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The following plays are from the series SATURDAY NIGHT THEATRE. They are not known to exist in VRPCC collections. We would be interested to hear from anyone who has recordings. The plays are listed in reverse chronological order. Also - facebook is becoming more important in attracting website visitors- it will help us if you click on the button....


From Donegal With Love
By Marie Jones 29.6.1996 Marie Jones/Helena Bereen

A View Of The City From Westminster Bridge
By Manny Draycott-Lai 22.6.1996 Ralph Fiennes/Suzanna Hamilton/Roger Allam

Lady's Maid
By Margaret Forster 18.5.1996 Jane Whittenshaw/Kate Buffery/Julian Wadham

Then You'll Be Sorry
By Alan England 27.4.1996 Deborah Berlin/Derek Waring *FOUND*

Under The Table
By David Pownall 30.3.1996 Kenneth Cranham/Andrew Sachs/Robert Lang/David Healy*FOUND*

By John Harrison 23.3.1996 Pam Ferris/David Horovitch/Mark Chatterton

A Raging Fury
By Christopher Reason 9.3.1996 James Aubrey/John Branwell/Stephen Hall*FOUND*

The World Will Thank Me
By John Rooney 10.2.1996 Dan Gordon/Barbara Brennan

An Urnful Of Ashes
By Rhuksana Ahmed 13.1.1996 Saeed Jaffrey/Yasmin Sidhwa/Vayu Naidu

The Flying Dutchman
By Roger Danes 16.12.1995 Owen Teale/Elaine Claxton

*FOUND*Body Language
By Alan Berrie 11.11.1995 Stephen Yardley/Maggie McCarthy

*FOUND*Hangover Square
By Patrick Hamilton 14.10.1995 Nicholas Farrell/Amanda Redman

Mr. Clean
By Peter Terson & Pat Ryott 7.10.1995 Simon Carter/Neil Coker*FOUND*

The Serpent's Back 30.9.1995 - the first adaptation of Ian Rankin's Cully series

Heart & Soul
By Cheryl Martin 23.9.1995 Judith Barker/Stephen Hancock

Over The Rainbow
By Humphrey Carpenter 16.9.1995 Sasha Pick/Matt Zimmerman

The Albatross & The Elephant Eggs
By Harry Barton 9.9.1995 Shaun Scott/Ingrid Craigie*FOUND*

Anthills Of The Savannah
By Chinua Achebe 2.9.1995 Jude Akuwudike/Ben Onwukwe/Jospeh Marcell

The Tokolosh
By Miriam Segal 26.8.1995 Nicholas Bailey/Omar Okai

Moving Statues
By Carey Harrison 19.8.1995 Garvan McGrath/Kate Binchy

By Bruce Bedford 12.8.1995 Eliza Langland/Crawford Logan *FOUND*

Poison Hearts
By Gary Mitchell 15.7.1995 Ciaran Hinds/Dan Gordon

Our Town
By Thornton Wilder 1.7.1995 Ed Bishop/William Roberts/Liza Ross

Angel Standing
By Jonathan Myerson 24.6.1995 Juliet Aubrey/Timothy West*FOUND*

*FOUND*Good Morning Midnight
By Jean Rhys 17.6.1995 Eileen Atkins/Dominic Letts

The Pirates Are Coming
By David Morgan 10.6.1995 Sylvestra le Touzel/Sean Murray *FOUND*

The Return Of The Prodigal
By St. John Hankin 27.5.1995 Frank Moorey/Auriol Smith/Timothy Watson*FOUND*

The Ratcatcher Of Hamelin
By John Peacock 20.5.1995 James Beattie/James Aubrey/Sally Dexter*FOUND*

Telephone In The Deep Freeze
By Janet Plater 13.5.1995 Barbara Durkin/Polly James/Oliver Cotton *FOUND* Play about alcoholism.

The Triumph Of The Cunning Man
By J.R. Jones 6.5.1995 Philip Madoc/Alun Horan/Albie Woodrington *FOUND*

Fuhrer (part 1 - Adolf)
By Allan Prior 29.4.1995 Michael Maloney/Nigel Anthony/Maureen O'Brien *FOUND*

Bird With One Wing
By Tina Pepler 8.4.1995 Sandra Berkin/Jack Klaff*FOUND*

Mamma Decemba
By Nigel D. Moffatt 11.3.1995 Mona Hammond/Angel Wynter/T-Bone Wilson*FOUND*

Second Spring
By Roderick Graham 4.2.1995 Diana Weston/Struan Rodger

A Winter Meeting
By Elaine Feinstein 14.1.1995 Barbara Jefford/Neville Jason

The Flying Dutchman
By Roger Danes 19.11.1994 Owen Teale/Elaine Claxton

Shout A Secret To The Stone
By Jane Cassidy 12.11.1994 Stella McClusker/Pat Laffan

Heart & Soul
By Cheryl Martin 5.11.1994 Judith Barker/Stephen Hancock

*FOUND*The Distance Between Stars
By Andrew Wilson 29.10.1994 Adam Sutherland/Andy Wear

By Julia Kearsley 8.10.1994 Sheila Steafel/Victoria Darling

*FOUND*Staying Still
By Mike Walker 1.10.1994 Nigel Anthony/Hilary Maclean <

Road To Lisdoonvarna
By Douglas Livingstone 3.9.1994 Frances Barber/James Fleet

The Anatomical Venus
By Shelagh Stephenson 27.8.1994 Rachel Joyce/Tim McInnerney

The Brothers Wilmer
By Tony Dennis 6.8.1994 Clarence Smith/David Harewood

The Judas Kiss
By Shirley Cooklin 23.7.1994 Brenda Blethyn/Morag Hood*FOUND*

The High Frontier
By Roger Stennett 16.7.1994 David Hargreaves/Shaun Prendergast *FOUND*

Shooting At The Moon
By Robin Glendinning 25.6.1994 Alec McCowen/Paul Panting

Sweet Dreams & Swedish Ghosts
By Mike Stott 21.5.1994 Peter Gunn/Becky Hindley*FOUND*

Dance While You Can
By Michael Toft 7.5.1994 Stephen Thorne/Paul Copley/Richard Pearce

Ancient Enemies
By Elizabeth North 30.4.1994 Charlotte Coleman/Bill Nighy*FOUND*

Emigrating Home
By Tyrone Huggins 12.3.1994 Burt Caesar/Eddie Nestor

By Mark Brennan 5.3.1994 Joe Chilly/Tilly Blackwood

Between Two Worlds
By William Stanton 22.1.1994 Geraldine James/Norman Rodway*FOUND*

Heape At Cambridge
By Jeremy Paul 15.1.1994 Alfred Molina/Sasha Paul*FOUND*

*FOUND*The Levanter
By Eric Ambler 27.11.1993 Raad Rawi/Adam Hussein/Oona Beeson

One Day At A Time
By Anna Clemence Mew 25.9.1993 David Bannerman/Carolyn Backhouse

By John Fletcher 11.9.1993 John Nettles/Stephen Tomlin*FOUND*

By Maggie Allen 4.9.1993 Kenneth Haigh/Victoria Carling/Albert Welling

The Battle Of San Remo
By Royce Ryton 28.8.1993 Anna Massey/John Baddeley *FOUND*

The Right Result
By Peter Simkin 17.7.1993 Malcolm Rennie/Brian Croucher

The Snowfield
By Chris Hawes 10.7.1993 Celia Imrie/Jason Isaacs

By Peter Francis Browne 22.5.1993 Bill Wallis/Iain Cuthbertson/Juliet Prew

Between Two Worlds
By William Stanton 8.5.1993 Geraldine James/Norman Rodway

Knox Bay
By Elspeth Sandys 24.4.1993 Michael McGrath/Federay Holmes

By Michael Wilcox 10.4.1993 Stephanie Cole/Ben Holden*FOUND*

The Backward Son
By Stephen Spender 20.3.1993 David Learner/Simon Kantor

Walpamur & Plywood
By Alex Ferguson 13.3.1993 Corin Redgrave/Derek Walmsley

*FOUND*Unreasonable Behaviour
By Christopher Reason 27.2.1993 Russell Dixon/Siriol Jenkins

*FOUND*You Choose
By Jonathan Myerson 13.2.1993 Amanda Root/Nathaniel Parker

True Believers
By Mike Walker 8.9.1990/1945
By Dhirendra Kumar/Meera Syai/Elizabeth Mansfield

Marie Lloyd, Queen Of The Halls
By Steve Trafford 25.8.1990/1945
By Elizabeth Mansfield *FOUND*

The Displaced Person
By Christopher Denys 21.7.1990/1945
By Clare Kinsale/Elizabeth Proud

Brummell Abroad
By Bernard da Costa 14.7.1990/1945
By Trevor Peacock/Donald Gee*FOUND*

*FOUND*Alpha Male
By Christopher Hedgethorne 16.6.1990/1945
Iain Cuthbertson/Michael Feast

Night Falls On The City
By Sarah Gainham 9.6.1990/1945
Jennifer Hilary/John Rye

South By South-East
By Adam Peterson 19.5.1990/1945
Derek Howard/Christopher Quinn*FOUND*

The Little Father
By Royce Ryton 5.5.1990/1945
Paul Daneman/Dorothy Tutin *FOUND*

A Pocketful Of Dreams
By Stuart Kerr 31.3.1990/1945
Stephen Tompkinson/Paul Angelis/Julia Ford

The Organgrinder's Monkey
By Stephen Wyatt 3.3.1990/1945
Stephen Garlick/Steve Hodson*FOUND*

Post Captain At Quebec
By John Lucarotti 6.1.1990/1945
Graham Blockley/Susan Sheridan/Joe Dunlop

*FOUND*The Price
By Arthur Miller 30.12.1989/1945
Richard Dreyfuss/Amy Irving/Timothy West

By Steve May 25.11.1989/1945
David Collings/Donald Gee/Geoffrey Whitehead *FOUND*

Roses Have Thorns
By Ivor Wilson 7.10.1989/1945
Geoffrey Banks/Robin Bowerman/Neville Barber

The Witch Of Beacon Hill
By Paul M. Levitt 30.9.1989/1945
John Woodvine/Shelly Thompson/Nigel Anthony

By T.D. Webster 16.9.1989/1945
Alan ParnaBy *FOUND*

A Very Civil War
By Chris Curry 5.8.1989/1945
Diane Whitley/Jane Lowe

Vacant Possession - 1 One Door Closes
By Paul Angelis 8.7.1989/1945
James Laurenson/Helen Cotterill*FOUND*

Vacant Possession - 2 Home Game
By Liane Aukin 8.7.1989 Anthony Jackson/Zelah Clarke*FOUND*

Plaza Suite
By Neil Simon 1.7.1989/1945
Ed Asner/Marsha Mason/Joe Spano*FOUND*

Phoenix England
By Shaun Prendergast 3.6.1989/1945
Shaun Prendergast/Gareth Tudor Price/Janet Kay

*FOUND*Journeys To The Frontier
By Matthew Solon 22.4.1989/1945
Peter Jeffrey/Janet Maw/Jack Shepherd

The Sacred Flame
By W. Somerset Maugham 8.4.1989/1945
Wendy Hiller/Hannah Gordon/Preston Lockwood/Julian Glover

By Paul Copley 18.3.1989/1945
Diane Bull/Paul Copley

Garden Notes
By Frederic Mohr 11.3.1989/1945
Eileen McCallum/Miriam Margolyes

In A Summer Season
By Elizabeth Taylor 25.2.1989/1945
Ann Bell/Roger Allam*FOUND*

The Gadfly
By Ethel Voynich 4.2.1989/1945
Dominic Rickhards/Jill Lidstone/John Moffatt *FOUND*

If You Will Make It So
By Martin Staniforth 28.1.1989/1945
Anne Jameson/Paul Webster *FOUND*

Our Family - part 3 Down By The Sea
By Victor Pemberton 21.1.1989/1945
Nerys Hughes/Nigel Anthony/Wendy Richard/Sheila Grant*FOUND*

Our Family - part 2 Don't Talk To Me About Kids!
By Victor Pemberton 14.1.1989/1945
Nerys Hughes/Nigel Anthony/Wendy Richard/Sheila Grant *FOUND*

Our Family - part 1 The Trains Don't Stop Here Any More
By Victor Pemberton 7.1.1989/1945
Nerys Hughes/Nigel Anthony/Wendy Richard/Sheila Grant *FOUND*

For Unto Us
By Nan Woodhouse 3.12.1988/1945
Pam Ferris/Christian Rodska

*FOUND*The Day We Lost The War
By Michael Davies 19.11.1988/1945
Gareth Armstrong/Paul Gregory/William Squire Wall/Crawford Logan *FOUND*

For King and Country
SNT 12.11.1988. Director: Martin Jenkins. Cast: Peter Gunn ; Kim Wall ; Crawford Logan : Ken Cumberlidge ; Ian Michie ; John Sampson ; Geoffrey Whitehead ; Dominic Rickards ; David Timpson (also in the WS production of 21.01.1986) ; Philip Sulley ; Michael Graham Cox. Mouth organ played by Harry Pitch. (....notes by Alistair Wyper)

Meeting At Magdala
By Herbert Jarmany 5.11.1988/1945
Zia Mohyeddin/Sam Dastor

Oh, This Love, This Love
By Peter Ling 15.10.1988/1945
Joanna McCallum/Edward de Souza

A Man Flourishing
By Sam Hanna Bell 8.10.1988/1945
John Hewitt/Andrew Dallmeyer/Brenda Winter

*FOUND*The Elder Statesman
By T.S. Eliot 24.9.1988/1945
Frederick Treves/Alexandra Mathie

The Starlight Boys
By Adam Peterson 17.9.1988/1945
John McArdle/Paul Codman*FOUND*

My Generation
By Howard Wakeling 10.9.1988/1945
Lesley Nicol/Gary Bond/Mike Grady

Just A Gypsy
By Ian Cullen 3.9.1988/1945
Sean Barrett/Caroline Gruber/Bernadette O'Brien*FOUND*

Peter Ibbetson
By George Du Maurier 30.7.1988/1945
Cherie Lunghi/Timothy Bentinck/Laurence Payne

Sister, Dear Sister
By George Baker 16.7.1988/1945
Valerie Sarruf/Angharad Rees

The Mountsorrel Saga
By Elizabeth Lindsay 2.7.1988/1945
Howard Goorney/Mary Wimbush/Judy Cornwell *FOUND*

The Interests Of The Child
By Michael Z. Lewin 11.6.1988/1945
Liz Goulding/Maureen O' Brien

The Girl Of My Best Friend
By Christopher Reason 21.5.1988/1945
Russell Dixon/Michael Maloney

The Slip
By P. Carroll & R. Wasserman 9.4.1988/1945
Bill Nighy/Jennie Stoller

A Likely Story
By Owen Holder 2.4.1988/1945
Polly James/Jonathan Cecil

Kid Lightning
By Mike Walker 26.3.1988/1945
John Hollis/Okon Jones*FOUND*

The Girl Who Knew Too Little
By Patrice Chaplin 12.3.1988/1945
Mia Soteriou/Rod Beacham/Brian Greene/Irene Sutcliffe

Dead Treasure
By Frederick Bradnum 5.3.1988/1945
Anna Conrich/Alexander John/Avril Clark

The Mysterious Turk
By Christopher Denys 27.2.1988/1945
Neville Barker/Judith Barker

Revolution On St. Barbara
By Terence Kelly 20.2.1988/1945
Rudolph Walker/Valerie Murray/Laurence Payne*FOUND*

The Boys From Hibernia
By Mark Power 13.2.1988/1945
Chris Jury/Robert Glenister

Melford's Axe
By Roderick Graham 6.2.1988/1945
Struan Rodger/Sara Kestelman

Our Roman Cousins
By Bruce Stewart 30.1.1988/1945
Iain Cuthbertson/Jack May

The Baikie Charivari
By James Bridie 2.1.1988/1945
Clive Morton/Marjorie Westbury/James McKechnie

Miracle At Devil's Bluff
By William Poulson 24.10.1987/1900
By Robert Beatty/Richard le Parmentier/Bill Bailey

MybaBy mine
By Paul Angelis 26.9.1987/1900
By James Laurenson/Zelah Clarke/Anthony Jackson*FOUND*

The Fancy Man
By Mike Stott 19.9.1987/1900
By Julia Ford/Pearce Quigley

Gone To Pot
By Brian Crookes 12.9.1987/1900
By Oliver Maguire/Trevor Moore

*FOUND*A Memory Longer Than Death
By John Naismith 5.9.1987/1900
By Tony Osoba/Lee Montague/Tony Doyle/Hetty Baynes

By David Gannaway 25.7.1987/1900
By Denys Hawthorne/John Abineri

To See Ourselves
By Ivor Wilson 20.6.1987/1900
By Nigel Anthony/Susan Tracy

Tom & Jerry
By Joan Sadler 13.6.1987/1900
By Anthony Jackson/Sean Barrett

*FOUND*Death's Head Berlin
By Jack Gerson 6.6.1987/1900
By Bob Peck/Paul Gregory

By Brian Thompson 30.5.1987/1900
By James Garbutt/Graham Crowden

The Night They Stole The F.A. Cup
By Edwin Pearce 9.5.1987/1900
By Neil Coker/Terry Molloy

Six Characters In Search Of An Author
By Luigi Pirandello 2.5.1987/1900
By Charles Gray/Yvonne Bryceland/Emrys James/Cherie Lunghi*FOUND*

John & The King Of The Zulus
By Adrian Reid 25.4.1987/1900
By Christian Rodska/Ben Onwukwe/Deborah Makepeace

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None of these plays known to exist in VRPCC collections

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