck/Geoffrey Matthews*FOUND*

The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse
By Barre Lyndon 10.4.1976 Michael Aldridge/Peggy Paige/Richard Burnett*FOUND*

Let It Come Down
By Michael Robson 3.4.1976 William Lucas/Ros Drinkwater/Peter Woodthorpe*FOUND*

On The Spot
By Edgar Wallace 27.3.1976 Peter Woodthorpe/Trevor Martin

The One-Eyed Monster
By Allan Prior 20.3.1976 Dinsdale Landen/Joanna Wake/Jill Balcon/Leslie Sands

By James Follett 13.3.1976 Nigel Lambert/Eva Haddon/Haydn Jones/Clifford Norgate*FOUND*

The World Turned Upside Down
By Peter Ling 6.3.1976 Sean Barrett/John Westbrook/John Rye/Lockwood West*FOUND*

By Dick Francis 28.2.1976 Francis Matthews/Caroline Blaikston/Mark Colleano*FOUND*

The Angel Of The Deep
By Ian Cullen 21.2.1976 Michael Cochrane/Norma Ronald/Peter Woodthorpe/Michael Goodliffe

The Night Of Caesar's Knives
By William Keenan 14.2.1976 Anna Cropper/John Bennett/Ronald Herdman*FOUND*

Late Into The Night
By William Keenan 7.2.1976 Anna Cropper/John Bennett/Ronald Herdman*FOUND*

The Rose Garden
By Nick McCarty 31.1.1976 Nigel Anthony/Heather Barrett*FOUND*

The Heroine
By Antonia Fraser 24.1.1976 Maxine Audley/Patricia Quinn/Rosalind Shanks*FOUND*

By Michael Voysey 17.1.1976 Peter Jeffrey/Sarah Badel/Nigel Stock

A Swim Off The Island
By William Fox 10.1.1976 Christopher Bidmead/Rosalind Shanks/Jack May*FOUND*

The Lucas Testament
By Michael Robson 3.1.1976 Robert Lang/Dulcie Gray/Jeffrey Segal/Steve Hodson*FOUND*

The Secret Garden
By Frances Hodgson Burnett 27.12.1975 Helen Worth/Violet Carson*FOUND*

Private Lives
By Noel Coward 20.12.1975 Paul Scofield/Patricia Routledge*FOUND*

By John Kirkmorris 13.12.1975 Clive Swift/Bryan Pringle/Diana Olsson

Wobble To Death
By Peter Lovesey 6.12.1975 Sydney Tafler/Timothy Bateson/William Eedle*FOUND*

The Hideous Silence
By Michael Robson 29.11.1975 John Pullen/Jane Wenham/Lockwood West*FOUND*

Package From Berlin
By Simon Masters 22.11.1975 Douglas Blackwell/John Forrest*FOUND*

The Cop-Out
By Bruce Stewart 15.11.1975 John Hollis/Cyril Shaps

*FOUND*Abelard & Heloise
By Ronald Millar 8.11.1975 Richard Briers/Hannah Gordon/Clive Morton/Mary Morris

The Road To Gretna Green
By Peter Hunt 1.11.1975 Martin Jarvis/Rosalind Ayres*FOUND*

Meeting At Night
By James Bridie 25.10.1975 Gudrun Ure/Bryden Murdoch

By Bruce Stewart 18.10.1975 Dinsdale Landen/Sydney Tafler*FOUND*

The Gabriel Hounds
By Mary Stewart 11.10.1975 David March/Emily Richard/Ian Liston*FOUND*

By Allan Prior 4.10.1975 Barry Foster/Carole Hayman/Rudolph Walker

Salt Is Leaving
By J.B. Priestley 27.9.1975 Frederick Treves/Patricia Gallimore*FOUND*

By Winston Graham 20.9.1975 Julie Hallam/Jonathan Strutt

Search For Satan
By Val Gielgud 13.9.1975 John Rowe/Carole Boyd/Douglas Blackwell

*FOUND*The Dark Windows Of A Room
By William Keenan 6.9.1975 Brian Trueman/Geoffrey Banks/Jane Knowles

Wild Flowers & Grains Of Sand
By Robin Smyth 30.8.1975 Bonnie Hurren/John Bull*FOUND*

Witch Wood
By John Buchan 23.8.1975 Michael Deacon/Jack Watson/Rosalind Shanks/Simon Lack/Audrey Cameron*FOUND*

The Fool On The Hill
By Michael Robson 16.8.1975 Sean Barrett/Carole Boyd/Michael Deacon

Night Of The Wolf
By Victor Pemberton 9.8.1975 Vincent Price/Coral Browne*FOUND*

The Baghdad Baggage
By William Fox 2.8.1975 James Villiers/Christopher Good/Peter Woodthorpe/Sandor Eles/Ciaran Madden *FOUND*

The Light Of A Thousand Suns
By James Follett 26.7.1975 Manning Wilson/John Rye/Ian Thompson/Sion Probert*FOUND*

Balance Of Power
By Alan Melville 19.7.1975 Jean Anderson/Robert Lang/Edward Hardwicke/Sandra Clark*FOUND*

Look On This Picture
By Malcolm Stewart 12.7.1975 Peter Williams/Isabel Dean/Ramsay Williams/Carole Boyd/Peter Woodthorpe

No Fear Or Favour
By Henry Cecil 5.7.1975 Paul Daneman/Srah Badel/Peter Sallis*FOUND*

Talbot's Wharf
By Philip Barker 28.6.1975 Sandra Clark/Martin Jarvis

Strictly In Confidence
By Malcolm Stewart 21.6.1975 Peter Jeffrey/Prunella Scales/Megs Jenkins/Paul Maxwell

Violent Shore
By Ian Cullen 14.6.1975 Eric Lander/Eva Haddon

By Frank Swinnerton 7.6.1975 Stephanie Turner/Michael Deacon

*FOUND*Blood Sport
By Dick Francis 31.5.1975 John Carson/Nigel Lambert/Cherie Lunghi

Alibi For A Judge
By Henry Cecil 24.5.1975 Andrew Cruickshank/Amanda Grinling/Aubrey Woods*FOUND*

*FOUND*The Shetland Wildcat
By Antony Kearey 17.5.1975 Alan Moore/Laurence Payne/Hilary Patterson

The Flower Of May
By Kate O'Brien 10.5.1975 Ciaran Madden/Stephen Rea/Carole Boyd

The Governor
By Christopher Salkeld 3.5.1975 Elizabeth Sellars/Hector Ross

The Chiltern Hundreds
By William Douglas-Home 26.4.1975 Roland Culver/Peggy Ann Wood/Laurence Payne/Jack Watson*FOUND*

The Terrible Connexion
By Michael Robson 19.4.1975 Nigel Stock/Liane Aukin/Anthony Hall*FOUND*

Sword Of Vengeance
By Fritz Hochwalder 12.4.1975 Alan Dobie/Julian Glover/John Rye/Stephen Thorne/Maureen O'Brien

The Calendar
By Edgar Wallace 5.4.1975 Philip Bond/Sylvia Syms/Peter Jeffrey/John Hollis

Richard Of Bordeaux
By Gordon Daviot 29.3.1975 Martin Jarvis/David Buck/Maureen O'Brien/John Rowe

Idea For A Rhapsody
By Michael Kittermaster 22.3.1975 Tony Britton/Mary Wimbush/Muriel Pavlow/Pauline Letts/John Bentley

Next Man Through The Door
By John Howlett 15.3.1975 Sydney Tafler/Manning Wilson

A Hero For Leanda
By Andrew Garve 8.3.1975 T.P. McKenna/Maria Aitken/David March

The Rain In Spain
By Martin Worth 1.3.1975 Nigel Davenport/Rosemary Leach

The U-Boat That Lost Its Nerve
By James Follett 22.2.1975 Nigel Lambert/David Ryall/Michael Deacon*FOUND*

The Night Of The Fourteenth
By Max Marquis 15.2.1975 Charles Kay/Barry Foster

Fire, Burn !
By John Dickson Carr 8.2.1975 Michael Denison/Rachel Gurney/Marjorie Westbury/John Westbrook*FOUND*

Advice To A Queen
By Ian Cullen 1.2.1975 Trevor Howard/Anne Stallybrass/Prunella Scales/Rosalie Crutchley

The Long Revenge
By Malcolm Stewart 25.1.1975 Barry Foster/Norma Ronald/Gerald Flood

The Heaven Tree
By Edith Pargeter 18.1.1975 Meg Wynn Owen/William Squire*FOUND*

The Man Who Went Up In Smoke
By Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo 11.1.1975/2030.
By John Rowe/Kevin Flood/Malcolm Hayes

Portrait Of A Man With Red Hair
By Hugh Walpole 4.1.1975 Peter Marinker/David March/Martin Jarvis/Caroline John

Michael & His Lost Angel
By Henry Arthur Jones 28.12.1974 Denholm Elliott/Jill Bennett

The Ghost & Mrs. Muir
By R.A. Dick 21.12.1974 Bryan Pringle/Gemma Jones/Philip Bond

The Breadwinner
By W. Somerset Maugham 14.12.1974 Stephen Mallatratt/Christine Welch

A Place In The Country
By David Pownall 7.12.1974 June Barry/Mollie Sugden

The Murder Of Walter Ralegh
By Ian Cullen 30.11.1974 Bernard Archard/John Rowe/Robert Trotter

The Sesame Card
By Sheila Hodgson 23.11.1974 David Brierley/Norma Ronald/Tom Watson

Finding Maubee
By A.H.Z.Carr 16.11.1974 Norman Beaton/Nadia Cattouse/Blain Fairman/Mona Hammond/Kerry Francis

The Flute & The Sword
By John Ashe 9.11.1974 Robert Lang/Christopher Cazenove/Ciaran Madden/Pauline Letts

Greg In Spring
By John Fores 2.11.1974 Richard Grant/Madi Hedd

Trevuzza's Land
By Roy Bolitho 26.10.1974 Stephen Sylvester/Alan Moore/John Forrest

Flash Point
By Michael Gilbert 19.10.1974 Brian Haines/Alan Dudley/John Rye/Manning Wilson

That Boy
By Ivor Wilson 12.10.1974 Martin Jarvis/Alun Bond

Gold & Burning Daylight
By Herbert M. Coad 5.10.1974 Nigel Stock/Sarah Badel

One Fair Daughter
By N.C. Hunter 28.9.1974 Rosalind Shanks/Raymond Huntley/Edward de Souza

Late Into The Night
By William Keenan 21.9.1974 Anna Cropper/John Bennett*FOUND*

Tom Sawyer Would Have Approved
By Tony Bilbow 14.9.1974 John Rowe/Derrick Gilbert/Denis Lill/Tony Bilbow

Eden End
By J.B. Priestley 7.9.1974/2015
By Joan Plowright/Leslie Sands

Operation Pedestal
By Frederick Treves 31.8.1974 Alan Dudley/David Rowlands/John Hollis *FOUND*

Soldier, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief
By John Howlett 24.8.1974 Stuart Damon/Don Fellows

The Strode Venturer
By Hammond Innes 17.8.1974 Martin Jarvis/Don Shrapnel/Colin dOUGLAS

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
By Oscar Wilde 10.8.1974 Richard Briers//Alan Rowe/Diana Olsson

*FOUND*The Taste Of Proof
By Bill Knox 3.8.1974 Paul Kermack/Robert Trotter

By William Smethurst 27.7.1974 William Lucas//John Rowe/Don Henderson

The Toll-Gate
By Georgette Heyer 20.7.1974 Colin Fisher/Elizabeth Bell/Mark Rogers*FOUND*

Apollo's Laurel Bough
By Frederick Treves 13.7.1974 Patrick Troughton/Anna Cropper/Anthony Newlands/Colin Douglas

The Light Of A Thousand Suns
By James Follett 6.7.1974 Manning Wilson/John Rye/Ian Thompson/Sion Probert*FOUND*

The Poacher
By H.E. Bates 29.6.1974 Geoffrey Matthews/Charles Simon/Elizabeth Morgan

The Enquiry
By Charlotte Hastings 22.6.1974 Flora Robson/Vanessa Lee*FOUND*

By Lydia Ragosin 15.6.1974 Freddie Jones/Hilda Schroder/Diana Olsson

All In Good Time
By Bill Naughton 8.6.1974 Paula Tilbrook/Geoffrey Banks*FOUND*

The Way We Die Now
By Michael Z. Lewin 1.6.1974 Ed Bishop/Blain Foreman/Joan Miller

Wildfire At Midnight
By Mary Stewart 25.5.1974 Ursula Smith/Stephen MacDonald*FOUND*

*FOUND*Abelard & Heloise
By Ronald Millar 18.5.1974 Richard Briers/Hannah Gordon/Clive Morton/Mary Morris

Don't Dilly Dally
By Daniel Farson & Harry Moore 11.5.1974 Georgia Brown/Katherine Parr/David Sinclair/Sean Barrett*FOUND*

The Face Of The Enemy
By Vernon Scannell 4.5.1974 David March/Liane Aukin/John Rye/Leo Maguire

Lord Dracula
By Brian Hayles 27.4.1974 Kenneth Haigh/Nigel Stock*FOUND*

The Farmer's Wife
By Eden Philpotts 20.4.1974 Nigel Stock/Jennie Woodford/Jane Criddle

Mistress Of Novices
By John Kerr 13.4.1974 Rita Tushingham/Colette O'Neil

The Day Of Destiny
By Malcolm Stewart 6.4.1974 Barry Foster/Julian Glover

The Greer Case
By David W. Peck 30.3.1974 Phil Brown/Peter Marinker/Stephen Thorne/Paul Maxwell

The Sandpiper
By Martin Ransohoff 23.3.1974 John Carson/Margaret Robertson/Diana Olsson

*FOUND*The Weak Spot
By John Lawson 16.3.1974 David McKail/Eileen McCallum/Leon Sinden

The Liars
By Henry Arthur Jones 9.3.1974 Fenella Fielding/Stephen Murray

The Riding Officer
By Philip Barker 2.3.1974 David Timson/Terry Scully/Sheila Raynor

The Pursuit Of Love
By Nancy Mitford 23.2.1974 Rolf Lefebvre/Joan Matheson

The Secretary Bird
By William Douglas-Home 16.2.1974 Frederick Treves/Elizabeth Morgan*FOUND*

Find Tony
By John Kirkmorris 9.2.1974 Clive Swift/Peggy Aitchison/William Eedle

Letter From Paris
By Dodie Smith 2.2.1974 John Standing/Bonnie Hurren/John Rowe/Ed Bishop

GoodBye Forever
By Malcolm Stewart 26.1.1974 John Stride/Julie Hallam

The Suckling
By Geraldine Symons 19.1.1974 Kevin Flood/Eva Haddon/Helen Worth

Draw Batons
By Bill Knox 12.1.1974 Paul Kermack/Gerard Slevin/Martin Cichrane

Mrs. Palfrey At The Claremont
By Elizabeth Taylor 5.1.1974 Jean Anderson/Ralph Truman

Hermit's DerBy
By Jonquil Antony & Ursula Hanray 29.12.1973 Gary Bond/Maria Aitken/Neil Stacey

Escape To Lhasa
By Victor Pemberton 22.12.1973 Mary Morris/Rolf Lefebvre/Joanne David/Terry Scully

M'sieur From Armenteers
By A.R. Rawlinson 15.12.1973 Maurice Denham/Clifford Rose/Frances Jeater

The Semi-Attached Couple
By Emily Eden 8.12.1973 Joanna David/Robert Powell/Lynn Farleigh

This Dear Old House
By Aleksei Arbuzov 1.12.1973 Ann Beach/Kate Binchy/Denys Hawthorne

The House On The Strand
By Daphne du Maurier 24.11.1973 Ian Richardson/Richard Hurndall/Bonnie Hurren

Riceyman Steps
By Arnold Bennett 17.11.1973 Beryl Reid/Cyril Luckham

Rules Of Asylum
By James Follett 10.11.1973 Vernon Joyner/Manning Wilson/Francis de Wolff/Cyril Shaps*FOUND*

Death Of My Aunt
By C.H.B. Kitchin 3.11.1973 David Griffin/John Shrapnel/Betty Huntley-Wright

The Elevation Of Edward Loos
By Eric B. Maddish 27.10.1973 Brian Wilde/Ronald Herdman

A Boston Story
By Ronald Gow 20.10.1973 Tony Britton/Bonnie Hurren

Henrietta Who?
By Catherine Aird 13.10.1973 Ciaran Madden/Alan Rowe/Nigel Anthony*FOUND*

The Doubting Thomases
By Mike Stott 6.10.1973 Alan Downer/Caroline John/Margot Boyd/Geoffrey Beevers*FOUND*

Darkness At Pemberley
By T.H. White 29.9.1973 Marius Goring/Brewster Mason/Vernon Joyner*FOUND*

Three Blows In Anger
By David Wade 22.9.1973 Susan Richards/Elizabeth Proud/John Pullen

Stringer's Last Stand
By Stan Barstow & Alfred Bradley 15.9.1973 Avis Bunnage/Ronald Baddiley

The Semi-Detached House
By Emily Eden 8.9.1973 Elizabeth Spriggs/Sheila Brennan/John Rowe/Valerie Sarruf

The Rise & Fall Of Liberty Wilkes
By Balfour Barwise 1.9.1973 Nigel Davenport/William Sleigh/Sandra Clark/Garard Green

Expensive Toys Left Out In The Rain
By Christine Eade 25.8.1973 Robert Beatty/Bonnie Hurren/Trader Faulkner

Action For Slander
By Mary Borden 18.8.1973 Allan Cuthbertson/William Fox/Carleton Hobbs

Forty Years On
By Alan Bennett 11.8.1973 John Gielgud/Alan Bennett/Dorothy Reynolds/Nora Nicholson/Paul Eddington*FOUND*

Murder At The Eisteddfod
By Brian Evans 4.8.1973 Douglas Blackwell/Petra Davies/Dillwyn Owen*FOUND*

*FOUND*Unquiet Hill
By John Kirkmorris 28.7.1973 John Challis/Geoffrey Matthews/Caroline John

The Minister
By Maurice Edelman 21.7.1973 Rosemary Leach/Nigel Graham

The Fallow Land
By H.E. Bates 14.7.1973 Denise Bryer/Geoffrey Matthews*FOUND*

The Ministry Of Fear
By Graham Greene 7.7.1973 George Baker/Angela Pleasence/Sydney Tafler/Vernon Joyner

The Heir Of Ambition
By Lydia Ragosin 30.6.1973 Marius Goring/Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies/David March/Godfrey Kenton

Mr. Whatsisname
By Malcolm Hazell 23.6.1973 Dinsdale Landen/William Sleigh

The Venus Of Konpara
By John Masters 16.6.1973 Liane Aukin/Ian Richardson/Peter Dyneley/Sam Dastor

The Ringer
By Edgar Wallace 9.6.1973 Bill Fraser/Fraser Kerr/Alan Wheatley

*FOUND*The Tallyman
By Bill Knox 2.6.1973 Paul Kermack/Phil McCall

Rupert Of Hentzau
By Anthony Hope 26.5.1973 Julian Glover/Nigel Stock/Hannah Gordon/Martin Jarvis/David Timson*FOUND*

The Prisoner Of Zenda
By Anthony Hope 19.5.1973 Julian Glover/Nigel Stock/Hannah Gordon/Martin Jarvis/David Timson*FOUND*

The Fall Of The Sparrow
By Nigel Balchin 12.5.1973 Ian Thompson/Brian Hewlett/Nigel Graham/Sam Dastor

*FOUND*The Tunnel
By John D. Vincent 5.5.1973 John Hollis/Edward Kelsey/Kevin Flood/Peter Gordon

Mutiny On The Bounty
By Robert Cushman 28.4.1973 Geoffrey Matthews/Martin Jarvis/Geoffrey Beevers*FOUND*

*FOUND*Toad Of Toad Hall
By A.A. Milne 21.4.1973 Derek Smith/Bernard Cribbins/Richard Goolden/Cyril Luckham

Cromwell's Major-General
By William Smethurst 14.4.1973 William Lucas/Peter Bartlett/John Malcolm

The Depression Of Edward Loos
By Eric B. Maddish 7.4.1973 Brian Wilde/Leonard Fenton

The Money Doesn't Matter
By Louis D'Alton 31.3.1973 Elizabeth Begley/J.G. Devlin/John Keenan/J.J.Murphy

Frogs' Legs & Laver Bread
By William Ingram 24.3.1973 Elizabeth Morgan/Windsor Davies/William Ingram

By Malcolm Stewart 17.3.1973 John Pullen/William Fox/Richard Kay

Thunder On Sunday
By Karen Campbell 10.3.1973 Noel Johnson/Rosalind Shanks/Duncan McIntyre/Simon Lack/Tom Watson*FOUND*

By Peter Lovesey 3.3.1973 Frank Windsor/John Hollis*FOUND*

*FOUND*The Wind Of Heaven
By Emlyn Williams 24.2.1973 Eva Haddon/John Rowe

Many Brave Hearts
By Bloke Modisane 17.2.1973 Bloke Modisane/John Rowe/Michael Kilgarriff

Beaker's Field
By Philip Barker 10.2.1973 Nigel Lambert/Blain Fairman

The Governess
By Patrick Hamilton 3.2.1973 Margaret Wolfit/Hugh Manning

The Greek Equation
By Sheila Hodgson 27.1.1973 Jane Knowles/Anthony Jackson

Seventeen Years Back
By Martin Jenkins 20.1.1973 Robert Keegan/Barbara Mitchell/Alan Downer

The Hot Tiara
By Janet Allen 13.1.1973 Isabel Dean/Peter Jeffrey

By Andre Obey 6.1.1973 Ralph Richardson/Nora Nicholson/Percy Edwards

By Marcel Pagnol 30.12.1972 Norman Shelley/Sean Barrett

Northanger Abbey
By Jane Austen 23.12.1972 Sheila Mitchell/Rosalind Shanks/Fabia Drake/Geoffrey Wincott

Eyes Of The Buddha
By Victor Pemberton 16.12.1972 David Spenser/John Westbrook *FOUND*

By Dudley Pope 9.12.1972 Michael Harbour/Kate Binchy/Blain Fairman

Before The Party
By Rodney Ackland 2.12.1972 Eva Haddon/Joan Matheson/Norman Claridge

A Necessary End
By Val Gielgud 25.11.1972 Allan Cuthbertson/Charles Hodgson

By Marcel Pagnol 18.11.1972 Norman Shelley/Sean Barrett

An Infinity Of Cages
By Joan O'Connor 11.11.1972 Faith Brook/Haydn Jones

St. Helena
By R.C.Sherriff & Jeanne de Casalis 4.11.1972 Lee Montague/Peter Egan/Michael Spice/Maurice Good

The Barretts Of Wimpole Street
By Rudolf Besier 28.10.1972 Dorothy Tutin/Paul Rogers/Jeremy Brett

Mr. Campion's Falcon
By Youngman Carter 21.10.1972 William Fox/Felix Felton

Death Of A Marquis
By Bill Knox 14.10.1972 Paul Kermack/Phil McCall

The Subject Of Love
By Lydia Ragosin 7.10.1972 Joss Ackland/Susan Fleetwood

Hopjoy Was Here
By Colin Watson 30.9.1972 Peter Jeffrey/Dinsdale Landen/Clifford Norgate

The Affair At No. 35
By H.R.F. Keating 23.9.1972 Michael Harbour/Frances Jeater/Geoffrey Wincott

The Horse's Mouth
By Joyce Cary 16.9.1972 Bryan Pringle/Nan Marriott-Watson/Basil Jones

In The Absence Of Mrs. Petersen
By Nigel Balchin 9.9.1972 Martina Mayne/Haydn Jones

The Strong Are Lonely
By Fritz Hochwalder 2.9.1972 William Squire/Roger Delgado/John Rowe

Carrington, V.C.
By Dorothy & Campbell Christie 26.8.1972 Tony Britton/Ann Bell/Alethea Charlton/Ronald Hines

The Andersonville Trial
By Saul Levitt 19.8.1972 Lee Montague/Maurice Denham/Joss Ackland/John Woodvine

Kate & Emma - Part 2 : Nightmares
By Monica Dickens 12.8.1972 Angela Down/Marian Diamond

Kate & Emma - Part 1 : Dreams
By Monica Dickens 5.8.1972 Angela Down/Marian Diamond

The Deep Blue Sea
By Terence Rattigan 29.7.1972 Isabel Dean/Michael By rne

Mr. Stephen
By Terence de Vere White 22.7.1972 Cyril Cusack/Allan McLelland

To Kill A Witch
By Bill Knox 15.7.1972 Tom Watson/John Grieve

Sink Or Swim
By Guy de Maupassant 8.7.1972 James Laurenson/Joan Matheson/Leslie Sands

The Appointed Hour
By Douglas Clark 1.7.1972 John Samson/Brian Haynes/William Eedle/Sean Barrett

The Heiress
By Henry James 24.6.1972 Kate Binchy/Robert Harris/Ursula Jeans/Michael Spice

House Of Regrets
By Peter Ustinov 17.6.1972 Pauline Letts/Maurice Denham/John Ruddock

The Temple Tree
By David Beaty 10.6.1972 Michael Spice/Kate Binchy/David Spenser*FOUND*

The Scapegoat
By Daphne du Maurier 3.6.1972 Hugh Burden/Beatrix Lehmann/Eva Stuart

The Draper's Wife
By Ursula Tighe Hopkins 27.5.1972 Pauline Letts/Peter Pratt

Love On The Dole
By Walter Greenwood 20.5.1972 Billie Whitelaw/Avis Bunnage/James Bolam/Roy Kinnear/Bert Palmer

It's Called Happy Families
By Gwen Cherrell 13.5.1972 Caroline Blakison/Geoffrey Matthews

Conan Doyle Investigates
By Roger Woddis 6.5.1972 Carleton Hobbs/Graham Armitage/Brian Hewlett*FOUND*

H.M.S.'Saracen' - Part 2 : The Captain
By Douglas Reeman 29.4.1972 Michael Harbour/John Samson/Nigel Lambert

H.M.S.'Saracen' - Part 1 : The Midshipman
By Douglas Reeman 22.4.1972 Michael Harbour/Geoffrey Matthews/Nigel Anthony/Nigel Lambert

Lions & Diamonds
By Christopher Bidmead 15.4.1972 Barry Foster/Amanda Reiss/William Fox

Laburnum Grove
By J.B. Priestley 8.4.1972 Bernard Archard/Jane Knowles/Diana Olsson/Geoffrey Matthews*FOUND*

Black Light
By Michael Gilbert 1.4.1972 Colin Gordon/Edward Kelsey

Essington's Escapade
By J.Storer Clouston 25.3.1972 Peter Jeffrey/Nigel Anthony/John Ruddock/Nigel Graham

Unnatural Death
By Dorothy L. Sayers 18.3.1972 Hugh Burden/Clifford Norgate

Buried Alive
By Arnold Bennett 11.3.1972 David King/Jane Hylton

Early Morning Glory
By Mike Stott 4.3.1972 Peter Jeffrey/Derek Seaton

A Matter Of Principle
By C.E. Webber 26.2.1972 William Fox/Madi Hedd/Patricia Gallimore/Sean Arnold

The Same Sky
By Yvonne Mitchell 19.2.1972 Miriam Karlin/Cyril Shaps

Windows On The Beach
By A.R. Rawlinson 12.2.1972 Clive Morton/Alethea Charlton/Martin Jarvis/John Baddeley/Geoffrey Matthews

The City Of The Horizon - Part 2 : The Reality
By David Spenser 5.2.1972 Gary Bond/Mary Morris/Kate Binchy*FOUND*

The City Of The Horizon - Part 1 : The Dream
By David Spenser 29.1.1972 Gary Bond/Mary Morris/Kate Binchy*FOUND*

The Captain From Nottingham
By Stanley Middleton 22.1.1972 William Lucas/Peter Stephens/Alan Devereux/Reginald Bungay

The Moon Is Blue
By F. Hugh Herbert 15.1.1972 Ed Bishop/Liza Ross

The Wrong Box
By Robert Louis Stevenson & Lloyd Osbourne 8.1.1972 Paul Daneman/Colin Gordon

Thunder In The Air
By Robins Millar 1.1.1972 John Cairney/Juliet Cadzow/Bryden Murdoch

Cry Wolf
By Val Gielgud 25.12.1971 Grizelda Hervey/Joan Matheson/Mary Wimbush/Norman ShelleyChristopher Guinee

Hay Fever
By Noel Coward 18.12.1971 Peggy Ashcroft/Tony Britton/Millicent Martin/Julia Martin/Maurice Denham

The Holly & The Ivy
By Wynyard Browne 11.12.1971 Stephen Murray/Nora Nicholson*FOUND*

We The Accused
By Ernest Raymond 4.12.1971 Peter Jeffrey/Ann Bell/Pauline Letts

The Dog It Was That Died
By H.R.F. Keating 27.11.1971 David Valla/Felix Felton/Kate Binchy

The Importance Of Being Earnest
By Oscar Wilde 20.11.1971 Dorothy Lane/John Rye/Peter Tuddenham/Christine Finn

The Third Man
By Graham Greene 13.11.1971 Ed Bishop/Ian Hendry/John Bentley/Ann Lynn

The Winds Of Heaven
By Monica Dickens 6.11.1971 Joan Matheson/Richard Pearson/Angela Thorne

Public & Confidential
By Benn Levy 30.10.1971 Patricia Moore/Bernard Hepton/Eva Stuart

The Younger Generation
By Stanley Houghton 23.10.1971 Barrie Smith/John Franklyn-Robbins/Daphne Oxenford/Bruce Jeffery

Unquiet Conscience
By Philip Barker 16.10.1971 Tony Britton/Anna Michaels

Bump In The Night
By Colin Watson 9.10.1971 Edward Kelsey/Godfrey Kenton/John Pullen/Michael Kilgarriff

A Day By The Sea
By N.C. Hunter 2.10.1971 Rachel Gurney/Richard Hurndall*FOUND*

The Religious Body
By Catherine Aird 25.9.1971 Alan Rowe/Nigel Anthony/Kathleen Michael

The Watchers On The Shore
By Stan Barstow 18.9.1971 Brian Peck/Harry Markham/Alison Bayley/June Barry

A Kind Of Loving
By Stan Barstow 11.9.1971 Brian Peck/Harry Markham/Alison Bayley/June Barry

Brazen Prison
By Stanley Middleton 4.9.1971 Gary Watson/Zena Walker

You're A Long Time Dead
By Elaine Morgan 28.8.1971 Philip Madoc/Ray Smith/Margaret John

The Goldspinners
By David Wade 21.8.1971 Elizabeth Proud/David Buck

The Three Daughters Of Monsieur Dupont
By Brieux 14.8.1971 Stanley Page/Liane Aukin/Linda Gardner/Jane Freeman/Linda Polan

A Change For The Better
By Susan Hill 7.8.1971 Fay Compton/Cathleen Nesbitt/Pauline Letts/Lockwood West

You Never Can Tell
By George Bernard Shaw 31.7.1971 Prunella Scales/Denys Hawthrone/Freddie Jones

The March Hare
By Terence de Vere White 24.7.1971 Kate Binchy/Nigel Anthony/William Fox/Avis Bunnage

*FOUND*Waters Of The Moon
By N.C. Hunter 17.7.1971 Coral Browne/Virginia Maskell

*FOUND*Smallbone Deceased
By Michael Gilbert 10.7.1971 Paul Daneman/Nigel Lambert

The English Correspondence
By Aubrey Feist 3.7.1971 Stephen Thorne/Patricia Gallimore

Sweet Nelly
By Maurice Callard 26.6.1971 Robert Brown/Angela Brooking

Anatomy Of A Murder
By Ronald Traver 19.6.1971 Cyril Shaps/Diana Olsson/Peter Marinker

Storm At Brewers End
By Lucienne Hill 12.6.1971 Daphne Goddard/David March/Rosalind Shanks

An Empty Seat
By Ken Jago 5.6.1971 June Tobin/Beth Boyd/Rolf Lefebvre

Arsenic & Old Lace
By Joseph Kesselring 29.5.1971 Sybil Thorndike/Athene Seyler/Prunella Scales/Dinsdale Landen/Desmond Walter-Ellis

Waiting For Gillian
By Nigel Balchin 22.5.1971 Kenneth Gilbert/Fiona Walker

The Bishop's Apron
By W. Somerset Maugham 15.5.1971 George Baker/Peter Pratt/Lydia Sherwood

Night Of Glass
By Philip Purser 8.5.1971 Betty Huntley-Wright/Joanna Wake/Sean Arnold/Derek Seaton

Dear Octopus
By Dodie Smith 1.5.1971 Dorothy Lane/Charles Simon

The Children's Hour
By Lillian Bellman 24.4.1971 Jill Bennett/Prunella Scales

The Legend
By Evelyn Anthony 17.4.1971 Noel Johnson/Jane Wenham/Gerald Cross

The Long Sunset
By R.C. Sherriff 10.4.1971 Stephen Murray/Pauline Letts/Julian Glover*FOUND*

Act Of Love
By Celia Dale 3.4.1971 Jane Wenham/Partick Troughton/Geoffrey Beevers

Mr. Bolfry
By James Bridie 27.3.1971 Tom Fleming/Roddy McMillan/Effie Morrison

The Hasty Heart
By John Patrick 20.3.1971 Duncan McIntyre/Isabel Dean

The Tumbled House
By Winston Graham 13.3.1971 Gary Watson/Norman Claridge/Gerald Cross

The Princess Of The Island
By Anthony Hope 6.3.1971 Barry Justice/Elizabeth Proud

Rod Of Iron
By G.W. Target 27.2.1971 Aubrey Woods/Derek Seaton/Rolf Lefebvre

Red Twilight
By Arthur Fish 20.2.1971 Patrick Mower/Victor Lucas/John Gabriel

The Hound Of The Baskervilles
By Arthur Conan Doyle 13.2.1971 Carleton Hobbs/Norman Shelley

Death At The Dolphin
By Ngaio Marsh 6.2.1971 David Valla/Malcolm Hayes/Frank Duncan/Anthony Hall/Peter Howell

All Round Me Hat
By Thomas McCabe 30.1.1971 J.J. Murphy/Robert Somerset/Sheila McGibbon

The Hidden Face
By Victor Canning 23.1.1971 Andree Melly/Kerry Francis

The Party
By Jane Arden 16.1.1971 Francis de Wolff/Elizabeth Proud/Madi Hedd/David Vella

The Wind Cannot Read
By Richard Mason 9.1.1971 Martin Jarvis/Tsai Chin/Alan Wheatley/Anthony Valentine

The Seven Year Itch
By George Axelrod 2.1.1971 Hugh Paddick/ToBy Robins

The Tenth Man
By W. Somerset Maugham 26.12.1970 Clifford Norgate/Patricia Gallimore/Hector Ross/Carleton Hobbs

The Mourning Raga
By Ellis Peters 19.12.1970 Patricia Gallimore/Sean Barrett

Remains To Be Seen
By John Hyatt 12.12.1970 Patricia Gallimore/John Bentley/ Noel Hood

Plays are being found all the time - I try to keep this list up to date, but time is limited... I do my best. If in doubt, email me and ask.

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